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-- The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission
ISSUE No.102 August 2005
An official ground
breaking ceremony on
Sh .... Thursday 8th September
i .... signafe ed the start of
construction of the Sir Vivian
Richards Cricket Stalium.

7 ie ceremony
organizedby the government
in conjunction with -World
SC r Cup Antigua Inc., also
to a frth eaturedthe signing of the
Stadium Construction
-Agreement by Acting
Director of Public -Works Mr. CharGesworth Davis and Deputy Chief Economist of the
Construction Firm, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Mr. Zhao Zhanging.

Prime Mlinister Batdwin Spencer andHer Exceflency Mvadame Ren Xiaoping, China's
Ambassador to Antigua andiarbuda also signedthe continuedAid gratis 4Agreement under
the Economic andlTrade Cooyeration for a further 40 mission yuan toward the cost of the
construction of the stadium.

7ihe groundbreaking Ceremony includedaddresses by Minister of Syorts andChairman
of World Cup Antigua Inc. John Maginey, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
Association, Mr. Enoch Lewis, CEO andManaging Director of WorGldCup Antigua Inc., Mr.
george goodwin Jr. andPresident of the Hunan -Architectura andDesign Institute, Mr. Chen
Xin. -Ambassadors Ren Xiaoying and David Shoul also delivered addresses while Prime
Minister Spencer de livere dthe feature address.

7ie turning of the sodto officially start construction was
carriedout by Prime Minister Spencer, Sir Vivian Richards, Inside
Ambassador Ren Xiaoping andMr. Zhao Zhanging. Antigua and Barbuda and other
OECS countries express concern
over CSME (page 3)
The Sir ivian ichar Cricket Staium wihave a over CSME (page 3)
e a wih a r 8, Government moves Airport re-
permanent capacity of 11, ooofixedseats with a further 8,000 Development Project to a new
temporary seats addedfor ICC Cricket 'WorldCup 2007. 7'here Level (page 7)
will be a totalof sevenplyayingpitches, 4 utilizedfor the CWC Delta airline's inaugural flight
2007 games. 7he Playingfieldsize willmeet both standardsfor scheduled for December 2005
one day internationals andtest matches with the playing area (page 8)
being 146.3m or 16o yardsfrom boundary to boundary square. Antigua-Barbuda and Australia
discuss common interests
(page 10)

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970 ]il'. i .miil.,-barbuda.com


Dear Readers,

Antigua and Barbuda is moving full
steam ahead with the construction of the Sir
Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium at North

Four officials from the China Civil
Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)
which comprised Deputy Chief Economist Zhao
Zhangning, Project Manager Huang Haichen
and Vice Manager/Senior Engineer Projects
Management Section Liu Xianlong visited
Antigua and Barbuda and discussed the various
requirements of the government for the
construction of the multi-million dollar cricket
stadium with non-resident Ambassador to China,
HE David Shoul and members of World Cup
Antigua Incorporated.


This is a gentle reminder about the
Independence Homecoming 2005, which takes

place in Antigua from October 21st to November

This year's theme is ANTIGUA AND
BARBUDA:ONE FAMILY "Working Together to
Achieve Excellence".

The Committee is working ceaselessly to
make this year's celebrations truly unforgettable.

The activities will commence on Friday
21st October with a Pre-Independence
Theatrical Performance and concludes on 1st
November with the Ceremonial Parade at 8:00
am; Food Fair/Panache at 12:00 noon and the
Independence Homecoming Banquet at 7:30

This is the second year that the
Independence Homecoming is being held. Last
year's was a resounding success and we
envision this year's festivities will be even more

Apart from reconnecting nationals and
providing new opportunities for investment, the
festival should also benefit our economy.

In reality, the Independence
Homecoming is an economic enterprise, as it
will inject huge foreign exchange into our
country's economy. It has been estimated that if
5,000 nationals and friends arrive in Antigua and
Barbuda between October 21 and November 1,
2005, it should generate millions in revenue.

I therefore urge everyone to do theirpart
to support this critical project in our economy.
Independence Homecoming is good for our
economy, our culture and engenders pride in our

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

. - Barbuda was looking to
expand its shipping
register and that
formalizing the
arrangement with the
Russian Federation
was a step in that

Antigua and Barbuda and
the Russian Federation
strengthens relations

On the 22nd August, Prime
Minister Baldwin Spencer met the new
Russian Ambassador to the Eastern
Caribbean, His Excellency Mr. Igor
Lebedev and held discussions on a wide
range of matters of cooperation.

