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Belizeans at home and abroad waited
anxiously through Monday night into Tues-
day morning asHurricane Dean approached
the southern Yucatan ofMexico. From To-
ledoto Corozal, the question was the same:
how badly would this category five affect
Itwas not until around midnight that
we found out. High speed winds and rain
began lashing San Pedro, Caye Caulker,
Corozal and Orange Walk. At the cayes,
high waves washed over piers and onto vil-
lage streets. In Corozal zinc --even entire
roofs-- were tom off off houses, trees and
utility poles toppled. The wind howled and
people huddled together and prayed. Elec-
trical powerlosse addedtothe darkness and
Inthe moming,whentherain eased off
and daylight made it possible to evaluate the
damage, the reports came flooding into
LOVE FM and NEMO: downtown
Corozal filled with downed poles and trees,
windows on seafront hotels and homes
smashed, plywood ripped off windows in
(Please Turn To Page 3) M W


Hurricane Dean slams into the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, dumping several inches of rain on Belize.

By: Mario Lara
With the general elections around
the corner and political campaigns in
full swing there will be much mud-
slinging and dodging by candidates.
Politicians assume, justifiably so, that
this is a show voting citizens expect.
Politics is not for the thin-skinned.
So, how do we get good moral men
and women to volunteer to step into
this fray and offer themselves as po-
tential candidates? The answer is that
we generally don't get the most moral
of men and women to step forward.
This is why it is important that we
have a system of checks and balances
to keep those less than purely honest
individuals who do step forward from
running amuck.
But, how do we vote-in a group of
people who will be honest and moral
enough to do what they say they will
do and enact changes to institute a
system of checks and balances that

will be worth at least the paper that
the legislative reforms will be written
on? Well, you can see why many
people don't hold their breaths in
hope for significant improvement and
why the Prime Minister can be so
confident that all this will "blow over
like wan lee breeze." The Prime Min-
ister knows who his opponents are
and he knows that if he invests enough
effort in the mud slinging and confu-
sion that political campaigns are all
about then there's still is a good
Allegations of corruption in politics
can be expected to blow over like a
breeze and incompetence can be re-
duced to minor "hiccups" along the
way once you know that your com-
petition your main opponent is of
not much higher caliber than you are.
Then it all just becomes a game to win
over the people's affection and loyal-
ties by putting on a great show (at

least for the moment.)
Third party candidates have a much
more daunting challenge at playing that
game because they're not in a posi-
tion to mobilize public resources to
win over the people's affection by
paving their streets, or putting in long
overdue streetlights, or anything like
that. The party in government has a
clear advantage.
Third party candidates also don't
have a record they can point to and
remind people in creative and some-
times even fictitious ways of how good
and how different things were under
their watch, unlike the current oppo-
Third party candidates who have
not had a chance to govern previously,
typically don't have the business sup-
port and financial resources to stage
a political campaign that can match
the mudslinging, dodging, and confu-
sion that is put on display by the main-

stream political parties. So, third
party candidates are clearly at a se-
vere disadvantage.The main thing that
third parties DO have going for them
is the hope that they will be different.
But, if they engage or can be drawn
into the mudslinging, dodging, and
confusion that the mainstream parties
do, their chances can be easily dimin-
ished; because we are already skep-
tical in the first place about their true
motivation and capabilities. So, third
party candidates have to be much
more prepared and organized and
state their case in a straightforward
and well thought out manner. I don't
know if our third parties have achieved
that level, yet. I do think, though, that
even if they are ultimately unsuccessful
in their bid, their participation will have
had a positive impact on the political
campaign process because it adds an-
other, hopefully more serious element,
to thej ockeying for people's votes.

L e dI n e n d t O n li e a t h t t p // b ei z e n e w c o mi n d e e n d n t r h t p : t i n ug A m 2 4 5 g g

Read S S S -- S ~Independent Oniea tp/blznwscmidpneto tp//iyrgo/4dpPg

Travel Writer Finds
All is Well with
Tourism Sector

Dear Editor,

Based on emails I've received and
from reports on
www.BelizeEmergency.net, nearly all
hotels in Belize, even those in Corozal
District, escaped Dean without seri-
ous damage.
Nearly all hotels, except those that
are closed for routine seasonal main-
tenance, are open. A few hotels in
Corozal Town say they will reopen
later this week. Hotel Maya in
Corozal Town and a couple of small
Corozal guesthouses report they suf-
fered some structural damage and
haven'tdecided when they'll reopen.
Reporting hotels in Orange Walk
District say they suffered no signifi-
cant damage and are open (unless al-
ready closed for seasonal mainte-
Most hotels on Ambergris Caye re-

port that they suffered no structural
damage. A few had minor damage
and downed trees and some beach
erosion. Most will reopen on Thurs-
day, after grounds cleanup. Victoria
House, Costa Maya Resort and a few
others are closed for a short time for
Hotels on Caye Caulker uniformly
report no damage, and most have
stayed open, though a few will reopen
later this week or early next, after
Properties in Belize, Cayo, Stann
Creek and Toledo districts uniformly
report no damage and are open for
business, except for those already
closed for routine seasonal mainte-
Bottom line is that the tourism in-
dustry in Belize suffered very little
damage and that except for some
short-term cancellations during the
next few weeks Belize's slowest
tourism period anyway the tour-
ism industry should not have any sig-
nificant impact from Hurricane Dean.
Signed, Lan Sluder

from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

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Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 3


" -Ell(Continued From Page 1)
villages like San Joaquin. The sea in the
Corozal Bay had receded before the
storm hit, as it generally does, but .
washed back in again as residents be-
gan to move about and the all clear was
It was a similar sight across the <
Mexican border where international
media reported the eye of the storm
came ashore near the cruise port of
Mahajual, just outside the state capital
of Chetumal, in area described by As-
sociated Press as sparsely populated.
Quintana Roo authorities reported there. ...
had been a mandatory evacuation of
villagers living in thatched huts, but that *."'"'
many hid from the soldiers or chased l .......
them away with machetes, refusing to "
leave their homes. Fortunately no lossTotal blowout in Corozal at the famous
of life has been reported at press time flying debris shattered all thep
on either side of the border.
Further north in Cancun, some
50,000 tourists and thousands more lo-
cal residents had been successfully
evacuated, the memory of other dev-
astating hurricanes fresh in their minds.
In Belize, residents of the cayes --
had been moving out since Friday but
some those who waited until Monday
afternoon found themselves stuck where
they were as airplanes and water taxis
ceased their runs.
International aircraft canceled
flights for Tuesday in anticipation but
hundreds of tourists left on Sunday and
There was abit of a power struggle
between the Mayor of Belize City,
Zenaida Moya and Central
Government's National Emergency
Management Organization, NEMO.
The mayor stated early on Monday she
was not recommending opening the 10
shelters (of 24) approved for occupancy Belize Defense Force recruits of l
since they were not able to withstand
reason reach NEMO officials and there
anything stronger than a category 2 and had been no official order to mandato-
n s a y at c had been no official order to mandato-
Dean was already at category 4. She rily evacuate the city and she needed
told Belizean listeners to LOVE FM that .
buses to do so if it was indeed in effect.
she would only order shelters opened if NEMO authorities bristled at her word-
Dean was downgraded. She also com- NEMO authorities bustled at her word-
a. a e S a ing and said there was no mandatory
plained her office could not for some b ere
evacuation...but people were being

