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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.117 January 2007

Prime Minister Spencer restructures his Cabinet

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda the Hon. Baldwin Spencer has
announced changes in his Cabinet which he says are designed to ensure that the
country's critical imperatives in the delivery of social programmes, infrastructure
development, education, public safety, public health care, tourism expansion, national
cohesion and good governance, will stay on course, on time, and on budget.

The changes announced by the Prime Minister are as follows:
1. Sports and Youth Affairs move to the Ministry of Education; which
becomes The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth Affairs.

2. Culture, inclusive of the Independence Celebrations, the Community
Pride Programme, Carnival and the Environment, now move to the Ministry of
Tourism. That Ministry now becomes the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation,
Culture and the Environment.

3. The Antigua Public Utilities Authority and Energy move to the Office of
the Prime Minister. Minister Trevor Walker will assist the Prime Minister with
matters relating to Energy and APUA with a Board that is expected to carry
forward government policy and is answerable to the Prime Minister. The Honourable Baldwin
Spencer, Prime Minister of
The realignment of Cabinet responsibilities is also accompanied by the Antigua and Barbuda
changes in the responsibilities and deployment of a number of Ministers:

1. Deputy Prime Minister, Willmoth Daniel, retains responsibility for the Ministry of Public Works and
Transportation, including the Port Authority.

2. Minister John Maginley is the Minister of Health. 2007 Cricket World Cup will, however, remain with Minister Maginley.

3. Minister Colin Derrick now becomes the Minister of Justice and Public Safety
Inside with additional responsibility for the Police and Fire Division.
Cabinet reshuffled (pages 1 &3) 4. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Justin Simon will now have
MinisterDerrick attends global additional responsibility for the Land and Commercial Registries.
conference (page 6)
IT staff undergo cutting edge 5. Minister Winston Williams is now Minister of State in the Ministry of Education,
technology training in India Sports and Youth Affairs with responsibility for Sports and Youth Affairs.
(page 11)
Antigua and Barbuda adds 'Best 6. Minister Eleston Adams is now Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism,
Beaches Destination'to growing Civil Aviation, Culture and the Environment with responsibility for Culture and
list of accolades (page 12) Independence Celebrations.
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]il'I' ". .,

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Dear Readers,

The year 2007 will be a very active period in
the history of our nation. It will be a year in which we
continue to celebrate historical milestones which
should leave indelible marks in the lives of each
citizen, supporter and resident of Antigua and

Commencing March we host for the first time
Cricket World Cup, with some of the Super eight
matches being held at a brand new Sir Vivian
Richards Stadium. Then in April/May we celebrate 21
years of Antigua Yacht Regatta and 40 years of
Antigua Sailing Week. Both these events point out
the significant role that sailing plays in the promotion
of Antigua and Barbuda. Finally in July/August we
celebrate 50 years of Antigua Camival.

The Prime Minister has taken note of these
important activities in Antigua and Barbuda and to
ensure that our Representatives of the government
focus on delivering the pledges which the government

has made, has decided to restructure his Cabinet. A
report on this is the lead article in this Newsletter.

To prepare the country for the increase flow
of visitors, certain special arrangements have been
put in place in Antigua and Barbuda and across the
region. The first of these is the Common CARICOM
Visa which came into effect on the 1st February and
will last until the 15th May 2007. Our readers are
asked to see the article on page 5.

The second special arrangement is the closer
working between Caribbean StarandLIAT (1974) Ltd.
This should enable easier travel between Caribbean
islands during the period February to May 2007 and
could readily become a continued feature of
operations well into the future.

The most important special arrangement for
our homeland should be the welcome we give to the
thousands of visitors to Antigua and Barbuda over the
year. As we celebrate each activity let us also make
the special effort to place Antigua and Barbuda on the
map, to plant the seed of enjoyment, peace, warmth
and contentment in the mind of each visitor so that the
seed may grow into a full blossoming desire to revisit
Antigua and Barbuda and to encourage others to do

We take this opportunity to wish all our
readers peace and success for the New Year while
they bond with families and friends. Let us all work
together to reduce hatred, help our fellow citizens and
make this world a better place to live.

Let us pray for the government and people of
our homeland and ask for wisdom and patience to be
granted to our leaders especially our Prime Minister
whose responsibility it is to develop the Nation and
improve the livelihood of each citizen.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

]lil' " .iiiii_,

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The Prime Minister also
announced that he intends to capitalize
on former Cabinet Minister Senator Aziz
Hadeed's unmatched experience and
acumen in international business and
therefore appointed him as Ambassador
Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary, with
Ministerial Rank.

