Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Creation Date: 2011
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www.LLPalmas.com 3 *Limited time offer. Discount from original prices as of January 31, 2011. Mortgage terms may change and buyers are subject to credit approval. Life is short, live it now.Call and visit us: 787-852-4992 sales@themarbellaclub.com Sales Office Hours: 11am-5pm www.themarbellaclub.comMile-long beach ~ Award winning architecture ~ Unique Dolphin and Dragon pools ~ La Cava (The Wine Cellar) ~ Residential Concierge ~ Rental Program ~ Vacation ExchangeDiscover the pleasures and privileges of your own private Cava in The Malaga, the newest address at the award winning Marbella Club. Take advantage of affordable pricing and extraordinary financing.Dont delay, only 16 magnificent residences still available!1, 2 & 3 bedroom residencesPrices starting at $431,000 At $1,088 a month, youve run out of excuses Time is running out! Tax exemptions expire October 31.


editorscorner Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM 5 PM TO 9 PM Asian Cuisine Hy Hidas! t Bu H ly An Hy Nr Yer!! Dear friend Here I amwriting the editors letter after many late nights spent working until four and ve oclock in the morning. This letter is always the last thing I write and I am always exhausted but lled with satisfaction by another accomplished edition. Its been four years now including this edition. It hasnt been easy; believe it or not, this is a lot of work and many of my hours are spent in front of the computer, not to mention the amount of photos I take for every edition. If you think there are many photos in the magazine just imagine how many I have stored in my computer. For those of you that are familiar with cyber sizes, the average size of each le for the magazine is approximately 14 gigs! And ... I dont throw away any photo or document because I have a very strong historical conscience. This magazine in the future is going to be part of our written history. Some times I go through the rst editions and I already see so many changes and paths taken! Humbly, I think Live & Life in Palmas has served to bring us closer and to promote, as well as reinforce, a sense of belonging and pride about being a Palmeo. For me thats a big satisfaction and this compensates all the hard work. I also have to thank all the PHA team who believed in me from day one and works hand by hand with me in this project. A special thanks to Tony Maldonado, (to whom I write emails at three and four oclock in the morning); and to Servando Daz and Daysie Daz, who always support and encourage me. And last but not least to my partner in crime, Sandra Rodrguez, my graphic designer who has lost many nights with me; Zenaida Sanjurjo, my Assisant Editor; my business partner Sylvia Morales; and to my buddy, Obed Borrero, who has become my brother. Now lets enjoy all the beauty of Christmas. Lets be grateful for all we have, for all our blessings including living in such a Paradise called Palmas del Mar. We also have to celebrate our PACs rst anniversary. We have come a long way but, if you havent joined the PAC yet, I strongly encourage you to sign-up and protect your property value. Besides, it is so much fun! Its vital to have a sense of belonging--it is healthy and important in life. Lets keep working hard to make Palmas a better place to live lifeour life. LIVE & LIFE IN PALMAS ANNIVERSARY


Editorial Collaborators Antonio (Tony) Maldonado Obed Borrero Denise Valledor -Palmas Academy Ginnette Rosado & Ren Chinea Janina Viejo Eric Swider Marimer del Valle Graphic Design Sandra Rodrguez / Rosado & Morales (787)765-0890 Sales & Marketing Lissette Rosado / Silvia Morales (787)765-2190 / (787)562-6105 Carolina Dugarte-Aranguren (787)248-0588 Cover Photographer Jos Bobyn Assistant Editor Zenaida Sanjurjo Printing Model Offset Printing (MOP), Humacao (787)850-3000Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the Palmas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. Y ou can send us your comments to live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com or call 787-765-2190. Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association 787-285-6425 PHA www.LLPalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor lrosado@rosadomorales.com 787-562-6104 & LIVEIN PALMASLIFEDECEMBER/JANUARY 2012 VOL. 4 NUM. 6


8 www.LLPalmas.com


P A L M A N O V A P L A Z ATEX MEX cantinaC H I H U A H U A T E L. 7 8 7 8 5 0 2 6 9 3OPEN 7 DAYSMON, TUES, WED, THURS 4PM 11PM FRI 4PM 2AM, SAT 12PM 2AM SUN 12PM TO 11PMEat, Love, Sing, Drink and Pray you dont get a Hangover...LOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK CHIHUAHUA TEX MEX CANTINAKaroeke and Dj every Fri and Sat @ The New Cantina!Happy Holidays! I bet that you also felt sad and dismayed when entering the Palmas gate and seeing the high grass and abandoned golf elds. It also felt helpless when seeing the deteriorated facilities of the tennis courts, the Golf Club and the Beach Club. However, that began to change when a community grass roots initiative endeavor to rescue our valued life style and ultimately our whole Palmas community. PAC was created as a feasible answer. For the latter to work, the support of all Palmas homeowners was needed. Given the current tough economic environment, we knew that it was going to be a sacrice for us to participate in this effort and become a PAC Member. But... we knew that if we want it to keep our refuge and our property value we had to be part of the solution. We though that we really didint needed the PAC facilities because our daughters are already gone. We join and started using the facilities to make the most of our membership. We started using the Beach Club, which we immediately adopted as ours because from the very beginning all the employees treat us very well. We then realize how easy was now to go to the beach. We didnt have to pack towels, chairs or coolers. Neither un-pack and clean all the sand when back from the beach. Having lunch at the Beach Club is really convenient because is variety in choices and prices and for those of you that dosent know it, is cheaper than many fast foods. Then we discover the ping pong tables and decided to remember old times when in High School. We discover that there something that time dosent change and we are enjoying a lot a sport we though we have forgotten. Para ponernos un poco en forma, we started going to the gym for half an hour, nowadays we spent an hour and sometimes an hour and a half. Another sport that we have started to practice again is the tennis. But the true is that we ask for the farthest courts to be sure nobody see how bad in shape we still are. But... be aware some day we can surprise you and we will be playing one tournament. Then... we prove our self wrong. We have enjoy so much belong to the PAC! If tomorrow we could not belong any longer for some reason we would not know what to do. God let us enjoy it many years for our self and for our community. If you havent join the PAC is a good time now. Ask Santa to give you the PAC membership and start the new year enjoying all the amenities and fun activities our Club offers us. Be part of the solution! And if you are a member recruit your neighbors.What I have discovered being member of the PACBy Ginnette Rosado and Ren Chinea


12 www.LLPalmas.com We are here for you! Call us at josie@ladyonanerrand.com ladyonanerrand.com Fairlakes 2/2, remodeled, ground Villa Franca Celebrating the rst anniversary! Carlos Lic. 3437 (787) 390-8870 Nani Lic. 4223 (787) 608-6368 Omayra Lic. 5594 (787) 608-5522 Palmanova Plaza 123 B Palmas del MarFeliz Navidad Feliz Navidad San Miguel


www.LLPalmas.com 13


14 www.LLPalmas.com Chez Daniel Tapas Bar Bistro Ricoat Palmas del Mar Chez DanielOpen for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on TuesdaysTapas BarOpen Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM Mondays from 5:00 PM 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays Bistro RicoLight lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on SundaysAnd...dont miss the Sunday Brunchs at Chez Daniel! Mt wher h acon s!787.850.3838The French Connectionwww.chezdanielpalmasdelmar.net


It all started with a couple of phone calls to ask for family recipes to share with our community in our magazine for Christmas and as everything in Palmas, it became a party. Lola Roig triggers the idea and everybody follows. Marie Cosculluela and Ninoska offers to decorate the table and everybody got involved. They not only send me the recipes (some of them family recipes that never being share) but they made the plates fully and we ate them to. As always, Lucette Vasse offers her help and arrange the Salon Rouge for us to meet after the photo section. We had a great time and everything, but every thing was absolutely delicious. If you follow the recipes you to could be able to enjoy this delicacies. The after party at Le Salon Rouge/Tapas were we taste all this delicacies and share among friends. Marie & Ninoska, the inseparable owners of Casa Bonita were responsables for the table arragement. Casa Bonita will be celebrating the 25 anniversary in 2012. Good and fun people! And so creative!!! Congratulations. Two easy to do arragements for the center table made by Marie and Ninoska from Casa Bonita. to share the love during at ChristmasBy: Lissette Rosado at Palmas del MarThe French Connection


AntipastoEn una sartn grande se dora a fuego lento en aceite de oliva regular 2 latas de atn, sacar aceite y guardar l lata de sardinas, sacar aceite y guardar l cebolla amarilla, picada 2 ajos machacados l lata de tomates naturales pelados l lata de petit pois/zanahorias 2 cdas de ketchup aceitunas/alcaparras (a gusto) pimienta en pepas (opcional) pote de alcachofas picadas l pisca de Woostershire a gusto o una pisca de vinagre de cidra una cucharada de azcar Dejar enfriar colocar en molde, y/o en potes de cristal. recetas de mi juventud RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES Imperial Cheese Roll Ingredients cup Chives 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 4 ounces roasted peppers 2-3 blocks cream cheese Procedure Prepare the lling of your choice, and mix with the ingredients mentioned above, about 1cups. Stretch out some plastic lm about 24 long on a at surface. Cut a second strip of the same size and over lap it. Spread the cream cheese over the lm with a spatula, forming a rectangle as big as possible, about a to inch thick. Spread the lling over the attened cream cheese, avoiding the edges. Start rolling with the lm, pulling the lm back as you roll. Secure the edges and refrigerate before plating for 2 hours or more. Never place in freezer. Serve with toast or crackers. This is an original recipe that has been in the family for many years, and until now, it had never been shared. The lling has been left to your imagination and taste. There are countless llings to be used, including vegetarian ones. This is great for the holiday gatherings, and special occasions. Enjoy!Christmas Nut Cake(Preheat oven 350*) Filling 1 cup of nuts cup sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon cup of butter (room temperature) Cake 2 cups our (PRESTO) cup butter (room temperature) 1 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla 2 eggs 1 cup sour cream Mix eggs, butter, sugar and vanilla and gradually add our alternating with sour cream Pour of the cake mix in a greased bundt cake pan, add the lling and top with the other of the cake mix Bake for 45-50 minutes FROSTING Domino sugar milk gradually, until desired thickness


www.LLPalmas.com 17 This Heavenly Hash is a Christmas favorite our family.The recipe has been past down to different family members with the yearning to preserve the tradition, and commit to memory, the love and care while preparing this dish of my mother in law, Abi, for family and friends. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES RECIPESChristmas Nut Cake(Preheat oven 350*) Filling 1 cup of nuts cup sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon cup of butter (room temperature) Cake 2 cups our (PRESTO) cup butter (room temperature) 1 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla 2 eggs 1 cup sour cream Mix eggs, butter, sugar and vanilla and gradually add our alternating with sour cream Pour of the cake mix in a greased bundt cake pan, add the lling and top with the other of the cake mix Bake for 45-50 minutes FROSTING Domino sugar milk gradually, until desired thickness Heavenly Hash Ingredients Cup Crisco Vegetable Shortening 1 Cup Sugar Teaspoon Vanilla Essence 4 Eggs Well beaten 2 Cups All-purpose our 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder 1 Cup Chopped Walnuts Cup Raisins 1 Cup Pitted Dates (Chopped into 3 pieces) 1 Cup Pecans Cup Almonds Procedure Beat the sugar with the butter, shortening and vanilla essence. Add the eggs one by one. Add the our, then the dates, raisins, and nuts. Beat by hand with a wooden spoon. Bake in a greased pie dish for hour or until done at 300 F. Decorate the top with whole almonds and pecans. Black Pudding surprises for Christmas PUFF PASTRIES Cut them in 2x2 sq.inches Use a small spoon to ll them with black pudding(morcillas). Add any sweet preserve like apple or guava and some white cheese to the stufng. Close the pastry in shape you like Stir one egg with little water and cover the puff to seal. Place pastry in oven in grease baking pan. Bake pastries 350 degrees for 20 to 25 min. until golden.


