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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission
ISSUE No.112 July 2006

(teft) KHis Excellency Dr
Carl Roberts presentedhis
Letters of Credence to the
then President of Itay Hiis
Excelfency Carlo Azegfio
Ciampi accrediting him as
Extraordinary and
Ptenipotentiary of Antigua
andBarbuda to Italy

felloww, rht&) Ambassadbr Roberts
poses wit4i r Excerlncy tile Presit nt
oft/ie FederalYRepubdc of(ermany,
Professor Dr. Yorst XKdi1r after le
presented his Letters of Crednce
accrediting him as Ambassadbr
Extraordinary andPi/nipotentiary of
Antgua andfBarbud, to theTed rafr
IRepublc of Germany

Government names members of two statutory boards
(page 3)
Antigua and Barbuda establishes diplomatic relations with
Thailand (page 4)
Growth experienced in visitor arrivals to Antigua (page 6)
UNESCO and Antigua and Barbuda collaborate in Informatior
Technology (page 10)
2006 Carnival results (pages 11 & 12)

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 ]ilI' il ..l..,


Dear Readers,

Greetings once more to each
and everyone of you.

I would like to use this medium
to remind you of the special occasion
which we as citizens of Antigua and
Barbuda will be celebrating later this

The 1st November marks 25
years since Antigua and Barbuda
became an independent nation.
Between now and that date there
should be a critical examination of
what we as a young nation have
achieved, what sacrifices we have
had to make and whether those
sacrifices have been justified.

Perhaps we ought not to draw
direct comparisons with our
neighbours. We may not be able to
resist the temptation to do so for such
comparisons are often made in
determining whether or not we qualify
for developmental assistance.

For most of the period 1981 to
2006 we have been governed by one
Party and we may be tempted to
remember only the good or bad
deeds of our government officials
dependent upon our political
perspective. Is it not now an
opportunity to begin to look beyond
such destructing exercises
(especially if they predominate the
analytical discussions of the day) and
begin to foster plans for the next 25

We must indeed undertake
some aspect of critical self-
examination. But it is expected that
such an action should properly be a
part of a larger strategy session in
formulating our developmental plans
for our UNITED future. Let us
therefore channel our God-given
talents, our energies into building-up
the fabric of the modern Antigua and
Barbuda which our children will
proudly enjoy and which will be a
lasting legacy to this generation.

May God continue to bless our

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

]lipl' "

Mr. Henderson Bass
Mrs. Viella Charles
Mr. Jacob R. Parker
Mr. Charles E. Hunt
Representative of

Venezuela to assist with
LIAT and V.C. Bird
International Airport

On the 12th July, Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer returned to Antigua
and Barbuda from Caracas, Venezuela
where he met with Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez.

Prime Minister Spencer said
that the meeting was very successful as
there were agreements on Venezuela
assisting with the re-financing of regional
airline LIAT and funding the expansion of
the V.C. Bird International Airport.

There was also agreement on
Venezuela assisting the government in
the development of an affordable
housing programme.

The Prime Minister was
accompanied by Tourism and Civil
Aviation Minister Harold Lovell, Social
Transformation Minister Hilson Baptiste,
Aviation Advisor Brian Challenger and
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs,

Ambassador Colin

Government names
members of two statutory

The Government of Antigua
and Barbuda has recommended a
number of individuals to serve as Board
Commissioners of the Antigua Port
Authority and the Antigua Public Utilities
Authority with immediate effect.

The Antigua Port Authority
Board is now chaired by businessman
Walter Armstrong who replaces
businessman Clarvis Joseph, who now
serves as Chairman of the Antigua
Public Utilities Authority Board.

The complete composition of
the two statutory boards follows:

Board Commissioners of the
Antigua Port Authority
Mr. Walter Armstrong Chairman
Mr. Whifield Harris Jr. Deputy

Board Commissioners of the
Antigua Public Utilities Authority

Mr. Clarvis Joseph Chairman
Mr. Craig Christopher Deputy
Mr. Selwyn Palmer Member
Mr. George Pigott Member
Mr. Foster Roberts Member
Sir McLean Emmanuel Member
Ms. Muriel Scholar Member
Mr. Asta Francis Member
Ms. Janice O'Keiffe Member
Ms. Naomi Bourne Member
Mr. Norman Beazer (Barbuda)

The Board Commissioners
will receive their instruments of
appointment from Governor-General
Sir James Carlisle making their tenure
official for a two-year period.

