Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publication Date: 04-2012
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rrfntbnfnn*Government tax exemptions expire June 30, 2012. **Financing terms may change, buyers subject to credit approval. Mile-long beach ~ Award winning architecture ~ Spectacular Dolphin and Dragon pools ~ La Cava (The Wine Cellar) ~ Residential Concierge ~ Rental Program ~ Vacation ExchangeNever before has living in Palmas del Mars only award winning community been so affordable. Now you and your family can enjoy all of the pleasures of beachfront living. DONT WAIT, take advantage of extraordinary tax exemptions*, prices and financing**. Life is short, live it now.1, 2 & 3 bedroom residencesOriginal prices from $520,000 Now $386,000 r f nAt $1 125 a month, youve run out of excuses.


www.LLPalmas.com 3


editorscorner Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.comWith this edition we welcome a new season, leaving behind the winter months. Looking ahead I can tell that the agenda for Spring promises to be very exciting. On the rst week of April we have Holy Week and the prestigious tennis tournament Copa Davis. Immediately after, we have the Palmas Homeowners Week with activities every single day and towards the end of April The Buena Vida Festival that promise to be spectacular. Look for your white attire already! May begins with the Yacht Club Grand Slam Tournament and then Mothers Day. (For me it is also my birthday) This is not easy! On the other hand, in this edition you will nd many interesting stories about our community members and their achievements. You will also learn from some of our Palmeas mothers how it is to have twins. Hard work but interesting enough all of them stated: Motherhood is a blessing. I have to agree, being a mother is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. When you become a mother you know what absolutely perfect love is all about, and it happens over night. Suddenly you see that creature that some hours before was inside your body and your soul is ooded with intense love and joy. Its a blessing! Nevertheless it is not an easy task, its a full time job but I dont complain. I have a wonderful daughter -sensitive and honest, excellent student (almost a Mechanical Engineer), fun, balanced and beautiful. My respect goes to all our mothers and grandmothers. We have a special report and an interesting up-date on the real estate situation (very good news by the way) and much more. I have to highlight that Palmas Academys students have been extremely active and here you will learn many of their accomplishments that should ll us with pride. Enjoy your magazine and remember that this magazine is open for your collaboration. Feel free to write me or call me for any suggestions. TAKE OUT AVAILABLE FROM 5 PM TO 9 PMAsian Cuisine


Editorial Collaborators Antonio (T ony) Maldonado Obed BorreroAdriana Snchez Johathan Mndez Camila Prez Olivia Thruman Nick Pizarro Michelle Maqueda Ruben ChamorroGraphic Design Sandra Rodrguez / Rosado & Morales (787)765-0890 Sales & Marketing Lissette Rosado / Silvia Morales (787)765-2190 / (787)562-6105 Carolina Dugarte-Aranguren (787)248-0588 Maribel de Varona 787-923-8426 Cover Photographer Jos Bobyn Location/Bistro P aris Assistant Editor Zenaida Sanjurjo Printing Model Offset Printing (MOP), Humacao (787)850-3000Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the Palmas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. You can send us your comments to live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com or call 787-765-2190. Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. PHA www.LLPalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor lrosado@rosadomorales.com 787-562-6104 & LIVEIN PALMASLIFEAPRIL/MAY 2012 VOL. 5 NUM. 2


8 www.LLPalmas.comInside Club Cala Palmas del Mar *some restrictions may apply. Arecibo: 787-879-1132 y 787-880-3481


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Being a mother OF TWINS As a mother of only one child I just cant imagine having to deal with two babies at a time breast feeding, sleeping time, bath time, illnesses, etc; especially the rst year. I just imagine the logistics of go ing to the grocery store with twins! And what about double car seats? I dont even want to think about what it would be like living in cold weather where you have to wear coats, gloves and wrap them up. But... once you have them, you dont have any other choice than to deal with the double task. For me, that rst year was like a dream, a cloud in my mind. I was so busy and tired that I really dont remember much about it. I do remember when they started to crawl and walk. In different directions! recalled Jennifer Odell and laughs (now). But like everything in life you get used to it. Interviewing both, Jennifer and Maggie Pizarro, whose sons are still toddlers, you can see their patience and skills developed to manage double trouble. Nevertheless, everything is not that terrible. Its a double blessing a mother of twins once told me! You become an instant celebrity. Every time you go out with the twins, everybody stares at you and everybody asks you something, Jennifer said. And went you talk to Annelisse she makes you feel as if it is only normal to have two a time. What fascinates me is discovering how twins, despite hav ing the same circumstances physiologically and environmentally, can be so different and unique. Chapeau to all Palmas mothers! Being a mother is not an easy task but being a mother of two at the same time has to be an enlightening experience. Double trouble motherhood By Lissette Rosado


12 www.LLPalmas.com Since the advent of digital photography the way we interact with our pictures is another. We do not have the paper; we now have Smartphones, tablets and our computers. But this advance in digital photography brings a problem. What about the hundreds or thousands of pictures weve taken over the course of a year? Most of us have a mess when it comes to our photos and videos, they are everywhere in our computer or our Smartphone. For this problem there is a very practical solution created by GooglePicasa. Picasa is a free program that is available for Mac and PC which will help in the task of organizing your photos. Some features are: And best of all, this application is completely free! If you are interested in learning more about PICASA register for the next Tecnotaller on April 28, 2012 in the living room of Chez Tapas Rouge Daniel at Palmas del Mar, Humacao Puerto Rico. THE EVOLUTION OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHYFor more information visit: www.Virtualizate.net/ or call Tecnotalleres 787-775-1234 By Obed Borrero


www.LLPalmas.com 13 Jennifer Odell, ESQThe crisis started as soon as I arrived to their house. Jennifer was serving me a juice and Andrs was running back and forth and, sure enough, he fell on the porch that was wet. He was already dressed up for the photo, so on top of the pain (he really hit the ground hard, I saw it all in slow motion) he went into this huge tantrum because that was the clothes he wanted for the photo. In the meantime the dog was also jumping around the house and David would not come down to the living room. Jennifer, on her part was calm and smiling. This is part of what having twins is all about, she told me. At that moment we started to develop several strategies to convince Andrs to pose for the photo. The wet part was on the back and would not come out in the photo. No way! He was offended and stubborn. Then...we had to resort to good old-fashioned black mail. Yes, in love, war and in child rear ing everything counts! If you pose for the photo I will buy you an ice cream, Jennifer nally said. We took the photo (you can still see his eyes red) and one hour later he kept reminding his mother about the ice cream. Thats a problem. Be aware, if you use some type of extor tion with your kids, dont count on them forgetting. Andrs and David are fraternal twins, which means they are products of two eggs fertilized by separate sperm. When they were babies they were very alike. I could not know which one I had given the feeding bottle to or which one I al ready had bathed. But they are really very different; each one has their own personality. Andres is calmer and Da vid is more active. Even when they were babies, they showed their own likes and dislikes. One would like the feeding bottle long and thinner while the other one would like the fatty one. Andres has always liked red, David green. One is more me the other one is more like his father in personality and physically, beings, even twins, are born with a differ ent and unique chip that differentiates us from one another. There is no two nger prints alike in the world! Jennifer told us that she recommends anybody that has twins to read about the upbringing of twins. I have to add that ev erybody that has kids should read about the upbringing of children. Therere books specializing on every age. I read them all to the point that my mother-inlaw used to tease me. Gabriela is a girl brought up by the books! she used to say and laugh. For me, books were a big help and I can only imagine when your concerns are double! But now the worst part is over. The kids are four years old, and Jennifer is back to her practice as a lawyer. I practice litigation, commer cial, corporate, blueprints of the buying/ selling of homes, mortgage cancellation, bankruptcy and damages, among others, said Jennifer Odell, Esq. Jennifer with Andrs and David a couple of years ago on Kite Day at Villa Franca. said Jennifer and added that they have a strong bond and they play together all the time without needing anybody else, which was one reason the parents put them in the pre-school, so that they could socialize with other children. They compliment each other and care about the other. If David falls, Andrs goes and offers help. Its very demanding but at the same time its very beautiful and rewarding to see them growing to gether as two separate beings. David loves to sing and dance, Andrs wants to be a police and a doctor (like his father, Dr Agustin Lpez Covas) even though he plays the cuatro and also likes music. But they dance very differ ently, stated Jennifer Talking to Jennifer and sharing her experience is very interesting and reveal ing. Nature is so amazing that all human


14 www.LLPalmas.com Maggie looks Puerto Rican but she is not. She has Palestinian origins and her husband Ralph Pizarro, looks Arab but he is Puerto Rican. Thats how I ended up in Puerto Rico, she said. Maggie was born and raised in NY where, twenty-ve years ago she met Ralph in high school and they have been together since then. They have a twenty-year-old son, Nick, which many of you probably know because he studied at Palmas Academy and was an outstanding student, very involved in theatre. Nick is actually studying drama at Syracuse University. He was 16 when Naseem and Naydem, the twins were born. At the beginning he was nervous. He has scared that something would happen when I was pregnant. For 16 years he had been an only child. The day the twins were born he was at his school prom. We didnt call him to let him enjoy his party and he was obsessed. He wanted to be there. Next morning without any sleep he went to the hospital to meet his brothers. He was so happy! He is an excellent big brother. Now when he is on vacation he takes care of them and enjoys playing with them. He even changes dippers! He even told me Mami, go out, I stay with them and he does. The twins experienceI knew it all the time. I felt it from the very beginning and I was happy. My belly had blow up in two weeks. At two weeks I had a belly the size of a twomonth pregnancy. My husband was sur prised with the news. I wasnt, she said. I do remember her pregnancy and the bellyit was huge!! Like in the case of Jennifer, Naseem and Naydem are fraternal twins and have also changed the life of their mother. They have changed my life completely. The rst year I was in my house The day before the interview Maggie heard a noise in the room and when she went in she saw Naseem on the oor playing with his toys. She was amazed because she had left them in the crib. Naydem was still in the crib. Since they have a camera to supervise the kids from the room they went to check the video recording. Guess what? Everything is on tape. They were able to see how Naseem got out of the crib and Naydem, even though he tried, decided to jump back to the crib. He was on the top rail about to do the same as his brother but he looked down and I guess he calculated that it was to high to jump. He was not willing to take the risk! As well as all the women interviewed the role of the father is essential in this double task adventure. Ralph, he is fantastic with the kids. Even though he wakes up at four or ve oclock in the morning when he is back in the after noon he always gives them a bath in order to spend time with them. He is a great dad, very supportive and helpful. pful. Maggie Pizarro all the time! But they keep me young, Maggie said. She agrees with Jennifer in the topic of the genetic programming. Oh my God, they are completely different from the very be ginning. Naydem has a strong character and he is very organized. You can tell if he was playing with the blocks because they are going to be perfectly aligned and organized by colors and sizes. He is like his father, organized and strong thinker. I look at him sometimes and I can tell he is seriously thinking about something. He is very formal. I think he is going to be like his father, an engineer. Naseem is relaxed, more fun and easygo ing. If you cut his nails he lets you clean his teeth. With Naydem you need three people to hold him to keep him in the chair to cut his hair. Every thing is differ ent even the way they eat-one of them is always wiling to try every food while the other is very picky. But even though Naseem is more relaxed when he is mad he will attack Naydem and throw him on the oor. Although they ght they take care of each other and if one of them falls the other calls for help or tries to help him. Oh my God they are so different!


