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SThe Antigua and Barbuda High Commission
ISSUE No.113 August 2006

On 24th August the Government of Antigua and Barbuda
launched its Silver Jubilee Independence celebrations at
Independence Drive. Prime Minister the Honourable
Baldwin Spencer delivered the feature address at the
function. Below is the Prime Minister's address:

"The Most Rev. Bishop Donald J. Reece
Hon. Eleston Adams Chairman of the Independence
Implementing Committee
Hon. Trevor Walker Representative for Barbuda and other
members of the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Members of the Independence Oversight and Implementing .. i
Committees hPmM Spencer and2005 Indmependence Queen
Specially invited Guests cutting ribbon to launch activities
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good Moming!

On November 1, 1981, Antigua and Barbuda opened a new page in its history. It was a new page in history that
meant our twin island nation was prepared to work towards improving the lot of its people. It called for every citizen to
accept their role to work towards avoiding what has kept us back. It meant having pride in our nation.

Today, we launch the celebrations marking the 25th year since that great moment in our nation's history which
was championed by the late father of our nation V.C. Bird Sr.

The lowering of the union jack and the hoisting of the national flag of Antigua and Barbuda during the early hours
of November 1, 1981 a few hundred feet away from where we are today blossomed in all Antiguans and Barbudans a
great sense of pride. Pride in freedom and Pride of ownership of our destiny.

Over a number of years since 1981, the luster we had in our great nation dwindled. Today, we can be proud of
the fact that as a calypsonian sang this year, "People
inside are walking holding their heads high in the streets the
Silver Jubilee Independence celebrations launched Pride is back."
Prime Minister delivers feature address
(pages 1,3,4 and 5) As we launch the celebrations today, let it be a
Antigua and Barbuda will continue to benefit from motivator to reinforce in us the commitment to self-
(p3.3bio for GlobalEnvironment7Faciity determination. Let it encourage us to look forward to
Antigua and Barbuda Cricket week (pages 8 and 9)
continue on page 3

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Street, London W1H 4LP


Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970



Dear Readers,

This month draws us closer to that
day when we commemorate the birth of the
Independent Nation of Antigua and Barbuda.
In my message for this issue of the
Newsletter I turn the spotlight on one aspect
of nationhood which is often overlooked i.e
the Diplomatic representation of our country
in other countries and at meetings of many
International Institutions around the world.

In his article "Who Needs Diplomats"
Paul Sharp highlights some of the problems
which today's diplomats face. What really is
the role of the diplomat? When asked many
would readily respond saying "We represent
our governments and countries".

Representation has come to
encompass at least three elements: the
sovereign, the ambassador as a person; and
the ambassador in his representative
capacity as the "Sovereign". ForAntigua and
Barbuda the Sovereign is our Head of State,

HRH Queen Elizabeth II whose
representative in Antigua and Barbuda is our
Governor General, HE Sir James B Carlisle.
The Ambassador could be male or female
and may reside in the country in which he
holds credential or non-resident, i.e. living in
another country or at home.

The Ambassador (or High
Commissioner in a member state of the
Commonwealth) holds his status and
receives his appointment through a Letter of
Credence which is a formal letter sent by
one head of state to another formally
accrediting him as Ambassador in the
country of the head of state receiving the
Letter of Credence. Until a head of state
formally accepts a Letter of Credence, an
ambassador-designate does not formally
assume diplomatic status, including the
possession of diplomatic immunity.

Antigua and Barbuda, as a small
developing state, is not in a position to have
diplomatic representation in every
independent country. It, however, has
resident or non-resident ambassadors for the
major locations, viz China, Africa, south
America, USA, UK and Europe. It shares
representation at OECS level in some other
locations, e.g. Canada.

The role of the ambassador is
constantly changing and in today's high risk
environment the security of the ambassador
and his family is of paramount interest to the
government of the host country.

As a young nation, we have to from
time to time review the policy our
representatives articulate as they fulfill their
role in the international arena (I will leave this
for another article). Let me close by wishing
all who represent our State in whatever
forum God's blessings as they convey the
image and position of our Nation to the rest
of the world.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

IssueNo. 13 Ma 200

continued from cover page

a better tomorrow and teach us about
the hurdles Antigua and Barbuda had
to overcome in attaining sovereignty.

Our silver jubilee celebration
is the opportunity for us to revisit and
revitalize that pride that overwhelmed
our nation on November 1, 1981.

