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Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: March 24, 1977
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Summary: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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O litical Educatio STRENGTfHEN
need for political education throug- SENG HE
out the country is growing. The exper- IN response to the Lay-offs and
ence of WLL comrades who have spoken to worsening economic Redundancy
orkers, youth clubs, citizens associa- situation and the
tions, poor and unemployed youth, farm- Prime Minister's New powers over
rs and organised political education call for greater the banking system
uses is that the people are demanding worker and trade to give government
litical knowledge. The socialist and union involvement the power to make
mmmunist movement must provide this in national life, sure that banks
political education, the UAWU has propo- make money availa-
sed the urgent im- ble to business to

people are asking questions about the
differences between socialism and capit-
ilism, between democratic socialism and
ommunism, between a capitalist party
nd a socialist party, why we say socia-
list aid doesn't have strings, and many
others. More people are reading books
Ibout scientific socialism and attending
he few courses available than at any
)ther time in our history.

The political awareness of the people
has made it harder for imperialism and
the big man to use anti-communism again-
st the progressive and communist move-
ment in the country.

By building on this awareness through
political education we will be better
able to develop our organisations and to
understand more clearly the way forward
against imperialism.

After recognising all this, what is the
WLL doing about political education?

Through our newspaper Struggle (publish-
ed every two weeks) and our theoretical
magazine Socialism! (every two months)
h e WLL discusses the main political is-
sues in the country and publishes arti-
:les on scientific socialism. Several
LL comrades teach scientific socialism
in communities in Kingston and the coun-

In addition to these regular publicatio-
is and courses the WLL is publishing a
look entitled Struggles of the Jamaican
peoplee by Trevor Munroe and Don Robotham
This book will be available in April. It
looks at the struggles of the Jamaican
people since slavery until the present
time. Struggles of the Jamaican People
is simply written and is presented in
the form of questions and answers. It
was prepared in this way to help those
in charge of political education in
trade unions, community organisations,
youth clubs or party groups to organise
a course based on our own history. Com-
rade Trevor Munroe has also written a
new work called The Marxist Left in Jam-
aica 1940-50. This work shows that
Narxist socialists made a big contribu-
tion to the struggle of the Jamaican
People against colonialism and imperial-

The WLL encourages political party acti-
vists, trade unionists, youth and commu-
nity organisers to buy these books. The
WLL is also willing to assist you in po-
litical education.

As Lenin said, "Without revolutionary
theory there can be no revolutionary

plementation of the tide them over nd
following package t prevent lay-
of measures design- offs.
ed to protect the
standard of living Protect the
and strengthen the rights of workers
ability of workers where companies go
to take a more ac- out of business by
tive part in natio- immediately passing
nal reconstruction.

These proposals
have been forwarded
to the other four-
teen trade unions,
to the Ministry of
Labour and the Na-
tional Task Force
of the Production
Plan. Following is
the first section

ite law to require
three months' no-
tice or payment in
lieu of notice.
Full redundancy
payments should by
law be paid within
one month of closu-
re and before any
other claims are

* Ensure that wor-
kers temporarily
laid off because of
raw material or
machinery shortages
be paid at normal
rates of pay for
the period. Where
it can be proved
that the employer
is not at fault
funds should be
paid through NIS.

* Permit the state
to intervene to
keep a business op-
en in the national
interest and to

posing of any asse- ployer informs a
ts without the worker of impending
knowledge of gover- closure and the


2. In addition the
UAWU has called for
amendments of the
Employment (Termin-
ation and Redundan-
cies Payments) Act
of 1974 to allow

* Extension of the
period in which a
worker may claim
for redundancy pay-
ments. As in civil
actions the worker
should have up to
six years to make
such a claim, in-
stead of the pres-
ent six months.

* The two-year
qualifying period
and the twenty-year
limit on redundancy
payments to be re-
pealed. Workers
should be able to
claim for payments
equal to their ac-
tual period of
work, whether it be
one or thirty years.

