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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission

ISSUE No.97 March 2005

JolCy Beach

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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Income Tax Legislation passed (page 1)
Antigua and Barbuda becomes a member of Governing Council of
UN-HABITAT (page 4)
EU to provide Macro Economists to Antigua and Barbuda (pages 5 to 61
Victory to Antigua and Barbuda in 1'TO appeal (page 6)
Tourism News (pages 8 to 10)


Welcome to the 97th Issue of the Antigua
and Barbuda High Commission Newsletter.

This issue contains two very important
features that I am sure is of interest to all Antiguans
and Barbudans:

Firstly, I am particularly pleased to have
accompanied the Minister of Tourism, Harold Lovell
to the ITB 2005 in Berlin, Germany where Antigua
and Barbuda was energetically marketed from 11th
to 15th March 2005.

There were some 10,000 exhibitors from 180
countries and regions, the full complement of global
tourism at all levels of tour operators, booking
systems, travel destinations, airlines, hotels and
rental cars were well represented.

Minister Lovell focused on closing the
Condor Airline deal and was successful in this
endeavour. I am happy to say that Condor Airlines
will resume a weekly non-stop service on Mondays
from Frankfurt, Germany to Antigua with effect from
7th November 2005. The government recently
serviced an outstanding debt owed to the airline
company during their arrangement with the former

Secondly, every Antiguan and Barbudan can
feel a sense of pride that we have taken on the mighty
USA and won.

On the 7th April, the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) Appellate Body upheld a ruling in
favour of Antigua and Barbuda in the trade dispute
with the US regarding cross-border online gaming.

This is a landmark victory for Antigua and
Barbuda as the first and smallest WTO member to
defeat the United States, the largest member, in this
highly respected international trade court.

Finance and Economy Minister, Dr Errol
Court, stated during a press conference, that after going
through the Findings and Conclusions of the 127-page
Report, he is happy to announce that Antigua and
Barbuda has been successful in the appellate case in
respect to all the major points of the appeal.

Dr. Court said that the report reveals that the
US was found to be discriminating against Antigua and
Barbuda in particular, in terms of accessing its market
and as such, the Appellate Body's report concludes by
asking the US to bring its laws into conformity based
on the findings.

Minister Cort also said that the next step will
be for the report to be adopted by the Dispute Settle-
ment Body at a meeting to be held on 19th April 2005.
Following which Antigua and Barbuda will then meet
with the United States to work out the necessary
modalities to ensure that compliance is met with the
ruling as found by the WTO.

The Finance Minister added that once they
have worked out the modalities with the United States,
Antigua and Barbuda will be able to access the US
market which means 'We can expect to see a very
vibrant and growing Internet Gaming sector,
generating employment opportunities for a number of
young people in Antigua and Barbuda."

The Minister also said that with the Appellate
Body of the WTO ruling in favour of Antigua and
Barbuda, it had set legal precedence in a number of
areas as it pertains to the future of Internet Gaming
Dr Carl W. Roberts
High Commissioner

9 3 93 NINORATI9

PM Spencer discusses UN
Reform with German
Special Envoy

On the 29th March Prime
Minister Baldwin Spencer received a
special envoy of the Foreign Minister of
the Federal Republic of Germany.
Special Envoy Professor Dr. Tono Eitel
lobbied on behalf of Germany regarding
United Nations reform.

The UN General Assembly will
debate the issue of United Nations
reform during this year.

Special Envoy Eitel spoke of
the power of the G77 group, which,
because of their numerical superiority,
has great influence on the issue of
reform. He also spoke of the difficulty of
reaching consensus in New York at the
United Nations Headquarters because
the positions are so far apart. He pointed
out that UN Secretary General Kofi
Annan would like to see a decision
before September of this year.

During the discussion, Prime
Minister Spencer stressed the need for UN
reform, as the world has changed
significantly since the establishment of the
UN and the body needs to reflect modern
realities. The Prime Minister pointed out
that CARICOM was seeking to achieve
consensus on the issue.

Special Envoy Eitel, who was
accompanied by Germany's Deputy Head
of Division-United Nations Division Dr. Jur
Ingo Winkelmann, spoke of the various
models for reform proposed by the UN
High Level Panel's Report's Report.

