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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No. 114 September 2006

Sunday September 24, 2006

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

Thirty months ago, the Antiguan and Barbudan people gave the United Progressive
Party an overwhelming mandate to govern our country for a five-year period, initially.

Antigua and Barbuda's peaceful and democratic transition to a new government, after
28 consecutive years under a single political party, was widely applauded, and envied.

During the past 30 months, I have never ceased repeating my first public expression
after the will of the electorate was confirmed, following the General Election of March 23, 2004.

To God be the Glory! To God be the Glory! To God be the Glory!

Since that historic moment, I have frequently affirmed that as God was our compass Sf
during that fiercely contested election campaign of 2004, He continues to be our compass as Piawe i 9 .4wfirMa a
we govern. Sada

Our annual Independence Jubilation Gospel Concert is an expression of our enduring gratitude to The Almighty.

We have constantly prayed for His divine guidance; and God has been generous in His blessings upon our nation.

Earlier today, members of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, and members of the United Progressive Party, were
among large numbers of Antiguans and Barbudans, here at home, and in other lands, who offered special praise to the Almighty on
this mid-term milestone for the UPP and for our nation.

In the face of daunting challenges for Antigua and Barbuda, the first 30 months of Government in the Sunshine has been a
period of notable achievement. Indeed, it was a challenging period for the region and the world.

The increasing globalisation of terror has been a threat to much of the world's
inside population.
Prime Minister's mid-term national
address (pages 1,3 to 5) Resulting from this, counter-terrorism measures decreed by the United States,
Minister of Finance attends IMF/World primarily, have inflicted a heavy financial burden on Antigua and Barbuda, and
Bank meetings in Singapore (page 4) on other vulnerable economies.
Minister of Justice attends WIPO meeting
in Geneva (page 10) In a related context, spiraling oil prices have been particularly harsh on small
Computer Access Centre opens at economies like ours.
Greenbay Primary School (page 12)
continue on page 3

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
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Dear Readers,

Two and a half years have passed
since the United Progressive party (UPP)
assumed the mantle of governance in Antigua
and Barbuda. The Prime Minister in his
address to the Nation on Sunday 24th
September gave a full report on the
government's achievement over that period.
That report is covered elsewhere in this

A perusal of this Newsletter, however,
gives an additional perspective of the breadth
of activities which members of the government
have been involved in as they work
assiduously to stabilise the economy and
deliver on many of the promises of the
Manifesto of the UPP.

There has been much discussion on
the report card of the government at the mid-

term of their first period in office. A candid
evaluation of the promises made will invite the
opinion that many of those promises relate to
a longer period than a 5-year term of office. In
reality this must be seen as the case when they
are viewed through the lenses of the state of
the economy, the state of infrastructure in
Antigua and Barbuda, the state of
government's finance and world environment
in 2004.

The conclusion of the 2006 IMF Article
IV consultation discussions with Antigua and
Barbuda (see page 5) further supports this
view. The transformation has started and the
initiatives undertaken have begun to bear fruit.
Now we must sustain this progress.

Just as the new Sir Vivian Richards
stadium epitomises the brightness of the new
cricketing venue in our country the introduction
of new fiscal reforms augurs well for positive
macro-economic outcomes. A new positive
image of our country has resulted from our
efforts to address our external debt, re-
establish relationships with our creditors and
renegotiate new debt servicing schedules with
many long standing institutions both near to us
and further afield.

Our resolve must be to support such
efforts by our government. To them has been
given the arduous task of counteracting the
very negative impression previously held of our
beloved Nation. They also have the charge to
breathe new pride in our citizens and to lift our
performance to excel in those areas critical to
our country's development and growth.

Let me therefore encourage each of
my fellow citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to
join hands in supporting their democratically
elected officials. For while we congratulate
them in what they have achieved thus far let us
immediately recognize that this is work in
progress which needs sustained effort to the
end of the task before us.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486


continued from cover page

Tragically, young people
around the world and across our region
have increasingly become the principal
victims of, and perhaps principal
offenders in, the increasing globalisation
of crime.

The transnational trade in illicit
drugs en route to North America and
Europe has been a significant factor in
the regional pandemic of crime and
violence that has been devastating our

It is widely acknowledged that
American television and "Gangster Rap"
are causative factors in the
criminalisation of young minds in
Caribbean societies; as are deviant
portals on the World Wide Web.

