Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: August 2008
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93-- ---TE RXl STYLE





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ParaV *gaa invInRWSdeSWSvida.


...HablarAn de ti

San Juan Ave. de Diego # 309, Puerto Nuevo | tel. 787.775.2030
Guaynabo Carr. #1 Km. 23.0 Barrio Rio | tel. 787.720.2030

T- L Ir:ILr -A -...1 F- FiL- J '-.i. TItIlN[ U iIr.;A I.I II.-. El r.:-. r-ir. e EN f-HIlt-
I-HAN [-: 14I- l1 (E. l-_ \ E N II E ,IP-F NII L F-AP-11L IAN.

V ,m'.. UJ.


a jueves y doromlngo 9o00 am 11 00 pn viemres y Abdo9 00 am -1 00 am Tel:787 746 7211
LcaLc-tdo r d ri nct: Can ler PIzua a itC d ~ Ift Inro Taina 400 espczn ~c scon.a o

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Babck to School... back to real life


and the good news from our new Yatch Club & Marina

As expected, it has been a wonderful summer. As some of
you remember from my last letter, summer has for me a special
magic. Even though I have spent the summer working almost
twelve hours a day, I was in a vacation mode. I guess I will die
with the same idea that summer is for having fun. But I was
not alone, Palmas was full and vibrant. There was plenty of
action. Families together, friends, full restaurants.. .you could
feel the spirit of summer everywhere. I did!
Now it's back to school time and life goes back to "normal".
And speaking
about back
to school, we
wanted to take
a retrospective
look at Palmas
history and
For us, parents,
once our
children go back
to school, we

have more time to exercise and get in shape. Find out
what the alternatives are. There are plenty. Join PHA Power
Walks, among others.
On the other hand, we will discover the secrets behind
our beautiful golf courses. There're no elves, there is a
young dynamic lady and her crew that are 1i'. ,, -.il... for all
this beauty. We will learn about our architecture and
how they harmonize to create the Palmas' Style. You will
get to also know, Chris Pennock and George Mulligan our
landscaping contractors.
This edition also celebrates the inauguration of our splendid
new marina that will put Palmas del Mar in a very privileged
position in the world. I have been following the progress of the
marina from my balcony very closely and have plenty of photos
from all angles. I especially take pictures of the marina in the
late afternoon, when the sun illuminates the Yatch Club
and the pelican's pose on the poles.

Lissette Rosado, Editor

Feel free to write us at 'ii lifi,i,ial,' ,il .... ,11





if q

.. .................


IIIU' ,T '-.EFTl- .lF F; 2f : :u iL 1 I _11.1 1
Lissette Rosado, Editor

Editorial Collaborators
Ar, Raul Rivera
Dr Antonic, Va:-,ue: Berrics
George Mulligarn

Graphic Design
Sandra Rodrigue:z Ro,.tdo & Morales

Sales & Marketing
Liss:.,ete R sado Silvia Morales

Assistant Editor
enalda Sanjuroi

Model Offset Prirling IMOP' HumaCcao
17F!7|P50- j )O

Live & Life in Palmas i:, i, i ..1iiii,. pill r,.:1 1I
Il,,17 lille I II-z h ,: i lr,, I -1[1111i i ,111111111 -11,i i1l

. 11 787-765-2190
Live & Life in Palmas : .: r i...,.:.. ..
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
,in i Rosado & Morales, Inc.
-II in ih : i i i : ,I

Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association


...has his own story

By George Mulligan, Landscape Architect

You may have noticed this June and July, an
unusual profusion of yellow ;l.,,,i.....,,I trees
throughout Palmas del Mar. Prior to the mid
1990's there were but a few yellow ;l.,id......,,
trees in Palmas del Mar and these were mainly
in private residential gardens. At around the
time of the Palmas renaissance, approximate-
ly 1995, Palmas del Mar Properties Inc. also
stepped up their efforts for an in-house nursery
and its ornamental tree and shrub production.
Among the many species of trees produced
(which numbers are close to 3000) much em-
phasis was placed on the production of flam-
boydn trees. Obviously, this was done because
of their unparallel beauty, their adaptability to
the Palmas del Mar micro-climate, and also
to reaffirm the theme of the new Flamboydn
Golf Course which was simultaneously under
Seeds were collected from a number of ma-
ture ;.,,,,i'...., trees, including a yellow flam-
boyan from Yabucoa gathered one weekend by
a longtime Palmas Nursery employee. Out of
!,!, u r'.1 .l i .. I.,s. ,.h ,.1 I II.!!l I...... I

Nursery. Once the trees were large enough (6'-
8' feet) and deemed tough enough to defend
themselves from weed whackers, golf carts, etc.,
they were strategically planted throughout the
community, resort amenities and naturally the
new golf course. Many of the trees survived and
thrived. Naturally, some were less fortunate.
As was expected, it took years for the trees
to mature and bloom. What wasn't expected
was that some of the flamboyan trees that blos-
somed from the yellow seeds were red or orange
(not yellow). It wasn't until further inquiry that
we learned that the fl.,,,,i... .,,, flower color was
not 100% guaranteed genetically through seed
propagation. About 1/3 of the seeds that grew
to maturity were yellow. The rest were red or
orange. So if you see a grouping of 3 flamboyan
trees with 1 yellow on the far right or far left and
the others red, now you'll know why. Had we
known at the time that this could've happened
we would have placed them in the middle.

A Mor v Prwm f Pft Pc k

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Z JG r



by Dr. Antonio Vazquez Berrios


the only one of its kind in Puerto Rico

The Palmas del Mar
beaches are one of the most
important sea turtle nesting
sites in Puerto Rico. This
should be viewed by all Pal-
mas del Mar residents as not
only a great resource and
source of pride for all but
also as a great responsibility
towards the environment
and the future of our chil-
dren. We should redouble
our efforts to protect these amazing animals so that future genera-
tions can continue to enjoy seeing them nesting on our beaches.
Five species of endangered sea turtles have been documented in
Puerto Rican waters: the Hawksbill, Leatherback, Green Turtle,
Loggerhead, and Olive Ridley. Of these five species, only Hawks-
bills (known as Carey in Puerto Rico) and Leatherbacks (known
as Tinglar) are expected to nest on the beachfront of Palmas
del Mar. In an effort to protect the endangered sea turtles and
their habitat, Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA),
in coordination with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS),
voluntarily entered into a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)
agreement for the Palmas del Mar beachfront. The primary
purpose of the HCP is to insure the continued existence of the
sea turtle species at the beaches of Palmas del Mar by enhancing
and protecting its habitat. As of today the Palmas del Mar HCP
is the only one of its kind in Puerto Rico. The HCP was approved
by the FWS after a six month review at the local and regional
level. As a result, the FWS issued an Incidental Take Permit to
PHAPalmas del Mar.. An incident could be a disorientation of
a sea turtle due to lights or the loss of a nest due to unauthorized
activity. Over the past few years we have had several disorienta-
tions that resulted in the death of hatchlings. All of the incidents
were reported to the FWS.
It should be noted that the sea turtles are protected by the
Endangered Species Act. Any act that adversely affects a sea
turtle is punishable by federal law with fines and/or incarceration
depending on the sentence issued by the judge. The fines can be
as high as $10,000 per incident and the period of incarceration
in a federal penitentiary can be as long as ten years. The Habitat
Conservation Plan requires Palmas del Mar to: replace all of their
beachfront lighting with FWS approved lights, keep the beach-
front vegetation (sea grapes) at a height of no less than one meter,
keep unauthorized people and vehicles away from nests, clean
the beach with special equipment and trained personnel and to
remove all lounge chairs from the beach area at night. During a
2007 inspection, the FWS inspector found Palmas del Mar to be in

compliance with the
conditions of the per-
mit. In addition to the
items above, Palmas
del Mar is required to
conduct early morn-
ing inspections of
the beach to moni-
tor the number and
location of any sea turtle nest. The nest must
be protected until the eggs begin hatching; this which occurs
approximately 60 days later. A record of the number of nests,
successful and unsuccessful, must be kept as well as an estimate of
hatchlings. This record must be submitted to the various resource
agencies at the beginning of the year.
We are on our fifth year of monitoring sea turtle activity at the
Palmas del Mar beachfront. The results have varied from a low
of 57 nests (both Hawksbill and Leatherback) in 2005 to a high
of 99 in 2007. Of these the majority are always Hawksbill nests.
However, the number of successful nests is always less than half
of the total number of nests. For example, of the 99 nests of 2007
only 48 were successful and of the successful ones at least three
resulted in hatchling disorientation and deaths.
We are proud to be the only communityone of the few com-
munities that to have an active Habitat Conservation Plan. Let's
all be part of this wonderful effort to protect the turtles. If you
have knowledge of an illegal poaching or of newly born sea turtles
please call 787-724-5700 immediately. And if you live in front of
the beach be sure that the lights of your villa are always directed
downward and are the type of lights approved by WFS. Light
discourages females from nesting and they become disoriented.
Please contact PHA should you need additional information on
our Habitat Conservation Plan. Keep your eyes open so we can
enjoy these beautiful and amazing creatures for many, many years
to comeiand amazing creatures for many, many years!

p t"


Proteccidn Optima contra el sol

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para la protecci6n solar para el cuerpo y rostro. Las formulas
proven protecci6n contra los rayos UVAy UVB durante todo el ano.
Estas formulaciones eficaces protegen la piel hasta 80 minutes y
pueden ser utilizadas por nifos y adults. Cada uno de los cinco
products ofrece hidrataci6n a la piel, son libres de fragancia y color.

SINCE 1851
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Kiehl's fue fundado como una apoteca en New York's East Village mas de 155 aios
atras. Su Onico y extenso trasfondo represent el desarrollo de conocimientos
cosm6ticos, farmac6uticos, herbarios y m6dicos transmitidos a trav6s de las
generaciones. Estamos comprometidos en servir generosamente a nuestros
clients con formulaciones eficaces de alta calidad para toda la familiar incluyendo
hombres, mujeres, beb6s y mascotas. 1

all ..

By Lissette Rosado

He ,. I iii.. C I .,. h i i .. r., I i' net Earth with a shovel
i,..1 ba.- .,t 1ti.i in h i l o.. ..11, almost. I am talking
A4bou Christopher F. Pennock, better known in Pal-
mas as Cl ri rl ,i p !.. i.i ..- i '. .!. t. our beautiful landscap-
,.- I rliilnl. I. .i J iir I, r. .. ... Il ..ta choice in his life, his
;r..... ,i, Il.....I by the soil. It all started back in 1898 when
'. i i.. ,r-._i ,i.I father arrived to Puerto Rico from Pennsyl-
I* ii, ,' r, i.. N ,tional Fruit Growers to study and develop the
.ir n.. .i.,ii...- L rer onin his life he became the first dean and
founder of the first Bachelor's Degree in Agronomy at the Uni-
versity of Puerto Rico. His grandfather, Charles F. Pennock, was
a big entrepreneur and the actual founder of Pennock Gardens.
Between the years of 1945 and 1950, he had the bright idea
of filling the empty Pan-American Airway planes leaving from
Puerto Rico to the United States with decorative plants for
USA big city offices. He was a pioneer in the growing of interior
plants. Consequently, Chris' father, Charles I, joined his father's
business at the beginning of the 1950's. "My father was the one
who actually started the landscaping business in Puerto Rico,
I.. ._ i-, r ...i r Ti i.. I ,Ii i, I ti i, i.. I [ilton", C hris Pe-
i. i. r. i..I 1, 1i r r .. r. ..I. ... i r ..i ..I r i.. .. t :hris an d h is tw o
h.. !.r .. .. !-... H, rl. r.!,ii r -i..-i .. i,.i I ou believe that?