Antigua and Barbuda UN
Permanent Representative Dr. John Ashe
is part of a core group of CARICOM
member states and a core group of
development countries within the Group of
G77 and China which will providing options
for the consideration of the larger

Prime Minister Spencer during the
discussion with the German Envoy was
praised for his speech delivered to the
United Nations General Assembly last
September in New York.

House of
Representatives passes
Income Tax Legislation

On the 24th March the
House of Representatives passed
the Personal Income Tax Act, 2005,
which will see the re-introduction of
the tax in Antigua and Barbuda with
effect from April 1.

The House also passed the
Income Tax Amendment Act, 2005
and the Revenue Miscellaneous
Provisions Act, 2005.

The Personal Income Tax
legislation makes provision for the
imposition of personal income tax on
the income of individuals, with effect
from April 1, 2005 and for this
purpose, to prescribe the rates of
tax, relating to employment income,
income derived from self-
employment and income from other

It also seeks to provide for
the method of determining ultimate
tax liability, the administration,
collection and enforcement of the tax
and to create offences and penalties
for the contravention of the
provisions of the Act as well as to
make minor consequential
amendments to the Inland Revenue
Administration Act.

The Amendments made to
the Income Tax Act, among other
things, call for the removal of the 2%
monthly final tax and lowers the
consumption tax paid by
incorporated companies from 35% to

The passage of the
Revenue Miscellaneous Provisions
Act supports a number of proposals
made in the government's Budget
Statement of 30th November 2004.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

Prime Minister Bal win Spencer with Special Envoy Professor Dr. Tono Eitel

9 3 *3A 9

Among the provisions of the Act
are the repealing of a 1% levy on foreign
currency transactions, the abolition of
stamp duty of 3% on loans to non-
citizens and the abolition of the 10% duty
on entertainment by persons who are
citizens of Antigua and Barbuda and

Government to rapidly
develop the nation's
Human Capital on a
platform of excellence

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
has devised a strategy for preparing the
country for a quantum leap to growth and
prosperity and to a secure future.

The Prime Minister revealed his
government's plans during a national
broadcast marking the first anniversary
of his administration in office. He noted
that the best strategy for success and
survival is the rapid development of the
country's human capital on a Platform of

"What we lack in size, scale,
and numbers, we must replace with the
quality of the education and the calibre of
the skills with which we must equip the
Antiguan and Barbudan people. I
propose, therefore, that we mobilise all
our resources, all our sectors, in
constructing a Platform of Excellence as
this country's key strategy to a quantum
leap forward," Prime Minister Spencer

He said that the National
Economic and Social Council will be a
key catalyst in the mission which will
rapidly equip the population with the
knowledge skills that are critical to
success in the 21st Century. It was
outlined that from the Platform of
Excellence, every child must be imbued
with a focus on achievement; every adult
with a focus on learning and training and
every worker with a focus on productivity.

"From this Platform of Excellence,
every person must accept the need for
responsibility as an essential obligation of
citizenship. From this Platform of
Excellence, we must achieve the dramatic
enhancement of our human capital that will
be fundamental to success in the
Caribbean Single Market and Economy,"
the Prime Minister pointed out.

It was also stated that the
enhancement of the country's human
capital will be fundamental to succeeding
in the Free Trade Area of the Americas and
to competing in the global village, which is
now a single world economy.

He said that although the
challenges are formidable, his government
has no option but to set as its primary
national objective for development, the
swift transformation of Antigua and
Barbuda into a knowledge based intelligent

"It will take a Revolution in
Education to transform Antigua and
Barbuda into an intelligent Nation, and a
knowledge based society. We identified
this as a key national objective in "Agenda
for Change," the United Progressive
Party's election manifesto. I see it as Job
Number One for the second year of
Government in the Sunshine that we make
a quantum leap to a knowledge based
society in an intelligent nation," he said.

Prime Minister Spencer said that
the job can be done in partnership with civil
society similar to the one formed with
Antiguan investor R. Allen Stanford which
will see the construction of a $25 million
dollar higher education complex in Antigua
and Barbuda.

