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As if the damage to the north and anxi-
ety throughout the rest of Belize from
Hurricane Dean was not enough, on
Wednesday Belize City was practically
underwater as a tropical wave dumped
torrents of rain. The Belize Met office
reported that over 10 inches of rain fell
in one day! More rain in one day than
the previous record of 7.2 inches for
the entire month of August.
The drains in low-lying streets in this
below sea level town just could not ab-
sorb all the water coming down so rap-
idly and within a matter of hours
people's homes and businesses on lower
flats had water spilling over their thresh-
The Northern Highway was sub-
merged in the usual trouble spots be-
fore the Haulover Bridge and Ladyville
had a half mile stretch of flooded road,
both of which threatened to make the
highway virtually impassable had the
rains continued unabated.
Princess Margaret Drive was a river
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An SUV churns up a wake as it ploughs ;lih,, h flood waters on Barrack Road after torrential rains on Wednesday.

By JOHN PAIN, Associated Press
MIAMI Hurricane Dean was the
third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to
make landfall since record keeping be-
gan in the 1850s, based on its central
atmospheric pressure, forecasters said.
The pressure in a hurricane's eye is
often used to compare storms through-
out history because in the past, wind
gauges were often damaged or de-
stroyed by powerful hurricanes. Now,
technology exists to more accurately
measure winds, said Jamie Rhome, a
hurricane specialist with the National
Hurricane Center.
"And the damage is caused by the
wind, so that's what most people look
at," he said.
But pressure also measures strength:
the lower the pressure, the greater a
hurricane's power to suck in air. A

Hurricane Dean s 165mph winds blewdown trees, ripped off many rooftops and left amny
families homeless in Corozal
hurricane's winds are blown because ference.
higher-pressure air rushes toward the Typically, the lower the pressure, the
lower-pressure eye to equalize the dif- faster the air speeds in. But because of

other variables in each storm, a certain
pressure does not always correspond
to a specific wind speed.
Dean was a top-scale Category 5
storm at landfall Tuesday on Mexico's
Yucatan Peninsula. Its maximum sus-
tained winds were near 165 mph and
gusts reached 200 mph. Just before
landfall, a Global Positioning System
device dropped from a hurricane hunter
aircraft found it had a central pressure
of 906 millibars, forecasters said.
The only other storms that hit land with
a lower pressure were the 1935 Labor
Day hurricane that hit the Florida Keys
and Hurricane Gilbert, which hit
Cancun, Mexico, in 1988, forecasters
Gilbert caused more than 300 deaths
in LatinAmerica and the Caribbean. The
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ANNOUNCE ENT: Th IneedetPblsi g Co ,(Blie) imtedisseeki g exresion fintrsti

ISy m i t1ulsherind edn-es~le-eie~g *** .co rbypoe t64*67

Rea IdeendntOnineathtp:/beizne s cm indeenen o htp//inurScm/45pIPae

Alarmed and
Dear Editor,
I recently received a call asking if
I would donate to the relief efforts in
the Corozal District. Evidently the
Belizeans in the Tampa area are ask-
ing for funds so that they can ship
down some bottled water and other
supplies. The Belize newspapers have
stories of unhappiness and some seri-
ous problems with relief supplies being
It all brought back the horror sto-
ries of the hurricane Iris relief efforts in
Mango Creek area and Southern
Belize. The number one helpers in
terms of not trying to steal anything
or make a profit out of Hurricane Iris
were the Mennonites. Never in my
life did I see such withholding of
goods and services for the poor
people that needed help the most than
during Iris!
I was really ashamed to see the
stealing of funds and material by
those in charge. It appears to me that
the same might happen again in re-

gards to this distribution effort...
Stop Dog poisoning
Dear Editor
Greetings from Seine Bight Vil-
lage. I am writing in response to the
strychnine eradication being planned
for Belmopan 26 August.
I am a Belizean, and a member of
the Placencia Humane Society and I
have to agree with the Belmopan
Humane Society that such a practice
is totally inhumane and senseless and
can be handled in a more modem way
that does not harm any beloved pets.
The poisoned chicken will be
around for days. Yes, you may kill a
few strays but you will also kill pets.
Most cats are not tied or leashed,
plus, the poison is around for a long
time after the date of poisoning, and
can poison any wild creature or bird
as well, not to mention a dog being
walked properly on a leash-we see
our own dogs gobble up garbage off
the beach even when we are scold-
ing them. They just cannot resist!
My family experienced the strych-

nine poisoning of our beloved dog
Dee in 2005. She was in our yard
but someone planning a robbery
threw some strychnine-laced meat
into the yard that night and she ate it.
We were lucky enough that a veteri-
narian was conducting clinic in our
area the next day and we rushed her
to the clinic where she had blood
transfusions for about 12 hours. The
strychnine had seized up her muscles
and her teeth had actually clamped
down so hard on her tongue that the
teeth came through the other side.
Her body was tensed as a rock. Ev-
eryone at the clinic was horrified and
a story in our local paper Placencia
Breeze was printed about this terrible
incident. Our dog was saved but only
lived a short 2 years before her liver
gave out from the poisoning, as the
veterinarian explained might happen.
A few months ago this year she suf-
fered stroke, loss of coordination and
finally died, years ahead of her natu-
ral time.
Dee was poisoned by strychnine
and we all know the suffering an ani-
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The INdependent Reformer

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I R e a In d e p n d e n O n i n e tSht p :/ b eli e n e s c m in d p e d e t r t t :/ t i yuS S m 2 4 d peP g e 4