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16 www.LLPalmas.comAnnelisse is incredible! She is so re laxed with her two sets of twins, two dogs, and birds. She is not for real! Four children, all in sports and one thousand school projects and activities in which she and her husband, Dr. Ruben Chamorro, are always involved. When you go to her house there is always at least ve or six more kids visiting. And she is...re laxed. They are truly a beautiful family where you see guidance, involvement and supervision. But... how did all this start? Well, it started with a pregnancy of four. Yes four! The rst pregnancy was of four embryos of which only two developed... Alexandra and Gustavo now 15. They are my mothers gift, said Annelisse and explained. After seven years of marriage we decided to get an in-vitro fertilization and we did it but it didnt work. I had given up but my mother convinced me and offered to pay me the second fertilization. She accepted and sure enough it happened, she said. The rest is history. She breastfeed them at the same time with a cushion for sup port she designed and had somebody make; one month and a half later they already slept the whole night in their room she said. A cute storyAfter she gave birth Ruben asked her if he could go for a little while to a neighborhood bar they used to visit to give cigars to their friends and announce Gustavo and Alexandras ar rival. Well, like never before that night, the newborn twins decided to cry at the Dra. Annelisse Figueroa same time and they would not stop. She was going crazy and since Ruben didnt have a cell phone at that time to call for help she called her mother and her mother came to help her out. Some time later Ruben came home to learn that his mother-in-law had to come to the rescue. And he was so drunk! I have never, ever seen Ruben like that. The problem was that when he arrived to the bar everybody invited him to a drink. We always remember that and laugh. It has never happened again, she said and they both laugh. On the contrary, Ruben has always been pres ent as a father and a husband. A key component in this equation, she stated rmly. Four years later they went to a Dentists Convention and Annelisse wasnt feeling good so she went to her gyne cologist and asked him to order her a thyroid test. Her gynecologist asked to do the pregnancy test instead. She waited for the results. Positive. Then the doctor sent her for a sonogram. She was already six weeks pregnant and sur prise! She discovered that she had three babies. But three weeks later she was playing with Alexandra and something came out of her body. It was the third embryo. She lost one. I had to pretend in front of Alexandra but she felt like crying so badly. A little bit later Ruben arrived to the house and discovered the event. The worst part is that after going to the doctor they told them that most likely the babys were not going to de velop. The doctor ordered her to rest and sometime later she did another so nogram and happily discover that there were three embryos, one empty but the other two were perfect. Today (the day of the interview) those two embryos are turning 12, healthy and happy. They always say that the third embryo was their sister, said Annelisse. As well as the other mother of twins she maintains that each one of them are very different and have their own personality. Alexandra and Gustavo are very close, they are best friends, and their bonding is heavy. Edgardo and Esteban are very close but since they are both boys they ght a lot. I guess it is male rivalry. But now that they are more mature they get along well, they go through different stages. When Alexandra and Gustavo were toddlers, Gustavo would bother Alexandra a lot. One day I arrived to the house and Alexandra had Gustavo lying down on the oor, on his stomach, and she was beat ing him badly on his back. That was it! Gustavo never bothered her again.


www.LLPalmas.com 17 Suite 133, Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Tel 787.502.0565 Lucetts Vasse She found out that she was having twins the same day she gave birth! I didnt have the slightest idea that I was going to have two babies, because I didnt experience weight gain during my pregnancy. I gave birth in my seventh month of gestation and it was not until the sixth month that I gained some weight, so I actually bought only one or two items of maternity clothing! she said. The doctor usually scolded me be cause I lifted boxes at our business since I didnt feel that I was pregnant at all. The day Lucette gave birth she was sup posed to go to the doctor for a sonogram but instead she went into labor during which there seemed to be a problem because the baby would not come out. The doctor proceeded to do a sonogram and... SURPRISE! Sure enough, there they were, Severine and Celine, one be hind the other one hiding with intent to surprise Lucette and Daniel, which they did! Finally they were born but they were premature and they had to stay at the hospital for two months. I guess that gave her some time to adapt to the idea that suddenly they were a family of four. My life changed completely because back in 1973 there were no pampers. You can imagine how many diapers I washed and dried, not with a clothes drier, we didnt have one, said Lucette and laughed. She laughs now; I dont think it was that funny then. She adapt ed and managed to handle the situation without quitting work. Talking about their daughters personality Lucette said that Severine and Celine, which are fraternal twins, have different personalities but they are very attached and support ive of each other. They studied the same thing and work in the same type of business. According to Lucette, they barely ght with each other. Lucette remembers that when they arrived to Puerto Rico the twins where nine and didnt speak a word in Spanish but they would use hand gestures with their friends who helped them to learn Spanish. They used to copy from the chalkboard what the teacher wrote without understanding what they were copying, and for me it was a nightmare understanding what they had copied. I prepared signs for them to take to school for the teacher: Need to go to the bathroom, I dont understand, I am hungry, etc. Thats how they started, Lucette recalls. But very soon they learned Spanish and now a days they are fully tri-lingual, very nice and polite young women. They are fraternal twins but for me they are very hard to tell apart. When I think I have it all gured out I confuse them. They laugh. I am sure I am not the only one. Lucette and Daniel come from family of twins. Daniel had a pair of twin brothers and Lucettes mother had a twin sis ter. When I was a child I couldnt understand why other kids didnt have two mothers like me! Lucette tells us. That because her mother and her twin sister were identical! r


PRESIDENT THE The Homeowners Week (8-15 April) is fast approaching and we have put together for you a full week of fun-lled activities you should not miss. We will have dominoes, tennis and golf tournaments, a rst class wine tasting event, an unforgettable experience with all the chefs of Palmas and a great family eve ning at Palmanova Plaza with rst rate entertainers. Along with the festivities we will be conducting formal business meetings for the PHA Delegates, the PHA Board of Directors and, of course, the most important event: the Annual Meeting of the Membership on Saturday morning April 14th. Make sure you send your sign up sheets as soon as possible to register for the various events. Look for detail information for each event in this L&L edition. One of the most important items in this year Annual Meeting was the approval of an update to the governing documents of our community. It has been fteen years since they were last changed. A lot of things have taken place throughout those years and we need to bring our governance consonant with todays reality and the existing relationship with the developers of our community. Unfortunately, although we have been hard at work on this project since May last year, we have now come upon certain roadblocks that will prevent us from completing this task by this Annual Meeting. However, we are condent that we will clear this obstacles in the near future and as soon as that happens we will be convening a special meeting of the membership represented by the PHA Delegates to bring the project of updating our governance documents to a close. Ours is dynamic and resilient community and the best example is what we have accomplished with our main amenities and the Palmas Athletic Club. As a result of that experience and the myriad of projects and the community enhancements we have accomplished coupled with having the best security environment of any community in Puerto Rico, Palmas has turned into the home of choice for those who seek their dream community. This is evidenced by the record number properties sold in 2011, the large majority new homes, a positive tendency that continues in 2012. Also, more and more people are choosing to turn their secondary Palmas home into their primary residence. This is certainly good news and bodes well for the future of our community. Looking forward to see you at the Homeowner Week activities and specially at the Annual Meeting. Servando Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) held elec tions to determine the new Directors to be seated at the PHA Board at the Annual Meeting to be held on April 14, 2012 as Directors representing the various residential districts of the Palmas community. The results are as follows: Enrique (Kike) Corts from Marbella was elected as the representative of District 2 which consists of Casillas de Pal mas, Fairlakes Village, Mare Sereno, Maralago and Marbella. Kike replaces Julio Bagu whose second term expires at the An nual Meeting. Luis (Kukito) Muiz (Yacht Club) was elected as the representative of the Business District replacing Mr. Daniel Vasse who also completes his second term at the PHA Board. Eric Grafals from Shell Castle Club was reelected to a sec ond term at the PHA Board as the representative of District 6 which consists of The Estates, Shell Castle Club and Harbor Lights. Ricardo Devarona from San Miguel was reelected to a sec ond term as the Director representing District 7 which consists of Plaza del Puerto, San Miguel, Harbor Point, San Marcos, Peninsula de San Juan, Palladio, Seascape, Palmarina and An chors Village. Congratulations and thanks to these Palmas homeowners for their willingness to serve the community. Note from Casa de la BondadDear Joanne and Jim Cohen, Palmas Ladies Club and Palmas Homeowners Association: On behalf of Casa de la Bondad and the women and children we serve, thank you for your funding efforts on behalf of our organization. The fundraiser raised $1100 between the tickets sale and the rafe of the painting donated by Casa de la Bondad. Our programs and policies reect the strong commitment to empowering the female survivors of domestic violence and you can be asured that the proceeds will benet our advocacy efforts on their behalf. Again, thank you and the Palmas community for your support. Sincerely,Arlene FromerFounder, Casa de la Bondad, Inc. PHA Election


The Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association recently instituted two scholarships to provide opportunities for eco nomically disadvantaged children from the Buena Vista and Candelero Abajo neighborhoods to study at the Palmas Academy. This program is being coordinated with the leadership of those two communities who welcomed the opportunity for their bright youngsters to come to the Palmas Academy with open arms. The Palmas Academy is considered one of the premier bilingual schools in Puerto Rico for its reputation of excellence in academics. Parents of students wishing to be considered for these scholarships should contact the Palmas Academy administration for information and application pro cedures. Please helps keep your neighborhoods neatly and organized by picking up and storing your trash cans during garbage pickup days as early as possible. Keep in mind that the sanitary de partment workers will not return your trash containers to their storage areas. Also, you are reminded that the maintenance standards of our community requires that trash be deposited in under ground containers and be kept from public view. If you do not have underground containers you must designate a particular area for your containers and pro tect them from public view us ing planters or shrubs. Another important point to remember is that the sanitary department workers will not go inside of your garage or the premises of your home to bring containers out. You must bring them out to the curb and return them to your storage area once they are nished. Thank you for helping maintain Palmas beautiful.Trashcans Scholarships Sunday, April 8th 5:30 am / Beach Boho 9:30 am / English Palmas Chapel 10:00 am Easter Services PHA Building 11:00 am / Spanish Palmas Chapel Monday, April 9th 6:30 pm / PHA Building Tuesday, April 10th 6:00 pm / Tennis Center Wednesday, April 11th 8:30 am / PHA Conference Room 6:00 pm / Tennis Center 7:00 pm / Yacht Club Thursday, April 12th 8:30 am / PHA Board Room 6:00 pm / Tennis Center 7:00 pm / Golf Club Friday, April 13th 11:00 am / Golf Club 5:00 pm / Golf Club Lounge Saturday, April 14th 8:00-9:00 am / PHA Conference Hall 9:00-11:00 pm / Annual Meeting 11:00-11:15 am 11:15-12:15 am 12:30-1:00 pm / PHA Board Room 7:00 pm Palmanova Plaza Sunday, April 15th 12:00-5:00 pm A CTIVITIES