Ambassador Lebedev pledged
to work diligently to develop relations
between Antigua and Barbuda and the
Russian Federation. He mentioned that
Russian President Vladimir Putin
instructed all Russian Ambassadors to
concentrate on developing economic
relations with foreign countries. He
outlined that there was a mechanism for
political dialogue both at bilateral and
CARICOM level.

Prime Minister Spencer and the
Russian Diplomat also discussed the
early conclusion of a maritime
agreement between both countries.

This agreement should
enhance the capacity of the Antigua and
Barbuda Shipping Register to attract
vessels from the Russian Federation, or
major maritime nations. Prime Minister
Spencer emphasized that Antigua and

S Prime Minister
Spencer also spoke of
the possibilities for the
country to take up
Russian scholarships
for tertiary training in
various fields. He also
mentioned the
possibilities for
developing tourism out of Russia.
Ambassador Labedev agreed that there
were good possibilities, as over one
thousand Russian tourists per annum
currently visit Jamaica.

United Nations reform was also
on the agenda during the meeting and
Ambassador Lebedev outlined his
government's approach to the UN Reform
process and highlighted Russia's
emphasis on multilateralism.

Prime Minster Spencer pointed
out that the UN needs reform, not only at
the level of the Security Council but many
of its other organs and agencies. He
pointed out that the Millennium
Development Goals should be brought to
the forefront of world affairs and should be
aligned to the question of UN reform.

Ambassador Lebedev spoke of
the relative prospects of the so called G-4
countries who are lobbying to become
permanent members of the UNSC. He
was of the view that new members would
have to take on additional responsibilities
as permanent members.

Ambassador Lebedev's visit with
Prime Minister Spencer was preceded by
his presentation of Credentials to Governor
General Sir James Carlisle.

Issue No. 102 August 2005

WTO Arbitrator rules in
favour of Antigua and
Barbuda in its Internet
Gaming case against the
United States

Claus-Dieter Ehlermann,
the Arbitrator appointed by the World
Trade Organization, to determine a
"reasonable time period for
implementation" of
recommendations and rulings of the
WTO's Dispute Settlement Body
(DSB) in Antigua and Barbuda's
Internet gaming case against the
United States (United States-
Measures Affecting the Cross-Border
Supply of Gambling and Betting
Services) issued an award on the
19th August that was in favour with
Antigua and Barbuda's request for
the shortest possible time period.

"I am pleased to see that
the Arbitrator has decided in favour
of our cogent arguments that the
shortest possible time period be
given to the US to implement the
recommendations," said Dr. Errol
Cort, Minister of Finance and the
Economy, who has overall
responsibility for this issue.

"We believe that in his
decision to grant the US a time
period of eleven months and two
weeks (11 months and 2 weeks) from
the date of the adoption of the WTO's
Appellate Body Report, or
approximately eight months (8
months), from the stated date the
Arbitrator has sent a clear message
to the US that it is expected to
comply fully with the
recommendations and rulings of the
DSB, and to do so within a clearly
defined timeframe" he added.

The Minister added that he
now hoped that those who had

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

li.p. - .iiiyi._.i-barbuda.com

Issue No. 102 August 2005

previously sought to either dismiss or
minimize Antigua and Barbuda's
decisive victory in this case, would now
understand fully the import of the DSB's
recommendations and rulings. "We have
prevailed at every stage in this
endeavour, and given the importance of
Internet gaming to our economy, we will,
as Prime Minister has repeatedly
emphasized, "stay the course,"" he said.

"I would like to thank our team
of Dr. John W. Ashe, our Ambassador to
the WTO, and Mr. Mark Mendel, our
Legal Adviser, for the yeoman job they
did in persuasively presenting our
arguments to the Arbitrator at the
hearing last month," said the Minister.