PRESIDENT THE As 2011 draws to a close, I want to wish you and your family a joyful Christ mas season and may the new year be loaded with many blessings, good health and good fortune. Indeed 2011 was a challenging yet fruitful year whereby the community showed its resilience and proved with deeds its positive can-do attitude. I am sure the new year will be packing new opportunities to give us the chance to demonstrate again our mettle. We will be ready. One of the more important tasks that every member of the Association will be involved with this coming year is amending the governing documents of our community. Nearly fteen years have elapsed since the last time these documents, known as the restrictive covenants of the As sociation, were updated. A lot of things have transpired in those years that makes our community vastly different from what it was in 1997. Accordingly, we intend to amend these documents to reect the maturity of our community and its current state of affairs and to incorporate in them the many decisions, changes and policies that have been implemented by the Association for the betterment of our community. Among the most important amendments that will be made is the modication of the PHA Board of Directors structure to give the community a broader representation and participation in the direction of its affairs. This means adding two new Directors to the Board and the creation of two new voting residential districts. Simultaneously, we will be reducing the presence of Palmas del Mar Properties at the Board by the same number reecting their diminishing role in the affairs of the Association and in the community; something that had been proposed by them as early as December 1997 upon their withdrawal of approximately 1700 acres of land from the governance of the Association. Also, will be removing certain privileges retained by Palmas Properties in those documents that no longer have a reason for being at this date and age. Please be attentive to our future communications re garding the amendments of our governing documents. Your specic vote of approval to this crucial matter is of utmost importance in furthering the transformation of our community and taking it to new heights of progress and prosperity. I am counting on your unwavering support. Merry Christmas! Servando Parents keep ignoring that a golf cart in the hands of an inexperienced person or a child can be very danger ous to their safety and the safety of others. We continue to witness accidents where youngsters are being seriously hurt as a result of driving a golf-cart without previous experience, training or even parents permis sion. The minimum age re quirement to drive a golf cart in Palmas del Mar is 16 years. However, parents and cart-owners must recognize that having this age does not necessarily provide a person with the skills and experience needed to drive such a vehicle. Time and again we see reckless driv ing by individuals that see golf-carts as mere toys. WRONG! Our experience has proven that a golf-cart in the hands of an inexpe rienced person can be very deadly and extremely dangerous. Please help us to keep our community and your family free from unwanted accidents by insuring golf carts are driven in a responsible manner by experienced and qualied persons. Should you notice someone driving a golf cart recklessly or that you feel is not qualied to handle such a vehicle, write down its decal number and call security immediately at 787-852-7745/852-7775.Golf cart SAFETY Palmas residents and visitors are reminded that the restrictive covenants of our community prohibit dogs from running loose anywhere in Palmas del Mar. All dogs must be leashed and their owners responsible for cleaning after their pets. Often dogs are seen running loose on the beach or in the residential areas scar ing children, beach-goers, joggers and walkers. Please keep in mind that a dog may be very docile with the owner but you cannot guarantee how he will react to a strang er or to another person. Please enjoy the company of your pet while helping to keep the entire community safe and happy. LOOSE DOGS Soon a new access control pass system will be imple mented. The new passes are to be displayed hung from the rear-view mirror at all times. The objective is for you to be able to readily recognize visitors and service personnel vehicles within your residential areas. Should you notice a vehicle in your residential area without the appropriate pass correctly displayed, please contact the Security Department at 787-8527745/852-7775 immediately. Please help us keep our community safe and secure.NEW pass


www.LLPalmas.com 19 Golf cart SAFETY Hey! Lets face it! The beach at the shermans village IS Palmas calmest beach! Why not take advantage of that? It is a beautiful spot! The view is amazing: the marina, the shermens yolas, the open sea, the shing dock, the breakwater, in fact, every little detail of its sur roundings creates a picture perfect background. What if we could keep it clean so children can play in the sand while older ones enjoy a sunset? I decided to take action! Taking advantage of PRs ofcial Beach Cleaning Day on Sep tember 17, I asked PHA for help. They immediately support ed my idea so I organized a Beach Clean up day on October 1, 2011. There was music, gloves, trash bags, water and heavy machinery. All this sponsored by PHA, Waste Management, Pennock, Bonna Terra and the Shipyard. Students from The Palmas Academy were there accumulating hours of community service, and shermen and neighbors came early in the morning with their working shoes and gardening tools on hand! And off we went to work!!!! It was a very beautiful sight to see a community working together! Thank you all for your help! It was a success! We collected so much garbage that the 20 mt truck had to make 7 trips to the dumpster! Now, lets keep it clean! Remember, it is part of Palmas paradise!Community ActionBy Janina Viejo The Fisherman Village Beach Cleaning Day PHA P ARRAND AThis year, the 30th Annual PHA Xmas Parranda will be held on Saturday, December 17th. Different to previous years, registration and judging of decorated golf carts will start at 4:30 p.m. to allow extra time for the process and will end at 5:30 p.m. Once the judges select the rst three best decorated carts, the parade will start and drive through certain areas of Palmas until they reach the Beach Club, which is the nal destination. At the Beach Club, there will be music for dancing by Tropicana Orchestra, pleneros, typical food (for purchase), cash bar and cash prize awards for the best decorated golf carts and regime or residential areas. So make sure you dont miss the party this year!! The 2nd PHA Three Kings celebration will be held on Friday, January 6th Ofcial Three Kings Holiday at the Candelero Restaurant located at the Equestrian Center The Event will start at 9:00 a.m. with a horse parade led by the Three Kings. The parade will start at the Entrance to Guayans in direction to the Equestrian Center. Golf carts are invited to participate in the parade following the horses. Ofcial celebration will start at 11:00 a.m. with typical puer torrican music for entertainment at the Equestrian Center. This year parents can also bring their gifts in advance to our PHA ofce so that they can be given to their children directly by the Three Kings. Food will be available for purchase from the recently inaugurated Candelero Restaurant. A special typical holiday menu will be available at a modest price. THREE KINGS CELEBRATION


20 www.LLPalmas.comIn order to carry out the task of overseeing the restoration project and the conservation program of the Pterocarpus Forest at Palmas del Mar and its fund raising support efforts, the following persons have generously accepted the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) invitation to conform the initial Pterocarpus Forest Board of Trustees. This group of outstanding citizens, leaders in their respective elds of endeavor, have all concurred in the importance, success and perpetuity of this project as an ever-lasting gift of our generation to future generations and to mankind as a whole. They are: Mr. Samuel Jov, Chairman Mr. Gabriel Espasas Mrs. Mary Jo Espasas Mr. James Cohen Mrs. Joanne Cohen Mr. Felipe Benedict Mr. Manuel Morales Mr. Luis Prez Giusti Mr. Peter Palermo Mr. David Chafey Dr. Dennis Alicea A new entity, separate but supported by PHA (the PHA Forest Organization), will be formed to operate under the guidance of the Board of Trustees. Title of the Forest and other Forest amenities will remain with PHA while the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust will provide technical advice and guidance. The goal is to have the Forest managed, oper ated and maintained in a manner that will guarantee its perpetuity as a viable and available natural preserve for years to come. MA GA ROBLE A USUBO GU AYA CAN CEIBA PTEROCARPUS ($0-$50) ($51-$175) ($176-$250) ($251-$499) ($500-$999) ($1,000 AND UP) Angel Rodriguez Alberto Escoto Carmen Castro Miguel Santiago Allen Meek Grace Gigante Rivera Fred Austin Franklin Earle Carlos J. Homs Jeff White Robert Handschuh Antonio Maldonado Carmen Del Valle Arnaldo Coln Shell Castle Assoc. Jorge Manrique Palmas Hill Partners Gordon MacDonald Ivonne Cruz Jose A. Morales Jose O. Morales Eric Grafals Michael Wertz James Cohen Eugenio Chinea & Fred Martnez Mara Greene Carlos Garca Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Jon/Bar S. Brightman Ginnette Rosado Barbara Novogradac Victor Kelly Rafael Mndez Samuel Jov Jeff Smith Hctor Ortiz Coln Ricardo Collazo Frank Torres Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Raymond Emmert Bernard Van Goethem Larry & Jean Perry Maria E. Surez Thomas Whipple Empresas Santana Eva Candelario Crescent Cove Club Ralphs Supermaket Edd Siler Manuel/Ana Morales Myrna Ramos Ren Pinto Lugo Harry Jimnez Jos Nassar, MD Gerardo VIcns Pablo Lpez, MD Ana Mendez Enid Ortiz Ricard PLEDGES Ricardo De Varona Julio Bagu Rita Molinelli Rey Encarnacin Servando Daz Victor Nieto FOREST FUND DONATION CATEGORIES AND DONORS AS OF NOVEMBER 30, 2011 Forest Fund Project UPDATEThe Pterocarpus Forest Board of T rusteesMr. Jos Soto Dr. Jos Nassar Mr. Jon Brightman Mr. Luis Benabe Mr. Luis Muiz Mr. David Oschman Mr. Juan Bravo III Mr. Luis Ortiz Segura Mr. Fernando Lloveras Mr. Servando Daz Mr. Antonio Maldonado The community of Palmas del Mar is one that takes care of its responsibilities with proactive action. This has been amply demonstrated throughout its existence with outstanding re sults in every major undertaking it has approached. The restoration and the conservation of the Pterocarpus Forest at Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico, is a com munity initiative that, once more, gives proof of a social com mitment by the Palmas community that extends well beyond its boundaries. The Forest is a patrimony that belongs to all of us and so its the responsibility of preserving this magnicent natures gift. Through an aggressive, well-structured and planned green effort, the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association, now re sponsible for maintaining this natural resource in optimum conditions, has initiated the restoration and conservation ef forts required to protect the Pterocarpus Forest for genera tions to come. This initiative requires the decisive support of many people and organizations beyond the Homeowners As sociation. The Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association is not a stranger to this type of initiative as it has already success fully established several other collaborative conservation pro grams. The Palmas del Mar Habitat Conservation Plan and the Palmas del Mar Reforestation Program, joint efforts being con ducted with federal and state agencies, are prime examples of the Associations track record in this type of endeavor. The integration of citizens, the private business sector and the government is essential to insure that needed resources are gathered to carry out this initiative. Immediate benets that will result from this initiative will be the establishment of a study and research preserve, a new eco-tourism attraction and a boost to Palmas del Mar properties. Together we can preserve our natural resources a legacy for future generations!


