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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.120

April 2007

^(Above, Ceft to right)
/ Minister responsive for Culture,
Lon. 'ECeston Adams, Mrs Valerie Harris
Pole of the Prime Minister's Office and
HE Dr Carl'Roberts, HC for Antigua an
BarbudLa. Minister Adams headed the
delegation which were in the l'U
promoting the Antigua CarnivaC
50oth Anniversary

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Street, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

hlilp' 1

Antigua and Barbuda's participation in the IWC explained
(pages 5 and 6)
Students challenged to showcase their creative writing
skills (page 7)
Antigua Sailing Week how it all began (pages 9 to 10)
Antigua Carnival 50th Anniversary Road Show UK
(pages 8, 10 to 12)


Dear Readers

As you know, we have celebrated quite a
few milestones recently, including our
Independence Day Silver Jubilee in November
last year, the Antigua and Barbuda Brand Launch
back in May and more recently the hosting of six
Super-8 matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup.
We also had the 40th anniversary of Antigua
Sailing Week, which took place around the island,
and summer 2007 sees one of the biggest
celebrations to date, our Golden Jubilee of

Internationally known events such as
carnival, and others including Sailing Week and

the two music festivals Back II Life and Dejam,
are all so important to tourism for Antigua and
Barbuda. Together, they enable us to strengthen
and broaden the destination experience for our

The days when people would be content
to just lie on a Caribbean beach for 14 days are
gone (although there are still many people who
are happy to do so and with 365 award winning
beaches, Antigua should be first choice!); people
are now looking for holidays that enrich, immerse
and entertain. In other words, the beach really is
just the beginning...

Visitors to the island during the two weeks
of Carnival, or indeed during any other event in
Antigua and Barbuda, not only have an
opportunity to be a part of the excitement, energy
and camaraderie that characterise what is one of
the greatest festivals in the Caribbean, they also
have the opportunity to become part of our
extended family.

Tourism does not have to be one way we
want visitors to Antigua and Barbuda to take
something away with them! Through events such
as Carnival, a vibrant and dramatic celebration of
our proud history, we truly hope we are doing just
that! What you will see when you visit Antigua
and Barbuda is a glimpse of what we have to
offer. Do consider Antigua and Barbuda for
your vacation destination and do join us in the
celebration of our Golden Jubilee Carnival.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

I IssuNo12 Ap i2007

Attorney General and Minister of Legal
Affairs, Justin Simon QC

Attorney General releases
chronology of issues
relating to Half Moon Bay
Hotel acquisition

On April 16, Attorney General
the Hon. Justin Simon, QC released a
brief chronology of events relating to the
acquisition of the Half Moon Bay Hotel
(HMB) located in the East of the country.

The chronology, which is
attached, dates back to 1995 when the
property which sits on what has been
termed "the most beautiful beach in the
world" was destroyed by Hurricane Luis
in 1995. It also lists a number of
attempts by the former Antigua Labour
Party Government and the present
United Progressive Party Administration
to have the owners operationalize the

Attorney General Justin Simon
QC, recently appeared before the Privy
Council on April 23 and 24 to argue an
Appeal filed by HMB Holdings Ltd.,
against government's acquisition of the

We attach for your information
the chronology of events:

1. September 1995 Hurricane Luis
damaged Half Moon Bay Hotel.

2. December 1998 Resolution by
House of Representatives authorizing
Government to submit for the approval
of the Honourable House a
comprehensive economic intervention
programme including a package of
economic incentives for the
restructuring of HMB.

3. January 19 1999 HMB applied for
stamp duty waiver on transfer of
property and shares, maximum tax of
10% on interest earned, and a
concession to carry forward taxes for 10
years following the negotiations with a
potential joint venture partner: Regent
Street Property Group Ltd.

4. January 20 1999 Cabinet declined
application HMB so advised by letter
from Permanent Secretary dated May 14

5. June 2 1999 Cabinet instructions to
the Ministers of Tourism and Legal
Affairs to take steps to acquire hotel for a
public purpose due to concern over
prolonged closure: (Ex NQ 4).

6. February 7 2000 HMB executed a
lease with Trade Winds, a hospitality
company out of Canada, to terminate
February 28th on failure to obtain
concessions; lease extended to April
16th and then to May 17th pending
concessions grant.

