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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No. 101 July 2005

O n 55r July, Prime lMinister Baldwin Spencer
presented his government's case to the Heafds of
CARICOMpI for the retention of work permits for non-
nationals after the implementation of the CSMhE in
December 2005.

Antigua andBarbuda was grantedderogation by the
Heads in July of 2002 from the requirement to fully
implement the free movement of skiffs regime; and was
allowed to continue to control the numbers of CARICOatI
S" nationaGs through work-ermit requirements.

Prime Mlinister Spencer said that Antigua and
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer (left) conferring with the Barbuda has always been a Ceader in facilitating regional
Minister responsible for Barbuda Affairs, Trevor WalkerMP integration with 34% of the workforce coming from other
Caribbean countries. He remarked "~We agree with the
core principCes of the CSLME andcwil compCy with its obligations. Antigua and Barbuda is on-target to
implement the free movement of skiCls CegisCation by December 2005 and will allow free movement of
persons within the specialcategories."

In 1991, there were 7,796 CARICOLM nationals Civing in Antigua andc arbuda. That number grew
to 13, 695 by 2001, representing a 75% increase. Sections of the CARICOfaI Secretariat have statedthat the
derogation which allows Antigua and Barbuda to issue work permits willexpire in December of 2005 at
the beginning of the ful impCementation of the CSMIE.

Prime aMlinister Spencer said that such action would defeat the very purpose for which it was
originally grantedkeeping in mindthat Antigua and Barbuda has already integratedthe Cabour market
of the region with 34% of the country's work force comprising CARICOAI nationals.
"It must be underscoredthat this derogation willnot be usedto wantonly deny entry of CARICOLM
nationals," Prime fMinister Spencerpointedout.

H-e outlined that due to the economic situation being experience by the country, Antigua and
Barbuda reserves the right, on a temporary basis, to controlthe entry of these categories ofpersons to Cessen
the adverse effects on the economy. The Prime fMinister thereforeproposedthat the derogation be reviewed
by a technicaC team after the CSfME has been infullimpCementationfor three years. cThis review he said
shouCldinclude an analysis of the Cabour-market in Antigua andcBarbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda to participate in study of effects of oil
prices on the economy (page 6)
Royal Police Force to benefit from Chilean scholarships (page 10)
Antiguans travel to Cuba for specialist eye-care (page 13)
Carnival 2005 Highlights (page 16)

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]liip .i ii i

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Dear Readers,

The theme of this month's newsletter is one of celebration. It is a reminder of
the emancipation of our forefathers from slavery which we celebrate on 1st August
each year and it is also a celebration of 500 days of renewed Good Governance by
the new UPP.

I therefore feel it is paramount that we read the historic address delivered by
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer to fittingly mark the end of our summer festival and
the milestone of the government in office.

These are indeed challenging times, however, as you read of the activities
undertaken by your government, we cannot but feel a sense of pride in the united
efforts of our fellow countrymen as we chart a new course for the development of our
homeland. Happy reading!!
Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner

Greetings. Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda is still shining with
the afterglow of Carnival. You, too. must sense
this. For all who experienced it. Carnival 2005
succeeded spectacularly in keeping the Wadadli
Spirit alive.

By all estimates, participants in and
spectators for the number one summer festival hit
record levels this year. By all estimates,
costuming, compositions and performances attained new
heights in Camival 2005.

By all estimates, BET, the American Television
network, will take Antigua Carnival to record numbers of
viewers around the globe. This will be via a half-hour
show that BET shot live on location, here in Antigua and
Barbuda in the run-up to, and during Carnival. Now in
post-production, the BET show will premiere this fall. It
will be seen by untold millions in the United States and
around the world, in repeat broadcasts, into Spring of
2006. Credit for BET's in-depth involvement in and
coverage of Carnival 2005 goes to the Carnival
Development Committee and to the Ministry of Tourism.

I congratulate these organizations on the
aranagement for BET to provide this potent marketing
opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda.

I thank and commend all the volunteers and all
the organizations that made Carnival 2005 come alive as
the super success it turned out to be.

By all reports. Carnival 2005 was a
peaceful and joyous love fest.

Only two persons were reported as
victims of injuries at the hands of others in
Carnival-related incidents. Those injuries
were considered minor. Great credit for the
safety and good order of this year's Carnival
celebrations goes to the Royal Antigua and
Barbuda Police Force. The Police Force is
now under the command of the first female
Commissioner of Police in this part of the world, Ms.
Delano Christopher. For their sterling performance in
ensuring a clean, safe and thoroughly enjoyable Carnival
2005, I salute our top cop and our recently restructured
police high command, together with our police officers of
all ranks.

I acknowledge the valuable role of our Defence
Force in all of this. Throughout the Camival season, our
soldiers remained at the ready, as ever present allies to
our Police Force.

Last year, in response to a surge in incidents of
persons committing crimes involving violence, or
demonstrating a propensity to violence, the government
introduced a number of legislative measures to aid law
enforcement. Those measures have proven to be of
immense value to the society and to the safety of our
citizens and residents.

They were manifestly a factor in the orderly
conduct that we witnessed during the Carnival Season.

Not surprisingly, the leadership of the Opposition
arty stridently opposed those measures. The
Opposition leadership will continue their calculated and
dangerous tactic of attempting to legitimise criminal
conduct as a justifiable response to the economic crunch
that has resulted directly from the corruption, ineptitude
and atrocious fiscal policies that the ALP inflicted on
Antigua and Barbuda for decades.

The voices of gloom and doom and personal
invectives continue to spew forth from Opposition
quarters. The day after Carnival, the voices of race hate
and class confrontation were trumpeting their vile and
venom. They even went on the attack against Nigeria
and that country's President, who visited Antigua on
Tuesday. It was most unfortunate that the lead voice in
belittling the country from whence many of our ancestors
came, and insulting the President of Nigeria was that of
former diplomat who once represented Antigua and
Barbuda at the highest international level.