Both Statutory Boards fall
within the Ministry of Works, Public
Utilities and the Environment headed
by Deputy Prime Minister Wilmoth

Minister Daniel attends
meeting with EU's
Commissioner in Brussels

Antigua and Barbuda's
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of
Works, Transportation and
Environment, Hon. Wilmoth Daniel,
held a bilateral meeting with the
European Union's Environment
Commissioner, Mr. Stavros Dimas, on

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

IssueNo. 12 Jul 200


Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer wit/
President Hugo Chavez

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

IssueNo. 12 Jul 200

Wilmoth Daniel Deputy
Prime Minister and7Minister
of Works, Transportation
and Environment

access by Antigua and Barbuda to the
ACP-EU Water Facility to meet the
country's water and sanitation needs.

"My team and I held substantive
discussions with Commissioner Dimas
and his staff on ways in which the ACP-
EU Water Facility could enhance the
sustainable delivery of water and
sanitation infrastructure and improve
water governance and the integrated
water resources management practices
in our twin-island State," said Minister

The European Union's African-
Caribbean-Pacific Water Facility is a
500 million Euros mechanism
established by the EU to boost the
sustainable delivery of water and
sanitation infrastructure and improve
water governance and Integrated Water
Resources Management (IWRM)
practices in African, Caribbean and
Pacific countries by helping to address
the financing gap.

The facility aims to contribute to
poverty reduction and sustainable
development through the achievement of
the specific Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) and World Summit for
Sustainable Development (WSSD)
targets on water and sanitation in ACP

Minister Daniel was
accompanied by Senator Lenworth
Johnson, Parliamentary Secretary,
Ministry of Finance and Chairman of St.
John's Development Corporation; Mr.
John Bradshaw, Water Manager,
Ministry of Public Works and by Dr. John
W. Ashe, Antigua and Barbuda's
Ambassador to the United Nations.

Antigua and Barbuda
establishes diplomatic
relations with Thailand

Antigua and Barbuda officially
established diplomatic relations with the
Kingdom of Thailand by the signing of a
joint communique at UN Headquarters
on Friday, July 7.

Antigua and Barbuda's
Ambassador to the United Nations,
Dr.John W. Ashe, signed on behalf of the
government of Antigua and Barbuda,
and Thailand's Ambassador to the
United Nations, Mrs. Khunying
Laxanachanton Laohaphan, signed on
behalf of the Kingdom of Thailand.

"The signing of the joint
communique paves the way for greater
bilateral cooperation between both
countries, and it is to be followed by the
signing of a Memorandum of
Understanding on technical cooperation
between both governments," said
Ambassador Ashe.

between our

Memorandum of
will deepen relations
two countries through

exchange of experts and technicians,
the use of training facilities, joint
promotion of studies and schemes that
we hope will contribute to social and
economic development," he added.

Ambassador Ashe also noted
that the pending agreement will result
in the assistance from Thailand with
specific projects, and the formal
establishment of diplomatic relations is
but a first step in what he anticipates
will be a fruitful technical cooperation
agreement between both countries.

The Ambassador was quick
to point out that the establishment of
diplomatic relations with Thailand was
in keeping with one of the decisions of
2005 UN World Summit, in which
Prime Minister Spencer played a
leading role. At that Summit, Heads of
State and Governments called for,
among other things, enhanced
cooperation among developing

"Prime Minister Spencer and
other world leaders agreed, that this
kind of "South-South" cooperation was
needed to complement the traditional
"North-South" cooperation, aimed at
helping developing countries, and
small-island developing States such as
Antigua and Barbuda in particular,
realize their development objectives,"
he said.

