Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: February 2009
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S tjlo S-Ymbol I ...


...Hablarin de ti

San Juan Ave. de Diego # 309, Puerto Nuevo I tel. 787.775.2030
Guaynabo Carr. #1 Km. 23.0 Barrio Rio I tel. 787.720.2030



* Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
* Villa Pesquera
* Las Tapas (MARINA)
* Club Cala
* Palmanova
* Tennis Center*

*Service until 11:00 pm

. "San Valentine
at The Four Points Sheraton
Hotel & Casino on Saturday,
February 14, 2009.
Ask for our Champagne Special at 787-850-6000


~ /
ii I

Sunday to Thursday from 10:00am to 1:00am
Friday and Saturdays from 10:00am to 3:00am
For information 787-285-5300
For information 787-850-6000


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This month, besides being Cupid's month, it's our anniversary. I just can't
I.. lieve that it's been a year since Live & Life in Palmas, our Palmas Homeown-
. is magazine, came to life. We have come a long way this year and today, when I
r ike a retrospective look at last year's six issues, I have to conclude that we are
spectacular community.
Producing this magazine is not an easy task but the constant positive rein-
torcement I receive from all of you is what keeps me going. I am including in
rhis issue some of the beautiful letters I have received. Thank you for the good
..,nergy and affection! Believe me, there have been some days where I have
needed it!
In this issue you will get to read the love story of three couples in our com-
munity that have been together for many years and yet, still have that sparkle
in their eyes. I invite you to look for the similarities in their stories.
We will discover how much talent we have in Palmas with stories such as:
The Cohens; Admari Guzman, our new Chiropractic,WALO Radio's General
Manager; and our new Tennis Director, among others. In this edition, you
will also find a broad coverage of all the Holiday activities that took place in
Palmas and I must say that there were a lot!!! A

Lissette Rosado, Editor
live.litcinpalhna,, ga.il .m

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,'.*,. "

ble dilitir,416-Alsifternet
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JJQLMJQLZJ) (4,;Ht7./-kL)U.




rOD very available 5 pm

Ninoska Bonnelly Marl Suarez
A oA

A or Vll age, 1', Har Dr. S' ,t #6
Palmas del Ma, H, PR 0
CE 787-649-6361. 787-6

Coconut Grove Plaza #3 Carr 906 Km. 11.5
(next to Palmas del Mar) Humacao, PR 00791
787. 852.2111

Manm nsOme Rwbm o, lJWc

Sales (New and Used)
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Regular price 17.20. only 0 unAs awvaie.
Offer vaid mm Feb 1. 2]D0 i Mar 31. 209



Near PDM's Golf Club House, before Palmas Utilities Maintenance Area
SALES 787.613.0155 SERVICE 787.285.7081 RENTAL 787.613-177 FAX 787.8525849
y o d .Ca- Sry y
Monday to Saturday 9am -5pn Surday by Appointmert


Lissette I Rsd Eito
El 'oaorsaorlecm

*So de5 l Sat s
*ic : *e
Iln Ine
Kah S. h* Sl

*iset o d / Sili S orals
(77)65210/78)52-1 05
Asitn Edito
Zead .5 5 55o
Moe Offse P inig(O)Hua o
(77)503 0


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L i ..r l,, l, .. ,..- r, t,- r. I,.. .

aiae tunds uo vanous chautes thai
support women and children living
in Southeast Puerto Rico. However,
as La Buena Vida Committee looks
towards the uncertain economic fu-
ture of 2009 and considers the enor-
mous pressure our local businesses
are facing, they have made the deci-
sion to take a year off and not hold
the Festival again until 2010.
Nevertheless, The Buena Vida
Committee, looking for a new way
to help charities continue their ex-
cellent service to our community,
has put together a memorable La
Buena Vida Art Portfolio. It con-
sists of three digital prints created
by our very well known artists, Au-
gusto Marin, Luis Hernandez Cruz
and Betsy Padin. These artists are
donating their work to raise funds for
the benefit of P.E.C.E.S., Casa de la
Bondad and Casa de Todos. These
beautiful prints will be presented in
a 20 x 24" Portfolio. The portfolio
was presented at Tartines, in Caguas, r
Daniel's new restaurant/bistro.
Next year, after this pause, the
14th edition of La Buena Vida Festi-
val will return stronger than ever. A

- -. V

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PR-MT MaineSrie
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Fou P int oe ySeao

Via Ca.ena

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Pama de MaIelEtt

IT I '.:ll 1 ll ': III,:' .- ':': :, l. :ll I -: p l ;.,. l I 0 [ll ,':- l l i :, ll l llllu ll lll l l'''ii ':1, li ll li: ll l bl l: TII lll I I p | olip t 'll[
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I. It!II I!,, n l lir:,:l Inl [hr' : on, "+ rill l:e nt I_ ,. E nn .1In, :l 1 E:.0 l : 11: I lub

La Casa Bonita
l ih-h-I- h ll I ll l I[ jI I 11 1ii| Ih- 11 11 1 J i-i jl ilh i- i |i- l i l liT- hI .l hi I .il l111'l |- I- i 1111 I |i I- 1 i l ll H
I l 1l11 l1 1 -ill l II JI ll : ,- 111 1 l i l I- I I- II l lh l llil I I I i -l i n- l

il l : -: 111111- 1 1 I I I I I I II I i .1 11 11 :ii I l Ihi i ill :I Ii | i,-i|-, ->'h- II-I T I h I I I ,i i
III- Ill II il,- 1 I,- I I,-1- I '11 1' :I O III [ill llli- i'1 ll lll I lII i1 Ill j l l 1J I 1- I II- ji.Ii- I 11 lll,-
love of it. "We have been associates for 23 years and best friends for 27. This always
came first," states Mari. "Our clients become our family and friends. Our philosophy is |
to please them until they are fully satisfied with the job."
How did all this start? I asked them. Well, to make a long story short, Ninoska was
unemployed and Mari had a dream. They were introduced by Margaret Ortiz, as they
both had kids the same age. They became instant friends. With a small investment of
$5,000. each, the inventory provided by Mari's uncle from "Galerlas Meryssa" and the
original location purchased for them by Mari's mother, the dream became a reality. It
was originally located in the Club Villa Plaza and it was mostly accessories for the home.
"All the houses in Palmas at that time had a clay dove or a rooster," they laughed- it
was in style back then. As everything in life, the business evolved and they soon began
helping Palmas Homeowners with their furnishing needs. The North Americans began
asking them to take them to San Juan to the furniture stores and to coordinate their '-
deliveries and installations after they left. The rest is history... "Our more than 500
satisfied clients can attest to that. We have had clients for so many years that we have fixed their villas several times over here in Palmas
and in San Juan. That's because they know that we are reliable and honest and above all because we are here," added Mari.
Definitely they are two of a kind. They have exquisite taste, creativity, and an excellent sense of humor.
La Casa Bonita has been a member of the Palmas del Mar Business Association for a long time and they truly believe that it is the best
outlet to develop goodwill among the Palmas del Mar community. "The association sends everybody a message of how good we are and
how much better we can serve everybody", said Ninoska. They have contributed to the Association with many ideas and ways to enhance
the products and services they offer. A

The Beach Club... good food in a Caribbean ambiance
The Beach Club, member of our Business Association, is an ideal place to enjoy a nice meal in a relaxing Caribbean ambiance. If you
have kids, it is just perfect! "We have a life guard on duty all the time and our personnel is required to take safety training," said Mayra
Morales, the Beach Club Director, who always receives you with a big smile.
The kids will have a ball in the pool while you can have a nice lunch or dinner. And, for those of you that don't know it, you don't have
to be a member to use the restaurant (nor the one in the Country Club).
.The restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m., except for
Friday, Saturdays and Sundays when it closes at 10:00 PM. (Tuesdays
and Wednesdays it remains closed unless it is a holiday). "We just changed
our menu for a more tropical one," stated Michael Rmos, Food & Beverage
Manager. "The menu now includes more seafood delicacies such as a
grilled blackened swordfish fillet, shrimp scampi, or a fresh whole red
snapper served with Creole tomato chutney. But, if you prefer, you can
tI enjoy a 12 oz NewYork Steak or a grilled Churrasco Steak. The new menu
--...also includes pastas, wraps, burgers and a big variety of salads; a kid menu
Sis also available. "If it's not on the menu, we will prepare it for you, if we
have the ingredients. Our work philosophy is to spoil our clients and please
them," said Jose Drouyn, the Country Club Executive Chef.
On the other hand, Jeff Willenberg stated thatThe Palmas Business Association provides great networking and marketing opportunities
for our club in the Palmas Del Mar community. The Association also serves as a great resource for sharing ideas and best practices for
conducting business in Palmas.
"The Beach Club and the Country Club are excellent alternatives if you wish to go out at night or during the day," said Michael. He also
took the opportunity to invite the community to discover the new menu at the Beach Club." Come and share with us this little piece of
Tropical Paradise, you wouldn't regret it", finished Michael Rmos.A

Diego Jacobson

Virtual Catalog www.diegojacobson.com
Giclee prints, posters and catalogs available at
www.newa rtconcepts.net


Security & Prot ettion

in Palmas del Mar
By Ceci Vfrsida de Santiago, V.P.
Palmas Insurance, Corp.

Our priority in Palmas Insurance, Corp. is to offer protection
and security to all our clients in Palmas del Mar. Our Personal
Package Policy is designed to insure all your personal belong-
ings in just one contract, at a lower cost than the normal rates
and savings from $300 to $500.
This policy includes the following coverages, in just one annual
payment, with just one expiration date, and offers more benefits
in premiums and coverages than the individual policies.

Coverage for the structure and/or content of your residence is based on replace-
ment cost, with respect to losses by direct damage, such as fire, windstorm, earth-
quake, vandalism, robbery and other causes. Additional coverages include:

Special Limits: Additional Coverages :
Money, Bank Notes, etc. $ 300. Identity Fraud $1,500.
Securities,manuscripts $2,000. LandlordFurnishings $2,500.
Yachts, including trailers, etc. $2,000. Credit Cards $ 500.
Jewelry not listed $2,000. Refrigerated property $ 500.
Firearms $3,000. Lockset replacement $ 500.
Silverware $3,000. Debris Removal
Property for Business Use $3,000. Trees, Plants, Shrubs Glass $5,000.
Electronic apparatus $2,000.

Personal Liability
- Coverage for personal legal liability for personal injury
and/or property damage, caused to third parties for an
S. occurrence caused by the negligence of the insured. Also
included: the coverage for Personal Injury and Medical
expenses and public liability for the golf cart at no ad-
ditional cost.