Tropical storms and hurricanes,
and a tsunami of mythical proportions,
have devastated many areas of the
developing world.

The increasing scourge of
HIV/AIDS has caused even more severe
devastation in our societies.

The gap between the rich and
the poor has widened around the globe;
private individuals and corporations have
become wealthier than countries; while
some 3 billion people continue to subsist
at poverty level.

Social deprivation was an
entrenched factor, here in Antigua and
Barbuda, when the UPP came to office.

Despite our reported high per
capital income, so parlous and perilous
was the Antigua and Barbuda economy,
Air Traffic control personnel shut down
VC Bird International Airport, our
principal gateway to the world, when the
previous government was unable to raise
the money required for the public service
wage bill.

The country's "Bubble
Economy", which was based on
expanding state employment, had burst.

Antigua and Barbuda's overall
deficit had increased at an average rate
of some 48% per year, to an overall
deficit of 193.49 million dollars by 2003.
By then, public sector salaries and
wages accounted for over 60% of current
revenue; the highest ratio in the region.

Public sector debt had climbed
to an astronomical 2.86 billion dollars.
This was approaching 50% more than
the country's Gross Domestic Product at

In the five years leading up to
2003, Antigua and Barbuda's debt
service obligations averaged close to
33% of current revenue.

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

Within this daunting
environment, my Government swiftly
introduced new standards of fiscal
discipline, transparency and
accountability in governance.

At the same time, we kept faith
with the people by introducing a range of
social programmes to assist the
vulnerable in our country.

Our immigrant communities
were among the more vulnerable groups
in our society.

No matter how long they had
been resident in Antigua and Barbuda,
they were constantly reminded of their
vulnerability by being labelled "Non-

With the Millennium
Naturalisation Act, the Sunshine
Government brought early and lasting
relief to our sisters and brothers from
other lands.

Issue No. 114 September 2006

No longer are they treated as
second-class citizens. They have
become proud and loyal Antiguan and
Barbudan citizens.

The Prevention of Corruption
Act, the Integrity in Public Life Act, and
the Freedom of Information Act were
early proof that the Sunshine
Government was serious about
eradicating corruption from

In the years leading up to
2004, government corruption had done
untold damage to Antigua and
Barbuda's image; regionally and

The over-subscription of the
government's recent Issue of $100
Million in Treasury Bonds is compelling
evidence of the Sunshine
Government's early success in
establishing goodwill, respect and trust
for Antigua and Barbuda, and its
government, in the region, among the
nations of the world, and in the local,
regional and international financial

This was after a long period in
which Antigua and Barbuda had been
widely seen as a virtual pariah and a
renegade state in serious dereliction of
its financial obligations to regional and
international institutions.

The United Progressive Party
came to office on the declared
intention of fundamental tax reform as
a key strategy in reconstructing an
economy requiring extensive intensive

In keeping with the UPP
commitment to putting people first, we
exempted more than 70% of all income
earners from the Personal Income Tax

In preparation for the Antigua

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

and Barbuda Sales Tax, we have either
eliminated or reduced duties and taxes
on a wide range of staple consumer
items; many of which will be zero-rated
when the ABST is introduced.

As a priority, we increased
benefits for senior citizens and other
vulnerable citizens in our first year.

To ease the financial squeeze
on the mass of the population, the UPP
moved swiftly to deliver our promise of
free school uniforms for our nation's
children. 17,503 children received
Government vouchers for free school
uniforms for the current school year.

We have started the pilot school
meals programme.

In addition to assisting in
clothing and feeding the children of the
nation, we are reshaping the curriculum
to evolving standards and demands. In
addition, all schools in Antigua and
Barbuda will shortly be online; with
Internet access for all students.

The Government's thrust to
educate its people has borne
tremendous fruit. Never before have
there been so many young Antiguans
and Barbudans studying abroad.
Through the hard work of our
Ambassadors, over 150 scholarships
have been offered to our people to study
in international and regional universities.
This investment in our people will only
make our nation stronger.

Through funding under the
Stanford Alliance, preparations are
continuing for the establishment of the
Institute of Excellence, which will provide
tertiary education options for hundreds of

We are weeks away from the
third year of the Dollar Barrel. The
nation's families see the Dollar Barrel as
the most thoughtful, generous and

welcome benefit they have received from
their government.

We have initiated a Public
Sector Transformation Programme, with
a compassionate and generous
voluntary separation offer, for which well
over a thousand government employees
have applied.

