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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publication Date: March 2008
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It is truly a pleasure to present the new magazine... Life
& Live in Palmas, a project I have developed with Palmas
del Mar Homeowners Association. We hope it will become
a way of enhancing communication, joining forces and
getting to know each other better. I count on you, friends
and neighbors, to make this happen.
Ever since I bought my villa at La Jolla two years ago, my
passion for Palmas has been "in a creschendo". And this
year, when my daughter Gabriela left for College, I decided
it was time to move to what I like to call "El Pais de Palmas".
When I return from San Juan and pay the 50 cents at the
toll booth I feel as if I had just passed the customs inspection
and arrived home.
But... I'm not the only one! Many have also made
Palmas their home. Palmas del Mar, unlike other resorts,
has become an authentic community. We have a bank, a
school, eighteen restaurants, a hotel, a grocery store, an
insurance company, boutiques and other shops, two medical
offices, an equestrian center, two golf courses and a fishing
village, among others businesses. Soon we will also have

in Dialmas

----- EII I U ^hEI I I^,lV^
an important marina and yatch club which will enhance
what Palmas del Mar has to offer. And before I forget... we
also have our very own mayor's office, the new and fabulous
Palmas del Mar Home Owners Association (PHA) .,dii.l ii,.
In this, our first edition of Life & Live in Palmas, we will
talk about Baby Boomers, the new recycling program, the
good news that the PHA has for us, highlights from the
latest activities, art, decoration and much more.
Feel free to write us with ideas, suggestions and comments.
Please write to: live li f .ii 1l.i. 1 1 1. '. 1 I.. ,
I hope you enjoy your new magazine and the privilege of
living at El Pais de Palmas! Don't forget your passport at
In the next issue we will talk about our 68 acre forest and
wood trail be constructed for community enjoyment.

Lissette Rosado, ditor

.--, I.J .ir. .r..:. 5 Bir Peroni, Rome, Italy. Imported and Distributed by CCI Beer Distributor, Inc. Bayam6n, Puerto Rico.

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FFEBF;l.-.F:, i .-.F: H 2'00 -; IL 1 Illl.1. 1

Lissette Rosado, Editor

Editorial Collaborators

I it l IR i I I Ii l Il
I ill- lI F IIII i I III

Graphic Design
ii i i i i i i- : FI Ii .- II 1 I

Sales & Marketing
: F-, ~~,1 ,[ In i' I' I

Security & Protectiln

in Palmas del Mar

By Ceci Virsida de Santiago, V.P.
Palmas Insurance, Corp.
Our priority in Palmas Insurance, Corp. is to offer protection
and security to all our clients in Palmas del Mar. Our Personal
Package Policy is designed to insure all your personal belongings
in just one contract, at a lower cost than the normal rates and
savings from $300. to $500.
This policy includes the following coverages, in just one annual
payment, with just one expiration date, and offers more benefits
in premiums and coverages than the individual policies.

Coverage for the structure and/or content of your residence is based on replacement
cost, with respect to losses by direct damage, such as fire, windstorm, earthquake,
vandalism, robbery and other causes. Additional coverages include:

I I i

Assistant Editors

-, i111- 1 I II ii- I -

I -- ii-- I -Ii VIPl il i

Life & Life in Palnmas I: :I1 i i
.11i ei1111 ih ll II l-i --l I it i I Ii -,i i l ll- I eII I, i

lu l l l.l l i d I I II II _1111 I I Il i -lill I

I .: ill 787-765-2190
Life & Life in Palm as i: .: : -i: r'::ii.i: tii:
,: Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association liiri: Rosado & Morales, Inc.
| 1 1il 1 ,- 1- 1 l 1- ; I I :11 ,111 11 : ,11 1 [llh, d 11

Special Limits:
Money, Bank Notes, etc.
Yachts, including trailers, etc.
Jewelry not listed
Property for Business Use
Electronic apparatus

$ 300.

Additional Coverages:
Identity Fraud
Credit Cards
Refrigerated property
Lockset replacement
Debris Removal
Trees, Plants, Shrubs Glass

$ 500.
$ 500.
$ 500.


Personal Liability
Coverage for personal legal liability for personal injury and/
*n or property damage, caused to third parties for an occurrence
5b W _jAr -caused by the negligence of the insured. Also included: the cov-
erage for Personal Injury and Medical expenses and public liability
for the golf cart at no additional cost.

Coverage for personal liability for third parties for accidents caused
With the insured auto, as well as, any physical damage caused to
the personal auto of the insured. We provide Road & Travel As-
sistance, towing, lock replacement, tire replacement, etc.

Excess Personal Liability (Umbrella)
Provides coverage in excess of the basic limits of auto and property liability. We offer
"Umbrella" limits from $1,000,000. to $5,000,000.

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209
from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday.

Una experiencia ufnica que disfrutaras todos los dias.

N5 -

/ f- I__



... .... .. ..


r m

Marginal Avenida Kennedy, Reparto Industrial Bechara 787-273-3000

r a ..