Any goodwill expressed by the Voices of Hate
and False Witnessing seems to be reserved for the
lawless in our society.

While our opponents would coddle criminals, the
Sunshine Govemment recognizes an obligation to
respond to challenges to public peace and safety with
serious measures.

In any event, the selection of Antigua as the
venue for the Inter American Human Rights forum this
week is fresh acknowledgement of the regard in which
the international community has held this country since
March 23. last year. Over the past sixteen months,
Antigua and Barbuda has distinguished itself for good
governance and for our landmark enhancement of
individual entitlement for all citizens. Acknowledgement
for this also comes from the UNDP. The regional office
of the UNDP is voluntarily providing funding for a
programme to advance institutional mechanisms for
good governance in Antigua and Barbuda. These
mechanisms support the implementation of our Freedom
of Information Act; our Integrity in Public Life Act; and our
Prevention of Corruption Act.

The United Progressive Party introduced this
landmark trilogy of integrity and citizen entitlement
legislation in our seventh month in Government. These
measures will ultimately contribute to improving the
standard of living and enhancing the quality of life the
Antiguan and Barbudan people will enjoy.

Under previous administrations, large amounts o
money that should have gone to providing public services
to the population were diverted to the pockets of high
government officials and their accomplices.

The new integrity laws and the new standards of
govemance that the UPP administration has brought into
force are meant to make sure that the diversion of funds
from the state to private pockets are a thing of the past. I
have already declared my position on such matters quite
categorically. There can be no compromise with integrity
in my administration. Corruption is a cancer that can
rapidly spread from occasional to endemic. Corruption in
public life should therefore be cauterized at the very first
symptom. This country, more than any other, must permit
no compromise on the strongest possible measures to
prevent corruption.

That dismal legacy of the deposed dynasty must
never again be permitted to surface in Antigua and
Barbuda. With all of this, it is perhaps appropriate for me
to now acknowledge a particular debt of gratitude to
Opposition commentators.

Every day, on their Hate Radio station, they
publicly lament the lengthening period since their loss of
power, on Judgment Day, March 23, 2004.

On this score, it is generally believed that the
Opposition leadership's wailing and the gnashing of their
teeth is destined to be an unrelieved condition for a very
long time. At any rate, that condition is expected to
extend well beyond the five-year time line of the first term
of the Sunshine Govemment.

Back, however, to my declaration of gratitude to
the Sunshine Govemment's Loyal Opposition.

On Friday 5th, Opposition front-liners reminded
the world and they reminded yours truly that Antigua
and Barbuda had completed the first 500 days of
Government in the Sunshine.

The Opposition's daily count of the tenure of the
Sunshine Government reveals the burning obsession of
the leadership of that group over their loss of the power
that the Antiguan and Barbuda people wrested from them
502 days ago.

They focus on the passing days of the calendar
in the way that a convicted felon serving a long sentence
marks off the days on the wall of his cell.

The Opposition leadership is fixated on the
rejected date of the next General Election. Their return
to power by the next election is the principal concern of
the collaborators in the dynasty that appears convinced
that governing Antigua and Barbuda is the exclusive
birthright of a single family. As I say this, I can imagine
Antiguans and Barbudans all over the world, and friends
of our country, reacting to that proposition with one

"Perish the thought, they must all face justice!"

Though the UPP administration shares this
sentiment, we insist on being meticulous and deliberate
in ensuring due process as justice takes its course. That
course is inexorable. Justice for those guilty of crimes
against the state and against he people is as sure as the
sun will rise.

This reference to Sir MacLean Emmanuel's
prophetic verse, brings this grand master of the art of
calypso's counsel this Carnival to mind. With profound
wisdom and with all-embracing effect, Short Shirt
brought clarity to those clamouring for instant solution to
every problem with a chorus of three words, eleven
letters. "It takes time."

Another titan in the Calypso art form continued
to dominate the competitive arena in Camival 2005.
With no such tolerance, with little charity, and with
unforgettable impact, Queen Ivena conquered all
comers, male and female, on her way to her fifth Queen
of Calypso victory and her third consecutive Calypso
Monarch triumph.

Ivena's achievement is without precedent and
without parallel. She has gone where no calypsonian, no
performer, has gone before.

Ivena is richly deserving of national recognition
appropriate for a woman who, in tandem with composer,
consistently delivers socio-political commentaries that
rank with anything any other Antiguan woman, Jamaica
Kincaid included, has produced.

With all of this, the Sunshine Government is
proceeding with other dominant priorities.

It is perhaps fitting that we reflect, today, on the
decisive difference the Sunshine Government has made
in our first 500 day semester.

Our overriding concem continues to be that we
so govem Antigua and Barbuda as to ensure the greatest
good for the greatest number of our citizens. We have
been doing this on very limited resources in an economy
decimated by our predecessors.

To intensify the financial crisis created by the
disastrous policies of the previous administration, a
significant portion of the country's revenue streams were
long ago committed to servicing portions of the close to
$3 Billion debt left by the ALP.

In the circumstances, we had no option but to
proceed with the re-introduction of personal income tax.
However, it's so structured to exempt a targeted 75% of
all income earers from paying any personal income tax.
Together with this, we slashed the rate of consumption
tax on dozens of staple food items and other high volume
consumer products.

We have significantly increased the base rate of
old age pensions.

We are providing all school children with free
uniforms. The Opposition derided this initiative.
Parents welcome it. In a programme that will ultimately
serve the bulk of the schools population, every day,
starting next month, the Sunshine Government will begin
to supply thousands of nutritionally balanced meals to
children in a number of government schools.