The initiatives the government
has taken, to date, have borne early fruit
that are measurable and of benefit to the
Antiguan and Barbudan people.

In the face of sharply rising oil
prices, the government subsidized the
price of gas to cushion motorists against
increases at the pump.

Antigua and Barbuda is now
ahead of all other countries in the region
in cell phone penetration.

We are transforming the way
government does business.

We are posting Tenders
specifications on the World Wide Web
and we are delivering a range of services
to citizens, via the Internet.

From annual revenues of less
than half a million dollars a year, we have
increased income from the Maritime
Registry to upwards of one million EC
dollars a month.

Because of the policies of the
government, the country is now
experiencing a construction boom,
which, unfortunately, is inhibited by
severe shortages of labour and material.

Resulting from this, there is the
likelihood that we will have to import
labour for our road development
programme and for other public sector
investment projects.

We have a plan for the
modifications that will bring VC Bird

Issue No. 114 September 2006

International Airport up to World Cup
Cricket specifications. The Tenders
Board will shortly announce the
investment partner for the
redevelopment of VC Bird International

All in all, the Sunshine
Government has delivered.

The Sir Vivian Richards
Cricket Stadium is on schedule for next
year's Cricket World Cup.

We have delivered
substantially on the commitments of
our Agenda for Change, the 2004 UPP
election manifesto.

All of this, and we have only
just begun.

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

In contrast to the occasional
convenience to which it had been
relegated in the past, the UPP
Administration increased the frequency
of Parliamentary sittings in both
Houses, to a monthly schedule, and
restored our highest forum to its central
position among the principal estates of
our parliamentary democracy.

Parliament is soon to move to
a new home. The new Parliament
Building will enhance the image and
standing of this, the institution in which
the power of the people resides, and in
which the interests of the people are
debated and determined. The new
Parliament Building will be an
appropriate symbol of the majesty of

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

We face overwhelming odds
in the Caribbean Single Market, and
fierce competition in an increasingly

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

borderless globalised world.

As we approach the silver
jubilee of our nation's Independence;

As we ready ourselves for
record numbers of visitors in the coming
winter season;

As we prepare to welcome the
world for Cricket World Cup 2007;

Let us recognize that Antigua
and Barbuda will work best when all her
sons and daughters, native and adopted,
work together. Recognising this, let us
celebrate the things that unite us as a
people, and as a nation.

We can best build ourselves if
we work to build one another, together.

This is the way to a stronger,
more united and more prosperous
Antigua and Barbuda.

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

The midway mark in our first
term is an occasion of review and
reflection for me, and for your

I thank you for giving the United
Progressive Party the opportunity to
serve all in our country.

I admit to our shortcomings as
a government.

I admit to my Ministers'
shortcomings, where they may exist.

I admit to my own
shortcomings, where they may also exist.

On the question of justice,
particularly to crimes perpetrated against
the people, the past 30 months have not
been a success story.

We concentrated, and rightly
so, in laying a solid foundation for
sustainable growth and development.
After 30 months, the economy of Antigua
and Barbuda and related matters are on
the rebound.

The time has definitely come for
my government to dedicate the next 30
months to the issue of justice for and on
behalf of the people of Antigua and
Barbuda. Whatever measures and
mechanisms are necessary to achieve
this, will be put in place.

Additionally, it is my duty to
manage the affairs of the nation so as to
fulfill our Agenda for Change; and as to
expand our Agenda for Growth.

To these ends, I shall take the
actions that are necessary to guarantee
better ordered and speedier discharge of
Ministerial functions by members of

In this context, I contemplate a
degree of restructuring of the Cabinet;
which I will shortly share with you.

Citizens, Residents, Friends
of Antigua and Barbuda:

Whatever credit I have claimed
for my government during this broadcast,
I must share with the public officers who
execute government policy; and with you
the Antiguan and Barbudan people, for
supporting your government in various
ways; including simply by being good
and productive citizens.

I shall demand of myself, my
Ministers and my Party, a redoubling of
our efforts to make Antigua and Barbuda
a better place for all.

I pledge, and I shall demand of
my Ministers and the United Progressive
Party a renewal of our pledged
commitment to put people first, to put

Issue No. 114 September 2006

party before self, and to put country
before party, and before self.

These are some of the
intentions with which I embark on the
next 30 months of our first term as a
government, and as I continue on
whatever further period you permit me
as your Chief Servant.