By: Charles L. Payne
Another election is coming up and
the political machines are gearing up
to make their pitch to a mass of
people with unclear vision. The pro-
paganda is usually so stifling that the
smoke screens are layer deep. You
would almost have to have a degree
in political science to sift through the
cesspool of cons, briberies, trickery,
I would like to offer one logical ap-
proach to it, a sort of a strategic vot-
ing, a sifting tool to filter all of the gar-
bage being thrown at you. This elec-
tion is going to be like a math prob-
ability, an equation so to speak.
What is the Value of X and where
should it go? The Value of X is easily
answered...."IT IS DIRECTLY
SELFWORTH"! To some people X
may be valued as a swamp lot offered
by a political bribe OR you can be
bought for $100.00BZ,
$1,000.00BZ, apolitical promise or
favor etc.
The fact of the matter is that a bribe
is a criminal offence and any political


candidate or their assigns' offering you
abribe is a criminal, period! Do you
want to vote for a criminal? We made
that mistake already and look at the
mess we are in. Taking a bribe is also
a criminal act.
Some people ask, "What if I take
their offering but I vote against them?"
Actually, that is not a criminal act as
you are not giving anything (your vote)
in return. Voting is a private and moral
issue. You are who you are you can-
not lie to yourself.
When our civil servants (politicians)
offer you a swamp lot (as they keep
the good stuff for themselves) don't
forget that we are the ones that have
empowered them to do this act by
virtue of the office we have given them
by the power of our vote. It is there-
fore part of our "constitutional right"
to receive property form these civil
servant ministers. THIS IS NOT
I truly believe that the value of X
should be something with real mean-
ing, a long term investment in your
country such as the greater good of


put i

all Belizeans, the greater good for the
environment, a better financial life for
your children and their children, a
better quality of life. Belizeans tend
to have this "NOW" mentally-in-
stant gratification and short
sightedness. Politicians know this fact
and they exploit you easily. They give
you cash now, and they "own" you
Life in Belize City is like living in
the past in Nazi Germany. There is a
tangible taste of fear in the air. There
is an absence of police, deserted
streets at night, self imposed curfew,
high violent crime. Keeps the people
occupied with fear, depressed, poor
and helpless and control is yours. The
Devil operates best in chaos; I use the
term Devil loosely.
Yeah, but we have it all under con-
trol (Belize's socio economic, socio
ethnic, upwardly mobile and Nouveux
riche)......We have our huge concrete
homes/fortresses with concrete back-
yards 3 stories high all dressed up
with barbed wire and pit bull terriers.
Locked up tight inside with all of the
North American luxuries such as large

It's not about need! It's all about GREEDw

my x

colored TV, stereo, fancy furniture,
expensive foods from superstores--
WOW Double WOW. We have suc-
ceeded in bringing the US to us! The
true fact is that we have created a
beautiful JAIL for ourselves. We ven-
ture outside in our air-conditioned
SUV comfort OR we say something
against the Government and we could
be the next victim. Watch your Back!!
I feel diminished as a Belizean when
I hear the saying, "They are both the
same" referring to the two Political
parties the PUP and the UDP. This is
the type of Propaganda the PUP
dishes out and feeds off. You see, this
statement justifies their corruption,
gives them even credibility, a level
playing field so to speak. This could
not be more far from the truth. I say
to you: become informed before you
utter and spread such ignorant state-
ments. Become an educated Voter.
Do your homework before you make
that ever so precious VOTE that all
those politicians are after; Research
each candidate... each party's mani-
festo and make an informed commit-
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byce c lu tv ee Lon

Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 5

Could never

from Taiwan or Guatemala.
Although, to be fair, there were
personal contributions from some
local leaders; not the ones we ex-
pected, who act as if they have the
north under control, their personal

By: Karla Heusner Vernon

When Belizeans saw the images
of Hurricane Katrina victims in
New Orleans, saw their poverty and
frustration when they tried to get
aid, we told ourselves that would
never happen here.
We believed, as poor as so many
of us are, that the rest would pitch in
and help if a hurricane destroyed one
of our cities or towns, devastated our
countryside villages. We were sure
our government would mobilize its re-
sources faster than they did in
Lousiana. After all our country is so
small. Surely we no one would suffer
as they had back in the "old days,"
after Hattie, after 1931. Belize is so
much more modern, up-to-date, well
connected, internally and externally.
From the pleas coming from
Corozal district residents, perhaps
We have been astonished and as-
tounded to hear and see villagers
begging for water, food, building
materials. We knew GOB was es-
sentially broke, but somehow con-
vinced ourselves there was some re-
serve money set aside in the treasury
for emergencies, notjust stashed away
for elections or in politicians' offshore
accounts. We believed, deep down,
that there was some remnant of de-
cency in the indecent ones.....
But apparently there was no money
to fix the shelters BEFORE the storm
(although where it went will likely re-
main a mystery only the IDB and oth-
ers may attempt to solve), no money
for fuel for evacuation by bus, and no
ready money for water and rations
There couldn't have been, or it
would not have taken three or four
days for it all to begin trickling to-
wards the desperate. Almost a week
for government grants and loans to
come on stream.
Perhaps it was an emergency dis-
persal from USAID, a western union

fiefdoms, but others who took the time
and commitment seriously to go there
in person. There was a host of non-
governmental and private enterprises
and volunteer groups who took on the
job of relief and rebuilding. The BDF,
even prisoners from Kolbe, were sec-
onded for clean-up duty. A casino in
the Free Zone helped provide water,
PACT and others water and ice.
Much has been made of the tribal
politics interfering with the distri-
bution, of conflicts between NEMO
and local government. What a sad,
sorry commentary on our maturity
as a country. Apathetic comparison
to our neighbors across the border
who are able to join hands and rise
above party differences to save
lives, prevent children from going
hungry or getting sick.
Why did our government not
open soup kitchens immediately
like the Mexicans? Why did we not
see community work brigades or-
ganized from a higher level?
Instead it was just grumbling and
fighting and backstabbing as usual.
Greedy choke puppy problems. So
typical. So expected.
For like so many of our citizens who
do save for a rainy day, our govern-
ment spends money like there is no
tomorrow. Refusing to learn the les-
sons of so many near misses. Prodi-
gal sons all.
And come September those of us
who panicked at our lack of cash
to get ready for Dean will not go to
the bank or credit union and set
aside some pay for the next disaster.
No, no, we will spend it on bling and
blang for the celebrations. Buy rum
with the money we said we did not
have for powdered milk, tins of corned
beef and candles.
Come Christmas we will spend
lavishly for fancy lacy curtains for

windows we bawled we
money to protect with plyw
will shamelessly festo
spouses and sweethearts a
dren with gold, just weeks
cried we had no cash to p

