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h- StEusttiusationlandMarinPark F

February 2004

I Newsletter 1/2004


Fishermen's Meeting 10th of February

Inside this issue:

A meeting was held at the
office of STENAPA between a
delegation of Statia' fisher-
men and STENAPA, as well
as environmental policy advi-
sor Paul Hoetjes and Fisheries
expert Faisal Dilrosun. Whilst
some grievances were aired
by the Fishermen regarding
certain restrictions to their
activities and potential haz-
ards from large vessels in the
vicinity of Statia Terminal,
STENAPA was encouraged
by the level of understanding
and cooperation exhibited by
the Fishermen.

Items on the agenda in-
cluded a fish catch survey;
the creation of an artificial
reef; additional demarcation
buoys; provisional results of
Conch survey and the co
opting of a fishermen's repre-
sentative to the board of

It was decided that the artifi-
cial reef will be located 75-
100 feet off the Southern
Reserve. Items from the
"Farm" will be used for its
construction and transported
to the harbour from where
the Statia Responder will take
it to the site. As always,
STENAPA extends apprecia-
tion and thanks to the man-
agement of Statia Terminal
and the staff involved, for
their help. The artificial reef

will be completed in March.

The Fish Survey at the artifi-
cial reef site was carried out
at a depths of 24m or 75 feet.
It was found that the sea
bottom is sandy, covered
with coralline rubble. This
rubble cover is between 50%
- 60%. During 3 surveys 180
fish were counted, they were
mostly small reef fish.

After obtaining a permit from
the Shipping Department,
STENAPA is now able to
place two more demarcation
bu :.,: n 1-l -,:l r iin I'--
ser, e n, i-ic :, r I t, :-

Thi: i: : -. 1 -rl,-, rr -

coT h i.- i I r l .-i

are found in the outer harbour
and off White Wall. From the
available data it is established,
that the density of conch is three
times greater in Statia than in
Turks and Caicos islands, but
lower than in the Bahamas and
Dominican Republic. The depths
of conch is much greater than
elsewhere in the Caribbean. The
study did not find enough conch
(86) to have sufficient informa-
tion for decision making. The
results at hand will be used for a
more detailed seasonal study.

Volunteers at STENAPA 2

Completion of two 2
more arbors in Botani-
cal Garden

Clean-up of Zeelandia 2
Beach and harbour

Tompi Trail 3

In Memoriam Jean

STENAPA Radio Pro-

Junior Rangers Club
Snorkeling Course

Special points of interest:
* The Botanical Gardens are
open from 7am-Noon every
weekday. Contact the office to
arrange a guided visit if you
want to visit outside of these

* Turtle Monitoring Season starts
in April. We welcome all volun-
teers to come for morning or
night patrols, and we provide a
short training as well. Please
contact the office.

* The next snorkeling course for
children (aged 8 and over)
starts Thursday 27th May.


Volunteers at STENAPA

Thursday the 5th of February saw the
departure of another group of volun-
teers. The evening before leaving Statia, a
party was given in their honour at the
home of Nicole Esteban, Manager of
St.Eustatius National Parks Foundation.
Although some volunteers stay longer
than the usual two months and function
as Interns on various projects, all present
were duly thanked for their hard work
while on this island. STENAPA once
again pointed out, that without the vol-
unteers the planned tasks and projects
just could not come to fruition.
Over the last few months ambitious un-
dertakings have been tackled and com-
pleted. The restoration of the Quill Trail
System as well as the repair of Tompi Hill

Head Trail are examples. This work was
done besides the ongoing projects for
the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden.
The volunteers are involved with all the
jobs that present themselves in the Parks,
either on land or on the water.

While Statia was still waving off the
group, the new batch of volunteers was
already preparing to get here. The first
arrivals were greeted on the 17th of Feb
and the rest came soon after.
At present they are building retaining
walls in the Gardens, but again it is
hands on for them where ever the need
arises. Natashia Euler, an Intern who has
been here for several months is working
along with them. Canada, England, Scot-
land and the US are short of a few very

nice young people at the moment I

(Photo taken by Heidi Duncan7
From left Dawn, Helen, Lucy, Jaime, Na-
tashia Euler, Foxi, Dave and Natasha.