I thank you for your prayers.

I thank God for your support.

May God bless you and your
loved ones.

May God continue to richly
bless our beloved Antigua and

Conclusions of 2006
Article IV Consultation
discussions with
Antigua and Barbuda

On September 12, 2006 the
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
issued a statement at the conclusion of
the 2006 Article IV discussions held in
St John's. It said, "The discussions
have taken place against the
background of the authorities' bold
reform agenda to tackle long standing
fiscal and debt problems and build an
environment conducive to private
sector growth. For decades, the
economy has struggled with
chronically large fiscal deficits, a high
debt burden, and endemic arrears. A
comprehensive policy agenda has now
been developed. Considerable
progress has been made, including key
fiscal measures such as the
reintroduction of the Personal Income
Tax, preparations for the Antigua and
Barbuda Sales Tax, and the voluntary

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

separation programme and reforms to
strengthen the investment climate,
through greater transparency in
government and policy making such as
the National Economic Policy
Symposium in July as well as through
the approval of the Investment Authority

The statement continued, "The
reforms have contributed to positive
macroeconomic outcomes, especially on
the fiscal side. The authorities also have,
for the first time, placed debt instruments
- including of long maturity in regional
capital markets. Growth has accelerated
markedly in 2006, and economic
prospects have improved."

Minister of Finance and the
Economy, Dr Errol Cort, in his statement
on the Article Consultation said, "While
there are some differences between the
outcomes of our analyses and of the
IMF, the Ministry and IMF both agree that
there have been major improvements on
the fiscal accounts and that the Antigua
and Barbuda economy has tremendous
potential for growth."

He said, "The policy
interventions have resulted in a more
than 20% increase in revenue while
expenditure growth has been curtailed to
less than 10%. This has, in turn, led to a
35% decline in the current account deficit
and a 31% decline in the overall deficit
between 2003 and 2005. Further, for
the first half of 2006 compared to the first
half of 2005, there was a 34% increase
in current revenue while growth in
current expenditure was curtailed to

It should be noted that the
expenditure controls have also had some
positive impact. One key area of note is
the 14.2% decline in expenditure on
goods and services for the first half of
2006. Overall, for the first half of 2006
there was a current account surplus of
$48.7 million compared to a deficit of $22

million for the first half of 2005. Despite
these improvements, the fiscal position
and debt overhang still pose a significant
challenge and therefore require
continued efforts to correct the
imbalances and ensure macroeconomic

The successes we have
realized to date in terms of increasing
revenue, curtailing recurrent
expenditure, and boosting credibility and
investor confidence are indicative of the
positive impact that effective policies and
sound fiscal management can produce.
However, it is important that we
recognize that these improvements,
though significant, are not sufficient to
close the fiscal gap. We must thus stay
the course and continue the reform
process in order to bring about lasting
structural and macroeconomic changes
that are vital for high levels of economic
growth and sustainable development.

To this end, the Government
will continue to vigorously pursue its
fiscal and institutional reforms with
particular emphasis on increasing
compliance and administrative
efficiencies in respect of the tax system,
ensuring greater expenditure controls,
and implementing measures for more
effective expenditure management.
Some of the specific measures and
programmes include:
* Implementation of the ABST and
introduction of the modernized property
tax system in 2007;
* Streamlining the public service
with the implementation of the Voluntary
Separation Package and other public
sector transformation initiatives;
* Implementing the debt strategy
to reduce the debt stock and eliminating
the outstanding arrears;
* Reorganizing and modernizing
the Treasury Department
* Rolling out the new financial
management system (Free Balance)
across all ministries;
* Completing the customs
renewal programme;

Issue No. 114 September 2006

* Enhancing capacity and
efficiency in the revenue collecting
agencies; and
* Enacting the new Finance
Administration Act and the
Procurement and Contracts Act."

The IMF statement continued,
"The transition to sound public finances
remains a work in progress, and it is
imperative that the reform momentum
be maintained and the planned reforms
are implemented effectively. In
particular, moving ahead with the
implementation of the voluntary
separation programme and the sales
tax are crucial for achieving a lasting
improvement in public finances.
Strengthened expenditure
management and control is also key to
ensure effective budgetary
implementation and the draft Finance
and Administration Act could contribute
importantly in this regard. The mission
welcomes the authorities' intention to
regularize relations with their creditors
- an important step in putting the fiscal
accounts in order. The tax incentives
policy should also be reviewed with a
view to make it more efficient and less
costly for the budget.