We kept our promise in delivering Christmas Gift
Barrels at a $1.00 a barrel to thousands of families.

In the face of major increases in the price of oil
over the past year, the Government has provided
subsidies amounting to millions of dollars to hold down
the price of gasoline and diesel fuel at the pumps. This,
however, can no longer be sustained and we can expect
some adjustment in prices almost immediately.

We have commenced road improvements across
the nation and this will intensify over the coming months.

Work on the completion of the construction of the
Mount St. John Hospital will commence shortly, with a
soft loan from the Exim Bank of the People's Republic of

In a related matter, let me publicly recognize the
significant voluntary work being done by the group of
patriotic Antiguans and Barbudans in the refurbishing of
the Holberton Hospital.

The government owes them a debt of gratitude
and promises to work closely with them in accomplishing
the task of significantly upgrading Holberton.

In a matter of weeks, my government in
partnership with the government of the People's
Republic of China will break ground for the construction
of the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium in time for
World Cup Cricket 2007. The Sir Vivian Richards Cricket
Stadium is another gift to the government and people of
Antigua and Barbuda from our friend the People's
Republic of China.

My government cherishes the excellent
relationship with China and will continue to develop
strong ties.

Barbuda is now better equipped with essential
facilities than ever before in our country's history.

For the first time, the MP for Barbuda is a
Minister in the Sunshine Govemment.

S In another first, he was a member of the Antigua
and Barbuda delegation at the recent CARICOM

We have just completed a new facility for
vendors in downtown St. John's.

We have brought the Deep Water Harbour up to
full compliance with new international standards for port
and ships security. We have retained international
consultants for the VC Bird Airport development project,
which is now underway.

To protect jobs and air services, we continue to
contribute to keeping LIAT aloft.

In 2004, in a very challenging globalised trade
environment, the Antigua and Barbuda economy
achieved a 4% level of growth that was second only to
oil-rich Trinidad and Tobago.

To protect revenue streams, we have suspended
discretionary Duty Free Concessions.

A measure of the impact of such concessions on
the economy is that in the month preceding last year's
elections duty free warrants for the importation of some
1,000 vehicles were issued by the last administration.

We have begun to pay the country's debt to
governments and institutions across the globe, and
Antigua and Barbuda is steadily winning acceptance and
respect in regional and international affairs.

More and more, our counsel and involvement is
sought on regional and global issues.

On top of all the Sunshine Government has
achieved in our first 500 days, the 2005 Camival
Spectacular was icing on the cake for Antigua and

We look forward, now, to an equally successful
Independence Homecoming Festival in a couple of

I look forward to welcoming back many times the
numbers that came home for Independence last year.

All can look forward to continuing progress in the
next 500 days, and the next 5,000 days, of Govemment
in the Sunshine.

I am Baldwin Spencer, your Chief Servant.

Thank you forjoining me today for this edition of
Action Agenda

Until next time, may God be with you and your
loved ones.

May God continue to bless our beloved Antigua
and Barbuda.


Antigua and Barbuda to
participate in study of
effects of oil prices on
the economy

Antigua and Barbuda will
participate in a regional
comprehensive study of the
implications of rising oil prices on the

This was one of the
decisions of the 52nd Meeting of the
Monetary Council of the Eastern
Caribbean Central Bank in St. Lucia,
which was attended by Finance and
Economy Minister, Dr. Errol Cort MP
as member of the Council.

Minister Cort noted that
ECCB Council members agreed that
the fiscal shocks resulting from the
escalating price of oil would result in
the need for some governments to
allow the price of gas to increase.

The UPP Administration,
since taking office in March 2004 has
been subsidizing the price of fuel at
the pumps, losing on average $400,
000 monthly in revenue. In June, the
government subsidized the price of
gasoline at a cost of $1.2 million
dollars, the highest for the year,
preventing increases for consumers
at the pumps. The Minister
anticipates that the Government will
not be in a position to continue doing
so at the present levels.

Dr. Cort also outlined that
the Monetary Council Meeting also
agreed to maintain the regulated
minimum rate of interest on savings
deposits at 3.0 percent; but agreed
that this too will be reviewed at the
Council's meeting on 20 and 21
October along with a review of
interest rates on loans.

PM Spencer signs
Caribbean Treaty on
Mutual Legal Assistance

On the 6th July, Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer signed the Caribbean
Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in
Serious Criminal Matters while attending
the CARICOM Heads of Government
meeting in St. Lucia.

Prime Minister Spencer who is
the current Chairman of the Regional
Security System said that the purpose of
the Treaty is to increase cooperation in
mutual legal assistance among
Caribbean countries in respect of serious
criminal matters and to combat criminal

He noted that states signatory
to the Treaty will afford each other the
widest measures of mutual legal
assistance under their laws at any stage
of investigations, prosecutions and

judicial proceedings in relation to serious

Under the Treaty countries will be
allowed to provide assistance in identifying
and locating persons and objects; taking
evidence or statements from persons;
obtaining the production of judicial or other
documents and examining objects, sites
and premises.

In addition, the mutual legal
assistance includes affecting a temporary
transfer of persons in custody to appear as
witnesses; executing searches and
seizures; tracing, seizing, freezing and
confiscating the proceeds or
instrumentalities of crime and facilitating
the personal appearances of witnesses.

Requests from state parties for
assistance will be made through a
designated central authority that will have
the responsibility and power to execute
requests for legal assistance or to transmit
them to the competent authorities for
execution. The costs for legal assistance
will be borne by the requesting state.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hli.p -- .1

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer signs the Treaty while CARICOM Secretariat's
General Counsel, Dr Winston Anderson looks on


Minister or -mnance ana te economy,
Dr Errol Cort

Ministry of Finance and
Economy discusses Sales
Tax with NESC

On Wednesday 20th July, the
Ministry of Finance and the Economy
convened a discussion forum with
members of the National Economic and
Social Council (NESC) to consider
issues relating to the introduction of an
Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST).

