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The Antigua and Barbuda

High Commission

4ei Official Newsletter Issue 129 -- September/October 2008

International Relations goes into high gear when

Prime Minister Spencer

meets United States

Secretary of State

Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda and Minister of Foreign
Affairs, the Hon. Baldwin Spencer, on
Thursday, 25 September joined his
CARICOM colleagues in a meeting
with United States Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice. The meeting, held

in New York on the margins of the 63rd
United Nations General Assembly, is
an annual encounter aimed at further
strengthening the relationship
between CARICOM and the United

PM Spencer delivering his address during the award ceremony. (Left is
UN President Brockmann and right is H.E. Ambassador Francis Lorenzo
of the Dominican Republic) aaae 5

High on the agenda was the issue of
security and the need for both parties
to work more closely in protecting the
Caribbean region, which is widely
recognized as the United States' Third
Border. Other areas that were
discussed included: development,
trade and investment and education.
Also mentioned was the progress on
the Conference on the Caribbean,
Washington, D.C., specifically the
passage of the Caribbean Basin Trade
Promotion Act through Congress in
mid May this year.
Prime Minister Spencer in thanking
the Secretary of State said the
CARICOM sub-region stood "ready to
collaborate with the Government of
the United States in devising solutions
to the challenges and concerns
discussed, as well as those raised in
the past."
Her Excellency Deborah-Mae Lovell,
Ambassador to the United States of
America accompanied Prime Minister
Spencer to the meeting with the
Secretary of State.

In This Issue
1. Prime Minister's Overseas Independence message page 4
2. Dollar Barrel gets underway page 7
3. CEO appointedfor new Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority page 11

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President of the
a Antigua and Barbuda
National Association
of London, fellow
High Commissioners
members of the
Clergy, other
distinguished guests,
friends and fellow
Antiguans and
Barbudans it
continues to be an
honour to present to
you my reflections as
High Commissioner
to the Court of St.
James. On the first
of November Antigua
and Barbuda will be
celebrating its
twenty-seventh year
of independence.

Our celebrations this year will be under the theme of ONE
Government continues to extend an invitation to nationals
and friends of Antigua and Barbuda to join those at home for
these special Independence celebrations and I certainly hope
that some of you will accept that invitation and visit the

This year the activities commenced on 20th September and
includes a variety of events such as a homecoming calypso
competition, the usual national ecumenical church service at
the Antigua Recreation Ground, a schools Steelband
competition, the annual "At home" exhibition of local arts and
crafts at the Multi-purpose Centre, a gospel concert and the
homecoming queen zone preliminaries and final pageant.
These events will climax with the traditional parade at the
Recreation Grounds on the 3rd November, followed by the
National Food Fair.

Last year has been a year of challenges for Antigua and
Barbuda in several ways. In addressing you today, let me first
reflect on some of the key activities over the last twelve
months, some of which will make us proud while others might
give us cause for concern.

If what I say disturbs you, then my next subject should
perturb you even more. In the 1970s, developing countries
were severely tested by an escalation in the global price of oil.
Antigua and Barbuda then struggled and failed to
successfully complete several of the action plans from its
strategic development. The government of the day then
faced tremendous difficulties in enabling its meagre
resources to meet the rising costs of fiscal expenditure.

More than thirty years later, the cycle has come full circle.
Once again this government is confronted with skyrocketing
oil and food prices. During 2005, Government was forced to

use over $3,000,000 to stabilise the price of fuel at the pumps
so as to prevent undue hardship for the citizens of our fair
nation. In 2008 we have seen some of the highest prices ever
for crude oil. This hardship is compounded by the financial
crisis which is rippling like a tsunami around the world. It is
indeed very difficult to live in today's globalised and
connected world especially when you import most of what
you consume.

In a previous presentation I stated that we welcome an
international trading regime under the WTO which is fair and
not skewed towards the larger developed trading partners as
a result of size, economic strength or utilises rules which the
developing countries had no participation in creating. Under
such a fair regime, we can begin to develop our own agricul-
tural and other industries and export where possible.

The plight of small-island developing states is unique. We are
adversely affected by events to the North in the developed
countries; we are unequally impacted by the consequences
and fallout of their industrial activities and we do not have the
resources to properly handle these shocks. We are therefore
most grateful for the assistance rendered to us by friendly
National partners: example UK, USA, Canada, China, and

This brings me to the theme for our independence
celebrations this year: "One family striving for peace and
harmony". In a developing society where the distribution of
income is never uniform, social plans must be improvised to
assist in the reduction of poverty, hardship, disease and
ill-health. These things foster strife and disharmony.
Whenever we speak of one family, however, we must include
citizens of Antigua and Barbuda scattered around the world.

As a family we should also join together in celebrating the joys
of our brothers and sisters and relieving the sufferings of
those in need like those affected by the recent rains in our
country. The Government's assistance programme is a very
good example of this. The Street Pastors (International)
Antigua and Barbuda Executive Body is an integral player in
reaching out to those in our society who have lost focus on
life and are on the verge of commencing a life of vagrancy,
crime or drug addiction.