Output is projected to expand
by about 8% this year on account of
large construction investments. As
growth beyond that tapers to more
sustainable levels, it will need to be
underpinned by reforms to enhance
the economy's medium-term growth
prospects. Implementation of the
Investment Authority Act would help
promote a more transparent business
environment. Labour market reforms
will also be important to help sustain
high growth."

The Minister concluded, "The
Government is of the view that these
Article IV consultations are very useful
and we do appreciate the opportunity
to engage the IMF in discussions on
critical macroeconomic issues.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

While we find the feedback
and recommendations of the Fund to
be helpful, at the end of the day, the
final policy prescriptions are our own
and are based on our understanding
and assessment of the economic and
social realties that face Antigua and

Minister of Finance and
the Economy attends
IMF/World Bank Annual
meetings in Singapore

The Honourable Minister of
Finance and the Economy, Dr. Errol Cort,
attended the annual International
Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank
Group annual meetings in Singapore
which will ran from 13th to 20th
September, 2006. The Minister and his
delegation, which included Mr. Whitfield
Harris Jr. Financial Secretary and Ms.
Rasona Davis, Coordinator Economic
Policy and Planning, participated in a
series of multilateral and bilateral
meetings with a wide cross-section of
countries and stakeholders.

On 17th September, Dr. Cort
delivered an address on OECS Reform
at a Colloquium on the Eastern
Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU),
which was organized by the Eastern
Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), the
IMF and the World Bank. The Governor
of the ECCB, Sir K. Dwight Venner along
with representatives from the IMF and
the World Bank also made presentations
on macroeconomic reform and growth
prospects for the ECCU. The Executive
Directors for the Canada, Ireland and
Caribbean Constituency at the IMF and
the World Bank welcomed the
participants and stated that the OECS
reform agenda was both impressive and
complementary to the wider Caribbean
regional development initiatives.

oaoemrabe 2% E&5" &Ct
MXidteof i7&ance aad te emys

The Minister and his delegation,
who were joined by His Excellency
Ambassador Dr. John Ashe, Permanent
Representative in the Antigua and
Barbuda Mission to the United Nations in
New York, also attended the Small
States Forum on Monday 18th where
issues of critical importance to small
countries like Antigua and Barbuda were
addressed. In addition, the Antigua and
Barbuda delegation participated in
meetings with the President and Vice
President of the World Bank, and the
Managing Director and Deputy
Managing Director of the IMF.

Dr. Cort also held meetings in
Singapore with two top investment banks
to discuss possible assistance in the
implementation of the Government's
debt strategy.

The two investment banks
namely, Bear Sterns and UBS, have
indicated an interest in assisting the
country in accessing international
financial markets as a source of cheaper
funds over a longer term as the
Government seeks to restructure its
public debt to more manageable and
sustainable levels.

According to Dr. Cort, a main
focus of this debt restructuring strategy
will be geared at providing adequate
financing to enable the Government to,
among things, satisfy its indebtedness to
local creditors.

Issue No. 114 September 2006

Intellectual Property
and Commerce

The Minister of Justice
Senator the Honourable Colin V. A.
Derrick has signed regulations to allow
for the registration and protection of
industrial designs, layout designs of
integrated circuits, and geographical

New Trade Marks regulations
also came into force on 1st October,
2006, which implemented the Trade
Mark Act, 2003.

Under the new Trade Marks
Law service marks can now be

These new regulations
facilitate the implementation of the new
Intellectual Property Laws and are part
of the programme of the Ministry of
Justice and the Government of Antigua
and Barbuda to update the Intellectual
Property Laws that are required for
modern trade and investment

The world is moving towards
a stage where the product of the
intellect and creativity is often worth
much more than physical property or
primary products.

Minister Derrick explained
that in this context, a key issue for
individuals and companies is the
management and use of their
intellectual property.

Antigua and Barbuda must
not miss out on the opportunities
available by development of the
products of intellect of its citizens and
corporations. At the same time, foreign
investors want to make sure that their
intellectual property will not be stolen.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

September 2006

The Justice Minister noted, that
with the passing into law of the new
regulations, owners and creators of
industrial designs, layout designs of
integrated circuits and geographical
indications, can now apply to have their
intellectual property protected in Antigua
and Barbuda. The regulations and new
forms are harmonised with those used
internationally in modern intellectual
property protection regimes, allowing for
streamlined application procedures.