"I am pleased that the Arbitrator
was not persuaded by the US' request
that it will need a minimum of fifteen (15)
months to implement the
recommendations and rulings of the
DSB in this dispute," said Ambassador
Ashe. "Had this request been granted,
the US would have had until the end of
July 2006, instead of 3 April 2006, to
implement the recommendations," he

"Ideally, we would have
preferred even a shorter time frame,"
said Mark Mendel, Antigua and
Barbuda's Legal Adviser. "For us, even a
period of one month is too long. Under
the circumstances, however, we are
very pleased with the outcome," he

"At the end of day, in this case,
April 3, 2006, we hope that the US will
present to the Appellate Body, a
comprehensive plan on how it intends to
grant full market access to our gaming
operators," said Ms. Kaye MacDonald,
Director of Gaming of the Directorate of
Offshore Gaming. "Before anyone
forgets, this after all, is the primary
reason we brought the case to the WTO
in the first place," she added.

Antigua and
Barbuda's delegation to the
WTO will now have to
ensure that the US regularly
informs the meetings of the
DSB on steps it is taking, to
implement the
recommendations and
rulings of the Appellate

PM Spencer
makes trip to the
Republic of Cuba

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
accompanied by Junior Minister of Health
Winston Williams, Ambassador Designate
to Cuba HE Bruce Goodwin and Cuban
Medical Team Coordinator Dr. Geovando
Martinez, recently paid a visit to the
Republic of Cuba where they participated
in the graduation of medical students from
the Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina.

The medical school currently has
over 12,000 students studying from across
the Caribbean, Latin America and the USA.

Prime Minister Spencer, who was
specially invited to attend the graduation
ceremony of the 1841 doctors (6 Antiguans
and Barbudans) by President Fidel Castro,
also visited the Antiguan and Barbudan
patients who are in Cuba undergoing eye
treatment under a special programme
established by Cuba and Venezuela. The
over 121 patients were elated to see Prime
Minister Spencer and his team and
expressed profound gratitude to his
government and the Cubans for the
initiative. The Prime Minister's team also
received a medial update on the status of
the patients from the doctors in Cuba.

The country's leader also
participated in a specially convened
meeting with Heads of State of Latin
America and the Caribbean chaired by

President Fidel Castro and President
Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

The discussions centered
on closer relations between the
Caribbean and Latin America, the
PETROCARIBE initiative of
Venezuela and the Cuban Eye-care

During an intervention,
Prime Minister Spencer called for an
urgent summit of the Caribbean and
Latin America to chart out an
integration framework for the region.

"There is an urgent need for
us to meet and concretize the
movement towards closer
cooperation. The functional
cooperation espoused by Prime
Minister Gonsalves and Skerrit
needs to be advanced in light of the
effects of globalization on the
Caribbean," he said.

It was widely agreed that
Cuba and Venezuela should be the
axis towards the development to
advance cooperation into integration
between the Caribbean and Latin

The meeting which was
also attended by the Prime Ministers

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com



of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica,
Grenada and St. Vincent and the
Grenadines along with the leaders of
Panama, Ecuador and Venezuela, also
highlighted the need for Latin America
namely Cuba and Venezuela to assist
countries whose sugar and banana
industries are affected by new trade

It was agreed that a special
commission will be appointed to chart
the future of an integration movement
between the Caribbean and Latin
America. In addition, the
PETROCARIBE initiative mounted by
Venezuela to provide fuel to the region
will be officially instituted with the signing
of agreements to commence shipments
at a meeting in Jamaica on September 8.

Antigua and Barbuda and
other OECS countries
express concern over

Ahead of the High Level
Retreat which was scheduled for OECS
officials in St. Lucia, the smaller
countries of the Caribbean expressed
their feelings on the heels of the CSME
due to be in effect as of January 1, 2006.

This meeting with CARICOM
officials sought to address matters of the
Development Fund, regional markets on
specific agriculture products, OECS
proposals of special and differential
treatment and the difficulties meeting the
deadline of December 2005.

Trade Affairs Officer, Michael
Freeland, spoke briefly on the matters,
stating that although the OECS countries
have signed on to the Treaty which will
govern a single market, these countries
still had to remain committed to their
people so that their economies will
benefit from the arrangement.

The development fund which is
now being a highly debated agenda item is
fundamental in the formation of the CSME.
Questions of its construction and
accessibility are still being contested
ensuring somewhat of an equitable
outcome for all CARICOM Member States.

According to Freeland, the least-
developed countries of CARICOM should
have a special arrangement in accessing
this fund. Therefore, the small businesses
within the economies will be able to utilise
such mechanism, offsetting disadvantaged
positions, retooling its strategic objectives
and being able to survive in a competitive
single market.