"crystal palace" (residence of former Social Security Board head Narda Garcia) as
plate glass windows during the hurricane, leaving only its skeletal frame.


Recruit intake No.49 hauling away trees and other debris after Hurricane Dean.

urged to leave of their own volition. Belize City would only be experiencing
(Translation: no money no dey?) tropical storm force winds and so the
But the Mayor was able to open shelters opened. At least some of them.
shelter doors later in the day the advi- For soon enough there was another is-
sories coming from the Met Office said (Please Turn To Page 13) l W

Dean's 165mph winds mangled the zinc roof of a lean-to shed in front of this colorful
stall in the Corozal market.

Lots of work ahead to restore this home to its former state, as it lost a good portion of
its roof and sustained damage to its front verandah.

I. IS ReadS S I~~Independent Oniea tp/beieesc midpedn rht:/inulc m25 ag 4 1

The Chosen Country:


By: TrevorVernon

Hurricane or no hurricane, Belize is
the best place to invest your money
these days. There's no hit or miss
proposition when investing here. You
invest in the right industries that the
central planners have designated, and
you will be living the good life in the
best country, anywhere.
The new "big five" industries that
the Musa Administration has re-des-
ignated at the end of the eleventh hour
of his term are: agribusiness, tourism,
aquaculture, information communica-
tion technology, environmental goods
& services. These are truly the best
industries to invest in now, per gov-
ernment orders.
Yet we see world-class Belizean in-
vestors investing in none of the gov-
ernment designated areas. Take mas-

ter investor Luke Espat. Does he in-
vest in information communication
technology? No! He went after the
upscale condo market in Belize City.
Did he invest in environmental goods
& services? No! He went into devel-
oping a tourist resort in Placencia. Did
he venture into aquaculture? No! He
invested heavily in the privatization of
the ports: air, sea, and other points of
entry. Mr. Espat is the Warren Buffet
of Belize's Wall Street.
Money is real cheap and easily ac-
cessible in Belize. Walk into any local
or offshore, or nearshore bank with a
most basic feasibility study, cash flow
projections, heavy collateral (or sov-
ereign guarantee) and you get instant
approval. Well, cheap is relative but
easily accessible isn't. So, you don't
even have to bring venture capital
monies just a vivid imagination and
we'll provide access to the parallel
foreign exchange markets... at pen-
nies on the dollar. Hell, you can do
pretty well for yourself just on the
We have great foreign controlled
utility companies too so the power is
always on, the phones impeccable, the
ISP superb, the water as pure as the

driven snow, and the instant noctur-
nal activity exciting. The road condi-
tions are second to none and there is
even a helicopter company to fly you
around to selected spots at about
1000 dollars an hour. What there
that's missing you ask? Absolutely
nothing. We've got everything your
little heart desire, for a small price
anything can be arranged with the
greatest of ease.
You may have heard bad things
about Belize by the malcontents who
don't share the vision of the great
leaders and who through their own
treacherous illusions of grandeur
speak ill of the great Musa/Fonseca
revolution. Whatever you may have
heard are all lies I tell you. Yes we
have had a few hiccups with power
outages, overzealous security forces,
organized gangs, contaminated rivers
and aquifers, spots of dying reef, and
wild nocturnal activity but none of this
will affect you. Just ask Jeffery
Prosser, Sir Ronald Saunders, and
their top notch Belizean attorney
Lionel Welch.
And how can anyone or anything be
against this country and it government
when God is with them? Just look

what happened when Dean was
threatening: God intervened and dis-
sipated it, shrunk it, and made it go
away. Belize is more than just a good
country. It's a chosen one with lots of
great investment opportunities. Just
ask Luke.

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paid, don't You Know,
when you sow -
misdeeds, you reap the \ -
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S/ ....... .--._7 .^

said cannot escape Deanw!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 5



thinking how awful it must be out in the
sun all day and how lousy the pay must
be. But then again, the PUP's blue and
white paint stripes at the base of tele-
phone polls in the Corozal district vil-
lages are certainly decorative. Every

I j--.
A,,-,. .",-g ,[

By: Karla HeusnerVernon
I did a double take when I passed
through Orange Walk the other day (pre-
hurricane Dean). The sign strung across
the highway, attached to two utility poles,
was demanding that the Prime Minister
call elections NOW! Actually, it called
him a nasty name too. There were other
signs, with uncomplimentary photos or
caricatures of him perched like a pup-
The diversity of the artwork makes it
difficultto determine if they emanate from
a single source, or were erected by a
group or party branch. Some of the signs
appear to be UDP sponsored, but you
cannot be sure. Until someone claims
credit, we can only speculate.
A Belize City divisional candidate for
the UDP Michael Peyrefitte has
claimed responsibility for the signs he
has posted all along the utility poles of
the northern highway and main streets
of his division. They are red and atten-
tion getting and show he is ready for
action. Actually they make you feel
kinda festive. Like "Merry Christmas"
or "Happy September Celebrations"
signs. I like them.
The blue t-shirts on roadside work-
ers are harder to enjoy. I just keep

once in awhile there is a red one stick-
ing out like a sore pole, butby and large
the blue and white seems dominant. At
least paint can-wise. We cannot be sure
how much it reflects the nearest home
owner's sentiments since most utility
poles are outside their yards on the
streetside. Maybe someone just
sneaked up to the pole in the night and
painted it. The next morning the resi-
dents came outside and either felt a
surge of PUP pride or sucked their teeth.
The National Reform Party is also
joining the color war, putting up bill-
boards to try and convince Belizeans
to go orange this time around, introduce
their candidates- many of whom have
abandoned the red and blue in search
of something more pure and promising.
It is probably only a matter of time
before the Vision Inspired by the People
and We the People's yellow begins to
dot the landscape, bright and fresh, un-
tainted by any tinge of scandal.
But thej ostling for control of the poles
is child's play compared to the pending