Four generations fully committed to plants and landscaping.
His brother, Robert, is a Landscaping Architect. Douglas Pen-
nock has his own company, Pennock Growers; and Chris, even
though he studied Business Administration, also turned green
with his company: Pennock Plants & Designs. Definitely...they
don't really have one green thumb ...they have them all!

_ _111111110- .... .........

with Palmas Del Mar began in the early 90s when they did vari-
ous new landscaping installations of new homes. Shortly after,
they got their first deal with Palmas Del Mar Properties Inc.
(PDMPI). A few years later, they were awarded the bid for the
landscape maintenance service con-
tracts for PDMPI and PHA, to begin l
September 1996. A
At Palmas, in addition to being a .--
landscape maintenance company, they "
have also helped Palmas Del Mar Ho-
meowners Association (PHA) along
withand PDMPI design and develop var-
ious landscape features throughout the
community. Some of these are Palmas
del Mar Main Entry, the PHA F.iiil.. .
the Cildren's Park recently inaugurated,
Beach Access Golf Cart Parking, and soon
to come, a major intersection renovation
at the Candelero/Palmas Drive intersec-
tion. Also on the drawing board is a second
beach access facility for Golf Cart Parking,
not to mention many other other PHA, PDMPI, private and or
commercial jobs within and outside the community.
But Chris is not alone in this "adventure". Chris has a work-
ing buddy that I am sure most of you at least have seen around,
George Mulligan, the famous George (he even sings at
El Bistro), a landscaping architect who came to Puerto Rico
on vacation during the winter of 1989 and his destiny shifted
completely. A week after arriving to the Island, George met
his wife Karola and in September of that same year they got
married and moved to the States where George had a landscap-
ing company of his own. "But after 2 years of unusually brutal
winters (Karola had never seen snow or an ice storm), she told

George Mulligan


My wife and I have
been here for the last
12 years and have
made Palmas del
Mar our home and
consider ourselves
very fortunate to be
part of and at least
partially responsible
for this beautiful



,,. 1~ iii.._, please,
rdi M.a. a.,mi.. 'Sowe
cxo..I He itold me Pandl
I .....I..I r. Puerto
1t1.... i.I 1 .iy soon
1 ._.,r I. J..I. signing
c. a d '. a t.. in Pal-
-fr .. 1.I George

!i, r process
..t 'r..ing the
hi ..I.. I"m.- pro-
4. to r,, Ki..B., he
ingt w\with K v in Ly ati, v the 'ig tdnLnt ut Palmas
del Mar, at that time. "He was evidently impressed enough to
call me the next morning and offer me a job. He told me Palmas
was preparing to embark on an expansion of unprecedented
proportions. And they needed someone in-house to design,
construct and manage all the environmental elements that
would accompany these projects. He told me I should be busy
for four to five years", recalled George. But the truth is that
George came here to stay. After ten years with Palmas (not the
4 to 5 years predicted by Ryan), he joined Pennock Plants &
Designs, where he is in charge of the designing and planning
of special projects. As you can see this is the result of a short
vacation in Puerto Rico and a Puerto Rican girl name Karola.
These stories are very familiar. Do you remember that William
Renwick (our ducks angel from last edition), after meeting his
wife Yolanda, stayed forever? So, snow birds, be aware! If you
don't want to stay forever, leave very soon, once you fall in love
with a Puerto Rican woman you are going nowhere!
"My wife & I have been here for the last 12 years and have
made Palmas del Mar our home and consider ourselves very
fortunate to be part of and at least partially i.. t..i i.1.. for this
beautiful community", said George with the enthusiasm that
characterizes him.
"But how is all this wonderful Palmas landscaping conceived?
As soon as you cross the gate, even before crossing (I love the
cascade of the Ceiba), you feel a peace that only nature can
transmit. How do you make it possible?", we asked Chris. "The
most important part is that first meeting with the client where
the needs and client involvement is established. We need to
know how much involvement and compromise the client is
willing to have with the plants, there are clients who don't want
to have anything to do with the plants, there are others that
are involve and have the time and the desire to water the plants
and take care of them, that is going to determine in part what
type of plants we are going to plant in the garden. Other criteria
to be considered are the sun, the wind, and the type of soil, the
percentage of rain during the year, the location of the l,.1s,
or the house in relation with the position of the garden", said
Chris. He added that a big part of the success of a landscape is
the time that they and the client devote to this process.
Among the plants Chris recommends for Palmas he men-

tioned the: Hicacos, Palms, Fl.,,,i. ....,,.. Allamandas & Bou-
gainvillea. "Those are plants that resist very well the sun, the
wind and the saltpetre overspray (salitre)", said Chris.
What about the hurricanes? How much suffering does the
landscaping in Palmas endure? Interestingly enough, the worst
damage is caused by the heavy machinery that comes after the
hurricanes, necessary in restoring '.,i. .lI,, and houses. After
Georges (not Mulligan, the hurricane) for example the irriga-
tion systems was destroyed by the towing trucks and heavy
equipment making the repairs.
Pennock's design office is located at Palmas (close to ARB).
There, George and Chris make plans to keep and improve our
landscaping. "Other than Palmas Corp., Homeowners Asso-
ciation and Palmas Properties Inc. we serve various Neighbor-
hood Associations within our community. With our assistance,
we have helped them in adopting the correct course of action
to successfully complete the pre developmental phase of a land-
scape renovation, this taking into account a variety of issues
and ultimately successfully obtaining the definition by provid-
ing a full set of plans custom fit to the particular community,"
said Chris.
"We are all very proud to have been a part of Palmas for
more than a decade and hope to serve for many more to come,
striving for the betterment of our quality of life in the finest
community found in the Caribbean. It has always been our goal
over the years to provide the best value and highest standards
for our community as expected and deserved. It is done with a
dedicated staff that is constantly updated with new techniques
used in the industry." stated Chris.
Chris also lives in Palmas with his wife, Mary Lou and his
two sons Charles and Taylor. Will they be going green also? The
odds are good.
Thank you Chris and George and all the Pennock team for
your big contributions toward making possible, what we call,
our Paradise...Palmas del Mar.

-* 4-,


ju-:- ~*4

1. 1

* - --
- ..-.~- 1
r. 'N
tr. *'ku~ II.
At> -t~-t .4

...and all te Pennock team for making possibt

what we call our Paradise...Palmas del Mar.

I- -W

- i ,
_. '^ .

". .: .......A .:y'i"", ,: ....".i

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REMAX de Palmas
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR
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a wine ,
entire II i i
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75 Triumph Plaza Suite 102, Humacao, PR 00791



* 1 : I ,-1 1:. I: 11
n l.: h ,,: :l" ,: i s....

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Another luxury unique to Los Lagos.
No other community in Palmas del Mar provides such
generous spaces as the homes of Los Lagos. Attuned to
the Mediterranean architectural style of Palmas del Mar
and in perfect harmony with its surroundings, Los Lagos
emerges as the most spacious and luxurious residential
community. Ample streets and sidewalks filled with
colorful landscapes host extraordinary Grand Residences,
with a breathtaking scenery overlooking a fresh water
lake, the golf course and the views of El Yunque. This
perfect setting for life, is the new Palmas del Mar seen
from a fresh perspective.

Grand Residences
This is the first offering at Palmas del Mar with Residences
with up to 5,950 square feet and customizable finishings,
where the luxury of living sets a new standard. True to the
architectural style and character of the resort, these Grand
Residences provide magnificent homes with the spaces
you love, the privacy and relaxation you yearn for, and the
luxury and style you have come to appreciate as part of life.

Outdoor living
In a resort where activity is a way of life, Los Lagos adds to
the splendor of living with a very elegant and mature
outdoor setting, where relaxation, social gatherings and
time to unwind are part of its offerings. A spa lifestyle is
set among lush and magnificent gardens, with an elegant

club house overlooking a placid lake that welcomes
residents to their own personal spa facilities, with sauna,
massage rooms, a fully equipped and air conditioned gym,
and a stunning infinity edge pool with whirpool,
surrounded by a spacious deck, ideal for sunbathing or
just relaxing, reading, or enjoying the spectacular life you
have achieved at Los Lagos.

In every detail, in every space, Los Lagos is unlike any
other place at Palmas del Mar.

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At times when it behooves everyone to watch
carefully how your money is spent, I want to
assure you that your Board of Directors is
providing excellent stewardship in overseeing
that PHA funds are used in the most cost ef-
ficient manner and that every dollar spent by
the Association is for the benefit and service
of our community. In every aspect of commu-
nity involvement and of service provided to its
members, you can see the results of your PHA
assessments in action. From safety and security
to landscaping and maintenance of common
areas and facilities, road repairs, beach cleaning
and rescue, sea turtles habitat conservation,
solar illumination, recreational and commu-
nity facilities, community activities and youth
programs, etcetera, your contributions are being
used wisely and effectively.
The latest of PHA investments of your as-
sessments is the construction of the Children's
Community Park we have just inaugurated. You
can certainly be justifiably proud of this major
community development which is the direct
result of our efforts and your assessments in
action. It reflects the type of investment in the
quality of life and the environment we want to
provide for the Palmas families.
As you read through this PHA magazine, you
will get a sense of the broad and encompassing
scope of activities, programs and responsibilities
undertaken by the Association on your behalf
for the betterment of our community. Rest as-
sured that we will continue to make sure
your assessments are yielding the
optimum results and the most desir-
able cost benefits for the entire Palmas
Please, help us help yourselves by keeping you
assessments in action current.

,/ -I ..
J. _..Z-"-. -- .A,---- .,
.. I' -

Chi dren5

The Palmas Children's Park built by the
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
(PHA) was officially inaugurated on Saturday,
July 19th, with a great community participa-
tion. The park, located between the Tennis
Center and the Caracoles Restaurant, features
a very modern concept of playground equip-
ment, ADA certified, designed by City Parks
for toddlers one-to-five and young children
five-to-twelve. In addition the park features
benches, picnic tables, trashcans, auto and
golf cart parking. The Park is open during
daylight hours and the playground rules have
been posted..
This project was built at a cost to PHA of
$143,000 excluding the $50,000 that were
donated by Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc.
The land where the park is located was do-
nated to PHA by long time Palmas resident
and developer Joaquin Soler.
We congratulate our Homewoners Associa-
tion in this significant milestone as it continues
to provide and facilitate amenities that will
enhance the quality of life of our community.
Well Done!


The Children



direct result

of our effort

and your


BEACH ACCESS & Turtle Habitat
-_- -a Palmas del Mar Homeowners As-
association (PHA) continues its efforts
to facilitate the Palmas community
and visitors with adequate access to
the beach areas. Toward this end, in
S. coordination with Solarea develop-
ers and Palmas del Mar Properties
Inc. it has established a temporary
access to the beach between Solarea
and the Beach Club and is finishing
S j* a new access between Crescent Beach
Band Solarea. The access between
Crescent Beach and Solarea also calls
for enlarging the turn around circle
at the end, fencing and landscaping. Additionally, PHA will build a golf cart parking at the
entrance of this access to provide added parking for visitors to this favorite beach spot. Other
improvements have been installed at other beach accesses such as the one located between
Crescent Cove and Crescent Beach and the one between the new Plaza del Mar project and the
old Palmas Inn parcel.
Beach visitors are reminded that federal and state laws prohibit beach activity in Palmas
coastal areas at night. This is to protect the habitat of sea turtle endangered species that nests
in our beach zone. Beach hours are posted at the entrance of each beach access as well as the
restrictions regarding beach activity in sea turtle nesting areas.
Please help us protect our habitat. Report immediately any violations of restrictions, vandal-
ism or defacing of beach signs to Palmas Security at 787-285-7775.