Ambassador Hadeed will be the
country's point man in international trade
and foreign direct investment promotion,
merchant shipping and the promotion
and establishment of the Caribbean
Festival Park.

Mr. Leon "Chaku" Symister, the
former General Manager of APUA and
Chairman of the United Progressive
Party was appointed as Ambassador
Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary.

Prime Minister Spencer also
touched on the contentious issue of the
landing of a fibre optic cable in his new
year's address.

He said the Sunshine
Government remains committed to
focusing on the liberalization of the
telecommunications market and the
development of a Regulatory Unit to
ensure fairness in a newly liberalized

He also said that the operation
of a new undersea fibre optic cable will
be a significant facet of the government's
information technology and
telecommunications thrust early in the
New Year.

Prime Minister Spencer also
announced that his government will
move immediately to establish a human
resources department within the Royal
Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

He said that the establishment

of the Human Resources Department
within the Police Force will aid in
developing, communicating and
enforcing policies and practices that
reflect standards of acceptable
behaviour for members of the force.

He said that chief among the
tasks of the Human Resources
Department will be the improvement of
the individual performances of officers.

The country's leader also
applauded the devotion of the countless
police officers who discharge their duty
to protect and serve all of Antigua and
Barbuda with dedication, and beyond the
call of duty.

In dealing with the issue of
deportees from North America and
Europe Prime Minister Spencer said that
the Ministry of Social Transformation will
be required to focus more particularly on
the social displacement needs of these

He said that the relevant
division within the Ministry will work
closely with the Police and Immigration
Departments and the job search and
procurement divisions within the Ministry
of Labour.

Prime Minister Spencer pointed
out that every assistance will be given by
the division within the Ministry of Social
Transformation to ensure that deportees
are fully integrated into the society and
that they lead lives free of crime.

In his New Year Address Prime
Minister Spencer also announced that
the Petro Caribe initiative is now
operational and to date, two shipments of
petroleum products have been secured
by PDV Caribe Antigua and Barbuda
Limited and distributed by the West
Indies Oil Company.

He noted that as a result, funds
generated from this arrangement with

the Venezuelan Government will be
specifically utilized for social and
community development projects to be
identified by the government.

The Prime Minister said that
his government cherishes the excellent
bilateral relations and economic
cooperation that exist with Venezuela
and our other regional and
international partners including, in
particular, the People's Republic of
China, and the Republic of Cuba.

The economic Performance
of the country in 2006 was also
addressed by the Prime Minister. He
said that the past year saw the
economy of Antigua and Barbuda
being placed on strong economic
pillars that resulted in a record 12%
growth the highest growth rate ever
achieved in the past 28 years.

It was noted that in the
challenging year ahead, the
government anticipates even more
robust growth.

The Prime Minister said that
the unprecedented level of economic
growth will continue to be driven by
significant expansion in the
construction sector and a rebound of
the tourism sector.

He also pointed out that in the
New Year the government's
programme of economic stabilization
and adjustment will continue.

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LIAT Shareholder
Governments' meetings in
Antigua on 9th and 10th
January 2007

The Honourable Baldwin
Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda, the Rt. Honourable Owen
Arthur, Prime Minister of Barbados and
Dr. the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves,
Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the
Grenadines; the major Government
Shareholders in LIAT (1974) Ltd, held
meetings in St. John's, Antigua with Sir
Allen Stanford, sole shareholder and
Chairman of Caribbean Star Airline on
9th January 2007 and with LIAT
Chairman and top management on 10th
January 2007.

The meeting with Sir Allen
Stanford involved clarifications and
refinements of proposals placed on the
table jointly by the LIAT and Caribbean
Star Board and Management teams and
were subject to close consideration by
both parties.

The meeting took place in a
spirit of sensitivity and give and take on
both sides, but the Prime Ministers were
satisfied that Sir Allen understood the
critical importance of air transportation
to the region and is willing to make
suitable accommodation.

The meeting with management
covered reports by the three Prime
Ministers on the various mandates they
accepted at their meeting on 20th
December 2006 in Barbados. Progress
was achieved as follows:

1. The meeting ratified the
terms of the MOU signed by Prime
Minister Arthur and Sir Allen Stanford.

2. The terms of the Letter of
Intent circulated on 20th December,
2006 will be further considered by LIAT's

legal counsel and the
legal departments of the
three countries in the
coming week with a
view to its signature
after approval by the
Prime Ministers. It is
due to be signed by
Chairmen Sir Allen
Stanford and Jean

3. Progress was reported by
Dr. the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves with
respect to his mission to Trinidad and
Tobago. A resulting proposal by the
Hon. Patrick Manning was considered
and an amended proposal is being made
to Trinidad and Tobago in the context of
steps to work towards a long term
solution to air transportation issues
within CSME.

