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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.116 December 2006

Young Antiguan and Barbudan completes
training at Sandhurst

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst has been training military officers for over 200 years. Many
senior officers across the Commonwealth have been students at this institution which is steeped in history and
Cadet Jamal Aska of Upper Fort Road, St. John's, Antigua started his training at this fine institution in
January 2006. His field work took place at locations in the United Kingdom, Wales and as far away as Cyprus.
The core objectives of the training were:-
S To develop commanders of courage and will power with the temperament of decisive
action in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
S To foster attitudes of integrity, selflessness and loyalty which set the soldier apart from others.
S To teach cadets how to think and communicate as commanders and to foster a deep
interest in and care for the individual.
S To achieve a grounding in British Military doctrine and its significance in all forms of conflict.
S To encourage the analysis of strategic and war studies as a foundation to military thought Ofizer Jamal
and wisdom. Casim XavierAsia
S To train cadets in the basic skills and battlefield disciplines of soldiering.
Officer Aska has upheld the Academy's mission, that is through military
Education and training to develop the qualities of leadership, character and
intellect demanded of an army officer on first appointment.
It was a most enjoyable and proud moment to witness the passing out
parade of the first citizen of Antigua and Barbuda on the 15th December. It
was also a most significant occasion as her Majesty took part in this year's
Sovereign Parade as her grandson, Prince William also graduated. Her
Majesty inspected the parade and addressed the graduating cadets with
words of comfort and encouragement. Officer cadet Aska has returned home
where he is expected in due course to assume an officer's rank in the
Jamatandari mother at the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force.
Passing Out Parade Ceremony

Texaco makes annual contribution to Citizen's Welfare (page 3)
S* Prime Minister congratulates Sir John Compton on Electiot
victory (pages 5 to 6)
Son of the soil gives back to the land of his birth (page 11)

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Dear Readers,

In this second message in the series of "One
Family, Embracing the Future Together", I will address
the question:-

"What type of people (family) are we aiming to

In my last message I have shown that the
family of Antiguans and Barbudans comprised
descendants of many ethnic groups. It is reasonable to
accept that this composition will continue to change as
a result of emigration and immigration. What then will be
the personality of that family?

A traveller moving across the Caribbean
islands can easily distinguish each islander by accent,
traditional dress, culture or some other trait. A citizen of
Barbados, Jamaica or Trinidad & Tobago seldom loses
his/her accent even after many years of living abroad.
Antiguans and Barbudans sometimes claim (jokingly)
that we do not have an accent. Maybe we do, even if it
is not as strong as those of some of our neighbours. Is
that to be a defining trait of one of our family members?

I remember during one of my visits to Jamaica
hearing a "Chinese" and "White" ethnic citizen speaking
exactly as my friend of African descent. If a group of
Caribbean citizens were to meet in London, New York
or Toronto could we identify the Antiguan and Barbudan
by his accent or the way he/she speaks? Is that
significant to what type of family member we are aiming
to become? On this I would like to hear from our readers.

Is the family to be recognized by the traditional
attire we clothe ourselves in during our independence
celebrations; the way we celebrate our Summer
Festival or the composition of our national dishes? Are
any of these factors unique to Antigua and Barbuda and
do we feel a sense of belonging to the family of our
nation because we can demonstrate our knowledge of
and familiarity with any one of these factors?

The second aspect in addressing the opening
question looks at the Antiguan and Barbudan within the
wider OECS and Caricom Community. If we are not
clear about the distinguishing characteristics of the
citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, what can we expect
when by 2008 we become members of the Caribbean
Single Market and Economy (CSME) and feel the
impact of freer movement of citizens across the region?

This is a matter of some concern. If we have
not decided upon what distinguishing characteristics
identify the Antiguan and Barbudan, how can we
preserve these as the nation goes forward? I would
therefore like to solicit the feedback of our readers on
this matter. We have been characterized as a warm and
friendly people. How can we preserve these traits for
the future? I await your feedback on this message and
promise to continue the dialogue in a future message.

