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January/February 2014 Issue 157 The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission Official Newsletter Inside This Issue Three New Knights 1 CCTV Project Launched 4 Throne Speech 5 Monument Unveiled 7 Mrs Maiphy Richards, Sir Adolphus Freeland and Mr Oscar Bird pass 8 11 Antigua and Barbuda Football Association is recruiting 11 Government expands Land Distribution programme 16 Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority partners with Moss Bros 19 Endeavouring all Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone:020 7258 0070 Facsimile:020 7258 7486 Email: enquiries@antigua A newsletter produced by the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission London for nationals and friends of Antigua and Barbuda Three legendary Antiguan West Indies cricketers knighted on Friday 28 th February have all described the honour as prestigious and one they humbly and gracefully accept. Former fast bowlers Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose and former Windies captain and batsman Richie Richardson were knighted during the first One Day International (ODI) between West Indies and England at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. Roberts, the first Antiguan and Barbudan to represent the West Indies, made his debut against England in March of 1974. Roberts said he is taking the honour in today as I felt yesterday and the day before that; no special emotions, nothing. As I say and you heard me say from time to time, is that I live my life simply and I take things in stride. So I wouldbig thing. This is Sir, but I would like everyone to keep on calling Ambrose, one of the most feared bowlers of his time, played 98 Test matches for the West Indies. He took 405 Test wickets at an average of 20.99. The former pacer said he is happy to have joined an elite honoured in this way and I feel privileged, I feel honoured to be a part of that elite group and it tells me that my work over so many years has been appreciated, and I am just going to enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is another day, I am back to being for services to our country at the highest level for so many lone batsmen in the mix, said the honour signifies how much he is loved by his fellow Antithing in return, but I am deeply honoured and I am very excited by the situation. Being honoured by your country and being knighted by your country is a wonderful thing. I know all my family, all my fans are very happy and I am also very happy. So I would just like to say a big thank you to all Antiguans and Barbudans for honouring me. I will continue to serve and I will continue to do my country * Roberts (left) stand tall alongside Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack and Deputy Governor General Sir Eustace Francis at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds, following the ceremony. (Photo by Thaddeus Price) Three New Knights


2 The Honours System The announcement that three of our great cricketing icons were to be honoured and acknowledged as Knight Commanders of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation (KCN), evoked both elated support, and several questions of concerns. Listening to the discussion on the popular radio station, Observer Radio, shortly after the ceremony I took note of several of the questions posited as citi z e n s e x p r e s s e d h o w t h e y f e l t o n t h e i s s u e The comments contained concerns about relevance of the honours, its dilution, the value and finally the process of selecting the candidates for awards. The programme moderator linked in senior officials in another Caribbean Island to do some sort of comparative assessment of the honours systems. The Antigua and Barbuda Honours System, like those of many of our sister islands, is patterned off similar systems in developed Commonwealth Countries in particular the UK system. As a result, most of my comparative assessments will be drawn from this system. Any Honours System represents a means of rewarding individuals for one or more aspect of human achievements or services rendered. The quality, length or merit of either or both of these aspects, form fitting criteria to assess and decide how that individual will be recognised. Additional character qualities, though sometimes not stated have a bearing on the easy acceptance of the recognition bestowed on the person. Though the UK Honours System goes back several hundred years it is still felt to be relevant even today. Why? The System is designed to recognise persons who have: Made achievements in public life which uplift the society Committed themselves to serving and helping the country Enhanced the value and quality of life for fellow citizens Demonstrated a performance level in some activity in society which is exemplary. Displayed moral courage (especially under great difficulties) Enhanced the image, reputation of the Nation His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


3 Can it be ever said that a system of honours based on the above can become dated or irrelevant. Let us not view historical origin or the date of the template or precedence as some sine qua non in arriving at the conclusion on relevance. It is a useful factor but not the deciding criteria If this were the case the Magna Carta, the Bible and the Bill of Rights would be on the discard heap. Interests in these are principled and remain timelessly relevant. So too must one consider the principle that Honour should be bestowed on someone when it is due. What remains as discretion to those tasked with suggesting/recommending the method of honouring the Another area of concern addressed on the radio programme was the risk of diluting the value of the draw focus on the ratio of awardees to population i.e. the number of awardees in a category to total popu l a t i o n a t l a r g e W o u l d i t e v e r b e r i g h t t o d e n y r e c o g n i t i o n o f a t e a c h e r a t h l e t e s p o r t s m a n s i m p l y b ecause by doing so we will surpass some misguided ratio, the original motive for which there is grave doubt or little relevance. If for example all five persons have risked their lives in the same exemplary manner, whether at the same time or on different occasions, on what basis can we include or exclude anyone individual from the deserving recognition with an appropriate honour? The value of an honour is not necessarily diminished by the number of fitting and qualified persons so honoured, provided we have not neglected any of the regulating criteria. It is the duty of the Selection Committee when properly constituted and acting independently, in the application of their responsibility, to ensure that there is no cause for doubt or lack of transparency. There must also be fairness in the process. How then does one get to be recognised? The process which leads to a citizen being honoured starts with someone else producing the citation for the selection Committee to review. In some cases there is a form to be completed but clearly, it is imperative that critical details be provided. Nominations must be sent in well in advance allowing time for a proper review of the details in the citation. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT THAT THE INDIVIDUAL SHOULD NOT BE TOLD IN CASE THE NOMINATION DOES NOT SUCCEED. This avoids the build up of expectation which may not be met. The information in the citation must be well supported and readily verified. This helps to keep the process transparent and fair. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


