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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No. 122 Aucrust 2007

Emancipation Day
-August 1st

Those of us in the Caribbean
who are descendants of the African
slaves and who can remember stories
told to us as children so that we never
forget of the days before and on the
momentous day of emancipation. One
such story is told by a grandmother who
never tired of telling it that her father's
father was 9 years old when slavery
ended. At that age he was already
working in the fields. I am sure that most
of you have heard stories from your
grandparents, great-grandparents or
great-great grand-parents handed down
from generation to generation as it
should be, because we should never

In his Address to the nation on
Emancipation Day 1st August, 2007
Prime Minister said, "It must have been
a bitter sweet moment for the many
Antiguans and Barbudans who woke up
on that glorious day to welcome their
newly found freedom and liberation from
a system that kept them enslaved and
subjugated for over 400 years.

The heralding of emancipation
on August 1 must not be forgotten or
allowed to go unnoticed, for it represents
deeply rooted experiences that have
shaped and transformed the lives of
millions of Africans in the Diaspora and
the Caribbean in particular.

As a people we must never
forget the struggles of hundreds of
freedom fighters who were killed and
maimed as they resisted the terrible and
horrific behaviour of slave masters and
plantation owners.

It is for this reason that my
government in April of this year passed a
declaration in parliament reaffirming
Antigua and Barbuda's recognition of
August 1st as Emancipation Day and the
need to institutionalize ceremonies and
programmes in annual national
commemoration of the parliamentary
end to British enslavement of Africans,
August 1st 1834".

We cannot help but wonder
what the feelings were throughout
Antigua and Barbuda of the soon to be
free slaves and when they became free
on Emancipation Day. From the Antigua
and Barbuda Museum website:

we downloaded the following:


1834 July 31. Thursday -

"Some timorous planter
families did not go to bed on
emancipation night, fearing lest the
same bell which sounded freedom of
the slaves might bring the death knell
of the masters. At the Wesleyan
Chapel when the midnight bell started
to strike the congregation fell to their
knees to pray.

Scarcely had the clock
sounded its last note, when lightning
flashed vividly around and a loud peal
of thunder roared along the sky. Then
came the burst they shouted, they
sung, "Glory!", "Alleluia!" they clapped
their hands, leaped up, fell down,
clasped each other in their free hands,
cried, laughed, went to and fro, tossing
upward their unfettered hands, but high
above the whole was a mighty sound
... the uttering in broken negro dialect
of gratitude to God.

When the clock began to
strike midnight, the people of Antigua
were SLAVES ...when it ceased they
were all FREEMEN! There had never
been in the history of the world, so
great and instantaneous change in the
condition of so large a body of people.
Freedom was like passing suddenly
out of a dark dungeon into the light of
the sun.

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Minister signs Aviation agreement (page 5)
Curtains drawn on Carnival 2007 (pages 6 and 7)
Joint operation results in million dollar drug bust (page 9)
University professor praises Antigua and Barbuda IT programme (page 12)
Minister launches 26th Anniversary of Independence (pages 14 and 15)

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Change and Growth

I few weeks ago I was listening to a discussion on
a possible change of leadership in a certain institution
when one of the persons involved in the dialogue opined
that the only thing that is constant in life is change. My
mind then began to wonder and in doing so I was
reminded of a traditional Caribbean saying that "the more
things change, the more things remain the same".

I did some research to attempt to find out the
origins of the first statement used by one of the
discussants above and found out that the saying appear
to be credited to a Frenchman, Francois de la
Rochefaucauld (1613-1680). But is a pessimist's view of
change expressed in the Caribbean saying the prevalent
view of change? How much good comes from many of
the changes we see happening around us?

Our first article in this Newsletter describes an
exciting change in the life of our ancestors which took
place on the 1st August 1834. On that day the "slaves"

across the Caribbean changes from bondsmenn to
freemen". Slavery was finally abolished and the labourers
in Antigua and Barbuda were no longer owned by the
plantation owners but were "masters of their own bodies
and time". How much had things really changed?

New found freedom brings with it new levels of
responsibility. A responsibility to provide for one's self
and one's family now dominates the mind of the worker.
Once the reward for labour has been agreed, the desire
to develop and grow increases. Such is the small
beginnings which blossomed into the dynamic society of
today. A desire for more benefits from hard work, soon
developed into a wish to influence the environment in
which the hardworking labourers existed. Representation
at the negotiation table for workers benefits eventually led
to representation at the political level to determine the
collective well-being of the society. Our first political
leaders were from the unions.

Today we have progressed far beyond the initial
freedom from our masters to become masters of our own
destiny. Change is still taking place and must continue to
do so. Another worthwhile statement reminds us that "the
only thing that is constant is change".

