Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: December 2008
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Material para pisos y paredes
Revestimiento de interiores y exteriores
Topes de cocina, bafho, barra y m6s
* Todo lo necesario para bafhos y cocinas

UT-- ---- .. 7;.. ...


* marmol travertino coralina granito
quarzo limestone mosaicos de
piedra y cristales y much m6s


-5 4 tel. -
le-stjnje.ce -

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- ;5


* Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
* Villa Pesquera
* Las Tapas (MARINA)
* Club Cala
* Palmanova
* Tennis Center*
*Service until 11:00 pm .

V" hr-V C ~w. k13,r- o I

Sunday to Thursday from 10:00am to 1:00am
Friday and Saturdays from 10:00am to 3:00am
For information 787-285-5300
Friday/Viernes 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm- 11:00 pm- 1:00 am- 3:00 am
Saturday/SiAado 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm- 11:00 pm- 1:00 am- 3:00 am
Sunday/Domingo 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm






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I have to thank you, my friends and neighbors, for all the support and beautiful
compliments I have received regarding our PHA magazine. I have done it with lots
of love and enthusiasm. Time flies and with this edition we complete the sixth issue
of 2008. I also have to give special thanks to Tony Maldonado and Julio Bague for
trusting my work and to Jose Juan Martinez for his support and for counting on me
for all his special projects and activities. It has kept me quite busy the whole year!
I hope this magazine has helped to bring us closer and helped us to realize the won-
derful and unique community we live in, where things works, where there is planning
and projections, where everything is clean, secure, and beautiful. We have a school,
churches, restaurants, boutiques, a market, a beauty salon, a post office, a cellar, a
bank, a yacht club, stables, golf courses, tennis courts, a country club, a sailing school,
a fishermen's village, and what's most important: people that respect each other. Let's
thank God for all our blessings and hope for a 2009 full of love and peace.

Lissette Rosado, Editor

Lissette Rosado, Editor

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in as
^: 11 S* By Lissette Rosado

'm1 a a In China it is believed that Tai Chi can delay
Smm a m a a aging and prolong life,
* increase flexibility and
strengthen muscles,
I 1 1 1 op tendons, and aid in
many treatments for
* several other illnesses.
r* That's exactly what Pal-
mas Del Mar is about to
Sg discover.
^.1 * We always look for
ways on how to offer
our community different
opportunities and alternatives to enhance
our quality of life. After a long post-surgical rehabilitation Ana Stahel's capacity for exercise and
movement diminished and Tai Chi has given her a new way of life. I shared with her memories
of my journey to Japan and how fascinated I was with the art of Tai Chi. She introduced me to
Master "Sifu" Diego Rivera, owner and Director of the Shaolin Arts Institute in Puerto Rico.
He is certified by the International Martial Arts-Kung Fu Federation in California and the In-
ternational USA Wushu Federation. He is also a certified as an instructor of Physical Education
of Beijing, the International Martial Arts Medical University and he is an expert of the Tai Chi
program for arthritis. When you meet Master "Sifu" Diego peace seeps into your skin his manners
* ^ * a and knowledge invite you to be part of a mystical moment. Master Sifu Diego is actually giving
g Tai Chi classes to Ryder Hospital's medical staff in Humacao.
Many think of martial arts as punching, fighting and body contact, not slow, rhythmic, and
meditative body movements designed to enhance relaxation, inner peace and tranquility. But
that's what this branch of martial arts, Tai Chi, is all about: slow rhythmic, meditative move-
ments designed to help you find peace and tranquility. For many, it is a very safe way to relieve
arthritis pain (or any other type of pain), gain balance, and strength. Many health organizations,
including the Arthritis Foundation, recommend Tai Chi.
Tai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial arts discipline that descends from qigong, an ancient
Chinese discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. (The people that you see
moving gracefully in parks, hospitals and communities all over the world are practicing Tai Chi).
There are several styles of Tai Chi. No matter which style you practice, all exercises are conducted
slowly, .1.1 h.. I, r.. 1,. and gracefully, with each movement flowing seamlessly into the next without
hesitation. Tai Chi improves balance, upper-and-lower muscular strength and endurance, and
upper-and-lower-body flexibility in older adults. In medieval China it was used to restore health
of monks in poor physical condition from too much meditation and too little exercise.

Would you like to have another possibility delivered to your doorstep? Master Sifu Diego will
soon be offering, free of charge, a one hour outdoor lesson. Our goal is that in no time many will
be practicing Tai Chi in our Paradise.
For more information regarding our "try-out" class and to learn more about it please contact us
at liv hS. r. di H, 1, -.... ,. Lissette Rosado 787 562-6104 or Ana Stahel 787 317-2662.
S S S -- S 0. *S^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ -- So^ ^^
* fljj S S S S M^fie^^^^ [*^lt"t~t- S S S
S S S S S^^f^^^^^fl^ E ^^^^^^^3^^f~f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.^^^^^^^^ 6


C-I m

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays


Open Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays

Bis tvo ico
Light lunch and dinner. Open fromi2 noon -10 pm /Closed on Sundays

A new initiative of the Humacao
Tourist Department to impulse the
Arts and Culture, as well as tourism
to the town of Humacao, is about to
commence this season. This effort is
being developed with the sponsorship 1
of the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton [
in Palmas. This initiative will offer __
tourists the opportunity to get to know
the town of Humacao, its culture and i
points of interest. Starting Saturday
December 20, 2008, a shuttle bus from
La Casona (Humacao Tourist Dept)
will pick up tourists at the lobby of
the Four Points and will take them to
a tour around Humacao. The shuttle
will be provided on the third Saturday
of each month. This service will be free
of charge. People interested should call
the Four Points Hotel to reserve their
space (787. 850.600). The guided tour H1ctor Ortega, Four
will start at the Four Points then go to Point Hotel,
"La Casona" ,office of Tourism. The next Casino Manager
stops will include "Casa Roig" (known for
its architecture); Center for Arts Angel
"Lito" Pena; Humacao City Hall, presided by the honorable
Mayor Marcelo Trujillo Panisse, and the monument of the last
know local Indian Chief "Jumacao" A stop will be made by
the boardwalk at Cayo Santiago public beach recreation area
and children's park as well the "Caribbean Film Institute".
Another stop will be made at the Humacao Natural Reserve.
The last stop will be the town plaza also known as "La Plaza
Luis Munoz Rivera" founded in 1868 where the newly appointed
Catholic Cathedral is also located. The tour will finish at The
Four Points Hotel where tourist will enjoy the exhibition of local
artisans. This project is an initiative of: Mr. Patrick Tracy (Cor-
porate Food & Beverage Director), Mr. H6ctor Ortega (Casino
Manager), Miss Jessica M. Rodriguez (Hotel Manager), Mrs.
Flor de Los Angeles Santos (Director of "La Casona" Tourism
Arts and Culture, Humacao), Mrs. Dally Castillo (CPM & Real-
tors) and Mr. Sheridan Collazo who has provided the art and
the tour map route. In addition, Mrs. Dally Castillo will held a
small art exhibition of local and regional artist at the CPM &
Realtor office located at Palmanova Plaza, Suite #10.
"For the past months the Four Points by Sheraton at Palmas
del Mar has been involved in project of the Municipality of
Humacao and the respectable major Marcelo Trujillo with
the grand opening of "La Casona". This idea will increase the
tourism in the region and will give us the opportunity to show
all visitors and tourists the beautiful "El Jardin del Este", (The
Garden of the East)" said Hector Ortega, Casino Manager of
the Four Point.
This is an example of how the private and public sectors have
come together to maximize the impact of the tourism industry,
which will translate in a better life for our community.



Sahrmasmaor et


Another marvelous advantage at Los Lagos.

Even though luxury details and quality materials are
standard in these magnificent homes, the ability to
choose from a beautiful array of colors, materials and
textures is unique to Los Lagos at Palmas del Mar.
Customizing gives your home a special touch that enhances
your living experience. It is choosing from extraordinary
alternatives to create your own individual home.

A kitchen to your taste
Luxury upgrades include custom cabinetry from
KraftMaid or Venicia, 3 beautiful granite tops or 2 types
of contemporary wall mosaic. Create and combine to your taste.

Masterful bathrooms
Master bathroom includes Villeroy Bosch accessories and
contemporary Grohe faucets, among other luxury details.
But being able to upgrade your home with custom cabinetry
from KraftMaid or Venicia, beautiful granite countertops and
marble walls, is a masterpiece in itself.

A step up
Elegant flooring is a standard feature at Los Lagos. But
upgrading your floors is also possible in 24" x 24" polished
monolithic ceramic tile with 3 V molded base by Insepo.

Looking up
Windows are open to possibilities at Los Lagos with the
elegant Continental line by Air Master Windows and
Doors which may be upgraded with 5/16" glass, certified
by the Miami Dade County safety standards.

Top quality
The beautiful roof tiles that add flair to Caribbean
architecture now go beyond the traditional with red,
brown or peach, or a unique combination of these shades
of color.

Upgrade your lifestyle
In every detail, in every space. Los Lagos is unlike any
other place at Palmas del Mar, or Puerto Rico for that
matter. Come see the life you have earned, and desired. It
is available, and the choice is yours.

at Palmas del Mar

Extraordinary Residences. Spa lifestyle.
Prices begin at $800,000*
For more information please call 787.379.2488 or
787.474.8266 ext.23
Developed by PP-15 Inc., Lic. LCD-07-188 I Sales by Urbe Properties, Lic 97
*Phase #1

S"DCJim and I have been living in Palmas since 1990. Palmas del Mar is my

D C1 home and I am proud of being an "adopted" Puertoriquena!" exclaimed De-
ASSOCIATION MANAGEMET PROFESSIO nise Love with her characteristic energy. "In 2000 I became the sole owner
of DCI and during the past 8 years have strategically developed a highly
q i.3lified team of professionals:
o Association Managers (of whom 5 are Certified in Condominium
1.-rai.gement and 2 have Masters Degrees in Business) backed up by our
,r,: inal Administrative and Customer Service staff
Degreed accountants (of whom 2 have Masters Degrees) assisted
I:, ,ir on-call CPA's
\ Maintenance and Pool Services Department;
and a recent partnership association with Rafael Santos Del Valle &
::ciates to provide in-house legal counsel in all areas of Association,
S,:,1 poration and Condominium Law along with responsibility for all Ac-
iwij." ''11 its in Arrears and directing the outside legal resources contracted on
*I. w I lf of our clients.
VWe have also developed a strategic alliance with Adjusters Interna-
,,r,.l in order to be a step ahead in the event of natural disasters or fires,"
Denise stated.
Denise reaffirms her ties with the Palmas Business Association and says, "I have been privileged to work with Daniel
Vasse and the commercial businesses in Palmas del Mar in creating our Commercial Business Association. Of most impor-
tance is obtaining our status as a Neighborhood Association within the PHA and having a seat on the Board of Directors.
We have been extremely well represented by Daniel Vasse who always has the Association's best interests in place as he

Flying Pizza
In 1994, The Stahel family left Switzerland to adventure in sunny Puerto Rico and
.... Palmas Del Mar was their destination. Shortly after, they bought what came to be The
Flying Pizza and the rest is history.
Edi, the "good guy" like everybody calls him, has always been at the front of The
Flying Pizza while Ana, with the help of Diane Marsters, made a successful career
out of real estate. His hard work has paid off...today The Flying Pizza is one of the
S' most popular dining choices in Palmanova Plaza. Edi makes his own dough and
UJIIIJ tomato sauce and keeps it as his "secret recipe". "I was an Electronic Engineer in
Switzerland but a frustrated cook and now I enjoy my passion making my "homemade
pizza," Edi tells me, "We have been very blessed in our business and have a great team, one of them is Danny, everybody
knows Danny, and he has been with us since the beginning."
Together with Daniel Vasse, Manolo Rodriguez and other business own- k
I u ers, Edi has been there since the beginning holding together Palmas Del Mar
Business Association. "PDMBA keeps us together. We share ideas, support
*each other but most importantly, we respect each other and we all fight for
the quality of our business so we can offer the best to our community." The
"good guy" and The Flying Pizza has always supported many organizations,
clubs, Palmas Academy, and have always said "present" to many events
in our community.