4 National CCTV Crime Fighting Project with Government and Digicel Launched The Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Digicel, announced a ground breaking collaboration with the implementation of a National CCTV Project, with Digicel providing a turnkey wireless security soluThe Government has recognized that these solutions are quickly becoming an invaluable tool for local law enforcement and emergency management throughout the Caribbean. This system will translate to a safer environment for the citizens, residents and visitors of Antigua and Barbuda. The National CCTV Project will integrate 110 diverse cameras and sensors in several locations into a single unified software platform that allows situational awareness in almost any situation. In many locations, cameras will be mounted on city light poles on the public way, and are capable of zooming in on facial details from hundreds of yards away even with limited lighting. The overt presence of cameras is part of the surveillance strategy and the highly visible cameras will be equipped with blue strobe lights, reflective wrappings, customized logos and bullet proof enclosures. The open system is completely IP based meaning that cameras can be securely monitored, recorded and administered from any workstation or portable device within the local or wide area network. Discussions began with National Security Minister Dr. Errol Cort and Digicel Business Solutions Manager, Clement Samuel. prides itself in working with clients to deliver innovative solutions that are an excellent fit for the mission critical needs of an organization. Digicel Business sees the National CCTV Project as an opportunity to assist the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in the fight against crime by leveraging on its Mr Samuel continued, Business aligns itself with industry leaders to provide the key products and services that are in demand from its customers. To this end, we are working alongside Security Centres International and the Avrio RMS Group to provide an efficient and Centres International (SCI) assists local agencies in implementing CCTV systems that provide high quality evidence used to prosecute offenders, aid in the reduction, prevention and detection of crime, and promote community safety. Avrio RMS Group is an industry leader in IP surveillance solutions for the public safety market. The Honourable Dr Errol Cort, Minister of National Security and Laimplementation will be completed by the end of March, with phase two being completed by the end of July. This project was a significant investment at US$2.1M. One can say however, that no investment can ever be too large where the security We recognized the need to embark on a CCTV Project and Digicel Business came to the table with the pertem will be crucial. The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda will play the lead role in ensuring the monitoring of all cameras at its Prime Minister the Honourable Dr. Winston Baldwin Spencer expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to those who worked tirelessly to bring the project to this point He underscored that the government is delighted in Digicel deciding to partner with government in the venture. ment of Antigua and Barbuda and the security of our people. The government is demonstrating how determined and committed we are in doing everything that is possible in ensuring that we have a safe and secure environment in Antigua and not a solution but will go a long way in providing the response that is needed to detect and survey the environment as far as it relates to cer. Victor Corcoran, CEO of ness responded to the Governthat offers state of the art equipment, while at the same time is expandable, affordable, easily deployed and scalable. It is important for the citizens to know that deploying wireless instead of fibre can have significant network infrastructure savings. Seen above: National Security Minister Dr. the Hon. L. Errol Cort and Commissioner of Police Mr Vere Browne with one of the cameras


5 "Building a New Society of Growth and Opportunity" Speech from the throne 2014 Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack announced the 2014 plans and programmes of the ruling United Progressive Party Administration, during the Throne speech on Tuesday 21st January 2014. over the past year and highlighted the plans and programmes planned for the upcoming year. The full text of the Throne Speech website : * * 21st January 2014 National CCTV Crime Fighting Project with Government and Digicel Launched This translates to projects moving forward faster. The work done through Digicel Business with SCI and Avrio RMS ensures that all these the project will see the roll out of 28 CCTV cameras in strategic locations by the end of April, while the second phase will include the installation of our 100 cameras across the state by the end of July. The project is estimated at costing 2.5 millions dollars which will be repaid to Digicel by Government over a five year period. 19th February 2014 * * * Syrian Businessman and Family become First to attain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship under CIP Mr. George Georges and his family of four on 10th February 2014 became the first family to receive Antigua and Barbuda citizenship under the recently established Citizenship by Investment Programme. Prime Minister the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer during a brief ceremony presented Mr. Georges with his Certificate of Citizenship by Registration and his Antigua and Barbuda passport. Earlier during the day, Mr. Georges was administered the Oath of Allegiance by Minister of National Security and Labour the Honourable Dr. L. Errol Cort. Prime Minister Spencer, in welcoming Mr. Georges to the Antigua and Barbuda family thanked him for the confidence he has exhibited in the process and Antigua and Barbuda and noted that he is looking forward to Mr. Georges opening up avenues for investment for Antigua and Barbuda. already indicated interest in a number of developmental projects and has introduced a number of investors to the government in the field of tourism. through his contribution to the National Development Fund, said that he is delighted to have been accepted for Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship and it is his intention to work in the interest of his newly adopted country. Under the Citizenship by Investment Act, individuals and their families can become citizens of Antigua and Barbuda through investment, donations to a charity and contributions to the National Development Fund. * * * 11th February 2014 Mr. Georges seen above with Prime Minister Spencer, National Security Minister Dr. Errol Cort, Permanent Secretaries Sandra Joseph and Jocelyn Greene, Mr. Myatt of the CIP Division and Mr. Marwan Alkemzi, a business partner of Mr. Georges.


6 National Flag Encouraging talent for six The sound of leather on willow has always captured my heart, and the hearts of many Antiguans and Barbudans. The way the game prepares boys to be men, and girls to be women; the way it teaches us how to work together as a team; and the way it teaches us to treat opponents with respect. The game binds us together into a community that includes all the people of our twin island nation, as well as bringing us closer with peoples from across the globe. From the West Indies to India, from Australia to the United Kingdom, we all love this game. It is more than a sport it is something spiritual. The game has changed a lot since the days when I sat at the ARG as a young boy. The rise of ODIs, the exciting speed and runs of the 20 overs game, and the big money games of the IPL and Big Bash have all changed the sport, ushering in a new era of modern cricket. Yet there is one thing that has not and will never change our love for this great game. That is why I am so proud to be in a position to honour some of the best players our island has produced. Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose both taught the world how rapid fast bowling could really be, and Richie Richardson showed both leadership as Windies captain and great skill with the bat. Nobody can question his excellent record of wins or the 16 test centuries he achieved during his career. The tenacity he demonstrated in scoring 194 against India in 1989 to help the Windies to a draw, when other great batsmen were struggling, shows the resilience that great cricketers have always demonstrated, and the gratitude owed to these great men by the people of our country and the region transcends political divides. We can all agree that these men have earned this honour in fine style, and players like these show the West Indies and the world how much talent our country has to offer. Recently, however, times have been tough for Antiguan and Barbudan cricket. It has been quite sometime since the Windies team visited our shores, and our cricketers have not always had the same impact that these past greats have had. Investment in all levels of the game was necessary to return our nation to its rightful place amongst the best in the region, and I am immensely proud of the fact that my government has been involved in the process of investment and modernisation that has brought the West Indian cricket team back to Antigua for the first time in a number of years. The development of the youth game is the most important way to ensure ers are in the Windies team in the future, and we have made it a priority across the country to improve playing facilities and other opportunities for our young people. There is still more work to do, but this great cricketing nation will continue to step up to the crease for as long as I am Prime Minister. We will show the Caribbean and the world what our cricketers, and our people, are made of. We are also unveiling a statue of Sir Viv Richards, one of the greatest sons of Antigua and Barbuda and one of the greatest players the world has ever known. The fearless aggression he demonstrated with the bat made him one of the all time greats, and demonstrated a fortitude that should inspire us all. King Viv is a truly great Antiguan, and his accomplishments as a batsman and as Windies captain truly put our nation on the international map. It humbles me to be the Prime Minister who honours this man, though when it comes to King Viv I am just an ordinary citizen of Antigua and Barbuda who is proud to call him one of us. But where will the next Master Blaster come from? Which young boy or girl here today will grow up to strike fear into the hearts of bowlers around the world when he or she comes out of the pavilion, bat in hand? Who among us today will be the future superstar; the batsman or bowler who makes devastating the opposition look easy and reminds the world once again that our citizens are amongst the most talented and capable people anywhere in the world? We must not forget to invest in the future, and continue the good work we have been doing over the last few years. Let us today celebrate the heroes of the past, and invest in the heroes of tomorrow. That is how we will once again show the Caribbean and the world what Antiguans and Barbudans are made of. Speech by Hon. Dr. Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, * * * 27th February 2014