Let's celebrate!
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
invite you to the presentation our
new community magazine


Join us to celebrate this
new communication vehicle!
Saturday, February 9, 2008
at Las Tapas at Chez Daniel
from 7:00 to 8:00 PM*

*Hors d'oeuvre and free Peroni beer
will be served from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Cash bar for all other beverages, Music courtesy of Peroni,

Puerto Rico Open:
First full-field sanctioned by the PGA Tour
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico Gran Melia Puerto Rico Golf Resort & Villas announces
that it has become the official host hotel of the Puerto Rico Open presented by Banco
Popular. This is the first full-field sanctioned PGA Tour event in Puerto Rico. The event
will be held from March 17 -23, 2008 and is hosted by the
Puerto Rico Golf Association and Coco Beach Golf & Country Club.
"Gran Melia Puerto Rico is very proud to offer the accommodations for the most
demanding guests and all the amenities that the golf players will need during this
major golf event", said Ken Dittrich, Area Vice-president of Gran Melia Hotels &
Resorts in the Americas and Caribbean for Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts.


aru. thi iind

b,, "4 .., O '
_aai a I


a --. a *al mea s s g-

Caribbean Creative Cuisine
l utryhouse located right behind the Tennis Club.

.. .I* Ii*For reservations
.. .. is s *787.852.2220
i !I

%V11 II 78211 1 1


(787) 620-5838
Avenida 65 de Infanteria
Esquina Expreso de
Trujillo Alto, Rio Piedras

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stat palmas

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Unlike many communities, Palmas has prestigious artists.
In this edition we talked to Eddie Ferraioli to learn about his
collection for this season.
Eddie has being a pioneer baby boomer. It has already been
5 years since he made Palmas his home.
"Palmas del Mar has being a blessing for my wife Mari, my
two daughters Nena and Negrita and for me as an artist",
says Eddie. "During the last 5 years I have worked on 2 mo-
saics exhibits, "Las hojas del diluvio" and "Fruto Pi. .1i'.l. "
for PAMIL Art Gallery". He also completed a spectacular
collection to pay homage to flora and censure injustices to
women titled "Virgenes" presented at the Contemporary
Art Museum. As if this were not enough, he has also written
and published a poems collection with the suggestive title of
"Virgenes Er6ticas y Angeles Lascivos".
He recently presented at Reinhold Jewelry his crystal and
gold and crystal and silver jewelry collection. "I love working
small formats and creating jewelry gave me that opportunity.
Even though I studied gold and silversmith and jeweler, it was
not until last year that I was able to make a reality of what
had been only ideas for many years".
Palmas has definitely been an inspiration to this prolific
And what plans does Eddie have for 2008? Here is a pre-
view; "I am at a stage in my life where I think my art should
be in touch with humanity. This is why I have started mosaics
courses at Punta Santiago, in a program directed by Nancy
Madden known by its initials as PECES (Proyecto Educativo
Comunal de Entrega y Servicios). During the month of April I
will also have an exhibit at the Sacred Heart University, where
for the first time I will be showing paintings and sculptures in
retrospect of my first steps in this field. This exhibition will
be a fund raising event for the University."
In regards to his debut of paintings and sculptures, Ferraioli
comments; "I was an environmentalist even before it was
fashionable and it is the theme that embraces my work. I
have named the collection Testigos: Actos contra Natura, it
is an outline of my vision."
Eddie continues, "among other things, Palmas del Mar has
given me the opportunity to do something for the flora and
during the last several years I have planted trees and palms in
my neighborhood. So far, I have planted 23 white oak trees,
62 palms, and I have a small greenhouse with 40 white oaks
and 7 yellow oaks. Getting on top of a scaffold to show off

Details of "Los Reptiles" from his new "Testigos: Actos Contra Natura" collection.

to the press does little for the environment. If on the other
hand, we plant as much as we protest, Puerto Rico could be a
huge forest in spite of the excessive amount of concrete that
covers the island, but for this you have to bend your back and
unfortunately many environmentalist in Puerto Rico don't
walk the talk", added Ferraioli.
Eddie urges Palmas de Mar residents committed to the envi-
ronment, to contact him to work together in this endeavor.
There is no doubt of the existential benefits Palmas has
offered Eddie, but there is no doubt that Palmas has benefited
from having Eddie as its resident artist. We are very proud of
his contributions to our community on all levels, both as an
environmentalist and as an artist!

"I was an
before the.



o n
x2,9 05




The new PHA '.,, di.l, facilities were of-
ficially inaugurated on November 10, 2007.
The.,, il .liii was designed by long time Pal-
mas resident Architect Rarll Rivera and built
by Naim Berrios, an experienced builder of
projects in Palmas del Mar. According to
Architect Rivera: "the design of this .,, il.li ,
was conceived to respond, not only to the
functional aspects of the PHA operations,
but also to reflect the image of its meaning
within the community. In this sense, the
.il, d..i.1i acquires two distinct faces: one very
balanced and sober facade facing the outside
of Palmas that manifests its position as the
house of government (reminiscent of the
traditional city hall), and one more playful
facade towards the community reflecting its

purpose as the gathering place for home-
owners (evocative of the old casinos in our
Puerto Rican towns).
The design also presents a duality in con-
structive aspects: respecting the traditional
detailing of the Palmas architectural style
of the exterior, while treating the interiors
with a more modern approach, with flowing
open spaces revealing exposed ductwork and
suspended lighting fixtures.
We were very fortunate to gather an
exceptional team to flawlessly execute the
construction of this .,il..l1, We are very
proud of the project and hope that it will
respond fully to our community needs and

several other participating countries. Over-
I '=: all results were as follows: FIRST PLACE:
*1 ,Ivan Aponte, PR; SECOND PLACE: Rall
Rios, PR; THIRD PLACE: Ian Barrows,
VI; FOURTH PLACE: Antoine Screve,
USA and FIFTH PLACE Ram6n Gonz~lez,
PR. Our congratulations and thanks to Ivan
and Tuti Aponte for this great initiative.
The Palmas Sailing Academy organized an
extremely successful and fun-filled Optimist '
Class Regatta at the Palmas Marina on No-
vember 22-25, 2007. In addition to the Re -
gatta, clinics and training sessions were held
for youngster from Puerto Rico, and from