Throughout this newsletter there are many
instances of change change that portends development
and growth for the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. A new
agreement between Antigua and Barbuda and those
responsibility for management of Aviation at the Miami
airport offers us a further opportunity to develop. The
invitation to re-develop the Half Moon Bay lands, the new
IT programme in Antigua and Barbuda, the possible
opening of the Mount St John Medical Centre must force
a recant of the usual saying that the more things change
the more things remain the same. Let us therefore see
these changes as positive forces for growth and join
hands to ensure that only good progress comes from
these initiatives.
Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

WIIlp .iiyiii. ,

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No. 122

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1834 Aug 1st -

On this day there was no
frolicking, but nearly all the people went
to church to "Tank God to make a we
free! There was more 'religious' on dat
day dan you could tinkk of!".

Many planters went to the
chapels where their own people were
assembled, greeted them, shook hands
with them, and exchanged the most
hearty good wishes. The churches were
thronged all over the island. At Grace Hill
at least a thousand persons around the
chapel could not get in.

During emancipation day and
night, not a single dance was held, nor so
much as a fiddle played. There were no
riotous assemblies nor drunken

Gratitude was the absorbing

Emancipation Day was
celebrated very festively at Willoughby
Bay (Bridgetown). The Wesleyan Chapel
was all decorated with coconut fronds
and at the schoolroom children and the
elderly were entertained with cakes and

The first part of the day was
spent in church, and in the evening
people danced and were merry.
Nowhere in the island was there any

After the holiday, labourers
worked on equitable terms and sugar
cultivation proceeded as before. Some
slaves had avowed their intention of
freed, as if to prove to themselves and
others, that they were truly MASTERS of
their own bodies and time.

Planters believed that after
such a revolution as emancipation there
would be some relaxation of labour
during the week following emancipation.
But at Dr. Daniel's estate (Weatherill's)
of which he was manager, he found all
hands in the field early on Monday
morning. However at his own estate
(probably Belmont) his people were
standing with their hands on their hoes
doing nothing. "What does this mean,
my fellows, that you are not at work this
morning?" They immediately replied, "It
is not because we don't want to work,
massa, but we wanted to see you first to
see what the BARGAIN would be". After
that was decided on, the whole body of
WORKERS turned out cheerfully.

Mr. Howell, manager of Thibou
Jarvis' Estate remembered arising from
his bed on the 1st of August hearing
exclamations of joy, 'I am free, I am
free, I was the greatest slave on the
estate, now I am Free!' ".

Antigua and Barbuda is not the
only country where emancipation Day is
celebrated. "Ex-slaves in Jamaica
adapted the former Christmas ritual of
Jonkonnu to commemorate
emancipation, while those in Trinidad
and elsewhere similarly transformed

carnival and other cultural festivals like
crop-over and canboulay into annual
freedom celebrations". (source -
Whatever happened to August
First? By J.R. Kerr Ritchie -
Assistant Professor of History at
Howard University)

In some other Caribbean
islands Emancipation Day is
celebrated thus:
Emancipation Day is celebrated on the
first Monday in August.

Emancipation Day is celebrated on
August 1st.

Emancipation Day is a national holiday
in Bermuda which celebrates the
emancipation of slaves in the British
Empire on August 1, 1834, though it is
usually celebrated on August 2. On the
Island the holiday is better known as
the first day of "Cupmatch", an annual
two day bipartisan cricket competition,
between the opposing St. George's
and Somerset cricket clubs.

Emancipation Day is celebrated each
year on 1 August in recognition of the
abolition of slavery. The island's slave
revolt which was held at Bailey's
Plantation, is said to have been led by
a man named "Bussa". Still today he is
honoured as a national hero and a
statue of him stands on what's known
as Emancipation Roundabout in St
Michael. Each year a ceremony
celebrating the abolition of slavery is
held on this spot with parades,
speeches, educational displays and

Emancipation Day is a national holiday
in the Bahamas commemorating the
emancipation of slaves in the British
Empire on August 1, 1834.

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No. 122

Emancipation Day is more commonly
referred to in The Bahamas as August
Monday as it is celebrated on the first
Monday in August.

Celebrations are mainly concentrated in
Fox Hill village, Nassau a former slave
village whose inhabitants, according to
folklore, heard about their freedom a
week after everyone else on the island.

Turks and Caicos Islands
Emancipation Day is a national holiday in
the Turks and Caicos Islands similar to
the Bahamas. (The Turks and Caicos
Islands are located next to the Bahamas
and share a similar culture and history.)
It is celebrated on August 7. (source:

Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer concluded his address on
Emancipation Day by stating, "Between
1512 and 1807, it is estimated that the
European slave traders brutally
snatched ten million African people
across the Atlantic to work under the
most inhumane conditions conceivable,
and in addition, killed another six million
or more during the crossing.

Those who survived this
traumatic crossing from Africa then had
to endure conditions so hard that, in the
Caribbean, approximately one in every
three Africans died within three years of
arriving. Is this not a crime against
humanity? A gross violation of human

Dear Readers

The facts and figures are there
for us to examine and read for ourselves.
I therefore urge you to take time out and
visit the National Archives and Museum
and research and explore the vast
volumes of information that are on
display, that depict in real details the
lives of enslaved people in Antigua and
Barbuda during the periods before
emancipation in 1834.