The Palmas Athetic Club proudly presents its rst member tennis league! They are: the P AC Athetic Suns (yellow Team), the P AC Blue Marlins (blue team), the Red Hot Chilly Packers (red team) and the P AC Storms (green team). Each team is made up different category members running from 2.0 to all the way to our Pros, including boys and girls. The enthusiasm, spirit and cheering is ON!!!!! The nights at the tennis Club are a complete different experience with this league going on. The courts seem more alive than ever. Players are competitive, teammates are supportive, crowds are cheering and the whole community is enjoying the games. A special thanks to Jos (Pepito) Vazquez for all his help and effort he has put in to make this event happen and to the Pros for being part of it. Lets keep TENNIS a family exercise and make it part of our living and life in Palmas del Mar!!!!!!First Member Tennis League! PACs MA GA ROBLE A USUBO GU AYA CAN CEIBA PTEROCARPUS ($0-$50) ($51-$175) ($176-$250) ($251-$499) ($500-$999) ($1,000 AND UP) Angel Rodriguez Alberto Escoto Carmen Castro Miguel Santiago Allen Meek Grace Gigante Rivera Fred Austin Franklin Earle Carlos J. Homs Jeff White Robert Handschuh Antonio Maldonado Carmen Del Valle Arnaldo Coln Shell Castle Assoc. Jorge Manrique Palmas Hill Partners Gordon MacDonald Ivonne Cruz Jose A. Morales Jose O. Morales Eric Grafals Michael Wertz James Cohen Eugenio Chinea & Fred Martnez Mara Greene Carlos Garca Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Jon/Bar S. Brightman Ginnette Rosado Barbara Novogradac Victor Kelly Rafael Mndez Samuel Jov Jeff Smith Hctor Ortiz Coln Ricardo Collazo Frank Torres Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Raymond Emmert Bernard Van Goethem Larry & Jean Perry Maria E. Surez Thomas Whipple Empresas Santana Eva Candelario Crescent Cove Club Ralphs Supermaket Edd Siler Manuel/Ana Morales Myrna Ramos Ren Pinto Lugo Harry Jimnez Jos Nassar, MD Gerardo VIcns Pablo Lpez, MD Ana Mendez Enid Ortiz Ricard PLEDGES Ricardo De Varona Julio Bagu Rita Molinelli Rey Encarnacin Servando Daz Victor Nieto FOREST FUND DONATION CATEGORIES AND DONORS AS OF NOVEMBER 30, 2011 By now you should have seen the beautiful art piece that has been placed at the renovated and re-landscaped Palmas Drive trafc circle. This work titled, The Flight of the Seagulls or Gaviotas en Vuelo, is the product of the artistic hands and mind of Rafael (Sonny) Rodrguez. Sonny is a well-known Puerto Rican artist whose artistic pieces include, among others El Duelo Gallero (30 high) at the Centro Internacional de Mercadeo, Marbella Dragons in Palmas del Mar, Contra Viento y Marea at the Centro de Mercadeo de Buchanan, Christ Resurrected (26 high) in Dorado, Monument to the Soldier at the 65th Infantry A venue, Ondulacin Elptica in Caguas, Capricho de Mujer in Gurabo and the bust of Don Cholito at the Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan. The Flight of the Seagulls is a gift from Sonny to the Palmas del Mar community to provide our residents and visitors with an elegant memory of Palmas del Mar. Sonnys was a long-time resident of Palmas and his daughter Y amilette, lives in Palmas Plantation and his granddaughter Demi is a student at the Palmas Academy. Another granddaughter, Amy, is a graduate of the Palmas Academy. For more information on Sonny Rodriguezs creative prole, please refer to the interview-article by Lisette in this edition.Flight of the Seagulls


22 www.LLPalmas.com PAC MEMBERS FITNESS CLASSES: The PAC Fitness Center is currently managed by two of the most renowned trainers in Puerto Rico: Jackie Rodrguez, master trainer and XCO representative in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and Miss Puerto Rico Universe trainer for the last three years. Juan Vlez, certied trainer with with vast experience and knowledge who is going to be the manager of the Fitness Center. 12 tickets/classes 12 tickets/classes. You can buy your tickets at any PAC outlet. good news be f i tby2


Halloween at Palmas... This year Halloween weekend at Palmas was absolutely outstanding. There was so many par ties and so many good costumes! It all started on Wendnesday with the Enchanted Court at the Tennis court. Excellent!!! Bravo for the tennis team. Then on Friday the Center Court Halloween party with prizes for the best costumes was a lot of fun. That same night Chihuahua has their re-opening and Halloween Party. A blast! Saturday during the day PAC for the kids Pumpking Carving, Magician Show and costumes Competition. A truly family affair. Saturday night, Chez Daniel Halloween party, as every year was a lot of fun with great prizes (even stays at the Panama Ritz Carton) and excellent costumes. Over? No! Sunday afternoon was the Enchanted House Party at the PHA meeting rooms completely transformed for the ocasssion. Great job, a big applause for the PHA team. And... as tradition Monday, October 31 the trick or treat Halloween day!! Palmas know to have fun. But..dont try this at home we are trainned professionals!


Sundays thru Thursdays from 6:30ampm Fridays & Saturdays until 12 midnight Breakfast all day! Wyndham Garden Hotel at Palmas del Mar, Humacao 850-6000 x 5042 Monday-Friday 11am-10pm Saturdays and Sundays 8am-10pm. Tel 787.656.9500Every Sunday Domingo Criollo at the Tennis Center with authentic Puertorican specialsAsk for our Famous Half Pound Burgers & try our Oriental Chicken WingsJoin our VIP customer list anyone else about our weekly Sunday specials and special activities. Serving Breakfast Saturdays & Sundays Caf de La Plaza Palmas after Sunset F r o s t i e s t B e e r T a s t i e s t F o o d A w e s o m e S t a f f Palmas Original Open Air


The first activity of the Halloween parties, on Wednesday night. Outstanding, really creative and fun. I love the way they integrated tennis to the games and activities. Very creative, well thought out and excecuted. Bravo for the tennis team!!!


26 www.LLPalmas.com S p e c i a l i s t i n F u t o n S o f a B e d s s i n c e 1 9 7 8 S p e c i a l i s t i n F u t o n S o f a B e d s s i n c e 1 9 7 8 by Futones por SangitS p e c i a l i s t s i n F u t o n S o f a B e d s s i n c e 1 9 8 9 Sofa-Beds, Futons and Beds: 100% Wood, Metal, Rattan and combination of materials. Road 176 Km. 7, Cupey Alto (entering by Academia Barbara Ann) (787) 760-8325 / 370-7732 O v e r 8 0 S o f a B e d s t o c h o o s e f r o m Over 80 Sofa-Beds to choose from!


Friday night. Good party and an excellent costume con tests.The decision for the judges was not easy, there were alot of good costumes and representations.


H HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTER TEL/FAX 787-852.5260 787 285.7958Dr. Graciany Miranda Tristanihematologyoncologycenter@yahoo.com www.hematologyoncologycenter.net Enfermeras onclogas y personal clerical de la ms alta calidad profesional para ofrecerle un servicio de excelencia con la sensibilidad que usted merece. Board Certied Internal MedicineHematlogo /Onclogo HORARIO lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previaCalle Dufresne #7 (este) Primer Piso, Humacao, PR, 00791Aceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos incluyendo plan Mi Salud y planes Advantages de Medicare Nuestros Servicios incluyen: Ray Humacao Calle Antonio Lpez 62 (al lado de la casa Museo Roig)(787) 852 -3540 *Aceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos *Le ayudamos a tramitar la autorizacin de su estudioServicios Horario: Lunes a Viernes 7:00am a 4:30pm Sabados de 7:00 a 12:00


Also on Friday night, Chihuahua Restaurant has their Halloween party and the re-opening of their new place at Palmanova. A blast! The photos speak for themselves. The best...Ren itself, always fun and creative.






32 www.LLPalmas.com Most Palmas del Mar residents and guests have seen the Marbella Club Cinderella castle-like gates. And, if you havent, by all means, drive down and check them out. They are unlike any other entrance to a community in Palmas del Mar, let alone Puerto Rico! What many of you might not know is what lies ahead beyond those gates. And we are not talking only about the prime location (the longest dis tance to the beach is 40 steps), or the inspiring architecture, nor the privileged seclusion that affords ultimate privacy. It is, more importantly, about what The Marbella Club offers to residents and guests alike in amenities and, furthermore, in experiences. Amenities equal life-enhancing moments. (We can all use some of that!) Sure it is a privilege to be at the beach, even if most of the time we take it for granted and dont fully realize how lucky we are. It is pleasurable, indeed, to be able to enjoy the two themed swimming pools that are not your typical hole-in-the-ground but, rather, artistic sites that actually transport you to a different place. It certainly doesnt hurt to have a gym conveniently on-site. But add to that the ultimate convenience of having both a Pool Attendant and a Residential Concierge at your service to take care of your needs and wants. (Make no mistake, you do deserve that!)...Talk about living the good life...at last...after all that hard work...But I think we will all agree that what everybody is really searching for is quality. And I dont just mean quality nishes (thats a given). It is quality of life. A quality that, unfortunately, you seldom enjoy except in a one-of-a-kind place like The Marbella Club. When I say amenities equal quality, I think about taking a stroll around this community with its inspiring landscaping: colorful owers, a blossoming amboyn, over-the-top design, the happy chirps of birds....I think about the timeless charm of its fountain-decked courtyards. I think about the dragon-decked pool which, by the way, is an actual sculpture commissioned to local artist Sonny Rodrguez, full of mysterious seductiveness that entrances young and old alike. I think about the beautifully handcrafted hammocks underneath a palm tree by the ocean to take a nap (is there a more quintessential Carib bean experience?). But to top all this, The Marbella Club has an amenity unlike any other: the Cava. The Cava is not a wine cellar (albeit it is techni cally one, for the purist), nor a locker room for ne wines (again, it is indeed that), nor a stor age area. Much more than that, it is the cozi est, most charming and unique lounge, which happens to have a temperature-controlled area to store your precious wines. Every single per son that has had the privilege of seeing it calls it the wow factor. With good reason. Well, picture this: after a delightful day at the beach and pools (did I neglect to mention the beach-front jacuzzi?), you freshen up and, instead of wondering how to wrap up a lovely day, you know exactly what to do, because it is right there. You go the Cava, sit by the re (yes, folks, there is a real working replace) and recap the day with people that you want and love to spend time with. You will also probably meet some new ones that you will come to love! And that, my friends, is what its all about. Feeling happy and relaxed, enjoying good times, reaping the rewards of so much hard work. Crossing those fancy, beautiful gates means gaining access to what is really important: liv ing and enjoying your life to the fullest. Just right now. Not someday. Not in the future. Now. The big secrets... behind the Marbella Gates


2012The best New Years Eves Party... At Palmas del Mar Yacht ClubSaturday December 31, 2011 from 8:00 pm to 2:00 amReserve your table today! 787.656.7300 787.505.7117* Fees applies until December 15, after that date: $160. adults, children 3-12 -$60. 300 people maximum. Entrance fee: $140.00 Children 3 to12: $50.00 Children 0 to 2 and: freeAppetizers, dinner, music and full open bar including champagne and wine! Yacht Club escogida oct/dic.indd 1 9/29/11 5:34 PM


34 www.LLPalmas.com SATURDAY NIGHT Halloween at Chez DanielAs always, Chez Daniels Halloween party was a success! Good food, good drinks, excellent costumes and the big surprise of the night, Marilyn Monroe (Aureli Arnould). The prizes and the raffle were outstand ing, champagne, wine baskets, airline tickets, and two trips to the Panam Ritz Carlton. If you missed it this year, be sure you dont miss it next year.


Dont ask us!lMoving my family to Palmas has been very exciting. Palmas Insurance took care of my business insurance needs as well as our personal coverage. Life can be stressful and we are so thankful to Palmas Insurance for providing us the peace of mind, assuring our liabilities were covered787.850.9209Conveniently located in your neighborhood at Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119palmasinsurance@gmail.com PALMAS INSURANCE CORP. Will McCusker McCusker & CompanyAsk our clients...


