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Spaceport news
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Kennedy Space Center
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Kennedy Space Center, FL
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United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Cape Canaveral -- John F. Kennedy Space Center
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'We are designing, K ennedy Space Center con world-class, multiuser spaceport but has plenty of steps complete, the center's director told Kennedy employees Feb. 20. there are not many chances in his Bob Cabana, Kennedy director. "We we want to be." the center as the future unfolds. number of steps to set itself up for Kennedy's three resident pro NASA's Space Launch System and Orion, while the Commercial transportation to carry astronauts to the International Space Station. at Kennedy. this year. Cabana also noted the priority NASA launch site to a spaceport amenable to different spacecraft and increase in the near future and could be reduced in some areas. Also, comes in the future, those are NASA's priorities and we play a O n Feb. 21, Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Ca reports were part of the annual Kurt H. Debus Conference Center at the Kennedy Space Center Visi business and industry. "NASA has three top priorities, SLS (Space Launch System), the International Space Station (ISS) a commercial crew capability -and the James Webb Space By Bob Granath Spaceport News To ALL-HANDS Page 3 To LEADERS Page 2 Inside Page 3 Page 2 Page 5 Page 11 By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis


Page 2 From LEADERS Page 1 "At the Kennedy Space Center, our Ground Systems cial Crew, ISS and Launch those three top priorities," Cabana said. erations were presented by tions. Josie Burnett, director of the International Space laboratory. N specialist Susan bers of the Kennedy Space Center only launch facility to a multiuser commercial customers. Island, N.Y., where she earned January, 1990. Habenicht said. "I married and was a stay-at-home mom for about 11 years." tractor that supported the NASA here at Kennedy," Habenicht said. "I as Pathways." Kennedy, Habenicht accepted an of "It was an honor to be selected," she said. "I started as a Human Habenicht now focuses primarily a team to prepare the spaceport for the Space Launch System. Habenicht said. "We often help job in the space business tend to be technical. Habenicht said these others understand what an applicant "We try to help people do the best Habenicht said. "While some outside the space nedy well into the future." NASA/Bob Grananth By Bob Granath Spaceport News eries." Space station support cur team at Kennedy includes sure to plants in space. transportation to the space our astronauts to the Inter national Space Station," he said. of transportation subsystems in which industry partners capabilities as fully inte Cabana noted that Ken only launch facility to an affordable, sustainable, multiuser spaceport for both opment and Operations, or updated to accommodate a GSDO has two main and spacecraft. GSDO's efforts also are Space Launch System (SLS) up to four astronauts on mis sions to deep space. Darren Bedell, System launched two missions Air Force Station on Jan. 30 On Feb. 11, the Landsat was launched from Van California. Bedell described of transportation to space success for our customers," he said. ports, Cabana said that in a more commercial-friendly, timely manner."


Page 3 From ALL-HANDS Page 1 he second Interna tional Space Station eral Air Force Station. Carried by a Falcon 9 will ferry 1,268 pounds of supplies for the space station were manufactured at Hawthorne, Calif., and ar topped with the spacecraft, stands 157-feet tall. 855,000 pounds of thrust 1,000,000 pounds of thrust as Falcon 9 climbs out of scheduled to use the station's Ground commands will be sent to attach the spacecraft the station's Harmony mod ule where it will remain for a then will load more than samples and equipment for a parachute-assisted splash off the coast of Baja Califor second of at least 12 mis sions to the space station for NASA under the Com contract. Spaceport News responsibilities at Kennedy are now which recently became an Busacca, chief of the Spaceport former shuttle astronaut Andy Allen cies and commercial entities also nedy's director of Center Operations and is the center's sustainability demolition. will do our best to implement them," Bray said. place, morale at Kennedy is quite Kennedy scored 73.2 percent, up three points compared to 2011. Kennedy also scored in the third slot center will focus on leadership at all scores.