Trade Mark agents should note
that from 1st October, 2006 only the
forms contained in the new regulations
will be accepted for filing. Interested
persons and agents can contact the
Intellectual Property Officer situated at

the corner of Corn Alley and Redcliffe
Street (Telephone #s: 268-562-5437/8
or 562-5440) for further information.

Minister Derrick encouraged
local artistes, musicians, artists, writers
and those working in or involved in the
creative arts can contact the Intellectual
Property Officer for information on
copyrights and the protection of their
intellectual property rights, and for
advice on the Copyright Act, 2003.

SeMater bie Wn. Coted Deaie.
?XeMt6e 6e pAejCe

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Sir Robert Hall Agricultural Memorial Day

da t otu&e to te sthe4 a i4cdutuwat So&iwication in Qnatiqa & S &wuda

Opening Ceremony Commences at 9:15
Thursday, 26 October
at GARD Center, Mercer's Creek

acuaiuei w&dinUcude..
Launch of the Annual Sir Robert Hall School Garden Competition
SOfficial Opeing Ceremony by Lhe Prime Minister
Bus lour of project siv eiaublished by Sir Robert
Tours ol'GARD Center's Irnining facilities
A "Kid's Corner" with Games and Prizes
Food, Music and so much more!!!

S- A cooperative effort of:

GilbrtAgriclhiral Rural Development Center,
the Silver Jubilee Committee,
& the Ministry of Agriculture

( /(,blnrzng 2 Je ars o Inhl cpridel'en

Issue No. 114


Issue No. 114 September 2006

Re: Vacancy Superintendent of Prison
Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to serve the Government of Antigua and Barbuda
as Superintendent of Her Majesty's Prison.

The Government will pay to the Officer salary and allowances as follows:

Salary Salary will be paid at the rate of Forty-nine Thousand Five Hundred and twelve
Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$49,512.00) per annum.

Duty Allowance Duty Allowance will be paid at the rate of Ten Thousand Two Hundred Eastern
Caribbean dollars (EC$10,200.00) per annum.

Housing Allowance Housing Allowance will be paid at the rate of Eighteen Thousand Eastern
Caribbean (EC$18,000.00) per annum; or rented quarters in lieu of allowance.

Travelling Allowance Travelling Allowance will be paid at the rate of Four Thousand Five Hundred and
Sixty Eastern Caribbean Dollars EC$4,560.00) per annum, provided that the Officer
maintains a car or uses a Government vehicle for the performance of his duties.

Telephone Allowance Free but limited to local calls.

Electricity and Water Services Free

* The Officer shall carry out the following duties and responsibilities:
* Maintain the general control and management of the Prison.
* Strictly conform to the provisions of the Prison Rules and all the laws relating to the Prison.
* Ensure the obedience of all Prison Officers and prisoners to the Prison Rules and all the laws relating to the Prison.
* Inspect every part of Her Majesty's Prison and see every prisoner at least once in every twenty-four hours.
* Visit each cell at the Prison in which a prisoner is undergoing cellular confinement.
* Ensure that no prisoner is subjected to any corporal, cellular or dietary punishment which the Prison
Medical Officer has not certified that helshe is capable of undergoing.
* Ensure that every precaution is taken against the escape of any prisoner and to mandatorily establish a
daily examination of all cells, bars, bolts and locks.
* Hear complaints from any prisoner at all reasonable times and enter such complaints in a journal.
* Carry out any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Minister responsible for
Her Majesty's Prison in accordance with the Prison Rules and all other Laws relating to the Prison.
The Officer shall be eligible for vacation leave of twenty-seven (27) working days per annum, and in accordance with
existing regulations.

The Officer shall be limited to sick leave with full pay up to a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days during any period of
twelve (12) months.

The nature of the duties of Superintendent of Prison requires the Officer to perform work outside the normal office
function, in addition to Sundays and Public Holidays when necessary.

Application stating qualifications, experience, along with the names and addresses of at least two referees, as well as copies of
certificates should be sent to: Permanent Secretary
Government Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. John's, Antigua

On or before 31st October, 2006.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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Issue No. 114 September 2006

World Bank ranks
Antigua and Barbuda in
top 40 countries in the
world on the ease of
doing business

September 19, 2006 ..World
Bank officials in Singapore on
Monday presented aspect of a report:
Doing Business which ranks Antigua
and Barbuda number 33 out of a total
of 175 countries in the world on the
ease of doing business. The only
other Caribbean country that is
ranked within the top 40 countries is
St. Lucia, which is ranked number 27.