war at the polls. It is just nervous side-
ways glancing before the start of the
race. Compounding the tension is the
frustration that no one knows when the
gun will go off, except the Prime Minster.
Hence the Orange Walk signage trying

to bully him into making an announce-
But the Prime Minister is as inscru-
table as a Buckingham Palace guard,
keeping his secret. No doubt he enjoys
everyone trying to read his mind: "Should
we run? Or wait? Save our money or
spend?" It must be nerve wracking for
the various party leadership!
It certainly is nerve wracking for the
business community and international
investors who once more in "wait and
see mode" just as they always are for
the year or so before an election in
Belize. Money stops flowing, people
start hoarding, thinking about their op-
tions if this one win, or that one lose,
making fake friends, hedging their bets,
just in case. It's all so unnatural, bizarre
Of course media managers love to
prolong the inevitable, make more
money from the ad campaign. You
never hear them calling for early elec-
tion. Oh no, the longer the term the big-
ger the bill!


What about our Iil Resources?

A statement from the NRP

When you are in Spanish Lookout on
a hill around the Esso gas station at night
and you look towards the east you see
in approximately 2 miles east the air light
up of a flame where Belize Natural En-
ergy is wasting natural gas from the 5
producing oil wells all joined by a pipe
underground. At times you can see the
flame arising above the bushes from 2
miles away and the toxic smoke cover-
ing the whole area and the breeze blow-
ing it towards residential areas. This has
been going on since they open the first
well and the complaints made and sick-
ness caused by this waste have been
completely ignored by BNE and other
The BNE is sending in various news-
papers a colourful release on how much
they have benefited Spanish Lookout,

by sales of goods and fees, and how
the have one person working from
Spanish Lookout Also how they have
pleased Spanish Lookout by removing
the gas burning flame from near the
houses which was sickening them over
one year, to 2 miles down the road to
where it blows over Spanish Lookout
in a wider area than before and how
they are promising once more that they
will get the royalty fee some day.
Then there are questions about the
actual amount of oil being produced:
the Spanish Lookout committee re-
ports BNE informed them they are
extracting 3200 barrels per day. But
the record we have from the truckers
indicates they are hauling 24 tankers
per day which equals to 4800 barrels
of oil per day. What is BNE trying to

hide? Do they think they can hide a
big semi-truck? And what is exactly
the reason they bring out a colourful
release of how great they are, while
they are intoxicating our air and wast-
ing our irreplaceable natural re-
sources? They seem to sell their pub-
lic image relations real cheap.
Information from other countries
has also arrived. We happened to get
a visit from an oil specialist from
Houston Texas. He said that even in
Nigeria, a country with little social and
health control, they do not allow the
burning of toxic gas at the oil wells,
but they re-inj ect it back, not to dam-
age the gas cap in the earth. He says
the gas cap over the oil must stay there
until the well is depleted so we can
expect approximately 60% of the de-

posit, in the case of letting the gas out
maybe only 40% can be extracted. It
is also important how fast the oil is
extracted not to damage the core. He
also stated that the gases should be
pumped back into the gas cap in the
earth in any case to get 20% more oil
One must ask the question: Are we
so broke that we have to rush and get
the 40% of our oil resource and run
and not able to keep a record closer
than 30% from 2300, to 4800 bar-
rels and no matter who gets sick, who
loses and what is wasted, and to dis-
regard peoples health, rights, environ-
ment and international rules? Some
one sooner or later will have to an-
swer these questions. Before to much
negative vibes are created.

"But the jostling for control of the poles is child's
play compared to the pending war at the polls. It
ut t'
is just nervous sideways glancing before the start
of the race... "


The only real mystery to me is why
we, as Belizeans, allow this cat and
mouse game to continue. The Political
Reform Commission considered a pro-
posal to fix the date of the General Elec-
tions, just as the Municipal and Village
elections are set. But they declined.
"The majority of the Commission
does not recommend that there be
fixed dates for national elections in
Belize in the context of the parliamen-
tary executive model of government
as practiced by Belize. (See recom-
mendation 84 of your bedside copy of
the Political Reform Commission Re-
port 2000.1 Ibelieve it is there right next
to your "Constitution of Belize." )
It was not just a matter of consistency
with the inherited model; the Commis-
sion maintains there are other mecha-
nisms which offer alternatives to wait-
ing for the Prime Ministerto call an elec-
tion, mechanisms which can be easily
activated: "One of the basic principles
of this model is that a government
must resign if there is a vote of no
confidence or if they otheli n ie lose
the majority in the House of Repre-
sentatives. "
Hmmm, not quite sure what "other-
wise lose the majority" means since
Reps are not allowed to cross the floor,
but the part about vote of no confidence
is pretty clear. However, what provi-
sion is there is when the ruling party rep-
resentatives just grumble about losing
confidence but no one actually makes a
Seems we are back to square one,
(Please Turn To Page 11) 0 J*

I ReadIndependnt Onlie athtp://beizenew comindepnden orhgg ..- 0~om25dp ae

By: Gus Perera
It is such a great feeling to be writ-
ing again after a short but wonderful
vacation. In order to make the holi-
days just that holiday I self-im-
posed a media blackout and insulated
myself from all things political-news-
papers, talk-shows (more like spin
shows), news and political ads. The
political "detox" was a liberating ex-
perience. Now I am even more con-
scious ofjust how uninspiring the poli-
tics of "winning elections" is. It is a
brand of politics for enfeebled men -
- self-serving, seeking validation
through positional power and control,
and the amassing of wealth. It is a
"two faced" kind of politics "look-

ing good on the outside but doing
badly on the inside."
Speaking about "two faced," dur-
ing a recent visit to Chetumal, and
while browsing the stores, I happened
to notice the brand name "Dorian
Gray." It reminded me of a movie I
saw during my high school days; the
name of the flick was "The Portrait
of Dorian Gray". The entire movie
plot and main actors eluded my
memory but it did not matter, it was
just a brief journey down memory
lane nothing important.
As if by pure co-incidence though,
and during one of my daily devo-
tional readings this week, I came
across an article entitled "About
Face. In it, the author spoke of
an encounter with an elderly man
with a cane whose face "radiated
such jocularity and positivity"
that she was compelled to ask the
man about his life. After talking with
the elderly man, she could not help
but recall the novel written by Os-
car Wilde, "The Portrait of
Dorian Gary." We were "on the
same page!"
She wrote: "Dorian Gray is an
exceptionally charming, wealthy


