Live & life in Palmas

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Title: Live & life in Palmas
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: 08-2013

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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00100145/00026

Material Information

Title: Live & life in Palmas
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: 08-2013

Record Information

Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
System ID: UF00100145:00031

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Welcome to our JOY OF PALMAS--August/September edition. This is a very difcult edition due to all the holidays we have here in Puerto Rico during the month of July. (Not because of me, because as you all know by now, I work 365 days a year. Well, not really, now and then I request a visa from PHA and escape Palmas walls to visit other kingdoms!) The multiple holidays translates into our sponsors ofces taking advantage of these holidays and usually going on vacation, therefore some of them are closed, dont answer emails or calls until the magazine is almost ready to go to press. Deadlines are denitely not one of our strengths as Puerto Ricans! Good thing I love our sponsors all so dearly! They are the ones that have supported our magazine from day one, without them this magazine wouldnt be possible. So, please, support our advertisers! In this edition you will nd details about our new webpage. Yes! We now have a webpage: www. SeePalmas.com; this site will allow us to communicate in a dynamic and faster way. If you havent registered yet, dont wait. Keep in touch and dont miss out on notications or event announcements. If you dont live in Palmas full time, visit our live webcam and watch the sunset or the sunrise from anywhere you are or live. Palmas has never been closer...it is all about having Paradise just a click away. You will also nd inside this issue, a graphic summary of another great summer in Paradise. First I have to highlight the fan tastic jazz fests we had June and July. A musical banquet! Dont miss the August 31st concert. Our tennis and golf summer camps were a big success, the traditional Bastille Day at Tapas/Chez Daniel, and nally we had many beautiful sunny days after a very wet spring season. Enjoy your magazine and feel free to write us and send us your writings or photographic collaborations. Kindest Regards Lissette, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com editors corner Hello Dear Palmeos! T e l a s y m a t e r i a l e s p a r a r e n o v a r t a p i z a r y d e c o r a ra n v a s T e l E x t e r i o r T e l o m e r c i a l P ieS i n t t i c a V i n i M a r i n o o j i n e s F o a R u b b e r G r a p a dor a s L i m p i a dores P a t a M u e b l e Alf o m b r A u t o B r o c h e s P e g a m e n t o s P i n t u r a s P l s t i c l e a r S a c o V e l c r o Z ipp e r s M s d e 1 000 bel l a s t e l a s e n s t o c k p a r a h a c e r r e a l i d a d s u p r o y e c t o d e c a mbi o y r e n o v a c i n M a t e r i a l e s d e 1 r a c a l i d a d p a r a t a p iz a r y r e s t a u r a r t odo t i p o d e m u e b l e s del h o g a r t e r r a z a r e s t a u r a n t o cin a n e g o c i o a u t o s b o t e s y c o r t i n a s SaJ u a n ( 7 8 7 ) 7 8 3 8 5 6 5 B a ya m n ( 7 8 7 ) 7 8 5 5 8 2 3 a g u a s ( 7 8 7 ) 7 4 4 5 6 8 0 a r o l i n a ( 7 8 7 ) 7 6 8 3 7 0 0 P o n c e ( 7 8 7 ) 8 4 1 8 2 0 6 ( 7 8 7 ) 8 3 1 7 3 8 0 V e g B a j a ( 7 8 7 ) 8 5 5 5 8 4 8 L u n e Sb a d o 8 a 5 p m* V e g B a j a Sab 8 a 1 2 m Palmas is just a click away... www


Editorial Collaborators O bed Borrero, Dr. Ruben C hamorro T ony M aldonado, A strid P rez, ngel Daz Graphic Design S andra Rodrguez / Rosado & M orales (787)765-0890 Sales & Marketing L issette Rosado / S ilvia M orales (787)765-2190 / (787)562-6105 Cover Photographer Jos Bobyn Assistant Editor Zenaida S anjurjo Printing M odel O ffset P rinting ( MOP ), H umacao (787)850-3000Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the Palmas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. You can send us your comments to live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com or call 787-765-2190 Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association 787-285-6425 PHAwww.seepalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor lrosado@rosadomorales.com 787-562-6104 & LIVEIN PALMASLIFEA UGU ST / S E PT E M BER 2013 V OL 5 N U M 5


Her name is Daniela Isabel Morales Bo nilla and she is the granddaughter of our PAC members, Tito y Norka Morales. She is only 7 and is in the 2nd grade with high honors. At her short age, playing with his grand father Tito, her father and her uncle, she made her rst Hole in One! Needless to say, the emotion of her grand father who is a serious golf player was priceless. Thank God he didnt have a heart attack on site!! When the ball got into the hole my grandfather Tito started to scream. I asked what was going on because I didnt know at that time that it was something so important. Then we all started to jump and hug each other my father, uncle Alberto and grandpa. Then the gardener of the course came and congratulated me because he also saw the ball get in the hole. Wow! What a beautiful after noon. I will never forget it! Daniela is actually taking golf lessons and she stated that even though she wants to be a doctor, she wants to be a professional golf player. I like to compete! she said. We will keep you posted on her progress. Go for it Daniela! Hole in One rffn tfbfft bf ff at 7 Tel 787.523.3131 Cel 787.607.0907Vistanos en www.greenwindowspr.com PUERTAS VENTANAS PUERTAS DE GARAGE PUERTAS DE BAO BARANDAS


CEL 787.649.6361. 787.645.1628 Anchors Village, 110, Harbour Dr. Suite #6 Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791 Ninoska Bonnelly Mari Surezninoska50@gmail.com mari2145@gmail.com DRA. ANNELISSE FIGUEROAESPECIALISTA EN ORTO D ONCIABRACES WITH... 787.852.1550orthofig@hotmail.com Horario de ocina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes mdicos con cubierta de ortodoncia. Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Make me cool! Humacao 787.656.8787 Palmanova Plaza hours: Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Now in Palmas! Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. 787-656-8282Delivery available in Palmas!


PALMASThe Palmanova Plaza condominium has just nished the re modeling of its rooftop pool. The new pool deck, a cascading fountain that drains into the pool and a glass railing allowing spec tacular ocean views transform this pool into one of the best in Palmas del Mar. This will certainly increase the property values in the complex and will provide a beautiful recreational space for the owners. Congratulations to the Board of Directors President, Mr. Julio Garcia for a job well done! Great pool! N ot so bad view!! A pool with a view!Ceibas in love...Somewhere in Palmas del Mar a photo collaboration by Christ Pennock briefsCollecting the following needs for the Homeless: used Sneakers, Crocs, Jeans and T-Shirtscall Kike for pick up 787-3978287 or leave w/Daisy @ PHA...Thanks!Hermanos sin techo


787.850.2693 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar ChihuahuaTex Mex Cantina On Good News!Do you remember L inda and Kevin Jordan they live in Crescent Beach, she volunteered in the hospital here in Humacao Ryder. L in was going through some trials with cancer and is coming along nicely. N ot short of a miracle! We hope to see her soon around healthy and smiling like always. PALMASbriefs Mr. O bed Borrero N ogueras and Michael Waddington, Esq. have been elected as the newest members of The Palmas Acade my Board of Trustees. Mr. Borrero, President of V irtual Technology, has been an active member of the Palmas del Mar community and an important contributor to PHAs media presence through PHA Channel, L ive & L ife in Plamas magazine and now www.SeePalmas. com. He is also a TPA parent. Mr. Waddington, an attorney and senior partner at Gonzalez & Waddington, LL C law rm, an international criminal defense law rm. He is also a proud TPA parent. Mr. Waddington is a very committed parent who has volunteered many hours of his time to contribute to the improvement of the Academy. The Palmas Academy welcomes Mr. Borrero and Mr. Waddington to the Board and thanks them for their interest and commitment. New members elected to the Palmas Academy Board of Trustees


138 Ave. W. Churchill, San Juan, Puerto Rico jfbestpools@gmail.com Over 2,000 residential pools! www.bestpoolspr.com Some clients Our servicesPalmas Yacht Club pool Busca nuestra galeria de fotos en www.facebook.com/best.pools PALMASbriefs Yes, for the third straight year, a group of The Palmas Academy students and some friends went undefeated to win the Soccer Blast trophy. The tournament, which took place at the Roberto Clemente Stadium from June 18th to the 23rd, is the largest of its kind on the Island. Under the skilled coaching of Alfonso Escudero, the ve-player team composed by Lorenzo Bez, Jose I. Torrellas, Edgardo Chamorro, Samuel Nurse and Diego V elzquez won the Championship of the U-13 Division. This young breed of players is sure to make headlines in the future of this exciting world sport. Congratulations! Soccer Blast Champions, again!to all our faithful clients at the Beach Bohio in Palmas del Mar. We will no longer operate the Beach Bohio franchise as of 8/15/13 and would like to express our appreciation for all your support and patronage throughout these last three years!thanks! a word ofThe Beach Bohio Gang


CPM & REALTORS 295 Palmas Inn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Club Cala Paradiseis just minutes away! A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. S hare your dreams with the one you love C ome to P uerto Rico and you will see why we are called The Enchanted Island 787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com santosberrioslaw@gmail.com The areas of practice are: YEARS OF QUALITY LEGAL ADVISE Lic Santos Berrios ad.indd 1 7/27/13 5:27 PM Monday-Friday 11am-10pm Saturdays and Sundays 8am-10pm. Tel 787.554.3636Every Sunday Domingo Criollo at the Tennis Center with authentic Puertorican specialsAsk for our Famous Half Pound Burgers & try our Oriental Chicken WingsJoin our VIP customer list by texting your name and cel number to 787-640-6714 Serving Breakfast Saturdays &Sundays15% discount for PAC members on all food Conveniently located in your neighborhood at Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119 Ask our clients... 787.850.9209 Palmas Insurance,Corp THE BEST RATEWith more than 40 years in the market we guarantee you the best rates with the best policy. palmasinsurance@gmail.com Cecilia & Esteban Free Yoguen Frz per quote**Free Yoguen Frz -small with one topping carr.#3 Catao de Humacao a Yabucoa, Humacao, P.R. Open 7 Days787.850.9900 787.364.0205-Mueca 787.204.8783-Dulce www.floristeriacalapr.com Dulce & Mueca Flores Wedding at Pikayo ower arrangement Floristeria


santosberrioslaw@gmail.com The areas of practice are: YEARS OF QUALITY LEGAL ADVISE Lic Santos Berrios ad.indd 1 7/27/13 5:27 PM