PHA Haunted House Party Thanks to the hard work of our PHA team, led by Daysie Daz, and our major sponsors, PHA and Dominos Pizza, the Haunted House Halloween Party held on Sunday, October 30th was an absolute success. Everyone had alot of fun, especially children who enjoyed their glow in the dark gadgets and inatables. Prizes and awards were given to the best costumes thanks to the contribution and donations of Bambola store in Hato Rey, Farmacia Ruiz Belvis in Humacao and F. Pujals & Co in San Juan. This is getting better every year!!!


www.LLPalmas.com 37 PHA Haunted House Party


Rafael Durand PlaVias Car Rental PresidentRafael Durand is one of our sucessfull business Palmeos.He being around for many years, Rafael is a Palmeo all the way true. I being in Palmas since 1998, rst at Beach Villa and then in Palmas Doradas, where I inted to live when retired. I am going no where else, said Rafael Durand without a doubt on his voice. I am a PHA and a PAC member and one of the people that contributed to make this project (PAC) a reality. I have also belong to the Business Asso ciation for all this year. It was back in 1990 when he saw that Palmas was growing like the foam that he saw the need of the car rental services in Palmas. This year we are celebrating the 22 years of service to Palmas and we are very proud of our service and our eet, said Durand and added that to show this solidarity and committement to Palmas he is offering the corporate rate discount on car rentals to all PAC members. But not only that, Rafael also has a Boutique Hotel at Isla Verde, Hotel Villa del Sol and he is giving PAC members a the rate of $90 a night per room for two (regular price $120). Be sure you give your PAC card number when you reserve and show your PAC member card at the front desk at the check in. This is an ideal alternative for a weekend in San Juan escape. One of those night you have an activity in San Juan and dosent want to drive back to Palmas. He also has two suites availables for as much as six people for only $150 per nigh for PAC members. This are good news for us, the Palmeos who live full time in Palmas and once in a while will like to spent some time in San Juan. Rafael has tone son and two daughters, one of which has also a villa at Palmas. She is also a PAC member and with their sons enjoy a lot the Beach Club and the golf courses. I encourage everybody that havent join the PAC to sign in and in that way protect their property values. We saw a glimsse of what could happen if we dont achive our goals and at the end is so much fun, said Rafael Durand that you can tell is very commited with our community. Happy 22 aniversary and many more years of success and prosperity!! DRA. ANNELISSE FIGUEROAESPECIALISTA EN ORTO D ONCIABRACES WITH... 787.852.1550orthofig@hotmail.com Horario de ocina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes mdicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.


Halloween Day! Finally the... Who said they were going to be tired for when the real Halloween day came? Geraldine Rivera proved them wrong! She dress up with different customs and make-up until the last day. Good spirit! Finally the Halloween activities were coming to the end. It was the sixth Halloween event at Palmas!!! I thought that the kids were going to be tired of dressing up. Was I wrong! They were out and with the same enthusiasm as the first party. I have to say that some adults were even worse than the kids. An example is Geraldine Rivera ( here at the upper right side of the page) who dressed up with three different cos tumes during the Palmas Halloween Marathon.


T A YLOR SWIFT es un marca registrada que pertenece a T aylor Swift y es utilizada bajo licencia. EA Fragrances Co.


Chef Juan Carlos Vicens, will be again this year in charge of the New Years Eves dinner at the Yacht Club! Last year was superb! Every body agreed how good the food was. This year, he promised will surpase the expectatives. I want to impresse everybody, we are going to go beyond and above the call of duty, same as last year... but better, he stated. Wow!! That sound good! We will have a great variety of food sta tions: from our famous carving stations with our exclusive glace sauces, signature Hors doeuvres such as our artesanian alcapurrias, the wonton cups with Thai Chicken, smoke salmon, caviar, sea food appetizers, a big va riety of salads, pastas, grill vegetables, and our exotic ten meats paella, plus our outstanding desserts, among many more delicatecies. Ev erything made from scratch with the best in gredients in an artesanian way. In my kitchen is completely forbiden the use of convenients foods. Its a no-no! said Juan Carlos with em phasis. Juan Carlos graduate from the Culinary In stitute of America and posses a vast culinary experience, being the Executive Chef of the San Juan Nautical Club for 17 years. At the Palmas Yacht Club, has being in charge for more than a year for all special activities such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate activi ties and seminars. Juan Carlos is a very committed chef with clear goal of not only full satisfation from his client but to exced their expectatives. Juan Carlos has many followers, like me, he did my wedding catering and I trust him for all my Yacht Club activities, said Maribel Muiz, from the Yacht Club. Those of you that went to my birthday party are witness also of how delicious the Hors doeuvres were. The 2012 is looking good at the Yacht Club!looking good at the Yacht Club...with Chef Juan Carlos Vicens! By: Lissette Rosado


www.LLPalmas.com 43 Pain Free/Hair Free Hair Removal SystemWe are so lucky to have her so close by! Not every resort community has, within walking distance, a family physician who also happens to be a beauty expert with the latest in technology--the skin tightening machine she uses is the only one in Puerto Rico. Everybody is talking about it. The other day, at one of our restaurants, a group of us (men and women) were making confessions of all the little touch ups we have been getting done at Lissettes. It was hilarious! Even the men were bragging about how young and fresh they look. As promised in the last edition, I will be reporting different treatments available at Dr. Bourets beauty corner as well as my improvement and experience. As all of you know, body hair is no longer in fashionactually it is strongly repudiated by the younger generations. Back in the day for example, man with hair on their chest or arms was considered sexy. Not any more! Nobody wants hair on his or her body. Aware of this need Dr. Bouret brings to Palmas a pain free and permanent hair removal system with the latest in technology. In ve to seven treatments we can eliminate the hair from the treated area, she explained and added that the Har mony Advanced Fluorescence Technique (AFT) for hair removal works for all skin types and the broadest range of hair colors. Pain-Free, Hair-Free combines cutting-edge medical laser technology with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the med spa. This breakthrough revo lutionary technology is considered one of the most comfortable hair removal options available on the market today. Another of the advantages found in this new technique is that there is very little discomfort compared with electrolysis and there is absolutely no downtime. Hair removal is possible now anywhere on the face and body. This is a big step, for example, for women with unwanted hair on their face because the process wont harm your skin. For the bikini line it is also a big success! You dont have to shave anymore and have the unpleasant itchy feeling of growing hair. The Laser 360 photo rejuvenation pro gram is a combination of three different treatments aimed to improve skin color, tone, texture and tightening. In my case Dr. Bouret gave me a: S KIN T IGHTENING session (my third one) with the Accent Elite device (the only one in Puerto Rico). This treatment is aimed to treat the telltale signs of aging includ ing jowl and neck laxity, sogginess under the eyes, droopy brow lines and naso-labial folds. How does it work? This machine pro duces a deep dermal heating that triggers new collagen development, better circula tion, lymphatic drainage and an increase in skin rmness. And believe me it works! I can clearly see the results without pain or surgery! H ARMON Y LASSER -Laser Treatment for Vascular & Pigmented Lesions used to treat spots caused by sun exposure or aging. By exposing a pigmented lesion to short pulses of visible light, the temperature in the highly concentrated melanin can be raised sharp ly, enough to shatter the cells containing the melanin. The body then replaces these cells with new cells generated by the sur rounding untreated area. Three to four days after the treatment your dark spot becomes a scab, then they fall and the spot disap pears like real magic. S KIN SU RFACING A mini peeling to smooth the texture of the skin by removing the damaged outer layers such as ne lines, large pores, acne scars, chicken pox scars among other imperfections. T H E RESUL TS For me the results are evident. I am re ally impressed with the outcome and by the time this magazine is printed, I will have had my fth treatment and I will be ready and looking younger in 2012! The 360 experience with Dra Lissette Bouret In the next issue we are going to be talking about the llers. Here a preview of the magic behind those little syringes. In the photo, Linda LeRoy before and after. Beautiful job!By: Lissette Rosado


44 www.LLPalmas.com OPENNOWIN THE PALMAS DEL MAR REAL ESTATE CENTERthe entire community for the outstanding support we have received over the past months. We invite you to join us for complimentary coffee and pastries in our lobby or balcony each morning. WE WISH TO THANK... www.palmasresortcommunity.comwww.puertoricorealestatesales.com HOMEOWNERSSERVICESVACATIONERS HOMEOWNERSSERVICESVACATIONERSHOMEOWSERVICESV RVICESVACATIONERS HOMEOWNERSSERVICESVACATIONERSHOMEOWNERSSERVICESVA 787 850 0042




46 www.LLPalmas.comBy now most of you have seen the new seagull sculpture in Palmas Drives turn-around circle. Beautiful! It is an exquisite interpretation of the seagulls in ight, very pertinent to our sea environment and very well complemented with the fountain and landscaping. Chapeau! To get to know more about this artwork and its artist I visited the sculptor, Sonny Rodrguez. A surprise awaited me. He is indeed an excellent sculptor but...thats not one eighth of what this talented man can do! He is a plastic artist, a painter, a singer (in the 60s he used to sing with Les Cavaliers, at La Nueva Ola with Alfred D Herger among many others) nowadays he could sing from popular music to Opera without any problem, a musician (he plays around seven instruments), an ar chitect (he designed and constructed the extraordinary chalet where he lives), a stage designer, a landscape designer, MC (master of ceremony), a composer and a script writer among many others. He is also a lawyer, Millie, his wife, told me. He writes for himself all the legal contracts, in such a way that even his lawyers friends believes a lawyer has written them. Millie also told me about his talent as a musician. He started playing the Accordion by borrowing one from a friend to see how he was going to be able to manage it. Three month later he was buying his own and now, he can play more than 300 songs. At the Albergue Olmipico he designed the gazebos and the miniature golf area with ponds, fake stones and a lot of palms trees that look like an idyllic countryside. And those of you that are old enough you should remember El Alambique, well... it was Sony who created and designed it. This man is amazing! The best part? He is an autodidact in all this matters. His talents are impressive and I can testify to this I saw his artwork; his musical instruments and I heard him playing at Daniels Beujolais Noveau presentation. I saw his sculptures, his beautiful home, and many photos of his impressive and multidisciplinary career that speaks for itself. I think The Boricuazo should know about Sonny. He probably does. Connection to PalmasSonny certainly is not a stranger to Palmas. He has had and still has many ties to Palmas. Sonny was the owner of the rst Palmas Pizza Pizza Nostra. I came to Palmas once invited by a friend and thought that Palmas needed a pizza place. Next thing, without knowing anything about pizza, he opened the successful Pizza Nostra restaurant. I was friends with a pizza maker and I asked him to give me the recipe for the crust. The sauces we invented by trial and error. Later on he added breakfast, sandwiches, BBQ chicken and more. Some years later he sold the pizza place and created El Mercadito, a convenient store at Palmanova, which was also very successful. Sonny also owned two villas at Palmas at different times and is the designer of the famous Marbella pool dragons. And guess what? He is the father of Yamilet Pennock and the grandfather of Demi and Amy Pennock! The man behind A 26 feet Christ sculpture for a church at Dorado. An impressive face to face portrait of Sonny and Christ. Danny Rivera, Sonny, Lucesita and Paquito Cordero back in the 60s The beautiful (inside/out) chalet Sonny designed and constructed himself. Doa Maria, an impresive painting of Maria, a lady that used to pick up cans at Palmas. Many of you will remember her.the seagulls


the seagulls


HUMA CAOCarr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002Y AB UCOA PL AZACarr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000 NA GUABO CARR. 31 KM. 3.7 (F rente Ferr. Cario) TEL. 465-0032T AMBIN EN ...JUNCOS URB. V ALENCIA SALIDA A NAGUABO TE L. 734-1650 CA YEY A VE. MUOZ MARN TE L. 263-8664 CA GUAS CARR. # 1 KM. 33.3 MARGIN AL BAIROA CENTRO INDUSTRIAL ANGORA P ARK TE L. 653-1553 L AS PIEDRAS A VE. PIE IRO (frente al Correo) TE L. 733-0959 GURABO CARR. 189 ( FR ENTE URB. J ARDINE S DE GURABO) TE L. 687-0959 RO GRANDE CARR # 3 BO GUZ MA N A BAJO AL LADO DEL PAR Q UE DE PE LOTA O VIDIO DE JE S S TEL 787-6570779 The making of...Like everything in life, things are not easy. In order to install the sculpture it was necessary to remove the big palms trees with cranes, establish the water and electrical connection and re-design the landscaping. Pennock Garden was in charge of this part under the supervision of George Mulligan. The re sults are visible. The landscape complements and enhances the artwork in a very harmonic way. Good job George! Well done.