7. April 28 & May 17 Cabinet granted
concessions firstly to Trade 2000 Winds
and HMB jointly and later to HMB only
batches stipulating that the project must
commence within six (6) months: (Ex
JK3). HMB responded that the hotel
would be reopened for occupation by
guests by July, 2000. HMB advised on
May 12 and 26 respectively.

8. June 5 2000 Second Court petition
by Joseph Kelly (44% shareholder) to
dissolve HMB Holdings dismissed: (Ex.
NQ5). First petition filed in 1994 had
been dismissed in 1997.

9. December 7 2000 Cabinet
decided to acquire Half Moon Bay
Hotel for a public purpose.

10. December 8 2000 HMB obtained
an exparte injunction (Suit No. 270 of
2000) to prevent the compulsory

11. January 12 2001 High Court set
aside the injunction after arguments
from both sides.

12. January 16 2001 HMB filed a
Summons for a Stay of Execution, and
filed an appeal.

13. January 19 2001 Government
advised HMB by letter that they were
prepared to grant an extension of six
(6) months from February 1 2001 for
commencement of construction with
completion by November 2002: (Ex

14. January 22 2001 Meeting by
Querard and her attorney with Minister
of Tourism and Attorney General
where re-development plans were
produced by HMB Holdings.

15. January 23 2001 Lake &
Kentish's letter confirming that
construction can commence well
before six (6) months time frame with
projected opening date of November
2002, and stating that "in the
circumstances time is of the essence in
respect of all governmental approval
and licences required to carry forward
the construction": (Ex JR2).

16. January 24 2001
Landholding Licence
Moncrief-Scott and
February 5, 2001.

- Non-Citizen
granted to
notified on

17. February 5 2001 Querard's
letter seeking confirmation that
previously granted incentives to HMB
and Tradewinds (April 28 and May 17

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Ii

2000) are still available to HMB Holdings:
(Ex. JK3).

18. February 12 2001 Consent Order
by the Court of Appeal: the Attorney
General gave an undertaking that the
Government would not proceed any
further with proceedings to acquire HMB
lands for a period of six (6) months
commencing February 1 2001.

19. February 12 2001 Request by
Querard for letter of comfort for Moncrief-

20. February 19 2001 Request by
Lake & Kentish of comfort letter "as final
requirement for closing on loan

21. February 19 2001 Letter of
Comfort from Minister of Tourism that
"Government has approved all incentives
normally granted ......and in addition
approved all licences and other permits
required to ensure a smooth
implementation of this development".

22. March 14 2001 Advice letter from
Government that incentives and
concessions transferred to HMB
Holdings by Cabinet decision of
February 7 2001: (Ex. JK4).

23. May 14 2001 Advice letter from
Government of amendments made to
April 28 2000. Cabinet decision granting
additional incentives and concessions:
(Ex. JK5).

24. late May 2001 National
Westminister Bank Limited withdraws
from the syndicate of banks "because of
lack of confidence in government support
for HMB" Joyce Kentish's Affidavit
quoting Moncrief-Scott.

25. July 4 2001 Querard advises
Minister of Tourism of Nat West Bank's
withdrawal from syndicate of banks.

26. July 5 2001 Querard writes to
Minister of Tourism that "one and one
only (banker) has withdrawn
due to the delays and difficulties we have
experienced. He/we are in the process of
replacing this single entity and should be
able to do so shortly".

27. December 28 2001 Galina Kluge
(director/shareholder/mother of Querard)
files claim for US$5,227,822.85 against
HMB Holdings being monies loaned and
secured by Promissory Notes issued
between December 2000 to December

28. December 31 2001 HMB Holdings
through Querard admit claim and
advises it will not defend action.

29. January 3 2002 Judgment on
Admission for US$5,227,822.85
(EC$14,167,077.87) entered in favour of
Kluge against HMB Holdings.

30. January 11 2002 Resolution
approved by House of Representatives
for compulsory acquisition, but lands
incorrectly described. (HMB had caused
a subdivision which altered the parcel

31. January 17 2002 Application
filed by Kluge for an Order for Sale of
HMB Holdings property to satisfy
judgment debt.

32. February 6 2002 Application by
44% shareholder (Estate of Joseph P
Kelly deceased) for an interim Order
restraining Kluge from taking any steps
to enforce judgment.

