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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.115 November 2006

Throne Speech

On Thursday 23rd November Governor-General Sir James B.
Carlisle presented the government's plans and policies for the coming
parliamentary year at the Annual Throne Speech to a joint sitting of the -
House of Representatives.

During his speech the Governor-General said that his
government will continue the programme of fiscal reform initiatives.
The Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax will be introduced in the first
quarter of 2007 to further consolidate the tax system by replacing
several existing taxes, including the consumption tax, the hotel taxes
and the telecommunications tax. Governor-General Sir James B. Carlisle inspects a Guard of
Honour of Officers from the Antigua and Barbuda Defence
He further stated that the government will implement a new Force and the Antigua and Barbuda Police Force
and modernized property tax system.

The Sales and the Property Taxes represent the final measures of the government's tax reform initiatives.

The Governor-General said, "My Government will therefore implement recently passed legislation to provide personal
income tax relief, introduce mechanisms to provide tax credits to businesses that support the development of education, sports and
culture, enforce the compliance of the widened basket of essential goods, and give tax relief to pensioners and provide property tax
allowance to all owner occupied residential properties.

Recent legislation, which provides for no property tax on agricultural buildings and lower tax rates on agricultural land will
also be enforced.

To further build on the remarkable successes of my Government's treasury bills and bonds issue, created by the renewed
confidence of the international and regional business community in Antigua and Barbuda, my government will continue this
programme in 2007 to raise financial resources at much lower interest rates.

Through the treasury bills and bonds programme, my Government was able
inside to retire high cost debt, finance the voluntary separation programme, and fund
SDr Errol Cort addresses investment critical infrastructural initiatives.
conference at Lancaster House (page 3)
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium to be My Government will also continue to implement a debt management strategy
handed over early January (page 5) developed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded
WTO panel concludes hearings on Inter debt consultants. Once this strategy is fully implemented, it is expected that our
net gaming dispute with presentations debt stock will be reduced, the credit rating of Antigua and Barbuda will be
by "third parties" (pages 9 & 12) improved, and more efficient mechanisms for debt acquisition, monitoring and
"Best Wedding Island" award for management will be in place."
Antigua and Barbuda (page 10)

Continued on page 8

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

hIIp 1 1 iwi

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Dear Readers,

In this message I will continue our discourse on the
concept "One Family, Embracing the Future Together" which was
the theme of our 25th Anniversary celebrations. Looking at this
from a nationalist perspective in the 25th Anniversary Magazine, I
asked the questions "what family have we become? What type of
people are we aiming to become? Who in reality demonstrates the
characteristics of a true and proud Antiguan and Barbudan?"

In this series of messages overthe coming months, I will
attempt to address these questions I will now deal with the first

"What Family have we become?"

The family referred to here comprises citizens of Antigua
and Barbuda; "citizens" for this analysis is defined by the Oxford
English Dictionary as "a legally recognized subject or national of
a state or commonwealth" and by the Random House Dictionary
of the English Language as "a native or naturalized member of a
state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is
entitled to its protection". Who then must be as classified citizens
and therefore entitled to be members of the family alluded to

The 2001 census of Antigua and Barbuda gave the
population size as 76,886 with the following dominant

91% African descent, 0.7% East Indian, 0.6%
Syrian/Lebanese, 1.7% White/Caucasian and 4.4% Mixed.

The population then was made up of 53% females and
47% males. Apart from 1st generation Antiguans and Barbudans,
there are also 3,996 Dominicans; 5,410 Guyanese; 3,335
Jamaicans; 1,492 Dominicans Republic and 831 citizens of UK
living in our community among others. The family therefore is
cosmopolitan and made up of immigrants from 39 countries
beside Antigua and Barbuda.

The culture of our society has changed over the years
and more so since the introduction of cable TV. The extended
family concept is not as prevalent today as 20 to 30 years ago.

This is reflected in the lifestyle of our citizens. The
number of older generation citizens living in "homes for the aged"
has increased significantly. The style of attire of young people and
old alike reflect similar tastes to those seen in the progressive and
fast moving cities in the USA, Canada and the UK.