* Not to lose his
full rights to re-
dundancy pay:

(a) in cases where
a worker is laid
off for more than
two weeks and then
retired. (At pre-
sent with no rights
to full seniority.)

ticnara narcs prevent employers
or liquidators dis- (b) where the em-

JAMAIA LUA.W. U. President
RICHARD HART, Jam- beaten by police
aican Marxist, re- THE Workers Liber- Workers Union,
cently gave two ation League con- Douglas Jones.
lectures at the demns the police This attack is a
University of Hay- attack on the Pre- continuation of
ana in Cuba. sident of the Uni- brutality especia-
versity and Allied lIv against worki-

Topics of his lec-
tures were "The
Struggle Against
Salvery" and "The
Transition from
Colonialism to Pol-
itical Independence
in Jamaica". Hart
has written a major
work on Jamaican
slave rebellions
which is to be pub-
lished soon. He
is presently visit-
ing Jamaica.

1^ U SWT^^



worker decides to
leave before the
closure to seek a
new job. (At pre-
sent if the worker
does not stay out
the period before
closure he loses
the right to redun-
(c) that so-called
"independent con-
tractors" who work
regularly and con-
tinuously for em-
ployers (e.g. taxi
drivers) be cover-
ed by the provi-
sions of the Ter-
mination and Re-
dundancy Payments

* Strict penal-
ties for those bu-
sinesses which
close down for ot-
her reasons besid-
es genuine and
proven economic

ng people by poli-
ce officers who
shoot, kill and
beat up innocent
people at the
slightest chance.

This attack again
shows the need for
the proposal by
the Liguanea So-
cialist Movement
for the accounta-
bility of police
to the community
to be looked into.

The UAWU has taken
legal action agai-
nst the officer

-r I

(Broadcast by Trevor Munroe,
Secretary, WLL, on RJR, Mar

SINCE the General Elections
ber, not one day pass withoi
that such and such a factor
off workers or such and suc
place is closing down.

Why doesn't the government a
these shutdowns and layoffs
people, PNP and JLP, who hav
10 and 15 years to build up
ists from the foundation to
are today, and who are now
off, just like that, with no
turn their hands to? Is the
going to allow these layoffs
on and on growing bigger and
til the capitalists throw ou
lion workers which they pred
unemployed by August?

what is the cause
Is it true that these compan
are shutting down and laying
have any money or materials?
not true. Many of them have
hed big jobs, like the aspha
which just finished working
of the new British High Cocmi
Trafalgar Road. Some of the
bawling that they don't have
are the same ones packing up
and cars and sending them our
hundreds to Miami. Two week:
any dockworker, nearly 100 ca
ing 2 Rolls Royce, in one wee
the ship to Miami. And there
tem to thoroughly search the,


But if this is true, brothers and sis- These layoffs and playing up to the Big
General ters, why doesn't the government move in Man which are still going on in govern-
ch 20, 1977) and put a stop to the layoffs and pro- meant prove again that no matter what
tect the working people who put them in premises are made and what plans are
last Decem- power? Why doesn't the government stop drawn up, they will be sabotaged unless
it you hear the Big Man leaving with everything in the working people come together more
y is laying the trailers? Why don't they order the and struggle for their rights. All wor-
h a business banks to put money into business to keep king people who do not have a trade unl-
them going? Why don't they order the on at their workplace should fight to
capitalists to take up the goods which bring in a union to help to protect them
ict to stop we can get from the socialist countries?- right away. All working people who al-
of working ready have a union must struggle hard to
re slaved for build up their union from the grassroots
the capital- level to make them strong enough to
what they match the PSOJ and to beat back the im-
eing laid perialists and the Big Man.

thing to
to just go
bigger un-
t the nil-
ict will be

ies which
off don't
No, it is
just finis-
It company
on the yard
ission on
m that are
any money
t by the
s ago, ask
ars, includ-
ek, went on
e is no sys-
se cars and

Besides, the banks are full of money It is because some of the top people in
which they can lend to any of the capit- the PNP government are still holding on
alists who might be short, to keep the to imperialism and the big man and still
business open. can't bring themselves to stand up firm-
ly for the rights of the country and the
Is it true that the capitalists don't working people. These people are saying
have materials to work with? Many mat- that because America has a new Presid-
erials are indeed short, but, if we are ent, the imperialist change his spots.
willing to work hard to help ourselves, Instead of ordering the capitalists to
the socialist countries will help us out take the goods from the socialist coun-
with any materials or goods which may be tries they are flying up and down to
short. America, playing up to the imperialists.

