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Jan. 13, 2012 Vol. 52, No. 1 Kennedy inspires, reaches out on Space DayJohn F. Kennedy Space Center Americas gateway to the universeSpaceport NewsBy Linda Herridge Spaceport News Inside this issue... Page 3 SSMEs Stennis-Bound Page 7 Diabetes Screening Directors Note Page 2 Page 6 New Dune a Home NASA See SPACE DAY Page 2 Activities include visit with state legislators, studentsDuring a Space Day presentation by state legislators Jan. 11, Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana spoke about the 50th anniversary of Kennedy Space Center and the centers plans for the future, and thanked the state for the partnership it has with Kennedy in space projects. A video on the future of Kennedy also was shown to legislators and guests. While there, Cabana visited with students and attended a Space Day presentation by state legislators dur ing Florida Space Day activities in Tallahassee on Jan. 10 and 11. Cabana spoke to about 140 eighthSchool on Jan. 10, along with NASA astronaut Nicole Stott and Kennedys Chief of the Education Division Hortense Diggs. The students also participated in hands-on education activities coordinated by Kennedy education specialists Partnerships are critical to our future success as we transform KSC into a true multiuser launch complex. The State of Florida is one of our major partners, Cabana said, and Space Day gave our industry partners the opportunity to educate Florida lawmakers on the impact of the space industry to the state. missions to Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. manager with URS Federal Technical Services Inc. on Kennedys Institutional Services Contract, served as honorary chairman for this years Florida Space Day. opportunity to educate and inform legislators on the importance of the space industry and the economic impact that it has on the local, state and national level. Some topics discussed included NASAs transition from the Space Shuttle Program to future exploration programs. on thinking of ways to diversify the center to attract more research and


Page 2SPACEPORT NEWSJan. 13, 2012 Directors Note Bob Cabana No slowing down in 2012 as Kennedy is busy as everA new year is on the horizon and we at NASAs Kennedy Space Center are as busy as ever. Were standing up two new programs, preparing to launch three facilities and processing the space shuttles for their new homes. In 2012, Kennedy celebrates 50 years as the space agencys pre-eminent launch site, and our commitment to sending payloads and humans into space has not wavered. NASAs Commercial Crew Program will continue to work toward developing a commercial crew capability that will once again carry our astronauts into space on a U.S. spacecraft, so that we can routinely and affordably journey to our unique orbiting laboratory, the International Space Station. The 21st Century Ground Systems Program is revitalizing existing infrastructure and enhancing the Space commercial aerospace companies and NASAs future heavy-lift rocket and Orion spacecraft. NASAs Launch Services Program already is readying a Pegasus XL rocket to launch the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) early this year. This explorer mission will study the most extreme active galaxies, exciting even the most novice stargazers. Later in the year, the program will launch the Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) to help Earth, the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) to study the solar atmosphere, and the latest piece of NASAs telemetry and communications network, the TDRS-K. Shuttles Atlantis, Endeavour and Discovery will continue to be processed for their future public display sites, where they will inspire NASAs next generation of explorers. And as the nation embarks on this new chapter in space exploration, Kennedy will continue to play an integral role in NASAs and Americas for the next half century and beyond. Happy New Y ear, Bob nedy, McCarthy said. NASA exhibits were placed on display in the rotunda for viewing. They highlighted the Launch Services Program (LSP), Commercial Crew Program, Center Planning and Development, the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and the Ground Systems Development and Operations Program. An interactive table highlighting all the LSP missions from 1998 through 2011 also was on display. This years Florida Space Day participants were NASA, the 45th Space Wing at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Abacus Technology Corp., ASRC Aerospace Corp., Astrotech Space Operations, ATK Space Systems, Bionetics, The Boeing Company, Brevard Workforce, Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts at KSC Inc., Dynamac Corp., Economic Development Commission of Floridas Space Coast, InDyne Inc., ITT Corp., Jacobs, L2 Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Millennium Engineering and Integration, Northrop Grumman, QinetiQ North America, SAIC, Sierra Lobo, Space Florida, Space Coast Launch Ser vices, SpaceX, SRTI, United Launch Alliance, United Space Alliance and URS. SPACE DAY JUMP Brittani Sims, left, with the Commercial Crew Program, and Tiffany Nail, of the Launch Services Program, share information with students during Space Day on Jan 11.NASAFrom SPACE DAY Page 1 technology opportunities. As the shuttle is phased out and the new programs are coming on board, how do we retool the highly technical work force that is here and throughout the state? McCarthy questioned. Theres a tremendous amount of competition from other states that are trying to get into the space industry. McCarthy said theres a lot that Kennedy can offer. To retain the centers unique capabilities, he said its important to educate the legislators, continue to pursue opportunities and continue to inspire young students to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Throughout the day, space industry representatives visited with legislators. Cabana met with the Lt. Governor, Senate President Mike Haridopolos, Speaker of the House Dean Cannon, the staff of incoming Senate President Don Gaetz and incoming Speaker Will Weatherford to highlight Kennedys path forward. Theres a ton of oppor tunity that is still out there. We need to preserve and leverage the capabilities and the resources here at Ken-