The number of churches in our nation has increased, so
too has the number of bars, discotheques, brothels and places of
nightly entertainment. The number of children being raised by
single parents (mainly women) is on the increase. Can we
therefore say that the quality of life of the family has improved?
Our per capital income has certainly increased but so too has the
number of vagrants roaming our streets. Walking our streets
today, we hear many new accents and a few new languages being

As these changes impact our communities, what or
whom have we really become as a nation, as a family? Are we
being drawn together by a common bond of national unity or pride
in our country? After all, 25 years in the life of any individual
should lead to a clear demonstration of the character that person
has become.

We are richer from the new vibrancy in our society only
when and if the chords that bind us together are reflected in our
efforts at true nationhood building. There should begin to appear
a family richer in culture, reflective of the heritage of the various
ethnic groupings and the best of the culture they have to offer.
Each member of the family will then feel connected, respected
and fully committed. Let us therefore work together with the help
of the God we serve to build a better Antigua and Barbuda, a
better region and a better world as one family united in our
common goals.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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WIIlp .iiyiii. ,

Minister of Finance and the Economy,
Hon. Dr Errol Cort

Dr Errol Cort addresses
investment conference at
Lancaster House

Minister of Finance and the
Economy, Hon. Dr. Errol Cort on
Thursday 2nd November addressed the
Caribbean Investment Conference which
was held at Lancaster House, London.

The Conference was a personal
initiative of British Prime Minister, Tony
Blair and was held under the theme
"Transforming the Caribbean Economy:
New Avenues for Investment".

The intention of the Conference
was to draw attention to the many
investment opportunities in the
Caribbean region, not least those arising
as a result of European Union-supported
transitional programmes. It enabled
participants to discuss ways in which the
public sector could help the private
sector to make the most of those

Minister Cort addressed the
gathering on the importance of Public
Private Partnerships in the Eastern
Caribbean Currency Union. He told his
audience that "the private sector is a
critical engine of growth and could have
a catalytic effect on macroeconomic
stability, high growth rates, efficient
deployment of human resources and
improved living conditions".

Minister Cort further told the
gathering that "given the implementation
of the CARICOM Single Market and
Economy (CSME) and the demands of
an ever changing international business
environment, the coordination of public
and private sector efforts is integral to the
overall efforts at achieving global
competitiveness within the Caribbean
financial sector, promoting productive
enterprises at a regional level and
achieving stability within Caribbean

The Conference also received
addresses from the Prime Minister of the
United Kingdom, the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair,
the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Rt.
Hon. Owen Arthur and the President of
Guyana, His Excellency, Bharrat Jagdeo.

Antigua and Barbuda
represented at WIPO
Ministerial Level Meeting
on Intellectual Property for
the Caribbean

Minister of Justice, Senator the
Honourable Collin Derrick, has described
the recently held Sixth Ministerial Level
Meeting on Intellectual Property for
Caribbean countries held in Barbados as
a success.

The November 2nd and 3rd
Meeting held under the auspices of the
World Intellectual Property Organisation

Minister of Justice
Senator The Hon. Colin V A Derrick

(WIPO) and the Government of
Barbados deliberated on a wide range
of matters, including a report from the
Heads of Intellectual Property Offices,
which contained a number of

Minister Derrick noted that
some of the recommendations
highlighted the need for assistance in
such areas as the formulation of
strategies to promote innovation,
technology transfer and economic
development; and the provision of
specialized training for developing
national intellectual property policies
and the undertaking of national
intellectual property audits.

"The Ministerial Meeting
agreed to foster collaboration between
defining and determining the scope of
regional administration in the area of
patent, including search and
examination. We also requested
assistance from WIPO in developing
appropriate frameworks for the
protection of traditional knowledge,
folklore, genetic resources, indigenous
Caribbean culture and national
heritage, particularly of indigenous

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP 3

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

populations in Caribbean countries,"
noted Minister Derrick.

He also outlined that a request
was made to WIPO to assist Caribbean
countries in the implementation of trade-
related aspects of intellectual property
rights (TRIPS) and in particular advising
on adjusting national legislation to
incorporate existing flexibilities in TRIPS
and other international IP Treaties.

Prior to the Ministerial Meeting
a Meeting of Heads of Intellectual
Property Offices of Caribbean countries
was also convened in Bridgetown on 31
October and 1 November. The Meeting
of Heads of Intellectual Property Offices
was attended by Charlesworth Tabor
and Mitzie Buckley, Acting Registrar and
Deputy Registrar respectively of Antigua
and Barbuda's Intellectual Property and
Commerce Office.