The Trade Affairs Officer also
suggested that the fund can contribute to
addressing issues of the agriculture sector.
"There is a need for infrastructural support
and services for agricultural development.
Already, Antigua and Barbuda is forging
ahead realising the potential linkages
between agriculture and tourism taking into
account the decision made on pineapples
for World Cup 2007. If funds can be
allocated via investment capital for both the
development of technology and the
diversification of the agricultural economic
base, then the resultant effects of the
policy directives are likely to impact
positively towards the overall growth and
development within the economy of
Antigua and Barbuda." Freeland said.

Mr. Freeland also noted that the
December deadline should not hinder
efficient discussion or decision making that
would lead to greater benefits for the
Eastern Caribbean states. One troubling
factor for this twin island state is the
removal of work permits by December
2005 as Antigua and Barbuda already has
some 46% non-nationals employed.

Freeland expressed to the
meeting that the country simply needs an
extension on the derogation granted some
four years ago, so that the necessary
infrastructure can be implemented.
"Antigua and Barbuda is not saying that we

Issue No. 102 August 2005

will not remove this restriction to
allow our CARICOM brothers and
sisters to move and work freely in our
state. What we are saying is that time
is needed to computerise and
amalgamate the necessary
Ministries to ensure that the CSME
works effectively."

This also follows a similar
request made by the Prime Minister,
Baldwin Spencer, Minister of
International Trade, at the Heads of
Government Meeting in St. Lucia in

The High Level Retreat was
held in St. Lucia from August 25-26,

Sean Cenac, Sector
Planner in the Ministry of Planning
also attended the Retreat.

UPP Administration
keeps promise to

The sixteen month old
United Progressive Party
Administration of Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer early August
fulfilled another of its election
promises to the people of the sister
island of Barbuda, giving them the
rights to lands in common, ending a
twenty-five year old battle between
the two islands.

During a special meeting at
the Office of the Prime Minister
between members of the Barbuda
Council and their attorney John
MacDonald QC, Prime Minister
Spencer and Attorney General
Justin Simon QC; it was agreed in
principle that the government will
enact a new Barbuda Land Act which
will be introduced in Parliament to
confirm that lands in Barbuda belong
to Barbudans in common.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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"e""""bewsisF oep o "wh

This decision by the
government, legitimized a promise made
by Prime Minister Spencer while in
opposition, that his government will not
interfere with the lands of Barbuda. The
promise was also spelt out in detail in the
party's election manifesto of last year.

Attorney General Justin Simon
QC and John MacDonald QC met to
agree on a brief to be submitted to the
Cabinet and the Parliamentary Counsel
for their consideration. When the
proposed Barbuda Land Law is enacted,
the pending case before the Privy
Council (initiated during the ALP
administration) on the ownership of
lands in Barbuda will be withdrawn.

Parliamentary representative
for Barbuda, Trevor Walker, who led the
Barbuda Council delegation to the
meeting, said that it was an historic day
and it marks the continued improvement
on the new and better relationship forged
by the UPP Government between the
two islands that make up the State of
Antigua and Barbuda. He said that the
Government is committed to ensuring
that the rights of Barbudans are upheld
and he is proud to be a Barbudan and a
member of the UPP Administration.

Under the new arrangement,
issues of land development on Barbuda
will be decided by both the Barbuda
Council and the Central Government with
both sides holding veto powers on any
development on the sister island.

The previous Antigua Labour
Party Administration following
Independence in 1981 was of the view that
the lands in Barbuda should be treated as
crown lands and that it had authority to
decide how the lands should be distributed
or developed without the input of the
Barbuda Council. The Council fought the
then government in the courts, with the
matter ending up in the Privy Council in the
United Kingdom and is due to come up for
hearing later this year.

The Attorney General outlined
that the lands in Barbuda have been held
for centuries by Barbudans in common and
outlined that his government recognizes
that the Council is an integral part of the
development of Barbuda.

He said that the lands will not be
sold, but both the Cabinet and the Barbuda
Council will have the authority to lease the
land for development.

The new agreement paves the
way for the Barbuda Council and the

Issue No. 102 August 2005

Central Government to put together
a major five year development plan
for Barbuda.