Heads discuss Security
Catastrophe Risk
Insurance Facility

Crime and security were
among the critical subjects that
concentrated the minds of the Heads
of Government on the second day of
the Twenty-Seventh meeting of the

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

IssueNo. 12 Jul 200

Conference which was held in St. Kitts &

During their Retreat at the Four
Seasons Resort, Nevis on Tuesday 5th
July 2006, the Heads received a report
from Prime Minister of Trinidad and
Tobago, Patrick Manning, and lead head
of Government responsible for crime and
security who apprised his colleagues
about developments related to the

Reiterating the importance and
sensitivity of the subject, Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer cited that this was the
last occasion that the Conference is
meeting prior to Cricket World Cup in
2007, and therefore it was agreed to
provide adequate time for its
deliberations. Accordingly, the entire
morning session of day two of the
Conference in Retreat was dedicated to
wide ranging discussions in caucus on
Crime and Security.

Among the issues that were
discussed were progress in
operationalising the management
structure for crime and security; the
status of efforts towards the
establishment of an intelligence sharing
system among Member States; the
status of efforts towards the
establishment of a mutual assistance
regime among Member States and
special security arrangements for the
hosting of Cricket World Cup in 2007:
Regional programme for ensuring a safe
and secure environment during the
hosting of the CWC.

The three point caucus agenda
also included proposals emanating from
the Dominican Republic on CARICOM-
CARIFORUM relations and issues
related to energy under the caption
Issues and Recommendations from the
Twentieth Meeting of the Bureau of the
Conference of Heads of Government of
the Caribbean Community. Under Border
Issues, the Heads reflected on

Guyana/Venezuela relations
and the Belize/Guatemala
relations, concluding with
discussions related to the
Second Annual Report of the
Board of Trustees of the CCJ
Trust Fund and Report on the
Adequacy of the Fund.

Meanwhile, another
important decision taken 'Mini
during their deliberations was (ri
support for the establishment
of a CARICOM Catastrophe
Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) to assist
Member States grapple with the
aftermath of devastating hurricanes.

Their decision was based on a
presentation by two World Bank
consultants who explained the merits of
pooling resources to guarantee
reinsurance and immediate pay out in
the event of catastrophes. "Such a
facility is extremely important for us
particularly since we are vulnerable to
hurricanes and consequently countries
must seek appropriate arrangements to
respond to such challenges", according
to Prime Minister Spencer.

It was noted that the facility
requires an initial injection of US$50
million in donor seed capital to achieve
sustainable premium pricing levels, and
a team is to tour the region to hold further
discussions on the Facility.

Prison Visiting Committee
receives Instruments

A newly established Prison
Visiting Committee of Her Majesty's
Prison have received their respective
instruments of appointment from
Governor General, Sir James Carlisle.
Also present at the ceremony were the
Minister of Justice Senator Colin Derrick
and the Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Justice, Mrs. Barbara Belle.

ster oj jusrUce, LcoLn verrtcr
ght) with the Prison Visiting

The six member Committee,
comprising Septimus Rhudd
(Chairman), Dr. Dane Abbott (Vice
Chairman), Pastor Ivor Davis, Trevor
"King Zacari" King, Cordene Spencer,
and Avernella Thomas, toured Her
Majesty's Prison within ninety (90)
minutes of their appointment where
they were introduced to the inmates
and officers of the institution.

According to the Minister of
Justice, Senator Colin Derrick, the
Committee's responsibility was to
assist with the efficient administration
of the Prison and to ensure that the
inmates were treated humanely. He
stated that the Committee would serve
a critical function as it would
investigate and address any concerns
and reports emanating from the prison.

Minister Derrick further
explained that the Committee was an
independent body which was directly
answerable to the Governor General,
and the members had unlimited access
to all areas of the facility at any time of
the day or night. Additionally, all six
members have been appointed as
Justices of the Peace in order to
facilitate their functions, which include
monitoring disciplinary matters relating
to the prisoners and Prison Officers.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

IssueNo. 12 Jul 200

The Committee's tenure of
office shall be two years expiring on 28th
February, 2008.

