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July 13, 2012 Vol. 52, No. 14 eSpaceporJohn F. Kennedy Space Center Americat Ns gateway to the universews Mark Geyer, Orion program manager for NASA's Ground Systems Development and Operations, addresses the audience assembled in Kennedy Space Center's Inside this issue...Page 3 ISU panel seeks ideas Page 7 First Telstar launch Page 8 BEST BBQ photos NASA begins next chapter with Orion arrival The Orion capsule th was celebrated Monday of a new era of exploration for America's space The spacecraft's aluminum-alloy crew pressure module arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday, June 29, where it will be built up int "This starts a new, excitstory," said Lori Garver, Orion will be the most advanced spacecraft ever space travel and provide safe re-entry from deep Test-1, or EFT-1, will be loaded with a wide variety at o of instruments to evaluate how the spacecraft behaves Later Orion spacecraft will take astronauts on missions to destinations far beyond Earth, such as to an Nelson, who joined Garver "We know the Orion capsule is a critical part of the sys in mind, Orion will take crews beyond low Earth 1972, when Apollo 17 completed the last moon rocket akin to the Saturn V that launched the Apollo oped to launch future Orion Astronaut Rex Walheim, shuttle mission and has had opment of Orion, said the capsule can be the principal spacecraft for 30 years of human exploration of the vehicles that can take us we'll have to have a lander and a habitation module, but reminiscent of the land mark Apollo capsule that took men to the moon, the interior of the spacecraft is life support equipment have ments in size and capabili "The systems on this Apollo and it has to stay in so it has to be better than director of Kennedy and a For now, the focus for NASA and Lockheed Martin, the spacecraft's By Steven Siceloff Spaceport NewsSee ORION Page 2 Page 2


Page 2SPACEPORT NEWSJuly 13, 2012A biomedical console that once was in Launch Control Center (LCC) Firing Room 3 at Kennedy Space Center now is on display at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center at Columbus State University in Georgia. The science center also will receive artifacts from other NASA centers, includ ing a launch pad escape bas ket, orbiter window, orbiter wing leading edge, shuttle tire, and a space shuttle main engine nozzle. Having artifacts from NASA will improve our ability to enhance educa tional and visitor experi ences by showing technol that would not otherwise encounter it, said Lance Tankersley, planetarium di rector of the science center. Tankersley said the university was founded in 1958, the same year as NASA, at the insistence of the local community. The Coca-Cola Space Science Center serves as one of the universitys outreach centers for the purpose of inspiring ongoing exploration and discovery. LCC Transition and Retirement Project Lead Debbie Awtonomow said preparing consoles and other space shuttle artifacts for dissemination to universi ties and museums is all part of ongoing transition and retirement activities. To date, United Space Alliance launch processing system workers have pack aged and readied all of the racks of equipment, the master console and asso ciated launch processing systems, and furniture. Awtonomow said that all of the artifacts have been listed in a historical database and that there is a requestor priority list. The internal review is government enti ties, including other NASA centers. The external review includes universities and museums. In May, the Public Affairs console was delivered to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where it will be readied for permanent display along with space shuttle Atlantis. The Smithsonian Mu seum in Washington, D.C., is hoping for three launch consoles and the Launch Di rectors console. The Space Walk of Fame in Titusville is making room for a set of and a smaller console from the test conductor's row. Museum President Char lie Mars said the smaller console will be displayed in the room with the Atlas Centaur consoles from From the Kennedy launch perspective, those consoles are the workhorses that controlled the process ing, loading and launching of the shuttles, Mars said. Any of the thousands of NASA and contractor per sonnel involved with those consoles will be able to look at them and experience the many memories of their proud accomplishments. Mars said visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to sit in front of a console and imagine the thrill of controlling a part of the many operations required to launch. Awtonomow said the center is working hard the consoles, but any not requested will be excessed and transported to Ransom Road for public auction. emptied, it will be turned over to the Ground Systems Development and Opera tions (GSDO) Program. Old Apollo and shuttle era equipment and wiring under as the room is converted to a spaceport command and control system development laboratory. Its very sad to see these items go, but its good to see them going to good homes where shuttle education will continue, Awtonomow said. Delta IV Heavy rocket from United Launch Alliance will lift the space craft into orbit. Its second stage will remain attached to the capsule higher than the International Space Station. The mission will only last a few hours, long enough to make two orbits before being sent plunging back into the atmosphere to test it at deep-space re-entry speeds. Assembly at Kennedy will take place in the high bay of the Opera tions and Checkout Building, or O&C. The O&C was refurbished tools to turn the aluminum shell of Orion into a functioning spacecraft complete with avionics, instrumen tation and heat shield. The space-bound Orion was welded at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, in the same factory that built the external tanks for space shuttle missions. NASA's Ground Services Devel opment and Operations Program, or GSDO, oversaw development of the mobile launcher that will provide a launch pad for the SLS and Orion missions. The program also refur bished Launch Pad 39B, designing a new pad structure emphasizing "A vehicle can come in any shape and any size and be able to launch from this pad," said Pepper Phillips, manager of the GSDO program. The Orion program, based at Johnson Space Center in Houston, calls on multiple NASA centers to team up for the missions, including EFT-1. one big team," said Dave Beaman, Space Launch System spacecraft and payload integration manager based at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. "The fact that we're two separate programs, and having the GSDO program here at Kennedy, it gets some early coor dination going and gives a chance to iron out some wrinkles." Although EFT-1 will be launched aboard a Delta IV Heavy rocket, it will use a stage adapter design that also will connect the Orion to the SLS. "You want to make a part that can have to design it once," Beaman performance, which really helps." The spacecraft arrived at Ken the center was born. Garver said both occasions give NASA a great chance to set future milestones that will be as celebrated as those already achieved. Garver said, "It's a great day and the future," From ORION Page 1 Lance Tankersley, planetarium director of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center at Columbus State University in Georgia, left, and others assist with the removal of the biomedical console from the Kennedy Space Center's Firing Room 3 in March.NASABy Linda Herridge Spaceport News To watch a video of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center staff unloading the BIO/MED console that came from Kennedy Space Center's Firing Room 3, go to