The Heads of Intellectual
Property Offices identified the need for
the inclusion of intellectual property as a
subject in the curricula at primary,
secondary and tertiary levels. The
importance of continuous outreach and
public education with respect to
intellectual property was also recognized.

Internet Gaming and
Criminal Deportees
discussed with new
US Ambassador

Prime Minister of Antigua and
Barbuda the Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer
has said that the recent changes in the
United States Congress during mid-term
elections in the United States present an
opportunity for dialogue with the US on
the Internet Gaming dispute at the World
Trade Organisation.

During discussions with newly
appointed United States Ambassador to

rime ivmnisrer tsaiawnm pencer ana eAmnassaaor uursman during meir alscussions

Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
Her Excellency Mary Ourisman, Prime
Minister Spencer said that the recent
legislation by the US Congress has been
damaging to Antigua and Barbuda's
economy and that the door is now open
for serious dialogue.

He emphasized the adherence
to international trade rules under WTO
and that the recent legislation by the
United States challenges the credibility
of the organisation. "There is enough
room for common ground to be found
with us reaching a balanced solution,"
said Prime Minister Spencer.

Ambassador Ourisman who
arrived in the region on October 31, one
day after the departure of her
predecessor Mary Kramer who has
returned to the United States, said that
the issue of gaming is a moral one for the
United States especially for the
protection of its children. Over 80% of
Antigua and Barbuda's Internet gaming
clients are United States citizens.

Prime Minister Spencer during
the discussion also spoke of
US/Caribbean relations and the
organization of a Caribbean conference
in the United States. He also made
mention of the Caribbean Basin Initiative

and the Caribbean basin Economic
Recovery Act.

World Cup preparations were
also discussed including the
assistance which the United States is
willing to provide under the
Memorandum of Understanding which
CARICOM signed with the US
Homeland Secretary Mr. Michael

The provision of consular
services by the United States Embassy
for residents of the Eastern Caribbean
and the issues of criminal deportees
were discussed. Prime Minister
Spencer said that the region would
welcome an engagement with the
United States to discuss alternatives
on the deportee matter.

United States Ambassador
Ourisman also met Minister of Finance
and Economy Dr. the Hon. Errol Cort,
Attorney General and Minister of Legal
Affairs the Hon. Justin Simon Q.C.,
Leader of the Opposition the Hon.
Steadroy Benjamin and the
Venezuelan Ambassador, Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps.

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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]lipl' i ii.i'

Community workshop held
to re-energize community

The Community Development
Department, a division within the Ministry
of Housing Culture & Social
Transformation, convened a one-day
symposium on Thursday 16th November
in an effort to re-energize and reactivate
community groups within the country.

During a brief Opening
Ceremony, Minister of Housing, Culture
& Social Transformation, Hon. Hilton
Baptiste encouraged the leaders and
other NGO's to work along with the
division as it will have significant benefits
for the residents in the community and
the country.

In relation to the crime situation
in the country, Minister Baptiste said,
"We must reclaim our community
otherwise none of us will be safe".

The Minister of Social
Transformation said that if we all work
together, nurture and care for our young
people, it will make the country a better
place to live but "we must get up and get

Minister Baptiste also paid
tribute to Ms. Judie Labadie, former
Community Development Director, for all
her years of hard and dedicated work.
However, Minister Baptiste pointed out
that the time has come for division to be
given additional tools and equipment to
ensure that the employees are equipped
to handle the tasks at hand.

Throughout the day, the over
50 participants focused on Institutional
Aspects of NGO's/CBO's which was
delivered by Ambassador Anthony
'Mamba' Liverpool. Ms Roberta Williams
looked at the topic of Sustainable
Livelihood within Communities, while Mr.
Philmore Mullin, Deputy Director of

NODS (National Office of Disaster
Services) focused on equipping
communities to handle emergencies and
disasters. The last topic dealt with
Maintaining Healthy Communities, which
was facilitated by Mr. David Spencer.

Sir Vivian Richards
Stadium to be handed
over early January

The Sir Vivian Richards Cricket
Stadium will be ready for handover by
the Chinese to the Government of
Antigua and Barbuda on Saturday
January 13, 2007.