So let us not be afraid or timid
in our efforts to promote and give thanks
for the liberation of our ancestors, who
were brought here from Africa and

The recognition of
Emancipation Day must be used as a
time to tell "Our Story" of great human
resilience and survival and our
remarkable triumph over the middle
passage legacy.

As we reflect throughout the
day, remember that we are a people of
goodwill and dignity despite of our brutal
past. We have made our mark in the
world in areas such sports,
entertainment and education. Therefore
our call for reparations is not an
emotional plea for help but a rightful call
for compensation.

It is for this reason that we
support the United Nations Basic
Principles and Guidelines on the Rightto
a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of
Gross Violations of International Human
Rights Law and Serious Violations of

International Humanitarian Law
adopted and proclaimed by General
Assembly resolution 60/147 of 16
December 2005.

I support the call by the noted
Caribbean educator, Professor Rex
Nettleford for the beneficiaries of
slavery as part of their reparative act
to make a contribution
towards widening the provision of
tertiary education and training in the
Caribbean to meet the challenges of
thisnew century and

It is this kind of response to
our call for reparation that will certainly
go a long way in helping to bridge the
economic divide and level the playing
field in the competitive global market

I therefore want to urge all
Antiguans and Barbudans to continue
the debate and discussions about
reparations and to do so in solidarity
with the rest of our Caribbean brothers
and sisters."

Let us end by quoting from
the song of the Caribbean's own
reggae icon, Bob Marley,
"Emancipate yourselves from
mental slavery; none but ourselves
taken from a speech by the
Honourable Marcus Garvey of

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Please note that the Antigua and Barbuda Newsletter will after this

issue be produced every two months. Any inconvenience this may cause

is deeply regretted.

T-I. -nn W) n nn7n 7. Q 7, nn 71 7/ 'A

e No. 122

Antigua and Barbuda Signs
Aviation Agreement with

Miami International Airport

On 26th August a major
advance was made within the Aviation
industry with the official signing of an
International Sister Airports Agreement
between the V.C. Bird International
Airport and the Miami International

During the ceremony
representatives of the Airport Authority,
the Ministry of Civil Aviation and
Chairman of the Antigua Airport Authority
Mr. Ted Isaac and Commissioner of the
Miami Dade County, Hon. Jose 'Pepe'
Diaz witnessed the signing of the
agreement between the Hon. Harold
Lovell, Minister of Aviation and Director
of the Miami Dade County Aviation
Department, Jose Abreu, who signed on
behalf of the Miami International Airport.

The agreement officially linked
the Miami International Airport and the
V.C. Bird International Airport allowing
for the exchange of information
pertaining to cargo and passenger
movement in each airport; historical
statistical information pertaining to each
airport; planned airport infrastructure
developments, and general marketing
research aimed at increasing passenger
and cargo traffic at both airports among
other things.

The agreement also allows for
both parties to consider the creation of a
working group, made up of a limited
number of representatives from each
party, for the express purpose of putting
in practice the intentions of the

Minister Lovell estimates a
period of approximately four (4) weeks
for consultations to take place regarding
the configuration of this working

Already, eyes are set on
developments concerning gaining a
direct airline route to Miami and
according to the Aviation Minister; plans
are in an advanced stage in this regard.

"Our agreement comes at a
time when this ministry is seeking to
re-introduce direct Miami Antigua
services to enable us to tap into Miami's
vital and direct linkages to the U.S. and
Latin America and to increase direct
access to Miami as a commercial and
business centre." Minister Lovell stated.

He continued, "This agreement
is an important building block of that
effort and will enable us to expand our
tourism and investment marketing and
promotional efforts in the US.

Miami captures 50% of all U.S.
Caribbean Trade with an estimated
amount of $10 million dollars and
currently the Miami International Airport
is undergoing a 6.2 billion dollar
expansion project, likewise for the V.C.
Bird International Airport which has just
seen major expansion and renovation
work mainly for ICC Cricket World Cup
earlier this year.

These adjustments enabled
the facility to accommodate record
numbers of passengers for Carnival's
Golden Jubilee celebrations just
concluded a few weeks ago.

Commissioner of Aviation for
the Miami Dade County, Jose Diaz
noted that there are huge economic
and intellectual benefits to be derived
from a collaboration such as this, and
a major component is the flavor of
understanding cultures.

Minister Lovell commended
Mr. Miguel Southwell for his vision and
hard work in helping to bring the Sister
Agreement to fruition. Southwell is a
native Antiguan who holds the position
of Assistant Director of the Miami Dade
Aviation Department.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Minister ovelanJose 'Diaz sign agreement
NMinister Loveffand~jose Diaz sign agreement

TFI. nn 71eQ nnf7n V-v. nVn) 7 4 '7/TAQK

e No. 122

A I s

17 year old Pilot's Maiden


brings him to

On 27th August a young aviator,
Granville T. Smith Jr., affectionately
known as Theo, from St. Thomas,
U.S.V.I, embarked on a 5 day maiden
voyage that had him island hopping
across 10 Caribbean Islands, including
Antigua and Barbuda.