The Minister of Finance and the
Economy, Dr. Errol Cort MP, indicated
that the ABST, which is a VAT-type tax
on consumption, is one element in a
wider process of tax reform which is
aimed at revamping the tax system in
order to promote greater efficiency in tax
administration. The Minister re-
emphasized that while the tax reform
process is a critical factor in facilitating
the correction of the existing fiscal
imbalance; the Government recognizes
the critical need to address expenditure
and is fully committed to the
implementation of a comprehensive
public sector transformation programme.

This discussion forum with the
NESC served to initiate the process of
dialogue with the private sector and civil
society with a view to eliciting their ideas
on the administrative and functional
considerations for the ABST. Speaking

on behalf of the NESC representatives, Dr.
Vincent Richards welcomed the
opportunity to commence dialogue on the
proposed ABST and stressed the
importance of a consultative process in
ensuring the successful introduction of
such a measure.

In their presentation to the NESC
representatives, the Ministry of Finance
and Economy consultants provided a brief
overview of the ABST, focusing on the
rationale for the introduction of such a tax,
how the ABST would work, who would be
affected, and the administrative machinery
that would execute the tax. During the
discussions, the participants stressed the
importance of ensuring that this ABST did
not create a greater burden for taxpayers.
The need to ensure that all the relevant
businesses were captured within the tax
net was also emphasized. The Minister
stressed that the ABST is not intended as
an addition to the already existing taxes on
consumption. In particular, it was indicated
that the ABST would in fact replace the
Consumption Tax along with a number of
other taxes that are currently levied on
goods and services.

The meeting was also advised
that the Ministry's technical team, led by
Mr. Everton Gonsalves, in conjunction with
a number of regionally and internationally
funded consultants was finalizing a White
Paper which would present in detail the
specific issues relating to the ABST. This
White Paper is expected to be published
within the next few weeks and is intended
to stimulate public discussion. Following
the publication of the White Paper, the
Ministry will undertake a series of public
consultations and will also launch a
number of public information programmes
on the ABST.

Dr. Richards, in his closing
remarks, thanked the Minister and his team
for affording the NESC the opportunity to
contribute to the process of formulating the
foundations for the ABST. He further
indicated that once the White Paper was
published the NESC would "undertake an

in-depth review of the document and
would present its comments and
positions in respect of the issues
contained therein to the Ministry." Dr
Richards also emphasized the need
for stimulating public discourse on
the ABST and affirmed the
willingness of the NESC to contribute
to the process of consultation and
promoting public awareness.

Photo above shows Dr Ouinn-Leandro
addressing a conference on women at
the United Nations earlier this year

Minister Quinn-Leandro
attends Labour Ministers'
Meeting in Mexico City

Minister of Labour, and
Public Administration &
Empowerment, Dr. Jacqui Quinn
Leandro MP, joined her Caribbean
and Latin American counterparts in
Mexico City, Mexico where they
participated in the "Hemispheric
Workshop on Decent Work and Fair

The meeting brought
together governments, employers
and workers to analyze the need of
promoting Decent Work as a key
element in development policies, in
the context of globalization, by all
countries in the American
hemisphere. It also sought to agree
on the draft text of the Declaration

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hlilp. .i


and Plan of Action of the XIV Inter-
American Conference of Ministers of
Labour (IACML).

Minister Quinn-Leandro
presented a paper on "Work and Social
Development" on the first day of the
meeting. She was part of 5-member
panel, which included Ministers of
Labour from Brazil, Uruguay, Grenada
and Colombia.

The International Labour
Organization (ILO) and the Organization
of American States (OAS) sponsored
the July 11-14 meetings.

Prime Minister and R. Allen
Stanford sign agreement
formalizing EC$25 Million
donation for Secondary
School of Excellence

On 8th July, Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer and R. Allen Stanford,
Chairman of the Stanford Financial
Group, signed an agreement finalizing
the Stanford Companies' donation of
EC$25 million to finance a Secondary
School of Excellence that will provide
first-rate education for Antigua and
Barbuda's brightest youths.

Upon completion by December
2006, the school will offer a wide range
of educational and career opportunities
to a maximum of 2500 fourth and fifth
form students, and represent a vital step
in fulfilling the Government's programme
of Education and Empowerment.

During the 2005 Budget
Presentation, Finance Minister Dr. Errol
Cort announced that as part of the
Government/Stanford Alliance, the
investor will construct the facility as part
of his contribution to the fundamental of
development through education and
empowerment. Mr. Stanford will also
fund an ongoing endowment to provide

full scholarships to young Antiguans and

Under the agreement, the
Ministry of Education will design the school
curriculum and overall project goals,
provide the land, engineering and
architectural design and oversee
construction and operation of the school. In
addition to the funding, Stanford
Development Company Ltd. will provide
in-kind architectural, design and other
support for the project.

Veteran civil and structural
engineer Dr. Lucien Hanley will serve as
the Government's Project Manager,
overseeing the construction and
establishment of the school. Former Chief
Education Officer Dr. Austin Josiah has
been appointed Project Director on behalf
of the Stanford Companies to direct their
efforts and involvement in the project.

In signing the agreement, Prime
Minister Spencer said, "A great nation must
have great students and the graduates of
this school will be at the heart of Antigua
and Barbuda's future greatness. Through
the Secondary School of Excellence, the
brilliance and capabilities of our young,

sharp Antiguan and Barbudan minds
will shine in unprecedented ways and
provide the leadership and skills we
need to take our place as one of the
Caribbean's leading centres of
tourism, finance and commerce."