In celebrating the accomplishments of some of our family
members let me reflect happily on several of our leaders of
tomorrow. I remember Miss Isata Megan Kenneth-Mason,
"The Little Girl from Mapperley Park"; a young girl of 12 years
of age who had her first spotlight in the classical field of music
as a concert pianist and composer of her Piano Concerto. I
also recall Glory Charles, another young and extremely
talented Antiguan and Barbudan, who had the premier
exhibition of his painting with the theme "The Passion of Paint"
under the watchful eye of Dr. Helga Fox, the owner of HF
Contemporary Art and an art critic. I also want to draw to your
attention Second Lieutenant Jamal Aska, who graduated
from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006 but who
returned this year to attend the Platoon Commander's Battle

Issue 129 September/October 2008

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The Andaua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberlOctobef 2008

Isata Kenneth-Mason with
H E Dr Carl Roberts (page 2)

We recognize the elderly from time to
time and feature them in our Bi-Monthly
Newsletter. Take for example Mrs Molly
Richards who has worked behind the
scenes to help us every year at fairs
and exhibitions. We not only recognize
and feature our elderly but our young
people who proudly stand as shining
examples of focus on education and
capacity building. I cite the examples of
Mr. lan Horsford, Miss Caroline George
and Ms Chalene Roberts, just to name
a few.

We also recognize and join in
celebrating happy achievements with
those who regularly take time out of
their busy schedules to help our nation
prosper; to prepare our youths for
tomorrow and to develop our upcoming
leaders. One striking example is Lord
and Lady Tunnicliffe, who a few months
ago shared with me fond memories of
Antigua and Barbuda during the
celebration of their Ruby (40th) Wedding

Earlier this year Antigua and Barbuda
was recognized as the "Best Island for

Glory Charles (page 2)
Glory Charles (page 2)

Families" by the Sunday Times
Newspaper. We felt a sense of pride as
we read about the Hon. Dr Jacqui
Quinn-Leandro, Minister of Labour



Empowerment, the first female Minister
of our country to address the 52nd
Session of the Commission on the State
of Women (CSW) at the UN
Headquarters in New York. We rejoiced
at the successful "Romance Rhythms"
celebration in Antigua and Barbuda; for
long after the stage has been
dismantled and such artists as Lionel
Richie, Keyshea Cole, Shaggy and
Kenny Rogers had departed our shores,
the sense of pride still swelled in our

Those memories were shadowed by
sad events at home. The passing of two
prominent citizens of our nation: Sir
George Walter, former Premier and
distinguished trade unionists and Mr.
Charlesworth Samuel, a respected
parliamentarian and outstanding
educator. These events were followed
by the untimely and tragic events
several months ago.

One family working together would
never mean we intend to, or can even,
do the process of building our nation
alone and un-assisted. We welcome
investment in our main industry -
tourism, in financial services, trust,
International Business Companies and
in Information and communications
technology (ICT). We intend to foster a
transparent, ethical and generally
productive and profitable business
environment in Antigua and Barbuda in
which everyone, both local and foreign
business can prosper. We therefore
invite you to consider Antigua and
Barbuda as your investment or
retirement destination.

Where do we go from here however,
and what can we expect in this year up
to October 2009? We can expect an
increased focus on the expenditure of
government. We must also address the
variant behaviour of those in our society
who see crime as their livelihood at the
expense of other peace abiding citizens
by equipping our security and law
enforcement agencies to better handle

Much work needs to be done however.
We therefore call into action our citizens
and friends from around the world
especially here within the UK. We need
participation in other areas of economic
activities in agriculture,
telecommunications, ICT and
infrastructure. Government cannot do it

Once again I raise the clarion call to
prepare ourselves for CSME the
Caribbean Single Market and Economy.

It may be our last chance to work
together in a Caribbean Family to
achieve a better way of life for the
peoples of the region.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and
sisters, citizens and friends of Antigua
and Barbuda the road ahead will not be
smooth. There will be many challenges.
Even as we raise the level of politicking
in the upcoming round of elections, let
us debate the "How" that is how best to
implement appropriate plans for the
strategic growth and development of
our beautiful, unspoilt nation. Let us
pledge to join together for the common
good. We should focus on the best and
most effective means of achieving our
national goals.

For as we look around us in this big
global village, we notice that those
who are unable to chart an effective
path to progress will simply see the
poor getting poorer, the rich of the
world getting richer and developing
countries like ourselves becoming
more marginalised because the skills
and resources necessary to
appropriately engage the new
paradigm are in short supply or have
migrated elsewhere.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I end as I did
three years ago by imploring everyone
to act wisely, avoid short-termism and
plan strategically for a better quality of
life for all who chose to call our nation
their home in this dynamically changing

In closing, let me on behalf of my wife
and family, wish each of you happy
celebrations, good health and the
abiding presence of the Almighty in
your lives till we meet again next year if
his plans so allow.

God Bless

I thank you all.

Delivered by H. E Dr Carl B Roberts,
High Commissioner
on 26th October 2008 at the Antigua
and Barbuda Association's
Anniversary ofIndependence Service at
St Mark's Church, London


280 Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sa6~ambar/bcbbar 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberOctobef 2008

Prime Minister

The Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer

Overseas Independence

2008 Message

Fellow Antiguans and Barbudans;

Friends of Antigua and Barbuda:

It is my great pleasure to extend warm
greetings to you and your loved ones on
this, the 27th anniversary of our nation's

I am confident that with every passing year,
your pride in our country grows as you
silently affirm the sentiment, "This is my
own, my native land."