people we say we love on
or boat or bus and move
higher ground.
And during the General El
Why, all those politician
slapped away the hands
people seeking water and f
readily grease their palr
money for votes. Convinc
chunk of zinc whopped the
in the head so hard he or
not remember how the
forced to live like animal
others could live like prin
lieve they will be so gratefi
"grant" they received to
their humble home they v
their lifelong loyalty to th
who patronized them so...
Come next June we will
have our boxes of suppi
bottled water, no chunk of
set aside for rebuilding, n
ance for our home and
tents. We too will be as I
our government... and
going for lodging and assist,
For we all seem to believe

en to us

had no a charmed people, living in a good
vood. We country, blessed by the gods.
)on our By June we will forget that back
ind chil- in August so many of our people
after we were lined up in the hot sun and
ut these sleeping in rain filled homes, as
deprived of food and water and
inld shelter as those Americans up in
New Orleans after Katrina.
jdy Belizeans, our Belizeans, not
strangers or foreigners but people
al. WE are responsible for.
The saddest part of all this is,
Belize will not learn anything yet
again. We will continue to expose
i a plane thousands more men and women
them to and children all across this land to
this same fate again next year....
elections? Continuing to believe, despite all the
ins who twisted zinc and downed trees and
s of the ruined crop evidence, that true suf-
'ood will fearing could never happen to us.
ms with That somehow, someway, someone
ed some will have us covered. That neither
ir victim we, nor our government, have any
she does need to set anything aside for the
-y were next rainy day and wind filled night.
s so that Even though the next time Belize
ces. Be- might not be so "lucky."

il for the
vill give
e Patron

still not
lies and
f change
Lo insur-
its con-
broke as
go beg-
e we are


... just grumbling and fighting ai

backstabbing as usual. Greet

choke puppy problems. So typic
Son xnected.

"Tkc r~oaj less travcI[csA"
www.oldAriveradvenrtu res.comn

Attention Belizeans at
home and abroad: WB.. l
get your autographed -iUGHT
copy of Karla .
Heusner's collection of -
columns for only $25


(including shipping)U
Call, email or write to
Independent Weekly
now! A ,

"PUP fails to run with the ball,


By: William Schmidt
PG correspondent for
People's National Party leader Will
Mehia has adopted Toledo People's
Eco Park Plan for the official PNP strat-
egy and action plan for the sustainable
development of the Toledo District.
Mehia has been involved with the for-
mation of the Eco park plan for many
years, beginning when he was Director
of TIDE, Toledo's largest conversation/
development origination. He authorized
TIDE's staff to attend the Eco-park
planning meetings, which led in March
of 2003 to their signing what Dr.
Palacio, General Manger of the Toledo
Development Corporation, who drafted
the M.O.U., called a "historic docu-
For the first time in Toledo's history
that representatives of all the elected
political leaders-- rural and urban-- the
Toledo Civil Society, the maj or cultural,
conservation and development organi-
zations including the USA Peace Corps
signed in support of the further devel-
opment of the Toledo People's Eco Park
Mehia said "the Eco park is truly the
way to go if we in Toledo are going to
keep the economic benefits of our rich
natural resources and be able to de-
velop them for own people". Will fur-
ther stated that "the Eco Park is the way
to guarantee that the resources of To-
ledo are developed in sustainable ways

picks it
so they will be there for our children.
The success of the Eco Park could serve
as a model for the rest of Belize.
In all fairness to RT. Hon. Prime
Minster Said Musa, he has also been
supporting and recommending the Eco
park for many years now. In February
2000 he sent Martin Enriquez, Chair-
man of the Punta Gorda Conservation
Committee the urban of the Eco park
plan a letter of support stating, "I wish
to confirm my support for the Punta
Gorda Conservation Committee. I can-
not underscore enough the importance
of protecting the rich flora and fauna of
the area to which I known your organi-
zation is fully committed our government
shares this vision of eco tourism devel-
opment for the south".
Again in March of 2004, he sent Mr.
Richard Thorpe, a distinguished plan-
ner and volunteer for the eco park
working team, a letter of support where
he said 'I am as anxious as you are to
see what need to be done to implement
the eco park plan for Toledo. As you
so rightly note democracies work only
if all kinds of residents get working and
take some responsibility".
The most recent support was on Fri-
day 12 July at a public meeting of the
PUP at the sports center in Punta
Gorda Town. The PM told a huge
crowd of nearly a thousand citizens
of Toledo that he supported the eco
Tourism plan and had directed the
new Minister of Land and Natural
Resources to help the proj ect and rec-
ommend it to PACT for support.
Minister Mike Espat, Area Repre-
sentative for Toledo East, told me the
Prime Minster had told the Cabinet
that he wanted support for the Eco
Park at their last meeting. While we
all are sincerely grateful for the sup-
port Prime Minister Musa has at-
tempted to get for our eco park and
the many poor people who support

Hurricane damage closes

Costa Maya

Mexico's second largest cruise port,
opened just six years ago at Costa
Maya on the southern Yucatan Pen-
insula, was severely damaged by
Hurricane Dean and will be closed for
repairs at least until mid-2008, a
Costa Maya spokesman said
Dean made landfall at the port Tues-
day morning as a Category 5 hurri-
cane. About half of the port's infra-
structure, including the cruise ship
pier, was damaged. Repairs will take
an estimated six to eight months and
cost millions of dollars, officials said.

cruise port
The port opened in 2001 with a pier
that could accommodate three cruise
ships and a 70,000 square foot shop-
ping and entertainment complex and
grew quickly in popularity. Last year
it hosted more than half a million
cruise passengers.
Most of the major cruise lines make
port calls at Costa Maya, about 150
miles south of Cancun and just north
of the Belize border. As of Wednes-
day, neither Carnival nor Royal Car-
ibbean, two of the port's most fre-
quent users, had decided on an alter-
nate port.--Miami Herald

up to sc
it, the fact is it's been more than
seven years since his first letter of
support, four years since his second
letter and over two months since his
last and there has been no support of-
fered from the Minister of Tourism
Godfrey Smith, who appears to only
be interested in the big plans for the
wealthy. Minister Mes, Area of Rep-
resentative for Toledo West, as far as
we in Toledo know, has no plans for
our development. Minister Mike
Espat, Area Representive for Toledo
East and Chairman of the failed board
of the T.D.C has shown no knowl-
edge of the eco-park plan or interest
in supporting our people's, or our
Prime Minister's wishes.
In fact, if our Area Representative
had truly helped with the pilot project
for the eco park back in 2003 when