July 13, 2012 Page 3SPACEPORT NEWSSpace leaders challenge ISU students for bold ideasBy Rebecca Regan Spaceport NewsAs NASA continues to foster commercial capabilities to launch astronauts to low tional Space Universitys 25th annual innovative destinations, experiments and business models to keep the path to space sustainable for future Kennedy Space Center hosted a Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (CCDev2) partners Andy Aldrin of United Launch Alliance, Scott Henderson Each of the partner representatives talked about their companys plans to launch NASA astronauts to the panies will be able to market their rockets and spacecraft to other cus tomers to send people or experiments We really believe that once the capabilities to low Earth orbit are there, there will be the stimulation people like you, entrepreneurs, for new businesses to materialize once The second panel included Mark port Operations at Space Florida, about how the center and the state Blue Origin The Boeing Co. Sierra Nevada Corp. a series of tests on a thruster destined for system thrusters, short for orbital maneu its launch vehicle quickly if an emergency Blue Origin conducted a system require sess the spacecrafts ability to meet safety and mission requirements, and evaluate the technical readiness of the design, the concept of operations, the feasibility of project development plans, and planned included results from recently completed validating the vehicles aerodynamic SNC completed a test of the nose land The evaluation is an important milestone the Dream Chaser Space System later Dream Chaser during the approach and SpaceX Awaiting new photo Awaiting new United Launch Alliance human spacecraft concept, its systems and integrate the spacecraft in advance of a milestones to be met under its Commercial technology readiness, operational concept Awaiting new ATKs Liberty launch vehicle passed a The Liberty team presented NASA Awaiting new SpaceX conducted a Concept Baseline provided details about each phase of a potential NASA mission, including plans to prospective ground landing sites and tech


