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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No. 110 May 2006

On Thursday 1st June, Prime
Minister the Honourable Baldwin
Spencer and the Prime Minister of
Japan Junichiro Koizumi, were
engaged in lengthy discussions on ..
wide ranging issues of concern to both

Prime Minister Koizumi, who
indicated that he was made aware that
Antigua and Barbuda's main industry is
tourism, advised Antigua and Barbuda
to immediately commence marketing
the country in Japan and suggested
that sustained marketing will result in
increased number of travellers
knowing about the Caribbean island
and wanting to visit. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer (thirdfrom left) andhis delegation
with Prime .Minister Xoizumi (thirtfrom right) of Japan
He pointed out that every year
over 16 million Japanese travel abroad and Antigua and Barbuda should market itself in Japan to capture a share of that
huge travelling market.

Prime Minister Spencer updated the Japanese Prime Minister on the country's marketing strategy along with its
position on a number of issues ranging from United Nations reform to the sustainable management of the world's resources.

Both leaders also spent a great deal of time discussing sports, tourism, natural disaster management and

The Japanese leader pledged his country's continued
Inside cooperation with Antigua and Barbuda in its
Finance Ministry heightens awareness on the Antigua and developmental efforts.
Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST)
Government to remain seized with Internet gaming Both countries have signalled their intention to sign a
Dispute with the United States (pages 4 to 5) technical cooperation agreement after approval from
Antigua and Barbuda delegation in Japan holds the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.
successful meetings (pages 7 to 8)
Deal on merchant shipping signed with Cyprus (page 12)

2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Street, London W1H 4LP

WIl`.i p

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Dear Readers,

On the 6th June 2006, the High
Commission was represented at a Panel
discussion, sponsored by the Royal
Commonwealth Society, entitled 'Doves
and Dragons Is China a threat or
opportunity to the Commonwealth'?

This was a very important topic for us
since China has been very helpful to many
countries in the Caribbean including Antigua
and Barbuda, hence our attendance.

The panelists were Mr Duncan Innis-
Kerr, Editor of the China Report, The
Economist/Economist Intelligence Unit and
Mr Jonathan Galea, Political Officer,
Asia/Pacific; Commonwealth Secretariat
Political Affairs Division. Mr Galea was
speaking on his own behalf and not for the

Both presentations were excellent
even though there was not much of a debate

as both speakers seemed to be in general
agreement that China's impact on the
Commonwealth was positive.

China, being the 4th largest economy
in world is definitely in a position to, and often
does, assist developing countries with
infrastructure projects. For instance, in
Antigua and Barbuda, the Chinese are
building our state-of-the-art Sir Vivian
Richards Stadium to enable us to properly
play our part in hosting the Cricket World
Cup in 2007. From all accounts this work is
proceeding very well, thanks to the Chinese
workforce which is dedicated, disciplined and
hard-working. This is only one of a long line
of projects involving China's assistance.

During a visit to China in November
2004 Prime Minister Spencer, in a meeting
with Vice President Zeng Qinghong said that,
'over the 21 years since the establishment of
diplomatic ties between Antigua and
Barbuda and China, the bilateral political
relations have been strengthened constantly
and economic and trade cooperation has
made great achievements. The Antigua and
Barbuda government will continue to follow
the one-China policy, [and] highly
compliments China's contributions to
maintaining world peace and security and
[the government] stands ready to work with
China to push forward and enhance the
economic and trade cooperation between
the Caribbean countries and China.'

Our country's views have not

China is the largest developing
country in the world, and we have much to
gain by working closely with our 'big brother'
and trust that that perception is mutual.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

I N 1 y

Antigua and Barbuda
reacts to Indictments of
Gaming Operators

On the 18th May, Antiguan
government officials reacted to news that
the United States Department of Justice
had released indictments of two
Antiguan residents on money laundering
charges related to their operation of an
Antiguan based and licensed gaming
service provider.