and handsome man. A friend, and
admirer of his, paints his portrait
and Dorian expresses the wish
that he could remain as handsome
and young as the portrait and
that the portrait age instead. He
gets his wish. But not only does
the portrait age, its features
change and grow uglier as Dorian
slowly immerses himself in a sor-
did and reprehensible lifestyle full
of ignoble deeds. Dorian Gray
never lost his looks and charisma
but his portrait reflected the deca-
dent rogue that he had become.
King Solomon wrote: "As in wa-
ter face answers face, so does the
heart of man to man. The truth
is that there is a connection between
a person's face and his heart. The
countenance of our face is the mir-
ror of our soul. Perhaps this should
challenge our leaders to look into
their leadership mirror. What is the
face of the nation telling them? Why
is her face so wrinkled? Why the
stress lines on her forehead? Why
the puffed eyes? Why the countless
tears streaming down her face. The
countenance of our national face is
one of stress the mirror of our


R. Saltsmam Jewish World Review
At the individual level, what is the
mirror telling each leader about the
state of his soul? Sure, some lead-
ers have said time and time again,
"Everyday I look myself in the mir-
ror," as if to suggest that they ha-
bitually hold themselves accountable
for doing the right thing. But the
statement is both legal and ambigu-
ous, and intentionally so, for it fails
to address two critical questions:
"What do I see?" And "What will I
do about it?"
The answer to the first question
"What do I see?" cuts through the
facade of charisma, it blows a hole
through the pretence of caring, and
it exposes the putrid stench of
blended confidence and arrogance
("confi-gance").The answer to the
question "What do I see?" cuts to
the bone it exposes the very soul
of the leader the very "Portrait
of Dorian Gray."
The answer to the second ques-
tion "What will I do about it?" chal-
lenges the heart of conscience, it ren-
ders the phony leader helpless in the
face of searing truth truth that ex-
poses the evil motives of the heart.

dy to


Back Their Country

By: Patrick Tillett
Some people are suggesting there is
not much hope for Belize over the next
5 year, or even 10 years. The truth is,
the journey of a 1,000 miles starts with
the first step.
Belize has been in this same situa-
tion before, and it did not take 10
years to recover, it did not even take
5, in less then five years a good and
prudent government turned around
the economic situation: creatingjobs
and growth in GDP over 10%.
Prime Minister Musa has created a
debt crisis for Belize. Resolving the
debt crisis will be a challenging task,
but it has been done before, and new,
seasoned leadership can do it again.
Political reform is important, but, al-
most none of those reforms will help
deal with the crisis of the debt, at DFC
or Social Security Board. The SSB
Chairman admits that SSB will con-
tribute $10 million this year to the
NHI when it had only planned $5 mil-
lion. The Musa Administration can-
not manage the financial affairs of the

country and are repeatedly robbing
from Peter to pay Paul.
The most popular reform is an
elected Senate. The UDP has pro-
posed its alternative to an elected
Senate. Let the debate begin. Prime
Minister Musa has said publicly he
supports an elected Senate, but he is
unwilling to push it. The Prime Minis-
ter also supports giving $37 million to
Belize Bank for UHS, and he was
willing to push that. Perhaps to Prime
Minister Musa it is better to give away
$37 million of taxpayers money, than
to push for an elected Senate.
In spite of the sound financial man-
agement by UDP Administrations,
some people keep suggesting that
UDP and PUP are the same. When
has UDP bankrupted DFC or any-
thing else? When has the UDP used
privatization to transfer the wealth of
the nation into hands of a few? When
has UDP bankrupted the nation by
accumulating debt recklessly and
wanton spending? Ignore those, the
UDP and PUP are still the same.

The third parties have a lot to offer
Belize, but, none of them will be ready
for 2008. What do Belizeans do?
Should Belizeans stay with the cor-
rupted and crooked Musa Adminis-
tration or look to the UDP where
there is a record of sound manage-

Belizeans are ready to take back
their country, and it starts with chang-
ing the PUP Leadership. Change must
come, and now. The UDP is ready,
able and willing, the third parties are



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Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 7

National Reform Party: the

new Government of Belize?

By: RavAuxillou
In chatting with some NRP knowl-
edgeable people, I'm told all the secrecy
of the intentions of the NRP are based
on the strategy of waiting for the incum-
bent PUP government to call the next
elections. I'm puzzled by this political
strategy, but am assured they are ready
to contest the next national elections and
provide a much better form of govern-
ment than previously held under either
the UDP or the PUP.
Apparently they have all the election
divisions throughout the nation covered
with candidates and have a solid party
equal to that offered by the UDP, if not
better. They would not give me candi-
date names, because they claim the PUP
conduct dirty politics and they are afraid
that their candidates would be perse-
cuted and intimidated by the power in-
herent of a patronage political party
machine holding the reins of the police,
the government jobs, the court dates and
justice system controls and the Belize
Defense Force. They don't want their
candidates beaten up by police, or
homes raided by the Belize Defense
Force military on trumped up charges,
with ransacking oftheir belongings. Nor
do they have a newspaper, radio sta-
tion, or television station to get into a
lying, insulting competition.
The NRP attitude seems to be they
want to provide good, honest govern-
ment based on logical development,
through consensual views arrived at
through debate. They do not want
anything to do with character assas-
sination, trumped up charges in court
cases, insults and slander, which is the
way the PUP operate in an election
campaign using the successful politi-
cal patronage model of election cam-
I'm not sure waiting for the last thirty
days until election time is a good po-
litical strategy, particularly if they are
not getting any publicity of their mis-