The Four Points by Sheraton Palmas Hotel recently an-
nounced its plans to begin a transportation system for its
guests and community visitors. This initiative will facilitate
the movement between key locations such as the Hotel, the
a Country Club, the Beach Club, Anchors Village, Club Cala
and Palmanova. This service is being provided as a com-
munity service free of charge by the Four Points Sheraton to
stimulate our guests and visitors to enjoy everything Palmas
has to offer.




The new Architectural
Review Board (ARB) Design
Guidelines for Palmas del Mar
soon to be published will con-
tain new design parameters
to accommodate alternate
energy options for our homes
at Palmas. The new guide-
lines under revision by the
ARB were recently reviewed
by a special committee of the
Palmas del Mar Homeown-
ers Association (PHA). The
new codes incorporate design
guidance that provides oppor-
tunities for the community to
benefit from new technologies
that will open the door to
other energy efficiency sourc-
es consonant with current
world-wide environmental
efforts. PHA believes Palmas
can be a model community for
others in Puerto Rico without
sacrificing our aesthetic values
and the design tradition that
has made Palmas Del Mar one
of a kind.


Our special rec
Wharton who cor
over beach visitor
Beach Patrol who
beach areas.
Juan and Peter r

On Saturday, July 19th the
Palmas and the Humacao
community came together
to celebrate for the fourth
year in a row the Recordar es
Vivir (to Remember is to Live)
annual event. This activ-
ity sponsored by Palmas del
Mar Homeowners Association
(PHA) in coordination with Club
Aries de Humacao, brings to-
gether neighbors from Palmas
del Mar and other Humacao
communities to celebrate and
reminisce regional customs
and traditions. A superb fes-
ch t tivity ambiance was enjoyed by
all participants which included
an artistic show of bombay
plena, folkloric dances, dance
competition, artisan and typi-
ognition to officers Juan Ramos and Peter cal food kiosks and a classic
tinue to do an outstanding job in watching cars exhibition among others.
s. Juan and Peter are members of the PHA Thanks to PHA and to Club
watch over the security and safety of our Aries for bringing our Huma-
cao citizens together in this
mind our people that our beach areas are a memorable event.


Palmas Homeowners
Association (PHA) has
brought many fun,
interesting and exciting
activities to our community
this summer starting
with the Walkers and
Runner Power Walks. The
community got involved
and some enthusiasts have
demonstrated interest in a
PHA team that will represent
us at future marathons.

lot of fun but to use caution and to follow the advice of our beach
patrol when signs of bad weather and rough waters are present.
Thanks Juan and Peter for a job well done!

let's PROtect OuR PARAdSCe
Palmas is a paradise. Let's keep it that way. Please help us
keeping our community clean and beautiful by following the
--.4 example of Rafael M6ndez and Rend Chinea. Trash cans and
receptacles are located throughout the beach, at beach accesses
and along cart-paths. Take a moment to dispose of unwanted
cups, cans or bottles in the appropriate receptacles. Also, we
.. need your help educating our youth and visitors that signs have
a specific purpose in our community. The defacing of signs and
the placing of graffiti in walls and common property serves no
purpose at all but impacts negatively in our lifestyle and quality
of life. Graffiti and vandalism are punishable by law with stiff
fines and jail and have no place in our community. Please help
in educating our community and in reporting any acts of graf-
fiti and vandalism by calling 787-852-7745/7775. Stay involved
S stay on watch!

If you are looking for cultural activi-
ties for the whole family, we got them
as well. The Recordar es Vivir activity
at the Plaza de Recreo in Humacao
was an opportunity to discovering
the typical and cultural offerings
Humacao has to offer.

A 1
7'ft 41


nity Activities

The PHA Movie Nights
premiered with a big bang.
Members of our community
and their guests welcomed
the activity and spent a
delightful evening enjoying
and sharing amongst each
other. Our guest of honor,
Mr. Marcos Zurinaga, kicked
off the evening by presenting
the award winning film "The
Edge of Heaven" in a setting
similar to that of a film festi-
val: a PHA film festival.

A s the end of the ,iiiiii. I pp .. ...l.. il l I ..i... i :1..I rH...
Kids Aboard Summer Boatbuilding Workshop that has
redefined a summercamp experience. This workshop is not only fun
and exciting but educational and hands on as well. One of the main
tenants they are learning is the importance of teamwork to reach
their goals.


We would like to welcome our students and parents to the
Palmas Academy 2008-2009 academic school year. We are very
much looking forward to the opening of school. Our efforts for
the past few months have been concentrated on the maintenance
of our existing facilities. We also built a small covered terrace
near the cafeteria. This area will be used by our students as a
gathering place to study or relax during the day.
Our new construction project is scheduled to be completed
by October 2008. The new ".,l.lii, will include secondary
science labs, a secondary school library, a multipurpose room,
and additional classrooms.

Dates to remember
Monday, August 4, 2008
Teachers and Administration return to
school for Professional Service
School will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

August 4 to August 8
Teacher Professional Service Days
School will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

Monday, August 11, 2008
Elementary School First Day

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Secondary School First Day

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Elementary School Open House 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Secondary School Open House 6:30 p.m.

Welcome back to another year
of excitement and learning.

Marcos Zurinaga

BI Gol Cart

.3 I Seuit

D1. PuroRc

PR-MT MaineSrie

Se Vetue Snreing
ShrtnFu Pit oe
Via Ca Reta

BB Realty
Mastr Rel stt
Pam v Rea Esat

REA de Pama

invite everyone to the


Saturday, August 23, 2008 Palmanova Plaza
Concierto De Cuatro Bajo las Estrellas
Coctail 6:00 PM Concert 7:00 PM
Entrance: compliments of the Business Assoc t.. i ii i-i.:l PH A

Sunday, August 24, 2008 Villa Franca Park from 2 to 6pm
An afternoon of music, food and artesans
Tabfn Pumarejo & Luisito Vigoreaux
Food included: Cash Bar
Come and enjoy with your family and friends!


Relax and enjoy great food
in a pleasant atmosphere.

1I "iii 1 .1 l a 11
Saturday & Sundays Breakfast buffet
I I ll 11

:l.-i |:.rl hn. i :i ,bl:.e B S H SH E RATO I
Reservations 787-285-0307,787-850-6000, ext. 5040

-- -, p-U.
*-* a.

* ~v....................... *5


t%-^ tT,/4 -

"- "- ":'-5
/' o _*" .. ,* *

bat I i. iK t;Kf



Bayami6n Sala de pxhibit66n y almac.n 787-779-1855* HKta Rey Nuva Sala de exhibici6n- 787-751-1446


'11 I

i "


que revoluciorrn<
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
by Marcia Teixeira
Tratamiento de keratina de Brasil
restaura abrillanta
aliza el cabello

Tues Sat
8:30 6 pm
Call for appointment

to La

I 0


Look what's new from
^. YVONNE'S treasure chest.
An exquisite mix of beads,
fabrics and a focal point
cross for a drama look.
For appointments, call
Yvonne at 787-914-3803



Back to school without
scratches. Visit the
Available at
Galeria Ashford at
Condado or at Villas de
San Frnrir.i n V 2

KLIP-FLOPS, the only sanda ,l,
interchangeable ribbons
60 designs to choose from IE.-
creative, be yourself, be prr-1 ,'
Available at EUPHORIA at Pla Ih.
Am6ricas. For more info (ill

Caguas, excellent prices,
beautiful alternatives.
For information call

After the summer,
to restore damaged



.. J~u%

presents this season
Double Intrigue Eyes,
a beautiful collection
of eye shadows duos
available at all
Elizabeth Arden

For unmanageable curly hair I i..-
Nutritive 016o Curl. Controls cuil. 11-.1 1, l ,-.
your hair look soft and shiny -'ii, .. .-i
oil based. Available at KEILA -' l 11I

Direct from London, these eco sandals are free of toxins
and are weightless. Award winning "Ethical Fashion
Product of the Year", these ergonomic sandals adhere
to the sole of your feet. Wear them with or without the
strap. Available at OLA OLA.

Even if you
eon't play golf,
you have to ad-
mit that the
b golf courses at

you arrive, gives
you a peaceful
.......... feeling and a
Carla Cora strong pres-
ence of nature.
For those of us who have been lucky
enough to have played or play golf often
(even if you are very bad at it, like me),
Palmas' golf courses are extremely beauti-
ful. Only being there in the golf course
makes playing golf worthwhile. There are
so many birds, impressive old trees and
breathtaking views from the golf course!
A lot of international and golf pro players
that have visited Palmas say that we have

one of the most outstanding golf courses
in the world.
"I remember, many years ago at a Pro-
Am event, when Larry Nelson, another
famous player, and a TV golf announcer
for ABC were simply astonished when
we got to the 14th hole at the Fi.,,,Hi. ..,b ,
course. They could not believe the view
from up there where you can see at the
bottom the palm trees, the blue sea and
Vieques in the horizon", reminisces Seth
Bull, a Puerto Rico Golf Association Hall-
of-Famer who was the club's golf director
for many years and one of our beloved pro
and golf teachers.
But... have you ever wondered how
the golf courses are kept that pristine
and neat even when you hardly ever see
people working on them. It's as if the
golf courses have these elves that keep
the grass so perfectly green and even. It's


like magic. But no! There is no magic in-
volved. There is a young lady by the name
of Carla Cora who is the superintendent
of both golf courses and her main respon-
sibility is to keep the golf courses in tip
top shape. Carla studied Agronomy and is
an expert in all the aspects of golf course
maintenance including personnel man-
agement, and environmental and safety
regulations. She supervises 34 employ-
ees, all males, who are 1i'-. ,!-i,... for the
maintenance of the golf courses. "What is
the secret?", we asked Carla. The answer:
they start very early, at 6:00am, some-
times at 5:30am (The first tee time is at
6:45am). But by the time the first play-
ers leave the starting point, her crew is
already several holes ahead, fixing, shap-
ing and "performing magic" to make the
course perfect for the players. Among the
task they do every single day is: cutting


........... .............. ....
........ ...

.......... .. .:- :w
.. .... ........

........... ........