Finally at this time of the year when we
celebrate the joys of Christmas, let me on behalf of my
wife and family, the staff of the High Commission and
the Government of Antigua and Barbuda wish each of
our readers a Blessed Christmas and a Bright and
Peaceful New Year. May the wish of "Peace on Earth
and Goodwill to all men" motivate each one of us to
"love our neighbour and we love ourselves, to give and
not to count the cost and to extend the hand of
assistance to those most in need".

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

WIl i .I

IAie' \o. 116 Ih've'einher 2006

TEXACO makes
annual contribution to
Citizen's Welfare

Texaco West Indies
Limited has once again teamed
up with the Citizen's Welfare
Division within the Ministry of
Housing, Culture and Social
Transformation to bring
Christmas cheer to the elderly in
Antigua and Barbuda.

The company donated
several food items to the


annual Elderly
Food Package

Texaco has joined with the
Welfare Division in this effort for the last
several years by donating several food
items, which will be packaged and
distributed to senior citizens prior to
Christmas Day, 25th December.

Texaco's District Manager,
Hiram Acevedo, who is based in
Barbados, said the company was happy
to contribute the food items and as an
indication of their strong commitment
towards the Antigua/Barbuda public has
doubled their contribution from last year.
Acevedo also pledged his company's
involvement in the programme for years
to come.

Minister of Housing, Culture &
Social Transformation, Hon. Hilson
Baptiste, under whose portfolio the
Citizen's Welfare Division falls, was
present at the handing over ceremony
and congratulated TEXACO for their
timely contribution.

Minister Baptiste said he
welcomed the donation and added that
their involvement will bring joy to faces
and hearts of the elderly at this special
time of the year.

( to eArcneg ermnnamet Saretarg Sharon
3utoer,7exno's Curtis ,r.eils, Oyiaister
6ilson 0 aptiste, ,fausdftn larvi and 7exaeo's

.51im A4e**do

Also present at the handing
over ceremony was Curtis Francis,
TEXACO's Retail, Commercial &
Industrial Business Consultant and
Acting Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Housing, Culture & Social
Transformation, Mrs. Sharon Peters and
Chief Welfare Officer, Mrs. Faustina

Jarvis was all smiles as she
expressed her gratitude to Texaco. She
said her department is always looking for
good corporate citizens who will join
them in helping to show appreciation to
the elderly.

Among the items donated by
TEXACO are 14 cases of macaroni &
cheese, 6 bags of flour, 4 bags of rice, 10
bags of sugar, 10 bags of corn-meal, 6
cases of milk, 10 cases of noodles,
assorted drink mix, 10 bails of toilet
paper, 10 cases of Vienna sausages and
10 cases of canned tuna-fish.

Approximately one thousand
senior citizens are expected to benefit

from the distribution of Christmas food
packages by the Welfare Division.

"Bolivarian Missions serve
as a social model to the
developing world" says
PM Spencer in a
congratulatory message
to Hugo Chavez

Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda the Hon. Winston Baldwin
Spencer has tagged Venezuela's
Bolivarian Missions as a social model
to the developing world.

In a congratulatory message
to President Hugo Chavez for having
won a third term in office following
general elections in Venezuela on
December 3, Prime Minister Spencer
outlined that Venezuela has assumed
leadership of the pursuit of economic
and social prosperity for all
Venezuelans and all of Latin America.

"Your institution of the
Bolivarian Missions serves as a social
model to the developing world,
indicative of how to combat disease,
poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy and
other social ills. The model has the
potential to lift millions of people in this
hemisphere out of poverty," Prime
Minister Spencer noted.

Antigua and Barbuda and
Venezuela have developed excellent
bilateral relations, evidenced by
President Chavez's very generous
grant from the ALBA Fund of US$7.5
million for the upgrade of the V.C. Bird
International Airport and cooperation
on a major housing project.

"We in the Eastern Caribbean
place great value on the Petrocaribe
Agreement which affords us access to
a vital economic resource under

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liiip , .iii!


resume part-heard
cases which had been

prme etnister Spener and president
recently in tVenoeuela

manageable conditions," said Prime
Minister Spencer referring to an oil
agreement with Venezuela.