Coverage for personal liability for third parties for acci-
Sdents caused with the insured auto, as well as, any physical
damage caused to the personal auto of the insured. We
provide Road & Travel Assistance, towing, lock replace-
ment, tire replacement, etc.

Excess Personal Liability (Umbrella)
Provides coverage in excess of the basic limits of auto and property liability. We
offer "Umbrella" limits from $1,000,000. to $5,000,000.

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday.

See our new Lago& finishes direct from Italy. SPACE TO BE


Financing available*
complimentary consultation | 787.780.0640 | californiaclosets.com
Urb. Industrial Minillas 315 Calle D, Suite 4, Bayamon PR 00959.1906

california closets
30 years of leadership INDUSTRY *Upon credit approval
PARTNER @ 2008 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated.

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style. It
have, t11
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a wine i III 1. !
entire 11 i i
"rich" i
for you

Because every day an occasionm I

75 Triumph Plaza Suite 102, Humacao, PR 00791

fittiag md acoemxieL
M2keuP zd hat vim left
up to Amicelts de jeds Amm
K29A SdM I VAFh tO gkVe
a qwid thm to Cuquito
Muniz & the Sohava temn
for their suppom PhDtogm,
phe; Pepe Lam A

:I 1-, 1 F I 1I-, i , ,,,* h ll i II ,: I


Ice Blue



'*... .. ., r., I ,. ..., ,.. ti 1 l .. ... l i,.. ex citin g
'. r., TI ,. ... .. ,in. i. r I.. id.! i i 'I ..-rto R ico
.I rl.. ii uil,.I ii, A L .. li, fi ....I ,i,.I w ith the
change there is a new dawn tull ot exciting optimism.
Let us begin this year trusting that we have turned the
corner and that the future ahead is bright and clear. Do
not let the doom-criers dampen your spirit and hope
for better days ahead. There may be sacrifices to make
along the way, but we should trust that at the end, there
is nothing but goodness and prosperity for our country
and for each of us individually.
To some extend we at Palmas have been subject to
the same concerns and economic woes being felt in
Puerto Rico, in the USA and around the world. Nev-
ertheless, we remain confident in our ability to handle
these challenges and to continue to reach new heights
in the years ahead. To this end, we at the Palmas del
Mar Homeowners Association are staying focused on
well defined strategies that will sustain the growth of
the community, protect our property values, improve
our quality of life and make our living environment
more safe and secure.
Therefore, I call on you today to join together to meet
a common purpose.
My best wishes for a successful and healthy

Julio Bagud


Palmas del Mar will not permit deviations from the signage re-
strictions contained in the PHA Covenants which have served
the community well. However, to assist the community in pro-
moting property sales, the PHA Board has approved the posting
of limited "Open House" signs in accordance with the following
interim policy guidelines:
* Real Estate companies conducting open house activities are re-
quired to be a member in good standing of the Palmas del Mar
Business Association. The homeowner where the open house
event will be held must be a member in good standing of the
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) and his PHA
assessments must be up to date.
* A prepared authorization form must be submitted to PHA for ap-
proval prior to the activity. Authorization request must contain
the endorsement of the regime or residential association where
the unit is located. Approval will be returned to the broker
within 24 hours of the request to allow the broker enough time
to plan the activity.
* Broker must specify name of the owner, location of the open
house, date and hours of the activity.
* Posting of open house signs is only authorized at the entrance
of the regime/residential area and in front of the residential unit
(regime prior authorization required). No signs will be posted in
PR Road 906 or in Palmas main roads except at the entrance to
the regimes where the activity is being held.
* Broker is 1.-i..tiI,-i1. for removing all signs within one hour after
activity is scheduled to end. i, i.- i.r I ..... I will be collected
and disposed by the Security Department or the PHA staff.
* Authorized marketing tools including banners, balloons, direc-
tional signs and open house signs are authorized within the
confines of the regime or residential area with prior regime ap-
proval. Distribution of flyers is restricted to the regime entrance
with regime authorization. Door-to-door and distribution of
flyers at the main gate, Road 906 and other non-authorized
areas is 1p .. ,! !r....1
* Any abuses or violations of this interim policy may result in its
immediate cancellation and appropriate action by the Palmas del
Mar Homeowners Association.
A formal PHA policy letter incorporating above guidance was
S.1i, il-., r.. .1 to realtors in Palmas del Mar.


PHA and Liberty Cable are working in a collaborative ef-
fort to create a cable TV channel to be viewed by the Palmas
del Mar community/Liberty Cable customers. This new venture
will strengthen the PHA community by increasing and enhancing
communication among its residents. PHA has begun the instal-
lation of the software and selection of program categories. The
target date for completion of this initiative is mid-April 2009. We
will keep you posted about inaugural programming.


As part of the measures to strengthen
security and access control procedures,
PHA will be conducting a validation of
the Automatic Vehicle Identification
(AVI) system. This validation will require
the participation of every Palmas hom-
p e inst d in owner, resident and bonafide employees
-4 to whom PHA has issued such access con-
r s Atrol devices. A sixty (60) day period will
be given for AVI holders to stop by PHA
to have their Palmas electronic passes
validated. During this period AVI cards will be physically checked to insure they are
properly installed in the corresponding vehicle according to PHA AVI registration
records. At the conclusion of the 60-day period, AVI strips not validated will be
deactivated and will remain inactive until the vehicle can be brought to PHA for the
validation check. A notice is being sent by PHA to all bonafide AVI card holders
outlining the procedures and the time frame for the validation program.
Also, new access control procedures recently implemented now require that vehicles
to be equipped with AVI cards be brought to PHA where PHA personnel will affix
the electronic pass to the vehicle once registration is completed.


Golf cart registration was due on
January 31st. If you have not obtained
your 2009 registration, stop by PHA
with your insurance certificate and cart
inspection to get your new decals. Pal-
mas security is issuing fines to carts be-
ing driven with expired 2008 stickers.
Golf carts are a valuable invest-
ment and an amenity enjoyed by our
residents and visitors alike. They also
have become a lucrative target for
thieves. Please insure that your cart is
well secured when you are not around.
Residential areas should have a list of
carts owned within the regime, and such
a list should be given to your security
guards and to your property administra-
tion so they are aware of their location,
moves and whereabouts. Also, regimes
should inspect perimeter areas to insure
carts can only be driven out through
a control point or main entrance. In
addition to you may want to consider
insurance coverage in case of theft. For
additional security measures, please visit
the PHA office for guidance.

The Palmas del Mar Habitat Conservation Plan prohibits golf carts and motor
vehicles (except security and beach cleaning equipment) in beach areas because of
nesting by sea turtles a protected species. Due to the frequent nesting activity in
the old Coqui Parkbeach zone, U.S. Fish and Wildlife ]n pI' .i !r....1 vehicular traffic,
including golf carts, through the entire area. As a result, the area has been blocked
off at both ends. However, you can still go to the beach and walk through the area
using the beach access located in the west side of the Plaza del Mar project. Golf
carts can be parked along the beach access in a designated area within a short walk
to the beach. PHA is in the process of refurbishing this access and golf cart parking
area. Pedestrian access is also available from the Beach Village area.


On January 1, 2009 PHA changed efforts and is the first phase in our res-
the method and equipment being used toration process. The new equipment
to clean the beach. The new equipment was acquired by Pennock Plants &
sifts the sand picking up debris and Designs as part of their beach cleaning

seaweed leaving the beach more clean
and natural. This methodology will not
only provide a cleaner and more attrac-
tive beach, but also it will contribute
significantly to our habitat conservation

contract with PHA. After only a few
weeks of using the new equipment, the
improvement of our beach is becoming
increasingly noticeable.


Congratulations to all residential
areas for an excellent job in decorating
entrances and common areas. Palmas
looked beautiful and certainly helped
everyone get into the holiday spirit.
Awards for best decorated regime en-
trances went to Fairlakes III, Casillas
de Palmas and Crescent Cove. Also,
special recognition to The Woods,
Beach Village regimes III & V, Fairway
Court, Aquabella, Crescent Beach and
Flamboyan Greens for a job well done.
A special mention goes to Mrs. Annie
Pietri of Villa Franca for her magnificent
Christmas decoration display which was
the delight of everyone, young and old,
who came to see this fantastic sight.

The PHA Christmas Parranda was a
huge fun family event held at the Beach
Club. More than 800 people participated
and enjoyed this unique festivity. The
golf-cart parade, the music and the food
were absolutely great. Again, it was very
difficult to select the best decorated golf
carts as participants went all out with
impressive theme decorations and inno-
vative ideas. First place winner was "Es-
cena Jibara" with a typical bohio scene.
Second place went to the comparsa In
search of the "Pantera". The Third place
winner was "El Parrand6n".
A special note of thanks to Ral Piova-
netti (Santa) and to the Beach Club staff
under the leadership of Jeff Willenberg
and Michael Rfos, for their outstanding
support in making this Christmas activ-
ity a most enjoyable experience for the
entire community.

... ..L

You may have noticed the dramatic change in landscaping at the Palmas Drive and
Candelero intersection. This is part of PHA overall 2009 program to beautify the heart
of Palmas del Mar. Improvements are also planned at the traffic circle in Palmas Drive
and at the main entrance to Palmas. Additionally plans are being worked to convert
the areas along our main roads into lineal parks with rest and exercise stations for
the use and enjoyment of our residents and guests. This is part of PHA continuing
efforts to improve the environment and the quality of life of our community.


, On December 19th, the PHA together with Mr. and Mrs.
Antonio Roig hosted the Metropolitan Choir of the Univer-
sidad Metropolitana (UMET) for a Christmas Concert to
raise funds for the sacred artwork of our new Sagrada Familia
Church. Dr. Evangeline Oliver Polanco, who possesses a doc-
torate degree in Musical Education from Columbia University
in New York, led her group of 40 talented choral singers to
delight the 150 Palmas community members attending.

I^^^^-TT^ love to see matureM

cudd^vnlM*Triilng and havngfun

^^ ^Fe^bruarythe offM^icial

& L^^^*^ifer ^TinK Palmas has^
chosen three-couples
-m^^^^^i *T-i^fTnl 0Tni^

get^^^fi tou knofw their lve~is
story. Wh^~u^eZjre did it al

them bcu I f eli

I din' kno antin
^^^^^gTTri* 11 0T -T 0imtZ~'

about thm 1 I 0did

were d iates Ina

one^^^K~ of themiic~t'J ha survive
cancer Inrdil!Is

for ife I ri is a

dyingIbieve it inot- 0

*^^^^BTKTTn iT1 I -i ^yi T

faciatn. I thnI

pro*ved my00lf 0igt.

