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Title: Kalamazoo Valley Paper Mill : an urban re-development along the Kalamazoo River
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Title: Kalamazoo Valley Paper Mill : an urban re-development along the Kalamazoo River
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Laura Kloosterman
The University of Florida
Landscape Architecture
Spring 20 10

/(alaimiazoo Valley Paper Mill

Everything I do is dedicated to the designer of all creation. Without him I could do nothing. That which I do is small thanks for his goodness to me. I
think him for the incredible gift of my family and their great love and prayers. I give thanks for the encouragement this provided at my time of great
frustration and the spirit it gave me to continue on until the end.

Isaiah 40:8
" The grass withers and the flowers fall,
But the word of our God stands forever."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2: Research
Case Studies

Chapter 3: Analysis

Chapter 4: Concepts and Design
Programmatic Concepts
Final Concept
Final Concept Diagrams

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Chapter 6: Resources

Chapter 1: Introduction

Goals and Objectives


The former Crown Vantage Paper, Co. site in Parchment Michigan has been slated to begin redevelopment in 2010. The current rede-
velopment plan on file with the Cities of Parchment and Kalamazoo insufficiently address certain issues of job creation and connectiv-
ity to the existing network. An alternate master plan of the Parchment mill sites was undertaken to illustrate alternative ways the site
could be addressed in order to improve the tax base for the city of Parchment while preserving the history of the paper mill sites. The fi-
nal plan is a master plan for site development that preserves the existing mill structures, opens the riverfront to the public, and connects
to the existing neighborhood network.


The site comprised over 200 acres and nearly 30% of the City of Parchment. The site is a mere 7 minutes drive from the central down-
town of Kalamazoo, Michigan and the central rail and bus station. The redesign undertaken in this project will create a master plan for
the redevelopment of the site. The plan will create a destination recreation based neighborhood, that will appeal to the large college
student population as well as local families. The destination will extend its reach by serving as a easy weekend destination from either
Chicago, Detroit, or Grand Rapids.


Site History:

Cities within the Midwest have been deeply tied to
industry. The city of Parchment, Michigan is a small
company town located just to the north and east
of downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. As its name
would suggest, Parchment's main industry has been
paper products. The curves of the Kalamazoo River
that run through Parchment provided prime loca-
tion for paper mills and the railroad provided means
for transportation of goods. Jacob Kindleberger set
up the first Paper mill in the town in 1909 in what
was an old sugar beet factory. Kindleberger had a
strong sense of Christian duty that influenced him
to work toward providing his employees places to
live as well as stable places to work. The Kalama-
zoo Valley Paper Company owned most of the land
that is now Parchment, and they sold it to company
workers at reasonable prices. One of the greatest
legacies of Kindleberger is 40 acres in the middle of
town that was deeded to the city in 1932, now called
Kindleberger Park. It's a beautiful and beloved park
overlooking the city. Every summer since 1981 the
Kindleberger Festival is held in the park. The mill
sites have been occupied by the Hercules Powder
Company, the Sutherland Paper Company, and
finally the Crown- Vantage Corporation until 2000.
Parchment currently has a $49.6 million tax credit
toward the redevelopment of the old mill site. The
site comprises over 30% of the city of Parchment.
The Crown Vantage Paper Co. was the city's largest
tax payer until 2000 when they went bankrupt. The
site was bought for $1 from the city and develop-
ment is scheduled to begin in 2010.



The site comprises 30% of the town of Parchment Michigan. It
is on the west side of Parchment along the Kalamazoo River. It
cuts off access from the river for most of the town of Parchment
except for the Southern most portion where there is limited river
front access. This access is not being utilized to its fullest poten-

Parchment is to the North and slightly East of Kalamazoo Town-
ship, and located with in Kalamazoo County. Kalamazoo County
is the middle of Southwest Michigan. The Site is connected to
downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan and the central rail and bus
station through Riverview Drive as well as some rail tracks that
terminate in the site. The site is a mere 2 miles from downtown
Kalamazoo and only a 6 minute drive by car to the central Kal-
amazoo Rail and bus station. The Main highways of US 131 and
Highway 1-94 run past the town, north to south and east to west

The Kalamazoo river runs all the way out to Lake Michigan,
making the water pollution issues on site of regional as well as
local interest. The Kalamazoo River makes its final exit to Lake
Michigan in Saugatuck, Michigan. The main commercial activ-
ity in Parchment is clustered along Riverview drive. Other areas
are mainly residential homes developed from 1930 to 1960 when
they Mill properties were in prime use.