Botanical Gardens: completion of two more arbors

STENAPA is pleased to announce the
completion of two more Sensory Arbors.
November saw the opening of the
Sense of Taste Arbor and on Tuesday the
3rd of February the Sense of Smell Arbor
was completed. This brings the total of
arbors to three as the Sense of Touch
Arbor has been established since August.
Work on two more arbors is in process,
eventually completing an arbor for all
five senses.
Natashia Euler, an Intern with STENAPA
since December, has the overall responsi-
bility for creating these very specialised
sections of the Botanical Garden. The
volunteers, as always have been of great
value to all concerned with this project.
Not only will the arbors offer the visitors

interesting plants to admire, they can A gathering of STENAPA personnel,
enjoy their surroundings while sitting volunteers and well wishers took place
on benches under umbrellas woven
from palm fronds. Hanging baskets are to celebrate the completion of the Sense
being prepared and filled of Smell Arbor.
with herbs, so that 'd --K_ f-
"smelling" them will be
made easier for children I
and older people.
Activity boards will ulti-
mately be placed in all the
arbors, describing the
plants and their uses.
Recipes for teas from .
herbs and bushes will also
be on display.
(Photo byRozenn le Scao/

Clean up of Zeelandia Beach by volunteers

To spruce up the beach at Zeelandia for
the festive season, nine STENAPA volun-
teers and interns attempted the daunting
task of collecting rubbish and litter depos-
ited there. They realized, that although
the beach does get cleaned so now and
again, refuse strewn all along the bottom
of the cliffs is an ongoing problem. They
noted with concern, that a fair amount of

medical refuse was found. Whether this
was washed out from Smith Gut or
came from the sea or somewhere else is
not clear. Another cause for concern
are the bits of rope, fishing net and
loads of plastic. These things are all le-
thal traps for marine creatures. At the
end of the day they had filled around
twelve big refuse bags, a notable haul.

While the volunteers and interns were
toiling on Zeelandia, the Snorkel Club
with their instructor Gershon Lopes and
several interns cleaned up the shallow
waters in the harbour area. They too
came away with a sizeable harvest of
tires, plastic, bottles and other rubbish.
Gershon and his group found it hard to
see in the murky water, as a lot of sand
from recent rains had deposited there.

Page 2

Newsletter 1/2004

Tompi Hill Head Trail

One of the casualties of the heavy rains
during the last months of 2003 and the
early newyear, was Tompi Hill Head

Already in need of repair, the massive
down pours that accelerated the already
severe erosion problems endemic to
Statia, washing it out so badly that it
could not be used anymore.

The trail is an old shortcut between
Lower Town and Tompi Hill Head at the
top of the sand cliffs. The beginning of
the trail is situated between the offices of
STENAPA and the Blue Bead Restaurant
on Gallows Bay, from where it climbs up
along the cliffs to Kerk Weg.

A group of eleven stalwart volunteers
tackled thejob of repairing the trail and
making it safe again. Although Tompi Hill
Head Trail is relatively short, less than half
a mile, it is extremely steep. This is the
reason for the need of many steps. For a

large part they were very badly damaged
or gone altogether. To repair them, the
volunteers had to use re-enforcing steel
rods to hold the rocks in place that form
the steps. Two small bridges spanning
the eroded gut had to be rebuilt. The
trail, as seen in the inserted photo, is
edged with rocks and boulders and is
reinforced with wooden palettes in sev-
eral places.

On January the 13th 2004 the Tompi Hill
Head Trail, after 250 man hours of work,
was restored and STENAPA opened it
again to the public. Hikers who want to
get to the Quill, as well as residents in a
hurry, can once again use Tompi Hill Trail
as an initial quick access route from
Lower Town.

Taking into account that volunteers are
not only burly young men with enor-
mous muscle power, but that a large
proportion of the volunteer groups are
slim and dainty girls who are hardly used

to lugging large boulders around, this
project was no mean feat.

STENAPA thanks and salutes them.

(Photo by Jerry Kennedy)

Some of the volunteers who rebuilt Tompi Hill
Head Trail. From left sitting, Jacqui Eales, Alex
Cadle and Dave Gibson, standing, Natashia
Eule, Anna Herman, Darcy Comeau and Re
becca Gidney. Not available for the picture
were Michelle Simons, Sian Regan, Jeanne
MacDougall and Connie W/enzel

In Memoriam Jean Gemmill

In November last year, STENAPA was
shocked and saddened by the news that
Jean Gemmill had passed away sud-
denly. Jean had been a long time resi-
dent of Statia and a friend to many peo-
ple on this island in general and to
STENAPA in particular. She was the foun-
der of the Statia Morning Glory Horticul-
tural Club and an untiring supporter and
hands-on helper in the Botanical Garden.
Her dream to see the Gardens as the
Jewel of Statia is well on the way to be-
coming a reality. Alas she will not be with
us when that day arrives.