sion goals, vision and ideas before
hand. It was pointed out to me, how-
ever, that the UDP suffer the same
victimization at the hands of the PUP
in that the PUP will steal their ideas if
they announce them, and do their best
to destroy their candidates reputation
and characters should they announce
too early their candidates names.
Can we as a nation elect a party like
the NRP based on HONEST govern-
ment and using consensual views of
different parties to achieve an honest
government, taking the moral high
ground? Any perusal of archives of
newspapers in election years in local
libraries, or for that matter in any year,
will certainly find that dirty political
tricks are one of the ways the PUP
win general elections. One would
think any political party wishing to
govern Belize would automatically
have to follow the same course of
electioneering as the successful pirati-
cal PUP! Certainly the UDP try to
follow this crude, cruel model of elec-
tion warfare.
I'm not at all sure the citizens of
Belize are ready for honest govern-
The National Reform Party would
be run on Mennonite governing prin-
cipals, at least, I assume so. The
Mennonites as a group have their in-
dividuals who are less than perfect
too. But overall they have been very
successful in governing themselves and
certainly made the first two genera-
tions born in Belize these past fifty
years, upper middle class, if not
wealthy. They are also the political
party of the poor, as they do, through
their social communal cooperative
rules make sure all people have equal
opportunities and none are left out. I
can certainly attest to that myself, as
the corner house across from me was
rented by a Mennonite church group
and a West African Creole lady of
Mennonite beliefs was installed in this
house and is being supported and
looked after with her four young chil-
dren, when abandoned by a non Men-
nonite African Creole husband, who
beat her and threw them out on the
street to survive by themselves.
The PUP to all appearances are no
longer the party of the poor masses,
but of the wealthy and rich elite. I can
certainly agree, that the PUP have

done some stupid things. Still, the PUP
have done some good healthy infra-
structural things like roads, commu-
nity centers, water systems in Toledo
also. Whether or not any government
of any other party would, in the nor-
mal course of events, have done the
same things anyway is open to de-
bate. Most of this stuff is done by the
civil service anyway I believe, in the
normal course of running a govern-
The district for Ralph Fonseca
is expected to sell their votes this
year for $700 to $1000 each as
usual. They don't give a hoot about
honest government apparently...
Then there is Said Musa's seat in
the Fort George Division. As far as
I can ascertain from newspaper ar-
ticles, this is bunch of wealthy old
ladies and widows not interested in
politics, or the nation, but are lonely
for some company and the party
leader has already wooed them with
one tea party and expect another
one around Christmas for their
votes. At least, that is the impres-

sion I am getting. There is one shin-
ing example among the electoral di-
visions. Remember when the can-
didate for Belize Rural South ran for
office on an HONEST representa-
tive, blazoned across his street ban-
ners? He beat out Patty Arceo of
the PUP who was kinda slow on the
bookkeeping and accountability
part of government finances she
handled.Just the same, this elec-
toral division did go against the
trend back then, by voting in a UDP
representative solely on the HON-
EST campaign slogan.
He is still in office and after the
first term, I notice this second term
even the incumbent PUP cooperate
with him. He's not really a party
person, but had to run on the UDP
ticket at the time to compete against
what was perceived as unsatisfac-
tory accounting. So it is possible the
NRP can field honest candidates
and take the government in the re-
bound and dissatisfaction from the
PUP shenanigans. Their competi-
tion is really only the UDP.

AmhLmM. eeratos: 5 1-26-0S

a 0M no=

U.S. Embassy Belmopan 6TH Annual

Fifth Floor. Radisson Fort George
Hotel and Marina
Belize City. Belize
August 24-25, 2007
9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

American Expo 2007 The place to promote your American
products and services in Belize! Especially those
new-to-the-market US-made products and services
Firms interested to showcase American product s ad sren ices may contact
U.S. Emnat bsy. idepione 822-4011. extension 4308
Or visit brip Il'- u
Come experience a truly Americon eVent at
Admission on both days is FREE to the general public *
Sponsored by: U.S. Embsy-M.oipani and the U.S. Depaumnn or Stme

I R e a d In d p n d n n l n a t p : /eiz e n e w S s c m in d e e n d n t r tSp /S Syrl o m /g g a g e 8-

Voting for I
is at the lowest.
Mr. Nelson Mandela of SouthAf-
rica said, "Education is the most im-
portant weapon we can use to
change the world," so why is it that
our leaders act as if they don't see
our people being educated as an
d.t economic benefit and also social
i. plus for our nation?
o t Some argue that this 'free educa-
tion' will be paid out of our tax dol-
B Mo Sulhlars, but that's nothing new, every-
PrBye Moses Suph government thing else is paid out of our tax dol-
lars, both the necessary and the un-
An Election should be based on necessary. This venture, however,
debates on moral value, credibil- would be one of the necessary
ity and proven track records. We things.
must seriously look into the ideas Despite how much the PUP scoff
which both parties campaign on at the idea which was the same
as aplat form. We must know who way that the JLP scoffed at the idea
is going to fix the situation our of free health care it is still viable,
country faces, economically, so- and their opposition to it is only be-
cially and spiritually. I am not sure cause they didn't promise it first -
if we as young people are voting purepolitics!
on the issues, yet we must put the It is an absolute insult by those
issues at the forefront. Such as: who consider themselves to be in-
the affordability and the accessi- tellectuals to those who are seeking
ability of education, the creation of to the opportunity to become intel-
employment opportunities, acces- lectuals, to believe that a university
sibility to affordable health care, can properly operate with $8.5 mil-
the accessibility to owning a piece lion.
of land, who is benefiting from The University ofBelize, our only
our resources, the economic debt. national university should be a
As election draws near we must symbol of pride to our nation, and
demand that the cost of education the only way this will come to ac-
be at a rate where it is affordable to tualization is if it is developed and
each and every person wanting the the service given is second to
opportunity to be educated at any none. With Belize City being the
level. The contribution by our gov- most populated district in our
eminent to education is the lowest country, one would believe that
in the Caribbean for secondary and the main campus would be lo-
tertiary. Jamaica is a country with cated in such a place; however
almost 3 millionpeople; the govern- this is not the case and I will not
ment pays 50% of the cost and the attempt to debate that at this time.
parents pay the other 50%. Belize is As a person who loves, and is
a country with only around 300,000 Ta'
thousand people, so why can't we For *
do the same or better?
At the tertiary level again the con- m
tribution by governmentper student M...- jA