Plans for the construction of the Palmas
Children's Community Park are moving along
at a good pace. This park located behind
the Tennis Center will feature a very modern
concept of playground equipment and other
amenities designed by City Parks for toddlers
and young children. This project is being
built as a collaborative effort between the
Palmas Homeowners Association and Palmas
Properties Inc. The land where the park will
be built was donated by Palmas long time
resident and developer Joaquin Soler.


ow that...?

The use of a family dwelling or a commercial unit
in Palmas del Mar is subject to the provisions
of the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
Restrictive Covenants and the By-Laws and rules
of the Association. Some of the key provisions
contained in these documents include:
Owners shall maintain family dwellings, lots or
commercial units including landscaping and improve-
ments in a manner consistent with community-wide
standards and all applicable covenants.
No nuisances are allowed on the properties nor
shall any use or practice be allowed which is the source
of annoyance to residents or which interferes with the
peaceful possession or use of the properties by the
No improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be
made of the properties and all valid laws, zoning ordi-
nances and regulations of all governmental agencies
having jurisdiction thereof shall be observed
All dogs and cats must be leashed or carried
by hand and shall not be permitted to run loose and

No signs, advertisements or posters of any kind
including "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs of any type shall
be posted on Palmas properties
No garment's, rugs or other items of any type shall
be hung from any portion of the properties.
No parking is permitted on roadway, l or
grassed areas,
No repair of vehicles shall be made on any of the road
ways, driveways, landscaped, grassed or parking areas nor
shall any areas within Palmas, unless designated for such

Vehicles are subject

6e/V 3.

No person shall make or permit any disturbing
nor shall do or permit anything which will interere w
rights, comforts and conveniences of any other pe
No owner shall make any exterior alteration,

Palin 6/ dV Mar Architectu/6 l 6e6iew Board,

No person shall take any action or construct any
improvement which obstructs, impedes or re channels
the flow of drainage areas and easements established
on any plot, the Master Plan constructed forth purpose
of the natural flow of storm waters
Owners shall be responsible for any damages
caused within Ps/ /WA bytheirfamily members,

Annual and special assessments
Pah/R V de' Mar Homeowne6 As

As indicated in the Restrictive Covenants, failure of
owners to comply with these provisions may result
in suspension of privileges or legal action. Owners
shall be responsible for all costs of enforcement
including but not limited to attorney fees and court
costs whether or not litigation is instituted. For any
questions regarding these provisions please contact
PHA at 787-285-6425.


The Annual Homeowners
Parranda organized by PHA/
DCI in close collaboration
with the Palmas del Mar
Business Association was a
huge success. More than 100
carts participated in the golf
cart parade and decoration
competition. Over 700 people
gathered at the festivity held
for the first time at Palmanova
Plaza. There was plenty of fun,
music, dancing and fabulous
food treats provided by various
business establishments'
members of the Business
Golf cart decoration winners
were: Lorenzo and Arelis
Rivera (first prize), Jose
Beauchamp (second prize)
and Christy Birdie (third
prize). Also, winners of the best
decorated residential entrances
were: Casillas de Palmas
(first), Fairlakes III (second)
and Aquabella (third). Special
recognition for a job well done
went also to: Crescent Beach,
Crescent Cove, Fairway
Courts, Haciendas de
Palmas, Palmas Reales and
Palmas Plantation.
A special word of thanks to
Daniel Vasse and Denise Love
who along with Tony Maldonado
headed the planning and
execution of this memorable
event. Thanks also to the
many members of the Business
Association and to our Santa,
Raul Piovanetti, who donated
their time, resources and efforts
to insure its success.



SI L&I A411

a t w a
I Ug g

elements of.


By RaI Rivera-Ortiz, AIA

Architecture is the art
and science of designing
building spaces, organized
to adequately accommodate
human activities, while re-
sponding to environmental,
cultural, and contextual con-

editions. The basis of design
for Architecture is precisely
the human body and spirit.
Its elements respond to,
and communicate with, the
moving observer to create an

Movement defined by form and
rhythm incidp tho QtAirrn.P

i .. i.
Play of light, color, texture and
rhythm in entrance trellis.

...may be defined as a per-
ception of size. Great size
will mostly be perceived
as impressive, while small-
scale will probably be sensed
as charming. The impres-
sion of scale depends on
the comparison with other
recognizable visual elements

Alignment of windows is altered
to confirm movement inside.

