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Its been a very intense summer, at least for me, for many reasons, among them my daughter moving off to Houston which has left my heart in pieces. I know, I know! Its life and they have to move forward, its their life. But one thing is in theory and another your heart. Its hard to see your baby leave (because they are always our babies). Nevertheless, I have to be grateful, (and I am) because she has a good job with a very prestigious petroleum company and is learning a lot and thats what life is all about: learning, and truth be told, some lessons are harder than others. On the other hand summer has been great for us in Palmas. Its almost the end of September and we havent had one hurricane threat. And this summer we had several wonderful Jazz Concerts under the stars that are becoming better and better. The 5K for the forest was also excellent, with the participation of more than 100 Palmeos. Our male model from the cover, Dr. Carlos Maldonado Garcia, was the winner of the 5K and made it in 17 min 33 sec; Dr. Maldonados wife, Dra. Marisol Prez Curry, and their three daughter: Soleil, Karla and Ivana, are also great athletes. We have to thank Palmas Acade my students for their support and hard work. During this summer we also received the visit of a ne group of Puerto Rican writers who shared their work with us. It was a great afternoon of literature and poetry, this coverage is coming in the next issue. I hope you enjoy your magazine, our magazine and pride. Dont forget to write me or call me for any suggestion or collaboration with Live & Life in Palmas Have a wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving Day and dont forget to subscribe to our calendar at www.SeePalmas. com in order to keep connected and informed of all Palmas events. Kindest Regards Lissette, Editor editors corner Palmas is just a click away... www Asian Cuisine Open 7 days 12 noon to 11pm TAKE OUT & DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM 5 PM TO 9 PM at


editors corner


Editorial Collaborators O bed Borrero, Dr. Ruben C hamorro, T ony M aldonado Graphic Design S andra Rodrguez / Rosado & M orales (787)765-0890 Sales & Marketing L issette Rosado / S ilvia M orales (787)765-2190 / (787)562-6105 Cover Photographer Jos Bobyn Assistant Editor Zenaida S anjurjo Printing M odel O ffset P rinting ( MOP ), H umacao (787)850-3000Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the Palmas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. You can send us your comments to or call 787-765-2190 Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association 787-285-6425 PHAwww.seepalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor 787-562-6104 & LIVEIN PALMASLIFEOCTO BER/ NO VE M BER 2013 V OL 5 N U M 6


T e l a s y m a t e r i a l e s p a r a r e n o v a r t a p i z a r y d e c o r a ra n v a s T e l E x t e r i o r T e l o m e r c i a l P ieS i n t t i c a V i n i M a r i n o o j i n e s F o a R u b b e r G r a p a dor a s L i m p i a dores P a t a M u e b l e Alf o m b r A u t o B r o c h e s P e g a m e n t o s P i n t u r a s P l s t i c l e a r S a c o V e l c r o Z ipp e r s M s d e 1 000 bel l a s t e l a s e n s t o c k p a r a h a c e r r e a l i d a d s u p r o y e c t o d e c a mbi o y r e n o v a c i n M a t e r i a l e s d e 1 r a c a l i d a d p a r a t a p iz a r y r e s t a u r a r t odo t i p o d e m u e b l e s del h o g a r t e r r a z a r e s t a u r a n t o cin a n e g o c i o a u t o s b o t e s y c o r t i n a s SaJ u a n ( 7 8 7 ) 7 8 3 8 5 6 5 B a ya m n ( 7 8 7 ) 7 8 5 5 8 2 3 a g u a s ( 7 8 7 ) 7 4 4 5 6 8 0 a r o l i n a ( 7 8 7 ) 7 6 8 3 7 0 0 P o n c e ( 7 8 7 ) 8 4 1 8 2 0 6 ( 7 8 7 ) 8 3 1 7 3 8 0 V e g B a j a ( 7 8 7 ) 8 5 5 5 8 4 8 L u n e Sb a d o 8 a 5 p m* V e g B a j a Sab 8 a 1 2 m Abierto de lunes a sbado de 9am a 6pm 787.216.4102 Representantes de Royal Canin, Nutri Cal, comida ANF Holistica, Richards Organics, Suplementos Tripett y Pet Kind Huellitas Boutique by Nina Mia


ALID AS Pterocarpus Tel 787.523.3131 Cel 787.607.0907Vistanos en PUERTAS VENTANAS PUERTAS DE GARAGE PUERTAS DE BAO BARANDAS Our dear friend and neigh bor, Alida Cordero, surprised us again with these beautiful collections of paintings in spired by the Pterocarpus forest. Puerto Rico is al ways an inspiration for my art work. I have a series on Puerto Ricos Old San Juan in the 40s and 50s. I also have them on Palmas del Mar, Puerto Ricos ocean views, Rainbow Eucalyptus and now I am exposed again to the grandeur of the Ptero carpus forest, said Alida and added: Its depth lls me with calm and euphoria. I feel drawn into its beauty. My goal is to preserve that beauty after I have depart ed. Denitely a beautiful art work that reects her sen sibility and domain of light and depth. A Light in the Forest Pterocarpus Forest Gem Pterocarpus Pterocarpus


DRA. ANNELISSE FIGUEROAESPECIALISTA EN ORTO D ONCIABRACES WITH... Horario de ocina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes mdicos con cubierta de ortodoncia. / HORARIO : lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previaCentro de Quimoterapia Ambulatoria y Servicios de InfusinPorque usted es muy importante para nosotrosHEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTERHematlogo /OnclogoDr. Graciany Miranda Tristani, Board Certied Internal MedicineAceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos incluyendo Plan Mi Salud (Reforma) TEL/FAX NEW!AT COCONOUT GROVE PLAZA (at Palmas entrance)Home made Home made desserts 787.909.0787 Call and Pick up & drive through service every day$5.00burger special


Recientemente se demostr que a la hora de celebrar una buena esta la creatividad puede ser la mejor excusa para hacer un buen party. Todo surge por una simple conversacin entre amigos en donde los Venezolanos dijeron que nos deleitaran con uno de sus platos tpicos de Venezuela; las arepas. Acto seguido otros Puertorriqueos quedaron en hacer otro plato tpico; el mofongo. Y solo bast esta conversacin para hacer el Party de Puerto Rico vs Venezuela o El Mofongo vs la Arepa. Se puso fecha, se compraron los ingredientes, se cuadr la decoracin se busco informacin de los pases y la esta comenz. Estuvieron hasta largas horas disfrutando y me cuentan que hasta hubo un stand-up comedy de Puerto Rico vs Venezuela. Esto demuestra la camaradera que se logra en nuestra comunidad de Palmas del Mar y donde recibimos con pura esta a nuestros amigos venezolanos. Asi que viva la arepa y el mofongo. Michelle Mendez