Minister Derrick concluded that
the appointment of the Prison Visiting
Committee is a further illustration of the
Government's commitment to improve
the administration of the Prison and the
quality of Justice within the twin island
nation. In addition to the appointment of
the Committee a qualified Nurse has
been appointed to the Prison on a full
time basis to assist with medical
complaints at the institution.

Growth experienced in
visitor arrivals to Antigua
and Barbuda in 2006

Antigua and Barbuda is
continuing to see good growth in the
tourism industry as indicated by visitor
arrival figures to date for the year 2006.

An 8.0% increase has been
recorded for the month of May compared
to that of the previous year.

According to the Director
General of Tourism, Lorraine Headley,
this growth can be attributed to the major
thrusts being undertaken by the Ministry
of Tourism in the US, German and
Caribbean markets.

"We are satisfied with the
growth being experienced from the US,
with an increase of 5.8% for the period
January to May 2006. The efforts to
increase visitor arrivals from Atlanta and
surrounding areas are continuing and we
anticipate continued results from recent
activities such as the Spring Edition of
the 'Re-discover Antigua and Barbuda'
Fam Trip for travel agents undertaken in
May, the Romance month in June and
ongoing trade seminars with our major
partners such as Sandals throughout the

Lorraine 5ieadtey, Director-
GeneraCof Tourism

Miss Headley continued "The
Fall Edition of the 'Re-discover Antigua
and Barbuda' has already registered
over 50 travel agents from the Atlanta
area alone and we are working closely
with Delta Airlines in providing the
necessary airlift for these sales agents."

Despite the Football World Cup
which took place in Germany that
displaced plans for international travel in
the period leading up to the World Cup,
Antigua and Barbuda has seen growth of
10.6% over the period January to May
2006 compared to 2005, with an
increase of 60% experienced in May

According to the Director of
Tourism for Germany, Dr. Werner
Giersch, Condor officials have
expressed their satisfaction with the flight
to Antigua, being one of the best long
haul chains in summer 2006. "There is
great potential for Antigua to increase its
share of seats on this flight and
relationships are being developed with
Tour Operators to increase sales of
Antigua and Barbuda as a vacation
destination after an interruption of over
four years. A major sales promotion is

now in effect following the World Cup
in order to attract summer visitors".
Growth from France and the
French West Indies have shown
significant increase with a 13.6%
growth from mainland France and
32.6% from Guadeloupe and
Martinique over the period January to
May 2006. "The growth in daily airlift
between Antigua and Guadeloupe and
the promotional efforts of the Ministry
of Tourism has resulted in a 20%
increase in visitors from the French
West Indies in May 2005 alone",
reported Ms. Headley. A delegation
from the Ministry of Tourism led by
Minister Lovell met with top officials in
Guadeloupe recently to develop
stronger relationships and to negotiate
revised administrative arrangements to
facilitate easier travel between the

"Overall we are pleased with
the results for May given our
expectations for growth with a wide
range of events taking place during
May including Sailing Week, DJ
festivals, and Labour Day activities
which attracted many visitors from the
Caribbean. With an increase of 17.6%
of visitors from Trinidad and Tobago,
and 16.4% from Barbados for the year
to date, the Ministry of Tourism is
continuing its marketing efforts in the
Caribbean with a team from the
Ministry of Tourism and the Hotel
Association which recently returned
from a promotion in St. Maarten/St.

The promotions throughout
the Caribbean will continue in August
to promote Antigua and Barbuda as a
venue for Cricket World Cup next year
seeking to tap the traditional cricketing
patrons from Bermuda, USVI and other
neighboring islands in tandem with
the international visitors for cricket.

,,I::i !!

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

International College Fair 2006 Antigua
November, 7th 8th

The Ministry of Education will be staging an International Fair on the 7th and 8th November 2006 at the Multi-Purpose
Exhibition Centre, Perry Bay, St. John's Antigua.

The Fair will be opened from 10:00am to 5:30pm each day.

