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March/April 2014 Issue 158 The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission Official Newsletter Inside This Election Day 1 Diplomat of the Year Award 4 CMG for Director of ONDCP 5 Antiguan Graduates from University of London with MSc in IPHC 5 Oxford University Antiguan Scholar 6 Antiguan appointed QC 8 Commonwealth Day 9 Prime Minister Addresses Nationals 10 ton arrives in Antigua and Barbuda 11 A National Library 17 Endeavouring all Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone:020 7258 0070 Facsimile:020 7258 7486 Email: enquiries@antigua A newsletter produced by the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission London for nationals and friends of Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer told an energetic audience of thousands of supporters at a United Progressive Party Rally that Election Day in Antigua and Barbuda will be June 12. Almighty God to give me the vision and to tell me what to do. I believe that we have made the case for the UPP to be returned to office The case has been made overwhelmingly. Therefore the day when the people of Antigua and Barbuda will rise to the occasion and do what is right is June 12. June 12 is Election Day when the people of Antigua and Barbuda will say UPP now more than Spencer. During the Rally which heard from some of the UPP candidates including the Hon. Jacqui Quinn, the Hon. Dr. Errol Cort and the Hon. Chester Hughes, Prime Minister Spencer noted that the United Progressive Party stands on its record and deserves a third term to continue building a new society and create a charter for the future development of Antigua and Barbuda. cal. It is very important to the continued development of Antigua and Barbuda. We cannot return to the past. I want to say to you that it is necessary for us to recognize and appreciate that although victory is in sight we cannot drop our guard. I want to tell you that it is not over He also told his supporters that there is work to be done in order for the governing United Progressive Party to have to galvanize the people and defeat them. You have to do it for yourself, for your pointed out. eration is that you want to stay the course and keep Antigua free and democratic and keep out those who are not announced that the date of the issuance of the Writ for Elections is scheduled for May 16 and Nomination Day on May 21. * * * See Antigua and Barbuda At The Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 23rd July 2014 to 3rd August 2014


2 The Faith That Drives Me As a young boy I enjoyed music and singing. In fact I always wanted to be a part of the Junior Choir of the Spring Gardens Moravian Church. The requirements to become a member were very stringent you had to read a passage of scripture without halting, sing a hymn or song of your choice in key and without making any mistakes; all this in front of the Choir and the Choir Master and be at least 10 years old. For me this was easy, although I was aware of many of so desirous of serving Jesus, that it was never my intention to stop there. I also wanted to become a pastor or minister. Of course there were many good role models: Bishop Maynard, Bishop Guby and a certain Rev Winston J Messiah who appeared on Radio Barbados every Sunday around 12:00 noon. These persons preached the word of God without fear or favour. They were both liked and disliked because of their convictions. sic, but coming from a poor family, that chance never properly materialised. As you can determine, I never became a minister even though I almost became a lay preacher for my church, conducting services and otherwise being very active in the church. My career took me in a very different direction but my Christian faith remained extraordinarily strong. Wherever I sojourned, either for vacation or training, I attached myself to a Christian congregation and became actively involved. Little did I know that while my faith increased and my yearning to understand the word of the Lord also increasing, I will be tested on more than one occasion? I distinctly remember being in a vehicle which ran off the road as a young teenager and it miraculously did not day accident at the same spot. There was another occasion when my faith was in full recall. As a first time Chief Executive for Cable and Wireless, I was sent to Montserrat in July 1995. Shortly after my arrival, the volcano on the island began to erupt. There began one of the most frightening experiences in my life. With the ground constantly shaking under your feet, the sky blackened by volcanic ash and life in general under severe threat. My constant companion was my Saviour. I have been asked many times how did I manage there. The Hymn (Mission Can I doubt his tender mercies who through life has been my guide? Heavenly peace, divinest comfort, hereby faith in Him to dwell! For I know what I have also had a few issues with my health which have caused me to lean on my faith and there are many hymns which I enjoy singing on occasions. The first was as a small boy, when I stepped on a rusty nail. The wound appeared to be healing on the outside but was festering on the inside. One night I nearly died and had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation. I had the first stage of tetanus poisoning. Fortunately the operation was a success. Another time my appendix nearly ruptured in me and this also resulted in another quick operation which postponed a training course I was to take at that time. Finally I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to undergo an operation. Miraculously I never needed chemotherapy or radiation and to this day I have only suffered minor side effects of the operation. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


3 I have always been a warm hearted person sharing in the cares and problems of my friends, offering assistance to I tell myself many times never to forget where I came from. I never should take myself too seriously or think too barren land; I am weak, but Thou art mighty; hold me with Thy powerful hand: Bread of heaven, feed me now and The Lord has come to my aid on many occasions; when I almost ran out of money when I was studying in the fer wrong; to help the poor and needy, and bid the weak be strong; to give them songs for sighing, their darkness I firmly believe that God prepares me for each of my roles in life. That is why I give so much of my talents in return to him. I have been able on many occasions to use skills which I gathered previously to the benefit of a current situation. I constantly give the Almighty thanks and praise. More so now than before, for I have come to realise that His hand is upon me and my family. He will never give me a challenge for which He has not already prepared me to deal with. I have many other hymns which I love to sing; I only mention them here. They are MP 224 especially Verse1; MP 296 Verse 1; MP 473 Verses 1 to 3; MP 784 Verse 1; but I will end with this special hymn (MP 34 Verse 4) as I believe that every time we sing the praises of the Lord in Church or anywhere for that matter, we must offer of our offer of Thine own to Thee; and for Thine acceptance proffer, all unworthily, hearts and minds and hands and voicMay my efforts at sharing this special message, prompt each of you to reflect on your own lives and the blessings which have come from the Lord! His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