This assurance came from the
man charged with overseeing the
completion of the Stadium, Chairman of
the Inter Governmental Working Group
Ambassador David Shoul. He said that
all systems are on target for this date
which will include a grand ceremony at
the site.

Ambassador Shoul noted that
he is very pleased with the report
received from the recent visit by
members of the ICC CWC 2007 Venue
Tour Committee, although there are a
number of concerns that were expressed
by the ICC. "We are confident that the
concerns the ICC has about certain
sections of our preparation would be
ironed out before
their next tour in a
few weeks time. We
have a dedicated
team of individuals
who are involved in
the preparations
along with a number
of other individuals
who are prepared to j
lend assistance if the
need should arise,"
he said. Prime Minister Spen
Xioping and memb

The Chairman of the IGWG
also outlined that a full inspection of the
route for the placement of new street
lights leading to the stadium was
conducted last week and work by the
Chinese contractors will commence in
a few weeks time in conjunction with
the Antigua Public Utilities Authority.
"The route to the Stadium from the V.C.
Bird International Airport was inspected
and it was decided that street lights will
be placed on the right side of the road,
with a separation difference of forty
metres (132 feet) for each post. These
lights are another gift from our Chinese
counterparts," Ambassador Shoul

A few weeks ago
Ambassador Shoul along with Prime
Minister the Hon. Baldwin Spencer and
members of the Local Organizing
Committee toured the facility and
witnessed the testing of the
scoreboards and lights at the multi-
million dollar facility.

"All of Antigua and Barbuda
and indeed the world will be very proud
of the finished product which is already
distinguished by having the name of
our National Hero Sir Vivian Richards.
I am confident that we will have a top
class facility which the government will
hand over to the ICC on February 23,"
Shoul concluded.

cer, Ambassador David Shoul, Ambassador Ren
'ers of the Chinese Construction Team working
on the Sir Vivian stadium

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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hil.' .,l ii_,

11-plus 'F' to high Destin studied hard to make up
for the late start, and gained six
honours Caribbean Examination Council (CXC)

Excerpted from
Written by Melissa Wickhan

How did a poor boy from
Antigua who failed the 11-Plus exam
manage to create history by becoming
the first person to ever graduate from the
University of the West Indies (UWI) with
a triple major?

One word determination.

But it gets better.

Dale Destin, who graduated a
recently from the UWI's Cave Hill
Campus with a Bachelor of Science
degree in an unprecedented triple major
- information technology, meteorology
and mathematics with First Class
Honours only spent three years in
secondary school.

He grew up in The Point and
Green Bay, two of the poorest areas in
St John's. And, because his family was
unable to give him a tertiary education,
he went straight to work in construction
while his schoolmates furthered their

But Destin, the son of a
fisherman and a maid, was determined
not to let his circumstances dictate his

"My academic life prior to
Secondary School was not one that was
outstanding. I did not pass my 11-Plus
exam for reasons outside of my own
ability. But, in Antigua, the system allows
you two opportunities to gain a
scholarship to a secondary school the
11-Plus and post primary exams. I took
the latter two years after I sat the 11-Plus
and gained entry to a secondary school
at the age of 14," he said.

After working in construction on
leaving school, he went on to work as a
joiner at a furniture factory. Then he got
a job at the Antigua and Barbuda
Meteorological Office as a
meteorological assistant. He visited
Barbados twice to do the official Class 2
and later Class 1 training courses at what
was then Caribbean Meteorological
Institute, now the Caribbean Institute of
Meteorology and Hydrology.


Still not satisfied with his
academic achievements up to that point,
Destin applied to the World
Meteorological Organisation for a
scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of
Science degree in Meteorology and, in
2003 he awarded the scholarship.

It meant another trip to
Barbados to pursue the degree at the
UWI's Cave Hill Campus.

"I always knew that once I was
granted the scholarship, I would pursue
studies in information technology in
addition to meteorology. The inspiration
came from a colleague of mine, Mr
Keithly Meade, who did the same a few
years prior and was able to significantly
computerise the Antigua and Barbuda
Meteorological Office. This was very
impressive to me," explained the 37

But a triple major was farthest
from his mind.

In fact, he admitted he was a bit
nervous just getting through the
mathematics required for his two initial
majors meteorology and information
technology, far less considering it as a

Although he passed maths at
CXC level, he failed it at primary and
post-primary levels. But as time
progressed Destin realized he had a
knack for the subject and it was then
that thoughts of triple major started to
"ferment in my mind".