"The Stanford Companies
have always believed in the
enormous potential of Antigua and
Barbuda and there is no greater
way to fulfill that potential than to
develop the minds of its youth to the
greatest extent possible," Mr.
Stanford said.

He continued, "We are
proud to help establish the
Secondary School as a long-term
investment and a cornerstone of
Antigua and Barbuda's future. This
school is designed to provide the
critical expertise and skills this nation
needs to enter a dynamic era of
economic growth and prosperity."


15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hi.p ,- .i

-rime Minister talawin spencer ana K. Alien stanrora signing te Agreement


Evaluation stage of
Sewerage Treatment
Facility completed

A team of engineers from
BiWater USA Inc. has completed the first
phase of a feasibility study of St John's
for the establishment of a sewerage
treatment facility.

During the technical evaluation,
the BiWater team held meetings with the
Environmental Division, APUA, the Town
and Country Planner, the Central Board
of Health and technicians in the Ministry
of Public Works.

The study was carried out with
the aim of reversing the sanitation
problem facing the commercial
downtown area of St. John's from
Independence Avenue to the waterfront
in time for a September 2007 deadline.
It will also be designed to provide
another revenue stream to bolster the
nation's economy and tourism product.

The proposed sewerage facility
will include a collector system and
pumping network around St. John's and
a treatment plant with the capacity for
expansion and integration to bring other
phases on line designed to
accommodate raw sewage if required.

The facility is expected to
incorporate infrastructure that is tailored
to St. John's by utilizing the septic tanks
and treatment plants already in use and
provides instant solutions for the
commercial sector with maximum benefit
for the tourist industry.

Minister of Public Works and
the Environment, Deputy Prime Minister,
Wilmoth Daniel MP under whose
Ministry the project falls, outlined that it
is part of the government's manifesto
promise to transform the city of St. John
and create a healthy environment for
residents and visitors.


Cabinet suspends
discretionary duty free

The e:conom:11 ruin lefl t'v Ihe
prev.nIi u, adlinis allrin IncludinI IIhe
,:ros.slv inflicted public: secl':r pavyri.ll,
i:i:ininues I: imp si:ie seere ci:nsIrainlS -In
Ihe ,0,:vernmenIs : I apacilI I,- meel C:urrenl
unani.1l1 ,o.,bligal.:lons

Wilhin Ihsl framecwor, Ihe
Minislrv :if Finance and Ec:ononmv has,
f,:rmulalted a number :f measures I:l
'1:1:1l3n 1 g11 vernmenl s.pelndinq andl I,:,
',plimize revenLue

In Ihi's .:'inle .[, Ihe Cabinel :if and BarbLuda loJda;V durin,. IIs
wee Iv silll inq areed I,-i a s, -mnnlih
susFpenlsioln ,if dijsirelli'nary jdul free

Cabinel a5lo agreed Ihal
:on:ess.ions. thal. are inv:olveIj in the
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11anufa3,Iluring andJ a,.ric:ullure would b'e
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allraclinq local and foreign invenlmenI
These i:,:in,:essi-,:ns will be qranleJ afler full
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Cabinel further n:,led Ihal waivers
Ihal aopplv I,:, slalul:iry i:,lligall: ns andl
person, emplojvedJ by Ihe igoivernmenI will
cI::ninliue I:I bte e- anmineJd :n a :cae tby case
basis by a ca tbinel slandinq c:,:mmillee

The deci:lsin if Ihe Cabinel will
c:i:ime up fior re.iew ,:i n Ihe e. pirali:n i:f Ihe
l'-minlh uSLSCpennli:inl

Darren Derrick of Cingular It wireless making
the presentation to Deputy Commissioner
of Police, Albert Smith

Police receives mobile
phones donation to aid in
fighting crime

On the 25th July the police
received 35 mobile phones on loan
from Cingular Wireless to aid in their
crime fighting efforts during the
Carnival season.

CEO of Cingular Wireless
Darren Derrick made the presenta-
tion of the phones to Deputy Com-
missioner of Police Albert Smith and
Inspector Lenny Quashie.

Prime Minister Spencer,
who is responsible for national
security said that the donation of the
phones is very timely as
communication is vital in combating
crime. He commended Minister
responsible for Communications Dr.
Edmond Mansoor for facilitating the

"The Minister, through his
efforts has brought together the
private sector and government in
collaborating on a very important
aspect of crime and security in our
nation. I must also express the
government's appreciation to
Cingular Wireless for readily
accepting to assist in this area,"
Prime Minister Spencer stated.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p


The Minister responsible for
Information, Broadcasting and
Telecommunications, Dr. Edmond
Mansoor said that the government is
committed to ensuring that the Royal
Antigua and Barbuda Police Force is
equipped with the necessary
communication tools.

"This gesture on the part of
Cingular Wireless is extremely useful
and is indicative of the type of synergy
that is required between Government
and the Private Sector for nation
building," he said.

In addition, Dr. Mansoor said
that plans are progressing smoothly for
the full computerization of all police and
fire stations.

In addition, "The Government of
Antigua and Barbuda has begun the
preliminary stages of the planning for a
major overhaul of the communications
system for the security forces. This new
project will provide specialised
communication equipment to police and
fire stations and to police cars and fire
tenders," Minister Mansoor outlined.

Policemen on patrol will also be
equipped with hand-held mobile units. It
is anticipated that this new system will
also fully incorporate the modern
communication requirements of the
Emergency Medical Service and the
National office of Disaster Services.

Royal Police Force of
Antigua and Barbuda to
benefit from Chilean

The Government of Antigua
and Barbuda recently hosted a high level
delegation from the Chilean Police
Force. The delegation headed by
General Jorge Contreras Mella was in
Antigua from July 21st to 24th.