socialist l n Instead of ordering the banks to invest
socialist loan the money they have in business to keep
them open, they are just chatting, say-
Only last week, it was headline in the them ope they are just chatting g sa-
Gleaner that a socialist country was of- ig that they are "reasoning" with the
fering us a $8 million loan to get mach- they are wastis and te Big Mareasoning with the
ines, food, cement, cloth, fertilizer, American imperialists, the imperialists
paints and anything that may be short' American imperialists, the imperialists
Sare attacking us in their newspapers and
So why are the capitalists turning thousands and thousands of workers are
So why are the capitalists turning away being pushed into the streets to starve.
from the money in the banks and turningshed into the meets to starve.
away from the goods which they can get
in the socialist countries? Why don't
they take up this money and these goods halfwayism
so that workers can keep their job and
business can pick up again? Brothers and sisters, it is this half-
way-ism all over again holding back the
It is because the Big Man and the imper- progress and independence of the nation
ialists hate the government, brothers and putting the workers in jeopardy.
and sisters, and they want to punish the Some of these people in government are
people for voting against imperialism in not true democratic socialists at all.
the December general elections. It does We say: if there are any Ministers in
not matter to the imperialists and the the PNP who are not democratic social-
Big Man that they are hurting JLP as ists, who are only saying socialism be-
well as PNP workers. It does not matter cause Manley says so, then Manley must
to them that they are mashing up the remove them from the government right
country. All they care about is playing away.
politics with the workers' jobs. They
want to squeeze the workers and the peo- These top people in government are just
ple until they bawl and turn away from playing into the hands of imperialism,
democratic socialism and bow to them. holding up the progress of the country
"Make them eat democratic socialism, and doing the job for Seaga and the rea-
since them love it so much"! That is ctionaries in the JLP leadership who are
the attitude of imperialism and the Big just waiting on the right moment to
Man. launch their attacks again.


All the unions, NWU, BITU, TUC, JAIGO,
UTASP, PSU, DMWU, UAWU, must do every-
thing in their power to put aside their
differences and to come together to wage
a common struggle to improve the working
conditions and the living standard of
the working people.

New laws need to be passed, to give the
unions more rights. First, union dele-
gates must get time off by right to do
union work. They must be able to come
into the plant by right and not have to
beg the capitalists or to hitch up out-
side until after work like now. Second,
a law must be passed now to require the
capitalists to get the government per-
mission to lay off anybody and to regis-
ter all workers who have been laid off,
and to require them to hire back anyone
laid off first, as soon as business pick
up again. Third, we need a law which
give the workers and the union officials
full rights to inspect the capitalist's
books, to see how much money he is mak-
ing so that he cannot just lay off when
.he like and then move out to Miami.

the way forward
But even though all these moves are vit-
ally necessary to protect the working
people, brothers and sisters, they are
only a first step. They are only a stop
gap. The only way that the interest of
the working people can be protected is
first for the government to control the
main business in the country and to use
these business to help and to protect
the working people and to build up the
country. The government must control
the banks and insurance companies, so
that we can be certain that money will
be put into the country's development.

The government must own the cement and
steel companies and the biggest con-
struction companies, so that more houses
can be built at a faster rate to take
the workers out from under the landlord's
pressure. The government must own the
main factories, so that layoffs can be
stopped and the benefit of the business
come to the country and not into the
pocket of people who are planning to
shift out to Miami as soon as they grab
a little money.