Palmanova Plaza Palmas del Mar THE FLYING PIZZAFRESH HOMEMADE PIZZA & CALZONE Monday Friday 11:15am 9:00pm Saturday 11:15am 10:00pm Sundays 12:00 noon 9:00pm787-850-4688 FREE DELIVERY La buena pizza esta aqu! The best kept secret in Yabucoa!Much more than a Pharmacy! A complete shopping experience. Ten minutes from Palmas, dont need to go anywhere else! Envoltura gratis* Entrega de medicamentos a Palmas Calle Cristobal Coln #5 & Urb. Jardines de Yabucoa, 1 8A Aceptamos ms de 50 planes mdicos incluyendo Medicare.*ciertas restricciones aplican See you at... D CafPalmanova Plaza, Primer Nivel 787.656.8437 email: dcafepalmas@gmail.com


Clean the Start UpFirst you must identify if your computer is starting up or loading programs you dont really need. Many times, when you install programs or peripherals like printers, a le is installed with the purpose of updating or promoting when the computer is turned on. After some time, these programs pile up and cause your computer to start up 20 or 30 applications when it is turned on. Therefore, your computer is slower and heavier.There are several applications that allow you cleaning and managing what programs will start up when you turn on the computer. I recommend you to install one of these two programs because if you install them both they could cause a conict. Once installed, it will enable you to see the list of programs that are loaded or that start up when you turn on your computer. Choose those that are required, the rest can be disabled. Autoruns for Windows v11 http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx http://www.winpatrol.com/download.html Clean unnecessary lesAfter cleaning your computer Start up or list of startup pro grams, lets clean the computer from temporal les, cookies and unnecessary les that pile up with time. Download and install the following program and run what is known as the wizard or automatic setup. Optimize your computerAfter having cleaned the list of start up programs and the unnecessary les in your computer we still have to run a pro gram that optimizes the computer in order to make it work as if new. Download and install the following program and run what is known as the wizard or automatic setup. http://www.glarysoft.com/products/utilities/glary-utilities/ The best thing about all these tools is that they are free and very easy to use. Besides, they could save you a lot of trouble. If you use these three (3) tools as I recommended before, it is very likely that your computer works much faster. If you have any question you can reach me through: Facebook.com/virtualizate, Twitter.com/virtualizate or www.Virtualizate.net The Beach Bohio...Open Monday -Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm Same light menu with some new additions!787.850.4142 MUSIC SUNDAYS from 1:00 to 5:00 pma magic spot in Palmas By: Obed BorreroIs your computerIf you nd that your computer is running low, try using these free tools and tune-up your computer. Culebra Island RealtySpecializinig in Culebra & Palmas del MarJim Galasso 787.435.6752 Culebra Cheryl Calasso 787.435.6596 Palmas del Mar www.culebraislandrealty.com Lic #7885Asking $4 mil Casa CareyesLocated on Culebra 6.8 pristine waterfront acres in private community with dock access Incredible location and residence.Casa Careyes SLOW?


www.LLPalmas.com 51 New Years Eves atNew Years Eves Five Course Dinner Kitchen in styleFirst CoursePotatoes and leeks soup Crme fraise and Osetra caviarSecond CourseSalmon Tartare avocado spread and compress honeydew melonThird Course Foie gras brulee Vidalia onion mermelade, macademia nuts and briochFourth CourseVeal cheeks fricassee and lobster Baby vegetables ragout and black trufe essence Fifth CourseBanana bread with caramelize bananas, chocolate sauce, nutella powder and vanilla ice cream Join us! Dinner sittings starts at 7pm $85.pp Limited spaces Live Music. Bar open with premium licours for general public. The new hot spot in Palmas! c bar ad dic/enero.indd 1 11/30/11 1:50 AM


Museo y Centro de Estudios Humansticos MCEH Dra. Josena Camacho de La Nuez In 1981, the MCEH was born and conceived as an archeology, history and ethnog raphy museum. As a result. It has collected and preserved precious and representative folk art and pre-Columbian artifacts. However, its role has evolved in time, and the MCEH has become a premier regional center for the study, dissemination and exchange of Puerto Ricos culture, past and present. Its very location in a historical house of the regions leading sugar mill-symbolizes its historical and cultural grounding. In 2004 the museum changed its name to Museo y Centro de Estudios Humansticos Dra. Josena Camacho de La Nuez in memoriam of a great educator and humanist with a diverse academic interests which includes music, English language and philosophy. MCEHs priority has been to protect and study the valuable archeological heritage of eastern Puerto Rico. Its scholarly publications are disseminated and greatly appre ciated, and its collection is a subject of study among the worlds foremost specialists of the Greater Caribbean region. The collection includes carvings, sculptures, burial remains, and tri-dimensional pieces of potterymany of them whole, a rarity. These represent the remains of various native cultures and their distinct eras, including the Tano and, most notably, the Igneri. The MCEH is both a generator of anthropological and cultural resources, as well as an exhibitor and interpreter of the work done by others. The MCEH has undertaken several major excavations, one of which unearthed an extraordinary nd: the 2,000 year-old Punta Candelero settlement, featuring the most important ancient skeletal remains in Puerto Rico and, indeed, the largest archeological nd on the Island. Punta Candelero site considered as one of most signicant archaeological locations in the Caribbean. The MCEH is the permanent home of this unique and priceless collection, the richest and oldest remains of the Igneri culture, which appears to have lasted only until 200 BC. Objects at the site strongly suggest and document a previously unknown migration of Caribbean people. As a result, the Punta Candelero site generally con sidered as one of the four most signicant archaeological locations in the Caribbean. This collection is essential in the understanding of how and when the Greater and Lesser Antilles were populated, and often is requested by other local and Stateside institutions and universities. Every year, the museum organize and host workshops in art, sculpture, photography, drawing (for children), popular and classical music concerts, art contests, and training in art management and administration, as well as a cultural summer camp for children. The new building will have a substantial multiplying effect not only in the number of visitors and events, but also in the type, scope and impact of such activities, exhibits and cultural and educational initiatives. Besides numerous other afliations and collaborations in Puerto Rico, MCEH is particularly proud and privileged to have subscribed an afliation agreement with the Smithsonian Institution for collections exchange, development of educational programs and technical assistance and training in museum science, museum management and administration, exhibit design and development, and conservation of museum resources. Last October the museum inaugurated the second phase expansion of its facilities The University of El Turabo Museum... a must visit!Punta Candelero archaelogical collection


www.LLPalmas.com 53 which provides an additional 26,000 sq.f. of six exhibition galleries: Sala Ana G. Mndez, Sala Valle del Turabo, Sala de Exhibiciones Itinerantes, Sala de Arte Sacro which includes part of the art collection of Fundacin de Arte Sacro Antonio y Lola Roig, Sala de Artesanas, Sala de Arqueologa, and one Education and Creative Gallery. In addition the new facilities include a Caf, a state of the art store and open spaces areas. The new building is conceived as a straight-forward solu tion to the obvious problem of lack of space to care for and display MCEH collections. Yet its impact is far greater, since the MCEHs mission extends beyond the display and storage of priceless antiquities and relics. The Center/Museum and the University react proactively to the needs and interests of students, scholars, and the community at large, sponsoring art exhibits, literature and music programs, workshops, seminars and lectures, research and publications; and works with local artists to strengthen and create new audiences. A key target audience is the regions elementary and high school student population --whose attendance has increased steadily and now accounts for approximately half of all MCEH visitorsto ex pose them to the arts, culture, history, archaeology and other disciplines, as well as to the meaning, purpose and offerings of the University. As result, the new building is purposed to become a key cultural encounter and exchange forum to further enhance the Humanities in the region. FR EE INDIVID UA L M E MB E RS HIP FOR P ALMA SThe University of EL Turabo is offering the Palmas community a free individual membership. Connect to www.sociosmceh.org and get a free membership by entering the code UB02E2GA to apply for your membership. For more information contact 787-743-7979, ext. 4020 or 4010 The University of El Turabo Museum... a must visit! The art collection of Fundacin de Arte Sacro Antonio y Lola Roig.


In order to understand how you can truly increase your home value in less than thirty minutes, we have to deter mine what creates value in our homes. Real home values cannot be created by using a new paint job or a renovated kitchen alone and in a deationary home value market, these items are only commodities; items that anyone can apply to their home. So we have to create something unique that in every market condition will never fail to add value to our homes or our community. So what can we do in less than thirty minutes that will increase our home values? There is only one thing that will increase the value of your home in every market and that is demand. Demand for your home, for your community. So the question is, how do we create demand in less than thirty minutes? Recently; Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation launched the Knight Soul of the Community project to answer this dilemma; what makes a community a desirable place to live? What draws people to stake their future in it? Are communities with more attached residents better off? This was a study of 43,000 people in 43 communities that lasted over three years. The items that consistently topped the list of what makes a community at tractive were as follows; Openness (how welcome does someone feel), Beauty, Increasing your home value ...in less than thrity minutes! Palmas know they are welcome, greet them with a friendly smile. They just may be here to purchase your friends home who needs to nd a buyer. moment to smile at a neighbor. repairs and maintenance are being performed. church. community clean up day. social gatherings, safety, civic opportunities and schools among others. Just like any community Palmas Del Mar faces the challenge of stabilizing and increasing home values. In a resort community, the visitors not only sup port our local businesses but they also end up being our neighbors. They are the ones that create our demand. We are fortunate that we have so many op portunities to market our community to visitors. When a visitor drives through the front gate, the rst resident they meet By: Eric S Swider, Managing Partner & CEO GSI Asset Management becomes the Community marketing tool and determines whether or not the visitor creates demand to dine, shop or live in the community. Below is a list of items you can complete in less than thirty minutes that will immediately help increase the value of your community and your home. These items are exceptionally important since we live in a resort community.


If you see an area that needs some at tention, a fresh coat of paint, some landscaping or maybe some pressure washing; grab a few friends and have fun beautify ing your community. If it is an item in a community common area; please make sure to report it to your regime as well as to the PHA. Smile, slow down and wave; let a pedestrian cross with a warm smile, and ask your neighbor to obey the speed limit. These are all items that take less than thirty minutes and if everyone in the community were to take thirty minutes once a month not only will demand increase for our community but it will be demand from the character of people you would like to have as neighbors. The residents of Palmas Del Mar need to let the world know, we are on a campaign to make everyone feel; this is a welcome, open and diverse resort community. We are embarking on a campaign to keep our community clean; green and beautiful. welcoming community that takes pride in cleanliness, maintenance and safety. Visitors and homeowners alike set the tone for a friendly community that is in demand. Every time someone visits, they will notice; a peace ful environment with noise ordinances; slow moving trafc meanders through the community and the landscaping is well maintained and cared for. Pedestrians and bicycles share the community paths with Golf carts; this is how you increase values in less than thirty minutes. The Restaurant Candelero, by the Equestrian Center just re-open its doors to offer a great variety of meat and sea food at the grill with a little smoke avor. The good news is that Luis Rosado, the chef of the old Candelero is back after being the chef at the Fortaleza kitchen for several years. At the opening we had the oportunity to enjoy many of his delicacies paired with excellent wines. the newCandelero restaurant


PUERTAS VENTANAS TORMENTERAS BARANDAS PUERTAS DE GARAGE PUERTAS DE BAO vistanos en www.greenwindowspr.com Gold Medal for Tito Aponte! Victor Rafael Aponte Taboas, better known by Tito Aponte just win the gold medal in the Catamaran category of the XVI Panamerican Games in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Wow! Palmas is very proud of you! We have all seen him growing up at Palmas side to side to his older brother Ivan, also a great sailor. I beleive Tito was wrap with a sail when born and sparkle with salt on her skin. I remember seeing him coming out of the water in the Optimist boats when he was almost a todler. Yes, I started to sail when I was four and to compete at ten, conrmed our gold sail champion. Tito compited in the Hobie Cat 16 category and win with his partner, Enrique Quique Figueroa, the gold medal of this category. We practice hard for a whole year, I think we practice more than anybody and that gave us condence, he said and added: But I prayed a lot. Our competitors where very close !, he said an laught with his big smille and good sense of humor. Talking about the sea conditions at Puerto Vallarta Tito said that we preferer our waters. The water is not as blue and clear as in Puerto Rico because they are many rivers around and there was much bigger waves and strong currents But there is a lot of marine life. There was so many turtles that we had to be alert not to bump into them! He came to the interview with his brother Ivan and his sister Aura, twelve, also a good sailer, I also saw her once coming out of the open sea when she was around six or seven. She was so skinny and small it looks like a wet little lizard I told her and we all laugh. But its true I remember thinking that. His brother Ivan also obtain a privilage 6 position on the Sunsh category at the Games. They are all so warm and talkative that it was a delighted of talking to them. When we receive the the medal, I was in schok, I didnt know what to do. I though to my self: I win wow! There I became a public gure everybody wanted to take a photo with me and I signed autograph, he recalls proudly. I scream and scream and sudently all my friends started to calling me, it was great, said on her side, Aura who said maybe one day she will also compite. The future? Continue sailing, said Tito. Ivan on his part has plans to study medicine and is starting this next semester his pre-medicine at Mayaguez. But, that could change. I understand he is being Tito Aponte with his older brother Ivan, his mentor in sailing and his buddy!