20 www.LLPalmas.com Tuesday, April 10 at the Tennis Center at 6:00 PM Wine Event 2nd PHA Domino TournamentWednesday, April 11h 7:00 pm at the Yacht Club HIGHLIGHTS PHA Week Party at Palmanova Eddie Fuentes and his Bohemia de las Estrellas Show Thursday, April 12 7:00 pm at the Country Club $30 per person Live Music! price includes a welcome drinkextravaganzaFood Tasting April 8-15 by PALMAS CHEFS Saturday April 14, 7:00 PMWednesday, April 11th 6:00 pm / Tennis Center Thursday, April 12th 6:00 pm / Tennis Center Friday, April 13th 11:00 am/ / Golf ClubTennis & Golf Homeowners TournamentsGrupo Arpeggio


www.LLPalmas.com 21 MAGA ROBLE AUSUBO GUAYACAN CEIBA PTEROCARPUS ($0-$50) ($51-$175) ($176-$250) ($251-$499) ($500-$999) ($1,000 AND UP) Each day more and more community members are joining the PHA project to restore the Palmas Forest and its boardwalk and to build a passive park at its entrance. The restoration and preservation of this gift from Mother Nature is the most important legacy we can leave behind for generations to come. The permit process with the Corps of Engineers is underway and as soon as the permit is received we will be installing the rst 500 feet of the boardwalk (total approximately 2500 feet). The materials to be used are a berglass/aluminum composite extremely durable and very easy to maintain. Please join our neighbors and friends who have already stepped forward to be counted in this noble and magnicent effort by sending your donations to Palmas PHA Forest Fund, PO Box 9027, Humacao, PR 00792. Also, you can phone in your donation to PHA at 787-285-6425 and use your credit or debit card. For the second straight year, The Palmas Academy joined forces with Colegio San Antonio Abbad to host the Pediatric Cancer Foundations ( CAP ) Uniendo Cabezas (Joining heads) at TPA. Over 50 boys shaved their heads and over 20 girls donated their 2hair to the cause of pediatric cancer. The big attraction of the afternoon was Mr. Jose Alvares (TPA Athletic Director ) commitment to shave his head in front of a cheering crowd of his students. Donations for the afternoon $6,500.00 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundationtotaled more than $6,500.00 and more donations are still coming. Also as a result of this activity two more similar activities will be held in the next two months. The main event of the CAP Foundation will take place in San Patricio Plaza in San Juan. Thanks to these donations this March a new wing for ambulatory treat ment was inaugurated at the Pediatric Hospital. Thanks to Colegio San Antonio Abbad and to the Palmas Academy for working uniendo cabezas for a cause. Forest UpdateFOREST FUND DONATION CATEGORIES AND DONORS AS OF MARCH 23, 2012


22 www.LLPalmas.com Jennifer Odell, Esq.Attorney at Law & Notary PublicConcentrating in civil and commercial litigation, banking law, collections, deeds of homestead under the new law to protect your home (hogar seguro ), purchase vits Admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico; all local courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the First CircuitAvailable by appointment787. 599.9995 jenodell.law@gmail.comGraduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico Law School Graduated from the College of Communication, Boston University (Deans List)15 years legal experience Fully bilingual From the confort of your house receive the doctor visit. Visits includes: Doctors home visits 787 429 4407


I dsInstituto del Seno surgeonBreast Surgery services Evaluation and management of breast conditions Breast biopsy without surgery -core needle, ultrasound guided biopsy and stereotactic biopsy of the breasts Removal of breast cysts and masses without surgery Surgery for cancer and other breast conditions Orientation and support to breast cancer patients Calle Esmeralda E-10 Humacao, PR 00791tel 787.285.0760 TEL/FAX 787-852.5260 787 285.7958hematologyoncologycenter@yahoo.com www.hematologyoncologycenter.nety Servicios de InfusinEnfermeras onclogas y personal clerical de la ms alta calidad profesional. H HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTER Dr. Graciany Miranda Tristani HORARIO lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previaCalle Dufresne #7 (este) Primer Piso, Humacao, PR, 00791Centro de Quimoterapia Ambulatoria Porque usted es muy importante para nosotros Board Certied Internal MedicineHematlogo /Onclogo Aceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos incluyendo Plan Mi Salud (Reforma)


Palmas giving tree


Those of you that know The Giving Tree story would better understand this article. If you havent read it, go ahead and do it, the trees will never mean the same to you. The Tapas/Chez Daniel tree as well as the one in the Tennis Court are one those giving trees for us. They are so beautiful and big and they have given us so much during the last 25/30 years-fresh air, oxygen, lots of shade, it adds beauty to the environment but, what I like the most is the kids playing on the tree. Those trees have witnessed two and three generations of our Palmas children, some of the now young adults like Gabriella and Elizabeth Montanile who are now 19 & 20 years old. Also the Chamorros clan as well as so many others that have grow up in Palmas have climbed the trees or has fallen from them. Lucette Vasse told me a story the other day that for somebodys birthday they decorated the tree with ropes and plastic sh tanks on the bottom with real sh for the kids to sh. The parents were concerned about what they were going to do with the shes. The kids were fascinated, she laughs. Thank you to our giving trees. Lets protect and appreciate them. The Giving Tree is a childrens book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. First published in 1964 by Harper and Row, it has become one of Silversteins best known titles and has been translat ed into more than 30 languages The Giving Tree is a tale about a relationship between a young boy and a tree. The tree always provides the boy with what he wants: branches on which to swing, shade in which to sit and apples to eat. As the boy grows older, he re quires more and more of the tree. The tree loves the boy very much and gives him anything he asks for. In an ultimate act of self-sacrice, the tree lets the boy cut it down so the boy can build a boat in which he can sail. The boy leaves the tree, now a stump. Many years later, the boy, now an old man, returns, and the tree sadly says: Im sorry, boy... but I have nothing left to give you. But the boy replies: I do not need much now, just a quiet place to sit and rest. The tree then says, Well, an old tree stump is a good place for sitting and resting. Come, boy, sit down and rest. The boy obliges and the tree was very happy.Synopsis was extracted from Wikipedia http://creativecommons.org/. The Giving Tree... plot summaryGabriella and Elizabeth Montanile, now 19 and 20 years old, respectively. By Lissette Rosado


26 www.LLPalmas.com CR#11-3878 PREV AGE COOP AD_10.874 W X 12 H r eleased: 02.10.12 EL NUEVO DIA r r f n r f n t b b t n bf n b t t n b n t b n b n n n b t n tbn bt b b b n tb t t b t t b b t t t t t n n t b r f t b r n n n


CR#11-3878 PREV AGE COOP AD_10.874 W X 12 H r eleased: 02.10.12 EL NUEVO DIA r r f n r f n t b b t n bf n b t t n b n t b n b n n n b t n tbn bt b b b n tb t t b t t b b t t t t t n n t b r f t b r n n n The new Palmas app will include: No more being lost in Palmas!coming soon....comT HE A PP Directions Search EDITI MKA DEL ESTE PALMAS Catering services available! 787.850.2463 Across from Palma Real shopping Center


Catering & Food Services787.285.5036 787.960.3294encantos_food@yahoo.com rf ntbrt r tttbttt rf f n r n rr


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HUMACAOCarr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002Y AB UCOA PL AZACarr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000 NAGUABO CARR. 31 KM. 3.7 (F rente Ferr. Cario) TE L. 465-0032 URB. V ALENCIA S ALID A A NA GUABO TE L. 734-1650 A VE. MUOZ MARN TE L. 263-8664 CARR. # 1 KM. 33.3 MAR GIN AL BAIROA CENTRO INDUS TRIAL ANGORA P ARK TE L. 653-1553 A VE. PIE IRO (frente al Correo) TE L. 733-0959 CARR. 189 ( FRENTE URB. J ARDINES DE GURABO) TE L. 687-0959 CARR # 3 BO GUZMA N A BAJO AL LA DO DEL PAR Q UE DE PE LOTA O VIDIO DE JESS TE L 787-6570779 COSTA DEL CARIBE REALTY,INC Now in Facebook, Twitter, MLS, Clasificados, Others... Costa del Caribe Realty Better than Ever! Providing sales and rentals in all areas in Palmas! Featuring listings in; Aquabella, Costa Verde, Beach Village, Fairway Courts, Marbella Club, Crescent Beach just to name a few! Call for a showing: 6 Qualified Brokers waiting for you!


Yo Computo.net...The Yo Computo.net workshop at Le Salon Rouge at Tapas was a real success. The students were all very enthusiastic and eager to learn. It was a fun and enlightening afternoon where we learned, among many other things, to use Facebook in a responsible and safe way, how to save our documents on the computer in an organized way in order not to loose them anymore. We also learned how to do a more effective search using Google. For example, if you want to search for a quote you put quotation marks before and after your search phrase. But, if you want to look for a theme that has made headlines you put In title: Barak Obama and you will get all the news that has Barak Obama in the headlines. This helps us to downsize the results and we will have most likely important news of Obama. If you dont put In title you will end up with thousand and thousand of results because it will give you every thing where the name Obama appears. Another interesting data Obed told us is that if you want to look for the information published of Obama in a X or Y site you write Obama site:www.elnuevodia.com for example. That will give you everything published in El Nuevo Da of Obama. There were many questions answered and the workshop lasted for almost four hours. We have to thank Obed for such a good workshop and to Daniel and Lucette for the delicious hors doeuvres and wine they served us. There are going to be more workshops for sure. We have so much to learn! The next two workshops, Obed announced, will be about organizing and processing our photos using Picasso and e-marketing tools on the web. Shellac manos y pies$25.00 Facial$30.00 Cambio de ImagenColor completo, High Lights, corte, secado, plancha y tratamiento $129.00 Tel. 787-716-4750 HorarioMartes a Sabado 8:30am8pm Domingos11am 5pmBlower $16.00al presentar este anuncio, no importa el largo del cabelloCerticados de regalo disponibles. Ciertas restricciones aplican. Mam merece lo mejor Ofertas de belleza para la poca de mam


32 www.LLPalmas.com PAC At Palmas there is NO excuse not to be t. We have the best trainers in the world! Jackie Rodrguez (in charge of the PAC tness program) and Juan Vlez who is now stationed at our PAC tness Center. Juan is a wonderful personal trainer with a very soft style. He makes you do 100 crunches with a smile on his face. What about doing 50 more? he will ask you softly. And the worst part? You end up doing it!! Juan has a very good track record with some of our friends like Jos Flores, Abdiel Rosado, Edwin Lafontain, Hector Aponte and Ruben Chamorro among many others. My goal is to create permanent chang es in people as I did with myself, he said and explained that he likes to go beyond esthetics criteria. I want to communicate that exercise should be fun and enjoyable. It should not be a burden. It should be a space and time for yourself, he said, I like to motivate people to change their lifestyles and incorporate exercise as part of their normal life. I was overweight and when my father started having health problems, he started to exercise and loose weight and that mo tivated me. Exercise is contagious. You see the results in other people and you want it for you. That happens a lot with couples or with families. One gets started and the rest follow. For example, Emilio Miranda started to do personal training and Ivonne Maldonado and Dr. Graciany Miranda also started. Now the three of them are exercising as part of their life. What are the benets of a having a personal trainer? I asked. The benet of having a personal trainer are several, he said and ex plained: You have the benet of having somebody that knows how to take you faster to your goal without injuries. It helps you with the commitment. Some body is waiting for you and you have to be there. You have nutritional coaching what to eat and what not to eat to obtain your goals. Somebody that works with you on your specics needs and conditions and help you maximize the tools available at the gym. THE BODY SUSPENSION TRAININGOur gym has magnicent equipment and you as a PAC member have the right to use it completely free. Now Juan is there from 6:30 am to 9:00 am and from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm to answer any question and to give you orientation on the use of the equipment. Juan is also available for personal training services, which you contract directly with him. If youve visited the PAC facilities recently you have seen a new strange machine with cables hanging. This is a Body Suspension Training device which particularity helps you strengthen your core. It works with your own body weight and you add weight with inclination managing your weight against gravity. Right now, Juan is working with the high performance Palmas tennis team to help them gain strength in order to avoid injuries and become faster and stronger which should improve the athletic performance. Nevertheless Juan claries that the Body Suspension Training could be used by everybody (that doesnt have a medical impairment) but with proper supervision. No excuses. We have everything in Palmas! Go for it! Health is our most valuable asset. Its means quality of life. And, you feel so good! Its a matter of making that decision. Personal training could be individually, in couple or as a group. Its worth every penny. I could give faith to that. PAC members can also take the differ ent tness classes at Los Lagos like XCO, Flexi -Bar, Pilates, Water Zumba, indoor cycling among other through a coupon book system sold at PAC outlets. has Juan! By Lissette Rosado


