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The Antigua and Barbuda

High Commission

Official Newsletter Issue 125 -- January/ February 2008



Antigua and Barbuda has had
its second state funeral in a
matter of weeks, as former
Premier Sir George Walter was
laid to rest.

It was just a few weeks ago
that the nation buried former
Agriculture Minister Hon.
Charlesworth Samuel.

Former Premier Sir George
Walter was accorded a state
funeral and Labour Minister Dr.
The Hon. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro
was again assigned the
responsibilities of chairing the
planning committee. Dr. Quinn-
Leandro also led the
arrangements for Minister
Samuel's funeral.

Other members on the planning
committee were Acting
Agriculture Minister, Senator the
Hon. Joanne Massiah, H.E.
Ambassador Leon Symister,
members of Sir George's family
and officials within the Protocol
Division of the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs. The funeral
took place on the 18th March at
the Antigua Recreation

Cabinet, according to the
statement, noted with sadness
the passing of the country's
second Premier, who led his
Progressive Labour Movement
(PLM) party into power at the
1971 general elections.

Sir George died at the
Holberton Hospital after a short
period of illness.

Cabinet noted his over 40 years
of service in the trade union
and political movements in
Antigua and Barbuda, including
his period of service as head of

The statement noted "Sir
George H. Walter's over 40
years in the trade union and
political movements, serving as
general-secretary of the
Antigua Trades and Labour

Sir George Walter, KGCN
(Photo courtesy Antigua Sun)

Union (AT&LU), founder of the
Antigua and Barbuda Workers'
Union (ABWU) and Premier of
Antigua and Barbuda,
contributed significantly to the
development of our nation."

The Cabinet also stated that
"He was a true champion of
the working class people of
Antigua and Barbuda."

According to Cabinet, Sir
George "will always remain on
Antigua and Barbuda's roll of
honour for his sterling

Cabinet expressed its
condolences to Sir George's
children Sharon, Paul,
Senator Gregory Walter and
Vaughn Walter and other
members of the Walter family.

In This Issue:
3 Prime Minister proposes Memorialfor the late Honourable Charlesworth Samuel
5 European Union to waive visa requirements
'2 Minister of Finance and the Economy, Dr Errol Cort is confident over Whitelisting
7 Antigua and Barbuda takesflour dispute to CARICOM

Antigua and Barbuda High Commission



Dear Readers,

Many times we hear the statement that
"the only thing that's constant is change
itself' (Heraclitus), and many of us give
silent assent to its applicability.
Throughout this newsletter we see
another type of change taking place.

We are saddened by the passing of two
of Antigua and Barbuda's esteemed
sons of the soil. Both of these national
icons have more than a passing interest
in agriculture, especially farming. Both
were well respected men and both stood
tall for what they believed in. Their
accomplishments have stirred the lives
of many citizens of our beloved nation
and have provided us with the motivation
to emulate the good we observed in their
life-styles. Glowing tributes have poured
in from many quarters and the

contributions that each has made to
society will be the subject of discourse
for many years to come.

The other side of the change we notice in
this issue of the newsletter is a change
regarding our future. There are two
aspects of this side of change. On pages
7, 9 and 12 we feature the youths of our
nation and their achievements to date.
We often use the statement that our
youths are our leaders of tomorrow. We
highlight three different individuals and
their achievements. There are
opportunities available to many of our
youths which need only to be grasped
and focused upon for the rewards to be

The other aspect of this second form of
change comes from the continued focus
of our Government. The citation of a
"Government for the people" is constantly
demonstrated by the many changes we
see being introduced starting from the
trilogy of legislation in 2004. In this
newsletter, we make reference to the
long-awaited pension reform which must
be dear to the hearts of many
pensioners in Antigua and Barbuda. We
look forward to the conclusion of the
consultation and the implementation of
the chosen model of pension reform.

The final change to be noted is about this
issue of the newsletter. Have you
spotted it? Yes! No? I won't say what it is.
I would simply request your feedback
and comments. Tell us what you think,
please. We welcome your suggestions.
Please respond by calling us on
02072580070 or mailing your
comments to curliss.bart@antigua-
Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

Issue 125 January/February

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

Charlesworth Samuel Laid To Rest

Long regarded as one of the
most respected politicians, The
Honourable Charlesworth
Samuel, was laid to rest on
Tuesday 19th February, 2008.

Thousands of mourners
attended the state funeral
service at the Antigua
Recreation Grounds.

Prime Minister the Honourable
Baldwin Spencer gave a
glowing tribute of his former
cabinet colleague. In an
emotional address, the nation's
leader said "Brother
Charlesworth's life has been
exemplary and we would
preserve his legacy if we can
continue to espouse the values

and principles he lived by; love
of community, generosity of
spirit, high moral ethics, honesty,
decency and integrity."

He added "Brother Charlesworth
was a true Christian who was
called to be distinct from others
but at the same time to
positively influence others in
society." Junior Minister of
Information, Broadcasting and
Telecommunication Senator Dr.
Edmond Mansoor said Samuel
was an outstanding son of
Antiguan soil. "It was a privilege,
it is a humbling privilege to have
known Charlesworth, to have
worked with Charlesworth and
to have learnt from
Charlesworth," Senator Dr.
Mansoor was quoted as saying.

Former Prime Minister and
leader of the Antigua Labour
Party Lester Bird remarked that
as a Minister, Samuel was
diligent as well as respectful of
all his colleagues.

"He was always ready to impart
a sense of peace and well
thought out alternatives to the
complex issues that invariably
led to very heated exchanges in

Parliament between both
sides," Bird stated.
He added "His gentlemanly
style of debate was novel yet
effective and will surely be
missed in the House. In this
time of rancour, hate and
violence, the Hon.
Charlesworth Samuel will be
missed as a model statesman."

