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May 4, 2012 Vol. 52, No. 9 Spaceport NewsJohn F. Kennedy Space Center Americas gateway to the universe Inside . CCP manager hosts Tweet Chat Page 2 Orion ground test article arrives Page 3 DuPont Challenge essay awards Page 6 Endeavours Page 7 SpaceX tests engines for station mission launch team recycled the By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News countdown. While good practice for a launch sce -Space Exploration Technologies, or scrubbed the day's oppor SpaceX, of Haw tunity on a real launch day thorne, Calif., on Wednes because the rocket has an in day updated the launch stantaneous window in order status for the company's to catch the space station. upcoming demonstration The Falcon 9 is powered mission to the International by nine Merlin engines, and Space Station. A statement SpaceX reports that all nine from the aerospace com were lit and run at full power pany said, "At this time, for two seconds during the a May 7 launch appears test. The rocket's second unlikely. SpaceX is continu -Workers mate SpaceX's Dragon capsule to the second stage of the companys stage is powered by a Merlin ing to work through the Falcon 9 rocket on April 26 in a processing facility at Space Launch Complex-40 software assurance process on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. For more on SpaceX and Dragon's mission to the International Space Station, click on the photo. with NASA. We will issue a liquid oxygen, the same fuel statement as soon as a new the launch and tests in and oxygen combination that launch target is set." 1,200 pounds of supplies on orbit rather than physically was used on NASAs Saturn This follows a launch board for the six astronauts connecting to the station. dress rehearsal April 30 by and cosmonauts working on If the Dragon is unable to The SpaceX mission the SpaceX launch team the space station. complete its tests success will be a landmark for the that concluded with a brief fully, NASA expects to work test for the company and the used the same rocket and company's Falcon 9 rocket agency as they work through spacecraft combination in is ready to launch. The prac a new spacecraft and rocket, December 2010, to become tice countdown also tested and rework the fundamen and docking on the third some of the systems on the demonstration mission. That Dragon spacecraft that will would not set back any of a spacecraft from Earths on this particular mission, NASA's plans for future orbit. "Woohoo, rocket hold cargo missions to the station all looks good!" reported agency will keep the effort because it would be fol lowing the parameters the Elon Musk on his Twitthe orbiting laboratory on any issues. agency originally established ter account. Musk is the a regular basis. The agency Mission plans call for for the COTS contract with owner and chief designer awarded COTS Space Act SpaceX. for SpaceX. The company's Agreements to SpaceX and space requiring the Dragon As SpaceX continued Orbital Sciences Corp. of spacecraft to show that it can its launch preparations at data from the test, SpaceX Dulles, Va., to help them reported. Space Launch Complex-40 SpaceX is preparing for its approach the space station spacecraft. second Commercial Orbital carefully. Only after these NASA engineers and tests are successful will the or COTS, demonstration spacecraft be allowed to indication of its readiness. working with SpaceX ahead approach the orbiting labora The ignition for the static industry can build and tory close enough to be the intricate approach, launch spacecraft on regular grappled and berthed by the cargo resupply missions to station's robotic arm. a last-minute technical issue plans needed for this historic the station. This rocket and Originally, this mis demonstration mission to the spacecraft will not carry sion was to include only After troubleshooting, the International Space Station. CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Jim Grossmann


