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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No. 99 May 2005

......i.. .varlllls were given a very special
...... i tt ,i memory of an historic

J~lames Tiny' LittCe ended his
tli "- tliousddi l mile journey to English
:- IH1iou,, a11i was given the warmest
island welcome that has
l (left) James 'Tiny' become synonymous to
Little's boat, The the people of Antigua
Womble, donated andiarbuda.
to one of the
island's museums
In his speciaC tribute to
nationals for the warmth
andc hospttaLtty extended to him and his
family during their stay in the country he
has donatedhis boat "The WVomble", as an exhibit to be pacedin one of the isCancl' museums.

He said "On the 17h of May at 3:30pm, my 3,ooo-miCe journey across the iAtCantic Ocean
came to an end -Arriving in -Antigua was both a relief anda thrill In 1975 1 visited-Antigua and
experienced deep affinity for the isCandlandlits eoyCe. The hospitality andsupyort receivedby
myfamily andthe generous way we have been treatedchlisylay the human spirit of the isCandpeopCe
andfor allthis we thank you so much.

My wife andIr have decidiedthat we woulcCdike to donate my boat, the WVomble, to the IsCand
of Antigua, in the hope that it willbe usedas an exhibit in
Inside one of the museums, until the museum of ocean rowing is
Minister Cort calls for "full established It is my hope that a team or inctividluaCfrom
compliance" by the US in WTO Antigua might enter one of the rowing races in the future,
dispute on Internet Gaming (page 2) and that the WVomble be mace available to them for that
Chinese Ambassador seeks purpose. In that event I will make myself available to
Antigua and Barbuda's support on UN offer every assistance.
Reform (page 6)
Antigua and Barbuda Best In concCusion I wouldlCike to say that future ocean rowers
Brand in Caribbean Tourism (page 8) are in for a wonderful landfall in this tropicaCparactise
Grays Green area earmarked andll hope to spendimany more happy times here with my
for major development (page 9) family."

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970 ]"il'. i .iil _.,i-barbuda.com



Investment is the key to economic growth in
Antigua and Barbuda, whether it is investment in
Tourism, Financial Services, ICT Services or
Manufacturing, our country stands ready to accept
investment regionally and internationally .

In a recent address to the Barbados
Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer promoted the idea of regional investment to
its members. He said, "Of particular relevance to
prospective investors, the Govemment of Antigua
and Barbuda is poised to take a Bill to Parliament for
the establishment of the Antigua and Barbuda
Investment Authority."

That Authority will report directly to the Prime

Prime Minister explained, "Simultaneous with
the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority Act,
the Government will introduce companion legislation
in the form of the Antigua and Barbuda Investment

This legislation will provide the ethical
moorings for the Antigua and Barbuda Investment
Authority. Governed by the Investment Act and the
Investment Code, the Investment Authority will
remove political manipulation from the investment
approvals process in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Antigua and Barbuda Investment
Authority's function will be to promote direct
investment, local as well as foreign; and CARICOM.
The Authority will coordinate the processes related to
investment proposals. It will assist in expediting
official approvals. It will be under obligation to foster
a transparent, ethical, and generally productive and
profitable business environment in Antigua and

We welcome investment in tourism, which is
experiencing significant growth over last year.
Infrastructural development, including housing and
sewage systems are also welcomed.

We also welcome investment in Financial
Services. This includes international banking, trusts
and insurances, International Business Companies,
Intemet gaming, and the Information and
Communications Technology sector.

Incentives include generous tax holidays,
import duty exemptions, repatriation of profits, and
exemptions of withholding taxes. Investors are
entitled to repatriate all capital royalties, dividends,
and profits free of all taxes or any other charges on
foreign exchange.

There should be no doubt about my
Government's resolve to ensure that the economy of
Antigua and Barbuda becomes increasingly vibrant
and attractive to investors."

This High Commission will be working with
the Authority and other agencies to promote
investment, in Antigua and Barbuda. Returning
nationals who are interested in investing in their
country should, when the time comes, contact this
High Commission for additional details.