4 Ambassadors and High Commissioners from over 70 countries (and diplomats from over 100 countries) atannual Awards Ceremony in the glorious surroundings of the Ballroom at The Langham London hotel on Monday 14 April. DIPLOMAT presented 10 awards to some of the most influential diplomats based in the UK. The 250 plus guests were treated to a champagne reception and canaps prepared by the hotel chefs. In its sixth year, the awards ceremony recognises the outstanding work matic community, who are trying to LOMAT magazine identified 10 categories that recognise different levels of diplomacy, and winners were nomi n a t e d b y t h e i r p e e r s T h e e v e n i n g welcomed the massed ranks of Londiplomatic calendar. Veteran broadcaster Martin Lewis was the Master of Ceremonies, who performed with immense slickness and wit. The Ambassador of Kuwait, His Excellency Mr Khaled Al attending up to seven receptions on one evening. This Ambassador has won a place in the hearts of the politi c a l e s t a b l i s h m e n t i n L o n d o n a s w e l l as his colleagues. He expressed a wish to retire some years ago, but bly wanted him to remain. The popular award of the evening went to the High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda, Dr Carl Roband the staff behind him at the misOther heads of mission who were honoured on the evening included the Ambassadors of Kazakhstan, Finland and El Salvador and the High Commissioners of Singapore and CameMrs Younis from the Egyptian Embasthe brave women in Egypt who stood up in a revolution to be part of Fittingly, The Lord Mayor of Westminster and the youngest women ever to be elected into this office, Councillor Sarah Richardson, preSusana Arana Garduno from the ic Press Attache President, Maria Monteiro from the Portuguese Embassy. The evening was sponsored by The Langham London, International Diplomatic Supplies, Volvo, International Henry & James. For the fifth year running, Cleave and Co produced the unique awards for the winners. With over 160 diplomatic missions, a posting in London remains one of the tor, Venetia de Blocq van Kuffeler, facing us all today economic, social, environmental, and security weigh upon us all. In short, Diplomacy is more important than ever. And so it is important that we appreciate the great conductors of diplomacy this * * * AWARD WINNERS


5 Investiture Ceremony at Buckingham Palace At a recently held Investiture Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, Lt Col Edward Croft was invested with the insignia and made a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG). The insignia was presented by the HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. At that Investiture, over 90 persons received Honours and Awards. Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Croft has served the country in the areas of youth development, Law Enforcement, Defence and Security, and Disaster Preparedness and Response. Lt. Col Croft has served and continues to serve the country at the regional and hemispheric levels. missioner to the Inter American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) and is also the National Point of Contact to the OAS Inter American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE). He served in the capacity of Chairman of the Caricom Standing Committee of Heads of Intelligence and Financial Intelligence Units for the period 2008 2012 and remains an active participant on issues of security at the regional level. He also serves as one of Antigua and BarbuCaribbean Financial Action Task Force and has represented the Regional Security System (RSS) on various occasions. He is the recipient of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and has also been presented with several military awards. According to the Official British Monarchy website this order was instituted in 1818 by the Prince Regent (later George IV), and is awarded to men and women of high office, or who render extraordinary or important service. Col Croft currently serves as AntiOffice of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy and has been in this capacity for the past 7 years. 24th April 2014 * * * Antiguan Graduates from the University of London On 5 th of March, 2014 March, Mrs. Cleo Clothilda James Hampson Graduated from University of London with a Master of Science Degree in International Primary Health Care (MSc in IPHC), and was singled out for a prize for Academic Excellence. The title of her Dissertation Family Caregivers of Persons Experiencing Mental Health Problems in She was born in the Village of Urlings and presently resides in New Winthorpes Village, Antigua. Mrs. Hampson is the mother of two and the wife of Anthony L. Hampson, who is the Principal of Parham Primary School and the Director of Le She is a Nurse of 36 years, and presently holds the post of Deputy Superintendent of Public Health Nursing in Antigua and Barbuda. Her aspiration is to use her knowledge to strengthen the health care system in Antigua and Barbuda. Mrs. Hampson wishes to thank first of all God for giving her the strength and determination to complete the course successfully. Gratitude is also extended to her family and friends who believed in her and gave her much support and encouragement. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner for Antigua sent a congratulatory letter to Mrs Hampson for having achieved her Master of Science Degree in International Primary Health Care which His Excellency said, will be a tremendous contribution to Antigua and Barbuda's health care system.. * * *