Prime Minister Spencer
concluded his congratulatory note to
President Chavez by stating that Antigua
and Barbuda is looking forward to the
continued development of the mutual
relations and the extension of the
working relationship with Venezuela
within OECS, CARICOM and wider Latin

An invitation was also extended
to President Chavez to make an official
visit to Antigua and Barbuda. Two
weeks before the elections, the
Venezuela Mission to the United Nations
in New York extended an invitation to
Prime Minister Spencer to attend the
inauguration ceremony of President
Chavez because they were confident
that he would be victorious in the

Industrial Court resumes
Sitting after long absence

The Industrial Court of Antigua
and Barbuda convened its sitting
recently after a prolonged absence.
President of the Industrial Court Cyril
Maundy presided at a Call-Over to

At the Call-Over,
parties agreed to a
number of specific
dates for the hearing of
matters they have
before the Court. The
parties all asked for
further adjournment on
a number of grounds. In
ugeo CIOvsve one case, according to
Mr. Maundy, "The
employee stated that
his lawyer is due to have surgery and will
not be available until February 2007." In
another matter, "The employee
explained that his lawyer a Senior
Counsel from Trinidad and Tobago will
not be available until mid February next

Representatives present at the
sitting advised the Court that they were
not in a position to commence their
cases before January 15th, 2007.

A few weeks ago, Minister of
Justice, Senator the Honourable Colin
Derrick highlighted and lamented the fact
that there have been publicly expressed
complaints that the Industrial Court has
not been moving as quickly or efficiently
as it should." The cases are sometimes
delayed because of regular
adjournments caused by litigants, union
representatives and employers who
have lawyers with other commitments.

A Ministry of Justice official
outlined that the Minister's efforts to
ensure that the Industrial Court resumed
hearings after long outstanding part
heard matters have been further
frustrated, by the developments.

/\iir A\0. 1/1 tIh'. e'nlht'r 200f)

Mount St. John Medical
Centre management team

The Government of Antigua
and Barbuda has signed a
Memorandum of Understanding with
the American Hospital Management
Company (AHMC) for the
management and administration of the
Mount St. John Medical Centre.

The Memorandum of
Understanding which was signed by
Permanent Secretaries Doleen Lee
and Clara Emanuel, (two Directors of
Mount St. John Medical Centre Limited
- owners of the hospital) and Mr.
Randall D. Arlett, President and
Managing Director of American
Hospital Management Company;
paves the way for the immediate
operationalisation of Mount St. John in
time for the ICC Cricket World Cup
which begins in the Caribbean on
March 27, 2007.

Under the agreement,
American Hospital Management
Company is required to provide by the
start of the World Cup Games the
following services:

* an emergency room including five
emergency care beds
* a five bed Intensive Care Unit
* at least two fully operational
operating theatres
* fifty non-emergency-care hospital
* diagnostic services to include
laboratory facilities and radiology
* pharmacy services
* dietary services
* housekeeping services and
* general administration services

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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hli.p 1--

acndall 0. Arlett (left) of American hospitall MonaOgem.n Company signing
the temorondum of Understanding under the observation of .PjIth
4Iirnioter don vmginleg and iondsay Wa1rne- of A04 C

"It has been a long process of
negotiations and meetings to get us to the
objectives set out by the the Honourable
Prime Minister and the Cabinet which
gives us a three month window to finalise
a draft Management Services Contract.
We are very pleased that we have come to
this point, with the assistance of the Pan
American Health Organisation, whereby
we have identified a company which will
help us to make Mount St. John Medical
Centre operational to the benefit of all the
people of Antigua and Barbuda," outlined
Health Minister the Hon John Maginley.

Minister Maginley also noted that
the government embarked on a process to
use the funds available to provide the best
possible health care for the people of this
nation and the opening of Mount St. John
Medical Centre is part of this programme.