Page 4 Scenes Around Kennedy Space Center NASA/Frankie Martin NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA/Frankie Martin Reader-submitted photo CLICK ON PHOTO CLICK ON PHOTO CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 5 Volunteers needed NASA's fourth annual Lunabotics Mining Competition is in need of volunteers. This university-level competition will be held May 20-24 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Volunteers may register at POC: Bethanne Hull, Video link AVJtIav_6c& Facebook S tudents around the world are at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor as it reaches out to students, with an em phasis on elementary And the do that with its newest member and mascot . Luna*Bot. ic mascot will be used as an ambassador to promote with crushed basalt that has similar characteristics to lunar soil, called BP-1. and create interest in the Lunabotics concept into a mascot that has been Since her debut in December 2012, Luna*Bot has been seen in places as far away as Syd ney, Australia, and the Arena of Nimes in France. "Luna has been spotted in and in some pretty unique places," Hull said. "It has to see how our able." Lunabotics team has issued a chal share Luna with their friends and and solutions that could be applied or payload. called a Lunabot, that can mine and of lunar simulant within 10 minutes. limitations of the Lunabot, and the ability to telerobotically or autono mously control the Lunabot from a remote mission control center. primarily on the amount of material stead will require teams to consider factors such as dust tolerance and autonomy. Some 50 teams from across the By Frank Ochoa-Gonzales Spaceport News NASA photos NASA


Page 6 Spaceport News S crawlerway that lead from the Vehicle Kennedy Space Center are Space Launch System (SLS) cial spacecraft to the launch pads. Led by the Ground under way to refurbish the the crawler-transporter will launch site at Launch Com the pathway that lead from the turnoff from Pad B to Pad A also will be updated. a GSDO senior project man tion will be repaired since it was constructed in the replaced as it wore down, but installation. lion pounds, but has become of crawler-transporters car the pads for launch. Water drain-off issues areas of the crawlerway and to return the foundation to its plete, the crawlerway, which will be ready to handle the commercial spacecraft and crawler-transporter beside its mobile tower. NASA/Jim Grossmann CLICK ON PHOTO HTV-4 e elements of the International Space Station prepared in Space Center are now in space, the team at Kennedy continues to number of ways. coupled with international coopera tion, hardware destined for the space station just left Kennedy, headed for to help ensure the three elements is a critical component of the S3 the solar arrays to the other ISS "At Kennedy, we performed peri adapter mechanism hardware and said. Also included in the shipment was ence. construction of the station, as the Spaceport News NASA/Jim Grossmann CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 7 By Bob Granath Spaceport News A s NASA paused on Feb. 1 to remember the astronauts who were lost on the space students from the hometown of one of its crew members joined in the Kennedy Space Center. specialist aboard Columbia with Feb. 1, 2003. Columbia accident. come to Kennedy so they can be here for the Co sary," she said. was a total of three teachers "As a result of his time in Israel, said. pilot and a colonel in the Israeli Air Force," she said. "He humbly un derstood his unique place in history family blessed all of us (Columbia Jewish traditions." rooted in the Bible, but also in the history of the modern state of Israel. a city of 185,000, with parents who Apollo-Saturn V facility, the Vehicle another country. "It's appropriate that the students to share in it." NASA Ilan Ramon S pace shuttle Atlantis displayed inside its new home and the the Kennedy Space Center a presentation to National Space Club members and continues on the Atlantis about 16,000 feet of protec a new home so we can tell said. up here at Kennedy Space Center. Atlantis will be displayed built -about 90,000 square Visitors will see Atlantis and about 67 feet off the with its payload bay doors open. One of the shuttle's clude an International Space children's play area, retail shop and more than 60 inter Visitors will pass under hotel stays and retail sales Garden recently was com pleted and a new restaurant, added. America will not stop Spaceport News


Page 8 Spaceport News A ments on the International surface wind speed and direction measurements, the Ground Sys Center has plans of its own to up ment equipment near the Shuttle team successfully completed a port Contract, has members from NASA, QuinetiQ North America of Panama City, Fla. warn launch operators of poten conditions not detected by weather balloons that are used as the pri mary day-of-launch wind system. the director of research for Ken accurately measures wind speed from 6,000 to 60,000 feet in alti that it measures the winds 12 times faster than the balloons, and the measurements also are closer to the ceret said. 1980s near the north end of the SLF on the east side of the runway, more than 100 wire dipoles and nents include the radar transmit are housed in a trailer adjacent to hardware in the system has become used as the primary upper-air wind and maintainability requirements new instrument will permit launch loons, as their primary wind source to certify it for that purpose. three 10-footware and asso ciated software systems will constructed and installed Inc., which is the National Oceanic and Atmo spheric Administration (NOAA). off-the-shelf components will be system will replace the obsolete NASA/Jim Grossmann electronics with state-of-the-art equipment. same or better, reliable and accurate wind Operations and launch custom ers. A critical will be com pleted by midsystem will and spares will be shipped to Van nia, where an identical system is in use. "This is a major project. The purpose is to provide the same or better, reliable and Range Weather Operations and launch customers."