7 Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena, Antigua daily observer * * * ment Unveiled Sir Vivian Richards, the Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands and West Indies legend, was honoured on Wednesday 26 th February A statue of Sir Viv was unveiled following a ceremony which was attended by several members of his family as well as cricketing greats Sir Wes Hall, Sir Ian Botham, Clive Lloyd, Andy Roberts, Curtly Ambrose and Richie Richardson. The magnificent monument of the batsman raising his bat, stands outside the entrance to the main pavilion at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. * * * 27th February 2014 Aspiring Entrepreneurs Give Startup Business Workshop thumbs up Under the Human Entrepreneurship & Assistive Resource Technologies (HEART) programme fifteen aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country completed a three day ICT cadet training facility. The Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology offered the initiative in collaboration with Business Management Firm, Res Consulting. The workshop which is being held again from February 17th 19th provides participants with practical real world advice and insights on launching a business. At the end of the second session three finalists will be selected to go on to a national final. The winner or winning team will receive grant financing to help start up their business. However the prerequisite is participants must have a business concept and be ready to set up that business within six months if selected. Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr. Hon. Edmond Mansoor said the Start up ample of the Governments thrust towards Entrepreneurship education. they have to be blended with a very heavy dose of practicality. One of the key ingredients in the success of any business is what I consider to be self discipline. Many of the more successful people have started off with very simple concepts but have nurtured them and work very hard. an idea and overnight you are sucDr Mansoor said the Government will continue to invest in resources that will help individuals to focus on entrepreneurship and business in addition to career options. One of the participants, Monique George praised the workshop and said she now has a clear strategy for her business idea. Another participant Cleora Greenstick, but this time I got the shove Under the Human Entrepreneurship & Assistive Resource Technologies (HEART) programme, the Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology will be holding several life changing empowering workshops aimed at heightening interest in entrepreneurship and self employment activities in the economy. The workshops target young women, existing businesses and individuals who have business ideas that they want to take to the next level. * * 1st February 2014


8 Sir Adolphus Freeland laid to rest Thursday 30 th January The late former Parliamentarian, former Minister of Labour and Trade Unionist, Sir Adolphus Freeland was laid to rest on Thursday 30th January, 2014. The Service of Thanksgiving for his life was held at Spring Gardens Moravian Church at 1pm. Prior to the service his body laid in repose at the Antigua Trades and Labour Union headquarters at 46 North Street from 10:30am to 12:15pm. Tributes were presented by the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the ly, Gemonites Steel Orchestra among others. Sir Adolphus was interred at the Floretta Gardens Cemetery in Potters Village. He was accorded a 3 volley gun salute. School children from the six schools (Pigotts, Potters, New Winthorpes, Sunnyside, T.O.R Memorial and A.E Goodwin Faith & Hope) in St. George lined the Potters main road as Sir the village. * * * 27th January 2014 Adolphus Freeland Remembered as a Cricketer A Tribute by Arnold Mason, London January 2014 I am a great lover of the game of cricket, but never made it as a player, not even in the school team or the Spartro Old Boys Second Xl. As a fielder I think I was fairly nimble, had a strong left arm throw in from the boundary, and a safe pair of hands. As for my batting, I was a complete "rabbit." The reason for this was simple: I was mortally afraid of fast pitched bowling. As a kid I always remembered this man who was nicknamed "Compo Mouth." Apparently, during a cricket match he was struck by a "compo" ball which disfigured him and permanently affected his speech. This was the origin of my phobia. In 1972 I returned to "The Rock" after an absence of 14 years and was invited to take part in a cricket match at Lord's, Coolidge by some old friends Oscar Bird, Charlie Henry and Alan Matthews, among others. I had heard a lot about these Saturday afternoon jaunts, where culinary delights were supplied in abundance, and where generous "tipples" followed at the end of the game. Naturally, I accepted without hesitation. On the appointed day I was warmly welcomed with the usual "Glad to see you;" bone crushing handshakes; bear hugs and heavy back slaps. Some of the latter were hard enough to make me wince. Formali t i e s o v e r I w a s i n f o r m e d t h a t I had been selected to play and would bat at No. 1. BIG JOKE! Walking out onto the pitch, I saw a familiar figure. No! This could not be THE Adolphus Freeland? That man used to rail up like a thoroughbred horse when bowling, and had acquitted himself more than creditably at club level and on those occasions when he represented Antigua. As I walked past him on my way to the batting crease, preparing to face his salvos, he turned around and glared at me, growling: "Englishman, now lemme see what you can do with the bat!" This was totally uncalled for. At this point in time, the West Indies bestrode the cricketing world like Colossus, whitewashing and blackwashing all and sundry, regardless of whomsoever they faced. Adolphus knew that I was no cricketer and the unkindest cut of all he had chosen to confer on me the status of honorary Englishman. He had effectively declared war on me. For courage, I had to invoke the spirit of one of my newly adopted ancestors, a certain Mr William Shakespeare, whose words came to my aid: In peace there is nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war rings in our ears, Then imitate the action of a tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood


9 A Tribute to Sir Adolphus Freeland I took my guard on centre and leg, and made my mark with the tip of the bat. I walked away to the leg side and surveyed the field. Finally I was ready to face my executioner. In he came, with that smooth, even stride and the menacing leap at the end, just prior to delivery. The first ball was pitched up. I barely angled the bat and the ball flew away like a rocket between third slip and gully, leaving scorch marks on the hallowed turf as it went. The second ball was short and wide of off stump: no need to play, "leave alone." The third was an attempted bouncer, probably intended to give me a "Compo Mouth" all of my own, but the benign nature of the wicket turned it into a rank long hop. The ball came through at waist height and was hooked away to the boundary with consummate ease for four. The fourth and fifth were pitched up and met with a dead bat, in the manner of another of my newly adopted compatriots, Sir Geoffrey Boycott. The final ball of the over was dabbed down for a couple of easy runs. I went on to score a half century, but faction of watching as his captain relieved him of the ball, following his failure to get rid of a non combative opening batsman. Two decades or so later I met Bernard ("B.T.") and Adolphus at the Captain's Table at Island Inn and recounted that memorable innings at Lord's, Coolidge. Adolphus replied that he just was having me on: "I did not want to spoil your holiday," he laughed. However, as they headed towards the bar to "saddle up" I distinctly heard him say to B.T: "Your uncle was never known to be any sort of cricketer, but I just could not get the damn man out!" Over the years I enjoyed the privi l e g e o f a s s o c i a t i n g w i t h A d o l p h u s and his close circle of friends. I observed that they were an inclusive and all embracing bunch regardless of political hue or persuasion. I am therefore of the considered opinion that Adolphus Freeland was, in essence, a sportsman and that these were the qualities honesty, fair play and generosity towards others that defined him throughout his life. Heartfelt condolences from Arnold and Enid Mason. May his soul rest in peace. * * * Oscar Milburn Bird Oscar Milburn Bird the last surviving sibling of national hero Sir Vere Cornwall Bird passed away on Friday 20th December 2013 at the age of 99 after a short battle with pneumonia. He leaves behind his wife Edris Bird, twin daughters Jacqueline and Jillia, his son Clement and several grandchildren. his life lived without fanfare will be an inspiration to many. He carved me in Born in New Street, Ovals, in 1914 five years after his brother Oscar chose a different path to the one that saw his older brother become the first prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda. He had a lengthy career in the civil service, serving as permanent secretary in several key portfolios. Prior to independence, he was one of the first black people to hold positions in the colonial government, in such fields as education, health and social welfare. He retired from the public service in 1970 and went on to dedicate much of his life to the world church. He first served as secretary to the Anglican Council of North American and Caribbean Churches and then as a worker for the World Council of Churches. His work took him on travels throughout Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. His most recent work saw him head the Environmental and Conservation Commission for Antigua andBarbuda. Oscar had two other brothers who shared a different father Clement Antonio and Unalder Antonio. He married Edris Bird in 1956. * * *


10 Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena; daily observer; A Tribute by Arnold Mason The Loss of a very Dear Friend and Mentor Oscar Bird It is difficult to express in words my response to hearing the news of Oshand, there is a sense of sadness at losing a dear friend and mentor. On effacing devotion in caring for him during the last 7 or 8 years of protracted illness are at an end. greatest sons. He inspired and motivated a large number of young men who came into his sphere of influence, boys who had left school with the barest bones of a Seventh Standard Certificate. By following his example, we went on to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and make something of our lives: among his acolytes are such luminaries as Hubert Anthonyson; brothers Lestrode and Stuart Davis; Charlie Henry; Ephraim John; Lauchland Pelle; Sidney Peru; brothers Cecil and Keith Piggott; Carlton Roberts; Lounel Stevens; Fitzroy Terry; and others too numerous to mention. Oscar was instrumental in the forfrom the main Government schools in School and Moravian School. Initially, the group concentrated on sporting and outdoor pursuits: football and cricket, naturally as well as camping and mountaineering. Later, we progressed to more cultural and academic pursuits, such as : evening classes in English Language, the appreciation of English Literature, and writing and producing plays. We also incorporated self improvement and vocational activities such as book keeping. We also formed the famous Spartro choral group renowned for its sartorial splendor. Buoyed up by the group, its pianist, Arnold Simon Athill, one year went on to beat the odds on favourite, Yvonne Maginley, in the annual national club competition. Later on, Spartro even put on a Nativity play, written by Oscar Bird and Oliver in Church Street, a matter of major created a pageant based on extensive research into African history, tracing the development of the black race. Again, Oscar played an integral role in this project, along with Pookie Davis. Oscar was famous for his humour. The group used to put on impromptu concerts to mark the ending of our weekend camping expeditions, with audiences drawn from the local villages. Active audience participation was encouraged. On one occasion, the excerpt from the notorious "The Old merely giving a flavour of the song by reeling off a verse or two she proceeded to render the song in its entirety, including the onomatopoeia chorus after each and every one of its nine verses. To make matters worse, ly frantic hand waving as signs of encouragement, and thus redoubled her efforts with ever greater enthusiasm, dragging the entire audience into the performance in the process. In later years, on meeting any of the group, Oscar used to remind us of this incident by launching into the chorus, tock, Tick As mentioned earlier, he was my mentor. At one stage, he approached Rowley Henry, the Registrar, father Rowley Henry was a very talented multi instrumentalist, and Oscar entreated him to teach a couple of us the violin. This was my introduction to classical music. I took to the instrument with gusto and went on to become the leading violinist in the This start, encouraged and facilitated by Oscar Bird, was also the beginning of my lifelong love of classical music, a tendency which I am pleased to say has been transmitted to my children and with considerable success. The closeness of our friendship is perhaps best exemplified by the following story. When Edris came to some research for her Doctorate, it fell to me to secure accommodation for them and we ended up living a few streets away from one another in the Hither Green area. This was the start of lifelong friendships between the families which continue to this day. When he and I could give the ladies the slip, we would retire to the local pub, the Spotted Cow, where we would enjoy a sly tipple or two of the local brew. The following incident deserves special mention. Fairly recently, following a major test cricket match held in Antigua, a small group of ex Spartro boys who had come down found themselves at my residence enjoying some refreshments. Quite spontaneously, we began singing some of the old Negro spirituals that we used to perform. Then without any prompting, one of the members of the group stood up made a heartfelt speech, thanking Oscar for the inspiration he had been throughout his life. One after another, the other members of the group stood and did the same, paying tribute to this wonderful man, prompting Edris to turn to him with adoration in her eyes, as To the family: to Edris, his soulmate and ever devoted wife; to twin daughters Jackie and Jillia and their families; and to son Clement who is yet to make amends for the humiliation he heaped upon my son Stuart in a notorious chess match in London all those years ago and to his wife and family; and to the remainder of the extended family: do accept heartfelt condolences from all of us: from myself, Arnold; from my wife Enid; daughter Rhonda and the aforementioned and sadly vanquished Stuart and his family. Condolences also from old friends who wish to be remembered: John Gonzales and Herbert Kirnon. May the soul of Oscar Bird rest where sweet wild roses grow. * * *