__________________ __________________ __________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Page 2 SPACEPORT NEWS May 4, 2012 Commercial Crew Program manager hosts Tweet Chat By Rebecca Regan Spaceport News NASA's Commercial Crew Program Manager, Ed Mango, hosted a Tweet Chat Twitter followers from around the world an opportunity to ask ques tions about the agency's efforts to get astronauts to the International Space Station aboard American rockets and spacecraft. Mango stuck to character limit and answered dozens of questions. Here's a re-cap of the program's @rocketjohnnyk: @Commer cial_Crew #AskCCP will tourism be sponsors be allowed to defray costs, @Commercial_Crew: Right now, our focus is to use CCP capabilities to get NASA crews to and from the ISS to perform critical research. @rocketjohnnyk #AskCCP @SpaceKSCBlog: #AskCCP @ Commercial_Crew This summer, will the CCiCap rewards result in @Commercial_Crew: All I can say about CCiCap is "stay tuned." @SpaceKSCBlog #AskCCP @rcktman816: #AskCCP Do you NASA/Gianni Woods Ed Mango, NASA's Commercial Crew Program (CCP) manager, answers questions during a live Tweet Chat on April 27. At left, is Brittani Sims, a member of the CCP team. For more on the CCP, click on the photo. @Commercial_Crew: I really launch abort systems @rcktman816 #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: More IoO9SQ @rcktman816 #AskCCP @georgiadog: @Commer cial_Crew Are any of @NASA's Commercial Crew Program assets #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: Not yet, but there are at least 63 companies working in 26 states to get Ameri @georgiadog #AskCCP @astroroach: How will NASA man-rate commercial launchers or spacecraft without getting so far in the weeds they end up doing the @Commercial_Crew: NASA astroroach #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: ments for our partners to meet before @astroroach #AskCCP @rocketjohnnyk: #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: NASA's cal to making future systems safe for crews to reach ISS for research. @rocketjohnnyk #AskCCP @memoAtNYC: much of a challenge @Commercial_Crew: challenging! NASA has published requirements. @memoAtNYC #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: Compaments to their design parameters. Cost will depend on the design used. @memoAtNYC #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: CCP plans @memoAtNYC #AskCCP @WBTVCamMan: @askccp With the shuttle Enterprise touching down @JFK this morning, when can we, as Americans, expect to head @Commercial_Crew: Americans are in space right now aboard the International Space Station. @ WBTVCamMan #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: Currently, we're using Russian Soyuz to get to ISS. @WBTVCamMan #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: We can expect to see Americans launching middle of the decade with CCP's help. @WBTVCamMan #AskCCP @Rebexster: In layman's terms what is CCP and why should Ameri @Commercial_Crew: The Commercial Crew Program is about NASA astronauts into space and to the ISS #AskCCP @Commercial_Crew: Americans should care because a US-led system jobs here at home. #AskCCP To connect with the program social, check it out on facebook at mercialCrew and twitter at www. Kennedy keeps coveted Voluntary Protection Programs STAR status By Steven Siceloff center's track record in need audits with new eyes Spaceport News cials said. "Thanks for open executing its mission safely, on our job." ing your house showing us particularly in operating in The audit team included any of OHSA's programmedAn intense focus on your paper, explain what inspections as long as they workplace safety you already know to us. You ing spacecraft. maintain their status. and health earned Bob Cabana, Kennedy NASA's Kennedy Space The award encompasses director, said the center how to handle an incident Center the Voluntary Pro numerous factors, includ federal Occupational Safety and the auditors reported a ing an employer keeping and Health Agency, or ing conditions and educate strong safety culture com Star status this week. A its injury rate below the workers and management, Kennedy's work force has but it takes different people lems. the center before bestowing looking in from the outside the award. to adequately report hazards to show results. VPP Star honor in 2003 recipient has an injury rate "Thanks for your commit "It is a continuous proof less than half the national ment to safety and keeping cess," Cabana said. "We 2007. Recipients are recerti


Page 3 May 4, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS Orion ground test article arrives at Kennedy By Linda Herridge Spaceport News N craft, the ground test Space Center on April 20, after from Lockheed Martins Waterton components that will help NASA missions beyond low Earth orbit. Orion will carry up to four astronauts on deep space missions to asteroids, the start of something new for the center, said Scott Wilson, who is manager of Orion Production Operations. Although the center has always played a major role in the integration and launch of spacecraft, start of work on the Orion ground test and Exploration Flight Test time full spacecraft assembly and production will be performed here. erations and Checkout Building high bay, Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance workers uncrated the spacecraft from its transporta and transferred it to an air-bearing pallet. The specially designed pallet enables a small crew to effortlessly across the 90,000-square-foot factory and testing. According to Orion Production will remain at Kennedy for about a year while technicians perform tests and prepare it for transfer to Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. At Langley, the test spacecraft will undergo splashdown tests. Glenn Chin, the NASA Orion production operations deputy manager completely assembled Orion used operations. CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Charisse Nahser NASA's Orion ground test vehicle sits in the Operations and Checkout Building at Kennedy Space Center on April 21. The vehicle traveled more than 1,800 miles from Lockheed Martin's Waterton Facility near environments. For more information, click on the photo. We will continue to utilize the test article at Kennedy to learn and which is the EFT-1, Chin said. nedy, technicians will perform a the connector from the crew module would separate from the launch abort system and the type of damage that may occur to the capsules tiles. The test will be conducted at Kennedy's Launch Equipment Test Facility. The heat shield on the bottom of heat shield that was built by Lock heed Martin and will be shipped to Kennedy for installation. The test at Langley. followed it around the country for the last three years, Stanton said. process to get to future exploration missions on NASAs Space Launch System. Orion already had been put through the paces of a series of acoustic and and water impact tests to simulate facilities. It is an exciting start to a new era of exploration, Wilson said. NASAs EFT-1, built at the repur posed Michoud Assembly Facility in in June. It is scheduled to launch on great than 26,000 miles per hour and safely return astronauts to Earth. NASA and its contractor teams will Space shuttle manager receives esteemed Debus Award By Frank Ochoa-Gonzales be part of the space shuttle gram manager for Ground Stratton began her aerospace Spaceport News team." Operations at Kennedy. career in 1982 as a member of the The Debus Award Stratton was responsible Patty Stratton, associate pro was created by the Na for directing integration of Boosters, maker of the solid rocket gram manager at United tional Space Club Florida all space shuttle process boosters. In 1983, she began working Space Alliance (USA), was Committee to recognize for Lockheed Space Operations in awarded the 2012 Dr. Kurt H. Debus managing the operations operations planning and graduated Award by the National Space Club and contributions made of all facilities and more from there to management roles with on April 21 in the Debus Confer in Florida to American Patty Stratton than 3,800 workers who ence Facility at the Kennedy Space aerospace efforts. It is named processed the shuttles from Center Visitor Complex. landing to launch. "This award really is recognition Debus. Prior to her current role, she The Space Club is proud to honor for our entire space family at Ken Patty Stratton, whose aerospace Patty for this esteemed award, said nedy,' Stratton said. "Together we career spans 30 years, has spent the safely completed the space shuttle 1,400 employees in the orbiter hori missions and made history along the management and leadership roles, ence were key to the Space Shuttle way. In our hearts we will always most recently as the associate pro landing and ended with launch. Programs success.