Holberton receives
donation from

An international
organization out of Virginia has come
forward and donated over one
hundred thousand dollars worth of
medical supplies and equipment to
the Holberton Hospital.

The supplies, which include
beds, wheel chairs, an x-ray
processor, IV poles, and other
medical supplies and equipment
were donated by Crosslink a
Virginia-based group. Holberton
Hospital's Administrator, Gary
Thomas, accepted the donation from
Antigua and Barbuda's Honorary
Consul-General in New York,
MacChesney Emmanuel.

Mr. Thomas was delighted
that Crosslink made such a timely
donation towards Holberton Hospital
and he urged other organizations to
join in and assist with uplifting the

Chairman of the Holberton
Restoration Committee, Nicholas
Hadeed, said that the health
institution has limited medical
supplies and he is delighted that
Crosslink has come forward with
such a goodwill gesture.

Crosslink is a Virginia-
based group aimed at helping third
world nations meet their medical

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

resulted in chronic non-
communicable diseases such
as heart disease, cancer,
diabetes, hypertension and
cerebrovascular diseases
being the top five causes of
death in the country. The
Minister had discussions with
consultants in PAHO to
U E E- formulate strategies to
i combat these diseases.

Minister of Health makes
presentation to Pan
American Health

On the 7th August, Minister of
Health, Sports and Youth Affairs, John
Maginley, made a presentation to
officials of the Pan American Health
Organization (PAHO) on national health
developments in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Minister, who was
accompanied by Dr. Rhonda Sealey-
Thomas, Acting Chief Medical Officer, is
in Washington D.C., on a three-day
orientation to PAHO for the Ministers of
Health from Antigua and Barbuda,
Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis. The
orientation provided Ministers with an
overview of PAHO/WHO and its regional
technical units. Ministers discussed
strategies aimed at improving technical
cooperation between PAHO and the
countries of the Eastern Caribbean.

In his 45-minute presentation,
Minister Maginley provided a synopsis of
the health situation in Antigua and
Barbuda. Minister Maginley noted that
risk factors such as obesity, reduced
physical activity, and high fat diets have

* The Minister also
highlighted that the high rate
of infection of HIV/AIDS
remains a serious concern.
Minister Maginley pointed out
that efforts are underway to
ensure that all persons
infected with HIV/AIDS receive anti-retro-
viral drugs. He also indicated that one of
the goals of the Health Ministry was to
reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS and
other sexually transmitted infections
among persons in the 15-44 age group by
10% over the period 2004-2014.

Minister Maginley discussed with
PAHO officials, ways of improving and
promoting technical cooperation between
PAHO and Antigua and Barbuda.

According to Minister Maginley, a
closer collaboration with PAHO and other
regional and international organizations is
necessary if Antigua and Barbuda is to
adequately address its priority health
issues and meets its health goals.

Antigua and Barbuda soon
to have a National Drug

Director of Pharmaceutical
Services Casford King said Antigua and
Barbuda is in the process of creating a
National Drug Policy.

Mr. King who recently returned
from a one week intensive training course
in the Dominican Republic on Medicines

Issue No. 102 August 2005

Policy said that the policy will ensure
that emphasis is placed on the
coherent use of medicines ensuring
quality, safety and efficacy of all
Pharmaceutical products.

The Director of
Pharmaceutical Services said that
the policy will also ensure
Governments' commitment to a
Pharmaceutical service that is
effectively led and efficiently

He outlined that the
National Drug Policy is expected to
come on stream by December 2005.
Mr. King further stated that the one
week training course provided
Antigua and Barbuda with the
necessary tools and guidelines for
the further development of the
National Drug Policy and Essential
Medicines List.

It was also stated that the
National Drug Policy will give
credence to Evidence Based
Medicine (EBM) and rational
prescribing of pharmaceuticals.

"This will create the need for
conducting Drug Utilization Studies
aimed at identifying Prescribing
patterns of practicing Physicians in
Hospitals and community clinics," he

The course which was
sponsored by the Pan American
Health Organization also addressed
Regional legislation for
pharmaceuticals, registration of
products and (IPR) International
Property Rights issues for the
procurement and manufacture of

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

Issue No. 102 August 2005

In his address the
Prime Minister said "It
is with honour and great
-. pleasure that I welcome
the Queen's Baton
Relay to our nation's

This year, the Queen's
Baton Relay unites the
18th Commonwealth
Games in Melbourne
with a record-breaking
international feat.