The charges, contained in an
indictment dated 7 April 2005, accuse
William Scott and Jessica Davis of
violating United States anti-money
laundering laws through their operation
of World Wide Telesports, or WWTS.
Ironically, the allegations hinge on
purported violations by the two of United
States legislation known as the "Wire
Act" and the "Travel Act," the application
of both of which to gaming operators
from Antigua was found last year by the
World Trade Organisation to be contrary
to the American obligations under WTO

Antigua's Ambassador to the
WTO, Dr. John W. Ashe, does not see
the indictments and Antigua's WTO
victory to be unrelated. "These
indictments, coming down at a time when
the United States is supposed to be
undertaking efforts to comply with the
rulings of the WTO, are surely no
coincidence. It is more than just a little
ironic that the United States Department
of Justice has chosen to single out for
prosecution a well-known gaming
service provider from Antigua, a
jurisdiction that has been leading global
efforts to license, regulate, supervise and
oversee a robust yet clean and safe
gaming industry over the Internet-and
the only jurisdiction to take on the United
States at the World Trade Organisation-
and win-on this exact issue."

Under WTO procedures, the
United States had until 3 April 2006 to
comply with the rulings of the WTO in the
gambling case. Having initially stated
that coming into compliance would
involve significant legislative efforts, the
United States made a surprise
announcement at the WTO meeting last
month that it was already in compliance
with the adverse ruling, despite having
taken no apparent corrective action at all.
The parties are in the early stages of a
process at the WTO whereby a panel will
review the current situation and assess
the status of United States compliance.
"We are looking forward to this review
process," said Dr. Ashe, "and we feel
very confident that once again the WTO
will agree with us that the United States'
position on Internet gaming from our
country is simply trade discrimination-
disguised restrictions on trade in
services in violation of the WTO
agreements. In the year since we won
our case, facts have only gotten better
for Antigua and worse for the United

The indictments do not allege
that Mr. Scott and Ms. Davis engaged in
any money laundering conduct other
than by virtue of conducting the ordinary
business of a licensed Antiguan gaming
company, conduct that not only is lawful
in Antigua, but much of which is clearly
lawful in the United States as well.

The Antiguan Solicitor General
and Chairman of Antigua's Financial
Services Regulatory Commission, Mr.
Lebrecht Hesse, announced that the
Antiguan government would be
contacting the United States directly to
lodge a protest over the latest action of
the Department of Justice. "Coming at a
time when Antigua and the United States
are expected to be working together on a
reasonable solution to our dispute, these
indictments announced by the
Americans yesterday-which I note have
been laying unsealed, in secret, since
they were returned over a year ago-are

pretty incredible. We trust that these
indictments do not represent the
official position of the United States
government and rather represent the
work of some over-zealous prosecutor.
We look forward to the US
administration's prompt clarification of
this most unfortunate incident."

Turning to the subjects of the
indictments, Mr. Hesse observed as
Chairman of the FSRC "both of these
individuals have been through the
extensive due diligence process we
subject all major participants in our
gaming industry to, and both have
been found fit and proper to conduct
this kind of regulated business in
Antigua. To our knowledge, Mr. Scott
and Ms. Davis-Dyett have been law-
abiding citizens since coming to this
country some years ago."

Finance Ministry
heightens awareness on
the Antigua and Barbuda
Sales Tax (ABST)

The Inland Revenue
Department is proceeding with a
registration drive in preparation for the
Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax

According to Co-ordinator of
the ABST Implementation Team Mr.
Everton Gonsalves, efforts are being
made to ensure that all stakeholders
are properly sensitized on the Antigua
and Barbuda Sales Tax.

To this end, prospective
registrants can expect to receive
registration materials and invitations to
attend registration and training
seminars which commenced on May

The Antigua and Barbuda
Sales Tax Act provides for the

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Issue No 10Ma20

imposition, collection, and administration
of a broad-based tax on consumption in
Antigua and Barbuda, which will replace
a number of existing, less-efficient taxes.
The tax is modelled on the "value added"
type consumption taxes in use in over
120 countries around the world, including
many of the other countries in the
Caribbean region.

ABST is a single rate, broad-
based, multi-stage transaction tax,
imposed and collected at each stage in
the chain of production and distribution.
The tax will be collected by businesses,
but the final tax burden is intended to fall
on domestic consumers. The broad base
of the tax will limit the distortions
produced by the current taxation regime
and provide for simpler compliance and
administration than the existing raft of
taxes being replaced.

Mr. Gonsalves added that the
ABST is likely to replace a number of
existing taxes including the Consumption
Tax, the Hotels Tax, the Hotel Guest
Levy, Restaurant and Catering Services
Tax and the Telecommunications Tax.