(people, trees, cars). The
skillful modulation of scale
will provide adequate pro-

...is assessed as the correct-
ness of correspondence in
scale. A space may be expe-
rienced as well-proportioned,
or it may be sensed as too tall
or too short, too wide or too

...is achieved by the orga-
nization of components. It
provides a sense of stability.
The alignment of windows

To define the experience,
Architecture uses: scale,
proportion, order, rhythm,
form, texture, color and
light. These are elements of
the architectural language
that establish a dialogue
in a facade is an example of
order. But order must allow
for unexpected surprise to
avoid boredom and arouse
curiosity. There should be a
balance between order and

...is also the result of or-
ganization, by introducing
various incidents at regular
intervals. Rhythm creates
a pattern of change. A
series of regularly spaced
columns will create rhythm
in a 'ii .,1' .

...mostly responds to func-
tion. Form is also the result
of the structural require-
ments of the space. Form
defines movement. But
form may also be used as
an emotional expression:
"sculptural, playful, sharp,

texture & color...
...will affect the percep-
tion of form. A rough sur-
face may be felt aggres-
sive (to the touch), while a
mirror-like polished surface
may seem to dissolve the
solidity of the form. Color
modulates the surface. It
recedes or brings forward

with the spectator. When
used coherently, the dialogue
may provide a memorable,
and sometimes delightful,

planar surfaces. Color may
brighten or darken a space,
and create mood.

...defines volume, space
and form. The play of light
and shadow provides depth.
Light will also delineate tex-
ture and color. The use and
control of both natural and
artificial lighting may rein-
force or destroy the other
elements of the architectural
language. Light creates at-

When the elements of the
language of Architecture
are defined by a specific
vocabulary, we are able to
recognize Style. In Palmas del
Mar, the architectural style
is defined by Covenants and
Codes. The consistency of
vocabulary throughout the
development gives Palmas
its personality. But style
alone does not guarantee a
memorable experience. Only
the skillful handling of the
Elements of Architecture will
provide the observer with
a sense of delight, and the
residents with the comfort
and joy that should charac-
terize the high quality of life
we have come to expect in
this resort community.


ceoA 6k


Servicio Real Junior Suites *Villas Privadas *YHI Spa Restaurantes de Lujo *Tennis Piscina Estilo Laguna Golf Certificado por el PGA
Reserve Ilamando al 787-657-1040 o visftenos en Ifnea en www.granmeliapuertorico.com

AI... I ..mo../




By Lisselte Rosado. Editor
i 1. ,It r \ i t ,%r.>L r. i i. I r[.... t , , ,1, . ,1
^^^^^^^^"k, '% l'- i. ,,^ !, .,: t h , [ ...-W -t ,tAA, t !, T ._." ,t.
I i iL ', . I. I I TI I
J Ia I r I I I I I I r I

S rI r iti, rI- i rr iir. -I \ i iiiJ i i 1 i ri .

r ri i ri 'r i'1 r I I I'II it rl'' r J I.i[
'11. -i ir ,, iii i i .. r -
I11 .
S ,Iii I ,",C' r 1: -10 % I tu I I I
r. JI l. l, I -i iir, iiI iiiii. Irk ii ri -J ir,

J. t, : ,Ut .... U.I ,' ,',, iUi. iri. i t . ii. |i
AI i I r J I. I i. i ,, t,, I I. .I

U I r. I...- .I r l ,, It, t, ... i , ,r I r .. .. I iU ..l I ,.

U '-. r *U ,: ',,. r:. \ r,,U ,. US , t .I ,, s
Ut 't t: I I _. ,r, h I !, , J .. ,, Jt d i,
.A :,,1V0 EII H R A D and h! %Jt,,, h ... i r.. \\i, t I[..

Aquael la becaseof is hsand b hv in Pm f s
size, ditiuin pati comniy In Pal On th othe had Pal mad me f ee as if I had

It's official.

Baby Boomers

are getting


On the other hand, as a generation, according to
those who have researched this topic, we are optimistic,
gregarious, want to continue living actively and enjoy
every minute of every day living life to the fullest. We
like to eat well, play sports, listen to good music... we
like to live well! After all, this is part of the peace and
love message we defended in the 60's. So, as you can
see, we have not strayed far from where we started! We
have always thought that we can accomplish what we
put our minds to. And with that same enthusiasm we
want to create a new paradigm for "getting old".
For this reason and many others, Palmas del Mar has
become for the Boomers the ideal place to semi-retire,
retire or even work from home. Palmas is relaxing, but
something is always happening (something Boomers
need) and it offers almost everything you've dreamed
of in one place. It offers you...quality of life!

"Palmas is

lively. There is

so much going

on and at the

same time it's

quiet and safe"

There is Sonia Bermndez, who chose La Jolla, with a
spectacular ocean view. She moved to Palmas several
months ago with her daughter Ver6nica.