0 \.#-\ e

. ...........
... . ....... :..::: -.:::r-...::: ...
........... ....
......... ....
.... ... ..........

the green and the rough, raking up the
sand traps, moving the holes (yes!, they
move it almost every day, ask the players
about the theories behind this practice),
moving the tee markers, checking the
landscaping, picking up any garbage, pro-
viding water for the players, etc. No won-
der everything is so neat and spotless.
Carla proudly told Live & Life in Pal-
mas that Palmas' golf courses are very
friendly to the environment and that
they received recognition from Audu-
bon International Society. She also told
us that the golf course administration is
working right now with the Natural Re-
sources Department of Puerto Rico to
create a natural barrier of sea-grape trees
to avoid confusion in turtles and promote
their nesting. On the other hand, as some
of you are probably aware, Palmas uses re-
cycled water in watering the courses and

also uses mulch and compost produced by
the PDM Utility Company.
I would like to recommend all of you,
even if only for one day, to give yourself
the opportunity to play golf. It is not what
it looks like. Think about it. So many
people are dying to play it. There is some-
thing about it! Find out! Don't miss out
in the opportunity that you have in your
own big courtyard. You won't regret it. At
least you will see the beauty of the cours-
es you won't see otherwise. Believe me, I
play very bad! But every time I play I en-
joy it so much and I always tell myself that
I should play more often. It's a wonderful
time spent between you, that damn little
ball, and the silence of nature. Don't take
it too seriously, get a partner like my sister-
in-law, Aimee, that when we are scoring
badly, we simply don't keep the score and
we have fun!!!



is to conserve and

restore natural


focusing on birds,

other wildlife, and

their habitats for the

benefit of humanity

and the earth's

biological diversity.

invO IvedR.,


Representante en Puerto Rico de los pisos de madera i M Jdel' y o -

tel: 787-791-1454 fax: 787-791-4805 1 gjoverwoodflooring@gmail.com

NUFA 'od Floorng,

Ss tcimer.camphot for eIerubodc, it is
S. an elite camp for distinished soccer
Is aith a players with experien ce.
Ss p an ger ae a urn the time this maa:ine is.
S st d. "t t published ed, il Auftr Julio Ces ar s iller
be in Mexico onst his rs inter national
* H as * *trip linh Lo tTo cniado o def He acao for
w^ e IcametoPu rtoR ico to Pla Julio H U ata tthe HSixth Intdoer national Tourlament

: ^ - ^^* *from MexLos i thornados coach talking about
Jui o third - ^^. -^ l J -1d C as ar said: "Julio Csared is a
1 * - ** - e - e very disciplined, obedient, hard
the c h noticed tha w achs. A g t he "THe added that Juio Cesar is also very
k | a s b e w urcleve r and a fas t thinker. They are

ageat that te he t ra velf to tne it o the Pachucaser
belong to *,e said roudl Tem.Icns s big at Hidalgo, a very prestigious team
to belong to the "big boysteaabfrom Mexico to whomn Lo s Tornados av t o r
since thenhedvelopedpassi fo cold me tha to highlight that Evaristo Parez,
soccer. Heseesallthe ga an le th president of Los Tornadosb took thed

e .^^^^B^ : *Bworkinitiative to invite the Puerto Rico

Sand their coach Modesto Cordero to
thm help to strengthen the soccer players
r a and promote the growth of the sport
Sirn Pfuerto Rico", comments Carolina
Juiio togrn whoih ta all Aranguren.
s f t Congratulations Julio C6sar! The

community of Palmas is very proud
atth gams.S e ..s.s and .oufe w n of you.



r* : -

V 7
I d!


Don't get left behind!
Join the Power Walks every month
If you missed the first two powerwalks, you're still on time.
Every month (usually the second Saturday of the month)
PHA will held a Power Walk, headed by Dr. Ruben Chamorro and
Jos6 Juan Martinez. The purpose of these walks are to build endur-
ance for next year's Teodoro Moscoso 10K Marathon.
Future Powerwalks: August 9 and September 13 at 7:00
AM leaving from the PHA Building. If you have Facebook, join the
PHA Activities Group and keep posted of all the action.


-.... -.. .,:.., ..U''"




. .".
r:: S-


I :


Finally comfort with style.

Each recliner,
sofa and home
theater piece
is innovatively
designed form
the inside out
with unmatched
comfort. The
recliners and
some sofas
comes in
multiple sizes
to fit all body

relax your entire body
with perfect balance and optimum support.



W t

ft Extraordinary comfort.

TelIfono: (787) 977-8088
Fax: (787) 977-8081
103 Ave. De Diego at Gallery Plaza
Condado, San Juan, P.R. 00911

There is not a single excuse for not do-
ing exercise in Palmas; there are plenty
of alternatives to choose from. I spent
a whole week taking different classes to
find out what was being offered and let
me tell you, there is a lot of activity go-
ing on. This was definitely the healthiest
week of my life!
I started in the gym where I met Betsy
del Valle and learned about Pilates and
all the different classes the gym offers:
Pilates, cardio & upper body, cardio &
lower body, water aerobics (at the Beach
Club), and special circuit for legs, arms &
On Tuesday morning (at 6:30 in the
very early in..,.i-. I made a BIG ef-
fort to see what the Pilates class was all
about. There I was, witness to Jim Harvey
and Cecilia Virsi doing pirouettes that I
knew I couldn't do, not even if I took a
year of Pilates! I took some photos for you
to appreciate. What is Pilates all about?
Betsy explained, "Pilates was developed
back in 1926 by Joseph Pilates. Initially it
was meant as rehabilitation therapy, later
on ballet companies incorporated it into
their therapy and more recently it arrived
to the gyms." Betsy added that Pilates
is not meant to be used as a weight loss
exercise -it is not an aerobic exercise- but
nevertheless, Pilates helps you to develop
more muscular mass. "Having more mus-
cular mass makes the body burn more
calories even when resting", Betsy stated.
On Wednesday evening, I went to see
the spinning class with Jackie at the ga-
zebo, behind Sebastian Restaurant at the
Four Points Hotel. She invited me to take
the class which I did, not knowing what I
was getting in to. The class lasted 40 min-
,,r.. I,,, r t,- i. .. ir o i. ii ... ., .. ! -,
i ,, r J , .. *! ,i 1r, .! .. I .. r ,
i ,.- m .. _I, !. , T !,,I I, ,

From there I meet Cheryl Galasso, a
power yoga certified teacher for My Cor-
Immediately, I felt her peace of mind.
Cheryl is calm, balanced and very gentle.
We talked so much that it is hard to sum-
marize our conversation. First, what is
Power Yoga? Cheryl explained that Power
Yoga is a branch of Ashtanga Yoga, of
the Hindu tradition and religion of India.
Power Yoga promotes an overall well-being
of the body. It helps to increase flexibility,
stamina, and strength. Power Yoga also
promotes improvement of the person's
ability and capacity to focus and concen-
trate by helping to release the distracting
anxiety and overall tension. It also aids
in developing and maintaining good and
proper posture; it tones the body, elimi-
nates toxins among others benefits. It
teaches you to breath and just that is an
enormous benefit", said Cheryl.
On the other hand, yoga has a spiritual
and mental facet that is equal or more im-
portant than the physical one. Yoga is not
a religion it is a philosophy that helps you
reach a meditation stage.
People nowadays
are incapable of
being in silence
with them-
selves, they
are distracted '.
by so much
That means
that you are
n!,,tr t-

caused, you are lost in the "noise". When
you meditate you stop the conversations
you have going on in your mind (I call
it "the little man" that is always talking
to you). You have to quiet those conver-
sations sometimes if you want to be fo-
cused. Why? Because when you are quiet,
when you are in a meditative mood, you
are able to receive information from the
universe or God, if you prefer. When you
have peace of mind you see and hear more
clearly those signs given by the Universe.
"People, places and things are put in your
path to guide you but if you are distracted,
you are not going to be able to see them",
said Cheryl. And it is true, when you are
calm you are more able to think clearly
and see choices or clues. "When you are
distracted by the noise you just follow the
road like a robot. There is much more to
yoga than a workout", finished Cheryl. If
you are interested you should call My Cor-
ner 787-285-4222 for a complete schedule.
Power Yoga classes starts in August.
Fitness is the capacity of the heart,
lungs, circulatory system and muscles to
function at optimum efficiency. Physical
fitness keeps you young and more impor-
tantly, it provides you with a QUALITY
OF LIFE. Physical fitness also prevents
or treats many chronic health condi-
tions, including emotional conditions as
the results of an unhealthy lifestyle. To
stay healthy you HAVE TO participate
in physical activity. Sedentary life equals
bad quality of life and sickness. Then...
what are you waiting for? Get physical
ind li"C' q ln"r in.d bettor quality
,, hL.. ,t. n!i i'd iin ,

I a


UI ir ,'i


My Corner offers ZUMBA classes.
For info call 787-285-4222.

Spinning Classes
with Jackie
at 2B Fit at
Four Points Hotel.
Call 787-529-9377.
Jackie also offers
Personal Training
Sessions, Counseling
and Power walks,
Ab Workouts by the
pool and others.

mc 0
T A T'
Call the Fitness Center
iT7!8'7'285-0717 for schedules.
L A .................................................

HE RElo Yv
Hurricanes can develop overnight.

13 years of experience
10,000 square foot warehouse
New maintenance and repair department


justinorozcol @yahoo.com

La mejor tecnologia al mejor precio


I ^ 1U ZS A

Dry cleaning service
* Daily pick and delivery services
* Tailoring & alterations service

Monday thru Saturday
7 am 6 pm

Acondicionadores de Aire


"'e" nologia Inteligente que le
garantiza ro de Energia y

i........... gaPaontpp a




Calidad de vida.


* a""******





*Sujeto a la capacidad de los evaporadores.


Acondicionando tu vida



(787)779-8233 (787)842-2400 (787)834-1408

LA m7z 'U
-1 11 I- I 1 I-I II t" 1 : VISAf
-111 J-1 1 -11 *4j.IIII c'I-jII .I- I-1
CEL 787-649-6361.787-645-1628. FAX 787-852-0550 I

prviin W unqu .ee of Z~*


.4 I 1I 1 1 1lA
II I i i 11 1
l.H -r1,r ,.A,, ..- .. . -. -.

First mega yacht

docked in our port

I was in last days of this edition production when I found out that the first 120'
Mega Yacht was arriving to the new Yacht Club & Marina (you know journalist are
all ears). Without delay, I call to get permit to be there to capture that historical
moment. It was mid-day and there was plenty of sun and pelicanos where flying
around. Juan Jose Bochetti and I jump in to the wave breaker to be able to capture
the exact moment, which I did.
I dream this twenty five years ago with my wife sitting right here at the shore"
said Cuquito Mufioz as he looked proudly at the Marina. Definitely this is a histori-
cal moment in Palmas history. The Yatch Club and Marina will put Palmas del Mar
further in the international map and will open a window to new beginnings.
Last minute news from the Muiioz Group...
Punta Candelero Development just signed a Management Agreement with The
Regent International Hotels to develop a Luxury Six Star Resort Hotel and Spa at
Palmas' most exciting beach site. This exciting resort will enhance Palmas lifestyle
and will indulge its guests and neighbors with outstanding luxury and wellness ame-
nities. This news is of special interest for Solarea owners, that now will benefit from
being at the site of The Regent. See complete details of this exciting news in our
next issue. Learn more of The Regent Luxury Brands Hotels and Seven Seas Cruises
at regenthotels.com, and about the project site at solareabeach.com

I 4
as*""i .y" ...... .. ^^^Hl.ft ^I^^^^^^^F ip

xw- '9
aa a. "



...... ...................................... ..................................................
..... .................................
..................... ..... .....................................
.......................................... .. .. ..... .....................................
..................... .. ..... .....................................
................................ ..... .....................................
..... .....................................

Eruov both ocean and golf lie,,,,s in this ucel '
tunnished 3 bedioonn 3 path upper level villj Ground level goltvie!villa of 2 b
JUSt steps tioni the beach baths -,ith lots of space Renioc

Asking mid $400's ever,,thing A dieani conie
Silvia Bonachea Gai Offered at $410, C
..... ......................
..... ....................
..... ....................
..... ....................
..... ...................
.... .................................................................................................................................................. .......................................................................................................



urTrerea aLt v+u,uuu
Anael del Moral

tselow marKet value
Elder Lo ez

urrerea at z i oo IVI
Iris Piovanetti

h e r

uTrereu aLmo o,uuu
Ricardo Casillas

* UTrerea aT a / / /.ouu

ulTerea ai RZ9o,uuu
Nani Robles


Real estate agents
you can depend on...