Page 9 I n late October, one of the most de States bashed the County in Florida, of NASA's Ken nedy Space Center. Scientists are assess 1.2-mile stretch of shoreline near Launch Pads 39A and 39B and plans. Hurricane Sandy the Caribbean and had the Southeastern and Northeast. Constant pound such as Sandy, other weather systems and spaceport. farther inland threaten f our infrastructure," of Center Operations. less than a quarter of a mile from Launch Pads under the railroad lines has been breached, and the line of erosion has close to the beach road. Additionally, we need utilities near the beach road." in the 1960s for the ets that sent astronauts to the moon, the launch the late 1970s to sup port the Space Shuttle Space Launch System Orion capsule. Pad A may be used in the future for commercial to our future, and we do all we can to said. direct hit from a hur erosion on the beaches. north past Florida, it was 220 miles off shore, but its effects ocean pounds the winds that rip away the shoreline farther inland." that Sandy was only the most recent blow Space Coast. history, tropical weath er has continued to batter our shoreline," he said. "Some pass by, had a few direct hits. It's a constant battle to restore the dunes that hold off the weatherinduced erosion." included for NASA in the multi-billion-dollar Hurricane Sandy relief bill passed by Con "Part of these funds facility on Wallops Island on the coast of he said. "Hopefully, we will be able to use some of that money to rebuild the sand dunes here." to replace the protec a buffer from tropical cyclones. "A Dune Vulnerabili 2009 to assess the con dition of our shoreline a joint effort with Florida. In addition to we needed to plant newly created dunes to of hurricanes and tropi Kennedy's beaches were required. A was completed in was the only stretch Hurricane Sandy. the rail since it hasn't been used in years," can protect the beach road and the launch pads which are crucial to Kennedy's future." shoreline also is an important habitat for species. the Kennedy shoreline effects for species such as the Southeastern By Bob Granath Spaceport News dunes will also help us protect these species." the rebuilt dunes also and from the ocean. sea turtles are dis them to head toward the sea." beach dunes comes at a crucial time for the Florida spaceport. been slowly erod the better," he said. NASA NASA/Frankie Martin


Page 10 NASA's Commercial Crew Pro be needed to communicate with the returns from a mission. orbit atop a United Launch Alli Space Coast around the middle of lifeboat on missions to the Interna tional Space Station. a commercial industry to ferry laboratory, recently completed its baseline plan for the equipment and infrastructure needed to run space for our national capability." tions software. will be important, but since NASA the future." able interior with the capacity to the three sent on the lunar missions of the 1960s and '70s. It also is ten missions. ably smaller than Apollo because of equipment and consumables orbit missions. three parachutes, as was the case to complete a total of 19 mile tion milestones. Bill Lane, deputy partner man foundation of capsule production, software and mission operations requirements that will be necessary the initial production and continu capsule." tation systems and subsystems. for a crewed orbital demonstration mission around the middle of the decade. By Bob Granath Spaceport News Artist's image courtesy of The Boeing Company