Dr Carl Roberts
High Commissioner


ICT to be the driving force
of a knowledge-based

Minister of State in the Office of
the Prime Minister responsible for
Information, Broadcasting and
Communications, Dr. Edmond Mansoor,
announced that the accessibility to
Information Communication
Technologies ICT's will determine the
rate at which a knowledge-based
economy will emerge in Antigua and

Speaking at the opening of
Information Society Seminar/Workshop
sponsored by the University of the West
Indies' Centre for International Services
and the Commonwealth Secretariat in
collaboration with the CARICOM
Regional Organization for Standards and
Quality CROSQ and the Ministry of
Information Broadcasting and
Communications, at the Jolly Beach
Resort, Dr Mansoor noted that the
building of an information-knowledge
society is largely dependent on the
development of an adequate
infrastructure, or accessibility. He said
that connectivity is equal to economic
opportunity, and more specifically
broadband connectivity.

Dr. Mansoor also pointed out
that the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda fully accepts that the building of
a new economy is based on a greater
degree of information, knowledge
handling and exchange than ever before.

"The United Progressive Party
Government of Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer is according a high priority both
to the development of traditional media
(radio, TV) and to the putting in place of
a modern ICT infrastructure, which is
widely accessible. Indeed, the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda has
advanced the process of building our
national technological capability by

~~~~~~I Dr *as drsin h ofrne I9

promoting Antigua as a Regional Centre of
Information Communication Technology
Excellence," he said.

He outlined that the Government
has also been ensuring the integration and
adaptation of ICTs in many spheres
including education, commerce,
governance systems and law enforcement.

"Antigua and Barbuda will not be
left behind," he stated.

On 19th May, the Ministry of
Broadcasting, Information and
Telecommunications launched via the print
and electronic media the first part of an
ambitious programme to reduce the digital
divide and to increase the tele-density by
beginning to provide ordinary citizens with
access to ICTs at the community level. In
this regard, an international style ICT FEST
will be held on September 14 and 15 this

This ICT explosion, with a theme
of "ICT Solutions for Antigua and
Barbuda's Development', will have a
number of objectives including showing
ICT solutions in as many sectors as

possible as a means of facilitating
national development; finding novel
ways of getting ICT to have an
impact on and reaching ordinary
citizens; and showing how ICT can
transform problem solving in non-
traditional areas such as the
environment and in preparation for
World Cup 2007.

The three day ICT
conference is expected to create a
set of Caribbean positions on the
Information Society issues for inputs
into National Policy, propose areas of
action, especially in the area of
human capacity-building and ICT
policy, and to establish a Regional
Technical Committee for the
development of CARICOM ICT

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

IssueeNo May 2005


h-nme Iwmister spencer (ngnt), inme minister
(left) and Prime Minister Gonsalves of St Vince
the Grenadines (centre)

PM Spencer sends
congratulations to Prime
Ministers Skerritt and Blair

On 6th May Prime Minister of
Baldwin Spencer dispatched letters of
congratulations to Prime Minister
Roosevelt Skerritt of Dominica and
Prime Minister Anthony Tony Blair of the
United Kingdom, on their re-election to

In his letter to Prime Minister
Skerritt, Prime Minister Spencer noted
that the fundamental aim of Dominica's
population is the socioeconomic
development of that country. "The
people of Dominica have once again,
placed their confidence in your ability to
tackle this mandate successfully," Prime
Minister Spencer said.

"As you assume office, you will
be fortified by great expression of faith in
your administration. I wish to remind you
that Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the
other members of the OECS, stand
ready to continue working with the
Commonwealth of Dominica towards the
advancement of our countries position
within the Caribbean region, and the

S world." Prime Minister Spencer

In congratulating Prime
Minister Tony Blair of the United
Kingdom, who was also returned
to power following general
elections on 5th May, Prime
Minister Spencer said that for him
to be elected for a third term is an
honour that he is certain he will
use for the advancement of the
people in his country. "Your
party's goal and strategies for the
future have led the people of the
United Kingdom, once again, to
Skerritt vote in favour of your