Seventeen year old Smith, who
may well have been the youngest
certified pilot to navigate these islands, is
the son of Granville Smith a native of
Bolans, Antigua.

Granville began taking flying
lessons at the age of ten and flew his first
solo in August 2006.

Upon his arrival in Antigua in his
twin-engine baron on August 30,
representatives from the Ministry of
Tourism & Civil Aviation were on hand to
welcome the youth at a special reception
at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

Before his arrival Minister of
Tourism Harold Lovell, commented that
"Antigua and Barbuda is quickly
becoming a popular choice for
individuals embarking on these types of
historic record-setting trips which only
serve to provide unique opportunities for

^BjrT, Fm
4-460 Fwika

the Ministry to increase the
awareness of the destination and
its brand".

He continued, "the Ministry of
Tourism is pleased that Theo
included Antigua in his historic
Voyage. We commend him on his
S accomplishments thus far, and
J look forward to welcoming him
when he arrives."

Upon leaving Antigua, Smith
made his way to Anguilla, Tortola
then back to St. Thomas.

Other islands visited on the trip
included Aruba, Trinidad, Grenada,
Carriacou, Dominica, Guadeloupe and
St. Kitts

Curtains drawn on
Carnival 2007

The curtains were drawn on
Carnival's Golden Jubilee with the
hosting of the final CDC press
Conference at the Antigua Recreation
Grounds formerly Carnival City.

Addressing the media were
Minister of Tourism with responsibility for
Carnival, the Hon. Harold Lovell,
Chairman of the CDC Neil Cochrane and
the Coordinator of Carnival Vaughn

The Tourism Minister noted that
all should be proud as Antiguans and
Barbudans because Carnival 50 was
indeed a huge success and he thanked
the numerous stakeholders for their

The standard of the various
shows which made up the recently
concluded celebrations came in for very
high praises mainly from the international
media who identified the opening of
carnival program, and the party monarch
competition as top class productions.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. Cnn 71eQ nn7fn 12. n W n) 7 Q '7/AQK

All this with a complement of
200 plus volunteers consisting of CDC
committee and sub committee
members who gave of their time and
energy for the love of the festival.

Minister Lovell also
commended the cabinet of Antigua and
Barbuda; mainly his colleague minister
and former Minister of Carnival John
Maginley, for lobbying the case for the
injection of 6.5 million EC dollars for
this years' 50th celebration.

CDC Chairman Neil Cochrane
noted that of this 6.5 Million only 2.7
million dollars have been drawn down
to date, however it is anticipated that a
total of approximately 4 million dollars
would be spent in relation to the hosting
of Carnival 50.

The additional funds
Cochrane said will be put towards
marketing and getting an early start for
the 2008 festival.

Antigua and Barbuda's
economy was given a major boost
despite the 1.1 million dollars that was
collected in gate receipts compared to
the estimated 4 million dollar total
expenditure foreseen.

According to Minister Lovell,
"The success of a venture such as this
cannot be measured by gate receipts
only, but by the promotional and
commercial value that comes as a
direct result of increased traffic to the
country and exposure to our cultural

The island saw record
numbers in arrivals from overseas;
Antiguans living abroad returning home
to witness the festival and visitors alike,
so much so, that to date the attendance
figures have signaled a record breaking
year for the Summer Festival.

e No. 122

(teft to right) Mwr Vaughn WaLter, .Minister responstbe jor carnival
HSonourab6k HSarold oveCe Party Monarch queen Claudette "C.P"
Peters and'Mr 'NeiCCochrane

Approximately 53,000 tickets
were sold during carnival for the
numerous shows. The CDC even
provided preliminary attendance
numbers to support this claim.

Compared to 2006, the Queen
of Carnival competition brought home a
48.5% increase in attendance, while the

Calypso Monarch Competition saw an
increase of 23.4% for the same period.

The Party Monarch Competition
staged on August 4th was history in the
making securing an increase of 89.6%
over 2006. Eleven thousand, seven
hundred and fourteen paid patrons
(11,714) attended that show, possibly the

most well attended event to be held in
the Antigua Recreations Grounds even
for International Cricket.

Carnival's Golden Jubilee
overall in preliminary figures saw an
increase of 67.1%

Coordinator of Carnival
Vaughn Walter during a somewhat
sentimental moment took the
opportunity to inform the press of his
resignation from the CDC board as his
official resignation letter was handed to
the Minister Lovell on August 8th 2007.