- 'ey 3.re exceptional

By Lissette Rosado

15'ui 7,

hen I grow up I want to be like them.
4 hey are always cheerful and they are
always on the move. They play golf, they
party, they love to dance, and they love
to go out for dinner to share with friends.
I love to see couples their age enthusiastic
about life. I chose them because ever
since I moved to Palmas I noticed them
everywhere with the same enthusiasm.
Little did I know at that time that Mimi
Emanuelli's parents were Enid & N6stor.
Enid Jov6 Urdaz is from Arecibo
and Nestor Catarineu Andreu (Cata)
is from Naguabo. But the stars aligned
themselves so that they found each other.
Curiously, as the other two couples I have
interviewed for this issue (Sandra & Jose
and Reynaldo & Ingrid) there was a
matchmaker involved. "A friend of mine,
Dr. Jobin Vargas, wanted to introduce
us. Then, the Presbyterian Hospital was
hosting a party and he made arrangements
for us to meet there. "Well.. .we went to
the party together and the rest is history,"
Nestor tells me. "What did you like about
Enid?" I asked N6stor. "Everything!" he
answered enthusiastically. "I knew she
was the one and that I was going to
marry her. She came from a family of
dancers and IYve to dance. I am a very


submissive person
and she likes to take charge," he laughs
as she denies these allegations, "but at
the same time she is a very positive and
hard working person."
They started to date but three months
later, Enid wasn't sure of N6stor's
intentions, so she decided to give him
an ultimatum. "I told him that I wanted
him to decide if the relationship was
a serious one because I didn't have any
time lo loose," said Enid. She explained
that she already had two kids --Mario
(3) and Mimi (2) -- and she wanted to
be sure that this relationship was going
somewhere. She gave him a week to
decide. "I told him that if he did not want
a serious relationship to not come back
after that week. It was a long week. I was
scared he was not coming back, but he
did and we have been together ever since.
"What do you like about Nestor?" I asked
Enid. "The way he treated my children,"
she answer promptly. I asked Nestor if
he ever had doubts about marrying Enid
because of the kids. "For me, it was like
a blessing, I knew God had conceded me
two sons. They fell in love with me and
I with them (although Mimi bit him in
the rear end once). Later they had a girl
together, Coqui.
One year later they were married
and living in San Juan. Nestor was still
doing his Internship in Neurology. They
lived in San Juan for some years but in


1974 N6stor proposed to Enid a move to
Humacao. Enid wasn't sure about that
decision, so she told Nestor that she was
going to move on a trial basis. "I cried
every day. I missed my social life in San
Juan, my friends, and my family. Mimi
was ten at the time and she was angry.
She would say that Humacao should not
be called the gray city but the black city.
I remembered when I showed her the
uniform for the new school she would be
attending, San Antonio Abad. She cried
and cried. It was really ugly! But it didn't
take them very long to adapt. In the
beginning we used to live outside Palmas
She came
from a family of
dancers and I
love to dance.

r.. -
- I gpre,

but in 1987 we moved to Palmas and I
have no plans on leaving," said Enid and
Nestor agreed. For him coming back
to Humacao was easier because he was
from the area and he was able to meet up
with good old friends like Tonin Casillas
and others. "It was great to be able to
raise our children in Humacao and then
in Palmas," said Enid, "I think my kids
are so good because they were raised
in a healthy environment. They are all
professionals and good people.
I finished the interview with my heart
expanded. It's so refreshing to meet
couples like Enid and Nestor that after
so many years say that they would give
up a good plate of food for a dance. "Que
me quite lo bailao!" said Nestor, who is a
colon cancer survivor. Chapeau! A

Sandra lived in San Lorenzo but she
t all her summers in Palmas. "While
my father was working (Carlos Garcia)
we were having fun," she said. But time
went by and Sandra left to study abroad.
When she came back from England in
the summer of '83 she was a little bit
disconnected from her friends. (We must
remember that at that time there was no
Facebook, cellular phones or internet to
keep in touch with her friends while she
was in England.) Then, a sweet fifteen
party(quinceanero) came along and she
didn't know who to invite. But...a good

matchmaker came to her rescue. Her
aunt, Miriam Cintr6n, immediately
came up with a plan. She had a cousin
in Guayama, Jos6 Ortiz, that she
thought could be a perfect partner for
her niece. Without wasting any time
she acted quickly and called him to ask
if he could escort her niece to the party.
"In the beginning I was a bit skeptical. I
thought that if she didn't have anybody

that would go to a party with her then
something probably is wrong with her,
maybe she is very ugly," said Jose and
laughs. But then, he found out that
Bobby Valentin would be performing at
the party and that happened to be his
favorite salsa band! (The Universe was
also conspiring!!!). He accepted and to
their pleasant surprise they had a great
time! "We had such a good time. We
danced all night and he made me laugh so
much!" stated Sandra. "We both love to
dance, and I am a real fan of salsa music,"
added Jose. That same night cupid struck
them both.
That summer Sandra didn't spend the
summer in Palmas. She spent most of her
time in Patillas at her aunt Miriam's beach
house. It's good to remember at this point
that Jose was from Patillas, which is very
close to Guayama. Needless to say that
Jose suddenly came to visit his cousin's

We are like

pegao... always


beach house. But there was problem: Jose
was taking a summer course in Mayagiiez
and was a little frustrated because he
would not be able to spend that much
time in Patillas as he would've liked. But,
then again, the universe came to the
rescue. The professor had to cancel the
class for a whole week (very strange during
the summer) and Jose had the necessary
time to court Sandra and establish a
relationship before he had to go back to
Mayagoez to finish his summer course.
It was a difficult relationship because
he was in Mayagiez and she studied in
Cayey. (Again, there were no celullar
phones and neither of them had a car).
"We used to agree to call each other at a
certain hour every Wednesday. Once in
Guayama I would take my mother's car
to visit Sandra in San Lorenzo," recalled
Jose and Sandra eventually got married
and had two kids, Jose Carlos (16) and

Sandraysabelle (21), who will finish her
BA in Finance this year at the UPR.
Initially they lived in Fajardo, but one
day, back in 1989 they came to Palmas to
show some friends a lot and they ended
up buying it and started the construction
of their house. "The house was finished
in 1992 and we moved. That same year
our son Jos6 Carlos was born and Jose
was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. It
was a very hard year but that experience
fortified our love," said Sandra. "For my
son Jos6 Carlos, this experience was very
important. One day he wrote an essay on
superheroes in school and he portrayed
his father as his superhero. He stated
that his father had discovered his powers
(intelligence, honesty and the capacity to
overcome cancer) to put it at the service
of Puerto Rico," added Sandra. Jos6
Carlos strongly believes that his birth left
its mark in the family's history. Jose Ortiz,
as most of you know, is the Executive
Director of AAA (PR water company)
and will remain in this position with the
new government. No need to say, he has
to be a very competent executive and
we are proud to have him as one of our
Jose and Jose Carlos play golf together.
Sandraysabelle is a good swimmer and
Sandra is the cheerleader of all of them.

"We are always together," finished
Only a few days after this interview,
Jos6 Ortiz, who was looking healthy
and happy, had a heart attack. Most of
you have probably read about it in the
newspapers. He is now doing well and
Sandra's response to my text message
was: "This is more proof of our strength
as a family. We are doing well and are
very grateful for all the support and love
we have received from everybody." Life
is not easy sometimes, but when there
is love and family support everything is
Sandra and Jos6 are another example
of a great couple and family. God give
them health to enjoy it! A

/ met them at The Cellar. They don't
j iss /t on the Bohemia Nights. You
c tell how much this couple enjoys life.
They have been married for 37 year but
you still can see sparkles in their eyes.
Ingrid likes to sing and Reynado looks at
her with love. I love to see couples like
them enthusiastic about life and always
together. "I fall in love with Ingrid every
time we come to Palmas," said Reynaldo
(and they come here every weekend!).
"What made you fall in love with
Ingrid?," I asked Reynaldo. "I met her
at the beach in Hotel San Juan. What
I first noticed about her was her ankles.
Shortly after I took interest in the rest
of her," says Reynaldo as he chuckles. "I
invited her for a ride in my small boat
and I liked her. I think I was trapped by
my friend who introduced us."
But it was not easy for Reynaldo to
conquer Ingrid. There was a problem,
Reynaldo didn't know how to dance
(and still doesn't) and Ingrid loves to
dance. "I didn't want to dance with
him. We met up at a party once and I
hid in the bathroom until I saw that he
was dancing with somebody else," said

li grid. But... time passed and Reynaldo
J. don't give up. He insisted and she finally
decided to go out with him. "Once I got
to know his heart and soul I fell in love
and I forgot about the fact that he didn't
dance. Over the years he has learned
some, but he dances everything as if he
were dancing to merengue," she tells me
as she laughs. "When I was courting her
I used to take her to the Caribar to listen
to the music of Tito Rodriguez," added
They don't only share a taste for
bohemian nights in Palmas but they do
a lot of walking, kayaking, and bicycling.
"I have a romantic bicycle route along
the beach that I take Ingrid," Reynaldo
tells me.
And to make a long story short they
marriedin 1971, atthe age of22 &23 and
have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.
They bought a lot in Palmas in 1990
and by 1997 the house was built. Now
their two in laws are also their neighbors
in Palmas and every afternoon they get
together for happy hour. Sometimes they
enjoy boat rides in Palmas' channels.
Reynaldo is a lawyer in the private
sector and his main practice is in
construction law, real estate and general
litigation. Ingrid is a housewife. They

Once I got to
know his heart
and soul I fell in
love and I forgot
about the fact
that he didn't
dance. Over the
years he has
learned some,
but he dances
everything as if
he were dancing
to merengue.

have had a good happy life but at one
point Ingrid had cancer which she luckily
overcame. "That brought us even closer
together," said Ingrid.
May God grant them health so that
they enjoy many more years of their
beautiful relationship! See you at the
bohemian nights. A



~. I




* **4

L a

and the
winners are...
SEscena jibara...


Date: Thursday, December 11,
From: Berta Bull

To: Lissette Rosado




Hi Lissette,
Just wanted to tell you how much
I enjoy the magazine. I'm not a
full time Palmas resident so it's
a wonderful way of keeping up
on things. Hopefully I will be
spending more time in paradise
but till then keep up the good

Kathy Dodds Beach Village

Just a note to let you all
know that we loved the new
magazine. We recently bought a
villa in Palmas and are planning
to move by mid year. We think
it is a great idea and is very well
done. Thank you for all your

Mary and Guido Brito (SCC 71)
Palmetto Bay, Fl. 33157

Carmen Otero, 8:06 AM l! M.