ntand experienced administration," the
note read.

"As our countries continue to work
together in economic and political spheres
to confront and overcome many
challenges, the Government of Antigua
and Barbuda pledges to build on the
excellent bilateral relations existing
between the United Kingdom and Antigua
and Barbuda," the Prime Minister's letter to
Tony Blair concluded.

Minister Cort calls for "full
compliance" by the US in
the WTO Dispute on
Internet Gaming

In its first official response to the
recent recommendations of the WTO's
Appellate Body on the now famous Internet
gaming dispute, the US Ambassador to the
WTO told a meeting of the WTO's Dispute
Settlement Body (DSB) that the US intends
to comply, within its WTO obligations, with
the recommendations made by the
Appellate Body and adopted by the DSB in

In his response to the United
States, Minister of Finance and the
Economy, Dr. Errol Cort, told the DSB that
"Antigua expects full and complete
compliance by the United States with the

Minister of Finance and the Economy,
Dr Errol Errot

recommendations adopted by the
DSB in this case. As we noted last
month, we will monitor the situation
very closely to ensure timely and
sufficient implementation by the
United States. We note again how
important this industry is to our
delicate economy and to the
betterment of our citizens, and time is
of the essence in this matter."

Minister Cort also used the
opportunity to correct the record on
some of the recent media statements
by the US.

He noted that "...in its
public pronouncements regarding
this case, [the US had] said that it
needed] only to "clarify Internet
gambling restrictions in certain ways"
or "tweak" the US Interstate
Horseracing Act." The Minister then
proceeded in good lawyerly fashion
to correct the errors in the US'
interpretation of the Appellate Body
report and concluded that, in order to
"... comply with the ruling, the United
States must give Antigua market
access for the provision of gambling
and betting services. This should not
be a difficult or time consuming task.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

Isu o99 My20


For a start, the United States federal
government can immediately cease
sending letters and issuing statements
that Antiguan operators cannot lawfully
do business in the United States.

According to WTO rules both
parties to the dispute must agree by 6
June 2005 on a reasonable time period
during which the US must fully
implement the recommendations of the
Appellate Body Report. Failing this,
Antigua and Barbuda can seek binding
arbitration. It is therefore expected that
bilateral discussions between the parties
will occur in the very near future in order
to meet this timetable.

In addition to Minister Cort,
Antigua and Barbuda's delegation to the
DSB meeting consisted of Dr. John W.
Ashe, Ambassador to the WTO; Mr
Elliott Paige, Minister Counsellor; and
Mark Mendel, Legal Adviser.

Special COTED
for the Finishing


CARICOM Member States met
in Georgetown, Guyana at the 12th
special meeting of the Council of Trade
and Economic Development (COTED)
on May 13th in an attempt to finalise
various positions ahead of the
conclusion of the DOHA round. The
issue of tariff reducing formulas remains
a crucial element in this round of
negotiations for developing countries,
especially the small vulnerable

According to Trade Affairs
Officer of the International Trade
Division, Michael Freeland, who
represented the government of Antigua
and Barbuda in this special session of
the COTED, this will have a negative
ripple effect on trade taxes as most
governments are highly dependant on
these costs as a source of income.
"Although a linear formula is most

Trade Affairs Officer, International Trade
Division, Michael Freeland

favoured by the region, the July Package
suggests a non linear approach as set out
in the modalities. Therefore, CARICOM
States are formulating their own proposal
that will show some progress towards
liberalization but address the issue of their
small size and dependency on trade
taxes," he said

The WTO Director-General
Designate Pascal Lamy also addressed
the COTED. He outlined his intention to
support some of the issues that affected
the small vulnerable economies when he
takes office from September. In his last
assignment as EC Commissioner, Lamy
had signalled that developed countries
should begin to appreciate the small,
vulnerable nature of developing countries,
and the lack of capacity that plague these
economies to conform to the increasing
demands present in the WTO. He has
stated that the fight to enable small states
to increase their level on the playing field
will be in his portfolio as the Director

Mr. Freeland further outlined that
the COTED also took stock of negotiations
within services forum. Ahead of the May
deadline for revised offers, most
CARICOM members have submitted their