KaiamaZo O

mill property
G Ave.


Kal amaz



Kalamazoo Gazette


Site Location





Sports Complex 32,000 sq. ft.

Retail- 130,000 sq. ft.

Hotel 160.00 sq. ft.

Residential -
50 Residential Greenway Units
400 Apartment / Townhouse Units.

Bike and Jogging Trail- 2 Miles

Boat Launch and Boat House

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Increase the Tax Base for the City of Parchment.

- Reintroduce Industry to the former Kalamazoo Valley Paper Company Site and thus
create jobs.
- Expand Residential Areas and Commercial Areas on the site.

Goal 2: Re-Connect the City to the Riverfront.

- Enable public riverfront access via a river walk.
- Connect the Green Space Network from Kindleberger Park down to the riverfront and
across the river to Markin Glenn Park.
- Provide locations for non motorized boat access to the river.

Goal 3: Improve Property Values throughout Parchment.

- Propose Neighborhood Improvement Projects for Existing Neighborhoods
- Streetscape improvement as fitting to the neighborhoods: curbs, gutters, trees, brick.

Goal 4: Create a Sense of Place create a Destination District.

- Re-use Existing Mills for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Uses.
- Provide Signage to Educate about the history of the mills and the processes of Paper

Goals and Objectives


Chapter 2: Research

Case Studies

Emscher Park, Germany

Wenhua College, China

Gasworks Park, Seattle

Disney Wide World of Sports, Orlando

Emscher Park, Germany

The creation of Emscher landscape park has driven the restoration of
one Europe's most degraded landscapes. It is "a symbol as well as a
stimulus for urban, economic, social, and environmental change"
(Brown 2001, 66). The International Building Exhibition Emscher
Park (IBA)s tried to make a precedent for quality building and plan-
ning standards for the environmental, economic and social trans-for-
mation of an old industrialized region. The landscape park Duisburg
Nord was developed to integrate, shape, develop and link the former
patterns formed by its previous industrial use to find a new interpreta-
tion. Included in the site are public art pieces, gardens among the old
industrial landscape, spaces for concerts and an expanded zone of resi-
dential and research development. Spoil banks from mine development
have been turned over into event areas with trails systems up them.
There is climbing in a former ore bunker and diving in a gas tank filled
with water.

Project team: Latz + Partner, Latz-Riehl, G. Lipkowsky

Area: 230 hectares

Costs without buildings, clearance of pollution and
Construction of underground sewer: 15,3 millions euro

Wenhua College, China

- 1 I;;'

~1 ~

The site is a former warehouse that
was to become the site for a new
college. In the design, large ware
houses were converted to house
large classrooms, gymnasiums, and
libraries with high ceilings and long
profiles. The red brick of the exist-
ing structures now gives a character
to the entire campus.

Information Via:

Architectural Creation 2004 (11)
Lei Zhang, Hongling Chen, Bo Zhang

,,, .".. ,,,i.. ~~...~. ,~~ .. ~~.,,.~
.,.,,,,,, ,,.,,~~,...N.,~. ~..,~...~
,.,,,,,,,,,i,~.., ~,~, -..~ ~m y
nr r sil ui I i Irulen louohl n lillar unrolnn
YIII'Ln-Bnl ~ 10011( Irr in rl;oo i ir illiidliYO
.Nil lillllltii Il Ori: h. illtiil. 11YI. (I
ii iillm. :il dl.lisirni mrrr L~iann~ cr
dil.l;l.rR)~III rar- r~m~sdrxo*nhh