E x q u i s i t a g a s t r o n o m a y sana diversin en el cielo de Caguas. En el Restaurante Moriviv podr deleitarse con suculenta comida criolla neo-tradicional. Tambin podr divertirse junto a sus hijos, sus nietos o con toda la familia. Para su sana diversin Bowlera tiene 17 carriles para bowling y 52 mquinas de juego para nios de todas las edades. Moriviv 787.703.3020 Bowlera 787.746.7211 Localizado: Penthouse Lincoln Center Plaza, Calle Muoz Rivera Esq. Calle Goyco Caguas, PR A pasos de la Fuente Tana, Carr. P.R. #1, en la entrada principal al Centro Urbano de Caguas.. SONRISAS DIVERSION HOSPITALIDAD `


No matter what, real estate has proven to be the most secure and trustworthy investment. Needless to say, stocks, bonds and all sorts of nancial instruments turned out to be just pa per and as such, extremely volatile, intricate and not secure. For those that have some money to invest, the time to buy is NOW. Valuable properties in good condition can be ac quired at very attractive prices in the resale market. But time is running out. After 7 years of economic hardship, there are clear signs of stabilization of the market in Palmas del Mar. Except for those that bought during the peak time, most owners are still selling for more than the price they paid. They are not getting much prot but they are not losing much, ei ther. Those that paid the highest prices have been the most af fected and continue to face difculties. In this group, those who were not able to retain their properties have already gone through foreclosures, bankruptcies or have clearly abandoned the property. Those that have been able to hold their properties have been helped by the revival of the rental market. Long-term rentals have been steadily increasing and that has reduced the inventory of available, unoccupied properties. Even though rental rates are relatively low, certainly the lowest in years, get ting the property rented has been life-saving for many owners. In Palmas del Mar, there are strong indications that the foreclosure stampede is receding and bankruptcies are at their lowest since this all began. Many of the foreclosed properties we had have been sold and the new owners benet their condominium association or residents association by paying their dues in time. I dont see so many bankruptcies anymore, either. All this only means that the market is regaining stability, that the inventory is being reduced and that prices will start coming up eventually. One very important thing that we have to work on is how to transform our own attitudes and perceptions of the prob lems. Complaining all the time about how bad the economy is REAL ESTATE, STILL THE BEST OPTION... Real Estate,still the best option...and how negative the economic indicators are will not help us overcome the obstacles but will sink us down more every day. Fear and a negative attitude can ruin any economy. On the contrary if many of us assume a position of securi ty, of self-reliance, of optimism and the certainty that we will once again enjoy economic buoyancy, the result will surely be BONANZA.


502 A gastronomic night at Kitchen A venue


A gastronomic night at Kitchen A venue + De Diego Ave. 359. Suite 101 & 201. San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909+ Tel: (787) 723 5945 + Fax: (787) 721 6475+ Our Services are available 24 / 7 including our Islands of Vieques and Culebra +Infusion+ I.V. Antibiotics and other antinfective drugs for acute and chronic conditions + Hydration + Pain Management + Chemotherapy and other specialty drugsWound CareWe have a sophisticated wound care program under the + Ulcers + Wounds + Burns + OthersSpecialty Pharmacy+ We have a wide spectrum of specialty drugs that can either be delivered to your physician, to you, or administered at home. + Our Pharm.D. and its staff are available to answer any question you may have and guide you through the process.


Conveniently located in your neighborhood at Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119 Ask our clients... 787.850.9209 Palmas Insurance,Corp THE BEST RATEWith more than 40 years in the market we guarantee you the best rates with the best policy. Cecilia & Esteban Free Yoguen Frz per quote**Free Yoguen Frz -small with one topping carr.#3 Catao de Humacao a Yabucoa, Humacao, P.R. Open 7 Days787.850.9900 787.364.0205-Mueca 787.204.8783-Dulce Dulce & Mueca Flores Floristeria Monday-Friday 11am-10pm Saturdays and Sundays 8am-10pm. Tel 787.554.3636Every Sunday Domingo Criollo at the Tennis Center with authentic Puertorican specialsAsk for our Famous Half Pound Burgers & try our Oriental Chicken WingsJoin our VIP customer list by texting your name and cel number to 787-640-6714 Serving Breakfast Saturdays &Sundays15% discount for PAC members on all food CPM & REALTORS 295 Palmas Inn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Club Cala Paradiseis just minutes away! A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. S hare your dreams with the one you love C ome to P uerto Rico and you will see why we are called The Enchanted Island 787-850-4401 787-852-7161


Club Cala Paradiseis just minutes away! YEARS OF QUALITY LEGAL ADVISE The areas of practice are: 787.850.0090Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar. PALMAS FAMILY MART Fast service & security all the times Auto Expreso Retail Location The best prices in town! .93 Medalla & Busch beers!! Open 24 hours on Thanksgiving! rff ntttbn


In an earlier edition you read about Jos Pagns passion for cycling and his plan to bike across the USA as part of the Northern Transcontinental Cross Country Tour. Well.... day one was on July 7. He felt anxious due to the magnitude of the event but ready after having completed ve months of a professionally designed training program. During the time of the training he rode 4,371 miles and climbed 157,000 feet riding on the roads and mountains of Puerto Rico. His training program was well balanced and included pilates and yoga classes, weight training and rest days. Some days he had long rides (100-200 miles) and other days shorter ones (30-60 miles) as well as some speed and climbing drills. On July 7 Jos was ready to start his adventure! He ew into Seattle, Washington on July 1 and drove about 30 miles north to arrive at Everett, Washington, the starting point of the Tour. Jos had several days to prepare and adjust. Day 1 was a gorgeous and sunny day! During the rst several days of the Tour Jos had to deal with the anxiety of the huge task at hand and the adjustment of his body to run over 100 miles every day. His body went through various stages of adjustment from the high adrenaline effect resulting in nights of 4-5 hours of sleep to the expected muscle soreness on the quadriceps. After the rst week his thighs were strong and the pain had eased away. During the second week he crossed the Rocky Mountains over the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. On day 12 he climbed the Big Horns (part of the Rockies) reaching an altitude of almost 10,000 feet above sea level. It took 40 miles of continuous climbing to get to the top! A very challenging task compounded by a cold but achievable for Jos. The third week included the longest riding days of 130-150 miles but the hills were less steep. The highlights of this week included visiting Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. He ran into herds of wild buffalos, a thrilling and exciting moment! Going through the Great Plains was less physically challenging since the terrain was atter and the body had adjusted to the demand of the daily rides. Although the headwinds did not make it easy. In Wisconsin, on day 21, Jos crossed the Mississippi River and on day 23 he had the one and only planned day off while crossing Lake Michigan on a ferry boat. Jos was feeling great and strong, recovered from the cold and ready for the last six days of the Tour. On day 26, after having ridden 82 miles, destiny made his foot slip off the pedal while getting on the bike and he fell to the ground receiving A Palmas cyclists dream came true.... exploring the northern USA by bicycle! By: Amaryllis Alsina