Swimming Pool Fences Pool Fences Pool Nets Swimming Pool Covers Get Your Free Estimate Now!787.607.5441 Automatic Pool Covers Pool Safety Covers Removable Pool Fencewww.poolsafetyfences.comPool Safety Nets THE BODY SUSPENSION TRAININGhas Juan! APRILApril 1 Medal Play Golf Tournament April 8 Easter Egg Hunt at the Beach Club April 13 PHA Tournament April 14 -Tennis Mens 3.5 Menonita April 17 FL Lady Stableford April 21Tennis Mens 3.5 Cabo Rojo U-12-1/U12-II April 22 Golf Channel Tournament April 28 Salsa Night at the Clubhouse -members only April 29 Tennis U-12-1/Caparra JOIN THE FUN! BE PART OF IT! All activities are subject to change.PACActivities CalendarMAYMay 4 Golf 11Th Fundacin Peditrica de Diabetes May 5 PL Mothers Day Tournament Mexican Night at the Clubhouse (members only) May 6 Mothers Day Brunch at the Clubhouse May 8 PL Lady Par 3Pending May 11 Golf PR Dream Team May 18 Gold P.E.C.E.S. Tournament May 20 Dentists Tournament May 27 Golf Channel TournamentJUNE (PREVIEW)June 16 Fathers Day Tournament By Lissette Rosado Golf / 656-3020 Tennis / 656-3025 Beach Club / 656-3030 Restaurants Members Lounge / 656-3010 Palm/Flamoyan Rest / 656-3011 Tennis Bar & Grill / 656-3023 Beach Club Blu Rest / 656-3027 Beach Club Salitre Bar / 656-3028


34 www.LLPalmas.com Juanma vs. Salido What a great idea of the PAC to have the ght at the Beach Club. Its like having a big family party in a big family terrace. Everybody enjoyed; the kids, the men and the women like me, that could care less about ghts but that like to share with friends and family. under the stars


787.850.0090 Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar. PALMAS FAMILY MART Fast service & security all the timesAsk for our great variety of wines & craft beers! Auto Expreso Retail Location The best prices in town! be f i tby2New! New bikes Schwinn EvolutionSR Schedule Mon / Wed / Tue / ThuIndoor CyclingClasses will be held at Los Lagos Club & Spa. Same day reservations accepted. Reservations are held until 15 minutes prior to the class. Need to check in at the front desk for bike assignment. Minimum attendance required 3 persons per class. NO ATH / Credit Cards PRICES 8 Classes $69 12 Classes $89* 16 Classes $109 Cost Per Class Los Lagos Members -$10 Non Members $12 PAC Members 2 ticketsFor more information call 787. 996.8797 Fri


& TENNIS T OURN AMENT Guys Dolls The 2012 st Annual Guys and Dolls Members Only Tennis Tournament was held Saturday March 3rd. The one-day tournament attracted 27 couples. Among the pairs was the elder statesman of the group, 71 year-old Ray Gresalfi. Many took time off from regular league play and practices to participate in this fun event. The president of the Tennis Club, Gamiel Rosado, and Tennis Board Director, Jose Pepito Vasquez, not only organized and promoted the event but also participated as players. Pro Shop Manager Patricia Emmanuelli was the tournament director and Melitza Milian was her assistant. Melitza describes the Guys and Dolls tournament as A family ambiance with lots of fun and happiness. A round robin was played throughout the day in several categories. The awards presentation was at the Saturday night party in Parque Krofesi.


www.LLPalmas.com 37 TENNIS T OURN AMENTGuysDolls& The injured family A power nap under the Tennis Court trees is always a good thing.




Massage Only $5060 minutesat Palmas del Mar 787.967.9115 Therapeutic massage body scrubs $30. (1/2 hour) Anti Cellulite Massage Manual Fat Reduction Lymphatic Massage Post Cosmetic Surgery Massage two therapist for couples simultaneus massages ($65.ea.) Only $50Customized Monte Sol for rent $1,200 Maralago for rent Crescent Beach Studio For sale 319 K Shell Castle Lot for sale 220 K Fairway Courts For rent $1,200 Aquabella For rent $2,000 Nani Carlos OmayraChange your Culebra Island Realty Specializinig in Culebra & Palmas del MarJim Galasso 787.435.6752 Culebra Cheryl Calasso 787.435.6596 Palmas del Mar www.culebraislandrealty.com Lic #7885 located on the secluded east end of Culebra just 250 yards above Zoni Beach. On a one acre property in a 31 property residential community zoned one acre a house. Residence is a three separate building compound. Four Bedrooms and four bathslarge patios decks and pool. Excellent views to Culebrita and St Thomas and perfect trade breeze exposure. Due to Culebras restrictive zoning there is nothing commercial for over three miles. Priced just reduced to $995K for the PR Stimulus LawCulebra!Casa AquabellaA true tropical oasis Culebra!Culebra!


www.LLPalmas.com 43 Palmas Academy On February 11th The Palmas Academy celebrated its annual Gala Festival at the Yacht Club. This years Gala, which has become a highly expected event in Palmas, was also the celebration of the Academys 20th anniversary. The opening act was a great performance by the school band directed by Mr. Samuel Molina, the Academys music teacher. The main event of the evening was the silent auction of gifts baskets, prepared by the faculty and parents of the Academy, and the paintings done by the students under the direction of Mrs. Lizzy Sanabria. The attendees were amazed at the quality and creativity of the students in this years Gala. Thanks to the contributions of the sponsors and the proceeds from the silent auction and ticket sales the scholarship program fundraiser was a great success. The Palmas Academy thanks all who contributed to this cause.


44 www.LLPalmas.com Palmas Academy


46 www.LLPalmas.com Palmas Athletic Club Tennis Center hosted the 2012 Palmas Annual on the weekends of January 27 and February 5. The ambiance during both weekends was great and the atmosphere of the tennis center was awesome. The tournament registered 356 tennis players, which were the most entries of any tennis tournament on the island for 2012. Including friends and family of players and guests that were visiting Palmas the number of people easily exceeded 500 plus people on the grounds of the tennis center in any given Saturday or Sunday of the Palmas Annual. The Tennis Center was the place to hang out and watch some great tennis competition or reserve a court and play tennis or take a tennis lesson. And of course enjoy some great food at the center court bar and grill. The Tennis Committee and its Leader and President Gamiel Rosado organized another great event. Tennis Board Director Jos Pepito Vazquez did another great job in the promotion of the tournament. Pro Shop Manager Patricia Emmanuelli and her staff played a key role in making sure everyone had a great experience. Nestor Robles and Ramn Figueroa of Center Court Bar and Grill served the players and guests with their great menu of food plus they set up a Pinchos Tent Stand that all players enjoyed. PTF Tennis Professionals provided tennis lessons services for members and guests. Marcel Burger and maintenance staff did a great job of the upkeep of the courts and grounds. Players need plenty of water in the hot sun and Marcels staffs of Juan, Raul and Noel were ready to keep the water coolers full. Chris Pennock and S taff made sure the landscaping looked beautiful for the event. Juan Velez was available for competitors at the fitness center for some stretching advice before and after tennis matches. Tournament directors Sammy Torres and Juan Vzquez may have had their hands full with so many players but they both did an excellent job in directing a very smooth tournament. The Divisions were Mens and Womens Singles and Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Several PAC Members and PTF Tennis Professionals were Champions or finalists. Finalist mix 2.5 Finalist mix 3.5 Champ mix 4.0 Finalist mix 4.0 Champ mix 3.0


Champ & Finalist Mens/4.5 Champ & Finalist Women/4.0 Champs Mens/4.0 doubles Champ Mix/2.5 Champ & Finalist Womens 3.5 singles Champ & Finalist Womens/2.5 Champ Mens/3.5 doubles Finalist Womens/3.0 doubles Champion Women/3.0 double Champion/3.5 doubles Champs & Finalist/4.0 doubles Champs & Finalist/3.5 doubles Mens/3.5 Single Champs & Finalist Mens/3.0 singles


Talking to them is like music to your ears. It feels so encouraging to hear young people so fo cused and centered. They are Krizia Lpez and Jos (Gussy) Lpez, siblings and Palmas Academy students. Krizia is fteen and Jos is fourteen and theyve been practicing Artistic Gymnastics since toddlers. They practice everyday, from Monday through Saturday 4 hours a day! And when do you do your homework? I asked. In the car. On the way to our house in Caguas and on the way to our practice in Carolina and back, they answered with such normality. Wow! Thats willpower. I learned that on top of being excellent at gymnastic they are good students. Krizia wants to be a veterinarian; Gussy wants to study Business Administration to have a sport related business. With their discipline and determination Im sure they will achieve that and more. We have learned from gymnastic not only to be disciplined but also we have learned to manage stress, organize our time, responsibility, concentration, self-esteem and to deal with people that are not that nice with you, they said. Gymnastic makes you grow in your heart and in your mind, they added. Thats beautiful!THEIR ACHIEVEMENTSThey both belong to the Puerto Rican Youth Selection. Jos just ended 18 among 215 competitors in the Houston National Invitational Tournament. In that same competition last year he ended in the ninth position on the pommel horse and in 2008 both participated in the Pan-American games. In 2010 Krizia qualied to participate in the Centro American Games but could not participate for medical reasons. That summer she ended 1st at a competition in Costa Rica. He is champion of Puerto Rico for levels 4,6,7,8 and 9 (after 9 he will be in the professional category). She is candidate for the Singapore Youth Olympic in 2014 and they both have the goal to participate one day in the Olympic Games. We will keep you posted. P A L M A N O V A P L A Z AT E L. 7 8 7 8 5 0 2 6 9 3Burritos Two for TuesdaysBUY ONE AND GET ONE FREEOF THE SAME PRICE OR LESS TAKE OUT DOES NOT APPLY FOR THIS OFFER EVERY TUESDAY FROM 7PM TO 9PM FOR APRIL AND MAYOPEN 7 DAYSMON, TUES, WED, THURS 4PM 11PM FRI 4PM 2AM, SAT 12PM 2AM SUN 12PM TO 11PMThirsty Thursdays Our Famous Margaritas 2 X 1 FROM 7PM TO 9PMLOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK CHIHUAHUA TEX MEX CANTINANew MenuTEX MEX cantinaC H I H U A H U A P A L M A SMunchies Till Late!Fri and Sat Kitchen closes 12am only appetizers