He stated that the partnerships
must aim at upgrading, expanding and
establishing new education and training
systems and facilities which will not only
embrace the young people of the nation,
but all in the nation, in a cycle of lifelong

"Incidental to the major
areas of the revolution in education,
an immediate and realistic target is
that by the end of this year, every
school in Antigua and Barbuda
should be connected to the Internet.
This is a realistic target. As a
component of the revolution in
education, we have to bring back the
brains that fled Antigua and Barbuda
to other lands. We need to attract
them to return home to help in the
reconstruction of our nation," Prime
Minister Spencer concluded.

Antigua and Barbuda
discusses Information
Technology assistance
with India

Information technology and
IT management were the key areas
of discussion between the
Government of Antigua and Barbuda
and the Indian High Commissioner
His Excellency Avinash C. Gupta
when he made an official visit
Antigua and Barbuda.

High Commissioner Gupta
met Minister responsible for
Information, Dr. Edmond Mansoor
and Permanent Secretary in the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ambassador Colin Murdoch and a
wide range of areas of cooperation
were discussed. The High
Commissioner also held extensive
discussions with Acting Prime
Minister Wilmoth Daniel.

During the discussions it
was outlined that India is prepared to
offer continued assistance to Antigua
and Barbuda in the areas of
information technology training.

Four nationals have
successfully completed courses of

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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9 3 *3A 9

Indii Hi?) Commnisnsioner A rinas; C. Guia //lding discu&ssioLU it/ t1en
Actik,'/ Prime AMin.iter Rit emot/, Daniertklnm) Amtii.ador Colit Alurtroci; at t4e
Prite AMiister's 'offce

training in various IT areas in India and
have already returned to the public
service with two remaining in India still
undergoing training in IT.

It was agreed that ten
additional persons will be sent to India
for training this year in varying areas of
Information Communication
Technology. Talks were also held on

attracting consultants to the country in
Information Technology Security,
Software Engineering and Database
and consultants to formulate policies,
legislation and regulation to address
telecommunications and broadcasting
convergence, the impact of new
technologies and e-commerce issues.

Further discussions were also
held on training opportunities for media
personnel at the Indian Institute of Mass

The Government of Antigua
and Barbuda is committed to expanding
its technology platforms including all
aspects of e-government and is actively
considering the issue of connectivity to
the information highway, which it
believes will provide major economic


UN Habitat officials
visit Antigua and Barbuda

On the 11th March a team of
officials from United Nations (UN)
Habitat concluded an official visit to
Antigua and Barbuda.

The visit was a follow up to an
initial conversation by UN Officials and
the Finance and Economy Minister, Dr.
Errol Cort during the UN Small Island
Developing States Conference in
Mauritius earlier this year.

UN Habitat programme is
geared towards constructing homes for
low/middle income earners thereby
eliminating slums in certain parts of a

The team, which held
discussions with a number of
Government and private sector officials
also visited several areas such as Point,
Grays Farm and Clarehall where they
conducted brief interviews on housing
and finance.

On Thursday 10th March, UN
Habitat staff members, David Franklyn
and Dinesh Mehta delivered a
preliminary report to Director of
Community Development, Judy
Labadie; Director of the National Office
of Disaster Services, Patricia Julian;
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of
Housing, Culture & Social
Transformation, Vernessa Matthew and
Social Development Policy Coordinator,
Almira Henry.

Should the Government give
its 'blessing' to the project, the UN

Habitat officials will prepare a project
proposal and once the grant is given,
work will commence immediately.

The report to government
outlined a number of ways the project
can be set up, suitable housing
structures and how cost can be reduced
for persons earning a low income who
wish to own their home.

In the meantime, a Needs
Assessment Study for the country is
being planned. The evaluation will,
among others, seek to acquire the
number of low income housing needed
and the type of housing that is preferred.