6 The Life and Times of Oxford University Antiguan Scholar James Arthur Harley A pioneer, anthropologist, theologian and local politician, with a street named in his honour are the accolades that belong to Antiguan born James Arthur Harley. Harley is one of the many scholars profiled in a new book Black Oxford The Untold Stories of Oxford by Pamela Roberts, an award winning cultural heritage professional. stories of prominent and lesser known historical and contemporary Black scholars at Oxford from the matriculation of Christian Fredrick Cole, grandson of a slave in 1873, who became the first African to practice in an English court. It is divided into the following categories: Oxford Pioneers Female Rhode Scholars Prime ministers and Presidents Legal Eagles Educationalist Creativity and literature Notable graduates Through its use of images, in particu l a r r a r e a r c h i v a l i m a g e s o f v a r i o u s scholars, documentation and newspaper articles, the book provides the reader with vivid snapshots of the scholars coupled with their profiles. Pamela explains how she accidently came across the name of Harley. Following a visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to research another scholar, I was given a sepia tor of photographs and manuscripts and asked if I knew the Black man in curator explained that he was the first Black student to take the Diploma of Anthropology at the museum in 1909 and all that he knew was that he came from Antigua. So began my quest to find out who Harley was. With initial help from officer I was given a number of leads. After additional research I hit success and tracked down a local historian who had in his possession, under his bed to be exact, the contents case. Harley was born on 15 May 1873. His academic career was truly remarkable; attending Howard Law School in Washington, DC in 1902, then Yale in 1903 before going to degree with honours in Semitic languages in 1906. At Harvard he received the first class Boylston elocution prize of $60 and two essay prizes valued at $50 and $25. The Antigua Standard newspaper of September 1907 reported the scholastic achievements of Harley, stating that he won The Pierre Jay Prize for the best essay on Japanese Shintoism with an award of $100. He then won the Matthews Scholarship of $300 per year for three years, so left America for Oxford. Matriculating at Jesus College to research for a BLitt, he obtained a third class honours degree in theolo g y i n 1 9 0 9 H a r l e y b e c a m e a c urate ordained on 29 September 1909 by the Lord Bishop of Peterborough, he was sent to St. Leicestershire. He also had curacies in Chislet, near Canterbury and St. He was married in Oxford, on 1 July 1910, to Miss Josephine Maritcha Lawson, the daughter of Jesse Lawson, an African American Howard University educated lawyer; her mother was Rosetta C. Lawson, an advocate of temperance and low income housing. Her parents founded the Frelinghuysen University in Washington, DC in 1917, to provide education, religious training and social services for Black working class adults. Harley started a second phase of his remarkable career by entering local politics as an independent councillor. He was elected a member of Leicestershire County Council, where he remained for thirteen years. Harley also started his own weekly newspaper, The Charnwood Bulletin which at first was free, but later cost 1 d Harley died on 12 May 1943 of a seizure; he is buried at the churchyard of St. James the Greater in the hamlet of Oaks, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. On a final note the suitcase also contained some very maybe another book! fellow Antigua born historical scholar, Lushington Wendall Bruce James, composer and concert pianist, can book. Black Oxford: The Untold Stories of Price £7.99 Published by Signal Books Available from Amazon For further information info * * * Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena, Antigua Daily Observer


7 Four Antiguans awarded UWI Scholarships Antigua and Barbuda students at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus celebrate after being awarded several scholarships. Four Antiguan students have been awarded scholarships for their exceptional academic performance at UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados. The recipients were Blair Rose, Priscilla Whyte, Trevor Smith, and Latrishka Thomas. Rose and Whyte, final year accounting and finance students, received the CIBC FirstCaribbean Scholarship valued at US $2,500. Smith, also a final year accounting and finance student, received the Richard Cheltenham QC Scholarship worth BDS $3,500. Thomas, a first year student of sociology and psychology, is the recipient of the Sir Arthur Lewis Award which covers tuition and economic cost for up to three years. The awardees were former students of the Antigua Girls High School, Jennings Secondary School, Antigua Grammar School and the Princess Margaret Secondary respectively, as well as the Antigua State College. Apart from their academic qualifications the scholarship recipients hold executive positions in clubs and associations on campus. Rose is currently the president of the Antigua and Barbuda Student Associa t i o n P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s O f f i c e r o f t h e Cave Hill Debating Society, and member of both the Rotaract Club of Cave Hill and Anglican Students at UWI. Whyte is currently the vice president of the Rotaract Club of Cave Hill and secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Student Association. Smith currently holds the treasurer position in the Antigua and Barbuda Student Association and is also a student assistant at the school library, working up to 18 hours per week. Thomas was a worker in the past guild elections. a physical award, even though you do feel good in getting good grades. But to get an actual reward solidifies the good feeling you get after working hard, and it also gives encouragement The awardees are encouraging all incoming and current students to visit the university website and apply for as many scholarships as eligible. 7th April 2014 * * * BBC Young Musician of The Year Isata Kanneh Mason, granddaughter of Arnold and Enid Mason, well known nationals of Antigua and Barbuda made an appearance on BBC 4 on Friday 8th May 2014 as one of the last five performers in the piano category of the BBC Young Musician of the Year. Isata is also one of two sary (Founder of the BBC Young Musician) to the performers who show great promise. Young Kanneh Mason was invited to the BBC 4 finals on 18th May in Edinburgh where she received on stage a Certificate. Congratulations to Isata and to the parents and grandparents of Isata His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner, Mrs Pauline Roberts and the staff at the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission wish Isata continued success in her musical journey.