Did you know that we have among our Palmas homeowners a 9/11 hero? His name is Alfredo Fuentes, better known as Al Fuentes. He is Ecuadorian by birth, American by choice and Puerto Rican by adoption (actually I though he was Puerto Rican until the day of the inter view). Captain Alfredo Fuentes is the highest-ranking New York City reghter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. Fuentes was leading the reboats on the harbor to carry away survivors from the burning World Trade Center. In the midst of coordinat ing rescuers and pulling wounded reghters from the wreckage in order to speed them to area hospitals, Fuentes himself was caught in the collapsing rubble as he rushed to search for more survivors in the North Tower. He sustained crushing injuries to his skull, lungs, and ribs and lay pinned beneath a steel girder for over two hours. When the second tower collapsed, Fuentes was trapped, but managed to answer his radio after two hours in the rubble. Al was in coma for two weeks. I will never, ever forget that day, said Eileen his beloved wife of 32 years and added that it took her ve hours to arrive to the hospital where Al was being taken. Eleven years later there is still emotion in their words. I lost around 200 friends and co-workers that day, Al said. The memories of that day are sharp and clear, he said. If you want to read the complete story of Als odyssey you should buy Als book, American By Choice. Its a very warm and enlightening book that shows what commitment, faith and compassion is all about. Then...The Puerto Rico affairOther than being a reghter, Al Fuentes was a consultant and had performed work for FEMA for many years. One of those missions brought him to Puerto Rico in 1989 for Hugo Hurricane and later on for the Rio Piedras explosion. After those visits, he would always tell his wife that they should come here on vacation, which they did. The rst time they stayed in San Juan but by the time their next trip came along Eileen googled Puerto Rico try ing to nd a place to stay with the kids and she found Palmas del Mar. They stayed in Beach Villa and Al recalls that they were walking along the beach when Eileen told him, This is heaven on Earth! The rest is history, they fell in love with Palmas and that was eleven years ago. A year after 9/11 occurred and after Al had recovered, Eileen suggested a return to Palmas. They came with her parents and thats when they bought their rst home in Palmas. We purchased our rst home in Fairlakes III and recently we bought a villa in Marbella, Al said. They bought a gorgeous villa she fell in love with right in front of the ocean, said Dally Castillo, their realtor. Its denitely an honor to have a hero among us but more than anything a person with high principles and commitment. Palmas has adopted you and Eileen. Al Fuentes... a hero among us 9.11.01


50 www.LLPalmas.com The prestigious interior Designer Sonia Sanz, has just opened her new boutique SONIA SANZ at Palmanova Plaza. The new and beautiful boutique specializes in casual elegant clothing for women in uid contemporary styles that are ideal for our Palmas Living. Fabrics are mainly linen and organic cotton and the exclusive lines carried are Eileen Fisher, Lauren Vidal, Wilt, and Clu to name a few. Sonia also brings accessories to match the wonderful apparel she so carefully chooses for her clients. The store also offers an interesting mix of ceramics art and home gifts. No doubt that this new boutique is a plus in the Palmas shopping menu. We females are very happy! The store is located at Palmanova Plaza next to Blue Hawai and opens Wednesdays through Sundays. Store hours vary according to day of the week. For more information please call Sonia at 787-502-0565. SONIA SANZ opens at Palmas! Dont ask us!l Conveniently located in your neighborhood at Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119palmasinsurance@gmail.com Ask our clients... 787.850.9209 Yesef Y. Cordero Lebrn, Esq.Member and PresidentB.A., University of Michigan, M.B.A., University of Rochester J.D., University of Puerto Rico San Jos Shopping Center, Suite 7 375 Dr. Vidal Street Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791-3944 (Next to Supermercados del Este) Phone (787) 620-8248 Fax (787) 620-8249 Offering premier and resposive bilingual legal services for sophisticated clientsESTATE AND PROBATE LAW Estate Planning Family-Business Succession Last Will and Testaments Donations Probate Trusts REAL ESTATE LAW Acquisitions and Sales Workouts and Restructurings Affordable Housing Development Notarial Services CORPORATE LAW COMMERCIAL LITIGATION Breach of Contracts Collections Administrative Proceedings Appellate LitigationE-Mail: corderolaw@mail.com


www.LLPalmas.com 51 at The Salon R ouge


When you are sorrowful look unto your heart and youll see that you are weeping for that which has been your delight. He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory abides with us more potent, more present than the living man. Like many men of the military my Grandfather lived by the motto Strength and honor. I decided to wear white today because white symbolizes the color of purity, which is exactly how he kept his heart and soul. It is not a time to mourn his death but to honor his life. He lived his life strong and proud, and prospered thru the face of adversity to help pave the way so his family could live the American dream. When he wore his hat he walked with his chest out and his chin up, and you couldnt tell him anything to change that. He was a humble man that lived to serve his country, his family, but most of all his God. We can all take a little from the life he lived to help us remember just why we are here... to serve a life for God. We know now he is in a better place celebrating with the Lord as we should too...You were and are the Great est Man I know Papi and I pray to be able to live up to the example youve left for me. There will always be a special place for you in my heart... What the heart has once known, it shall never forget. To live in the hearts we leave behind, is to NEVER die. Giovanni Aponte Our very dear neighbor, Myrna Ros, recently lost her father, Hipolito Rios Cruz. Mr. Cruz was also Palmas Homeowner of Villa Franca. The service was a very touching and heartfelt one. His very emotional grandson, Giovanni wrote and delivered the following eulogy to his grandfather.MY HERO CPM & REALTORS 295 Palmas Inn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Club Cala Paradise A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. Share your dreams with the one you love Come to Puerto Rico and you will see why we are called The Enchanted Island 787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com ServiceOK Refrigeration & Electrical Contractorswww.okservicepr.comAir Conditioning Certied Electrician Services Repairs of: 787.748.7352 Some of our clients are:


www.LLPalmas.com 53 This year, I was given the amazing opportunity to present and sell a work of art in The Palmas Academys Annual Gala. It all started one day when I was in Mrs. Lizzies classroom, and she asked me to paint something for the activity. At rst I was very excited and zealous to work on this new and interesting project, but then, I started thinking about all the work I had to get done during a short period of time. With all of the schoolwork and extracurricular activities I had, it was a challenge for me to balance it with my schedule. Mrs. Lizzie kept telling me not to worry because she believed I could do it, but I still doubted myself. I had no formal art training or experience before this task which added even more to my nerves. I was asking myself, Am I able to pull this off?, What if it comes out horribly ugly?, and What have I gotten myself into? All of these questions were running through my mind. When I started painting, all of these nerves and anxiety left my brain, and I was caught in this world where nothing mattered. Art helps students made a presentation related to bul lying and the consequences. Also we had our second Poetry competition to select who was going to represent The Palmas Academy in the National Poetry Out Loud contest. In the Regional Spelling Bee we were represented with an outstanding performance of an eight grade student, Miss Olivia Thurman. And also for the third year TPA compete in the Patriots Pen and Voice for Democracy essay contests and one of our students, Olivia Thurman, is competing in the nation wide competition. Weve also had the Gala Art Exhibition, which was completely created by the students from the schools Advanced Art Class. During February we had our second Red Cross Blood drive. It was a wonderful experience where students, parents and community members unite for the benet of others. As you can see the beginning of this semester in TPA has been very busy. It has brought out the best of The Palmas Academys student body, which shows their strength, leadership, and talent in our community.On this edition and from now on we will be sharing with you their cultural, sports and academic experiences writen by them, from their perspective and point of view. Its feels so good see our youth growing so strong and balanced! me redress all the problems I face. I realized that I love art! After painting like a maniac for two weeks straight, the day nally arrived. I was excited to see my painting unveil itself to an audience. The thing that I was most excited but nervous about was seeing the urbane reactions people had when they saw my painting. I was surprised when people loved it. I felt like if I was praised for all the hard work I put into making this painting. At the end of the night, I was not ready to part ways with it, but I knew I had to. I am extremely and utterly grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this wonderful experience. I have been able to develop my art abilities with the help of Mrs. Lizzie and my classmates. While working for the Gala, I acquired an amazing experience that helps me as a person now, and in the future. By Adriana Snchez The Palmas Academy is an amazing school, with a great environment for both students and teachers. This 20112012 school year has been one of the busiest year for the school. There have been a large number of activities, and students are constantly standing out in them. For instance, during this semester we begin with National Honor Societys Leader ship Workshop together with Colegio La Piedad and Colegio Santa Gema. In February we celebrated the Prevention and Security Week where we received excellent informa tion on how to prevent high risks activities while driving, bicycling, skateboarding and driving golf carts. During this week the Drama


On Saturday, January 14th, The Palmas Academy hosted the Na tional Honor Society Leadership Workshop. For many of the students, who were present, including myself, the experience was an unforget table one. From the introduction activities, to the teamwork, to the fun and games, the workshop was a complete success. At rst, it seemed to many of us that an educational workshop on a Saturday morning in the school was not the best way to start off the weekend. Its hard enough to wake up early every day to go to school; that week, we had to sacrice our Saturday as well. Nevertheless, this is one of those experiences that prove all of those negative early assumptions wrong. The workshop began at about 9:00 AM that Saturday. Everyone looked a bit tired, but we were ready to begin. Besides having students from our own school, we had a group of visitors from two other schools joining us as well. One of the highlights of the day was the introduction game, which was a method used by the ofcials so that we could all get to know each other a little better. Its amazing how everyone got all red up, and how we all immediately became friends. After a series of pointers on how to be leaders, we were separated into teams for a special task. The objective of the project was to draw a mountain with our life goal written on top it; on one side of the mountain, we wrote all of the obstacles in the way towards that goal; on the other, we wrote all of the ways we could surpass those obstacles. It seemed very simple, but there was one very important instruction that made the teamwork very challenging: we had to write all of these things down without talking. After everyone was nished, every team presented what they had worked on. Later on, we all had our lunch in the cafeteria, and we moved on to the covered court to play a series of games. We played 2 or 3 of them, and then left to the nal ceremony, where we all got certi cates awarded to us because of our attendance and participation in the conference. One of the best scenes was to see how much we all bonded in the activity. Its great to know that only after a few hours of knowing each other, we got along so well. Although we could have spent our Saturday morning sleeping or watching TV, we attended this conference and realized that many times, these opportunities given to us day after day cannot be repeated. In the end, we learned how to be great leaders and we enjoyed ourselves at the same time. Indeed, many experiences cannot be replaced, and this is one of those that will remain in the memory of many for a very long time. By Jonathan Mndez When I heard about Poetry Out Loud Contest last year from my English teacher, I was extremely ecstatic, I am very passionate about poetry, but I feel I have never had many opportunities with it, especially, since I love reciting poetry more than anything. It is amazing how you can make something that was written by someone else, something that touches your soul in such way and you make it your own. You must feel the poetry in such a way that when you recite it, it sounds like if you were the author. Poetry is all of the feelings that a human being may feel transmitted into words. This is almost like magic right in your ngertips. When I went to the assembly, I had already met our wonderful coach of the past year, Lady Lee Andrews, poet and owner of The Poets Passage in Old San Juan. Here, they showed us videos from past years, and let us recite our poem to receive constructive criticism from the other coaches, which were also poets. Here, we all knew we were in a competition, but it was so much more than that. We all had a passion for poetry. Automatically we became friends and I am glad to say I hold one of those friendships close to this day. Poetry out Loud is one of the greatest opportunities because if I win in Puerto Rico, I get to go to Washington with all expenses paid, and if I win in Washington Ill receive 20,000 dollars in scholarship for myfavorite university. Throughout this time you are creating friend ships and memories that you will never forget. This year, I won our school competition. The state competition will be March 17th at the Francisco Arriv Theater. I am looking forward to all of the memories that are yet to be made. By Camila Prez