The Government of Antigua
and Barbuda is expected to organize the
survey and the UN Officials have
pledged to provide technical assistance
when and where necessary.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

linp , .i iiyi..-barbuda.com


9 3 *3A 9

Antigua and Barbuda is
member of the governing
body of the United Nations
Human Settlements

At its twentieth Session held in
Nairobi, Kenya from 4th to 8th April
Antigua and Barbuda became a
member of the United Nations Human
Settlements Programme (UN-
HABITAT). Antigua and Barbuda is
represented on the UN-HABITAT
Governing Council by the Minister of
Housing, Culture and Social
Transformation, Hilson Baptiste, who
was installed as the Deputy Chairman for
a period of two years.

The United Nations Human
Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT,
is the United Nations agency for human
settlements. It is mandated by the UN
General Assembly to promote socially
and environmentally sustainable towns
and cities with the goal of providing
adequate shelter for all. "Every two
years, UN-HABITAT's work and
relationships with its partners are
examined in detail by a Governing
Council composed of 58 member states.
It is a high-level forum of governments
represented at the ministerial level
during which policy guidelines and the
organisation's budget are established for
the next two-year period," Minister
Baptiste explained.

UN-HABITAT runs two major
worldwide campaigns the Global
Campaign on Urban Governance, and
the Global Campaign for Secure Tenure.
Through these campaigns and by other
means, the agency focuses on a range
of issues and special projects which it
helps implement. These include a joint
UN-HABITAT/World Bank slum
upgrading initiative called the Cities


Alliance, promoting effective housing
development policies and strategies.

"By becoming a member of the
Governing Council my government hopes
to address some of our own developmental
issues by tapping into these and other
programmes of UN-HABITAT such as its
Safer Cities Programme, which, among
other things, helps fight crime, undertakes
research and monitoring of urban
economic development, employment,
poverty reduction, municipal and housing
finance systems, and urban investment. It
also helps strengthen rural-urban linkages,
and infrastructure development and public
service delivery," the Minister clarified.

Among some of the benefits of
membership the Minister cited were UN-
HABITAT's 154 technical programmes
and projects in a number of countries
around the world, such as, the fact that the
agency's operational activities is intended
to help governments create policies and
strategies aimed at strengthening a self-
reliant management capacity at both
national and local levels, its focus on
promoting shelter for all, improving urban
governance, reducing urban poverty,
improving the living environment and
managing disaster mitigation and post-
conflict rehabilitation.

Committee set up to
formulate guidelines
for Senior Citizens'

A working committee has
been set up to formulate guidelines
for persons operating senior
citizens homes.

SThis was the major decision
*;, coming out of a meeting with
, Minister of Housing, Culture and
Social Transformation, Hilson
Baptiste and owners and
coordinators of senior citizens
homes on Wednesday 9th March

The committee comprises
Heather Lopez, Wonda Kendell,
Carlstein Quinland, Jeanie Jeffrey,
Bernita Simon, Marilyn Simon and
Lorna Timothy. guidelines can be
taken to Parliament.

During the meeting, a rough
draft of a list of requirements for
persons operating senior citizens
homes was distributed. Minister
Baptiste stressed that these
guidelines are not written in concrete
and the committee can make
changes where necessary, as he
wants a collective approach to
solving the problems.

The Minister thanked those
who attended for their dedicated
service over the years and said he
was impressed with a number of the
facilities he had seen.

He said, "You have to be
commended for the energies you
have put into this over the years.
What we are also saying is that you
have to come together to carry it a
step further and Government will be
responsible to help."

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

hlil'p .!Iilyi..i-barbuda.com

9 3 *3A 9

Minister Baptiste further
outlined that senior citizens cannot be
used during an election and then
dropped back at their respective homes
or centres and not cared for. He said that
this practice is wrong and he would not
encourage it.

Approximately 30 persons
attended the meeting, which was chaired
by Minister Baptiste and assisted by
Permanent Secretary, Vernessa
Matthew and Social Development Policy
Coordinator, Almira Henry.

Other matters discussed were
the attachment of dieticians and/or
nutritionists to the homes to ensure
correct meal preparation, adequate
bathroom and resting facilities and
trained/qualified persons on staff to care
for the patients.

Minister Baptiste called the
meeting for a number of reasons,
including garnering the views of persons
involved in the care of the elderly, while
at the same time listening to their
concerns and sharing his Ministry's plans
for the development of these institutions.
Baptiste said such meetings were
necessary and partly fulfils his Ministry's
motto, which is, "The Social
Consciousness of Antigua and Barbuda."