M.O.U. was signed most people here
believe we could have eliminated a lot
of poverty in Toledo by now. The sad-
dest fact is that while both our Area
Representatives refused to help the
people of Toledo to develop the po-
tential for eco tourism that Toledo has,
they have no plan of their own to help
our poor people. They appear to only
have plans for the rich foreigners who
are rapidly taking advantage of the
many opportunities.
No wonder the last survey taken in
Toledo shows that over one third of
our people are ready for a third party!
No doubt Will Mehia and the PNP
will win a lot of votes by taking the
Toledo people's Eco Park as their de-
velopment plan. The PUP have
dropped the ball. Power to all the

Costa Maya's bad fortune may

spell temporary increase in

Belize cruise tourism

The Costa Maya port at A

By: Lan Sluder
One of Hurricane Dean's victims was
the Port Costa Maya cruise ship termi-
nal near the village ofMahahual, Mexico.
The cruise ship docking pier was at least
50% destroyed, and the village of 300
people, established just to serve the
cruise ships, was wiped out, although
thanks to a required evacuation there
was no loss of life.
Bad news for Mahahual could be
good news for Belize's cruise tourism
industry. It's expected that some cruise
ship operators will replace Costa Maya
with stops in either Belize City or
Roatan, while others will stay longer in
Cozumel or reroute to other parts of
the Caribbean. Some 300 ships docked
at Costa Maya in 2006, with about

Hurricane Dean.

600,000 passengers from around a
dozen cruise ship lines, including Car-
nival, Princess, Royal Caribbean,
Seabourn and others. It is the Mexican
Caribbean's second-busiest cruise port,
after Cozumel. It is expected to take at
least six months to rebuild the cruise ter-
The number of cruise ships and pas-
sengers visiting Belize has been declin-
ing since its peak in 2004 of around
850,000; cruise ship passengers at
Belize City totaled 656,000 in 2006,
although the first few months of 2007
saw an increase over the same period
in 2006.
(You can read more about Belizean
tourism by Lan Sluder by going to
www. belizefirst., com)

Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 7

By: Ray Auxillou
(Swing Voter)
Part 1
Like many of you, I don't know who
to vote for. By chance, I caught a Chan-
nel 5 news program on TV Thursday
night. It covered the National Health
Insurance issues, the tour of the Prime
Minister in the Toledo District. Follow-
ing this was a story on CARICOM and
the $5 billion food importation bill in
foreign exchange, experienced collec-
tively by CARICOM countries. Then
there was the new extended airport re-
view, which was quite well explained,
by Minister Godfrey Smith, I believe.
All good issues to discuss with a com-
ing election for a new government in
I am as yet undecided. But here is
what I do know: the PUP advertising
documentary program covering the To-
ledo Tour of the Prime Minister is de-
signed of course to get votes. Perfectly
legitimate use of party campaign mon-
ies. Over the past ten years, Musa has
taken it to heart to see that the Toledo
District got more attention from gov-
ernment departments and services. That
impressed me greatly.
From his commercial documentary, I
was counting the things his PUP had
done for the Toledo District in the last
five years. There is a school building
done in the coastal village of Barranco.
Wasn't that built by the US Army or
something? There were a couple of
foundation posts being dug for a future
bridge to connect the village of Crique
Sarco with the rest of the country. It
hadn't been built yet though and prob-
ably will never be in the immediate fu-
There has been a lot in the newspa-
pers and on this PUP documentary
about land titles for Toledo residents.
That might be impressive as an accom-
plishment, but I don't know how much
is hype and bombast and how much is
reality. It's hard enough getting titles to
land in the Cayo District. I can't imag-
ine it will be easier in the Toledo Dis-
trict. All in all, the documentary was in-
teresting for scenery as a travelogue, but
not very informative for vote getting.
With the PUP National Debt crisis
being what it is, I haven't really expected
too much of anything, so what has not

happened in Toledo, I don't find too
distressing. I can understand a nation in
debt and the choices one must make.
Where it becomes confusing is when the
paucity of development in Toledo is
contrasted with the Universal Health
Care Hospital fiasco. A total debt cost
that will, at 17% interest, cost us tax-
payers another $120 million, the Op-
position say, before it is over and if the
PUP get elected for next term.
Street people tell me there are no in-
vestors for this private hospital and the
announcement of same, was just a po-
litical gambit to take a bad publicity is-
sue off the election campaigning table,
until the PUP win again.
On the other hand, some newspapers
are saying that Ashcroft and his Belize
Bank can see the writing on the wall

and he is going to London arbitration,
to make the PUP Government pay up,
based on Musa's assigning responsibil-
ity to us taxpayers. Or really make the
debt legal somehow, since there is a
question of the legality ofMusa's uni-
lateral action without Cabinet and Leg-
islative authorization, binding on the next
elected government, before the PUP
leave office? We can only await devel-
opments on that one! The original loan
was with the DFC and this institution is
supposed to go bankrupt and thus ne-
gate the Belize Bank loan. They should
get pennies on the dollar, like any bank-
ruptcy creditor. I don't care about
Musa's ego here; this loan is not a valid
taxpayer obligation!
Stewart Krohn for Channel 5, a PUP
leaning station most of the time, did ask

some questions on the NHI medical ser-
vice issue that had been puzzling me.
Belizeans will have to pay $10 for ser-
vice at the doctors and give their social
security number. The rest of their medi-
cal services via private for profit refer-
ral doctors will be paid for by the gov-
ernment. This just doesn't ring true!
When pressed by TV interviewer
Krohn, Minister Coye said the oil income
would pay for medical services through a
special fund, added to Government's de-
ductions from revenues for medical ser-
vice. This definitely sounded fishy to me.
How can they pay medical service with
oil money and can't pay the landowners
their oil royalties? The small oil field was
only supposed to last two years and time
is fast running out... Other quasi experts
(Please turn to Page 8) EM