Doing Business 2007: How
to Reform is the fourth in a series of
annual reports by the World Bank
investigating the regulations that
enhance business activity and those
that constrain it. Doing Business
presents quantitative indicators on
business regulations and the
protection of property rights that can
be compared across 175 economies
from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and
over time.

Regulations affecting 10
areas of everyday business are
measured: starting a business,
dealing with licenses, employing
workers, registering property, getting
credit, protecting investors, paying
taxes, trading across borders,
enforcing contracts and closing a
business. The indicators are used to
analyze economic outcomes and
identify what reforms have worked,
where and why.

Minister Cort noted that once
the Antigua and Barbuda Investment
Authority becomes operational and
the Customs Renewal Programme is
completed, he expects to see further
improvements in the country's world
ranking on the ease of doing business.

Senator the Hon. Colin V. A. Derrick (right) with Mr. Charlesworth Tabor,
Acting Registrar of the Local Intellectual Property Office (left), Hon. lan
Douglas, Attorney General of Dominica and Sonia Cruickshank WIPO
Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean at the opening session of the
42nd Ministerial Assembly meeting of the World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

(Picture compliments Mecedes Martinez-Dozal; Geneva)

Minister of Justice
attends WIPO meeting
in Geneva

Minister of Justice, Senator the
Honourable Colin Derrick, represented
Antigua and Barbuda at the forty-second
(42nd ) Ministerial Assembly Meeting of
Member States of the World Intellectual
Property Organisation (WIPO) held from
25th September to 3rd October, 2006 in
Geneva Switzerland.

Matters on the agenda
included: A presentation of a Report on
the outcome of the Diplomatic
Conference for the adoption of a revised
Trademark Law Treaty (TLT), an update
on constitutional reform, discussion
concerning the protection of audiovisual
performances, as well as the protection
of the Rights of Broadcasting

Other issues, which drew the
attention of Senator Derrick as well as
representatives from other members
states, included but was not limited to,
matters concerning the Advisory
Committee on Enforcement, a
presentation of the progress of the
Standing Committee's efforts on the
Law of Patents, and discussions of
matters concerning Internet Domain

Member states also reflected
on the exchange of priority documents
in the area of Patents and matters
concerning the Patent Law Treaty

The Minister of Justice was
accompanied at the Assembly by the
Acting Registrar of the Local
Intellectual Property Office, Mr.
Charlesworth Tabor.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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Government and Jolly
Harbour Stakeholders
arrive at amicable
resolution to decade-old

Government and hospitality
industry representatives are celebrating
the beginning of the end of a number of
issues which have affected stakeholders
at Jolly Harbour for over a decade.

Present at a recent landmark
meeting were representatives from the
government, vendors, Jolly Harbour
homeowners' association, and La Perla
International Living/CDAL which
manages Jolly Harbour.

Chairing the proceedings was
Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation,
Hon. Harold Lovell. He outlined the
critical areas of concern for the various
stakeholders. He also guided attendees
through frank discussions on a number
of alternatives until long-term solutions
were identified in the best interest of the
various parties.

The resolutions covered five
basic areas of access to public beaches,
heightened security for the entire
compound, connection to both sides of
Jolly Beach, enhanced communications
between stakeholders, and alternative
beach facilities for the nation's visitors.

"Our negotiations were
conducted in an atmosphere of mutual
respect for all stakeholders. We are
delighted at the progress made in this
meeting, and excited about the potential
for even greater development of the
tourism product at Jolly Harbour," said
Minister Lovell. .

for the area, the Hon.
expressed relief that
finally found to some

Hilson Baptiste,
a solution was
very old issues.

Minister Baptiste explained
that, "Some of these matters date back
more than ten years, so we are pleased
to have finally reached solutions which
can satisfy everyone. This area will
remain accessible to all honest
individuals, and we will work tirelessly to
stamp out all undesirable elements from
Jolly Harbour."

La Perla's regional director,
Gaye Hechme, assured the ministers
and vendors' representatives that her
company was committed to protecting
the rights of local entrepreneurs to ply
their trade at Jolly Harbour, and to
developing even more harmonious
relations with all stakeholders.