We have many reasons to be proud of our

Among those reasons, the honour
accorded our nation on being asked to
chair the Group 77 and China, the
voluntary association of states girdling the
globe and embracing the nations of Africa,
the Caribbean and the Pacific.

This gives Antigua and Barbuda new
standing in the world community of nations.

Foreign direct investment, as well as local
private investment, in our country is strong;
and we have won the trust of donor
countries and the international agencies.

Our economic turnaround has been widely
lauded and our national community is
generally confident about the future.

I say this, acutely conscious of the fact that
the collapse of financial institutions and
markets in the United States of America
and around the world provides limited
cause for optimism.

Notwithstanding this, Antiguans and
Barbudans are not only confident people,
we are uniquely resilient and resourceful
people; and we face the future with a
positive outlook.

We have survived serious crises and we
have overcome momentous challenges.
Whatever the challenges ahead, we shall

From economic chaos five years ago, we
have so managed the economy that we
have been able to significantly upgrade
essential infrastructure, in addition to
delivering a range of meaningful social
programmes, of benefit to every child,
every man, and every woman in Antigua
and Barbuda.

We brought VC Bird International Airport up
to acceptable standard in time for Cricket
world Cup; and as it turns out, for the
Stanford 20/20 Cricket spectacular.

We are modernizing the Port of St. John
and speeding up the systems for handling

A nationwide road improvement and
expansion programme is in place, and we
have made tremendous strides in joining
regional leaders in applied information and
communications technology.

From a twelve percent Cyberspace
connectivity a few years ago, Antigua and
Barbuda is now close to sixty percent online.

An innovative Connect Antigua Barbuda
Programme, employing mobile computer
cafes, has the capacity to provide Internet
access in every school and every
neighbourhood in the country.

It is gratifying to me that we now have in
excess of 1,000 Antiguans and Barbudans
on scholarships overseas.

We have an upgraded and expanded hotel
plant; together with new tourism attractions
and events, all complemented by the
renowned warmth and hospitality of the
Antiguan and Barbudan people.

The generous character and the spirit of
community of our people came sharply into
focus last week in the aftermath of the
destructive deluge associated with
Hurricane Omar.

Ever blessed, Antigua and Barbuda was
spared the full fury of that hurricane.

I shall ever be thankful to The Almighty that
we have been spared direct hurricane hits,
to date, while I have been vested with
responsibility for our nation's affairs.

I take this opportunity to recognize the
valuable contribution of Antiguans and
Barbudans living abroad and sending
home regular remittances to their families.

On this score, your Christmas Dollar
Barrels will ensure that the season is a bit
more joyful for your connections at home.

As my government nears the end of our
first term, election fever is already in the air
in our twin-island state. As you well know,
regardless of the fact that it can be up to

Honourable Baldwin Spencer
Prime Minister of Antigua
and Barbuda

eight months before our General Election
takes place, the election intensity here at
home is as high as it is in the United States
Presidential election.

I imagine that for many of you, the focus on
change in the Obama campaign is
reminiscent of the same mood in our 2004
General Election.

I also imagine that many of you would like,
and are perhaps working to ensure, that
change will trump experience on
November 4, and that the result will be as
transforming as it was in our General
Election four and a half years ago.

If it is God's will, that desire will surely be

In concluding, I say to you our nation's
sons and daughters, born and adopted, in
the Americas, in Europe or elsewhere, let
us work for ways to the fulfilment of the
ideal in our nation's anthem, 'each
endeavouring, all achieving'.

To that end I look forward to continuing to
work with you.

May God bless you and your loved ones.

May God continue to generously bless our
beloved Antigua and Barbuda.

A happy Independence to each and every
one of you.


The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Seotemher/Octoher 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberOctobef 2008

Prime Minister

Spencer receives

UN's MDG Award

Antigua and Barbuda's Prime Minister
the Honourable Baldwin Spencer was
awarded the United Nations 2008
Millennium Development Goals
Achievement Award on Thursday 25th
September becoming the first Head of
State or Government to receive this
prestigious award.

"In all modesty I stand here today very
much honoured to have been chosen
as the 2008 recipient of MDGs
Achievement Award and feel very
proud to contribute in the course of
cooperation and development of the
South," said the Prime Minister, who
received the award in recognition for
his commitment and contributions to



An International Monetary Fund (IMF)
team concluded a four-day visit to
Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday 23rd
October 2008. Starting on Monday
20th October, the small team from the
Fund, which was headed by Mr. Guy
Meredith, Assistant Director of the
Western Hemisphere Department, met
with various public sector departments
and private sector entities to discuss
fiscal and other economic
developments in Antigua and Barbuda.