The Ren you may not know You may know Ren Arana as the fun guy, owner of Chihuahua Restaurant. Hes always happy and enthusiastic. But... I didnt know his calling to serve and help the most needed. My goal in life has been traveling the world and serving. Among the countries I wanted to visit was Colombia so when I was planning my trip I thought that I could combine both interests and I started to search on Google Colombia and volunteering and I found this organization: Interna tional Volunteers Headquarters, a New Zealand based international organization that has recruited 24,420 volunteers from around the World since 2007. It caught my attention, I registered with them and I choose a Children hospice -Hogar del Nioin a small town close to Bogota. founded in 1979, said Ren. There, with a group of people from all over the World (Nepal, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Canada), he served for a week helping in all types of task. I was the old guy, said Ren and laughed referring to the fact that the rest of the volunteers were very young. The foundation we work with--Emerging Voices Founda tion-have several programs: for old peo ple, homeless children, blind children, children with cancer, wounded military, foreign prisoners among other. They let you choose what you want to do. In my case I choose and focused on the or phanage and one day I visited a prison to give support to the foreign prisoners, that nobody visited. In the beginning I questioned myself but after the visit I felt good. They needed to see people and talk about their countries. It gave them hope. I met a guy from Santo Domingo and he was so happy to hear me talk about familiar things like mangu etc. He even gave me two rosaries hand made by him as a token of appreciation. THE ORPHAN HOUSE The experience of volunteering at the orphanage was extraordinary, a truly marvelous experience. The place is beautiful, super organized and clean (as you can see from the photos). They have a school that goes from kindergar ten to high school with more than 400 students. The kids are happy, well edu cated and well dressed. While I was there I never saw a kid with a temper tantrum, they were always smiling. You arrive there and you feel like Santa Claus and not because we brought them any gifts. It is your presence; they just want you to hug them. They make lines to huge you. And when the hug you they dont let you go. There was this girl, Paula who stole my heart, every day she would scream Ren!! and she would cling on to me. Aside from the economic help we can give these children, more than anything they need affection. I never thought about going back but...I cant wait to go back. I broke down crying the day I had to say goodbye. Ren is thinking about doing an activ ity to raise some funds to cooperate with this amazing home. We will be there! Ren has worked for many years with FEMA helping during several natural di sasters in Puerto Rico and abroad. I bet this is a Ren you didnt know! A good Palmeo for the world! Rens farewell hug to Paula, the little girl that steals his heart. By: L issette Rosado


you may not know The small town where the hospice is located. Ren feeding one of the children in the dining room. Children of the hospice in an exercise of observing nature under a tree. This was part of a classroom activity. Ren at the Salt Mines Ren with his co-workers, volun teers from all over the world.


Last May, La Sagrada Familia, our Catholic Church, celebrated the rst com munion for a group of 27 young children. These young girls and boys were receiving catechism classes at the Chapel in order to be ready for such special and memorable day in their life as Christians. It marked the rst baptism and rst hom ily of our Palmas del Mar neighbor, and re cently ordered as a deacon Rev. D. Frankie Lasanta. Father Floyd Mercado conducted the Eucharistic celebration in the compa ny of deacons Frankie Lasanta and Angel Cadeno. The church was full with around 500 parishioners. The First Communion & FIR ST H OM I L Y O F RE V. F R A NKY L ASA N TA


GOLF TOURNAME N TFATHE RS DAY The winners are... 2 0 1 3 F a t h e r s D a y G O L F T O U R N A M E N T Result Sheet Father & Father Callaway 1st Net Eduardo Pou ; Manuel Gonzalez 71 Handicapped 1st Net Alfonso Gomez ; Juan C. Mendez 69 Overall 1st Gross Felix Bartolomei ; Carlos Faustinelli 67 Father & Daughter (Adult) Callaway 1st Net Jorge Ostolaza ; Adriana Ostolaza 72 Father & Daughter (Junior) Callaway 1st Net Nector Robles Jr. ; Paola Robles 71(MC) Father & Wife Handiccaped 1st Net Vicente Alcaraz ; Maggie Alcaraz 64 1st Gross Gary Hernandez ; Marilyn Hernandez 71 Father & Son (Adult) Callaway 2nd Net Juan A Ramos ; Juan Ramos Jr. 71 1st Net Rey Valedon ; Juan Valedon 69 2nd Gross Elpidio Rivera ; Elpidio Rivera JR. 71 1st Gross Eddie Reyes ; Eddie Reyes Jr. 70 Father & Son (Adult) Handicapped 1st Net Luis Lomba ; Luis Lomba JR. 64 Overall 1st Gross Hector Alvarez ; Omar Alvarez 69 Father & Son (Junior) Callaway 2nd Net Hector Santiago ; Hector Santiago JR. 70 1st Net Guillermo Toledo ; Guillermo Toledo JR. 69 2nd Gross Jose Benitez ; Jose Benitez JR. 66 1st Gross Frederick Millan ; Francisco Millan 63 2 0 1 3 F a t h e r s D a y G O L F T O U R N A M E N T Result Sheet Father & Father Callaway 1st Net Eduardo Pou ; Manuel Gonzalez 71 Handicapped 1st Net Alfonso Gomez ; Juan C. Mendez 69 Overall 1st Gross Felix Bartolomei ; Carlos Faustinelli 67 Father & Daughter (Adult) Callaway 1st Net Jorge Ostolaza ; Adriana Ostolaza 72 Father & Daughter (Junior) Callaway 1st Net Nector Robles Jr. ; Paola Robles 71(MC) Father & Wife Handiccaped 1st Net Vicente Alcaraz ; Maggie Alcaraz 64 1st Gross Gary Hernandez ; Marilyn Hernandez 71 Father & Son (Adult) Callaway 2nd Net Juan A Ramos ; Juan Ramos Jr. 71 1st Net Rey Valedon ; Juan Valedon 69 2nd Gross Elpidio Rivera ; Elpidio Rivera JR. 71 1st Gross Eddie Reyes ; Eddie Reyes Jr. 70 Father & Son (Adult) Handicapped


GOLF TOURNAME N T rfntbfftbnnbfr rfntbfftbnnbfr brnnnrn nfnb brnnnrn nfnbnn rfnt bnnrb f nt nnnnnn rb r nt nnn nn nnn nnnn r n r nt ff 787.303.0334* Para informacin y boletos: 787.656.9530HUMACAO CAPITAL DEL ESTE VEN Y DESCUBRE POR QU nn nnnn nnn nnn nn nnn nnnnnnnnn nnrnnnnn nnnnnnnnn nnrnnnnn


Palmas del Mar Homeowners PHA for the forestAugust 24, 2013Desde la 1:00 pm (comienzo de actividad y registro) K 5 Summer is practically over and all that rain just made our grass greener, our trees and all the vegetation still more exuberant. We also feel full of joy because of all the new things happening in Palmas. It has taken a lot of effort and energy but the Palmas Jazz Festival is now a successful reality. The quality of the music has been superb and the enthusiasm of our community with the new spirit of Palmas is ever increasing. Dont miss the next editions of the Palmas Jazz Fest on August 31, October 12, November 9 and December 28, 2013 and the preceding Tertulias where you will be able to meet and mingle with the musicians that will participate in the event. Thanks again to Edward Ortiz of Tactico Inc. and to Jorge Manrique, President of Club de Amigos del Jazz for all their hard work. The Pterocarpus Forest has captured the attention and interest, not only of our community but way beyond our connes. Dr. Ariel Lugo, Director of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry of the U. S. D. A. Forest Service, offered us an extra-ordinarily eye-opening conference about the forests in Puerto Rico and the Pterocarpus Forests specically. Distinguished members of the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao campus accompanied us in this wonderful, learning experience. Thanks to Dr. Sandra Gracia for the coordination of this activity. The presentation of the book Maraa, a collection of short stories by women writers was an unexpectedly well-attended, very entertaining and joyful event. A Literary Workshop has been born out of this gathering of writers and would-be writers. Well known and internationally acclaimed writers will be with us soon. Living in the Caribbean also means experiencing some special uncertainties and anxiety. Hurricane Season is here. At the Delegates meeting we received very useful information regarding the emergency plans for Pal mas del Mar in coordination with the municipality of Humacao and the central government. After this meeting, I felt much more secure that we are in good hands in case a natural disaster strikes. Dealing with the electrical problems we have been experiencing has been our highest priority. Finally, we met with the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Electrical and Power Authority, Eng. Juan F. Alicea, and he made a commitment to do the repairs and maintenance needed in the system. A preventive maintenance program will follow. The PHAs Infrastructure Committee and the Technical ad-hoc committee will continue working on this problem and giving it the necessary follow-up. The Palmas 5k Marathon, sponsored by PHA will be celebrated on August 24, 2013. Funds collected will go to the Pterocarpus Forest. Register and participate! A Conference about the leatherback and hawksbill turtles, their nesting habits and the Habitat Conservation Plan will be offered soon. The Business Association reorganization is under way. We have all realized that joining forces and working together is producing positive results. Quality of the product and excellence in service will be the main goals of the Association. Soon you will be hearing about all the other initiatives we are working on so that Palmas del Mar will become an inspirational community. Warm regards, Rita Hora de la Carrera 4:00 pm. Salida y llegada entrada parking del bosque. Registrarse En PHA (285-6425) o en el dia del evento. S WIMMIN G SAFETY