initial offers showing more progress
towards liberalization within their
respective economies.

"Also, the COTED was invited to
consider using a "negative list" for future
bilateral with the Canadian government. It

is clear that one CARICOM objective
in trade agreements should be to
attract new investment in services.
This is in light of the fact that two-
thirds of FDI today is in services.
Therefore, the modality that creates
the best, most conducive business
environment should be the choice.
Trade agreements that have followed
the negative list approach to services
liberalization are much more
transparent instruments for service
providers than is the GATS,"
Freeland said.

"This is the case firstly
because members of trade
agreements based on 'negative
listing' are obliged to provide
transparency through the listing
technique with respect to non-
conforming measures or
reservations (i.e., those measures
which will not be immediately
liberalized on the part of a member
country)," he outlined.

COTED finalized many
positions in relation to other
negotiations, especially that of the
ACP-EU EPAs, which is due to start
the next phase of negotiations in
September following an official
meeting of negotiators in St. Lucia.

The Minister of Agriculture
Charlesworth Samuel, Ambassador
Dr. Clarence Henry and Director of
Agriculture Florida Kentish
participated in the regular session
held May 9-12.

Roads in Five Islands
being resurfaced after 28
years of neglect

On 25th May Prime Minister
and Parliamentary Representative of
the Constituency of St. John's Rural
West, Baldwin Spencer paid a
special visit to the Five Islands area

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

Isse N.99May200


of his constituency to observe the
ongoing road works.

Prime Minister Spencer said
that the road works in his constituency is
an important development as the area
has been neglected for over 20 years by
the Antigua Labour Party administration
while he was in the opposition.

"We are commencing the
national road works programme in this
area as it has been the most neglected
over the years. Nothing was done by the
previous administration in this
constituency and my government
decided to start the road project here,"
he said.

"My government is asking the
people of this country to be patient as we
accelerate the road works programme
and tackle every section of the two
islands. We realize that the conditions of
the roads are deplorable, but we are
doing all within our powers to tackle the
worst affected areas in the quickest
possible time," he outlined.

The government a few weeks
ago also commenced a road
construction programme in the sister
island of Barbuda which was without
paved roads during the tenure of the
previous administration.

Supervisor of the Road Works
Programme, Smokey Benjamin said that
the first part of the project in the Rural
West Constituency includes the
construction of proper drains, the cutting
of new roads and the surfacing of all the
roads in Five Islands.

Liaison Officer for the Prime
Minister in the constituency, Livingston
Samuel, said that the Ministry of Public
Works has been very cooperative in the
entire project and outlined that very
shortly they will be moving to other areas
of the constituency.

"We want the constituents to
know that we are committed to completing
this project and ensuring that the roads in
the area are developed to a very high
standard. So we are asking them to be
cooperative and patient as we carryout the
necessary work," Samuel noted.

The road works programme on
both islands is expected to last over a year
as almost all the major roads in the country
are in need of repair.

Chinese Ambassador seeks
Antigua and Barbuda
support on UN Reform

On 24th May Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer received Ambassador
Liu, the special representative of the
Foreign Minister of China and his
delegation at his office.

Prime Minister Spencer met
Ambassador Liu to exchange views on
United Nations reform.

Ambassador Liu brought
greetings from the Chinese Foreign
Minister and spoke of the need for
developing countries to achieve consensus
on an important subject that will affect their
development efforts.

Prime Minister Spencer explained
the attempts by CARICOM to arrive at a
common position both at the Foreign
Ministers and Heads of Government levels.

The United Nations General
Assembly expects to make a decision on
the matter of UN Reform in September of
this year. Several countries are lobbying
for various positions, especially the so
called G4 comprising Germany, Japan,
Brazil and India.

Government repositions
leadership of Police

On 22nd May Prime
Minister Baldwin Spencer confirmed
the repositioning of the leadership of
the Royal Police Force of Antigua
and Barbuda in an effort to fight
crime, maintain public peace, justice