He picked up a number of
maths courses and, after his first year,
realized he could do all the credits
required for a triple major which
included maths.

He accumulated 143 credits -
three more than is required for a triple
major mainly by doing a lot of summer

"Being told there is no such
thing as a triple major by most persons
I was going to settle for the joint major
of information technology and
meteorology, but about three weeks
leading up to graduation, I raised the
matter with the Dean of Pure and
applied Sciences, Mr Carrington.

"I asked him if the university
officially recognized it as a triple major
and he told me that there was no such
thing as a triple major. I said: 'Okay' ".

Not long after the
conversation, Destin received a letter
from the Dean that changed his life.

He said, "He wrote me and
told me they had officially asked the
university board to consider the matter.
And I guess the rest is history."

Knowing most of his friends at
UWI would have called him crazy if
they had known what he was doing,
Destin kept the good news a secret
until it was announced at the
graduation and if that was'nt all he
also achieved First Class Honours.

"It was shocking for most
persons. They were like: 'How could
you have done that? Where did you

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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ilIp' ii-li.

find the time?' My friends and family are
happy for me. It feels good to create
history. I am proud and humbled at the
same time. As I have told my Dean, I
believe it could've been accomplished by
other if the university was to officially
offer {the triple major} as an option," he

Destin, who was also awarded
the Dean's Prize for his accomplishment,

believes anyone can achieve success
once they put their minds to it.


He now lives in an exclusive
suburb in Antigua, Cassada Gardens,
and enjoys the fruits of his success.

"I consider myself lucky; I could
have easily fallen through the cracks like

many youngsters in depressed
circumstances. I also hung out on the
block and did some things that could
have got me in serious trouble. But my
advice would be simply don't let the
things around you make you feel
hopeless or feel you have to follow the
crowd. Believe in yourself and listen to
the older ones around you."

Governor-GeneraCs Academic Awards

His Excellency the Governor-GeneralChas beenpleasedon the

occasion of the NationaCyouth Rally to mark the Twenty-

fifth Anniversary of Independence, 2006 to give orders for
the conferment of the Academic Awards 2006

Nicole Roberts

Ayokunle Ogunbiyi

Onika Dover

Nickolas Judnarine

Top Student Caribbean Advanced
Proficiency Examinations (CAPE)
(Antigua State College)

Top Student Caribbean Secondary
Education Certificate (CSEC)
(St Joseph's Academy)

Top Student Jr. Secondary Examination
(Liberta Jr. Secondary)

Top Student Primary Examination
(T.O.R. Memorial Primary)

Office of the Governor-General
St John's

11th October, 2006

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

]l , iii. l imi.





continued from cover page
With regard to Education His
Excellency explained that his
government strongly believes that
education continues to be the most
effective method of empowering people
and it is his government's intention to
ensure that all Antiguans and Barbudans
have access to education from infancy to

Therefore, he said, "It is my
government's intention in 2007 to
commence construction of a new
secondary school in our efforts to
upgrade the current education

My Government will also
ensure that a modern information
technology driven Public Library
becomes fully operational at the end of
the first quarter of next year.

The Antigua and Barbuda
Hospitality Training Institute also plays a
pivotal role in the education system and
the development of our tourism sector.

In 2007, the Institute will
commence its "two-plus-two"
arrangement with the University of the
West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in
Barbados. Students at the Institution will
be given the opportunity to study for an
Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies
or Culinary Arts. Graduates from this
programme with a minimum GPA of 2.7
will be given credit and exempted from
Level One courses of the UWI's
Bachelor's Degree in Tourism at Cave
Hill, allowing them to complete their
degree in a two year period.

The completion of expansion
work at the Antigua Grammar School
and the expansion of other primary and
secondary schools to provide additional
classroom space will also be pursued.

In my Government's quest to
pave the path to an improved data

management process in our school
system, an Education Management
Information System will be piloted in
three secondary schools.

To further support my
Government's policy of lifelong learning,
the Adult and Continuing Education
(TVET) Programme will be rejuvenated
in Barbuda along with the construction of
additional workshops at the Antigua and
Barbuda Institute of Continuing
Education and a Learning Resource
Centre at the Antigua State College.