Estimada Lissette: A
S61o unas lines para felicitarte por el trabajo tan maravilloso
que estas haciendo con la publicaci6n "Live & Life" de Palmas del
Mar. Para mi es un placer sumergirme en sus paginas y aprender
tantas cosas sobre Palmas, su entorno y en especial su gente. iLeo
la revista complete! Por fin, los residents de Palmas de Mar po-
demos disfrutar de una revista que present nuestra comunidad
en toda su plenitud!
A traves de las paginas de esta revista he aprendido muchas
cosas sobre la vida en Palmas que no conocia y ahora me siento
mas privilegiada de ser parte de esta comunidad tan especial. La
revista es excelente tanto en el aspect visual como en el conteni-
do de los articulos. Nuevamente muchas felicidades. Espero que
sigas abriendonos las puertas al mundo de Palmas del Mar y de su
gente; y que sigas cosechando much exito con la revista.

Con much aprecio, Carmen Otero, CME

Live & Life at Palmas
Congratulations on your first year!
Looking at your beautiful magazine has been both, inspiring and
a learning experience to our family.
We have learned of all the wonderful activities available in
Palmas that we often miss or take for granted since we currently
live in San Juan. It's been an eye opener to us on activities we've
missed like the Father & Son Golf tournament,
"Festival de M(usica Puertorriquena y Artesania", wine fests,
parties, summer camps, Christmas golf cart activity & horseback
riding among others.
Inspiring, because thanks in part to your magazine we've
decided to no longer miss out on all the wonderful things Palmas
has to offer. After years of much soul searching and a much
extended thoughtful process we decided not to wait for retirement
age and move to Palmas now. We will no longer have to sit hours
in "tapones". Our kids will actually walk to school at Palmas
Our family wants to thank you for all those exciting articles and
pictures that helped us reach such an important decision. We'll be
neighbors sooner than expected!

Thank You, Ignacio y Maribel De Varona

From: Samuel Jimenez
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
Subject: Gracias

Sefiora Rosado, 6.
Saludos. Deseo felicitarles por el reportaje de Palmas Plantation
en su prestigiosa revista, tambien comentarle que la labor que
se esta realizando es incredible. Como le comente en nuestra
conversaci6n, desearia hacerle Ilegar la revista a algunos amigos
de Miami, a los cuales les he hablado de esta comunidad y que
se les encantaria tenerla y los motivaria a invertir aca en Palmas
del Mar. A continuaci6n le suministrare las direcciones. De nuevo
muchas felicidaes por su gran trabajo. Que tenga una Bella Navidad
y un 2009 de much suerte.

Samuel Jimenez
Palmas Plantation

000 000000000000000000

Lissette, -*
My wife and I would like to thank you and all your
associates for an outstanding job in publishing
the Live & Life in Palmas Magazine. We have
owned a villa in Crescent Beach for about 10
years and as such truly love both Puerto Rico
and Palmas. Your positive attitude toward
life in general and in particular our Palmas del
Mar community is truly inspiring. I always
feel good after reading your magazine. Also,
your magazine is so very informative. I have
learned so much about our community from
your articles. The more I have learned through
your efforts, the more I appreciate and love
Again, thank you so much for your effort and
professionalism. You are truly a special person.
Have a Joyous Holiday Season.
Your admirers,
Chuck & Tondra McGinn

a connmmon creature in the tropics. Thev run a\vav from
the winter ever vear. Thev like palm trees, sand and golf.
snilO V -Olid : The also like good food and wine. Watch closely the\ are
very friendly and fun.

nowl is that came by sea ...

By Lissette Rosado
I met them one night at Las Tapas with Frank Bonelli, who is their realtor and friend. Im-
mediately I knew they were very interesting people and that same night I told them that
I would love to include them in my snow bird stories. After a couple of weeks we met at
their sailboat at the Marina & Yacht Club.
Jeff is a real sailor. He has sailed from Bermudas to Puerto Rico, a 900 mile trip, which
translates into sailing five days around the clock. Jeff and his son Todd also competed
in the Marrion Race from Massachusetts to Bermudas, a 660 mile race, winning second
But going back to the couple.. .where did they meet and how? Jeff is from Iowa and
Donna is from Vermont, but they met at a beach bar on the New Jersey sea shore. Now
they live in Pennsylvania. It was love at first sight. Ten days after they met they were
engaged and four months later they were married. "We are compulsive buyers," Jeff
laughed. This was 40 years ago. Now they have two children. I met one of them who hap-
pened to be here on vacation. Todd is a lawyer whom I met with his wife Jennifer Stella,
and their son Bryndon, (five) and daughter Lilliana (who is going through the terrible threes). Todd
and Jennifer lived, until recently, in Bermudas but just recently moved to Vermont. Jeff and Donna
told me that their daughter Stephanie McCullough and her husband Bill have two kids, Nicole (9)
and Casey (7). Stephanie studied international economy and will be running Jeff's International
Investment Company in a few years.
Jeff is a sea lion and Donna is a real mermaid. She doesn't cross the oceans with her husband
but goes with Jeff on all their other trips. This 49 footer beautiful sailboat is their fifth boat. "I have .
been tno.tinq for 40 ','Par- t-enty one of them in the Caribbean," said Jeff. Three years ago in an
airport ri,, :.i ii.'i Ii i ioto of a place called Palmas del Mar. At that time they were staying at
Rio Mai I, .11.. I : S n i' and th,, :1 ,,I:11-1 to rent a car to come visit Palmas. "We fell in love. W .
considl -:I P .-' i ii : an ii ii ii,.ional je. H an: -e. are an international family!" stated Jeff. And again.
love at In-i tli-ii T 'f iiI k,,nlli told ii .b,,,i ine construction of the Marina and on that same visit we
bought ,,i ii .. i I 1 iiii,.H iich we i, ic na and I find Palmas the perfect combination of friendly
li / 1111Hi.1/H1 h1q / j1

P snow-bTrd...

By Lissette Rosado

James Cohen & Joanne Lee Drexler, better known as The Cohens.

The Cohens are one of our most well know snow birds of Palmas. They are I I'
both from NY and have been coming to Palmas for over 30 years. They are well
known because they are really two very special people. They dance salsa and
merengue. He sings and writes music. She enjoys horseback riding. He plays
tennis and they both like to get acquainted with people while enjoying good
food and good wine. They are two of a kind!
But... that guy you see around with his guitar singing the songs that he has
composed and written is also one of the most prestigious tax lawyers of New
York. He was named "New York Super Lawyer" by Law & Politics Magazine
2006 and 2007. He is co-author of the book "Cheaper
by the Dozen?" and author of many, many articles and
journals on tax and estate planning. Jim has focused his
practice on estate planning and tax advice to private cli-
ents, hedge funds and other money managers for more
than 35 years.
His music has been recorded by well known artists and
his lyrics range from beautiful love songs to children's
songs to funny songs, such as "Staycation" (about a va-
cation where you stay home) and "Coraz6n" (a bilingual
song that repeats the word coraz6n in all the verses). "I
noticed that in all the Spanish romantic songs there is -
always the word coraz6n," said Jim.
Joanne on the other hand is the president of Esquire
Appraisals, Inc. She is accredited by the American Society
of Appraisers as a Senior Appraiser. She is also a certified
member of the Appraisers Association of America and is d orf
a certified gemologist with G.I.A. diamond and pearl cerP- astje )otd corazo
tificates. Joanne has done countless appraisals in the s \oe oi az on
USA and around the world of fine arts, silver, furniture, oe6 0JoWS ,tro e ,i cor
antiques and jewelry for insurance and estate purposes, for gifts to museums, schools and at 6
charities, for damage claims and divorce matters. Among her clients you could find: Andre 1\ e ," -n to doY corazn
Previn, Candice Bergen, Chase Manhattan Bank, FDIC, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Oleg o,, esta anor, te doY I sol
Cassini and the US Justice Department, among many others. e doY l c, g6. O toVI
They've been married 43 years and have traveled vastly around the world. "But please write Eres emlranza y te Y e
what I am going to tell you," insisted Jim. "We have been in 80 countries and we can tell you Mi esP -e s t \ oss
that the best place in the whole world is Palmas. This is an incredible place. It's not only beautiful mq \ o~o VTe s\\ .\
but it also has everything. It is relaxed but sophisticated. It attracts intelligent, independent and to\),eezes \N% 1
interesting people. Some of our best friends are here!", Joanne pointed out that Puerto Ricans are cora-n1
extremely friendly. "I have never seen, in all the countries that we have visited, the "Mi casa es su M coraz
casa" ("my house is your house" concept)." said Joanne. A

REMAX de Palmas
Palmas del Mar, Humrnacao, PR
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as witnessed by a guest

Tixd& phtbsby Kat* Krurnhiuns

It' a cool andl mjy Tuwoda morning& The
skyr is grity The ses, EL tad darker tsems at,.
looker uit him of alul bhi hen~ nd
theme. The ground, neverahd.~ glos tn
a ninkw of bx&Wian hoes thut capture my
hean, soul end weL
Stmvn aamm the Padmes 1andlnpe end
growing out of &eler wffl mfiliofs cwidd
fiame in lively Eh ade bem happf peek,
Ing outfi Qvm ibs ed m % I E g Y
1no1Is mn. md. Tiny whL-e amutztus, swn.
mzxus h~as blkxlm.
PrOud and petiusiod buds in rect white end
blue, end brigt yellow daisdlike blm=x
thiat Imeep me vxndeanxg l~bokmme-. b.e
koves me not_. A

a Unr
N *'4

, , ,:

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t.." .. I. I', .Ith. I.. IF l ... ..