Adamari Lpez... Mira Quien BailaAdamari s all friends and Palmas neigboors got toghether in Pura Vida Rest to see the nal of Mira quien Baila. The results are well known but if you miss that moment this photo, taken from the TV talks by itself. She win by one million votes The votes were from the audience and she wins eventhough she was competing with the singer Pricilla ngel, from Mexico, a country with a population of 112 million. She was indisputably the best all accross the competition. Adamaris has angel and her personality and sparkle sets her apart from the rest of the competitors, she is the best!! Adamari was representing the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the $50,0000 she wins are going to the Foundation. We are so proud of you Adamaris! Bennys Interior 787.285.7196 CEL 787. 509.7361DRAPERIES CURTAINS CUSHIONS CANOPIES BED SPREADS AWNINGS PATIO FURNITURE REFINISHING RETRACTABLE AWNINGS ROLLUP SHADESUPHOLSTERY INTERIOR & EXTERIOR 40 YEAR IN THE MARKET ATM


The East Radiation Therapy Institute (IRE, by its Spanish initials Instituto de Radioterapia del Este) just opened their doors in Humacao with the best equipment in Puerto Rico, Lation America and the Caribbean for radiation therapy for cancer. It is the rst and only radiation therapy center equipped with the latest radiation therapy technology to treat cancer in a shorter period of time, more precisely and offering better possibilities for success. Our institute is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the Varian Trilogy Rapid Arc which is the only Computerized Linear Accelerator machine. This machine enables external irradiation of the affected area, adjusts to every patient and reduces the length of one session of treatment to a ten percent of the regular time a session would take if using other equipment without harming the healthy cells and achieving a shorter, more precise and effective treatment that benets the patient, said Doctor Carlos Remedios, Medical Director of the East Radiation Therapy Institute (IRE), The IRE also has other top-notch technologies including, but not limited to the Respiratory Gating; the Stereotactic Radiosurgery and the Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery that allow performing radiosurgery on tumors that cannot receive a surgical treatment due to their location in critical intracranial and body areas; the method known as Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy; the system with the highest Resolution of 4D Digitally Reconstructed Radiographies; an evolutionary 6 dimensional robotic treatment table, equipment owned only by ten (10) of the most prestigious radiation therapy centers in the United States; and a CT scan that makes 16 cuts unlike traditional machines that make 2 or 4 cuts. According to the most recent statistics of the Health Department, during the last decades cancer has been the second killer in Puerto Rico and around 2 050 new cases are diagnosed annually. The IRE is equipped with the latest radiation technology in order to treat the existing variety of cancers offering more possibilities of success and having the patients welfare as its priority. These modern technologies represent a unique opportunity of treatment for many patients who otherwise could not be treated for cancer. In the past, patients had to travel to the United States to undergo these treatments. Now, not only patients from Puerto Rico but also from the United States, Central and South America have the opportunity to receive the most sophisticated treatment in Humacao. The quality, capacity and advantages of this technology are unbelievable. It is a huge and considerable breakthrough for cancer patients because they can enjoy a better quality of life, and that is our goal at IRE: to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and use it in benet of our patients, thus helping them to make the most of their lives, stressed doctor Remedios With the slogan Well go hand in hand with you!, and the symbol of the pinky promise, the committed team of IRE makes a deal of love with all of its patients, a genuine promise of providing an exceptional service counting on the human factor and with respect. Lets hope we dont need them but... if we do, its good to know its so close to home. IRE is located at calle Antonio Lpez #55 (very close to the Roig Musseum. If you want more informatin about this revolucionary center go to www.irecontigo.com or call them at 787.719.2300 $11 millon investment Cancer center...


Horario regular: Jueves 5pm10pm Viernes y Sbados 5pm11pm Domingos 12:307pm Carr. #3 Academy Drive Palmas del Mar, Humacao(Next to the Equestrian Center/ next to Palmas Academy)Para reservaciones: 787-361-3466 Ven y disfruta de un ambiente especial y diferente en CANDELERO SMOKEY GRILLHOUSE; el lugar ideal para campartir en familia el sabor de las mejores carnes ahumadas y mariscos a la parrilla, con nuestro acompaantes del patio. New antojitos: Make your own pasta: Appetizers December 10 re-openning with the traditional Full Moon Party Every Christmas Sunday... Sunset Happy Hours with live music. Guaranteed !New Menu The new Tiki Bar!


Talking about tennis fever... The rst P AC Member & Guest tennis tournament was an amazing weekend. The sun was shinning and the courts were full. A total of 150 players including members and their guests of all categories and juniors gathered at the court. Opening Friday night with a great cocktail sponsored by the Center Court Bar & Grill, Coca-Cola and Don Q, all the players enjoyed great food and live music. Games started early on Saturday morning and all the players ended the night at the Country Club with a great party. Players, giving their tennis shoes a break, put on their dancing shoes and partied all night long. The pleneros surprised the crowd and it was fun, fun, The semi nals and nals went on Sunday morning and after a hard day at the court. The rst P AC Member & Guest Tennis Tournament ended with a special A wards Ceremony (trophies by artist Sofa Vizcarrondo) and a spectacular rafe. It was truly and amazing weekend. We thank everyone who participated and collaborated to make this event happen. Once again, P AC aced it!M ember & G uest...


62 www.LLPalmas.com 787.850.0090 Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar. PALMAS FAMILY MART Fast service & security all the times Auto Expreso Retail Location Ask for our great variety of wines & craft beers! The best prices in town!


www.LLPalmas.com 63


Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico By appointment only Aromatherapy oil Isolated Stretching and a little reflexology on feet with each session Free... 60 MinsA combination of movements kneading, cross-fiber friction, and gliding to reduce all over muscle tension and stress. Calm the Nervous System and promotes blood circulation through the entire body. 60 Mins Effleurage, Myofascial release and trigger point therapy on neck and special needed areas. Perfect for chronic pain, sports injuries, muscle spasms and orthopedic dysfunction throughout the body Calm the Nervous System and promotes blood circulation through out the entire body. Massage Therapist Melisa, Over twenty years of Experience, R M T 2011 Massage Therapist Jorge Over seven years of Experience RMT 2011 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 787-791-4120, 791-4995 (airport service) 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 OPEN 24 HOURSIsla Verde: 787-791-4120, 791-4995 (airport service) Dorado: 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 Humacao: 787-852-1591, 850-3070Palmas del Mar Bicycle and CAR RENTAL 787-223-3448 ATTENTION PAC MEMBERS Vias Car Rental will be offering year round our commercial rates for all the members of Palmas Athletic Club. Each member must present their membership card at the time of rental in order to qualify for the rate. ServiceOK Refrigeration & Electrical Contractorswww.okservicepr.comAir Conditioning Certied Electrician Services Repairs of: 787.748.7352 Some of our clients are:


www.LLPalmas.com 65 ...having a great time!


Esta Navidad obsequie un regalo de voz y sentimiento. En la voz de Juan Carlos Rodrguez. Para ms informacin, favor de llamar al 787.438.0654 Counseling Deeds Purchase-Sale; Mortgage & Cancellation of Mortgage; Pre-Nuptial Agreements; Wills; Emancipations; Donations; Construction Certications; Afdavits; Community Property divisions, Declaration of Heirs, etc..RITA MOLINELLI, ESQ.VIP PROPERTIES/RITA MOLINELLI (787) 285-5058; 285-5059; 285-6678; 852-4959 We provide the BEST Quality service with Sales, Property Management, Relocation Service, Long or Short Term Rentals. rita@cometopalmas.com For all your legal Real Estate needsPalmanova Plaza 134, Palmas Del MarSales and rentals in Palmas del MarINTRODUCING A NEW LAWYER IN THE FAMILY: RITAS DAUGHTER: MARIANA NOGALES MOLINELLI, ESQ. 787.285.4155 Point Break Palmanova Plaza #126 Weve got them all!


68 www.LLPalmas.com


Dale Pedal a tu cardio Dealer autorizado trade in !Calle Dr. Vidal Urb. Gmez #8 local B Humacao, PR 00791 Ahora en Humacao!


70 www.LLPalmas.com CPM & REALTORS787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com


CPM & REALTORS 295 Palmas Inn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Club Cala Paradise is just minutes away! A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. Share your dreams with the one you love Come to Puerto Rico and you will see why we are called The Enchanted Island 787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com GIFT CARDChristmas is all about beautyAt Beauty by Bouret, we have the perfect gift for your loved one. A gift certicate to be used for treatments and consultory with Dra Lissette Bouret. Hair removal Intense pulse light removes hair painlesslySkin Tightening with the Accent Elite device, the only in Puerto RicoSkin Rejuvenation for brown spots, broken capillaries and other fallout from exposureChemical Peelingto improve skin texture and hydrationGuinot FacialsDeep cleansing and hydration Deep Tissue and Swedish Massages combined with Coffee and Honey Scrubs 295 Palmas Inn Way, Suite 135, Palmanova Plaza, Humacao, PR beautybybouret@gmail.com. www. beautybybouret.com(939) 475.8000 787.850.3603carr. #3 (across from Walmart & JCPenney) Mon Sat 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM SupremeUSACLEANERS Daily pick-up & delivery


Our Palmas del Mar Utilility Company (PDMU) at the forefront of state-of-art technology: Waste Water Treatment PlantAAs part of their continuous improvement culture, PDMU Utility Corp. recently turned on the switch on a new Waste Water Pre-treatment System. This new equipment allows the operation to improve the storage capacity of the received efuent and to go beyond the environmental compliance standards. The system, designed by CMA Engineers & Architects, is a combination of a new Grit Removal Unit (GRU), a 300,000 gallons Equalization Tank and a new pump station with the required ancillary equipment and electronic controls. With the system, PDMU manages all solids/ grit that comes from the raw sewage into the WWTP Treatment Plant and separates them, avoiding sedimentation problems at the Equalization Tank and on the treatment chambers. The GRU receives the inuent that is pumped from ve (5) sewer pump stations located through Palmas del Mar. New 300,000 Equalization Tank Grit Removal Unit (GRU) With the help of a centrifugal Gear Head, the solids are deposited at the bottom of a 12ft semi conical container. On a cyclical automatic system, the solids are carried from the bin to a separation container using a 7.5 HP grit pump. At the separation container, a continuous grit separator, separates and moves the solids along a channel that discharges the material on a disposal container. The remaining used water is pumped back into the Equalization Tank. Grit Removal Inuent received from Sewer Pump Stations


Grit Removal At the Equalization Tank, used water is stored and aerated, allowing an oxygenation level before getting into the WWTPplant for treatment. This water is moved from the tank to the Treatment PlantWWTP by three (3) alternating pumps that allows a continuous ow to the treatment chambers. Alternating Pumps Control Panels The inuent comes from the external pump stations on a non-regular intermittent mode, the Equalization Tank serves not only a s a storage element, but as a ow controlling tank, in order to maintain the biological treatment working uniformly and on a continuous basis. The project was completed in April 2011 after nine (9) months of construction by AIREKO. Since that date, our WWTP Treatment Plant has experienced an improvement on the quality of produced efuent, that translates into less chemicals used before making it available for the irrigation of the Golf Courses and green areas. Also, the new Equalization Tank has increased our storage capacity, allowing a quicker treatment time, having then more efuent available to be treated before being stored into the irrigation ponds., Iindicated Rey Encarnacin, Executive Director of PDM Utility Corp. PAR AVION Your postal and souvenir shop Send your message in the bottle like in the old times!