33. February 12 2002 Resolution
approved by House of Representatives
compulsorily acquiring Half Moon Bay
lands, (without Opposition support due
to Government's refusal to provide
requested additional information in
light of disclosures by Mrs. Querard).

34. February 21 2002 Resolution
approved by the Senate, (without
Opposition support).

35. March 7 & 14 2002 Publication
of the Resolution in the Gazette:
"whereas the cabinet considers that
the parcels of land described in the
schedule hereto be acquired for a
public purpose, namely to create a
fresh environment for investment in the
defunct hotel business at Half Moon

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Ii

Bay with a view to facilitate the revival of
the tourist industry and provide jobs for
the inhabitants of the Half Moon Bay and
the surrounding villages".

36. March 16 2002 Order of High Court
granting HMB leave to apply for judicial
review and Government giving
undertaking to refrain from entering or
taking possession of HMB lands "until
the hearing and final determination of
these proceedings".

37. April 5 2002 HMB applied to High
Court to quash the decision of Cabinet
and the approval of

38. April 30 2002 Government applied
to have HMB Claim struck out as
disclosing no reasonable grounds for
bringing the application forjudicial review
or constitutional relief.

39. July 29 2002 Government's
application was dismissed with costs
after July 8 hearing. [It was an
interlocutory application and not the main
claim by HMB, which was adjourned to
await ruling on Government's

40. July 31 2002 Notice of Appeal filed.
Appeal heard November 12th.

41. July 31 2002 Order of the high
Court (after a hearing) directing "that any
and all further proceedings in claim by
Kluge against HMB Holdings be stayed
pending the determination of claim
against HMB Holdings by 44%
shareholder filed in 2002 alleging
oppressive conduct by directors and
failure of company to produce financial
statements from 1994.

42. January 28 2003 Appeal allowed.
HMB to pay $100,000 costs.

43. September 16 2003 Order granting
final leave to apply to Privy Council.

44. April 8 2005 Crown registered as
proprietor of HMB lands by order of
Registrar of Lands upon application of
Attorney General.

45. July 18 2005 Resolution of the
House of Representatives approving the
decision of Cabinet to re-vest lands in
HMB, on condition that:

(1) the appeal filed by HMB
Holdings Ltd. which is pending before the
Privy Council be withdrawn with no order
as to costs whether in the Privy Council
or the courts below;

(2) that HMB Holdings Ltd. give
to the Crown an indemnity in respect of
any claims which arise or may arise as a
result of the acquisition;

(3) that HMB Holdings Ltd.
Proceed diligently to developing and
restoring the property as a premier
tourist resort said conditions to be
accepted in writing within three (3)
months of the date of the passing of the
Resolution by the House of

46. August 24 2006 Notification of
Privy Council hearing fixed for April 23rd
and 24th 2007.

47. Aug/Sept/Oct 2006 Meetings with
William Rogers of US law firm and
Attorney General towards settling the
matter of the acquisition.

48. Oct/Nov 2006 Contact by and
Meeting with Dr. Joseph Archibald Q.C.
of Tortola Bar and Attorney General re
global settlement of HMB matters.

49. November 9 2006 Letter to Dr.
Archibald advising that I have informed
Mr. Rogers of his similar efforts on
behalf of HMB.

50. November 22 2006 Letter to HMB
local Counsel: "The situation is
untenable as regards who represents

your client. Kindly advise me in writing
as to your client's instructions on the
way forward and which of the two firms
is to represent the company". This
followed communication from Mr.
Rogers that Dr. Archibald had no such

51. December 7 2006 Dr. Archibald
advises that he no longer acts for HMB.

52. January 11 2007 Letter from local
Counsel advising that William Rogers
of Arnold and Porter LLP are the
attorneys retained to discuss the

Issued April 16, 2007

Antigua and Barbuda
explains its participation in
the International Whaling
Commission as it
prepares to have
representation at its
meetings in Alaska in May

Antigua and Barbuda, as a
member of the International Whaling
Commission (IWC) since 1982,
supports the Convention for the
Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) with a
mandate to "provide for the proper
conservation of whale stocks and thus
make possible the orderly
development of the whaling industry"
(quoted from the Preamble to the

The IWC is therefore about
managing whaling to ensure that whale
stocks are not over-harvested rather
than protecting all whales irrespective
of their abundance.