On the 12th August, Prime
Minister Baldwin Spencer, government
officials and local celebrities welcomed
the Queen's Baton as it made its way
across the Commonwealth in
preparation for the Commonwealth
Games in Australia in 2006.

Members of the National
Olympic Committee, cricketing legend
Sir Vivian Richards and Junior Sports
Minister Winston Williams also
welcomed the Baton, which is a symbol
of peace and unity, when it arrived at the
V.C. Bird International Airport before
crisscrossing its way around Antigua
and Barbuda.

Prime Minister Spencer was an
active participant in the relay across the
island and he welcomed the keepers of
the Baton to Antigua and Barbuda.

For the first time in its
history of close to half a century, the
Queen's Baton Relay will include a leg

in the 71 nations of the Commonwealth.
This will make this year's Queen's
Baton Relay, historic.

The scale of this relay allows
communities that have never
before experienced such a
spectacle, participate in a festival
of unprecedented international

Of the 71 countries the relay will
visit, this year, the majority will be
hosting the relay for the very first

This global celebration
spanning a year and a day, crossing five
continents and seven oceans, gives
Antigua and Barbuda the opportunity to
be involved in and to contribute to the
spirit of friendship which the
Commonwealth Games foster.

Please join me in giving the
Queen's Baton Relay and all those who
will be participating in this evening's
celebrations, a warm and friendly
welcome as we look ahead to
Melbourne 2006."

7The Queen's Jaton .eli.-
pictured top left prime
IMinister Jgaldwin Spencer,
Tourism Myinister Harold Lovell
and Sports 'Yinister Winston
Williams hold aloft the Jgton.
(top right) jigh Commissioner
tsE or Carl Roberts and
rys Roberts.
(centre) prime MYinister Spencer
Mnd Sir 'iv Richards with gaton
(bottom left) sigh Commissioner
seE vr Roberts socialising with
,sE Madam :en XKiaoping,
China's c4mbassador to Cntigun
and Barbuda and the Resident
Jritish Commissioner

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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WIl i .iwi .m-barbuda.com



Cabinet Statement

Government moves Airport
Re-development Project to
a new level

The Cabinet of Antigua and
Barbuda has confirmed a number of
decisions intended to ensure the smooth
and accelerated progress of the
redevelopment of the V.C. Bird
International Airport.

Cabinet charged the Board of
Directors of the Antigua and Barbuda
Millennium Airport Corporation (ABMAC)
with the overall management, direction,
oversight, coordination and momentum
of all phases of all activities related to the
project; with the Chief Executive Officer
responsible for execution of the Board's
policies, decisions and directions.

Cabinet also pointed out the
need for the project to be driven by a
high degree of public information at
every stage of redevelopment.

In order to optimize available
resources and stakeholder input, the

Board of Directors of ABMAC will be
assisted by a cross-functional Millennium
Project Team comprising senior technical
representatives of a number of Ministries,
agencies and organizations.

The Cabinet agreed that the
Cross-Functional Millennium Project Team
to be chaired by Minister of State with
responsibility for Barbuda Affairs, Trevor
Walker MP, will comprise of
representatives from:

The Ministry of Finance and
the Economy

The Ministry of Works,
Transport and Environment

Mr Brian Challenger of the
Ministry of Tourism and Civil
Aviation and a Director of

The Ministry of Labour, Public
Administration and

The Royal Antigua and
Barbuda Police Force

Issue No. 102 August 2005

The Fire Department

The Immigration

The Customs

The National Economic
and Social Council

The Aerodrome

Mrs Valerie Skepple of
National Enterprises
Investment, Inc.

The Cabinet recognizes
that the upgrade of the V.C. Bird
International Airport is a critical
national imperative representing the
biggest single public sector
investment project the UPP
Administration has initiated; thereby
extending beyond the scope and
character of any single Ministry.

This, it believes, highlights
the need for the establishment of the
Cross Functional Millennium Project
Team which will be a consultative
and facilitative mechanism working in
close collaboration with ABMAC
Executive personnel.

Cabinet also agreed that in
the full discharge of the
responsibilities assigned, the Board
of ABMAC will report to the Cabinet
through Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer, who has direct oversight for
the airport redevelopment project.

