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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.124 November/December 2007

HIS ISSUE Prime Minister The Honourable W.
Baldwin Spencer 2008 New Year's
2 Message from His Excellenc
Dr Carl Roberts, High Address December 31, 2007
"My Fellow Antiguans and Barbudans;
11 PM attends Commonwealth Residents and Friends of Antigua and Barbuda:
Heads of Government
Meeting in Uganda Today, Antigua and Barbuda stands on the
threshold of a New Year a New Year of opportunities
12 Antigua and Barbuda calls and challenges both within these 170 square miles
for implementation and in the international arena.
mechanism at WTO Aid-for-
Trade discussions Globalization has, indeed, created new
opportunities for us. However, as a small island
14 Antigua and Barbuda and developing state, the challenges engendered by ie ist ooure ldwi ee
the UK signs Aviation changes in the wider political arena and increased
agreement competitiveness in the international market are
numerous; and if we are not extremely careful, these external factors could marginalize
15 PM Spencer addresses vulnerable developing states like ours.
Tourism issues at
Commonwealth Business In a nutshell, Antigua and Barbuda faces big issues; however, your government is
Forum in Uganda committed to meeting these challenges at all costs in the interest of you, the people, whom we
have always pledged to put first.
17 PM Spencer to establish
Ruskin College Scholarship In the past, we have demonstrated our determination to provide for the greatest
number of Antiguans and Barbudans and to ensure the sustainable development of our
economy. We will do no less now, as we persevere in building a nation where no person is left
20 Antigua and Barbuda out of the movement towards progress and development.
Government reacts to WTO
Arbitration ruling My Fellow Antiguans and Barbudans; Residents and Friends of Antigua and

2md FlooIr. 45 f.rd PI.lac. Over the past year we have faced many tests. One such challenge from which we \\ I H 4LP have emerged with a reasonable measure of success is our Internet gaming dispute with the
Uniled States at the World Trade Organisation.
I'.1I\ II2 "I2 N "-INf.
IIII "~~r .inllnii.i-i.irul-hlrl;i I On December 21, 2007 a Panel established by the World Trade Organization's
lDi.pule Settlement Body issued its report on the matter.
The Antigua and Barbuda High
Commission's Newsletter is published
bi-monthly. Send your comments to: Continued on page 3




Dear Readers,

Each year at this time we are afforded
the opportunity to reflect on how we have
spent the better part of another twelve months
of our lives. A few of us think beyond the
obvious commercial activities, the giving and
receiving of gifts, the exchange of best wishes
and reflect also on how we have responded to
God's blessings throughout the yearjust past.

When we stop and think of the missed
opportunities to share the blessings given to
us by the one source of our faith, Our
Sovereign Lord, we should be saddened by
the disappointment which must fill our hearts.
The Lord has stated in his word that it is better
to give than to receive, yet there are many
around us who are in need of love, comfort,
food, clothing and shelter and we have done
very little in response to their obvious need.

Our Lord advises us to take time to do
these things to the least of our brethren whom
we see everyday and by doing so we will be
doing his will. It would be as if we were doing

these deeds to him and for him.

For many of us we struggle at ourjobs
wondering sometimes how thankless it
seems. How we long for more pay, more
praise and more recognition. Our true reward
comes from God. He asks only that we be the
best that we can be in the posts to which he
has assigned us.

For some of us Christmas is a sad
reminder of the loss of loved ones or close
friends. A reminder of the questions we had
asked ourselves at the time of the sad event
and the answers which are still being awaited.
It is not, however, for us to demand such
answers from God, but only to trust his loving
influence in our lives. Sometimes these sad
moments cause us to push aside the many
good and positive things that the Almighty has
done for us. He awakes us each day; he
continues to provide for us and to protect us in
spite of our attitudes towards him.

Other times we see the good things
happening to our friends, our neighbours, our
brothers and our sisters but not to us. We
focus so much on this that we once again fail
to see the blessings that are being poured into
our cup because these blessings do not
measure up to those we perceive being given
to others.

It is therefore with much joy in my heart
that I ask the Lord to continue his blessing in
the New Year towards each of you reading
this Newsletter. May your desire be to serve
him faithfully, to extend love to your neighbour
and to do your part to make this world a better
place for everyone. I also take this opportunity
to wish each of you on behalf of my family and
I, the staff of the High Commission and the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda, a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with
God's Blessing and Peace. Have a Blessed
and Peaceful 2008.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner
,d .A

I Issue N. 1

Continued from cover page

What this, in effect, means is
that we can take counter-measures in
the form of the suspension of
concessions and obligations against US
business interests in the areas of
copyright and related rights; trademarks;
industrial designs; patents; and
protection of undisclosed information.

While your government is
dissatisfied with the level of award, we
take some solace from the fact that it is
an annual award that will remain in place
until the United States complies with the
rulings and recommendations of the
Settlement Body, or until both sides in
this dispute reach a mutually agreed-
upon solution.

Now that the legal aspects of
the case are behind us, we look forward
to sitting down with the United States at
the government-to-government level to
chart a course that will ultimately see this
matter fully resolved to our mutual

I have already instructed our
representative to the WTO, Ambassador
Dr. John Ashe, to inform our friend and
neighbour to the north that my
government stands ready to meet at a
moment's notice and to begin
discussions on a fair and equitable
resolution to a dispute that has dragged
on for far too long.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends of
Antigua and Barbuda:

The issue of crime and violence
remains a serious concern of not only the
governments and peoples of the region,
but of us in Antigua and Barbuda, as well.

Your government is committed
to rigorously attacking, in the New Year,
this growing culture of crime and
violence. We will continue our quest to

resolve political, economic and
environmental crimes that have been
committed against the people and the
landscape of Antigua and Barbuda.

The restructuring and
reorganization of the Antigua and
Barbuda Royal Police Force, as
recommended in the Breau Report, will
play a major and decisive role in
combating this unwelcome trend.

Commencing in the New Year,
there must be changes in the strategies
employed by the Force. The force will be
provided with additional equipment,
including a modern communications
system, and the necessary tools to fight
the purveyors of crime and violence in
our society.

Training of police officers,
strengthening of the forensic and
intelligence divisions, and increasing
joint foot and vehicle patrols with the
army will also feature prominently in the
government's crime plan for the New
Year and beyond.

The removal of tints from motor-
vehicles must be continued with greater
vigour and determination. There are too
many vehicles still on our streets with
dark tints. If I can notice them, so should
police officers.

The upgrading of the Antigua
and Barbuda Coast Guard and the
increased patrol of our waters will also
receive renewed attention as part of the
government's strategy, in 2008, to curb
the smuggling of illegal firearms, drugs
and other contraband materials into our
twin island state.

In November, my government
announced that it will introduce a
community-lighting programme, "Light
Your Neighbourhood," in areas
perceived to be riddled with high crime.

The Light Your Neighbourhood

programme will partner with
businesses to meet the costs of
providing lighting fixtures and
installation charges for a
comprehensive street-lighting

The overall goal of the
programme is to install more than
2,500 street lights throughout Antigua
and Barbuda, so as to ensure that
suspect and dangerous areas are safer
and more welcoming at night.

I am pleased to announce
today that, since it was announced in
November, our Light Your
Neighborhood programme has
garnered support at the local, regional
and international levels, and has
received particular attention from the
governments of Libya and Morocco.

Both countries have jointly
purchased an initial 500 street lights
and accessories, which will be installed
in areas where they are needed most,
upon their arrival in Antigua in January.

I thank the government of
Libya and Morocco for their show of
support for my government's efforts to
combat crime, and I am also
encouraged by the initial responses
from other partners in this regard.