Th] tI ree rers a g um e to talk

bcougtine thex apartent) y Rcnl, noeo u
as I9 ladd I9ol ik al" eloe tec
up Vr~nca nd diveto the andlauhed- w
Palmas.~~~~ Itwsntutllo owr ocniu

(continued on next page)


(continued from previous page)

Raul Morales and Maite are another example of the Baby Boomers that
decided to emigrate to Palmas.

and~~~ whnoeo u hlrnws Mat ok rmhmadR
stl yon we were robe in geoSnJafrwr.Terfu

Tony Maldonado, Palmas Home Owners Association Administrator, con-
firms that the population of Palmas has been increasing. "The permanent
residents population has steadily increased in the last few years. We don't
have the exact number but through the water use index we have been able
to estimate that of nearly 3,000 homeowners, approximately 2,000 (or two
thirds of them) live here permanently or rent out their properties."
There's reason to celebrate! You will find us... at one of our great res-
taurants, the golf course, the gym or the beach. Or you'll find us horseback
(7870 852-7099 riding, under a palm tree or spending time with friends. If you can't find
Walk-ins are welcome us, perhaps we went scuba diving. Wait for us to get back and we can have
a glass of wine, you choose where!
Suite 120, Palmanova Plaza
Palmas del Mar 99

How much waste do you think the
average U.S. citizen produces each year?
According to the EPA, the average U.S.
citizen produces 4.4 pounds of waste per
day. This is the equivalent of over 1600
pounds of trash per year per person.
Trash comes from many sources in-
cluding bottles, boxes, yard trimmings,
furniture, clothing, newspapers and
much more. Packaging waste includ-
ing glass, aluminum, plastics, metals,
paper and cardboard, also contributes
significantly to our annual waste totals.
The good news? Americans are embrac-
ing recycling programs in record num-
bers. The EPA estimates that over 30%
of the waste produced by Americans
actually ended up in recycling programs.
Recycling is incredibly important as a
means to reduce poisonous emissions


into the atmosphere and also to spare
our natural resources. Today many com-
munities are improving their recycling
habits by coming up with ways to reduce
what they use. Palmas is now one of
those communities!

This program is the result of a joint ef-
fort between Palmas del Mar Homeown-
ers Association and the Municipality of
Humacao. Under the new program you
will not need to take your recyclables
to a drop-off point instead they will be

picked up at your house once a week.
You will be notified of the specific pick-
up days for your neighborhood. Recy-
clable materials include only plastics,
aluminum, newspapers and corrugated
cartons. Materials must be separated
by category and placed in blue or clear
bags. Materials placed in black bags will
not be collected.
For additional information please con-
tact the RecyclingOffice at 787-850-6390
or PHA at 787-285-6425.

Chez Daniel is an authentic
French restaurant in the pleasant
environment of the Palmas del Mar
Marina in Humacao.
,w .,h,-n t i, I .1 1 l l 11,an ,1 a .e1
ii, l i ,, ,i ,l I 111

,I -1 I .I 1 ,.

The place to be a Palmas del Mar!
Have a drink at the bar or a light dinner u I.i .-, l,-
gum tree watching the boats, the Joses Mojito i: :iii I.- L..- :
The Paellas are now well known.

Open: Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 noon 11
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:00PM
Closed on Tuesday

Erl I~f ^

r *;.L .

A .

Bistro R
The place for
and burgers!

l illll, 1 ll


By Ginnette Chinea
When people decide to
buy a second home, they
are faced with a dilemma;
how to create an ambiance
of elegance, yet relaxed and
uncomplicated and at a rea-
sonable cost.
Some believe that furnish-
ing a second home means
mixing left-over furniture
from home, friends and fam-
ily. Just imagine the picture,
a rattan sofa mixed with
contemporary vinyl reclining
chairs, a beat-up Queen Ann
dining set and some other
pieces from a sad period in the
furniture history; all these ac-
cessorized with sea creatures
like shells, fish, and corals
to give it the aquarium look.
While others may believe that
a second home is synonymous
of rattan. Which may have
been OK in the 70's and 80's,
but fortunately in 2008 there
are endless options to help
achieve a casual, comfort-
able atmosphere, and yet at
a reasonable cost.
We spoke to Juan Carlos
Cols, from Koper Furniture,
which specializes in bringing
the latest designs from fine
manufacturers around the
world including the U.S.,
Canada, Italy, Asia and Bra-
zil, to get some insight on


how to get that relaxed and
casual look everyone strives
in a second home. Cols rec-
ommends materials such
as leather and microfiber,
which are more durable than
fabric and easier to maintain.
"Wood finishes like zebrano,
wenge and the new white
lacquer can be combined for
contrast and drama. Simple
lines of today's furniture and
a neutral color palette are
great if you intend to cre-
ate a relaxed feeling, as well
as a backdrop on which to
display bright-colored acces-
sories, pillows and rugs. To
liven the look, muted blues,
greens to make it soothing
and relaxing, or oranges and
reds to make it warm and
"If you want your home to
reflect your personality, to be
a place where you come to
enjoy and relax, to escape
from everyday stress, you
don't necessarily have to
spend lots of money. Koper
Furniture offers a variety of
design alternatives at a great
price which will allow you
to create a tasteful furniture
mix. One which will bring
compliments from all who
visit your home away from
home", added Cols.


Come celebrate
........ ." Carts Pro
10th Anniversary
(New and Used)
(All major brands)
Best Warranty in the market



Shuttle 2+2 Gas Elended Canopy Hub Cap Front Rear lights
* Color Champagne Other colors available at additional charge.

Near PDM's Golf Club House, before Palmas Utillities Maintenance Area
SALES 787.613.0155 SERVICE 787.282.7081 RENTAL 787.613.0177 FAX 787.852.5849
Monday to Saturday: 8 am 5 pm
Sunday by appointment only

Also visit...
Palmanova Plaza.
& accessories

We help you transform

the space that define

who you are,

who you've been or

who you'll going to be.