A standard rate of 15 per cent is
been considered for the Antigua and
Barbuda Sales Tax however, a special
introductory rate will be offered to hotels.

The ABST is likely to take effect
in the third quarter of 2006.

Ministry of Tourism
launches Team 2K7 for
Milestone Celebration Year

The Ministry of Tourism has
announced the establishment of a
national steering committee to oversee
the country's entertainment activities for
2007 which will be a monumental year of
celebration for Antigua and Barbuda.

Tourism Minister Harold Lovell,
who heads the committee, officially
launched "Team 2K7" in a media event
on Thursday 25th May, when the details
of the committee's plans for 2006 and
2007 was outlined.

"Work has begun in earnest but
I am elated at the progress we have
made to date. I am more confident now
than ever that Antigua and Barbuda will
put on a magnificent, high quality
showcase of our culture and natural
environment, so that visitors and
residents alike will have an unforgettably
enjoyable experience during the various
milestone activities to be celebrated
during 2007," the Minister noted.

These events include ICC CWC
2007, the 20th anniversary of the Classic
Yacht Regatta, the 40th anniversary of
Sailing Week and the 50th anniversary of

Team 2K7's kick off activity will
be an after cricket lime dubbed "A Taste
of 2007" in downtown St. John's on
Sunday June 4th, followed by a public
Input Session on June 22 during which
members of the public will be
encouraged to share their ideas and
volunteer for the various sub-committees.

The National Theme Contest to
identify the phrase which best captures
the spirit of the nation during the 2007
milestone year of celebration has been
extended. All residents of Antigua and
Barbuda are eligible, and entries should
be 10 words or less, and should be
contained to one theme per person.

Entrants grant the Ministry of
Tourism and Civil Aviation the right to
use and publish the submission in print,
online or in any other media in
connection with the theme and or
activities, without compensation.

Submissions should be
accompanied by a summary in not more

than 25 50 words of your
interpretation of the submitted theme.
The deadline for submissions has been
extended to Monday 26 June, 2006,
and should be addressed to the
Manager of education awareness and
training Mrs. Cynthia Simon.

"2007 will present a perfect
opportunity for our store operators,
promoters, entertainers, vendors,
entrepreneurs and volunteers to show
the world what we in Antigua and
Barbuda can produce deliver. We need
everyone to come on board and help
make this a resounding success," said
Minister Lovell.

Government to remain
seized with Internet
gaming dispute with the
United States

On 25th May, Minister of
Finance and the Economy, Dr. L Errol
Cort, reassured the nation that his
government remains seized with the
matter of the WTO dispute on Internet
gaming between the Antigua and
Barbuda and the United States.

"The United States and us
have just agreed on and jointly
submitted to the WTO's Dispute
Settlement Body (DSB), a set of
procedures known as a "Sequencing
Agreement," with the US regarding the
timeframe for the establishment of a
compliance panel by the DSB to
determine if the United States has
implemented the recommendations
and rulings of the DSB and if it remains
out of compliance with its WTO
obligations," said the Minister.

The Minister went on to add
that if the DSB finds that the United
States failed to comply with that body's
recommendations and rulings, or that a
measure taken by the United States to

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

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I N 1 y

comply with the recommendations and
rulings is inconsistent with a covered
agreement, his government reserved the
right to request authorization to suspend
concessions or other obligations under
the relevant WTO provisions.

The Minister also expressed his
government's concern with pending
legislation before the House Judiciary
Committee of the US Congress.

He stated, "I have requested
our Ambassador to the WTO,
Ambassador John Ashe, to write to
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee,
Mr. James Sensenbrenner, and inform
him of my government's concern with
legislation introduced into the United
States Congress on 16 February 2006
entitled the "Internet Gambling
Prohibition Act" (the "Goodlatte Bill"), and
similar legislation, introduced on 18
November 2005 as H.R. 4411, cited as
the "Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act of 2005" (the "Leach
Bill")," he said. "We are concerned that
these Bills may be expressly contrary to
the rulings and recommendations of the
DSB," he added.

