Group Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: July 28, 1977
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Summary: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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Workers not bowing BATTLE S

THE working people are holding out in IN a public state- are:
town. The workers at Esso, the Gleaner, ment on the IMF 1. that the loan
Standard Building Products have. been loan agreement Com- must first of all
fighting against the big capitalists, rade Trevor Munroe, be used to pay off
The might of the big man and imperialism, General Secretary the foreign capita-
the propaganda of the Gleaner, the money of the WLL, said lists their profit,
of the Americans have been mobilized to that the struggle interest and royal-
break the back of the working people of the country aga- ties instead of be-
with layoffs, wage freeze, price increa- inst the IMF had ing used to bring
ses and artificial shortages. Yet the only just begun. in food and neces-
workers in town are refusing to bow. He said the gov- saries for the wor-
The same is true of the countryparts. ernment had not bo- king people and raw
The country people want the land now. wed to the demands materials for emp-
They want the fertile lands in the plain of the IMF for a loyment.
and don't want to hear any foolishness full devaluation 2. thaC the sta-
about "idle" or "partially developed" and sharp cuts in ndard of living of
land, whether from the landgods, the social programmes the working people
country capitalists or the big people in and therefore the should be reduced
the JLP, JAS and the PNP who are block- WLL did not view by tightening up on
ing progress. the agreement as a wage increases to
The imperialists and the big man see sell-out. Never- $10.
that the working people and the progres- theless, the IMF 3. that the IMF
sive forces are refusing to bow and that had still managed has the power to
this is beginning to have an effect on to impose conditio- examine and approve
the government. This is why Mahfood, ns which harm the government economic
the head of the JMA and first cousin of ,working people and policy before rele-
Seaga, is lashing out at Manley on the restrict the indep- asing further in-
tax allowance issue, boiling up against endence of the cou- stalments of the
"vile and lying rhetoric". Mahfood says n'try. loan.
SComrade Munroe The statement
he feels "used and betrayed" and is said the main cond- said that negotia-
threatening the government with a new itions of the loan tions are to conti-
destabilization campaign if it does not
Stamp down on the working people and the
progressive forces once and for all
But the continued struggles of the
working people and progressive forces
are beginning to regain ground. These
struggles are blocking the progress of ;
the capitalist Ministers and civil serv-
ants who defend imperialism and are aga-
inst poor people. It is showing the
Prime Minister that the working people
are not prepared to give in any more to
Sthe IMF and even to put up with the-
hardship of the compromises already r
made, particularly the $10 limit on wage P :
increases. Z,
Our task is to step up the struggle@ i .
increase. ~ ~~'d


nue with the IMF in
early 1978, and the
IMF will again seek
to impose harsh
conditions to force
the government to
spend less on the
poor, free up the
local and foreign
capitalists, lay
off workers and
push up prices.
It emphasized
that unless the go-
vernment takes firm
steps in the direc-
tion of socialism
1. putting the
land and agricultu-
re in the hands of
the people.
2. taking contr-
ol of the business
of the big capital-
ists and big mer-
chants to hold down
prices and prevent
hoarding and to de-
velop the country;
3. developing
close and broad re-
lations with socia-

list countries to
give us aid without
then the present
IMF loan will carry
us deeper into im-
perialism and we
will not be in a
position to resist
the IMF in 1978.
Comrade Munroe
concluded by saying
that since Decemb-
er, the strength
and the resistance
of the progressive
forces has been the
main factor preven-
ting the IMF from
taking over the
country for imper-
ialism. The pro-
gressive forces
must now step up
the struggle to
move the country in
a socialist direc-
tion. This is our
best weapon against
the IMF and the lo-
cal big people who
are working to take
over the country


THE work of the Ca-
ribbean Labour Sol-
idarity in London,
England, is an exa-
mple of internatio-
nalism in action.
CLS distributes
revolutionary publ-
ications from the
Caribbean. Its re-
cord is a good one.
In the year ending
May 7, 1977, CLS
sold 1600 copies of
Caribbean anti-imp-
erialist periodica-
ls, mainly StruggZle
Socialism!, Freedom

(YULIMO, St Vincentl
and Guyana Voice,
767 pamphlets and
distributed 9500
copies of Cutlass.
Literature sales
were worth E200.
CLS has been selli-
ng copies of the
book Struggles of
the Jamaican People.
We encourage
other organisations
in the Caribbean to
send their publica-
tions to CLS, 60
Wellesley Road,
.London E.1

THE PEOPLE MARCH from Stony Gut to Morant Bay on July 7, 1977, when the constitu-
tional reform debate was launched. The march and rallies showed the growing con-
sciousness of the people.


