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Nov. 30, 2012 Vol. 52, No. 22 John F. Kennedy Space Center Americas gateway to the universeSpaceport News Crawler-transporter No. 2 returns to its park site after completion of testing at Launch Pad 39A at Ken to ensure the crawler-transporter's ability to carry launch vehicles such as the Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket to the pad. The Ground Systems Development and Operations Program is leading the 20-year life-extension project for the crawler. The crawler-transporters will stand ready to keep up the work for the next generation of launch vehicles to lift astronauts into space. Crawler-transporter passes latest test Inside this issue...Orion testing Page 3 Page 2 Atlantis lift and tilt Page 6 Hearing-impaired program Page 6 Scientist leads wayNASA/Frankie Martin CLICK ON PHOTOBy Bob Granath Spaceport NewsMajor overhaul keeps workhorse prepared for future missionsFor more than 45 years, two crawler-transporters have carried America's human This past year at Kennedy Space Center, crawler-2 underwent a major with launch vehicles mounted atop, almost 50 years old," said Mary Hanna, crawler-transporter project Kennedy, the crawlers were con structed in the mid-1960s to move rently in development to the launch See TEST Page 3


Page 2SPACEPORT NEWSNov. 30, 2012Workers test Orion seal for launch tower's arm launch tower's crew access arm the Kennedy Space Center's Launch The simulation evaluated the new access arm White Room to evaluate nauts on missions to deep space crew access arm attaches clean room that moves to and White Room provide technicians access to the will ascend the launch across the access arm to While this is the same concept the White Room and the Orion will White Room, with the seal attached, The Orion outer mold line then was test to stretch over two days," The assessment included ensur "We want to protect the Orion, Wind can cause the launch vehicle that the launch vehicle could sway solid, the launch vehicle may move access arm seal can stand up to showed some minor tests, the seal collapsed he said the innovative concept Combined Federal Campaign a successK ers had the opportunity to support more than 2,700 CFC charities that help people locally, nationally, and across the This team always strives to meet allowed us to come so very close 50th anniversary and its 50th year "This team not only launches in need here on Earth," Kennedy The Orion spacecraft crew access arm seal prototype is being checked out at the Launch Equipment Test Facility at Kennedy Space Center. The tests include a mockup of the vehicle outer mold line and the White Room that would be at the end of the access arm. Testing simulated work going on in the White Room while attached to the Orion. By Bob Granath Spaceport News NASA/Jim Grossmann Monitoring test activity at Kennedy's Launch Equipment Test Facility, from left, are Kent Batchelor, lead for Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies; Kelli Maloney, NASA lead; and Clayton Grosse, Nelson Engineering lead. The prototype seal for the launch tower's crew access arm was successfully tested on Nov. 14.NASA/Jim Grossmann By Frank Ochoa-GonzalesSpaceport News More online For more information about Kennedy Space Center's Combined Federal Campaign, go to CLICK ON PHOTO CLICK ON PHOTO


Nov. 30, 2012 Page 3SPACEPORT NEWSLift and tilt prepares Atlantis for display at visitor complexositioned near the home, space shuttle Atlantis, still in its protective struction continues on the at the Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Centers Or minus its wheels and tires, attached to Atlantis at loca went very well with no Our history with Kenwas involved in the project Farmer added, Atlantis Macy said the construc tion team is very aware that Atlantis is important to By Linda Herridge Spaceport News pad, such as the Space Launch and it provided weather protection trols up to 21st century standards," up and down the pad ramp to test From TEST Page 1 NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis Construction work continues on space shuttle Atlantis new home at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Nov. 27. Inside the building, Atlantis, still in its protective shrink-wrap covering, has been lifted 26 feet above ground level and tilted at a 43.21 angle to the portside.CLICK ON PHOTO


SPACEPORT NEWS Page 4 Nov. 30, 2012Scenes Around Kennedy Space Center Instrumentation Facility at Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 15. Kennedy Space Center celebrated America Recycles Day on Nov. 15. Employees recycled items such as alkaline batteries, electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers and TVs. Workers also donated clothing in good condition including coats, gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, undergarments, socks and belts. NASA Railroad locomotive No. 3 (right) is moved into position above the wheel assemblies previously used by locomotive No. 2 inside Kennedy Space Center's Rotation, Processing and Surge Facility on NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Ben Smegelsky The National Space Club Florida Committee named Sid Cham pagne, WFTV photographer, and Emily Perry, USAF Space and Missile Museum curator, the 2012 Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award win ners Nov. 13. Named for the late aerospace writer who worked for Aviation Week & Space Technol ogy, the Kolcum award recognizes the contributions of professional journalists and communicators to inform the public about launch operations from the spaceport. National Space Club Florida Committee honors Kolcum winnersSid Champagne, right, WFTV photographer receives the 2012 Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award from National Space Club Florida Committee chairman Jim McCarthy on Nov. 13. Emily Perry, right, USAF Space and Missile Museum curator, is all smiles as she accepts the 2012 Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award from National Space Club Florida Committee chairman Jim McCarthy on Nov. 13.For NASA For NASA NASA/Ben Smegelsky