8 Four Scholarships Secured from the Russian Federation Antiguan and Barbudan students will get an opportunity to pursue degree studies in the Russian Federation with the granting of four scholarships by the government for studies commencing in September 2014. Prime Minister the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer today announced that he has received communication from Ambassador Vladimir Polenov of the Russian Embassy in Jamaica following discussions during a recent visit to Antigua and Barbuda on the subject of strengthening the relations between both countries including the granting of scholarships to qualified Antiguans and Barbudans. cussions indicated that his government is very supportive of the UPP versity level education to our citizens and for the fifth year running, his government has granted scholarships to ister Spencer. The scholarships in the Russian Federation are available for study in Architecture, Nursing Care, Engineering and Technology Construction, Political Science and Visual and Applied Arts. Speaking on behalf of students pursuing studies in the Russian Federa t i o n P o l i t i c a l S c i e n c e m a j o r K e m a l Nicholson said that the experience of studying in the Russian Federation, while being a challenge at times has proven to be exciting for students. change in weather, culture and learning the Russian Language, which is key to our success here, but we all are committed to succeeding and making our country and families proud. Many of our parents would not have been able to afford university level education for us, therefore this opportunity granted to us is appreciated and invalu a b l e N i c h o l s o n s a i d Application forms for the Russian scholarship programme are available at the Office of the Prime Minister and will remain available until 11 th April, 2014. 18th March 2014 Dr Leslie Thomas Appointed Leslie's late grandfather Samuel Mano Lewis (known to his family as Pa Fred of Brown's Avenue, Ottos, St Johns was a fisherman. His late grandmother Rebecca Victoria Lewis (nee Joseph) and known to her family as Dada. Pa Fred and Dada had 10 children including his mother. Leslie's parents are Godfrey Thomas from Marigot, Dominica and Sheila Thomas (nee Lewis). They met each other in the early sixties both having arrived in the UK as part of the post Windrush era as Caribbean people striving to make a better life for themselves. His father worked for British Telecom as an technician and his mother as a nurse. They had three children. Leslie has an older sister and a younger brother. Legal Background Specialist Inquests and Human Rights Practitioner, specialising in Police and Prisoner Law and actions involving the State with particular emphasis on individual civil liberties and human rights. Instructed as Counsel to inquests by coroners, regularly instructed in police and prison inquests. Notable cases Currently involved in the Hillsborough football stadium disaster 2014. Represented family of Mark Duggan in 2013 and 2014. Mark's death sparked the 2011 riots. Azelle Rodney in 2013 On behalf of the family of Azelle Rodney in the public Inquiry into the police shooting of Mr Rodney in 2005. The report of the chairman Sir Christopher Holland will be published in July 2013. The case was widely reported in the BBC and The Guardian Sean Rigg in 2012 On behalf of the family of Sean Rigg, who died in 2008 in custody in Brixton Police station following restraint. Dr Leslie Thomas was appointed as Queen's Counsel in April 2014. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda, Mrs Pauline Roberts and the staff at the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission wish to congratulate Leslie for his appointment tinue to achieve his goals as he fights for the civil rights and liberties for individuals May he also da. (and Dominica).


9 Two new radio stations on the horizon Two new radio broadcast licences have been issued to two entities in Antigua and Barbuda. Smash Radio and the Caribbean Super Station will be two new radio stations that Antiguans and Barbudans can listen to on the FM dial. Smash Radio is owned by Smash Broadcasting Ltd, a company started by a group of young Antiguans Jermaine Rhudd and Nigel Scotland. Caribbean Super Station, formerly Gem Radio, is owned by the Caribbean Communications Company Ltd. The licences were presented in a brief press conference hosted by Minister of Telecommunications, Dr Edmond Mansoor, at the GATE facility on Friday 11th April 2014. Both Rhudd of Smash Broadcasting Ltd and Wayne Leblanc of Caribbean Communications Company Ltd received the licences on behalf of their respective companies. 14th April 2014 * * * My Commonwealth Day by Mr Antonio Joseph, Flagbearer most certainly described the day. The day started at 9am where I was able to meet nationals from Singapore, Tonga, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, Malaysia and some countries where many of us would have great difficulty locating on a map. Throughout the day while we practised and shared jokes I developed it became apparent that it would be easier to simply call each other by the country we were representing instead of learning 52 new names. Lunchtime was a learning opportunity to find out about different cultures as our national dishes would be on offer, be it rice and peas, fungee and saltfish, pancakes and syrup or Singapore style noodles. Much to our detriment none of these were on offer. The Caribbean representatives had a good laugh when we were given green bananas The day was a typical cold and windy British day but that did not stop us from getting changed into our national dress majority of which, was designed for warmer climates. While the British and Canadian flagbearers were adorned in national dress fit for the cold weather, we the Caribbean representatives certainly felt the cold especially the New Zealand flagbearer who was dressed in a traditional Maori dress which consisted of a grass skirt and some make up. Many of us were filled with nerves and excitement but our troubles were put to ease as many of us decidthe start of the service. As we entered the Abbey and presented our flags to the arriving dignitaries we realised how lucky we were to represent our countries at such a prestigious event. The service included speeches from Lord Sebastian Coe, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, poetry from South African poet Phillippa Yaa De Villiers and a spectacular performance from Laura Mvula to top it all off the keynote address was given by Malala Yousafzai which was very inspirational. After the service we assembled outside to present our flags to Her Majesty The Queen and Royal Family, the awaiting press and sea of tourists. This was my opportunity to be photographed with my High Commissioner His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts, CMG and Mrs Roberts. I could see my fellow flagbearers doing the same. lining up to take their photographs with their High Commissioners Taking part in this service made me realise although we may all talk differently, have different customs, come from different backgrounds but on that day we all worked together as team commonwealth. The Thanksgiving Service was attended by His Excellency The High Commissioner, Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, and Mrs Pauline Roberts. * * * His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda attends Commonwealth Day


10 Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena; daily observer; Dr The Honourable Mr Baldwin Spencer recently visited the UK accompanied by Antigua and BarbuMr Khouly. The Prime Minister addressed nationals on a variety of issues on the development and continued economic growth of Antigua and Barbuda at an open forum on the ground floor conference room of the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission. Topics covered were education (new academy in Five Islands, new library, school meals programme in primary schools), healthcare (Mount St John hospital, a new cancer centre, improving facilities at health clinics to longer opening hours, dental care clinics, agriculture (back garden scheme, seafood fest, mango fest, allocating more lands to grow more Antigua Black pineapple), Citizenship by Investment (CIP), crime and security and Elections 2014. The meeting was attended by approxi m a t e l y e i g h t y n a t i o n a l s a n d f r i e n d s o f Antigua and Barbuda. His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts, CMG, Mrs Roberts and staff of the High Commission and Tourism Authority were also present. 25th March 2014 * * * Seen above Dr The Honourable Mr Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister, His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner, Mrs Pauline Roberts and some members of staff, (left to right) Mr Anuje Wanniarachchi, Miss Cheryl Tenyue and Mr Antonio Jose ph Seen above Dr The Honourable Prime Minister, His Excellency The High Commissioner and the Executive Committee Members of the Antigua and Barbuda National Association (ABNA) London Prime Minister addresses nationals