4. Prime Minister, the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer updated his colleagues
on his further discussions about the
Venezuelan Loan and a Plan of Action
has been agreed to advance the matter.

5. It was confirmed that the
commercial agreement between
Caribbean Star and LIAT 1974 Ltd
involving a new combined schedule will
enter into force from 1st February 2007 -
leading to enhanced service and
connectivity for the region. Additionally,
this commercial alliance is expected to
facilitate intra-Caribbean travel during
Cricket World Cup 2007.

6. The Prime Ministers
further agreed:

a. The next steps, process
and time frame for the creation of a
new company to be called "LIAT, The
Star of the Caribbean."

b. On a financial package
on excellent terms for liquidating LIAT

c. Steps to be taken by Zwaig
Consultants to negotiate with existing
Creditors and on the Asset Value of
the two carriers.

d. Took note of other
negotiations that need to be done.

The Prime Ministers have
established a team involving the
Chairman of LIAT, Dr. Jean Holder,
the CEO of Caribbean Star, Mr. Skip
Barnett, the CEO of LIAT Mr. Mark
Darby, Director of LIAT Mr. Isaac
Solomon of St. Vincent and the
Grenadines, Advisor to the Antigua
and Barbuda Government Dr. Vincent
Richards and legal and financial
analysts from Barbados as a General
Oversight Committee relating to
shareholders on all other negotiations

On 27th February 2007, there
will be a special meeting of all LIAT
shareholders to be held in Antigua and
Barbuda to consider the plans for the
merger of both carriers.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 4

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Historic agreement makes
travel to and between
Caribbean countries much

The countries of the Caribbean
are finally beginning to come together to
operate as a single nation and to make
travel to and between the various islands
and nations much easier than ever

All of this has been precipitated
by the hosting of the Cricket World Cup
(CWC), the third largest global sporting
event, by ten Caribbean countries and
enabling those visitors to move freely
between those ten countries during that
time as if they were a single country.

This historic agreement which
will be in effect between February 1st
and May 15th 2007 (to cover the actual
dates of March 5th to April 28th for the
Cricket World Cup) promises to make
travel to and between Caribbean
countries much easier for cricket fans,
other visitors and Caribbean nationals.

The ten nations participating in
this Single Domestic Space are Antigua
and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica,
Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts &
Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the
Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago.

This will mean that during the
period announced, visitors to these
countries, once they have cleared
Immigration & Customs at their first port
of entry, will be free to travel to and within
all of the other nine countries as if they
were a single nation. This initiative
promises to be a substantial boon for
multi-destination travel within the region
even for travel for purposes beyond
Cricket World Cup.

All of this good news comes,
however, with some unintended

consequences. As with the creation of
the European Union, some countries that
did not require a visa for certain nationals
to visit will now require those visitors to
obtain a visa.

That is a natural result of the
protracted negotiations within the ten
countries on their different visa regimes
and unfortunately the announcement of
the affected countries and their nationals
was made only in the middle of
December 2006.

There is no question that
overall, inconvenience to the travelling
public has been minimized as more than
95% of the current visitors to those ten
countries will be able to visit without the
need to get a visa. The full list of those
nationals that will not require a visa is
provided below. All other nationals will
need to apply for the Special Caricom
Visa to visit any of the countries in the
Single Domestic Space between
February 1st and May 15th 2007.

Because travel and tourism are
so important to the economy of the
Caribbean, officials will put an
extraordinary number of initiatives in
place to facilitate the issuance of visas to
those visitors that have been affected.
Some of these initiatives include a
special web site
( for the
application of visas including answers to
frequently asked questions, a 24 hour
hotline to address any concerns, a three
day turn around for requests for visas
after receipt of complete applications in a
processing centre, waiving of visa fees
for children of age 12 and under and
some special arrangements for

This is a major step forward for
the CARICOM group of countries to
which all of these ten countries belong.
CARICOM, a contraction of "Caribbean
Community", is comprised of fifteen
countries but the ten hosting Cricket

World Cup which are in relatively close
proximity to each other have agreed to
put this new arrangement to the test.

Any further information that is
not found at the special web site
( may be
obtained from any of the tourist boards
of the ten countries mentioned either
from their web sites or by telephone all
of which are listed below.