"We now look forward to meeting
all parties involved in the interest of
everyone. I am confident that we will be
able to meet all of the requirements as
stipulated in Section C of the CWC 2007
Bid Response Form," Minister Maginley

The American Hospital Group will
now meet with the Construction company,
officials of Siemens, Ministry of Health
Officials and members of the private sector
to determine the prioritizing of services and
the implementation of benchmarks to meet
the expected needs of Cricket World Cup
2007. American Hospital Group will also
immediately engage the services of three
full time executives and a compliment of
corporate staff for the purpose of
operationalising the Medical Centre.

Following the signing of the
Memorandum of Understanding, Minister
of Health the Hon John Maginley
presented Mr. Randall Arlett of American
Hospital Management Company a cheque
for mobilization fees in the sum of US $50,

The American Hospital
Management Company which is a member
of the Family Hospital Group of
Companies is based in Panama and
provides turn-key, outsourced
administrative and management services
to hospitals and health systems.

The company is recognized as
one of the most experienced hospital

administrator, project planner, medical
equipment procurer, developer and
advisory company in the global market

Some of their clients include
Hospital Nacional in Panama City,
Panama, La Lima Medical Centre in
Honduras and Hospital Matilde Brenes in
Puerto Rico where they are credited with
improving a five-year average operating
loss to a 1.6 million operating profit.

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
earlier in the year issued a directive to the
Minister Maginley to have the Mount St.
John Medical Centre operational by the
first half of next year in an effort to improve
the health delivery system in the country.

PM Spencer congratulates
Sir John Compton on
election victory

Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda the Hon Baldwin Spencer sent a
congratulatory message to newly elected
Prime Minister of St. Lucia Sir John

In his letter to Sir John, Prime
Minister Spencer said that he has
achieved an historic accomplishment in
returning to office, after having retired.

"There is no doubt that the deep
commitment you have for St. Lucia
extends to the region as a whole, as
evidenced by indelible marks you left on
the regional integration process. The
leading role you played in the emergence
of CARICOM and OECS, among others, is
unquestionable. I look forward to
collaborating with you on the maintenance
of regional stability in this dynamic global
environment," PM Spencer stated.

Prime Minister Spencer who is
also chairman of the OECS wished Sir
John Compton continued good health and

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lil.p -,

f\ite \NO. lit Dec'iemhber 20106


Awe' NOi. 116 I etember 20106

for the development of St. Lucia and a
successful term in office.

Sir John Compton, who won 11
of the 17 seats in Monday's election led
St. Lucia for 29 years, first from 1964 to
1979, when it became independent and
then from 1982 to 1996. He came out
of retirement in 2005 to resume
leadership of the United Workers Party.

PM Spencer commends
Kofi Annan for his work at
the United Nations

Prime Minister and Minister of
Foreign Affairs of Antigua and Barbuda
the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer has
commended United Nations Secretary
General Kofi Annan for his work as the
head of the organization.

In a letter dispatched to the UN
leader, whose tenure expires at the end
of the year, Prime Minister Spencer
noted that his term as the seventh
Secretary-General of the body is
perhaps the most remarkable of any
Secretary General.

The Prime Minister pointed to
Kofi Annan's comprehensive programme
of reform; strengthening the
Organization's traditional work in the
areas of development and the
maintenance of international peace and
security. He also highlighted Annan's
work in human rights, the rule of law and
the universal values of equality,
tolerance and human dignity found in the
United Nations Charter; and restoring
public confidence in the Organization by
reaching out to new partners and, as you
yourself have said, by "bringing the
United Nations closer to the people".

"Your relentless efforts to
ensure that the international community
maintains a firm and meaningful
commitment to Africa, perhaps the most
disadvantaged of the world's regions, will

be but one yardstick by which your
successors will be judged. Other efforts
will also be remembered. These include
the use of your good offices to address
delicate political situations the attempt in
1998 to gain Iraq's compliance with
Security Council resolutions; a mission in
1998 to help promote the transition to
civilian rule in Nigeria; an agreement in
1999 to resolve a stalemate between
Libya and the Security Council over the
1988 Lockerbie bombing; and diplomacy
in 1999 to forge an international
response to violence in East Timor,"
outlined Prime Minister Spencer.