Mr Walters offered his
services to the government not just for
carnival (as he sees Antigua becoming
a hub for festivals within the region) as
an Event Management Consultant.
Walter sees this as time for him to take
up challenges which will enhance him
further as a pioneer in his various

A high point of the press
gathering was the official crowning of
the Party Monarch Queen Claudette
"C.P." Peters. Claudette who fell ill after
her performance and was unable to
collect her crown as she was

Ms. Peters took the honour of
being the first ever Groovy Monarch
and did a hat-trick after taking the up
tempo title as well.

A heart- felt 'thank you' goes
out to all of the title sponsors for
making the 50th anniversary of
Carnival a huge success, namely
Cable and Wireless B-Mobile, The Jolly
Beach resort, American Airlines,
Kennedy's Club Ltd, and Antigua

The Queen of Carnivaland her runners-up

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. nOn 71eQ nn7fn 12. n n") 71Q9 7/A Q

9 No. 122


The Half Moon Bay lands
whose acquisition by Government was
recently legally confirmed by a landmark
ruling of the Judicial Committee of the
Privy Council in London (Antigua and
Barbuda's final appellate court) consist of
three parcels of contiguous and adjoining
land registered at the Land Registry in
Registration Section: St. Phillip South,
Block: 32 3282A, Parcels: 55 (2.7 acres),
56 (37.47 acres), and 57 (68 acres). The
relevant Cadastral Survey Map showing
the location of the parcels can be
obtained from the Lands & Survey
Division of the Ministry of Agriculture,
Lands, and Marine Resources.

Up until September 1995
following extensive damage by
Hurricane Luis, the 108 acre property
was home to the 100-room Half Moon
Bay Hotel and a 9 -hole golf course
owned and managed by HMB Holdings
Limited. With tourism being Antigua and
Barbuda's principal foreign exchange
earner and the single largest private
sector employer, the Half Moon Bay
Hotel, situated on one of Antigua's best
beaches, has since the 1970's played a
significant role in establishing the country
as a top holiday destination for visitors
from Europe and North America. Twelve
years on and with no tangible effort by its
owners to rebuild and re-open the hotel,
the Government has taken possession of
the property following its 2002 decision
to compulsorily acquire the property so
that the hotel business at this pristine
location can be regenerated. The bay is
one of the most beautiful in the island,
and its white sand crescent-shaped
beach has been described as one of the
best beaches in the world. The shape of
the bay and its secluded environment on
the south-eastern corner of the island
provide an unusual degree of privacy for

the celebrity
visitors which the
hotel attracted
throughout the

vision is to
transform this
national physical
asset into a
unique tourism
resort capable of
providing long-
term meaningful
and sustainable
economic Hi
preferably in partnership with private
investment. To this end Government
invites proposals from interested
developers/investors along the following

(1) The Developer must demonstrate
substantial financial capability and the
ability to commence, sustain and
complete a first-class tourism resort
utilizing a minimum of 100 acres of land
within a reasonable time frame;

(2) The Developer must present a
business strategy for the creation and
development of a first-class resort
community to include at least one 5-star
hotel, high-end villa or condominium
residences and a first-class golf course;

(3) The Developer's marketing and
business plan must allow for the creation
and expansion of local entrepreneurial
opportunities and the development of
local human resources and capacity at
administrative, managerial and executive

(4) The Developer should be prepared
to initiate and integrate comprehensive
community development projects in
conjunction with the resort development
to create long lasting sustainable

Attorney GeneraC
m. Justin Simon QC

benefits at both the local community
and national levels, whether in
education, culture, arts, sports, or

(5) The Developer must be willing to
partner with Government in some
tangible and meaningful way thereby
creating a public/private partnership
model for balanced sustainable
development and real equity
participation by government for and on
behalf of the people of Antigua and

All applications should be
forwarded by September 22, 2007

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Tourism (Half Moon Bay
Government Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. John's, Antigua

for Cabinet's informed and careful

All applications will be
acknowledged and an announcement
of the successful applicant is expected
to be made by October-end 2007.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. nn "719 rnnnrii W nri n 71 9 'TAQ

No. 122

Joint Operation results in
Million Dollar Drug Bust

On Wednesday 15th August,
2007, a joint operation between the
Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force
(RABPF), Office of National Drug and
Money Laundering Control Policy
(ONDCP) and the Antigua and Barbuda
Defence Force Coast Guard (ABDFCG)
resulted in the seizure of 1,366.751bs of
Marijuana with an estimated street value
of $1,913,450.00.
According to information
received, the agencies involved received
information that a boat carrying what
appeared to be bails of drugs was
spotted on the eastern end of the island.
At about 2:00 pm, the vessel pulled into
the Gaynors area and offloaded the
illegal cargo.

A number of Antiguan and
Vincentian nationals are assisting the
police with their investigations. The
vessel which was responsible for
bringing the illegal cargo from a nearby
island was also seized.