11 Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) is recruiting Message from Mr Gordon Derrick, General Secretary, ABFA The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) has the honour to play in all FIFA and CONCACAF football competitions organized for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. In this regard, we are asking you to present on our behalf an official invitation to all persons interested to play for the National Teams of Antigua and Barbuda Eligibility is as follows: 1. Persons born in Antigua and Barbuda, 2. Persons naturalized as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, 3. Persons who have at least one parent of Antiguan and Barbudan nationality, 4. Persons who have at least one grandparent of Antigua and Barbuda nationality, 5. Persons married to a national of Antigua and Barbuda. From 2014, our National Teams will participate in: a. Under 17 & U 20 Boys and Girls b. Under 21 Boys & Girls (Olympic National Teams) c. National Teams Seniors, Men and Women ( Caribbean Cup) We can all recall the excitement and brought to our citizens during the recently concluded World Cup 2014 qualifiers especially in our games against the USA. We are ready for the world and The ABFA invites all qualified persons to be part of this wonderful opportunity to have this honour (to be a National Team Player/Ambassador) and to have the great pleasure to play in the National Teams of Antigua & Barbuda, traveling and enjoying wonderful competitions and countries. Persons interested are asked to contact the ABFA through its General Secretary, Mr. Gordon Derrick, at or (268) 562 6014 or ficer at or (268) 562 6014. * * * His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda, Mrs Pauline Roberts and the staff at the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission extend deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the late Mrs Maiphy Richards.


12 Antigua and Barbuda receives donation of Three Hyundai SUV Protocol Vehicles The Government of Antigua and Barbuda week received a generous donation of two Hyundai Santa Fe and a Hyundai Tucson vehicles from the Government of the Republic of Korea. In her opening remarks at a ceremony to hand over the vehicles, Ms. Sandra Joseph, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, praised the Korean Government for its willingness to make the donation and noted it demonstrated the good relations that exist between the two countries. She also mentioned that over the years the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has benefitted from the timely contributions of office equipment from the Republic of Korea that have greatly improved administrative efficiency. Moreover, the Permanent Secretary stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Protocol Division continues to engage in ensuring that regional and international government Ministers, diplomats and envoys are accorded the requisite diplomatic services and as such the donation of the vehicles is a welcomed gesture. Representing the Government of the Republic of Korea was Counselor Park Jung oh, who highlighted the importance of the relationship between the Government of Korea and Antigua and Barbuda. Counsellor Jung oh ment to deepening and strengthening the on going relations between the two countries. Prime Minister Dr W. Baldwin Spencer, during his remarks, expressed thanks to the Government and people of the Republic of Korea for the timely and important donations of the three Protocol Vehicles to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to thank the Korean Government for their continued support to Antigua and Barbuda, especially in the areas of training and technical support. Additionally, Prime Minister Spencer indicated his intention towards increasing the level of cooperation between the two countries through the provision of investment opportunities and the granting of scholarships for tertiary level training for young Antiguans and Barbudans. The Prime Minister also extended a special thank you to Mr. Francis Hadeed and the staff of Caribbean Premium Motors, for their efforts in ensuring that the vehicles were prepared for delivery to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and their usual high quality of service. Director of Caribbean Premium Motors sole distributor of Hyundai vehicles, Francis Hadeed was particularly ment in the worthwhile venture and highlighted the fact that the SUVs are well suited for transporting diplomats who visit Antigua and Barbuda. He outlined that his company is delighted to have partnered with the Government of the Republic of Korea in further strengthening the relationship between both countries. Antigua and Barbuda established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea on the 1st of November, 1981. * * 20th February 2014 Useful Telephone Numbers in Antigua and Barbuda Registrar of Births, Marriages, Deaths 001 268 462 3725 Land Registry 001 268 462 3745 0r 562 3943 or 562 3894


13 The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has relocated to the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone 020 3668 3800 The Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) Business (MYB) programme schedule of courses on ABS Television on 13th January 2014 Enterprise Development, Jacqueline Yearwood, apprised the viewing audience of the 19 comprehensive business courses offered by the Authority and facilitated by area experts. Although the MYB programme courses are geared towards those in business or starting businesses, the enterprise development director stressed the information is equally useful to the public on a whole. have taken the courses. When they walk away they have a better appreciation and understanding of the functions and roles of themselves, as a customer, and what the business owner goes through daily to serve The Scotiabank sponsored programme, which launched in 2010 with just two courses, continues to expand due to strong public demand. The first course being offered is the day, four hour training between 20th and 21st January. MYB courses are not only for current business owners, but the Authority is also reaching out to the ABIA partnered with the Ministry of Education to once again offer the summer youth programme that encourages burgeoning entrepreneurs in third through fifth forms and augments their current CXC business studies. stop there, they go on forever. What we do is to take them out of the classroom and bring the syllabus alive and put it in a real time context, adding the innovation and the technolosaid. Ms Yearwood announced this year the youth program would be taken now have the added benefit of both starting their own business and being socially conscience. developing a product made of recycled materials and given the opportunity to actually sell it to the public. We want them to have the business experience, but also to bring into play their active imaginations. The aim is to cultivate their imaginations and turn it into dollars and cents for the country. And also to understand how to take care of our environOther MYB courses include human resources management, business tax preparation, cost and prices of goods and services and marketing; to name a few. * * * Police receive 13 new vehicles Police Commissioner Vere Browne accepted keys to one of the Toyota from Harney Motors Owner Ewart Harney. The government turned over 13 new vehicles to the Royal Police Force on 26th February 2014 .Four Mitsubishi SUVs and eight Toyota and Ford pick up trucks were purchased, while the car dealer, Harney Motors, also donated an additional Toyota SUV to the force. Ablard Reis says the vehicles will be maintained during the warranty period. have a three year warranty with 100,000 km. The Mitsubishis have cles will be serviced by Harney MoTrevor Walker says this is just the first phase of the re fleeting the police force. within another 6 to eight weeks and the police will see some more vehiThe Transport minister added that a vehicle and motorcycle will also be allocated to the Barbuda police force In the past, the police force has called for an additional 40 vehicles to effectively do its job. Last year Walker said the police were down to just 59 working vehicles from a usual stock of 92. * * * 26th February 2014