Commendation must go,
once again, to the government of the
People's Republic of China, which is
also partnering with the government of
Antigua and Barbuda in the provision
and installation of street lights
throughout the nation.

In the meantime, the
government commends those
individuals and organizations that have
established neighbourhood-watch
groups in an effort to curb the increase
in crime.

Crime knows no colour, class

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I I e N. 1

or creed. It affects each and every one of
us therefore it is a concern for every
citizen and resident of this nation no
matter our social, political or religious

Therefore, I urge members of
other communities to join the
government's preventative measures by
establishing additional neighbourhood-
watch groups. My government stands
ready to provide the assistance needed
in this effort.

Equally important to the
reduction in crime is the prosecution of
individuals who commit crime. Recent
events have clearly indicated that the
prosecution services in both the
Magistrates Court and the Criminal
Assizes are inadequate and weak as a
result of the unsatisfactory preparation of
the cases for prosecution.

The frequency with which
matters in the Magistrates Court are
dismissed for want of prosecution, or for
lack of sufficient evidence; the number of
matters in the Assizes which are either
withdrawn from prosecution or charges
reduced on plea bargaining; and the low
number of matters committed for trial are
cause for concern.

Additionally, the length of time
which elapses before an accused person
is tried after he has been charged speaks
to a system which continuously results in
injustice to both victims and accused
persons; frustration of witnesses; and a
growing skepticism among a fair-minded

This cannot be allowed to

Early in the New Year, I will
instruct the Honourable Attorney General
to take steps to establish a Working
Committee consisting of stakeholder-
representatives from the various relevant
departments within the Ministry of Legal

Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and
Public Safety to prepare a Manual for the
establishment of a Crown Prosecution

This Crown Prosecution
Service will be under the authority of the
Director of Public Prosecutions, with the
main objectives being:

the integration of all police-
prosecution services with the Crown
Prosecution Service;

to strengthen, enhance and
consolidate the quality of prosecution
services both at the Magistrates Court
and Criminal Assizes level; and

to identify and provide
adequate professional resources,
administrative support, and necessary
equipment for the efficient operations of
the Crown Prosecution Service.

As a government, it is our
responsibility to put in place the
necessary mechanisms to ensure that
the public is not only protected, but that
it maintains a high level of confidence in
the criminal-justice system.

It is a responsibility that my
government takes very seriously.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends of
Antigua and Barbuda:

The high cost of manufactured
goods, the increase in shipping and air
transportation costs, and the
considerable increase in the prices of
key staple foods in Antigua and Barbuda
and across the region remain key
concerns to your government.

Although Antigua and Barbuda
can boast of having the largest list of
zero-rated items in respect of the Antigua
and Barbuda Sales Tax, we recognize
that more is needed to contain the impact

of rising international prices on the
local cost of living.

We will ensure that the
consumer-protection rights are
strengthened in relation to goods under
Price Control and to those that are sold
after expiry or recommended dates of

Government will also place
more emphasis, in the New Year, on
food production. We will look seriously
at providing opportunities for increased
food production in order for farmers to
meet the demands of consumers. The
Ministry of Agriculture will be required
to ensure that arable lands are utilised
mainly for farming and not for other
purposes. The Land Use Policy of the
government of Antigua and Barbuda
must be put into effect in 2008.

Government is committed to
addressing the needs of our farmers
and the agricultural sector, in general,
and will ensure that the Ministry of
Agriculture is fully equipped to meet
those needs.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

Throughout the New Year,
your government will continue its
efforts, in collaboration with our
international partners, to provide the
highest level of education for our

With the cooperation of the
governments of Malaysia, Morocco
and Greece; and with the Polytechnic
University in Brooklyn, New York, the
University of Oklahoma, and the
American University of Antigua-School
of Medicine, 35 young Antiguans and
Barbudans will commence university
studies in January of 2008.

In addition, over 100 new

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

students will receive scholarships to
commence their studies in Cuba, China,
Malaysia and India in September of 2008.

My government believes that if
our nation is to enjoy sustainable
development, we must equip our young
people with the knowledge and skills
needed in a competitive world.

Parallel to the government's
programme of providing tertiary
education to our young people is the
completion of the National Public Library.

The Ministry of Education and
its associates must deliver the National
Public Library by the first half of 2008.
Nothing less will be acceptable.

Today, my government remains
committed to ensuring that the critical
areas of the National Youth Policy are
implemented, as we continue our efforts
to empower our most precious resource
- our young people.

We will continue to provide
avenues for them to express themselves,
excel, and develop their skills and
talents. Accordingly, the upgrade and
expansion of sporting facilities across the
island will continue, and we will ensure
that the various sporting associations
work in the interest of their advancement.

I also call on the adults to fulfil
their roles as good parents to the future
men and women of this country. Teach
them well. Be positive role models to
them and show love for them at all times.

A few weeks ago, I announced
that I will be instructing the Ministry of
Education to designate a day in the
school term to be "Role Model Day,"
when students and young people in
church and service organizations will be
required to wear their church and or
service uniforms as a show of support for
the advancement of discipline and

respect for law and order among our
young people.

Commencing in the January
term of the school year, every last
Monday of the month will be designated
Role Model Day. I call upon the
Pathfinders, Cubs, Scouts, Girl Guides,
Red Cross and other church and service
organizations to support this initiative. It
can only produce positive results in our
young people and develop in them pride
of belonging to an organization that
instils good moral values.

Of equal importance to the
government in the New Year is the
provision of quality health-care to
Antigua and Barbuda. Most of the
community clinics have been upgraded,
and two new ones are to be built in 2008.
New equipment has been sourced for
our emergency medical services
division, and more training has become
available for healthcare providers.

However, the Mount St. John
Medical Centre remains unopened.

The Ministry of Health and its
associates must ensure that Mount St.
John Medical Centre opens its doors to
the general public by the first half of
2008, providing top-quality health care
service to the nation. Nothing less will be

The government's road
programme will continue in earnest in the
New Year. Focus will be placed on
community roads and roadways affected
by poor drainage and related problems.

The Ministry of Works, early in
the New Year, will outline to the public a
comprehensive road plan that will detail
road repairs and construction, with
timetables that will ensure that
communities are served based on their

My Fellow Antiguans and

Barbudans; Residents and Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

In 2008, your government will
be called upon to assume leading
positions internationally and regionally.
The New Year will see Antigua and
Barbuda as the Chair of the Caribbean
Community, CARICOM; the
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean
States, OECS; COFCOR; and the
Group of 77 and China of the United

Our nation, in the New Year,
will be thrust into a leadership role on
the international stage like never
before. This will require us to provide
effective solutions to a growing number
of global problems. My government
believes that, although a huge
challenge, the tasks ahead are
achievable with the cooperation of our
regional and international partners.

As incoming Chair of the G77
and China, I have written to my fellow
CARICOM Heads and other
international players requesting their
support and that of their United Nations
delegations, as we seek to ensure that
the G77 and China continues to
provide the means for the developing
world to articulate and promote its
collective economic interests and
enhance its joint negotiating capacity
on all major international economic
issues in the UN System and to
promote economic and technical
cooperation among developing

For Antigua and Barbuda, we
will utilise the opportunities presented
to us to champion our "Diplomacy for
Development" policy -- to develop
strategic opportunities that will enable
our nation to sustain our economic
development. The coming year for
Antigua and Barbuda will be crucial not
only for building a better society, but
also for the establishment of an

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I I e N.

enviable position for our nation at the
sub-regional, regional and international

The Group of 77 and China is a
key interlocutor for, and champion of, the
economic interests of developing
countries throughout the UN system.