Meanwhile the governing
United Progressive Party is
gearing up for a by-election in
the All Saints East and St.
Luke constituency left vacant
by Samuel's passing. The
election has been set for
March 27th and Senator
Chester Hughes, has been
selected by the UPP to contest
the election.

Hughes will be facing the
Organisation for National
Development's (OND) Ralph
Francis and Steve Williams of
the Progressive Youth
Movement (PYM).

Senator Hughes has said he is
confident of retaining the seat
for the UPP. The constituency
is considered by many to be a
UPP stronghold.

PM Proposes

Memorial For


Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer has proposed that a
bronze bust be erected in
Parliament as "a fitting tribute"
to the life and contributions of
the late Minister of Agriculture,
Lands, Marine Resources and
Agro Industries, Charlesworth

This proposal was made in
February, when the Lower
House of Parliament met to
pay tribute to the late Hon.
Charlesworth Samuel ahead
of his state funeral.

According to the nation's
Leader "It is our obligation to
ensure that our young people
and generations to come are
conscious of the life and work

(continued on page 4)


Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

Antiguans, Barbudans and other Caribbean nationals paid their respects to the late Minister by signing condolence book at High Commission.
(above) Ms. Marion Herbert of the Guyana High Commission signs the Book of Condolence.

(Continued from page 3)
of Charlesworth Samuel. I
consider it government's
responsibility to ensure that
our nation's young people
know what Charlesworth
Samuel believed in and what
he meant to our country,"
Spencer stated.

The proposal that a memorial
bust be placed at the
Parliament building was
endorsed by Opposition
Leader Steadroy "Cutie"
Benjamin, when he paid
tribute to Samuel.
As members of the Samuel
family in the galleries looked
on, Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer also introduced an

obituary resolution
recognizing and lauding
Samuel for his dedicated
service to the people of
Antigua and Barbuda in areas
including education, politics
and the legal fraternity and
expressing condolences at
his death.

He noted that in February,
1976, Samuel was first
elected to Parliament as MP
for St. Luke.

Also during the special sitting
of Parliament, Speaker of the
House D. Gisele Isaac-
Arrindell read a message from
Governor-General Dame

Louise Lake-Tack, who said
she had developed a warm
relationship with the late MP
and his family over a period
of years.

Speaking of lunches they
shared during Samuel's visits
to London, the governor-
general stated, "I honestly
believe it was during those
luncheons that I really got to
know him quite well. He
spoke of those principles he
held dear and adhered to
them vehemently."

(Reprinted from Antigua Sun)

The Staff of the Antigua and Barbuda High
Commission would like to express sympathies to

the families of our two fallen sons of the soil.

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

exempted from visa
requirements. This exemption
will apply to short stays only.

ai -.
BS *,nnum

i-umupc I. uLuu..iy.9 a pupu.
destination for Antiguans an

EU To Waive Visa

Antiguans and Barbudans
travelling to European Unior
countries may soon be


Pension Reform on
the Way

Although there is no specific date
set for the completion of the
comprehensive pension reform
programme, Minister of Finance
and the Economy Dr. The Hon.
Errol Cort said he would love to
see it implemented by January

Dr. Cort said the pension reform
is work in progress, but he does
not want to set, at this point, any
specific time frame for its
completion because he wants all
stakeholders to have an
opportunity to have their views

"I had requested the assistance
of some consultants to come in
and just take a look in terms of
the whole pension system and
they did that," Dr. Errol Cort said.
"They wrote a report that goes
back to the end of early 2006.

So, we have some basis, but this
is an issue that requires the
input of all stakeholders."
The Finance Minister told the
Antigua Sun that he wants the
Social Security Board to get on
board and to come up with ideas
as it relates to the pension
reform programme.

"Clearly, I would want to hear
from the unions representing
employees to hear their ideas
and let them share what they
would like to see done," Dr. Cort
told the SUN.

The Minister said that employers
also have a position in the
process and he is calling on
them to share some ideas so
that the government can devise
a way forward.

"I have said in Budget 2008 that
2008 will be the year for pension
reform, now, the process has
started; when we will be able to

finish it all depends on how
things move," Dr. Cort said.

He continued, "By the end of
2008, I would love to see us in a
position where we have agreed
on all the elements that would
form part of this pension reform
programme and that we are at
an implementation stage going
into January 2009."

A Pension Administration Reform
Commission recently began the
process of examining pensions
in the OECS. The Commission
was established to look at
pension arrangements in the
Eastern Caribbean Currency
Union (ECCU) and to make
recommendations for reform.

The council was presented with
an action plan for the activities of
the committee and the action
plan was approved.

(Reprinted from Antigua Sun)

Issue 125 January/February 2008

countries." In this regard, High
Commissioner Dr Carl Roberts
participated in the negotiations
in Brussels on 13th March 2008.

According to Business Week, he
intends to do this "as soon as
the EU's 27 governments give
their backing to the proposal,
which could happen in the next
few months."

Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ambassador Colin Murdoch is
pleased with the good news.
He said "Already some citizens
from the European Union enter
Antigua and Barbuda without a
visa, so this would be a
reciprocal move to allow
Antiguans and Barbudans the
same privilege."

k "- According to newspaper reports,
the European Commission said
S it has "taken the first step
towards the conclusion of short
stay visa waiver agreements
between the EU and Antigua
and Barbuda, the Bahamas,
Barbados, Mauritius, Saint Kitts
and Nevis and the Seychelles."

The European Commission is
ar expected to submit its
d recommendations to the EU
Ministers shortly.