Antigua and Barbuda
urged to strengthen ties
with Sweden

Ambassador Designate of
Sweden to Antigua and Barbuda has
called upon the country to develop
stronger relations with Sweden.

Ambassador Sten Ask during a
courtesy call on Prime Minister Spencer
outlined that Sweden has been ranked
as number one in the world for
Information Technology and he believes
the nation can benefit in this avenue.

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A#mAzwdrAbf, *MrsAs

Prime Minister Spencer noted that
his government is aiming at integrating and
adopting state-of-the-art information and
communications technologies in all
spheres of each individual's life, in
education, health, production, commerce,
services, governance systems, law
enforcement, entertainment and social
interactions. He said that Information
Technology and telecommunications
would be an ideal area for cooperation
between Antigua and Barbuda and

The Prime Minister explained
several aspects of the CARICOM Single
Market and Economy (CSME) to
Ambassador Ask, including the Caribbean
Court of Justice (CCJ).

Ambassador Ask spoke on the
issue of reform of the United Nations which
will take place this year, and he informed
Prime Minister Spencer that Sweden will
assume the Presidency of the United
Nations later this year

European Union to
provide Macro
Economists to Antigua
and Barbuda

The government is in the
process of obtaining technical
support from the European Union to
boost its macro-economic policy
formulation capacity within the
Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The technical assistance is
another tangible EU support to
Antigua and Barbuda particularly to
strengthen capacity within the
Ministry of Finance and Economy as
the government adopts new fiscal
stabilization strategies.

The consultant will be
expected to provide advice on
macro-economic issues, particularly
in the area of fiscal reform
management, while at the same
time, facilitating the development of

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

WIl`.i p iwI mi.-barbuda.com

9 3 *3A 9

the capacity of the Economic Policy and
Planning Unit of the Ministry to undertake
macro-economic analysis, monitoring
and evaluation and forecasting.

Provision of the technical
assistance follows a formal request to
the EU by Minister of Finance and The
Economy Dr. Errol Cort for support in the
area of macroeconomic policy
formulation and debt expertise. "I am
delighted that we will soon have the
Macro-Economist, to strengthen the
technical capacity within the Ministry. We
are grateful that the EU is partnering with
the government in tackling our fiscal
difficulties", Dr. Cort declared.

Antigua and Barbuda to
issue machine-readable
passports in CARICOM
format by mid-year

Antigua and Barbuda will
commence issuing new, machine-
readable passports utilizing the common
CARICOM format by mid-year 2005.
The passports will feature the CARICOM
insignia, the Antigua and Barbuda Coat
of Arms and the country's name.

The passports, which will meet
the highest international security
standards, will be issued in the colours of

dark-blue for citizens, green for
government officials and red for
diplomats. This is in keeping with the
CARICOM format.

The suppliers of the new
Antigua and Barbuda passports are
confident that security devices
encrypted in the new document will
make it virtually impossible to forge
them. Machine-readable passports,
which consist of two lines of letters,
numbers and chevrons printed at the
bottom of the personal information
page, allow data in the passport to be
scanned automatically by a machine.

Victory to Antigua and
Barbuda in WTO appeal
Excerpted from the Antigua Sun

Antigua and Barbuda
overcame the US to win a favourable
ruling from the World Trade
Organisation (WTO) in the cross-border
gaming dispute that has been ongoing
for well over a year.

This is the second victory over
the US, with Antigua and Barbuda
succeeding in the WTO Dispute Panel
proceedings last year. The US appealed
the ruling, but failed to find favour with
the WTO Appellate Body.

Speaking at a press
conference at the Ministry of Finance, a
pleased but restrained Dr. Cort
explained that in the end, the US legal
team was unable to convince the
Appellate Body that the Wire Act, the
Illegal Gambling Business Act and the
Travel Act did not discriminate against
Antigua and Barbuda in the area of
Internet gaming.

These US laws, according to
the Minister of Finance, were created on
moralistic grounds "to protect the US
public morals and maintain public
order," but "the US was not able to
demonstrate that it acted in a manner

which did not discriminate against
other persons coming into its market."