The government must see to it that the
120,000 acres of idle lands are given,
not sold or leased, to the poor people
in the country parts right away. The
government must see to it that the $30
tax on small farmers' land is stopped
right away. Every help must be given to
the country people to improve their wat-
er supply and to get fertilizer for the
poorer people in the country parts right

Government must move to start getting
the goods and the materials and the mac-
hines which the socialist countries aret

contil page A

bannister farmers call for land
We have seen, and 4 properties which make lands availab- whie the re
TE fo ng let- in some ways feel, are idle or badly le to us and give idle lands with
tverm sent to ri the present crisis under-used with ov- us a start to get atr in our cm-
ultural Task Force because enough food er 500 acres of the land into pro- ity
cu, t a- a r_ is not being produ- land with irriga- duction.

nister, St. Cather-
We the members of
would like to in-
form you of our ex-
istence as a body
of farmers and oth-
er people interest-
ed in developing
agriculture in the
Bannister area.

ced in our communi-
ty and the whole
country. This Coop
would therefore
wish to offer our
assistance in deve-
lopment of our cou-
ntry and ourselves
by working to grow
some crops under
the Agricultural
Production Plan.

We have identified

tion water on it or
nearby: on Colbeck
Road, on Bannister
Road, and near
Church Pen.

The people in our
Coop would like to
get about 100 acres
of these lands to
work in a coopera-
tive way under Pro-
ject Land Lease or
any plan that will

Our organisation
was started in Dec-
ember of last year,
but for years we
have been trying to
get lands to work
in a serious way in
this area. A fami-
ne is threatening
our families and we
will not die of hu-
nger under this
drought down here

^^ti~~~s~s^'--* -

not destroy the n

THE assassination last week of 39 year
old President Marien Ngouabi of the Peo- SHARPEVILLE
ple's Republic of the Congo, is a blow

to the revolutionary movement in Afrlca.

The assassination was an attempt by im-
perialism to turn back the Congo from a
socialist road to a capitalist one.
Just before he was killed Ngouabi had
denounced the French potassium and oil
companies for closing down the mines and
sabotaging the economy.

Ngouabi came to power in 1968 as a re-
sult of a popular uprising organised by
progressive army men, trade unions,
youth and women's mass organisations.

Ngouabi did not run a one-man show. He
built up the Congolese Party of Labour
as a revolutionary organisation made up
of the most politically conscious and
hardworking people. The Party defended
Marxism-Leninism and developed ties with
the communist movement.

It is the strength of the Congolese Par-
ty of Labour, its links with the masses
and its anti-imperialist programme which
ensure that the death of Ngouabi will

March 21 marked the 17th year since the
Sharpeville police massacre of 72 Afric-
ans peacefully protesting against the
pass laws and segregation. Last June
many more South Africans, most of them
school children, were killed in Soweto.

Mass murder is the answer of the South
African government to the greatest up-
surge against white domination in that
country for 50 years. South Africa con-
tinues to be backed by US imperialism
(with its new human rights face) and im-
perialist Europe.


The "Welcome Home" banners which greeted
Fidel Castro in Tanzania was a feature
of his visit to Libya, Ethiopia and oth-
er African countries. The people's res-
ponse to Cuba's revolutionary leader is
a sign of the anti-imperialist mood on
the continent and the strong links bet-
ween the African revolution and social-
ist countries without which no country
can free itself.

What about barefoot athletes ?
A RECENT report experts must have important will nament played in
that barefooted said. these athletes rea- that country. They
athletes are damag- lly be denied the waved flags of our
ing the track at What will now hap- opportunity of en- national colours
the National Stad- pen to these aspir- joying a fundament- and must have been
ium and will not be ing athletes? Who al right of the proud of our indi-
able to participate will provide the people to be able vidual performances
in track events footwear for these to participate in against the other
without footwear unknown athletes, sports? teams Mexico and
must be taken very before they show Cuba. Bennett and
seriously. definite signs of It is reported that Byles won the men's
stardom at which hundreds of Jamiac- doubles; Anita Bel-
It is difficult to time someone (or ans currently on navis reached the
understand how a more) begins to the construction semi-finals of the
surface can with- hang on, claiming brigade in Cuba women's singles,
stand the wear and how much he or she turned out in Pinar losing to the even-
tear of spikes and had done to aid Del Rio to support tual champion in a
be damaged by the the athlete, even our table tennis close game.
bare foot. But as far back as from players during the 4
this is what the birth. Even more Hidalgo-Marti Tour-

We farmers are
from the Bannist-
er, Content, Red
Ground and Old
Harbour area. We
are willing to

take part in any
meeting to give
our views on how
to develop these
lands if they are
made available to
us. We are expec-
ting to hear from
you, any depart-
ment of government
or any representa-
tive of the gover-
nment that can
help us as soon as

LAST December
Self Reliance
Was the new Appliance
Sold on the street corners
Up for sale on King Street
And it was the hottest bargain in
Gordon House.