and security.

In his weekly broadcast to
the nation, Prime Minister Spencer
announced the appointed of Ms.
Delano Christopher as the new
Acting Commissioner of Police,
making her the first woman to hold
the position. He also announced the
appointment of Davidson Whyte as
Acting Deputy Commissioner and
Albert Smith as Acting Deputy

The new Acting
Commissioner of Police, who said
that she is up to the new challenge,
entered the Force in the 1960's and
has held numerous positions
including the head of the St. John's
Police Station.

The former Acting
Commissioner of Police, Rolston
Pompey and Deputy Commissioner
of Police, James Hill along with
sixteen other members of the force
have proceeded on ninety days
accumulated leave in the first

The hierarchy of the Police
Force was informed of the changes
on the 20th May.

In making the
announcement, the Prime Minister
said that in order decrease crime in
the society, the police will have to
invest in building trust and establish
constructive, collaborative

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hi.p ,- .iiyi..i-barbuda.com

Issue o.99 My 200


community policing relationships with
everyone and every agency and
organisation in the society.

"I acknowledged that this
counsel would only work if the Police
high command is committed to
community oriented and problem solving
policing. Intensified Community Policing
as a philosophy, as a management style,
as an organizational strategy for pro-
active problem solving, and for police-
community partnerships in dealing with
the causes of crime and in detecting and
prosecuting crime, could swiftly turn out
to be a productive investment," he said.

He also called for police
involvement with young people in their
communities as counselors, coaches
and confidantes, as a pre-emptive
strategy for dealing with youth
involvement in gangs.

"I call upon the Police Force to
move to new levels of effectiveness and
I give the assurance that I would do
everything within my competence to

rapidly reduce and to ultimately eliminate
the handicaps that continue to affect our
police officers. I envisage increased troop
strength, better accommodation, up-to-
date equipment, new technologies,
extensive training and better pay," Prime
Minister Spencer concluded.

Ministry of Culture Assist in

Antigua is to be the venue for the
first ever Best of Caribbean Arts and Craft
on Exhibition CARABEX, which will be held
from 30th June through 2nd July 2005 at the
Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition
Centre and will feature representatives
from twenty Caribbean islands including
host country Antigua and Barbuda.

CARABEX is the brainchild of
Clovis St. Remain of Business Success
Institute. Speaking at the launch St
Romain said "This is a dream come true
and I hope that CARABEX will be
associated with arts and craft at its best."

Ministers within the Ministry
of Culture were unavoidably out of
the country on Government business
and were represented by Minister of
Youth and Sports, Winston Williams.

Minister Williams said that
CARABEX is another link in the
regional integration process and
believes that it's important to the
cultural development of the country.

"This Arts and Craft Festival
Exhibition is timely and important for
Antigua and Barbuda. The logical
marriage between culture and
tourism must be urgently recognized
and registered", Williams said.

The Minister encouraged
persons involved in the
enhancement of culture to use the
opportunities provided by CARABEX
to market themselves.

Director of Culture, Heather
Doram, commended Mr. St. Remain
for having the foresight in staging the
event and added that the timing was

She said, "This expo could
not have come at a more opportune
time, a time when Governments in
the region are beginning to realize
the great potential of the creative and
cultural industries to the
development of our people and our
economies." Mrs Doram added that
there are many tangible benefits to
be gained including a professional
development approach to production
and marketing of products,
facilitating cultural exchange and
providing a learning experience as
producers and buyers will interact
with each other."

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

Issue o.99 My 200

(left to right) Acting Commissioner of Police Delano Christopher seen here with
National Security Advisor Alec Vanderpoole, Prime Minister Spencer and
Commander of Defence Force Trevor Thomas


Particulars of the Post of Magistrate, Magistrates Court
Ministry of Justice, Antigua and Barbuda

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Magistrate, High Court, Ministry of Justice.

Post: Magistrate

Qualifications: Bachelor of Law Degree
Legal Education Certificate
At least seven (7) years experience as an advocate in a Court having unlimited jurisdiction