The review of the TVET
Curriculum and institutional
strengthening at both the Antigua State
College and the Antigua and Barbuda
Institute of Continuing Education will also
feature in my government's programme
to make knowledge the principle driver of
national development.

The training of our teachers,
instructors and managers will also be
priority in 2007. Our educators and
young people will be the main
beneficiaries of scholarships to be
awarded under the soon to be
established Scholarship Procurement
Unit within the Office of the Prime
Minister in conjunction with our
overseas-based diplomats. Members of
our Police Force, Defence Force, and
Nurses will also benefit from the
opportunities that this Unit will provide.
The Scholarship Procurement Unit will
compliment the work being done by the
Ministry of Education, the Board of
Education and the Training Division.

My Government also remains
committed to its policy of providing
school uniform grant vouchers and
scholarships and textbooks, giving
valuable support to parents and children
in our education system."

In the area of Tourism,
Governor-General Sir James Carlisle
said, "Tourism is our most important

sector, accounting for over 60% of
GDP when all the impacts are taken
together direct, indirect and induced.
To manoeuvre this nation on the
challenging path ahead will require the
unwavering commitment of all in this

In 2007, my Government
intends to exploit fully the country's
enormous tourism potential. The
strategic thrust forward is designed to,
among other things:
* Upgrade the existing room
stock to international standards, and
establish a critical mass of new rooms
led by the 5-star end of the market;
* Position Antigua and Barbuda
as the Meetings, Conventions, Sports
and Wedding Capital of the Eastern
Caribbean and the Business Centre of
the Sub-region;
* Upgrade selected sites and
attractions and develop various facets
of the product;
* Increase airlift service to both
Antigua and Barbuda;
* Upgrade the room and
physical capacity of existing small
hotels below 25 rooms; and
* Generate a higher level of
tourism awareness among the

Statistics from regional and
international financial experts show
that 2007 holds the promise that
Antigua and Barbuda will realize
economic expansion on a scale that
has not been seen in recent memory.
It is expected that the growth and
development of the economy will be
fuelled by higher output from tourism,
other productive sectors, and
infrastructure activity related to the
hosting of Cricket World Cup 2007.

In this regard, 2007 will see
the commencement of construction, in
partnership with government, of the
Bermello, Ajamil and Partners (BAP)
Project which is a new 200 room

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

hl'p ". 'liiib.

beachfront resort. The Jolly Harbour
Caribbean Development Antigua Limited
Expansion Project will also commence
next year.

In 2007, the following projects
will be completed boosting the hotel
stock significantly:
* The Antigua Rain Forest
Project A canopy Eco-Tour Project to
include adventure course, hiking trails,
cultural theatre and a reforestation
* Emerald Cove Development -
A five star hotel comprising 291 rooms;
* Hodges Bay Hotel consisting
of 81 townhouses, duplex apartments,
hotel and studio suites; and
* Sandals Grand Antigua Resort
Expansion Project.

The influence of travel and
tourism on a community is significant.
Most obviously, tourists bring revenue.
However, how this revenue is attracted
and the numbers of people who benefits
vary greatly.

To ensure maximum benefits to
communities, my government will act as
a catalyst for community-based
development and will work closely with
community-based organizations and
enterprises to develop and implement
community based tourism projects.

In this regard, the Ministry of
Tourism will collaborate with regional
institutions including the Caribbean
Tourism Organization and the Caribbean
Natural Resource Institute to devise a
strategic policy and plan for the
development of community tourism, as
well as to sensitize communities of the
value of their community assets, their
culture, heritage, cuisine and lifestyle.

In addition, my government will
establish a number of programmes,
including increased training in small
business management, environmental
awareness, product development and

marketing and will also facilitate the
granting of concessions and incentives
designed to ensure that small and micro-
businesses play critical roles in
increasing economic activity and
reducing unemployment.