A Palmas cyclists dream came true.... exploring the northern USA by bicycle! all the impact of the fall on the left side of his back. It was a severe blow which took his breath away. He was in pain and was not able to ride for the next three days. He took some medication and on day 30 he was able to get back on the bike and ride another 215 miles to the nish line in Williamsburg, Virginia on August 7. A signicant accomplishment! Jos also impressed many of the cyclists in the Tour with his performance. He made new friendships and left good memories of what a Puerto Rican cyclist can accomplish. Bravo for Jos! In his own words.... This was not the ride of a lifetime but was very close to it! I had the opportunity to admire the grandeur and beauty of the country in the company of great people who share my passion for cycling. Jos is a champion! He biked a total of 3,100 miles across 12 states in the northern USA and climbed 110,000 feet. He accomplished his goal and feels proud! And he deserves further admiration after he discovered once back in Puerto Rico that as a result of the fall he broke three ribs! Unbelievable... amazing... he completed the Tour with three broken ribs! Jos is very appreciative of the words of encouragement and support he has received. He says... thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and particularly to the brave souls who accompanied me during my training, specially to my brother Victor! This accomplishment is another prove of Joss passion for cycling. And guess what? he is already planning his 2014 biking challenge and letting his ribs recover for a 62 mile bike tour in Puerto Rico this September and La Vuelta around the island next January. Joss biking adventures will never end! .... over heard him talking the other night about El Camino de Santiago and Machu Picchu... do people bike that?


On Saturday June 8, 2012 everything was arranged at our neighbors house at Port Road to give the perfect surprise party to Bileidy Hernandez. Flowers and a lovely banner dedicated from father to daughter were part of the decoration that Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez carefully picked for their oldest daughter. A proud father...Bileidy, 24 yrs old, just graduated from Electrical Engineering, a career her dad Eng. Abelardo Hernndez graduated from at the same age Bileidy has right now. Eng. Hernandez, father of the new graduate and owner of Star Electrical and General Supplies, Inc. celebrated his daughters big achievement gathering family members, friends and Bileidys old high school friends as well. When asked he very proudly told everyone that she was an honor student every single semester thru College and now will become part of his team in Star Electrical. The party started with everybody yelling a big SURPRISE as she walked through the door and it was followed 2 hours later by Mariachis that entertained all the guests and started their show with Mi Nia Bonita, song her father dedicated to Bileidy. As part of the evening Christian Pagn, Puerto Ricos First Puerto Rico Idol, sang to Bileidy as a token of appreciation for their special friendship. Bileidy whom as a hobby loves to dance, performed with Shamma, a gospel dancing group she is part of, a very beautiful piece that everyone enjoyed very much. Last but not least, why not take advantage of all the decorations and the ambiance and celebrate her birthday too? We all sang Happy Birthday to the new Electrical Engineer graduate as she looked at the very special cake confectioned by Chefs Jose Mndez and Kike Vlez who were in charge of our gastronomic experience. Bileidy, Good luck on your new journey. A new engineer on the blockIng. Abelardo Hernndez and his wife, Maritza. Chef Jos Mndez and Chef Kike Vlez Christian Pagn, Puerto Ricos First Idol sang to Bileidy as a token of appreciation for their special friendship. Shamma, a gospel dancing group she is part of, a very beautiful piece that everyone enjoyed very much. Ing. Abelardo Hernndez and his beloved nia bonita, Bileidy.BILEIDY HERNNDEZ


Working together is the key to success. That is why when we participate, cooperate and share the good will, everybody benets. The results of this philosophy are here to be seen: PHA and businesses joining hands and sponsoring the Palmas Jazz Festival; neighbors voicing their concerns, sharing their sugges tions, giving us ideas on what we should do to enhance our community. For a long time I was envisioning The Palmas Community Garden. It will soon be a reality and I am sure many of you will take part in this activity. Our long-time homeowner Ray Mendez is presiding this committee. The Childrens Park entrance area has been cleaned and some improvements have been made to make this a family favorite in Palmas. Soon, we will announce some activities for the enjoyment of children and their parents that I expect to be of a permanent nature. Upgrades to our main entrance landscaping are under way and we know that soon you will notice these beautiful changes in our common grounds. The 5K Marathon was a wonderful activity with the participa tion of a big group of homeowners who also had the opportunity of visiting the Pterocarpus Forest and getting more information on all the projects that the Forest Board of Directors and PHA are working on. Thanks to the Palmas Academy and the Pres ident of its Board, Ruben Chamorro and to Tony Maldonado, our Executive Director, Daisy Diaz, Cindy and all the PHA staff. If you missed any of the educational and cultural activities that we have celebrated, make sure you will attend the next ones. The recent presentation in Palmas del Mar of our internation ally acclaimed writer, Mayra Santos Febres and the laureate poets that participated in the International Book Fair celebrated in Lima, Peru last July, was one of the most enjoyable activities that we have had. Two of our homeowners, Lolita Roig and Janette Becerra recited some of their poems. We had a lesson on what the talent of real poets and writers can create. On September 29, 2013 we will have the privilege of the presentation in Palmas del Mar of one of our best Puerto Rican playwrights and theater directors: Myrna Casas. Several wellknown theater, tv and movie actors will be attending. The history of the theater in Puerto Rico is a fascinating one: we will learn rst-hand about many of its mysteries and secrets. The Turtle Nesting Habitat Conservation Plan established in Palmas del Mar is something we should be proud of. The Monitor of the Plan, Ingrid Flores, offered us a very interesting conference about the leatherback and hawksbill turtles, among others, how to protect their habitat and how to reduce the impact of human activities that threaten their existence. For those of you who enjoy playing chess and dominoes, we have good news. Starting on October 27, after 4 PM, there will be chess and domino playing at the Palmanova Plaza, an exciting entertainment for all our homeowners, men and women alike. The Palmas Jazz Festivals Fourth edition will be celebrated on October 12 and the Fifth edition on November 9, 2013. For those of you that do not nd parking close to the Plaza, shuttle buses will bring you directly to the Plaza from the designated parking places. As always, the rst group of musicians is composed of very talented youngsters for whom this activity is an important work shop. Then come the professional musicians that will delight us with high-quality music and class A entertainment, like Jonathan Suazos Quintet and Ricardo Pons Causa Comun; the exquisite piano player Brenda Hopkins and Sammy Morales and his Quintet. Dont miss the Tertulias, where you will be able to meet and talk with the musicians in a relaxed and informal atmo sphere: October 10 at the Country Club and November 7 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel and Casino. Both will be held at 7 PM. December will be full of activities in Palmas del Mar: the Homeowners Christmas Parranda on December 14, Christmas Parties in many of our condominiums and residential asso ciations, the Palmas Jazz Festival on December 28 and New Years Eve Parties at the Hotel, the Yatch Club and the several restaurants in Palmas. Palmas del Mar is a magic place. You notice it as soon as you come in. It is also a wonderful community full of good people with a lot of talent, a lot of ideas and the desire to contribute to our society in many ways. Working to make our society better for the future through our active intervention in all aspects of life, will make us better human beings and will make Palmas del Mar an inspirational community Warm regards, Rita