""i"*'""'"'""""""""'" "'"'""""" '""'""
""'""""' `"'"" '""" ""'""" "` '"'"'' ""'"'"'
i""~" ""~"''"'""' '""~ "1""" "" '""''"''
""" """ ~"'"""' """~' '"' ""' "" ""'~~" "'~ ""~
'""'i' '' '"' "'" "'""~~i"` "'""" """'"
''""""'"'r~"" ""' ""'" ~"" '" '""" "' "" "'""'
'"' "" "'i'*'"""' """"""'""' ""'"""""
"' '"' "~"-" '"""`

Gasworks Park, Seattle Disney Wide World of Sports

The ESPN Wide World of Sports venue includes a baseball quadraplex, a track and field com-
plex, a six-field softball complex, a 10-court tennis facility (with center court stadium), and five
existing sports fields. These complexes hosts and estimated 150 events a year in over 30 differ-
ent sports. While the ESPN Wide World of Sports venue may not be comparable in climate, the
size of the site is very comparable and the concept of a sports themed destination venue is an
applicable one. The sports events already held in Kalamazoo, MI may be able to be integrated
into this idea
The boys 16 and 18 United States Tennis Nationals are already held yearly at Kalamazoo Col-
lege, and the Big Leauge Softball World Series are held here annually too.
Seattle's Gasworks Park was built on a site of a plant where coal was refined to natural gas.
The site structures were preserved. There is a large play barn full of brightly painted machinery. Area: 220 Acres
Other existing gas refinery structures were converted to picnic area. Festivals and events are
often held on the site. The site connects into the Burke Gilman Trail and continues on 12.5 miles Information and Photos Courtesy: http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/sports/
to connect with the Kirkland Log Boom Park.
Map Legend
Area:19.1 acres .....T

Photos and Information:
http://www.cityofseattle.net/parks :
http://www.seattlephotographs.com ....

A M,,,O .,, ,
: pnd~l n


Chapter 3: Analysis

Kalamazoo River

Mill Type 1

This type of Mill is suitable for conversion into office of loft spaces. Brick may be re-
turned to natural brick finish for a more desirable finish.

Kindleberger Park

Mill Type 2
Mill Type 2 has large cavernous interior spaces. Roofs in this mill type are sloped and win-
dows are large and arched on the top. These mill types may be suitable for conversion to
large retail stores, auditoriums, gymnasiums, or classrooms. Some of these mill types may
be structurally sound but others may require buttressing.

Basic Neighborhood Character

Site Photos

Mill Type 3
Mill Type 3 is suitable for art pieces, conversion to climbing structures, or uses requiring ir-
regular interior shapes. This mill type is generally unsuitable for offices, loft, or gymnasium
type structures.

Site Photos

Buildings Tree Coverage

Roadways and Paving Vegetative Coverage:

E.Water The western edge of the site along the Kalamazoo

Rail Lines River is densely covered with vegetation. The trees
and ecology along this area are worth preserving.
The rest of the site is sparsely vegetated. Surround-
Figure Ground: ing neighborhoods are shaded by mature street tree .....
coverage. r*
A figure ground diagram of the site illustrates the
existing structures of largest mass on site are three ...
mills. The greater densities occur along river view
drive, with more residential properties to the east of "*"
Riverview. Many old train tracks once ran to the site,
however, only one of them is still in use. The Area
to the far west of the site along the Kalamazoo River .
is prone to flooding and thus no permanent structure
are now built on this area. :


.-i -IT%

0 1/4 mi 1/2mi 3/4mi imi 11/4 mi Topography Vegetative Cover 0 1/41mi 1/2mi

Flood Hazard Area
E Direction of Surface Water Flow Ar
500 Year Flood Area
Topography Lines -

Topography: Flood Zones:

The greatest changes in elevation are found to the The majority of areas within the 500 year flood zone
east of the site and east of River View Drive. The are to the west of the Kalamazoo River. The lobes of
middle of the site is relatively flat, with areas of for- the site along the east side of the river are included
mer rail lines being elevated. All water flows toward in the Flood Hazard Area. These may be suitable for
the river. light trail ways and conservation areas. They are not
suitable for most permanent structures.