The EU Justice and Home
Affairs Commissioner Franco
Frattini is quoted as saying he
"intends to open the negotiations
on the visa waiver with the six

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


The Festival is expected to attract more tourists during the traditional

Music Festival On The


An estimated US$2M will be used towards the
funding of Antigua and Barbuda's first International
Music Festival which is slated for June this year.

The festival, which is intended to give a boost to
the tourist arrival figures, will be held from 12-15
June under the theme Romance.

Minister of Tourism the Honourable Harold Lovell
made this announcement during the official launch
of the festival which was held at Russels
Restaurant and Bar.

"We won't want to spend more than US$2M in
terms of our total budget. This will include
production cost, artists' fees and other things,"
Lovell said. "We are being very modest for our first
year. As the years go by we know we will have to
spend more but, it would not be sensible this year
for us to go for the very big artist until we have our
name firmly established on the entertainment
calendar in the region."

Although he does not expect that the festival
will have a significant return in revenue this year,
Lovell is confident that the investment will be

"When we look at the impact on the overall
economy, we know that it will be worth it," Lovell
added. "The restaurants, hotels and car rental
companies will do well. The impact on the
economy will be positive."

The Minister said that they will be catering for about
1500 to 2000 persons this year but expects this
number to increase in following years, explaining

that there is a gestation period of between three to
five years for the festival to fully develop.

"It is not an overnight wonder, it's something that
you have to allow to grow, nurture and develop.
For this year, we expect that the numbers will not
be what we want it to be but we want to start now,"
Lovell further stated.

According to Lovell, the festival is driven by the
Ministry of Tourism officials because they want to
ensure that their low arrival period becomes part of
the high season.

Between the months of May and June, there is
usually a slump in visitor arrivals. The festival is
just a strategy that the ministry will be using in an
effort to increase the visitor arrivals to Antigua and
Barbuda during that period.

Manager responsible for Promotion and
Advertising in the Ministry of Tourism, Joyce Henry,
said a team went off to Anguilla's Jazz Festival a
few months ago and then to Jamaica's Jazz and
Blue's Festival where they had meetings with
organizers of the festival.

The organizers advised them on where they should
look for marketing, sponsorship and advertising.

"We will market it in such a way so that at the end,
we will be able to see our visitor arrivals in terms of
our branding of the destination and in terms of
setting that spot on the Caribbean calendar of
events," Henry announced.

Dr. Alvin Glen Edwards Chairman of the Planning
Committee said after the first festival, they will
assess it and make adjustments, if any, before
hosting a second one. There will be a mixture of
local, regional and international artists performing
at the festival.

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason

Child Prodigy Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason
"The little girl from Mapperley Park"

Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason, still four months short of her 12th
birthday, has had her first Baptism in the classical field of music as a
concert pianist and composer of her Piano Concerto.

On Sunday evening, January 20, 2008 Isata was invited by the Saint
Bartholomew's Orchestra to perform her Piano Concerto at a Benefit
Concert in Aid of Hospices of Hope and Cry in the Dark in the Grand
Palm Court Auditorium of the Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London.
The stage was now set; members of the Orchestra were in their
places; and the audience had all returned to their seats. The Second
half of the evening's proceedings was due to commence with Miss
Isata Kanneh-Mason's Piano Concerto.

Dr. Bernard Jupp, the conductor took the rostrum quickly followed by
Miss Isata amidst tumultuous applause from the orchestra and the

The applause had not totally and completely subsided and a
deafening silence prevailed.

With an almost imperceptible nod and a reassuring smile from Miss
Isata to Dr. Jupp; the orchestra' conductor and soloist began the
First Movement of the Piano Concerto, a delightful and tuneful
Allegro Molto Vivace.

A psychological pause and then The Second Movement of the
Concerto, the Adagio commenced with the soloist, Miss Isata
completely on her own playing for about five/ six minutes.

With unnerving grace, fluency and exquisite precision, Isata's fingers
caressed the notes on the keyboard; transforming this beautiful
enchanting song-ling melody backward and forward, from soloist to
the audience before the orchestra joined in with the theme in the
Concerto. The audience was enthralled.

This was an inspired blending, infusion and outpouring from the
souls of Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason's Welsh, Sierra Leonean
and Afro-Caribbean forebearers.

The Concerto then ended with a Rondo, repeated refrains between
episodes in the Third and Final Movement of the Piano Concerto.
Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason rose and bowed triumphantly to
the audience, then faced Dr. Bernard Jupp, the conductor, who
shook her hand and warmly raised the back of it to his lips.

The applause than ensued was spontaneous, rapturous and
prolonged. And as Isata was about to leave the stage, she was also
presented with a bouquet from the Orchestra.

Issue 125 January/February 2008

Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason
Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason

With the applause still resounding across the auditorium, Isata
returned and bowed once again to the audience. And a second
bouquet was presented on stage by Mrs. Pauline Roberts on behalf
of Mr. Bernard (BT) and Ms Eusalyn Lewis and also a box of
chocolate and a congratulatory card from HE Dr. Carl Roberts, High
Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda. Touching gestures unheard
of or unseen before.

Throughout the performance, Isata appeared most importantly to
have enjoyed the experience. The calmness composure, confidence,
poise, polish and maturity were unbelievable.

This was indeed a superb performance and a remarkable
achievement by Miss Isata Megan Kanneh-Mason, still affectionately
referred to by some very close friends of the family, as "The Little
Girl from Mapperly Park", Nottingham.

Is this the dawn of an exciting and challenging career for Miss Isata?
The outlook should be a positive one!

When Isata's parents were confronted about the Piano Concerto and
how it was conceived in the mind of someone so young, they replied
that Isata told them that, "it just popped up into my head," and within
a matter of two weeks the whole of the concerto had crystallized.