Interior Design and Space Planning
for Living or Working
T 787.281.8339 F 787.281.8512



The Palmas -. .1.-in, in -. .. I i i hi .I
Carnival to b- ..-i.. i i l.:. .-n February
15, 16 and 17, 2008 ,1.- i.i., h
entertainment and food among other fun
activities, including a BBQ Cook-off competition.
If you wish to participate at the BBQ Cook Off
competition, contact The Palmas Academy at
787-850-9120 for more information. Be one of
our great sponsors by announcing your business
in the Carnival's program.
Contact 787-850-9120 for sponsorship forms.

The Catholic Chapel at Palmas which wi
be known as La Sagrada Familia,
is now entering its fourth month of
construction. Construction is expected to
last until April of 2009. The chapel will
accommodate some 350 parishioners. If
interested in making donations contact Mrs
Marie Sylvia Rivera at 787-306-1340.

THE PALMAS MARKET at Palmas del Mar in Humacao has
new owners: Tulio and Kala Ortiz. The Ortiz's have
started many changes to upscale the mrl'pt
and will continue, until it meets all theii ii. '. I
needs. In the near future, one of their
plans for THE PALMAS MARKET is
to setup a Fresh Meat Section and
Take-Home Foods Department. VarioL.
brands of organic and gourmet food ...
products are already being sold. As fci _,-
the w ine and liquor section, they have r ,
purchased a vast variety of wine and liquor
to please their customers palate.

1 ,ni ,-ni iii, l F i1 -. -viemy After School Program.
* l...-n T ... iI .l .. .' n .1. ys
* E.- i, -. i n 1 1 i lii n. classes
Ti, l. :, I Ii,, f1-, during the PHAweek
11 n n11 1.il ling, it will be free and fun!
i... -i , 11 il i.- i i e 2008
Call 787-285-7432 for information.


As you all must have notice, in Palmas there is a great variety of birds, but most of the time
we don't know their names nor their habits. To help us get to know them better, on February
16th, two members of the Puerto Rican Ornithology Society, Adelle Mouakad and Jos6 Enrique
Rodriguez, who will help us recognize the birds with whom we share our habitat. We will start at
7:00 AM in our PHA facilities with a small orientation and from there we will go in their search.
Birds wake up early, be on time. No wonder people that wake-up early are called early birds.
Bring your camera, binoculars and a bottle of water.
Call and register at 787-765-2190.

Charity Raffle
Fabulous Prizes to be won!
To benefit: Casa Ronald McDonald
Casa de la Bondad
RE.C.E.S. and Puerto Rico's Youth at Risk
For tickets call 787-850-7069 or
7Q87 ')Q 7053

PHA Homeowners Week from March 24 to 29, 2008.
I-' .- li dates! Tennis and Golf Tournaments, President's Reception,
Homeowners Evening Dance, House Tours, and the Annual
Homeowners Assembly The meeting will be held for the first time at the
,, I new PHA facilities. More details in the meeting notifciation that you will
receive by mail.

participate in the Second Kite Day at
Villa Franca. Make your own kite or buy
one, but don't miss this event. There will
be food and refreshment for sale, music
and a lot of camaraderie. Be part of your
community. Participation is free and there is /
no age requirement, bring out the child in /
you! This activity will be held in March. Villabt
Franca will announce the exact day soon.

-s ~



March 21st Good Friday service:
6:00pm PHA Meeting room
March 23rd: Sunrise Service
5:30am Beach Bohio
March 23rd: Easter Service \
| i i . r I I ,-i ,,,-,in ..... . .
la n a r

w I

25 years of success!

Cest vraiment magi

twentye fiv yer ofhr wrn

dedcto. It a clsia Frnc
vorie of hudrd of loya clients
wh hae viie Daniel fo yers
The owe D*
I .L. Normandy,- u hi French-

typca Frnc retuat Yo can
I' a mate o tas sine both

Newart ofa Purt Rico to9 eno the:. *

fis Frnc glnc Thnyo e

makes yo fel at hoe- (i -dd'
iko better, B~I wold tink ^hei

We do' ko.: .*
Frn Aro- d the executive

fimaen. **n l cam dirctl
fro Frnc to Pama. Thsh
have taste hisuisin can ttes
to hs taent.In our ext isit tr
the "Buillabisse e Marsille"

jthe most I HIt will be utstanding
^B^H'~~~~~fo su IRj~fre!KH^^^^^^^^^^

Enrique A. Pasarell, M.D.
Cirugia Plastica y Reconstructiva
0!" i I,-

Aed 1iT.JP11ifiI2
Hyd Park,1
f ln uanP02

almas market


Solarea and

The Yacht Club

at Palmas del Mar

...own a little piece of paradise.