In this regard Antigua and
Barbuda's participation at the IWC

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Ii

have always been guided by our
principled support for the sustainable
utilization of our vast and rich marine
resources in a manner and at a rate that
will ensure that these resources are
available for generations to come. It is a
matter of food security and the
preservation of our right as a sovereign
nation to build international alliances.

As a small island state
vulnerable to natural disasters and
changing social and cultural values due
to constant exposure to international
media our position at IWC is also based
on respect for cultural diversity and
traditions of coastal peoples as well as
coastal state rights, relevant national and
international law, the need for science-
based management and consideration of
ecosystem approaches all of which are
the accepted global standards.

The IWC Scientific Committee
has one of the most rigorously tested
way to estimate safe catch levels for any
marine species through what is called
the Revised Management Procedure
(RMP) for commercial whaling.
According to this procedure catch-limits
would not be set by species but by
populations and only for five-year
periods before being reviewed. The
procedure has strict minimum data
requirements and takes scientific
uncertainty into account.

Presently a similar process is
used for Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling
called the Aboriginal Whaling
Management Procedure (AWMP).
Currently, the RMP is not being used.
Although the IWC has agreed that it
provides safe catch limits, it has not
agreed on a set of rules to allow it to be
used. Therefore Antigua and Barbuda's
position at the IWC is also based on the
ongoing scientific evidence and systems
available that will not allow whaling to go
back to the Oldss days' of indiscriminate
catching of these marine mammals.

Antigua and Barbuda
understand the views of those countries
and anti-whaling organizations who for
many years have not supported our
position within the IWC and humbly
request that they respect our position as
an independent nation striving to build
international alliances geared towards
peace, poverty alleviation and national
economic development.

Ambassador Anthony
Liverpool, Antigua and Barbuda's IWC
Commissioner, and current chair of the
IWC Finance and Administrative
Committee will participate in the 59th
Annual and Associated meetings of the
Commission in Anchorage Alaska from
May 7 to 31, 2007. Other members of
the delegation will include Honourable
Senator Joanne Massiah, Minister
responsible for Marine Resources and
Agro Industries and Fisheries Officer,
Ms. Tricia Lovell, who will be attending
the Scientific Committee meeting from
May 7 to May 18.

Important issues up for
discussion will include Aboriginal
Subsistence Whaling, the IWC in the
future, Socio-Economic Implications and
Small type Whaling and Scientific

The International Whaling
Commission (IWC) was established by
the 1946 International and has the
management authority only for the 13
species of large whales including the
humpback whale harvested by the
people of Bequia.

In 1982 the IWC adopted a
moratorium on commercial whaling.
Since that time, it has attempted to
expand its jurisdiction to other smaller
whales including the blackfish which is
harvested in a number of Caribbean
countries and to other subjects that are
not within the scope of the ICRW.

Current membership in the IWC

(73 countries) includes 6 Eastern
Caribbean countries; Antigua and
Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts
and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent
and the Grenadines, as well as Belize
and Surinam.

WTO Director General
Lamy says precedence is
on nation's side in the
Internet gaming dispute
with US

On the 13 April, Director
General of the WTO, Pascal Lamy,
speaking to a closed session of a
meeting with CARICOM Ministers of
Trade in Kingston, Jamaica, observed
that the preservation of the rules-
based multilateral trading system on
which the WTO was based, will ensure
that, over time, the US will move to
implement the rulings and
recommendations of the WTO Dispute
Settlement Body (DSB).

Responding to a question put
to him by Antigua and Barbuda's
Minister of Finance and the Economy,
the Honourable Dr. Errol Cort, who
wanted to know how the WTO intends
to ensure that the rights of its smallest
members are treated in the same
manner as its largest, DG Lamy opined
that it is in the best interest of the major
trading nations of the world to ensure
that the organs of the WTO are seen
as fully functional and, in the case of its
Dispute Settlement system, that its
rulings and recommendations are
respected and fully implemented.