Reading an extract from the
"Finds and Conclusions' of the 127-
page report which was handed to
Antiguan officials early on the morning
of 7th April, Dr. Cort said, "The
Appellate Body recommends that the
Dispute Settlement Body request the
United States to bring its measures,
found in this report and in the panel
report as modified by this report, to be
inconsistent with the General
Agreement on Trade and Services into
conformity with its obligations under
that agreement. So therefore the
Appellate Body is asking the US to
bring its laws into conformity based on
the findings."

The next step will be the
adoption of the report at the dispute
settlement body at a meeting slated for
19 April.

"Once the report has been
adopted Antigua and Barbuda will then
meet with the US to work out the
necessary modalities to ensure that
compliance is met with the ruling as
found by the Appellate Body of the
WTO," the Minister said.
Dr. Cort noted that the ruling
clearly showed that a small island state

was able to "successfully challenge a
giant like the US. "It says to all of us
that this rules-based system is
working and we commend the WTO in
respect of the rules-based system of
dispute resolution," he said.
Dr. Cort predicted that the
ruling would help to jump-start the
industry into a "very vibrant and
growing Internet gaming sector." He
further indicated that there was
"strong interest" received from
gaming companies to set up business
in this jurisdiction.

"The immediate implication
is that all those young persons out
there in the community who may wish
to be employed will find employment
because we anticipate that this sector
will be growing in leaps and bounds."
Before the advent of the US
laws, the sector employed over 3,000
people, but it has dwindled to about
300. When asked if he had heard a
response from the US or the other
countries that had participated in the
hearing as third parties, Dr. Cort said
he had not received official word from
them from either group, but reiterated
that "we have won and we will
continue our friendship (with the US),
nevertheless this victory must be
adhered to and the US must abide by

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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]lip ., .i Iiyi..i-barbuda.com

Antiguan living in England
named Chair of IMB at new

Antiguan Cliff Walker has been
named Chair of the Board of
Independent Monitors (IMB) at the new
Prison which opened in March 2005.

The Role of the IMB is to
(monitor) take an independent view of
the standards of treatment of those who
the courts sentence for periods of

Mr Walker is very active in
community affairs in the UK, both the
general community and the Caribbean
group. He is a local Magistrate and also
a Deputy to the Lord Lieutenant of
Cambridgeshire where he lives.

Mr Walker regularly visits
Antigua and on one of his visits, in 2003,
visited the Prison. He has also been
involved with the Boys' Training School
and for some years provided them with

He will be visiting Antigua
during the months of April and May, and
hopes to be able to once again visit the
Prison and the Boys' Training School.

PM Spencer meets FAO
regional representative

On the 29th March the Food
and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Sub-
Regional Representative Ambassador
Barbara Graham presented her
credentials to Prime Minister Baldwin

In welcoming Ms. Graham,
Prime Minister Spencer noted the long

working relationship
between the FAO
and Antigua and
Barbuda; and the
involvement of the
FAO in several
projects in the
agricultural sector.

Ms. Graham S._w.
thanked Prime Sectivir oft eparthiipants attend #e1W/4d care norsop

Minister Spencer for
receiving her and brought special greetings
from the FAO Director General Dr. Jacques
Diouf. She spoke of several of the projects
in which the FAO was involved in Antigua
and Barbuda, including greenhouses,
water and rural infrastructure. The FAO
Regional Representative also indicated
that her organization would work more
closely with regional bodies such as
Secretariat in the development of
Agriculture in the region.

During the discussions Prime
Minister Spencer referred to the
outstanding arrears owed by Antigua and
Barbuda to the FAO and indicated that his
government would address the issue
shortly. He also spoke of making World
Food Day on October 16 a grand national

He also briefed her on the
proposed School Feeding Programme and
on the possible future development of a
viable and thriving cotton industry in
Antigua and Barbuda.

Health workers attend
chronic diseases training

The Ministry of Health has
embarked upon a Management of
Nutrition-related Chronic Diseases training
programme for health care workers.

The programme which deals with
hypertension, diabetes and obesity seeks

to develop ways of prevention and
management which should include
regular exercise and proper dieting.