The IMF team also held discussions
with the staff of the Ministry of Finance
and the Economy in respect of fiscal
and economic growth projections for
2008 and prospects for the medium

Following a full four days of meetings,
the team presented its findings and
conclusions to the Minister of Finance
and the Economy, Dr. the Hon. L. Errol
Cort, late in the afternoon on Thursday
23rd October. The key issues
discussed were the economic growth
and fiscal prospects for Antigua and
Barbuda and the ongoing financial
crisis in the United States and Europe.

the promotion and strengthening of
partnerships between the UN and the
private sector to achieve the MDGs.
The MDGs represent a global
partnership that has grown from the
commitments and targets established
at the world summits of the 1990s.
Responding to the world's main
development challenges and to the
calls of civil society, the MDGs
promote poverty reduction, education,
maternal health, gender equality, and
aim at combating child mortality, AIDS
and other diseases. Set for the year
2015, the MDGs are an agreed set of
goals that can be achieved if all actors
work together and do their part. Poor
countries have pledged to govern
better, and invest in their people
through health care and education.
Rich countries have pledged to
support them, through aid, debt relief,
and fairer trade.

With respect to economic growth, the
Ministry and the Fund agreed that, for
2008. economic performance is
expected to remain relatively strong. In
terms of fiscal performance, the Fund
indicated that revenue administration
systems have improved and
emphasized the need to generate
similar improvements in respect of
expenditure management and controls.

Dr. Cort pointed out that the
improvements in revenue
administration represented the
tangible results of the ambitious tax
reform initiatives undertaken by the
Government. He also stated that a
number of initiatives to boost the
expenditure management framework
had been implemented and indicated
that the Government will continue
develop policies and identify
mechanisms that would ensure more
efficient and effective expenditure
management in the public sector.

With regard to the global financial crisis,
the Fund representatives and Minister
Cort agreed that there is still much
uncertainty with respect to the ultimate
implications of the ongoing financial
challenges for the world economy and
the economies of the region. While the
consensus is that there is little or no
apparent exposure of the Eastern
Caribbean Currency Union to these

In accepting the award from the
current President of UN General
Assembly His Excellency Miguel
d'Escoto Brockmann, Prime Minister
Spencer further observed that the
MDGs represent a true compact
between all the nations and other
stakeholders including civil society
and the private sector.

"The MDGs are our hopes to spur
development by improving the social
and economic conditions of more than
a billion people in the developing world
living in extreme poverty, hunger, lack
of water and shelter.

It is meaningful to me that the
contributions I have tried to make over
the course of my career and my
leadership as Chair of the Group of 77
have been seen as valuable and thus
I accept this award on behalf of all the
people of the South."

financial problems, it is anticipated that
there could be some indirect impact on
the economies of the region-
particularly with respect to tourism.
However, the nature and extent of this
potential impact on tourism would only
be revealed over the coming months.

The Fund representatives again
indicated that the IMF stands ready to
provide technical and/or financial
support to any country that has been
impacted by the financial crisis and
stated that the Fund has put in place a
number of facilities that are flexible
and accessible.

Finally, Dr. Cort thanked the team for
the significant work done over just a
few days and indicated that the
Government welcomed the views and
perspectives presented by the Fund.
However, he pointed out that while
there may be merit in some of the
ideas proffered by the Fund, the
Government must and will continue to
seek to strike a balance between the
pursuit of macroeconomic
improvements and the enhancement
of the social and economic welfare of
the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The IMF team will return early in 2009
to undertake the Article IV

The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sa6~ambar/bcbbar 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberlOctobef 2008

Antiguan receives Honorary Doctorate

of Divinity Degree in the UK

Rev. Dr. Eugene C. Edwards, son of
Doraine Browne and the late Oscar
Edwards of St. John's Street, Antigua,
was a former teacher of Antigua
Pilgrim High School and the St.
Joseph's Academy School. He was
also the Pastor of Willikies & Cedar
Grove Wesleyan Holiness Church and
the Assistant Pastor of the Becon-
Light Church of the Nazarene, Villa

Rev. Dr. Edwards received an
Honorary Doctorate of Divinity
Degree from the church in which he
was ordained the American
Fellowship Church and the University
of California on September 28, 2008.
He is currently serving in the Church of
God of Prophecy Melrose Christian
Fellowship (Basingstoke) and Ashford
Hill Christian Fellowship, here in the
United Kingdom. When he is not
doing his church duties, he works at
McDonald's Restaurant as a Shift
Manager. He also travels to the
United States from time to time and
preaches at several churches such as
the St. Mary's Reformed Episcopal
Church in the Bronx, New York,
Church of God of Prophecy and other
Churches in the USA. He is also the
author of four books Restored by
love, Stress kills Beware of it, RICE

t. -
Rev. Dr. Eugene C. Edwards (left), daughter, Kelysha Edwards (right)
and great-niece Myasha Mack (centre)

Rev. Dr. Edwards is the proud father
of two children; Kareem and Kelysha
Edwards who presently live with their
mother Dewliss Edwards in USA. He
is presently married to Vernary
Bachelor-Edwards from Antigua who
works at the North Hampshire Hospital
here in the United Kingdom.