Avocado trees are blooming.
My grandfather always told me
that when there was a big har-
vest of avocados, it was a sign
that a BIG hurricane was coming.
This morning when I looked at
my backyard I noticed that my
avocado trees are full
of them... I hope my
grandpa was kidding.
Cecilia Virsida de Santiago, V.P.
Palmas Insurance, Corp.


the Aguacates
Let's be preventive, insure your largest
assets wisely...your home. Appraise your
property correctly to avoid coinsurance penalties.
If your property is worth $500,000 and you onl
insure it for $330,000, the Loss Adjuster can
penalize you with 33% of the total loss. Also take
into account that you will have a 2% deductible
by Hurricane that will totalize amount to $10,000
of the total losses. Be aware because sometimes
your policy carries a 5% deductible. It is advis-
able to install Hurricane Shutters or to have
Hurricane Wind Proof Windows to protect
your property; this will qualify you for a 10% dis-
count of your insurance premium. By all means,
cover your home in a Personal Package Policy
that will grant you a 20% premium discount. Any
way, call us at Palmas Insurance, Corp. and we
will take care of all your worries so you can sleep
"tranquilito" (tranquil) in case that my grandpa
was right.

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209
from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday


S PersiNovva Avenida Andalucia # 437
Puerto Nuevo, San Juan PR 00920
Persianas y Puertos Europeas Tel. 787-781-5805

Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc. received
the coveted Herencia Award from the Puerto
Rico Builders Association for incorporating ad-
ditional sustainable elements into their construc-
tion above and beyond those required by law.
The location, planning and quality of the
housing offered in Palmas del Mar, as well
as its recreational and lifestyle oriented
projects, are all developed to remain in har-
mony and enhance the natural surround-
ings that distinguish our community.

rIt' .liviiIy LIIe It2 lt2 lUd t VVcdi U.

A150,000/30,000 Kwa substation was inaugu-
rated on November 26, 2007 and built for Palmas
by the Puerto Rico Electric PowerAuthority.
Palmas del Mar Properties' contribution to this
project is $2.6 million.This is the first joint venture
between PREPA and a private developer ever done
in Puerto Rico, a model that has been imitated
since it was first negotiated in 2003. Because the
substation is being fed by a primary distribution
grid, Palmas will enjoy one of the most stable
sources of power on the Island.
Furthermore, in a joint effort by PDMPI and PHA,
repairs of old electric feeders and switching units
have been undertaken by PREPA in the Resort Core
area (Beach Village, ClubVilla, Crescent Cove).

The Views at Palmas is in its construction
phase.When completed, The Views will be single
family detached homes with an average price of
$600,000. Model Home will open soon.
The construction of Solarea Beach Resort &
Residences is well underway. Model Home will
open soon.
The Yacht Club will open next September with
162 berths that can accommodate yachts of up
to 200 ft. and slips equipped with fresh water,
telephone and broadband service, Cable TV, and
in-slip fueling. Later this year, the 29,000 sq.ft.
Yacht Club Building will open featuring a
restaurant, bar and grill, members' lounge, infin-
ity pool and a convenience store with deli. See
rendering atwww.palmasdelmaryachtclub.com
Financing for the first phase of the Five-Star
Luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel has been
secured.The $254 million hotel project will con-
sist of 142 rooms, Mandarin branded condos
and Estate Houses.

Left to right: Julio Bague, President of the Palmas
del Mar Homeowners Association, Representative
Joel Rosario, Jaime Morgan-Stubbe, President of
Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc.; Rey Encarnaci6n,
Director of Palmas del Mar Utilities, Inc.; Marcelo
Trujillo, Mayor of Humacao, Jorge Rodrfguez,
Director of PREPA and a Project Engineer admire
the Control Center in the new Power Substation.

The Palmas Shopping Village continues its
entitlement process. We will keep you advised of
its progress.
1. Country Club Drive Bridge: New bridge
design is complete and construction began Feb-
ruary 2008.This new bridge is being built by Pal-
mas del Mar Properties, Inc. across the Candelero
River at a cost of over $3.8 million. It will connect
the resort core with North Palmas.
2. Development of North Palmas will com-
mence within a year. As part of the Bridge project,
water and sewer lines as well as a new pumping
station will be built by our company and trans-
ferred to Palmas del Mar Utilities (PDMU).

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Be~ a. tru Pama inidr Joi ou PRFRE PU C A E PRO GR M As a lS .0.. ** 0 0* 0


Put it on your list!
By Dra. Lourdes Gonzalez Cols

There goes the summer! Backto school again. And with books,
pencils and crayons we must also put on the list an eye exam. Vi-
sion is the most important of our senses, because it gives us the
skills to comprehend, read, and learn. It also, when performing 1 '
adequately helps us see things clear at the blackboard, at reading
distance, avoid seeing double and helps locating words when read-
ing. Eyesight is the ability to see 20/20. Vision is the ability to take
the incoming information and obtain some meaning from it.l k
There are some symptoms that might indicate a visual problem: H W a
eye strain or headaches, skipping words when reading, closing one
eye when reading, book too close to eyes, needing a finger to follow text when reading,
writing irregular (up and down, big to small), etc. Sometimes these children may have no
recognizable symptoms because there visual demand is low or they adapt to their condi-
tion, lowering his/her performance through their academic years.
If you can identify any of these symptoms in your child in this checklist, you should have
him/her visit an optometrist. And if not, but would like to take preventive measures, it is
advisable to perform an eye exam annually. Indeed, the American Optometric Association
recommends that a child have a complete visual examination before kindergarten and
while in school, yearly evaluations are recommended. So, add to your back-to-school
shopping list a visit to your optometrist.

(behind Caguas Expressway Motors). For appointments call

el tnJco centro wuWdiipinario del e5 ie ofrece

_. nIno5 j c(U 0o", -

The much awaited new Yacht Club


^ocf1 b


The spectacular new Yacht Club marina is
now a reality, Puerto Rico's first mega yacht
resort marina. The Yacht Club will contribute
to highlight Palmas del Mar many offerings.
"We are hoping that the Yacht Club will
enhance current properties and will serve to
attract a new class of visitors and owners to
Palmas del Mar," said Eng. Luis F. Muniz, from
PDMYC, Inc., developers of the exclusive
Discerning boat owners will have access to
the 162 berths that can accommodate yachts of
up to 200 feet long. Yacht members can keep
their boats in yacht slips equipped with electric-
ity and fresh water, telephone and broadband
service, Cable TV, in-slip fueling, waste disposal
and other boating amenities.

I *IWir I


re/8/ y,

Yacht Club members and users will have
access to concierge services such as making
arrangements for land and air transportation,
coordinating provisions for yachts, laundry, in-
yacht dining, marine repairs, tours, charters or
any other business or personal need.
Later in the year, with the inauguration of
the 29,000 square feet Yacht Club Building
the members shall have access to a restaurant,
bar and grill, private members' lounge, infinity
pool, marine, resort wear, and convenience
store with deli.
For additional information you can contact
us at 787-274-0943 or 787-379-7383 or visit us
at The Marina Thursday thru Monday from
9:00am 5:00pm.
E-mail: info@palmasdelmaryachtclub.com,
'. l .! !. l .. . .. 1,, 'Il
W eb: r, -.1l, -I ,h il,":, ,r.,
T I ,. "f ,, !. l or h l l I. ii .. , I I,, iii,
'I I'_.n i. h r \ \ i lii, I lil If I I 'i. 1
,. ,I a = rl, ,. \ !A!A '1 11 lll'l ! 1 !, f !

W; U I mwinmv

1. 1b



What to drink?
By Kiko Delgado, Sommelier W hat t eat

What to eat?

Like every great Latino, the majority of
our social life is spent around the table.
We talk, share and enjoy gastronomy in
such a way that we forget the significance
and the functions of wine and food. Ne-
vertheless, it's necessary to evaluate what
we eat and what we drink. Many times
we choose the wine without knowing
what we are going to eat. If we are at
a restaurant with guests and choose a
wine that we particularly like, it beco-
mes a little difficult and uncomfortable
for each person to choose a plate of food
that will highlight the characteristics
and qualities of that specific wine. What
ends up happening is that sometimes the
wine doesn't get a chance to shine. Other
times, when at home, we choose a wine
from our personal cellar, or from the wine
refrigerator without thinking about what
we are going to eat; again, the wine ends
up looking bad regardless of how good it
could be.
We must not forget that we can always
attend a wine tasting event so that we can
appreciate its evolution and personality.
In order to appreciate its ability to com-
bine with food we can always fall back
on what we know about pairing. Pairing
refers to the marriage or union between
two things so that they may correspond
with each other. In the case of wine, it is
the achievement of a perfect union bet-
ween food and wine in such a way that
the qualities of aromas, textures, and

tastes give way to a unique gastronomical
The other day, a group of friends asked
me what they should drink at a barbecue
they were going to have at one of their

In the case of wine,
it is the achievement
of a perfect union
between food and
wine in such a way
that the qualities of
aromas, textures,
and tastes give
way to a unique

houses. We first discussed what and who
was going to cook since in this particular
group of friends there are various "Chefs"
for each food specialty. Between semi-
cured cheeses, sausages, stews, roasts
and grills the menu was designed. And
then the question of: "What wines are
we going to use?" came up. One of the
"Chefs" suggested a merlot, while another
insisted on a cabernet, but for the most
part, the majority wanted a tempranillo.
The selection was directed to a specific
"crianza" and reserve after searching for
fruited wines, balsamic, cumin, cloves,
nutmeg, coffee, tobacco and wood.
The selection did not take long to
surface and the wines that finally wrote
themselves on the pages of the Creole
gastronomy were the Valduero Crianza
and the Valduero Reserve, both a tem-
pranillo grape in Ribera Del Duero. The
result was a perfect pairing: the sausages,
the rabbit stew and the chesses tasted
much better once paired with the crian-
za. The different grilled meats cooked in
different sauces and combinations obli-
gated the reserve to show off its
virtues. The evening went off
without a hitch. The guests
enjoyed their afternoon to the
fullest. These wines are avai-
lable at La Enoteca in Balles-
ter Hermanos.

By Lissette Rosado

According to my experience, real estate
is the best investment you can ever make
in Puerto Rico. I remember at one point in
my life, I really wanted to buy a property;
I was in love with it. I knew it was a good
investment, but... I didn't have the money
at that time. I sat down calmly to meditate
about where I was going to find the money.
The Ira's! Eureka!!! Without delay I went
to the bank and cancelled my IRA's, paid
the penalties to the Bank and to Hacienda
and bought the apartment. Until this day
I thank God for that decision; I have en-
joyed my apartment for many years and
made an excellent investment. It is one of
the best decisions I have ever made. You
can say: "Yes but now things are not the
same". Don't be so sure. I still believe that
in Puerto Rico, properties are one of the
best ways (or the best way) to invest your
money. But, since I am not an economist
(not even close) I decided to interview
Leroy L6pez Morales, Economist with
doctoral studies at the University of Cam-
bridge, England. After talking to him I am
more optimist than before.

Do you believe properties are
going to lose their value?
"I don't have any doubts that regard-

"I don't have any
doubts that regardless
the recession and the
excess of living units
at the present,
properties values are
not going down, they
are just not going to
grow at the same pace
that in past years".