11 day passage through Antigua and Barbuda has been hailed a booming success. National Olympic Committee (NOC) the event brought together all the divides as it transcended both the political and sporting boundaries both in Antigua and in the sister isle of Barbuda. on quads; it was carried in race cars; it was carried in Barbuda on donkeys seeks to do things in their own way. the young people who are involved in motor sports take part was very interesting. quads take part was very interesting and our athletes, past and present, Greene said that the focus on preparation would continue while he thanked those who participated over the weekend. letes both at home and overseas, because as you know some of athletes are based overseas and at home, so the preparations continue and we are looking forward to the games and the said. and Barbuda, the sponsors, the volunteers, the military, the police and everybody who came together to make 2014 a resounding success for our The baton arrived from Dominica after spending two days in that country. It moved through the streets of Antigua for two days and a day in Barbuda before making its way to Montserrat. At the Opening Ceremony of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in Celtic Park on July 23, the Queen will read out the message she placed inside the baton after its marathon 190,000km trip around the world and officially declare the Games open. March 2014 * * * Chet Greene, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association (right) passes the Queens Baton to Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda as HE Dame Louise Lake Tack, Governor General and Melvyn Richards, Minister of Sport look on in Antigua, on Friday 21 March 2014.


12 LOCAL TWINNING ASSOCIATION CELEBRATES 15 YEARS The Waltham Forest, Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica Twinning Association has marked 15 years since their Twinning Charter was signed within the grand setting of Waltham ber. The occasion was made particularly special because the Founder Mr Franklyn Georges, the original Chair Mrs Undeen George and the former Waltham Forest Town Twinning liaison officer Mr Ken Kilbey, who were present at the time of the signing, were able to join with The Mayor Cllr Nadeem Ali in the anniversary celebrations. Also present on both occasions were the representatives of the High Commissions of Antigua and Barbuda Mrs Althea Vanderpoole Banahene and of Dominica Mrs Janet Charles. It was only fitting that the event, on Saturday 26 th April 2014, should also take place in the Council Chamber. Guests were welcomed by the tropical sounds of Harry Hughes and his junior steel band to start the fused with the cultural flavours of the linked areas. It included entertainment from poet and storyteller Baden Prince Jnr, saxophonist Colin Evans, poet, singer and storyteller Jane Grell and the DONA Quadrille Kemet Tenkamenin was able to take time out from her university studies to explain how her grandfather and her participation in the youth exchange project influenced her to find out more about her culture and heritage. Young film maker Richard Etienne showed an extract from his forthcoming documentary entitled The iD Project. Referring to his civic experience as Caribbean Mayor in 1990, Mr Georges reiterated his wish for the African Caribbean community to have greater civic engagement and involvement in community affairs. He is looking forward to the continued positive working relations of the twinned areas, with the council being central to that focus. The Mayor expressed his pleasure about the event and, as its patron, wished the Twinning Association continued success with its activities. He stressed the benefits to Waltham Forest and thanked Mr Georges for his vision for setting up the twinned arrangements. The Chair of the Twinning Association Mr Everton George gave the vote of thanks and, with the compliments of the respective High Commissions, presented The Mayor with two beautiful publications about Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica. The Twinning Association was set up to promote friendship, information exchange and mutual understanding of cultural, recreational and commercial activities of the linked areas. It encourages exchange visits by individuals and groups, particularly by children and young people and the development of personal contacts. It is keen to work with local schools to form links and partnerships with schools in Antigua and Barbuda and started in July and there are several elements to the project which is aimed at developing greater intergenerational and cultural links within the linked communities. The annual general meeting is scheduled for 29 th May and a sponsored walk on 12 th July. For further details and to reserve a place contact : Public Relations Officer on 7732 332 814 or * * * Pictured with the Twinning Charters :(l r) Franklyn Georges, Ken Kilbey, Undeen George, Althea Vanderpoole Banahene, The Mayor Cllr Nadeem Ali, Mervin Caesar John, Janet Charles. (Photo: Richard Etienne).


13 Homeland Woos UK Based Athlete Antigua and Barbuda may have the services of England born long jumper Amy Harris during the 2014 Commonwealth Games slated for Glasgow, Scotland, starting July 23. Willock, who died in 2010, lived in Bolans. sociation, has indicated that he is preparing for the games and regrettably, time, he would have medalled. this time around, the great one himself (Usain Bolt) who is also planning Harris won the long jump gold medal at the 2004 Commonwealth Youth Games in Bendigo, Victoria, with a jump of 6.19 metres (20.3ft) and silver at the 2005 European Athletics Junior Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania, with a personal best jump of 6.35m (20.8ft). Greene said the NOC is always on a hunt for overseas based athletes willing to represent Antigua and Barbuda. we did put a notice on our Facebook page and on our website inviting athletes of Antiguan parentage anywhere in the world they might find themselves and who might be interested in a matter of a fact, just last week, there were two athletes carrying the name Davis hailing from All Saints and one took part in a New York event and placed ninth overall. cause he is the person who is technical in the NOC. So we can see whether the child is ready for national The 2014 Commonwealth Games will put elite athletes against each other over 11 days of competition from July 23 to August 3. * * Bailey, is exuding confidence as he prepares to represent Antigua and Barbuda in the 2014 Commonwealth Games slated for Glasgow, Scotland in July. The athlete, who was plagued by a hamstring injury following the Adidas Classic last year, posted his best 200 meter time for the year when he competed in the UWI Classic. cally, everything is good. I did my first 200 about two weeks ago and I ran a season best of 20.70 behind of Yohan Blake, who ran 20.04 and that was a just building from that and this Saturday 19th April, I will be running a 200 again so, hopefully, I am going to better that time at the UTECH Classic The aim, according to the Jamaica based sprinter, is to first get to the finals of both the 100 and 200 meter races before going for a medal. (it) and I am going to go forth and do so. I am preparing for the Commoncompetition for this year to get ready few races in Europe and basically my aim for Commonwealth is the medal but first I have to make the finals and Asked why he decided to attend this 2012, Bailey said that a change in the dates for the bi annual competition was a major factor. they had was in October so it was a whole different ball game but this is the time now when everybody is competing, which is July and this is where everybody is peaking and running good because it is in the middle of the season but the last Commonwealth Game was at the end of the season, when everybody was finished, 14th April 2014 * * *