Antigua Tourist Board -
Tel: 268-462-0480

Barbados Tourism Authotiry -

National Development Corporation
(Dominica) 767-448-2045

Grenada Board of Tourism -

Guyana Tourism Authority -

Jamaica Tourist Board -

St. Kitts Tourist Board -

St. Lucia Tourist Board -
758-452-4094 www.stlucia.ora

PM Spencer establishes
Bicentenary Anniversary
of the Abolition of the
Slave Trade Committee

Prime Minister the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer has announced the
establishment of a committee to

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 5

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organize celebrations in honour of the
Bicentenary Anniversary of the Abolition
of the British Empire Atlantic Slave Trade.

In his New Year's Address to
the nation, Prime Minister Spencer
outlined his intention to appoint the
committee which will be tasked with
organizing activities to include education
and awareness programmes concerning
the Bicentenary celebration and the
question of Reparations.

The Committee is chaired by
Mr. Dorbrene O'Marde and includes
Ermina Oshoba, Ambassador Anthony
Liverpoole, Ambassador Joan
Underwood, Senator McKenzie Frank,
Mr. Alister Thomas, Ras King Frank I
Francis, Icilma Cornelius, Saiid Greene,
Youth Ambassador Cleveroy Thomas
and Veronica Yearwood.

Ambassador Leon Chaku
Symister is the convener of the

Prime Minister Spencer said
that by commemorating the dismantling
of the institution of slavery Antigua and
Barbuda will be honouring the memory of
those who died as a result of one of the
worst acts of violation of human rights in
the history of humanity, including through
exposure to the horrors of the Middle
Passage and in revolt against and
resistance to enslavement.

He said that it is important that
as a nation we reflect on the institution of
slavery which was at the heart of
profound social and economic inequality,
hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice,
which we must ensure does not affect us
again as a people.

The event will be celebrated on
March 26, 2007.

Minister Derrick
attends Global
Conference in

Senator, the Hon. Colin :
Derrick represented Antigua and
Barbuda at the Third Global
Conference on Combating
Counterfeiting and Piracy at the
International Conference Centre,
in Geneva, Switzerland from 30th
- 31st January, 2007.

The Conference was
hosted by the World Intellectual
Property Organisation (WIPO),
and was organized in co-
operation with the Steering
Group of the Global Congress on Senator the Honourable Colin
Combating Counterfeiting and Derrick, Minister of Justice and
Piracy. Public Safety

The Global Conference was co-
organised by WIPO, Interpol and the
World Customs Organisation (WCO), in
co-operation with international non-
governmental organizations. Co-
ordination with certain inter-
governmental organizations and the
private sector to combat counterfeiting
and piracy activeness, formed part of the
mandate of the Advisory Committee on
Enforcement of WIPO.

The Congress was a high level
forum for shaping future enforcement
strategies and actions, as well as
providing opportunities for dialogue and
interaction between government
ministers and policy makers, business
leaders, senior law enforcement officials
and other stakeholders from inter-
governmental and non-governmental

One of the major highlights of
the Conference was the release of the
report on the Economic Impact of
Counterfeiting and Piracy.

During the Conference,
several topics were discussed. These
included: "Enhancing Co-operation
and Co-ordination" which focused
on the latest developments on the
collaborative efforts between private
and public sectors as well as between

The Conference also touched
on the topic of "Promoting Better
Legislation and Enforcement" which
revealed new legislative initiatives
aimed at combating counterfeiting and
piracy. Rounding up the topics are
"Building Capacity and Focusing
Resources for Results" which dealt
with progress in building capacity and
capabilities and "Raising
Awareness" which was the forum for
unveiling the latest efforts and success
stories in raising the awareness of
consumers about piracy and

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 6

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PM Spencer expresses
sadness at passing of
National Security Advisor

Mr Alec Vanderpool

Prime Minister the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer expressed great
sadness at the untimely passing of
National Security Advisor and
Director of the Office of National Drug
Control and Money Laundering Policy
(ONDCP) Mr. Alec Vanderpool.

'The news of Alec's death
has rocked my very being. Alec was
a tremendous asset to the
government of Antigua and Barbuda
and performed his duties with
unwavering dedication and sincerity.
He will be greatly missed," said the
Prime Minister.

'To Alec's wife Margaret and
the Vanderpool family, I wish to
assure you that you are constantly in
my thoughts and prayers. On behalf
of my wife and I and the government
of Antigua and Barbuda I extend
profound sympathy and urge you to
rely on prayer and divine intervention
at this time which can only assuage
such a loss," concluded Prime
Minister Spencer.
Mr. Alec Vanderpool, who

was Antiguan born, spent fifteen
years in Metropolitan Police Service
in London, and eleven years in
Special Branch at Scotland Yard.

He also served in the British
Army in the Corps of Royal Engineers
and has worked as an airline security
coordinator at London's Heathrow

He was appointed National
Security Advisor on September 1, 2004.