0 1/4 mi 1/2 mi 3/4 mi 1 mi 1 1/4 mi Topogrhy1/4 m 1/2 m 3/4 mi 1 m 11/4 mi

E Site Greenway Connection Potential
Neighborhood 1

SWater Bodies Neighborhood 2
Glenn arGreen Space: Parks Neighborhood 3

Scenic Cemeteries Commercial Zones

.l e Main Traffic Route
Cind Civic and Institutional
Context Synthesis;
E. Mose Ave Major Roads
.Minor Roads The site has opportunities for connection to Markin
Glenn Park and Kindleberger Park. There are two
Greater Context: main commercial zones along Riverview Drive that
the site may connect to as well. The Kalamazoo
There are numerous existing parks in Kalamazoo River Valley Trail runs buy the site on the west side
County with potentials for connection with the site. of the Kalamazoo River and may connect to the site
Riverview drive is the main drive and connection to near Markin Glenn Park, along Mosel Ave, or via the
downtown Kalamazoo. Gull Road is another major railway bridges.
road with current commercial activities that draw
people away from Parchment.
Greater Context Synwnthesis Scale

Greater Context Synthesis 1/4m1 1/2 m1 3/4 mi Im1 1 1/4 mi

On Site Synthesis

Flood Zones and Easement
Issues areas.

Significant Buffer Needed for
Surrounding Residences

Historically Significant Mills
Preservation Potentials

Factory Components-
Adaptive Reuse Potential

Allied Plant- Noise Issues -

Downtown Business District

Street Frontage

Best River Views

Chapter 4: Concepts and Design

rogramatic ncepts

3 Zones: Commercial, Industrial, Residential. Large portion of Site Redeveloped into an Extreme
S. .... Commercial Concentration along Riverview Drive. Sports Destination:
c..* Redevelopment of Largest Mill Site to Accommodate Mountain Bike Trails, Snow mobile Trails, Diving
high tech industry. Pits, Ice Rink, Kayaking.
Large Central Green Space / Swale Large Mill Turned into Climbing, and Ropes are simi-
Additional Residential District: Redevelopment of Mill 1 lar to Emscher Park.
into Lofts. Expanded Residential Areas.
Emphasis on River Walk Some Mill Sites Converted to Commercial and Indus-
Conservation/ Future Development Area. trial Uses.
General Streetscape Improvement of Surrounding Neigh- General Streetscape Improvements to Surrounding
borhoods. Neighborhoods.

0 14mi 12m1 34mi imi 114mi Concept 2 Concept 30 14 2 34i Im 4i
I:.H :IB, nU?~., :C:

N: N11::

Scale C n ep Scale

concept etches

1. Mill Condos and Walkable Roads

Tall Tower Building to become main office site. Creation of
300+ apartment and townhouse residences on walkable sec-
ondary street off the main commercial drive.

2. Retail and Dinning Center:

Old mills at far South End of site to become Retail Complex-
es. These are to provide destination stores for the greater Ka-
lamazoo area and shops currently unavailable in Parchment
for walkable local use.

3. Extreme Play Site Theme:
Conversion of some existing structures to rock climbing, par-
cour, and skate boarding parks that appeals to young adults.



A -

Site Uses: Proposed and Existing

- I I

SProposed Green Space
Existing Green Space
Proposed Waterways
Existing Waterways
Existing Flood Zone



i 1i r
,jI I
IteK __--^ ^ __ ^_._

Waterways and Green Space

- I I

SPrimary Commercial Access Drives

SPrimary Commercial Parking Lots

Residential Greenways

Interior Residential Parking



_ I>~,1.l~s~

- I I

Final Concept Breakdown
rw m inl sr 'n z .- ..