The objectives of the fair are to:

help prospective students and their parents make informed decisions about further education;

provide interested students/parents/guardians with an opportunity to discover the diversity of higher education in
the Caribbean, United Sates, United Kingdom, and Canada;

minimise the time and money spent in application to tertiary institutions;

give Caribbean and International Institutions a unique opportunity to diversify their student's population by re
cruiting a high calibre of student from Antigua and Barbuda.

The registration fee of US$300.00 provides each institution with a table 6x2.6ft and two chairs. The fee also includes
lunch, coffee breaks and transportation to and from the centre on both days. Information, exhibits and other materials necessary to
stimulate interest in your College/University, can be sent in advance by courier service to Mrs. Maureen Lewis, College Fair
Coordinator, Ministry of Education, St. John's Antigua.

Telephone: 1(268) 462-4959
Fax: 1-(268) 462-4970

We will ensure safekeeping and delivery of your package to the Exhibition Centre.

A short profile (130 words maximum) of your institution will be included in the ICF Programme, and should be sent by
e-mail no later than 30th September 2006, to maintain uniformity, only the following information will be printed: short profile,
telephone and fax numbers, mailing, e-mail and website addresses, academic programme, tuition and living costs, enrollment
(undergraduate/graduate/international student). We are making contact with hotels for special rates an will inform you later
concerning costs.

Should your College/University decide to participate, please complete the attached registration form and return along with
the registration fee by 30th August, 2006. Bank draft in US dollars or Cheque Drawn on a US Bank should be made payable to
International College Fair and addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, P.O. Box 1264, St. John's, Antigua,
West Indies.

The Ministry of Education Looks Forward to your participation.

Maureen Lewis
Coordinator- International College Fair

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Ministry of Education
International College Fair 2006
Registration Form

Date: Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2006

Early registration: US$ 300.00 Deadline August 30th, 2006
Late registration: US$ 450.00 Deadline October 11th, 2006

Please Complete in Block Letters

Name of College/University:

Mailing Address:

Name of Representative:

Position: Office:

Telephone: Fax:

E-mail: Website:

Please register and reserve a booth for my institution at the Antigua International College Fair 2006. The fair will be held from
10:00am 12:30pm and from 2:00pm 5:00pm on Tuesday 7th November 2006, and from 9:00am 12:00pm and 1:30pm 5:30pm on
Wednesday 8th November 2006, at the Multi-Purpose Exhibition Centre, St. John's Antigua.

I understand that the registration fee is non-refundable and due to limited space, booths cannot be guaranteed for institutions that have
not paid by 11th October, 2006.

Enclosed is a cheque for US $ 300.00 Paid as early registration fee for my participation at the Antigua International College Fair.I

Enclosed is a cheque for US $ 450.00 Paid as late registration fee for my participation at the Antigua International College Fair.

Name: Office:

Signature: Date:

Please make cheque payable to International College Fair.
(Bank draft/cheque drawn on a U.S Bank)

Mrs. Maureen L. Lewis
Coordinator International College Fair
Tele: (268)-462-4959
Fax: (268)-462-4970

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 8

Antigua and Barbuda High Commission Vacancy
Administrative Assistant

The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission is pleased to announce the vacancy of an Administrative Assistant.
A copy of the job description has been posted on our website

All interested persons are required to submit a covering letter and an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae in an envelope

The Minister-Counsellor
Antigua and Barbuda High Commission
2nd Floor
45 Crawford Place

All applications must be received by 31st August 2006. Successful applicants will be invited to an interview.

Unsuccessful applicants will not be acknowledged. Please feel free to contact Ms Anna Benjamin at
0207 258 0070 or email althea.banahene( if you require additional information.

m mm m m m m m m m m m mm m m . 0 0 * * 0 M m

Homing in on rising

Excerpted from Climate News Magazine -
issued by World Meteorological Organization

Rising sea-level is starting to
affect the world. Official decisions on
evacuation of whole populations from
some atolls in the Pacific Ocean have
been taken or are being considered. For
example, 980 people, the entire
population of the atoll Carteret (Papua
New Guinea's Carteret Island), will soon
be evacuated, and the island is destined
to become history. The International
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sea-
level rise estimates are the basis for
such decision-making. However, their
uncertainty is currently high. For
example, the range of estimates for sea-
level rise in the 21st century in the IPCC
Assessment Report (see figure right) is

from 9 to 88 cm. The fourth (IPCC)
Assessment report, due in 2007, may
have it somewhat reduced.