As the saying goes "can any thing

(Respect, Integrity, Communication good come out of the Point Area, in
Excellence), and With God All Things Antigua"? Here is the answer, Yes, as
Are Possible. son of the soil (Antigua) and the Point
Area has shown that with God all
things are possible.
Lina i

Rev. Dr. Edwards's motto is
2Blessed2BStressed has helped him
to achieve his goal. Since migrating to
the United Kingdom some 5 years ago,
he has studied in the field of
Bookkeeping with the Institute of
Bookkeeping and is now doing
another study in Financial
Administration which is recognized by
the Financial Service Authority (FSA).
His aim is to reach the top and let
Antigua and Barbuda feel proud of a
son of the soil. His family and friends
congratulate him on a great success.


The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 feotemher/dctoher 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberlOctobef 2008

Antiguan designer
turns heads at

Guyana's Fashion

Young, ambitious and talented only
begin to tip the iceberg for Antiguan
designer Junay Powell.

Revolutionising the art of knitting with
her sister Jahlene, the duo have been
tearing up the local runways over the
last three years and are now taking
that "knittable" heat to other runways
across the Caribbean.

Having been part of the Antigua and
Barbuda contingent that travelled to
Carifesta X, Junay was invited to
return to Guyana for their Fashion
Week, 1-5 Oct. Impressed with the
young designer's talent and flair, CEO
of the Guyana Fashion Week Sonia
Noelle personally extended an

"The experience was great," Powell
shares, noting the excitement that the



fashion week brought with it. "I felt
really proud," she continued, "when I
realized how much they were all loving
my designs on the runway."

Exhibiting 40 pieces from her
swimwear line "Intoxicated", the
designer/model not only turned heads
with her woollen creations but with her
modelesque body as well.

No stranger to the runway, Junay can
proudly say that she not only saw her
designs on a regional stage, but she
sashayed as well.

BVI designer Krystal Fraizer couldn't
resist asking the young
designer/model to take it to the runway
for her line.

Also in the near future for the young
designer is the possibility of taking the
St. Lucian runways by storm, through
another invite extended by Noelle,
who lives in Barbados.

Still exhilarated by the experience at
the Guyana Fashion Week, Junay
hopes to participate in as many
regional fashion weeks as she
possibly can.

One of the main elements of her line
that stands out from other designers is
the fact that her material is wool, and

"People thought that it was machine-
stitched ... so as I get more exposure,
that's something I want (the
Caribbean) to realise ... that it's all

In addition to the exposure from the from wool, and all handmade."

Guyanese audience, Junay also
peaked the attention of international
fashion journalists, including Walter
Greene. A known fashion journalist
from the US who frequents fashion
weeks throughout the Caribbean,
Greene will be featuring J's Fashion in
an upcoming premiere magazine

Dollar Barrel



The annual Dollar Barrel initiative is
Hazra C. Medica is a Features now in effect.
Writer for the Antigua Sun
Newspaper. She is the recipient of Minister of Finance and the

Even at her young age and with a
humble portfolio in the industry, Junay
was certainly able to stand out among
the 46 designers present from Guyana,
the US, the USVI and other Caribbean

Source: Antigua Sun

Dr. Cort noted that the government
will once again cheer up many
families at Christmas by allowing
each household to import into the
country a standard-size shipping
barrel of selected goods free of all
duties and taxes but for one dollar.

a Gold Award in the 2007 UNFPA Economy Dr. Errol Cort announced The goods to be allowed in the
Annual Caribbean Media Award that the programme is now Dollar Barrel are foodstuff, clothing,
Competition, she is twice published underway and will continue through not exceeding seven pieces of the

in Poui- The Cave Hill Annual to 31 December.
Literary Journal (2005 and 2007).
She is also the winner of Antigua's The initiative allows residents to

same type, toilet paper, toothpaste,
deodorant, soap and shampoo.

2002 Independence Creative bring in a barrel of a variety of items Source: Antigua Sun
Writing Competition as well as the from overseas for only one dollar in
winner of Antigua's 2007 port and clearance charges.


Literary Arts

Competition. Source CBA


Tha Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sa6~ambar/bcbbar 2008

The Andaua and Rorbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberlOctobef 2008

The Man behind
Antigua's Curtain
is Knighted

The owner of Curtain Bluff Resort in
Antigua, Howard Hulford, has been
awarded a knighthood after he was
named Knight Commander of the
Most Distinguished Order of the
Nation (KCN) for his outstanding
contribution to the building of
Antigua and Barbuda and to the
welfare of its citizens. Hulford, with
his wife Michelle, opened Curtain
Bluff next to Old Road Village in the
south of the island, in 1962

Hulford, a former World War 2
Mustang fighter pilot, instituted The
Old Road Fund, a charity that
through donations from Curtain
Bluff's management and guests has
raised over $1 million to cover
medical and education bills for the
local citizens of Old Road Village.

Villagers make up over 90% of the
resort's staff and many have been
sent by "Uncle Howard" all over the
world to learn their trades. To date
he has provided 45 young adults
with a full university education and
sent 150 children to tennis camp in
the United States, thereby fostering

Antiguan team
takes part in
Youth Games

An Antigua and
the island on
October to

Barbuda team left
Wednesday 8th
attend the
Youth Games in

The team's five junior tennis players
were Alicia Williams, Shani Williams,
Kai Piggott, Kyle Joseph and Brian

They were accompanied by Coach
Cordell Williams, who is also the
president of the Antigua and
Barbuda Tennis Association.

a special relationship with the village
where his resort is located.