The use of Automatic Vehicle Identication (AVI) passes to access Palmas del Mar is a security access control privilege given to Palmas residents and homeowners in good standing. AVI cards are afxed to vehicles by PHA personnel upon registration of the vehicle at PHA. AVI cards must remain afxed to the vehicles at all times. The removal or the transfer of an AVI to another vehicle or to another person is considered a security violation and is strictly prohibited. The violation of these restrictions will result in the Suspension of AVI privilegesdeactivation of all AVI passes assigned to a particular house-hold or individual and the suspension of their privileges by PHA. Also, AVI passes will be deactivated with the suspension of privileges as a result of losing good standing status before PHA. Good standing status may be lost for noncompliance with the PHA Covenants, the violation of Palmas rules and regulations or falling in arrears in the payment of PHA assessments. Please remain in compliance and help keep your community safe. Halfway through hurricane seasonWe have been blessed that so far Palmas has not been threatened by a tropical storm or a hurricane. That does not mean we can let our guard down and become complacent. We are only halfway through the Hurricane Season with September being historically the worst month in terms of storm formations. Thus it is extremely important that you keep up with your preparedness for these type of atmospheric events. For hurricane preparedness, every family should have unique evacuation plans and hurricane preparedness kits. Every preparedness kit should include important documents, clothing, medications, tools, ashlights and batteries, food and water, hygiene items, rst aid supplies, kitchen and comfort items. Also, every kit and plan should address the specic needs of different family members including pets, if any. Hurricane season ends November 30th. Stay Ready!


The Pterocarpus Forest at Palmas del Mar, a unique 51-acre Pterocarpus swamp forest nature preserve opened to the public in March 2013 with the installation of the rst 510 feet of its new Boardwalk. This is one of the largest known swamp Forest in Puerto Rico and serves as habitat to 44 species of ora and 52 species of fauna, of which 13 are considered endemic. This Forest grows in an area permanently ooded by fresh water and its predominant specie in this type of wetland is the Pterocarpus tree, commonly known in Spanish as palo de pollo. The tree may grow more than 65 feet tall, with large buttress type roots that allow it to grow in ooded soil. Once common in Puerto Ricos coastal wetlands, the remaining Pterocarpus forests are few, widely inaccessible, fragmented and in danger of disappearing altogether. The project of restoring the Forest and its Boardwalk and the establishment of a permanent conservation program to preserve this valuable ecosystem for future generations is a primary project undertaken by the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA). It is a community effort which represents an opportunity to preserve a unique, increasingly rare ecosystem, and make it available so that residents and the public in general can enjoy this invaluable recreational, educational and ecological resource. With donations from PHA, Palmas residents, U S Fish and Wildlife Services and the National Wild L ife Foundation, PHA is completing the restoration of the boardwalk within the Forest and is preparing educational materials, including interpretive signage, on the nature and functions of Pterocarpus forests and the forests ora and fauna. Work being performed in this area is being done with the collaboration, supervision and technical assistance of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust and our resident biologist and neighbor Frank Torres. The interpretative signs will be at the entrance to and at stations located within a new, 3/4 mile boardwalk that will take visitors within the forest. The new boardwalk provides access to the Pterocarpus forest allowing visitors to explore the environment at close range. As approved by the U S Corps of Engineers, the new boardwalk is being built along its original path with composite aluminum / berglass materials to ensure a long life and easy maintenance. Through interactive opportunities the project will create an outdoor classroom for visitors and students. The goals are to: (1) Teach the concepts, interactions and value of the increasingly scarce Pterocarpus forest, herbaceous wetland ecology, and their ora and fauna. 2) Explain the role of Pterocarpus swamp forest in water quality, wildlife habitat and biological productivity. 3) Facilitate conservation and create an appreciation for the Pterocarpus ecosystem and Puerto Ricos natural resources. These objectives support the goals of conservation by creating a group of educated citizens who will become allies in the effort to preserve properties of high ecological value. The project will result in the rst exhibition of its kind ever devoted to the interpretation of the ecology of Pterocarpus forests in Puerto Rico and the U nited States. The project offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a study and research preserve and a new eco-tourism attraction, while conserving one of the few remaining Pterocarpus Forest and the only one that will be effortlessly accessible to the public for recreational and educational purposes. By Antonio Maldonado THE PTEROCARPUS FOREST PROJECT