.,I.. ,i.. I i- i ,,1. .ii r ii ..1 .Fit..
I. i t 1.!i ., i. Fi'1 . I F I r
I.. ir i .... ., d I 1,. '. i 1 H

r, .. I ,i ., i ., iF'.. I .. .I' F' '.
I r . . ,. .I ,i. ,. id ,

.. r,, !,. .. ..lr, I tt,. !M i r , r ,,. I r !J I
r!,, ,r! .. ,I r!, .. . .. r l. id. I t .. !

rI, I, ,1,LY i l L' I, pI' |' p.
k,. k
I, . . . . , . ., , !
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rF ,,. h ,.I III .] ', ,. 1. ._ r ... t ....
- i, .. I..I. i,..I,. l i.r i,.i. .. r, I I'. ,ll ,
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r ,i I. r .... . F l'! .. . ,. r r

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IF I id !, I ... I! I

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F, I, , r . H H I ,. t. ,

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. u._i ..I, .. i .. ul F, r I, i, . .. ,r ,F

i ...l .. ,. ,,.,. 'iii I ,." I F

NM muica"


~Em. A


-p -



Choral Concert

ByNina Ccrs
Phats by aria Apcnt
In Decenbr the Catholic Church held a Chistmua Choral
Concert and CraftBazaar tobene6t the arnwork that will deomiate
their new sanctuary presently under conisrution here In Palmas
del Mar The pro ecs mectedtobe competed LApril/May of
ths yeaL REients, asE well asE vitonr will have the oppominty
to enjoy the many spiritual benefits th s will bring to our comima
nity Sagrada Famibla Church, which is a CoCathedral of Dulce
Nombre de JeEds preently provides services on Suindaymomng
at the Villa Frmana Qubhuse. Services are held In Engldi at
930 arn. nin Spanish at llCO ia.. Catechism passes are
also held at The Palna Academy every Friday after 1pm.

I Offered at $1.15M


U .. ..U :. .

pi T

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.... -v. ,.t. ....

Alan D-bl-

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I. 0*

' h -

s where

0 "

Call Palmas dcl Mar Rc

MAN ...
':Ja d"dK
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:y- .. :-:':: :,


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* Exclusive broker for Palmas ne-, communities.
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A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493



: *'*,::

Palmas Diving Area... Diego's celebration of
life... an example of strong

One of the best! community values

East Puerto Rico Diving is the new
Dive and Snorkel Charter company
based in the Palmas Yacht Club. They
offer PADI Instruction ranging from
1-day resort-style "Discovery Dives"
to complete Scuba Certifications.
East Diving also feature both Day
and Night Scuba trips and full boat
charters and snorkel trips, most of-
ten to Vieques' beaches.
Joseph LeRoy, president of the
East Diving, states that Palmas area has one of the
best diving spot in the Caribbean. "We absolutely love the
diving found here and wanted to share what we believe is
"the best-kept secret in the Caribbean". We believe this area
ranks among the best in Puerto Rico and easily rivals spots
found elsewhere in the Caribbean. Our guests enjoy relaxed,
uncrowded diving, rarely even seeing another boat! Visibility
can be excellent at 100'+. The unusual structures and pristine
reefs are alive with an in-
..l.. variety of healthy
corals, sponges, fishes and
Other "critters." It is not
unusual to see turtles, ea-
gle rays, eels and more on
a single dive. We've even
had dolphins share dives
with us!"
East Puerto Rico Div-
Guad Cing was created by a small
..e group of divers and dive
professionals who are fa-
miliar with the undiscov-
ered and uncrowded, spectacular diving located in the area
between Palmas and Vieques. "Our company is locally-owned
with certified, experienced staff committed to providing the
highest level of customer service. Rusty and Donald, our Cap-
tains, are Coast Guard Certified. Brad and myself are PADI
Certified Instructors. Our 37' boat, Longest Dive, is Coast
Guard Certified for 22 passengers plus 2 crew", stated Joseph
They bought a twin-turbo-diesel-powered purpose-built
dive boat in Key West and had extensive upgrades done. "The
boat was a swim platform at a comfortable height and a cus-
tom-built extra-deep dive ladder to make it easy the entries
and exits of the water", Leroy explained.
To find out more about East PR Diving you can visit:
,. ,... r[.I Ir, ,I Lt. ,* ll i'_ ,I

S",fi l r ll, l. pp. I i....l ., rF,..I ,I J nuary 10th at
4:00 in the afternoon at the Country Club. A memorial ser-
vice was held for Diego Vidal Gonzalez, a long time resident of
Palmas del Mar, who had died on January 1, 2009 as a result
of injuries sustained from a helicopter accident. The setting
was a simple white tent set up behind the Clubhouse, with
the chairs for the guests facing toward the lush, green golf
course and on to the sea. Strains of Beatles songs, Diego's
admitted passion, filled the air as a lovely cooling breeze blew
through the tent. It looked like the perfect setting for a wed-
ding, and the beauty of the location helped to lift the spirits
of the people who were there for a far more somber occasion.
Sister Nancy Madden lead the gathered in a Celebration
of Diego's life, and Rolando Guardiola gave a meditation.
Then Palmas del Mar resident Gabriel Cadanas sang an amaz-
ingly poignant rendition of "Let It Be", which drew not a
few tears. The sun was beginning to lower on the horizon
adding to the magical quality of the event. Luis Rodriguez
Santana, Diego's business partner for thirty years and Pal-
mas resident, gave a touching eulogy mentioning many of
Diego's strong points. Jim Harvie also spoke, giving the as-
sembled a bit of humor about Diego as well as some heartfelt
memories. Perhaps the high point of the service was when
Catherine Vidal, Diego's 15 year old daughter rose to speak.
With ii,.. ..1.1.!. composure, she thanked everyone for all of
their kindnesses to the family, and said, "If you didn't know
my Dad, I feel sorry for you because you missed a great guy!"
But the real magic of the event was in the untold story,
for many of the assembled had never even met Diego. It is
a Palmas del Mar story. In fact, they were there to show sup-
port for his widow, Dr. Lissette Bouret and their children.
Dr. Bouret is the beloved doctor who has an office in Pal-
manova Plaza. Many of the attendees are Dr. Bouret's pa-
tients, and they have come to know, trust and care about
her, as she cares deeply about them. The feeling of support
was palpable, and Dr. Bouret spoke to that support of the
community when she mentioned all the meals that vari-
ous residents have been delivering to their house, as well as
the many generous offers of help in other areas. The com-
munity as a whole has banned together to support one of its
own, and that is an amazing feeling. The ceremony ended
with the assembled singing another Beatles tune, "In My Life",
and for another few moments time stood still in a warm, car-
ing, bubble before everyone went on with their own lives. A

* los mejores especiales la mejor calidad
variedad y frescura
serviio y precios bajos

(MAIiS CAR A 1 MI. 33.3 HM U. BMAR CITRO INHDSTMI. A4M9 W% TE. 653-1553
AMIMHBCM31 iM.3.73 (FR~ E FEUR. EMTJI TE)l. 4i54W32 Mi;ABM OFl. I, 'FRBNiT Ut. ANE DE TEL i7-0959

DLUlaD aj 1 hne 1 .oQr [I/nflDUfl$

HASTA Si pagas Seguro Social y tienes 3 dependientes de 16 aflos o menos podemos procesar
S $1.000 tu planilla a travbs de E-file y podrias cualificarpara recibirtu reintegro en 24 horas.

+ +. p Ll LJL tL .
$15.00* de descuento al Ilenar
tu planilla federal en 24 horas i
S*1 c.pn por per ona /
-i iif Hii H li i i iHI iHi Hii H i i iii-

No tendrAs que hacer filas incansables. iLlIman os!
Empleados Federales cualifican con un solo dependiente. *Ciertas restricciones aplican

d edhmiibainoC mensual com ularizada *Plmnillas Cor orativeWasR I- E

*Preparacibn de N6mina *Infoime annual del Depa
*Preparacibn de Planillas Trimestrales *1040PR-Planilla del Se
*Formas de fin de aio W2PR, 480, W3PR *Pennisos de ARPE y ao
para empleados a Servicios Contratado. *IVU
*Planillas Estimadas de Hacienda & IRS
Profeslonallsmo Calfdad Senrvclo

irtamento de Estado
guro Social

iUMM~ e ir.dm m. o 258M 91
'I. I'-MIIf&2 7



- -

x& nmejo caWWL..
a m Precco

21 1

celebrates 15 years saving
women & children' lives

Casa de La Bondad, for 15 years has
provided free and confidential service to
woman & children survivors of domestic
violence. During the celebration, there
were very emotive moments with the
testimonies of women that where able
to escape violence's vicious circle and
re-do their live with Casa de La Bondad's
support and assistance.
This year, one of Casa de La Bondad's
goals is to buy a new house where they
can expand and improve their services to I
women and their children. They need our
help to continue saving lives. If you would
like to make a donation or support these
women and their children, please call


Villa Franca ...
goes green!

Members of the Board of the Villa Franca's
Association started a project to use solar energy
in their common areas. The first step was to
illuminate Villa Franca's main entrance sign with
solar energy. They also submitted a proposal
to the Humacao Municipality Government for
support in establishing five solar lamp posts in
the park and parking area. The proposal was
approved. This project was supported also by
PHA. In the near future we will start seeing the
park with some illumination.





Par Avion, our postal store and souvenir
shop announces Putumayo's latest release,
Women of Jazz that showcases the originality
and artistry of 10 exceptional female
vocalists from North America. This collection
offers extraordinary artists from several
eras legends who have inspired today's
generation, stars of the contemporary jazz
world and young women just now starting
to make their mark on jazz history. A true
reflection of the creativity of today's female
jazz artists, their songs often combine jazz
with unexpected influences such as rhythm
and blues and country ballads.

I liii...
* 1'..III' II, II--
* -I' *~III' ~II.'I III II

I I II I 11.11 -

I I I II .1 I 1 I 1 [11 1

Or I OI)ONL 1 I .\ n
( U'i.. U ;!L Hui, . PR 787.852.1550
I D .i B-ii'Lr I'- \, r PR 787.734.7030
orthofi g ( p r tc.net

2 Be fit

There will be spinning classes Mondays
through Sundays at 8:30 am at the Four
Point Hotel's backyard. From Monday to
Thursday classes will be held at 7:00 pm.
It's the most efficient way to be fit and loose
weight. In only 45 minutes you burn 500 to
600 calories. Jackie also announces her
personal trainer & sport nutrition services
at the Hotel or in your house. If you want
to loose weight don't waste time and call
Jackie Rodriquez (787.529.9377).

^ ^B^


Whiten AND






PO Box 1002

787.733.2000 (BY APPOINTMENT)



Palmas Supermarket announced the arrival of new delicacies for our kitchens! Cookies,
pancake mix, maples syrups, champagne shallot mustard, maple pumpkin butter among
many others are part of the prestigious Stonewall Kitchen products available. Mmmm...