-V o .....


Integrated design, infinite possibilities idSHOME
Street A Lot 1 A
Urb. Industrial Mario Puerto Nuevo
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
Saturday by appointment only
787.782.6764 www.ids-pr.com


Berta Bull 1... i ... ..1 it very well: "From day one, when we were just vacationing,
we just wanted to stay here. Palmas gets in your system. I don't know...the beauty,
friends, so many things to do; it is a combination of so many good things!" Berta
lived in Yabucoa and rented a villa during the summer. "I moved to Palmas looking
for the best quality of life for the boys, then... I met Seth and the rest is history. It was
only logical for us to live here; we both work in Palmas and both of our families live
in the United States. We decided that if Puerto Rico was to be our home, Palmas
would be the best choice," said Berta and added that for 32 years, their whole life
has been Palmas. "It's a privileged life with no stress. Your biggest decisions would
probably be where to go for dinner or whether to play golf or go to the beach!--even
during working hours." She also believes that after all, San Juan and Humacao are
so accessible that there is no reason to live anywhere else.
Regarding her sons, Berta explained that at some point, all of them (Josean, Rodi,
Manolo & Ram6n) have lived outside of Palmas but their mind have always been
set on coming back to Paradise, the four of them. "They call Palmas home. This is
where they grew up and made many friends. They have always had the intention to
work here. Fortunately, Josean and Manolo have been able to fulfill that dream."
"I truly believe that this is the best place to raise a family. Now we even have Palmas
Academy. For now, my grandchildren come every weekend and during the summer
to enjoy Palmas' summer camps.
I asked her if she was planning to retire here in Palmas to which she responded:
"We have another home in Georgia, but definitely, our future will be spent between
both places. Our children in the US also love Palmas and come back every time they
can. Seth and Leigh Ann spent summers here and still maintain the good friends
they made during those years."
Well, after 32 years in Palmas now you understand Berta's good humor and peace
of mind. She laughs at everything, even at her problems. Palmas is definitely good
for your mental health. A

Live & Life in
Palmas is kind of
addictive. Once
you have the
opportunity to live
here it is very hard
to go back. I can
attest to that. I
think it would be
very difficult for
me to live in San
Juan again. Don't
get me wrong,
I like to go visit
(less and less) but
only for a little
while. When I have
to stay in San Juan
I am counting the
hours or the days
to come back. And
for those of us
who have lived in
Palmas for many
years this reality
is more evident.
Not only have they
stayed but their
sons and daughter
have stayed to
make a life here.



Graciela arrived to Palmas 30 years ago
because of tennis. "We were attending a
Puerto Rico Tennis Association tourna-
ment at Palmas and Mari Cosculluela (I
knew her from school) told me how much
I would enjoy living in Palmas because
of my love for sports. We rented out our
house in Caparra and bought our house
in Villa Franca a week after. Friends and
family thought I was crazy...so far, so hot
and lonely. Now they know that it was
one of the most important decisions I
have ever made and it was a great one!",
says Graciela.
"What makes you stay?" I asked. She
answered: "My love for nature, the quality
of life for the whole family and because
this truly a special community. My kids
learned to swim, to play tennis, to play
golf, and to go horseback riding. This
kind of living is very difficult to do in
San Juan. It really makes raising children
easier. Kids can go from the being in the
pool to playing tennis in no time because
they can go by bike or in a golf cart. It
also helps that my husband for 23 years
now, FMlix Villafafie, shares with me my
love of nature, and for us Palmas is our

home and the best place to be. We
all learned to play golf; we enjoy tennis,
walking and especially the ocean. I do
exercise every single day.
Graciela has three children. "My
daughter Graciela lives in Palmas. She
loves sports and married her schoolmate,
Pete Baez Mediavilla. They had Sebas-
tian and Lorenzo. They bought Supreme
Cleaners in Humacao. He died when he
was 30 years old from a heart condition.
She is now remarried to Justino Orozco
and they have Julian and Franco. They
all enjoy every aspect of Palmas.
My other two children, Sofia and
Alfonso moved to San Juan because of
their work. Alfonso owns a store in Old
San Juan. Sofia married Richie Garcia
and they have Ricardo Andr6. They
both work in San Juan, but they visit us
very often.
"Will you retire in Palmas?" I asked.
"Felix and I are now enjoying early morn-
ing and late afternoon beach splashes in
Punta Candelero. Can you imagine a
better place to retire?" finishes Graciela,
with a smile on her face that says it all. No
way, they aren't going anywhere! A

N6ctor has been in Palmas for 19 years.
Nector is a lawyer and is originally from
Fajardo. "We have always liked Palmas
and when our sons left for college, after
dropping them off at the airport, we
headed for Palmas. At that time, Cres-
cent Beach was just finished and we saw
an apartment we liked, shortly after we
bought the villa," said Irma Robles, N6c-
tor's wife. She added that they left every-
thing in Fajardo and just moved with their
clothes. They lived at Crescent Beach for
5 years and one day they decided they
were still young and they wanted a house
so they bought the beautiful house they
have today with a view that will leave
you breathless. N6ctor and Irna have
two children: Cynthia and N6ctor, who
is also a lawyer and Cynthia. Cynthia was
part of the team that put together the
Montessori school at Palmas. She later



married and is living in M6xico. Cynthia
is a special education teacher and a certi-
fied Montessori teacher.
N6ctor Robles, son of Nector and Irma,
has been a lawyer since 1970 and lives in
Palmas. His wife's name is Clara Sofia, an

Gladys moved to Palmas 30
years ago looking for security. "I used to
live in Millaville and I was robbed twice,
then I lived in Baldrich and Condado and
I was also robbed!
At that time my sister and her husband
had a trailer at the Marina and after the
last time I got robbed, it was the last
straw... I moved in," said Gladys. The
kids didn't like the idea at the beginning
because they thought that they were
going to be bored. Little did they know!
"Thirty years later I have to say that it's
been the best decision I have ever made
in my life," assures Gladys. The kids
obviously got used to Palmas and started
to like it. They would invite friends from
San Juan who loved to come to Palmas
and finally they too fell in love with Pal-
mas. They got involved in tennis, beach
sports, and other outdoor activities. We
are talking about Gladycita, Larry and
They all finished their school in San
Antonio, and later at the UPR-Humacao
Gladycita and Larry, because of their
work, left to San Juan and the US. But

administrator for Panaderfas Pepin. They
all agree Palmas is a wonderful place to
live in. "We like the security the most. We
have the ocean, the green spaces, being
able to walk with no fear, the golf courses,
and the peace," said Graciela. They also
mentioned that is was great to be able
to move around with the golf cart,
the restaurants, the amenities, that




they love to come and stay in Palmas.
Manolo, the youngest one, stayed living
in Palmas. Everybody knows Manolo!
"I remember that the security guards
where always watching over all the kids
in Palmas and for me it meant tranquil-
ity. Kids would go in and out without any
concern about their security. That's what
makes raising kids in Palmas fantastic,"
said Gladys.
"What I like the most about living in
Palmas is that everything is on hand; the
farthest place is ten minutes away. In
Palmas you can live and work and at the
same time enjoy all the amenities and
comfort of a resort lifestyle. It's a secure
place to live, it is clean and ordered",
added Gladys
In 1987, Gladys started in the real
estate business with Diane Marsters, and
later had the opportunity to have her
own business that she used to combine
with interior design. (Gladys also has a
Degree in Interior Design from the UPR).
Manolo, who has been a business man
since he was born, according to Gladys,
got involved with her in the real estate
business and helped her with the collec-

Palmas is clean and ordered ..."Quality
of life!" N6ctor Sr. concluded.
Their granddaughters go to school
at Palmas Academy. Paola Sofia, who
is eleven, said that what she loves the
most is the Beach Club and the tennis
courts. She paints and is very proud of
her paintings.
"Here the ambiance is very controlled,
everybody knows each other. It is like a
small town and that's good for raising
children. Catalina Sofia is the youngest
one and doesn't have an opinion yet but
you can tell that they are happy kids!.A

tion of rents and the maintenance of the
properties. "Manolo is very intelligent
and savvy, he graduated with honors
from the UPR, and in 1989 we decided
to open the restaurant, La Brochette",
said Gladys and explained that later she
sold her part to Manolo, who still owns it.
"Manolo also continues in the real estate
business and we help each other. I help
him at the restaurant when Leticia and he
leave on vacation and he helps me with
the real estates".
"I think Manolo and I have stayed in
Palmas for the same reasons. He has come
to love Palmas so much that he protests
every time he has to go to San Juan for
any reason. He has so many friends here
and enjoys helping who ever needs him
that he jokingly says that you can call
him at 1-800-Manolo". That I can attest
to. I have called Manolo's 1-800 number
for help and he has always come to the
Gladys is working on her own at the
present and has among others, the Plaza
del Mar ocean front luxury villas and
La Vista de Palmas lots for sale, one of
the highest and most beautiful views of
Palmas. Gladys and Manolo are genuine
Palmas citizens and very well respected
and loved. A

Representante en Puerto Rico de los pisos de madera i idel' y y&W.

I tel: 787-791-1454 1 fax: 787-791-4805 gjoverwoodflooring@gmail.com

Memb t.:
,NWFA) %ood flooring 4
^w .'n iL!x a



A. V' 2l ',. .r..i, r i I.. .. fir to extend to each
t ',i I .in..l 'i iir i im i..- i ', n. ,r nce best wishes for
a i'i 1', I,,.l<1 ." I.. I r i. .-perous new year. I
1.. ',- sir r. rh i-I. i, t., I .n pport to PHA pro-
,'rain- aii .. uiri r .. Airl .... .i '0 08 has been a tough
u, ,nit ', \ rf...I..I,..ri r,. ..t ri.. ,ntim ely N ature's
ca. rr, r . ... 'iir ir Ir lI ....i. !, -ieat year of progress
a ,..il i-l i'... i r.- t. i ... ....i..ium ity as reflected in the
arri k .,t rl i -.- ... ....hrI. <. well as previously

N r'. irh r I..li,.-.. N,.,., ii, ,i',. woes that surround us,
in 2,.".'', u l i ...rl. r iII t- ,., major community
n ..I n mu,. r. ri,.r ri r ,. .n i,... ur quality of life and
pr,. .r, '.hlin, 1iii. ." &. r .I I i" liry improvements to
rh r'n I.. ,I_ ii" I ..I ...I I, I ... our community safer
iii..I ii..rk iril., i i iii, f ..I iin rtives that sustain
.,m iniuinr, ,1... rl, i ", .. ..Igetwill be structured
in ma i... I rlr ,11 i ...... rl, .i ort these objectives
ini..l Iillr il. r ... i ,ii ..I u ritives that reflect the
pr ihnlr ,111 ...' iIIIi In i r, If I', Lur intent to continue
r' ',. 'i k IIr..I r.. In l:.. 'i rli,. ideal place to live and
pl',. .- iir.2l-,, ........ I .n pport in m akingyour
rin. I p.'. tir, .t ,- ...- in.. ,r- r., PHA so the commu-
nir'i ri ..t- -r.. ..1, r. .-I ." reward the attainment
o f r ,1 . t ..l .I ... r ... -
Xitrl ri.... .r I I-., ind us, the New Year
I i it rl. horizon full of hopes
i I ..J,. ,,Is for the future. I feel
..I .i ,nr the future of Pal-
i .t i,,. rto Rico and of our
Nation. Let us join
together and pull in
r hle same direction for
r1,, .-,od of the whole.
MNerry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!


Not withstanding
the economic woes
that surround us, in
2009 our objectives
will focus on major
community needs
and interests
that enhance our
quality of life and
property values,
bring about quality
improvements to
the services being
provided, make our
community safer
and undertake
programs and
initiatives that
sustain community


Late summer and early autumn has been
a busy time for Palmas del Mar homeowners.
Traditionally a calm transitional period from
vacation days to school days, as well as prime
storm season, Palmas was full of action and we
witnessed an increased in member participa-
tion in the many PHA activities. That's good

The use of the Teen Center's internet and
big screen TV allowed youth to see coverage
of important world events such as the Olym-
pic Games opening ceremonies and swimming
competition in August, as well as web tracking
of Tropical Storm Omar on www.stormpulse.
com in September.