The visiting Chilean delegation with Prime Minister Spencer and members of the Security Team

The express objective of the visit
was to introduce the International
Cooperation Programme for Foreign
Uniformed Police Agencies. This
programme, which was launched in 1990,
offers scholarship opportunities to both
commissioned and non-commissioned

In addition to finance and
administrative courses, other programmes
offered include courses in drugs and
narcotics, traffic accident investigations,
police instructor and protection of
personalities (VIPs). Courses range in
duration from three weeks to three years.
The deadline for the submission of
applications is December 30th, 2005, and
all courses commence in March 2006.

While in Antigua the Chilean
delegation met Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer, Ambassador Joan H.
Underwood, members of the police high
command including Acting Police
Commissioner Delano Christopher, Deputy
Commissioner Whyte, Commander of the
Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force
Colonel Trevor Thomas and Mr. Alec
Vanderpoole, National Security Advisor
and Director of the Office of National Drug
and Money Laundering Control Policy

This initiative was the latest
development in the move to
strengthen ties between Antigua and
Barbuda and Latin America.
Sergeant Atlee Rodney is currently in
Mexico pursuing a bachelor's degree
in communications. In addition to
improving the technical capacity of
the police force, these Latin
American scholarships will also
serve to produce a cadre of bilingual
police officers who are strategically
positioned to serve the growing
Hispanic population in Antigua and

In expressing Antigua and
Barbuda's appreciation to the
Chileans for the generous offer,
Prime Minister Spencer pointed out
that these scholarship will assist the
government greatly in implementing
a comprehensive succession plan
designed to ensure an optimal level
of efficiency as the Royal Police
Force of Antigua and Barbuda gears
up to meet the challenges associated
with increased mobility of natural
persons including criminals and
advances in technology.


15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hlip .ii


and Barbuda and adds a new
dimension to the services available
to the public. The fact that these
services will be available free of cost
also allows the public the widest
possible access to the programme.

The Prime Minister also
expressed government's
appreciation for this cooperation
programme in health to Dr. Sucel,
who indicated that she was very
satisfied with her mission to Antigua
and Barbuda.

Education Officials
attend Commonwealth
Meeting in The Bahamas

Antigua and Barbuda was
represented by Acting Chief of
Education, M. Lenore Henry and
Executive Secretary to the Minister of
Education, Mrs. Anne Jonas at the
Mid-Term Review of the 15th
Conference of Commonwealth
Education Ministers (15CCEM) in
Nassau Bahamas.

government would move swiftly to
implement the initiative.

Under the initiative, Cuba would
establish a diagnostic centre in Antigua
and Barbuda fully staffed by Cuban
medical personnel in order to provide
referral specialist eye-care treatment to
Antigua and Barbuda nationals.

The programme would diagnose
persons suffering from various diseases of
the eye and send them for specialist
treatment in Cuba, including laser surgery.
The diagnoses referral and treatment
would be at no cost to the patients or the
government. It is anticipated that patients
referred to Cuba would be required to
remain for one to two weeks in a medical
facility in Cuba.

"I am excited by this initiative and
I have asked Minister John Maginley to
hold follow-up discussions with the Cuban
team to see how best and how quickly we
can agree on how to establish this
programme," noted Prime Minister

PM Spencer also pointed out that
the programme would be a tremendous
boost for health-care delivery in Antigua


Among the topics discussed

Improving Quality Education
Mitigating the Impact of
HIV/AIDS in Education
Using Distance Learning to
Overcome Barriers
Supporting Education in
Difficult Circumstances
Eliminating Gender
Disparities in Education
Expanding Access to
Universal Primary

The meeting concluded on
July 30, 2005.

New Cuban Initiative for
Specialist Eye-care in
Antigua and Barbuda

Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer recently received a Cuban
Special Envoy sent by Cuban President
Fidel Castro to discuss the deepening of
cooperation in the field of health between
Antigua and Barbuda and Cuba.

Dr. Pura Sucel, a Special
Advisor to President Castro on health
matters, met Prime Minister Spencer for
several hours and discussed new
initiatives in health care for Antigua and

Present at the meeting were
Cuban Ambassador Jose Portela;
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs Ambassador Colin
Murdoch; Ambassador to Cuba, Bruce
Goodwin; and local coordinator of the
resident Cuban Medical Team Dr.
Geovando Martinez.

Prime Minister Spencer
announced that he was delighted with
the Cuban proposals and that his

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hli.p. .1 i

Im spencer wirn ur aucel, Amoassaaors roneta, ivuraocn ana cooawln ana ur Marninez



Tuesday 09 August
(venue: Wellington College)

Thursday 11 August
(venue: Wellington College)

Friday 12 August
(venue: Wellington College)

Sunday 14 August

Monday 15 August

Tuesday 16 August

Wednesday 17 August

Thursday 18 August

Friday 19 August

Sunday 21 August

Wednesday 24 August

Friday 26 August

Monday 29 August

Saturday 10 September

One day game against the Northwood CC, 12 midday start

Two Day game against MCC Universities, 11am start

Day 2 of game against MCC Universities

Coach transfer from Wellington College to Whitgift School, London
for 1 Day International Match against Bangladesh "A",
game starts at 11am

Option to watch one day game: Middlesex v Northants at Lords Ground
including Lords tour

1 day game against the Surrey Championship XI,
game starts at 11am at Dulwich College

High Wycombe cricket ground for 1 day game against the Home Counties,
midday start

1 day game against Reigate Priory (Surrey), 11am start

1 day game against Free Forresters at Spencer (London), 11:30am start

1 day game against a combined Bunbury/Wimbledon XI
at Wimbledon Cricket Club, 1pm start

1 day game against Kent League, 11:30 start

1 day game against Uxbridge CC, 11:30 start

UK public holiday -
take part in the Wimbledon 6 a side cricket tournament

Team returns home.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hip .ii





This book, written by Brian Dyde
and published by Macmillan Education in
2000, not only covers the history of
Antigua from pre-Columbian days until
the achievement of Independence in 1981
but also deals with events over the same
period in both Barbuda and Redonda.