"I am sure I speak for many of
my fellow leaders throughout the
CARICOM region, which is particularly
affected by this pandemic, when I single
out for special praise your 2001 five-
point "Call to Action to address the
HIV/AIDS epidemic, which you made a
"personal priority," and your subsequent
proposal for the establishment of a
Global AIDS and Health Fund, which

now serves as a mechanism for some
of the increased spending that was and
still is needed to help developing
countries such as ours confront the
HIV/AIDS crisis," he stated in his letter.

Prime Minister Spencer
concluded his letter by commending
Kofi Annan and the United Nations on
the receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in
2001. "The Nobel Committee got it
right when it said that you "had been
pre-eminent in bringing new life to the
Organization...[and that] ...the only
negotiable road to global peace and
cooperation goes by way of the United
Nations," said Prime Minister Spencer.

Kofi Annan steps down as
head of the United Nations on
December 31. He will be replaced by
South Korean Foreign Minister Ban
Ki-moon. Ban Ki-moon 62, will be the
first Asian to head the UN since
Burma's U Thant, who held the post
from 1961 to 1971.

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WIl`.i p

Prime fthinister Jeldwin qpsmser and ZEA Joe tary General
,XoNi 040"a" following a mdeei ngina 4 tria "canmtle






Antigua and Barbuda
establishes diplomatic
relations with Singapore

Antigua and Barbuda and the
Republic of Singapore have established
formal diplomatic relations through the
signing of a Joint Communique by
Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to
the United Nations, Dr. John W. Ashe,
and his Singaporean counterpart,
Ambassador Vanu Gopala Menon.

"We have been cultivating
closer political, economic and cultural
ties with the Republic of Singapore in
recent years, and the Foreign Ministers
of our two countries agreed in the
margins of the NAM Summit in Havana
in September to take this logical step
forward," remarked Ambassador Colin
Murdoch, Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"I would like to thank
Ambassador Ashe and his staff at our
Permanent Mission in New York for
successfully completing this foreign
policy objective, which was highlighted in
this year's Throne Speech," he added.

Ambassador Ashe underscored
the close working relationship that he
shares with his Singaporean counterpart,
which he said led to a number of tangible
benefits for Antigua and Barbuda. As
one example, he cited the recent
comprehensive training programme in
road transportation, completed by five
members of Antigua and Barbuda's
Ministry of Works and the Transportation
Board. The training programme was
undertaken in Singapore, compliments of
that country's Road Transportation

Singapore is a Republic with a
Westminster system of a unicameral
parliamentary government representing
different constituencies of Singapore.
The bulk of the executive powers rest in
the hands of the Cabinet of Singapore,
which consists of ministers led by the

Ii' .\1. ./ 11 Ih'eI.h ember 21006

ombasador e7oha Shbe and bhi
wingapormn eountrpart, miMbassdor
YVano gpla 'lmnon xchangBe

Prime Minister. The office of the
President of Singapore was,
historically, a ceremonial one as head
of state, but the Constitution of
Singapore was amended in 1991 to
create the position of a popularly
elected President and also to grant the
President veto powers in a few key
decisions such as the use of the
national reserves and the appointment
of key judiciary positions.

Singapore, a multi-religious
country, is the second most densely
populated independent country in the
world. It consists of 63 islands,
including the main island itself. A
significant portion of Singapore is
reclaimed land and as a consequence
of this, its land area has grown from
224.5 square miles in the 1960s to
269.1 square miles today, and may
grow by another 38.6 square miles by

Singapore has a highly
developed market-based economy and
has been rated as the most business-
friendly economy in the world. It ranks
25th on the Human Development Index,
which measures standards of living,
and second in the Index of Economic
Freedom. Its gross domestic product
(GDP), per capital, is equal to that of
the major European countries, and it is
the fourth largest foreign exchange
trading centre in the world after
London, New York City and Tokyo.