Today, we can be proud that
Antigua and Barbuda was the first
country in the Leeward and
Windward Islands of the
Commonwealth Caribbean to
achieve Associated Statehood.

We can be proud that V.C.
Bird Sr. made that journey to
Lancaster House in London in 1980
which led to our full independence.

We can be proud that
Antigua and Barbuda now has a
strong voice in the International
Community with our creditors smiling
with us again

We can be proud that our
nation has a government of the

P -i I

The Sunnydaie dancers

people, for the people and by the

We can be proud that we are
free to publicly air our views without

We can be proud that our
nation's economy is on the rebound.

We can be proud that
Antiguans and Barbudans
lead good lives compared
to many in other
Caribbean countries and
further a field.

We can be proud
that our nation's young
people have a more
secure and brighter future.


A section of the NationaCyouth SteeCOrchestra
and OECS youth Steefland champions


Despite some of the
negatives we have been

during the ceremony

hearing, many of our young people
are also symbols of pride for our

Many of our young people
hold top positions in government
and the private sector. They
continue to make us proud through
the many successes in the field of

Never before, in the history
of Antigua and Barbuda have we
had so many young Antiguans and
Barbudans studying in universities
abroad and via online universities.

The government of Antigua
and Barbuda recognizes that in
order to maintain the "pride is back"
philosophy which is once again
becoming common place among
Antiguans and Barbudans, we must
invest heavily in our young people.

Investing in our young
people creates a culture of
excellence that uplifts our nation
and positions us to take advantage

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I~~~~~ IsuIo.13Igut00

of the many opportunities that exist.
Simply put, the pride of the people
twinned with a government for the
people, results in economic growth
and development.

On January 1, I announced
that a major aspect of our silver
jubilee celebrations will be the
awarding of twenty five scholarships
to deserving and qualified young
Antiguans and Barbudans.

Through the hard work of our
Permanent Representative at the
United Nations Ambassador Dr. John
Ashe, we have secured 15
scholarships from the Government of
Malaysia and 3 scholarships from the
Government of Greece.

Recently we announced that
through the work of Ambassador
David Shoul, the People's Republic of
China donated ten scholarships to
study any discipline in that country.

In addition, a few days ago,
my government graciously accepted
as a contribution to our Silver Jubilee
Celebrations, two full scholarships for
two Antiguan and Barbudan students
to study towards a Bachelors degree
in mechanical and electrical
engineering at the University of the
West Indies from the Antigua Power
Company Limited.

We are also receiving
indications that others are preparing
to share their pride in our nation and
join with the government to invest in
our young people.

So you can see, as it was
with the floating of the Treasury Bills
and Bonds, our scholarship drive for
young nationals, have been

oversubscribed. Not only the pride is
back, but confidence in the
government and people of Antigua
and Barbuda is strong.

The Government expresses
its heartfelt appreciation to
Ambassadors Ashe and Shoul and
Mr. Francis Hadeed of Antigua Power
Company Limited for their hard work
and generous contributions, as we
work towards securing and
embracing the future together.

Today, Ladies and
Gentlemen, I am pleased to
announce the individuals who have
been successful in their application
for the three scholarships to study in

The first successful student
is Ms. Sandrena Martin. She is a
former student of the Ottos
Comprehensive School and the
Antigua State College. This week
Sandrena also learnt that she was
successful in passing five A'Level
subjects. Sandrena has chosen to

study Agriculture and Veterinary

-Our second scholarship
recipient is Damien Barnes. He is a
former student of the Antigua
Grammar School and the Antigua
State College. Damien was also
successful in passing the three
A'Level subjects he sat a few
months ago. Damien has opted to
study Computer Science.

Our final Greek scholarship
awardee is Devin Jeffrey of
Barbuda. Devin is a former student
of the Holy Trinity School in
Barbuda and the Antigua State
College. He was also successful in
attaining passes for the three
A'Level subjects he sat a few
months ago. Devin will pursue
studies in Medicine and Information

Please join me in
congratulating the first group of
Silver Jubilee Scholarship

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

PM Spencer with three Silver JubiCee Scholarship winners

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Americane Unierit of3 Antigua00

All three students will
commence their studies in Greece in
October. The scholarships for
studies in Malaysia and China
commencing in 2007 will be
publicized in the media commencing
next month.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Another symbol of pride in
our nation which exhibits the strength
of our democracy is our House of
Parliament. It is a representation of
all Antiguans and Barbudans by birth
and by choice.