At the same time, with so many
important UN events slated for 2008 --
including the United Nations Conference
on Trade and Development's 12th
meeting in Accra, Ghana, in the first
quarter, and the Financing for
Development review conference in Qatar
in the last quarter of 2008 -- the Group
will face many challenges and
opportunities to ensure that its principles
remain front and centre of the UN
development agenda.

Antigua and Barbuda is up to
the challenges that the position of Chair
of this highly respected body holds. I am
confident that my government is fully
prepared to lead the international
dialogue with a comprehensive
understanding of international
consensus-building and decision-making
processes that will be vital to the
successful stewardship of this important

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends of
Antigua and Barbuda:

As your government continues
to work to provide the greatest good for
the greatest number of our people, we
are fully cognizant that with the many
and varied challenges, we cannot exist
on our own.

In 2007, the Caribbean has
been engaged in a series of negotiations
towards an Economic Partnership
Agreement with the European Union,
which has proven to be a valuable
partner of Antigua and Barbuda and the

With a forward thrust of
increasing investment, my government
believes that the EPA can make a major
contribution to the development of
Antigua and Barbuda and our people.

In order to ensure maximum
benefit from the EPA, my government,
during the first quarter of 2008 -- along
with input from the private sector -- will
scrutinize the Legal Text of the recently
concluded negotiations leading to an
Economic Partnership Agreement
between the European Union and
CARIFORUM Member States. We view
this as a necessary step towards
ensuring that we maximize the benefits
under the Agreement prior to signature.

Over the past year, Antigua and
Barbuda played a pivotal role during the
negotiations, always emphasizing that
an EPA must translate to corresponding
technical and financial assistance for the
region's priority sectors and

We were the leading advocate of the
primacy of development support and the
elaboration of a distinct DEVELOPMENT
CHAPTER in the Agreement.

Antigua and Barbuda engaged
in frank articulations of our vision of
CARIFORUM-EU cooperation and the
economic transformation agenda, in the
context of the CARICOM Single Market.

I recall that I wrote a letter, in
September, to Prime Minister Owen
Arthur, Chairman of CARICOM, and
Secretary-General Edwin Carrington,
unequivocally stating that development
must "constitute the heart of an EPA

As a result of our persistence,
the Development Chapter was
strengthened, and the EU assured the
region that the promised assistance will
be substantial, and that the Culture
Industry, particularly artists from the

Caribbean, will be allowed to practice
its trade within Europe.

Additionally, through Antigua
and Barbuda's efforts, we have
ensured that before CARICOM
engages in other bilateral negotiations,
the lessons from the EPA negotiations
will be studied during a Reflections
Meeting in early January 2008. This
will allow CARICOM to calculate and
calibrate our various positions in the
upcoming negotiations with Canada
and the United States.

My government believes that
the Agreement will provide our
services sector with significant
opportunities, while creating new
avenues for investment. We will ensure
that we continue to play a major role in
this process.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

The New Year will also see
government moving towards
formulating a National Policy on
Energy which will encompass the use
of alternative energy sources and the
effective implementation of energy-
saving mechanisms and strategies.

It is the government's
intention, early in 2008, to sign on to a
regional Energy Security Treaty that is
designed to increase the utilization of
renewable energy from the current
level of 9.8% to 20%.

During the coming months,
citizens and residents will be called
upon to contribute to the
transformation of the country's energy-
utilization patterns, as we reduce our
reliance on fossil fuels in favour of the
more environmentally friendly and
sustainable renewable-energy

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

Upon assuming office, the UPP
administration made a commitment that
every effort will be made to reduce the
cost of utilities to consumers. A
significant component of achieving this
goal is to ensure that the Antigua Public
Utilities Authority is in a position not only
to be the distributor of utility services, but
the producer of utility services in Antigua
and Barbuda.

In moving towards that goal, my
government has commenced
negotiations with the principals of the
West Indies Oil Company (WIOC)
towards purchasing the remaining 75%
shares of that company. Negotiations are
at an advanced stage and very shortly an
announcement will be made in this

The government regards the
purchase of the remaining shares of the
WIOC as a strategic move towards
ensuring that a national asset remains in
the hands of the people of Antigua and
Barbuda. Once the government's
objective of having 100% ownership of
the West Indies Oil Company is
completed, it is our intention to further
empower our people by offering shares
in the company to the public in a manner
that will ensure the widest possible
participation in this enterprise by the
people of Antigua and Barbuda.

"People First" will always
remain constant in the decisions we
make as a government. It is our guiding

"People First" was our
philosophy when we introduced the
School Meals and School Uniform Grant

philosophy when
minimum wage

First" was our
we increased the
and contributions to

"People First" was our

philosophy when we introduced the
largest list of zero-rated items under the
ABST and paid monies to the Half Moon
Bay workers who were owed for over
twelve years.

"People First" was our
philosophy when we raised salaries to
public servants by 10%, and "People
First" is still our philosophy as we
prepare to launch the $6.7 million annual
Senior Citizens Utility Subsidy
programme under the PDV Caribe
Antigua and Barbuda initiative.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends of
Antigua and Barbuda:

The Senior Citizens Utility
subsidy, which will give much-needed
relief in the area of utility services to over
6,000 persons, is possible through
Antigua and Barbuda's participation in
the PetroCaribe Initiative established by
the government of Venezuela.

In November 2006, PDV CAB
celebrated the arrival of its first shipment
of some 90,000 barrels of fuel. Since
then, over 700,000 barrels of fuel have
been imported by Antigua & Barbuda.
This places Antigua & Barbuda fourth --
behind the Dominican Republic, Jamaica
and Nicaragua -- as a major importer
under PetroCaribe.

The total purchase price for the
imported fuel stands at approximately
US$63 Million. Of this amount, some
40% has been financed at a highly
concessionary rate.

In 2008, Antigua and Barbuda
intends to further expand the role it plays
in the regional context. This development
will be closely linked to the Government's
acquisition of the remaining 75% shares
in WIOC. That acquisition will position
Antigua and Barbuda to fill a need that
currently exists for an effective and
efficient fuel-storage and distribution site

in the region.

Prior to my Government's
announcement of its plans to take over
WIOC, PetroCaribe member-states
were examining a short- and medium-
term plan to upgrade and expand a tan
farm and sea terminal in northeastern
Venezuela, in order to meet the needs
of the Eastern Caribbean. The
availability of the West Indies Oil
Company's infrastructure will uniquely
position Antigua and Barbuda as a
major player in the distribution of fuel
throughout the region.

It is also important to realize
that the PetroCaribe Agreement has a
much broader context than simply the
importation and distribution of fuel. The
Initiative is geared towards the creation
of socio-economic development,
energy security, and the further
integration of the peoples of the
Caribbean and Central and South

The socio-economic
development is directly linked to the
funding of social programmes from the
proceeds of the financed portion of the
fuel purchase price. One such project
is the Senior Citizens Utility Subsidy
Programme. Registration for this
programme has already begun for
eligible seniors and will continue in
earnest in the upcoming weeks.

Surely, no true patriot would
deny the social benefit this programme
will deliver to such a deserving, yet
vulnerable, sector of our society.
During 2008, citizens can look forward
to the launch of other social projects as
my Government advances our "People
First" agenda.

Social development projects
are also funded by the ALBA Fund,
which is another component of the
PetroCaribe Initiative. Very shortly,

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

approval will be granted for a major
water-infrastructure project developed by
APUA that will constitute a major
component of that body's strategic plan,
with a total price tag of some US$8.5

Antigua and Barbuda's ongoing
participation in the PetroCaribe Initiative
gives us access to significant material,
technological, human and financial
resources such as would not be available
to us under normal circumstances.