During 6 9 June 2006,
UNESCO's Intergovernmental
Oceanographic Commission hosted a
World Climate Research Programme
(WCRP) Workshop on Sea-Level Rise
and Variability. It was not an
assessment activity, and it did not
provide new projections of future sea-
level changes. Instead it focused on

science and observational
requirements, including uncertainties
known to IPCC. Scientists discussed
how these uncertainties can be
reduced. The scope of the analysis
included ocean thermal expansion,
polar and non-polar glacier and ice
sheet contributions, vertical land and
ocean bottom motion due to glacial
isostatic adjustments and tectonic
activities, and terrestrial water storage.
Traditional observations such as tide
gauges will be used along with more

abal werage m kevl rie J119 2100)
lar mi.t SMs SoeWm r

IfmkF ?tir h,, ,,l T w -if m

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

.I .

IssueNo. 12 Jul 200

recent techniques such as radar- and
laser-altimetry and satellite gravimetry.
Attention was also focused on recent
findings on the rates of glacier melt
contribution and thermal expansion of
the ocean waters.

The rising ocean changes
coastlines and the depth of adjacent
seas. This affects storm surges and
tides, wind waves and swell, and coastal
currents. The impacts of sea-level rise
and the social and economic benefits of
more accurate projections were also
reviewed by the workshop.

The summary report of the
meeting contains a plan of actions that
will guide WCRP and its partners in
making better projections of sea-level
rise. The workshop will be a direct
contribution of WCRP to the goals of the
Global Earth Observation System of

UNESCO and Antigua and
Barbuda collaborate in
Information Technology

The United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization UNESCO has come on
stream to assist the Government in its
quest to bridge the digital divide in
Antigua and Barbuda. UNESCO's
Advisor for Communication and
Information in the Caribbean Isidro
Fernandez-Aballi met Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer and the Minister of
Information Dr. Edmond Mansoor to
discuss the issue.

According to Dr. Mansoor,
UNESCO will assist the Government in
the establishment of Community Access
Centers in a number of locations on the
Island beginning with the Green Bay
School. The two-fold mission of
UNESCO includes the deployment of
communication technology in primary

schools and
building for


Fernandez said
that the "development of
information technologies
and in particular the
Internet has created a
completely new
environment in which the
role of traditional
information services must Dr Edi
be thoroughly revised." The represer
purpose, Fernandez
continued, is to move forward in the
region to allow for the accessing of the
Internet anytime from anywhere so that
persons can participate in the democratic
and political life of their country.

Meanwhile, it was announced
that Antigua and Barbuda is also
expected to become a full member of the
Information Society Programme for Latin
America and the Caribbean INFOLAC.

The role of INFOLAC according
to Dr. Mansoor is to build a bridge
between the Caribbean and Latin
American countries, in areas such as
politics, education and culture. It also
serves to teach about the roots and
history of different countries for their own
knowledge as well as other countries.

Another programme of
UNESCO Fernandez explained is the
Inter-Country Development Project and
Antigua and Barbuda is invited to
participate in this framework. To do so
this country is required to provide a
project for presentation on four given
categories that include: "The
development of community multimedia
capacity building to media personnel"
and more.

Fernandez also highlighted a
problem in the Caribbean where girls
were out-performing boys. He said it was
a phenomenal imbalance that needed to

nond JMansoor ana UNE2SCO
itative Isidro Fernandez-Aballi

be stopped and he pointed out that the
region will need to pay a high price to
fix it. There was also a literacy problem
of having information and not being
able to use it. Hence, he said, there
was a need to teach people not only
how to receive information but how to
use it.

Prime Minister Spencer in
agreement with the initiatives
announced that an individual will be
appointed as the focal point for the
development of the Community Access
Centres among the other initiatives.