SPACEPORT NEWS Groundbreaking ushers in new liquid hydrogen test siteKennedy Space Cen Directorate recently site that could help reduce a variety of commercial launch vehicles and NASAs Located northeast of the cility, the Ground Operations Demonstration Unit Liquid test site will be used to test the start of a transition of a facility once used to support NASAs Space Shuttle Proport advanced development Funded by NASAs Ad vanced Exploration Systems test site has the potential to provide support to the the Space Launch System, Ground Systems Development and Operations and human exploration beyond Wesley Johnson is a cryo GODU test site is to become a multiuser spaceport that commercial launches, then we will have to become cost has the potential to help any the costs and improve the Johnson said the hope is that the facility will allow for the demonstration of cost and tank was acquired from the old Titan Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air with United Launch Alliance Centaur tank for a more accurate representation of The pneumatic system is from Launch Complex 20, After construction is com plete, the tank will be used to followed by demonstration is to process liquid hydro Page 4 July 13, 2012 By Linda Herridge Spaceport News Center's waste reduction efforts earn recycle awardA and industry look for ways to advance their sustain Kennedy Space Center recently At the Recycle Florida Today's annual conference and exhibition in June, the space center received the "Waste Reduction" award from What made the center's efforts ability team members not only recycled materials that would have "There were 293 teachers who supplies donation project," said "We came back with ideas on contacts from the exhibitors on balers, containers, plastic recy and community art projects, and where we stand now, and what the The space center has been a member of the Recycle Florida sional association that helps its Spaceport News tion in June for offering free school supplies to public and charter school teachers from the surrounding




Page 6 July 13, 2012SPACEPORT NEWSHerb Rice joined NASA the at the Kennedy Space Center, he is now part of the team that is prepar Development and Operations, Space The past 44 years has seen many computer systems and no microRice believes NASA is headed in to the space station and low Earth or job has always been exploration small town on the state line with and wanted to build and launch my Rice's story is reminiscent of Homer Hickams in his book, of amateur rocketry while dream After Hickams memoir was made into the movie "October Sky," some of Rices friends and relatives told him both the book and motion Like Hickam, Rice would end up At Kentuckys Morehead State math and physics and went on to earn a masters in nuclear physics at afterward he heard NASA was loss of three astronauts in the Apollo As Apollo neared completion and with the space shuttle on the horizon, on an automated, computer-con We had payloads and experi We had to ensure all of the equip That international collaboration his career focus moved to the space Ground Systems Devopment and velop the Space Launch System, an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide a new capability for human exploration beyond low Johnson Space Center and Marshall By Bob Granath Spaceport News "I was fascinated with rockets and wanted to build and launch my own. Some of my models launched successfully, but I also had a few blow up." Herb Rice, NASA engineer


Page 7 July 13, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS By Bob Granath Spaceport News Telstar opened era of global satellite televisionFor out of this world TV cov commercial companies has enabled al events such as Queen Elizabeth born the day Telstar was launched with transistors and covered with solar panels was placed in orbit by a Delta rocket launched from Cape John Neilon, NASAs deputy launch he noted since it frequently took Once in a 3,503-mile by 593-mile History was made just hours after Telstars launch when it relayed live transatlantic television seen by to television broadcasts, Telstar also relayed telephone calls, data trans We were pretty excited when it director of Unmanned Launch Operations for over ten years and Neilon later served as Kennedy Space Centers director of Shuttle munications satellite launched dur of America's space achievements," The international impact of tech that Telstar was better known in While commercially sponsored spacecraft are now widely accepted, which was paid for by the American now seems commonplace, that convenience was not the case when Queen Elizabeth's coronation took place in Londons Westminster TV crews recorded the event, then on an aircraft headed to New York American television later that same sion broadcasts as events happened Telstar is the best known of all (communications satellites) and is probably considered by most observers to have ushered in the era of satellite communications," wrote Leonard Jaffe, director of the NASAs Satellite Communications The era of live via satellite TV opened opportunities for news Telstars communications satellite events -on any continent -are now viewed instantly around the Telstars limitation was that it was available for broadcasts for only about 18 minutes at a time as its or satellites of today are placed in a point on the Earth's surface, allow dou, France; and Goonhilly Downs, dover and see that antenna, Neilon The Andover horn antenna was Compare that to satellite antennas the size of an umbrella atop many When the Summer Olympics


Page 8 July 13, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS Spaceport News FROM THE VAULTIn celebration of Kennedy Space Center's 50th anniversary, enjoy this vintage photo . Looking up and ahead . .* All times are Eastern Barbecue spotlights 'Diversity at its Best' The sounds of smooth jazz nedy employees and Air Force personnel enjoyed barbecue ribs and chicken at the 12th an was sponsored by Kennedys to Kennedy with fun and family This years theme, "Diver accomplishments of the shuttle barbecue, and welcomed summer Jazz saxaphonist Tony Wynn player chess showcase, an intern By Stephanie Covey Spaceport News