"We are proud that Howard Hulford
has been recognized with this
prestigious award," said Curtain
Bluff managing director, Rob
Sherman. "His dedication to the
people of Old Road Village does not
go unnoticed amongst his staff, and
we're pleased to see that this
recognition is now being appreciated
on a larger scale."

Curtain Bluff is located on 20 lushly
landscaped acres on the south coast
of Antigua and is surrounded by two

Kenryca Francis, the reigning 1500-
metre CARIFTA Games Under-17
champion, distance runner Maverick
Weathered, and long jumper Vincent
Walter were the track and field
athletes coached by Peter Cuffy.

Also making the trip was boxer
Yakita Aska, who was accompanied
by coach former light middleweight
world champion Maurice Hope.

Yvette "Vetty" Francis was the
Antigua and Barbuda chef de
mission at the 12 to 17 October event.

Antigua gets new
British Consul

A new Honorary British Consul has
been appointed in Antigua and

beautiful sandy beaches. Under the
same ownership and management
for over 40 years, Curtain Bluff offers
a total of 72 beachfront rooms and
suites, including 18 Deluxe Rooms,
40 Junior Suites and two one-
bedroom Grace/Morris Bay Suites,
with connecting rooms to
accommodate families or large
All rates are all-inclusive and cover
meals and bar drinks, most of the
activities (everything from scuba to
Pilates is included in the room rate),
a freshwater pool and two beaches.

Rob Wilkinson was appointed by the
British High Commission in

Wilkinson is a partner at
PricewaterhouseCoopers, with
offices on Old Parham Road, St

British Nationals either residing in, or
visiting Antigua and Barbuda, who
require emergency consular
assistance should contact Wilkinson
on his cell phone at 268 764 4653,
or via telephone or fax on 268 562

Routine consular enquires and all
visa-related enquiries should be
directed to the British High
Commission in Barbados on 1 246
430 7800.

Source: Antigua Sun

curtain Bluff Hotel


The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sentember/dctober 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberOctobef 2008

Cabinet Statement
Response to the
Passage of
Hurricane Omar

18th October 2008

The Government of Antigua and
Barbuda has decided to offer
immediate basic relief to families
affected by the floods in the aftermath
of Hurricane Omar.

Cabinet met in emergency session this
afternoon and committed to assist
persons in the worst affected areas:
Piggotts, Paynters, Bolans, West Palm
Beach, Urlings, Bendals, Jennings,
Grays Green, Yorks and other affected
areas across Antigua and Barbuda.

Government will immediately provide
the following:
A maximum of Two (2) double beds

One (1) table-top stove

- A cash voucher of EC$500 per assistance to
household; and businesses.

- Two (2) uniforms per child. In this
instance, the Ministry of Education will
provide replacement vouchers to the

This assistance will be coordinated
through the Ministry of Social
Transformation. This is an initial
immediate relief assistance which
government is offering until a detailed
assessment is provided by the
National Office of Disaster Services.

The Cabinet also acknowledged the
extensive devastation to the
agriculture and fisheries sectors from
initial reports and has agreed to an
assistance package to farmers and
fishers in Antigua and Barbuda as part
of the rehabilitation and restoration

Cabinet is also cognizant of the
businesses on Lower Market Street
which were flooded by the passage of
Hurricane Omar. Government will
make an assessment of the kind of

offer to these

Cabinet also received two
presentations from the Director of the
National Office of Disaster Services,
Philmore Mullin and the Manager of
the National Solid Waste Management
Authority, Denise Roberts.

The National Solid Waste
Management Authority in collaboration
with the Central Board of Health will be
launching a National Clean-up
Campaign over the weekend to begin
the process of cleaning the entire
country. The clean-up will begin in the
city and suburban areas on Sunday
19th October and in the other
communities on a zonal basis
including Barbuda thereafter.

Meanwhile, Cabinet is awaiting a more
comprehensive assessment and
detailed audit from the National Office
of Disaster Services, which is currently

Presented by
Dr. the Hon. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro







The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sa6~ambar/bcbbar 2008

The Andoua and Rorlbuda Hich Commission Issue 129 leatemberlOctobef 2008



The Honourable Harold Lovell, Minister of
Tourism & Civil Aviation recently returned
from Europe where he personally met key
European trade partners, including hotel
representatives, tour operators, airlines
and members of the press.

His busy itinerary began with hosting a
Hotel Partners Meeting at the UK Tourist
Office in London. Well attended by the
Islands' key hotel and resort
representatives, discussions centred on
business moving forward and a personal
update from Lovell concerning new
developments on the Islands and at the
airport. Antigua and Barbuda's UK
advertising agency, My Giraffe, presented
the results of a Mystery Shopper's trade
survey which was undertaken to gauge
general perceptions of the destination. The
positive results clearly indicate that
Antigua and Barbuda remains one of the
most popular destinations in the Caribbean
with agents highlighting the Islands' key
selling points as beautiful and friendly with
lovely beaches.