Taking or sending property out of Palmas del Mar? Please remember that you are required to provide a written au thorization to any person removing property from Palmas del Mar. This authorization is required for items such as automobiles towed or in atbeds, golf-carts, construction equipment, construction materials, furniture, appliances, etc. Vehicles removing property from Palmas must exit through the service gate and provide the security guard the letter of authorization listing the items being removed. To assist you in complying with this requirement, a form letter is already available at PHA Security that can be picked-up by the person removing the property when they ar rive in Palmas. All you will have to do is ll it up and the driver of the vehicle can turn it in as he departs Palmas. If a letter of authorization or a security form has not been pro vided by the property owner, vehicles will not be allowed to exit Palmas del Mar until proper authorization is received from the property owner. Also, you should remind persons re moving property from Palmas del Mar that all vehicles leav ing the community are subject to inspection by the Security Department. Please keep in mind that these procedures are not intend ed to be punitive or to embarrass anyone. They are in place to help keep our community safe and secure. PRO PE R T Y R EMO V A L The use of a family dwelling or a commercial unit in Palmas del Mar is subject to the provisions of the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association Restrictive Covenants and the By-Laws and rules of the Association. Some of the key provisions contained in these documents include: Owners shall maintain family dwellings, lots or commercial units including landscaping and improvements in a manner consistent with community-wide standards and all applicable covenants. No nuisances are allowed on the properties nor shall any use or practice be allowed which is the source of annoyance to residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession or use of the properties by the residents. No improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the properties and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental agencies having jurisdiction thereof shall be observed. All dogs and cats must be leashed or carried by hand and shall not be permitted to run loose and their owners shall be responsible for cleaning after their pets. No signs, advertisements or posters of any kind including For Sale or For Rent signs of any type shall be posted on Palmas properties. No garments, rugs or other items of any type shall be hung from any portion of the properties. No parking is permitted on roadways, landscaped or grassed areas. No repair of vehicles shall be made on any of the roadways, driveways, landscaped, grassed or parking areas nor shall any areas within Palmas, unless designated for such use, be used for storage or parking of boats, boat trailers, trailers, campers, trucks or commercial vehicles. Vehicles are subject to security searches when leaving private areas or exiting Palmas del Mar. No person shall make or permit any disturbing noises nor shall do or permit anything which will interfere with the rights, comforts and conveniences of any other person. No owner shall make any exterior alteration, decoration, repair, replacement or place patio enclosures or improvements except in accordance with the Palmas del Mar Design Guidelines and the specic approval of the Palmas del Mar Architectural Review Board. No person shall take any action or construct any improvement which obstructs, impedes or re-channels the ow of drainage areas and easements established on any plot, the Master Plan constructed for the purpose of the natural ow of storm waters. Owners shall be responsible for any damages caused within Palmas del Mar by their family members, guests, invitees and tenants. Annual and special assessments payable to the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) are considered past due if not paid within 30 days of due date. Failure to pay before due date may result in late payment fees, attorney fees, property liens referral to credit agencies. As indicated in the Restrictive Covenants, failure of owners to comply with these provisions may result in suspension of PHA privileges or legal action. Owners shall be responsible for all costs of enforcement including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs whether or not litigation is instituted. For any questions regarding these provisions please contact PHA at 787-285-6425.did know that...?you S WIMMIN G SAFETY


On Saturday, July 13, 2013, the Palmas and Humacao com munity came together to celebrate the ninth year in a row of the Recordar es Vivir (To Remember is to Live) annual event. This activity sponsored by the Palmas del Mar Homeowner Association in coordination with the Club Aries of Humacao, brings together neighbors from Palmas del Mar and other Hu macao communities to celebrate and reminisce regional cus toms and traditions. A superb festivity ambiance was enjoyed by everyone on attendance. Activities included an artistic show of bomba y plena, folkloric dances, dance competition, artisan and typical food kiosks and a classic cars exhibition. This years festivities honored long time Palmas homeowners and businessman Ralph Soto for his signicant achievements and contributions to the city of Humacao. Thanks to PHA and to Club Aries for bringing our Huma cao citizens together in this memorable event. Recordar es vivirThe PHA Restrictive Covenants clearly establish that no structure shall be erected in Palmas del Mar and no improvement to the properties should take place except in strict compliance with the provisions outlined in the PHA Restrictive Cov enants and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) Design Guidelines. Prior to doing any outside work on your proper ty including painting of your home, placing a dish antenna or an additional structure or doing any modication to the existing property, you must submit a written request to the ARB. Individual owners, builders and developers must conduct their operations in Palmas strictly in accordance with the Design Guidelines and the ARB construction rules and regulations. ARPE will not issue you a construc tion permit or a use permit unless you have the ARB en dorsement. Please help us maintain the beautiful architectural theme that has made Palmas del Mar famous around the world. Avoid stiff penalties associat ed with non-compliance of the PHA Covenants and the ARB Design Guideliness, Rules and Regulations. ARB nes are posted in your PHA assessments account. Are you thinking about do ing anything to the exterior of your home or erecting any thing in your lot or yard? Your rst step should be to call 787656-5661 or stop by the ARB ofce at the PHA building to get an orientation. Driving in a trafc circle or a roundabout such as the one in Pal mas Drive can often be confusing. General rules for driving in a roundabout include: S LOWD OWN watch for trafc signs and other vehicles. V ehicles that have already entered the roundabout have priority over approaching vehicles. Y IE LD to pedestrians, golf carts and bicycles as you enter and exit the roundabout. O N C E I N T H E ROUN DA BOUT you have the right of way but keep your speed low and watch for other vehicles. A PPROACHI NG VE HICL E S should use right lane to turn righ while vehicles on left lane should continue straight or turn left. PE D E S T RIA N S BICYCLIS T S A N D GO L F CAR T DRI VE RS should use the pedestrian crossings and cart paths next to the roundabout. L ook for incoming trafc from both directions before crossing. DO NOT A TTE MP T to pass other vehicles while in the roundabout and merge into a single lane coming out of the circle. O BE Y trafc signs.Trafc circle rules


The materials for the completion of the re maining part of the For est Boardwalk have been shipped. Weather permit ting installation will begin immediately upon arrival. Please come and vis it this beautiful natures wonder in the midst of our community. You will be able to walk the rst 500 feet of the portion of the Boardwalk already installed and experience rst-hand this magni cent gift that Mother N a ture has bestowed upon our community. The Forest is a patri mony that belongs to all of us and so its the respon sibility of its preservation. Your donations are need ed to bring this project to a full fruition and to aid in its conservation for future generations. Join your neighbors that have al ready stepped forward to help in this great under taking. Send your contribution checks to the PHA Forest Fund, P O Box 9027, Hu macao, P.R. 00792. Also, you may stop at PHA and use a debit card or simply call PHA at 787-2856425 and use a credit card to make your dona tion. FOR E S T FUN D D ON A T I ON CA TEGORI E S & D ONORS AS OF JU LY 30, 2013MA GA ($0-$50) Angel Rodriguez Fred Austin Carmen Del Valle Ivonne Cruz Mark Cassidy Dra. Crikay Rivera Jos R. Naguake Gerald Horowitz Ruben & Marta De Quesada Andrea Cabrer Ken Williams Aixa Olazagasti Richard Palop Marina Cabrer Rafael & Olga Sanabria Barbara Tufano C E I B A ($500-$999) Robert Handschuh Palmas Hill Partners Michael Wertz Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Samuel Jov Frank Torres David Frazier Reynaldo Encarnacin Julio Bagu Arthur Dellheim Myrna Ramos & Harry Jimnez Jos & Graciela Cacho Ruddy Oquendo Jos Fullana Enrique Cortes Josena Ramirez de Arellano Encantos Fine Cuisine Mercedes Mestre Roberto & Astrid Perez Victor Nieto Tomas & Carmen Jimenez Jose R. Nassar & Gina Iuliani Reynerio & Isabel Prez Roberto Marchan Romeos P TE R O CARP U S ($1,000 AN D U P) Grace Gigante Antonio Maldonado Gordon MacDonald James Cohen Jon S. Brightman Jeff Smith Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Larry & Jean Perry Ralphs Supermaket Manuel/Ana Morales Pablo Lpez, MD Jos Nassar, MD Peter Palermo Ricardo De Varona Rodolfo Acevedo Tom Dyal David Oschman Gary Verplank Six Cs Corp David Chafey Fairlakes Village Cond. Angel Santana Joan Novogradac Ruth & Joel Spira Ranger American Antonio Ginorio Jeff & Lynn Smith Jose Beauchamp & Lissette Rosado Anthony & Mary Ann DeSantis Walter & Lorraine Cervoni Wyndham Garden Hotel Mark De Santis Manuel Pea Target David and Kathleen Weeks Lucas & Gabriela Lawson Quino & Lula Rodriguez Juan A. Ramos Diaz Stephen and Barbara Smith Cecilia & Kenneth Cutler Rita Molinelli Allen & Lillian Meek Oceano Beach Resorts Joy & Jeffrey Hood Richard & Sonia Tonyes Ivette & Rafael Vicens Dorian Conger The Spira Family Foundation Jeff and Donna White Francisco Cestero John Orta Manuel Morales Jr. NEW CA TEGORIES UCAR ($3,501 $7,500) Ana Mendez Enid Ortiz Richard VIOLET A ($7,501 $10,000) Empresas Santana Rene Pinto Lugo T ABONUCO ($10,000 $15,500) Jorge & Cheryl Lezcano CUPEY ($15,001 $25,000) National Wildlife Foundation US Fish Wildlife Services PALMA REAL ($25,001 UP Palmas Homeowners Asso.F OREST U P D ATEA USUBO ($176-$250) Carmen Castro Carlos J. Homs Shell Castle Assoc. Jose O. Morales Ricardo Collazo Bernard Van Goethem Thomas Whipple Crescent Cove Club Victor Kelly Pedro Bonachea Glenn & Bonnie Weinstein Gustavo Hermida Amarilis & Allen Childress Paul & Gaby Sledzik Private Corps Security Corp Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Mariano McConnie & Margaret Fingerhut John Barberan GU AYAC N ($251-$499) Miguel Santiago Jorge Manrique Eric Grafals Carlos Garca Rafael Mndez Angel Muntaner Jos Vlez Jeffrey Fraser Frank Earle Benjamn Quiones Earline & Curtis Troeger Amarilis & Allen Childress Vincent & Denise Degiaimo Arnaldo Coln Berlingeri Alida & Humberto Cordero Luis R. Ortiz Segura & Irma Lopez Didi & Cuquito Muz Jeffrey & Cynthia Fraser Servando Daz & Maria Mangual Theodore Harrington Tony & Linda Miodonka R OB L E ($51-$175) Jose A. Morales Mara Greene Fred Martnez Hctor Ortiz Coln Raymond Emmert Maria E. Surez Eva Candelario Edd Siler Samuel Bloomberg Lina Kalinich Gerardo Vicns Jaime Morgan Nancy R. Schwartz Miguel Nazario Dr. Thomas A. Diliberto Mariana & Jason Searl Nicholas Trogan Edwin Santana/Ana Blanes Jose & Maria Bacardi William Compagnone Mr. & Mrs. Otto Riefkohl Jos Torres Eduardo & Fanny Maz Mr. & Mrs. Kleinknecht Jerry OConnor Josean Terrn Thomas J. King Guillermo J. Ruiz Graciela Roig & Feliz Villafae Soa & Peter Weistmeyer Rosalyn Targa Rafael Lpez Angel J. Rodrguez Targa Mariano y Gloria Rocafort Donald J. Guli Javier Maldonado Jacquelyn Hinds Luis y Mara Gndara Elizabeth Prez Peter & Carol Clark Richard & Suzanne Kleinknecht Palmira Soldevila James Galasso Dr. Roy & Marilyn Ashikari Jason & Mariana Searl Hector R. Ortiz Coln PHA CHANNEL HAS A NEW HOMEEffective August 17, 2013, Liberty Cable will introduce several chang es and improvements in its TV programming and other services. Part of the changes include the realignment of all TV channels in accordance with the type of program being broadcast. Ac cordingly, PHA program ming now being viewed in PHA Channel 77 will be seen in PHA TV Channel 106. For additional and up date information regard ing upcoming changes in Liberty Cable services, please visit: www.liber typr.com August 31 Find us on Facebook Palmas Homeowners Association