* The 22nd Festival de la Pana ',1-. ... fruit)
at Barrio Mariana in Humacao, music, trou-
badours, artesania and an array of dishes made
with pana for everyone to enjoy.
* Inauguration of the new Centro de Desar-
rollo Integral de Jovenes y Nifos (PECES) cel-
ebrated in Punta Santiago, Humacao.
*The 3rd Gran Caminata Oriental Para la
Salud. The walk began at the Palmas Reales
shopping center and was coordinated by the
Program Humacao en Forma.



* The Fall Family Festival at the Villa
Franca clubhouse and the The Palmas
Academy cafeteria. This activity included
a children's show, crafts, food, music and a
worship service.
Bingo Night In Sep-
V1S O o tember at PHA
S24d o0 7 October PHA Movie
3 22 41 47 64 Nights Cape Fear dou-
1 19 ble feature
First Palmas del
Mar Chess Open
sponsored by the
Chess Federation
of Puerto Rico and
FIDE (Federacion
International de Aje-
November PHA
Movie Nights The
Ty Wind that Shakes the
0o Barley
S'. The first PHA Ce-
Z lebrity DogFest, one
-- of the most successful
S and well attended ac-
~tivities of the season
held on Saturday, Oc-

grounds. A joint venture between the Faro
in Humacao and PHA. Over 300 people
attended this great family activity! Beatriz
Archilla of Radio WALO was the master
of ceremony and comedienne Suzette Baco
was the leader of the dog competition in
the various categories including Best Breed,
Most Like its Master, Best Costume, etc.

together wearing their PHA hats, in-
cluding Ruben Chamorro and his PHA
Power-Walk Team.
Other community activities being
planned include a tournament for
young pier fishermen, opera nights,
tai chi, a Paso Fino equestrian get to-
gether, our annual Christmas parranda
and Coral Metropolitana presentation
among others. Stay tuned, get involved,
and enjoy community lifestyle.

There were prizes for the best dogs in the
competition. The local police also gave a
talk on how to properly care for pets in
the community. "Media-to-Go" covered
the activity by taping it and running it in
real time over the Internet. Judging by the
excellent turnout of this activity, this will
become an annual family favorite.
* The annual Susan G. Komen Race for
the Cure held in San Juan on September
28th. Many Palmas homeowners raced

1- Due to the recent heavy rains, elec-
1 tions and the Veteran's Day holiday,
Phase II of the Palmas recycling program
was delayed to November 18, 2008. This
phase includes La Jolla, Aquabella, Fair-
, C, ,..r. ( C ,.ill" J.. Ph!|n Phi!| .

Doradas, Fairlakes Village, Crescent
Cove, Crescent Beach, Maralago and
Marbella residential areas. Recycling
items include paper, corrugated
carton, aluminum cans and
plastics PDI,'r fl r r . ... -

clables in plastic bags that allow contents
to be seen from the outside by the pick-up
personnel. Materials in black bags will
not be collected. Pick up time is 8:00
am every TUESDAY unless it falls
, 1, J !. ,!i,1 ,.
r^ i

Palmas del Mar ability to recover from major disasters was amply demonstrated
during and in the aftermath of the heavy rains that dumped over 25 inches of rain in a
short period of time in our area. Floods, mudslides, power outages, fallen trees, damage
to common and private property and inordinate amount of debris in roads and beach
areas were prevalent throughout the community. An emergency team with PHA,
PDMPI, PCCI, PDMU, the ARB, St. James, Pennock, the municipality and PREPA
under the leadership of PHA got quickly in high gear coordinating and implementing
actions to assist the community and take immediate recovery steps. In a few days
the community appeared nearly back to normal and major repairs were underway to
restore facilities back to full operations in different areas of the community.
A couple of weeks after this major event, the Palmas Emergency Actions Team
was again put into action by PHA before the possibility of another weather phenom-
enon posed by Hurricane Ike. The Hurricane Contingency Plan was put in effect
and the community went into high alert. All the preparations were completed and
Palmas was ready for any contingencies with ample margin. Fortunately the storm
veered off avoiding Puerto Rico and sparing Palmas from another difficult situation.
Nevertheless, it was a good drill that demonstrated once more Palmas' readiness to
cope with emergency scenarios.
A special word of recognition goes to the Palmas Emergency Actions Team made up
of Tony Maldonado, Team Leader (PHA), Edd Siler (PDMPI), Daniel Torrellas (PD-
MPI), Jeff Willenberg (PCCI), Rey Encarnaci6n (PDMU), William Perez (PDMU),
Wilfredo L6pez (ARB), Chris Pennock (Pennock Plants & Designs), Luis L6pez (PHA
Security), Rafael Machin (PREPA) Edwin Gonzalez (GM Multibuilders), Juan Bosch
(DCI) and Patrick Tracey (Empresas Santana).
Thanks for a job well done!

Palmas was the host
location for the Weather
Channel during our last
storm scare.


by Daisy Diaz, PHA Staff

Two beautiful tunnels have just been
inaugurated that extend, for now, from
Expressway # 53 to the Maunabo area of
the island. And I say for now, because it
is intended with the conclusion of other
two projected tunnels, to make your trip
along the Caribbean coast a lot more
expeditious and pleasant. It is important
to point out that these two sets of tunnels
- the newly inaugurated and the pro-
jected ones will help to overcome what
has been until now one of the natural
barriers in the southeast of Puerto Rico.
These new development when finished
will provide us with another route by the
coastal area and give us the opportunity
to see other historical and picturesque
places of the island.

7 .. Residents are reminded that you must obtain your vehicle registrations 2009 year
-----. .decal at PHA by year end or early in January 2009. Also, you must register your golf
cart and obtain your new stickers before February 15, 2009 to avoid any fines. Please
bring with you your insurance certificate and proof of inspection.

The Palmas Academy and its Parent
Teacher Organization (PTO) and Pal-
mas del Mar Homeowners Association
proudly announce the Second Annual
Carnival to be celebrated during

As last year, this year's carnival
will have rides, games, food kiosks, arti-
sans, and live entertainment among other
fun activities. While our simple goal is
for participants to have a fun time, the
overall goal of this event is to raise money
for under-funded programs. In particular,
the Academy's Life Sciences Department
is lacking several basic elements that are
commonly used to teach, excte, and
encourage our students to explore the
world around them. It is our hope that
you will see this need and help us achieve
our objective by selecting one of our vari-
ous levels of sponsorship opportunities
that will be available for this activity.
Sponsorship benefits include exposure
in all advertising, banner exposure at
the carnival, ticket booklets for rides and
carnival entrances. If, for any reason,
you should wish to propose an alternate
option we would be happy to work with
you on a partnership that makes sense for
your organization.
Since the Palmas Academy is a non-
profit entity, all contributions to this
event are tax-deductible and will be high-
ly recognized by our community. Please
contact us at 787-850-9120/9130/9140
for more information and sponsorship


1n'F . ........ .....
:: .... .....................................
.. .............................
.. .............................



Your annual assessments or dues are what sustain I support
the of our community objectives and to idt ensure the continuation of
much needed community and services, As in years past a 2,5 percent
discount is' offered to homeowners who pay the total annual assessment
before January 31, : provided accounts are up to date,
We, you to take of this option, Of course, the quarterly
payment plan option wll also be available for your use
A 11 annual,' is applied to assessments in arrears and a : to
for collection cases referred to the attorneys for appropriate action. in
recently approved by PHA Board of all accounts in arrears by a quarter,
for ' action. In that event these accounts wil no be, .'.. to use the c
payment option plan and the total amount owed will become due and payable
effective on the day on the year. This includes all interest late,'
administ rative fees and other : and expenses all' and
court fees associated with accounts referred for' action are the
of the homeowner as stated in the deed of restricted covenants.
help keep our community on track by your assessments on time
m M M M M M M M M M M

Sii or ,, Ii, l properly out of Palmas del Mar? i, ,,
remember that you are required to ,'i i' i i1 il l 111, .11 1
ton 'n ,, i, ,ii i," I properly from Palmas del Mar This
authorization is required for items such as automobiles towed
or in flatbeds,, ,11 carts, construction equipment, construction
m materials, furniture, appliances, etc. ', I i, I, 1, 11,, i,,, m1 ,', ,m I 1
from Palmas must exit I, 'i,,I ii the service, iii', and provide -
the security i i i, the letter of authorization 'i li,' I the items
', illii removed.
To assist you in ,i,, im i with this requirement, a form
letter is already available at PHA Security that can be picked -up by the person removing the properly
when they arrive in Palmas. All you will have to do is fill it up and the driver of the vehicle can turn it in
as it departs Palmas. If a letter of authorization or a security form has not been provided by the properly
owner, vehicles will not be allowed to exit Palmas del Mar until proper authorization is received from the
properly owner Also, you should remind ii ,, iii property from Palmas del Mar that all vehicles
'' ii the community are subject to inspection by the Security Department.
I i keep in mind that these procedures are not intended to be punitive or to embarrass anyone.
They are in place to help keep our community safe and secure.

Mark your calendars, decorate your 11,11 carts and i, 11 miss on this 'i, ii event
The PHA Christmas Parranda will take place on T',i, i i December 18th. As
in year's past we will start at the PHA ',il' lii, i and proceed 'I, i I '11ii Palmas
I iiiii, lii I music and cheer to the community. This year The Parranda will end up
at the Beach Club where we will have music, I iin i,. food and refreshments
available. There will be prizes awarded to the best three decorated, i 11 carts.
Also, the awards for the best decorated regime entrances will be given Ii i I ii. II.
And, of course, Santa will be with i liii ii I the parade and available for children
to hand -in their, iii : list and to have their photos taken.
Let's join in the fun and I ii ii, : of a wonderful Christmas at Palmas.

m a m

m I

(I .




300 Hostos Ave.
San Juan PR 00918-2318
t 787-250-8045
f 787-754-9636
e bjewels@coqui.net

II .- I ,,, I Il .
ll.-I l l .- .. ill t. n .1-
JEWELS. Kitchen remodeling
never has being so much
fun and creative. Avaialble at
Bathrooms Jewels.

A re -definition of rugs.

Enjoy the outdoor life with a complete outside
Kitchen that includes a BBQ, a "lechonera",
ice maker, sodas frige and a sink in stainless
steel and concrete. For more information
and alternatives of this wonderful outdoor
kitchen check barbacoas luna at you tube.

W R, iiiiiin iiii ^ m iii i^

III : 1Wt.4J


Nothing warmer than wood floors! You can choose from a wide range of stains to
complement your d6cor and from several types of finish. Woods styles come in strips,
planks, or parquet tiles with numerous edge treatments such as square, micro, and
beveled edges. Available at Gabriel Jover Wood Flooring.
For integrated designs
A dream of a washroom! Elegant and slick for a luxury and chic look.
Be sure to visit IDS Home before making any decision.

For a casual and warm atmosphere, choose a high cocktail table
with stools. It's like having your private cocktail
lounge at home. Find a wide variety of tables and stools at Koper.