The High Commission joins
with Antigua and Barbuda
citizens in mourning the
loss of two Beloved Sons
of the Soil

Condolences were expressed
by the High Commissioner, H.E. Dr
Carl Roberts to the families of two
Antigua and Barbuda's well-loved
citizens, Senator Francis (Frankie)
Nunes and Mr Alec Vanderpool,
National Security Advisor and
Director of the Office of National Drug
Control and Money Laundering Policy

In his expression of
sympathy, the High Commissioner
likened each of the gentlemen above
to a "flower" which brings delight to
the hearts of their parents.

When speaking of Senator
Nunes, the High Commissioner
expressed the view that it warmed
[the] heart to recall the life of service
of this well-loved son. His parents

must indeed be proud, and so
should they, for Senator Nunes
chose to serve his country and did
so with such distinction. It is a
choice which he wished more
persons of integrity would make for
our beloved nation.

In his expression of
sympathy to the parents of Mr
Vanderpool, the High
Commissioner stated:-

"The Good Lord, however,
reminds us that everything
including life is in the hands of the
Heavenly Father. He waters the
rose tree like the lilies of the field,
providing it with what's needed to
produce its splendour on display.
But he also reminds us that we
must trust him for our tomorrows.
The splendour of the flower does
not last forever. We are invited to
trust our Saviour for the time when
our roses will never fade and we will
enjoy the company of our Lord with
our loved ones at our side in a field
of many flowers.

May your faith be
strengthened to endure your loss
while you call to mind the words that
we must mourn "as though there is
no hope". Trust in him and he will
indeed be your source of comfort.
Your son may no longer be in your
physical presence but he will never
be forgotten. He will always be in
your hearts".

Antigua and Barbuda is a
state which God has blessed with
many wonderful gifts (both land and
friendly people). We must learn to
preserve these gifts for generations
to come.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 7

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Gambling Subpoenas on
Wall Street
Published: January 22, 2007

The Justice Department has
issued subpoenas to at least four Wall
Street investment banks as part of a
widening investigation into the
multibillion-dollar online gambling
industry, according to people briefed on
the investigation.

The subpoenas were issued to
firms that had underwritten the initial
public offerings of some of the most
popular online gambling sites that
operate abroad. The banks involved in
the inquiry include HSBC, Credit Suisse,
Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Kleinwort,
these people said.

While online gaming sites like
PartyGaming and 888 Holdings operate
from Gibraltar and their initial public
offerings were held on the London Stock
Exchange, companies that do business
with them and have large bases in United
States have come under scrutiny by
regulators in Washington.

None of the biggest United
States banks like Goldman Sachs or
Citigroup underwrote the initial public
offerings in London, in part because of
the legal ambiguity of the sites; they are
illegal in the United States, but still
accessible to residents.

The subpoenas, earlier
reported by The Sunday Times of
London, appeared to be part of an
indirect but aggressive and far-reaching
attack by federal prosecutors on the
Internet gambling industry just two
weeks before one of its biggest days of
the year, the Super Bowl.

Unable to go directly after the
casinos, which are based overseas, they

have sought to prosecute the operations'
American partners, marketing arms and
now, possibly, investors.

The prosecutors may be
emboldened by a law signed by
President Bush last October that
explicitly defined the illegality of running
an Internet casino. Even before that law,
the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act, was adopted, the
government said that Internet gambling
was illegal under a 1961 provision.

These offshore casinos,
typically based in Costa Rica or Antigua,
allow American bettors to use their home
and office computers to place wagers on
a range of contests.

Millions of Americans
participate; more than half of all bets
placed to major offshore casinos are
from residents of the United States.

The prosecutors' efforts have
already taken a toll in the last two years
on offshore casinos, most notably with
the arrest last year of David Carruthers,
the chief executive of an Internet sports
book, BetonSports. The company is
based in Britain and has operations in
Costa Rica, but Mr. Carruthers was
detained at the Dallas airport while
travelling through the United States.

The arrest led to BetonSports'
decision to stop taking bets from the
United States, crippling its business.

Several weeks
later, agents of the Port
Authority of New York
arrested Peter Dicks, the
chairman of Sportingbet,
which offers online sports
betting and, like Mr.
Carruthers's company,
trades on the London
Stock Exchange. Mr.
Dicks was arrested at
Kennedy Airport.

Last week, a British online
money transfer business, Neteller, said
it would cease handling gambling
transactions from United States
customers because of regulatory

"It appears that the
Department of Justice is waging a war
of intimidation against Internet
gambling," said I. Nelson Rose, a
professor of law at Whittier Law School
in Costa Mesa, Calif., who is an expert
on Internet gambling law.