Last month it was ties with
SThe Socialist Countries
Trading links
Markets for our Bauxite
A new source of loans
"No" to IF5
P.J. went away
Come '.ack toda
Straight from Hew York
% The Latest:
SCarter waar see yh
Baps! We up for sale
SResume talks w5th IxVF?

SAmerica not so bad after all
Wi did wrong bout dema
What name so?
There is no such thing.
The story of the Pied Piper Piping
The children following, following
To their deaths is
No longer in Fableland
It is with us and real.

Who remember that fairy tale
Stand firm!
Stand with the people
To expose the disguises of
This piping clown
Who would seek to lead us
Back into slavery and destruction.
Reject US imperialism
And restore the Not for Sale
Label once more.
C. Brown

gling for a just
TO VISIT social order and
freedom, to provide

RECENTLY several
organisations came
together to reorg-
anise and build the
Jamaica Peace Coun-
cil (JPC). The JPC
was launched on
June 2nd, 1974,
some 25 years after
the founding of the
World Peace Coun-
cil (WPC) to bring
people together ar-
ound the threat
which was posed to
peace in Jamaica,
the Caribbean and
the world.

The aims of the JPC
are to support all
individuals and or-
ganisations strug-

opportunities for
mass action for dem
ocracy and peace in
the region, and to
co-operate with the
WPC and all other
national movements
in the struggle for
world peace and se-