Our Holiday cover was fully produced at our
new Yatch Club & Marina. Our cover models
were, leading man Fernando Allende & his beau-
tiful wife Marie Allende.
Fernando, Mexican by birth, was adopted a
long time ago by Puerto Rico and is also well
loved among many Palmas homeowners. Marie
and Fernando spent most of their weekend in
Palmas with their two sons.
The production was a joint venture between
Rosado & Morales, Advertising & Sajo Advertis- ,,,,,
in g E ,, .. ,.,.
Special thanks to Cuquito Muniz and fam-
ily, and our new Yatch Club for its spectac-
ular location. Also our thank you to the
club's staff and their cooperation in
moving the yatch, making all the
necessary arrangements
with the its owner
for our cover
Last, but
not least,
our special
to Pepe Lara,
for his patience
and professionalism. Nicol
gala dres

*.- L*B*

w i C OPara consultas favor lamar al 787.306.8661
_ __ www.tappetopr.com Tappeto.pr@gmail. n,

Ur. Im pr p | -, i 'r _,,,., l. ,,,,,, ,
L.II uh, I .N: r iL~rr, ,h. tj~r~ ril Sjnd ',a~ ra A,,I li-
ArtLiv I.;, r,,, ,, I I m r,
Liv :,,:1 '"' '1- ^ r/ *


Rezlaxe & Enjoy greatl ffood in 4 aL at atmogeret
Caribbean Internaional Cuisine
Open Daily
Lunch & Dinner 11:30 am -10:30 pm
Saturday & Sundays
Breakfast Buffet 7:00am 11:30 am


Valet Parking
Reservations 787 285 0307
787 850 6000 ext. 5040

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958
Servicios que ofrecemos
Administraci6n de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
Charlas educativas
Actividades de apoyo y confraternizaci6n

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hemat6logo Onc6logo
Enfermeras Onc6logas
Personal Clerical adiestrados

Mes de

Cancer del Seno

En Hematology Oncology Center nos
especializamos en el trato especial a
cada uno de nuestros pacientes con la
confidencialidad y profesionalismo
que usted se merece.

V ~

Dr 6.cay iad Titn
I e . - o O n c -



We are now providing
To the Palmas del Mar community

For your clinical lab tests, please call:
787-850-4900 to make an appointment

Or come see us at:
Road. #3, Km. 86.0,
Candelero Arriba, Humacao
Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

26 locations, for your convenience in:
* Humacao Bayam6n Caguas Cayey Cidra
Gurabo Guaynabo Hato Rey
Rio Piedras Santurce San Lorenzo

You can pick up your lab results in any of our 26 locations.

buzette is a i'aimas resident wno nas recently opened an antique,
bazaar, flea shop in town. She will buy objects of her affection, antique
and old: furniture, lamps, glassware, tableware, silverware,
books in spanish and home accessories.
So...if you have items no longer in use that you would like to sell or are
moving or remodeling and don't want to store, please give her a call and
Suzette will gladly pay you a visit.
Store o ens: Wednesda Thursda & Frida s from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
78. .60 605


--E -77 -, - 64-31 7 87 IJ- 1 61 4 -162 A'X 8T5- 0 5,-
IE L ,-' 7l, I ,I. 78 -6i5-16,8: FA 7"'- :0 I
CEL 787-649-6361. 787-645-1628 FAX 787-852-0550


The good part of being the editor and
writer of most of the articles in this maga-
zine is the opportunity of get to know so
many wonderful people that in one way
or another contribute to Palmas' richness
and variety. In Palmas so many interest-
ing and valuable people that I keep add-
ing names to the list of people I would like
to interview! To know each other better
bring us together as a community.
One of those people on my list was
Diego Jacobson, a resident artist from
Palmas. I met Diego through some friends
casually but I had read about his work on
the internet. I decided to call him and he
responded to my call immediately. We
met at his beautiful house right at the cliff
-a house surrounded by water, art, and
good energy... what a combination! From
the very beginning of our conversation I
felt his inner peace and positive energy.
Diego was born in Argentina and
moved to New York when he was one and
a half years old. At eighteen, he moved
r., ,,. Ir.i P .i.... .. !,. I F ,. I .h ,, i r. .l f .,, I
!, i,, I.. .. .! T I, h I.. r r ,.. ... . ir
! l. i i ,. i. ir it I l. .. r..r . ...

I ,. ,,. I. , I- !-,... I . I, I ., ,. r, ,
i ',,,. r, I '. .. ..I s i , .... 1 rt i I. .. .. .
1,..111 ... r u .. ,.I ,. i. r n I' .-' .r- i l.i r I.. IL .
I. ,i ..... r,. ,I r, i, hl l ,..... 7 1" .. .

a magic journey
Diego didn't study art but two events
triggered his creativity
A Master Degree in Practical Psy-
chology (1997)
A Paul McCartney art exposition on
abstract impressionism that shook him
inside and out. (1999
In 1997 Diego obtained a Master's
Degree that changed his life forever --- his
Master's Degree in Practical Spirituality,
a discipline that helps you connect with
the universe. "It teaches you, among
many things, to connect with your God...
with your inner self. Some of the basic
principles are: not to be judgmental, not
with yourself or with others and learn that
everything is perfect, everything happens
for a reason. Practical Spirituality is a way
to communicate with the non physical
world. The responses are there if you
are in tune," says Diego and added that

By Lissette R


we have to
clean the
channels to
be connect-
ed to the
what we call
intuition is
the result of being connected. For ex-
ample, he said he knew he was going to
meet his wife in an exposition in Cuzco,
Peril. "Actually, I did a painting that year,
before I met her, that I called "The Wed-
ding" but I didn't do it. It appeared on the
canvas... the couple painted themselves.
It was like magic," he assured me.
"The most beautiful paintings do
not originate in the mind. They are an
expression of the inner essence, of the
soul. I like to apply paint in what I can
only .1..... rl.. as a random fashion, always
keeping a sense of balance on the canvas,
and mixing colors in a nice way. Mostly,
I like to cooperate with the paint and
see what appears. I do not usually have
a theme in mind when I start to paint. I
always like the finished product, and I
have learned not to judge the painting in
process. To me, painting is also a lesson
in trust. It is trusting that you will always
like the end product, so that you can
just be totally free during the process."
Isn't that fascinating? It's like giving a
brush to your soul! We should do that
with everything in life. Just let it be, like
the Beatles used to sing in the song. It
makes a lot of sense to me, we need to
re-connect with the Universe and with
ourselves and not be so judgmental with
ourselves and/or with others. Let's give
voice to our soul and let the energy flow.
Look up Practical Psychology in Google
for more information on this topic, it is
very interesting and as the name says...
practical! Give yourself permission to do
what your soul dictates.
Diego gave himself permission to paint
without being judgmental and today he
has more than 1,000 painting and more
than 25 individual expositions interna-
tionally. Thank you Diego for sharing
with us your knowledge and wisdom.
.' "

adebbka uIM

{B Depilacion S
facial y
con laser.


Aplica a paquete de 5 sesiones en
la cara, cuello, axilas o bikini line.
Paga un area, y la otra de igual
o menor precio es

Ral ph


By Lissette Rosado and Sandra Rodrrguez

t's a pleasure get to know
people like Ralph Soto. He's a
crystal clear example of how
far tenacity, hard work, and
vision can take you! I felt his
wisdom and respect for others
as soon as I met him some time
ago at Las Tapas. Even though
I didn't know at that point
who he was, I knew he was a
successful business man and
a good human being. He was
there with his whole family:
his wife, Rosa Milagros; their
two daughters, Olga Iris and
Marleen Milagros; their sons
Jos6 Rafael & Pedro Ram6n;
and six grandchildren at a
beautiful family reunion.
Then, at one point during
the conversation, I found out
he was the owner of Ralph's
Food Warehouse, which I had
recently discovered coming
from San Juan. I had never
before visited a Ralphs Food
Warehouse and the day I did
(by accident because I was lost)
I was so impressed that I called
all my sisters and neighbors
in Palmas and asked if they
knew about that supermarket.
There is not a supermarket

like Ralph's in San Juan! So,
that night when I found out he
was the president and owner
of Ralph Warehouse, I told
him the story of my recent
discovery and how proud I
was that Ralph Warehouse
was founded by a Puerto Rican
who was part of the Palmas
Community. That same day I
wrote on my agenda: "I would
love to interview him!" I knew
he had a lot to tell.
I have good intuition. I
could tell that Ralph has come
a long way and I proved myself
right. His story is fascinating.
He is a restless business man,
and he learned from the very
beginning that you have to act
fast and have your antennas
tuned because if you don't
hear the signals of the time
and move fast somebody else
will do it. "I remembered when
men's suits had to be sent to be
tailored outside PR to adjust
and do the hem. It could take
a month. I knew there was an
opportunity there so I decided
to take a course in tailoring.
When I finished the course I
was able to have suits ready for

the next day. No need to say
that I sold most of the men's
suits sold in Humacao at that
time. I especially did well with
graduates because I sold them
a package for a flat price, which
included everything from the
suit to the tie," Ralph told me.
He also traveled and looked for
opportunities to grow

Ralph worked at Los
Muchachos, a garment store
in Humacao for eleven years,
but one day in 1966 he decided
he was not going to work
for anybody else. "I decided
I was going to have my own
business and I did. I opened a
men's store called Ralph's in a
shopping center in Humacao,"
Ralph told me. Here again
he looked for opportunities.
"During that time, the Jobs
Corps was stationed in Vieques
and they could not leave the
Island, so I would travel to
Vieques on Sundays and sell
them clothes. They didn't have
any other place to buy but from
me," Ralph said and smiled.
Although Ralph only has a
high school degree he always
thinks BIG and is a true
leader. "I only got through high
school but I have taken courses
in accounting, marketing,
decoration, tailoring, among
others". From 1966 to 1988
Ralph was president of the
Shopping Center's Business
Association where his
business was established. He
got the Development Bank
of Puerto Rico to sell to the

different business owners
their commercial space in the
shopping center which made
them co-owners of the mall.
Not only that, when he became
President, the shopping center
was 56,000 square feet. When
he retired from the presidency
the shopping center was
already 107,000 square feet.
In 1970 Ralph founded the
"Humacao Financiera" which
he later sold to Metro Finance.
Then he dabbled in the real
estate business and bought
several properties in Humacao
where today some offices and
stores operate. By 1980 he
developed "El Pedregal", the
first gated community project
in Humacao, where sixteen
families live today, and where
he lived for some years.

As the restless businessman
he is, in 1988 he decided to give
his life a big turn around and
he bought from bankruptcy
court, "Las Cooperatives del
Este" with a partner, and from
there Supermercados del Este
where born. In 1991 Ralph
decided to buy his partner's
investment and Ralph's Food
Warehouse emerged with a
new concept and a huge vision.
"I built my stores with a vision
of the future. I started to
build the stores with wider
corridors, big decorations,
air conditioning, vinyl floors,
acoustic ceilings and big lamps,



when nobody was doing any
of that," he said proudly. He -
remembered that when
he decided to build the
Juncos' store everybody
told him he was crazy, that
the place he had chosen
was rural and that he
was going to fail. "There
is where I want to go!" was
the answer he gave himself
and others. Today the store
is in the middle of the town.
"That was the most expensive
store I had ever built at that
time. I especially invested
in decoration. The rest is
history. Today Ralph is the
proud owner of nine state- of
-the- art stores in the Eastern
part of the Island and his sons
Jos6 Rafael & Pedro Ram6n
are part of the executive team.
Jos6 is the Vice-President and
Pedro Ram6n is Supervisor of
all the supermarkets. And by
the way, Ralph Warehouse is
the supermarket chain that
sells the most per square foot,
including stores in the state of
Florida. The store has 2,000
employees and more to come.
San Juan be prepared, Ralph

could arrive any minute!
And if you think that's not
enough, Ralph is a citizen and
community leader that's always
present when needed. "Ralph
is an exceptional human being
and a family man. I've known
him for many years and I
admire him. He is a man with
a vision for business and he is
a humble man," said Daniel
Ralph has been in Palmas
for almost 15 years. He first
rented a villa in Fairlakes,
and moved several times until
he bought the house he lives
now. His two sons and one
of his daughters also live in
Ralph is another member of
our community to be proud of!
Bravo, encore, Chapeau!


The La Buena Vida Committee would
Like to announce that,for the first time,
l they are preparing a memorable Artist
Portfolio,which consists of three digital
prints by our own very well known art-
ists: Augusto Marn, Luis Hernandez
Cruz and Betsy Padin. The artists are
donating their work to in benefit of
P.E.C.E.S., Casa de la Bondad and Casa
Todos. The prints will be beautifully presented in a 20" x 24" Portfolio. There
a limited edition of only 150 and they will sell for $300. This collection would
make a stunning, one of a kind gift for this holiday season. For information
lease call (787) 850-3838.

-BIKE POLO, one of the hotest sport
in Europe, is about to take over
Palmas. Call Jose Juan Martinez
at PHA 787.285-6425 for more
information. Go for it!