Ms. Kaye McDonald, Director of
Gaming, Financial Services Regulatory
Commission also expressed concern
with the Bills. "We note, on the one hand,
that the Goodlatte Bill, which is cast as
an amendment to the US federal criminal
statute known as the "Wire Act," is
designed to expand the coverage of the
Wire Act to most types of gambling
services offered over the Internet, and on
the other hand, the Leach Bill seeks to
criminalise facilitation of or participation
in certain financial transactions
associated with what the legislation
defines as "unlawful Internet gambling,"
she said.

Mark Mendel, the legal adviser
to the government on this matter added
that a settlement was proposed to the
then United States Trade

Representative, Ambassador Robert
Zoellick, almost two years ago now, after
the WTO panel report was first released
to both parties.

"An approached was made to
Amb Zoellick with a view towards
reaching an accommodation between
both parties prior to the release of the
panel report, that would in essence, use
the Antigua-based industry as a "test
case" of sorts, since we believed that a
thoughtful study of the gaming industry in
cooperation with US would demonstrate
the efficacy of Antigua and Barbuda's
regulatory scheme and the ability of the
government to adequately supervise this
kind of activity," he said.

"In my communication to the
Chairman Sensenbrenner, I informed
him that Minister Cort remains available
to meet with the members of the
Judiciary Committee to discuss the
pending legislation and their impact on
the WTO dispute," said Ambassador

Statement by H.E. Edwin
W. Carrington, Secretary-
General, Caribbean
Community (CARICOM) on
the occasion of the
Inaugural Caribbean-
American Heritage Month,
June 2006

"We, the peoples of the
Caribbean, both in the Homeland and in
the Diaspora, will without doubt always
remember the sixth month of the sixth
year of the 21st century. It is both an
historic and a momentous occasion, as
on 5 June 2006 the President of the
United States of America, George W.
Bush, officially proclaimed June 2006
Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

For centuries, the United
States of America has benefited from
the contributions of the sons and
daughters of the Caribbean. As stated
by the President, "We celebrate the
great contributions of the Caribbean-
American, to the fabric of our nation
and we pay tribute to the common
culture and bonds of friendship that
unite the United States and Caribbean
Countries. Our nation has thrived as a
country of immigrants and we are more
vibrant and hopeful because of the
talent, faith and values of Caribbean-
Americans. For centuries Caribbean-
Americans have enriched our society
and added to the strength of America."

The President pointed to
Caribbean-Americans being "leaders
in Government, sports, entertainment,
the arts and many other fields."
Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-
Oakland), lead sponsor of the Bill
which was passed in the Congress in
February of this year, and to whom our
profound gratitude goes, cites a long
list of Caribbean people and their
descendants in this regard, including:
"Alexander Hamilton, Hazel Scott,
Sidney Poiter, Jean Michelle Basquit,
Eric Holder, Colin Powell, Susan
Taylor, Edwidge Danticat, Kelsey
Grammer, Jean Baptiste Point Du
Sable, Roberto Clemente, Maryse
Conde, Cecily Tyson, Harry Belafonte,
Celia Cruz, Mervyn Dymally and
Shirley Chisholm." Congresswoman
Lee and her co-sponsors truly deserve
our gratitude for providing the voice
that strongly called for the recognition
of the people of the Caribbean

In marking this historic step in
the strengthening of ties between the
Caribbean and the United States, it
would be remiss not to pay tribute to
the Institute of Caribbean Studies for
the very important role it played in
lobbying for the recognition of this
month as Caribbean-American

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Issue No 10Ma20

Heritage Month. Since 1999, the Institute
has been observing June as Caribbean-
American Heritage month. In addition, its
efforts to make the celebrations
nationwide this year must be highly

This is therefore, definitely a
time for celebration for the people of the
Caribbean, be they in the Homeland or in
the Diaspora. In so doing however, let us
not forget that there are even more
valuable benefits to be gained from such
an observance. And, while we greatly
value and give due praise to the sterling
contributions Caribbean-Americans have
made to the United States in a wide
variety of fields, we must always
remember the intrinsic bonds that forever
bind the Diaspora to the Caribbean

During the lecture series to
commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of
the Caribbean Community in 2003, the
former Prime Minister of Jamaica, the
Most Honourable P.J Patterson used the
occasion to speak directly to the
Caribbean Diaspora. He was of the firm
view that persons of Caribbean descent
needed to come together to advance
concerns of common interest to all
CARICOM countries, concerns relating
to trade and investment issues,
developments in US immigration policy,
security matters, the narcotics trafficking,
gun-smuggling and criminal deportees.