For this reason, my
Government is extremely grateful to the
Government and People of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
However, I wish to note that no less a
debt of gratitude is owed to the
Government and People of the Republic
of Trinidad & Tobago for the support that
it has provided and continues to provide
to Antigua & Barbuda through the
Petroleum Fund.

By continuing our collaboration
with these and other regional and
international stakeholders, I am
confident that Antigua & Barbuda will
realize the required level of energy
security and sustainability.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends of
Antigua and Barbuda:

Throughout 2008, the Sunshine
Administration will continue cooperation
with our regional and international
partners. Our ties with the Republic of
Cuba will continue to grow as we enter a
New Year faced with new challenges.

Today I pay tribute to the hard
work and dedication of Ambassador
Marcelino Fagardo towards advancing
the relations between Antigua and
Barbuda and the Republic of Cuba. I
pray God's blessings on him as he goes
through a period of recovery from a
recent illness.

My government will also
continue to cherish our long-standing
relations with the People's Republic of

January 1, 2008 marks 25
years of diplomatic relations between
The People's Republic of China and
Antigua and Barbuda. Our diplomatic
friendship is akin to one that a brother
holds for his brother. Our economic and
diplomatic relationship has been based
on the principles of independence,
equality, mutual respect and non-
interference in each other's internal

Thus, the People's Republic of
China, our brother-nation, can be
assured that it has a lasting friend in the
Government and People of Antigua and

As a further demonstration of
China's commitment to Antigua and
Barbuda, a Memorandum of
Understanding was recently signed with
a Chinese state company; this paves the
way for negotiations to be finalized for
China to finance the expansion, upgrade
and modernization of the St. John's Deep
Water Harbour, as well as the
construction of a new terminal, with all
the modern features, at the V.C. Bird
International Airport.

These concessionary loans for
infrastructural development are made
possible under a US$600 million soft-
loan facility, made available by the
government of the People's Republic of
China to CARICOM countries.

Negotiations are expected to be
finalized shortly to allow for work on the
Deep Water Harbour expansion and
upgrade to commence in a matter of
months, and the construction of a new
airport terminal early in 2008.

Meanwhile, airside work at the
V.C. Bird International Airport -- which

includes the relaying and expansion of
the runway, among other things -- will
commence in the next few weeks.

My Fellow Antiguans and
Barbudans; Residents and Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

Antigua and Barbuda is in the
midst of the greatest upward surge of
economic well-being in the history of
our nation. Our thriving progress has
been marked by your government's
sound economic and social policies
and programmes. We have worked
three years to climb to this peak of
prosperity. But we still have much work
to do to fulfil the "People's Agenda."

Before us now is a summit
where each can endeavour and all will
achieve. We pledge to continue
building this nation and to serve you,
the people. To do this, we must,
together as a country, join hands and
build a prosperous society.

For my part, I will continue to
carry out my responsibilities as your
Chief Servant in the interest of you, the
people. I also call on the members of
my government to set higher standards
of their stewardship and to recommit to
holding their offices to the highest
ideals and principles.

As servants of the people, we
must always be reminded that the
greatest task before us is not simply
knowing what is right, but doing what is
right. Doing what is right in the interest
of the greatest number of people must
be a constant in our decisions.

As a government, and as the
head of the United Progressive Party
Administration, I pledge always to do
what is right for every Antiguan and

As we enter the New Year, I
thank God for you, the people of this

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

great nation. I thank God for the efforts of
all of our public servants and members of
the private sector who work tirelessly in
the development of this land we call

I also ask God's blessings on
the members of the many civic and
voluntary organizations who gave of their
time and resources to assist the less
fortunate of our society throughout the
past year.

I thank all who have expressed
kind sentiments and mentioned me and
your government in their prayers during
the Christmas Season and throughout
the year just ended. I further ask for your
prayers for God's continued guidance for
your Government in the New Year.

May God bless you and your
loved ones with health, happiness,
peace and security in the New Year and
ever after, and may God continue to
bless our beloved nation, Antigua and

Three important
instruments of Governance
H.E Dr. Carl B. Roberts

Following this year's Budget
Statement which was delivered on the 3rd
December 2007, it has come to my
attention that many of our country's
citizens are not fully cognizance of the
reasons for presenting each year the
budget speech or some of our other tools
of governance.

According to Section 92 of the
Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, the
Government of the day, through the
Minister of Finance, must present before
Parliament an estimate of revenues and
expenditure for each fiscal year. This
must be done no later than ninety (90)

days after the commencement of each
financial year. Since the fiscal year for
the Antigua and Barbuda is January 1st
to December 31st, the presentation
before Parliament must be made no later
than March 31st of the fiscal year for
which the estimates apply.

Governments mark the start of
each parliamentary year, which most
times coincides with the fiscal year, with
a presentation speech given by the Head
of State, represented in Antigua &
Barbuda by our Governor General,
Dame Louise Lake-Tack. The
presentation speech details many of the
plans of the Government for the year and
in conjunction with the Government's
election manifesto, allows the general
public to keep track of the Government's
progress in delivering the promises
made to the electorate.

How important then are these
two actions in the calendar of Parliament
and the governance principles which are
expected of any Government. As I have
said above, the presentation by the
Governor General, that is the Throne
Speech, gives the plan of action of the
Government for the next Parliamentary

In spite of the detailed plans
enunciated in the Throne Speech each
year, Section 91 of our Constitution
mandates that no monies shall be
withdrawn from the Consolidated Funds
except as required by law enacted by

If the Throne Speech is a call to
action or the outline of an action plan for
the upcoming year, then the Budget
Statement gives the indication of how the
money for Government's activities will be
used and where it is to come from. By
using these two presentations,
Government demonstrates to the
citizens and residents of the State how
they are running the country and
conducting the business of Government.

Though it is not stated here,
the corollary action that follows from
these two presentations is a third
responsibility of Government. This last
action is fulfilled when Government
tables before Parliament the Audited
Public Accounts for each year. The
completion of this last dimension of
good governance allows clear
comparisons to be made between the
budgeted expenditure and estimated
revenues and the actual figures at the
end of the fiscal year.

Not all of the actions
presented in the Throne Speech are
direct money items though it could be
argued that most activities incur costs
which must be covered by the Budget
Statement. Other actions in the Throne
Speech are expectations that are
Government planned actions which
they expect will result in financial or
other benefits to the country. An
example of this is the enactment of
New Investment & Incentive
Legislation and the expectation that
this would result in an increase in
Foreign Direct Investment.

Without these three
instruments, any country would be
deprived of critical aspects of
governance. These are, however, just
one set of a number of dimensions on
which good governance is assessed.
The World Bank publishes Worldwide
Governance Indicators (WGI) for many
countries (in fact about 212 countries)
and the last report issued in July 2007
shows results for 1996, 1998, 2000
and then annually from 2002 to 2006.
One of the six dimensions which are
assessed is "Voice and Accountability".

According to the 2007 Report,
Antigua and Barbuda has shown some
improvements in this dimension over
the period covered by the report. This
is further substantiated by evidence on
the ground where Budget Statements
are presented to Parliament and

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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IAI Issue No. 1

approved before the commencement of
the fiscal year. This is a significant
improvement over previous practice of
the governance and avoids the need to
invoke Section 93 of the Constitution.
Audited Public Accounts, long overdue
for many years, are also being presented
and it would not be too long before
Audited Statements are presented to the
Public Accounts Committee of
Parliament in a timelier manner.

I can only hope that the
improvements we have seen since 2004
continue apace and that within the next
five years Audited Public Statements will
be publicly available within twelve (12)
months after each fiscal year. When this
happens we will have move even further
along the path to good governance.