AFTER over 140 yea-
rs of making profi-
ts in Jamaica, the
Gleaner Company
disclosed on Thurs-
day, July 21, that
within 24 hours it.
would be throwing
70 of its workers
on the streets, un-
The layoff anno-

uncement was made
by the Gleaner, de-
spite strong prot-
est and opposition
from the three un-
UJAE representing
the over 600 work-
ers there.
The first threat
of layoff was made
by the Company in,

May, when it claim-
ed that it was hav-
ing financial prob-
lems. Discussions
were held with the
unions, all of whi-
ch maintained that
the claim of finan-
cial problem by the
company was false.
However, at the
insistence. f the

management the mat-
ter was taken up
with government to
see if newsprint
could be imported
at the old rate.
The government last
week refused this
proposal, and with-
out further discus-

conrd p,.

TIE Matalon family, hore
owners of West Ind- the
ies lome Contract- medi.
ors Lirited, the the
company developingd' nr c
rcrtrore, demonstr- And,
a'-d again last to f
week their concern
fcr wealth and iro-
perty over the saf-
cty and interest of
This was brought
cut in the actions
cf the Corpany in
wiLat has now become s
known as the Fort-
rc e issue.
After technical
checks and scienti-
fic examination,
the Natural Resour-
ces Conservation
Authority (NRCA)
disclosed certain
serious dangers \
which could be cau-
sed from liquefac- *
tion (melting) of
the scil in Port-
more if there were

g stick policy
purchasers, the Corporate Area
developers ii- Town Planner, East-
ately opposed on Douglas, confir-
idea of stoppi- med that Portmore
instruction. (the whole area ac-
in an attempt ross the causeway)
rrce the hand could be subject to

HOW' LONG will these workers employed by
Matalor's iWest Indies Homre Contractors
at Garvweueade be on the dioh?

mansion of the sc
ene should be all
wed until proper
amenities like sc
ools, roads, wate
supply and clini
have been uut in


$70 law a
0o blow against

CL workers

i FINANCE MINISTER David Coore has announ-
ced a new law limiting workers' wage in-
crease to only $10. This new law is
worse than the one before which allowed
workers to fight for more than $10. Un-
U like other times when the government
Pass laws against workers and is able to
sweet talk and fool some workers, this
time, no sweet talk will fool the work-
ers. The workers are seeing clearly th-
Eat the present law is a serious setback
to their struggle. The workers are say-
r ing that the present "$10 show that the
Government is not defending the poor main
S0them can't control prices, but them want
freeze we little pay". The workers feel
that while Manley can do better, he is
listening too much to the guinea gogs
who are advising him against the poor