The Caribbean Diaspora, he
emphasised, needed to continue as an
essential partner in Caribbean
civilisation. All needed to be involved!
It is in this spirit that it behoves us all to
keep working to strengthen the ties that
already exist between the peoples of the
Caribbean and of the United States, as
we launch this inaugural Caribbean-
American Heritage Month."

Day against drug abuse
and illicit trafficking to be

Students in learning institutions
in Antigua and Barbuda will play a very
important part in this year's observance
of International Day Against Drug Abuse
and Illicit Trafficking, which will be
observed on 26th June 2006.

Norma Dorsett, Substance
Abuse Prevention Officer from the
Substance Abuse Prevention Division,
said her department (a division of the
Ministry of Housing, Culture & Social
Transformation) has organized an essay
competition for students from primary to
tertiary levels under the theme, "The
Role I Can Play in the Fight Against Drug
Use/Abuse in Antigua & Barbuda."

Dorsett said judges will review
the various entries, make an assessment
and determine the best essay for each of
the four categories from primary, junior
secondary, secondary and tertiary

Participants in the competition
will not be labouringg in vain' as there are
great prizes up for grabs including a
laptop and desktop computer, digital
camera, ipod and Mp3 players.

Meantime, Dorsett said plans
are coming together for the staging of a
march in recognition of International Day
Against Drug Abuse, which will be held
under the theme, "Partners Against Drug
- Join the Fight."

"We are hoping to send a strong
message to the community that we are
against illicit drugs and will do whatever
we can to reduce and even stop the use
of the substances that are causing great
problems on our community", Dorsett

BAIG's commitment to
tackle the diseases of the
developing world

A year ago, the Biomedical
Industry Advisory Group (BIAG)
offered its submission to the World
Health Organisation Commission on
Intellectual Property Rights Innovation
and Public Health (CIPIH).

The submission was selected
from the expertise and insights of
thousands of their colleagues across
the globe in the biomedical industry.

The BIAG's intent then and
now is to foster a global dialogue on
how best to ease the burden of
diseases that disproportionately affect
the developing world, and examine
ways to spur the discovery,
development and delivery of innovative
therapeutics to improve public health

The Biomedical Industry
stands ready to strengthen its already
substantial investments in innovative
treatments, training and other solutions
that save and improve lives around the

The BIAG has renewed its
commitment to improving the quality of
public health in the developing world.
(BIAG Secretariat) (

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I N 1 y

submitted by a young member of the
iAntiguan Diaspora, we hope you
enjoy it as much we do.

There it lies, a speck in the Caribbean

365 beaches, swaying palms,
Awesome Antigua, Awesome
Jolly, Jumby and Grand,
Special Safaris and sailing seas.
Tiny towns and tall townsmen,
Big broad, banks,

S They don't use Francs,a
Have a nice swim
3 Or go to a Gym,
Try Antigua,
You'll love it!!!

By: Adam C. Samuel in
iAge: 12
Bagenham, Essex


Antigua and Barbuda
delegation in Japan holds
successful meetings

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer

and Tourism Minister Harold Lovell

described the first day of official
meetings in Japan with government
officials as being very successful.

The delegation which also
comprises Ambassador to Japan and the
International Whaling Commission
Anthony Liverpool, held meetings with
the Japanese Association of Travel

(teft to right) Ambassador Anthony Liverpool foreign Minister of
Japan Tara Aso, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer anduTourism and
AndCivilAviation Minister HaroCdLoveCC

Agents, Parliamentary Secretary for
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Yasushi Kaneko, the Whaling Caucus of
the Liberal Democratic Party and Foreign
Affairs Minister Taro Aso.

Tourism Minister Harold Lovell
said that the meeting with the Japanese
Association of Travel Agents was an eye
opener as the Antigua and Barbuda
delegation was encouraged to tap into
the lucrative Japanese tourist market.

He noted that in addition to the
country being invited to participate in the
World Tourism Fair to be held in Japan in
September of this year, an offer was
made to provide assistance to Antigua
and Barbuda to develop a Japanese
Tourism website to expose Japanese
travellers to Antigua and Barbuda.