Real shuttle engines head to Stennis; replicas installed By Linda Herridge Spaceport News T he Pratt & Whitney Rocket dyne (PWR) engine shop at NASAs Kennedy Space Center was buzzing with activ ity this week as technicians and engineers prepared one of the space shuttle main engines for shipment sippi, and continued work on replica Endeavour and Atlantis. The main engines, now called RS-25Ds, were used to launch 135 shuttle missions. The RS-25Ds are being transported to Stennis where they will remain in storage until testing begins at a future date for their use on NASAs new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System. PWR Kennedy Site Director Dan Hausman said that NASA wants to stage of the Space Launch System. engine built at Kennedy but never The second engine was shipped on Jan. 9. The third engine is being readied for shipping on Jan. 16. Now were in a packaging and shipping operation, and there are shipped, Hausman said. Were going to ship them at a rate of one per week. Flight support and ground support equipment are being inventoried and will be shipped separately to Stennis. for Endeavour and Atlantis. Three and signed over to United Space Alliance. They were transported to Orbiter Processing Facility-1 and installed on Discovery Dec. 5-7. engineering manager, six more shop in different stages of comple tion. tests and now are being repurposed. There are two parts to the includes the feed and drain lines just like the real main engines that helped launch the space shuttle for 30 years. Hausman said the design and remanufactured nozzles were cre ated at the companys site in Canoga were designed at Kennedy but also manufactured in California. Historically, the Smithsonians known for displaying authentically said. The museum requested that the engines look as authentic as pos Guard-Lee Inc., of Apopka, Fla., created the Explorer space shuttle replica that was on display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. According to Hausman, the company specializes in creating authentic-looking space vehicles and hardware. Guard-Lee replica specialists were hired by the Smithsonian to come to Kennedy to sand and paint the nozzle looked like after a shuttle mission. It required an artistic approach engines, said Guard-Lee president and owner Tom Wilkes. Wilkes said four technicians took about a week to repaint some areas other areas so the nozzles looked as The current plan shows Discovery being delivered to the Smithsonian at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Chan tilly, Va., in mid-April. prepare the remaining shuttle en gines for transport to Stennis and the on Endeavour and Atlantis. Page 3 Jan. 13, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS NASA/Gianni Woods CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 4SPACEPORT NEWSJan. 13, 2012Scenes Around Kennedy Space CenterSPACEPORT NEWSPage 5 Jan. 13, 2012 Shuttles make transition toward retirement Shuttle NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Jim Grossmann


Page 6 Jan. 13, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS Secondary dune near launch pads attracts new residents By Linda Herridge Spaceport News B each mice, gopher tortoises and even an indigo snake have found new homes in a newly created secondary dune habitat near NASA Kennedy Space Centers Launch Complex 39. Thats a good thing, according to NASA biological scientist Don Dankert, from the centers Environmental sampling results revealed these animals and others have taken up residence in the dune system since it was created about nine months ago. What was once a barren pile of sand near the railroad tracks is now a thriving dune with vegetation and wildlife, Dankert said. The secondary dune project, which began in 2010, is a cooperative effort between Kennedy, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Innovative Health Ap plications (IHA). According to IHA wildlife ecologist Becky Bolt, a monitoring program conducted in November documented 17 beach mice, four spotted skunks, three gopher tortoises, two cotton rats and one indigo snake. Beach mice and indigo snakes are federally pro tected species, so the ability to create a habitat that they will occupy and use has great species management potential, Bolt said. The dune project was initiated to shield the beach from launch pad lights, which can disorient nesting and hatchling sea turtles, and to protect the shoreline from severe erosion. Dankert said about 24,000 cubic yards of sand were used to build the secondary dune. Of that amount, about 8,000 cubic yards were donated by the U.S. Air Forces 45th Space Wing. The new dune, set back from the primary dunes about 70 feet, is 725 feet long, 15 feet high and 75 feet wide. The vegetation, donated WR from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, includes sea grape, sea oats, metto, beach grass, beach elder, marsh hay cordgrass Aquatic Plants of Florida in Sarasota, a landscape company that has extensive experience in coastal dune restoration, completed the planting in a week. We have a lot of satisfaction in helping to restore habitats in Brevard County, said Vice Presi dent Gil Sharell Jr. We were pleased to work on the project and be part of the collaborative effort. The project has given Kennedy the opportunity to study and monitor the effects of creating a secondary dune habitat, Dankert said. This effort provides valuable data for Photos courtesy of Becky Bolt, Innovative Health Applications Inland dune site Sand deposition 1 Sand deposition 2 Aerial view Creating a dune from scratch future environmental permits, monitoring pro grams and design criteria. Bolt said that IHA plans to monitor the dunes quar terly for a year to get a clear picture of how devel opment of the dune habitat progresses over time. Our goal is to col lect data that will help us understand what it takes to create a functioning, healthy dune ecosystem, Bolt said. This knowledge will be come very important as we contend with the realities of climate change and sealevel rise.