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I R e a d- S- ~ SI S Ind p n e n n i eSth t :/ b l z n e s c m i n e e d nt o t p : / i y r6cm 2 5d p ag

Secretary General ofthe Organisation
of American States (OAS), Dr. Jose
Miguel Insulza, has named Pamela
Coke Hamilton, first female and first
Jamaican national, as the new director
of the Department of Trade, Tourism
and Competitiveness (DTTC), effective
August 1.
In her new job, Pamela Coke
Hamilton will seek to bolster and
support the efforts of the OAS mem-
ber- states to expand trade opportu-
nities, increase competitiveness and
foster economic integration through-
out the Americas.
The division also focuses on tour-
ism development, which is a crucial area
of importance for the CARICOM
member-states ofthe OAS. The depart-
ment also seeks to strengthen and en-
hance the contribution of this critical


--ME (Continued From Page 7)
say that while gas pressure may decline,
there might be lower production vol-
ume of oil over another ten or fifteen
years, but never again at the rate the oil
is flowing right now and soon to slow
down. Any oil revenues are going to
drop off any month now? There are no
other oil finds, at least not that I've heard
of. Trinidad just had some of their gas
field run dry and have no more natural
gas, just as an example of what can hap-
NHI, as touted by the PUP, sounds
like some sort of copy cat deal from
some other country. I don't see it work-
ing for long, at $10 co-payment for poor
people. Forty years ago I had to pay
government $50 co-payment for the
birth of each of my daughters in the
Belize City hospital by the waterside.
How could it be less now?
So the whole NHI thing is confusing.
PUP Health Minister Coye has said he
doesn't think the Social Security should
pay for it. I agree with that! I'd hate for
the PUP to break the Social Security
Fund like they did the DFC. Another
e-mail writer stated that Social Secu-
rity has funded the present NHI pilot
project in South Side and lent their So-
cial Security staff to the running of it.
Yet, the PUP have announced they will
be expanding the NHI project as a done
deal, prior to the election and NHI will
be established elsewhere in the nation
before then. (Sound like one of those
election campaign gimmicks?)
Yet PUP Health Minister Coye has
said the Cabinet does not know how
they are going to pay for it. General Rev-

Pamela Coke Hamilton

enue fund has no money. They cannot
even fix our streets up here in Santa
Elena town, or elsewhere in the coun-
try for lack of money. Social Security
has money if we wish to bleed that dry.
Which apparently is the way they are
doing it now. How can you implement
a proj ect as huge as this without know-
ing how to pay for it?
In other health news, it seems District
Hospitals will now be called Polyclin-
ics. Which means what? Far as I can
see, these district hospitals are now
going to be emergency field dressing
stations and transporting all serious
cases to Belmopan via ambulance.
If you die because of delays, or time
spent on the road, too bad. Apparently
from the descriptive newspaper articles,
Belmopan hospital is a TRIAGE sta-
tion, meaning they call your loved ones
to pick up your dead body, or they stick
another fresh IV in your arm and shoot
you offto the center of ALL emergency
health care, which will be in the port
Belize City by another fresh ambulance.
Do you go to KHMH, or do you go to
this new MUSA funded $120 million
expensive rich folks hospital called
UHS? If you go to UHS, who pays and
what is going to happen to KHMH? Is
that just another Polyclinic now for re-
ferrals? What happens to current medi-
cal funding? Does it go into a new fund,
to pay UHS for emergencies? Or pri-
vate doctors who will rapidly be setting
up their own private for profit diagnos-
tic clinics to suck Social Security Medi-
cal funding program dry?
Some doctors will now form partner-
ships obviously and become polyclin-

sector to the overall regional thrust to
increase employment and to realise
higher and more sustainable levels of
economic growth and prosperity within
the Caribbean.
Mrs. Coke Hamilton currently holds
the position of Principal Trade Special-
ist with the OAS, with specific respon-
sibility for CARICOM trade capacity-
In addition, since July 2004, she has
spearheaded, under a cooperative
agreement between the OAS and the
University ofthe West Indies, Cave Hill,
the establishment of the Masters in In-
ternational Trade Policy (MITP)
programme, which is now an interna-
tionally recognized programme fortrain-
ing of trade policy specialists.
Capacity-building exercises
She has also served as the director of

ics of their own and specialists, so they
can have the General Practitioner look
at you, then double charge you to go
see his stockholder buddy as a Spe-
cialist referral. There are so many ways
to rip off the government taxpayer....
The medical profession is as greedy
as any other group of people. Can you
imagine the flurry of tests you will have
to get done, and expert doctor referrals
to treat a simple flu, by a batch of pri-
vate get rich quick scam artist doctors
(a common medical scam by doctors in
the USA). Anywhere else they did this
system, like the USA; it broke, or is
breaking the government treasury. It sure
sounds like the public slander asking
Musa how much stock he had in NHS
might have some foundation, here? A
private hospital venture, getting a $120
million cost free government debt guar-
antee? One can see if the NHI referral
program was planned to feed custom-
ers to the Universal Health Services at
their alleged $10,000 a day costs, how
somebody was going to ruin Social Se-
curity and the government general rev-
enues. Another plunder and looting de-
bacle on the horizon, it looks like to
On the other hand, one reads all the
time in the newspapers how govern-
ment creditors can't get paid anyway. I
can't imagine UHS cashiers taking trea-
sury vouchers that won't be honored.
I've still got a 32 year old Treasury
Voucher I've spent more money than
it's worth, trying to collect on it, several
times over. I keep meaning to frame it
and put it on the wall to remind me
NEVER to take a government treasury

the Sir Shridath Ramphal Centre for
International Trade Law Policy and
Services, which has conducted numer-
ous capacity-building exercises for
CARICOM member-states, including
training trade policy analysts for a
programme aimed at developing trade
negotiating capacity within Common-
wealth states.
An attorney by profession, Mrs.
Coke Hamilton has had a long ca-
reer in trade policy and trade nego-
tiations at the national, regional and
international levels. She previously
served as a trade negotiator for the
Government of Jamaica in both
Geneva and Washington, and was
the Free Trade Area of the Ameri-
cas coordinator for CARICOM's
Regional Negotiating Machinery.
--the Jamaica Gleaner

voucher under the PUP. Or can you
imagine doctors waiting either and they
will have to quadruple their fees to hustle
the insurance collection expenses from the
treasury. Can'tyoujust picture a $10 co-
payment mother of premature triplets run-
ningup five months in special medical care
units and $4 million dollars in medical bills
at UHS and multiply that scenario by
50,000 medical customers. It won't take
long to break the government AGAIN!
The system we have, or had, is superior
More of the issues of interest to swing
voters like myself next week!
(Part 2 in next week's issue) l*'