14 Government implements targeted programmes and services to support Social sector transformation The UPP Administration has invested in social protection programmes over the years, targeting the most vulnerable and marginalized within our society. These include troubled youth, single parents, the destitute and discharged lepers. The National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NPRS) for Antigua and Barbuda outlines the macroeconomic, structural, and social policies and programmes to promote growth, reduce poverty, and improve overall living conditions in the country. In 2014 government will go into high gear to implement more programmes with a renewed attention on formulating government policy, formulating and enforcing legislation, setting and applying standards for providing social protection, and conducting and applying research into social protection affairs and services. The assistance programmes and services will continue in 2014 and involve: counselling services probation services rehabilitation services child protection services financial assistance to the elderly food and in kind assistance residential care and assistance empowerment programmes employment programmes training and re tooling programmes life skills and health training; Functional and efficiency reviews of all the departments and agencies that currently administer social programmes will provide information necessary to identify, develop and implement necessary reform initiatives. Additionally, information technology will be utilized to automate and centralise programme administration and tracking, and to significantly improve fiduciary oversight of the payment process. Financial support and technical assistance from development partners, specifically the World Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank, will provide the resources to transform our social protection sector into one that is targeted and coordinated. A well resourced Department of Social Policy, Research and Planning, the appropriate administrative, technical and governance systems and procedures will allow the government to realise its objectives of not just coordinated, targeted and effective social safety nets, but also reducing the expenditure on social protection spending, over time and in the near future. Capacity development will be given high priority and will include skills and knowledge in social policy, social protection, economics, and information technology. * * * 7th February 2014 Government investing heavi l y i n e n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p e d ucation The Girls are encouraged to think business not just career. More than twenty young women attended the training facility on DATE. HEART Girls Business Revolution which is being held under the Human Entrepreneurship & Assistive Resource Technologies (HEART) programme encourages young women to think business not just career. The two day workshop is being facilitated by Terri Ann Braithwaite of Res Consulting. Braithwaite said she is very impressed with the enthusiasm demonstrated by engaged, they are articulate. And one of the most important things that I think the (girls) realize is that in business your view is to build on the foundation that already exists with several leaders, in business, in politics, Braithwaite said. Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr. Hon. Edmond Mansoor said government is investing heavily in entrepreneurship education. cision to help young women, to begin focusing on entrepreneurship and business in addition to career options. reer think business. With the world becoming a global village your business clients are not necessarily just those in Antigua and Barbuda or the surrounding OECS countries. But literally with the internet at your disposal, your products, your ideas, your services can reach a global marketDr Mansoor noted surveys suggest that between 15 percent and 20 percent of students who participate in mini company programs in secondary schools will later start their own company. 31st January 2014* Young ladies from fourth form to tertiary level attended the "HEART Girls Business Revolution" workshop at the GATE ICT cadet training facility


15 Powder Magazine Gallery presents "Antigua Pride" Exhibition The Powder Magazine Gallery is delighted to announce its inaugural exhibition, Antigua Pride; Photographs by Margo Davis. Featuring photographs taken on the island between 1967 1973, this series of striking black and white images of the land and people of Antigua, West Indies, were originally published in Antigua Black; Portrait of an Island People, in 1973. It is the first time this series of photographs have been exhibited together and the very first time they have been displayed in the country that inspired them. Although often moved to photograph the beaches and sunsets, and the shapely old sugar mills and estate houses on the island, Davis is primari l y a p o r t r a i t i s t D r a w n t o t h e p e o p l e of the villages that are still dotted around Antigua, much of her early inspiration as a photographer came from the faces captured in this powerful series of images. Among the faces within the exhibition is the Reverend George A. Weston, a native son of Antigua, whose photograph appeared on the original cover of Davis' first book Antigua Black; Portrait of an Island People. Weston was a man that used to emphasize the importance of 'knowing vision for the exhibition, and resonate with Davis' ability to transmit to a contemporary audience the island life of Antigua from the last century. Davis' early work grows out of the humanistic tradition in photography, following in the footsteps of predecessors like Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Paul Strand. Her early focus on Antiguan culture was followed by a life long journey with her camera to photograph many cultures of the world including Nigeria, Brazil, Italy and Japan. Her work is distinguished by the unique connection she forges with her subjects. Her photographs are classic compositions that emphasize human dignity, grace and the quiet heroism she recognizes in ordinary people. Although portraiscapes presented here are timeless and elegant. * * * Excerpted from;; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena Independence Fashion Event Prize Handover Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr. Hon. Edmond Mansoor handed over an indusIndependence fashion event, Ricquel Adams of Raj Collections. Dr. Mansoor congratulated Adams on her win and praised her keen design skills. Bernard Francis Co producer of the independence fashion event thanked the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) programme for sponsoring the main prize. * * * 22nd January 2014 Image: Bendal's Girl with Bucket, 1970