Real l

very concerned about our coun-
try and its people, I urge our
young people to demand that the
cost of education both at the Uni-
versity and secondary institution
be affordable, which it is not at
this time. I have seen many of my
peers both at the University of
Belize and other colleges not be-
ing able to pursue their goal of
getting a higher education due to
the cost. I have seen students like
my self not being able to take the
city bus, or have a good lunch
due to the fact that there is no
money after paying their school
My solution to the problem?
Government's contribution must
increase, the government can do
this if they truly want to see our
nation move forward and be able
to compete with the global
economy. We have most recently
started selling oil in commercial
quantity, but who is benefiting
from this? Government can cre-
ate an education fund or tax paid
by those selling the oil. Say for
every dollar made off the oil 10%
goes to education.
According to our government,
tourism is our future, but whose
future? To make sure we do ben-
efit from tourism, from every $1
collected from the tax tourist pay
in this country 10% should go to
a specific education fund that a per-
centage of that would go to our Na-
tional University, a percentage to the
secondary institutions and other col-
Scholarships are a big joke in my
book. First of all some of the per-


sons who have received scholar-
ships in the country should not even
be a candidate for scholarship; their
parents are wealthy and can afford
to pay their way through any educa-
tional institution, and yet these are
the same persons we see get schol-
arships. Scholarships should be
given to those who are in need of
financial assistance and not those
who are not in need. Let us demand
that our leaders invest in our
country's future and the best way
to do so is by making education
affordable and accessible to each
and every person in this country,
regardless, of race, religion, finan-
cial background. One way we can
do so is by voting for those who
are committed to educating our
nation's human resource. Young
people, unite for a better Belize.
Thanks to all the students who
voted for me so I can continue
to represent you in our fight to
keep education affordable.
One God
One People
One Love

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Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 9

AJ's Chandler
Liquor Square

AJ's Camelback
AJ's Central
Sportsman's Liquors

Sportsman's Liquors

Rumrunner Liquors

Beverly Hills
Robert Burns Wines

Costa Mesa
Hi Time Wines

Red Carpet Wine

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Granite City
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Paul's Armanetti Liquors

Big Red Liquors

Classic Spirits
Hamilton Beverage

University Liquor

Cap N Cork

Hi 7 1I -I S m li.- i IS I* -i. 1


Iquenos are

impatient for elections

Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 11

EE(* i[A myi uIiI I9

US Embassy Revokes
corruption suspect's
Reports are the US visa belonging
to Lionel Tillett, aka "Ombudsboy"
has been revoked following a sting op-
eration in which he is alleged to have
been extorting money from a recently
paroled Hattieville prisoner. But the
plot thickens as the names of two
magistrates have reportedly also
come up in the conversations... Might
we see some magistrates losing visas
as well? This one will be a real chal-
lenge for Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez
and his office. But kudos to the po-
lice for the sting and for jumping on
the issue so promptly. One can only
wonder how many other criminals
might be out on the streets right now
because they paid their way out.
Boxing Day for
It was supposed to be a welcome gift:
"Free textbooks." But the costs just
seem too high already. Outraged that
Belize is depicted as part of Mexico on
maps in the Spanish book, the Belize
National Teacher's Union has told the
Ministry of Education to get rid of the
books, now. What will happen if they
don't comply? Will the teachers simply
not teach this subject? Sounds like a
showdown in the classroom. But it could
be a good social studies lesson on Na-
tionalism.... Also disturbing is reading
the interview with MOE officials on
LOVE FM website. Just how many
grammatical errors can our educators

make in one breath anyway? Maybe
we need some free adult education
English books?
US Terror Suspect
Pleads Guilty
Well, some Belizeans who believed
aUS fugitive hiding out in Belize, James
Uj ama, was being unfairly persecuted
because of his race and/or religion may
be surprised to hear he has pleaded
guilty in the US to helping raise money
for terrorist groups in Afghanistan and
Britain. According to Channel Five,
Uj ama had been plea bargaining to help
US officials catch some of his co-con-
spirators when he fled to Belize. Will
his arrest lead to any examination of
his contacts here? In light of arrests in
Trinidad, it's not impossible. As to why
any of our people might have believed
he was innocent, maybe he neglected
to mention he had already served two
years for setting up terrorist training
camps... .The question now should be:
why did he come to Belize
the hot seat
Commissioner of Police, Hon Gerald
Westby, comes from salt of the earth
but he's been taking a heavy licking in
various comers ofthe Belize media, not
unlike his political bosses. He has gone
on the defensive and has responded to
numerous claims this past weekend.
We like Westby but we know the
modus operandi of his Belmopan
bosses. He must be under a lot of pres-
sure with such a weakened morale in
the public service.

Control of the Poles

.-I (Continued From Page 5)
waiting for the PM to call the date.
Everyone is quickto point out in hushed,
revered tones that Britain and Canada and
many other Commonwealth nations, don't
have fixed elections either. But we tend to
forget their parliamentarians can and do
exercise their right to conduct a vote to
determine the confidence of the members
in the government. British and Canadian
Prime Ministers have been taken down
for doing far less "ras" than many people
in Belize think has gone on here.
(Notto mention all the officials in Asian
countries who quickly resign at the least
hint of scandal, or worse, kill themselves
to save face. Or have their officials ex-
ecuted. We are not asking anyone to do
that here. But it would be nice if some of
our leaders could be a little less facey and
develop some backbone...hmmm?)
So, disappointing as it is, the Political
Reform Commission gives us no hope for
reform on this one. Although they did of-
fer a healthy reminder that the other min-
isters and members ofthe House can ulti-
mately control the fate of the government,

unlike the rest ofus. And showed us we
do not live under a dictatorship, by any
stretch of the imagination. Our represen-
tatives consent/support whatever control
they are under. And we consent to letting
them do nothing.
But just suppose for a moment, that the
date forNational Elections inBelize WAS
fixed and the people, and political parties,
knew their time limits, when their power
and access to taxpayer money, would run
Why, that might be just as confidence
building as knowing there was aterm limit
for aPrime Minister. Yes, what if a politi-
cal party HAD to change leaders after
two runs, offering the electorate a new
choice, newblood, newvision foraparty
they want to remain loyal to, even if an
individual leader has not lived up to his
Might that be an even better parliamen-
tary model than the one we have? Amore
democratic one? But it seems we shall
never know.
And as long as the man is calling the
election, he di call all di shots.