The Minister met with Tour Operators
Thomas Cook Signature, Saga Holidays,
Kuoni and Virgin Holidays as well as airline
partners, bmi, British Airways and Virgin
Atlantic. One on one press interviews took
place with The Daily Mirror newspaper,

New Nation, Travel Weekly, The
Flyer and Caribbean World

The focus of the trip was to reassure
trade partners that in these
turbulent times it was still "Business
as usual for Antigua;" the general
consensus of opinion was that while
some travellers may reduce their
total number of annual trips, the
yearly holiday was an integral part
of the British psyche and other
domestic expenditures were more
likely to be reduced before holidays
were too adversely affected.

Accompanied by Carol Hay,
Director of Tourism for the
UK/Europe, the Minister travelled to
Italy for a meeting with Livingstone
Airlines as well as key Italian tour

Comments Minister Lovell: "My visit
to Europe was a very productive trip
which resulted in frank and
productive dialogue with our trade partners
The mutual benefits of meeting them
personally after an eventful summer and
when the global economy is undergoing
such change, enabled me to better
understand their needs and discuss how

Honourable Harold Lovell
Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation

Swe can work together in promoting the
destination in the days and months ahead.
We sincerely value their support and look
forward to working with them in 2009 and

Junior Minister of

Tourism meets

Minister of Tourism

Kaeiron Saunders-Rogers, the newly
selected "Junior Minister of Tourism"
received an official tour of the Ministry
of Tourism Headquarters last week.
The 15 year old, fourth form student
who attends the Antigua Girls' High
School, was introduced to technical
and administrative members of staff

within the various was important that she understands
departments of the the existing relationship between
Ministry. tourism and all other sectors of the
economy and that her contribution in
During her meeting with any field will help to influence the
the Minister of Tourism, competitiveness of our nation.
Harold Lovell, he
acknowledged her Saunders-Rogers is a member of the
participation at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Cadet
Caribbean Tourism Corps, which meets every Friday at
Organisation/Travel & the Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre.
Leisure Youth Congress Discussions and research on tourism
in Trinidad last month, topics, hospitality clinics, seminars
where she joined 15 and workshops, destination tours,
other regional "Junior tourism projects, personal
Ministers of Tourism and development sessions and work
Commissioners of Tourism" in experience/internship programmes,
discussing issues which impact the are all part of this year-long
tourism sector, programme.

Minister Lovell commended Secondary school students
Saunders-Rogers on placing third at throughout Antigua and Barbuda, will
the event and encouraged her to get the chance to learn more about the
continue participating in various Tourism and Hospitality Industry when
tourism education programmes, so as the Ministry of Tourism's Hospitality
to expand her knowledge of the field. Industry Careers Road Show takes
place on November 25, as part of the
He also encouraged her to recognize Annual Tourism Week being held from
that even though her career path may November 23 November 28.
not be directly related to tourism that it


Tha Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Sa6~ambar/bcbbar 2008



Colin C. James, an Antigua and
Barbudan national, has been
appointed Chief Executive Officer of
the newly created Antigua and
Barbuda Tourism Authority.

Mr. James assumes his
responsibilities early in the New Year
and brings extensive commercial
experience and business acumen to
his new role, having served with
distinction as General Manager of PDV
Caribe Antigua and Barbuda Ltd, since
March 2007. Prior to this he served as
Chief Executive for Cable & Wireless
St. Lucia, the largest of the Cable &
i/ireless East Caribbean businesses.
Mr. James previously held the position
of Chief Executive of both Cable &
i/ireless Dominica and St. Kitts &

His distinguished career also included
roles as Marketing Manager with
Cable and Wireless USA, Area
Customer Services Manager for the
Leeward Islands and Head of
Customer Service for Cable &
i/ireless Antigua and Barbuda.

His key priorities for the Tourism
Authority will be marketing and
communication initiatives which will
promote the beautiful twin island
nation to increase visitor arrivals and
drive on-island spending.

The vision of the Tourism Authority is
to market and promote Antigua and

Barbuda as an upscale and V
unique destination known as
the events capital of the
Eastern Caribbean. Antigua
and Barbuda will be
positioned as a destination
that offers a wide array of
facilities, activities and
events and marketed as one
that is attractive, elegant
and renowned for its service
quality. The Tourism
Authority will work in tandem
with the Ministry of Tourism,
which will continue to
provide strategic direction.
All overseas tourism offices will now
fall under the structure of the new
Tourism Authority.

Mr. James will report directly to the
Minister of Tourism, the Honourable
Harold Lovell, who adds, "Colin's
appointment is a very welcome
addition to our team. His experience in
the private sector will be invaluable in
helping us enhance our many unique
selling points to overseas visitors."

Comments Colin James, "I'm
extremely delighted and excited about
the opportunity that has been afforded
to me to serve my country in this
capacity. The global financial crisis
has resulted in unprecedented
challenges which are affecting Antigua
and Barbuda at this time. However,
our country is in a unique position to
combine the experience, skills and

talents of our people, working with our
key industry partners, to ensure the
continued sustainability and success
of our tourism sector."