- - -

-- I

We want youto send us your e-mail
address so you can be on our PHA
activities mailing list!
Register : www.palmaspha.com
and if you are a facebook user, join
the PHA Activity Group and Live &
Life in Palmas Group.
Keep in touch!

-- - - - - -
CHILDREN'S PARK As a result of
the torrential rains and floods expe-
rienced in October, the community
children's park was closed for a short
period to clean up and conduct re-
pairs. The park has been reopened
and is available for your family en-
joyment. As part of our budget for
2009 we are planning certain upgrades that will allow a more ample use of
this community facility. These upgrades include a gazebo and more tables
and benches in the area. Also, we are planning to install solar illumina-
tion so your family may enjoy the use of the park during the evening hours.

As many of you know, our neighbor and friend, Diego
Vidal, Lizette Bouret's husband, was badly hurt in the
helicopter accident in the recently. Diego is still in
very critical condition at the hospital and needs all
our good thoughts and prayers to recover from his
delicate condition.

- I

- I

ii -s-s

Wraboratorio Col6n

Calle Luis Muioz Rivera #34, Yabucoa
Tel. 787.893.2595 787.893.7522
Fax 787.893.2716
SCalle Saturnino Rodriguez #1, Yabucoa
Tel. 787.893.2340 787.893.2798
Fax 787.893.1112
* Analisis clinics y bacteriologicos Servicio
de calidad con rapidez y seguridad Personal
altamente capacitado Precision y
Puntualidad en sus analysis

Z A Nuevo horario extendido desde las 5:30am

,11,1,, I

II ..II.I~ I
I, I II I'' I

Because every day is an occasion"

75 Triumph Plaza Suite 102, Humacao, PR 00791

g r0

REMAX de Palmas
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR
787.850.7069 / 7B7.B50.4343
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net

I"1' rowdL!

Investment opportunitieE

U: si.~


Myrna Rios-Mylam '
Broker/Owner 1
L.2389 Since 1984

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rentals property management

sales *

kft%. Cy-ri?

for the

I'm sure many of you are already think-
ing about New Year's resolutions. Maybe
you want to quit smoking, lose weight
or finally sit down to organize the seven
years of old pictures you have in that box
in the closet. We all have our priorities for
2009. Yet, no matter what your particular
resolution list may include, I invite you
to add one more: choosing to work on
being the best person you can be.
We can start walking towards that goal
by choosing to recognize which seeds we
should water and help grow, and which
we should just leave alone so they stay
still. Buddhist philosophy believes that
we are all born with the same positive and
negative qualities. Life circumstances,
good and bad company, positive and
negative examples, all, in some way, al-
low some seeds to germinate more than
others. Buddhist monk and writer Thich
Nhat Hanh 1..i. .. this process in a
sublime manner: "You can have the seed
of anger in you, but when anger is asleep,
quietly guarded by your consciousness,
you don't feel angry. When, on the other
hand, that seed is touched, awakened,
it turns into a mental form that we call
'anger,' and you will feel how this energy
invades you."
If this is true, then we all have the

New\ Year..,
potential to awaken both the richest and
the most destructive emotions. How,
then, can we begin to sow and reap only
the best in this New Year? Start by not
allowing negative seeds to germinate.
Create a healthy emotional atmosphere
around you. Choose noble friends and
surround yourself with positive energy.
We are inevitably going to be exposed to
negative people and events, but having a
solid circle of love around us will help us
strengthen our best qualities, and emo-
tions like fear, insecurity, resentment and
envy will never find fertile ground in us.
Secondly, replace any negative seed
that might be germinating with its posi-
tive opposite. The key here is observing
your mind, being vigilant so you are able
to identify the seeds of negative emotions
the moment they start appearing. If anxi-
ety starts to creep up on you, for example,
you can stop, recognize what's happening
to you and substitute the though with
the memory of an accomplishment or
a word or prayer that connects you to
your Higher Self. You will immediately
notice how the seed of anxiety starts
And last but not least, we should re-
solve to find opportunities in which we
can water the "good" seeds, the seeds

of forgiveness, happiness, tolerance and
compassion. We can't deny that in a
world as conflictive as the one we live in,
negative seeds have a higher probability
of germinating than positive ones. Chaos
and negativity seem to come naturally
while peace and balance, internal and
external, need to be worked on. You want
to connect to the best in you? Then don't
forget to include in your 2009 resolutions
looking for opportunities in which you
can awaken those virtues and qualities
which now lay dormant. May prosperity,
happiness and peace be with you now
and always
Lily Garciawill be presenting her new CD, Herramientas en
mi Voz, Saturday December
HIF 13th at7:00 PM atThe Cellar
FI l at Palmanova. Don't miss this
opportunity to share with Lily
all the peace and knowledge
she has to offer


W hiten AND



I l : --1 IH i T - '

I 1 1 ii- 11i I' "


O 8'7-,NT.:-L :-I. E':.1 _TET. :, ItF:- LANTE':
787.733.2000 (e., -_:P..ir JTiErjT)


a common creature in the tropics. They run al\va from
the v inter every ear. They like palm trees, sand and golf.
The also like good food and wine. Watch closely they are
\er\ friendly and tun.

As you all know Palmas del Mar has a loyal part time population that comes
to Palmas year after year, some for decades. They are part of our commu-
nity and some we have seen them around for years, but where do they come
from? How did they discover Palmas? Why do they come back?

Our snowbirds are back!

w bird ae Diane & Arne Skilbred

s is indeed our away from home".
-,, J _

Frederick & Donna Bracalente
and u n"the, warm Puerlo

Tom & Terry McShane

Mike and Helen Strich i ie ir 1u ramris 1ui

Definitely this testimonies from our snow birds reassure
us that we are not "vias" when we call Palmas a paradise.

t ar witu us rauf

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c o(AlALAllIt'N ALd chIdrel AcAiv1iVe

tC(?ALf f'LAl idoApk('VllA

Palmas Plantatfn is living proof of a
well organized and flourishing commu-
nity. Palmas Plantation has the benefits
of being a live-in community where 80 %
of the owners live their property full time.
This means that it is a family oriented
community where you see children play-
ing, going to school, people watering their
plants, walking in the morning and after-
noons... a community alive and kicking!
"We have an in-house administrator,
a very committed board, solid finances,
a strong internal security with 24 hours
patrolling service, and sophisticated tech-
nology. We also have many community
activities such as: homeowner & guest
tournaments (going on strong for three
years now), wine tasting, Halloween,
Christmas and other festive parties with
a lot of participation and involvement,"
says FMlix Tirado, member of the Board
and evidently one of Palmas Plantation
"We also have a beautiful Club House
with a pool and a fully
equipped gym with indus-
trial exercise machines,
air conditioning, and
a plasma TV We also
count with a kid's play-
1. 1 111.i ii.i '. II. ,
I,- !! -. ,i ..I ...... Jr ..H ...I

i2 rl, II, 1i I
SII...... n !


in-house administra-
tor but she is also a
Palmas Plantation
Heriberto Silva,
President of the
Board, told us that l
at this moment they
are working on re-
modeling the main
entrance and all EM
the street illumina-
tion. "We are also working to iii!.'..
the green areas with a new water i!.!,
kling system and new landscaping !..I
Mr. Silva. He also brought to my rr..
tion that they have reinforced th. ....
rity system making it very efficie.Ir ii.d
extreme. Palmas Plantation even I.- I,
electric fence that detects movem..iir iI
the periphery areas that alerts
Palmas' Security and Las Pie-
dras' Security if an intruder
crosses the area!
Another of the advantages
of this privileged community is
that Palmas Plantation is right
across the street from Palmas'
Country Club and walking dis-
tance from Palmas Academy.
> r li ... .rl. M i ..4| i' h n
' r , o .. ... I, . II j .. ..!
.1 i.. i i l ..I i .. I I II.i

i '. h . r rI ,i F I F I i i I l... r. ,r I FI l, i. ., r ,

teeut nr

Alf# C{{LAPt

v(Jl tJtAttv

I ..... ... I 11 1 1 ,. , r ,,1 I 1 ,_- r 1 !,,.I

l (' 1 J.Ii

By Lissette Rosado



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/nalla barona

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s where

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y o-u



E* 1




iH1n1110rest inventor\ of ne\% homes and resales.
Exclusive broker for Palmas' ne\ conmiunities.
O.1"_ier lic_-Ol'lert edt Sake Pl'sOfeSIOnllals
a rAd Understarid the market.
"I r'- ",1 S6,-

A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493


A .

* U

Carlos Garcia is one
of those people that
by his demeanor you
can tell his an affable
man, an intelligent
person, very quiet and
an observant, but yet
with a clever sense
of humor. Cuquito
Mufiz calls him "The
historical conscience
of Palmas".
Carlos has been
here since the
beginning, when
Palmas was a dream,
a concept, when THE
BIG PLAN was taking
"I remember the
first time I came to
Palmas, moved by a
newspaper ad. I was
received by the guy in
charge of the nursery.
He was so impolite
that I promised myself
that I would never
go back to Palmas.
Two years later I was
working in Palmas!"
Ing. Carlos Garcia told
us. At that time (1973),
the company promised
him that he would
work in Palmas, for at
least 15 years but he
ended up working 30
years. "And there's
still a lot of work to
do," he stated, "At that
time the only things
that existed in Palmas
were the nursery, a
boardwalk and some
bohios at Candelero
(where The Regent will
soon be built).

SBy Lissette Rosado


The Big Plan
By just talking to Carlos you realize that Palmas is the result of
vision and planning. Palmas del Mar has always been governed
by a master plan. From the very beginning Palmas leaders saw
Palmas as a resort that was going to grow throughout the years
and the infrastructure was built considering that one day Palmas
would have 11,000 habitants. (Actually we are around 3,000
homeowners, not even third .f the -tim-t d1
" When the
water pipe lines
where built to !
provide water
to Surfside and
other residential
areas we used a
12" diameter pipes
even though 6" ..
would have been.
enough. And that
was the norm
for everything in
Palmas; we built
with a vision of the
future: water, sanitary, ..i....rn..ir, !.. I ....
Nothing is left to ch ii..... II, Ii'hn ,!..I
Carlos, evidently prouc I 1.... I,. 1 r .. t
this well planned comni, r ,
Going back in tim .. ii In.m, ..- .
history, in 1966 C. Bt .i t ... ...
company stationed in Hawaii was expanding
their business to Puerto Rico. They had a big
piece of land in Humacao and contracted
architect Esteban Padilla to develop conceptual
studies and develop a project. Three years later
C. Brewer got the initial approval of the Puerto
Rico Planning Board.
Later in 1969-1970, the property was sold
to Charles E. Fraser, who was a real estate
developer of a very successful project call "Sea
Pines" in Hilton Head, South Carolina. But
the story of how Fraser bought this property is
interesting. Fraser was visiting Hawaii looking
for a place where the Hilton Head residents
could travel to during the winter season, but he
could not find anything that convinced him.
In that trip he visited the C. Brewer Company

and there he saw a photo that caught his attention immediately...it
was a picture of Palma. "Why hadn't you shown me that property
before?", he asked a C. Brewer executive. What happened next?
Charles Fraser bought Palmas del Mar. He fell in love by just a
photo! Fraser then contracted Architect Esteban Padilla to work
on the development of Palmas and later on to be in charge of
designing the resort. At that time Palmas used to have around
400 employees: architects, engineers, landscaping architects,
planners, CPA's, among others. "There was construction all over,"
recalls Carlos. Palmas was effervescent!
"I started to work as a Civil Engineer with the Engineer Mike
Miller in the Land Development Department in August 1973."
Carlos added that at that time there were a lot of employees that
came from Sea Pines but Mike Miller started to recruit local
professionals. He recruited 6 or 7 locals engineers, one of them
was me", said Carlos.