Antiaua and Barbuda's
Whifelisting Application for
Internet Gaming
advertising under
consideration by the United
Kingdom government

On 9th August the United
Kingdom (UK) Gambling Commission
released its list of foreign remote
gambling jurisdictions approved to be
"whitelisted" by the Gambling
Commission for the purpose of
advertising gambling services within the
United Kingdom from 1 September

Only two jurisdictions have
been initially recommended for approval
namely the jurisdiction of Alderney and
the Isle of Man. Applications from
Antigua and Barbuda and Kahnawake
are still receiving consideration, whilst
applications from Alexander (Canadian
Reservation), Tasmania (Australia) and
Netherlands Antilles have been rejected
by the Secretary of State for Culture
Media and Sport, Mr. James Purnell.

Minister of Finance and the
Economy, Dr. Errol Cort remains
confident that Antigua and Barbuda's
application to the UK's "Whitelisting" will
receive approval in due course given
that Antigua and Barbuda's regulatory
and licencing objectives are parallel to
the United Kingdom's intended remote
gaming regulatory regime which
promotes the prevention of underage
gaming, protection of the vulnerable,
fairness in all games and the combating
of illicit activities and financial crimes.

Director of Gaming Ms. Kaye
McDonald underscores the Minister of
Finance's sentiments with respect to the
jurisdiction's regulatory and licencing
framework and furthermore believes that
the application process provides an
opportunity for governments and
regulators to work collectively to
continuously improve the regulatory
environment associated with remote

Minister Cort observed that the
UK's "whitelisting" is an on-going
process and stated that the Government
looks forward to working with the United
Kingdom with respect to the jurisdiction's
application and also with other proactive
governments across the globe to further
develop international standards in
recognition of this most important

UPP Executive Members
on official visit to the
People's Republic of
Chairman of the United
Progressive Party (UPP) Ambassador
Leon Chaku Symister led a three-
member delegation on an official visit
to the People's Republic of China on
the invitation of the Communist Party
of China (CPC).

The delegation which also
comprised UPP Public Relations
Officer Winston Henry and Chairman
of the St. John's Rural South
Constituency Branch Kerron Simon,
engaged the CPC in multi-channel
and in-depth party-to-party
dialogue and shared experiences
of governance.

The visit formed part of
activities organized by the government
of the People's Republic of China to
celebrate the twenty-five years of
diplomatic relations between China
and Antigua and Barbuda.

Based on the four principles
of inter-party relations, namely,
independence, complete equality,
mutual respect and non-interference in
each other's internal affairs, the
Communist Party of China has
established a new type of party-to-
party relations of exchanges and
cooperation with foreign political
parties in an effort to enhance mutual
understanding and friendship, with a
view to promoting state-to-state
relations and contributing to peace and
development in the world.

To date, the CPC has
established contacts and exchanges
with more than 400 political parties and
organizations in over 140 countries,
including parties in office, parties
participating in government, and major

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. nn 71eQ nnf7n V-v. CnVn 71 7/ 'AQK

e No. 122

Members of UPP's
Executive meet with
Antiguan Diaspora in

On Wednesday 29th August,
2007, Chairman of the United
Progressive Party (the ruling party in
Antigua and Barbuda) Ambassador Leon
Symister, Public Relations Officer, Mr
Winston Henry and a member of the
Executive Mr Kerron Simon stopped off
in London on their way back home from
a meeting in China to speak with the
Antiguan Diaspora.

Ambassador Symister was
quite candid in his address and many
persons, after the meeting, commented
that he was quite fair in his discussion of
the issues.

In one of his statements he said:

"there is an uneasiness in the
population to the point that some
people are very angry with our party
and with our government, and that is
the result of what we call the issue of
justice. For 28 years we have seen
scandal after scandal; we have seen
where persons have plundered the
public purse; we know that
former members
of government have
of Antigua and
Barbuda's money stacked
away in different
accounts across this
world, and we made the
commitment to
people during our
campaign, in fact, one of
the pillars of our
campaign is that we

be brought to justice. And when we say
that, this is what we mean; that we
have a proper investigation. If we don't
discover any evidence, there's nothing
we can do. If we find the evidence and
we arrest, charge and prosecute, and
the jury says not guilty, that is fine with
us. We expected that. The
Government has failed us miserably on
that, and it's an uneasiness in Antigua
and Barbuda because one of the
expectations of our people is that those
who committed crimes against the
state should have to pay for it. If I walk
down the street and I go into a store, I
pick something up and walk out and
don't pay for it, I'm arrested, charged
and prosecuted. That equal application
of the law is paramount to any society,
and I'm telling you in my view, and I
think in the view of many others in
Antigua and Barbuda, that is one of
the biggest failures of the
Government at this time."

-Mr. Leon Symister

The Diaspora asked various
questions of the Ambassador e.g. on
the crime situation in Antigua,
problems encountered when they
return home with the Immigration
Department, the Holberton hospital,
Fiennes Institute, the Police and their
inability to cope with the escalation of
crime in Antigua and Barbuda plus
rehabilitation of youth offenders,
among others.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TF1. CV)Cr 711Q fni7fi V-,. CV 7'1Q 7/A QK

ie No.