Another lawyer, Lawrence G.
Walters of Altamonte Springs, Fla.,
said the development was
disconcerting because the prevailing
wisdom had been that investment in a
company that is legal and licensed in
its jurisdiction was not grounds for

"It would be the first time that
that kind of liability has been imposed,"
Mr. Walters said.

But he cautioned that the
subpoenas could be part of a
government fact-finding effort and
might not signal a plan to prosecute

Matt Richtel contributed reporting.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 8

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Taj Hotels Resorts and
Palaces express interest in
Antigua and Barbuda

Asia's largest and finest group of
hotels, TAJ Hotels Resorts and Palaces,
a subsidiary of the Tata Group has
expressed its desire to invest in Antigua
and Barbuda with the construction of an
upscale hotel facility.

This was revealed by the
Group's COO and Senior Vice President -
Mergers, Acquisitions and Development
Mr Rajiv Gujral during a luncheon meeting
on Sunday with Prime Minister the Hon.
Baldwin Spencer and the Antigua and
Barbuda delegation visiting India.

Mr. Gujral said that the vision of
the Chairman of Tata Trust, Ratan Tata is
to consolidate their position not only in
India, but also in other parts of the world.
He noted that from their research, Antigua
and Barbuda presents the ideal
opportunity, infrastructure and climate to

Prime Minister Spencer said he
welcomed the interest the group has in
Antigua and Barbuda and pointed out that
the government is willing to commence
work immediately to move the process

The Prime Minister during the
meeting outlined that a conglomerate
such as the Taj Hotels Resorts and
Palaces is the ideal company the
government is seeking to attract to further
boost the country's high-end aspect of the
tourism industry.

Mr. Rajiv Gujral said that his
company is prepared to bring to Antigua
and Barbuda during the months of April
and May a group of families totaling one
hundred on a retreat with the aim of
creating an awareness of the Antiguan
experience in order to promote the island.

Apart of the
Tata Group of
companies, India's
premier business
house, Taj Hotels
Resorts and Palaces
comprises 57 hotels in
40 locations across
India with an additional
18 international hotels
in the Maldives,
Mauritius, Malaysia,
Australia, UK, USA, The
Bhutan, Sri Lanka,
Africa, and the Middle

Over the years, Taj has
international acclaim for its qL
hotels and its excellence in dir
business facilities, interiors, and w
class, personalized service.

In India, Taj is recognize
the premier hospitality prov
spanning the length and breadth o
country, and gracing impo
industrial towns and cities, beai
beaches, historical and pilgrim cen
and wildlife destinations.

The Meeting with the
Hotels Resorts and Palaces grou
was facilitated by Commodore
Cherian VSM, (Retd.), who is relate
the Ashe family in Anti
Commodore Cherian has
designated by Prime Minister Spe
as the Point of Contact to propel

Antigua and Barbuda delegation
with Prime Minister Singh

India to Conduct Health
ality and Information
ning, Technology Feasibility
orld- Studies in Antigua and

d as
ider, The Government of India has
f the agreed to conduct feasibility studies in
rtant the areas of health and information
dutiful technology with the aim of assisting the
tres, government of Antigua and Barbuda in
establishing a central sewage system
and computer access centres across
Taj the country.
A. This agreement was reached
ed to between Prime Minister the Hon.
gua. Baldwin Spencer and Prime Minister of
been India His Excellency Dr. Manmohan
ncer Singh during a meeting in New Delhi
the last week.

Prime Minister Spencer said
that Antigua and Barbuda and India
has excellent working relations and his
meeting with the Indian Prime Minister
further strengthened the cooperation.
He noted that the feasibility studies will
give both governments a better
understanding of the levels of
assistance that will be needed to
establish the sewage system in St.
John's and complete the computer
access centres expansion programme.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 9

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

During the meeting, agreement
was also reached on the government of
India conducting a review of the
relationship between the American
University of Antigua College of Medicine
and Manipal University in India, with the
aim of providing assistance to strengthen
the relations.

Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh during the meeting with Prime
Minister Spencer said that his
government values the relationship with
Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean
and that there are areas that can be

Prime Minister Spencer said
that his government is seriously
examining ways in which it can establish
a more direct diplomatic link with the
government of India. He said that the
country must look at having a presence
in India.

Both leaders also had extensive
discussions on the CARICOM Single
Market and Economy, the DOHA
negotiations and cricket in particular the
exploits of Sir Vivian Richards who is a
household name in India.