Senior Secretary Team hosts Spring Social Senior Secretarial Team hosts the annual Senior Sec Photos by NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis Page 4 SPACEPORT NEWS May 4, 2012 May 4, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS Page 5 Scenes Around Kennedy Space Center NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Robert Markowitz CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Jim Grossmann


Page 6 SPACEPORT NEWS May 4, 2012 DuPont continues to inspire students to pursue STEM By Brittney Longley to students from grades their experience during the Spaceport News competition. states and Canada. It aims S to inspire students to excel to relate science to real world experienc writing and pursue careers thank you to anyone for in science, technology, their support during this students met during the 2012 engineering and mathematics time, said Sethi, who wants DuPont Challenge science (STEM). to become a neurologist in essay competition. The DuPont Challenge is geriatrics. They used personal sponsored by its namesake, Each of the students here experiences to write about the DuPont company in took personal experience and topics such as asthma, heart collaboration with NASA, NBC Learn, Britannica ence in a different way, said issues, and were honored The winners of the 2012 DuPont Challenge science essay contest celebrate in the Digital Learning, the Walt Patricia Simmons, presidentwith an award at the Ken Disney Resort, National Sci of the National ScienceTo learn more about the competition, click on the photo. nedy Space Center Visitor ence Teachers Association Teacher's Association. Complexs Educator Re to learn something but to to her. In her essay, she talks (NSTA) and A+ Media. The source Center on April 27 for share that passion. winning students, parents their work. fathers life, which prompted the kind of power you can Roshni Sethi, a student her to focus her essay on a tour Kennedy and attend the tap into in science, Manning consider to apply, said new science that may eradi award ceremony. said. We need all of you to example, wrote about her cate heart failure by using After the students and keep this going, the teachers director of Business Opera nanowires. teachers were presented and most of all the students, tions at Kennedy. You did it the day before her mother The challenge, now in the awards they each had a to keep the STEM project not only for the opportunity its 26th year, reaches out focused. CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Amanda Diller CST-100 parachute system put through paces By Rebecca Regan Spaceport News B mans into orbit, engineers must make sure they can return safely to the Earths surface. During two Delmar Dry Lake Bed near Alamo, to demonstrate the parachute sys landings. On May 2, an Erickson Air Crane helicopter lifted Boeings CST-100 boilerplate crew capsule to about 10,000 feet, initiating a drogue parachute deployment sequence that was followed by deployment of the main parachute. The capsule descended to a smooth ground landing, cushioned demonstrated the performance of the entire landing system. The tests are part of Boeings partnership with NASAs Commer cial Crew Program (CCP) under a funded Space Act Agreement to de tion capabilities that will ferry U.S. astronauts to and from the InternaImage Courtesy Boeing Boeings CST-100 boilerplate crew capsule is dropped over the Delmar Dry Lake Bed near Alamo, Nev., on May 2 to test its parachute landing system. tional Space Station, reducing the amount of time America is without its own system. Boeings parachute demonstra tions are a clear sign that NASA enabling the American aerospace under this partnership, said CCP ments that were making now are enabling this new path forward of getting our crews to low Earth orbit and potentially, the International Space Station, as soon as possible. The CST-100 is designed to be a reusable capsule-shaped spacecraft people, or a combination of people and cargo. HDT Airborne Systems of Solon, Ohio, designed, fabricated and integrated the parachute system, which included the two drogue parachutes added to complete the erica, Del., designed and fabricated the landing air bag system. This second parachute drop system architecture and deployment president and program manager of Boeing Commercial Programs. Boeings completion of this mile crewed access to space. parachute system architecture and deployment scheme, characterize parachute sizing and design, and identify potential forward compart ment packaging and deployment issues. The company then inspected and re-packed the full parachute system for the second test. Boeing has scheduled additional tests to be performed in the next few months to gather more data on key functional elements of the spacecraft design, including another landing air bag test series, a forward heat shield jettison test, and an