Within the mesmerizing
location of Palmas del Mar
soon you will find two new
luxurious projects: Solarea
and The Yacht Club.
Paradise has opened its
doors and its name is Solarea,
a new 74 new apartments
residences developed on
a 33-acre residential/re-
sort complex nestled within
Punta Candelero, one of
Puerto Rico's most beautiful
Each of the 74 luxurious
apartments at Solarea has its
own character .1h r i ,,i r.. ..1 .
four' ... li. that reflect an
A I i i r, r ,i r l il.. r

I,. h I.i .d II . l
. I I.. ........ .. i .i', ir i... .l...
, .r l I..lr, ,, 11 Vith 2 r ir'
Ii rli I .,u i.-, i', ,,t rhli Im

with a lockout with a private
entrance and kitchenette.
Units range from 1,692 sq.
ft. up to approximately 3,470
sq. ft. You may choose your
dream home in this dream-
like destination.
Nevertheless, Paradise
goes beyond the shore and
you may experience it at
The Yacht Club at Palmas del
Mar. Nestled in the Eastern
shores of Puerto Rico, where
the Atlantic Ocean meets
the C, i <.. I! Sea, this stra-
tegic location bridges North
America and The Virgin
Islands with The Antilles. It

rt' h' i [ I,

llflr',.]J~i1" ..iv. .. "- .',\ .ui..l I.... .',
',. l'.. r,, 1 7 h.,,. r !,,. -r ,

in-slip fueling, waste water
pump out stations, hi-speed
Internet, Cable TV, phone
and 110/220/480V 3-phase
Club members will enjoy
on-site formal fine dining
in a signature restaurant
plus a bar and grill for more
casual fare. On-board cater-
ing services, an ocean-view
swimming pool, a Member's
Lounge, Concierge-Business
Office Center and fine shops
are but a few of the outstand-
ing amenities available.
Additionally, as a Member
of either Solarea or The Yacht
h ^ ,,1, -, ... .. i!! !, ,, .. ..... ..

:" ii i'. I I. I lr I., m ui iiir'i.
l',I ll d l .!,,, T i, ,:!- .',
I.,*i, r tI -I lm .., r.,,.,, t 'l,,iir
l li lli|'l'lrl''lll|p ,_'',, I ti r-i .-1

Tennis Club with 20 courts,
Beach Club, Fitness Center,
Spa Services, 18 restaurants
to suit all tastes, the most
complete Equestrian Center
in the C I &.l. i i with 64
stables and trail rides avail-
able throughout the day, a
hotel, and residential villas
for purchase or short-term
For Solarea layouts and ren-
derings you can visit www.so-
lareabeach.com. For pricing
and availability information
call 787-274-0943. For more
information on The Yacht
Club, please access www.pal-

I -

Erase years from your face with dermal fillers

By Isabel M. Banucci, M.D.
Cosmetic Dermatologist and Inventor
Medical Director, Banucci Institute

Unhappy with your lines and wrinkles? Relax. You can fight
those signs of aging without going under the knife. Injectable
treatments such as fillers and Botox are the new weapon
against those creases that make you look old and tired. Bo-
tox is the injection of choice to smooth out the lines around
the brow and eye area. It is made from the Botulin toxin
type A, and its primary function is to help relax the muscles
and prevent them from contracting. When muscles don't
contract, the skin over and around them remains smooth,
making wrinkles disappear.
Botox has been used on the brow for the horizontal lines
that occur when you lift your eyebrows, for the "worry lines"
between the eyebrows and for the "crow's feet" that appear
on the outside of your eyes when you smile. With a few quick
applications on key spots, those wrinkles start to fade right
away, and they stay away for months.
But there's some exciting news about Botox; it's not just
for wrinkles anymore. Recent studies have discovered that
Botox can also be used to create a brow lift. By applying this
substance carefully in selected areas, the outside corners of
your eyebrows will actually lift, creating a fresher and more
youthful look. It's an instant facelift without the surgery.
The mouth area is the most requested treatments for the

lower face involve lines around the lips, the lines from your
nose to your mouth and the ones that goes from the mouth
to the jawline. Most of the fillers for this area are made
from hyaluronic acid. Among them are Juvederm, Perlane
and Restylane. While there are minor chemical differences
among them, they all work basically the same way. They
are hydrophilic or "water-loving" compounds that provide
volume and fullness to the skin when injected just below
the surface. They are used to help refill the areas that have
receded due to age and have become wrinkles. These fillers
can last up to six months, depending on the patient.
There's a new exciting alternative, Radiesse. It is also a
filler for lines and wrinkles. However, its chemical composi-
tion is calcium-based, not hyaluronic acid. It is delivered in
what they call "microsphere technology" and studies indicate
that Radiesse actually helps the body produce new collagen
in the treated areas. This means that Radiesse can actually
rejuvenate your skin, not only by filling out the lines, but by
boosting its natural regeneration processes.
You don't need plastic surgery to get rid of your lines and
wrinkles. Just fill them in and you'll erase years from your


IS-. !--i ',, '

IEel I M arrIe


Li c.ll,: 5210 r

Emi', l: !!il~ ,
!"al''s 'tems'tpalasc
wwPgmst pali mas:: l' com

I.- i. i' u ', ,- 1 -": .2 2-. '],- r Ii,:,i.iil, '],3Nii

: |I.i,:lh,:, ;,:,,.ii',,:l I ],, 1 I I ]- ', .

4 -:. 4 ,':-C . -,5 I4 1 1

J,.. T I : -,, 1 -! 1 4 1':. 1 .'i 4
1i:I1Hl- 14' 1, 1
RH I4':"'I .. 1

Haciendas de Palmas
.-- I,. I .. I1 ,,- i.,. ,I..