I. ...... ssion and the excess of living
[r- r rl,. present, properties values are
Sr _, i, ..I wn, they are just not going to
S1i r r I,. same pace that in past years".
T .iiit.ir -rnd the present you have to
I. I. r.. history. L6pez explains that
S' 1, .iilar situation (or even worse)
l.l',, IJ ...i i the mid 70's when, like in the
'' r ri .re was a dramatic increase in
rl ..... .t petroleum. During 1974-75,
ri. i 'I'El' raised the price of petroleum
i.. ,ii', r.. $30 the barrel (only $30, you
!in,, rhIl. now!). The inflation index
was between 17% and 18%! Nowadays,
with all the talks, the inflation index is
around 5%-6%. "Back in the 70's, only in
San Juan, there was around 15,000 apart-
ments for sale", he stated. "Apartments
that were sold at very good prices in the
years that followed. During that time,
we used to do market research for Chase
Manhattan, who at that time produced a
big part of the mortgages in Puerto Rico
and they came to have 3,000 millions of
dollars in projects that they had to repos-
sess, many of them without guarantee
because at that time there were not that
many controls like today", said Leroy.
Nevertheless, talking about the pres-
ent, Leroy stated that from the year 2007

* Specialized in economic development, market studies, statistics and econometrics.
* President of Advanced Research Center, Inc., a private consulting firm dedicated to economic and marketing studies.
* Has been university professor of statistics, economics, money and banking, labor economics, and research methods.
* Has implemented electronic databases and developed syndicated market research (FACTS-Feature Activity Study) for
Puerto Rico's major wholesalers and distributors.
* Has served as expert witness in administrative forums, local and federal courts.
* Has served as expert for the court in civil litigation. Has lectured in numerous universities and forums in the U.S. and
Puerto Rico.
* Economic Advisor to the Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, 1975-1976. Founding partner and vice-president
of Estudios Tecnicos, Inc. from 1985-1990. Has been a member of the Governor's Economic Advisory Council (1988-90)
and the Governor's Strategic Development Council (1990-92).

to 2011 there is going to be an inventory
of 9,031 living units in San Juan, but at
the same time, experts say that for the
year 2010 a big part of the inventory is
going to be gone.
Does the lack of trust and consumer
confidence really affect economic
stagnation or is just a rumor?
Absolutely true! In the economic pro-
cess the expectation element represents
80% of the economic activity. It works
exactly like the stock exchange, if every-
body thinks that stocks are going down,
everybody sells their stocks and indeed
things go bad. It is like a self fulfilling
prophesy", said Leroy L6pez.
The good news is that the Planification
Planning Board and private analysts es-
timate that there will be recuperation in
the economy for the fiscal year of 2009
(which is beginning this last month). The
board calculates a 2.1%, the private ana-
lysts bet for 1.7%. Either way that's good
news, especially because that means that
things are picking up.

The other good news is...
that historically in Palmas properties not only retain their
values but they have gained substantial value during the
Some good examples are:
SAN MIGUEL: originally sold for
$225 K now sell at around $1M
BEACH VILLA 2B: originally sold
for $75 K, now sell at around $400K
and more
MONTESOL 2B: originally in the
high $60K now in the $400K
CLUB VILLA: originally sold for
$125 $150K, now sell at around
$500 to $550K
PALLADIO: originally sold for $200K, now sell at around $500K
LA JOLLA 3B: originally sold for around 100 125K, now sell at
around $450K
back in 1987 sold by $25K, now sell at around $400 $500K

There no way back, it is only a matter of time and at the end you win. Enjoy
your piece of paradise at Palmas and trust the market. And remember the
80% equation!

Whiten AND





1 11 1: 1' 1: 1 H i: T


787.733.2000 (e. roPINTI.ENT)

Iromn imi hl'ioulJ inudu it %u r% um lior nik
It' ['1.1 d% 0110t 1, WdI llud.I .j I romi mun-

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Ihlk too~ll it, lic onih.: I %j.fi-
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lul:r% Jh-IiLI Jl.JiULt i--r dI %C~Itr i n Ir li iu
d'. 1 h 1 li --L r.rdti: I I ii.- litiAJL And ilut

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LiU.11fl.l',.1d Oii l~l %%hlnu I %%I Ill.
ph in.. 10r %di'l~' idJ Ilrmnin .i %itih
iduknL pridu.

P~iliu%~ i%. jl' i -_-rumx pIJLu. I %%untit,

tipll, I, h. -Ill h ..rJJL I )tiri n.. I ho ~k: loir
%ci% I pkrrlvctt1J il% L n..lkh m id~ built
.i _,rum iiu inl ouAr% %utihlu,. Wholk I

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iddud~ J lJ r~incinaI.
Irmi~ina ium~ li~t.% inl NtlMikmLu.
%%l~n' i u ihru %hlt %%,,rk% in mjunti.

ilk % .ir..% I liopt. it, Lonit: liiL k it,
I ilinu% %oi~Iltcdda %lt %.i%% liku inun

ot iur thtlrL!Pina% u ~i~d~:

.w -.............

0 5 1




6 URB. GOMEZ, HUMACAO, PR 787.852.1550
16 DR. BARRERAS, JUNCOS, PR 787.734.7030



* *4~.

Tel. (787)-510-4330
(939) 639-825
P.O. Box 236 Juncos,
Puerto Rico 00777


Categorias menores,
^ para ambos sexos
(hasta 14 afos). A partir de
los 15 afios se establece el
centro de formaci6n donde se
Al preparan jugadores para el
equipo superior.
Clases comienzan XX
de agosto de 2008
k www.tornadosdehumacao.com

Now in Humacao


Established in 1970


Road #3, Km. 86.0, Candelero Abajo /
across from the Texaco gas station

Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
26 locations, one near you:
Bayam6n Caguas Cayey Cidra Gurabo Guaynabo
*Hato Rey Humacao Rio Piedras Santurce San Lorenzo





:I --J ..
*m ,,,,,,,,,,, iiiiii-iiiu

Air Conditioning Inc.

Por los ultimos 30 ahos, hemos estado
enfriando los espacios mas calientes
y los espacios frios mas c6modos.
Air Conditioners
* capacidad x capacidad la mAquina mas eficiente en el mercado.
* desde 9,000 btu hasta 36,000 btu (pared).
* sistema INVERTER.
* 21 seer
* 50 60% mas eficientes (basado en sistemas de 10 seer)
* garantia 6 afios en compresor y 2 afios piezas.
Dealer autorizado: 787.273.7516

Ft j'rjd iT4 1 'Is lIn I I 19t 11Btl 111

AP f





h.. ,,,,. r ....I I 'I.... ,, i i i.ii r ,, l r1 Fi. I .I .... .. ,. ... .. kr .. .. I. F I
I I.. . ..
.I '. , I I r . r ,i T I I.. . i r F, i J. it i,,, i,, i, I rl
l i. I I I I I i I 1 I I I TF . II F I I Fr

qualified, committed, and loving faculty; and highly spirited and motivated students. In 1994, due to an increasing demand -
from parents for its proximity and accessibility, Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc. leased the existing main ',,i i.l. I.. and the school
literally moved its four wooden "casitas" to where they are currently located. It was an event, I heard, when an enormous tow
truck moved the "casitas" right before the eyes of parents and staff with their heart in their hands, suffering for the luck of the
Scasita". It was a success and the "casitas" where moved without damage and are still alive today.
By 1997, the school had successfully undergone its first CADIE (Comisi6n Acreditadora de Instituciones Educativas) and
MSA (Middle States Association) accreditation processes, and was way on its way to further expansion. But life is full of chal- -
lenges, and in September of 1998, Hurricane Georges caused the complete devastation of the main i!... .l 1 and consequently,
a loss in enrollment. Surprisingly, the four wooden "casitas" were the only structures that were left almost intact. Once again,
these four wooden "casitas", together with six other new wooden structures, helped the Academy to blossom again. With the
efforts of the entire school and the help Palmas community helped the Academy was back into its course, and by 2002, a por-
tion of the main .,11 ..lI ,, was restored.

J O D A Y,/ JL 4 the Academy is completing the remodeling of the last two .,,iil.1. i, that -


will house the Secondary School's classrooms, three modern biology,
physics, and chemistry laboratories, a well-equipped library and a mul-
tipurpose conference room. Its academic program has proven successful
due to 100% admittance to local and worldwide universities. Besides this,
the Academy has a well known theater and sports program. Its Drama
Club has successfully presented a variety of shows both in Puerto Rico
and on Broad' T l .. ..I, .f 1 ,,! 1, I . . r.... .. 1.. i,, I i..11
Elem entary C 'i A I t.. i'i'.l i L.. .... !I |' ..!i, .|

W. pUI
sm .fIkiL9

N- ~


By Lissette Rosado


riFM Y

S' ,' r i .I ,i I 'lA i I i iI ,. i r I. Ii, i t i r, i

P. I I' I ,.. i r rl I, '.-i ir r .
S I'[ i t I.I ..I I 1 Ir I I I i .. 11 .I I Ir I -

" I ' ' |'l '. .. I I .. r i i ,, , .. 'i l .I' l... l'r!, r ... i. l 'ur 1 ,l.i l *, i,
I I 1 1 I

,_i1 1 ... I,, ,, I i. I h ... i |',l ,, r i .11

S i .l' r . ** ....1 Iid hl .. i .r I ...i] i r.- ii.. r .1 1 i,..I. r lit

= rl',.. lll 'r. ri f u p ir ..t l Illi1 A i i .. in ', ii.. r*..J l'i,]. i- ...I il i r..JI i ,r ,,. ... nl
IA.t ,,l k i.l. l- l I,. 1[, 1 , A .i
I' l 'i ...l i l A ., l In iirli A t . I I I rid l li .'l i .. I .. i I F. I i I I I ..... ,,r ,.
i II .. r 1. .. ll, 1 ,. .LL i r r I r. ,- r .I I .rli
I \ II A i l I r I I l ll, I l I 1I II I l I 'i .- l l I. Ir
---- I.. I I, Il I I I 1 ,

I 1, J I Ir IIi IIiIr I IIIi I I I Il -
= II I... r ,,, I I I rr I I'l li. V ... [Ili, Fdl I I I I[I

A '! i ..] . .. i. I I Ir Ti... l . i l.. i IF I .I I t ,i I i .. T ii ii i i ii 1 I lii .1
r,, rl'l ,. I '..l' l i ..'. I .l, A.J idi... hr l l l... I I IF, i lI. Ip I I I.. i lil l- r, .. .. I l ,,I
-- I I. i ili '-1 I l. r I ..1, I ir ,11 , l ,ii. 1. It 1 i ,- l h r i r. 1i11 i i .. ,l i 1. 1.i.
. I, ll , l .. ri,' li .. n i H ,, l .. .. Ili r i1 1 I I i rl, I I i I I .I
1I,.. ], IF I I I I, r ,I r1 I.. ... I i 1- t1 -1 I ll
', , d I. llr ,, h r i.c . I Ic l b,. I, -ll !1 I'f . ll. l ,

Il ,. J ..I I I l nI rI .. .. I I I II 1 . I I. I' h i ..
= f I 11 ,. . ,, i, i ,_, r, r ,, i t ,n r l i,, i s 1 1 t i Il \ l I,. l ili, .,x Lr E

= .. l I' f lFi. 1 % 1 II 1 r r r. L

I 1 i 1 1 1. r I. !- !.I r I i .I !. I ill1 !
I F : r 1 l. 1. I,. I,. r,. ,.! l. h, I r
h r ,!!.!. ._H r,,* ._!,,,,!.|' ,, 't ,!,. i ',h .i !.i.f-
ILI..h ,.r r ,. i ..hir ..I i,, .|.I ,. r, ,! ,! .r ..1!, .. !, h .

I i . 1 . .. I i I Ir ....
, i. r r ! ! .. I .! .I .I I I '.,

i l I . ,I ._ .I. I i i r I l .. r .

in Il II I
t ! ..I. I !r i .I k '. i J I., r I ... r
i i i i d. .I ..h i r.. "l,, H !i i . i k .i "f' ,,,,
!,.,'.! !,,I ,* ..I ,., ,r r, | .! '. !,.. r, l. r !, .,.