Lamy also noted that, in his
view -- and the historical record
supports this -- the US has unfailingly
implemented the rulings and
recommendations of the DSB in all
instances, even in those cases where
such rulings have gone against it. This,

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I Ii

Minister of Finance and the Economy,
Dr Errol Cort

he noted, was incumbent upon all WTO
members if for no other reason but to
ensure the integrity of the organization's

Meanwhile, Reuters news
service has reported that the Chairman
of the US Congress Financial Services
Committee, Massachusetts Democrat
Barney Frank, plans to introduce a bill
within the next two weeks to end a ban
imposed last year on online gambling in
the United States. The bill in question,
which would face an uphill battle, is
intended to repeal the ban on the use of
credit cards. According to the legislation
that was signed into law by President
Bush last year, credit card firms are
forbidden from taking money for bets on
online sites.

"We will be keeping a close
watch on developments surrounding the
anticipated introduction of the Frank Bill,
on which we anticipate that there will be
no major progress in the near term" says
Minister Cort.

"However, my government is of
the view that it is a step in the right
direction, given that the current law has
had a deleterious effect of online gaming
everywhere to the point where the
European Union's internal market chief,
Charlie McCreevy, has hinted that he
may challenge the ban at the WTO," he

The Meeting in Jamaica
between CARICOM Trade Ministers and
the Director General of the WTO was
attended by Finance Minister Dr. the
Hon. L. Errol Cort, Antigua and
Barbuda's Permanent Representative to
the WTO Ambassador Dr. John Ashe,
Permanent Secretary Ambassador Colin
Murdoch and Trade Coordinator
Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry.

Primary and Secondary
School Students are
challenged to Showcase
their Creative Writing Talent

The Tourism Education,
Training and Awareness Unit within the
Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation,
Culture and Environment, calls on
Primary and Secondary school students
to participate in two (2) Regional Essay
Writing Contests. The students are being
challenged to think Tourism and to share
their thoughts and views on the industry
as they showcase their creative writing

Both the Conde Nast Traveler
Magazine and the Florida-Caribbean
Cruise Association (FCCA) Foundation
have launched their 2007 Children's
Essay Competition with the release of
their topics, rules, guidelines and
confirmation of prizes.

Whereas the Conde Nast
Traveler "My Caribbean" Essay Contest
targets children between the ages of

8-12, the FCCA's Foundation Contest
will be adjudged in two categories -
Juniors, age 12 and under; and
Seniors, 13-16 yrs. old.

All Primary and Secondary
schools on Antigua and Barbuda are
eligible to participate.

"Our tourism industry is very
important to us in Antigua and
Barbuda. What these competitions will
provide is the chance for our students
to learn about the sector," commented
Minister of Tourism, Harold Lovell.

"It will encourage their young
minds to begin to formulate innovative
ways and ideas to improve the
experience for cruise and stay-over
visitors as well as for those of us living
here. The Ministry of Tourism would
therefore encourage all schools to take
advantage of this opportunity."

Cynthia G Simon,
Coordinator of the country's
participation said that she looks
forward to working in successful
partnership with the Ministry of
Education and the nation's Teachers in
promoting these competitions which
she hopes will encourage critical
thinking among students and further
improve their writing skills.

All students falling within the
required age range are invited to
discuss their interests with their School
Principals and/or English Language
Teachers and obtain all the related
details. The winning essays will be
submitted for the regional
competitions. There are also plans to
host a National Recognition Event for

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

If you just love

Steel Band music

make sure you are in


from NKovember 30th


December 2nd2007

to hear

"Moods of Tan"

Images of Antigua Carnival 50th Anniversary Road Shows in the UK


2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London WIH 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 8
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 www. aJtigua-barbuda. com

I IssuNo12 Ap i2007

The 40th Anniversary of
Antigua Sailing Week

Falmouth Harbour, Antigua -
With a new sponsor onboard and with a
fresh injection of energy and spirit into
what was already one of yacht racing
most anticipated annual events, the 40th
Antigua's classic week of sailing and
partying began on April 29 and ended on
May 4.