Tribute to a dear lady
at 91 years of age

Miss D. Samuel better known
as Miss Charlie was
born in Sea View
Farm, Antigua on the
2nd January 1916.
She migrated to
England on 6th June

When she Miss D. Samuel
left school, her job
was in Pottery Making which included
coal pots, water jars and the like in the
clay industry. She has always been a
very hard working woman, holding three
jobs and working her land; planting
vegetables, cane, potatoes etc. She
continued to work in other areas such as
cosmetics and with Bishop Knight when
she left Antigua for England.

After her arrival in England Miss
Charlie continued to work until she

retired at 60 years of age. She worked
at Foxes Glacier Mints.

She has three (3) children -
Paultine, Rallyford and Hazeline. She
also has sixteen (16) grandchildren, over
fifty great grandchildren and three great,
great grandchildren and continues to be
a strong influence within the family.

Her daughter, Mrs Hazeline
Andrews, believes that her mother is the
oldest surviving Antiguan living in

Senior citizens to benefit
from EC$6.7M utility

More than 6000 seniors will
soon receive financial assistance with
public utilities though a subsidy provided
by the Antiguan government in
conjunction with PDV Caribe Antigua
and Barbuda.

"The Senior Citizen Utility
Subsidy Programme, made possible by
the Petro Caribe Initiative demonstrates
my government's commitment to putting
people first. We are a caring government
and this financial assistance, by way of a
$100 monthly subsidy towards public
utilities, would offer some much-need
relief to our nation's senior citizens,"
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer said.

"My government, through PDV
Caribe Antigua and Barbuda, will provide
some EC$6.7 million worth of utility
subsidies to this deserving group of
people who have, over the years,
contributed to the development of our
twin-island nation," the Prime Minister

The programme is open to all
individuals who currently receive a
monthly benefit from the Antigua and

Barbuda Social Security Scheme in the
form of Age Pension, Invalidity Benefit
or Old Age Assistance. Continued
eligibility will be verified by the twice-
annual Social Security life certificate.

Each person who qualifies will
receive a booklet of six certificates
valued at EC$100 each. This booklet
will be issued twice per year. The
certificates, one for each month, can
then be used as credit against the
designated APUA accountss. Each
certificate must be used by its
expiration date.

These certificates carry a
unique serial number and will be issued
in the name of the applicant. They
cannot be transferred to a third party.
The certificates are not replaceable if
destroyed or lost and cannot be
exchanged for cash. They can only be
used to make payment against the
utility accounts that have been
designated by the applicant.

The registration phase will
begin shortly in St John's and satellite
locations around the island and in
Barbuda. Once, complete the names
are processed and participants will
receive their certificate booklets during
the distribution phase in early 2008.

Individuals over the age of 80
who already receive free utilities from
APUA are not eligible to participate in
this new programme.

The Senior Citizens Utility
Subsidy Programme is a direct benefit
of the Petro Caribe Initiative between
the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda and the Bolivarian Republic of

o ,

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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I Issue N. 1

PM Spencer and Ambassadors Goodwin and Roberts on arrival in Kampala.
Seen here in discussion with members of the Commonwealth
Business Council

PM Spencer attends
Commonwealth Heads of
Government Meeting in

Prime Minister the Hon. Baldwin
Spencer attended the Commonwealth
Heads of Government Meeting which
took place in Kampala, Uganda from the
23rd to 25th November, 2007. The
Conference was addressed by Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, President of
Uganda HE Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
and Commonwealth Secretary General
Rt. Hon. Don McKinnon.

Prime Minister Spencer, who
led the country's delegation which also
included High Commissioner to the
United Kingdom HE Dr. Carl Roberts and
Ambassador to Cuba and the African
Union HE Mr. Bruce Goodwin, said that
the meeting addressed a number of
issues around the theme "Transforming
Commonwealth Societies to Achieve
Political, Economic and Human

"The meeting gave us the
opportunity to address issues such as
Climate Change which is very critical to
Antigua and Barbuda as a Small Island
Developing State. We believe that this

issue poses a significant challenge to the
development of our economy and our
people, therefore, there is the need for
greater assistance and cooperation from
developed countries in addressing this
problem," Prime Minister Spencer said.

Other issues discussed during
the three-day meeting included
terrorism, Education, Information
Technology, Health and HIV/AIDS, the
Millennium Development Goals and

Prime Minister Spencer also
attended a number of Foreign Ministers'
Meetings held on the margins of the
Heads Meeting.

PM Spencer and Baroness
Chalker discuss Trade and
Climate change with Sir
David Frost

Prime Minister the Hon. Baldwin
Spencer and former member of the
British Parliament Baroness Lynda
Chalker were guests of Sir David Frost
during a special interview programme at
the Commonwealth Heads of

Government meeting in Kampala,

The interview, which was
aired on Al Jazeera English Channel
as part of the "Frost Over the World"
Programme, dealt with the issues of
Climate Change and its importance to
Commonwealth countries and Aid
versus Trade.

Prime Minister Spencer
issued a call for developed countries to
play a more significant role in
mitigation action outlining the various
vulnerabilities and challenges faced by
countries such as Antigua and

"As Small Island Developing
States, we contribute far less to the
cause of Climate Change however we
are the worst affected. We see that
hurricanes for example are becoming
more frequent and more intense
causing greater destruction to our
economies within the region. We need
for developed nations to act more
responsibly in addressing this issue,"
noted Prime Minister Spencer.

The Antigua and Barbuda
Leader on the issue of Aid versus
Trade said that his government is of
the view that the issue should be aid to
trade because this will enable
countries such as Antigua and
Barbuda to achieve sustainable growth
and development through trade.

"In order for Aid for Trade to
work effectively, both donors and
recipients must agree to work together
in areas such as policy support,
infrastructural financing and support,
trade adjustment financing and supply
side support such as assistance to
companies and small industries to
build the ability to become
competitive," said PM Spencer.

The "Frost Over the World"

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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IAI Issue No. 1

programme is broadcast every Friday at
6:00 p.m. GMT on Al Jazeera English
Television via London to countries
around the world including Africa, the
USA and Doha, Qatar.

Antigua and Barbuda calls
for implementation
mechanism at WTO aid-for-
trade discussions

On the 22nd November 2007
the WTO concluded its first ever two-day
Global Aid-for-Trade Review at the
Ministerial level with a debate in the
General Council among members on the
outcomes of the review, that was
intended to provide feedback to WTO
Director General Lamy on the future
direction of WTO monitoring of this
important initiative.

In her summary report to the
Council, WTO Deputy Director-General
Valentine Rugwabiza assured members
that, in relation to the three objectives of
the review, namely: to take stock of what
is happening on Aid for Trade, to identify

ade and Climate Change

what should happen next, and to improve
WTO monitoring and evaluation,
progress had been made on all fronts.
She also noted that: "One meeting alone
cannot give a complete picture of
something as complex as Aid for Trade,
but I believe we can all agree that we are
much more knowledgeable and better
informed today than we were a year ago.
We know, for example, that after a long-
term decline in spending on trade and
growth-related projects since the 1980,
the pendulum is starting to swing back -
and that if current trends continue an
additional $8 billion in Aid for Trade
should be available by 2010 reaching a
total of some $30 billion."

In her statement to the Council,
Antigua and Barbuda's representative,
Mrs Natasha George, Senior Foreign
Affairs Officer in the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs said, "We have full intentions of
taking advantage of the benefits of being
a member of the WTO. Indeed Antigua
and Barbuda is the smallest WTO
member to use the dispute settlement
mechanism of the WTO. So we
understand the benefits, but to have
them fully realized, we need assistance.