The parents Kadiatu Kanneh and Stuart Mason saw the merits of the
Composition both having reached the Advanced Stages of the
Association Board of the Royal School of Music piano exams. They
approached the Principal of the St. Bartholomew's Orchestra; sent
him a copy of the score and a CD recording of the Work which
resulted in her appearance with the orchestra.

Subsequently, Isata was invited to London for a "run through". Her
knowledge, not only of the soloist parts, but also all the orchestral
parts was quickly evident in the stops and starts normal of any
rehearsal without any music sheets and she knew exactly where
each instrument came in the Score.

The culmination of which was the Premiere Performance of the
Piano Concerto at Waldorf Hilton hotel on January 20, 2008.

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


The Antigua and Barbuda
Tourist Office has announced
an 8% year on year increase
in arrivals from the UK for
2007. Total figures were
96,797 up from 89,563 in

The healthy growth was
particularly strong in June with
a 20% increase and in
September, up 18% over
2006. Interestingly, right
across the summer months,
traditionally a slower season
in the Caribbean, numbers
were significantly higher,
indicating that the exotic
appeal of the twin Island
destination continues to draw
UK travellers.

Carol Hay, Director of
Tourism UK & Europe
comments "Naturally we are
delighted with these figures as
they clearly demonstrate the
Island's popularity here in the
UK. We've seen increases
across the board from
families, couples, wedding
and honeymooners, as well
as small to medium sized
groups. They show that our
marketing strategies are

working and that the
popularity of Antigua and
Barbuda as an easy-to-
reach destination well
served by direct flights and
top tour operators is growing.
Holidays and exciting travel
experiences have become
an integral part of people's
lives and with 365 beaches
and year round sun, Antigua
and Barbuda really does
have it all!"

Count Down To Sailing Week Begins

Another page will turn at this year's Stanford Antigua Sailing
Week. For many years now the first day of racing has ended with
a beach bash on Dickenson Bay.

The traditional beach party attracts thousands of people who join
the sailors in the post race revelry from early afternoon until late
into the night.

However, over recent years the logistics of hosting such an
event on Dickenson Bay have become increasingly difficult,
access to the beach and parking have been major challenges.

Further changes in the surrounding environment since last
year's event have obliged the Sailing Week Organising
Committee to make the difficult decision to move the Beach
party to Fort James for this year's event. The Event kicks off on
April 27th and ends on May 3rd. More details on Sailing Week will
be available in the next instalment of our newsletter.

Issue 125 January/February

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

(halene graduating from University of
Western Ontario in 2004

Above: Chalene and Mom Pauline Roberts
promoting Antigua and Barbuda
at a charity event
Fact File:

Date of Birth: November 14, 1983

Anticuan Residence: Paradise View

Sunnyside Tutorial International School

Antigua Girls' High School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma,
Trinity College School

B.A. Administrative and Commercial
studies Major Organisational and Human
Resources University of Western Ontario

M.A. International Business and
Management University of Westminster

Long, long way from home....

Ducana, saltfish, and pristine white beaches! These are but a
few of the luxuries Chalene Roberts has given up at least

Working at the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission means
she is far removed from the luxuries of Caribbean life.

As the High Commission's Administrative Assistant she provides
valuable support for the work of the mission. She's the first
person you meet when you step into the High Commission, and
her smile and warmth represents the famous Antiguan and
Barbudan hospitality!

Armed with a university education, she's yet to decide on that
dream career, but has her eye set on diplomacy!

In this newsletter we get up close with Miss Roberts.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy most?
The broad spectrum of responsibilities bring with them a
challenge and I love a challenge.

What do you like most about living in London?
The arts! London like New York is a great city for the theatre!

What do you miss most about Antigua?
The food! Although I enjoy some aspects of Antiguan cuisine in
London, what you find in Antigua is always better.

Favorite food?
Fungi and shark and cassie! Not sure why really, but I like
anything with fungi.

Who would you say is your role model?
H. E. Carl Roberts. Although he is the High Commissioner and
most people only know him in that capacity, he is also my father
and he has been my role model since a child.

If you were not working for the High Commission what
would you be doing now?
In an international organisation based in Toronto, Canada.

Most memorable moment?
My first day at work. I was absolutely petrified although I already
knew all my colleagues before applying for the position.

What is the most interesting thing about you that people are
unaware of?

Although I'm only 24 years old. I already hold two degrees and
have lived in 5 countries around the world. I must admit I've
truly been blessed.



Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


Stalls from around the world brought to your doorstep
by ii: ,.I .l1l. uli'. missions of over ;,O countries.



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Sand un-rting fa-ii.-.
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Horriln 5tr@a. Ljidtpi W-
Tkik, High Street 1flsingluio
All prllLedt ?u :! ISS UK

*E p S


Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


Don't miss London's largest, most colourful Charity Fair!

Sample the best of global cuisine;

Choose from an inspiring selection of ceramics;
Jewellery and glass

Adorn yourself with scarves, hats ands shoes!

Give the house a make-over with exotic flowers, textiles and
rugs; dance to the beat of world music, unwind at the all-day
licensed bar!

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barduda High Commission

ABDF Officer in London

A young member of the Antigua and
Barbuda Defence Force is receiving
training in England.

Second Lieutenant Jamal Aska has been
attending the Platoon Commanders'
Battle Course in London since January 19.
The course ends on May 3, 2008.

The course is designed to train Infantry
Officers how to command a platoon in
light role high intensity operations and
how to train and administer a platoon in

Issue 125 January/February 2008

Chief of Defence Staff Commander
Trevor Thomas said that he is confident
that Lieutenant Aska will represent the
ABDF and Antigua and Barbuda well in
England as he has done exceptionally
well in previous training and attachments

Second Lieutenant Aska attended the
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for one
year in 2006. He was also the ABDF first
Sandhurst graduate and the first Officer to
successfully complete a US Ranger

Cort Confident Over Whitelisting

A high level delegation from
Antigua and Barbuda, led by
Minister of Finance and the
Economy Dr L. Errol Cort met UK
Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe
MP to discuss Antigua and
Barbuda's application to the
Gambling Commission for
"whitelisting" under the UK's
recent gambling legislation.