The author is an Englishman
who, having known the island for over 40
years and being married to an Antiguan,
has taken great care to treat what could
be thought of as potentially dry historical
material from a balanced cultural
perspective and to write for the widest
possible readership.

His 360-page book covers the
pre-Columbian migrations, colonialism,
slavery and the plantation economy, the
rise of the trade union movement,
Associated Statehood, Independence,
and the transition from an agricultural to
a tourist economy in an interesting and
highly-readable manner. As well as being
illustrated with maps, reproductions of
paintings and prints, and many
photographs, the text also contains
numerous apt contemporary quotations
from each significant period of Antigua's
history. It is a book which will appeal to
anyone with any connection with Antigua,
or with an interest in West Indian history.

The author has also written the
definitive visitor's guide to Antigua (now
in its third edition) as well as a history of
the West India Regiments.

His book, ISBN number 0 333
75169 8, is available from any good
bookshop, priced at 17.95


It's virtually impossible to
conceive of a UK calypso event more
authentic than the one the Yaa Asantewaa
produces each year.

Since the ABC (Association of
British Calypsonians) created the London
Calypso tent thirteen years ago, the shows
have never been more sought after. It has
developed into the eagerly anticipated pre-
cursor to the Notting Hill Carnival show,
attracting around 300 people per night and
serves as a flagship to Caribbean culture
and sound.

The show promises to not only
excite but also inspire since its format is
exactly as one would expect from a calypso
tent in the Caribbean. With the sultry,
message based lyrics of social commentary
to the faced paced rhythm of soca songs
everyone is guaranteed a memorable time.

Whilst savouring traditional West
Indian food and drink, viewers can expect to
see artistes representing most of the
Caribbean islands including Barbados, St
Vincent and Jamaica to name a few.
Everyone will even be treated to the likes of
Explainer, a renowned calypsonian hailing
from Trinidad whose music has been
entertaining for over 30 decades. Parents
need not worry about restless children as
the Junior Calypso monarch from Trinidad
also appears. Her talent is undeniable as at
the tender age of eight she has already won
several awards such as the Best Primary
School performer and TUCO Junior Calypso

The Tent takes place for six weeks
during the months of July and August and
is held at the Yaa Asantewaa Arts &
Community Centre, 1 Chippenham Mews,
Chippenham Road, London W9.2AN.

Remaining Dates: 12th August, 19th August,
25th August, 26th August.

For more info and a chance to win
tickets visit

This is a must see event. To avoid
disappointment tickets should be booked

Antiguans off to Cuba
for specialist eye-care

On the 29th July the first
group of persons to benefit from the
Cuban/Antiguan and Barbuda
Specialist Eye-care initiative left
Antigua for Cuba where they will
undergo corrective surgery and
treatment free of cost.

A team of Cuban
optometrists conducted eye
examinations on over three hundred
persons, testing for Strabismus,
Cataracts, Ptosis and Terigium.

Special Advisor to President
Fidel Castro of Cuba on Health
Matters, Dr. Pura Sucel who
accompanied the patients to Cuba,
said that the Cuban government is
offering the Humanitarian aid to
Antigua and Barbuda and other
countries in the region. She outlined
that upon their return, another group
will travel to Cuba for similar
treatment and this will continue for a
number of months.

Antigua and Barbuda's
Ambassador designate to Cuba
Bruce Goodwin said that the majority
of persons who are benefiting from
the Cuban initiative are those who
cannot ordinarily afford the cost
associated with specialist eye care.

He said the government of
Antigua and Barbuda deeply
appreciates the assistance in health
care being provided by the Cuban

The medical treatment and
airfare of the patients are provided by
the Cuban government at no
expense to the patients or the
government of Antigua and Barbuda.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl i .i


Regional Group endorses
Antigua and Barbuda for
re-election to the
Governing Council of the
United Nations
Programme (UNEP)

In a meeting of the member
States of the Group of Latin American
and Caribbean States (GRULAC), held
in New York on the 18th July, Antigua
and Barbuda was unanimously
endorsed for re-election for another four
(4) year term on the Nairobi-based
Governing Council of the United Nations
Environment Programme (UNEP).

UNEP is the designated
authority of the United Nations system in
environmental issues at the global and
regional level. Its mandate is to
coordinate the development of
environmental policy consensus by
keeping the global environment under
review and bringing emerging issues to
the attention of governments and the
international community for action

"I would like to thank the
GRULAC Group for its unanimous
endorsement of our candidature, and
wish to acknowledge the considerable
work done by UN Ambassador, Dr. John
W. Ashe, said Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Public Works,
Transportation and Environment,
Wilmoth Daniel.

"I believe that this action by our
Latin American and Caribbean brethren
serves to underscore that we are indeed
capable of championing the concerns of
the region in the area of the
environment, while highlighting the
widely held view that we are at the
forefront of the global effort to protect our
environment for future generations," the
Minister added.

Chief Environment Officer, Mrs
Dianne Black-Layne noted that UNEP is
one of the main UN entities with which
her Division is currently partnered on a
number of initiatives therefore it is
important for them to maintain
representation on its decision-making
body, in order to ensure that the
country's unique concerns are given full

The Governing Council reports
to the General Assembly through the
Economic and Social Council. It has 58
members who are elected by the
General Assembly, for four-year terms.
The Council and its counterpart body,
the Global Ministerial Environment
Forum, is convened annually to review
important and emerging policy issues in
the field of the environment, with the
Governing Council constituting the forum
either in its regular sessions or special
sessions. The Governing Council is
charged with promoting international
cooperation in the field of the
environment; provide general policy
guidance for the direction and
coordination of environmental
programmes within the United Nations
system; and keep under review the world
environmental situation in order to
ensure that emerging environmental
problems of wide international
significance receive appropriate and
adequate consideration by

The GRULAC endorsement of
Antigua and Barbuda now goes to the
General Assembly of the United Nations,
where elections will be held during the
upcoming (60th) session that begins of
September 17.