Such assistance can be through AID-
for-Trade...this is notwithstanding the
fact that there is still a lack of clarity on
any formal request mechanism for Aid-
for-Trade. This is obviously something
we all as WTO members must
address-that is a clear, simple, AID-for-
Trade mechanism.

Throughout the review, there
were repeated calls for improved
monitoring and evaluation of Aid-for-
Trade. These include a greater
emphasis on country monitoring, on
capturing the regional dimension of Aid
for Trade, and on expanding the scope
of the donor and partner- country self
assessments which were considered
highly useful tools for encouraging
countries to focus more on trade. The
view was that while the existing
monitoring mechanism is not perfect, it
provides a very solid foundation on
which to build.

In her response to these calls,
Mrs. George noted that "measurement,
monitoring and evaluation are
important so that we can judge what
progress we are making. That is
pellucid! This was a recurring theme
this week. Antigua and Barbuda
believes that many solutions came
from the discussions this week,
especially those with the major donor
agencies. We hope that we will not
spend another year or two discussing
how best to monitor and evaluate Aid-
for-Trade. As (Finance) Minister
Sithauen of Mauritius of Mauritius
noted this morning, let's focus on
actual implementation so that we can
have real eradication of poverty
through trade."

This call for implementation
was also echoed by the WTO Deputy
Director General, who said that "we
look forward to hearing from the
respective regional banks and
organizations about their plans for
implementing the recommendations as

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

ironess Chalker discuss Tr
with Sir David Frost

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

soon as possible. My proposal is that
we hold a stocktaking meeting at a
technical level and involving key
stakeholders in the first half of next year
in order to assess progress. The aim
then would be to hold discussions on
how the strategies can be made
operational at regional meetings towards
the end of the year. Progress in
implementation by providing more and
better Aid for Trade in key identified
priority sectors at the country, regional,
global and sector level reinforced by the
newest chapter of WTO/OECD
monitoring will be the focus of the next
Global Aid-for-Trade Review."

Finance Minister welcomes
World Bank initiative on

Minister of Finance and the
Economy Dr. Errol Cort welcomed the
initiative announced by World Bank
Group President Robert B. Zoellick, in
his keynote address to Ministers, heads
of regional development banks and key
organizations, who met in Geneva for the
first global review of the World Trade
Organization's "Aid for Trade" initiative.

In his address, Zoellick said that
the Bank will assist countries in
expanding efforts on trade so as to
enable them to take advantage of the
global market to accelerate economic
growth and overcome poverty.

"This announcement could not
have come at a better time," said Minister
Cort. "Right now, momentum is building
on the aid for trade agenda, and
international attention is being paid to the
notion that developing countries need to
develop their trade infrastructure,
institutions and policies if there are to be
successfully integrated into world
markets," he said.

Zoellick told the high-level
gathering that development assistance

should be made available to countries
undertaking reforms to lower their costs
of trading and use exports for growth,
and that the World Bank Group will be
increasing its development support to
trade activities. He announced several
areas for additional trade-related efforts
by the World Bank Group (WBG). These
areas include:

(a) Increased support to country
programs on trade and competitiveness,
including policy analysis, lending and
technical assistance;

(b) More resources for trade-related

(c) Expanded programs for financing
trade through the Bank's private sector
arm, the International Finance
Corporation (IFC);

(d) Expanded assistance in trade
facilitation, including logistics, transport
and supply chains;

(e) More investments in training and
capacity building for policy-makers,
particularly in low-income countries;

(f) Greater work on tools to help
countries analyze trade obstacles, as
well as indicators comparing countries,
such as the recently released Logistics
Performance Indicators, to guide policy
makers to areas in need of improvement.
These tools will be made freely available
to all countries; and

(g) Further development of knowledge
on how to harness globalization for
growth and overcoming poverty, and to
inform key trade policy debates.

Zoellick said the exact amount
of the increase in trade-related activities
provided by the WBG will depend on
country demand, and on whether
countries make trade a priority part of
their development strategy. Moreover,
he indicated that a successful

iminisrer or finance ana mne economy,
Dr the Honourable Errol Cort

replenishment by donor countries of
the International Development
Association (IDA), which is the part of
the WBG that provides interest-free
loans and grants to the poorest
nations, will also determine how much
additional resources will be available
for aid for trade.

Developing countries
received as much as US$21 billion a
year in aid for trade over 2002-2005,
according to the definition now used in
WTO/Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development
(OECD) estimates. These estimates
include all investments in transport,
energy, and telecommunications
infrastructure. The Bank is working
with the WTO and OECD to refine the
measurement of aid for trade.

About US$3.1 billion of this
amount is provided by the International
Development Association (IDA),
However, the Bank's ability to help
"depends crucially" on further
replenishing IDA's financial resources.
To this end, the World Bank Group
expects to contribute some US$3.5
billion of its own resources to IDA, and

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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I I e N. 1

has also asked the developed country
donors to increase their contributions.

The Geneva conference is
intended to take stock of what has been
happening on the aid for trade front
around the world and identify how
additional aid can help low-income
countries build their capacity to integrate
into and benefit from global markets.

Antigua and Barbuda and
the UK Signs Aviation

The United Kingdom and
Antigua and Barbuda on Wednesday
signed a new aviation agreement, which
removes most of the remaining
restrictions on air services between the
two countries.

The agreement, which is in
effect, updates the previous agreement
of 1985. It was signed in the House of
Commons by Aviation Minister the Hon.
Harold Lovell, and the UK Aviation
Minister the Hon. Jim Fitzpatrick.

Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "I
am very pleased to sign this new
agreement, which will be good for
passengers, for the aviation industry and
for the development of the tourist
industry in Antigua and Barbuda."

"It confirms the already close
links that exist between our two
countries. And it represents another step
forward in liberalizing air services by
removing outdated restrictions on
airlines' ability to fly people to the places
they want to go."

Minister Harold Lovell said:
"This is an historic agreement as it
enhances the legal framework of air
transportation between Antigua and the
United Kingdom. It provides a number of

Minister of Aviation
The Honourable Harold Lovell

new features whereby we can designate
other carriers from Antigua and Barbuda
and CARICOM to fly to the UK, while the
UK can designate carriers from the
European Union to fly to Antigua."

"It also provides greater
flexibility between air transportation and
brings a greater sense of formality to
transportation and tightens up areas
which were previously unregulated. Our
tourism industry, through the signing of
this agreement will receive a
considerable boost."

Memorial Service of the Rt.
Hon. Sir John George
Melvin Compton

On the occasion of the passing
of the Rt. Hon Sir John George Melvin
Compton SLC, OCC, KCMG, LLB and
the subsequent Memorial Service held in
the United Kingdom, the following letter
was received by His Excellency Dr Carl
Roberts from the Honourable
Stephenson King, Prime Minister of Saint

"Your Excellency

The Government of Saint Lucia is
pleased to convey its deepest
appreciation to you for the part
which you played in ensuring the
success of the Memorial Service
held at Westminster Cathedral on
November 10, 2007, in memory of
the life of the Rt. Hon. Sir John
George Melvin Compton SLC, OCC,
KCMG, LLB, the late Prime Minister
of Saint Lucia.

We wish in particular to thank you
for taking time off your very busy
schedule to participate in the
service, and specifically for
undertaking one of the readings.
Sir John was not only a leader of
Saint Lucia but one of considerable
regional stature. Your presence
certainly helped to highlight this
fact, and on behalf of the
Government and people of Saint
Lucia, I am honoured to express

Please accept
assurances of

Excellency the
my highest

fere isiin


a very Blessed




2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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IAI Issue No. 1

PM Spencer addresses
Tourism issues at
Business Forum in

Prime Minister the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer has called for the
Caribbean to become the world's
first "Carbon Neutral" tourism
destination and urged large
developing and industrialized
nations to take decisive action to
address global warming. Prim

The Prime Minister was
speaking during the Commonwealth
Business Forum at the Commonwealth
Heads of Government Meeting in
Kampala, Uganda.