Remote gaming operators in
jurisdictions attaining "whitelist"
status are allowed to advertise
their services to consumers in the
United Kingdom.

Although a handful of applicants
have been accepted for
whitelisting, Antigua and
Barbuda's application has yet to
be approved. Minister Cort and
the other members of his
delegation visited Minister
Sutcliffe with the hope of moving
the process along and ensuring
that the Gambling Commission

had all information necessary to
complete its review and approve
Antigua's application.

"We are extremely encouraged by
the reception we received from
Minister Sutcliffe and his staff,"
observed Minister Cort. "I was
happy to learn that very little
stands in the way of our approval
for whitelisting, and I think I can
express confidence that this issue
will be resolved favourably in the
very near future," said Dr Cort.

The Antiguan and Barbudan
delegation also included High
Commissioner Dr. Carl Roberts,
Deputy Administrator of the
Financial Services Regulatory
Commission Mr. Trevor Mathurin,
Director of Gaming Ms Kaye
McDonald, gaming regulatory
consultant Mr. Alan Pedley and
legal advisor Mr. Mark Mendel.

Minister Cort indicated that he
had assembled the team in order

to be able to address the
specifics of any questions or
concerns that Minister Sutcliffe
may have had regarding Antigua
and Barbuda's regulatory efforts.
"We are acknowledged global
leaders in the regulation of this
industry," said Ms McDonald.
"Our standards are the highest in
the world and we view the
whitelisting as important to
demonstrate our commitment to
the highest standards in the
supervision and oversight of this
dynamic industry."

Minister Cort concluded by
stating that he considered the
mission an unqualified success.
"This meeting shows what
governments can accomplish by
working co-operatively and
openly to resolve issues between
them. We appreciate Minister
Sutcliffe's interest in this matter
and look forward to concluding
this matter shortly", he said.


The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

Labour Minister
Addresses UN

Labour Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn Leandro
The Hon. Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro Minister of
Labour, Public Administration and
Empowerment addressed the 52nd session of
the Commission on the Status of Women
(CSW) at United Nations headquarters in New
York on 25 February 2008.

The Hon. Minister was speaking on behalf of
the Group of 77 and China, which is the 132-
member negotiating group for developing
countries that are members of the United
Nations. Antigua and Barbuda is the Chair of
the G77 and China for 2008.

Speaking on the priority theme of the session,
'Financing for gender equality and the
empowerment of women', the Hon. Minister
told the meeting that while Governments and
the international community have emphasized

the importance of the empowerment of women,
more needs to be done to achieve the goals of
the Platform for Action adopted by the Fourth
World Conference on Women in Beijing in

Since the Beijing Conference, many
developing countries report that resources
have remained insufficient for programmes
dedicated to the empowerment of women and
that achieving gender equality objectives will
require a renewed commitment, a reallocation
of resources and additional and predictable
sources of financing. The Minister identified
gender responsive budgeting as one means to
ensure that Governments include gender
dimensions in their budget planning processes.

The outcome of this session of the
Commission is expected to contribute concrete
action-oriented gender-sensitive
recommendations to provide coherence
between macroeconomic policies and the
goals of gender equality and the
empowerment of women.

The Hon. Minister spoke after the UN
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, launched a
multi-year global campaign bringing together
various stakeholders at the national and
international levels to end violence against
women. This campaign, according to UN
officials, calls for commitment at the highest
levels and is designed to break the silence and
ensure that women's voices are heard on the
issue. Dr. Quinn-Leandro will launch the
campaign, nationally as an activity to mark
International Women's Day.


The Sunday Times, one of the UK's most influential and
leading Sunday newspapers, has affirmed Antigua and :
Barbuda as the 'Caribbean's Best Island for Families.'
The cover story in the newspaper's travel supplement of
27 January 2008 Children on vacation enjoying the sunshine!

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

(continued from page 13)

highlights "direct flights,
painless transfers and
rooms that open straight
onto the sand..." as reasons
to choose the Island above
its Caribbean neighbours.

The travel supplement also
praised the numerous
activities available for
youngsters, in particular the
Antigua Rainforest Canopy
Tour, turtle spotting and the
infamous Sunday evening
"jump-up" at Shirley Heights.

Carol Hay, Director of
Tourism UK & Europe
comments; "This is a
wonderful endorsement for
us and illustrates that our
efforts to increase market
share" in this segment by
introducing innovative
activities for our younger
guests are being

The Sunday Times newspa-
per has a circulation of
1,148,329 and enjoys a
broad readership through-
out the United Kingdom.

Turtle watching is popular with the kids!

Shirley Heights is the place to be on a Sunday

Ministry planning
Diversity Week

The Ministry of Culture is already
making preparations for Antigua
and Barbuda's second Diversity
Week celebrations.

Minister of Culture, Eleston
Adams has set aside one week in
May for the event.

The activities will be centred on
an integration of the various
ethnic groups, affording
nationalities including Antiguans
and Barbudans, the opportunity
to showcase their diverse talents,
skills, artistry, produce and

This event will once again take
place at the Antigua Recreation
Grounds (ARG) under the theme
Hands and Hearts Joined
Culturally Together.

"Diversity Week" is the bringing
together of all the ethnic groups
and the different national
associations, promoting harmony
among everyone, to interact and
be aware of each other's culture,
customs, folklore and to sharpen
awareness of our surroundings,
to assist in communicating and
socialising within the many strata
of this nation," a Ministry of
Culture press release stated.