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Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 9


--ME (Continued From Page 4)
ment to vote!
The PUP has laid down a legacy of
corruption. They were given a second
chance by the Belizean People... .they
even Promised attacking corruption
on their pulpit acceptance speech for
their second "MERRY-GO-
ROUND."The corruption actually in-
creased a hundred fold.
In the United States, a President can
only serve two terms. If he turns out
to be a bad apple for the country, he
can only do so much damage and he
is gone for god. Besides, it keeps
them from entrenching and getting too
much POWER. Great Wisdom. We
should adopt it sometime.
The UDP needs to be on top of their
game and remain resilient if they are
to win this election. They make good
managers of our economy and Lord
knows we need to get our economy

re to

back in order. No political party is
perfect, but as reasonable intelligent
Belizeans, we have seen both parties
performances in the past and can
judge for ourselves without the influ-
ences of propaganda.
Let's examine the situation.
The PUP... not an option! Unless
if you are a PUP. Too difficult to pen-
etrate that kevlar armor. I won't even
try. Too much entrenched brainwash-
ing, indoctrination, bribes, hand-outs,
partybashes, material greed and just
plain old needy. These robots will only
vote PUP even if the sky was to fall
on them.
The Independent Candidates.....in
my humble opinion, although it is
clearly democracy at work and I re-
spect them and love their courage, I
do not believe that they are ready for
2008 Not equipped, not experienced,

Secretive lord

runs Tory vote

By Oonagh Blackman, Political
David Cameron (PA)
David Cameron was yesterday ac-
cused of losing his grip on the party
after allowing an offshore billionaire
to control the Tories' election cam-
Controversial Lord Ashcroft has
taken over a large office at party HQ
to oversee strategy in target areas.
The peer, with extensive business
interests in tax haven Belize is
pumping cash from one of his invest-
ment firms into chosen marginal
But senior Tories are alarmed he is
developing a rival power base to their
floundering leader's despite being
unelected and unaccountable.
Opposition parties claimed it was
a clear sign of Mr Cameron's grow-
ing weakness.
Labour whip Tom Watson said:
"Cameron seems to be letting
Ashcroft take more power while he
increasingly loses his grip on the
"For some months Cameron has
shown he can't run the party and the
old guard are taking it back." Lib
Dem peer Lord Oakeshott added:
"The Tories are still taking money
from Michael Ashcroft despite the
controversy over his offshore situa-
tion, which is absolutely outrageous.
"How can Cameron claim to be
socially responsible when he is let-

ting him increase his own alternative
power base?"
Lord Ashcroft, who has dual citi-
zenship of the UK and Belize has
given the party more than 10 million.
But he has drawn flak for his com-
mercial dealings in the Central
American country and the fact that
he was made a peer in 2000 without
permanently living in Britain and
paying full income tax.
He also has close links to the Turks
and Caicos Islands another tax ha-
ven for the super-rich.
The tycoon, a former party trea-
surer, has previously shown his will-
ingness to defy Tory leaders.
In 2004 he clashed with Michael
Howard when he insisted his 2mil-
lion donation support specific can-
didates rather than the national cam-
There is mounting speculation Gor-
don Brown could call an election as
early as October.
Lord Ashcroft, in a sign of his
growing influence in the party, e-
mailed activists last week urging
them to keep him informed of their
The note said his team was on elec-
tion alert and that a "Field Campaign-
ing Department" had been set up to
oversee the blitz on target seats.
He added: "Over the coming weeks
we will be producing a range of cam-
paign materials but I wanted to out-
line a few particular priority ser-

put i

not organized, not financed, not well
known and no established manifesto.
The only viable option I see is the
UDP. I also see a clear and present
danger that the independent candi-
dates will no doubt take valuable votes
away from the only true adversary the
PUP has.
Political history at home and
abroad has shown that independents,
although well intended, have not
yielded much success. Those redi-
rected votes will hurt the UDP; as
those are the votes most likely to come
from leery and weary voters who are
fed up with "poly-tricks" as a whole.
Other votes that are up for grabs are
from new immigrants (you can bet that
PUP has them well tied up) and the
uninformed and the undecided. This
situation could conceivably give the
PUP a chance towards a minority vic-
Let's not take our eyes off the real


I believe that at least under a UDP
administration the Independents can
forge ahead... on a fair playing field,
with no threats of violence, putting fort
their agendas and becoming a bona
fide and credible political force to be
reckoned with in the following elec-
Meaningful change usually comes
slowly and caution is in the wind to
quick unprepared changes. This
change will bring Belize into a Multi-
Political Party system with more
checks and balances, which is good
for the country, bringing us closer to
that elusive imaginary figment called
Do you know where your X Be-
I do!



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Double Trouble

"i E (Continued From Page 1)
and Freetown Road was more like a ca-
nal in Venice with vehicles passing each .. .. .
other like boats creating a wake behind ..:?
them. Small cars, even some pickups and
vans stalled and were abandoned by their
drivers. Pedestrians waded in knee-deep . "
water trying to reach home.
Schools all across the city were dis- - l T'
missed by 2 pm and many offices sent
their employees home well before five ,
to allow them time to secure their fami-
lies and premises. The Belize City Coun-
cil reopened several hurricane shelters
and advised residents of Belama phases
3 and 4 to evacuate. However, it seems
the waters began to subside, or people '
were reluctant to leave and no one took .
the city council up on their offer.
Forecasters had predicted another 24
to 36 hours of rain, but strangely it did
not appear and fortunately too, for
Belize City would have had some seri-
ous difficulties ifit had.
On Thursday, much of the water had
receded but many homeowners were
(Please turn to page 11) Cars and trucks looked more like boats on Freetown Road in Belize City at the height of the rains.