No excuses for being out of shape. Our PAC Fitness Center just contracted Jackie Rodrguez, one of the most recognized tness trainers of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to be in charge of the Club facilities. Jackie among others recognitions is being selected to represent Puerto Rico at the FIBO, a leading International Trade Show for Fitness Wellness and Health in Europe to be held on April 2012. Jackie is being selected as the ofcial trainer of Miss Universe Puerto Rico (who is going to be trainning at our PAC facilities!). PAC is getting better by the minute! If you havent visit the Fitness Center latelly, stop by and nd out all what is new for you. The classes will be paid by tickets and they are fantastic deals available. PAC MEMBERS only $69.99 12 tickets/ classes -Non members$120.0012 tickets/classes. You can buy your tickets at any PAC outlet. New equipment, new and improved classes and the exper tise of Jackie and Juan Vlez, certied and excellent Personal Trainer with vast experience, who is going to be the manager of the Fitness Center. Among the novelties of the Fitness Center is the Suspension Body Weight Training Machine (the only in Puerto Rico), intended for group or personnal training. he Suspension Body Weight Training MachinePAC Now X CO & Flexi Bar at the PA C Fitness CenterAs part of this renovation, the XCO fever arrives to the PAC facilities. As many of you have already know, this modality has become very popular in Puerto Rico because its results (I could give faith). The XCO Trainer is suitable for everyone because it is very easy to learn and can be adjusted to individual needs. When shift ing the oscillating mass inside the XCO Trainer forward and backward, you receive an instant acoustic feedback while youre working out! Another advantage of training with XCO Trainer is the positive effect it has on core strength. The core muscles are all of the deep muscles of the body that attach to the spine and whose role is to support and stabilise the entire spinal column. A strong core leads to greater spinal stability, fewer injuries (especially to the back) and better physical performance. XCO Trainer, automatically activates the core muscles, stabilizing the hips and spine throughout the workout.


One on One Personnal Pilates PT with Betssy Power Yoga classFITNESS MENU Starting on January Another of the important services that will be offer at the Fitness Center will be the Personal Training service, wich I strongly recommend. Having a PT helps us set our work out goals and keeps us motivated. We need the push to work harder so we can achieve more and avoid the comfort zone. It is great to have clear targets to reach as it relates to physical condition., stated Amarylis Alsina. The PT designs the ex ercise plan according to our goals and needs. Having the right PT, makes a big difference. They are not all created equal and we are happy to say that ours is fantastic. Taking the PT ses sions along with someone else as a buddy also is a big plus. It adds another level of committment and also competitiveness which helps with the engagement and motivation. In our case we buddy up (as husband and wife) and we have a lot of fun challenging each other during the sessions. We give each other feedback and push each other to work out harder. At the end of the PT sessions we feel very satised and accomplished... and we are very happy when we see ourselves reach our physical condition goals! nished Jos Pagn, Amarylis husband. Personal Training Alida'sOur dear friend an Palmas neighboor, Alida Ortz just sent us two of her new painting inspired in the last year Three Kings Parade. One is a painting of Pilar Bajandas and the other is a scene of the amazones on their horses. Both presents a lush and exuberant potrait of the Caribbean light and colors. Thank you for letting us share your art with our community and re minder that this year Three Kings Parade is going to take place on the Three Kings day, the six of Jannuary. Hope to see you there. Its and outstanding activity and I am sure that this year is going to be even better than last year.DIRECT FROM BOCA RATON NEW PANTINGS


editors choice Crescent BeachLovely ground oor studio in the most desirable spot facing the Caribbean. Remodeled with an independent bedroom, fully equipped and furnished. Steps to beach, three pools, sand volley ball court and spectacular view to Vieques. Price to sell at $319,000 o.b.o. LIFESTYLE REALTY (787) 390-8870, (787) 608-6368/608-5522 Dream home at an excellent price4-Bedrooms/4-baths. Remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and custom built in cabinets. Incredible price @ $895k. We have a vast selection of properties for sale throughout all the communities in palmas del mar resort. Please call or visit us anytime to view these wonderful properties at very affordable prices. VIP PROPERTIES (787) 285-5058/5059, (787) 487-2995


editors choice editors choice Y ou need only to bring your toothbrush...This beautifully furnished and supremely comfortable apartment with its luxury decor in subtle hues, Venetian plaster walls and elegant textures reects simply one of the most desired locations in the resort community of Palmas del Mar. This luxury apartment with 3 bedrooms plus den, en suite bathrooms in two of the bedrooms plus additional guest bath offer the perfect get a way. A corner apartment with Caribbean sea views, sandy beach, walk to Gym, Cava or any of the two pools in the community; an elegant pool and a fun themed dragon pool for family fun. Y our concierge is here to service you for years to come. visit our web site: www.cpmrealtypr.com Being offered @ $1,150,500 for a limited time only 2/12 For more information call CPM Realtors 787.850.4401 Exquisite...just step in! Harbor Lights Estates This modern 5 year young 5000 sq.ft. home on 2100sq. mtrs. backs a green area and has tranquil views to the Caribbean sea. Accentuated with spectacular designer bathrooms, a top grade lighting system, appliances, custom window treatments, Italian tile oors, and 18 foot ceiling in the main living area. This expansive 5 bedroom, 4 full and half bath home also includes 2 covered veranda patios, central air, generator, Valcor hurricane windows and doors, plus 2 1/2 car garage. Outstanding value priced to sell at $1.1 mil. with owner nancing considered. Call: Culebra Island Realty at 787-435-6596 / 787-435-6752


78 www.LLPalmas.com The New Years Eves PartyThis year we are having a very special party with tropical live music, pleneros, batucada, begigantes and other surprises during the night. The New Y ears Eves party will be at the Ballroom with an extravaganza buffet. The cost of the dinner is $99 pp and includes one botle of champagne fo every four people. There will be a kids menu available for $38. that includes ilimited soda. For the adults there will be a cash bar available But thats not all... if you dont feel like going to dinner and you want to celebrate at the Hotel there will be anther party at the lobby area with a DJ that includes a video show. At the lobby the Hotel will have cash bar and the tables for four could be reserved for only $85 per table of four. This price includes tipical Puertorrican tapas, un sparking wine botle and the asopao at midnight. There will be only around twenty tables available, if you are interested call early to ensure your space. Well there is a lot happening at the Wyndham. Stop by and nd out by yourself! And by the way the parking is free. Be sure they stamp your ticket. FROM OUR WYNDHAM HOTEL In a meeting with Eric Burgos and Ivan Pavlic I found out what its going on at the Wyndham Hotel. As many of you know, the hotel is being renovated and at this time of the year all the renovation should be nished, including the Amalgama Restaurant. We have being working hard and have many plans for this comming season, said Eric and Ivan explained the details and all the promotions: CIRCLES WIne Bar... Wenesday -Cosmopolitan & Madras free from 6-9 pm two for one Veuve Clicquot for only $55. with the purchase of two tapas. Not bad!! from 5 pm on with the purchase of a botle of wine you get one free. The Wine Bar is fully renovated with more than 100 labels and a new tapas concept very similar to Europe. With every drink you will received a complimentary tapa such as Jamn Serrano, chessee and olives etc Customized catering services and packages to meet your entire holiday event needs while providing you a fun and truly authentic experience. Choose from full service on-site or drop-off at your home, business or favorite location. Choose from: (20 person minimum)Huasteco Tex-Mex Cateringr r Hidays Pri!787.550.2301 o Mc Ts rtflRaeny Daes Corp., DBA Huasteco Tex-Mex Grill & Catering, Humacao, PR


hair nails bodyVisit us at Palmanova Plaza Suite 120 Palmas del Mar Call for an appointment call : 787. 852.7099 (antes Ks Beauty Boutique)May the beauty of Christmas reign in your heart all year!Hours: Mondays 10:00 5:00 pm Tuesdays Saturdays 9:00 -6:30 pm to be spoil Deep spot work to over sressed areas Swedish Soft massage Soft movements to help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation 1 hour Deep trigger point therapy in the belly of the muscles. A deep release and passive streching to ease and open taut muscles tissues and disperse toxins. Firm pressure of thumbs focus on the hands and feet mixed with sweddish all over body massage. Firm pressure fo the volcanic basalt stones to sooth away aches and pains. Club & Spa You deserve card


Boys and Girls from 7 to 11 years old interested in participating in the PACs First Anniversary Ping-Pong Tournament, next Sunday, December the 4th, 2011, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.W ANTED A blessing for P A C for its First Year Anniversary!Almost at the closing ot this magazine, Christ Pennock stopped me in the middle of the road one morning to show me this beautiful sight. I was trully moved. This rainbow stated at the golf course and ended exactly at the entrance of the Club House. It was like a message from Mother Nature. We would like to share it with all of you.Sintonizanos los martes en a las CuatroSomos tu aliado tecnolgicoAREAS DE ESPECIALIDADManejo de Redes Sociales (Facebook Twitter.com)Transmisin de eventos en vivo (Live webcast ej. www.endiciembreno.com)Cuadros Telefnicos Virtuales (Virtual Secretary)Aplicaciones mviles y Movil Webs Mercadeo en lnea (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Search Engine Optimization)Desarrollo y diseo de portales web Tel 787.775.1234 web www.virtualizate.net Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/virtualizate Twitter http://twitter.com/virtualizate Corp. de Cines de Puerto Rico Rubn Snchez Online Palmas Homeowners (PHA) Palmas Athletic Club (PAC) Live and Life in PalmasCLIENTES CLAVESRadioShack Puerto Rico (redes sociales) Banco Popular Especial del Banco Popular (Portal web y transmisin en vivo) Gilberto Santa Rosa