Chief Nutrition Officer
Juanita James said that chronic
diseases in Antigua and Barbuda
continue to rise with diabetes being
seen in young children 14 to 16
years old due to problems with

One of the facilitators, Dr
Pauline Samuda, who is the
Caribbean Food and Nutrition
Institute Nutrition Educator outlined
that health care workers need to be
updated with the scientific
information which relates to chronic

She also advised that
health care providers should change
their focus from being therapeutic to
prevention. Obesity, she pointed out,
is costing families and government a
substantial amount of money in

Dr Samuda encouraged
persons to live healthy lifestyles and
urge health care workers to be role
models for their patients in the
management and prevention of
chronic diseases.

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Newest US Flagged Cruise
Ship to call on Antigua

Norwegian Jewel, the newest
ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet,
will begin calling at Antigua from
November 6 this year.

development since both Disney and Royal
Caribbean Line experimented with such an
itinerary but as yet have not instituted
regular preferred itineraries including
Antigua out of Miami. "We expect that other
lines will now follow since the size and
speed of the newer ships make such an
itinerary feasible and more critically,
consumers are now requesting
Antigua as a port of call in their

Eastern Caribbean cruises."

Minister Lovell continued that
feedback from past cruise visitors had
Been very positive in terms of their
"ae overall experience when onshore,
S "We are delighted that Antigua is
recognized as a good place to visit
with a wide variety and quality of tours
San Juan A to the extent that Antigua Seafaris
St Thonas / operated by Nick Cheremeteff won
Antigua accolades as best tour throughout
Disney's global Winter deployment in
Norwegian Jewel's 7 day Eastern Caribbean
itinerary commencing November

This was one of the
announcements emerging from
discussions during Seatrade with top
executive of Norwegian Cruise Lines',
Lania Rittenhouse, Vice President who
said that the ship will be delivered in
August this year and will commence an
innovative itinerary including Antigua as
a key destination.

Minister of Tourism, Harold
Lovell, recognized the importance of
partnership with Norwegian Cruise Lines
which is one of the most pioneering and
dynamic lines in the industry with high
spend visitors to the region. "This is the
first regular itinerary of a major cruise line
that has embraced Antigua rather than
St. Maarten as its first port of call and
only non-US port. This extends major
opportunities in terms of shore
excursions, shopping and general visitor
spend on the island."

Minister Lovell recognized the
historical and pivotal significance of this

Managing Director of Antigua Pier
Group, Cameron Fraser, reiterated the
thrust in marketing the destination "We
have identified a number of ways of
targeting the consumer and exposing them
to what Antigua and Barbuda has to offer.

In addition we will work with the
cruise lines in their efforts to improve the
variety of their itineraries, as well as
strengthen cruise and land based
partnerships that could challenge the way
cruise lines conduct business in the
Caribbean. We have been experiencing
tremendous goodwill towards Antigua and
Barbuda and with the commitment and
involvement of the Ministry along with the
support of the Antigua and Barbuda Cruise
Tourism Association, we are poised to turn
this goodwill into substantial business for
those who directly and indirectly benefit
from cruise passengers".

Cruise passengers in Antigua and
Barbuda increased by 35% in 2004,
reaching a total of 522,705.

Antigua to be the home
of transatlantic row

The Ministry of Tourism in
Cooperation with the Antigua Marine
Trades Association and the National
Parks Authority are busy making
plans for the inaugural Boat Rowing
Regatta due to take place in Antigua
in November 2005.

Lin Parker of Woodvale
Events ltd and Kenneth Crutchlow of
the Ocean Rowing Society have
teamed up to organize the event.

Forty 24ft boats are
registered to begin crossing the
Atlantic and already the first rowboat
has begun the voyage from London
to Antigua. This is not to be labeled
as a "Maiden Voyage" however, as
the first rowboat operated by a sailor
to complete such a voyage from
London to Antigua was done back in
1971. Sidney Genders accomplished
this great feat when he made a solo
voyage, which landed him in
Antigua's very own English Harbour.
Ten years later, a couple, Curtis and
Kathleen Seville were announced as
the first pair to cross the Atlantic from
Casablanca to Antigua.