Since its opening in 1981,
our current House of Parliament has
served this nation well. Sadly today it
does not possess the ability to meet
the requirements of a legislative
facility that meets the challenges of
the technological era.

On November 30, as part of
our Silver Jubilee Celebrations, we
will open and hold a Joint Sitting of
our newly constructed House
Parliament on Queen Elizabeth

The Joint Sitting of
Parliament will be a representation of
our history and the uniqueness of
Antigua and Barbuda. We will
welcome a Royal Representative of
Her Majesty the Queen along with the
newly appointed Prime Minister of
Jamaica Mrs Portia Simpson-Miller.

During our festivities marking
our Silver Jubilee of Independence,
we will host some of the region's
literary champions for the Inaugural
Caribbean Literary Arts Festival and
hundreds of medical practitioners for

American University of Antigua
Medical Symposium.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the national flags waved
during the carnival celebrations, may
our national flag be flown from today
throughout our nation signifying that
we are proud to be citizens and
residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

Proud to be called an
Antiguan and Barbudan.

Proud to say that we love our


Proud to say, like the Irish
Literary critic George Bernard Shaw,
that we are patriotic because our
country is superior to all others
because we were born here or we
belong here.

Let us all proudly fly our
national flag as a symbol of our past,
our future and the strength of our
people to embrace the future

May our Silver Jubilee
Independence celebrations be a
joyous and historic reunion
celebrating the traditions, the
essences and the aspirations that
make Antigua and Barbuda a truly
unique microcosm of the Caribbean.

May we celebrate a new
dawn for a nation in re-birth,
proclaiming that "Antigua and
Barbuda One Family embraces all
of us facing our future together.

May we all embrace the
celebrations as an all-inclusive effort
that reaches out to every person,

every section and every community
in our two island nation.

I urge every citizen and
resident, individual and corporate,
to participate to the fullest extent
possible and give God thanks for
bringing us this far.

Let us all demonstrate
pride in our nation Antigua and

May God Bless us all.

May God Bless Antigua
and Barbuda.

Thank you very much."

Environment Minister says
country will continue to
benefit from US $3.3
billion for Global
Environment Facility

The world's largest
environmental funding body, the
Global Environment Facility (GEF),
received its biggest ever financial
boost when the 32 governments of
its governing body, the GEF
Council, agreed to contribute US$
3.13 billion to finance
environmental projects over the
next four years. The agreement
was subsequently approved by the
GEF Assembly, which consists of
the 176 countries that are members
of the GEF. The Assembly meets
once every four years to review the
policies and operations of the GEF.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I~~~~~ Isu N.13 uut 06

tnvtronmenr Mavnisrer ana vepury
Prime Minister VWitmoth DanieC

The GEF, established in
1991, helps developing countries
fund projects and programs that
protect the global environment. GEF
grants support projects related to
biodiversity, climate change,
international waters, land
degradation, the ozone layer, and
persistent organic pollutants. Since
1991, the GEF has provided $6.2
billion in grants and generated over
$20 billion in co-financing from other
sources to support over 1,800
projects that produce global
environmental benefits in 140
developing countries and countries
with economies in transition. GEF
funds are contributed by donor
countries. In 2002, 32 donor
countries pledged $3 billion to fund
operations between 2002 and 2006.

"It is no coincidence that the
Assembly is meeting in Africa for the
first time. This magnificent country is
a fitting locale," said the head of the

Antigua and Barbuda's delegation to
the Assembly, the Honourable
Wilmoth Daniel, Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Work,
Transportation and Environment. In
addition to the Minister, who was
attending in his capacity as the
highest political authority on
environmental matters, the
delegation also consisted of Senator
the Honourable Lenworth Johnson,
Chairman of St John's Development
Cooperation; Ambassador Dr. John
W. Ashe, who played a leading role in
the establishment of the GEF and in
the subsequent development of its
policies; and Mr. John Bradshaw,
Water Manager, APUA.

"South Africa is home to
some of the world's most treasured
environmental assets, from the
legendary beauty of the fynbos biome
in the Cape floral region, to the
beauty of its natural landscapes,
abundant wild life, and picturesque
seascapes. In addition, South Africa
is playing a leadership role in the
global effort to achieve sustainable
development, combining economic
growth and conservation priorities,"
said the Minister.

Since the Assembly provides
a strategic opportunity for GEF
stakeholders to take stock and
collectively strengthen strategies and
actions for protecting the global
environment and achieving
sustainable development, and is
intended to attract the highest-level of
representation from each of its 176
member countries, I would think that
it would be incumbent upon me as
Minister to lead our delegation to this
august gathering," he said.