in civil matters in some part of the Commonwealth.

Salary: $58.836.00 per annum

Travelling Allowance: $5.844.00 per annum (provided the officer maintains a car for the performance of official

Housing Allowance: $18,000.00 per annum

Duty Allowance: $18.000.00 per annum

Telephone: Free telephone (limited to local calls)

Vacation Leave: Twenty-seven (27) working days per annum and in accordance with existing regulations.

Sick Leave: Thirty (30) calendar days during the period of twelve (12) months.

Duties: (a) adjudicate all criminal, quasi-criminal and civil
cases within the limits prescribed by the Magistrate's Code of Procedure Act, Cap.
255 and any other law;

(b) conduct coroner's inquiries and licensing sessions;

(c) hear affiliation matters, certain matrimonial matters and other matters relating to
the custody of children;

(d) conduct juvenile court;

(e) perform other judicial and administrative functions (e.g., issuing of warrants and
granting of bail)

(f) perform any other duties which may be assigned by the Chief Magistrate, or as
required by statute.

Hours of Work: (1) Mondays to Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(2) Notwithstanding (1) above, the nature of the duties will require the Officer to perform work
outside of the hours mentioned above, in addition to Sundays and Public Holidays when

Applications stating qualifications, experience, the names and addresses of at least two referees, along with copies of Certificates
should be sent by June 15m' 2005 to:
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
New Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. John's, Antigua W.I.
15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970 6 ' .".I'iil.-barbuda.com

Issue No.99 May 200





This book, written by Brian Dyde
and published by Macmillan Education in
2000, not only covers the history of
Antigua from pre-Columbian days until
the achievement of Independence in 1981
but also deals with events over the same
period in both Barbuda and Redonda.

The author is an Englishman
who, having known the island for over 40
years and being married to an Antiguan,
has taken great care to treat what could
be thought of as potentially dry historical
material from a balanced cultural
perspective and to write for the widest
possible readership.

His 360-page book covers the
pre-Columbian migrations, colonialism,
slavery and the plantation economy, the
rise of the trade union movement,
Associated Statehood, Independence,
and the transition from an agricultural to
a tourist economy in an interesting and
highly-readable manner. As well as being
illustrated with maps, reproductions of
paintings and prints, and many
photographs, the text also contains
numerous apt contemporary quotations
from each significant period of Antigua's
history. It is a book which will appeal to
anyone with any connection with Antigua,
or with an interest in West Indian history.

The author has also written the
definitive visitor's guide to Antigua (now
in its third edition) as well as a history of
the West India Regiments.

His book, ISBN number 0 333
75169 8, is available from any good
bookshop, priced at 17.95

Antigua and Barbuda Best
Brand in Caribbean Tourism

Antigua and Barbuda has once
again emerged as one of the top tourist
destinations in the Caribbean region. This
after participating in the St. Maarten
Regional Tradeshow SMART.

SMART was sponsored by the St.
Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association
and Association des Hoteliers de St.

The event which ran from the 12th
to the 14th of May provided 2 days of pre-
scheduled appointment sessions where
Wholesalers and Tour Operators could
meet and conduct business with suppliers
in the tourism industry. Antigua and
Barbuda was represented by the Antigua
Hotels and Tourist Association (AHTA),
LIAT and the Ministry of Tourism.

Tourism Minister, Harold Lovell is
strongly advocating the resurgence of
Antigua and Barbuda as a foremost
regional tourist destination. The facts and
figures were measured recently as to
Antigua's presence and performance
within this market at the Destination
Management and Marketing Awareness
Workshop held in January.

Minister Lovell has pledged the
governments' support in ensuring that the
country is continuously featured at such
regional tradeshows so that the emerging
slogan "Antigua and Barbuda....Best
Brand in Caribbean Tourism" can be
manifested as truth at every forum where
the country is placed against its regional

Minister Lovell is depending on
private sector organizations such as the
AHTA, small hoteliers and other event sub-
committees such as Sailing Week
committee, and event festival committees
to play their role and get involved in the
regional marketing of Antigua and Barbuda.

Grays Green area
earmarked for major

Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer has announced a major