By Camila Prez Last year, we created what we thought was going to be an extremely short, simple play for antibullying week. However, what we actually got was a great chance for our high school students to display their feelings about bullying. It denitely turned out to be more than we expected when everyone began getting emotional after it. We took this time to try and get to the root of the problem in our school. Naturally, since the play was such a success last year, we were asked to do something similar this year. Unfortunately, after that big breakthrough they had last year, something had changed but not as much as we wouldve wanted to today. Therefore, this year we added real situations that had been recorded as bullying in the school. Afterwards, we asked all the classes to make a pledge among their class about how they would try and x bullying within them. We came to the conclusion that sometimes we joke around, but we sometimes dont know where the line is crossed. People need to set their own limits and stand up for yourself when you feel bullied. Standing up for yourself may be as easy as telling someone. We all have the chance to make each school a bully free school if we stand up against it because the bullies arent going to go away. The bullied have to take action, and speak out. This activity was part of the Prevention and Security Week celebrated during the week of February 6-10, 2012, Sponsor by the Counseling Services Ofces of The Palmas Academy. 1,620 ft 2 interior Plus 561 ft 2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Stainless steel appliances Granite counter tops 16 foot cathedral ceilings Furnished MARALAGO PENTHOUSE$540,000PRICED TO SELL or assume mortgage and receive$100,000 IN CASH CALL 787.536.5757 FOR MORE INFORMA TION Counseling Deeds Purchase-Sale; Mortgage & Cancellation of Mortgage; Pre-Nuptial Agreements; Wills; Emancipations; Donations; Construction Certications; Afdavits; Community Property divisions, Declaration of Heirs, Legal name change, etc..RITA MOLINELLI, ESQ.VIP PROPERTIES/RITA MOLINELLI (787) 285-5058; 285-5059; 285-6678; 852-4959 We provide the BEST Quality service with Sales, Property Management, Relocation Service, Long or Short Term Rentals. rita@cometopalmas.com For all your legal Real Estate needsPalmanova Plaza 134, Palmas Del MarSales and rentals in Palmas del MarINTRODUCING A NEW LAWYER IN THE FAMILY: RITAS DAUGHTER: MARIANA NOGALES MOLINELLI, ESQ. Protect your property from lawsuits. Also, powers of attorney under the new law. Call us for more details.


French Connection The CHEZ DANIEL Open for dinner W ednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on T uesdaysTAPAS BAROpen Mondays from 4:00PM to 11:00PM Open W ednesdays to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM Closed on T uesdays BISTRO RICOLight lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on Sundays787.850.3838 DONT MISS THE SUNDAY BRUNCH AT CHEZ DANIEL!AT PALMAS DEL MAR


DONT MISS THE SUNDAY BRUNCH AT CHEZ DANIEL!AT PALMAS DEL MAR I moved from New York last August to attend 8th grade at Palmas Academy. Coming here I knew I would have the oppor tunity to learn Spanish and to experience Puerto Rican culture. What I didnt expect is to have incredible American academic opportunities that I was not offered in my New York school. First, I got to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, something I have always known about and seen on TV but never done. Although the entire experience was nerve-wracking, it was incredibly exciting and fun. Standing in front of a microphone with the anticipation of your next word forces you to be courageous and in control. Although spelling a word doesnt seem hard, even the simplest of words can become complicated when you are in front of an audience and cameras. I won the Palmas Academy spelling bee, I was a nalist in the regional competition held in Guayama, and I placed 5th in the island-wide competition. The word I misspelled, by a careless error, will forever be tabooed in our household. S-Y-M-M-E-T-RI-C-A-L. I also had the opportunity to submit an essay for the Patriots Pen competition of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. I thought it was ironic that I had to move to Puerto Rico to have the opportunity to write a patriotic Olivia Thurman essay about being an American! I was thrilled that my essay got chosen to represent the Palmas Academy, won in all of Puerto Rico, and then in the entire region of the Caribbean. My essay is now being judged in Washington D.C., along with 50 other essays representing each state. These are just two of the incredible opportunities Ive had in Puerto Rico, and I thank my English teacher Mrs. Veronica Rivera for mentoring me through these. Although I am moving back to New York soon, I will never forget my amazing year at the Palmas Academy and in Puerto Rico.


Point Break The Beach Bohio...Open Monday -Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm Same light menu with some new additions!787.850.4142a magic spot in Palmas MUSIC SUNDAYS from 1:00 to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday 11am-10pm Saturdays and Sundays 8am-10pm. Tel 787.656.9500Every Sunday Domingo Criollo at the Tennis Center with authentic Puertorican specialsAsk for our Famous Half Pound Burgers & try our Oriental Chicken WingsJoin our VIP customer list anyone else about our weekly Sunday specials and special activities. Serving Breakfast Saturdays & Sundays


Nick PizarroThe P almas Academy Class of 2010 Syracuse University: Drama Department Class of 2014 The Palmas Academy has been around for how long?! What happened to the small school with casitas? What happened to The Best Kept Secret? What happened to The Dolphin Shack? (Oh yeah, old school) Actually no, it isnt an old school at all. The Palmas Academy celebrates its very youthful 20th birthday, and Ive got to say, Wow, its amazing to see how much a few casitas could accomplish in only 20 years. The beautiful thing about Palmas is that despite a devastating hurricane, a few nasty tropical storms, swine u, and a few renovations, the soul of The Palmas Academy still remains the way it was in those very casitas. The strength of The Palmas Academy is in its connection to its educational community. The relationship between students and faculty is immensely inuential in our learning process. In my experience, I found that having that sort of relationship with a teacher helps with truly understanding why we need to go to school, and become educated; also in humanizing the teachers, it makes them more like mentors. Honestly, if you cant talk to a teacher about what their favorite movie is, how do you expect to talk to them about the symbolism of color in The Great Gatsby? Its all relative. I know what youre saying by now, What? Nick Pizarro was given an opportunity to talk about his experience at The Palmas Academy, and not once has he mentioned anything about Theatre or Art? Well Reader, I have two things to say to you. One, I always save the best for last, and Two, I (and Im quite sure that I can speak for a few others) honestly would not have had the artistic freedom that allowed me to pursue my dream if it wasnt for the teachers that supported it. Also, Im probably not supposed to say this, but its true, and I think it needs to be known. When the Educational Accreditation Association came to The Palmas Academy, they said, The Arts Department at The Palmas Academy is one of the greatest strengths in that school. I leave you with that bit of information to think about. P ALMAS A CADEMY A L U MNIRead what they have to say! Keeping track Michelle MaquedaGraceland University playing soccer and studying Sports Management and Business Administration. Lets Go Dolphins! Lets Go! The chant that kept me going. The pride of being part of The Palmas Academy family. 1996 was when I took my rst step in Ms. Nikkis kindergarten class. I did not know any English and like every new student in school I was shy and did not know anyone, but with open arms I was welcomed. Little did I know that 14 years later I would leave knowing English as if it was my rst language and having a family to rely on. Most of my classmates Ive known since I rst set foot in that classroom, and what better feeling is there than to say yeah Ive known them my whole life. All my good memories revolve around my experience with friends in Palmas. I remember waking up early just so I could ride my golf cart to school, getting excited for tournaments because of pep rallys, having pride in my class to have the urge to win every game at Field Day, and doing my best in athletics because those intense bickering games was what made me happy. As the years passed each rst day of school was exciting; being able to see your friends and just reminisce about previous years made it all worth it. There are no better words to hear than remember the time coming from one of my classmates. I remember times like; when the Easter Hat Parade came along and seeing extravagant hats with sometimes live animals; our class always singing Preciosa by Marc Anthony in all our Puerto Rican nights; racing to see who would nish rst in penmanship class; and just sitting together in every class having fun, creating moments that I now treasure. It was sad at rst knowing I had to leave and start a new chapter once I graduated. The Palmas Academy was just the beginning of what I know consider the best years of my life. I am now going to my third year in Graceland University playing soccer and studying Sports Management and Business Administration. Ive made friends from all around the world and I learn something new every day. I have TPA to thank for because of who I am today and for preparing me on everything and things that are yet to come. Even though Im now a Yellowjacket, I will forever be proud of being a Dolphin!


The unique all white event, LA BUENA VIDA FESTIVAL returns to Palmas del Mar and will be held Saturday April 28th, 2012 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. This year the festival will honor Bacchus Roman God of Wine. The event, which features exquisite menus prepared by renowned Chefs, luscious wines, beautiful and invaluable art auction, makes this Festival one of the most elegant and prestigious festivals on the Island.Some historyThis wonderful fund raising event was created 16 years ago by a group of concerned and dedicated members of our community who wanted to support several entities, all nonprot organizations that help to improve the lives of the women and children of the Southeast region of Puerto Rico. This creative group, in turn, engaged notable Chefs, wine connois seurs, and widely known and highly esteemed artists who throughout 16 years have provided unrelenting sup port and their valued work to these causes. The founding members and the ones who started this wonderful event are Daniel & Lucette Vasse, Mary Jo & Gaby Espasas, Brenda & Egidio Montanile and Suzanne & Jim Harvie. As part of the Organizing Committee are Ivette & Cucho Vicens, Yvonne & Tonin Casillas, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Betsy Padin, Dianne & David Frazier, Walter & Lor raine Cervoni, Lola & Antonio Roig, Celine Vasse Kike Toro Garraton and Ivonne Cruz, 2010 Chairman. by Lissette Rosado16th La Buena Vida Festival... Yelyn Vivoni, Coralina IILa Buena Vida Festival...a wonderful way to spend a night and aid people who really need it... Salud!


Daniel Vasse, from Chez Daniel, one of the main pillars of La Buena Vida Festival.The artistsErnesto Akab, Clarissa Biaggi, Sylvia Blanco, Moiss Castillo, Cecilio Coln, Diana Dvila, Eddie Ferraioli, Toni Hambleton, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Luis Ivorra, Diego Jacobson, Roxanna Jordn, Daniel Lind Ramos, Brezaida Medina, Betsy Padn, Nestor Paoli, Frances Pic, William Quetzacoatl, Peter Radosta, Aixa Requena, Aby Ruiz, Erick Sanchez, Jaime Suarez, Rafael Trelles, Juan Ramn Velazquez, Yelyn Vivoni. New artists: Bernardo Medina, Ivonne Pratts, Ivonne Colom, Cristina Cordova The chefsThis year, La Buena Vida Festival counts with local chefs such as: Alex Snchez of Bistro Catalina, Ariel Rodrguez of Augustos Cuisine, Augusto Shreiner of Art Cooking School, David Chaimol of Bistro de Paris, Didier Mathieu Private Chef, Frank Arnould of Chez Daniel, Jose Santaella of Santaella Restaurant, Jess Herbon of Kasalta, Chef Mario Pagn of Laurel Restaurant and Lemon Grass Restaurant, Rafael Quinones of Caribe Hilton Hotel, Franco Seccarelli of Il Nuovo Perugino, Gustavo Es trado of Wyndham Garden Palmas del Mar and Marisol Hernndez of Marisol Catering. La Buena Vida Festival... Juan Ramn VelzquezFigura subiendo escalera. The wine distributors at the wine tasting for La Buena Vida held at Bistro Paris in Santurce.The winesB. Fernndez, Ballester Hermanos, Destilera Serralls, Bodegas Mndez, V. Surez y Bodegar are among the distributors that year after year participate of this important event.