an earthquake or. Workers are not only willing to talk
an earthquake or cf overrent and sinking and lique- place for the peo- againstt this law. The workers through
serious hurricane. the NRCA, the Mata- faction. ple. The League their unions are making it clear that
of life which could c family aounte- PEOPhad also called on the government must change this law. The
of life which could ed that they inten- PEOPLE government to appo- workers will not accept the law as it is
Sappo workers will not accept the law as it is
result, the NRCA ded to layoff 2000 BEFORE PROPERTY int a commission t at present, and are prepared to fight to
asked that no fnrt- workers if constru- investigate the po have it changed. This does not mean th-
her construction be motion was ordered And, in a reac- ssible danger to Mat the workers are not prepared to sacr-
done in the area, stopped. tion tc the issue, life in the event fifice anymore. They will make sacrifice
and also refused to This sition the L called on of an earthquake which is necessary and which will carry
approve the start wa. immediately government to put The WLL said the Eforward the struggle of our people.
of a new scheme in condemned by NRCA the interest of the books of the Matal-f
the area. Chairman John Max- nation before the on Group should be I BIG MAN ADVICE
2000 workers well, who charged private interests subject to public If the government does not review the
0 that improper pres- of the Matalon scrutiny before a 0 law immediately, the chances of the gow-
Moved orly by a sure was being bro- Group of Companies. single worker is e ernment losing further support from the
greedy concern to ught to bear on the In a public sta- laid off. workers are real. Already some workers
rake in ncrtgage authorities. tement the League are becoming demoralized and frustrated
facr the unr.itting The report from said no further ex- and are saying that they don't business
Swith no struggle no more. These were
W worker Part icip i weeks ago. Prime Minister Manley has
S.taken the advice of the big man
AFTER over a year heads and a clear pected by Septelm- It is expected that in his government and this is leading to
cf work, study and worker majority, er. Over the past this Board, headed M more problems between the government and
struggle, workers and will be the two weeks the work- by API Regional Di- the working-class people.
at JC have gained highest authority ers and Information rector Neville Bra-
government approval below the Board, in Minister Arnold well, will assist I SACRIFICE AND STRUGGLE
in principle of the Corporation. Bertram have been as much as possible
their proposal for There will also be in intensive discu- with the smooth im- The only way for the government to
worker participati- department councils, ssions on the five plementation of wo-smaintain its contact with the working-
on at the station. consisting of main- points of the pro- rker participation class people is by taking more moves to
The workers' pr- ly workers, taking posals and on the although the worke- defend the poor man. The present $10
oposal is designed the main decisions date of implementa- rs are not convinc law does the opposite. The workers' tll
to replace the pre- affecting them in tion. ed that enough dem- sacrifice and help in the struggle q-
sent management te- the departments. At the same time ocratic people are Enst imperialism and the big man if thq
am with an Operati- Elections among two workers are to on the new Board. government take serious actions. Let
ons Council. This the workers for be elected to sit this 15th Independence Anniversar
Council will have this new democratic on the ne JB this 15th Independenct for the Anniversary
on it the general system of running Board, which was 0 t i government must immediately pass a law
manager, department the station is ex- announced last week. M to freeze all prices and to set imiits
on all rents with harsh penalties to,
anyone found breaking the law.. the
The Communist Party of Jamaica workers are prepared and must be t
Invites you to a Cultural National Union of Democratic monitor and inspect prices in the a'r
M market and expose all price thievwe and
and Political evening Teachers Fete Friday hoarders by organizing demonstration,
at the YWCA Hall, and stop paying more than what was paid
the week before.
Arnold Rd. on Independence Day, July 29 Mic Collee. Action against prices must start no
Monday, August 1, 1977 6.30 p.m. Music by Melo Canary
Contribution $1.50 UIM-lr W

Life in


5'6AICA,' o 1X I, RICHARL HA,:', 'i I
'^a t'is ;yar. 2 RUGGLE intEi-- pubi -

sent tc ue x(P* a ^ -. 7cr, -d
fLdyi-: in C(iua.

iiAVE SEEh the future, and it not only
works but works well: This sums up my
peressions of Cuba.
In Cuba all mineral resources, large
businesses and 70% of the land are-owned
and produce and distribute wealth
rthe whole nation. The remaining
% of the land is owned by farmers,
t of whom have pooled their land into
L There are also some cooperatives of a
Fer form where the land has not been
ipled and there are about 6000 farmers
.king entirely on their own. Individ-
llly owned holdings cannot exceed 5
Iaballerias" about 160 acres, but
tire is no shortage of land. There are
i absentee landowners.
The Cuban people had a hard time when
SUS government tried to starve them
o submission, but the worst is now
sr. They had to put all food and oth-
Sessencials on ration to ensure that
,at was available was shared equally.
4t prices have been kept at the 1959
I Now that supplies have increased, it-
s are coming off the ration. It is
already possible to buy as much as you
ant of butter, eggs, fish, yogurt, and
thite cheese, and the prices have not
been allowed to rise. Fruit and vegeta-
bles are off the ration when in season
t go back on out of season. Cigaret-

tes are both on and off the ration 4
packs of twenty per month at the ration
prices (20C black tobacco, 25 cents
soft) and thereafter as much as you like
but at 8 times the price:
Meals in restaurants are nrt rationed
and there are many restaurants.
People are well dressed and everyone
I met enthusiastically supported the go-
vernment. Through the Committees for
the Defence of the Resolution (one in
every city block and in every village)
and the local organs of people's power,
they are fully involved in running their
The voluntary work system is widespr-
ead and people appear to take pride in
giving some of their free time to help
build houses and schools and work in the
There is so much more to tell about
Cuba, where the people, working for the-
mselves, have abolished unemployment and
are running their affairs without the
~i l S -. :