Final Concept Elements

Fields \vidde Scoof Courts

C(im6inyj &


Sport Comp4hh

7'ownkouses -

Greenway -



rTiver walkf


nMountain Vje ,, L oatantgikje
Snow Xv(okife r7raili (kenfaI

1/4 mi

1 mi



Site Uverview

200' 28' 172'

Recreation Center West Bound Red bud Lined
A Tennis Courts Roadway Fountain Plaza

28' 30' 100'

East Bound Sidewalk/ Apartments and
Roadway Vegetation Townhouses 1

Section A

Section A- Zone 1 & 2 Interface

r --

Zone 1: Sports Play Zone

:_- - I-- -- _ ....... --~- -- -

._ _ .. .... ... .

Radisson Plaza
Kalamazoo. ill

com/kalamazoo mi
.Alll il.

~... A plaza lined with red buds, draws
M visitors down from Riverview Drive
to the center of the site and provides
U*ai a buffer between the Sports Com- The Bubbling Waters Hotel is modeled after the style of the
plex and the apartments and town- Radisson Plaza Hotel and Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI.
_--- houses. An obelisk at one end and a Bronson Hospital It is partially elevated to allow a walkway underneath from the
fountain feature at the other provide Kalamazoo. Al main commercial corner of Parchment to the proposed sports
focal points for the plaza. complex

Hotel and Townhouses Hotel and Townhouses

200' 25 135' 25' 10' 15 100'

Section B Zone 4 Section B

The Greenway Zone is centrally
lined with a stormwater system.
The water from the site and from fur-
ther up hill in the city of Parchment,
is filtered through this central storm-
water system in the greenway before
it reaches the Kalamazoo River. The
houses along the Greenway are of
higher value than elsewhere on the
site. Bike trails also run along the gre-
enway and connect to the trails on the
Northern end of the site that eventu-
ally connect across the Kalamazoo
River to Markin Glenn Park.

~'* A l'

t~ :i;1

Zone 4: Residential Greenway

| 134I1- 1 f 1i n
i. ., .


Section C Zone 3 Section C

A seasonal outdoor dinin deck addition to Old

A g aMill overlooks the central development square.
Desdenia prt Te pk (Mill Type 2)m

dtaulil alOIn the fii ei-

.\.... in.. C.hicago S ~i -
l ,,lr -lar to the desired feel
*.for the retail andi plaza

one 3: ne all Ining


---- C-------
_________________________ _-I a -I-- -

The Goals set out in premise of this projects were: to increase the Tax Base for the City of Parchment, to Re-
Connect the City to the Riverfront, to Improve Property Values throughout Parchment, and to Create a Sense of
Place as a Destination District. These goals can be achieved through a mixed use plan of five zones to address
the four goals. The Value of the City of Parchment will be increased by drawing tourism and retail to the site in
the form a destination sports district. The city will reconnect to the waterfront via a plan that will allow public
access to the riverfront with a river walk, boat house and trail system. The property values throughout Parch-
ment will be increased by introducing the amenities of riverfront access, sports complexes, higher end stores
and public green spaces. A sense of place will be achieved by repurposing certain historic mill structures and
preserving some of them in the form of a educational and historical museum. The new sense of place for the city
of Parchment will build off the positives of the existing safe walk able, town feel, and expand to create a place
that is also energetic, growing and looking toward the future.

_ ica~.-..... .. ........... .......~~~~


Kalamazoo Public Library Local History Archives
Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collection

Bibliography and Works Cited

1. Marcus, Clare Cooper and Francis, Carolyn. People Places: Design Guidelines for Urban Open Space.
New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1998.
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Special Thanks to:

Bob O'Boyle and Sandra Bleisener and the Office of O'Boyle,
Cowell, Blalock and Assoc. in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who were
not only gracious to provided me with extensive site and project
information, but also to sit down and talk with me about the site.

Professor Terry Schnadelbach for his unflinching criticisms,
great wisdoms, and encouragement to, "crank it out."