While in Cape Town, the
Minister was able to witness
firsthand the approval by the GEF
Council of US$3 million in GEF
funds for a national project aimed at
developing a sustainable island
resource management approach
for Antigua and Barbuda.

"This project will enable us
to consider the whole island
ecosystem and its marine and
terrestrial resources as a capital
asset which, if properly managed
and protected, will continue to yield
a flow of vital goods and services
(water, productivity, physical
shelter, adaptive capacity and
resilience, and aesthetics)
necessary for sustainable
economic development and
livelihood options, and for bio-
diversity protection," said the

"This project will also allow
us to demonstrate how the longer
term benefits accrued by the shifts
in priority toward maintenance of
ecosystem functions, sustainability
of natural resources, properly
planned economic growth, and the
protection and diversification of
livelihoods will ultimately result in
positive trade-offs in comparison to
a business-as-usual scenario," he

The Minister also used the
opportunity presented by the
Assembly to undertake a number of
bilateral discussions with his
counterpart from South Africa and
with senior officials from the
Ministries of Development
Cooperation and Finance from
Finland, Norway and Japan.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Issue~~ No 13Agst20

At the invitation of the
Minister of Environment of South
Africa, Senator Johnson paid an
official visit to the ultra-modern
treated effluent plant that has been
launched by the City of Cape Town to
alleviate the growing water shortage
in the metropole. The Potsdam
Waste Water Treatment Plant, one of
South Africa's most technologically
advanced waste water recycling
facilities, was built at a cost of 19
million South African Rand (US $1 =
6.43 Rand), is expected to generate
an additional 38 million litres Megaa
litres) of non-potable water per day
for a surburb of Cape Town.

"Despite being several times
our size, it is interesting to see that
Cape Town faces many of the same
problems as Antigua and Barbuda,
including rising demand for water that
will soon outstrip supply which in turn
has forced the municipal authorities
to explore alternative water
resources, consider measures to
reduce water consumption,
contemplate desalination of sea
water, undertake exploration of deep
aquifers, and enhance facilities for
recycling of waste water and
sewage," said the Senator.

At the invitation of Cape
Town officials, the Senator also
visited the Darling Wind Farm, South
Africa's first commercial wind farm
venture. The Darling Wind Farm is
the product of an innovative
partnership between local and foreign
investors, the government and the
local community. The City of Cape
Town aims to source about 10% of its
energy from renewable sources -
which could include solar and other
forms of energy by 2020.

"Given the importance of
renewable energy and the growing
concern over the global warming
caused by the burning of fossil fuels
such as oil, this wind farm, which will
start operating in 2007, uses four
giant wind turbines to generate an
estimated 13.2 gigawatt-hours per
year of "clean" electricity that feeds
into the national power grid," said the

Hon. Justin L. Simon Q.C.
Attorney General and
Minister of Legal Affairs
Statement Asian Village
Antigua Limited vs The
Government of Antigua
and Barbuda

25th August, 2006

"At the last sitting of the
House of Representatives on
Tuesday August 1 2007, I advised the
nation of the arbitration claim filed by
Asian Village Antigua Limited against
the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda in the sum of US $49, 152,
762.11. In that very day I had a letter
addressed to Mr. Lester Bird hand
delivered to the Chambers of Rika
Bird and Associates inviting him in
the interest of the state to join with the
Government in its efforts to defend
and defeat that claim. His response
is a matter of history.

Asian Village's claim is being
strongly defended and a counterclaim

is being pursued against it for loss
of taxation and other revenue
streams as projected by Asian

During the week of August
7 2006, I was in London with
Government's London Counsel
John Powell Q.C. preparing a very
detailed defence and counterclaim
which were filed and served on
Asian Village and the Arbitrator on
August 14, 2006. Leading
international solicitors Clifford
Chance and forensic accountants
Grant Thornton have been
contracted to represent our
interests and advise on the claim.

Asian Village has provided
invoices in support of their claim
which dates from April 1996 some
ten months prior to the execution of
their Agreement with Government
which is dated February 18, 1997.
Of the total claim of
US$49,152,762. 11, almost half is
allocated to interest:
US$22,885,983.77; one-quarter is
for Management and Directors
fees: US$12,310,000.10; travel
expenses amount to
US$2,086,280.05; staff payroll and
staff accommodation amount to
US$2,518,692.23; office expenses:
US$713,682.14; motor vehicle
expenses: US$353,630.86; capital
expenditure: US$3, 193,063.16;
and miscellaneous expenses:
US$589, 873.90.