First Construction
The first developments
constructed in Palmas were: El
Palmas Inn, El Sun Fun Hut,
Los Bohios de Candelero, Hill
Side Villas or Club Villas, Beach
Village. Soon after came: The
Marine, Harbor Side Villas,
Tennis Villas and Montesol.
At that time a nine hole golf
course was built and ten tennis
courts, where international
competitions were held. The
equestrian center has also
existed since that time. Carlos
recalls that the first PHA
president was Ing. Agustin

The Big Harbor
Another interesting and important transformation of Palmas
has been its harbors. We can divide them into the Inner and the
Outer Harbor.
The Inner Harbor is made up of: Bahia Sur, Harbor Side, San
Marcos, San Miguel (west part), and Plaza del Puerto y Peninsula
de San Juan.
The Outer Harbor is: The New Yacht Club & Marina, the
Fisherman Village and the outside part of San Miguel.
"The Inner Harbor was constructed on dry land and later was
filled with water letingg the ocean in through a re-circulation
channel. Now the Outer Harbor has been inaugurated with the
Marina & Yacht Club. I am so lucky to have been present in these
two important and historical moments for Palmas del Mar," said
Carlos. But this has happened to Carlos more than once during
all these years. Recently La Casona Museum in Humacao was
inaugurated and for Carlos it was more that an inauguration. La
Casona used to once be Palmas'
central offices. It was there where
Carlos was interviewed for the job
he had for so many years at Palmas.
Later the offices where moved to
Palmas, where the "casitas" of
Palmas Academy are now. "But
the first offices were in Old San
Juan," Carlos added.

The Windsurfers
"But before the Marina and Yacht Club were constructed there
was only the breakwater and our kids used the area for Hobbie
Cats, Sunfish Boating and windsurfing. "It was there that Nilsa
Woolis became a windsurf teacher for us and our Palma's kids.
And believe it or not, Mike Col6n and I use to windsurf at that
time." ( Photographic evidence here).
Carlos has so many memories in his head that sometimes it
is hard to follow him. He knows so much and I know so little
that it is fascinating but at the same time confusing. (After the
interview I had to e-mail him several times to clarify dates, facts
and order of events). "Palmas has gone through many phases
and stages but the most important part is the master plan." He
insisted that we are lucky that the plan was being followed and
that Palmas has remained
as an integrated whole
throughout the years.
In 1975, recession
hit the Island. At that
time Palmas was about
to inaugurate. It was a
critical time for Palmas.
Employees were reduced
from 400 to 251 Chase
Manhattan, who was
t backing up Palmas at that
c time, put it up for sale
Sand a group of executive
from Palmas bought the
property. In that group
were: Jos6 Ledesma
Esq., Esteban Padilla
Arch., the developer
Federico Sanchez, CPA
Francisco Arrivi and
Terry Golden.
Years later Palmas
del Mar Company was
bought by MAXXAM, actual owners of Palmas del Mar. "I was
told that Charles Hurwitz, Maxxam CEO, also bought Palmas
without actually coming down to see it personally as part of a
major transaction. (Remember thatCharles Fraser did the same).
Later he came to Palmas and fell in love. He liked it so much that
he bought a property for himself where he built a house that is
known as The House on the Rocks," stated Carlos and added, "
Charles Hurwitz is the first official Palmas homeowner and for
me that has a lot of meaning. In my opinion he is the owner with
the most interest and money invested in Palmas del Mar. It only
compares with Charles Fraser".
"What a coincidence they both are Charles (Carlos) as me. I
didn't invest money in Palmas Corporation as they did but I gave
Palmas 30 years of my life!", he ended. And he did and still does.


Carlos is one of Palmas' pillars and we all have to thank him for
all those years of hard work, sometimes very difficult ones, I am
sure, but with the satisfaction of a job well done.
Carlos is a good husband, father, and an excellent professional.
He is married to Aida Iris Rodriguez, who also deserves our
recognition because I am sure she has been his support all these
years. Carlos and Aida have three children: Lic. S, i.h i, i, ,i, :,1
Garcia Rodriguez, who also lives in Palmas; Dr. Carlos D. Garcia
Rodriguez; and Lic. Miguel A. Garcia Rodriguez. They also have
4 grandchildren.
Carlos Garcia was the Executive Director of PDMU for 24
years and it was he who brought to PDMU the sophisticated
water treatment plant from Germany we have today. In 1994 Ing.
Carlos Garcia was elected engineer of the year by the College of
Engineers of Puerto Rico for Outstanding Engineering Project
of the Year.
"W hat a coincidence... they

both are Charles (Carlos) as me. I

didn't invested money in Palmas

Corporation as they did but I gave

Palmas 30 years of my life! he

ended And he was and still do.

Carlos is one of Palmas pillars and

we all have to thank him for all that

years of hard work, some times

very difficult ones, I sure, but with

a satisfaction of a job well done.
Humaco also declared him adoptive son of Humacao. Carlos
is originally from La Piedras.
Carlos Garcia is one of those people that has made possible
what Palmas del Mar is today, a well planned and efficient
community where things work and nothing is left to chance.

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Ofrecemos planes de pago.

Galerfa Ashford Condado Villas de San Francisco #2
(787)721-9221/724-5103 I (787)281-8769/250-8256

*0fertas vdlidas hasta el 31 de enero de 2009.
No aplica en combinacid6n con otras ofertas.
Cada tratamiento equivale a 5 visits.

John Wallace was a distinguished member of the Palmas del Mar community whose
dedication and commitment toward making Palmas a better place for its residents and
an unforgettable experience to its visitors provided a model for others to follow. He
was a true community champion whose willingness to get involved in the solution of
community-wide problems and in the undertaking of new programs and initiatives
became legendary. His personal commitment was a key factor in Palmas growth and
development, from its very beginning, according to its original vision.
Mr. Wallace served as President of the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
(PHA) in the late 1970's and early 1980's and in every community committee. He
also presided over the Palmas Architectural Review Board (ARB) and is the person
who obtained the ARB status as an indispensable endorser of all Palmas projects
before the Puerto Rico Regulatory and Permits Administration (ARPE). This was
a major achievement that permitted Palmas to be developed according to its own
architectural guidelines unique to our community. This status before ARPE remains
valid today as Palmas continues to flourish according to its own Master Plan and its
own architectural design guidelines and theme.
John Wallace passed away in July 1990 leaving behind a legacy of dedication and
community service. In 1991 Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association established
the John Wallace Award to honor his memory and to recognize those outstand-
ing community leaders whose civic actions and involvement emulate the life and
contributions of John Wallace. This is not an annual award but one that is given in
recognition of sustained and significant contribution for the betterment of the entire
Palmas community over the course of many years. Past award winners include Hec-
tor Lavergne (1992), Barbara Lupica (1993), Jos6 Puig (1995), Larry Perry (1999),
Ivonne Cruz ({'.'.'., Ral1 Rivera (2001), Loyda Sanchez ('..'2,, Gabriel Espasas
(i" ".) and Luis Lomba (2007).

By Lissette Rosado
You drive by it every day, but you nt A BACKSTAGE CONSTRUCTION TOUR
realize what's behind that fence that ides A
the construction of what, without any ubt,
is going to be an exquisite luxury retre
Not one detail is left to chance. From the
Club House to the individual residences ev-
ery detail is well thought out and designed. .............
Spaces are big and unique, ceilings are high,
and the view from everywhere is astonishing.
The lakes, the green, and the mountains...
the space! Los Lagos is definitely conceived
as a spa residence. It is a meticu-
lous and flawless design aimed
for those who love luxury and
being pampered. The master
bedroom is big and charming
with an interior patio that could -*
be transformed into a jacuzzil
The master room of the Geneva
model, which I visited, is 19.5'
by 15' and has a 10' x 15' foyer,
plus a wonderful walk-in closet
17.3' x 10.2' (The bathroom top
cabinet alone is 14 feet long). At et c
Los Lagos, the space (up to 5,800 .
square feet), the nature, and the
architectonic design are so well The breathtaking views
orchestrated that it gives you ........
a feeling of a being in a perfect
world...even while being in midst of construction!
On the other hand...the Club House is going to be an exquisite
state-of- the art approximately 8,00 sq.ft. feet structure. The Club
House will include an infinitive pool overlooking the lake, jacuzzi, -- W..
massage and spa rooms, a massage pool, a game room, a conference
room, a bar and a magnificent view of the golf course, the moun- .
tains and the main lake in the entrance.
Definitely, Los Lagos is going to be a very exclusive place to live,
a world-class living, and here in our Paradise. If you want more in-
formation call Milton Burgos (787-717-6706), he invited me to the
tour; maybe you can be one of the lucky ones.

The infinity pool & jacuzzi overlooking the entrance lake

The entrance bridge

Ing. Manuel Negr6n, Proyect
Manager and Milton Burgos,


by Frank Torres, k, o
|^our reie9t' l V\0 I toC V\

Puerto Rico, being a small island, is
blessed with an extraordinary diversity
of rainfall patterns, geologic and phys-
iographic features. Rainfall ranges from
nearly 300 inches of rain in El Yunque
to about 30 in the Dry Forest of Guanica
in less than 100 miles. 30 inches of rain
is like a semi desert in the tropics. Its
volcanic and biogenic origins provided
us with three mountain range systems:
the Central Mountain Range extending
east to west along the central region, El
Yunque on the North East and Sierra de
Panduras in the South East. The island
also has coastal valleys and an extensive
low elevation range called the Mogotes

or Hay Stack Hills on the No, ri1i t -- r
These are not volcanic in orig In I.r i
genic, that is formed by biolog .. 1 I
isms, primarily corals and oti. i ii.
living creatures. These calcare. I..r -
its by marine organisms were .. -.I I 1-,
changes in the sea level and r nii. i rI Ir-
ing of the East West axis of rl.. Wi.]I
Such rich physical component J.. ..I r.
a stable and friendly climate h i .. Iir I1
a rich and diversified biota.
Palmas del Mar is located i:, ni ,-
sitional zone of the humid coa-r 1' 1..
of the North and East and the J .... r !
valleys of the South. With the iiri I -iir
physiographic feature of El Yiii I .. ..
are placed in a boundary creati,,_- I I.. I..
climate. The trade winds are I i .Ir1
by the slopes of El Yunque, c:.. nii,_ ri..
orographic rains. Monte
Pirata of Vieques has a mi-
nuscule similar effect. We
can see an almost pervasive
over it generating at occa-
sions isolated showers fol-
lowing a predominant path
north of the hills of Palmas.
It can rain in the golf or ten-
nis courses while is bright and ., I
the hills.
Rainfall is not a limiting facr. i t. .i i.
vegetation at Palmas. Palmas i-r
hard granitic rock with layers t I Fr
that project to the ocean, sust.. in. I_ I-
most vertical cliffs. The soils ci, rlr. l ii
slopes and valleys are composI.. .I.t r..
eroded rock giving it the chain ... r.. !I-
cally light gravelly deposits thr .. ....
in almost every development it, I', I. i
Because of this feature our sod, tI.. ..
poor in nutrients and prone to '.. ... I..-
sion when deprived of the trees I I. .I
es. It is only the thin top soil th Ir II i...
the conditions to sustain our .Ir .. Ih..,. I
natural vegetation.
Our forested areas have elenm. i i,,t r 1 ..
dry or xeric vegetation as well ....
typical of very humid envir.iin .iir IF
contrast the Almicigo commoIin u t I I

ni id,~ II, I. J i I I -11 in d ii I I f id Fit
I ii ,i ... In i iiim u .. -, & .i ii, I l I l E l'II

J- It 11 .J I r i F! I Ii ii I n Ii

Ft ii, 1 'I.II I [-II I IF i F i t.. "o .

Fl iid, rd l I I.

o .. I! .. .1.1 i. -.. l, Ir! r ... . ri -
t I r i t .t I I ,, in I i .. I -
. I... .. r, r . r r! ,,. I'... .. i r t il
I .... .. ', r T I, i ,! ! .1, ,I *
r .. . ,,,,, i ,! i I. .... 1,,_-.. r!., ,r !, i h .i ,
-'! !' ,. ... r l . .... r !, r i r
i '. |. I l., 1,, .r , I '... I r .. .. I ,. i r

I' i rr rl . ., ir I '.. r r ,r t i r I 'I i .
Iu nI i n i I.. i n It, .I ,, r I ..