.2 I -=

The tenni club ofter a big variety of
classes and dinics for all categories an ages,"
explained LLIS Carls Burgoa. tho new Tenis
Club Diractor The groups are:
LJ* Starn -- 3 to far old
Riting Stars -- 6 to 10 years o
Junior 11 to 15 years c*d
'We already have young player In the Junior
Ternis League of Puerto Rico nd on the other
hand. in ft adult catgory we have 3 leaguasr
mix mhaale and male), nsaor (30+) and regular.
They pla with l the ckibs around the Island."
sad Luz Carlas.


pp" e

i6 mad .O a *It Is good to know that Palnas has the largest
= a tennis complex In all the Caribbean and Is among the

top 50 in the world. Its collection of 20 courts Is a

.. by I U .. .. tennis lover's dream...
i1 Lb I aboII a
I. .I1 II 1 1 I I
a ld ml I mI I.JlI Cm -g UP
I *.II I 5 I1 at I d1 1
il I I * 1, II I I t.

I I w I I i. iI i he
v u I y I II I l I l .

III& to 1 at Nkk I II

.1e it I I 1 l1 I (S, .

fII I .1 1 I. w sImJ1 Ij m I

2- ?qyeArt

tridio ovI

... or t o Arjo1

(3 weeks, 24 hours a day)

26 year old Santa oniment

Her ,nam is Ame Pietri and
she lives in Villa Franca.
She happens I be a very
sweet and beantifu lady with
die earry of a 20 year old
woman. My God! It's a labor
inmnsive jab that poduess
only a couple of weeks of
enjoymentL Sbe started the
tradition of putting together
alithese Cdatmasorilmaents
25 yea ago. It takesE hr
3 week -12 bourE a day--
with her niece and daughter
to put af this shaw together.
I started with few ornaments
thatlused to ceate myself. At
&a begiiTng we placed th
ornaments inside the house
bat vwy soom wea dught we
Fuly decorated
prag wkth
miniature cole

should put ibem in car garae
for aveiybody to enjoy. The,
when we traveled, we bought
different Oaments and litde
by blle the paWjectjst gew.
Then my husband died and
in his name and God's nasmn
I confirnd die taditio,
says Arnnie and explained
dii was part of a dreaiL 'I
deunmt I was sliding thrKgh a
very beamiiful path in a sla'gh
ride with Santa and at both
sides of the padi there weme
many beautiful things This, I
believe waE my inmpiratio.
Every year she put soMething
new, one yar dsie en bought
a unow-mifing machine, but
it didn't wMrk far vey lbng.

"For ret year I am going
to bring something new. It's
going to be a snrpise, she
If you missed it is year be
sue you don't miss it imnt
yea- Thank you Amni for
dht wonaderftl gift to &a
cummmiwty. A


detail of elf
^^^^^^^^^^^K_ ounifivu

Lie. II
'"" '* -,.


Save the date!



at The Yacht Club in Palmas del Mar.
International anglers welcome.
Awards per category including:
Billfish,Yellowfin Tuna and Dolphin


F ~

For special rates in hotel reservations call 1-866-612-2323
or reservationspalmas@fourpointspr.com.
Call now to register 787-656-7300.
For more information go to www.palmasdelmaryachtclub.com
*Prize will be given to the first boat that catches any three fishes of the following
species in the same day: Blue Marlin,White Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish.

S..[let 5 .

~...dgLn -1P U(v@ Sta r V'-ll
f l Ussfl Rasmlt

One o~the nur awaited development
at Palma is nmw a reslity The model
apartment opened Hmu weeks ago and
everybody aee tham Solarea villas mre
outstanding. Located In the bem beach
spot In Palmas, Solarea villas aE the ul-
ttmate In resort-style reElddeuc4. They
have an exquisite blend of Caribbean
and Mediterranean arditectural de-
signsp It's an aparnment with peronal-
ky and elegADOE, I overheaId the day
of the openinr The space is very well
designed and the detail ame well taken
came O
Solarea is part of The Regent, a pres-
tdgtous five star hotel development tham
wtl be constructed on the site and wvil
enhance further these luiury villas.
Solarea ha &ve dtferent models to
choose from and will have beautiful gar-
denr, pookL, a dub house and gazebo for
actlvtlf& A

^^ I I,., .'^ ---^^n^^^ .I ,i.,. r,-I
.D-MOM,-W,.1 ,,to- ,m-rd ,rm l NO :.Mg
"M *rm- 0"ix0-iiIM


Mocuo m' q 0

s"][, s t[, s-"] ii~ 1nat l

From ambience to decorative purposes: home lighting
covers many settings, moods and tasks in order to
create a comfortable living space.
Visit Koper to discover the new
lamp collections available.

A magestic
combination of
water and art
that bring peace
and beauty to
your home.


1039 Calle B, Sector Industrial
Sabana Abajo, Carolina

L 16 m a n s77-5 .16

Patterns, solids,
textures. We're
talking fashion...
not to wear, but to
decorate, enjoy and
show off Make it
true at The Tile Shop.


Passion by plastic artist, MARIBEL DE VARONA.
"Art is my passion and Palmas is my source of inspiration and emotions".

Thinking about remodeling
your kitchen? Actuality .
Gallery offers a better way '
to improve your kitchen
renovation. Any type of
style from traditional to
contemporary and every
price level from very basic to
completely high end.

Lago Italian Finishes,
California Closets new
collection, reflect the
picturesque landscapes
and architecture of
Italy's Lago di Como.
Color, grain, tone
and texture details,
combined with quality
craftsmanship, define a
look that enhances any
d6cor and individual

Beyond beauty
and comfort lies
the science of
design...The Aquatic
Whirlpools with "spa-
style" jets specifically
designed to deliver
effective massage with
adjustable settings to
fit your needs.


"I like to apply paint in what I can only describe as a random
fashion, always keeping a sense of balance on the canvas and
mixing colors in a nice way", is the motto of Diego Jacobson.

VALWOOD... No! It's not wood, it is
Valwood. A new revolutionary product
that looks like wood but is a strong
Aluminium alloy to create doors and
windows with a wood finishing look that
can resist hurricane winds and require
low maintenance.

A & lvI can design and manufacture a great variety ot custom doors, wooden
furniture and aluminum /iron gates to suit your home and budget needs.

Glass tiles are both
classic and trendy. They can '-
bring an air of sophisti. iiin .
or a reflection of down-h ,- .- i 11i ,
The versatility of mosaic glass tile is just
one reason it has burst back onto the home &
garden d6cor scene. Its ability to display both a fluid
and textured appearance is all the ra -'

* ":.

eteR p Af


The PalmaB Placn, the drama club at The Palmas Academy,
cmcadtrated by Mh Maruitre Cardona presented their annual
fal play, ter Pan on Decamber 12* and 13. The dayI dWlcted
by Nichais PiarmD was a 'hugie UCCSE Rys SunrilBe redent
and Aadniy paerant, M. Ivette DaL. The ca was made up of
appiuacLmely thiny xudianta. Amy Fnuxck, Aademy BEnlk
stole the ihac with her perkcmance in the titular rle, met
equally oimtage by Nick harro aa vfiakioums Capain Hook
Amala Delgado, Acaiemy soipho~ uE, lit up the age as a
charming W&ndy with maitre conadstce. The [ays company
showed the Acadey's draratic a depth, hjgllghtLg pridmary
and elementary studentE alke in RPancies dark, yet delightful
rnevereve land. The shlw was set an the aademyu campus,
brkinglng the packed audience of Palam iesidentms doser to
the reality of PLarrdo theatrical wld. The chce to set the
fantasy wdd in a familiar community locale w due to the
direcaos notii that Palmas is, lhe the plairound where the
drama mfolded, by day for elementarly atudti and by night,
hke Palmas, for the young and old alike.
Piuarro and his crew thanked many in their
program, however, fa mew drama aculty
member Pmatrica Fortuno aEaitd with t gi1ng
and Sentor Bobby ach led the itduncal
crew for this ninth straigt
Palimas PR rs prod ctxcL
"Drama is an iftrl prt a
the Academy experience'

members Catfinly,
this aX&3s fall tnumph
is evodmce of the
comimnLrI RcmmI

Rwnw erg p t'ganji Ib
Miftna ~Sihm and Ian UnrgB
DI riloMr Ilidmilta

U 787-850-4401 / 787-852-7161



2 bedrooms
- . I Barthioo ,
SBeaUtU l .1i V-
seal qolf/pool.
Equipped 1' furnished
enltial alr ,:ondiioning
Fe, to lthe Sheraton Hotel.

OM 0r
P, ~~ Z'

La nueva casa de:
Alina Santiago, Douglas Marsters
& Eddie Moreau

R E L II pu. 529

E' pecilizondu en alquilte, corpuoralivo
a0 trO1 y Io 0o flazo O u r (IlendO Ia'.
( 7 3 2 (8mel3re31.vil.yI(ohz on


F. Ii r,-I-r I- ;, i i ,

As you all know Palmas is
a big community and every
day you discover hidden
treasures you never though
existed. In this section we
want to portray exceptional
villas or houses; outstanding
properties that are unique
and special in different ways.
Palmas is so eclectic and
surprisingly different from
one spot to the other! I have
visited houses where you
feel you are in the middle
of the jungle; others give
you the feeling of being in a
Mediterranean village or in
a Mexican small "pueblo".
Each of them has a special
charm and personality.
This section intends
to portray these hidden
treasures that are available
for sale. We chose them for
many reasons: view, location,
space and design, price, value
and because... for one reason
or another they are special
and a good choice in Palmas.
Don't miss the opportunity
to live in Paradise. Life is
short and the time is now!
Join Palmas' lifestyle and
enjoy a better quality of life.
Be aware, "there is no way
back", once you get used to
live in Paradise, there is no
other place on Earth to live.
Have fun and do not hesitate
to call your preferred realtor.
Most of our dealers have
been here themselves for
many, many years and can
help you make the right
decision. A

To see this fabulous property call Frank Bonnelly at 787-632-2106 or
787-850-5800. For more pictures of this and other properties visit

Cresent Beach...
spotless, right at the beach.
Recently remodeled
by Casa Bonita

* Speciaculai ocean view,
* Few steps from the beach
* New appliances
* Excellent location for short term rentals
* $ 650,000 (under appraisal)

Ridge Top .... feel in top of the world!

Spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and
the forest. Winning architectural Excellence
Award in 2002.
Comfort, space, lush gardening on 2000 meters of land,
* 5 bedrooms with sea view
* 7 bathrooms, plus 2 half bathrooms
* triple garage
* 8,000 sq. ft., 4 levels
* elevaror
* wine cellar
* $ 2,990,000
For more information, call CPM Realty at 787-852-7161.