14 PM Spencer Pays Tribute to the Life and Work of ANR Robinson Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda and Chairman of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer has paid tribute to the life and work of former Prime Minister and President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, ANR Robinson who passed away on Wednesday following a period of illness. The full text of Prime Minister SpenTrinidad and Tobago, ANR Robinson was a leader who made a major contribution to his country during some of its most difficult times. An exemplary Caribbean statesman who made his mark on the international stage, especially with his proposal for the now highly respected International Criminal Court, Mr. Robinson was a brave and visionary leader who showed many of the best qualities our region has to offer the world. He served with distinction at every level of politics in his country and in the West Indies Federation, and his legacy will remain strong amongst those of us who fight for justice and democracy in the Caribbean and worldwide. My thoughts and prayers, and those of the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the OECS, are with his family and the people of Trinidad and Tobago on 9th April 2014 * * * Cabinet Honours Canon Hodge with Official Funeral Cabinet at its weekly session on Tuesday 22 nd April decided that the Hodge will be accorded an Official Funeral. Canon Bernard Hodge passed away on April 19 at the age of 75 following a brief period of illness. In a letter of condolence to the Rt. Rev. L. Errol Brooks, Bishop of the North East Caribbean and Aruba, Prime Minister and Chairman of Cabinet the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer outlined that the diocese and the Anglican Communion have lost a champion of the church and a servant of the people. Antiguans and Barbudans as well as on the lives of the people whom he led in the Anglican Communion. The outpouring of love for him, by Anglicans and non Anglicans at this time is an indication of how his life and work have impacted the people whose lives he touched. His work in the church, education, Christian broadcasting and the legislature has gained him a legacy proven to be an exemplary shepherd of the people, but from all accounts he was an excellent husband and father. Throughout his tenure as Chaplain of the Legislature, Canon Hodge epitomized true humility and selflessness and was always willing to carry out his mission. The Legislature The Cabinet also expressed its sympathies to the wife of Canon Hodge, Mrs. Beatrice Hodge and their children Collette Hodge Marsh and Colin Hodge. The Cabinet appointed Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs, the Hon. Dr. Jacqui Quinn Leandro as Chair of the Official Funeral Planning Committee. The Committee, along with the Hodge family met to commence planning of the Official Funeral. (Ends) * * * Useful Telephone Numbers in Antigua and Barbuda Registrar of Births, Marriages, Deaths 001 268 462 3725 Land Registry 001 268 462 3745 0r 562 3943 or 562 3894


15 Excerpted from;; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena CHAPA BAUPANEL Model Homes opened The UPP Administration is pleased to announce the official unveiling of the first homes produced by its joint venture with Baupanel SL. This project is bringing new homes and new stable jobs to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Baupanel manufactures innovative, comfortable and affordable prefabricated homes. As part of a collaboration between the company and the UPP Government, Baupanel is building a new factory in Crabbs that will serve as its production headquarters for the Caribbean and South American regions. The new factory will provide 5,000 homes for domestic sale, which will be sited in Bolans, Five Islands, Lightfoot and Lyons as part new communities that will include stores, public spaces and public transport. Homes will be available in a number of sizes and designs, ranging from apartments to detached houses, and they are designed to be hurricane and earthquake resistant. This initiative is part of the UPP Govland and quality homes for residents of Antigua and Barbuda at affordable prices. Other indications of this real commitment to increasing land and home ownership include our land distribution programme, which has already distributed over 200 parcels of land over the last year and has identified over 450 more that are awaiting distribution to the public. Commenting, UPP Spokesperson, Malaka Parker, said: "We are immensely proud that this vision is becoming a reality." "We have ensured that finance options will be available for prospective homeowners." "The construction of the Baupanel factory also forms one component of and economic diversification. The benefit to the local economy of the new factory is estimated at $200 million, and when complete the factory will employ well over 1000 Antiguans and Barbudans." 14th April 2014 * * * Mount St. Johns announces new Ophthalmology Service Norma Holder (President of Rotary Antigua Club Sundown), Dr. Ian Walwyn (MSJMC Ophthalmologist and Rotarian), Dr. Alvin Edwards (MSJMC Medical Director/Ophthalmologist) and Dr Matthew Traynor (Ophthalmologist/Representative from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). (MSJMC) is now offering a new YAG thalmology Clinic. This new piece of equipment, worth over eighty thousand dollars was donated through a partnership of the Rotary Antigua Club Sundown and The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. Laser treatment. Until now, these patients were referred to facilities outside of Antigua for treatment. This procedure is an outpatient, ambulatory procedure which can be delivered on the same day as the Dr. Alvin Edwards, Medical Director and Ophthalmologist at MSJMC. services for more local people. The new service line will mean significant savings and reduced waiting times for The Ophthalmic Division provides secondary and tertiary care to residents of Antigua & Barbuda and beyond. The Division provides an extensive range of services and facilities for both adults and children. These include the emergency eye care, acute referrals, ophthalmic imaging, laser (new) and optometry. 11th April 2014 * * *