www.LLPalmas.com 81 Its been a wonderful rst semester at The Palmas A cademy lled with many activities of which Id like to share some with you. A ugust began with our 2012 senior entrance in which all seniors including myself were greeted one by one by all students and faculty. What a nice tradition! In September the Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) surprised us by sponsoring a welcome back party at the Y acht C lub. In the other hand, our community service coordinator, J annette Schuck, took us on a beach cleaning day, to the Susan G Koman 5k marathon for breast cancer awareness, a blood donating day and ended with a thanksgiving lunch for the battered woman of the C asa de la B ondad. The lunch, held by the TP A J uniors, was very emotive an meaninful since a group of woman survivors of domestic violence share with us the table. The TP A band played music for them accompanied by our band singer and M rs. R osario, our elementary school principal. D uring the semester our TP A counselor, D r. M aria M angual better known as C hoqui, organized several relevant activities such as: college fairs, the red ribbon week, and the a DEA ( D rug E nforcement A dministration) presentation aimed to prevent drug use among students. We are all so lucky to have her as our counselor! October ended with our 13th A nnual Golf Tournament which was a huge success thanks to the help of parents, friends, and sponsors. N ovember 3 and 4 was very special as we held our TP A Volleyball Tournament during which our D olphins proudly represented us. We want to con gratulate our champions: Girls J uvenile Volleyball, B oys M ini Volleyball, B oys J r. Varsity and our Sub-champions; Girls M ini Volleyball. A nd...last weekend was the play, The N ightmare B efore C hristmas and its was also a huge success! E ven though it rained both days people, teachers, and students showed up to support the drama club and watched the play. It was fun, exciting, dark, and absolutely wonderful. I, myself was part of the scenery crew and we worked so hard every day after school; it was nice to see the impressions on the audience face. J onathan M endez (11th grader) who was the main character J ack did amazing and so did J ianna Pagan (11th grader) in the role of Sally. We are all glad that our hard work and dedication has paid off, and we cant wait for the play next semester. By: Denise Valledor P ALMAS A CADEMY SEMESTER Palmas Ladies Community Club & PHA asks for your help in this giving season by donating TOYS & FOOD -unwrapped and non-perisihable in benefit of The Community of Buena Vista, The Commuity of Guayanes, Casa Ronald Mc Donald and the Evangelical School of Deaf. From October 31st to December 23rd, 2011 the drop-off site will be the PHA Office from 8 to 5pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. For more information call Melissa 239.821.6043 / 787.656.9061.Toys & food for the less fortunate Be a Chica Chic!They are Carolina Aranguren and Annette Castro. They just started a new business they have named: Chica Chic. Knowing Carolina is a perfect name, she is always so chic and elegant. We are committed to create one of a kind invitation for your event whether it is a birthday party, housewarming, Meet and Greet, Quinceaera, wine tasting, family dinner, baptism or wedding. You name the event and we create the invitation! We make sure to include details to guarantee each project is a unique work of art and double its use as a memento., said Carolina. And to said the thruth they are really unique Your invitation is not going to be ignore! They run in prices from $3.00 to $11.00 each. Next time you have a party, call them at (787)248-0588 /(787)667-7570. Be a chica chic!


82 www.LLPalmas.com de Roma a Palmas del Mar Monsenor Octavio Ruz Arenas El sbado 12 de noviembre lleg desde Roma a Puerto Rico Monsenor Octavio Ruz Arenas Arzobispo emrito de Villavicencio en Colombia, actualmente Secretario general del Pontico Consejo para la Promocin de la Nueva Evangelizacin, que es el Dicasterio de la Santa Sede creado por Benedicto XVI el 21 de septiembre de 2010, con el n de impulsar el anuncio del Evangelio en aquellos paises de antigua tradicin cristiana, en los que se ha ido perdiendo la fe y se han dejado invadir de un ambiente secularista, que ha relagado a Dios de la vida y de la actividad humana. Monsenor Octavio Ruz ha vendio desde el Vaticano para la celebracion del Quinto Centenario de la llegada del primer obispo catlico al continente americano que haba sido nombrado por el Papa Julio II para la diocesis de Puerto Rico. Presidir la celebreacin eucaristica conjuntamente con todos los obispos de la Conferencia Episcopal Puertorriquea en el Estadio Sol Morales, de Caguas, a las 10:00 de la manana. Asimismo tendr un encuentro en la Univeridad Catlica y un da de reexin sobre la Nueva Evangelizacion, en la dicesis de Ponce, con los sacerdotes, seminaristas y agentes de pastoral, que estn colaborando con el Moviento Retiros Parroquiales Juan XXIII. El Arzobispo fue recibido en Palmas del Mar por Isabel y Ramn Sepulveda los cuales lo acojieron en su residencia de Costa Verde. El domingo 13 de noviembre en la Capilla la Sagrada Familia concelebr una misa a las 2:30 pm en compaa del Padre Campo Emilio Ariza y luego comparti con un grupo de amigos en el restaurante Chez Daniel.


www.LLPalmas.com 83 tennisCouture dream come true!Have ever notice how cute the woman tennis uniforms are? They are so femenine and sexy! Many of us, that dosent know how to play and dosent have the slightest intention to do it will love to wear them and seat around the Center Court looking so cute. Well...your dream could become true. Imara Camacho has created a new and fashionable way of belongs to a tennis league. The Tennis Couture 0.0. Iam on! But... if you play tennis dont even try to apply. You are not going to be admited. Thats why for Imaras B-Day her friends (who all play good tennis) organize a Cardio Tennis class with Angel (a real one) as part of the intention of being accepted in the Tennis Couture 0.0 League. But no way! Tennis Couture is about fashion. No sweat, no running, no picking up balls, no stress. Congratulations Imara for a dream come true. Imaras' the making of...As usual, our beauty salon Bellisima Beaute (antes Keilas) was in charge of the hair and make-up of our top model, Maribel Muiz. Aracelis did a wonderful job as you can see in the cover. Both the hair and the makeup looks natural yet dramat ic. Juano also got his hair cut at Bellismia Beaute. The photo shooting was in charge of our ofcial cover photographer, Jos Bobyn. At the end we did some extra photos at the Yacht Club rocks. Impressive! our cover!


84 www.LLPalmas.com After 16 years, mine nally was heard. Thanks to the citizen forums, it was denitely heard. October 22, 2011; I formed part of the citizen forums in Humacao. At rst I went only as a spectator, but once there I knew, I had to talk. I presented my proposal: Technology for all. Which basically is a course I developed to teach elderly people how to use the computer. I will begin this course in my hometown, Yabucoa, in January 2012. My goal for this project is to create specic locations in Puerto Rico where these courses will be held. This project targets the improvement of our elderlys life. Why? You might ask. Because of the Internet, the Internet when used correctly is a tool that facilitates your life. Once the elderly are exposed to the internet their life will be easier in many forms, for example: they would be able to manage their bank accounts from home without having to go to the bank. It will also improve their social life since they will be able to contact family members using Skype and other platforms. In Puerto Rico only 20% of our elderly use the Internet. I hope that Technology for all will contribute to raise that percentage signicantly. So, if you have something constructive to say dont hesitate. Go to the next citizen forum. There you will denitely be heard. Dont miss out on the opportunity to make yourself heard while contributing to the benet of the community. For more information visit their web site: www.agendaciudadanapr.comPALMAS ACADEMY By Alfonso Cruz FelicianoLet your voice be heard! FRE SH DAILY SPE CIALS Always the best taste! Certified Angus Beef Best Rice and Beans in town Brochettes Puerto Rican DelicaciesDinner starting at 6pm Closed on Sundays (787)852-7173E xcellent quality at reasonable prices. P ALMA NOVA PLA Z A P ALMAS DEL MA R


www.LLPalmas.com 85 CASA DE LA BONDADIts a matter of life or deathAt the closing of this magazine I re ceived a terrible new, Casa de La Bondad is being closed for lack of funds. This is terrible! So many woman and children has being save and are living now in a peace and with dignity due to the sup portCasa de La Bondad has giving them for more than 19 years. I can give faith of the work Casa de La Bondad has done for many years because I have very close to me a woman that survive two mur der attempts of his ex-husband. A wonderful, very hard worker and talented woman with ve beautiful and well educated kids! She is my employee, my assistant, my friend and my consultant. She is wonderful, she knows how to x everything, and there is nothing impos sible for her. I met Maria (fake name for security reasons) through one of my sis ters, Glenda, who was on the board of Casa de La Bondad. But my emotional links to Casa de La Bondad started the same rst day I sleep in my villa in Palmas for the rst time.Life brought me close When I bought my villa at Palmas it was rented so when my tenant left I renew my villa and the same day I was going to sleep for the rst time on it, my sister Glenda called me asking me for a big favor. I had everything planned, I brought owers, incense, candles, I clean the house myself (with the help of my good friend and art director, Sandra), it was part of the empowerment (thats my witch side, I like rituals). I was ready to make of that night a very special one for myself. Sandra have left and I was in my porch enjoying the breeze and the meaning this stepping stone when the phone ringed. It was my sister Glenda with a petition: One of the woman of Casa de La Bondad and her small son needed shelter for the night. Silence of my part. Suddenly all my big plans were falling apart! But then, the common sense and woman solidarity feelings arouse (Whit my sister insistence, I have to admit) but then, I though to myself: What better housewarming that helping somebody in need? The rest is history and it was a magical night. We stayed up until very late and the horror stories I heard was like taken out of an horror movie. The sad part is that those stories are not in the movie, they are the stories of so many woman and their children who are living in hell. They are hopeless and institution like Casa de La Bondad are their only hope. Casa de La Bondad of fers individual and group counseling to both woman an children as well as par enting classes to mothers and tutorials sessions with the school-age children because they believe education is es sential for the eradication of domestic violence. Since 2004, through a federal grant, Casa de La Bondad had also offers transitional housing to hundred of par ticipant. This was the case of Maria that is alive because Casa de La Bondad offer her shelter with her ve kids in two occasion. Maria entered Casa de La Bondad with her ve kids, stays there for some time, they help her nd a house and her ex husband nd out where she was and attempted to kill her again. She when back to Casa de La Bondad and they help her again. Today she has a new life with her ve kids very well educated and happy. If it wasnt for Casa de la Bondad, Maria could have being dead. I wish you all know this woman! She is amazing so her children, than even though all they being through, are emotionally healthy and very well educated. There many Marias out there and we can make the difference. Make a donation today, Its a matter of live or died. You can make a contribution to account #0101458707 at the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crdito de Las Piedras. For more information or to offer any help you can call (787)8527265/ 2087 PALMASRun or walk for Casa de la BondadApril 1, 2012 at 5:30 5K More details soon!The above installation was presented in the Humacao Plaza. Approximately, 50 wedding dresses were exhibited, representative of 50 woman that have died as a result of domestic violence. In front of each wedding dress a name of the victim was placed.


86 www.LLPalmas.com In benet of the Instituto del Ciego de Humacao CHEESES, PATES, BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU AND ACORDEON PARTY Sonny Rodrguez played french music the guests.


www.LLPalmas.com 87 CHEESES, PATES, BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU AND ACORDEON PARTY DON'T MISS IT!DECEMBER Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs 787.455.2114 The 2nd PHA Three Kings celebration will be held on Friday, January 6th Official Three Kings Holiday at the Candelero Restaurant located at the E questrian Center. The event will begin at 9:00 am with a parade of horses led by our Three Kings.Saturday, December 17th PH A Annual Golf Cart Parranda. Contrary to previous years, registration of decorated golf carts will start at 4:30 pm instead of 5:00 pm to allow some extra time for the process and will end at 5:30 pm for judging purposes.Saturday, February 11th at 7:30 p.m.At the Palmas Real E state Center The Soldiers Song video, a romantic off-Broadway musical, the story of a young Puerto Rican singer-songwriter who falls madly in love, goes off to serve in Iraq and how it all works out. Written by Joanne Cohen (the book) and Jim Cohen (the music), both long-time Palmas snowbirds. For adults & children 10 years old or older. Dessert and wine will be served after. A $10 contribution to the Palmas Womens Club and Casa de la Bondad will be asked for at the entrance. For more information, visit www.soldierssongmusical.com Superbowl XLVI, Sunday Feb. 5, 2012 at Amalgama Restaurant; Giant Screen TV 2 Plasmas, Happy Hour and lots of fun. Saturday, December 10th from 7:00 pm Re-inaguration of the TIKI Bar and Full Moon Party at the Yacht ClubJ ANUARY 2012January 6th Official Three Kings Holiday January 7th Three Kings Full Moon Party!!F E BRUARY 2012