,I ,I ,r, ,
I ,!1 i ,, 1. i ! ,,!- . .. t i ',h . i. A .\ .. '. I,. l',
t. ...I,..I .,.I .. .. . l. l. 1 1 1.
l . I . . .. I *, I . ,, , .! !,.
i h1 ',. ll. !,, .,. ', !. !! , ll.lll. fr i ',h ,l A .\ ..l.. I,. l', !.*
Ih '., ,. ! ,I I ,, . *!..I I I I I 1 ..
.., Ir!, !..I,. .. .. !,.I .I! I. r | !"!. iI .
I'..,. !,, !,. .... r!,, r. n . .t r! ... .. .. r ,.
","; !. !,i I I i h !, ,! f ... 1 .. ... !,_, . r ri l r! i. . _l r !r

, i ..I r,. ,f,. l. r ,.!t ,!r f ..I ,. ! -r,. !.ir ,!! l
,. ir. l', I,,, r,, h !,i I .. . .l i,!, r!, l ,._ !,. lr .., ,,*
r !lr ..r ii ... .. !.. ,.,I., ,.I ,u r ,. .ir. .... I,, !! r .! -
!! !. r .I '.,i !r l H ,, m ,. r ! '.,' ,. l'.i , ._l. ir ..,' ,.
,. l !!' ,. i t i r... ..l !, !!, r! .. .... .. r l,..h r ,I i
<. i r . l. i. !, ,', !' l ,. !i,. ,..l i .! ,1, i il',. !I

L I r iI I n I irr-

Sl il 1ii l lphin, i
-I L' i c Ill I r ,r111 r IT -
3 cI, 1 i n 11 i lT L -

Ildt cA"'rl-l 4 rt L i
S Il arcI'. I" c i r 1 ii i
i trrI.1l C-, 1 IL Ll 1 n'r
S ic ,. rt 1i .,ikLJ. 11, hel', i \% r\rlilm ThllLt ir =
i ',r d rilllI' trhan 1 ''v I- l Ir ln',, Il'. ii I i t Vl i N J[i 's V- 'LI I I
i riL1r, Ic 1w rlI c l it l-i' k[licr [, rh c *ii ill ,iic I ni d Icl, I d\ T li ci,;", i
| ,I ^i_'riJ r I .1r r r I hcii '. 11. I',II ht, 1 OI lt- ri_'hir b- I-tr .
Iil"41"1 lt M r. II i1 i',1 EJtLi ',il pl1.k "i- l' i >lll'.t I I d
I 1',lin1 ,1 A i..roi' i rnor ,i : ri F'' r hc .ini \\ irli r Ni hIl ,. ', l ir..
- ri, ,r th'i lin.e I;','> .,, [.}i\.m ,'i f .A l d r' .i',,in- I 'l'i'iid. l E,.ii1:iron. |
[I t, rh .l 1, h Io 11,'flYi 1 ld- .t .n ---
| T rIac ]\ N lit I I II'lim A idmv, I |
flll lll l lll kl e 111lllllllll.ll lll l ll l ll ll l ll l ll ll l ll l lllITll l ll l ll ll l l ll ll l ll l ll l


Este semestre, no cortes... depila con laser.

Dile adi6s a la afeitada diaria de una vez y para
siempre. Pregunta por nuestras ofertas para el
regreso a cases y Certificados de Regato para
depilaci6n con laser.

beauty e

Galeria Ashford Condado Villas de San Francisco #2
(787)721-9221/724-5103 I (787)281-8769/250-8256
-- - - ---------------------------- -

$200 Cup6n
de descuento
*en cualquier tratamiento con Idser.
*Un tratamiento = 5 visits. No aplica en combinacid6n
con otras ofertas. VYdido hasta el 30 de septiembre de 2008.
I cup6n por client. No redimible en efectivo.
- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

One of the most attractive aspects of Palmas del Mar is the harmonious integration of
its architectural character with its natural beauty. Throughout the years, this planned
community has grown in size and variety, while attempting to keep aesthetic quality
and compatibility amongst the diverse developments. Because of its relative success
in achieving this goal, some may have
assumed that there is a predominant
architectural "style" at Palmas.
Now, let's define this term. Architec-
ture styles classify architecture in terms of
form, technique, materials, time period,
and region. These emerge from the
study of the evolution and the history
of architecture. Architectural style is
a way of cataloguing architecture that p
gives emphasis to characteristic features
of design, leading to classifications such as
"Classical Style" or "Gothic Style" in Old
World Architecture, or to more recent
categories of Modern Architecture such as "International Style", "Postmodernism", or
The Architectural Review Board (ARB) Design Codes establish that the "Architec-
tural Style at Palmas del Mar is derived from historic influences of both Spanish Medi-
terranean and Caribbean Architecture." In examining generally accepted timelines for
Architectural Styles, the closest recognized style that could fit at least the first portion
of this description is the "Mediterranean Revival Style."
Mediterranean Revival Style Architecture is an eclectic style that was first introduced
in the United States around the turn of the nineteenth century and became prominent
in the 1920s and 1930s. The style evolved from a renewed interest in Italian Renais-
sance palaces and seaside villas, dating from the sixteenth century, and can be found
predominantly in Florida and California due to the popular association of these coastal
regions with Mediterranean resorts. The structures are typically multi-story and based
on a rectangular floor plan, and feature massive, symmetrical primary facades. Medi-
terranean Revival is generally characterized by colored stuccoed wall surfaces, pitched
terra cotta tiled roofs, tile-capped parapet walls and articulated doorways. Balconies
are common, and generally have railings fabricated out of wrought iron or wood. Or-
namentation can range from very simple to dramatic. Classical, Spanish Colonial or
Beaux-Arts architecture details are often incorporated in the design.
In a way, many of the i.d.ldii:,, and houses in Palmas do fit this eclectic Mediter-
ranean Revival Style, reminding us of similar developments from the past century in
the environs of Miami. Nevertheless, there is more variety at Palmas. We have more
modern interpretations in La Jolla and Palmarina, contrasting with most traditional
representations found in Marbella and Palmanova. There are very simple renditions in
Beach Village and Harbor Point, with more ornate counterparts in Plaza del Mar and



By RalI Rivera-Ortiz, AIA

The Architectural N
Review Board (ARB) Design Codes
establish that the
"Architectural Style at Palmas
del Mar is derived from historic
influences of both Spanish
Mediterranean and Caribbean
In examining generally accepted
timelines for Architectural Styles, the
closest recognized style that could
fit at least the first portion of this
description is the "Mediterranean
Revival Style."
Solarea. Also, in the individual homes up in the hills, there i ', r' ... of design solutions. Even the institutional ,,i .l.ii, present ..... ,.,. r.i ..t ..h ..i -
proposals: from the rustic Tennis Club to the grand Country l tI,. rin, r i. Ii. !ii.,
Real Estate Center to the very tropical Beach Club. Even with such mixture, there
seems to be harmony.
Perhaps then, it is not "style" that unifies Palms, but rather the diverse use of similar
materials, the colorful palette, the architectural respect to the natural environment,
and the response to the requirements of the ARB Guidelines and the Master Plan.
The whole is not rigid, but playful. It is actually reminiscent of the instinctive ver-
nacular architecture of the coastal Mediterranean towns that originally inspired the
development of Palmas del Mar.


Bimm~ruc[ OF Ti.e F~ous AAA~ CouwAC



MON & WED: 6:30 AM / 7:00 PM
TUE & THU: 7:45 AM / 6:30 PM / 7:30PM
FRI: 6:30 AM SAT: 7:45 AM 4
Reservations required
| $ 10 per class
by Jackie Special rate $1 00
787.850.6000 /787.529.9377



Caxia a t4
rc to a P

1- Ak



Ave. Castiglioni B-6, Bayam6n Gardens Bayam6n, PR 00957
787.730.4988 FAX 787.730.1052 email pwsnarvaez@live.com

Marginal Ave. Kennedy, Km. 3.5, San Juan
787. 782. 4030 Ext274,280




300 Hostos Ave.
San Juan PR 00918-2318
t 787-250-8045
f 787-754-9636
e bjewels@coqui.net



a 1i


Cava LLC presents a classic and romantic acrilic bath
tub. You can find various alternatives of the tub bottom
finishing. Available in BATHROOM JEWELS.

A conversation piece
from the Fine Arts Lamps
Collection at
GALLERY, at Gallery Plaza
in Condado.

A unique expression of elegance
and distinction ... a door with
an ornamental gate.
Available at VALCOR SAMCOR.

Contemporary design for a modern
and sophisticated ambiance.
Available at VIVA CARPET.




Pools and outdoors by
LUIS FREIRE to create your
own piece of paradise.

Getting away from the hectic
world, sheltering in your
private universe,
that's what Kokoon is all
about suspended between
earth and sky.
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you will find the latest and best of
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St.. -...

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Extraordinary comfort with style and
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everyday colors,
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Hands -off! The Ceasar Kitchens line has a new option:
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En HiTech Auto Care estamos comprom idos
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Por eso, en nuestro Car Wash utilizamos products
biodegradables y reciclamos el agua, ayudando asi a
conservar nuestros recursos naturales.



m mm


w I-

rEI /pJisrIfr vi rnf 47DjE)\ ]r- ZIriZr'5
^ ps~r viJlj yn 7QD\3 3'J3 pPYE'\3

- -


r 0

,%tass d
4q e


Maantec I

y no require lubr'c c,: n


Garantfa de por vida y
financiamiento disponible.

AB-6 Ave. Muhoz Marnn
Frente a Cadena Salsoul
787-704-2300 787-602-1664

Carr.#14, Frente a
Urb. Alturas de Montellano
787-738-7941 787-738-811

Marginal Carr.167, #37
Frente a Rest. Los Gorditos
Urb. Magnolia Gardens
8 787-607-5030

i 19 de efrie ls mje en y i del


? I


-- w



k I


Tand the excellence M s __
of a job well done.
I live next to Harbor Lakes and I have never before visited interesting story; it was bought by two couples to be shared by
the villas until the recent house tour. the two families. Another interesting detail is that the two
I was impressed, not only with the extremely creative decora- women are both interior decorators and they wanted the apart-
tion of the villa, butby their distribution and characteristics. The ment to be a laboratory of sorts or a show case for their clients
entrance is very Mediterranean and elegant with stairs that lead but enjoyable for the family as well. They wanted a place they
to the top floor. For those of you that have never been to Har- can show their clients the different tools and techniques you
bor Lakes, the entrance to the Villa has two doors making the can use for space, light, elegance, the use of colors, textures,
entrance very elegant. Once you .
are inside the villa you can ap- .:
preciate that the spacing makes
it feel very comfortable and the
lighting and cross ventilation
are very effective. The sealing is
9 feet tall giving you a sense of
more space complimented with
a very spacious balcony that you WA--
appreciate from the living, din- .
ing and kitchen area. When you -
open the doors to the balcony all
this space becomes one to enjoy "-" "
with family and friends. The
villas have 1,638 to 2,046 square
feet making it a very comfortable
living space.
This specific villa has a very .-

combinations of styles etc. And let me tell you, this is one of
the most beautiful villas I have ever been to in Palmas. The
good news is they didn't have to make any structural changes.
They didn't change floors, kitchen or the bathroom, so we are
not talking about a major investment, even though... nothing
is inexpensive nowadays. I am going to try not to write too
much because I want to include in this article as many photos
as I can.
Her names are Elina Dfaz Gierbolini and Maribel Avilds
Pagan and their company's name is MEcl6ctico in Caguas,
(Maribel plus Elina and elcl6ctico because they combine
styles and decoration strategies). Maribel is more modern and
slick while Elina is more traditional. "Sometimes we "fight"
about the treatment of a decoration and the result is the un-
expected.", said Maribel.
How was the process of decorating the villa at Harbor
Lakes? How did they design their own place? Well, they said
the same way they do with a client. They analyze what they
want to do with the space and once that decision is made
then they go to the drawing board. "This is a weekend apart-
ment for us, so we wanted to feel that we were in a hotel
suite but at the same time we wanted it very homey, taking in
to consideration the kids' and adults' interests", stated Elina.
First the ceiling. The design has a very interesting fascia at
three different levels that hide the lights and give the living
area a very chic and modern feeling. The fascia has a treat-
ment that looks like polished cement. Then the back wall
(the one that goes from the living to the dining room) was
painted in a dark chocolate color with texture. "Dark colors,
when used on a wall that unites two areas, gives a sensation
of a bigger space, especially at night", said Maribel. The living
room has a huge mirror lined against the wall that give you
a feeling of space and connects all the area. The furniture is
low and has a mixture of textures and styles. The kitchen, in
front of the dining room is the original one, they just add-
ed a stove hood and a fascia. The position of the kitchen is
very practical in integrating the people that always hang out
around the kitchen.
The master bedroom is a true suite of a five star hotel
in Paris (even though I have never seen a five star hotel in
Paris, that's how I imagine they should be!). This room has