Wyndham Garden Hotel & Casino at Palmas del Mar today announced that it has received the TripAdvisor Certicate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Only the top-performing 10 percent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award. To qualify for a Certicate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible ve, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor, and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months. Wyndham Garden Hotel & Casino at Palmas del Mar is pleased to receive a TripAdvisor Certicate of Excellence, said Maricarmen Borges, Senior Corporate Vice President at Empresas Santana, owners of the hotel. Our respectful and responsive staff always strives to deliver a great memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive reviews on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is delighted to celebrate the success of businesses around the globe, from Sydney to Wyndham Garden at Palmas earns 2013 TRIPADVISOR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE!Honored as a Top Performing Hotel as Reviewed by Travelers on the Worlds Largest Travel Site 2013Chicago, Sao Paulo to Rome, which are consistently offering TripAdvisor travelers a great customer experience, said Alison Copus, Vice President of Marketing for TripAdvisor for Business. The Certicate of Excellence award provides top performing establishments around the world the recognition they deserve, based on feedback from those who matter most their customers. About Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar The hotels 107 guest rooms, including 14 junior suites and 11 one-bedroom suites, are well equipped with at-screen televisions, spacious work areas, free high-speed wireless Internet access and complimentary bottled water each day. Select rooms offer private balconies with views of the hotels manicured grounds and room service is available daily. Guests can enjoy the outdoor innity-edge pool with swim-up bar, whirlpool and separate childrens pool. The hotel also provides access to a variety of outdoor sports and activities, including 36 holes of golf and 16 on-site tennis courts. Additional hotel offerings include concierge and business services, tness center, activities desk, game room and Casino Real, the hotels full-service casino spanning more than 6,000 square feet. Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar provides more than 6,000 square feet of exible meeting space, including lake and garden settings. The hotels Grand Ballroom, ideal for weddings, business meetings and social gatherings, can accommodate up to 450 people. Meeting planners and event-goers have access to the hotels on-site, experienced meeting professionals, audio-visual equipment, high-speed Internet access and catering services. Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar is owned and operated by Empresas Santana, a family-owned business conglomerate dedicated to the development and management of prominent hotels, casinos, and other hospitality related businesses.


HUMACAOCarr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002YA B UCOA PL A Z ACarr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000 NAGUA B O CARR 31 K M 3.7 (F rente Ferr. Cario ) TE L 465-0032 U R B. VAL EN CIA, SALI DA A N AG U ABO TE L 734-1650 AV E. M UOZ MAR N TE L 263-8664 CARR # 1 K M 33.3 MAR G I NAL BA IR OA, CEN TR O IND US TRIAL A NGO R A PARK TE L 653-1553 AVE. P I E IRO (frente al Correo) T E L. 733-0959 CARR 189 ( FREN T E U R B. JARD I NES DE GUR ABO) TE L 687-0959 CARR # 3 BO GU Z M AN A BA J O AL L ADO DE L P AR Q UE DE P E L O T A OVI D I O D E JESS TE L 787-6570779


Our PDM Utility looking forward into our future As part of PDM Utilitys preventive mainte nance program, a ma jor mechanical over haul and upgrade to the treatment plant was started last June 3rd. The Sthlermatic plant has been on uninterrupted service to our community for over 25 years. An amazing example and proof of the extraordinary quality and reliability of this technology and equipment! indicated Rey Encarnacin, PDMU Executive Director. For the project, a bidding process was conduct ed where Cortes Industrial, one of our qualied contractors, completed all the scope requirements as per our standards and the project was awarded to them. This initiative required very detailed coordination and efforts among repre sentatives of Sthrlematic, the OEM from Germany (Hubertus Sthler), the local contractor, and PDMU personnel to guaranty the continuation of the operations while simultaneously executing the overhaul. On the photos, you can appreciate the extraordinary size of the Aerorotors (14 ft. diameters wheels) that rotate inside the treatment chambers, mixing and aerating the used waters in order to Biologically Digest the organic material on the treatment stage. Aeroro tors are also used on the activated sludge stage for mixing the accumulated sludge prior to be transferred into the dry beds and eventually mixed with vegetative material for the manufacturing of com post. The Aerorotors were lifted-up out of the concrete tanks and worked to com plete the re-conditioning of the shaft ends and a new design of pillow blocks (resting bases) were installed; replace ment of all bolts with stainless steel as well as the replacement and alignment of the media disks. This work has been performed on site by the contractor, us ing a specialized portable milling device for the refurbishing of the interior diam eter of the shafts, indicated Eng. Daniel Torrellas, PDMU Engineering Manager. Simultaneously, using a vacuum truck, all the concrete tanks were emptied, removing the accumulated sed imentation that adversely affects the Aerorotors efciency. The walls of the 12ft x 46ft (51,000 gallons each) tanks were pressure washed and a waterproof ing process was also part of the scope, continued Eng. Torrellas. During the rst phase, eight (8) Aer orotors were completed. On the clari cation tanks, the sprockets and chains were replaced with a new upgraded de sign. On a second stage, the other thee Aerorotors and chambers as well as the remaining clarication units will be completed. After the mechanical work, new railings, light xtures and oth er electrical improvements will be in stalled, allowing the treatment plant to be refurbished by mid-October, in order to provide many more years of continu ous service to the Palmas del Mar com munity. This overhaul was one of the key ini tiatives completed as part of a 5 year In frastructure Improvement Capital Plan of PDM Utility delineated and started back in 2007. Preventive and Predic tive maintenance, Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement are key management practices and tools that must be in place on any Utility Service Company as PDM Utility. All the units, equipment and facilities are in service all year around, 24 hours and must be in top operational conditions to provide a reli able service to the community, indicated Rey Encarnacin.


Our PDM Utility looking forward into our future Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Mechanical OverhaulRey Encarnacin, Danny Torrellas and Mi guel Hernndez from Corts Industrial inspecting a rotor.


If you really want to help an institution you should get to know P.E.C.E.S. (Programa de Educacin Comunal de Entrega y Servico). The wonderful Sister Nancy has headed this institution for the past 28 years. Its hard to believe how much good she has done with relatively so little! She is a hard working positive woman with an enormous heart that just doesnt stop giving. What a drive she has! Her real name is Sister Nancy Madden. She claims to be from Cleveland, Ohio, but I am positive she came from heaven with a staff of angels to help her out. She came to Puerto Rico in 1985 and started a program with a group of community leaders to deal with community problems in an effort to help develop leaders among children and teens. I visited all the churches in the area: Catholic, Presbyterian, Evangelist... all of them and I realized that to really make a difference you have to impact the kids more than once a week. Thats how it all started! says Sister Nancy. The need was big but the determination to help was stronger. The rest is history. She started recruiting leaders from the community (her angels) and led the way by tutoring kids after school to help them nish their 9th grade. Some of them were drop-outs, some had problems with the law. Thats how PECES was born. ...KINDNESS EMPORIUM P.E.C.E.S. THEIR MISSION


The goal of PECES is to create leaders who give their lives for others, to serve, encourage, facilitate the development of their own community. In the ght against drugs, truancy and crime, they rmly believe that only leaders with values and commitment will be effective. PECES is a prevention project that promotes social justice: freedom, justice, delivery, hospi tality, cooperation, solidarity, love and peace. Their efforts are divided in eight mayor areas: PECES has a school that serves to more than 280 students and has graduated more than 1000 over the years, students that on a average of 60-70% con tinue their studies in univer sities or colleges. The licensed and accredited high school went from 150 students each semester to over 280 stu dents each semester. This has enabled PECES to employ more staff and provide more resources for their students. The PECES Inc. licensed and accredited High School passed the ve-year reaccreditation process from the Counsel of Higher Education of Puerto Rico with 99% on the overall score! SUPPO R T P R OG R AMS F O R Y OUTHS This program takes place during regular class hours in which PECES Inc. inserts personnel into 50 schools in 10 municipalities in southeastern Puerto Rico to prevent school desertion and teen pregnancy. This program offers workshops, counseling and therapy, recreation, growth experiences, and other supportive services to students within these fty schools. HUELLI TAS P R OG R AM addresses the need to care for parents who can potentially be integrated into the workforce or to study further for economic development and increase in the quality of their life. Currently the development center, infant care and preschool is located in their Integral Devel opment Youth Center. The program is dedicated not only to nurture and develop children and provide trainings to families, but also, to respond directly to personal situations they face.