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V.C. Sird :Internntionnl Airport



Delta Airline's inaugural
flight scheduled for
December 2005

Delta Airlines will make its
inaugural flight to Antigua later this year.

The December 18th inaugural
event will solidify a six-month
negotiating process with the team
headed by Tourism Minister Harold

Delta is the second largest
operating carrier within the United
States, and the airline will be making 2
scheduled flights per week on
Wednesday and Saturdays non-stop to
Antigua from Atlanta, with its 737
aircraft which has a seating capacity of
148 passengers. Currently the airline
operates into the Eastern Caribbean
islands of Barbados and St. Lucia.

The Minister said that this new
airlift opportunity will offer connection to
Antigua out of approximately 20
significant US gate-ways with major
ones being Miami, Orlando, New York
and New Jersey. Marketing and
Promotions Manager, Joyce Henry said,
"already our official US Public Relations
firm Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown and
Russell and Tour Operators are excited
about the prospects of additional airlift
into Antigua.

A team of Delta Airlines
representatives headed by Senior Vice
President of Operations in the
Caribbean, Mr. Terry Strand, which also
included Sales and Marketing, Finance,
Ground Handling Services and IT
personnel recently visited Antigua.
They held numerous consultations with
several ground handling agents, Special
Security Services and the management
team of the V.C. Bird International

Minister Lovell remarked that,
"The advent of Delta scheduled service
of two weekly non-stop flights into
Antigua from Atlanta, will indeed
strengthen and support our efforts to
increase visitor arrivals from within the
US market, and already we are looking
forward to following up with negotiations
to have Delta increase this schedule to
a daily service."

Delta's arrival will usher the
start of the 2006 Winter Tourist Season.

Government begins phase
one of Secondary School
of Excellence

The first phase in the
construction of a Senior Secondary
School of Excellence is continuing
smoothly with the clearing of lands at

Issue No. 102 August 2005

Tomlinson. The clearing, which is
expected to be completed shortly is
being undertaken by ACE Heavy
Equipment and Trucking.

-..- The construction of the new
educational facility is part of
. Government's national plan for the
development of the education sector,
by eliminating overcrowding in the
Secondary Schools and provides the
best educational environment and
I facilities in the study of the normal
subject areas such as Arts and Cultural
Studies, Foreign Languages, Physical
Education and Aquatic Sports.

The school will also cater for
comprehensive Agricultural Science and
skills based programmes in preparing
the citizens for the competitive global

Minister of Education, Bertrand
Joseph expressed on behalf of the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda,
their appreciation of the genuine
financial support of R. Allen Stanford for
the educational advancement of the

He reminded the nation that his
government believes that "a mind is too
precious to waste" and that an educated
population is an empowered population.

Government donated the lands
and other technical and administrative
resources to this project while Mr. R.
Allen Stanford allocated the sum of EC
$25M to the Project, which is being
managed by Dr. Lucine Hanley as
Project Manager on behalf of the
Government and Dr. Austin Josiah as
Project Director on behalf of R. Allen


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Prime Minister Spencer
to play a major role at the
United Nations' World
Summit 2005 in

The Prime Minister W. Baldwin
Spencer was unanimously endorsed by
the thirty-four member States of the
Latin America and the Caribbean
(GRULAC), which are members of the
United Nations, to serve as the
Chairman of the interactive round table
of heads of State and Government at the
World Summit 2005, to be held at UN
Headquarters during the High-level
Plenary of the UN General Assembly in
September 2005.

The endorsement of the Prime
Minister came with the withdrawal of the
candidatures of the Heads of State of El
Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, respec-
tively, in a rare display of regional con-
sensus and solidarity. "I am very grateful
to my fellow heads of government from
Mexico, Venezuela and El Salvador for
their support, and for the overall support
of fellow heads throughout the region,"
said the Prime Minister. "I will also like to

thank our UN Ambassador, Dr. John W.
Ashe, for his considerable efforts in facil-
itating this endorsement" he added

As Chairman of the round
table, the Prime Minister is expected to
lead, moderate, and ultimately
summarize the discussions of his fellow
heads on themes of Summit, which
include: taking decisive action to halve
global poverty by 2015; reducing the
threat of war, terrorism, and
proliferation, and promoting human
dignity in every corner of the world; and
advancing development, security, and
human rights.