My Government will also
finalize arrangements with the Antigua
and Barbuda Development Bank to
provide soft loans to small hotels of up to
25 rooms for up-grading and

(For the full text of the Governor-General's Speech,
please go to

WTO Panel concludes
hearings on Internet
gaming dispute with
presentations by the "third

The WTO Panel concluded two
days' hearings on 26th November on
Antigua and Barbuda's challenge to
United States' claim of compliance with
the Dispute Settlement Body's rulings
and recommendations on the Internet
gaming dispute between the two
countries, with presentations by the
three (3) "third parties" to the WTO case,
the European Community, Japan and

"That these three economic
powerhouses and major trading partners
of the United States have seen it fit to
join with us in contesting what we have
always maintained is a dispute about
granting market access, is both
welcomed and deeply appreciated," said
Antigua and Barbuda's Minister of
Finance and the Economy, the
Honourable Dr. Errol Cort.

is that

"What is even more remarkable
they choose to become active
in this WTO process and we
that a crucial factor in their

respective decisions to do so was the
pure merits of our case," he added.

Ambassador Colin Murdoch,
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs praised the three and
noted that, "any member of the WTO
can choose to become a "third party" in
any pending dispute between two or
more WTO members (parties).
However, it must do so at the outset of
the dispute process. Once the process
is underway, other WTO members
cannot join or submit written opinions.
Moreover, they cannot attend the
proceedings of the panel that has been
established to hear disputes or of the
Appellate Body, which hears appeals
of the rulings and recommendations of
the dispute panels. Against this
backdrop, I would like to thank the
European Commission, Japan and
China for the ongoing commitment to
this effort."

Elaborating further on the
process, the head of Antigua and
Barbuda's delegation to the panel
meeting, Ambassador to the WTO Dr.
John W. Ashe, observed that "as is the
case for the parties in a dispute, "third
parties" are invited to make written
submissions and are permitted to
make oral statements on their
submissions to the panel. They are
then subjected to a series of questions
from panel members and may choose
to submit written answers at a later

"Now that the hearings are
completed, the next step in the process
is fairly well-defined and there are a
number of deadlines that we have to
meet," said Mark Mendel, Antigua and
Barbuda's Legal Adviser.

"By the end of the day
tomorrow, the panel will circulate a
series of questions to each party and
written replies to those questions are
continue on page 12

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

]lI'p i .!

"Best Wedding Island"
award for Antigua and

Antigua and Barbuda took
home the 'Best Wedding Island' award
for the second year running at Caribbean
World's travel awards held at the Four
Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London on 9
November 2006.

The Caribbean World Annual
Awards, now in its 12th year, is firmly
established among Britain's foremost
prize giving ceremonies, which honours
excellence amongst the Caribbean
islands and the services that provide
comfort, entertainment and enjoyment
for those who make the Caribbean their
favourite holiday destination.

The magazine and its readers
also awarded Antiguan and Barbudan
national hero, Sir Vivian Richards who
received a prize for 'Caribbean
Personality of the Year'.

Director General of Tourism,
Lorraine Headley who accepted the
prizes on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda,
in conjunction with the High
Commissioner to the United Kingdom,

Dr. Carl Roberts and Miss Carol Hay,
Director of Marketing UK, expressed her
satisfaction with the results.

"We are extremely pleased that
Antigua and Barbuda has been
recognized as one of the best Caribbean
locations to tie the knot. The Ministry of
Tourism has been working tirelessly to
promote the island as a perfect romantic
getaway and has forged a strong
partnership with the Ministry of Legal
Affairs who has made getting married in
Antigua and Barbuda a simple, hassle
free experience. This award comes at a
great time for us as we look forward to
welcoming over 25 leading travel agents
and tour operators from the United
Kingdom for a special Weddings and
Honeymoons Familiarisation Trip where
we will highlight those special attributes
that make Antigua and Barbuda an
award winning destination".

The Antigua Barbuda
delegation rubbed shoulders with special
guest of the evening Sir Trevor
McDonald OBE, a Trinidadian national
and first black news anchor in the United
Kingdom. He was awarded 'TV
Personality and Broadcaster of the Year'
having won more awards than any other
British broadcaster and is now

recognized as one of British
television's most trusted reporters.

SPhotos featuring
HE Dr Carl Roberts,
Director-General of Tourism
Ms. Lorraine Headley
and Director of Marketing UK,
s. Carol Hay accepting trophy o
behalf of Antigua and Barbuda

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

ImIp 1 1 i iiii.

Some photos of
the gala event:
Clockwise from
dinner, some
memorable faces
and guests
dancing the night
away to the
sounds of 'Dread

High Commission
celebrates Antigua and
Barbuda's 25th year of

On 5th November 2006 the
High Commission in London celebrated
Antigua and Barbuda's 25th Anniversary
of Independence in grand style at the
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum.