From the 25th to
27th March a dele-
gation from the WPC
will be visiting
Jamaica. The dele-
gation includes the
daughter of the
late President Al-
lende of Chile
and representatives
from Africa and the
Soviet Union.

~~~~'- ~ ~-~ --

I HAVE seen hun-
dreds of workers
been pushed out
the street weekly.
Now they are left
with large famil-
ies to feed, rent
to pay, and furni-
ture bill to pay
monthly. The main
thing what manage-
ment is saying is
that they have to
do this because
they can't get any
material. The
government should
look into this
matter very care-
fully, beaause it
is only confusing
the working people
and putting more
hardship on them.
(28 year old fac-
tory worker)

WE are asked to
make sacrifice, to
produce more. But
can we produce
more when thousan-
ds of workers are
seen laid off, fa-
ctory closing and
other difficulties?
I think that gov-
ernment must take
firm positions ag-
ainst the lay-off
and closure of
factories. These
cases must be in-
vestigated to the
fullest to see if
is sabotage or is
(25 year old
clerical worker)


OVER 300 people This shows the many teachers, civ- the development of make sure that ay
have signed up and growing interest in il servants and a class struggle of compromise with
almost 200 are at- communist ideas and handful of doctors the workers is the American imperial-
tending each class communist political and lawyers. only way to over- ism helps us and
every Thursday in education amongst throw imperialism does not hurt us?
ever course in conscious Jamaic- Many of those re- and capitalism. The
Prinrnlm n Scie- ans. gistered are active students are given The second part of

-c ---,--- ~- ---_
ntific Socialism
being given by Com-
rade Trevor Munroe,
General Secretary
of WLL, and sponso-
red by the Union of
Democratic Students
on the UWI campus.

This number is
twice the amount
that registered in
1976 and over three
times .the number
that signed up in
1975 when the cour-
se was put on for
the first time.

A large section of
the people taking
the course, which
has had eight ses-
sions so far, are
students from the
University and oth-
er educational in-
stitutions, but
this year over half
are ordinary work-
ing people mainly
clerks, secretar-
ies, blue-collar
workers, technici-
ans, unemployed
youth, as well as

in youth clubs,
student organisa-
tions, trade unions,
women's bodies and
progressive politi-
cal organisations.

During Part I of
the course, now
just over, Comrade
Munroe explained
the communist teac-
hing on the philo-
sophy of the work-
ing class and how
it is different
from the capitalist
philosophy, how ca-
pitalism exploits
all workers and how

Justice for

Cons. Rowe

The broadest sec-
tions of the Gree-
nwich Town commun-
ity are shocked
and indeed concer-
ned with the re-
cent arrest of
Police Constable
tizen of our com-
munity, for illeg-
al possession of
firearm and ammun-

highly valued, and
greatly respected
as a Policeman who
is bent on perfor-
ming his civic du-
ty of protecting
the lives and pro-
perty of the citi-
zens in the area.
We cannot begin to
show our apprecia-
tion to Constable
Rowe for the role
he played in that
critical period of
last year when our
community was bese-
iqed by outsiders.

fied and be sure
that no injustice
is done, outside
of lawful proceed-
ings. We there-
fore call on the
Prime Minister and
Minister of Natio-
nal Security and
the Commissioner,
for the benefit of
Greenwich Town and
adjoining communi-
ties, to urgently
investigate the
circumstances sur-
rounding his arre-

homework for each
session and ask
questions after
each talk. Some of
the many questions
asked by members
taking the course
were: How do revol-
utionaries make
sure that when
there is a wage
freeze in a country
like Jamaica it
benefits the strug-
gle for socialism?
Why is the class of
small proprietors
(petty bourgeois)
unreliable in stru-
ggle? How do we

the course on Im-
perialism, the
Struggle and the
move to Socialism
has now started.

The response to the
UDS-WLL political
educational pro-
gramme shows that
the working people
are very interested
in scientific so-
cialism and that
every progressive
organisation must
educate its members

STUDENTS attending scientific socialism course sponsored by tsi
Union of Democratic Students, U.W.I., Mona.

pie, and to build up strong relations
r with the socialist countries, that we
from page 2 can be certain that the imperialists
will not be able to lay anyone off and
offering us cheaply, right away. This will not be able to hold the country up
foolishness about waiting months before to ransom as they are doing now.

going to the Soviet Union as the Minis-
ter of Foreign Affairs said must stop.
By July half of the year gone already.
The budget gone already. Your job might
gone already. You may as well put it

l g o- of for the wnoie year.
THIS laying off of paid political
workers is definit- thugs who were sure t there is no way to get the things we
ely frustrating the they oud But there is no way to get the things we
working class. Mh e that they spcou need, the fertilizer, the cement, the
view is the short- break our spirit help to build more micro dams, the food,
age of material is te rightul path the machines, unless we get it from the
a genuinthe rightful path ressimperialists or from the socialist coun-
why so much workers tries. We know how the imperialists
have to be laid It is in this light give aid. They give with one hand and
off. But I want to that we are concer- take back twice as much with the other
ask the question, ned with the fate hand. We know how the socialist coun-
what is the reason of Mr. Rowe. We tries give aid. Look at the school whi-
for the holding want to be satis- ch Cuba build for us at Twickenham Park.
back of the social- Can anybody point to anything that the
ist community aid imperialists have done in Jamaica which
which can help us can compare to that school. No they
to get out of this cannot, because imperialism is not try-
crisis? I am of ing to build us up, but to tear us down
the view that a and to lay us off and to make us suffer
committee should be SOK~PLd tAem- because we want to be free and independ-
set up to deal with Ti org of r L ent and to struggle for a better life.
this materials and Mrch/Aprit 1977
laying off problem. NOW AVAILABLE It is only by the government controlling
(19 year old stud- the banks and themain factories, by giv-
ent) ing the land to the poorer country peo-
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Brothers and sisters, when we talk like
this they say that we want to drive mid-
dle class people out of the island. But
that is not what we want we want them
to stay but they must forget about their
petty prejudices against poor people be-
cause they themselves are coming from
that section of society. They must rem-
ember that it is the poor people taxes
that give them their education. We say
stay but stay and serve the people.

So we in the WLL say to the workers and
to the country people: No more layoffs!
No more land gods! No more romping wit
the American imperialists! No more sad
otaging of our ties with the socialist
countries! No more half-way! Build
the workers' organisation! Build up
workers' party free of the big people,
and their agents.

Forward to control up our country fee
the working people and for ourselves!a
Forward to unity between all working i
people, PNP and JLP, at the gras
against imperialism! Forward to
ties with the socialist community!
ward to full socialism:

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