Majestic! ____

At La Jolla you don't have to get out of bed to enjoy
one of the most outstanding panoramic views of Palmas!
Cathedral ceilings, perfect cross ventilation (look at the
East), natural light, beautiful sunrises splendid sunsets.
Full moon? You wouldn't believed! Big kitchen and bed-
rooms. Designed by the prestigious Architect Jorge del
Rio. One of the best kept secrets in town.
* 2 bedrooms with the same beautiful view
* 2 bathrooms
* 2 parking
* plenty of parking for visitors
* security
* $389 K
For more information, please call Palmas del Mar Real
Estate/787- 852-8888

Shell Castle
Astonishing views from every corner
This 3 level house gives you the warmth of
family and friends gathering as soon as you
walk in. Ample spaces with great architecture,
a gourmet kitchen with a beautiful dining room
that invites you to have a great time and one of
her best features is the infinity pool that blends
with the beautiful Caribbean Sea accompanied
in the background with a full view of Vieques.
For more information on these 4 bedrooms, 5
baths house visit Palmas del Mar Real Estate or
call 787-852-8888 $3.8m


Shell Castle Club...
For more information call Remax at 787.850.7069

Marbella at its best... a Penthouse to hide away!
Located at one of the most complete and sophisticated community in Palmas del Mar.
4 bedrooms penthouse
_* 3 big bathrooms
concierge services
two great pools
Authentic Cava with fire place
full powered generator
... the beach at steps from your door




E egant

u"w. *Phase #1



Lifesty le.

Prices begin at $861,000*
For more information please call
787.579.2488 or 787.474.8266 ext. 55
Developed by: PP-15 Inc., Lic. LCD-07-188 I Sales by: Urbe Properties, Lic #97
VIG Tower 1225 Ponce de Le6n Suite 1101, San Juan, PR 00907-3921

h irA


Big revelation of talent, good food,
wine and music. Nina Cortes was a huge
success with the kids. Sue Sue had her
daughter visit from California. Everybody
danced. It was a fresh and clear night.
Denise & Nany set the mood for the
night. John Cohen delighted the public
with his guitar and music. A


H 7 F

0. .ee S 666 - S

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

Servicios que ofrecemos
Administraci6n de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
Charlas educativas
Actividades de apoyo y confraternizacion

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hematologo Oncologo
Enfermeras Oncologas
Personal Clerical adiestrados

Calle Dufresne #7 (Este) Primer Piso
Humacao, PR, 00791
Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958

Horario de lunes a viernes de 6:00 AM hasta 4:00 PM por cita previa.

En Hematology Oncology Center nos
especializamos en el trato especial a
cada uno de nuestros pacientes con la
confidencialidad y profesionalismo
que usted se merece.

(~F t :

Dr. Grcin Miad S. stn
Board Cetfe Inera Medicine
Hem.6606o Oclgoe


iQuiropractica para Nihios, 16venes y Adultos!

(.c',itaitics Lc,) equipl' de alta tecinologia de et alci:on del sistema nervioso central
E alolices i ettss netat~ de pcstuii a- A cdeiirnas facilidades con sistema paperless



in Palmanova

By Nina Cort6s

On December
22nd, at the
fountain in Pal-
manova Plaza,
Russell Carlson
got down on one
knee and asked
Melisa Ealy to
marry him. With
friends and fam-
ily looking on she i t..." .i.I
the crowd went wil i kP-... 1 ,.I id
Melisa started datirng l I.1.: ii, l ,,
of the' where they met in Naples,
Florida. In 2006, Russell's company
(Palisaco Energy Solutions) moved
him to Puerto Rico and he landed
in Palmas. Shortly after, Melisa fol-
lowed. Planning to pop the question
was no easy task for Rus-
sell who had been making
all the arrangements for
months prior: Calling her
friends, making sure ev-
eryone would be there on
time, champagne on ice,
the ring... oh yeah the ring.
Russel purchased a beautiful setting and then had the jeweler set
the diamond from the ring his Father gave his Mother. I wanted
Melisa to have something of her own, and at the same time some -
thing special that means a lot to me," said Russell.
The evening also included a celebration at The Wine Cellar
where Russell offered a toast to his new bride-to-be. There were
lots of tears, toasting, and great fun shared by all who celebrated
the joyous occasion with the lovely couple. And here is the best
part! Russell and Melisa are planning to marry this year, right on
the beach in Palmas del Mar. You can be sure to find the Live and
Life Magazine there too. A

ldas two
took place at
one at
The Cellar
and the

'~the 3W~~

other in the
middle of the
Plaza. Cupid
is loose, be

The Guiot Dinasty
Monique, Eileen, Miguel,
Michelle & Elba Guiot

On a beautiful sunday afternoon, Michelle
Guiot and Alberto L6pez's engagement took
place at The Cellar. Miguel's daughter, Mi-
chelle, promised to marry Alberto among
close family and friends. It was an afternoon
full of romance, music, and obviously, good
wine to celebrate! Our congratulations and
best wishes to the young couple.




We are now providing
To the Palmas del Mar community

For your clinical lab tests, please call:
787-850-4900 to make an appointment

Or come see us at:
Road. #3, Km. 86.0,
Candelero Arriba, Humacao
Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

26 locations, for your convenience in:
* Humacao Bayam6n Caguas Cayey Cidra
Gurabo Guaynabo Hato Rey
Rio Piedras Santurce San Lorenzo

You can pick up your lab results in any of our 26 locations.



~r(s *T14S

*I A~'

Alege v-eng o

lm I 1






qA2UrwovT roOd a claks 0...
"o AehOoraes-, Ckvskt o- a& vc.sA

I'(( {,fj



I l.I

By Lissette Rosado



If you see her walking around you would never imagine that
she holds a doctorate degree in Chiropractic from NY Chiro-
practic College. She looks so young! But once you start talking
to her you can tell that she is a well rounded professional. Ad-
amari G6mez Villegas is from Yabucoa but she went to school
in San Benito and San Antonio and has lived in Palmas for the
last nine years with her parents. She completed her BA in Psy-
chology and Mental Health at the UPR- Cayey campus. One
day a friend invited her to a Chiropractic conference and she
was fascinated with the concept because, as well as the field
of psychology, chiropractic's approach to wellness is drug-free.
The rest is history. She found out more about the profession
and left for New York to study her doctorate degree. Now she
is back and has an office of her own in Humacao. She is one
of our shinning stars!

For me, and I must confess my ignorance, getting to inter-
view Adamari was very enlightening. I didn't know that much
about Chiropractors and what they really do. But it's so logical
and has so much to do with common sense. The chiropractic
approach to health care stresses the patient's overall health.
Chiropractors provide natural --no drugs/no surgical proce-
dures-- healing that rely on the body's inherent recuperative
abilities. It's all about our spine alignment. She explained
that the vertebral column guards our spinal cord from where
nerves emerge to deliver all type of messages to our muscles
and internal organs from the brain. If the communication be-
tween your brain and your body is distorted because a vertebra
is unaligned, it can cause all kinds of health problems beyond
simple headaches and backaches. Even asthma could be relat-
ed to this interrupted communication they call sublaxation!

If the communication between your brain and your body
is distorted because a vertebra is unaligned, it can cause
all kinds of health problems beyond simple headaches
and backaches.
How do you get subluxations? There are three basic causes
of subluxations. Physical stresses on the spine and nervous sys-
tem may include slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, repet-
itive motion, and improper sleeping. Chemical stress includes
smoking, alcohol abuse, not drinking enough water, improper
diet, or the overuse of drugs or medications. Finally, emotional
stress is a major cause of subluxation due to its effect on the
hormonal and muscular systems of the body.
The next question is how can a chiropractor solve these
subluxations? "Sometimes the doctor's hands deliver a quick,
highly accurate thrust. Or an instrument directs a repeatable
force to a fixated spinal joint. Other times a slow, constant
...#N pressure is used. Some chiropractic doctors use special tables
... with moving sections. Several areas of the spine may be ad-
., justed or just one," explained Adamari. "The key is to use the
precise amount of energy. At the exact spot. In the right direc-
tion. At just the right time, to get spinal joints moving again."
And you don't have to wait to feel pain to be adjusted,
mop F actually it is better to practice preventive medicine because
that way you can avoid further health problems. Just about
anyone can get adjusted. Newborns, infants, children, seniors
and even failed back surgery patients can benefit. Naturally,
your doctor tailors your chiropractic care to your size, age and
unique health problem. A


J1 ~


IN r





By Flor dR Uh:,: 'I..:iI,


e f f i, r ',, r , ... T i. ..... r , !i , !. i... I. | Iy k
n ic ir, ,, ii ..... ..I r ,, F,,, ,
P o i ,r- I',, Ii.. r. r., i,,r! r,. rlI.
Pal"' r r., ,r .,,i ir, -3
ceh , ri r 1 ... .. l ., I I .' i I
E asr I i ,lli, .I E ,r.. .. .. . ....... .....
December 20, 2008. These tours are go-
ing to take place on a monthly basis (the
third Saturday of each month) and are
free for tourists and Palmas' homeown-
ers. To make reservations call: (787) ..
Our departure spot was at the Lobby k
of the Four Points by Sheraton where we
enjoyed a wonderful and traditional ex-
hibition of our local artisans. Then, the
enthusiastic tourist friendly team went
to the La Casona (Salvador Abreu Vega
Bldg.) Tourism Arts and Culture Center


to see its historical film, a current exhi-
bition of antique radios and memorabilia
that date back to 1920, and its hall of
fame for Humacao's most recognized
historian Salvador Abreu Vega, among
other amenities. Our sightseeing con-
tinued to the Roig House, now a Mu-
seum; the Center for the Performing
Arts Angel ("Lito") Pefa; the City Hall
(Municipal Center of Humacao) where
we tasted the city's typical fritter named
the granos; shortly after we drove by Ca-
cique Jumacao's Monument. As part of
our third stop we went across the Cayo
Santiago Monkey Island Pier. Here we
learned that 950 monkeys live on the
island. After this splendid pause, we ap-

pr. . I i. 1I iir imi. .' ., rn...i
C !rI Ii l i!i F li -rIr, i[ r i r. l i -i-
th N ri ii! J 1 ... .. .. I, i! .. . I ,' I!.. .I
la l ,l.- t J r, 0 ., 1 .Il
fa- i ,.. r rl .. . .. T I, .
qu. ir, ,. h l rl. L h .: ii.!',.n
known because ot its singular gothic ar-
chitecture style -- the "Catedral Dulce
Nombre de Jesus" (Sweet Name of Jesus
Cathedral). Our experience concluded
at one of the most picturesque sites in
the towns of Puerto Rico, Humacao's
Marketplace, where the eatery of typical

lech6n and guineftos surrounded by our
authentic Christmas music and dance
made the happiest day for all whom en-
joyed this spectacular experience.A