development for the King George V
Grounds area in his constituency of
St. John's Rural West.

Speaking to a packed hall of
constituents during a community
meeting, Prime Minister Spencer
said that the plans include the
complete redevelopment of the
Christian Building known as "Knuckle
Block" into a centre designed to
benefit the members of the area.

He said that "Knuckle
Block" which is a hang-out spot for
many of the community's young
people, will be transformed into a
building complex featuring a library,
computer centre, meeting hall,
accommodation hall, and an area for
ten vendors' shops.

Prime Minister Spencer said
that too many of the young people of
the area have fallen by the wayside
into anti social and other types of
behaviour and he is committed to
addressing the problem immediately.

"I need the support of the
community, when we move into that
area to develop it. Once and for all
we must tackle that area and rid it of
the unwholesome activities that take
place there," he said

He further pointed out that
the King George V grounds which
forms part of the area earmarked for
development, will be further
enhanced to include spectator
stands and other amenities required
for sporting activities.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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I Na


Particulars of the Post of Deputy Registrar, High Court
Ministry of Justice, Antigua and Barbuda

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Deputy Registrar, High Court, Ministry of Justice.

st: Deputy Registrar

alifications: Three (3) years e-perience in a Registry
Five (5) years e-perience at the Bar

ary: $54 876 i00 per annum

veiling Allowance: $4 800 00 per annum (provided the officer maintains a car for the performance of official duties)

sing Allowance: $14 400 00 per annum

phone: Free telephone (limited to local calls)

tin lieu of
Practice: In accordance with legal experience

n Leave: Twenty-seven (27) working days per annum and in accordance with e. sling regulations

ive: Thirty (30) calendar days during the period of twelve 112) months

(a) Supervision of the Registry in the absence of the Registrar
Any other related duties assigned by the Registrar from lime to time

(b) Processing of Probates Letters of Administration Small Estales Inrepresenled Estales

(c) Supervision of Births. Deaths & Marriages. including amendments Places of Public Worship. Trade
Unions Jewspapers. Marriage Officers. Medical Practitioners

(d) Assist the Regislrar generally in managing the operallons of the Division

: Twelve and a half percent (12 '. 0o) of basic aggregate salary drawn during the period of

f Work: (1) Mondays to Thursdays 3 00a m to 3 OOp m
Friday 8 00 a m to 3 00 p m

(2) 1Notwithstanding (1) above, the nature of the duties will require the Officer to perform
work outside of the hours mentioned above in addition to Sundays and Public Holidays
when necessary

Applications stating qualifications e-perience the names and addresses of at least two referees, along with copies of
Certificates should be sent by June 15'r 2005 to
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
New Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. John's
Antigua W.I.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

lil.p' .iiir'-i.i-barbuda.com








Private I


Sick Lea



Hours o

Isu N.9 a 20



Particulars of the Post of Registrar, High Court
Ministry of Justice, Antigua and Barbuda

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of Registrar High Court. ilinistry of Justice

Post: Registrar

Qualifications: Bachelor of Law Degree
Legal Education Certificate
At least seven (7) years experience as an advocate in a Court having unlimited jurisdiction
in civil matters in some part of the Commonwealth

Salary: $64,596 I00 per annum

Travelling Allowance: $5.844 0C0 per annum (provided the officer maintains a car for the performance of official duties)

Housing Allowance: $18 000 per annum

Telephone: Free telephone (limited to local calls)

Payment in lieu of
Private Practice:

Vacation Leave:

Sick Leave:


In accordance with legal e-penence

Twenty-seven 127; wori ng days per annum and in accordance with existing regulations

Thirty (30) calendar days during the period of twelve 112) months

(a) To function as the Chief Court Administrator under the rules of Court (Civil & Criminal) which includes:

The general management of the Court System including case fl' lures, the allocation of cases to the
Judges IMaster etc
Supervising the ilediallon process
The transmission of case results to the Supreme Court Headquarters and to the Law Library and other
relevant Instilutions
To communicate to the ministryy Headquarters all changes and updates on matters pertaining to the
Court System
To advise the Milnistry Headquarters on matters pertaining to Court reform staff