16 Notices and Announcements Government Expands Land Distribution programme The United Progressive Party (UPP) administration has focused on increasing its land distribution programme in 2014 to make land available to citizens and residents. The land distribution programme has been expanded as more than 450 parcels of land have been identified for sale. These plots of land will be made available in areas such as Bolans, Weirs, Cedar Valley, Lyons, New In 2013 the Lands Division and the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) distributed 220 parcels of land across areas such as Bathlodge, Willikies, Pares, English Harbour, Longfords, Old Road, Villa, Powells, Cooks Estate, Parham, Belmont, Cassada Gardens, and Jennings. * * * 4th February 2014 Single parents to benefit from People's Benefit Programme The Board of PDVCAB will revise Programme (PBP) to allow single parents to qualify for the $215 benefit even if their monthly income exceeds the existing $800 threshold. The terms and procedures under which single parents will be able to benefit from this special consideration are expected to be finalized shortly so that this adjustment to the PBP can take effect before the end of March 2014. The (PBP) is administered by PDVCAB and targets persons with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged. Beneficiaries of this programme receive a special debit card that is loaded with $215 each month. The card is currently used by 2163 beneficiaries to purchase food and selected personal items from designated outlets. These outlets are the Central Marketing Corporation, Anand Fancy Way Supermarket. The main beneficiaries of the PBP include single mothers, senior citizens who do not receive a pension, and persons with disabilities. Except for the persons with disabilities who qualify for the benefit by virtue of their disability, all other beneficiaries are required to qualify based on income. * * * 23 rd January 2014 Government working to help citizens get a piece of the rock The government has implemented a number of projects to help Antiguans and Barbudans attain the goal of home ownership. One of the projects is the North Sound Housing Development which was completed with funding from Venezuela and comprises over 70 homes that are on offer to public servants and employees of Statutory Corporations. Twenty of these homes have already been allocated and it is expected that the application and approval processes will increase significantly over the next few months. A rent to own arrangement has been implemented to facilitate the sale of homes in the Folleys housing project. This alternative approach is intended to put home ownership within the grasp of persons who may not be able to access financing to purchase the homes outright. Twelve families have already benefitted from this rent to own arrangement and have moved in or are soon to move into their new homes. Another housing related project is the Bau Panel project which involves the construction of affordable houses using the patented, state of the art Bau Panel System. This is a joint venture between the Government, through CHAPA, and Bau Panel Systems Limited. It will provide employment for over 1,000 citizens and residents and make home ownership a reality for 5,000 Antiguans and Barbudans. A critical part of this project will be a financing component through which prospective purchasers of the homes in this project will be able to access funding. The project also comprises a manufacturing component where Bau Panel Systems will be manufactured in Antigua and Barbuda for use in the local development projects and to supply the regional and Latin American markets. In addition to these public sector housing projects, there is the Lightfoot Gardens Housing project being developed by a local entrepreneur. Work on this 73 unit development began in early 2013 and is to be completed within 24 to 36 months. This $18 million project will offer citizens and residents two and three bedroom options at affordable prices. Up to 200 construction jobs will be created by this project. * * * 6th February 2014


17 Notices and Announcements Special needs institutions to benefit from New ICT initiative Early in 2014, Government will launch a new ICT initiative entitled HEART, the Human Entrepreneurship and Assistive Resource Technologies project. Fifteen separate institutions will bene f i t f r o m H E A R T i n c l u d i n g t h e Mount St John Medical Centre, the Clarevue Hospital, the Fiennes Institute as well as the Adele School, the Unit for the Blind and the School for the Deaf. HEART will make a tangible and virtual impact on thousands of lives and will represent a unique blend of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. HEART will also inspire people to challenge their boundaries and embrace new ideas. fashion and adopt an Accessible Technology Charter and appoint an e Inclusion Champion as my Government rolls out the most comprehensive ICT platform for any person with any challenge. HEART will solidi f y m y G o v e r n m e n t s c o m m i t m e n t t o special needs persons as well as those who have been diagnosed with Dame Louise Lake Tack said. HEART will also have at its epicenter training in ICTs and entrepreneurship. In early 2014, Government will provide entrepreneurship training to over five hundred persons and businesses, as well as provide an ICT incubator model for high school and college graduates and entrepreneurs. This ICT business incubator model will include direct financial support for a sustained, home grown, Mobile App Development thrust. In this regard, Government will sign onto a US $10 million loan with the World Bank to further leap frog the ICT sector and to position Antigua and Barbuda not just as the ICT Capi t a l o f t h e C a r i b b e a n b u t a l s o a s a first rate, internationally competitive ICT Innovation and Mobile App Development country. Government will also partner with a leading private sector outfit to build and commission a state of the art Data Centre that will meet Government's data warehousing requirements until the year 2030. This new Data Centre will also leverage on modern, cloud computing solutions for non mission critical operations of Government. In 2014, Government will also deploy cutting edge 4G LTE connectivity in every school library and in every place of learning, as well as in every district medical clinic and in every police and fire station. Up to five hundred locations will benefit from this technology, as Antigua and Barbuda begins to surpass the 90% Internet penetration rate. In addition Government is fully aware that connected citizens are becoming increasingly central to humanitarian emergency response and recovery. Powered by cloud, crowd and SMS based technologies, citizens can engage in disaster response at an unprecedented level. Government will begin developing a three year, phased approach to developing a "crowd sourcing" disaster response platform as well as an ICT enabled early warning system. Both of these would enable multiple public safety agencies to push messages as quickly and efficiently as possible before, during and after disasters. Meanwhile in early, 2014, Government, in partnership with the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, will host a pan Caribbean conference on e accessibility and will train to university level two of our brightest minds in the most optimal methods for deploying ICTs for use by persons with disabilities and challenges so that a real difference can be made in their lives. cates (a message from the Antigua and Barbuda Social Security) Once a person has begun to receive Age Pension, a life certificate MUST be submitted in order to continue receiving the monthly payments. The Life Certificate should be witnessed twice a year June and December for pensioners living in Antigua and Barbuda; and, every quarter March, June, September and December for pensioners living overseas. Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP For more information or to make an appointment please Telephone 020 7258 0070