A motorcycle looked more like jet ski on North Front Street.

House for Rent

Boledo buyers stood in water up to their ankles at this neighborhood shop. .. --_-_--


The Belize Zoo

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Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 11

Double Trouble

lE (Continued From Page 1)
1935 hurricane was responsible for
more than 400 deaths in the Keys, pri-
marily among World War I veterans
working on a highway connecting the
island chain to the mainland.
Only eight other Category 5 storms
have been known to hit land in the At-
lantic basin, including Gilbert, the 193 5
hurricane, Hurricane Camille in 1969
and Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Andrew
had top sustained winds of 165 mph at
landfall. It was the second-most expen-

sive hurricane in U.S. history, after Hur-
ricane Katrina.
Hurricane Wilma is the most intense
Atlantic hurricane ever recorded in terms
of pressure: It was at 882 millibars
when it was in the Caribbean before it
weakened ahead of landfall in the
The lowest pressure ever re-
corded in a tropical cyclone was
870 millibars in Typhoon Tip in the
northwest Pacific Ocean in 1979.

fll(Continued From Page 10)
left to mop out and try to dry their fur-
niture and other belongings.
The bad weather could almost be
described as a freak storm for although
the weather bureau had warned the
public of the wave, their personnel ad-
mitted none of the computer modules
predicted such a heavy downpour, most
forecasting only 2-4 inches, not the 10

inches which actually fell.
Many Belizeans joked the storm
brought the rain they had expected from
Hurricane Dean, but the volume of wa-
ter on city streets and the northern high-
way was no laughing matter. Just a so-
bering reminder of vulnerable Belize City
remains and how quickly conditions can
deteriorate, catching thousands off
guard and unprepared.

High School in Corozal

opens Doors despite

major set-backs

Many schools in the Corozal District
were not spared by Hurricane Dean but
have proved to be resilient in times of
reverse entropy. Despite the great loss,
schools made every attempt to bring
life to normality for their wind battered
students today.
One such school is the agriculturally
based High School, the St. Viator Vo-
cational High School, which lies about
1.5 Miles beyond Chunox Village, on
the Sartenej a Road, in the Corozal Dis-
trict. The school may have been irre-
versibly kept back in it's aspirations to
reach out to students in the information
technology area. The High School lost
five Windows XP based computers to
moisture. (Some five sheets of zinc
were blown ofifrom the School's roof.)
The School was also hit in the agri-
cultural area, losing some fifty chicken
layers. Also lost were about five thou-
sand dollars worth of seedlings. The
good news is that the school now has
fresh water; as it has a back-up water

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tank. Principal Patrociana Cho ( Tel:
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dent Weekly

Barrack Road looked more like the Belize River.



I R e a In d e p n d e n O n i n e tSht p :/ b e l i e n e s c m in d e e n e n oI S Si n u r S m / 4 5 p pP a e 2




.5 H

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)
You must avoid gossip and focus on
what you have to do. Listen to the com-
plaints of others. Atrip to visit relatives
should be rewarding. Recognition can
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stand behind your beliefs. Your lucky
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TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)
Social activity should be on your
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Your own small business on the side

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LEO (July 23-Aug 22)
You should check out prestigious

clubs or groups that have a cause you
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dramatic and unnerving everyone
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VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
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LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
You may have difficulties with foreign-
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there. You'll find it easy to meet new
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be Monday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)
This will not be the best day to try to
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in public. Self improvement projects
should be your key concern. Decep-
tion in your home is evident. Don't beat
around the bush. Your lucky day this
week will be Monday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
Your ability to take hold of a situation
will surely bring you popularity and
leadership. Over spending or unex-
pected bills could set you back. Try to
be there for someone if they need as-
sistance. Keep tabs on your spending.
Your lucky day this week will be Thurs-
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
Keep calm. Someone around you is
bouncing off the walls. Secret enemies
(Please Turn To Page 15) E I '

Your weekly W

Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 13

US helps Belize after

Hurricane Dean

LW .... .....

Hurricane dean nl.... ... / homes in Corozal and Orange Walk, flattened cane fields and
papaya plantations and uprooted numerous trees.

PRNewswire-USNewswire/ The
U.S. Government through the U.S.
Agency for International Development
(USAID) announced it will provide
$50,000 to support the relief efforts of
the Government of Belize (GOB) aris-
ing from Hurricane Dean. In addition,
USAID will provide emergency relief
supplies, valued at approximately
$50,000, to the Belize Red Cross for
hurricane-affected populations in north-
ern Belize. These supplies include 500
wool blankets, 1,056 hygiene kits, 100
rolls of plastic sheeting, and 5 chainsaw
kits. The total value of the assistance is
Hurricane Dean made landfall ap-
proximately 40 miles north of the Belize-
Mexico border as a category five storm.
According to the GOB, high winds and
heavy rains resulting from the hurricane
have caused significant damage to hous-
ing and agriculture in the northern dis-
tricts of Corozal and Orange Walk,
Your weekly

Sfll(Continued From Page 12)
may be holding a grudge that you're not
even aware of. Don't say things that
could be damaging later on. Cut loose.
You need some help this week. Your
lucky day this week will be Friday.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
You will have a tendency to put on
pounds. If everyone wants to do their
own thing, let them. Get the red tape
and the unwanted paperwork out of the
way. You can get the attention of im-
portant individuals but it might not be
the time to get them to help or to back
your ideas. Your lucky day this week
will be Thursday.
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
Don't be shy; showyour abilities! Do
not get upset about situations you can-
not change. You can enjoy short trips.
You can make money, but try not to let
it slip through your fingers. Your lucky
day this week will be Wednesday.

which the GOB declared disaster ar-
eas on August 21. Preliminary assess-
ments by the GOB report that the hur-
ricane damaged more than 1,500
houses, rendering approximately 2,000
people homeless in northern districts
and causing an estimated $5 million in
damage. Initial aerial estimates also in-
dicate that the storm destroyed the en-
tire export papaya crop, valued at more
than $20 million, and caused at least
$1.2 million in damage to sugar crops,
affecting the livelihoods of small farm-
On August 23, U.S. Charge
d'Affaires Leonard A. Hill declared a
disaster in Belize due to the impact of
Hurricane Dean. USAID has a two-
member emergency team in Belize
which has assessed and identified needs
in conjunction with the GOB's National
Emergency Management Organization,
and U. S. Embassy staff have conducted
aerial assessments utilizing U.S. military





over 1


30 daily

scheduled flights

throughout Belize

and Flores in


Charters also available

nr -,
"mm -

The Airline of Belize

a .

matures waiuesmouse
. ':r

Welcome To Nature's Way Guesthouse
Clean, Safe, Affordable,- ".
Central Location Sea Front View & Breeze
Single $23BZD, Double $33BZD'^t
...- Triple $48BZD "
-t off bus at Catholic Churchon
Main & Church Streets, walk down
hill 75 yards to Guesthouse.