WLL warns

THE statement by progressive fceU
Winston Mahfood and of the country will
the JMA attacking meet any campaign
new tax increases against the govern-
on the big capital- nent with the nobi-
ists is not only an lization of the wo-
attemrt to force rking people again-
the government to st the big man.
pressure the snail Tie statements
people with more of Mahfood and the
taxes, but also to JMA prove that the
use the tax issue government's policy
to launch a destab- of being too soft
ilization campaign on the big nan onl.
aaainst the consti- encoura"es them to
tutionally elected take advantage of
government of the the working peiole
country. and the country mo-
Scientific stud- re by economic sab-
ies prove beyond a otage and destabil-
shadow of a doubt ization campaigns.
that the vast amou- What is needed is
nt of government not weak statements
taxes come out of by Ministers but
the pay cheque of immediate action by
the workers and sa- the government:
laried people on 1. to publish so
the P.A.Y.E. system, that the whole cou-
whilst the big cap- ntry can know the
italists get away real incomes of the
scot free with sal- big capitalists and
can see how much
aries and allowanc-
es of over $70,000 they are evading
per year, not coun-
ting what they make
from profits, te tax pressure on the
from profits, inte-
working people by
rest, dividends and working people by
rents. Far from taxing big capital-
rents. Far from
ist allowances to
being hard on the allowances to
big capitalists, the full.
government policy 3. to mobilize
the working people
is too soft, since t w
to crush any desta-
it still leaves the to crush any desta
bilization campaign
big man to enjoy a ligation campaign
Large part of his and any other eac-
allowances untaxed. tnay organzat-
The warns tionary organizati-
inThen ah d ons or personaliti-
hinston Mahfood ant es
the JSMA that the

'NERAL SECRETARY OF WLL, Trevor Munroe, speaking on the land question at Oracabe-
8sa Secondary School on the 14th of July. Dr Munroe in explaining why the people
rust get land pointed out that 12,500 poor farmers in St Mary have to divide amon-
gst themselves 18,700 acres of land, an average of 14 acres per small farmer. On
the other hand, 30 landgods divide among themselves 36,370 acres of land, averagi-
zg 1200 acres each. The forum was sponsored by the S.D.C.


from pg 1
ions with the uni-
ns, the Company
mounced the lay-
Ef of 70 workers.
The unions appe-
led to the Minis-
ty of Labour to
St the Gleaner to
rance its inten-

tion, but on Friday
layoff notices were
handed out with re-
dundancy payments.
The unions, after a
series of meetings,
instructed that the
notices be handed
back to the Company
and that the worke-
rs should return to
normal duties. But
the workers were

later barred from
entering the Glean-
er compound.
The unions have
opted not to go on
an immediate strike,
.but last weekend's
Star was not publi-
shed, and the Glea-
ner has been coming
out late. The Com-
pany has threatened
to close down if,.

as they say, norma-
Icy is not restored.
But normalcy for
the unions means
all the workers
back on the job,
and the company
does not appear wi-
lling for this type
of normalcy.
But whatever is
the decision, one
thing seems clear,

and that is the
fact that this will
be a long struggle.
It is a struggle
not only for the
Gleaner workers,
but for all workers
in Jamaica. The
three unions the
UJAE have appeal-
ed for the support
of all workers in

the country against
the reactionary Gl-
eaner Company, who-
se management poli-
cies are consistent
with its vindictive
editorial policy
which attacks and
fights against the
poor people of the



Offic hotr
monday-friy 1200/5:30
saturday 10:06/5:00

2b Marescaux Road

(opp.Wolmers Girl Scnool)