LEAR DE R SHI P P R OGR AM (Los Robles) directed to the children of the Humacao community from the ages between 6 to 16 years. It prepares them in the academic aspect but also it develops them as leaders. Mostly children with academic problems (around 100 children) Because the heart of PECES is leadership, these kids work with mentors, or big brothers as well as professional staff. to train citizens on issues of entrepreneurship and job search, so as to create economic progress in their community. This includes helping them to make business plans, nancing, etc. As an example of these efforts are the Kayaks and Bicycles rentals at the Humacao National Reserve, the Artisan store and the food store on the Reserve premises. As an example, Sister Nancy told me about one of their past students that contin ued studying and became an Emergency Room Technician and eventually an entrepreneur with the help of PECES Now a days he has his own Ambulance company, explained Sister Nancy. PA R E N T ING WORK SHOP This program is aimed to parents of children between the ages of 10 to 12 and it is based on scientic evidence, designed to reduce high-risk behaviors in children. It serves the municipal ities of Naguabo, Humacao, Yabucoa, Maunabo, and the island municipality of Vieques. The program is based on the Theory of Possible Identities. It consists of 12 educational sessions oc curring twice a week for a period of 50 minutes, for 6 weeks; two properly trained facilitators implement this program. It encourages young men / women to imagine a positive future, they begin to develop positive goals from an early age. It is a program that emphasizes how risk behaviors can be a barrier to successful adulthood, provides tools that help prevent incurred in these behaviors. P R OM I SE OF HOPE This program offers therapy for special education children and youth. Promise of Hope includes speech, physical, psychological, and occupational therapy. This program serves children and youth from the Humacao and Fajardo area. This program aims to foster a community culture of preventive health. It promotes holistic mental health and facilitates access to mental health services of the highest quality. It also promotes volunteerism and community leadership on health. Within the methodologies we use in our area are Counseling and Therapy, Lectures, Orientations and Workshops, Trade Show Services, protests against violence against women bringing together families among others. This program serves about 2,000 people annually, of the municipalities of Humacao, Las Piedras, Juncos, Naguabo, Ceiba, Fajardo, Yabucoa and Maunabo.


VIP PROPERTIES Beautiful Villasfor rent & sale in all areas of Palmas del Mar. Call us for sales, short or long term rentals and property management WWW.COMETOPALMAS.COM 787.285.5058 RITAS CELL: (787) 487-2995 years in Palmas del Mar! 22 Palladio Tel. 787.285.4226 Cel. 787.647.8003 rudyrealty117@yahoo.com Palmanova Plaza #105, Palmas del Mar Lic. 4006Hermosa y acogedora villa; 3 habitaciones y 2 baos en excelentes condiciones. Vista a la marina. Cocina nueva y baos remodelados. Vendedor super motivado. Para ms informacin llame al: Maranatha RealtyLic. 06582Santiagohum@aol.com PO Box 8827, Humacao, PR 00792Investors...we know how to process short sales successfully, buying properties under mortgage value, including all closing costs. Call us for an appointment! Own pool, terrace, golf view, under appraisal value.Short Sale Plantation $330K Two great villas at Beach Villa Parque CandeleroMontecarlo TH 4/3.5, A/C units, appliances. Take over loan and closing costs. Sabanera del Ro,Gurabo, 4 hab./4 baos, sala, family, cocina con enseres ,7a/c units, seg.24 hrs. Plantation. Golfer dream!


Noche de San Juanat the Beach C lub


Noche de San Juan 787.850.0090Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar. PALMAS FAMILY MART Fast service & security all the times Auto Expreso Retail Location The best prices in town! .93 Medalla & Busch beers!! Ask for our great variety of wines & craft beers! your best stop before school or work, Gas and air, ATM, prepaid cards and Autoexpreso, OTC, fruits, kids snacks, coffee, fresh bread and lots more.....


La antologa Maraa rene 37 cuentos del grupo literario Tejedoras de palabras. En el libro, nueve mujeres publican, cada una, de dos a seis cuentos que conjugan lo mejor de su talento literario con temas que les preocupan y mueven su imaginacin. Mara Serbi, Raquel Otheguy Rivn, Jeannette Cabre ra Molinelli, Kristina Plaza Figueroa, Ydalia Molina, Yolanda Ortiz Romero, Mara Dolores Gonzlez Keelan, Rosa Margarita Hernndez y Gloriann Sacha Antonetty Lebrn se ha unido para compartir con los lectores su primer trabajo en conjunto, su primer tapiz. El nombre Tejedoras nos remite a Aracn o Aracne quien, segn las mitologa griega, fue una joven lidia que se destacaba en el arte de tejer y fue trans formada en araa por haber desaado en el arte del bordado a Atenea, la diosa de la estrategia guerrera. Estas nueve narradoras tambin desafan y se destacan el arte de narrar, que no es otra cosa que tejer ideas de forma consistente y atrayente de modo que una historia se constituya en la forma de un buen re lato. Se han unido para crear en la literatura puertor riquea una impronta que generar en los lectores el genuino inters por continuar leyendo de este grupo. Enhorabuena estas escritoras han hecho el esfuerzo de unirse para publicar su primera antologa. Esper amos que se repita muy pronto e invito todos a ex plorar el libro Maraas. En es tos momentos el libro est a la venta en Amazon y las libreras La Tertulia, Libros A/C y Librera Mgica. Para una sinopsis de los cuentos de esta antologa vis ite www.SeePalmas. com.




IS OPEN!Recently our friend and neighbor, not to mention passionate golfer, Ray Valedn, opened the doors to his new store: 502 Kitchen Avenue. Despite the torrential rains that broke out inauguration day, all his Palmeos friends were there, giving him the support and good vibes much needed when starting a new business. 502 Kitchen Avenue is sure to be a huge success thanks to his contagious enthusiasm and work ethic. Kitchens in Puerto Rico, as you know, are the core of the house; it is in that room where everybody ends up when there is a family gathering or a friendly get-together. Thats why the kitchen concept has evolved to a functional and cozy space. Its really an entertainment center. 502 Kitchen Avenue was born out of that new need. Its a fusion of the vanguard business es Avanti Kitchens, known for its design and manufacturer of kitchens and bathrooms, and Nodelav, distributors and sales representative for electrical appliances, faucets, sinks, etc. In 502 Kitchen Avenue you will nd electro-domestic brands such as Thermador, Bosch, Elextrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Kitchen Aid, among others. The idea or concept is to offer our clients well thought out solutions for their kitchens that not only include the kitchen cabinets but also kitchen appliances, stated Ray Valedn. 502 Kitchen Avenue is located at 502 Muoz Rivera Ave nue intersection with Loza Cordero Street, (Close to El Centro Condominium ) in Hato Rey.




Palmas has never been closer Live & Life in Palmas is proud to announce the launching of the new Palmas webpage: SeePalmas.com, a collaborative effort between Virtualizate, Live & Life in Palmas & Walo Radio. This webpage comes to reinforce and complement Live & Life in Palmas communication efforts and will allow a faster and dynamic connection among Palmas Homeowners, visitors and the World in general. The web page includes the magazine in digital format, photo galleries, a complete business directory, maps, articles, last min utes news, important information for our visitors, a calendar to which you can subscribe to, so that can stay up to date on all the activities posted. And last but not least, there is webcam where you can see Palmas no matter where you are in the world. With this tool we want to launch Palmas to the cybernetic world. Palmas happens to be the best kept secret in the Car ibbean. We have been working hard in creating this webpage for it to serve all the homeowners and to open a window for prospective tourist, to let them know what Palmas has to offer. Not too many resort communities in the world have 21 tennis courts, 2 golf courses, a Beach Club, a Yacht Club, an eques trian center, a school, beaches, beautiful landscaping and real estate, all in one encompassed area. Not to mention all the one hundred three thousand activities a year!! We want to bring tourism from all over the world. Our ex perience, after ve years and a half with the magazine, is that most North Americans weve interviewed tell us that they came to Palmas by chance! But once they get here and discover our Paradise, they come back and many of them end up buying a property and bringing their families. We have many of them that have moved permanently to Palmas; that is especially true for North Americans. Palmas is the perfect place to either vaca tion or live because in Palmas almost everybody speaks English and it is a clean, safe and fun community. They dont need a passport and they can invest without apprehension because they are on American soil. At the same time Puerto Rico has a different culture that can be enjoyed and appreciated by visi tors, sometimes more than us! An example is the Three Kings Day Horse Parade and the Golf Cart Christmas contest. Some visitors even change their ight dates in order to be here when these events are held. As part of our effort to let the world see Palmas, we have made a collaborative agreement with Deborah Martorell, ac credited Meteorologist from the American Meteorological So ciety and ambassador of NASA JPL and Senior Meteorologist of WAPA-TV to use our SeePalmas.com webcam when broad casting her weather forecast. In a courtesy visit to WAPA TV, we conversed with Deborah about the particularities of being located on the Eastern part of the Island, as Ive said before, the hostess for hurricanes. You can subscribe to this calendar and it will be updated in your google calendar every time a new event is posted. P almas on a Click ............................... ..........