18 Joel brings Caribbean warmth to the UK TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Toworks hard to promote Antigua in the UK. He talks to Debbie Ward about his role at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority UK & Europe Landing a job dispatching flights and hopping between Caribbean islands while still in your teens sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of, but for Joel Omari Henry it was a reality. The TTG 30 Under 30 star grew up in Antigua and started in travel when he was still a schoolboy, working in customer service for Caribbean Star while completing his A Levels in economics and business management. just started up, and they were happy for people to develop from a young age, to mold into their role Antigua is a small island with a small populaTwo years later, at just 18, he became a flight operations officer, dispatching and coordinating fights across the Caribbean, a role he later also performed at Liat. His job even cover the whole Caribbean before I executive business development at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority UK and Europe, Henry stressful, it was a job that required working on your own a lot. But it teaches you about management, thing that I really brought into this The island hopping is still paying dividends, as Henry not only knows Antigua and Barbuda but also their rivals. It was the challenge of trying something different within tourism, which enticed Henry to join the UK office. He now works in a team of three, organizing FAM (familiarization) trips, roadshows, and meeting with tour operators the biggest challenge is trying to be boards have different regional sales stretch to that. I may have to be in Aberdeen then the next day in BrisHe is most proud of his work raising 150 agents out to Antigua on FAM by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) a destination for The tourism authority is hoping to raise UK arrivals back to pre recession levels of around 90,000 by 2015, as they have dipped into the 70,000s in recent years. A new Thomas Cook Manchester flight and extra capacity from British Airways will help, and from September there will also be a new airport to promote. zon is Showcase Antigua and Barbuda in June, a gathering of product days of intense networking with ground handlers and hoteliers, and site inspections and tours. We havethe board of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation. be recognised by people I work with new networking group of young even done some business already with another of the 30 Under 30s, Howard Ebison, enabling him to use trips. Career wise Henry is happy to sit tight for now, seeing how he can develop within the tourism authoriping the Caribbean for the British realise I really need to sell Antigua * * * Antigua Sailing Week April to May 2014


19 The Antigua and Barbuda Office has partnered with Moss Bros The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism most iconic brands for menswear to celebrate the launch of The Moss The month long February campaign is currently being run online and across 130 Moss Bros stores. Minister of Tourism, John Maginley brand visibility and increasing our reach across the numerous UK counties. We want to be able to speak to a wide audience, capture their data and continually communicate with them, telling them about Antigua and Barbuda; what the destination has to offer and why they In keeping with the theme of the campaign affords Moss Bros customers the chance to win a dream holiday to the Blue Waters Resort in Antigua with UK tour operator Best@Travel. Paul Lumley, Brand and Promotions Manager at Moss Bros noted that partnered with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and Best at Travel to offer customers the chance to win a dream holiday to Antigua. We have launched the competition in conjunction with our current Bold in Blue Spring/Summer collection and are very much looking forward to future exciting opportunities this In addition to Antigua and Barbuda branded print material displayed at every Moss Bros till, dedicated destination newsletters will be delivered directly to the email inboxes over 120,000 Moss Bros customers. The Antigua and Barbuda holiday will websites and social media channels with various editorial write ups. Cherrie Osborne, Director of Tourism for the UK and Europe says, the image of Antigua and Barbuda and the quality of the destination. Additionally, as Moss Bros is also a formal wear, the promotion running during the prime wedding planning season, places us exactly where we need to be, to gain access to bridegrooms searching for wedding suits The promotion which can be viewed online at springblueprint and ran until February 28th. * * * Antigua and Barbuda Placed on Association of British Travel Agents "Destinations to Watch List" for 2014 Antigua and Barbuda Placed on Association of British Travel Agents "Destinations to Watch List" for 2014. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) named the Caribbean, and, specifically, Antigua and Barbuda one of it's ten destinations to watch 2014. In it, the ABTA also noted it's "cautious optimism" for the 2014 tourism season. According to the report on UK tourists, "nearly one in five (19%) consumers anticipate they will spend more on holidays next year." The report also notes that there is "renewed interest in Caribbean resorts" among British tourists. "To hear that many British tourists plan to spend more and have a renewed interest in Caribbean resorts is encouraging," noted Tourism Minister John Maginley. "It's also encouraging to see a new airline, Thomas Cook, serving Antigua out of a new UK destination, Manchester. The airline is capable of bringing over 300 British tourists a week." Maginley continued, "The fact that we've also attracted the BEACHES resort which will add 400 new BEACHES rooms to our hotel stock and create thousands of jobs is a vote of confidence in the future of our tourism economy." "While I know that we certainly have to continue to work hard to create more jobs and opportunity for all people, this honour from the British Travel Agents and their words about British consumer spending is encouraging," concluded the Minister. * * * 6th January 2014


20 Once again the Antigua and Barbuda National Association held a successful Caribbean Fundraising Evening on Saturday 22nd March 2014 which included a wonderful delight of traditional foods from Saltfish, Macaroni and Cheese Pie, Chow Mein, Rice and Peas, Anchoba, Spare Ribs, Fried Fish, Curry Mutton, Chicken, Green Salad, Coleslaw, Fried Plantain, Doucanna, Fried Dumplings, Ginger Beer and Sorrel. The meal was topped off with jelly and icecream, fruits, ginger cake, carrot cake and banana cake. The night culminated in the usual raffle and a game of (Tune) with the winning table receiving a miniature bottle of English Harbour Rum. Many of us will be looking forward to the next one in October (Saturday 18th October 2014) * * * Antigua and Barbuda Receives Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice Destination Award 2013 The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority is pleased to announce that the destination recently received yet another prestigious destination accolade for 2013, as it reChoice Destination Award 2013 for Top Ten Destinations in the Caribbean by the online rating agency. Link: TravelersChoice DestinationscTopg147237 Antigua and Barbuda continues to be a favourite among travellers as it was the only Eastern Caribbean island destinations. The fact that it made the list along with its larger Caribbean counterparts such as, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, is quite a feat for the small, twin island state. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Minister John H. Maginley, on hearing of the Award by Trip Adviand Barbuda continues to punch above our weight in delivering service excellence to our visitors. Congratulations are in order for the thousands of workers in our industry and all the tourism stakeholders who work tirelessly each day to deliver an exceptional experience to all visitors In 2013, Antigua and Barbuda was internationally recognized on several occasions also being featured on ed on the Southern coast of the isAdditionally, the twin island state received several World Travel Awards within the Caribbean & the Americas, having been awarded as stakeholders gaining awards in the following categories: Hermitage Bay Carib World Travel Leading Destination Management Company; Curtain Bluff Resort & Spa Spa Resort; The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa Leading Honeymoon Resort and AnAyers Creek Residences at Nonsuch Bay Resort Hotel Residences; Blue Waters Resort Hotel. CEO of the Tourism Authority Mr. destination, Antigua and Barbuda should feel proud of its formidable achievements over the past year and now being acknowledged with a Trip based on a selection process by actual visitors to our islands. This latest endorsement which is as a direct result of the first class experience that we offer our visitors, is something that all Antiguans and BarbuIn 2013, Antigua and Barbuda was also host to the finale episodes of u l a r m u s i c t e l e v i s i o n p r o g r a m m e The X Factor, which showcased the destination to millions of viewers worldwide. * * 22nd January 2014