James emphasised that Antigua and
Barbuda has a great product to offer
all its visitors. The new Tourism
Authority will ensure that all local
stakeholders are continually made
aware of the importance of the
industry while working to provide a
visitor experience that is second to

Mr. James describes himself as a
family oriented man of faith. He is
married with two teenage children and
holds an MBA from Baruch College
the City University of New York.

Antigua and Barbuda National Association's Executive

Officers 2008 2009

Mr Everton George

Vice President
Mrs P. Stroude-Griffiths

General Secretary
Ms Shirley Martin

Assistant Secretary
Mrs Jennifer Ambrose-Dixon
Mr Claude Griffiths

Membership Secretary
Mr Ulston Richards

Education Officer
MrAlphonso Peters

Social Security
Ms. Yvonne Maginley

Welfare Officer
Mrs Leontine Manners

Public Relations Officer
Mrs Maphy Richards

Youth Officer
Mr Damien McKenzie

Additional Officers

Mrs Irma Gardner

Mr Ken Henry

Mr Erwin (Keith) Coates


The Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 Seoternber/dctober 2008

The Andaua and Rorbuda Hich Commission Issue I129 leatemberOctobef 2008

Songs powerfully
rendered the

Festival of Choirs

by Hazra C. Medica

Late October the Holy Family
Cathedral came to life with the
sound of Antigua's choirs. The event
was billed as the "Festival of Choirs".

A not too modest audience was
gathered in the hope that they were
in for a treat. Their hopes were not

Those in attendance included
Governor-General, Dame Louise
Lake-Tack, Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer, Minister of Culture, Eleston
Adams, members of the Antigua
Christian Council and Minister
Chandlah Codrington.

Things got off to a start with the
singing of the National Anthem all
three verses. It had indeed been a
long time, for many of us, no doubt,
since we had the opportunity to pay
tribute with our voices to all three
stanzas of our national anthem.

As each verse was sung with much
gusto, the "Independence feeling"
crept closer and closer upon me. It
was a more than welcomed feeling.

The national anthem was followed by
a dance presentation by the Holy
Family Cathedral Liturgical Dancers.
Each dancer was decked out in
"national dress" wear and each held
an Antiguan and Barbudan flag
which was waved along to the song
'Antigua Land.'

Following the dance presentation
was the procession of choirs, then

the audience got the opportunity to
lend their voices in song for the first
time that night with 'Come Let Us
Join Our Cheerful Songs'. After this
hymn was the invocation and then
we were sent fully on our way to the
night's main events.

The Holy Family Cathedral Choir, 30
members strong, was first up and it
set a rather fine precedent. Its first
number 'This is My Song' pleased
the audience. The second number -
an original piece 'Oh! Antigua and
Barbuda', had the audience swaying
to the rather catchy and up-tempo
tune. There was even a "clap along"
at the end of the song as the
drummer maintained the beat.

Next to appear on stage was The
National Youth Choir of Antigua and
Barbuda. This five-year-old group
rendered Siyahamba (South African
in origin, if I recall correctly) in soulful
tones that would make for great
"meditative listening".

Many were the audience members
who could be seen bodies strained
forward listening for every note
issued from the lead singer and the
rest of the choir. Rapt attention was
also given to the choir's rendition of
'Praise His Holy Name'. Thunderous
applause greeted them at the end of
their performances.

Then it was time for the all male cast
of The Men's Choir which treated the
audience to a Gospel medley
followed by a rather interesting
interpretation of 'Every Time I feel
the Spirit'. Their second rendition
came with a bit of an uncertain
shuffling as the men tried to feel the
beat of the tune and get into their
"groove" but before long all were
Feeling the Spirit. Some eyes in the
audience were focused on one
choir member standing on the left

who seemed rather chipperr" as he

A break was had for the offering
(proceeds of which were intended
for the St. Vincent DePaul Society
and the Amazing Grace Foundation).
After this, the audience was led into
some "warm up" exercises (the "me
me me me me" type) as master of
ceremonies, Maurice Merchant, took
us through some scales.

The scales out of the way, the
audience was then ready to do
justice to 'Where Land and Sea
Make Beauty' before the renown 56
year-old Antigua Community Players
took to the stage to remind us why
they are always considered such a
treat by audiences inside and
outside of Antigua. Their
performances illustrated why they
were considered true veterans in
their field, veterans will always be

Second to last on the programme
was the over two decades old
National Choir of Antigua and
Barbuda which offered us upbeat
renditions of a traditional Negro
Spiritual and 'Ride the Chariot'.

Last (no means least) was the most
upbeat (and probably youngest)
group of the evening, Sanctuary with
their renditions of 'Our Father' and 'I
Shall Sing'. During their second
song, some audience members took
to tapping their feet. Someone to my
left took to tapping a pen to keep the
beat and not long after someone
behind me joined in.

The usual fare of the vote of thanks,
benediction, closing hymn and all
ended the night. It was a short but
pleasant night for all.

Source: Antigua Sun

.Antiiiia a;nd Bairblidai Hih 'oiiiiiiission
2nd Floor, 45 ('rain iord Place
London \ I1H 4LP

Tel: 020 "258 0070
Fax: 020 "258 7486


Tha Anb'aua anJ BarbuJa Hiah Cammirrian

Irrua 129 SooIambor/dcIobar 2008

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