Deborah Martorell will use the SeePalmas WEB C A M.She explained that in our zone, the winds that blow mainly from the east are called the trade winds. Thats why you are going to see that during this time of the year, in the mornings it drizzles yet it goes away really fast. But the western part of the Island will usually have the big rain showers in the after noon. For that reason, the Eastern part of the Island has be come a favorite touristic area--because of the great amount of sun hours. All this is true except for El Yunque, also located in the Eastern part of the Island, that because of its altitude it has the biggest amount of rain, 169 inches a year, explained Deb orah. You are always going to see, if you look from Palmas, a cloud on top of El Yunque; clouds crash against the mountains, the clouds rise and rain fall follows. In terms of Palmas and the Eastern corridor being a Hur ricane host, she agrees: Thats true because almost all the systems come from the East, from Cabo Verde, the ones that develops between Africa and Puerto Rico. Example of that is Hurricane Hugo in 1989, that was suppose to enter through the southern part of the island but instead entered through the north-Eastern side, making the Eastern side the most af fected. Deborah also explained that the Eastern side receives the direct battering of the winds. Later when the hurricane is already on land, because of friction with the mountains, it looses some power and the winds are not that strong except high in the mountains. On the other hand, when it comes to ooding it is the Northern area that is affected the most, this is so because it is the area with the biggest river discharge. On the Eastern side we have some rivers that also cause ooding problems such as the Espiritu Santo, Rio Blanco and the Guayans. I had to ask if it was true that El Yunque or the Virgin Is lands have the capacity to detour hurricanes from its path to wards this part of the Caribbean to which she responded: Not true at all! Not El Yunque or the Island has that capacity. They could weaken the hurricane because of the friction but not detour its direction. The direction of the hurricane is go ing to depend on the high-pressure levels towards our North. That will make the hurricane expand, shrink, detour. What is going to cause that a hurricane changes its path is going to be the high pressure, the troughs, sea temperature and whats going on in the different layers of the hurricane itself. I always make a simile with a cake that has different layers and its the interaction among that layers and the atmospheric conditions who decide the route. The bigger the hurricane the taller it is, she stated. Our last question to Deborah was, Is true that when you are P almas on a Click wwwin the middle of the hurricane you have to open the windows on the opposite side of the house or apartment? No thats not true because you dont know where the wind can come from. But more importantly is that if you see that a window or door is about to explode open dont even try to avoid it. Get out of that area because one exploded door or window will suction everything around, she stressed. Deborah also recom mended that if you live on a sixth oor or higher dont spend the hurricane there. Seek shelter! ............................... ............


C.BaritcheninstyleK Happy Hours & Chef Specials... every day!Fridays ...kareokee Saturday...live music Available for privates activitiesKitchen Hours 5pm-10pm Wednesday and Thursday 5pm -11pm Friday and Saturday (Bar until 1:30am) 5pm 10pm Sunday *Bar menu one extra hour787.852.5600 787.236.7682101 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Buscanos en Facebook/ CBarpalmanova And...The best churrasco ever!!algunas restricciones aplican Buffalo...fun, fun, fun Happy Hour del PelaoLunes a Mircoles, tragos y cervezas a $1, $2, $3, $4*, variedad de happy hour todos los dasLunes a Viernes especiales de menCarnes rojas Angus Choice y Langosta y pescados FRESCOSMusica en vivo de miercoles a sabado! Ven y celebra tu B-day gratis!desde $3.25


I give a thumbs up t o th e PAC.Ho w about you? Nicel y painte d gym. Re cently upholstered chairs at the B each Club U p t o 15%discoun t i n purchase s at PACs food and store concessionaires ( B each, Tennis and Golf Clubs) Noch e de San Juan and Fourth of Julys B each Club parties BB Q&Jaz z musi c unde r the stars activities B each Club extend ed hours until 7:00 pm in July Friendl y service of employees at PAC facilities If you are not a PAC member yet, join now to en joy all the fun that you deserve! LIKE US! P AL M A S A TH L ETIC CL UB N EW PH ON E 787-656-3000 hematologyoncologycenter@yahoo.com / www.hematologyoncologycenter.net HORARIO : lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previaCentro de Quimoterapia Ambulatoria y Servicios de InfusinPorque usted es muy importante para nosotrosHEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTERHematlogo /OnclogoDr. Graciany Miranda Tristani, Board Certied Internal MedicineAceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos incluyendo Plan Mi Salud (Reforma) TEL/FAX On Sunday, September 14th at 4:00 pm at Palmas Homeowners building, a selected group of poets that represented Puerto Rico in the 18th International Book Festival in Lima, Peru will do a reading of their poems. en Palmas The group includes: Jos Luis Vega Mayra Santos-Febres Maria D. Gonzlez-Lola Roig Mayda Coln Jos Humberto Caez Alejandro lvarez Jannette Becerra Yolanda Arrollo Pizarro Suggested donation of $10.00 pro-fondos Biblioteca a Hospicio de Nias del Depto. de la Familia. Porque la palabra es de todos. Ven a La Palabra en Palmas!


NEW!AT COCONOUT GROVE PLAZA (at Palmas entrance)Home made Home made desserts 787.909.0787 Call and Pick up & drive through service every day$5.00burger special at the Clubhouse lawn


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The Summer Collection BCBG Maxazria fashion show at the Palmas Athletic Club, was a huge success. The activity was a fundraiser or ganized by Yvonne Maldona do and Dr Graciany Miranda -Marchand (Hematologist Oncologist). Its goal was to collect money to help indi gent cancer patients that are part of Fundacin Lazos de Amor y Esperanza. Mission accomplished! The activity collected more than expected and the afternoon was a per fect gathering of girlfriends at Palmas and some brave males that also attended the fashion show. Being able to bear with Yvonne Maldonado, the hero behind the activ ity, during the pre-production days (one thousand three hundred calls per day) wasnt easy but at the end it was worth it!! We have to thank several sponsors that made possible this activity such as: Axium Health Care, Absolute Pharmacy Care, Special Care Pharmacy, UNICA, Plaza Cellar for the excellent Rotari Ros Cava, Empresas Santana, PAC, Extica del Este, ECONO, Dragon Music Sound and Elizabeth Arden who treated all the ladies with Prevge treatments and a BCBG fragrance. And last but not least thanks to Lic. Ivonne Cruz who with her expertise put together the fashion show and helped Yvonne Maldonado with the organization and sponsorships. Palmas does it better!! No doubt. BCBG/MAXAZRIA 2013SUMMER COLLECTION AT PAL M AS DEL M AR






Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. StrichOUR CO VERDear Ms. Rosado: I wanted to thank you for the current edition of Live & Life. As snowbirds, my husband and I love to receive the magazine so that we may keep up with all the events at Palmas especially during the summer and fall when we are living in New York. The current magazine is wonderful because it includes so much about the activities and people in Palmas. We have been coming to Palmas since 1987 and both my husband and I have enjoyed living there as well as becoming involved with community events. He was president of our regime when we lived in Beach Village and I have been very active in the Palmas Lady Club for many years. You and your staff do a fabu lous job of keeping all members of the community informed as well as producing a fabulous magazine for non Palmas resi dents to see and become aware of what a wonderful place it is. oy... j spreading theAbout Palmas At rst, the physical beauty of Pal mas captures a new visitor. Howev er, being a snowbird for 26 years, I now know that the sense of com munity, the friendships established with other snowbirds and year round residents and the opportunities available are fantastic. Bill and I have been involved in recreational and volunteer activities which have lead to making friends with many members of the com munity. Personally, volunteering to assist local organizations and fund raising have been very rewarding. Most of all, I nd that when facing a challenge our Palmas neighbors step right up to lend a hand, provide assistance and dene what friend ship is all about. Sue OBrien oyOF PALMAS j THEIf somebody enjoys Palmas to its maximum is Adriana and Jim Curland. They arrived four years ago with nothing but the dream of Paradise. They wanted beach, tennis, golf, horses and all of that they found here. If Palmas is half of what it looks in the Internet, would you move? Jim asked Adriana on the way to Puerto Rico for rst time, when they come to se Palmas del Mar. They fell in love immediately. They rented a house for a year and later they bought their own, beautifully remodeled home. Today they have two dogs, a cat, three horses and even a rooster and chickens! They play tennis, they play golf, they belong to PAC, they do horse back riding, and they go to the beach and enjoy every second of being in Palmas. They have also become ambassadors of Palmas in the USA, inviting friends and family to visit this, our Paradise. They have also acquired many friends that have become their Puerto Rican family and they are very well loved by everyone. They have become authentic Palmeos. Its so good to have them around! People with good vibes and positive outlook on life, like them, is what makes Palmas a better place to live! They share the Joy of Palmas. I will like to share with you a couple of letters that some of the realtors and I have received lately that reveal the joy of belonging to a community like ours. Rudys client, Mr. and Mrs .Hughes, wrote: Marshall and I have plac es in Ft. Myers, Florida and N ashville, Tennessee and the beautiful condo in The Marbella Club in Palmas del Mar. We think Palmas is a tropical paradise and wonderful place to escape to for relaxation. We love the friendly people, ocean breezes and delicious foods, especially the Puerto Rican cuisine! If you want to get away to a beautiful resort on a tropical island that offers sightseeing, golf, tennis, swimming, excellent cuisine and friend ly people, then Palmas del Mar would be ideal!