62 www.LLPalmas.com La Buena Vida tickets will be available at Chez Daniel: 787850-3838. Tickets will not be sold at the door. All white cocktail attire. Starting at 7:30 pm, Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Palmas del Mar. $175.00 per person plus IVU. You can also buy your tickets through: The music & entertainmentThe Buena Vida Festival also includes music, entertainment and lots of surprises. This Year, La Buena Vida Committee, in a joint venture with the prestigious Aqua Company, lead by Javier Martnez, are planning and developing a very creative themed ambiance inspired in the God Baccus. Thats what makes each Buena Vida unique and special, said Ivonne Cruz, chairperson of the Festival. The music will be in charge of As Somos, who played last year and was a huge success. Beautiful music for a beautiful ambiance, good food, good wine and friends for a good causeJust perfect! Intense Sincerity by Diego Jacobson Rojizo by Cecilio Coln Acrlico sobre masonite A caballo pal monte Brizaida Medina www.labuenavidafestival.com Moises Catillo, Ojala y yo fuera como tu Peter Radosta Rincn del alma ceramic Iniciacin Daniel Lind Electric warmers with automatic timer 48 -12 hours 68 fragrances to choose from Maribel deVarona


www.LLPalmas.com 63 Chef-Owner of two of Puerto Ricos nest restaurants, Laurel and Lemongrass. Chef Mario Pagn has had Puerto Ricos coveted Silver and Bronze Fork awards bestowed upon him. In August of 2005, Chef Pagn opened LemonGrass, at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he showcases PanAsian-Latino fusion dishes. Laurel Restaurant at the Museo de Puerto Rico is Chef Pagns latest successful feat. CHEF RAFAEL QUIONESRafael Quiones, graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, has had a successful professional trajectory working in several of the most prestigious hotels in and out of Puerto Rico. Currently, Rafael is the Assistant Chef for the Culinary Director, Mario Ferro, in the Banquet Department of the CARIBE HILTON. Rafael has also demonstrated his commitment with the community donating his time and talent to work with kids in need. Today he has said present to La Buena Vida. Frank Arnould is Daniel Vasses partner and right hand since 1987. Frank is one of the pioneer chefs of La Buena Vida Festival. Frank graduated from the Ecole de Cuisine Profesionnel de Champagne in 1984 with big plans in becoming a recognized chef in France, but destiny had other plans for him. He ended up on this little island that has become home for him.CHEF MARIO PAGNAugustos Restaurant chef and owner since 2005. Ariel has received several recognitions such as the Golden Medal from the Puerto Rico Culinary team for whom he continues to work as coach. He has also been awarded the Gold Fork and Master Chef Award of Puerto Rico. The type of food in his restaurant is international with a French twist. His menu changes accordingly with the seasons and his wine list are among the most complete on the island. Today he is owner and chef of Brasserie 801 and Augustos Restaurant. CHEF ARIEL RODRIGUEZth chef! www.LLPalmas.com 1 PHAPALMAS DEL MAR HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION MAGAZINEIN PALMASLIVE&LIFE Buena Vida Festival IS BACK!AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010 VOL. 3 NUM. 4lskdj f lks ksd lsk dksd Chef Marisoll has now twenty-ve years of experience in the gastronomic world and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Marisoll has been the consultant behind several and diverse successful culinary niches. Chef Marisoll Catering specializes in fabulous weddings, private and corporate events. CHEF MARISOLLAustrian born, Augusto Schreiner was transferred to Puerto Rico in 1974, and since then he has called it home. His master piece and culinary icon in Puerto Rico was the creation of the restaurant that has his name Augustos. In recent years Augustos has dedicated his time offering gourmet cooking classes and private activities. He is an authority when it comes to food and wine, Augustos is one of our pillars in gourmet cuisine locally and internationally. CHEF AUGUSTO SCHREINER CHEF FRANK ARNOULD


64 www.LLPalmas.com Daniel Vasse, French by birth and Puertorrican by adoption, is our Chef leader of this huge philanthropic effort called La Buena Vida Festival. He is one of the main pillars, soul and creators of this event. When Daniel asked for help from all his colleagues for La Buena Vida they said...Present! He is committed to what he believes is right and defends it with all his heart. Daniel is the owner and chef of Bistro Tartine, Chez Daniel, Bistro Rico and Tapas Bar at Palmas del Mar. Didier Matheu, is another of those French men who comes to Puerto Rico and is trapped by our enchanted island, and of course, a wonderful Puerto Rican woman named Irma Pea. Didier, is a passionate chef, he enjoys what he does and is committed to excellence. Every plate he does is made with great energy and passion. A customers compliment will bring forth his biggest smile. He was the coowner of the famous restaurant, La Chaumiere in old San Juan, which was open for decades and that we all still miss greatly. At the present and after so many years of sacrice Didier retired. He is now servicing private parties and dinners. His crepes are the best! CHEF DANIEL VASSE David Chaymol, chef and owner of Bistro Paris, began in the kitchens of Hotel Pullman, at the Arc en Ciel Restaurant (one macaroon in the Michelin Guide) en Lyon, France and later worked with famous chef Jean-Paul Lacombe, at the Lon de Lyon Restaurant (two macaroons ** in the Michelin Guide). Subsequently, he traveled to the Caribbean and was chef de Partie at Anguillas Hotel Casablanca where he met his Bistro partner Thierry Dupont. The chef worked on board sail ships and luxurious yachts that eventually brought him to Puerto Rico. CHEF DAVID CHAYMOL Jesus Herbn was born in Lugo, Spain. After arriving in Puerto Rico in 1985 the possibility of acquiring Kasalta emerged. Since 1987 Chef Herbn has been establishing new angles for Kasalta while always maintaining the main mission in mind. He is in charge of elaborating new menus and giving his business that peculiar trait that makes Kasalta a different bakery that provides the opportunity to savor elaborated dishes, in an informal atmosphere, while maintaining good taste for what is exquisite. CHEF JESUS HERBON The arrival of Gustavo marks a beginning in Santana Enterprise where the concept of food and beverage turns into part of their operations. At a young age he dedicated long hours in the development of concepts such as the Avocado Grill, XO Bistro. After Gustavos success at Caguas Real, his new project is the development of Amalgana Restaurant at the Wyndham Garden Hotel & Casino at Palmas del Mar. It promises to be fun, family oriented and will denitely leave you with a taste to come back again. CHEF GUSTAVO ESTRADA CHEF DIDIER MATHEU




romanceThe spell of the full moon...at the Yacht Clubmyth fun times the power of allure


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68 www.LLPalmas.com Real Estate in Palmas... looking good! In spite of everything, real estate investment in Puerto Rico has proven to be the safest way to save money and yes, you still can even make a prot. This is especially true in Palmas were your home is back up by a solid institution of homeowners that looks upon the community assets and general well being of the properties. One very important thing about Palmas del Mar is the fact that we, as homeowners, have made it a vital part of our lives to keep it as beautiful and attractive as it has ever been. This is a community devoted to keep Palmas del Mar as the unique and won derful place that we call home. If you are still just considering buying a property in Palmas you may well be wast ing an opportunity to acquire a valuable property at a great price if you dont act now! Palmas del Mar is hot, and the number of units sold during the last month is proof that the market is starting to recover. For example, the project of Plaza del Mar has completely sold and projects like Sunrise, that in the past had many foreclosures, is practically sold out--the same happened with Villa Franca II. -thats good news for buyers, who are shopping at a time of record-low interest rates, with 30-year mortgages available at around 4 percent interest. Our local market is still a buyers market, but a consistently shrinking inventory may indicate a more balanced buyer/seller situation. To get a better understanding of this situation Live & Life in Palmas interviewed several realtors in order to get their professional appreciation of the real estate situa tion. Here are their comments and interpretation. At Palmas, the number of homes up for sale is dropping. During the past months, many villas have been sold and this is an incredibly positive sign for the real estate for those who want to buy a property in Palmas del Mar. As soon as the inventory diminishes the prices will start to rise. The moment is now and the incentives are there. Plaza del Mar SOLD Sunrise SOLD By Lissette Rosado


Plaza del Mar SOLD Sunrise SOLD Scarcity versus abundance is the name of the game in the real estate market. When there are a lot of properties being offered, prices will go down. As soon as the inventory is reduced, prices will be higher. Many of the prop erties that have been foreclosed have been sold, so the inventory has been reduced dramatically and that means that prices will start going higher. One good sign that evidences that people are gaining condence and trust in this market is the growing number of owners that are repairing and remodeling their properties, some of them at a very high cost. Some of these properties have become, in fact, very luxurious and deserve the admiration of everyone. For example, in Crescent Beach, there are several units undergoing major remodelations and you would be amazed at the beauty and good taste they are exhibiting. Fortunately, all this will increase enormously the value of all the apartments in this complex and will contribute to the stabilization of the market. Recently we have seen a sig nicant improvement in the Real Estate market, this due to very attractive prices on the properties and the re-marketable low inter est combined with government incentives, among other reasons. The clientele varied, many are interested in buying foreclosed properties where prices have decreased considerably, and this has resulted in the stabilization of the market. Others have been interested in buying new properties, re-sales and a lot of long-term rentals. We highly recommend buyers to move quickly because this is a buyers market but the tendency is changing fast. A property you can enjoy and share with your family and friends. A property you can rent some of the time and offset the expenses. A property you can still sell, most of the time recovering the price you paid and sometimes making a prot. yes, as is the case for most of the properties that we have sold, the owner has not only recovered the money he paid, he has even made a prot. Everything in life occurs in cycles and swings; peaks and troughs; boom and bust. In order to have bust you must have boom and in order to have boom you must have bust. Buy low and sell high. It sounds so simple in theory but in practice its much more difcult. We always believe that stock will go up one more dollar and we become fearful real estate may never see demand again. You will never pick the perfect top or the exact bottom but when things are cheap, thats the time to buy. The worst of the market occurred in 2008 and we are now almost four years into rebuilding a foundation. At Oceano we cannot predict the perfect bottom but we believe now is the time to invest. We are investing a lot of money into Palmas Del Mar as well as are our investors and we believe now is the time for serious buyers and investors to get off the bench. Banks and governments are slowly but surely working through fundamental issues to clear inventory and to create open pathways for private capital to invest in the market. As this continues the absorption of product will accelerate and eventually the day will come when you realize the bottom is gone. We are operating in the new normal and now is the time to participate. Now is the time to become a buyerRita MollineliVIP RealtyEric SwiderOceano Resort SalesNani RooblesLifestyle Realty