The High Commission is looking to employ, on a part-time basis, a Researcher whose
responsibility it will be to research articles for the Antigua and Barbuda Newsletter and
other documents for the High Commission.

Should be a college or university student with an interest in journalism, marketing or
Public Relations.

Duties will entail:

making suggestions on interviewees, preparing them and generating the correct
interview questions to develop the story;

provide support to High Commissioner in the preparation of position papers;

attending seminars, conferences and fairs and producing reports on the activities;

meeting with colleagues to plan the content and character of the publication;

generating ideas for stories;
producing interesting articles for the readership which are both informative and
researching and gathering information to support a story using a variety of
information sources

undertake any other duties as directed by his/her supervisor.

Suitable candidates should address their application to:

The High Commissioner
Antigua and Barbuda High Commission
2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place
London W1H 4LP

[Please note: Antiguans or Barbudans are particularly invited to apply]

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 11
*F,. n n ,r 7 ,nn 117 n.W nIM '7AK

No. 122

Professor Xumar with IT'nstructor Elmore Benjamin in one ofnin
Community computer Access Centres aroundthe island

University Professor
praises Antigua and
Barbuda's IT Programme

Dean of the Graduate School
and Associate Provost of Polytechnic
University in Brooklyn New York,
Professor Sunil Kumar has commended
the Government of Antigua and Barbuda
for the strides it is making in Information
Technology development.

Professor Kumar who recently
paid a visit to Antigua said that the
programme of establishing computer
access centres within various
communities around the island is a novel
idea and is bound to produce sizeable
benefits for the economy of Antigua and
Barbuda in the short and long term.

Dr. Kumar, who is also
Professor of Engineering at Polytechnic
University, one of the top research
universities in the United States,
said that Information Technology is a

tool towards the development of any
economy and the country's thrust in that
direction must be highly commended.

"The Computer Access Centres
and the Mobile IT Unit all place
information technology at the fingertips


Students in the Mobile IT'Unit during one of the daily sessions

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TF1. CV)Cr 711Q fni7fi V-,. CV 7'1Q 7/A QK

i '
I i
i r

of each member of the various
.communities and they present untold
opportunities for individuals to learn
new skills and advance themselves
'educationally," Professor Kumar said.

"With the centres being
utilised to their fullest potential,
individuals can advance themselves
in a number of areas including
linguistics and earn degrees from
reputable institutions around the
world. The government has
embarked on a unique method to
advance its people," said the

The Government's
Information Technology Programme
is spearheaded by Minister of
e Information and Broadcasting Dr. the
Hon. Edmond Mansoor and is
designed to make every Antiguan and
Barbudan citizen fully computer
literate by the year 2010.

? No. 122

Mount St. John Medical
Centre undergoes

Technology Audit
MEDICORP Technologies, a
clinical engineering company affiliated
with the American Hospital Management
Company completed a week long
Technology Audit of the Mount St. John
Medical Centre.

According to Minister of Health
the Hon. John Maginley, the main
objective was to conduct a complete
evaluation of the pre-operational Clinical
and Hospital Engineering activities being
executed at the Mount St. John Medical

He said the Audit took into
account technical, cost and
organizational aspects, as well as the
planning and management of healthcare
technology as related to medical
equipment and hospital installations.

MEDICORP Technologies
identified, quantified and determined the
quality of the present state of Clinical and
Hospital Engineering activities at the
Hospital, but also provided a set of action
plans to correct any possible problems

and negative issues found during the the planning, utilization and
evaluation, conservation of healthcare technology
at the Mount St. John Medical Centre.

"As we continue to address the
opening of the Mount St. John Medical
Centre the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda is ensuring that all the systems
to be used at the facility must be properly
tested by an internationally recognized
company in the field," outlined Minister

"This Technology Audit again
confirms our intention to ensure that we
deliver the highest quality hospital facility
and systems possible to provide
services to the people of Antigua and
Barbuda," he said.

MEDICORP conducted
quantitative and qualitative evaluations
of all of the Hospital areas and the
respective engineering and architectural
projects, analyzing both proposed
medical equipment and projected
hospital installations.

This was done in order to
identify possible problems and negative
issues which will affect future Hospital
operations as related to maintenance
and engineering and will inhibit the
creation of a Clinical and Hospital
Engineering Department responsible for

At the end of the Technology
Audit, MEDICORP presented a final
report citing the principal problems
which were encountered during the
evaluation and the action plans which
will be necessary to correct these

Food & Crafts of the

RHS Lawrence Hall,
Vincent Square, London

Saturday 20th October

11 am to 5 pm

Admission: Adults 5
Children (under 5) Free

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. Cnn 71eQ nni7in 1W-. Cn) 71n9Q '7/AQ

? No. 122

Message delivered by the Hon. E. Adams,
Minister with responsibility for Independence
Launches 26th Anniversary of Independence
at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre
August 30th, 2007