We continue to make steady progress with the restoration project of the Pterocarpus Forest and its Boardwalk thanks to the generosity of Palmas residents and the help of other friends of the Forest such as the National Wildlife Foundation who have joined this noble effort. We are hoping that before the end of the year you will be able to enjoy a walk through the entire boardwalk and see the beauty of this magnicent natures treasure. The restoration and the conservation of the Pterocarpus Forest at Palmas del Mar is a community initiative that, once more, gives proof of a social and environmental commitment by the Palmas community that extends well beyond its boundaries. The Forest is a patrimony that belongs to all of us and so its the responsibility of preserving this gift for generations to come. Thank you for your continued support of the Pterocarpus Forest. Keep your donations coming. They are needed to make this project a complete reality and sustain the preservation of the Pterocarpus Forest. Please join your many neighbors that have stepped forward to contribute to this great community undertaking. Send your contribution checks to the PHA Forest Fund, PO Box 9027, Humacao, P.R. 00792. Also, you may stop by PHA and use a debit card or simply call PHA at 787285-6425 and use a credit card to make your donation. CEIBA ($500-$999) Robert Handschuh Palmas Hill Partners Michael Wertz Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Samuel Jov Frank Torres David Frazier Reynaldo Encarnacin Julio Bagu Arthur Dellheim Myrna Ramos & Harry Jimnez Jos & Graciela Cacho Ruddy Oquendo Jos Fullana Enrique Cortes Josena Ramirez de Arellano Encantos Fine Cuisine Roberto & Astrid Prez Victor Nieto Tomas & Carmen Jimenez Jose R. Nassar & Gina Iuliani Reynerio & Isabel Prez Roberto Marchan Romeos Joe & Linda Vizcarrondo Pedro Bonachea & Mercedes Mestre PTEROCARPUS ($1,000 AND UP) Grace Gigante Antonio Maldonado Gordon MacDonald James Cohen Jon S. Brightman Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Larry & Jean Perry Ralphs Supermaket Pablo Lpez, MD Jos Nassar, MD Peter Palermo Ricardo De Varona Rodolfo Acevedo Tom Dyal David Oschman Gary Verplank Six Cs Corp David Chafey & Laura Gonzlez Fairlakes Village Cond. Angel Santana Joan Novogradac Ruth & Joel Spira Ranger American Antonio Ginorio Jeff & Lynn Smith Jose Beauchamp & Lissette Rosado Anthony & Mary Ann DeSantis Walter & Lorraine Cervoni Wyndham Garden Hotel Mark De Santis Manuel Pea Target David and Kathleen Weeks Lucas & Gabriela Lawson Quino & Lula Rodriguez Juan A. Ramos Diaz Stephen and Barbara Smith Cecilia & Kenneth Cutler Rita Molinelli Allen & Lillian Meek Oceano Beach Resorts Joy & Jeffrey Hood Richard & Sonia Tonyes Ivette & Rafael Vicens Dorian Conger The Spira Family Foundation Jeff and Donna White Francisco Cestero John & Rose Orta John C. Lee IV Juan & Evelyn Mansilla Fideicomiso Jos Ramn lvarez & Gloria Figueras Suro Alberto Escoto Geraldine Bloomberg NEW CATEGORIES UCAR ($3,501 $7,500) Manuel & Ana Morales VIOLETA ($7,501 $10,000) Empresas Santana TABONUCO ($10,000 $15,500) CUPEY ($15,001 $25,000) National Wildlife Foundation US Fish Wildlife Services PALMA REAL ($25,001 UP) Palmas Homeowners Asso. OTHER FOREST CONTRIBUTIONS Ana Mndez $3,986 Enid Ortiz Richard $4,450 Rene Pinto Lugo $10,000 Jorge & Cheryl Lezcano -$15,000 ROBLE ($51-$175) Jose A. Morales Mara Greene Fred Martnez Hctor Ortiz Coln Raymond Emmert Maria E. Surez Eva Candelario Samuel Bloomberg Lina Kalinich Gerardo Vicns Jaime Morgan Nancy R. Schwartz Miguel Nazario Dr. Thomas A. Diliberto Mariana & Jason Searl Edwin Santana/Ana Blanes Jose & Maria Bacardi William Compagnone Mr. & Mrs. Otto Riefkohl Jos Torres Eduardo & Fanny Maz Mr. & Mrs. Kleinknecht Jerry OConnor Josean Terrn Thomas J. King Guillermo J. Ruiz Graciela Roig & Feliz Villafae Soa & Peter Weistmeyer Rosalyn Targa Rafael Lpez Angel J. Rodrguez Targa Mariano y Gloria Rocafort Donald J. Guli Javier Maldonado Jacquelyn Hinds Luis y Mara Gndara Luis & Elizabeth Prez Peter & Carol Clark Richard & Suzanne Kleinknecht Palmira Soldevila James Galasso Dr. Roy & Marilyn Ashikari Jason & Mariana Searl Hector R. Ortiz Coln Ken & Josephine Williams Milagros Elassad Jorge Ostolaza y Mayra Fernndez Mark & Susy Cassidy Edward Ferraioli & Sra. Kevin & Linda JordanF OREST UP D ATEFOREST FUND DONATION CATEGORIES & DONORS AS OF SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 AUSUBO ($176-$250) Carmen Castro Carlos J. Homs Shell Castle Assoc. Jose O. Morales Ricardo Collazo Bernard Van Goethem Thomas Whipple Crescent Cove Club Victor Kelly Glenn & Bonnie Weinstein Gustavo Hermida Paul & Gaby Sledzik Private Corps Security Corp Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Mariano McConnie & Margaret Fingerhut John Barberan Manuel A. Lebron y Ana V. Fremaint William H. Wrean, Jr. Nicholas Trogan GUAYACN ($251-$499) Miguel Santiago Jorge Manrique Eric Grafals Carlos Garca Rafael Mndez Angel Muntaner Jos Vlez Jeffrey Fraser Frank Earle Benjamn Quiones Earline & Curtis Troeger Amarilis & Allen Childress Vincent & Denise Degiaimo Arnaldo Coln Berlingeri Alida & Humberto Cordero Luis R. Ortiz Segura & Irma Lopez Didi & Cuquito Muz Jeffrey & Cynthia Fraser Servando Daz & Maria Mangual Theodore Harrington Tony & Linda Miodonka Rubn Chamorro Anthony Duke MAGA ($0-$50) Angel Rodrguez Fred Austin Carmen Del Valle Ivonne Cruz Dra. Crikay Rivera Jos R. Naguake Gerald Horowitz Ruben & Marta De Quesada Andrea Cabrer Aixa Olazagasti Richard Palop Marina Cabrer Rafael & Olga Sanabria Barbara Tufano Nydia Girod Solivan


Penthouse editors choice Fabolous Penthouse, Excelent conditions, 2 bed 2 bath, overlooking the pool, hole number 3 in the Palm course and the beach. For SHORT SA L E. Call Rudy Realty for more information: Tel. 787.285.4226 Cel. 787.647.8003 La Jolla 2 spacious bedrooms with ocean view, 2 bathrooms, great porch, big kitchen, amazing cross ventilation and natural light. Close to the swimming 787.487.2995


La Jolla You need only to bring your toothbrush...This beautifully furnished and supremely comfortable apartment with its luxury decor in subtle hues, Venetian plaster walls and elegant textures reects simply one of the most desired locations in the resort community of Palmas del Mar. This luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms plus den, en suite bathrooms in two of the bedrooms plus additional guest bath offer the perfect get a way. A corner apartment with Caribbean sea views, sandy beach, walk to Gym, Cava or any of the two pools in the community; an elegant pool and a fun themed dragon pool for family fun. Your concierge is here to service you for years to come. visit our web site: For more information call CPM Realtors 787.850.4401 More photos of this property at: Photo passFeatured Homes at 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, 30 X 20 swimming pool, Gym with .5 bath, 50 k power plant, 48 refrigerator and 144 bottles wine cooler, both Sub-Zero. All other appliances -Miele. All appliances included. 3,450 structure on 2,406 meters. Plus 2 apartments with private entrance. Owner will paint the house at your prefer ence. Private Home security 24/7, $895k, make an offer! For more information call Maranatha Realty at


Sheila Camacho Gonzlez, President 295 Palmas Inn Way. Suite 123. Palmanova Plaza. Humacao, PR 00791 16 years of service in Palmas del Mar Inscrbete en


1,620 ft 2 interior Plus 561 ft 2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Stainless steel appliances Granite counter tops 16 foot cathedral ceilings Furnished MARALAGO PENTHOUSE$540,000PRICED TO SELL or assume mortgage and receive$100,000 IN CASH CALL 787.536.5757 FOR MORE INFORMA TION


VIP PROPERTIES Beautiful Villasfor rent & sale in all areas of Palmas del Mar. Call us for sales, short or long term rentals and property management WWW.COMETOPALMAS.COM 787.285.5058 RITAS CELL: (787) 487-2995 years in Palmas del Mar! 22 Tel. 787.285.4226 Cel. Palmanova Plaza #105, Palmas del Mar Lic. 4006Para ms informacin llame al: Beach House, only two minutes walk to yor own private cove, two level house, best lot in Palmas, need some work, 3 bed and 3 .5 bathBeach House for sale Maranatha RealtyLic. PO Box 8827, Humacao, PR 00792Investors... we know how to process short sales successfully, buying properties under mortgage value, including all closing costs. Call us for an appointment! Short Sale Plantation $330K Two great villas at Beach Villa Parque Candelero Sabanera del Ro,Gurabo, 4 hab./4 baos, sala, family, cocina con enseres ,7a/c units, seg.24 hrs. 4 hab./3 baos/ 1,734m/c culdesac, privada, $550k or best offer. Palmas Doradas $390K 2 bed / 2 bath, Ocean View Furnished