I R e a In d e p n d e n O n i n e tSht p :/ b e l i e n e s c m in d e e n e n oI S Si n u r S m / 4 5 p pP a e 4



IW Reader Karol Valecillo on a recent trip to Egypt

Melanie Ysaguirre and Daniel Weber, both ofRochester, New York, exchanged vows of
holy matrimony at the St Thomas Episcopal Church on Saturday, August 25,2007.
Melanie is the daughter ofBelizean parents, former Customs broker Jim Ysaguirre
(ri.p.) and well-loved school teacher Zoila Carmona Ysaguirre (r.i.p.).

Independent Weekly rambling reporter William Ysaguirre sent us this image from the
deck of the 'Maid of the Mist' at the foot of the horseshoe falls at .....i .. Canada.

aspiring photographer/designer Julia Heusner did this collage of her cat, Louie.

Strange sight: a gas truck 100 yds from shore. (courtesy San Pedro Sun)

The Maid of the Mist IV is one ofseveral vessels which carry visitors to .. right up
to the base of the horseshoe falls, the better to appreciate the i, i .... i 1,.,- of the falls..
If you have any photos you would like to share
with Independent readers in our Guest Gallery,
send your digital jpg or tiff images to

Sunday, September 2, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 15


-~ P!161A) ~J IA

MiBE (Continued From Page 1)
mal goes through-it takes a long tor-
turous time to die. I don't know how
you feel about pets but my family suf-
fered terribly over this incident. We
were saddened by the senseless cru-
elty & pain that an innocent creature had
to endure, and for what? We wondered
where the strychnine came from be-
cause it's not sold in stores for rat poi-
son anymore. Now I am wondering if
the strychnine came from the govern-
ment strychnine eradication program.
Some scamp could have stolen it or
might have been hired by one of these
towns in an "eradication" proj ect & kept

some for personal reasons.
I will be personally mailing a story
about Dee's case to the newspapers.
It's time to share the grief & reality.
Belizeans are more humane that that,
and everyone I spoke to hates the
strychnine eradication program. I in-
clude a picture of our much missed
pet and hope you as a sensible and
proud Belizean will be moved to stop
this cruel eradication.
Linn Wilson
Seine Bight Village
Placencia Peninsula
cc: Mayor of Belmopan

By Giselle O'Brien

Can you hear it?
It's called silence
It happens when we all stop
And we listen...
Listen to the trees
And the rustle of their leaves
Listen to the river
As it runs into the seas
Listen to the birds
And the shuffle of their wings
Listen to the insects
And the midnight song they sing
Do you hear it?
It's called silence
It happens when we stop
And we listen...
Listen to our elders
And the wise beneath their words
Listen to the young ones
And their ideas so absurd

yIC1 '. Phonm-501 .22-9Dd I
Vobelize Consulting
.' C7 erjAI BuSIie P Peal ELtate
Consulting Escrow Services -
Propedty Searches and more-
Visit ourwebsile at tww.vbeia cg, gor mDre
infoImation or mail us ali ob'I7I?@fImanI coe
Needed: Mountain Bike Tour Op-
erator wanted in Cayo with equip-
ment. Tel: 663-5580 CayoAdven-
ture Tours Ph# 824-324

Need help with cleaning, ironing,
painting or other household chores at
your Ladyville home? Then call me
at 624-3652. Reasonable rates, ma-
ture female.
"Free international real estate
and investment blog and podcast.
Go to http://
investtheworld.blogspot.com as we
travel the world for fun, investment
and profit."For Rent: A (2) bedroom
flat located in King's Park, Belize
City $800/month

Listen to the foolish
And understand their views
Listen to the wise
And relish in their news

Will you just listen?
Its called silence
Devour it

from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

One commercial building (4 offices,
conference room, reception area) in
King's Park $1800.00/month
Computers $800/each Call: 223-
Free Ads! The INdependent Re-
former is you your first classified
ad with us free of charge! After
that only $10 per advert per issue.
Ads must be: 1) 20 words or less
2) photo must be jpeg or tiff for-
mats only. Must be emailed, no
disk pickup or drop off
3) business card -first run is free
2007, $20 a run thereafter
4) All classified ads must be emailed
t o
independent, newspaper. bzgmail.
com with cc to
kheusner(gyahoo. com and checks
to PO Box 2666, Belize City.
Please note:
We must receive your ad by Friday
at mid-day for inclusion in follow-
ing Tuesday issue.

A fond fare-
well to Charles
Woods Sr an
avid reader of
Weekly, who
left this earth

\ so suddenly
and sadly.

Thank you Mr. Charles for sharing your
perspective with the editor over the years
for her
column and book.
Condolences from the staff of Indepen-
dent Weekly to the Woods Family, espe-
cially Silvana and Jackie and their
wonderful children.

Announcement of

Sale of Business

This article is to give notice that the business known as
C@f6 Caye operating at 12 Burns Ave, San Ignacio, Cayo
District is under contract for sale. Completion of sale to
take place 28th August 2007.
Any persons or businesses who believe they have outstand-
ing accounts to be paid from said business should contact;
Rainforest Realty, PO Box 195, San Ignacio, Cayo Dis-
trict, in writing 7 days before the date of completion.


aedIdeedn Olneggtp/beiees o/nepnetor.-:/tnulco/4dp0ae1
-.6 -6- - S~ 6~S 6-5.4







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