Townhouse Iv .i 'l-
Beach Village

2-2 $u2 h,.5 d ,_ -,
2-2.,,, -,, UAW, /m'on"t.
1!,][41/ a ts II t4i I;_

E gl,,1 iF,,
2 ,501/m"r.gtg
Pama Plantati..on'

-1 T T

1-.:.l 11111h :Ill--.



at PalmaI ael dar

2B1eIaIll ,, riilg .ngs -
in ICC gold .-liil .q1.11', IS,
a31l asA:iriin lIs.
:.i.iplj asI:nshlin'i'
E. .i'si.elj in I
Pla:a Lais Ainericas.^, ^



For those who want, for those who
love, for all of those who share eternal
love, TOUS presents a special pendant
with the word love engraved
in different languages.
Available in Reinhold Jewele. :.


Fr':'m H e Jic':Ile Miller Summer
2008, a chic and casual
dress. Available in Youtopia
at Palmanova Plaza. .A

aidIk A

ij h,

Sorprende a ru ser amodo con la pareja joven que vive
en ri. Devu6lvele la lozonfa de la juventud a ru piel con
nuestros efectivos planes de rejuvenecimiento. iCelebra San
Valenrfn d6ndole march otr6s 01 riempo!

Masaje facial GRATIS con la compra de $300.00 a mas en tratamientos

Trotomiento para
Cicatrices de Acn6
1 Microdermabrosi6n
1 Loser Genesis
Precio Reg. $500
Oferto $199.00

Trotamiento para
Acn6 y Espinillas
1 Blue Light
1 Microdermobrosi6n
1 Glic61lico
Precio Reg. $275
Oferto $90.00

poro Enomorados
1 Microdermabrasi6n
1 Loser Genesis
1 Titan p6mulos
Precio Reg. $850
Oferto $250.00

Trotamiento para Manchas
Facioles Monos
1 Glic61lico Sencillo 15 minuros Monos XEO IPL
1 Glic61licoAvonzado Precio Reg. $720
1 Microdermobrosi6n Oferta $250.00*
Precio Reg. $520
Oferto $125.00* *Uno por client

50%, de descuento en depilaciones 0A de descuento en lipoescultura
0 y planes cosmeticos** $S o y trasplantes de cabello
**No incluye Botox ni rellenos faciales.

Llama hoy para una cita con

E Regalo juvenrud y bellezo en Son Volenrfn con
nuestros cerrificados de regalo de $50, $75 y $100
redimibles duranre todo un oao.

* Aceptamos planes m6dicos y plan de financiamiento con Citi Health. Abierto de lunes a viernes 8:00 AM a 7:00 PM y sdbados de 8:00 AM a 5:00 PM
Ofertas v.lidas hasta el 28 de febrero de 2008. No aplican en combinaci6n con otras ofertas.


Our snow birds...get to know them!

After Christmas, they start arriving slowly. We then start to notice them. They are the familiar faces that year after year visit PR'
running away from the snow... But who are they? Why did they choose to come to Palmas? Why do they keep coming year after
year? In this edition we are going to meet 3 couples that have been coming to Palmas for more than 20 years.
By: Lissette Rosado, Editor

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Our first couple is Eli and Barbara. What a
ful couple! The day I met them we clicked i
ately They are fun, educated, active, and IovE
Eli is from Canada Barbara is from Vermont
Here's their incredible story (a roman
indeed!) They met in Palmas. The first tin
saw Eli he was watering a palm tree, She thoL
must be a sensitive man" The rest is history
How did you find out about Palmas?
Eli Kraus -"About 20 years aqo friend


Barb Stearus -"A friend invited me to Pa/n
for a week, Coming from snow-covered Vermon
was a beautiful sight lush green vegetation turquc
ocean and pastel colored flowers, I've returned e
What they find attractive about Palmas?
Eli is a golfer and he finds the golf course attr
tive, fun and challenging, Barb loves playing ten
she plays almost every day
"Neiher of us never tire of our daily swim in

who wV

t e was
owin we

Ia ias Inn we
ilwavs squawk

we staved tw

st few ye
nths, LaE
Swho owr

were vouna w

friends We E
wherever we

/almas. We feel we
/we leave, we start

w her step
"We first c
76, We we

w del M
iwver's (

and we we
We were

e Mar for 2 we

After meeting these three couples and heang their enthusiastic testimonies,we have to be proud of our Palma's community. Aren you proud? I am!

wnicr wk





E rI Iparr MJatrjn 47_O lU n pIrtiz rlv
JE' per vYiia of TODA3 3UJ PiEZA3!

- -

uu. mum.



G ~ y no require lubr-c .,: n

s de


Garantia de por vida y
financiamiento disponible.

AB-6 Ave. Muhoz
Frente a Cadena S
787-704-2300 787-6

Marin Carr.#14, Frente a
alsoul Urb. Alturas de Montellano
02-1664 787-738-7941 787-738-8118

Marginal Carr.167, #37
rente a Rest. Los Gorditos
Urb. Magnolia Gardens

i 19 Ahos de exper-i a -fraiffC o Hjreyc


IF." 1 ..... do ..- Oq

0.mmm "mmbmw






S-6full of f6ne w6ne,
: nn d 'food,
. 'm .the much awaited



Th Gol Car Chita Pat atPSmn



0 at



Peroni Nastro Azzurro S.P.A. Birra Peroni, Rome, Italy. Imported and Distributed by CCI Beer Distributor, Inc. Bayam6n, Puerto Rico.

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