The forum focused on tapping
the potentials of travel and tourism in the
Commonwealth and PM Spencer
pointed out to delegates that the sector
is the foremost export sector in Antigua
and Barbuda and the Caribbean.

Seventy-five per cent of Antigua
and Barbuda's economy is dependent on
travel and tourism.

PM Spencer told the forum that
while the benefits are unquestionable,
with its ability to stimulate other sectors
and help develop and diversify regional
economies, tourism faces major
challenges which need to be addressed.
These, he said, include the challenge of
global warming and environmental

"The creation of 'green tourism'
can provide the region with win-win
situations. In this regard it is important to
craft strategies to support the transition
of the Caribbean region to become the
world's first "Carbon Neutral" tourism
destination, thereby affording the region
a unique labelling and branding platform

e Minister Spencer addressing the over five hundred
persons assembled for the Business Forum
that will support growth within the global
eco-sensitive client market," he said

This suggestion came in
response to the threats associated with
global warming which, he noted, poses
serious potential problems such as rising
sea levels, coastal erosion, flooding, the
loss of mangroves and other coastal
ecosystems or even, in a worst case
scenario, the submersion of some
islands in the region.

The Prime Minister noted that
addressing such issues and balancing
firm action to reduce the industry's
carbon footprint with sustainable growth
of the tourism sector are among the
challenges faced within the industry.
"Developing countries are responsible
for a negligible percentage of global
green house gasses emissions but we
stand to bear the brunt of climate change
impacts because of our inherent

"As the region must adapt to
climate change and take proactive action
that would decrease climate change
impacts, we must insist on mitigation or
the reduction of green house gasses
emissions by the industrialized and large
developing countries," he said.

Antigua and Barbuda
Introduces BizJet To-
Yacht Service

Antigua and Barbuda is now
prepared to cater to the luxury
traveller with the re-introduction of
the newly renovated FBO
SOperations, that provides seamless
transfer from private plane to yacht.

Tourism Officials at the
Ministry of Tourism were on hand at
the VC Bird International Airport, late
Last week to witness one of FBO's
airside to yacht transfer of 287

Joyce Henry, Marketing
Manager for the Caribbean Region
stated that, "The Ministry of Tourism
welcomes this BizJet-to-Yacht Service
to Antigua noting that this type of
service is a clear indication that
Antigua & Barbuda is poised for the
high-end traveller whose interest is
getting to the Caribbean in a short time
and then sailing around in their luxury

She noted that the service will
definitely enable the Ministry of
Tourism to achieve greater penetration
of the luxury travel market and attract
more of this desired type of visitor to
our destination.

"It is indeed another aspect of
our tourism product that we will be
excited to promote and we are ready to
partner with FBO 2000 on this venture."

Makeda Michael, proprietor of
FBO 2000, noted that the Operation
has looked after many high profile
guests (including Royal Families) over
the years and understands the needs
of their clients.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Issue N. 1

Antigua and Barbuda and UK delegations during discussions at the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office in London

PM Spencer and UK MP
Meg Munn discuss
Developmental Issues

Whilst in the United Kingdom in
late November 2007 Prime Minister of
Antigua and Barbuda the Hon. Baldwin
Spencer and UK Parliamentary Under
Secretary at the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office Minister Meg
Munn held extensive discussions on a
wide range of issues of interest to
Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean.

Prime Minister Spencer during
the meeting advanced the need for the
United Kingdom to support Antigua and
Barbuda and other countries within the
region in their quest to provide tertiary
level education to their people. "In our
effort to develop our human capital we
believe that it is necessary for the United
Kingdom to further advance the relations
it has with the Caribbean and provide
further assistance in education," Prime
Minister Spencer said.

The Prime Minister also stated
that links could be created with regional
educational institutions which would
ensure the success of any programme.

Minister Munn outlined that her
government has been examining various
areas in which there could be closer
cooperation between the two countries
and educational development was high
on the agenda. She pledge to maintain
focus on this issue during her tenure.

The issue of the reform of the
Royal Antigua and Barbuda police force
was also discussed with Minister Munn.
Prime Minister Spencer said that he has
held discussions with the UK Prime
Minister Gordon Brown and Canadian
officials in Uganda during the
Commonwealth Heads of Government
on the issue.

He reiterated the urgency of the
matter and outlined that his government
is seeking to implement a number of
recommendations made in a recently
commissioned report.

Minister Munn said that her
government is finanalising discussions
on the issue and how best the UK can
assist Antigua and Barbuda. She said
that her government is willing to provide
the requested assistance considering its
critical nature.

Discussions were also held on

the UK's reform of its overseas based
offices and the UK CARICOM Forum
which will be held from 14th to 16th
April 2008.

Both Prime Minister Spencer
and Minister Munn pledged to continue
the close relations that currently exist
between Antigua and Barbuda and the
United Kingdom.

PM Spencer to Establish
Ruskin College

Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda and former student of Ruskin
College, Oxford United Kingdom, the
Hon. Baldwin Spencer, announced his
government's intention to establish a
scholarship programme for students to
pursue Trade Union Studies at Ruskin

Prime Minister Spencer made
the announcement during a visit to
Ruskin College, where he met with the
Principal and staff of the 108 year old
institution along with three of his
professors while he was a student
there from 1971 1973.

"It was a nostalgic moment to
walk the grounds of Ruskin after thirty
years. To see the room where I studied
and most importantly to be able to
interact once again with some of my
professors was truly a pleasant
emotional experience for me," said the
Prime Minister.

"I credit Ruskin College a
great deal for my love for workers
rights. It provided me with a strong
foundation and the knowledge gained
there helped greatly in all of my trade
union encounters in Antigua and
Barbuda and the region," he added.

The Prime Minister said that

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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I Issue N. 1

he has decided to establish the
scholarship programme because he
wished to maintain the link with the
institution and it has contributed greatly
not only to his education but also a
number of other trade unionists in
Antigua and Barbuda. Senators Chester
Hughes and David Massiah are also
graduates of Ruskin College.

Ruskin College was established
in 1899 specifically to provide
educational opportunities for working
class men, who were denied access to
university. It was deliberately placed in
Oxford, the city in which its young
American founders had studied, because
the city symbolised the educational
privilege and standards to which ordinary
people could never previously have

Ruskin College became, in turn,
a symbol of working people's education.
It served as a model for labour colleges
around the world, and Gandhi made a
point of visiting during a brief stay in
Oxford in 1931 because he had been so
inspired by the writings of John Ruskin
on workers' education, just as the
College founders had been.

Ruskin's educational work may
be divided into further education activity
(including short courses and external

nu 1

iwvnister spencer seen nere wnn me i
the Institution, Dr Audrey Mullender,
Walton Street Campus

. .

PM Spencer with two of his former professors at Ruskin College

trade union courses), supported by the
Learning and Skills Council (LSC), and
higher education work, funded by the
Higher Education Funding Council for
England (HEFCE) and validated by the
Open University Validation Services

The College's work in higher
education constitutes:

A one-year full-time
Certificate of Higher
Education (CertHE) that
currently recruits to six
pathways: English and
Creative Writing, History
Law, Studying Society,
Labour Relations and
Law, and Women's
Studies (part-time).