F to love themvV

...i ii i ,.! ,,i r ,. l H ** r! ... I', ... .. r .,.,.
, !r! rI l ... .Il '!, t r ,,r. i '., I .
1 .. ..II .. ... t, , I I ',I r!F ,
rI II,. I -I ,. ..ri rl ,. -. r

_T i ,. l. r ,,r ,r J, r r ,. I N,, r ti I I
r l ,. i ',. ..i-.,. I,., r!lr .. . 1. i.. !,, -, lN.i r n. 1 ,

11 1 F I11 r k -I I F 1i i .
ri X I I l- id I i, .. I t I -
,.* 4 iF r ,.. r, ....ill .. iii ri i ,F ri [I r. "I' "

' I i
*II I ,.1 i i I,
,,, ,.I ,. ,,' '',,.._,,,,' [Ii, .... ..iI.,I !
I'. I, .1 Ir.,, *. Id,,I ,, '. I, k' .l
d.... J,,. k 1, ,. , , .I , ,

., ,,, .1 i IF F d. 'I, '""- F r, I .I,. II," I
I , ',, 1 . I q .... ,_ . , r t IN, ,E

I, l I, ... i, I. 'I r r ., ii, i i l,, 'IF ..,i i .F
I'_' jr 1. '.I rI r i i..Iiii .IiF

, ,! I I I r I, I I r
'rI I I

SIF. ..I I . i i '' If i I i' r

.. II.. vI r, I F I.. d I I I,. I', i FI h d. I i. I I iF- .

r I I i .. I' I I I r t .I

. !. F .. 1 1 , 1 1. r F. r .-
r, ..._,,h ... ,., .M ,4 r ,,. ,. ,,..!, ,.I-
.. .r I. .I ,, r , ,. . , , .I
l l , ,, r . I , , ,, r .
t i, I,. .I r, [ ,
,! ,., !,. . .. r, .h .!. ,.I r !,, ., !. ,,, !, r
I r I ,. , t , ', r,. l l r ir h

mx -

Best Deal...


Four bedrooms 2.5 baths living dinning kitchen family
* laundry room two garage area kids park & pool gazebo
located at a very wide cul de sac
3e4t i i404 VAl4 fr44e!
Call today 787 667 0135
Ebelmar Concepci6n
_| Offers accepted


Licl 3758

Special Discounts for Residents
of Palmas Del Mar 4

PADI Discover Scuba
No Certification Necessary- Experience Scuba Diving
on a half-day excursion. For ages 10 and upi

Boat Dives
PADI Open Water Certification Classes
PADI Advanced & Specialty Courses
Morning & Afternoon 2 tank Dives
Night Dives by Appointment



'Make a 'Reservation
(787) 728-1447

Cel (787)405-1248
Fax: (787)982-5513


... YL. LA63Or

Feel Better.


-4. ~,

Marta Ortiz, from the
American Cancer Association;
Ivonne Maldonado, from the
Hematology-Oncology Center
in Humacao and Keila from K's
Salon, were responsible for
this beautiful activity.




I -


S;fI I,.
, iDE 1.

RU. -&A nunI



PHA Celebrity Dog Fest
has been one of the most
successful activities
of the season. Around
300 dog lovers from
the Palmas community
enjoyed a real fun canine
afternoon. The activity,
sponsored by "El Faro de
los Animales", included a
dog competition in vari-
ous categories including:
Best Breed, Most Like its
Master, Best Costume,
etc. Thanks to Suzette
Bac6, Susan Soltero,
Jose Juan Martinez of
our Palmas Homeowners
Association, WALO Radio
and its director, Beatriz
Archilla for their commit-
ment and enthusiasm.
Don't miss it next year!

I r

D ig

HA celebrity Dogesf

C --



11 1
Y ,
.mom *i

h^ V



m m I

, -





I L t

-, 0~ 0 .
4 -. -
- ~ *

~ -
-. -- .-~-..




itn lrn r Nrrr .ur r rL1Uf"r




,"U K MtMUL 6z_-U 3 L -I V L U ID L r"'i'LA
Sv f E e events MELENDEZ JUAN R.
C6 Ving :n. 6 te Jo &- -. MPEREZ ORLANDO J.
* 0*ie- br 0 PINERO ANGEL L.
o* E C he to* . 0 PIZARRO RALPH
- -el -o.01 * to be* *REGALADO CARLOS A.
P m G aa h. -p p I. b. -- REYES GUZMAN JUAN LUIS
i Tn of 00 'Meber r **ROBLES IVAN
....----.....,~ .. . RODRIGUEZVELAZQUEZ JORGE L.
..,",_,-..' *" --- ..S.a- ROSICH DESIREE
S ... ,- -... .. .- "". ". .. .1, ia SANABRIA RAFAEL
.. ... -- -SANTOS-REYES LUIS 1.
'- .' -. ...-.* .... TORRE COURET CARMEN T

It n-

Irr ...0

BERS 2008

~& l)p

- - F -.-.. -- . .
delighted with the
traditional Easter Brunch.

.- ......

trends partlcip
each event

event celebrated in
Puerto Rico and the

I next year!


f" i,

0 1 11-M


at the Bea

December 6, 2008
at the Golf Club

by CC1 Vintage
at the Main
January 8, 2008

this traditional member
tournament in 2008. We
enjoyed the participation
of 228 players and family
on our four day event of
the very intense agenda of

:U2tf Tennis
Member & Guest
More than 60 Participants
entered our Tennis
Member & Guest
Event this year. It was
a fun game with great
camaraderie. Thank you all
for supporting your Club
is such and important and
traditional event.
'BKLVJ ,-14.

Karaoke Party for them. 41
Every month hundreds
of friends and family of
our DJ participate of the
fun. If you wish to be the
next VIP DJ of our Club
contact the Membershipl--
Offk- S f5"2T2-1.

Halloween &
Pumpkin Carving
Every Year we celebrate
the traditional Pumpkin
Carving and Halloween
Party and this year was no
exception. We enjoyed
the participation of more
than 35 of our exclusive
young members.

Character Show
By: Yo Limpio a
Puerto Rico
December 13, 2008
at the Beach Club

at the Pro Shop
(Golf & Tennis)
December 19, 2008
6:00pm 8:00pm

By: Party Personajes
December 20, 2008
at The Beach Club

Golf Tournament
December 20, 2008
at the Golf Club

Santa Clause, Inflatable,
bazaar, great food...
December 21, 2008
at the Main Clubhouse

December 31, 2008
At the Beach Club

a -,

hidden treasures. You are constantly
amazed with the wonders of the
unique villas and houses you run
into. When you think you have seen
it all, an unexpected pearl emerges
from our realtors pages. As an
editor, I have had the opportunity
to photograph and visit some of ll -.
these outstanding villas and houses.
From this edition on, I will share
with you what I understand are the
most outstanding villas or houses
that each of our advertised realtors -
have to offer. I will choose the villas
or houses based on beauty, price
vs. value, convenience (income
properties), size, interior decorations,
views, etc. Each property is different
and unique. For prospective buyers,
this should give them a big spectrum
of what Palmas can offer. This is
a buyer's market. In the Trump
University blog page, where Donald
Trump and Trump U Faculty's ideas
and opinions are posted, I quote the
follow statement: "While the press
has made the economic downturn
and the credit-default swap debacle
a top story, don't let it stop you from ----
living your life and making your
dreams come true." Bad news sells
better than good news and I am not
here to sell anything.
Listen up to what I am about to .
say...the real estate market is not q -
dead. That being said, there has
been a major correction to many of I
our nations' markets; but that is just i
the way cycles work. The question .
is: Do you want to take advantage
of the buying opportunities or
sit on the sidelines and wait for
prices to head back up? Access the
following website if you wish to
learn more about this topic: http:// p 1
www.trumpuniversity.com/ Il..
post/2008/ 10 /real-estate-is-not-
dead-invest-now-while-the-markets- -
I am just going to show you some
of the hidden real estate treasures
Palmas del Mar has to offer you.

sette Rssado

A dream townhouse inside
the water. A seaside retreat
you will not want to leave!
The outside terrace with
the jacuzzi alone is a treat.
Just imagine being in it
on a night of full moon! It
really captivates you. This
phenomenal find has 2,700
sq. ft., 4 bedrooms,
5 bathrooms, and 1
large boat slip. For more
information call
Palmas del Mar Realty -
787-852-8888 $1.5 M


^ git-tli tid blHut 1 litC Ut A ut [dit liuutllaflis
are breathless from the master bedroom. The
villa is decorated elegantly and modern. This villa is in top condition! This superb villa
has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one balcony and 2 terraces. The villa also comes with air
conditioning and GE appliances. Palmas del Mar Realty 787-852-8888 $795K

This is an exceptional luxury home facing the Caribbean Sea. Complete privacy with a short walk to the beach. Spacious and el-
egance flows throughout the home. Open spaces with access to the exterior grounds and pool area. The stunning master bedroom
includes a sunk-in bath with a tropical garden, walk in-clo et, separate shower and a beautiful spacious terrace for the early morn-
ing or evening romance. A true retreat with complete prfvacy.. .some call it "A magnificent work of art!" For more information call
CPM Realty 787-850-4401 or visit: /
www.cpmrealtypr.com $3.5 M / 61

% irrk. I', ir i & -k i, i 1,, ,,, .1 ..I I' .

i F i.. i r r, I i,. ,.. F i ,. ,. ii i 1, 1 i d ,,I rri r i., ill

Elder L6pez from Palmas del Mar Real Estate
at 787-207-4255 or visit www.shellcastle58.com

Just move in! This wonderful home is spotless and "- .....
like new. You have beautiful
views to the golf course
from almost everywhere in -
the house. This amazing o
home has 4 large bedrooms, '
3 bathrooms, electrical
generator, appliances, and '
high ceiling throughout the
living area. You can also enjoy
a big terrace overlooking the
golf course, ideal for BBQ ,
afternoons. This astounding
find is at the exclusive -
residential community of
Flamboyan Greens, across
from the Couwr, I t I-.,
For more inform ,ii .. ll .
REMAX 787- -'
or visit www.discoverp n ...I


"Spectacular custom home on one of the highest points in Ridge Top. This gorgeous home has 7 bedrooms (5 of the
bedrooms with terraces and views to the mountains and the Caribbean Sea)-- and 6 bathrooms. A rap around terrace so
you can enjoy the breeze, and the views. An infinite pool that appears to blend with the Caribbean Sea adds to the beauty
of this find. The home also has a spacious deck with a covered gazebo, and BBQ area. It even has an elevator to access each
level. Crown molding, recessed lighting, lamps, to name a few make the home a very functional and enjoyable habitat! Your
home in Paradise awaits you. For more information call Costa Caribe Realty-
787-717-3100 or visit www.costadelcaribepr.com$4.9M

A beachfront villa jewel. A ground
level apartment at Beach Villa
with an impressive view. Once you
open the door the sea engulfs and
calms you. You can view the sea
from the kitchen, living room and
master bedroom. Just step in to the
ocean. This beachfront villa has
two bedrooms with two complete
Fully furnished. Impeccable. Best
value /best price in that area. For
more information call BBC Realty
-787-850-5800 or visit
www. bbcrealty-puertorico.net
$495 K


Approval & AccesoriE I- : ... -

Plaza Las Am6ricas
New Location 2nd floor
T 787.763.2026

....photos speak

for themselves!
Don't miss
the next ones...

ole, ole,
ole, ole....

me too, me
oo, me too,
me too, me

place is soooo


(very nice,>
but I think
we'll watch
From here.A


\ don't want
to sing, but
can I play?

if I sing you
a song, will

me too, me
too, me too,
me too, me

- I


i, I fl ...