oyOF PALMAS jTHE Michael and Helen have been coming to Palmas Del Mar for 25 years. Michael is originally from Granville, N.Y. (on the Vermont border). He is a Clarkson University graduate, as a chemical engineer. Michael started out working for Allied Chemical in Syracuse, N.Y. and retired from 3 compa nies: Hercules, Ciba Geigy and Finch Pryn in Glens Falls, N.Y. Helen is from Central N.Y. (Fingerlakes area) and graduated from NYS University in Potsdam, N.Y. with a BS in Elem. Education. For the last 45 years they have lived in Saratoga County, half way between Saratoga Springs and Lake George. We started coming to Palmas Del Mar with a gift package that included a week at Palmas. At that time it was more of a resort. Now it is more resi dential. We liked it so much we decided to buy a time share. We had been in Hawaii for our 25th Wedding Anniversary & Michael especially loved it. Because of distance and expense Helen said Palmas will be our Hawaii and we can go there every year. And we have. A few years later we bought two more time shares, one a permanent one. We explored Palmas and stayed at Beach Village, Crescent Cove and decided on Crescent Beach. We gave our time share to our two daughters Sue Ann and Pamela. Our son Michael and wife Silvia (who was born in Columbia SO. Amer.) spent their honeymoon at Palmas. Our three grand children speak Spanish. We rented for two months, mid January to mid March. We nd the same people come back every year and we have many happy days and evenings. Everyone agrees Palmas is the best kept secret Let me congratulate you all for such an excellent publication! I love its format but most of all I feel pride in seeing all the wonderful spots we have in this tropical paradise. The experience is not only about seeing it but its also about living it! I am part of the great family of residents that call Palmas their home and I am very blessed because God has gifted us with so many wonders we can enjoy in this place. Congratulations! Weve been living in Palmas for 12 years it has been the most won derful experience of our lives! We now enjoy our retirement and enjoy everything this paradise has to offer. Like Marc Anthonys song says: I am going to laugh, I am going to enjoy, live life, la la la la! here in Palmas to enjoy it even more! Lots of blessings and we wish you success with such an excellent publication! Sr. Luis A.Gndara y Maria Gndara We love the beach, quietness, lack of crowds, convenience of restau rants, shopping, etc., casino, Rita Molinelli, owner of VIP Properties takes very good care of us. She is our go to person Michael loves the beach and is in the ocean two or three times a day. Helen likes the exercise class in the pool and the cabana. There is tennis, golf, swimming all the amenities and comforts of a resort life style. Palmas is a relaxing, especial community. We tried Florida, but the weather was cool, not consistant. Here at Pal mas, there is not much humidity. There is always a breeze Temp. 80-85 Our daughter Pamela used the time share in Hawaii this past February. It was so cool they could not go in the water. The grandchildren Max and Ana said they liked Puerto Rico better. All eight of our grandchildren have visited Palmas. We have explored the island. We have taken many visitors around to the caves, observatory, Indian burial ground, the races, Bacardi Rum factory, shopped in Old San Juan and explored new restaurants. Weve had the occasion to require the care of one of your excellent doctors. Our friends and acquaintances have owned or rented longer than we have. Every year friends from Puerto Rico come up to Saratoga for the races for a few days. This year there will be six couples plus local friends who visit us in Puerto Rico. oy... alento T salonpresents:Ombr...This Ombr highlighting technique, use to give the appearance of grown out high lights and sun kissed ends. The look encourages the appearance of roots making and its virtually maitenence-free! Opens daily 8:30 to 6:00 pm Mondays 8:30 to 5:00 pm Sundays 10:00 to 3:00pm Carr. #3 K 8.5 (1/2 of the Deli & Fa. Candelero, 4 entrance to your left) Hair by Angie Delgado


French Connection The CHEZ DANIEL Open for dinner W ednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on T uesdaysTAPAS BAROpen Mondays from 4:00PM to 11:00PM Open W ednesdays to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM Closed on T uesdays BISTRO RICOLight lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on Sundays787.850.3838 DONT MISS THE S UNDAY BRUNCH AT C HEZ D ANIEL!AT P AL M AS DEL MAR


DONT MISS THE S UNDAY BRUNCH AT C HEZ D ANIEL!AT P AL M AS DEL MAR 1,620 ft 2 interior Plus 561 ft 2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Stainless steel appliances Granite counter tops 16 foot cathedral ceilings Furnished MARALAGO PENTHOUSE$540,000PRICED TO SELL or assume mortgage and receive$100,000 IN CASH CALL 787.536.5757 FOR MORE INFORMA TION PAR AVIONYour postal storeat Palmanova Esthetics & Body Treatments SPA Palmanova Plaza Suite 9 by Madeline Todo lo que tu piel necesita en un slo lugar 787.930.5711


Catering & Food Services787.285.5036 787.960.3294encantos_food@yahoo.com PLAY THE RIGHT HAND (SLICING THE BALL I S NEVER FUN)A great drill to combat the slice is to swing the club using only your right hand with light grip pressure. The goal is to feel the right hand rolling the clubface closed through the hitting zone. Because of the lighter grip and no left hand in the way, youll quickly feel an exaggerated roll of the hands through the shot. Try it, then make a few nor mal swings, and remember that the left hand is just along for the ride. PR OE DUARDITO F IGUEROA P ALMA S AT HLE TIC CLUBH ave fun and enjoy the game of golf!Go f Youth Champion of PR 1989 & 1991 Member of the National Youth Team (13 to17 years old). Represented Puerto Rico internationally -16 times Finished #6 in France playing among 26 countries and 130 players Belonged to the PR National Team of Amateurs while he studied at Bradley University with a NCAA Division 1 golf scholarship Capitan of the team for two years Island Chapter Player of the Year in 2008 Won the Island Chapter Open in 2008 Won the Pro Pro at Bahia Beach 2009 Selected Youth Instructor of the Year in Puerto Rico -2010-2011 Coach of the National PR team went to Barbados and won the championship -2011 Won the Island Chapter Open again in -2012 Qualied to play PGA Tour Classic/PGA Tour Latin America2012TIP FROM THE PRO


Vacation Bible School From July 14-21, 2013, a group of college and high school students from Jubilee Christian Center outside Washington, D.C. came to minister to the people of Palmas. Led by Pastor Michael Colon Jr., who is originally from Palmas, the Jubilee team and Palmas Community Church ran a Vacation Bible School for the children of Palmas. Through music, crafts, puppets and games, the children learned that God is always with us. In the evenings, Pastor Mike Colon, Jr., and the Jubilee team held services at the Pal mas Community Church. The evening services were a time of worship, prayer, testimonies, music, and a simple mes sage: Jesus is the hope for the people of Puerto Rico and He will never forsake those that put their complete trust in Him.




Palmas Athletic Club Golf program has been a suc cess. Kids are very enthusiastic and you can tell they are enjoying the experience. I can only imagine that its like playing to be an adult. They have to dress properly and take care of their equipment the right way. Its so cute to see them play and act like real pros! Kids love golf! Its a fact. Something about hitting that little ball into a hole is just plain fun. We want your child to love golf for a lifetime. This is a game of discipline and honesty that will help your kid grow up in life. Thats why this game is so good and perfect. These simple rules apply whether you have a child who is new to the game or is an experienced player. Here in Palmas Athletic Club we designed a junior program to help your kid be a better person in the sport and in life, said Eduardito Figueroa, PAC golf Pro and one of the instructors. GOLFSUMMER


Summer is upon us, and Program is here to provide the best tennis on the island. some of the top tennis pros in stop! Dont be deterred by your kids inexperience at the sport, the program is designed for all levels of play, from beginners handling a racket for the very rst time, to advanced techniques for competitive kids and juniors seeking tournament designed with specic activities to develop stroke technique, speed, precision and much more objectives like knocking targets, obstacle courses, and activities where kids are rewarded for fullling the specic objectives. kids have fun while they develop their skills. Other sports activities are mixed into the program: baseball, soccer, track and eld, basketball and much anticipated activity is the court transforms into a water park with water slides, pools and different water games. Program is denitely one great athletic adventure for the kids and juniors during the whole summer! By Angel Daz, T ennis


editors choice Harbour Lights You need only to bring your toothbrush...This beautifully furnished and supremely comfortable apartment with its luxury decor in subtle hues, Venetian plaster walls and elegant textures reects simply one of the most desired locations in the resort community of Palmas del Mar. This luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms plus den, en suite bathrooms in two of the bedrooms plus additional guest bath offer the perfect get a way. A corner apartment with Caribbean sea views, sandy beach, walk to Gym, Cava or any of the two pools in the community; an elegant pool and a fun themed dragon pool for family fun. Your concierge is here to service you for years to come. visit our web site: www.cpmrealtypr.com For more information call CPM Realtors 787.850.4401 More photos of this property at: Photo passFeatured Homes at SeePalmas.com L arge family room For rent $5,500.00 monthly For sale $1,250,000.0000 For more information con Rudy RealtyT el. 787.285.4226 Cel. 787.647.8003 rudyrealty117@yahoo.com


Dominos Artisan Pizzas For security reasons we limit the delivery area. Our drivers carry less than $20.00. Minimum purchase is required for delivery. A $1.99 charge will be apply to each delivery order. Valid only in Domino's Pizza Humacao. Offer valid until 10/30/2013. HUMACAO (787) 852-3535 Perfectas para combinar con tu vino tinto favorito, pdelas con una orden de 8 alitas y tendrs una cena ideal para 2 personas. Deliveryo Carry Out Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio Spinach & Feta Spinach & Feta Palmas8.5x5.5a.pdf 1 6/27/13 2:24 AM


editors choice Price: $2,650,000 For more information, please contact: V IP PRO P E R T I E S 787.285.5058/5059, 787.397.7491, 787.487.2995 MarbellaOne of a kind Penthouse at The Marbella Club! Harbour Lights dinning room,kitchen with appliances and granite tops, ofce or library, laundry,, open terrace,swimming pool, doble garage, in 1,560 square meters. This is a bargain for $495k. For more information call 787-719-5427 Santiagohum@aol.comThe view More photos of this property at: Photo passFeatured Homes at SeePalmas.com