Asian Village's claim is
based in the main on allegations
that Government failed from the
very start of the Project to grant to
them and to implement various
important concessions, rights,
privileges, and licences.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

all the finance necessary to design,
construct, operate, manage and
maintain the project. The simple truth
is that they failed to obtain the
finance. Having paid an amount of
US$2,044,744.00 in April 1998, Asian
Village even failed to pay the balance
of the US $15,500,000.00 purchase
price that they were to pay for the
1541.5 acres of Crown Land.

A KPMG Peat Marwick
Report in late 1998 had indicated that
costs overrun could be as high as
US$100 M for Phase One only. The
Meggonatte feasibility report of
March 2003 advised that since 1998,
the project has been in a holding
pattern. The correspondence is
replete with the former Prime
Minister's expression of concern over
the delay in moving the project
forward and his failed attempts to
assist Asian Village to obtain finance
up to July 2003.

It was within that context of
failure and disappointment that the
former Prime Minister issued a Notice
of Default and Termination on
November 12, 2003 to Asian Village.

The hearing of the arbitration
is set for June 2007. Following on the
detailed analysis of the invoices
presented by Asian Village (some
5,000 pages in 15 folder volumes) our
solicitors will be seeking further and
better particulars of the claim
particularly as a large number of the
invoices have been discovered to be
intra-company billings.

Should there be further
developments, I will advise in due

Thank You."

Isu o 1 uut20

The Inland Revenue
Department mounts a
vigorous registration drive
for the Antigua and
Barbuda Sales Tax

The Antigua and Barbuda
Sales Tax Bill 2006 and the ABST -
(Transitional Provisions and
Consequential Amendments) Bill
2006 having received approval in
Parliament recently, the Inland
Revenue Department (IRD) is
intensifying its Registration Drive.

According to
Communications Officer in the
Ministry of Finance and the
Economy, Karen Challenger-
George, IRD officers have
embarked on a vigorous
registration exercise to ensure that
all potential registrants are

The aim of this exercise is
to ensure that businesses that are
conducting taxable activities with an
annual turn over of 300,000 EC
dollars or more are registered as
outlined in the ABST Legislation.

In recent weeks, the ABST
officers have been engaged in a
number of training sessions as the
Inland Revenue Department
readies itself to deal with the soon
to come on stream Antigua and
Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST).

Challenger-George says to
date, the IRD has also conducted a
number of presentations geared
towards business owners and
consumers and during the coming
weeks, the IRD will be hosting

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Attorney GeneralandMinister of egaCl
Hon. Justin L. Simon QC.

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Issu No.113 ugus 200

several such sessions since the aim
of the Department is to ensure that all
stakeholders are adequately
informed about the Antigua and
Barbuda Sales Tax.

January 2007 is the
implementation date for the Antigua
and Barbuda Sales Tax.

ABDF celebrates 25th

In commemoration of its
silver jubilee of service to the Nation
of Antigua and Barbuda the ABDF
held a service of commemoration at
the St John's Anglican Cathedral on
Sunday August 27th.

The members of the force
were joined in their celebration by His
Excellency Sir James B Carlisle and
Lady Carlisle, the Prime Minister the
Honourable Winston B Spencer and
Mrs. Spencer. In addition there were
other members of parliament, cabinet
and the diplomatic corps in

The service included pieces
of music by the ABDF Band, the
ABDF Choir, Ex-Servicemen
Association and the Cathedral Youth
Choir. The sermon was presented by
Dean of the Cathedral the Very
Reverend Rudolph Smithen.
Reverend Smithen implored the men
to remain motivated and to avoid
mediocrity and at the same time
maintain a high degree of maturity in
their approach to their vocation.

Commander ABDF Trevor A.
Thomas also reported on the
presence and performance of the

Force in the Country and Regionally.
He outlined the Force's origins from
1897 as a volunteer element to its
transformation as a Regular,
Professional unit on 1 September
1981. The commander charged his
troops to be cognizant of the Force's
core values of Loyalty, Discipline,
Integrity, Courage and Team work. In
so doing he reminded them of their
oath to the institution and the need to
remain faithful to their task, (Paratus
Ad Serviendum) Ready to Serve.