SPACEPORT NEWSPage 5 Nov. 30, 2012Scientists: Trash soon to become space resourceASA researchers into deep space have identi Scientists say there is a devices that already are do researchers at Kennedy and atmosphere -are not suit metal pipe to test theories reactor holds more than three mission, you wouldn't want cramped space capsule into The research also holds interested in the project use reactors in remote loca with our own trash," said Anne Caraccio, a chemical point, said Stephen Anthony, By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News "The materials that we're to translate into an actual is necessary to completely the closed environment in a national Space Station could Paul Hintze shows some of the materials Nov. 29 that the trash reactor will have to incinerate during a space mission. Most of the items the team uses in studies are stand-ins for the real things astronauts take with them. The products range from food items to used clothing. Anne Caraccio operates an experimental reactor Nov. 29 that was developed to test the concepts of burning trash in space and using the gases released in the process to provide resources for the spacecraft and crew.NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis The latest prototype reactor developed in the trash-to-gas project weighs about 80 pounds and is built to safely handle a burning process that takes several hours and reaches 1,000 degrees F. A space-ready version will have to be smaller, lighter and include many automatic features.NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis


Page 6Nov. 30, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS Panel shares experience with hearing impaired students pad is not a require visit to Kennedy Space Florida, and co-sponsored Diversity and Equal Oppor tunity and the Education and Martin, and William Deters to inspire the students to stay in school and study hard to The panel also was mod torium, the students were that included stops at the loved it," said Lisa Allen, Kennedy's various EmMore information onlineFor more information on Kennedy Space Center's diversity programs, visit or go to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of and for Employees (DICE) website at University of North Florida-sponsored hearing impaired students on Nov. 13. The majority of the students were from Osceola High School. NASA/Gina Mitchell-Ryall NASA/Gina Mitchell-Ryall expose middle and high school students to hearing impaired professional employ ees and their work environment. Howard G. Levine, Ph.D., chief scientist in the International Space Station Ground Processing and Research Directorate, inspects a Petri Dish Fixation Unit (PDFU) and the Biological Research In Canisters on Nov. 20 that hold the PDFUs Kennedy scientist leads national research societyF scientist at the Kennedy Space scientist in the International Space Research Directorate, has served as sional development in the multidis and physical systems respond to "The nation and our international resources in the station, and now Research on the space station has already led to numerous important covery to develop new candidate space station have shown that diets By Bob Granath Spaceport News By Kay Grinter Reference LibrarianNASA/Jim Grossmann


Page 7 Nov. 30, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS Physicist stumbles upon raindrop data breakthroughA physicist and researcher who set out to develop a rain showers and storms, John Lane, a physicist at Kennedy Space Center, also could determine accurately the the laser system is called the second Lane said the additional piece calculations used to determine the this could improve the overall drop come out anywhere close," Lane the moon where Apollo astronauts Such impacts to those materials researchers on Earth who want to "The Apollo sites have value sci have interacted with the solar system are witness plates to the environ decades where there is no air and Apollo sites are the most important sphere, more important than the As research continues into the By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News NASA/Jim Grossmann formula to calibrate measurements of raindrops.NASA/Jim Grossmann measure raindrop sizes.


Page 8 Nov. 30, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS John F. Kennedy Space CenterManaging editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Candrea Thomas Assistant managing editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stephanie Covey Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank Ochoa-Gonzales Copy editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kay GrinterEditorial support provided by Abacus Technology Corp. Writers Group.NASA at KSC is on the Internet at SP-2012-09-210-KSCSpaceport News online on alternate Fridays by Public Affairs in the interest of KSC civil service and contractor employees. Contributions are welcome and should be submitted three weeks before publication to Public Affairs, IMCS-440. Email submissions can be sent to ACES expo showcases current, future technologies I Im particularly interested in what ACES has or will have avail phones, smart phones, laptops, This is an opportunity to see what FROM THE VAULTIn celebration of Kennedy Space Center's 50th anniversary, enjoy this vintage photo . .Then Vice President George Bush, center left, is pictured with payload specialist Wubbo Ockels of the Netherlands during the Spacelab arrival ceremony on Feb. 5, 1982, at Kennedy Space Center. The STS-9 mission aboard space shuttle Columbia launched Nov. 28, 1983. It was the Kennedy Space Center workers compare an iPad with the new Microsoft Surface tablet during the Agency Consolidated End-user Services (ACES) Technology Expo on Nov. 14 in the Operations and Support Building II. Microsoft representatives Shawn Carlson, at left, and Todd Hoffman were on hand to answer questions. More online For more information about ACES, visit By Linda Herridge Spaceport NewsNASA/Ben Smegelsky Looking up and ahead . .* All times are Eastern 2012 Dec. 19 NASA Launch/Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan; Expedition 34/35, Soyuz TMA-07M Launch window: Under review December NASA Launch/Wallops Flight Facility, Va.; Orbital Sciences Corporation Test Flight, Antares Launch window: Under review To watch a NASA launch online, go to http://