Page 7 May 4, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS Remembering Our Heritage By Kay Grinter Reference Librarian I this spring as the muchanticipated SpaceX launch for NASA's sec ond Commercial Orbital approaches from Space Launch Complex-40 on Station. Twenty years ago, a similar launch campaign was under way on Launch Complex 39 at Kennedy Space Center for space shut you test mentally has al ways been good to us, test is the best control or mitigation for hazardous conditions that could impact the mission, Integration and Operation chief engineer. Subsystems may interface with each other in a different way, which could create a bigger problem. sioned to replace shuttle Challenger, destroyed in an accident in 1986. Construc tion began in 1987, and it rolled out of the assembly plant in Palmdale, Calif., in April 1991. One of the most important milestones leading up to its main propulsion system. In the case of the shuttle, the test was known as a Flight Readiness Firing, or FRF. conducted we learned some which made our process and shuttle processing chief engi a good practice in reducing case in point. Challengers main engines perform at 104 percent of When an unusually high tected in Challengers engine compartment during its FRF on Dec. 18, 1982, a second FRF was conducted a few data to pinpoint the problem. During post-FRF troubleshooting, technicians found a crack in the main combus tion chamber of one engine. Examinations of the other engines found that some had preburner was detected just was successfully completed line that carried hydrogen igniting the shuttles main after it was shut down, and a a little more than an hour gas into a small augmented engines during a launch performance while operat ing under the extremes of cryogenic conditions. portunity for the engines to The FRF countdown was terminated after 22 seconds. The primary differences be tween the test and a launchday countdown were that the two solid rocket boost ers were not ignited and no bearing cage was recorded in another. Although the irregularities concern if the FRF had been an actual launch, all three of were replaced with ones The precautionary measure caused no impact to the launch date. Thanks to the FRF, took place when all of its systems were go, at 1992. later. The data collected will be analyzed before the this month. Im glad that our com mercial partners are fol lowing the same customary sure that is going to be the case for SpaceX as well. The data collected during spark igniter chamber located in the center of the of the line was seen in all the engines that had been run for long durations. All three of Challengers repaired in the Vehicle As sembly Building before its carefully monitored liftoff April 4, 1983. The future holds more true propulsion tests as NASA and its commercial their engines. When an FRF was comOn April 30 of this week, pleted, any problems with the ground support equip well, and the launch team Space Exploration Tech nologies, or SpaceX, one of NASAs commercial partners, conducted a twoShuttle FRF First launch Before NASA's space shuttles launched from Kennedy Space Center, had experienced a full-scale dress rehearsal. Falcon 9 rockets nine Mer Columbia Feb. 20, 1981 April 12, 1981 on April 6, 1992, before its lin engines in preparation for the upcoming COTS launch. Challenger Dec. 18, 1982 detected in two of the three new engines high-pressure exercise was aborted 47 seconds before engine burn oxidizer turbopumps during technical parameter was set A buildup of pressure in one of the engines pump improperly. The problem was addressed, and the test Endeavour April 6, 1992 May 7, 1992


Page 8 SPACEPORT NEWS May 4, 2012 In celebration of Kennedy Space Center's 50th anniversary, enjoy this vintage photo . FROM THE VAULT Red Cross Vehicle 4 and Fire Department vehicles No. 17 and No. 2 are parked at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 17B during prelaunch preparation of Explorer 14 on Oct. 2, 1962. The spacecraft is sitting atop a Thor-Delta launch vehicle. Looking up and ahead . All times are Eastern 2012 TBD Launch/CCAFS (SLC-40): SpaceX Falcon 9, Dragon C2/C3 Launch time: TBD June (Under Review) Launch/Reagan Test Site Kwajalein Atoll: Pegasus XL, NuSTAR Launch window: TBD No earlier than June 28 Launch/CCAFS (SLC-37B): Delta IV-Heavy, NROL-15 Launch window: TBD No earlier than Aug. 23 Launch/CCAFS (SLC-41): Atlas V-401, Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) Launch window: 4:07 to 4:27 a.m. Targeted for Sept. 20 Launch/CCAFS (SLC-37B): Delta 4, GPS 2F-3 Launch window: TBD Dec. 1 Launch/VAFB: Pegasus XL, Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Launch window: 9:32 to 9:37 a.m. No earlier than December Launch/CCAFS (SLC-41): Atlas V, Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-K (TDRS-K) Launch window: TBD NewForm.aspx bethanne.hull@ lunabotics Third Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition seeks volunteers University students prepare in May, 24, 2011, for last year's Lunabotics Mining Competition at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. John F. Kennedy Space Center Spaceport News Managing editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Candrea Thomas Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank Ochoa-Gonzales Copy editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kay Grinter Editorial support provided by Abacus Technology Corp. Writers Group. NASA at KSC is on the Internet at SP-2012-04-084-KSC