The service also marked the
commencement of a week of
activities and celebration. Tuesday
29th was an open day at the St.
John's Cricket Grounds from 10:00
am. During the open day the units of
the Force displayed different pieces
of work as well as equipment used on
a daily basis and the public visited
with the troops and had questions
about the Force answered.

The day concluded with a
Guard Mounting Parade at 17:30
(5:30 pm) in the afternoon.

The week culminated on
Saturday 2nd September with a
formal dinner at the Grand Royal
Antigua Beach Resort in the Crystal
Ballroom. This event was held
under the patronage of His
Excellency Sir James B. Carlisle
GCMG Governor General and
Commander In Chief.

Antigua and Barbuda

One 'Family


Thefiuture together .....


25 years



2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

ontpew) 3His Excellency Sir James B CarCisCe andlady Carlislk,
(second pew) SHonourable Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister,
(thfirdpew) Commander ABDF T'revor A Thomas

IIseN.1 Auut20

. --A-

for key media and travel trade
Rain stops play but contacts.

celebrations continue for
bmi and Antigua and
Barbuda Cricket Week!

With next year's Caribbean
based Cricket World Cup fast
approaching, bmi was delighted to
support Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
Week (21-27 August) coming on

After an official launch at
One Aldwych in London where
journalists, cricketers and VIPs
learned more about the campaign
and heard a few words from bmi's
Julie Jones as to why we got
involved, the party headed north for
Bowdon Cricket Club close to
Manchester Airport.

Richardson and Curtley Ambrose
plus the Lashings World XI a host
of cricketing mega stars the event
looked set to be a star studded
celebration in anticipation of the
forthcoming World Cup in the

A 20/20 match was planned
against a mix of media guests, travel
agents, bmi representatives
including Brian Quinn, bmi airport
manager, and tourist board
representatives. However, after the
boys had changed, pictures and
speeches were completed and lunch
proceedings out of the way, the
clouds opened and the unreliable
British weather put a stop to the
cricket match!!

Instead a Caribbean style
party took place after lunch with
authentic Antigua rum punch flowing
and funky reggae music performed
live by Richie Richardson's and
Curtley Ambrose's band -'Dread and
the Baldhead'.

bmi ambassador Michael

board as official airline partner. The Attended by Sir Michael Gray was also on hand to mingle
activities, funded by the tourist Bishop, who officially opened with media and trade guests
board, saw bmi jointly hosting events proceedings, and Antigua cricket promoting our product and Antigua
legends Sir Viv Richards, Richie route.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

IIseN.1 Auut20

Luckily bmi's Karen Butler
was also present to escort the trade
guests and wrap up proceedings with
a few words about the Manchester
weather and success of bmi flights to

The weather might have
stopped play but it didn't dampen
spirits and in true Caribbean-style, the
party continued well into the evening.

and Curtley
.Ambrose's band-
'Dreadand the
performed funky
reggae music

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

&W ji M


s & Craft

th omowat

atte omnwathFi

Royci Hortcultral Sciet

Official Independence Magazine Named
On 24th August Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer announced that Homegrown Publications, a locally owned and
operated company, has been designated the publisher of the official magazine commemorating the nation's 25th
anniversary of Independence from Great Britain.
According to Prime Minister Spencer, he was gratified to see that several other outfits are involved in marking the
Silver Jubilee event; this he said indicates significant interest in the progress of the country by persons at home and
abroad. Of necessity, however, only one publication can enjoy the Government's official endorsement.
To that end, Homegrown Publications has been officially appointed to represent the Government in documenting
the milestone anniversary event.
Advertisers and interested parties should, therefore, be guided accordingly, and the cooperation of all relevant
national agencies is solicited.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Request for support
from the CCL

The charity has given more 2,000 bright
and needy girls the opportunity to complete their
secondary education in their own countries.

Without our support, the future for many
s bleak some are AIDS orphans, some from
struggling families with little to spare for education,
otherss are from cultures where boys are given

Responding to a wide range of needs, as
little as 50 a year can make all the difference.
Progress is monitored and payments are made
directly to the school ensuring funds are secure and
jsed to best advantage.

Food & Crafts of the Commonwealth is
Dur main fundraising event.

By coming you will change a life for

We hope you will be able to join us on the
4th November. Whether or not, all donations, help
ieedy girls.

Please send donations, making cheques
payable to "CCL Fair Account", to:

CCL Fair Treasurer,
19 Sunnyfield,
Mill Hill,
London NW7 4RD

I IssueNo. 113 August2000]

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