According to organizers, Diversity
Week will be showcased as a fair
from 29 May to 7 June.

Each association will be provided
with a tent, electricity, water, a
table and security with the
assistance of the Ministry of

For the opening of the fair, it is
expected that the different
groups in their costumes will
parade through the streets. In the
evenings, there will be a time
given to showcase their music,
dance, fashion and any custom

or folklore that can enhance
their cultural production.
"The excitement of this
programme is overwhelming as
this vision can make a
meaningful contribution to
peace and harmony among us
all, as this will definitely
enhance our progress towards
nation building," the release

Last year's celebration was
deemed a tremendous success
by the Culture Minister who has
envisioned that it would become
one of the biggest attractions on
the country's activity calendar.

Among the countries who
participated in Diversity Week
last year were Dominica,
Jamaica, St. Kitts/Nevis, St.
Vincent, Montserrat, Grenada,
Jamaica, Guyana, China and
Antigua and Barbuda.

(Reprinted from Antigua Sun)


Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

Particulars of the Post of Chief Magistrate,
Magistrates Court
Ministry of Justice and Public Safety


Chief Magistrate

Qualifications: Bachelor of Law Degree,
Legal Education Certificate. At least seven (7)
years experience as an advocate in a Court
having unlimited jurisdiction in civil matters in
some part of the Commonwealth.

Salary: $69,240.00 per annum.

Travelling Allowance: $ 8,736.00 per annum
(provided the officer maintains a car for the
performance of official duties)

by the Magistrate's Code of Procedure Act, Cap.
255 and any other law.

(c) Conduct coroners' inquest and
licensing sessions.

(d) Conduct of Juvenile court.

(e) Hear affiliation matters, certain
matrimonial matters and other matters relating to
the custody of children.

$18,000.00 per annum.

$18,000.00 per annum.

$36,000.00 per annum.



Limited to local calls

The Officer will be required to contribute
towards the Educational Levy, Medical Benefit and
Social Security Schemes.

There will be also a deduction in the form of
personal Income Tax. Employment will be subject
to Medical fitness.

Vacation Leave: Twenty-seven (27) working days
per annum in accordance with existing regulations.
(which said leave shall be taken during the life of
the contract).

Sick Leave: Thirty (30) calendar days during the
period of twelve (12) months.

Duties: (a) Be responsible for the
administration of the Magistrate Division.

(b) Adjudicate all criminal, quasi-
criminal and civil cases within the limits prescribed

(f) Preside over certain
Boards as stipulated by Law (example.
tax and Property tax etc.)


(g) Perform certain judicial and
administrative functions (e.g., issuing of warrants
and granting of bail) when called upon to do so by
the Police on Saturdays, Sundays and Public

Gratuity: Twelve and a half percent (12.5%) of
aggregate salary payable on the completion of the

Hours of Work: (1) Mondays to Thursdays 8:00
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

(2) Notwithstanding (1) above,
the nature of the duties will require the Officer to
perform work outside of the hours mentioned above,
in addition to Saturdays, Sundays and Public
Holidays when necessary.

Applications stating qualifications, experience, the
names and addresses of at least two referees,
along with copies of Certificates should be sent to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
New Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St John's
Antigua W.I.

Housing Allowance

Duty Allowance:

Payment in lieu:
(of Private practice)


Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

New Police
High Command

The United Progressive Party
administration led by Prime Minister
Hon. Baldwin Spencer is continuing
in its drive to increase efficiency of
the Royal Police Force of Antigua
and Barbuda. Coming on the heels
of the Alfonse Breau Report a
study into the operations of the
police force -- the government his
implementing programmes geared
towards reforming the police force.

That report was commissioned by
the government through Minister of
Justice, Senator the Hon. Colin
Derrick who also is responsible for
the modernisation of police force.

According to the nation's leader
"As a consequence of the
retirement of members of the
Police Command, the Police
Service Commission
recommended the appointment
of four individuals with over
one hundred years of
cumulative experience having
served in various leading
capacities within the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police, to
assume the Police High
Command for a period of two

Acting Chief Magistrate Asquith
Reviere has administered the
oath of Office to the following
individuals: Gary L. Nelson
(appointed to the post of
Commissioner of Police),
Thomas W. Bennett (appointed
to the post of Deputy
Commissioner responsible for
Operations), Michael B. O'Neil
(appointed to the post of
Deputy Commissioner with
responsibility for
Administration) and Ronald A.
Scott (appointed to the post of
Assistant Commissioner in
charge of the Criminal
Investigations Department).

The Prime Minister also noted
that the "The new police high
command in tandem with the
other top Officers of the Force
will be charged with the
responsibility of providing
leadership within the force to
ensure greater efficiency and

effectiveness in the services
provided to the people of
Antigua and Barbuda."

He also emphasized that his
government "expects that
throughout the coming two
years, that the Royal Police
Force of Antigua and Barbuda
will undergo a transformation
into an institution deserving the
respect, admiration and trust of
the citizens and residents of
this country."

Prime Minister Spencer pointed
out that one of the major
responsibilities of the new
police high command is the
establishment of an efficient
and effective system, of
identifying appropriate and
suitable members of the Royal
Police Force of Antigua and
Barbuda,"who demonstrate
that desired managerial and
leadership qualities necessary
to be promoted to the most
senior positions in the force
including the position of
Commissioner of Police.

"Commissioner Nelson has
been charged with the
responsibility to ensure that the
necessary guidance and
training is secured to provide
professional development to
members of the force to enable
and maintain adequate
succession planning for the
future existence and
development of the institution,"
he added.