Dr. Mansoor stated that the
Access Centres which will provide
Primary schools with the most modern
information technology will also be
available to the public operating under
two templates: The Equal Skills
template that will provide beginners
with the opportunity to gain informal
and simple instructions in the use of
computers; This instruction includes
introduction to the desktop, e-mail and
the world wide web; and E-Citizens
which will help those who have the
knowledge of how to use computers
but no access to a computer. They will
be able to have access to government
online and communicate with friends
and relatives through e-mails. They will
be instructed in information search,
among other things under the E-
Citizens model.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Some 2006 utivdal Resatd

2006 ,4tiuea eommweciae Baw Female
Cea*4 Oaetti

Most Improved Calypsonian:
Lady Cute

2nd Runner Up:
Lady Cute

1st Runner Up:

Winner & 2006 Female Calypso Competition:
Queen Singing Althea

2006 2wuee of eCarwuat
2nd Runner Up
Aneka Henry Ms. Kennedy's Club Limited

1st Runner Up
Charmaine Morgan Ms. Cool & Smooth

2006 Queen of Carnival
Jamila Gregory Ms. Central Housing
and Planning Authority

lcent Free/and Panaorama
Competitoo m Rwesut
3rd Runner Up:
West Side Symphony
2nd Runner Up:
Mahico Stars
1st Runner Up:
West Indies Oil Company

Winner & 2006 Party Monarch:
Hells Gate Cable & Wireless

77 Peot e's e oeie Awsd

( 57 dedt CwCPd RePCode)
Claudette "CP" Peters

2nd Runner Up:
Lord Satelyte
1st Runner Up:
Tanzania "Tizzy" Sebastian
Winner & 2006 Party Monarch:
Claudette "CP" Peters

2006 Wa4d4a d eli 'r Odtiate'

Rcdae4 &e40& toMoan &arhom fetiti#
Most Humorous Calypso:
De Artist
Most Improved Calypsoian:
Lady Cute
Lynwall "Zero" Joseph Challenge Award
For Best Social Commentary:
Young Destroyer
2nd Runner Up:
De Bear
1st Runner Up:
Singing Althea
Winner & 2006 Calypso Monarch:

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

1 di

7w" dodt )tFi w "
Senior Carnival Large Band Tropical Fantasy Results
2nd Runner Up:
Caribbean Cocktail
1st Runner Up:
Grecian Mythological
Winner & 2006 Large Bands Champion -
Tropical Fantasy
People From Different Place
Seaiow awuneuat Small Fande Reueaft
2nd Runner Up:
Concacaf To Germany
1st Runner Up:
Silk Dus
Tourism Is Everybody's Business
Winner & 2006 Small Bands Champion:
Carnival Time
Read 79aol eemo#"4tdmt R'e~ftt
2nd Runner Up:
EL-A- Kru
Times Played: 32
1st Runner Up:
Quad Ride
Red Hot Flames
Times Played: 44
Winner & 2006 Road March:
Red Hot Flames
Times Played: 70
J' Ouvert aM orngo Results
Best Female Ole Mas Costume:
Beulah Henry Condom

Best Male Ole Mas Costume:
Kevin Michael Mudd People
Oldest Person Playing J'Ouvert:
Monica Dear 60 yrs
Best (Sponsored) Advertising Band:
The Source "Blue Devils"
Most Disciplined Band:
APUA Fusion
1st Band On The Road:
Band With Blue Devils
1st Steelband On The Road:
Sweetest Jam Band On The Road:
Red Hot Flames
Sweetest Steelband On The Road:
7-St owfCmpetiteo Resltd
2nd Runner Up:
1st Runner Up:
Jolly Harbour
Winner & 2006 T-Shirt Champion:
Jolly Beach
Bad Of 7Te 1eart Competitao

Small Baads Results
2nd Runner Up:
Carnival Time
1st Runner Up:
Reincarnation Of Ancient Tribes
Winner & 2006 Band Of The Year -
Small Band
Concacae To Germany


Further highlights, pictures and results are available at

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

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