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liiip 1 1 1 .i


^ Irl\'ie \


Post of Registrar of High Court
Ministry of Justice

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Registrar of the High Court, Ministry of Justice. The details of the post
are set out below:

Legal Education Certificate

DUTIES: (a) To function as the Chief Court Administrator under the rules of Court (Civil & Criminal) which includes:

* The General Management of the Court System including case fixtures, the allocation of cases to the Judges, Master etc.
S Supervising the Mediation process;
S The transmission of case results to the Supreme Court;
S Headquarters, and to the law Library and other relevant Institutions;
S To communicate to the Ministry Headquarters all changes and update on matters pertaining to the Court System;
S To advise the Ministry Headquarters on matters pertaining to Court reform, staff recruitment/requirements, and matters pertaining to
the Judges' general welfare and working conditions;
To liaise with the President of the Bar Association in reference to the operations of the Court, that is, reforms, updates, activities, etc.

(b) To function as the Deputy Registrar of the Court of Appeal which includes:

The receipt and transmission of application and the preparation of documents for the Court of Appeal and Privy Council process
(Records of Appeal etc.)
S To provide all the requirements in respect of lodging, office space, etc. for the Court of Appeal Judges;
S To transmit documents/communication from the Court of Appeal and Privy Council to the relevant Attorneys-at-Law;
S To prepare the digest of the results of the matters during each session and to transmit to the Court of Appeal.

(c) The processing of: The Registration of: Marriage Officers
Medical Practitioners
S Probates and Letters of administration Births, Deaths and Marriages, including Notary Public
S Small Estates amendments Marriage Venues/Churches
Unrepresented Estates Places of Public Worship Architects
Trade Unions Attorney-at-Law (call to the Bar etc.)

(d) To function as the Chief Accounting Officer to the Ministry of Headquarters which includes:

* The collection of fees, payments into Court, etc on behalf of the Government in accordance with the relevant Laws;
S The payment of all contributions to the relevant Organisations e.g. the Eastern Supreme Court Headquarters;
S To prepare annual budgetary reports, budgets, monthly statements etc. for submission to the Ministry Headquarters;
S To prepare quarterly reports on the operations of the Division.

(e) To function as the Secretary of the Law Council in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Profession Act of
1997 which includes:

S The receipt and transmission of complaints to the relevant parties;
S The preparation, transmission, and/or service of the relevant notices for meetings, hearings etc.
S The preparation of Minutes, reports etc.
S Any other duties in accordance with the Act.

SALARY AND ALLOWANCES: The Government shall pay to the Officer Salary and allowances as follows:

(a) (i) Salary at the rate of Sixty Nine Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Dollars ($69,240.00) per annum;
(ii) A housing allowance at the rate of Eighteen Thousand Dollars ($18,000.00) per annum;

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
iTel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 l'p i
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

(iii) A travelling allowance at the rate of Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Four Dollars ($5,844.00) per annum provided the
officer owns and maintains a car for the performance of her duties.
(iv) If appropriate an allowance in lieu of private practice at the rate of Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000.00) per annum;
(v) free telephone service (limited to local calls).

(b) The salary and allowances listed at (i) to (v) above shall be paid by equal monthly payments.
(c) The Government agrees that the salary to which the Office entitled shall be subject to any revision of salaries for Public
Servants effective during the continuance of this Agreement.

GRATUITY: Twelve and a half percent (12%%) of basic aggregate salary drawn during the period of employment.

HOURS OF WORK: (1) Mondays to Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

(2) Notwithstanding (1) above, the nature of the duties will require the Officer to perform work outside of
the hours mentioned above, in addition to Sundays and Public Holidays when necessary.

Post of Registrar of Intellectual Property
Ministry of Justice


DUTIES: (i) Registration of Intellectual Property rights
(ii) Conducting of dispute hearings based on Intellectual Property and Commercial registrations and other issues in accordance
with the relevant Legislation.
(iii) The development of policies relating to Intellectual Property
(iv) Advising the Government of Intellectual Property issues and to operate as the Liaison Officer between the Government and
(v) Creating and facilitating training programmes, seminars, and other public awareness activities and the carrying out of
studies, programmes or exchanges, or items or services regarding domestic and International Intellectual Property issues
and regarding the use of patent documents as a source of information.
(vi) Superintending and performing such other duties and exercises; and such other powers as are conferred by the Intellectual
Property and Commercial Legislation or its Regulations.