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

Bread is a major part of the Caribbean diet

Antigua and Barbuda Takes
Flour Dispute To CARICOM

Antigua and Barbuda's prolonged fight against the
flour price increases issue, finally yielded fruit
when the country secured a stay on any new price
increases until the end of March and temporary
permission to import outside of the OECS.

The decisions were two of many surrounding the
results of the country's application at the 24th
Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and
Economic Development (COTED) in Bahamas for
a derogation of Article 164 of the Revised Treaty of
Chaguaramas to import a portion of its flour quota
from medium developed CARICOM countries or
extra-regional sources.

It was the original intent for the Nineteenth Inter-
Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of
Government of CARICOM meeting to discuss and
resolve the issue, but the COTED Ministers
decided to deliberate the issue within their ranks.

Firstly, the COTED found that the price for flour
should remain at the old price until the end of
March, thereby alleviating fears of a flour shortage
in the country.

Reports are that the country has only enough flour
in stock to provide for local needs until the middle
of March.

Secondly, by 30 March, a regional flour
stakeholders' meeting needs to take place so that
an agreement can be reached regarding the price
of flour. Antigua and Barbuda's delegation
indicated a desire to the secretary-general to have
the meeting in Antigua.

To facilitate this meeting, the mills in St. Vincent &
the Grenadines and Grenada are duty-bound to
provide Antigua and Barbuda with information and
data covering their price structure and pricing
mechanism for the last five years.

It is to be noted that the OECS Secretariat
previously mandated the same documents last
month, but they were never delivered.

If the meeting fails to result in complete accord
regarding the price, Antigua and Barbuda would be
entitled to source flour outside of the OECS for
three months, thereby providing an effective
derogation of Article 164 of the Treaty of

Following any lack of agreement by the
stakeholder governments, the issue would be
brought back to the meeting of the Heads of
Government scheduled to take place in July in
Antigua and Barbuda.

Minister of Finance and the Economy Dr. Errol Cort
has remarked that the results of the meeting are
very pleasing.

He added that as the government and its
stakeholders, meaning the bakers and importers,
have been dealing with the situation collectively, he
said that the government delegation at any
meeting that takes place would not only include
Ministers but representatives from each of the
stakeholder parties.

Trade Co-ordinator Ambassador Dr. Clarence
Henry also indicated that the meeting's results
were reasonable and pleasing but said, "We are
firm that we will not accept any further price
increases. That is our position."

Unfortunately, due to flight delays St. Kitts/Nevis'
Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Timothy Harris
and his delegation were not able to attend the
meeting because of late arrival.

So, the provisions that were decided on only apply
to Antigua and Barbuda since there is historical
evidence within the COTED that the country has
broached discussions about the price of flour
before. The meeting was reminded of the 17th
COTED meeting which took place in Trinidad &
Tobago in February 2006, where the conference
agreed that flour would be added to the list of
products to benefit under article 164 of the revised
treaty, but there should be discussions following
about the pricing of the product, which apparently
never came about.

Issue 125 January/February 2008

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

I Texan investor R. Allen Stanford (blue shirt) presents cheque to Trinidad and Tobago team

Trinidad & Tobago Take Home Stanford 20/20 US$1M Jackpot

Trinidad & Tobago, led by William
Perkins' aggressive half century and
Dave Mohammed four-wicket haul,
trashed Jamaica by nine-wicket in a
one-sided Stanford 20/20 final at the
Stanford Cricket ground.

Replying to Jamaica's mere 91 all out
in 16.4 overs, Trinidad & Tobago
raced to 94 for 1 in 9.2 overs and
secured the Stanford US$1 m jackpot,
which was lost to Guyana in 2006.
Jamaica pocketed US$500,000.

Requiring a mere 4.55 runs per over,
Trinidad & Tobago lost Denesh
Ramdin early when he edged Jerome
Taylor (1-19) for wicketkeeper Carlton
Baugh to take an easy catch at 14 for
one. However, that bought to the
crease the dangerous combination of
Perkins and Lendl Simmons, who put
on an unbroken 74 runs for the
second wicket. They kept the run rate
above 10 runs throughout, but it was
Perkins who was dictated the pace.

He was the more aggressive,
especially against pacer Daren Powell
and spinner Marion Samuels. Perkins,
who brought up his half century with a
single off Samuels to mid-on, ended
unbeaten on 50, which came off just

33 balls and laced with six fours and a
six, while Simmons, who hit Samuels
over long-on for a six to win, got 26
with four fours and a six.

Earlier, in one of the most disgraceful
batting display this season, Jamaica,
which boost the strongest batting line-
up in regional cricket, were totally
clueless against Trinidad & Tobago
bowlers, especially left-arm

Like the semi-final against Guyana,
again, Jamaica got off to a bad start
when Shawn Findlay edged the
second ball of the match, bowled by
pacer Rayad Emrit to wicketkeeper

Samuels was again forced to pull
Jamaica out of trouble, but after
added 42 for the second wicket with
opener Xavier Marshall, who replaced
Chris Gayle at the top, things again
Marshall's innings of 20, which
included a six and a four, was ended
when he dragged on a delivery from
spinner Samuel Badree onto his
middle stump while Samuels, who
pulled Dwayne Bravo's second
delivery in the air to the mid-wicket

boundary, was caught two deliveries
after by Simmons at 48 for three. He
made 27, which included four fours.

It got worse for Jamaica when the
out-of-form Gayle (six) was bowled
by Dave Mohammed, who also
picked removed in-form batsman
Danza Hyatt (four), stumped by

After Hyatt's dismissal at 63 for 5,
Jamaica's struggle continued and in
the 16th over, Carlton Baugh, who
after hit Mohammed over long-on for
six; became the first of three wickets
in the over.

Bernard was run out for one and
Taylor bowled for zero.