Tonight, we launch the 26th
anniversary of Independence. While the
hype and frenetic energy of the Silver
Jubilee of last year is somewhat abated,
and the rush from the ecstasy of World
Cup Cricket and Carnival's Golden
Jubilee is quieted, we must begin to
exude the pride and upliftment we feel,
as we turn our thoughts to

In the words of H.D. Carberry,
"Our Country grows, struggling towards
the sun". Independence is the
achievement of the struggles of a people;
our people struggling from the dark
recesses of human degradation, towards
the sunlight and sunshine of human

Thus, whether it is the 1st, 5th,
10th, 20th or 25th, the Silver Jubilee, or
like this, just the 26th each anniversary
should be just as important as the other,
or even more so. Each should be
another milestone along the path of
nationhood, growth, and development.
Each should mark the achievement of a
people, and as the theme suggests, a

Hion. Eleston Adams
Minister responsible for

people united as one family, aspiring,
with hope in their hearts. Not filled with
hope because of despair being
experienced; but a hope because of
the advancement realized, potentials
observed and opportunities created for
further advancement and greater

Brothers and Sisters, let us
live the dream of Antigua and Barbuda-
One Family: Aspiring, Advancing,
Achieving. Each item on this stem,
refers to forward and upward
movement a futuristic vision of hope
and fulfillment not one of looking back
or standing still as though stuck in
neutral or idle. Although we at times,
need to reflect on the past, it should be
for the purpose of us being guided in
our advance to the future, and for us to
respect and pay tribute to those who
have shaped our present and are,
more often than not, unsung heroes.

Prime Minister *Baldwin Spencer unveils the 2006 Independence Cogo

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TI. Cnn 71eQ nni7n *. V-. n)n 7nQ '7/A Q

? No. 122

Prime Minister 2BaCdwin Spencer with first runner-up in
the 2007 Queen of CarnivalCompetition, Ryancia Ifenry

To the youth, I say, let
Independence milestone, in our quest for
total Freedom, be the start of a life free of
all that debilitating, retrogressive and
nonproductive in your lives. Let this be
the landmark of the landscape of your
lives, highlighting a scenery of growth,
empowerment, dignity, pride and
productivity. Loose yourselves from the
shackles of laziness, slothfulness,

idleness, illegal drugs, crime and
violence, or any such evil that is laying
hold on the weak, vulnerable and lost
among us. To those of you, who are
onward and upward, lend a hand, an ear
or a shoulder. To the adults, I say, try
even harder to be the kind of role models
our children need. Let Antigua and
Barbuda, be 'the Village that raises each

Tanzania 'Tizzy' Sebastian

As we plan our celebrations,
some of the new initiatives planned
are: Designers' Fashion Show and the
Top 18 Calypso Awards Night.

Let us join together to make
this year's celebrations, just as
meaningful and enjoyable as last
year's. Let us therefore launch out with
greater purpose and commitment to
making Antigua and Barbuda, indeed,
'One Family Aspiring together,
Advancing and Achieving together.

Our nation grows...filled with
a new self-consciousness, that will
ultimately help it to understand itself
and others around it.
But it is still young.

Be patient-

And help our country grow.

on pages 14 and 15 depict

the launching of the

Independence Celebrations

'Falza KXing, Known as -Princess JTaLa

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. nMn 71eQ nn7fn 12. n W n) 7Q9 7/AQK

? No. 122


On the 2nd August the Antigua
and Barbuda Tourist Office announced a
20% rise in June UK visitor numbers to
the twin-island nation, its largest monthly
increase to date. This increase follows
on from an average increase of 8% for
the months of March and April when the
ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 took place
and almost 10% in May.

Carol Hay, Director of Tourism
UK and Europe comments; "It is clear
that the increase in visitors to the islands
during March and April can be attributed
to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 event
and we have certainly benefited from the
fact that the world's eyes have been on
the Caribbean region putting it firmly
back on the map, however the May and
June rises are largely down to the

promoting the islands to the family and
the wedding and honeymoon markets."

In June 2006 the total number
of UK visitors to Antigua and Barbuda
was 5,339 and in June 2007 it was 6,427,
which is a rise of 20.38%. In
SMay the figures were 7,316 in
2006 and 8,031 in 2007
showing a 9.77% increase.

the islands (total figure for January -
June 2007 period is 135,564). The UK
is remains the largest provider of the
tourism market to Antigua and Barbuda
followed by USA and the Caribbean.

50,407 people from
the UK have visited the
islands over the period
January June 2007 and this
figure represents a 37.2%
share of the total number of
visitors from all countries to

intensive training programme and
support of the travel agents as well as
the ambitious efforts of the tourist board
and its airline, hotel and tour operator
partners in promoting the destination
through marketing, PR and advertising."

Hay continued, "We look
forward to seeing further rises in the year
as a result of our continued efforts and
the current campaigns we have running

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

TFI. Cnn 71eQ nn7fn 12. n W n) 7 Q '7/AQK

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