Three Diplomas of
Higher Education (DipHE)
in English Studies:
Creative Writing and
Critical Practice,
Principal of International Labour and
at its Trade Union Studies and
in Social Change.

Four BAs in English
Studies: Creative Writing and Critical
Practice, International Labour and
Trade Union Studies, Social Work and
Sociology, Politics and Economics.

A Foundation Degree in
Youth and Community Work, with five
core options and fourteen optional
ones: seven offering a pathway in
Youth Work and seven in Community
Development. This course will be
offered at BA level from 2008.

Three MAs in International
Labour and Trade Union Studies,
Public History and Women's Studies.

Prime Minister Spencer will
soon announce the start up date of the
Ruskin College Scholarship



2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Isse N. 1

PM Spencer with the Lord Mayor of Le
Mr Suga Christopher and High Commissioner
and Mrs Roberts

St. John's City and
Leicester City United
Kingdom to be twinned

Plans are progressing for the
twinning of St. John's City, Antigua and
the city of Leicester, England.

The announcement was made
during a Civic Luncheon hosted by the
Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of
Leicester, England Councillor Gary G.
Hunt in honour of the visit of Prime
Minister of Antigua and Barbuda the
Hon. Baldwin Spencer.

Prime Minister Spencer and
Mayor Hunt agreed during the luncheon
that Antigua and Barbuda's High
Commissioner Dr. Carl Roberts and Mr.
Suga Christopher of the Antigua and
Barbuda Leicester Association should
proceed with discussions with members
of the Council of Leicester to finalise the

Prime Minister Spencer said
that Leicester and Antigua and Barbuda
has a long standing relationship with the
highest number of Antigua and Barbuda
nationals residing in England living in

Councillor Gary Hunt said that
he welcomed the move and will give it his

full support. Leicester is
known as the Caribbean
S of the United Kingdom
because of its high
concentration of West

aims to reform
Police Force
icester, during first
DrCar Roberts quarter of 2008

Prime Minister the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer has announced that his
government is aiming at implementing a
number of the recommendations
contained in the Breau Report to reform
the Royal Police Force of Antigua and

Barbuda during the first quarter of 2008.

He pointed out that the report
that speaks to many short, medium
and long-term changes within the force
to tackle crime and better serve the
public has been shared with the UK
and Canadian officials. "There are a
wide range of issues that need
addressing and there is considerable
preparatory work that is being carried
out behind the scenes in order to
implement the recommendations,"
Prime Minister Spencer said.

It was also noted that
government is determined in a very
comprehensive way to move forward
and is currently putting in place a super
structure to deal with the police's ability
to fully tackle crime and at the same
time restructure the force.

"It is going to be a costly affair
to deal with this issue, however
government is prepared to expend the
funds needed to deal with the issue.
The three entities we have been
speaking with have pledged their
assistance and we will be moving
forward," he added.

The country's leader who is
responsible for National Security
matters said that he could not disclose
the specifics of the report as
government realize that it is a sensitive

During a town-hall meeting with issue and is treaUng it as SUch.
Antiguan and Barbudan nationals living
in Leicester, England Prime
Minister Spencer in response
to a question on crime said that
he is in receipt of a report from
retired Canadian Mounted
Police Alphonse Breau who
reviewed the force recently. He
noted that his government has
been in discussions with the
UK and Canadian
Governments and United
Nations police officials in an
effort to make arrangements to
effort to make arrangements to Above and centre PM Spencer, organizers and
implement the recommendations. nationals of Antiguans and Barbudans living in
Leicester, England

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

IAI Issue No. 1

Particulars of the Post of Chief Magistrate, Magistrates Court
Ministry of Justice & Public Safety

Chief Magistrate

Bachelor of Law Degree
Legal Education Certificate
At least seven (7) years experience as an advocate in a Court
having unlimited jurisdiction in civil matters in some part of
the Commonwealth.


$69,240.00 per annum.

Travelling Allowance:

Housing Allowance

Duty Allowance:

Payment in lieu:
(of Private practice)


$ 8,736.00 per annum (provided the officer maintains a car for the
performance of official duties)

$18,000.00 per annum.

$18,000.00 per annum.

$36,000.00 per annum.

Limited to local calls

The Officer will be required to contribute towards the Educational Levy, Medical Benefit and Social Security
Schemes. There will be also a deduction in the form of personal Income Tax. Employment will be subject to
Medical fitness.

Vacation Leave:

Sick Leave:


Twenty-seven (27) working days per annum in accordance with
existing regulations. (which said leave shall be taken during
the life of the contract).

Thirty (30) calendar days during the period of twelve (12)

(a) Be responsible for the administration of the Magistrate

(b) Adjudicate all criminal, quasi-criminal and civil cases
within the limits prescribed by the Magistrate's Code
of Procedure Act, Cap. 255 and any other law.

(c) Conduct coroners' inquest and licensing sessions.

(d) Conduct of Juvenile court.

(e) Hear affiliation matters, certain matrimonial matters and
other matters relating to the custody of children.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486



IAI Issue No. 1

(f) Preside over certain Appeals Boards as stipulated by Law
(example. Income tax and Property tax etc.)

(g) Perform certain judicial and administrative functions (e.g.,
issuing of warrants and granting of bail) when called upon
to do so by the Police on Saturdays, Sundays and Public

Twelve and a half percent (12.5%) of aggregate salary payable on
the completion of the employment.

Hours of Work:

(1) Mondays to Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m.

(2) Notwithstanding (1) above, the nature of the duties will
require the Officer to perform work outside of the hours
mentioned above, in addition to Saturdays, Sundays and
Public Holidays when necessary.

Applications stating qualifications,
Certificates should be sent to:

experience, the names and addresses of at least two referees, along with copies of

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
New Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St John's
Antigua WI.

Antigua and Barbuda
Government reacts to WTO
Arbitration ruling

On the 21st December the
government of Antigua and Barbuda
reacted to the issuance of the report of
the arbitrators of the WTO Panel in its
dispute over Internet gambling services
with the United States. In an unusual and
lengthy opinion, the panel of arbitrators
ruled that Antigua could apply trade
sanctions through the suspension of US
intellectual property rights, but limited
Antigua and Barbuda's annual damages
to US $21 million (EC $56.7 million). This
amount will remain in place until the US
comes in compliance with the rulings and
recommendations of the WTO's Dispute
Settlement Body, or until it reaches a
mutually agreed settlement with Antigua
and Barbuda under the Article 21 of
GATS agreement.

Nevertheless, the country's
Minister of Finance and the Economy,
the Honourable Dr. L. Errol Cort,
expressed his government's mixed
emotions over the highly-anticipated

"Although we are pleased that
the extraordinary sanction of the
suspension of intellectual property right
protection for US interests has been
given to us only the second such
authorisation in WTO history we are
disappointed by the portion of the
decision limiting our annual
compensation to such a mere fraction of
our industry's lost revenues," said
Minister Cort.

"We believe that this portion of
the ruling is flawed and may have far
reaching implications for the future of
dispute resolution at the WTO,
particularly for its small developing
country members. That being said, we

can and do intend to make the most of
what we can from this ruling," he said.

The Minister further observed
that the objective of this process is not
to actually apply sanctions, but to
encourage the United States
government to negotiate with his
government towards a fair and
mutually satisfactory resolution of the

"Despite the size of the
award, the value of WTO sanctioned
suspension of intellectual property
rights should not be underestimated.
We think that this decision, as terribly
flawed as it may be, should still have
the desired result of getting the US to
sit down with us and seek a amicable
resolution to our disagreement. In this
regard, we look forward to meeting with
the US delegation in the very near
future in an effort to have this matter
fully resolved," said the Minister

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP


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