Luke's new Towers
Lukas' new skyscraper on the bar-
racks called the Renaissance Towers is
a sight to behold with eight stories.
Beautiful inside and out, obviously in-
spired by the Panama landscape, took
a lot of determination, money, and
some vision. Its like many we've seen
in Punta Paitilla in Panama but he
doesn't intend to keep his tower
empty unlike the dozens of empty
ones we saw in Panama. Prices start
for the 2 beds/2 baths at $255,000,
if we heard correctly but you better
check on those figures yourself be-
cause those prices might well be in
Great views all the way around. Say
what you will of the man, he created
a magnificent landmark from scratch!
Expect to see many more works of
art from him and others in the great

pissing contest; he's got a lot of fight
left and extremely wicked connec-
tions. Placencia might be next as we
heard he (and his partner) just fin-
ished buying out a resort there. Lets
hope Placencia doesn't sink with all
these heavyweights coming to the
point to compare penis sizes.
Felicitaciones Luke! You are the man.
This is hurricane season folks; be
prepared and don't take it lightly al-
though no previous hurricane ever
gave us a direct hit in the month of
August except in 1979 when we got
the tail end of one. You can monitor
direct from national hurricane center
in Miami by subscribing to their list
at: http://hurricanes.gov/. Also, http:/
/www.ambergriscaye.com has a great
section on links, discussion groups,
and a host of great resources.

Full Service Airline

With over 180 daily

scheduled flights

throughout Belize

and Flores in


Charters also available

The Airline of Belize

"Dialogues from the country side":

The problem with Familiarity

Familiarity is a slow killer within a
society. What do we mean? Is it not
good for someone to get to know you
really well? Of course, but let us not
think about their negative behaviour
and weaknesses as a person or a
group. Soon, others become less
important than our-self and that is *
the problem. It sets in like a slow .
poison to friendship or any social life
as gangrene covers the body.
In religious circles, self righteous-
ness is a troublesome disease created
by familiarity and has robbed the
peace and happiness of millions of
good people. In every society many
are held captive by familiarity. They
are held captive in their own mind of
low self-esteem, low self-worth, even
when they are very talented people -
with special gifts. Parents have '
screamed at them "you are a failure". d ,".
Friends have been cruel to them as
well. We have too many Belizeans in
this miserable condition.
How to wake up the people? We
need to look past a person's weak-,"
ness and faults to see his/her talents, '
gifts, dreams and desires. We need
to see ourselves as productive
people. We need to see the opportu-7
nities of making a difference in this t
beautiful country of ours. We need to --
stop following blindly our blind lead-
ers. We need to understand that each NRP members on the campaign trail in the Cayo District
ers. We need to understand that each
one is responsible for the mess of our
country Hey, we have to say: enough
is enough. HOUSE FOB SALE
Here is where National Reform
Party can make a difference because
we see the value of every Belizean and
takes seriously the contribution of
each one. We have to stand up like
this nurse at Medical Associates. She
came back from the US to take care
of her elderly mother. She lives in the
worse crime zone of Belize City. As
a single parent she goes to work
every morning with a smile in her
face. Some time ago she was fired
from her second job because she
would not go along with corruption.
She refuses to go along with famil-
iarity. As this nurse, you can also
stop "familiarity, for it breeds con-
tempt". Let us make a difference
in our country.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 13

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)
Be sure to organize events that
will keep the children busy. Don't
overspend to impress others. Be
careful not to push your luck or
take too much for granted when
dealing on either a personal or pro-
fessional level. Overexertion and
negligence will be your worst en-
emies. Your lucky day this week will
be Thursday.
TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)
Reevaluate your motives. Keep
important information to yourself.
You can't do everything on your
own. Do not ruffle feathers if pos-
sible. Your lucky day this week will
be Tuesday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
You may want to make changes that
will turn your entertainment room
into a real family affair. Do not let
the reactions of others get you go-
ing. Eliminate situations that are no
longer to your advantage. Some
situations may be blown out of
proportion.Your lucky day this
week will be Tuesday.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Be diplomatic when dealing with
in-law. Don't promise to deliver the
goods if you aren't positive that you
can meet the deadline. Lighten up
your serious attitude Organize so-
cial events or family gatherings.
Your lucky day this week will be
LEO (July 23-Aug 22)
You will be extremely receptive
to new and progressive methods at
work. You will be able to get good
advice if you listen to close friends
or relatives you respect. Your cre-
ative ideas will be put to good use
if you dig in and do things around
the house that will make your fam-
ily happy. Frustrations and limita-
tions could cause anxiety this week.
Your lucky day this week will be
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
Don't second guess yourself, just
go to it. Sudden changes regarding
your domestic scene are probable.
You will encounter those who can
help you further your goals if you

attend functions that attract promi-
nent people. Personal alterations
will be in your best interest.
Your lucky day this week will be
LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
Be sure to cover all the necessary
groundwork before signing binding
contracts. Avoid being intimately in-
volved with clients or colleagues.
Your ability to organize and get ev-
eryone together will enhance your
popularity and bring interest from
potential mates. You are best not to
confide in anyone right now. Your
lucky day this week will be Satur-
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)
Organization will be the key to
avoiding discord and family feuds.
You might get behind if you spend
too much time debating senseless
issues. Get involved in sports events
that will benefit your physical ap-
pearance. You can expect the fur to
fly on the home front.
Your lucky day this week will be

SAGITTARIUS(Nov. 23 -Dec.22
Don't hesitate to voice your opin-
ions at a group meeting; however,
keep your thoughts to yourself at
home. Those you work with may
have little consideration for the un-

derdog. Changes in your home en-
vironment may cause friction. Make
a point of working on yourself.
Your lucky day this week will be
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
Your emotional partner will push
the right buttons this week. Con-
cern yourself with legal matters and
formulating contracts rather than fi-
nalizing your objectives. You need
to sit back and enjoy. Be discreet
and don't present your ideas until
you're certain that they're fool-
proof. Your lucky day this week
will be Wednesday.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
You can make a difference if you
take a position of leadership. Limi-
tations at work might set you back.
Secret affairs will only lead to de-
ception. Catch up on overdue
phone calls and correspondence.
Your lucky day this week will be
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
You may have to take a short trip to
visit someone who hasn't been well. You
will have the stamina and the know how
to raise your earning power. Get the
whole family involved in a worthwhile
cause or cultural event. You will be emo-
tional with regard to your personal life.
Your lucky day this week will be Thurs-

Your weekly

I. IS ReadS S I~~Independent Oniea tt:/eieewgo/nepneto *-:/iyrlcm25 P age1

Medieval Crucifix

found in trash

Reuters-An 800-year-old,
gold-plated crucifix that went missing
after being seized by the Nazis has been
found in a rubbish skip in Austria.
The crucifix, made of copper and
enamel, was crafted in Limoges,
France, and was part of a Polish art
collection brought to Austria during
Nazi rule, according to Josef
Holzberger, police spokesman in
It was found in 2004 in the
lakeside winter resort of Zell am See
by a woman combing through a skip
filled with the discarded possessions of
a neighbour who had just died.
Last month the woman showed
the crucifix to a friend who realized it
might be something special and took it
to a museum.
In the run-up to World War Two,
the owners of the crucifix had hid it and
other treasures by walling them inside
the basement of a house in Warsaw.
They were discovered by the Na-
zis in 1941, brought to the Polish Na-

tional Museum and later transferred to
a castle in the Austrian village ofBruck
an der Grossglocknerstrasse, near Zell
am See, police said.
"We lost track of what happened
then we don't know how the cruci-
fix ended up in Zell am See," Holzberger
The crucifix might be worth up to
400,000 euros (270,400 pounds) at
auction. Poland's culture ministry has
contacted the London-based Commis-
sion for Looted Art in Europe.