I Oeve




Appendix I:
Power Point

Cron a Vantage Paper, Co. in Parchment, Michigan.
Sladl d to begin redevelopment in 2010.
Over 75 acres. Nearly 30% of the Town of Parchment.
Build Community and Economy for the town ofParchment.
Ala/I the site a destination neighborhood.
Maintain town character walk-ability, safety and pride.



Goal 1:
Increase Tax Base and Jobs in the City of Parchment.

Goal 3:
Create a Sense of Place and a Destination District.

Goal 3:
Re-Connect the City to the Riverfront.

Goal 4:
Improve the health of citizens and environment nearby.


.. ,......: .... "


Case Studies

Emscher Park, Germany

Wenhua College, China

Gasworks Park, Seattle

Disney Wide World of Sports, Orlando

"*\...- ~ 9^



. C II

Wenhua College, China

Emscher Park, G

The creation of Emsche: i id ,
has driven the restoration .1 ..I
most degraded landscape. !1.
tional Building Exhibiti .n i i .
(IBA)s tried to make a ,i ...I.
ity building and planning stands
environmental, economic and s(
formation of an old industrialize
Project team:
Latz + Partner, Latz-Riehl, G. L
Area: 230 hectares
Costs(without buildings, clearat
tion andconstruction .1 ijd.1, I
15 1 million elirn

imKIJL unrL

The site is a former
warehouse that was to
become the site for a
new college. In the de-
sign large ware houses
were converted to house
large classrooms, gym-
nasiums, and libraries
with high ceilings and
long profiles. The red
brick of the existing
structures now gives a
character to the entire



Seattle's Gasworks Park was
where coal was refined to nat
were preserved. There is a lai
painted machinery. Other exi
were converted to picnic area
often held on the site. The sit
Gilman Trail and continues o
the Kirkland T n- pnnm Parl

dI I" I I0k-



rld of Sports
Th olrts venue includes a base-
ball eld complex, a six-field
so eInnis facility (with cen-
tter isting sports fields. These
o d 150 events a year in over
3 1 0 llIRo

Kalamazoo River


Kindleberger Park

Basic Neighborhoo,



i J

m -


ite Context

Mill Type 1


A E F1ogF fl atlle 0 on cepts

:able Roads

lain office site. Creation of
residences on walkable sec-
rcial drive.

4R '` 'u


Li- ~-~

to become Retail Complex
he greater Kalamazoo area
n Parchment for walkable



* Connections.

* Surrounding Neigh-

* Commercial Centers


Concept 2

Concept 1

Concept 3





* Proposed Commercial
SExisting Commercial
* Proposed Residential
Existing Residential
SProposed Institutional
SExisting Institutional

41 I

S- %

Site Uses Proposed and Existinu

Proposed Waterways
Existmg Waterways
Existmig Flood Zone

ter a __ s and Green Space
ater\\ya, s and Green Space

4k i. :

SProposed Green Space
Existing Green Space
SProposed Waterways
Existing Waterways
Existing Flood Zone



*jI I-I,

Water\\a\ s and Green Space



Final Concept Breakdown

* Primary Commercial Access Drives
* Primary Commercial Parking Lots
SResidential Greenways
Interior Residential Parking

Site Access and Parking


Recreation Center
A Tennis Courts

172' 1 28' 1 30'


West Bound

Redbud Lined East Bound Sidewalk/
Fountain Plaza Roadway Vegetation

Section A- Zone 1 & 2 Interface

Final Concept Elements

SConcertk S port Parchmetnt- I- as eita, I oel IResienf
\ Fied \ ^Midle Schoofl CourtY

' *" *


ai~ ~ S

200o 28' I


M mb ...............

i, 7,M
;;"';"' ;;;"";"'01 "";

Zone 1 Spolls Complex


IZone 1 Spoils Play Zone



Hl Zo ne
Hotel and To\\ lnhomes

Zone 1 Spoils- Play Zone

44 tl

Zone 4: Residential Greenway


I 25 110 15 I



Section B Zone 4


Howtel land To "\ nhorne',


-2- 4~- '_-iF
I '"



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