...the back wall that goes from
the living to the dining room was
painted in a dark chocolate
color with texture that when
used in the same wall gives you a
bigger space sensation,
especially in the evenings.

bay windows that make you feel abroad. The lighting is exqui-
sitely achieved with linen fabrics that filter the light in and gives
that soft-cozy feeling. The walk-in closet is open and integrated
to the room. Since they don't live in the apartment full time
they reduced the closet space and put a kitchenette with a wine
refrigerator and a rack for wine glasses. To place emphasis on the
"hotel suite look" in that area they placed a suitcase rack with
Luis Vuitton luggage. Details, details, details. Nothing was left
to chance. And talking about details, in the bathroom the only
change they did was long shower curtains hung from the sealing
that give the bathroom a majestic look. Every room has a per-
sonality accordingly with gender. The girls' room is more femi-
nine and the boys' room is more sober, but both with the same
feeling of a hotel room.
I have to also mention
that the artwork on the
walls are exquisite and
this is because Elina
and Maribel promote
good art and they
sponsor local artists
as an investment for
their family legacy.

The master bedroom is a true
suite of a five star hotel in Paris.
This room has bay windows
that make you feel as if you
were abroad. The illumination
is exquisitely achieved with silk
threads which filter the light and
creates a soothing atmosphere.

i ...tihe i,- i 1'. I 1'ii I lr, -,i tE-innIIr E
.and the I:,1:::., l:. r,:n::,: -, p:. *,::, ':.:.,I:,e r,
* but both with the same feeling of a
hotel room .

The Terrace... a private spa.

SThe terrace on the top is a real spa. I
Snot going to l ... .. ,it too much, I

t i l!, ,r, r, I',,,rk
a -, !. , I _, ,I ,,,


5 F

I i , -
W . ....... ........


Big success PHA Movie Nights Premier
The Premier of PHA Movie Nights was a big success! There were about 60 or
more residents. There was plenty of popcorn, thanks to Jos6 Juan Martinez
from PHA and his son Diego Jos6 that made more than 90 bags of popcorn!
Thanks to Jos6 Juan for the movie selection, The Edge of Heaven, and for
insisting that movies are not the same without popcorn. Or appreciation also
to Ballester Hermanos for the exquisite wines served at the cocktail. A special I
recognition to our special invited guest, Marcos Zurinaga, our Puerto Rican
movie director and producer that was the star of the night. Marcos shared with
us the importance of this kind of initiative, that promotes and supports the ,
movie industry in Puerto Rico. Don't miss the next PHA Movie Nights, always the
first Saturday of the month. The next feature, Saturday. 2nd of August, will be
Ocean Eleven, a double feature of the original movie and the remake.
Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days
| .i1. .111.1i ilim .1.- I '...-11 1 I -

VB j ii-i'""" .. vsr
^^?Spi [

o 0T

( 6





Don't miss the renovation of Keila's Salon with
new features and modern equipment for a
more comfortable and efficient service. The new
salon is modern and sofisticated, just as we women
like! We wish her a big success in this new phase.
Keila has been with us fori 3 years and is part of the
Palmas community.

Par Avion...one stop
many places. Mailboxes,
souvenirs, beautiful
t-Shirts, beachwear and
snacks & sodas. Conveniently
opened 7 days a week.
Located at Palmanova Plaza.
For more information call

Next Power Walk dates for
August/September are:
August 9 at 7:00 AM
September 13 at 7:00 AM
We are going to the
on September 28... be prepared!

" J

Don't miss the opportunity to keep abreast with
all the activities taking place in Palmas. Send
us your e-mail and we will keep you posted of
any new activities or changes in the schedules.
Enter KEEP ME POSTED as the subject to live.
You should also join Facebook:
Community Events PHA
If you just moved in,
let us know to welcome you.

\ A / B

rNe NEw EEA w

Did you know that Magic Bean has a fantastic machine where you
can rent newly released movies for just $1.99, even foreign and
award winning movies? But the best part is that before you go to
Magic Bean you can visit http://dvdnowexpress.mydvdkiosks.com/
member/overview to look out what is available and even watch
trailers. Isn't that wonderful? I just love it!


the new and beautiful cava at the
Morivivi Restaurant at la BOWLERA
in Caguas, owned by our friend and
neighbor, Mano Morales. Really
impressive! An ideal place for an elegant
dinner, a special presentation or simply
for a meeting or celebration with friends.
The wine selection was in charge
of Kiko Delgado, Sommelier.

iiicos, EquiiOs v Acces-Arios
Reparacion I Mantenimiento
de Jacuzzi vy Piscinas
Calle Flor Gerena #6 norte,
Humacao, PR 00791
285.1919 / 594.6366

P almas marKet

p .. -Tiendasen

Twda aCaauas
S iUW.fU. vrnYtarTn.com
^- ----. -_. Ffq
;mwa2 u^,S ^ ^ -ipnbe

saving lives &,

By Lissette Rosado reCConSt i

Each story is iii i,' I i i, all real stories from real '
wom en. In '''i ii ,,,.. iii..ii of their I .iii anni-
versary of its 'i, lii.i. I was I i' i, I to visit the
I IIIii, i, ,i, I ... 11i, ,11 of the shelter of Casa de la
Bondad, Inc. by its co-founder, Arlene Fromer, a
resident of Palmas del Mar.
I arrived at Casa de la Bondad, without really
iii what I was ilii.I to encounter I, .
They were at the I hlii 'i table, ,IIi ,.I necklaces.
There was tension in the air because they knew I
wascoming and lli i i i i i1 1i i 1.-about
to share their stories with me, all on a voluntary
basis. I knew it was, 'l i'.I to be hard.
I started with" Eva" (for security reasons, a
fictitious name) because the II' ii, I personnel
told me it was the worst case. Eva and her I II, .
children have been at Casa de la Bondad for 3
months. "What is your story?" I asked and im-
mediately her tears came. L,' I lii.I at her eyes, I
could feel the profound pain. For seven months I
lived with the worst man in the ,"11' she started.
Then she told me her story of terror, the last episode "S
was the 'I. iil, ii of the end. He took her to a forest
and beat her until he I1 1." i ii, she was dead. He left to
her in the bushes. When she woke up, many hours
later, it was night and she could hardly move. But her Of 1
survival instinct helped her crawl to the nearest road.
Fi ll two women stopped to help her. From I,, SO
she went to the hospital where she stayed for several
days, eyes completely red, her mouth in pieces, her Si
arms and '. covered in the bruises she received
from her i1 'i.

She was destroyed, inside and out. "The worst part is that I met him
at church, he was supposedly a ( iil i,..ii ', Eva told me. Still in tears, she
recommended Ii "1 1, 11i closely study a man before iii or I1 11 i" I
Our second woman, Sofia, (also a fictitious name) also has an incred-
ible story. "Sofia" is 31 and has her IIII I. children with her at the shelter.
She had .,i ii ill, been kidnapped for 15 years by her partner. This is
not for real; I ii'. i.,i11 I was ', ii'1 I a story from a woman living in the
Middle East! "He picked me up at school to take me home, but instead
he took me to his house and locked me in until very late at ii, itii and
she added that after that I could not go back home. I was 15 years old
and my parents would have killed me." Then her Iillli, I ,' .i i. He
would always remind me that he was ii, 'II. i than me and that he had 5
bullets for each part of my body. He also iii' i i ', I me many times with
a knife. He would not let me out ,i Ii .* house. I started to leave the house
when my children started school but I was not able to go any ,itI. I place.


body and soul

E I I i I was to be the way he wanted, he was
ve ry 11 Ill,'' I I.
He isolated her from her family and friends and
"Sofia" did not have anyone to count on. She was
alone. Year after year I11, i. got worse until one
I I in front i ,i ,i I 'I , I children, he threat-
ened to light the house on fire with them inside.
That day she decided it was I ,, i. l and left with
her 11, children and filed' I 1 . i Ii him .
"But I am ill 11, I she cried and trembled. I am
afraid because I left my home with this guy when
I was a girl and now I am afraid to face the world
alone with -I" kids".
Tell me which story is worse? "Eva" and "Sofia"
are trying to put the pieces of their bodies and
souls i, III, to start a new life. This is why Casa
de la Bondad's job and mission are so important.
EHIt ... .. ii1, 1 I, women is vital. They, like so
many others, do not know where to ',. il They
need, 1 1i ii, i. from II ii, I and food, to coun-
seling and "'i I advocacy for II, ,, i and their
F,, i, 11years, Casa de la Bondad, Inc. has been
S , i, li,, i free and 1 ,, ,I, 1 i, lI services to the female
survivors of' I, i i ,, ii, I ..* ,111 I ii ,ll children Do-
mestic violence ii i I all socio economic, ,II, Iu .
d "Our trained and professional staff provides coun-
li, ,. i. referral services and ',. 1 I advocacy. With our
referral service ,, i., i,. our non- resident ,i'-" ii ,i
helps women in areas such as ',, I i', i. employment,
1 I1 r ir, ,i i and economic assistance. The Ii, i, 1', with
a capacity of 24, i i. .I 24/7 provides a safe haven
to survivors and their children islandwide and ,11I, .

the same services as the non-resident 'I" ii ,i,. Casa de la Bondad also
,I' I i I I .1i1 I I.i to '.11in, i ii t-. '. ii 1 1 i liii children as w ell as 1 i, iiii I class-
es. Our, ',,iim,, ii outreach i. ii II ii, I .at risk ,. 'lil ii ii and aims
to educate as we believe that only i,, .,I,. iii .hi inh, ii, can we eradicate
I.1I11. ii violence", said Ms. Fromer.
: 1 2 0 04 iili. i ia federal 11 I. w e also ii, I I .illr.iii i .ilI III, I.
to a number of .1 ii'n, i ii'.i1, added Ms. Fromer.
/ I, .11, with President I i i, il, i Buso and a dedicated Board of Direc-
tors that oversees the '1 i i,' '. .and fiscal management 1i II ii i,i ii i -
tion, the staff of Casa de la Bondad will 'I .. i1, 1.'.. 1111, 1 services to the
female survivors of, ,,iii, Ii, violence and their children.
The services are free and' .,1 I, iil ii. Call 787 852-7265 or 787 852-
2087 Your help will ii, I ill, save lives.
As our 1, ill"'l. in Humacao and I i, ,i'1 women and children is-
landwide, they need your help. L,," iii. .are welcome and can be sent to
PO Box ',', Humacao 00792-(1 i,.

"Eva" and

ofia" are trying

put the pieces

their bodies an

uls together tc

tart a new life.


aI .'


S r,

Palmas del Mar Country lub I
Member & Guest

me M- 7%




'! 4Y


v, I llI



Palmas del Mar Country Club
Member & Guest







b.o ..*

Palrmas del Mar Country Club
Member & Guest


J Li


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