Man told to "walk off

pain" after shooting
Reuters-A South African man Mashiane told the paper
shot three weeks ago was told to "walk turned away by one private hos
the pain off" and is still trying to per- cause he could not afford the bill
suade hospitals to remove the bullet public hospital took X-rays and 1
lodged in his side, a newspaper said in for observation before patching
Thursday. and sending him home with pain]
Three Johannesburg hospitals re- When he returned a doctor
fused to remove the bullet for security to "walk the pain off"
guard Phillip Mashiane, 38, who was Doctors at a third hospital
shot during a burglary at the property could not remove the bullet
of South Africa's ambassador to the Mashiane had started treatme
United Nations, the Star newspaper where.
said. South Africa is battling son
The bullet passed through his el- highest rates of violent crime int
bow and entered his body just above and its underfunded public h
the hip, missed his vital organs d a struggle to treat all those w
stopped beneath the skin on the oppo- healthcare.
site side of his body, the Star said.

Couple tried to

name baby "@'

A Chinese couple tried to name
their baby "@," claiming the character
used in e-mail addresses echoed their
love for the child, an official trying to
whip the national language into line said
The unusual name stands out es-
pecially in Chinese, which has no alpha-
bet and instead uses tens of thousands
of multi-stroke characters to represent
While "@" is familiarto Chinese e-
mail users, they oftenusethe English word
"at" to sound it out-which with a drawn
out "T" sounds something like "ai ta," or

he was
pital be-
s while a
g him up
told him

l.1 said it
nt else-

ne of the
e world,
ho need

"love him," to Mandarin speakers.
It was not clear if officials accepted
the "@" name. But earlier this year the
government announced a ban on names
using Arabic numerals, foreign lan-
guages and symbols that do not belong
to Chinese minority languages.
Sixty million Chinese faced the
problem that their names use ancient
characters so obscure that computers
cannot recognize them.
One of them was the former Pre-
mier Zhu Rongji, whose name had a rare
"rong" character that gave newspaper
editors headaches. --Reuters

Dodging DEAN

-.in(Continued From Page 4)
sue: government personnel assigned to
shelters were not showing up, or
showed up late causing people to wait
anxiously, even as night approached.
By 7 pm all the Belize City shel-
ters were filled and three more had to
be opened to take the overflow. Evacu-
ation buses also reported difficulty de-
parting the city. At one point, there were
40 buses waiting but only one service
station open to fuel them up!
Villagers all over Belize called ra-
dio stations to report their shelters were
non-existent, substandard or not being
announced, while shelters in San Ignacio
and Benque reported lower than ex-
pected occupancy and invited people
to come out west to safety. The ques-
tions began to swirl as menacingly as
the storm bands: what happened to all

A leading Norwegian newspaper
called on Princess Martha Louise to
renounce her royal title Monday after
she said she communicates with angels.
The 35-year-old princess, who is
fourth in line to the Norwegian throne,
has come under intense media scrutiny
for her involvement in an alternative
school that aims to teach people how
to get in touch with angels.
Some observers have questioned
whether her work for the private insti-
tute, dubbed "the angel school" in Nor-
wegian media, can be combined with
her duties as a member of the royal fam-
"As princess and theoretical heir to
the throne Martha Louise must ... op-
erate within a certain framework," the
Bergens Tidene daily said in its editorial
"If she feels that this would clip her
wings, so to speak, ... the solution is
clear and actually not dramatic: Drop
the princess title and her place in the
line of succession, (and) choose to live
life in her own way."
Martha Louise is the daughter of King

the hurricane shelter retrofitting and
promised new shelters after previous
storms? Work supposed to be carried
out from hefty loans and grants from
international lenders... Friends of
But as the storm bore down, those
who had hesitated or not found an open
facility were forced to ride it out at home.
Miraculously no loss of life was re-
ported, although there was damage to
some homes in the Corozal and Orange
Walk districts.
At press time there has been no
serious flooding since the rains ceased
early on Tuesday and did not continue
as expected for several days. Belize had
once more escaped with minor injuries
instead ofmaj or casualties and relatively
minor financial damage.

of Angels"

L. r ,
Princess Martha Louise
Harald V and Queen Sonja, and the
older sister of Crown Prince Haakon.
She was married in 2002 to Ari Behn,
a Norwegian writer.
Many commentators said a member
of the royal family should not be in-
volved in spiritual healing, and some
even questioned her mental health.
In an interview Saturday on national
broadcaster NRK, Martha Louise
stated "I am very happy that I don't live
a few hundred years ago, because then
I would have been burned at the stake
a long time ago," she said.


The Belize Zoo

ThoB i


In The orl

Sunday, August 26, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page



Hurricane Dean 165mph winds blew down the Island Academy '
wooden picket fence on Ambergris Caye. (photo from

The thatched roof on Ramons 's Village dock in San Pedro Town stood up to Hurricane
Dean 165mph winds but their pier did not fare as well. /.)... 1)

Tropical Touch on San Pedro got debris from the sea. .... 1)
If you have any photos you would like to share
with Independent readers in our Guest Gallery,
send your digital jpg or tiff images to

Caye Caulker got roughed up from Hurricane Dean's winds and wave action.. (courtesty
ambergriscaye. corn)

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Announcement of

Sale of Business
This article is to give notice that the business known as
C@f6 Caye operating at 12 Burns Ave, San Ignacio, Cayo
District is under contract for sale. Completion of sale to
take place 28th August 2007.
Any persons or businesses who believe they have outstand-
ing accounts to be paid from said business should contact;
Rainforest Realty, PO Box 195, San Ignacio, Cayo Dis-
trict, in writing 7 days before the date of completion.

= Rad ndpenen O6 in athtt:/belzeewsco /inepedet6o 6tpS/tny6l-cm645Sp ageQ1







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