SALARY: $69,240.00 per annum.
TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE: $ 5,844.00 per annum.
HOUSING ALLOWANCE: $18,000.00 per annum.
(if appropriate):
TELEPHONE: Free limited to local calls
VACATION: 27 working days per annum
SICK LEAVE: 30 calendar days during any period of 12 months.

Applications forms can be obtained from the Establishment Department, Redcliffe Street and Friendly Alley, St John's, Antigua and Barbuda.

The completed application forms stating qualification and experience, the names and addressed of two references along with copies of
Certificates should be sent to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
St. John's

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
iTel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 l
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Iviue .\0. 110 lh. embeir =2006f

..... ASHlsue .No. 116 lh'emher 2010h


Post of Registrar of Land Registry
Ministry of Justice

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Registrar of Land Registry, Ministry of Justice. The details of the post are
set out below:



A Bachelor of Law Degree

(i) Administer and supervise the Land Registry department in accordance with the Registered
Land Act and any other relevant legislation.

(ii) Adjudicating dispute hearings in accordance with the provisions of the Registered Land Act.

(iii) Establish systems and procedures for improving efficiency in the Land Registry.

(iv) Introduce and administer State of the Art Technology for the creation and maintenance of
a data base that will facilitate instant retrieval of information stored in the Registry.

(v) Establish a secure storage for providing safe custody of documents and a mechanism for
quick retrieval of documents from the storage.

SALARY: $58,836.00 per annum.

TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE: $5,844.00 per annum.

HOUSING ALLOWANCE: $18,000.00 per annum.

PRIVATE PRACTICE $36,000.00 per annum.
(if appropriate):

DUTY ALLOWANCE: $41,280.00 per annum.

TELEPHONE: Free Limited to local calls

VACATION: 27 working days per annum

SICK LEAVE: 30 calendar days during any period of 12 months.

Applications forms can be collected from the Establishment Department, Redcliffe Street and Friendly Alley.

The completed application forms stating qualifications and experience, the names and addresses of two references along with copies of
Certificates should be sent to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
St. John's

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

WIl i .iwi

Egbert (egie) perry

Son of the soil gives back to
the land of his birth

Son of the soil, Antiguan Civil
Engineer and Entrepreneur, Egbert
"Eggie" Perry, is giving back to the land
of his birth by providing a scholarship for
qualified Antiguan and Barbudan
nationals to study at his alma mater, the
University of Pennsylvania, one of the
world's premier universities.

The scholarship, especially ear-
marked for undergraduate degrees in
engineering, is Perry's way of
encouraging the young people from
Antigua and Barbuda to pursue a career
in that field. Perry believes that
engineers, who are under-represented
and under-appreciated in today's
society, play a pre-eminent role in
positively impacting the quality of
people's lives.

In explaining the motivation for
initiating this noble gesture, Perry cites
the kindness of an un-named donor who
provided him with a scholarship to
complete his high school education at a
private school in New York. So touched

was he at that gesture, that he
vowed always to return the
favour by providing financial
assistance to a young
Antiguan and Barbudan who
would wish to study in the
United States.

The scholarship, the
Percival Egbert Perry
Endowed Scholarship, is
named in honour of Perry's
father whom Perry credits for
encouraging him to study
engineering. Perry describes
his father, as the most
outstanding man he has had
the good fortune to know. He
said, "My father was kind,
generous and highly
principled, no matter the cost to him

Perry, who lives in Atlanta,
Georgia, is the Chairman and CEO of
The Integral Group, a real estate
development and investment
management firm that he started some
14 years ago. Both Perry and his 300-
employee company are well recognized
for major award winning transformational
projects in many cities across the United
States. More recently, Perry has been
exploring the possibility of developing
major projects in Antigua and Barbuda
and other Caribbean Islands.