"I do recognize that the task is
not an easy one, as I am expected to
focus the world's leaders on ways by
which the international community can
collectively achieve the Millennium
Development Goals by 2015, including
scaling up official development
assistance (ODA) to reach the 0.7 per
cent of the gross national income target
of the developed countries; canceling
debt; improving trade access for
developing countries; take action
against terrorism and nuclear
proliferation; set new norms for a
Government's responsibility to protect

Issue No. 102 August 2005

its citizens; and reform the Security
Council and other United Nations
machinery, including the setting up a
Human Rights Council to replace the
existing Commission on Human Rights,"
he said.

The Prime Minister will address
the General Assembly as head of the
Antigua and Barbuda delegation on
September 14, before assuming his
Chairmanship on September 15.

While in New York he will also
conduct a "town hall" meeting with
Antigua and Barbuda nationals living in
the tri-State area of New York, New
Jersey and Connecticut.

Minister Adams attends
meetings of the
Organization of
American states

Minister of State in the Ministry
of Housing Social Development and
Culture, Eleston Adams, led an Antigua
and Barbuda delegation to the recently
concluded Ministerial Dialogue
regarding the Social Charter of the
Americas, in Caracas, Venezuela.

The meeting held 28-29
August 2005 at the Headquarters of the
Organization of American States (OAS)
in Washington D.C., was a precursor to
the negotiations of this Social Charter.
Her Excellency Deborah-Mae Lovell,
Permanent Representative of Antigua
and Barbuda to the OAS accompanied
the Minister to Venezuela.

During his presentation to the
hemispheric body, Minister Adams
underscored that "democracy would
only have meaning to the citizens of the

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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pwime mi~isew jgadwi" pe"CevAddies "!) he Z4ited 'atioi

Issue No. 102 August 2005

The Minister also used the
opportunity to highlight the positive steps
taken by the Government. Particular
mention was made of the trilogy of
legislation, namely the Anti-corruption
Act; the Integrity in Public Life Act and
the Freedom of Information Act, which
were implemented a mere eighteen
months after the United Progressive
Party (UPP) took office.

The Minister also enumerated
the many policies pursued by this
Government to enhance the social
development of Antigua and Barbuda.
Among the policies mentioned were the
recently implemented programmes to
offer free school uniforms and free
school meals to primary and secondary
school children of our nation.

In addition to the meeting in
Venezuela, Minister Adams also
attended the Second Meeting of the
Inter-American Committee on Culture
(CIC), which was held in Washington,
D.C. 25-26 August 2005.

Minister Adams noted that he
found the meeting immensely useful as
he gained a greater understanding of the
work pursued by the varying
departments of culture of the countries of
the hemisphere and indicated that the
information gathered, would help shape
the proposed draft policy on culture for
Antigua and Barbuda.

The Minister further indicated
that he was impressed by the information
provided by other countries on the
significance of culture to development
and how culture could be used to boost
the economies of countries.

Minister Adams also
participated in discussions on the
diversity of culture as a tool for unity in

prime V linister ;nldwiin .Spencer nnd cAustrnlinn igh Commissioner

Antigua and Barbuda and
Australia discuss common

On 25th August, Australian
High Commissioner John Stewart
Mitchell paid an official visit on Prime
Minister Baldwin Spencer where he
outlined his government's initiatives in
Antigua and Barbuda.

High Commissioner Mitchell
told Prime Minister Spencer that he was
pleased to be in Antigua and Barbuda,
particularly to support an Australian
Project by the Historical Society at the
Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.

He explained that the project
taught art and handicraft skills using
waste materials.

Prime Minister Spencer spoke
of Cricket World Cup 2007 and the
prospects for Antigua and Barbuda in
taking advantage of the economic and
other opportunities associated with the

Both men also spoke of the
impact of Sir Vivian Richards on
Antigua and Barbuda and Australia,
and Prime Minister mentioned the
imminent construction of the Sir Vivian
Richards Stadium for the 2007 World

High Commissioner Mitchell
mentioned that his country had
observed that in the Caribbean, there
is an economic transition taking place
from agriculture to tourism and
technology based industries.

Prime Minister Spencer also
raised the issue of the dynamic small
business sector of Australia and hoped
that Antigua and Barbuda business
interests could develop links.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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