Attending the meeting with
Prime Minister Spencer were Education
Minister the Hon. Bertrand Joseph,
President of the American University of
Antigua School of Medicine Neil Simon
and Communication Director Maurice

Antigua and Barbuda and
India pledge to forge
stronger ties

Antigua and Barbuda and India
have pledge to work more closely on
international issues and those relating to
the development of their peoples.

Prime Minister the Hon. Baldwin

Prime Minister Spencer being
greeted by Indian Minister in
the Ministry of External
Affairs Anand Sharma
Spencer and Minister of State in the
Ministry of External Affairs of India
Anand Sharma both held discussions on
a wide range of areas during a dinner
meeting in New Delhi.

Prime Minister Spencer took
the opportunity to continue discussions
with the Indian minister on a number of
issues that were raised during the NAM
Summit held recently in Cuba. These
include assistance in Information
Technology and a sewage project.

Also attending the Meeting with
Prime Minister Spencer were Education,
Sports and Youth Affairs Minister the
Hon. Bertrand Joseph, President of the
American University of Antigua Mr. Neil
Simon and Dean of the University Dr.
Majiid Pathan, who are in India
advancing cooperation with Manipal

The country's leader said that
the meeting with the foreign minister was
successful as a number of issues were
hammered out, one being the extension
of tour of duty of Indian experts attached
to the Ministry of Finance.

Antigua and Barbuda to
participate in Conference
for the normalization of
the International Whaling

Antigua and Barbuda's
Commissioner to the International
Whaling Commission, Ambassador
Anthony Liverpool is of the opinion that
there is a need for the IWC to operate
according to its mandate of ensuring
the proper management of whale

Ambassador Liverpool's
statement comes a few days before
the commencement of a Conference
for the Normalization of the
organization in Tokyo, Japan from
February 13 to 15, 2007.

According to Ambassador
Liverpool who will be a part of Antigua
and Barbuda's delegation at the
conference, "the hosting of this
conference forms part of a resolution
passed at the IWC 58th Annual
General meeting held in St. Kitts in
June 2006, calling for the organization
to declare its commitment to
normalizing its functions based on the
terms of the International Convention
for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW)
and other international laws."

He further stated that the
Normalization Conference will
therefore seek to discuss and make
recommendations for the IWC to
resume functioning as a resource
management organization.

Issues relating to principles of
sustainable use of marine resources,
science based approach to
conservation and management and
respect for cultural diversity will also be

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 10

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Ambassador Liverpool was
quick to point out that the current
stalemate within the organization is not
conducive for open and honest
discussions on matters pertaining to the
overall use of whale resources through
the introduction of scientific based
management systems. "It is therefore
hoped that the hosting of a forum outside
of the normal IWC Annual General
Meeting would encourage more open
and free discussions leading to a
reduction of conflict and the seeking of
solutions for the future functioning of the
IWC," he said.

The International Whaling
Commission (IWC) was established by
the 1946 International Convention for the
Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) whose
purpose is to "provide for the proper
conservation of whale stocks and thus
make possible the orderly development
of the whaling industry".

Senator the Honourable
Joanne Massiah, Minister responsible for
the Marine Resources and Agro
Industries will be Antigua and Barbuda's
other representative at the Conference.

Information Technology (IT)
Staff undergo cutting edge
technology training

Three young Antiguan
professionals attached to the
Government's Information Technology
Centre are in India undergoing intensive
training in the use of cutting edge

Charrissa Simon, Andre
Johnson and Raymond Imhoff are in
India attending certified courses in Web
Application Development using JAVA
technologies and in JAVA Web Design
Network using Windows 2000.


Minister Mansoor (second from left)
with Charissa Simon, Andre Johnson
and Raymond Imhoff

Minister of State with
responsibility for Information
Technology, Hon. Dr. Edmond Mansoor
said that the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda is collaborating with the
Government of India to augment the
human resource capacity at the IT

"These young Antiguans will be
exposed to cutting edge training that will
make the Government's IT Centre
assemble the building blocks for the
utilization of other technologies. The
Ministry is placing a very significant focus
on the professional development of its
trained cadre of network and software
engineers at the IT Centre", Minister
Mansoor says.

"The opportunity for the
professional improvement of each
person at the IT Centre is pivotal to the
IT Centre's capacity to offer full e-
government services. We are currently
preparing the electronic platform for a full
roll out of e-government in 2007. This
includes the deployment of technology in
every Government run primary and
secondary school", Dr. Mansoor added.