"Japan is an untapped market,
but a market with tremendous potential.
The JATA representative is of the view
that the Caribbean area is ripe for
development in terms of Japanese
tourists. We discuss the real possibility
of promoting multi-destination marketing
whereby its not only Antigua and
Barbuda but the entire OECS. JATA will
be prepared to work with US to reap

economic benefits from having a
presence in Japan to facilitate
marketing the region here," Minister
Lovell said

The issue of direct flights
between Antigua and Barbuda was
addressed and it was suggested that
connections from the USA to Antigua
and Barbuda for Japanese tourists can
be utilized. Minister Lovell mentioned
with the direct flights to Antigua from
Atlanta by Delta Airlines and the
American Airlines flight from US ports
into Antigua via Puerto Rico.

It was also recommended that
Antigua and Barbuda collaborate with
other OECS countries to jointly market
the Caribbean in Japan. The JATA
official recommended that Antigua and
Barbuda should establish a system in
Japan for daily contact between the
Japanese Travel Agents Association
and Antigua and Barbuda. This,
Minister Lovell said will be further
explored by Ambassador Anthony

Spencer said
highlighted the

that the

for the

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

I II,~~R~

development of the travel business
between Japan and Antigua and
Barbuda. He said that his government is
looking forward to putting the necessary
mechanisms in place to ensure that
Antigua and Barbuda taps into the
Japanese travel market.

Commenting on his meetings
with the Foreign Minister of Japan and
other members of parliament, Prime
Minister Spencer said that they were
very productive resulting in the Japanese
government pledging further technical

On the issue of whaling he said
that Antigua and Barbuda shares the
same position with Japan for scientific
monitoring and the sustainable use of
whales. This position he said will be
articulated by Antigua and Barbuda at
the upcoming International Whaling
Commission meeting in St. Kitts in June.

"We discussed a wide range of
issues including United Nations reform
and Japan's technical cooperation
programme with Antigua and Barbuda.
We outlined that the government is fully
supportive of sustainable use of the
world's resources and in that concept we
support Japan's position on whaling. I
am of the view that our meetings so far

have firmed up our relations and it will
result in the relationship deepening," said
the Prime Minister.

Both Prime Minister Spencer
and Minister Lovell underscored the
need for a greater bond with Japan that
will extend beyond cooperation in

The Antigua and Barbuda
delegation also visited the largest fish
market in the world.

Antigua and Barbuda
makes case for
Vulnerability Index

The Antigua and Barbuda
delegation that recently visited Japan
made the case for developed countries
and international donor organizations to
use the Vulnerability Index as an
indicator to qualify countries for aid

Tourism and Civil Aviation
Minister Harold Lovell during a Luncheon
Meeting with the President of the
Overseas Fishery Cooperation
Foundation (OFCF) Mr. Shimada, said
that Antigua and Barbuda does not
qualify for numerous aid packages

because current World Bank indicators
put the country in a middle-income
bracket due to a relatively high per
capital income which is at US$12, 000.

"We feel that this is a
misleading index and that another
basis of calculation should be used in
the determination of the level of
assistance given to us by international
donors. We support the development
and use of a vulnerability index,"
Minister Lovell said.

The development of the
Vulnerability Index was spearheaded
by the Small Island Developing States
SIDS and after extensive analytical
work and discussions at several high-
level meetings in 1999, the
Commonwealth Secretariat produced
a Commonwealth Vulnerability Index
which is used as a policy instrument in
determining assistance requirements.

Minister Lovell pointed out
that the index indicates that
irrespective of income levels, small
states are generally more vulnerable
than other developing countries. He
noted that the index takes into
consideration issues that are of
particular concern to small states and
over which they have no control, such
as their vulnerability to external
economic and environmental shocks,
the transitional costs of integration into
the rapidly globalizing economy, the
changing international trading system,
susceptibility to environmental change
and natural disasters, and security

The Tourism and Civil
Aviation Minister told the Japanese
executives that in assessing Antigua
and Barbuda's eligibility for economic
assistance, his government
encourages Japan and other
developed countries to consider the
use of the Vulnerability Index.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

ZLtugau urua cu.ruvTuuw waeuegtLrn uracussw wun wLnrjupyru? e
Association of Travel Agents

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

International College Fair 2006 Antigua
November, 7th- 8th

The Ministry of Education will be staging an International Fair on the 7th and 8th November 2006 at the Multi-Purpose
Exhibition Centre, Perry Bay, St. John's Antigua.