I~ ----------------------------------------



~~~~~"""""""`"""`~\\''` =~\\\\\\\\\\~

g*. pam mm we'iPwWP*nWs enSE SNEUSS W U*ven ** tn th s Eas t Left

:THE ten-month long
Strike of 120 work-
ers (Asians mainly,
but some West Indi-
ans too) at Grun-
Swick's (film proce-
.5- ssors of North Lon-
:don) has become a
: key struggle for
-Ae c n the unions and the
SOSTLY workintr-cZass men atnd omen attended the first East :Left.
CAntra, St. Antire- Constituency Conference at Tarrant Second- p with lb million
anuy Schcl7 o pJupl 17, 1977. The Cicsi tituncy is represented -out of work, the
N, Dr. DnK. behaal :ibig capitalists are
String to use the
S cae workers' fight for
: POLITICAL EDUCATION :the right to join a
S O N Div to Te E LPieiONi nion to discredit
b the unions and the
ON RADIO AND TELEVISION the unions d aind the
The conference- :Left. Aided by the
THE East Central St tion at a national also introduced the :national capitalist
Andrew PNP Costi- level" principle of recall press the big bus
uency held its fir- It called on go- of any elected off- ness-backe Nation-
st conference on vernment and the icial in the con- :al Association for
July 17. One of PNP "in exercising stituency by con- :Freedom has stepped
the main resolutio- on behalf of our stituents. @into the dispute on
ns of the conferen- people the December The conference :the company's side.
ce called for "a 15th and March 8th was addressed by It is spending
new public drive to mandates to demand Prime Minister Man- 9usands of pounds on
Jbe made with all an hour every day ley and by Dr D.K. a court actions and
news media to step for public politic- Duncan, MP for the propaganda against
sup political educa- al education". constituency m the sacked workers
Rupert Walters Brothers and sisters, the big man
talks and acts against us all. This is
B c clear in their day to day, anti-worker
and anti-government plots. The laying
off of thousands of workers, closing
down of factories, economic sabotage,
t Ik shipping out money and wealth, you name

Fellow workers, how firm the govern-
ment will act against the big man and

Ao c o is advance to socialism depends on our ac-
tion against the capitalists at the
AN important section of the working workplace, against capitalist ministers
people have recently criticized the WLL councillors and all reactionary forces.
for being too soft in our criticisms of Progress depends also on our move to
the Manley government. This we do not build people's organisations such as
accept for many reasons. community councils, citizens associati-
Some are saying that Manley is not ons, youth clubs.
acting firmly against the big man. This Workers must also understand the
softness is bringing more hardship on difference between constructive critic-
the masses. Others rightly say that ism to move the government more on the
the capitalist ministers are serving side of the masses and the turn-back
their big friends rather than the mass
of working people who voted for them.
These two views could not be more
correct and even more these views tell
us that this section of workers are -
coming to grips with the halfwayism of
the Manley government and have identif-
ied the obstacles in the party that are
blocking the move forward for progress
in the interest of the poor and oppres-
sed masses and the move on to a social-
ist path. When WLL comrades reason
with many of these workers asking what
are you doing in your factories or pla-
ce of work to strengthen the trade uni-
on and in the communities to build up
mass organization we find out that too
out of every three of these workers are
inactive and doing nothing to strength-
en the national struggle against imper-
ialism and capitalism.
We in the WLL say this is weakness
on the part of the workers who talk mi-
litant and are not putting this talk
into militant action. -of

I'l i ie-1 A r
unionist suptport-
ini them,
Throuh the loc-
al Parent Trades
Council (one of
hundreds of such
bodies throughout
the UK, trade up of
delegates from uni-
on branches oraani-
sed in the locali-
ties) important
sections of the la-
bour and trade uni-
on movement have
been involved in
solidarity action
with the Grunwick
workers. Hundreds
of workers from all
over the UK have
joined the daily
picket line. Hund-
reds have been arr-
ested by the large
force of police who
protect the non-
union scabs crossi-
ng the line fully
supported by Gover-
nment Ministers

like -,He Secretar
Pees. Prominent i
these attacks have
been the SFG, a ne
elite police arm,
notorious for its
harassment of black
youth and others i:
Brixton and else-
The arrested in
clude Yorkshire
coal miners, a Lab-
our MP and Commnui.
st printworkers.
The Post Office ha
suspended workers
refusing to handle
Grunwick mail and
the government has
set up a Court of
Inquiry. But the
picketing goes on.
Miners are to strip
ke in solidarity
and thousands of
them and other wOT
kers are to join a
mass picket in am
effort to shut dad
an anti-union co-

criticism to move government on the
side of imperialism and the local big
In Black River recently Comrade Mun-
roe stated that we must treat a friend
of the masses different from its eneay.
The comrade was saying that the WLL,
progressive forces in and outside the
PNP, the working masses both PNP and
JLP must criticise the government for
the zig-zagism. We must be firm with-
out compromise where the masses' inter-
ests are concerned. But we must make
sure that our criticism and action ad-
vance and strengthen the national move-
ment for true socialism. We must not
be used as a tool to strengthen reac-
tionary forces represented by Perkins
and Hearne in the Gleaner. We would
like to hear more criticism from work-
ers. Talk to usE

0 0Struggles

WLL Office.
of the



at Bookshops
WLL Office.

Prm l,- Corm-..eatlli Corp Ltd PuWlishdby WLLt 1 Mar ax Rd, itl.0n.

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