recruitmenl/requirements and matters pertaining to the Judges general welfare and working conditions
To liaise with the President of the Bar Association in reference to the operations of the Court that is
reforms updates activities, etc

(b) To function as the Deputy Registrar of the Court of Appeal which includes:

The receipt and transmission of application and the preparation of documents for the Court of Appeal
and Privy Council process (Records of appeal etc I
To provide all the requirements in respect of lodging. office space. etc for the Court of Appeal Judges
To transmit documents/communication from the Court of Appeal and Pnvy Council to the relevant
To prepare the digest of the results of the matters during each session and to transmit to the Court of

(c The processing of:

Probates and Letters of Administration
Small Estates
Unrepresenled Estates

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

lim' 'I i iiii-i.,-barbuda.com

Z 7 Issue N.99 May 200


The Registration c

Applications stating qualifications e-penence the names and addresses of at least
two referees along with copies of Certificates should be sent by June 15mr 2005 to

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Justice
New Office Complex
Parliament Drive
St. John's
Antigua. W.I.

f: Births. Deaths and Milarriages. including amendments
Places of Public Worship
Trade Unions
I Jespapers
Marriage Officers
iMedical Praclitioners
I otary Publics
Ilarriage Venues/Churches
Attorneys-at-Law (call to the Bar etc I

(d) To function as the Chief Accounting Officer to the
Ministry Headquarters which includes:

The collection of fees payments into Court, etc on
behalf of the Government in accordance with the
relevant Laws
The payment of all contributions to the relevant
Organisations e g the Eastern Supreme Court
To prepare annual budgetary reports budgets
monthly statements etc for submission to the I'linistry
To prepare quarterly reports on the operations of the

(e) To function as the Secretary of the Law Council in
accordance with the provisions of the Legal
Profession Act of 1997 which includes:

The receipt and transmission of complaints to the
relevant parties
The preparation, transmission and/or service of the
relevant notices for meetings, hearings etc
The preparation of minutes, reports etc
Any other duties in accordance With the Act

Twelve and a half percent (12 :ol of basic
aggregate salary drawn during the period of

11) 1londavs to Thursdays 8 00a m to 4 30p m
Fndays 8 00 a l to 3 00 p m
(2) 1 lorithstanding (11 above, the nature of the
duties will require the Officer to perform
wort outside of the hours mentioned above
in addition to Sundays and Public Holidays
when necessary

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

Legal Aid workshop successful

On 27th May the British Caribbean Jurist
Group (BCJG) Legal Aid Training Workshop an
intensive 5-day work session. It was held at the Jolly
Beach Resort and attracted a total of 16 participants,
including representatives from seven other Caribbean

Director of the Antigua and Barbuda Legal
Aid and Advice Centre, Jose Laurent, stated that
during the course, participants were exposed to
training that was essentially formulated for in-house
management which included recruitment, selection,
fundraising, financial planning, as well as service
delivery in respect of legal aid centres or clinics.

According to Ms Laurent they were put
through their paces in respect of administration,
advocacy, mediation and negotiation among other

The UK Facilitators Mrs Sara Chandler,
Ms Pamela Rowbotham and Ms Angela Devereaux
also paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Justice,
Senator Colin Derrick.

The Ministry of Justice and the Legal Aid
and Advice Centre also took the opportunity of the
presence in Antigua and Barbuda of Mrs. Sara
Chandler, herself a representative from the Law
Society in the United Kingdom, to formally and
publicly thank the Law Society for the gift of books
which were received in January 2005.

One of the outcomes of this regional meet
was the proposal of a Regional Legal Aid Association,
to which positive responses were given.

The Legal Aid Training workshop formed
part of the overall Legal Assistance Project between
the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and the
British Caribbean Jurist Group (UK), an association
comprising Caribbean and UK legal groups, including
the Law Society of England and the judiciary.

The British Caribbean Jurist Group (BCJG)
through the legal facilitators is expected to submit a
Report on the regional workshop within the next two
months. It is anticipated that any follow-up or
suggestions for further training will then be detailed in
the forthcoming document.


Hours of Work:

Wil'. 1 1 1 iiiii' !lmi-barbudaxcom

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