The Fair will be opened from 10:00am to 5:30pm each day.

The objectives of the fair are to:

help prospective students and their parents make informed decisions about further education;

provide interested students/parents/guardians with an opportunity to discover the diversity of higher education in
the Caribbean, United Sates, United Kingdom, and Canada;

minimise the time and money spent in application to tertiary institutions;

give Caribbean and International Institutions a unique opportunity to diversify their student's population by re
cruiting a high calibre of student from Antigua and Barbuda.

The registration fee of US$300.00 provides each institution with a table 6x2.6ft and two chairs. The fee also includes
lunch, coffee breaks and transportation to and from the centre on both days. Information, exhibits and other materials necessary to
stimulate interest in your College/University, can be sent in advance by courier service to Mrs. Maureen Lewis, College Fair
Coordinator, Ministry of Education, St. John's Antigua.

Telephone: 1(268) 462-4959
Fax: 1-(268) 462-4970

We will ensure safekeeping and delivery of your package to the Exhibition Centre.

A short profile (130 words maximum) of your institution will be included in the ICF Programme, and should be sent by
e-mail no later than 30th September 2006, to maintain uniformity, only the following information will be printed: short profile,
telephone and fax numbers, mailing, e-mail and website addresses, academic programme, tuition and living costs, enrollment
(undergraduate/graduate/international student). We are making contact with hotels for special rates an will inform you later
concerning costs.

Should your College/University decide to participate, please complete the attached registration form and return along with
the registration fee by 30th August, 2006. Bank draft in US dollars or Cheque Drawn on a US Bank should be made payable to
International College Fair and addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, P.O. Box 1264, St. John's, Antigua,
West Indies.

The Ministry of Education Looks Forward to your participation.

Maureen Lewis
Coordinator- International College Fair

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Ministry of Education
International College Fair 2006
Registration Form

Date: Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2006

Early registration: US$ 300.00 Deadline August 30th, 2006
Late registration: US$ 450.00 Deadline October 11th, 2006

Please Complete in Block Letters

Name of College/University:

Mailing Address:

Name of Representative:

Position: Office:

Telephone: Fax:

E-mail: Website:

Please register and reserved a booth for my institution at the Antigua International College Fair 2006. The fair will be held from 10:00am
- 12:30pm and from 2:00pm 5:00pm on Tuesday 7th November 2006, and from 9:00am 12:00pm and 1:30pm 5:30pm on Wednes-
day 8th November 2006, at the Multi-Purpose Exhibition Centre, St. John's Antigua.

I understand that the registration fee is non-refundable and due to limited space, booths cannot be guaranteed for institutions that have
not paid by 11th October, 2006.

Enclosed is a cheque for US $ 300.00 Paid as early registration fee for my participation at the Antigua International College Fair.u

Enclosed is a cheque for US $ 450.00 Paid as late registration fee for my participation at the Antigua International College Fair. O

Name: Office:

Signature: Date:

Please make cheque payable to International College Fair.
(Bank draft/cheque drawn on a U.S Bank)

Mrs. Maureen L. Lewis
Coordinator International College Fair
Tele: (268)-462-4959
Fax: (268)-462-4970

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP
Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486 10

I II,~~R~

Japan External Trade
Organisation (JETRO)
encourages Antiguan
exports to Japan

Chairman of the Japan External
Trade Organisation, Osamu Watanabe,
has encouraged Antiguan and Barbudan
businesses to export their products into
the Japanese market.

During a meeting between the
Antiguan and Barbuda delegation led by
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer visiting
Japan and officials of the trade
organisation, Antigua and Barbuda was
encouraged to promote the popular
Susie's Hot Sauce and the English
Harbour Rum in Japan.

"These two products are very
popular on the international market and I
will encourage Antigua and Barbuda to
promote these popular brands in Japan.
Every year there is a food exhibition in
the spring in Japan and we encourage
you to participate. JETRO will provide
subsidies for developing countries to
participate," outlined JETRO's CEO
Osamu Watanabe.

As part of their remit, JETRO
identifies promising export products in
developing countries and provides
technical assistance on how to improve
their quality and design. At the request
of individual countries, JETRO holds
several exhibitions each year to enable
foreign exporters to visit Japan and
introduce their products directly to
Japanese buyers and consumers.