Additional information on the
Percival Egbert Perry Endowed
Scholarship and eligibility requirements
of the Engineering School of the
University of Pennsylvania might be
obtained by contacting: Office of
Admissions, 1 College Hall, University of
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104 or
by telephoning (215) 898-7507.

Merry Christmas and a
Happy .New year

Issue .1o. 116 Ieh'C'nhmbe'r 2006

Arab Republic of Egypt
offers scholarships to
Antiguan and Barbudan

On 15th December 2006
Prime Minister the Hon. Baldwin
Spencer announced that his
government has received support from
the Government of the Arab Republic
of Egypt in its quest to educate the
people of Antigua and Barbuda.

"Today, the government of
the Arab Republic of Egypt confirmed
that they have allocated three post or
under-graduate scholarships for
Antiguan and Barbudan students to
study in Egypt commencing in
September 2007. Because of our
excellent relations, they have also
pledged to double the number of
scholarships offered for the 2008
Academic year," Prime Minister
Spencer stated.

The scholarships being
offered by Egypt are available in:

Finance and Planning
International Banking
Special Education
Public Health
Information Technology
Accounting, Engineering
Mathematics, and

On the margins of the NAM
Summit in Havana in September,
Prime Minister Spencer made the
scholarship request of the Minister of
Foreign Affairs of Egypt His Excellency
Mr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Abou Elgheit,
who committed his government to
working with Antigua and Barbuda on

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

lil.p .ii

prime Minister Speneer and foreign Vyr Ahmned Abou Eeheit
during discussions recently

its development agenda with a focus on

The scholarships, which falls
under the Independence Silver Jubilee
Scholarship Programme being
managed by a Scholarship Procurement
Unit within the Office of the Prime
Minister, brings the total number of
scholarships for the Silver Jubilee
celebrations to 47.

The scholarships from India
(5), Malaysia (25), Greece (3), China
(10), Egypt (3) and the Antigua Power
Company (1) are a result of a
collaborative effort of the Prime Minister
and Ambassadors Dr. John Ashe and
David Shoul. "I wish to once again
commend our Ambassadors who have
worked tirelessly in this effort which has
surpassed our expectations. I also
express the gratitude of the government
and people of Antigua and Barbuda to
our benefactors for their generous
expression of cooperation and
goodwill," the Prime Minister said.

Three students are already
pursuing degree studies in Greece

under the programme. Applications
the other scholarships will be ma
available to the public from next we
via the government's website

Social Transformation sta
participates in
Development Training

On the 13th December seve
staff members at the headquarters
the Ministry of Housing, Culture & Soc
Transformation began a series
training workshops geared
professional development ahead of t
New Year.

Minister of Housing, Culture
Social Transformation, Hon. Hils
Baptiste, speaking at the beginning
the workshop congratulated the Acti
Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Shar
Peters on her initiative and added tha
has been a two-year dream to have st
continuously sharpen their skills,
better employees make a healthier a
pleasant work environment. Minis

Baptiste admonished the staff to use the
opportunity wisely as he believes that
every employee should continue to
educate themselves, while striving for
the top.

The training exercise dealt with
Work Ethics and was facilitated by Ms.
Keva Margetson, who delivered a
powerful presentation. Margetson,
CEO of KJM Communications Plus,
reminded the staff members that their
work practices are very important not
only to employers but also for their own
personal development. The speaker
reminded the employees that they
should never work for any one particular
government, as Governments will
always come and go.

During Ms Margetson's
presentation, professionalism, dress
for code, and personal development were
de addressed.
at In the upcoming weeks,
training will focus on Customer Service,
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace,
Industrial Relations and Team Building.
ff Within the first quarter of next year,
Heads of Division are expected to go on
retreat where several issues will be
discussed, including their work-plan for
The Ministry of Housing,
o. Culture & Social Transformation has
some eight divisions and among the
vast functions and responsibilities is the
at interaction with the public on a number
of welfare matters.

t it

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


Issue .1o. 116 Ih'C'mbeh'r 200h

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