Page 11 2012-13 KSC Honor Awards Future articles Spaceport News Certicates of Appreciation T his award is intended to recognize contributions made by NASA employees, individual citizens, contractors, or public organizations to Kennedy Space Center endeavors. Michelle E. Amos Jeffery S. Beyer Timothy M. Bianchi James S. Bolton Steven E. Cain Amy C. Caneld Grant R. Cates Jeffrey A. Cheatham Michael K. Collins Jared F. Congiardo Michelle L. Crowe Susan E. Danley Michael C. Davis Bhupendra H. Deliwala William Denis Kenneth R. Ford Tara M. Francisco Gregory M. Galloway Sherry L. Gasaway Steven P. Gersten Amanda M. Gillespie Louis E. Goetz Leticia Gomez David L. Grau Philip A. Gvozd Susan J. Habenicht Michael J. Hartnett Kay D. Heck Penelope A. Herbst Kenneth C. Hosterman Paul T. Hudson Danny K. Hunt John G. Ilgenfritz John J. Ippolito Anibal A. Karban Charla G. King Eric M. Kirby Steven W. Larchar Michael V. Le Roger H. Liang Jonathan E. Lisak Bryan R. Lutinski Kelli C. Maloney Alissa M. Matthews John E. McClelland David T. Miller Kevin L. Miller Sonia S. Miller David A. Mohler Kim M. Moore Robert E. Moore Roberta S. Nesworthy Rolando J. Nieves Kathleen L. OBrady Frank E. OchoaGonzales David W. Olsen Evelyn M. OrozcoSmith Kevin R. Panik Terry S. Parnell Robert M. Peacock Amber N. Philman Timothy A. Pirlo Laura Poliah Sue G. Preece Eric A. Reyier James C. Schick David M. Stark Kenneth J. Strite Derrick J. Thomas Vernon L. Thorp Christopher L. Torres Rhonda S. (Kistner) Tugg Stacie M. Turner Christine A. Vanaman Samuel G. Vaughn Gary J. Villa Thomas J. Villane James R. Wachter Richard T. Warren Angela R. Watkins Charles F. Wendling Douglas E. Willard Virginia M. Williams Tracy G. Young Richard J. Zeitler Christopher A. Zuber Lisa B. Zuber NASA GROUP ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS CCP ULA Technical Discipline Team Commercial Crew Cost Estimating Team Commercial Crew integrated Capability (CCiCap) Performance Evaluation Prole (PEP) Commercial Crew Transportation Systems Requirement Crawler-Transporter 2 Modications Crew Module Outreach Tour Transition Team Cryogenics Design and Development Team ELVIS 2 Source Evaluation Board Team Fire Protection Design and Construction Team Kennedy Educate to Innovate Volunteers KSC Commercial Space Strategy Team KSC International Space University Space Studies KSC-IT Mobile Development Team Looking Behind The Scenes Mars Science Laboratory Morpheus Propellants Loading Team Pegasus NuStar Communications and Telemetry Team Restore Propellant Transfer System Development Shuttle Landing Facility Area Development Team Shuttle T&R Data Team SLSL Water Main Break Lab Recovery Effort VAB Counterweight Well Access Improvement Team VAB Vertical Door Brake Addition Implementation SPEAKERS INSPIRE AWARD Stephen Ernest George Gabrielle ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS Environmental Individual Awards Lisa M. Ruffe William B. Simmonds Environmental Team Awards Design and Construction of Lunar Landscape for the Testing of Morpheus Lander KSC Reuse and Recycling of Shuttle Legacy Ozone Depleting Substances SECRETARIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD Jennifer P. Horner Civil Servant Category Melissa A. Swinson Contractor Category SMALL BUSINESS OFFICE AWARDS Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award Millennium Engineering and Integration Company Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award Dynamac Corporation Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award The Boeing Company Small Business Advocate Procurement Team of the Year Award Kennedy Space Center Protective Services Procurement Development Team BEST OF KSC SOFTWARE AWARD Automated Utility Database Reporting and Information System (AUDRIS) YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD Sheila L. Frowiss Jael P. Lamothe Jeannette R. Lockman Robert J. Ruiz Margaret A. Truitt KSC ENGINEER/SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD Timothy W. Widrick Civil Servant Category Pravinkumar K. Asar Contractor Category KSC DIVERSITY & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AWARD Kimberlyn B. Carter Edwin Martinez KSC STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP AWARD Linda D. Euell KSC EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD David R. Ungar KSC DIRECTORS AWARD Peter P. Nickolenko NASA/Jim Grossmann To check out the event program, click here

PAGE 12 Page 12 Looking up and ahead . All times are Eastern March Mission: Orbital Sciences Test Flight Launch Vehicle: Antares Launch Window: TBD Launch Site: Wallops Flight Facility, Va. Launch Pad: 0A Description: The Antares is scheduled for a test ight under NASAs Commercial Orbital Transportation Services agreement with the company. March 1 Mission: SpaceX 2 Commercial Resupply Services ight Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 Launch Window: 10:10 a.m. Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 40 Description: SpaceX CRS-2 will be the second commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station by SpaceX. To watch a NASA launch online, go to http:// NASA Spinoffs: Did you know? For more about NASA Spinoffs, go to http:// spinoffs CLICK ON PHOTO X-ray technology is evolving with a lot of help from NASA.