The planned regatta will
signal the beginning of rowing events
from London to Antigua. Already
plans are in place to develop a
museum for historical rowing vessels
and Sidney Genders' boat will be the
first to be housed in the museum.

The overall reception will
climax with commemorative plaques
being enshrined in the Nelson's
Dockyard area in honour of sailors
who have made history by
completing various transatlantic
feats concluding in Antigua and

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Miami "



Sailing Week begins
24th April and ends
30th April 2005

Condor returns to Antigua
in November 2005

After months of intensive
negotiations with the German airline
Condor a contract was signed in Berlin
during the ITB tourism trade fair. Condor
will resume a weekly non-stop service on
Monday from Frankfurt to Antigua with
effect from November 7.

The flight will create renewed
interest in Antigua and Barbuda from tour
operators in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland. Tour operators in Europe
include TUI, the largest tour operator in
Europe; will commence shortly the
marketing of the country as "The Heart of
the Caribbean."

Immediately after the signing
ceremony Minister of Tourism Harold

Lovell stated "The discontinuation of flights
out of Germany in 2001 was a major
setback for Antigua and Barbuda. One of
my key strategic objectives was the re-
introduction of non-stop air lift from this key
market. The signing of the contract with
Condor is a significant milestone in
achieving sustained growth in visitor
arrivals. I wish to thank Dr. Werner Giersch
of the German Office and Mr. Ted Isaac of

ToywismMister engaged Af discZsirnS at iTB Berin, enmfany

AHTA for their support in this
important endeavour."

The Director General of
Tourism for Antigua and Barbuda
who also attended ITB Berling as
part of the Antigua and Barbuda
contingent echoed these positive

Ted Isaac, General
Manager of Jolly Beach Resort,
remarked: "As Chairman of AHTA I
endorse and support this initiative.
The present hoteliers and incoming
agents from Antigua and Barbuda
had the chance to negotiate with tour
operators who will expand their
programmes due to this flight and
new interest was generated in our

Responding to the reported
trend that Germans book vacations
for extended periods, Stanley
Francis, General Manager of
National Tours and Services, said: "It
is an enhancement to have Condor
return to Antigua and Barbuda. It will
bring well needed traffic from Central
Europe to our destination." Mr.
Francis indicated that Germans are

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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Minister ove/ land Gondor ArI,~,eExecuti'e comfflets new arrangements


staying 14 days and beyond and
therefore will spend more money.

Much kudos have come in for
the Tourism Team who successfully
negotiated the terms and conditions for
Condor Airlines' return. "It is a return long
over-due and I am sure that all parties
involved including the Minister and the
Director General have worked very hard
to re-introduce this very vital air link to
one of the most important markets in
Europe," stated Franklyn Eaton, General
Manager of Sandals Antigua Caribbean
Village & Spa.

Condor's return to Antigua's
airspace was not the only positive
outcome of ITB 2005. Tour reps. for
various accommodations were in a
position not only to discuss, but also to
sign contracts with tour operators and
were generally pleased with the result of
their participation in this fair.

Meetings were held with cruise
ship companies such as Sea Cloud
Cruises and Star Clippers which resulted
in a strengthening of co-operation. The
luxury sailing ships Sea Cloud and Sea

Cloud 2 will commence home porting in
St. John's in the winter season.

Interest was sparked in
"Antigua and Barbuda: The Heart of the
Caribbean" at ITB 2005 and this created
much international media attention.
Members of Antigua and Barbuda's
delegation included Minister of Tourism
Harold Lovell who headed the delegation
and was accompanied by Shirlene
Nibbs, Director General of Tourism, and
Dr. Carl Roberts, High Commissioner in
London, were repeatedly interviewed by
the German and Swiss trade press along
with a television interview.

The team of Tourism Officials
who took part in ITB also participated in
Sea Trade which was held in Miami,
Florida. Lorraine Headley, Director of
Product Development joined the group
there for discussions which centred
heavily on increasing the number of
cruise-ship visits to Antigua and Barbuda
during the summer months.


Englishi arbour


Anyone wishing to
purchase English

Harbour Rum should

contact the

London Distributors



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I Antipa fld Barhda M.2005BerIm deegation

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