During an early weekend in June, the Perez-Negronis had a family reunion at Palmas del Mar Resort. Papito, Tato, Peewee and Lilo together with their wives, Carmen, Tildy, Alida, and Astrid, are the roots of this everlasting tree that created this closeknit family. All came with the same purposeto reconnect with those they had not seen for a long time, and to meet the new additions to the family. Family members came from as far as Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and California, and as near as Bayamon, Caguas and San Juan. All of the family members stayed on the Palmas del Mar premises; some at the Wyndham Garden Hotel others at the resorts villas. The weekend days went by smoothly as the Pereses clan shared activities with each other. Palmas del Mar welcomed everybody with all its trees in bloom. The Reina de las Flores with its purple owers, the yellow and red Flamboyan with its offering of shade to those who decided to take a leisure walk or a run, and the Royal Palm with its fans majestically waving the air. On Friday there was a get together on the Tiki Bars Terrace. It was a beautiful tropical night, a gentle breeze that came from the ocean cooled the ambiance which was all framed by the Caribbean Sea and the majestic yachts that were anchored at the Yacht Club. Lilo organized a golf tournament that was held at the Palms Course at 8:30 am on Saturday with Guillermo Prez as the winner. During the evening three generation of the Pereses attended a dinner at the Golf Country Club. The youngest of the family, Catalina Soa (six months-old), Henry Alejandro (two years-old), and Camila (ve years-old), were introduced to their cousins, aunts, and uncles. The Pereses by nature are speakers Papito, Gladys, Tato, Lilo, and Tatito all gave speeches during the dinner, warming the hearts of all present. Papito in his words remembered and honored their deceased brother, Eduardo Luis Perez (Tito). Tatito was the master of ceremony. He welcomed the crowd and thanked Astrid Isabel, Soa and Jorge, for helping him organize the weekends activities. Gladys, Papito, Peewee, Tato, and Lilo danced to the rhythm of the oldies salsa music provided by Peewee. The Pereses reunion ended at 11:00 am mass at the resorts Sagrada Familia Chapel where father Ignacio gave his blessings to all present. This event will bring good memoriesthe memories of a family that loves and cares for each other. A tradition of an annual reunion has started for this generation and for generations to come, and this one, the rst, took place at Palmas del Mar Paradise, Humacao, Puerto Rico. The view P erez-Negroni Clans Family Reunion By Astrid Marini-Prez


6ta edicin del


Golf Tournament


Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico (June 28, 2013)CocaCola Puerto Rico Bottlers celebrated their 6th Coca-Cola Classic Golf Tournament with the participation of 283 players. The tournament collected $300,000 in benet of Hospital Menonita, Hogar de Nias Teresa Toda, Ser de Puerto Rico, La Fondita de Jess, and Casa Manuel Fernndez Juncos. The event took place at Palmas Athletic Club in Humacao. The Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers Tournament counted with the contribution of local suppliers and clients of the U.S. This effort is not just of Coca-Cola but of each of the companies and brands that participate for this good cause, expressed Brenda Sevillano, comptroller of Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers. A record breaking 283 players participated in this event reafrming the communities commitment to these entities that need so much! CocaCola continues its commitment with the community donating $3,000 to 6th Edition of the Coca-Cola Golf T ournament at Palmas del Mar


at Tapas Bar/Chez Daniel Bastille Day


In Palmas, babies and toddlers are learning how to swim thanks to Natalia Caramellinos patience and understanding. Its impressive how she manages to get the babies and toddlers to put their head underwater. She is so sweet and patient! But she is also well trained by ISR, a company founded in 1966 by Dr. Harvey Barnett, that provide survival-swimming lessons for infants and young children. Not One More Child Drowns, is the foundations motto and the driving force behind ISRs Instructors. To date, they have delivered more than 7,750,000 ISR Self-Rescue lessons and saved more than 800 lives. ISR believes pool fences, supervision, and pool alarms are an important part of a necessary multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. However, traditional lines of defense break down, and the over 4,000 drown ing deaths per year bear a grim testament to the fact that traditional approaches are missing a key compo nent: the child. ISRs core conviction is that the child is the most important part of a drowning prevention strategy. Children are curious, capable, and have an un canny ability to overcome obstacles like pool fences. At ISR we take that ability and teach them skills to potentially save themselves if they nd themselves in the water alone, said Natalia. LESSON DESCRIPTION The survival-swimming program is a 4-6 week course, scheduled 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, for 10 minutes each day. With a focus on safe, customized, one-onone lessons by Certied Instructors, like Natalia Caramellino. Lessons emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education. Children may begin lessons at 6 months of age until 6 years of age. Lessons for infants 6-12 months old focus on teaching the child to roll onto their back to oat, rest and breathe, and to be able to maintain this life-saving position until help ar rives. Lessons for children 1-6 years old focus on teaching the swim-oatswim survival sequence. Children learn to swim with their heads down; roll onto their back to oat, rest, and breathe; and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool, where they can either crawl out or until they can be rescued. Once the children are fully skilled they will practice ISRs survival techniques fully clothed during lessons. The lesson is customized to a childs abilities in the water. The lessons are being given at the warm pool of Los La gos Club House at Palmas del Mar. For more information visit www.SeePalmas.com and see an exclusive interview with Na talia Caramellino. Lets save our kids!


295 Palmas Inn Way Suite 130 PMB #240 Resident ladies of the Palmas Community established the Palmas Ladies Community Club, known as PLCC, over 25 years ago with the mission of improving the quality of life of the residents and of the outlying community through social, cultural, charitable and service-oriented programs. Over the years PLCC has been involved in a number of community and charity initiatives including Food and Toy Drives. The Club (PLCC) is a co-sponsor of these Drives along with other Palmas organizations. The purpose of the Food Drive is to provide Holiday Meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas to families that lack the resources to enjoy a nice meal during these special holidays. The Toy Drive intends to provide toys to children who otherwise will not receive a toy during the Christmas Holiday. The idea is to bring joy to the families and contribute to the well being of the people in the communities PLCC and Palmas support. This year we are already collecting contributions and donations towards these good causes. A fund has been established intended for the purchase of food and toys. Donations of toys and nonperishable food items are also accepted. The Club would like to invite you to help with this very worthy cause. Any monetary, food or toy contributions are welcome and very much appreciated. The recipients are always excited about the opportunity to enjoy a good meal during the holidays and the childrens faces light up when they receive the toys, very rewarding! They count on Palmas for a helping hand! If you wish to contribute you may mail your contribution (checks may be written to PLCC) to the address listed below or contact Amaryllis Alsina at 787 462-221 for additional information or assistance. If you decide to contribute please do so by the end of October so that we have the time to organize and prepare for the Thanksgiving meal. The Club and the recipient families and children will be appreciative of your contribution. Your decision to give a little of what you have to others in need will pay back in good feelings and selfsatisfaction.


Probablemente ya hayas visto a nuestro Beach Club como toda una estrella de cine y televisin. Este spot, orgullo de todos los miembros de PAC es fcil de reconocer por su belleza palmera tan chic relax. Esas fueron presicamente las palabras que usaron el grupo creativo y la casa productora de los nuevos comerciales de Corona Light para describir las caractersticas que encontraron aqu y las que les hicieron elegir nuestro Club para la lmacin de estas producciones. La agencia de publicidad Javier Pagn & Avils que maneja la cuenta de Corona Extra y Corona Light quiso desarrollar un concepto genuino, totalmente natural. Lejos de ser un comercial posado, se busc una situacin de actitud Corona Light; un momento tpico en la vida de este grupo que vive espontneamente disfrutando del lugar, la compaa, la simpleza de ese ambiente casual resort que caracteriza su modo de ser y la escencia de Corona Light. Todo se resume en su tan acertada lnea comunicacional; As es Corona Light. Cuando Carlos Camacho de la casa productora Publika, Director de ambas producciones y Mari Lanza, Directora Creativa de Javier Pagn & Avils estuvieron haciendo el location scouting buscaban un lugar rstico y tropical pero bien cuidado, con gusto; cerca del mar, donde la brisa, la madera y la vegetacin interactuaran casualmente con el grupo de personas que en lugar de actuar durante la lmacin, estara disfrutando de ese ow Corona Light. Cuentan ambos, que al llegar a nuestro Beach Club estaban seguros de haber encontrado el spot perfecto. La decisin nal de la eleccin del lugar de lmacin estaba en manos del Sr. Alejandro Ballester, Presidente de Ballester Hermanos Inc., Distribuidor de Corona Extra y Corona Light en Puerto Rico. Luego de evaluar varias alternativas di el visto bueno para proceder con la produccin en nuestro paraso. El lugar es As, como Corona Light; acogedor, refrescante, de una simpleza elegante. Creo que nuestro grupo meta, el consumidor de Corona Light va a identicarse de inmediato con este lugar donde se combinan los elementos que los describen. Nos coment Cristina Rosado, la ejecutiva de cuentas, que con estas palabras aprob Alejandro Ballester la recomendacin del grupo creativo y produccin. Esta campaa publicitaria celebra una nueva etapa en el xito de esta marca en nuestro mercado. Los comerciales son una produccin netamente puertorriquea; distribuidor, agencia de publicidad, casa productora y talento local. Y para orgullo de nuestra comunidad Palmea ambos comerciales fueron lmados en Puerto Rico, en nuestro paraso. Uno de ellos en el rea del deck de madera junto al mar y el otro en nuestro restaurant. Nuestro Beach Club se luci junto a Corona Light! Filman anuncio de en nuestro paraiso!


at Palmas Jazz Fest


Long Weekend Jazz Fest at Palmas del Mara musical feast! The music was superb; everybody was relaxed enjoying the good music. It has become a tradition in no time! (Everything happening in Palmas is quickly becoming a tradition!) Heres a photographic representation of the June edition. Thanks to Tactico Group, organizer of the event, for their hard work that makes this concert possible and to our PHA President, Rita Mollineli for her initiative. Good music, good friends, good food and drinks thats life in Paradise!! Next long weekend jazz night will be held on August 31. Keep connected to SeePalmas. com for the date and time. Subscribe to our calendar at www. SeePalmas.com and dont miss out on any event. For the July photo coverage access photo-pass as SeePalmas.com and see more than 250 photos.