70 www.LLPalmas.com Every piece of Real Estate is unique, in the terms, of location, proximity to the beach and / or the views the property of fers. These aspects make it that more challenging when selling and buying in an exclusive and enclosed, master planned neighborhood, such as Palmas del Mar. We can all agree that we are situated in a prime location. Once the resort is entered, we sense the tranquility and security our surroundings have to offer; everyone wants a piece of this small paradise. The community offers a variety of homes, apartments and villas to choose from; hence, making nancing very challenging. Moreover, it allows the most typical transactions: investment, rst home purchase, recreational and return on investment. Even during the worst economic crises of 2008, Palmas del Mar was moving properties, regarding sales; however, no one was exempted to the woes of the market leaving a vast number of new homes, resale, and, also adding to the inventory short sales and foreclosed propertiesthe pressure was felt by all. A nancial fact was soaring; nonetheless, on account of the crisis the market fell into to an average price that was affordable to the newcomer. In addition, we found that the new tax and home purchase incentives, provided by the government of Puerto Rico allowed us to see more and more relatively slow but moving rate and change of demand. Because of these measures, we have accommodated our cost for both the buyer and seller. Here, specically in Palmas del Mar we found the market was picking up from a 6% of sales in 2010 to a whopping 15% from January 2012 to the present.* As previously read in a Real Estate write up: Competition drives every organization in this industry to constantly improve on their performance, and the consumer is the winner in this scenario. Dally CastilloBroker of CPM & Realtors, PS.CNOW IS THE TIME Palmas Del Mar located on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico and the tiny island of Culebra, Puerto Rico located 15 miles off the northeast coast are still two largely unknown locations that offer the most intriguing investment opportunities in the Caribbean. These two unique locations also offer two of the most diametrically opposing ambiances imaginable. Where as, Palmas Del Mar an award winning master community is famous for presenting the utmost in affordable luxury and amenities, Culebra is just as legendary to its loyal following for offering the beauty of pure Caribbean simplicity. The real estate market in both locations is very different. Palmas Del Mar suffered from a boom of overbuilding exacerbated by the depressed world economy. The Culebra market, which was never big on supply due to its low impact zoning, was still shocked by the worlds recession/depression issues. In the last year, the markets in both Culebra and Palmas have begun to turn around. As is historically common in markets that have faced similar issues, as the economy begins to improve the psychology of the investor also heals. As the investor sees that sustainable levels of predictability and controllability are returning to the markets so to does the investor return to the market. Of course, it is the early investor that will reap the most impressive rewards. The perfect storm of advantageous consequences effecting the market in Palmas del Mar and Culebra have now presented the adroit buyer with opportunities they may not see for many years if ever again. First, the historically low prices available to buyers. Second, the historically low interest rates. Third, the ability in many cases to use creative seller nancing. Fourth, the generous benets of the Puerto Rico Real Estate Stimulus Law that was just extended fully thru June 2012 and partially thru Dec 2012. Fifth, for stateside residents seeking to relocate ofcially to Puerto Rico, there are now positive tax incentives that make this relocation rewarding. Yes, this is the time to buy, to invest and to more importantly enjoy an outstanding lifestyle whether it be in the lap of affordable luxury of Palmas Del Mar or the simple elegant nothingness of Culebra..James GalassoCulebra island Realty*Provided by PDM HOA information is deemed to be correct but not guaranteed.


The good news around town is Communities like Sunrise, Harbourlakes, Beach Village and others have cleaned up and sold some of their dis tressed inventory. Some other communities in Palmas should take notice and take advantage of the current activities and x these homes in disarray. More good news: communities like Crescent Beach, Marbella Club and a few others have held their own by having substantial sales and keeping us on the map on the sale side. The plus side, during this difcult economy has been the rental market holding its own. Theres been quite a bit of activity in the long term rental side, of course the prices have come down quite a bit and some owners have taken the bite, by supplementing the carrying cost. More good newsPlaza del Mar is completely sold out thanks to a handful of owners getting together and purchasing the remainder of the inventory. Oh YES! More good news, the past two years in Palmas theres been a few sales over the million-dollar mark on some Custom homes and Townhomes. Guess what? The phones are ringing again from investors, appraisals and of course, Bankers! This is very good news for the high-end market. A big plus for the Palmas del Mar community is how the message has changed since the restoration of the Club Membership and its amenities. Palmas del Mar is building condence once again showing its resiliency, a sense of Community with a good core of owners and a good sound Master plan. Between now and 2050, the U.S. is expected to grow to about 403 million people. Its about 310 million today. Thats almost 100 million more people and they have to live somewhere, and looking at todays total inventory of homes, well need 43 million more units. The forecast is part of a report, called Demographic Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. Housing Markets, Puerto Rico should get a piece of that, being mid-point to the Americas (North & South) and able to speak English and Spanish helps a lot! These are sales and rental lease-ups that are forecast to happen regardless of the ups and downs of the U.S. economy, and that helps to put in perspective what your business opportunities are in the years ahead. This includes Puerto Rico and the sur rounding islands as well. As the saying goes, when the U.S. sneezes, Puerto Rico gets a cold. Among the important ndings is how the composition of the sales market is changing with the aging of the baby boomers and the arrival of the echo boomers. The baby boomers over the next two decades will be downsizing in a big way, in many cases getting out of the housing market altogether. The result is expected to be the addition of some 11 million for-sale homes in markets from aging boomers between 2010 and 2020 and another 15 million between 2020 and 2030. Lets keep it up as Costa del Caribe Realty and Eddie Moreau says: Youve got to be here on the Carib bean side of Puerto Rico, Palmas del Mar! Looking ahead Eddie MoreauCosta Caribe Realty




It all started because Ninoska had lost her job and Marie had a dream. This was 25 years ago and since then they have been working together with the same energy and enthusiasm that character izes them. They are always happy and in a creative state of mind. If you ever run into them, and have some time available, ask them to tell you some of their stories, I guarantee that you will laugh for hours. They have the most incredible anecdotes about those 25 wonderful years of friendship and hard work. They are one of those lucky people that love what they do and therefore do it well. Not only have the two families become friends, but they also have clients whom they have served for so many years. Our clients become our friendsour family. Our philosophy of work is to please our client until they are fully satised with our job, said Ninoska. Weve had clients for so many years that we have done their villas several times over the years, here at Palmas and in San Juan. Thats because they know we are reliable and honest, added Marie. Denitely they are two of a kind; they have exquisite taste, creativity and an excellent sense of humor! As part of the Palmas Business Association they have also contributed with many creative solutions and ideas. I love them because they are truly fun and genuine. We are celebrating our 25 years together, and weve never had any problem between us. Denitely another example of Palmas good people! By Lissette Rosado


editors choice Oasis at Palmas del MarSpectacular! Come fall in love with this tropical custom built house with panoramic views of the mountains and the ocean, 3 bedrooms plus a private apt. with kitchenette, an ofce or music room, covered terrace with its own kitchen and barbecue area, open porch, fantastic and spacious kitchen, cathedral ceilings, central a/c, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a 3 car garage, and lots of fruit trees! This home is truly a piece of art, perfect for the sophisticated lover of quality and style. Pure elegance! Priced at $1,392,000. Lifestyle Real Estate (787) 608-6368, (787) 608-5522, (787) 390-8870 A unique home at Plaza del Puerto with neighboring beach, palmas yacht club and Plaza del Mar Condominium. Architectural design features large open and bright rooms. Constructed with the ultimate structural integrity and high quality nish. Fully nished large open basement convertible to full apartment, game room, wine room, etc. Corner lot water front home with entances on three (3) sides. Opens to boat dock on southwest, large plaza on southeast and parking to northeast. 3-bds/2.5 baths, open oor plan. Elevator to all oors. Heated pool on roof top terrace. Workshop, storage and garage. 40 kw caterpillar genset 200 gallons diesel. connected boat slip: width 21 open length to 70 to open harbor, depth at dock mean tide: 5 + -. Final reduced price: us $1,850,000.00 fully furnished, qualied buyers, by appointment only. For more information call VIP PROPERTIES (787) 285-5058/5059, (787) 487-2995. Ridge top


editors choice 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bath Ocean Views, large lot, pool generator,elevator, terraces, enclosed garage storage and much more are offered in this welcoming home located in the private sector of Palmas del Mar. This architectural beauty sits on approximately 2000 meters of land with adjoining green areas and it is ready for you to move into. Ideal for any family or a vacation retreat. Investment or Family residence, priced to sell and ready to move into. The Resort and Residential Community in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico is a 2750 acre community located on the south east coast of Puerto Rico. The only enclosed community in the Carribbean that can boast of 2 -18 hole championships golf course, Tennis Center, Beach Club and one of the largest Mega Yacht Clubs. The neighborhood includes walking trails, all english accredited academy, equestrian center, shops, banks, hotel and Carribbean Sea, with 1/2 miles of sandy beach, with total privacy. 32 communities to choose from plus the very special custom built luxury homes neighborhood. Its all about a way of life, a special place to call home or home away from home. Visit Shell Castle 13 a breath away... For more information call CPM Realtors 787.850.4401Life at the Top Shell Castle Two wonderful Garden villas facing the Marina, near the Yacht Club and all amenites at Palmas del Mar...One of the most complete Resort/ Community in the Caribbean side of Puerto Rico with over 4 miles of Sandy Beach and two Golf Courses. Excellent opportunity in price, location and condition on this three-bedroom Garden villa with a beautiful ocean and marina view, well decorated and efciently equipped with stainless steel appliances and granite top kitchen. Offered at one of the lowest prices in the market right now !.... Call for a showing! at Costa del Caribe Realty (787) 7194850, www.costadelcaribepr.com .HarbourPoint...two Wonderful Garden Villasfacing the Marina!


leather Czech No more trips to San Juan to get your bead ing supplies. They are right here at Huma cao! ABC Depot is the beaders paradise. Humacao Come raspa May 4, 5 & 6, 2012 Puerto Rico Grand Slam 4th International Tournament $50,000 $25,000for the record breaker (for the heaviest Swordsh over 522 pounds)for the rst Grand Slam**rst grand slam caught on the same day


teacher Claudia Rodrguez, Palmas Academy teacher and long time Palmas resident won rst prize on the Women Master 30-29 category in the Mountain Bike race at the Municipality of Florida. She belongs to the Dale Pedal Trek team sponsor by Dale Pedal. The Mountain Bike Comission of Puerto Rico endorsed the race and it is the only race endorsed by the Unin de Ciclismo Internacional. Palmas Academy ChampionsAnton Weidisch Jr. The Palmas Academy JV Boys Basketball team won the championship of the Annual TPA Tournament. In a thrilling an emotional nal game versus Colegio San Antonio Abbad the Dolphins won by two points. Gustavo Chamorro, the tournaments Most Valuable Player, scored two free throws with just a few seconds remaining to get the win. Congratulations to TPAs athletic department for their success. Gustavo Chamorro, the tournaments Most Valuable Player! students 1prizestPhoto Claudia: Heinz


78 www.LLPalmas.com Chavela Rodrguez at C BarChavela Rodriguez gave us a beautiful interpretation at C Bar. Chavela, for those of you that dont know her, is a very well rounded singer. Chavela started her singing career at the age of five and used to be known as the troubadour girl. She has a BA in music from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Barcelona. It was a wonderful soire and her singing captivated us. Thank you to C Bar for that musical gift.


LAST MINUTE NEWS HOMEOWNERS WEEK Easter Sunday at the Wyndham from 11:30 to 5:00 pm brunch, egg hunt, bouncer and many surprises. Reservation required 787-285-5285. Copa Davis from the 6 to the 8 of April at the Tennis Center La Buena Vida Festival April 28 Mothers Day Brunch / May 13 At at the Wyndham Garden & Rest Chez Daniel Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs 787.455.2114 This year, for the first time, Casiano Communications Buena Vida magazine will be featuring the Dentists Choice Awards in its April issue. Togeth er with the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Puerto Rico, dentists all over the island submitted the names of their peers who they considered have made a significant contribution to the Islands oral health. The Dentist Choice Award selected for the town of Las Piedras was Dr. Rubn Chamorroa long time Palmas del Mar community resident. Congratulations to Dr. Chamorro and his staff! Dentists Choice Awards LA BUENA VIDA 16TH BACCHUS FESTIVALMay 12 at Le Salon Rouge at Las TapasPicassa W orkshop with Obed Borrero Yacht Club Grand Slam Fishing Tournament May 3-4-5 DON'T MISS IT!