C.BaritcheninstyleK Happy Hours & Chef Specials... every day!Available for privates activities Kitchen Hours Wednesday and Thursday5pm-10pm Friday and Saturday 5pm -11pm (Bar until 1:30am) NEW: SUNDAYS OPEN FROM 12:00PM CBarpalmanova RESERVE TODAY Thanskgiving Dinner To Go November 28 Pick up hours from 11:00AM to 3:00PM Limited amount of orders. Reserve your dinner today New Years Eves Dinner/Party December 31 Stay tune for menu details. Reserve in advance. Certicate of Excellence 2013101 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao


Chez DanielGoing to Chez Daniel Brunch at Pal mas is one of the most relaxing experi ences you can have on a Sunday after noon. There, you spend the afternoon eating and drinking relaxed, sharing with friends, including Daniel, Frank, Valerie, Lucette and now Aureli, who has been recently added to the staff. You can be there for hours without even realizing it. There is a lot of food but there is also a lot of time... You can start with a cheese and pate plate with a wonderful piece of bread and a cold Mimossa or Bloody Mary (included in the x price), then you can go to the seafood area and/or the roasted vegetables (to balance the calorie intake and not feel so guilty). Then you share with your friends and stand up again for more of what you have enjoyed the most. (For me it is always about serving myself Sunday Brunch Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Make me cool! Humacao 787.656.8787 Palmanova Plaza hours: Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Now in Palmas! Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. 787-656-8282Delivery available in Palmas!


the dessert table with a great variety of sweets like the Apple tart, the Chocolate Mouse or the cheese an or all of the above. Dont worry, Monday you take two spinning classes in a row and you get rid of those extra delicious calories. Thank you Daniel and Frank for all the pampering!!! Sunday Brunch more roasted vegetables and a little more of bread with pat or some fresh Oysters) And last but not least you stop at Frank or Daniels station for the main dish. This last Sunday they had roasted pork or pernil and it was superb! Those who like cuerito had a feast. You can have the pork with potatoes or you can ask for the pasta and caviar, which I love! Then it comes, the best part for many, CEL 787.649.6361. 787.645.1628 Anchors Village, 110, Harbour Dr. Suite #6 Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791 Ninoska Bonnelly Mari




Dominos Artisan Pizzas For security reasons we limit the delivery area. Our drivers carry less than $20.00. Minimum purchase is required for delivery. A $1.99 charge will be apply to each delivery order. Valid only in Domino's Pizza Humacao. Offer valid until 10/30/2013. HUMACAO (787) 852-3535 Perfectas para combinar con tu vino tinto favorito, pdelas con una orden de 8 alitas y tendrs una cena ideal para 2 personas. Deliveryo Carry Out Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio Spinach & Feta Spinach & Feta Palmas8.5x5.5a.pdf 1 6/27/13 2:24 AM HUMACAOCarr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002YA B UCOA PL A Z ACarr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000 NAGUA B O CARR 31 K M 3.7 (F rente Ferr. Cario ) TE L 465-0032 U R B. VAL EN CIA, SALI DA A N AG U ABO TE L 734-1650 AV E. M UOZ MAR N TE L 263-8664 CARR # 1 K M 33.3 MAR G I NAL BAIR OA, CEN TR O IND U S TRIAL A NGO R A PARK TE L 653-1553 AVE. P I E IRO (frente al Correo) T E L. 733-0959 CARR 189 ( FREN T E U R B. JARD I NES DE GUR ABO) TE L 687-0959 CARR # 3 BO GU Z M AN A BA J O AL L ADO DE L P AR Q UE DE P E L O T A OVI D I O D E JESS TE L 787-6570779


By: Ingrid M. Flores, MS Wildlife Biologist FOR YOU TO KNOWIt is against Federal and State Laws to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or nests. Report nest hatchings, sea turtle activity, injuries or stranding to: PHA Security 787 852-7745 or Department of Environmental and Natural Resources 787 724-5700. Harassment of sea turtles, an endangered or threatened species, or their nests, is a violation of State and Federal laws, punishable with nes up to $100,000 and/or impris onment. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!The Carey TheTinglar Neonato Tinglar Neonato Careydos & dontsto help our sea turtlesDO DONT The Beach is OFF LIMITS at night. P HOTO C REDIT : I N G RID M. F LORES MS


Neonato Carey By: Jose BeauchampJos Miranda, from Tapas Bar So you want to know all about Palmas? Great! Knowing all about Palmas is denitely a worthy goal, especially if you know all the in places and the local lingo. After all, who wants to be singled out as an unknowledgeable tourist? So after reading and carefully studying this article we hope you will make a leap from not being well informed about Palmas to being cool and impressing those around you.First, your bars and bartenders Las Tapas is a super friendly bar and you should say hello (out loud) to its famous bartender Jose. Preferably, give him a bear hug and make believe youve known him forever. (He wont know the difference). This is a trick that all snow birds have mastered well. By the way a snow bird is usually a very pleasant person from the cold climates (reason for the name) that visits us usually for 6 months in the winter (to get away from the snow and to pay less taxes!). If you want a more down to earth bar, go next door to the Bistro Rico who showcases JR (whose real name Im not allowed print-ask him why) and his best client and Friday night singer, George, who is the customer that speaks the most but very few grasp his jokes. Your third bar is in Palmanova, the fortress in the middle of Palmas and it is called C Bar . The reason? The owner and his 5 sons are all named Carlos (C get it?). But this is a great trivia question for your stateside friends. Jane, the bartender, not only has the most varied drink menu in Palmas but also has the longest ock of beautiful hair. The next bar, not in any particular order, is Chihuahua The name will confuse your friends but dont get confused yourself; its not a pet store! Its owner, Ren, is a character and Im told that they have rst-rate good looking bartenders (notice my disclaimer in that phrase!). To show off your knowledge ask for anything loaded and your friends will marvel at your wisdom and will end up relishing a great Burrito. Pura Vidas main attraction in addition to its pasta is its owner, Josean. This is another one you can hug like youre old lost friends and hell gobble it right up (especially if youre a lady customer)! This outwardly show of affection will make your friends think youve been to Palmas every year for the past ten years! And the next contestant in this category has the most peculiar distinction. On this one, your friends will not believe your knowledge of Palmas lore. Im referring to the Beach Bohio located right on the beach (obviously). Believe it or not, as you park your golf cart and head towards the entrance, look up and youll spot a chair living half way up a Dum miesPalmas forJR, from Bistro Rico Jane,from CBar