Prime Minister Spencer said
that the suggestions and assistance that
JETRO is prepared to lend towards
facilitating Susie's Hot Sauce and
English Harbour Rum to enter the
Japanese market are very timely and is
an opportunity that should be utilized to
the fullest. Susie's hot Sauce and

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencerpresented'A. LittCe Bit of Parads' to
JETRO's CEO Osamu 'Watanabe

English Harbour Rum have won
numerous awards worldwide, with
English Harbour Rum recently being
named one of the world's best ten rums
by Forbes Magazine.

During the meeting Prime
Minister Spencer also updated the
JETRO executives on the progress of the
CARICOM Single Market and noted that
Japan should expand its cooperation in
the Caribbean beyond shipping and one
such way is supporting the establishment
of the Regional Development Fund.

"The Regional Development
Fund is an important aspect of the
CARICOM Single Market which will
facilitate developing countries within the
regional grouping to find their niche and
we are anticipating that the Japanese
government will assist us in the
establishment of this fund," said Prime
Minister Spencer.

The JETRO CEO said that
the establishment of the CARICOM
Single Market is a very positive move
for the region and such cooperation
can only lend to regional attractiveness.

The Japan External Trade
Organisation JETRO also helps
developing countries achieve
sustainable economic growth by
working with them to strengthen their
export industries, improve business-
related systems and nurture human

In line with Japan's Official
Development Assistance (ODA)
Charter, JETRO takes into account the
diversity that exists among developing
economies and tailors its assistance


2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

Issu No.10 Ma2

Response to
Readership Survey

During December 2005 and
January 2006 the High Commission
sought to obtain feedback from you
regarding the Antigua and Barbuda High

Commission's Newsletter through a
Readership Survey.

From 583 persons to whom this
was sent there were 35 respondents. 27
respondents were generally satisfied
with the information provided and when
asked for recommendations for

improving the Newsletter gave
remarkable responses, most of which
can and will be implemented.

The High Commission would
like to thank those who participated in
this survey. Your responses were
indeed appreciated.

Minister signs deal on
merchant shipping with

Senator Aziz Hadeed, Minister
of State with responsibility for Merchant
Shipping and Shipping Registration,
recently revealed that his government
has signed an agreement on merchant
shipping with Government of the
Republic of Cyprus, aimed at promoting
cooperation between the two countries
in the field of maritime transport.

"Given the importance my
government attaches to the
development of our shipping registry on
the international plane, we felt it was
rather important to establish such a link
with the Republic of Cyprus," whose
shipping registry has shown
phenomenal growth in recent years,"
said Senator Hadeed.

"In 1981 Cyprus was ranked
thirty-second on the list of leading
maritime nations. It now ranks sixth with
a merchant fleet exceeding 26 million
gross tons, and is considered an
international maritime centre. This is a
model we intend to emulate," he added.
The Senator also noted that other such
agreements with some of the major
maritime nations are in the works.

"As we establish partnerships
with other nations, my government
intends to ensure that our Merchant
Shipping and Shipping Registration Unit

Senator Aziz H3adeed with foreign Ministers from the European
Union during a recent meeting in Austria

becomes internationally recognized as a
responsible entity for the development
of maritime activities, including:
registration of ships, administration of
the Merchant Shipping Laws, control of
shipping and enforcement of
international conventions, investigation
of casualties, resolving labour disputes
onboard Antigua and Barbuda-flagged
ships and training and certification of
seafarers," he said.

The Senator praised the
Antigua and Barbuda's Mission to the
United Nations for its assistance in
facilitating the signing of today's
agreement at the Republic of Cyprus'
Mission to the United Nations.

The agreement which entered
into force immediately, called for, among

other things, parallel registration of ships
in the respective registry of the two
countries, the adoption of appropriate
measures to reduce unnecessary
delays of vessels in the ports of each
country, the reciprocal recognition of the
identity documents issued by the
competent authorities to enable crew
members from each country to embark
from their respective vessels for
temporary shore leave, and the
simplification of administrative, customs
and sanitary formalities applicable to
their respective ports.

2nd floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP

Tel: 020 7258 0070 Fax: 020 7258 7486

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