(Opening pacer Emrit returned to
pick up the wickets of Hinds, caught
by Bravo on the long-on boundary
and Nikita Miller, bowled the very
next ball for one to end Jamaica's
Mohammed ended with 4-20 and
was named Man-of-the-Match while
Emrit supported with 3-18.
Dwayne Bravo collected the Play-of-
the-Day US$25,000 to run out


Issue 125 January/February 2008

Antigua and Barduda High Commission

There was a festive mood at the matches

It's back to the drawing boards for
Stanford 20/20 Antigua and Barbuda
Pro Team. In a close and exciting
Stanford 20/20 quarter-final contest,
the Antigua and Barbuda Pro Team
suffered a 10-run defeat, falling just
short of Guyana's 146 for nine.

According to captain Sylvester
Joseph, they would continue to work
hard and they needed "to stay
focused and do what we need to do.
As a Pro Team we still have to be
there practicing. We have to keep
working on our game," he said.

Sri Lanka and

Australia heading to


Cricket lovers around the Caribbean
are gearing up for what should be a
few months of exciting cricket.

Both Sri Lanka and Australia will be
touring the Caribbean. The Sri
Lankans will be playing two Test
matches and 3 One Day Internationals.

The tour started on March 22nd and
ends on April 16th.

Back to Drawing Board

Antigua and Barbuda played two
matches in this year's tournament,
beating the United States Virgin
Island, but losing to Guyana.

Joseph said they would sit down to
"analyse the games and see where
we went wrong" but blamed the
inexperienced batting line-up for the
team's defeat.

"In the batting we faltered again, you
could see the inexperience in our
batting," he added.

"Our most senior players Austin
Richards (4) and Wilden Cornwall
(0)... we didn't get anything from
them (against Guyana), but it's
something we need to learn from
and come back better next time."

"It's just something we have to work
on consistently, if we continue to do
that and learn as quickly as possible,
we are going to be a good
professional team."

Joseph, however, said there were
positives to be taken from the defeat.

Meanwhile the Australians will be
playing 3 Tests and 5 One Day

The Second Test is being played at
the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in

That test runs from Friday 30th May to
Tuesday 3rd June

The Australians begin their tour on
May 22nd in Jamaica and end their
tour in St. Kitts on July 6th in St. Kitts.

For more information on the full touring
schedules, go to the West Indies
Cricket Board site,

"We have made a vast improvement,
especially in our fielding and in the
fast bowling department," the West
Indies batsman said.

"I think Chad Hampson really showed
us what is required as a fast bowler.
I think most of our fast bowlers need
to learn from him. He is a young guy
and very promising. It's just for him
to learn."

Reprinted from Stanford 20120


stamps celebrate

Sir Viv's birthday
A set of commemorative stamps
bearing Antigua and Barbuda's four
National Heroes will go on sale at the
post office.
The release date carries much
significance as it will mark the
birthday of the country's only living
National Hero Sir Isaac Vivian
Alexander Richards.
According to the National Heroes
Day Committee the $1.50
denomination will draw attention to
our first named national hero, the Rt.
Hon. V.C. Bird, while the $1.00
denomination will be that of Sir Viv.
The other national heroes, King
Court and Dame Georgiana "Nellie"
Robinson will carry stamps valued at
90 cents each.

'Master Blaster' Sir Vivian Richards



Issue 125 January/February

Antigua and Barduda High Commission

Caricom Pays Tribute To Sir George

Caricom has paid tribute to
the late Sir George Walter,
former premier of Antigua and

Caricom Secretary-General
Edwin Carrington, hailed Sir
George as "a visionary, a
leader, and a fine example of
true West Indian identity and

In a message of condolence,
Secretary-General Carrington
recalled Sir George's
involvement in the labour
movement and his service to

the people of Antigua and
Barbuda for more than 40

"As a leader, Sir George had a
vision for his country. He
believed that Antiguans and
Barbudans had to be self-
reliant and chart the course of
Independence from the
colonial powers in order to
achieve economic prosperity,"
Carrington said.

"Furthermore, his foresight
enabled Antigua and Barbuda
to expand its productive base

beyond the sugar industry
and to diversify its economy,
thereby laying the
groundwork for the
increased economic growth
and development that the
country has experienced,"
Carrington said in the
message of condolence.
"On behalf of the
governments and people of
the Caribbean Community,
please extend my deepest
sympathy to the bereaved
family and to the
government and people of
Antigua and Barbuda".

Antigua and Barbuda
participates in Milan's
2nd symposium

Milan, Italy, one of two cities
bidding to host the International
Exposition in 2015, held their
2nd Symposium on the 4th and
5th February 2008.

Izmir, Turkey is the other city
bidding to host the event.

Milan's theme is 'Feeding the
Planet, Energy for Life' with 7
sub-themes which include -
Science for Food Safety,
Security and Quality;
Technology for Agriculture and
Biodiversity; Dietary Education
just to name a few.

The Second Symposium for
Izmir, Turkey, also attended by
Antigua and Barbuda was in
Izmir on the 14th and 15th
February under their theme
"Health for All", which is
considered to be an excellent
and a timely choice. The
subject has been a core and
guiding concept of the World

Mayor of Milan and President of Expo Milano Bidding
Committee, Mrs Letizia Moratti flanked by His Excellency
Dr Carl Roberts (right) and Mrs Pauline Roberts (left)

Health Organisation (WHO) for
many years. Thus, Izmir EXPO
2015, aims to attract attention
on a global scale to the
importance and relevance of
health to all aspects of human
activity. These Exhibitions are
held under the auspices of the
Bureau of International

Exposition (BIE), an
international organization based
in Paris of which Antigua and
Barbuda has been a member
since 1997.

The BIE regulates the frequency
and quality of exhibitions falling
within its remit.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1 H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


Issue 125 January/February

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