tree! If that is not a conversation piece nothing will be. That chair ew up there during Hurricane Greorge in 1998, one of the hurricanes that rarely hit the island. Then, say hi to Rey and ask for one of the best bloody marys in Palmas. The Members Lounge at the Golf Clubhouse features what could be one of the longest playing bartending acts in the history of Palmas. He goes by the name of Don Carlos and you can easily start a long conversation with him by merely asking him about his last vacation or if he brought any coconut water from his home for his clients. Again, your friends will be impressed. The last bar on this limited edition of Palmas for Dummies is the Center Court Bar Its nestled in the tennis courts, and contrary to other contenders has a tting name. Notice all the broken tennis racquets on the wall. Its a sign of how serious (and frustrated) our players undertake this game. Second, for your knowledge of restaurants (Note: all of the bars above also feature excellent restaurants). Very important. You cannot make the mistake of calling Daniel Vasse, the owner of one the best restaurants in Palmas, Chez Daniel That happens to be the name of his French restaurantChez is not his rst name, Chez in french means in the House of, but since is very similar to the word Chef, many people make the mistake to call him Chez Daniel. This is an unforgettable mistake, especially if it is made in front of locals. Another confusing puzzle at Palmas is the names of the restaurants. These provide a good source of confusion for your friends. We already visited a restaurant that had the name of a dog ( Chihuahua ) and one with the C because of the name sof the father and 5 sons. The name of the restaurant we are referring to is Blue Hawaii in Palmanova. Number one its not Hawaiian food but Chinese. Good to know. And the two owners are Chin-chin and Sue-sue. Ask for L issette soup. Since its not on the menu you will seem to be very knowledgeable, especially when they taste it! (Its a delicious vegetable and noodlle soup, you can always ask them to serve it with few noodles as L issette does). Another restaurant in Palmanova that will confuse your friends is La Brochette But again dont let the name fool you. Its a Puerto Rican eatery not French. Its owner, Manolo, is better known for his modeling career as he was featured on the cover of the L echon Classic issue of L ive & L ive in Palmas. He is also known as 1-800 Manolo due to his pursuit of answering calls from owners needing assistance in their home or with their cars. With this guide, your stateside friends will be amazed at how well you know your restaurants and your bars in Palmas. L ets deal however with other important topics which will catapult you into celebrity status with your friends and locals: If you see some signs with an unlikely name starting with a combination of two consonants, mainly a P and a T (i.e. Pterocarpus) dont worry about saying it out loud. The last person that tried it almost swallowed his tongue! Just follow the signs and youll nd the nest wilderness in Palmas. Have your friends try to guess how many boulders make up the breakwater in The Yacht Club Dont worry nobody knows for sure, not even Cuquito who build the fabulous place. So you get to make up the correct answer!


If you see an old hearse (funerary vehicle) going down the street, once or twice, play a trick on your buddies telling them that a lot of people must have died. The truth is that we have a resident that loves old hearses and has a couple in his driveway! Full moon: a party held every full moon at the Yacht Club. Beware of the wolves! Joses mojito: a potent libation served after the human wave at the Tapas Bar. The human wave: A ritual performed by the locals, usually after hours during a sporting event Warning! it requires a lot of coordination which becomes difcult after a few drinks. Reys and Don Carlos Bloody Mary: The excellent cure-all after the night before. Which is better? Youll have to try them both (on separate mornings). This requires a lot of stamina the night before! Pterocarpus: a strange name for a beautiful forest in Palmas. Locals as well as tourists have donated money to beautify it for all to enjoy. By the way, this one is a sure winner for the game Twenty Questions. Exco, spinning, stand up yoga,...: Terms used by exercise acionados for extremely painful but physical rewarding tribal maneuvers usually done at ridiculous hours in the morning. We trust that with this tool on hand you will amaze your friends, impress the locals and have a good time! And remember, you no longer have to be a Dummy in Palmas.


T here is joy for the new and renovated.... Beach Bohio Beach Bohio


The Beach Bohio is not only open but also its renovated and under the ad ministration of Agu & Janina Cabrer and Jose & Yari Soto, who are absolutely committed with this wonderful spot on Palmas shore. The Beach Bohio has been being remodeled and renovated with a new kitchen and new tables and ocean front benches on the terrace. We have big plans for the Beach Bohio, said Agu and added that they want this place to become the center for water sports in Palmas, as it used to be. No doubt, that this news is good news for the communi ty because this is truly a magical spot for either the sunrise, the sunset or to spend the day at the beach. Be sure you stop by at the Beach Bohio. Live & Life thanks Angelito Rodrguez for many of the pho tos used in this graphic report. T here is joy for the new and renovated....Beach Bohio


Night at PalmasJ a z z


Night at Palmas J a z z Augusts Long Weekends Jazz Fest at Palmas, another great jazz night at Palmas with the participation of San Juan Collective and Paoli Mejas. It was truly a musical ban quet under the stars. Thanks to Mother Nature no rain this time and even when it was a very warm summer night we had a great time. Thank you to Amigos del Jazz for bringing such good music to Palmas del Mar. Cant wait for the next one. Well keep you posted! And visit for more photos.


Night at Palmas J a z z


Night at Palmas J a z z


WANT TO SEE MORE PHOTOS ? seepalmas. com


I recently visited Dr. Jos L. (Chegui) Bentez (ophthalmol ogist and Palmas homeowner) ofce in Humacao with a severe laceration in one of my eyes; I never though that a scratch in the eye could be so painful. It was really unbearable; it was like somebody was stabbing knives in my eye. But, it was my entire fault. I left my contact lenses on for a week without removing them and sure enough one of them scratched my cornea. I arrived to Dr. Chegui Bentez in pain and I dont have to tell you that Chegui scolded me and scared me to death. He explained how I could have lost vision in my eye and con vinced me about alternating my contact lens usage with eye glasses. Thats when I found out about this won derful Seiko Free Form new technology that permits you to see more clearly because your entire prescription is three-di mensionally fused onto the back surface of the lens. This eliminates front-curve distortion, providing total control of marginal astigmatism and power error. Using a patented, technologically advanced design that 3-dimensionally fuses the patients entire prescription onto the back surface of the lens offers tremendous advantages over conventional front-sur face progressive designs, explained Dr. Benitez. The result is that all visual elds are signicantly expanded, with consis tently wider channels of vision for distance, intermediate and near vision. These larger elds of vision in turn provide better image stability, greatly exceeding the limitations of conven tional progressives. Seiko Internal Free-Form lenses are designed for people who expect sharper images at all distances. They are the perfect rst pair of progressive lenses, and ideal for replacement, or for patients sensitive to the distortion in traditional progressive lenses. These lenses owe their success to their exclusive design, which gives accurate power throughout the reading area, pro vides gradient cylinder control along the entire intermediate area, and has a signicantly wider, distortion-free distance vi sion area, explained Dr Bentez. I didnt understand some of the scientic explanation but the reality is that I am so happy! I can see clearly and I am not apprehensive to driving at night anymore because of the reec tion of headlights. The negative effect? The lady that cleans at my house has serious problems. Now I can see everything!! If you really want to better understand this revolutionary tech nology, visit: mo Its a video I found on YouTube that explains well the technology behind these lenses. Back surface design technology WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWIts about time I see again! dimensionally fused onto the back surface of the lens. This eliminates front-curve distortion, providing total control of marginal astigmatism and power error. compensation in the progressive channel results in an optically precise prescription for every patient. consistently wide near vision. taking in consideration distances, and variations of each frame design, is like a suit or dress made specically for you by a tailor.