Not only did Jean nurture the plants in
the shade house and elsewhere in the
Gardens with love and dedication, she
also took so many newcomers to Statia
under her wing. There will be many
young people out there, Volunteers, In-
terns and Students who remember her
kindness, hospitality and commitment.

STENAPA has undertaken to create a Bird
Trail within the Botanical Garden. It will
be named the Jean Gemmill Bird Obser-
vation Trail. The creation of this trail was
Jean's idea and STENAPA will endeavour
to make it a worthy legacy to Jean's
memory. The trail should be completed
* within the next few months.

We will miss her. (Photo by Don Johnston)


STENAPA on the Air

STENAPA announces with great pleasure,
that a slot for a monthly Radio Program has
become available on Radio Statia.

Nicole Esteban, Manager of St.Eustatius Na-
tional Parks, aims to share information, mat-
ters of environmental concern and general
news regarding STENAPA with the people
of Statia.

The program will be aired for the first time
this Thursday the 4th of February from 10:30
till 11:00 o clock in the morning.

In future, the Radio Program will be on air
every first Thursday of the month at the
same time slot, 10;30 to 1100 AM

The funding for this venture is undertaken
by the Representatiion of the Netherlands
in St. Maarten.

Page 3

St Eustatius National and
Marine Parks Foundation

St. Eustatus National Parks

National and Marine Parks Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Phone: 599-318-2884
Fax: Same as phone (but phone first so we
can plug in fax)
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com

STENAPA is an environmental not-for-profit foundation on St
Eustatius and was established in 1988. The objectives of
STENAPA are to upkeep the natural environment, to preserve
and protect endangered or endemic species (flora and fauna)
and to educate the community about the importance of the
protection of the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the marine
park, the national parks and the Miriam C Schmidt Botanical
Gardens. STENAPA is legally delegated by the Island Council
to manage these protected areas.

Vice President:

Ronnie Courtar
Irving Brown
Jana Mason
Jessica Berkel

We wish to thank Heidi Duncan for her valuable time and
assistance in the production of this newsletter.

Junior Ranger Program

The aim and purpose of the Junior Rang-
ers club was discussed in the last edition

Since the program got off the ground
twelve Junior Rangers have had six ses-
sions in the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical

Under the tutelage of Gershon Lopes
and with the help of the volunteers, the
young rangers glean valuable knowl-
edge about their natural environment
and how to care for it.

During the time they have spent in the
Gardens, the Junior Rangers have, with
guidance from Natashia Euler created an
impressive central point within the mid-
dle of the Sensory Garden. A Travelers
Palm is planned to adorn the middle of
the center piece

Natashia and Gershon are helping these
young rangers in planting and caring for
a variety of plants, including their identifi-
cation. The Booklets which are given to
each Junior Ranger are designed to take
them step by step towards the comple-

tion of Stage I on the way to becoming
fully fledged Junior Rangers.

Apart from learning about the Flora of
Statia, the Junior Rangers have also had
6 sessions in the Quill National Park and
are being taught how to construct stone
walls and steps, and learning about their
rare species of plants and animals there.

According to Gershon, the month of
March will start off with a splash for the
Weather permitting, in the early part of
the month, he and some of the volun-
teers will introduce the Junior Rangers to
STENAPA's activities on the water. They
will be taught first of all, safety at sea;
how the boats and their engines work; as
well as maintenance of vessel and equip-
ment. A trip to the buoys where the vol-
unteers are tasked to clean the ropes and
do maintenance work on the buoys, will
be very informative and exciting for the
aspiring Rangers.

T-shirts were specially designed for the
Junior Rangers and worn by them with

Pride. The shirts are a pleasing grey with
a logo of Statia and environs, both ma-
rine and terrestrial. Matching caps
should be available soon.

Snorkel Club

In January of this year, 19 Statia young-
sters completed a snorkel course. Assis-
tant Parks manager and instructor Ger-
shon Lopes was pleased with the high
number of participants. This was the
largest class ever since the inception of
the course and on completion, the
youngsters received PADI skin-diving
certificates. Congratulations to all from

Apart from learning new swimming
skills and gaining confidence in the use
of snorkeling equipment, and diving,
the youngsters were introduced to a
whole new world under water. Indeed
a wonderful experience for them all.

It is hoped, that perhaps some of the
graduates of the snorkeling course will
be interested in becoming Junior Rang-
ers in the future.

Ewai! ar.ol

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