Page 7 Jan. 13, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS Kennedy proud supporter of New Years resolutions Feedback from diabetes screeningI recently was diagnosed with diabetes and I have to my job. So, Im working on getting my numbers down so I can work at the Shuttle Landing Facility. I dont want to ride the pine. Donnie Linton, URS Diabetes runs in my family and this was a very where I stood. Cindy MacMillan, CNC International When I was pregnant with my second child, I was diabetic. Im not diabetic now, but I just wanted to check. I do all the screenings offered here at KSC. It doesnt hurt to check. Dorothea Kuzma, NASA in my life where my body is changing, and theres no excuse not to take advantage of this screening. Marianne Lewis, IHA I am diabetic and thought Id take advantage of the screening. As a diabetic, Im supposed to check my blood sugar every day. But they offered the A1c Testing which gives a better indication of how your blood sugar is over time. Larry Third, NASA Editors Note: According to the American Diabetes Association, the A1c test measures your average blood glucose control for the past two to three months. For more information, go to Holly Martin, right, a nurse with Innovative Health Applications (IHA), checks the blood pressure of Ruth Gillenwater, a medical logistician with IHA during the NASA Traditionally, the start of a new year is a time for personal reassessment. Vows to lose weight, exercise more and stop smoking during the up coming year are commonly at the top of the list of New Years resolutions. Dr. David A. Tipton, Kennedy Space Centers the team that supports the wellness services offered by the centers Health Education and Wellness Program (HEWP) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Kennedys HEWP and EAP are managed through a contract with Innovative Health Applications (IHA). We are very fortunate that the senior managers at KSC recognize the importance that the health and wellbeing of the work force plays in morale and productivity, Tipton said. As the KSC encourage all our employees to utilize the myriad opportunities open to them. The services the HEWP and the EAP provide are available free of charge to Kennedy employees and are designed to help those that take advantage of them achieve their health-related goals. HEWP kicked off 2012 Diabetes Risk Reduction Program screening Jan. 11 in the Occupational Health Facility (OHF). Jessica Sapp, wellness program manager for IHA, oversaw the screening. To be only in our second week after the holidays, I was very pleased to have such a great turnout. We had 54 participants in a one-hour time slot, which is fantastic. This screening will be offered bi-monthly, alternating with the long-running cardiovascular disease screening. A schedule and additional information about the programs are provided at index.cfm, where monthly and quarterly health-related newsletters are available for download. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy policies apply to all medical testing conducted during the screendential and provided only to health professionals with the employees knowledge and consent. The routine cholesterol and blood sugar screenings, scheduled at the start of the work day, save the participant the time it would have taken to visit a medical laboratory off center and allow sick or personal leave to be preserved for other needs. OHF and copies provided to support appointments with personal physicians, as requested. Individual counseling and group workshops also are offered to support any health goal an employee may set. Patricia Bell, an EAP counselor, explained, The EAP supports all kinds of wellness initiatives and partners with HEWP on such programs as smoking cessation, stress reduction and Lunch and Learn in 2012, planned for Jan. 18, is called Setting Goals for the New Year, and will focus on lifechanging goals and how to achieve them. Stress management and reduction are one of the most sought after modules the EAP offers, and we are always happy to tailor them to the needs of the particular group. For instance, EAP and HEWP will be partner ing again in May to focus on mothers and stress in honor of Mothers Day. For more information and a schedule of the EAPs 2012 Lunch and Learns, visit Dr. Skip Beeler, medical director for occupational medicine at the OHF, supports proactive measures to avoid illness: There are early indications that United States is beginning to increase. The best way to vaccinated each year. The Occupational Health Program at KSC still has plenty encourages all employees to get vaccinated now. It is not too late. Flu season runs until at least April. offered around the center during lunchtime every Wednesday through the OHFs new Now Coming to You program. Watch the KSC Daily News for announcements with the dates and locations. The vaccine will be available Jan. 18 in the Headquarters lobby. ness trail, complete with exercise stations, winds around the front of the Operations and Checkout Building for those preparing for the KSC Annual Walk/Run in April. And the KSC Fitness Center, in OSB I, may be used by any Kennedy employee without charge after a brief health overview form has been submitted. Assistance formulating an exercise plan is available from the trainers ter resumes operation in the O&C in March, the locker room in OSB I will remain open to those who continue to exercise in the Launch Complex 39 (LC-39) area. Two Weight Watchers at Work groups are active on center, one meeting at Headquarters and another in the O&C. Interest in a third group forming in the LC-39 area is being assessed, as well. Details are published weekly in the KSC Daily News. Any employee inter ested in nutrition counseling should contact Sapp. Kennedy employees also have a staunch supporter of in Center Director Robert Cabana, a former astronaut: Every new year, I renew my resolve to make time for lenge every employee to join me throughout 2012 in maintaining and improving and productivity by taking advantage of the health and wellness services and facilities available to us all here at Kennedy Space Center. By Kay Grinter Spaceport News


Jan. 13, 2012SPACEPORT NEWS Spaceport News service and contractor employees. Looking up and ahead . .en 2012 NASA Employees of the Month: January is illuminated one last time during preparations