French Connection The CHEZ DANIEL Open for dinner W ednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on T uesdaysTAPAS BAROpen Mondays from 4:00PM to 11:00PM Open W ednesdays to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM Closed on T uesdays BISTRO RICOLight lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on Sundays787.850.3838 DONT MISS THE S UNDAY BRUNCH AT C HEZ D ANIEL!AT P AL M AS DEL MAR


The 5 k for the Palmas Forest was a big sucess with the participation of more than 100 runners and walkers. As you all know materials for the completion of the remaining part of the Forest Boardwalk have been shipped. Weather permitting installation will be gin immediately upon arrival. The Forest is a patrimony that belongs to all of us and so its the responsibility of its preservation. Your donations are needed to bring this project to a full fru ition and to aid in its conservation for future generations. Join your neighbors that have already stepped forward to help in this great undertaking. We ask you to come and visit this beautiful natures wonder in the midst of our community. You will be able to walk the rst 500 feet of the portion of the Boardwalk already installed and experi ence rst-hand this magnicent gift that Mother nature has bestowed upon our community. Send your contribution checks to the PHA Forest Fund, Po Box 9027, Huma cao, P.R. 00792. Also, you may stop at PHA and use a debit card or simply call PHA at 787-2856425 and use a credit card to make your donation. for the forest PHA 5K


Palmas del Mar Homeowners for the forest






SPONSORED BYP A L M A N O V A P L A Z AT E L. 7 8 7 8 5 0 2 6 9 3 HALLOWEEN 4TH ANNIVERSARY BASH!FREE BEER AND TEQUILA SHOTS TILL IT LASTSSATURDAY NOV 2 @ 8PM Catering & Food Services787.285.5036 Calle Jesus T. Piero Las Piedras 00771.De todo para la mujer de hoy Tel. 787.360.9141 / 787.929.9033Horario: martes a viernes de 12:00 a 6:00 pm Sbado : 9:30 am a 6:00 pmChica Chick Boutique Modelos : Sailly Vega /Sheily Cruz Trabajamos desde talla small hasta plus. Ropa de diseadores puertorriqueos como: Pipo Pere, Tommie Hernndez y Rebeca Tiago. Sandalias de marcas reconocidas como: Paris Hilton. Carteras y Accesorios exclusivos como los de las diseadoras: Lizet Mir y Karola & Co. Y gran variedad de Jeans








P almas A cademy students... the support team for the 5K PHA 5 K


Palmas Academy Board of Trustees Setting the tone for what is expected to be a great year for The Palmas Academy, the Board of Trustees had an informal gathering at Chez Daniels French Restaurant on August 15th. The new Executive Committee and the new elected members of the Board expressed their commitment to work and set goals for the new academic year 2013-2014. The goals of the Academy are to encourage and enhance the intellectual, moral, artistic, social, physical and specic gifts of each student and to improve the education opportunities available to individuals within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The new elected Executive Committee consists of Dr. Ruben Chamorro, President, Mr. Jose Mendez, Vice-President, Mr. Fernando Vargas, Treasurer and Mrs. Gina Nassar, Secretary. This years new Board members are Mr. Obed Borrero and Mr. Michael Waddington. ready for the new academic year


Palmas Academy Board of Trustees ready for the new academic year Academy Scholarship Competition kicks offThe annual Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen competition programs were kicked-off last week at the Palmas Academy by the chairman of these programs in Puerto Rico retired General Antonio Maldonado who is also the PHA Executive Director. The Voice of Democracy scholarship competition is open to US students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in public or private high schools or home study programs throughout the world. Each year more than 50,000 high school students compete for more than $2.5 million in scholarships and incentives. Students compete by writing and recording a 3-5 minute essay on a Patriotic theme. This years theme is Why Im optimistic about our Nations Future. A winner from every state including Puerto Rico will be selected. These winners will compete in a nals competition in Washington DC on March 1-5, 2014. This will be an all-expense trip paid by VFW where, in addition to the nals they will have an opportunity to tour the city, meet our nations leaders, be honored by the VFW and receive their portion of the awards, the minimum being $1,000 and the top scholarship being $30,000. Additionally, all state and Puerto Rico winners are invited at the VFW expense to participate in the Summer Youth Leadership Conference held annually at Valley Forge. The Patriots Pen is a nationwide VFW sponsored youth essay competition open to students 6th through 8th grade. The competition gives students an opportunity to write an essay expressing their views on a theme about democracy. This years Patriots Pen theme is What Patriotism means to me. Each state including Puerto Rico will select a winner and their essays will compete in the nals at Washington DC on March 1, 2014. The top 46 essay winners will receive at least $500. The rst place award is currently $5,000 plus an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC for the winner and a parent or guardian. In the past students from the Palmas Academy have done exceedingly well in both programs. Past Academy participants in the Voice of Democracy have won the competition in Puerto Rico and have gone to compete in the nals at Washington DC where the 54 nalists vie for the top scholarship awards. Similarly, Patriots Pen participants from the Academy have won this competition island-wide and their essays have been selected to compete for the cash awards at the nals competition at Washington DC. Dont miss on this great opportunity. See Maritere Cardona and Veronica Rivera at the Palmas Academy for more details.


tactical THE PO WER Alway s one s t ep ahead! EXCLUSIVE d i st r i b u to r T el. 787-622-9330 Ser vice 2 4/7 787-774-7936 Physical Address: 1000 Carr 860 Carolina, PR 00987 Our pr oduct r ange is the wides t and mo s t modern in the sect or A v ailable in numer ous c ylinder c onfigur a tions. THE BEST ENGINES FOR YOUR BOAT Generators: Industrial, Commercial and ResidentialSales.Rentals.Par ts. Maintenance Contracts.


My twin sister and I are known for having action packed birthdays with all of our closest friends. This year, however, we wanted to switch it up a little bit. Leave the comfort of home and head out west for some adventure. So we packed everything up and road tripped with our parents and a group of friends to the Rincon Beach Resort. We made a quick pit stop in Subway to fuel up for the long car ride we had ahead of us. Between playing cards, listening to some music, and some naps in between, the ride was made pleasant and we nally got there. Once we got there we could tell the weekend was going to be promising. We just needed to make a quick stop in Walgreens to buy a Frisbee. I mean, what weekend on the beach is spent without a Frisbee. We got up the next morning and totally pigged out during breakfast and quickly headed to the beach. We spent the entire day just having a good time among friends and even though there were more people at the beach, it felt as if we were all on our own. When nighttime came, we got all dressed up and came down for dinner. There was this really long table just for us and the setting was just perfect. We had our birthday cake and had a great time. The next day, after a morning on the beach we had to get back home. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. We packed up and headed on home back to reality. It will surely be a weekend we will never forget. in the West!B DayA