She also said, "We are
conscious of the need to provide a safe
and productive environment for our
residents and others who use our

We therefore request your
patience as we institute new security and
operational regulations in order to bring
greater safety and efficiency to all
aspects of life at Jolly Harbour. These
measures will apply to everyone who
resides or works at Jolly Harbour."

The parties will continue to
meet to ensure the speedy resolution of
these matters.

Construction of Sir Vivian
Richards Cricket Stadium
enters Final Stages

Plans are progressing at a
steady pace as work on the Sir Vivian
Richards Cricket Stadium enters the final
stages in time for World Cup Cricket in
March 2007.

Ambassador David

of the
Shoul, said

Issue No. 114 September 2006

Chinese Construction team has
commenced disassembling the
scaffoldings from around the buildings
and has started painting the facility.

He said that the team has
moved the work programme up a notch
and they are confident that work will be
completed for an official hand over in
January 2007.

With the painting work
already in progress we are winding
down some of the major work needed
to be done. Very soon the Chinese
team will be installing the seats for the
stadium which are expected to arrive in
the country within a few weeks. We
are very pleased with where we are at
this stage," Ambassador Shoul said.

He noted that presently a
schedule is being worked out by
himself and his counterpart
Ambassador Ren Xioping and the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will
govern the return of the Chinese
construction workers as the work
programme draws to a close.

"The over three hundred
Chinese workers will return to China on
a scheduled basis from October, while
a small maintenance team will remain
in Antigua as was agreed during the
negotiations with the Chinese
Government," he said.

The Sir Vivian Richards
Cricket Stadium has been meeting the
stipulated ICC construction deadlines
and is expected to be among the top
four cricket stadiums in the world upon

that the

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PrUme ?fat. S&p~cw .a a dadeW
tte srtoia topea de t s me

PM Spencer opens
Community Computer
Access Centre

On 7th September Prime
Minister the Hon. Baldwin Spencer
opened the first in a series of Community
Computer Access Centres at the
Greenbay Primary School and hailed it
as part of the revolution in Information
Technology in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Community Computer
Access Centre is a modern laboratory
type classroom featuring twenty fully
loaded computers, high speed Internet
access and printers.

Prime Minister Spencer,
parliamentary representative for the
Grays Green Community where the
centre is located, said that for him as the
Chief Servant, the People's purpose
always will come first. He said that the
Grays Green Community today finds
itself returning to a beginning of sorts
because the government is providing the
young people with an opportunity to craft
their own fate and to be successful.

The UPP Government
promised to make substantial
investments in equipping our young
people with the skills and competence
necessary for them to successfully meet

the challenges of the
21st century. We are
delivering on this
promise, the Prime
Minister said.

The Government is
committed to building a
inclusive and
Information Society,
where everyone can
tccara create, access, utilize
and share information
and knowledge,
enabling individuals, communities and
peoples to achieve their full potential in
promoting sustainable development and
improving their quality of life, the
country's leader pointed out.

He made it clear that the
government is keeping its promise to
ensure information technology skills are
widely disseminated.

Information and
Communications Minister Dr. the Hon.
Edmond Mansoor, who spearheaded the
establishment of the centre, explained
that the facility which will give the
students of the Greenbay Primary
School the opportunity to become
computer literate during school hours,
will also be available for members of the
community after school hours for training
opportunities free of cost.

"We cannot spend
hundreds of thousands of
dollars on these centres and
simply close them after
school hours. We recognize
that there is a direct
relationship between the
rate and deployment of
technology and the rate of
growth and development of
the society, hence the
establishment of this centre S
today," outlined Dr. Mansoor.

Issue No. 114 September 2006

He said that his division is
also committed to establishing five
more centres in a few months in the
Five Islands, Golden Grove, Jennings,
Sea View Farm and Villa Primary

The Minister of
Communications said that the rationale
for establishing the Computer Access
Centres in primary schools is simple,
stating that the ones who will reap the
full benefits of the technological
revolution are the nation's young

Principal of the School Mrs.
Monica Isaac in proclaiming the
opening of the centre as a timely
venture said that, "It will enable
teachers and students to begin an
information technology programme. It
is our hope that by the year 2008,
every student who comes through this
school, will leave computer literate."

It was also announced that
very shortly the Information
Technology Division will commission a
Mobile IT unit to service other primary
schools across the island. The mobile
IT unit, outfitted with the same
equipment as the Access Centres, will
be deployed in a systematic manner
and will be managed by technicians of
the IT Centre.

w Me"

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