Joad Beauchamp
and Gloria had de.
scribed how beau
tiful the view Aom
their house in Lkttle
Bay, Vitan Card
was. KnowingJo,
e d's tendency to
exagmteI I had
Smy doubts. But
I had no idea
ac the beauty
a a an ae that
Ivoane and
I would &id
fcm= one of
their decks ovedookig the
North Sound, the ocean playguund of
the mna yachteim and the 'Puerto RI
can Armada" especiallyy in July when
"ristmas in July WParty is celebrated
exclurevdy for F P Yachtsmuan). We
had always gone to Viqgan Gorda by boeat
and it Is, without a doubt, an amingly
beautiful island with pristine white md
bea6cheas and incredibly clear water and
of course, the famous "Baths", a atunm
ning navwook of covef, pools and caves
created by en~onous boulder form a,
toni& The viewfr an the house however
was totally ditrentr We were high up

on a huge rock ovedokling the islands
surrounding the Nonh Sound and the
hitter End, not to mentinm the tncred-
ible sunsets that we enjoyed daily rom
our perch", Joeo with his wine and me
with my "ake beer".
Same say only a crazy" couple wuld
build a house on top of a rock way up
on a hAL I call It creative. The house
is made obeautiul Brmzdian wood with
a sliding doom everywhere, which
'&ca" you to appr ate views fam
all angeL It Is dvidled mtao rw lihvig
aresi the kichenliving room area and
the bedroom area. The aeme are sepa.
rated from each other so that the party
In the kitchen complex will not distub
the sleeping guests. (Only an expert,
enced parier would think of something
hlike that).
As with moe vacatdn homes, the
Itchen is where the actnl is and not
only is it wel equtppd, but you amn
cook while you enjoy the view and pmar
ticulady the sunset A. es grill BBd a
smoker cccupy a place In the large deck
adjoining the kitchen. And of course,
while cooking seaks in the Ber. you
can get an Incedible view of the stars at
nTight Who says chef can't have a good
time? I love to cook] Dinner is on the

roIess deck and the stars are the after
dikner stho
The bath in the master bedroom is
Goa's creation, Bd unusual It I. The
oor and two wasl are made out of
stone ard the other two walls are made
of PlaiglEs, giving you a complete view
of the North Saound while you EwerJI
Luckily you're hih up enough BO that
those yachtsmen can't look L
The house is located on a 7 ace lot
on the s th pt ofthe North Sounamd,
between Gun Creek and Bd CreeLk.
Little Bay has a beach amd a dock with
a depth of 5 to 6 ft. Thee's no accea
by ca which, as far as fm corncemed,
makes it more private aed more ntere~a
g. Guas are piked up at Gun Creek
or Leverick Baywhere they can also rent
a 18 l~f boor a dnghy
Jcs sste Carmen, also has a 3
bedroom house right on the beach at
Little Bay that also is available as a va
cation rental and will be perfect for large
So..when you need a veaatica of
peace, relaxation and advertu, this is
a super diolceJ Cbtact JOle at 787.
552-1855 or 7?032728806&A


tke. hew..WL

Humnacao's howy As you all knew, ra-
dio Is very powerful in Puerto Rico. Our
radio tradton can be traced back to the
beginning of the radio. Did yu know
that Puenrto RIc radio tBttlcn, WKAQ
Radio, was the 5th radio statcnm in the
world to roeadcaml and the second In all
HFlanic eril Another interem
ng fact is that the 1240 AM frequency

where WALD a now is the original fre-
quency where WKAQ radio transmitted
Its Eist program No doubt we are radio
people- That's why Cantalic became
such a popular character The radio is an
ague and efficient communicationm tooL
I started my communication career In
radio and Ifound it fscinating I have
always &et there was orne kindof magic
behind the radio In the
radio you don't see the
people you can imag
me therm by their vok c
eL It's y who Imakes
the video
Our local radia .
ticn, WAL, is part
of that history and tra
dithrli It has been here a
since the beginning of

radio. WAL Is celebrating its 5th
Anniversary this yean "Walo went anm
air for frst time February 11, 1958 and
snte then it has been here," said Beat
riz Archilla, WALO'B general manage;
who is pan of otur ommunty WALO)
was founded by Antwno Luis Ochoa
and later was bought by Efraft Abchdlla
who is the actual ownec As pat of this
50th ann versar WALO, In a joint ven
ture with the Radio Broadcasting Asso-
clatin, pmt together a fantastc radio
memorabilla expoettion m La Camon
Unfortunately the exhibitn is no lon-
ger open but Lse & ife is going to show
you some photos of IL
Beatrids, Archilla' youngeBt geerza
ticn, is now in charge of the Btation with
new ideas and milern technology. Be-
atri eidied communications at Sagrado
Coraamn and later In Mexico where she
had the opportunity to work in Clmad
de Mexico with Grey Adverting one
of the mnie important international
Advertising Agencaes& "WALO is com.
pletely diglitalhaed," Beatriz says. She has
also brought to the station Important
businessi alliances sich as Retnsmit
ting Radio Isla at cartin hours. During
the morning commute frontn 6&OOAM
to 800 AM), every half hour WALO
join Radio Ia for the national news
summary every half hou
From 4OOPM to 5t00
FPM they re-transmit
the new Bummary withh
Luis Penct from Radio
Isla and frm 5M00 PM
to 700PM "Fuego Cnu
ado", a very high rated
program oF piltical

.m 3IOPM to 4 PM they have
Suman Soliero with heath, science and
environmental news and analysis. The
rest of the prcgrammtng consists of local
Interviews, pots, and cultural newE. If
yDu want tobe aware of the regional and
local news and evesm synchronize 1240
AM In your radio A

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Open A e ayoPM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:OOPM Closed on Tuesdays

Light lunch

?d on Sundays




F Ii i l i i

.1 1 R.1




The Cellar's /i

W I 787.923.8426


By Miguel Guiot

Don Melchor de Concha y Toro
Cabernet Sauvignon
from Ballester Hnos.

Don Melchor was hailed the best Cabernet Sauvignon from
Chile by both the Wine Spectator and Robert Parker. Named
after the founder of the winery, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro,
the wine has become a symbol of the best the land and the
winemaker's hand can produce in Chile. The Puente Alto
Vineyard in the Maipo Valley has the perfect combination
of climate and soils for the production of a world-class wine:
the climate is ideal and predictable, and the soil is poor and
gravelly to reduce yields and increase concentration naturally. Expresion Natural, 24" X 72"
After fermentation, the wine is matured in the finest French
oak barriques for 14 months, followed by
another year in the bottle before release.
Ripe fleshy fruit and berries lead off this
highly aromatic wine. Later, the tobacco and
chocolate come through and marry with the
vanilla. Agreeable, mature tannins elegantly
convey the best expression of the Puente Alto lv
vines. The pleasant, long finish displays great
harmony and balance. Still very tight, but a r t s
the tannins that lead the way now are BBC
sleek and refined and should easily REALTY
melt into the huge core of roasted
.= ~ chestnut, black currant paste, warm .. ,.
fig and tar. Don Melchor has a long,
coffee-and loam-tinged finish.

,e t H r bIou II1 Ill M

96 Points 7
Wine Spectator

Be )1retty...b)e chic... at K's

K's Beauty Boutique Salon & Spa, Suite 120, Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, 787* 852*7099

[ P.--0
tyo pq7lu lan





Exquisite necklace
on the vintage
side to wear with
jeans or little black
dress. Available at

headbands from

At home or in the opera, this
bag adds grace & vintage chic
to any evening, available at



From our local

this outstandin,.q
necklace mad- :tr
polished gla::

Age Spot and Pigment Lightening
Gel and Energizing Pomegranate Li-,
Protector SPF 15. 1,.:.
award winning product.
Available at

Murad Professional...
exclusive source for
Immuno-Skin Complex
that sends an instant
message to your
skin instructing it to
behave like young
skin. Available at



- a



-'C ___!L DVI

0 u
0 a


-pring semester includes:
1-elly Dancing for girls, Jazz and
painting classes for children and
adults. Payments from $55 monthly.
Family discounts available.
For more information call

, .~


The Palmas del Mar
Association is
with the program
marking the return of
the Casals Festival to
Casals Fesival the UPR,
at the UPR, Humacao Campus.
This tremendous concert will take place on March 6th at 8:00 PM. A cocktail reception
will precede the concert at 7:00 PM. For tickets and more details, stop by the PHA office
during normal working hours or call 787-285-6425.

March 14 at 8:00 PM at the PHA Building
Fund raising for the Catholic Church
Donation $ 50. For more info. 787.645.4101

SDon't Miss it!
Saturday, February 28
from 2:00 PM
Prizes by categories for children,
teens and adults
refreshments and food available for sale.



February 25 at 11:00 AM
Hotel San Juan
Donation: $110 + IVU
For tickets, call Ivonne Cruz 787.399.2517

I larch 27, at 2:00 PM at the
VIla Franca Club House
> Fund raising for our Catholic Church,
La Sagrada Familia
For more info. 787.645.4101

PHA movie series continues as shedulled, first Saturday of each month at
7:00 pm a PHA Building. To inquire about movie titles join Facebook PHA
Group & Live & Life in Palmas Group. Stay connected, don't miss anything!

Every third Saturday of
the month departing from
the Four Points
Hotel Lobby
Upcoming tours:
February 21 & March 21

Church services are 10:OOAM on
Sunday, in the Palmas Academy
cafeteria area. During the week: bible
studies on Wednesdays.
For information call 787-206-8602.

dinner & show!
February 14, at 7:00 PM
with Los Valentinos, direct from
New York at Harbor Lights #42
Donation $45. per person
A fund raising for El Faro Animal Shelter
(includes appetizer, dinner & glass of
sangria. /cash bar)
Info & reservation: faroinfo@
yahoo.com or call 787-850-1240

\X' 100

6 A1101


February 1 10:00 AM
Ladies Coffee Activity at Roble Valley 25
February 18
Ladieslunch 12:00 AM at Capriccio
:kFebruary 26 7:00 pm
Members Gala at Chez Daniel



* A,-

, : ". '.

-!'." I, "I -"..
..r, . ." ...: "" :
*:. '. .* ,.. :' :. ,, > ," .

" ... .. :. ',, L ..,. ... .. "o,,-'! *

b-. b..
.,.', .: ..p W i -: :" .

3 I,...,.
- :.j .,..

.. .. ,.... . . .... .
., .-. ."-"

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