The next (23rd) meeting of the
Council will be held in February 2006
when Minister Willmoth Daniel is
expected to lead the Antigua and
Barbuda delegation.

Minister of Justice, Senator Colin Derrick

Minister of Justice delivers
feature address at
Graduating ceremony

Minister of Justice, Senator
Colin Derrick, delivered the Feature
Address at a Graduating Ceremony at
Camp Blizzard on Thursday July 7th, at
which ten students from the Coast
Guards and Marine Police Units of the
Regional Security System (RSS) and
Overseas British Territories
successfully completed the Phase Two
Operations Course.

The participants represented
Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados,
Grenada, St.Kitts-nevis, St. Lucia, St.
Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and
Caicos Islands.

The intensive 5 week training
programme included RSS, Maritime
Law Enforcement Communications,
Search and Rescue, Navigation, Rules
of the Road, Theoretical and Practical
Boat handling (40 ft and 920
RHB), Anti-Narcotic Operations,
Planning/Extension and Physical

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

liii. .ip i


Minister Derrick presented the
top student award to Dexter Roberts of
the Turks and Caicos Islands who
scored an average of 92.1%

In his Address, Minister Derrick
stressed that "the importance of training
would be brought to bear on the ultimate
reduction of the threats to the national
security of our countries."

(For the full text of the Minister's Feature
Address, please visit our website at, under Latest

PM Spencer honoured by
PMS Students Association

On 23rd July Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer was among a number
of prominent past students of the
Princess Margaret School (PMS) who
were honoured at a 50th Anniversary
Reunion Banquet at the Grand Royal
Antigua Resort.

Prime Minister Spencer, who is
among a line of politicians educated at
the secondary school, said that the
Princess Margaret School experience
helped to shape his future and he owes
the institution an eternal debt of

"Any person who walked the
halls of the Princess Margaret School,
have had their lives touched in a
significant way. I am humbled by this
award and regard it as a reflection of
what PMS has been to persons," he said.

The country's leader outlined
that the influence of the institution is
legendary and he is proud to be a
product of the school, which was the
country's first experiment with free
secondary education.

Among the past students
honoured were former West Indies fast

bowler Andy Roberts, former
government minister Molwyn Joseph,
President of the Senate Hazlyn Mason
Francis, former clerk of parliament
Sylvia Walker and accountant Everett

Some of the past teachers from
the institution were also honoured. They
included Dr. Albert Aymer, Otway Davis,
Dr. Billy Dyer, Mrs. Rosetta Etinoff,
Natalie Hurst and Ilma James.

Also honoured were Mrs.
Agnes Jeffrey, Mrs. Olive Josiah and
George Pigott, while former government
minister Reuben Harris was honoured
posthumouslyThe highlight of the
evening was the honouring of three of
the former principals with a call going
out to the government to change the
name of the school to the Christopher
O'Mard Memorial High School.
Christopher O'Marde who was also a
former member of parliament was the
first principal of the school.

The 50th Anniversary Reunion
Banquet also featured performances
from Ambassador Rupert Blaize and the
Laviscount Brass.

Training for Cruise Industry
Entrepreneurs provided by
the Florida Caribbean
Cruise Association

The Ministry of Tourism in
collaboration with the Antigua and
Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association will
be hosting two workshops conducted by
the Florida Caribbean Cruise
Association (FCCA) targeting taxi
drivers, tour operators, providers of
ground transportation, vendors, and all
persons interacting with cruise
passengers on a regular basis.

The first workshop "Caribbean
Taxi Pride" took take place on August 9

at the Multipurpose Centre. It focused
on three main areas: courtesy and
professionalism, marketing, rules and
safety, particularly as it relates to cruise
passengers with a special focus on
ways to increase cruise passenger
spending on transportation while in port.

The training also provided an
insight into cruise passengers'
spending, improving the destination's
marketability and learning what other
destinations have done to increase

The second workshop entitled
"Service Excellence" took place on
August 10 and provided information on
the importance that excellent customer
service makes to the destination and
what the cruise industry's economic
impact is. Facilitator of the workshops
was Adam Ceserano, Manager,
Marketing and Sales for the Florida
Caribbean Cruise Association.

Director of Product
Development at the Ministry of Tourism,
Lorraine Headley, described the training
as critical in improving customer service
levels in the cruise industry.

She said, "We thought it was
important for us to benefit from the
resources being provided by the Florida-
Caribbean Cruise Association which has
spent over US$100,000 developing
these customer service seminars and
delivering them throughout the
Caribbean. By partnering with the
Antigua and Barbuda Cruise Tourism
Association, we intend to take
advantage of every opportunity and
ensure that our cruise product stands
out among other Caribbean countries."

Assistance was provided by
American Airlines, Heritage Hotel, and
the St. John's Development Corporation
in hosting the workshops free of charge
to participants.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hlil. .ii i


lilliams (left)
i Evening
ress and
ight) in

(above) Queen Ivena being crowned by the Minister of
Culture, John Maginley as the Winner of 2005 Calypso
Monarch Competition

(left) 1st runner-up
Kimmorna Otto and (right)
2nd runner-up Arrianne
White in the Queen of
Carnival Competition

National Panorama Competition

3rd runner-
up AMP

Photos compliments Please visit website
for more information and photos of Antigua's Carnival 2005

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hIl`.i p

2nd runner-
up.. Cable and
Wireless Hells
Gate Steel


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