Antigua Sailing Week
- How it all began
Excerpted from the 40th Anniversary
Stanford Antigua Sailing Week 2007

--as told to Antigua Sailing Week by Ed
Sheerin. With added comments from
Howard Hulford

A little over 40 years ago,
Desmond Nicholson, then a successful
yacht charterer, and Howard Hulford,
who already had half a dozen years
managing his Curtain Bluff Hotel, were
enjoying a few rums and trying to decide
how best to extend the hotel season.
Even then there was a "tourist season"
which usually ended as the summer
months rolled in. They concluded that
one way would be to hold a regatta for a
few says in June that would attract
sailors to race competitively and visitors
to join in the short-based activities. They
talked it up among their associates, and
soon Ed Sheerin and Peter Deeth, with
financial backing from Howard, were
setting in motion the plans for the first
Race Week.

Knowing little about organizing
and conducting a regatta, Ed and Peter,
nevertheless, enlisted the help of many:
Desmond to plan and set the courses,
Howard to organize the hotels and
coordinate the after-race parties, Lisa
Nicholson to print the programme and

racing instructions on a mimeograph

An so in June 1968, as Lord
Jim, Escapade, Royono, Veleda, Eilean,
Thamilla, Enzian, Jibaro, Lolaire and
eight others left English Harbour,
crossed the starting line and headed for
the first bamboo market, Antigua Sailing
Week was born! It was a grand three
days of racing, made absolutely
memorable by the parties that followed in
the afternoon and late into the evenings.
Though Howard glosses over it, the first
party at his curtain Bluff was, by all
accounts, incredible, with a steel band,
heaping tables of every Caribbean
delicacy, and endless bottles of rum and

He does delight in recounting
the history of one of the first finishes. As
the yachts were passing Cades Reef
with the finishing line just off Curtain Bluff
almost in sight, the wind just died. Not a
breath. Dead calm. Not a boat was
moving; sails were flapping. They were
just sitting there, with the afternoon sun
beating down on them. The crews were
running out of water and the beer was
long ago gone. Desperate straits.
Seeing their distress, Curtain Bluff
dispatched their run-about from the hotel

loaded with ice, water and rum which
unfortunately led to the after-race party
starting before the race was even over!
They were a jolly lot when the wind
picked up and they finished the last
mile. Last in a precedent that was set
for the remaining races was Lolaire,
and as he did every race, Don
"Squeaky" Street immediately filed a
protest, which, as happened every
race, was just as quickly thrown out by
the judges!

The following day, Howard
recalls, the yachts raced around the
north-east coast, finishing by the
Caribbean Beach Club (near what is
now Sandals) on Dickensonbay for
another party. The next day, the
survivors raced along the east coast
and back to English Harbour where
they wrapped up the three glorious
days with a prize-giving ceremony as
the "Ad's", as they called the Admiral's
Inn. It was a grand black tie affair,
attended by the Governor-General in
all his finery, with Enzian, the overall
winner, moored at the Inn's dock; it
was truly a night to remember.

Though the first Antigua
Sailing Week did not attract the
numbers that all were hoping for, it
more than made up for it in fun. All who

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I IssuNo12 Ap i2007

had raced insisted that it be run again the
following year! And so it was.

After some years, the debts that
Sailing Week had accumulated
convinced the organizers that they could
use professional help in planning and
directing this event. Ed Sheerin recalls
so well that it was New Year's Day, 1975,
that he received a call (collect) from Skip
Allen, the editor of Southern Boating
magazine, who had heard of Sailing
Week's dilemma. Both had had a wee bit
of holiday cheer, but out of this
merriment came Skip's suggestion that
Peter Grimm, who was well known as a
race officer in regattas in the States, be
brought on board.

Ed had never met Peter, but a
few months later they met in Antigua and
soon Peter was in the thick of it, bringing
along with him such luminaries as Bobby
Symonette, John Nichols, and Arthur
Wullschleger. The following year (1977),
they changed the dates of Antigua

Sailing Week to late April/early May
where it has remained ever since. And
with Ed successfully marketing this
revitalized regatta throughout the Virgin
Islands, Puerto Rico, and beyond, and
with Peter as the new Principal Race

Officer, Antigua Sailing Week began to
fulfill the dreams that Desmond and
Howard had first envisioned. It was
then that Antigua Sailing Week moved
into a new era as the Early Years
passed into history.

Images of Antigua Carnival

50th Anniversary Road Shows in the UK

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


I Issue No. 1ri

Antigua Carnival5oth
Anniversary Roadshow U.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


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2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

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