16 Maritime school to be set up A Maritime School of Excellence is to be set up in Antigua and Barbuda within the next few months. Following the recently concluded Regional Security System (RSS) Ministers of Council Meeting in Barbados, Minister of National Security Dr Errol Cort said the government is receiving support from regional counterparts. aegis of the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force will also have another critical partner in addition to RSS. That partner will be the American University of Antigua and its affiliates Aicasa (American International Colrevealed. The intention, Dr Cort said, is to advance the maritime capabilities of the nation. The school is to be a credited institute issuing diplomas, degree and certificates, upon completion of the courses of study. Dr Cort said Antigua will be known regionally for its cadre of Defence Force personnel with specialisation in maritime matters. visiting members of other forces security minister added. supported by the US Southern Command and I believe that support was indicated coming out of the recent CANSEC (Caribbean Nations Security Conference) meeting in the Dominican Republic. The facility is to be set up at Camp Blizzard. Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda will Exercise in June. Antigua was chosen following the completion of recent re negotiations and signing of the forces agreement between the country and the United States of America. posed to another level of sophisticated training. We will benefit substantially from having the Trade Wind Exercise, once again in Antigua. I am pleased that Antigua & Barbuda is viewed with such high regard by the Dr Cort said. It is the fifth time the country is hosting the exercise that will see over 800 military, coast guard and police personnel from over 20 different countries take part in cooperative training programmes over the next three weeks. The exercise is aimed at increased cooperation among Caricom, RSS and other partner nations, while improving areas such as operational centre management, basic infantry skills, law enforcement tactics, techniques and procedures, search and rescue and maritime operations and procedures. 17th March 2014 * * * Antiguans in the south of the island can now benefit from a newly opened Vision Centre at the JohnThe centre is part of a programme called Vision 2020, whose aim is to provide quality, personalised and optimal eye care to low income people in the rural and urban communities across Antigua and Barbuda. The initiative is a joint effort between the Ministry of Health and the Caribbean Council for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CCB Eye Care Caribbean). To date, three such cenFarm, Clare Hall and now the JohnSpeaking at the dedication ceremony yesterday, Statistician in the Ministry of Health Ena Henry, outlined the rationale for the programme. recently introduced the quality care programme to support chronic disis that we want to have the services supporting chronic disease monitoring. One of those services is eye care screening because of the risks associated with persons suffering According to Henry, the Vision 2020 programme will provide eye care for students at the primary level, to ensure that vision defects do not affect performance in schools. She said this was one of the primary aims of these centres. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Edson Joseph endorsed stories of people who benefitted from the programme, noting that the mission of the ministry is to provide quality eye care to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. about, providing services to those persons who cannot afford to pay their way; because our responsibility is to make the service available, acAlso speaking at the event was CEO of the Caribbean Council for the Blind and Visually Impaired Arvel Grant and Parliamentary Representative for the area Hilson Baptiste. In his remarks, Grant commented on the need for having these centres in each community. tion of Antigua and Barbuda will see the redeeming value of having vision centres within easy reach of everyone, including the very elderly so that every person in this country can go over to their community vision centre, have a basic eye examination 14th March 2014 * * *


17 A National Library at last After four decades since the public library was damaged by an earthquake, construction of the new national public library of Antigua and Barbuda has been completed. The work which was started in the 1990's has been completed under the United Progressive Party administration signalling another campaign promise ernment. The 20,000 square foot multi level complex building located on Hails Prominard Road is a replacement for the nation's first library which was damaged by an earthquake in 1974. The country has Market Street since. Minister of Education Dr. Hon. Jacqui Quinn Leandro is the fifth Education Minister to preside over the library construction project. On Wednesday, moments before the ribbons were cut to open the doors of the building, the minister noted she was cognizant of the challenges her predecessors in the ministry faced, but that she was determined that the project would be completed under her watch. cation in this United Progressive Party administration is tinged with a bit of sadness and embarrassment, that for forty years Antiguans and Barbudans have been deprived the right of the use of a proper national public Leandro said. The Education Minister noted as such, in literacy over the last four decades we should look back at how culpable we are as a nation in not providing the appreciation for books, for intellectual stimulation, which is a symbol years or younger would not have known or had the benefit of a properly, well run, well resourced national public library. And I say without equivocation this is a burning shame, a disgrace and a national travesty. However today is a historic Leandro said. The library will become fully operationalized after finishing touches like custom made shelving and special furniture has been installed at the facility. Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Baldwin Spencer said in the new societies which are emerging worldwide leaders are convinced that a favourable environment for education and growth is the key to producing the most effective and relevant world leaders of tomorrow. Progressive Party was feverishly anxious to open a new public library. Our burning desire was rooted in our belief that as a government we have a nation to build and a country Since taking up office in 2004 the mission of the UPP administration has been one to build an educated society through its education and information technology policies and programmes. folio of education has exceeded $600 million dollars the rationale being that throughout the world it is indisputably recognized that the path to sustainable development is through the acquisition and application of knowledge. to develop a pluralistic participatory and inclusive knowledge based society. Libraries are key institution in the context of achieving this goal. At the core of libraries are their missions to provide information, literacy education and culture. This structure which we dedicate and which forms part of our mandate to the people to provide the greatest good to the greatest number of people will be the watering hole for individuals which hunger for free and equitable access to information be it in written, electronic and in audio visual form. An avenue for knowledge colPrime Minister said. The national public library will offer library and reading room, adult reading rooms, a modern conference room, a research and reference library, newspaper and periodicals section, staff and lobby areas, a cafeteria and a gift shop. have this library open was revived and accelerated by the United Progressive Party administration since we came into office in 2004. However we are conscious that there were many before us, while gaining little support from the government of the day, thirty years before our coming into office, who stood firm and tall in Minister Spencer said. 10th April 2014 * * *