For some it was a night to

During the proceedings the
Honourable Baldwin Spencer, Prime
Minister of Antigua and Barbuda
delivered his address to nationals
overseas via a pre-recorded DVD

Guests included members of
the diplomatic corps, cricketing greats

such as Sir Viv Richards,
Richie Richardson and
Curtley Ambrose; hotel
representatives, members
of the diaspora in the UK,
and the travel trade.

Entertainment was
provided by the very
popular Antiguan band
'Dread and Baldhead' and
guests danced the night

This also marked the first time
members of the diaspora were awarded
for their outstanding contribution within
their community in the country they now
call home. This is a project that we
intend to continue as we are mindful that
there are many more nationals who have
indeed made significant contributions
and who should also be recognized and

His Excellency Dr Carl
Roberts and Mrs Pauline Roberts
would like to thank all those who took
the time to attend and sincerely hope
that you felt that Antigua and
Barbuda's 25th Anniversary of
Independence was marked with the
splendour that such a momentous
occasion deserves.

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


(Right) The first Antiguan
family of Butchers was
opened in May 2006. It
includes second generation
of the Ferris Family Carlton,
Darren and Pauline. Farm
Fresh Butchers Purveyors of
the finest quality meats
operate from 78 Lower
Clapton Road, Clapton E5

Continued from page 9

due approximately one week later, in this
case by December 8. Within this same
timeframe, the panel will also send
questions to the "third parties." In
addition, each party may also submit a
list of questions to the other party in the
dispute. The panel will then make the
factual record of the hearings available to
the parties on December 22. This will be
followed by the "descriptive" part of its
"interim report," which it make available
to the parties on 11 January 2007.

Finally the full "interim report"
will be circulated to the parties on 25
January 2007. On receipt of the interim
report, the parties will be given a period
of time to submit their comments and
observations on the panel's rulings and
recommendations, before the final report
is made available to the entire WTO
membership sometime in early February

"We have every reason to be
confident that, given the merits of our
case and the fact that the US, having
given an undertaking to do so, has done
nothing to bring itself into compliance
with rulings and recommendations of the
DSB, we will prevail at this stage," said
Kaye MacDonald, Antigua and
Barbuda's Director of Gaming.

FSRC takes Legal Action
against BETonSPORTS
(Antigua) Ltd.

The Financial Services
Regulatory Commission (FSRC) of
Antigua and Barbuda has announced that
it has filed an application for a restraining
order in the High Court of Justice, against
BETonSPORTS (Antigua) Ltd.

BETonSPORTS (Antigua) Ltd.,
an interactive gaming and interactive
wagering service provider, under the order
is restrained from, among other things,
entering into any agreement or
arrangement to sell, transfer or otherwise
dispose of cash and assets within or
outside of Antigua and Barbuda without the
consent, management and supervision of

The application also calls for
BETonSPORTS to account for its assets
and obligations and otherwise provide
such information that will assist the FSRC
in ensuring that BETonSPORTS
consumers are protected to the maximum
extent possible and that Antigua and
Barbuda's Laws and Regulations are
adhered to.

The application for the order
comes on the heels of an announced
settlement between the United States
government and BETonSPORTS and its

affiliates pertaining to criminal and civil
charges levelled against the company by
United States authorities earlier in the
year. These charges, which resulted in
the high-profile arrest of BETonSPORTS
former Chief Executive, led to wide-
spread disruption throughout the
International on-line gaming community
and represented a new assault on cross-
border competition for gambling and
betting services by the United States

Kaye McDonald, the Director of
Gaming for the FSRC, observed "while
the jurisdiction of the United States
government over BETonSPORTS is
questionable, by virtue of being the
holder of an Interactive Gaming and
Interactive Wagering license issued by
the Antiguan and Barbudan authorities,
BETonSPORTS has acquiesced to our
International jurisdiction over the
company and its assets. It is important
for the protection of consumers that
whatever assets BETonSPORTS has
remaining be properly available to
depositors and other creditors and not be
dissipated on fines or penalties or
otherwise improperly disposed."

A hearing of the application is
scheduled for 4th December 2006, at
which time BETonSPORTS will have the
opportunity to respond to the application
for a restraining order.

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

WIlIp. i iiii.

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