I i I

Haley Manley. in a very creative '
interpretation of "VreLuz"'..
inerpreaion o Verde Luz". Emily Alvarado singing' Preciosa'

MaThalia's most popular
Last October, Palmas Academy interpretations 'sA qui6n le
Andrea Cortes sang the celebrated The Hispanic Heritage importa?' was song by
Peruvian National Anthem. HVianka L6pez.
Festival organized by Mrs. Nancy /
Roman of the World Languages
g -Department. The purpose of
the activity was to bring the
TPA students in touch with
Ruben Ortiz, Master of Ceremonies the cultural traditions of the
Spanish-speaking countries of the
Americas. The students of the
.. g Spanish as a Second Language .
I(SSL) Department, with their /
limited knowledge of the language,
were the performers. The activity Mr. Cruz of the
SSL Department.
was really impressive, a huge ,

I I . I II. I i ii I I [.
Sydney read a poem A il r,.Ir rI
b y M r C r u z 'S O Y r u I , r h ,
rTN[ 111.1 F J .l [,. I,, ,i.i iii
'Iwi-i [I-ii'J M I I

'It F l. 1 11 i
'T iii ..r i it, I-.1i*

J ., i !, J ,!' .h Fi l.
ni I, ii F. .. 'I !. .-!1 !!. 'I 'I I,

,-h il. I, li I n,!',.h ',!S
,l .. r ,I ', !,, !, , r r

!!, Fill. Illr Till, .,.ri ir,',,
!' Ir- !, '!R ''"I I

The Palmas Academy is a unique
institutional facility in Palmas del Mar,
Humacao. The construction of two
new 'i l l.l1,,, that will house up to 750
students is expected to be completed for
the next academic year 2009-2010.
This major construction effort aims
to solidify the educational offerings of
the already prestigious institution with

graduates who have been admitted to exclusive colleges and
universities in the U.S., Europe and Puerto Rico.
The Academy presently houses the Pre-school (Montessori
Program) up to Elementary school levels in a "Casitas Complex".
From sixth to twelfth grade the students are currently using the
Main Building, a restored beautiful facility with air conditioned
classrooms, computer and science labs. Upon completion of the
two new '.,,di..1 i,, the upper elementary school (2 to 5) will be
moved to one of the Buildings. The two i.. inu !!!!,-i il..1.i i,, un-
der construction will allow children from the same educational
level to be housed in enclosed secured air-conditioned facilities
with the latest and most sophisticated technology.
The emphasis on Science and Math will be enhanced by the
design and installation of modern biology, physics and chemistry
laboratories. A spacious library will be the center of the educa-
tional activity for students, faculty and Palmas residents.
The Academy students thrive in sports starting with Pre-
school Soccer. Championships have been won in the Elemen-
tary COPSAA (4-6) and the PRHS League in basketball, soccer,
cross-country, volleyball and swimming.
The Palmas Academy is accessed by many parents and stu-
dents in golf carts and bicycles. Half of the student population
travel from the twelve towns that comprise the eastern area of
PR. Transportation is available from Fajardo and Caguas.
A very competent and dedicated faculty guides the student-
centered curriculum. The Academy's well-known theater
program starts in elementary extending itself to the High School
level. The Palmas Academy institutional commitment is to
guide students from early childhood to a full college prepara-
tory education oriented to community service and lifelong
The community support for this magnificent educational
endeavor is evidenced by the increased enrollments on a yearly
basis, the Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. permanent commit-
ment, the Homeowners support to sports and other facilities,
Pennock Growers for their dedication to maintain our beautiful
landscape surroundings and the support of corporations outside
of Palmas del Mar.

THE r^ -





Once again Palmas del Mar is recognized for it's
effort to create an energy self-sufficient energetic
community community. In September 2008 the
S... Alliance of the The prize was awarded
by the Puerto Rico Industrial Association
Association gave the first place award to
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
(PHA) for the best implementation of re-
newable and sustainable energy programs.
The award was given after the evaluation
ngof many several others communities
in Puerto Rico. "Palmas was recognized
., as an example of a community seriously
engaged in reducing global warmingtra-
ditional energy dependence and envi-
ronmental contamination in Puerto
Rico", said Antonio Maldonado,
PHA Executive Director. For sev-
eral years now the community has
I...n evolving from traditional electrical
....gy to alternate sources. Streets, signs
and common areas are Illuminated with so-
lar 'i, i...... 1 .1 the architectural design codes
are being changed to accommodate alternate
and renewable sources of energy in the con-
struction of homes, and mention examples of
programs gear toward this goal such as the use
of solar power in light posts, signs and water
pumps, among others..

F ~ ~ 6 Gren Pams gogen


On September 28th our PHA Runners and Walkers hit the streets
during the Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure 5K, The
event, which has been held in San Juan for six years now, draws a
crowd of over 3,900 participants, It was an emotional afternoon where
breast cancer patients and survivors shared their stories and hopes,
There was music and entertainment, At 4:30 PM the race started and
our enthusiastic team of Patricia Tully, Frances Serrall6s, Melissa Ealy,
Myrna Rios, Daisy Diaz, Dr. Annelisse Figueroa and Dr. Ruben Chamorro
ran up and down RooseveltAvenue for 5 challenging kilometers, In the
end, we all made it, and we all have our heart shaped medals to prove
that we completed the race,
Join our PHA Runners and Walkers Club as we now take on the
World's Best 10K across the Moscoso Bridge next March, We will have
team shirts, transportation, training, etc. But you have to join us first,
Our next Powerwalk and Run will be on December 13, at 7:00
AM at the PHA Building.
We want to thank Palmas Homeowners Association and Palmas
del Mar Country Club for their support during the Race for the Cure

Palmas won

Green Award Community
.- By Puerto Rico Industrial Association


114 1:









J W,*I _


Recibe el melor
las nmeiores propiedades
llamandonos hoy mismo.
www. ajrealtyconsultants.com I
t ', .H


| 787.376.8192/787.637.3809 email: ajorge@ajrealtyconsultants.com

ilmla ------- 3
Valles del Lago

yogen fruz
Delicia que tu Cierpo se Merece
A *A,

* fuente de.
C y folate,
niacin, magnesio, potasio y
cobre combinando tus frutas

Centro Comercial Los Prados
Carr. 156 hacia Aguas Buenas
Caguas PR
Tel. 787.646.1854
www.yogenfruz.com I yogenfruzpr@gmail.com

Gustito Saludable"
i sacrificar sabor.



a bite above the rest
from 6am 11pm

Scrambled Eggs Omelettes Pastries
Croissants Donuts Fruits Waffles
* Cereals Coffee (regular & frozen)
Tea Juices Refreshments
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao
850-6000 x 5042
Ice Cream So9" 4pdS'





-~ \Y~pu




en today nuestra selecci6n de products
adquiridos en o antes del 31 de diciembre de
2008. aats
Aproveche la oferta para ordenar canas
obsequios para regular en navidad.

Cup6n vAlidO solo para residents de Palmas del Mar.
Aplica a pedidos especiales
*Realizamos entregaS.



The Cellar's




Marques de Casa Concha
Merlot from Ballester Hnos.
I By Miguel Guiot, The Cellar at Palmas

Concha y Toro has surprised us again...
From one of the most infamous wine lands of
Chile, Ballester Hermanos has brought us a new
taste. Born at a steady warm-cold climate, and
nurtured by the unique moist soils of the Rapel
Valley, the Marques de Casa Concha delights us
with a balanced, yet strong fruit taste that de-
velops as it breathes. This powerful Merlot, aged
18 months in new French oak barrels, exhibits
a complex tannin mix at the palate delivering a
taste of gooseberry, plums, and forest harvests.
Aging will not be a problem for this dark-red elix-
ir, as time will make these flavors even
I more mature. This wine marries per-
fectly with a variety of steaks, roasts,
pastas with medium to hearty sauces,
and cheeses.

. .. ........
The Trio Wine tasting at The
Cellar was superb! Good wine,
good food and good friends to
celebrate with. The Trio Line
proved to be a very enjoyable
and pleasant wine. Many of us
fell for the Cabernet Sauvignon's
good structure and density. Oth-
ers preferred the Trio Merlot, an
expressive wine of soft and vel-
vety tannins.
The Trio Chardonnay is defi-
nitely a crisp, fresh wine with
aromas and flavors of tropical
and citrus fruits. Delicious!

By Liset Rosa

main in Purt Ric an in th Caibea.

can:provid. The Yah Clu wil offer it .member a PUERTO F

aswl a ociresevcs o tsget. Th wtsip F IR S T
are ~ ~ S aled opnt.ust n h C lu aiiisadfe
"T. Yach Clu at Pama de MapesPeroRco

I c., Cm devloer an weso* h ah C lb "I also
in a typ ofCturim tha has goelreyu.apdbtta
can geert man ne ecmi oppotuntie."mC
"Th Yah Clu at Pama del Marinohrstaei
pro.c foCr Pama de Ma Prprte that cotiutst
psitio Pama de Ma in a new luur caegr thSat
is in lin wit the ne hoe inetet lik Manari
Oretl tha reenl wa anone" sai Jam Mor
.-n SSube Es. Prsdn of Pama de Ma Propertis-
In. Cas Cmr deeoe of Pama del Ma an parne of
"Tes noe intlain wil suel atrc a e a
rine prdc to th Isad an C. hig cls aketa

tunn Purt Ric int .me min. por of enrnco
meg yaht in'h Carben on of mhe fats groin

maaemn an cosltn firm bae nBoaRtn

fciliie inth Caribea Bain Ti Kegh Dietro
Buins Sevcs Reioa Maagr will be in chrg of
ju ptatn th opraio. m *

an trnin yah make, *said Keogh "Wokowr
to deiern sim.a leel of cutoe sevc tha have
ditigise ouslvs mebr an guests-ofTm e Yacht
Club at Pama de Ma."





n r- kV






i* f'



i IN



The groundbreaking of The Regent Hotel
at Candelero took place this past October
with a very elegant cocktail party and press
conference. Scheduled to open in late 2011,
the five star Regent at Palmas del Mar will
include 96 guestrooms and 52 suites as well as
a spectacular 5,500-square-foot Presidential
Suite and a Presidential Beach Cottage, featuring
expansive views of the Caribbean Sea and
Vieques. Resort amenities will include a signature
restaurant, three private pools, superior multi-
surface tennis facilities and a 16,000-square-foot
spa featuring five over-water spa suites.
This is another addition for Palmas del Mar's
renowned prestige.

*Al, '!



,dI 5
mu *








TO T +t
B O9 ..



. "

- .

Palmas Ladies Community
Club Christmas Luncheon
scheduled for December 10, 2008 at
12:00pm at the Palmas del Mar Country
Club. There will be Christmas Carols
performed by our very own "Nina" and
a toy drive to benefit the children of our
neighboring communities in Buena Vista
and Candelero. Please contact Myrna at
787-850-7069 for more information or
if you would like to donate a toy
for a needy child.

Lily Garcia new
CD Presentation
Five Step to reinvent ouself in 2009
and the presentation of her new
audio book, Herramientas en mi voz
Saturday, December 13 at 7:00 PM
at The Cellar at Palmanova

Chistmas Party at
Blue Hawai & Youtopia*
with Nina & New Years Eve festivity:
December 20
from 8:00 to 10:OOPM
December 27
from 8:00 to 10:OOPM
Christmas sales event
& free gift wrapping

Don't miss the
ice creams at
Ice Cream Parlor
at the
Palmas Market in

Let's get ready... time flies
and the Teodoro Moscoso Marathon
is getting closer. Next power walks:
Saturday, December 13 at 7:00 AM
(for early birds)
Saturday, December 20 at 5:00 PM
(for late birds)

The Christmas Parranda
Thursday, December 18 at
5:30 PM. Parranda will start at
PHA Bunilding and will finish
at the Beach Club.

I T!raion"l Chrisms v
Cadeih Seric

Palmas Ladies Community
Club Welcome Coffee
January 14, 2009 at 10:00am
Please call Myrna at
787-850-7069 to RSVR And, our
January luncheon is scheduled for
January 21, 2009 at 12:00pm
at Ricardo's in Punta Santiago

The First Christmas Bazaar and
Christmas Concert with the
directed by Dra. Evangeline Oliver
Friday, 19th of
December at 6:30 pm
at the Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association building. This 40 voice choir
sponsored by Universidad Metropolitana
(UMET) will present a program with
songs of Latinamerica and
the Caribbean.




The Day of the Jackal (1973)

No Country for Old Men

F 6

Paradise Sea Food "
great variety of sea food with
the Puerto Rican twist. Try the
stuffed mofongo or the conch
salad. Delicious!

Bohemian Nights
at The Cellar
December 12 & 26
January 10 & 24
at 9:00PM

. 4.



"- a




* it

Or -


t w.

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