18 Antigua Sailing Week (excerpted from Over the last two decades, Antigua Sailing Week has become one of the biggest events in the international sailing calendar, and it is one of the most fantastic times to visit Antigua and take advantage of an island wide party. From small beginnings, the regatta has developed into a world class event and now includes an Ocean Series for boats that prefer ocean racing. Antigua Sailing Week began in 1967 with only 10 boats, and at times has had over 200 entries. You don't have to be a sailor however, to enjoy the festivities of Antigua Sailing Week. The races are followed by many non competing yachts that tag along to see the action, and there are fantastic look out points around the island from which to spectate. Most of the racing is off the south coast of Antigua with some of the fleet going up the west coast to Jolly Harbour on Thursday. The Event Village is located in Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour and is the central point at which all the crews gather after the day's racing is finished to exchange stories and enjoy happy hour from 3 to 6 pm. There is a combination of background and live music every day and evening in the Event Village and some nights there are parties in various other locations. Mid Sailing Week, there is no racing but don't miss the famous Antigua Sailing Week Lay Day events held at Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth Harbour! Antigua Sailing Week is a non profit organisation that is sponsored and operated by the Antigua Hotels and Tourist Association. Planning for the event is a year long task for the team involved and starts again every year as soon as Sailing Week finishes at the beginning of May. * * * Shaggy Woos Audience at Shirley Heights during Antigua sailing week Thousands of fans flocked to Shirley Heights on Tuesday 29th April 2014 for the big concert of Antigua Sailing Week, presented by English Harbour 5 Year Old Rum. Antigua soca star, Tian Winter got the party started with a strong Caribbean vibe before international star, Shaggy wooed the dancing crowd with an energetic show of monster hits including, Mr. Boombastic and It wasThe atmosphere was charged and happy as Shaggy whipped the audience into a frenzy with plenty of interaction with the assemblage. smiled Shaggy before going on stage. three times already but we have a played before and the capacity crowd is ready for them. There are a lot of sailors too and that adds a really good vibe. Everybody likes the water and I was out there today on out and relaxing. One thing that I like about Antigua is the beaches and the crystal clear ocean. It reminds me of Jamaica a lot, but Antigua has developed into a massive city. Here you get the sense that you are on an island where everybody knows each other and people are warm and 2nd May 2014 * * *


19 Tourism officials welcome UK travel tax changes Air tax changes: Air Passenger Duty paid by a family of four in economy class. Tourism officials in Antigua and Barbuda are lauding reform to the Unitsenger Duty (APD), which was announced on Wednesday 19th March. Tourism John Maginley. UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, during his budget presentation, announced that from April 1, 2015, the APD will be simplified into a two band system. The system currently uses four bands and the Caribbean is in Band C, putting it at a disadvantage compared to all US territories, including Hawaii, which is in Band B. Effective April 1, Band A will cover short haul flights of less than 2,000 miles from London and Band B all long haul flights of more than 2,000 miles. Maginley, during his time as Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) in 2009 and 2010, led a delegation to the UK to lobby for changes in the tax. CTO Secretary General Hugh Riley thanked Maginley for his role in the lobby against APD. move it altogether but the compromise was to get Band C out, so its ley. i n a t i n g a g a i n s t C a r i b b e a n t e r r i t o r i e s ed. Under the new system travel to all long haul destinations will be charged at the same rate putting all of them on an equal footing. haul flights will carry the same lower Band B tax rate that you now pay to fly to the At present it is cheaper to fly to the US than the Caribbean, despite similar distances, a situation Osborne Starting next year, the tax on long haul flights for those that were in Band C will be reduced by £14 per person, while those in Band D will be cut by £26. The move will save a family of four flying economy £56 when visiting the Caribbean. Those flying in premium economy, business class or first class will save twice as much. Private jets will now also pay the tax, said the chancellor. 20th March 2014 * * * Antigua and Barbuda top Tourism list Antigua and Barbuda has been voted one of only two Eastern Caribbean Award 2014. The announcement, which comes from the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA), forms part of tions in the Caribbean online rating. Making the list also are the Cayman Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. The accolade is considered as quite a feat for the small, twin island state. Responding to the news, Minister of our size, Antigua and Barbuda continues to punch above our weight in delivering service excellence to our visitors. Congratulations are in order for the thousands of workers in our industry and all the tourism stakeholders who work tirelessly each day to deliver an exceptional experience Meanwhile, CEO of ABTA Colin C a destination, should feel proud of its formidable achievements over the past year and now being acknowledged with another Trip Advisor Award. The designation is based on a selection process by actual visitors to the islands. a direct result of the first class experience that we offer our visitors, is something that all Antiguans and BarIn 2013, Antigua and Barbuda also Choice Destination Award as well as being the host to the finale episodes popular music television programme The X Factor, which showcased the destination to millions of viewers worldwide, a release read. * * *


20 Decompression Unit (Bends Chamber) for Antigua and Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean Support a Fundraising Event A Decompression Chamber (Bends Chamber) is a sealable diving chamber with hatches large enough for people to enter and exit. It releases a supply of compressed breathing gas to raise the internal air pressure. The hyperbaric chamber provides a supply of oxygen for the users and can be used for a number of clinical conditions and side effects relating to scuba and deep sea diving accidents, which is a major concern for Antigua and Barbuda and the Region as a popular tourist destination. There have been other efforts to raise funds by Ms Geraldine Philip, a national of Antigua who first brought the project to the attention of The High Commissioner. Another such group is Antiguan born Councillor Sydney Knight formerly Mayor of Luton and his Team. Councillor Knight and his Team have donated of £10,000 towards to the cost of the Decompression Unit. * * *