Under the Government's
Community Technology Programme,

primary and secondary
schools and the
surrounding communities
will benefit both from the
deployment of
computerized technology
and from training in the
use of computerized

A mobile IT
classroom, fully equipped
with high speed
computers and high
speed Internet access,
will be commissioned


Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Croft
Temporary Head of ONDCP

Croft to
Head up the

On 23rd January Prime
Minister and Minister of National
Security the Honourable Baldwin
Spencer announced that Vice Chief of
Defence Staff of the Antigua and
Barbuda Defence Force Lieutenant
Colonel Edward H. Croft has been
placed in charge of the Office of
National Drug Control and Money
Laundering Policy ONDCP for the

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 11

Edward H.

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

The country's leader said that
Lieutenant Colonel Croft's appointment
is designed to facilitate continuity in
operations at the ONDCP following the
sudden passing of its Director Alec
Vanderpoole on 22nd January.

The Prime Minister said that the
country's Attorney General, acting on his
instructions, met the Staff of the ONDCP
and introduced Lieutenant Colonel
Edward Croft as the individual who would
manage the affairs of the institution.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward
Croft, who has served as Director for
Exercise Tradewinds Exercise 2002 in
Antigua and is a member of the Local
Security Committee for CWC 2007,
holds an MBA in Business Administration
with Distinction from the University of the
West Indies.

During his 27 years in the
Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, he
has served as contingent Commander of
ABDF Troops during Operations
Grenada in 1995 and was appointed
Operations officer for the National
Emergency Operations Centre during
the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989
until 2000

Antigua and Barbuda adds
'Best Beaches Destination'
Award to a growing list of

The twin island nation of
Antigua and Barbuda has been named
'Best Beach Destination' at the first
Luxury Travel Reader Awards. The
award was presented on Friday 12
January at an exclusive lunch held in
(Hammersmith,) London. The Luxury
Travel Reader Awards recognizes
excellence across the world, making this
a much coveted prize.

His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts,
High Commissioner for Antigua and
Barbuda, attended the event to receive
the award on behalf of his country.
Speaking afterwards he commented:
"We are proud and delighted to receive
this award which recognizes the beauty
of our islands' beaches. With 365
beaches, one for every day of the year,
we can offer something to suit every
visitor's wish. Our commitment to
keeping our beaches unspoilt stands us
in good stead for many years to come."

Carol Hay, Director of
Marketing for the UK & Europe at the
Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office,
speaking of the Tourist Office's plans for
2007 said: "We are actively targeting the
family market for this summer and, with
so many of our beaches being in
sheltered coves, this makes it an ideal
holiday destination for young children. In
addition, Antigua and Barbuda is now a
leading destination for weddings and
honeymoons, something we have
actively promoted and, with the choice of
marrying on a beautiful secluded beach
and the top class wedding services we
offer, it is easy to see why."

This award follows on from a
hugely successful year for Antigua and
Barbuda in 2006 when the islands saw
off strong competition to be voted by
editors of as Number
One in the 'Top 10 Beach Destinations'
list. The list also included three other
Caribbean islands, making Antigua and
Barbuda the top islands of choice for a
holiday in the Caribbean. also listed Antigua's
Jolly Beach Resort 6th in its list of 'Top 10
Family All-Inclusive Hotels'.

Along with two awards for best
beach destination, Antigua and Barbuda
has also been awarded 'Best Wedding
Island of the Year' for the second year
running in the 12th annual International
Caribbean World Awards. The award
was presented at a lavish ceremony at

the Four Seasons Hotel in London on
9 November. The International
Caribbean World Awards recognize
excellence in travel throughout the
Caribbean region and are voted for by
the magazine and its readers.

In addition to this prestigious
award, 2006 saw many more
accolades streaming in for Antigua and
Barbuda. The sister island nation has
been voted 4th in the American Express
Travel 'Top 10 Wedding Destinations'
list, up from the 8th spot last year, and
has entered the 'Top 10 Honeymoon
Destinations' list in 5th place.

Carlisle Bay came in second
place in the 'Americas & Caribbean'
section of the 'Overseas Leisure
Hotels' category and scored highest
with standard and comfort of
accommodation overall. Carlisle Bay
also featured in the second annual
Conde Nast Traveller Gold List in the
'Best for Rooms' section.

At the recent World Travel
Awards 2006, held in Turks & Caicos,
Blue Waters Hotel won 'Antigua and
Barbuda's Leading Hotel', Sandals
Grand Antigua Resort & Spa secured
'Antigua and Barbuda's Leading Spa
Resort' and Jumby Bay was named
'Antigua and Barbuda's Leading

Antigua and Barbuda also
received two nominations for 'Best UK
Based Tourist Office promoting an
Island' and 'Best Travel Agent Training
Programme' in Selling Long Haul's
2006 Travel Awards, a leading UK
trade publication.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 12

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