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The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission


January 2005

NeCson's Dockyard- where preparationsfor
Sailing 'Week 2005 are weCfunder way

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3igli Commissioner's Message


On 13th and 14th January 2005 I,
along with my fellow Ambassadors, attended
the Marketing Workshop held under the
auspices of the Minister of Tourism and Civil
Aviation, Harold Lovell at the Curtain Bluff
Hotel in Antigua.

The workshop focused on national
branding in the tourism sector. Marketing
Destination Antigua and Barbuda as a place
to do business. Our brand goals are to
manage Antigua and Barbuda's reputation,
changing minds and reshaping opinions; to
explain Antigua and Barbuda in a way that
sets us apart and to impart a certain
aspirational aura about Antigua and Barbuda
that says 'come let us inspire you'.

In his presentation, the Minister gave
an overview of tourism in Antigua and
Barbuda. He stated that there was a 11.7%
increase in stayover visitor arrivals from the
UK, USA and the Caribbean. 45% increase
in cruise visitor arrivals and continuous

growth is projected in this sector to reach 600,000
visitors per year.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity
for our overseas offices to develop an integrated
approach to the marketing of Antigua and Barbuda,
and to advise on the overall development of the
industry by sharing views on the status of tourism in
Antigua and Barbuda and recommending appropriate

He identified the many challenges facing the
tourist industry, namely:

Multi-Stakeholder Approach
Delivery of quality

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer visited the
workshop and encouraged the participants to attack
the travel market vigorously, outlining that the
workshop was vital to ensuring a common approach in
marketing the country by the overseas offices. He said
that his government is committed to supporting the
execution of the action plan formulated and will be
working towards addressing the problems affecting the

According to the Prime Minister, Budget 2005
was the first year that substantial funding had been
allocated for tourism development and marketing,
however, effective planning and execution is required
to ensure success in developing Antigua and Barbuda
as the best brand in Caribbean Tourism.

The Workshop ended on a positive note with
the Minister of Tourism stating "A boom in the tourism
industry will make the streets of our city and villages
livelier. This will improve overall market sentiment,
stimulate local consumption, boost growth in related
sectors and contribute to the creation of wealth. This is
indeed an exciting time for tourism and I look forward
to all us taking this wonderful and exciting journey."

Dr Carl B. Roberts
High Commissioner

Statement from the Prime
Minister on the proposal for
new facilities at V C Bird
International Airport

While welcoming public interest
and comment on the proposal for new
facilities at VC Bird International Airport,
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, became
concerned about the content and sources
of a number of public statements by
participants in the process now underway.

Following is the Prime Minister's Statement
on the issue:

"The Ministry of Civil Aviation is
charged with negotiating a draft agreement
for a franchise for new facilities at VC Bird
International Airport. When completed,
that agreement will be considered by the
Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda.

"I am concerned at the sources
and content of a number of public
statements by participants in the process
now underway.

"I do, however, credit the ensuing
public discussions with bringing to light a
number of issues that, on the surface, call
for investigation.

"The assertion that the
Government has no basis for calculating
and does not track the airport's revenue
and expenditure streams is without

"The airport's cash flows are
routinely computed and factored into the
annual budget, as well as into the Ministry
of Finance's monthly disbursements.

"Indeed, while portions of the
revenue generated by the airport are
committed to specific creditors, those
revenues are, from time to time, utilized for
meeting the monthly public service wage

"I utterly reject the
assertion that the financial
markets are not prepared to
provide funding to the
Government of Antigua and
Barbuda against the airport's
revenue streams.

"The recent
Government bond issue to
achieve a significant write off and
full settlement of the Devcon loan
was fully and immediately

"ABI is poised to launch
a US$100 Million bond issue on behalf of
the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

will be

"It is expected that these funds
fully subscribed on the local,
and international financial

"The country's improving
standing in the international financial
community ought not to be dismissed with
the facility which participants in the airport
bid are demonstrating.

"It is fallacious to describe the
proposed airport franchise as the first
major investment project to be actioned
during the tenure of the Sunshine

"For example, the La Perla Living
project, budgeted at well in excess of $80
million, was launched last year, and is
reported to be progressing satisfactorily.

"It is regrettable that participants
in the approvals process for the Antigua
Airport Group proposal have opted to
engage in public lobbying on a matter that
is still to be determined by Cabinet.

"Also regrettable is the facility
with which a number of persons are using
the media for innuendos and charges
patently intended to discredit named
individuals and organizations that are
peripheral to the AAG bid."

Prime Minister Bald n Spencer and
Mr amd Mrs Sung Hee 6ee

Honorary Consul to South
Korea pays courtesy call on
Prime Minister Spencer

On the 20th January, Antigua and
Barbuda's Honorary Consul to South
Korea, Mr. Sung Hee Rhee, held
discussions with Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Baldwin
Spencer on the Development of a Plan of
Action for 2005.

Prime Minister Spencer outlined
that his government's foreign policy
includes utilising the country's diplomats,
and relations with friendly countries to
promote the tourism sector and
investment opportunities in Antigua and

To that end, Mr. Sung Hee Rhee
met the Director of the Industrial
Development Board Ms. Gaye Hechme
and the Director General of Tourism Ms.
Shirlene Nibbs to work out in detail the way

Mr. Sung Hee Rhee also met
Ambassador Colin Murdoch, Permanent
Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and Captain Jurgen Wendler, the Director
of Marine Services and Merchant

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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lS/e .\o. 95 JatItrrrr 2l005

Minister Cort abbressing tbe gathering

$10M Government-Stanford
Alliance for Empowerment of
Entrepreneurs commences

On the 19th January, the Minister
of Finance and the Economy, Dr Errol Cort
and a delegation from his Ministry held a
meeting with officials of the Stanford
Financial Group and the Antigua and
Barbuda Development Bank to concretize
one of the policies outlined in Budget 2005,

j which is, to empower
* entrepreneurs,
specifically micro and
small business persons
in Antigua and

The Antigua
and Barbuda
SDevelopment Bank will
Sbe disbursing the $10
million fund provided
by the Stanford
Financial Group.

The Minister
said that it is the
on of the government to empower
nail businessmen and women in
a and Barbuda. "We recognize that
businessess suffer tremendously from
difficulties including their ability to
; funds and not having enough
y which makes their proposals to
for assistance not bankable. As a
iment, we recognize the need to
n and provide a facility that will
lise these deficiencies but never-
;s allow a fair opportunity for small

business persons to thrive in this country,"
outlined Minister Cort.

"Small micro businesses form a
core in the economic sector of this country
and therefore the government wishes to
ensure that the sector flourishes. Small
business persons will be able to access
financing through the Antigua and
Barbuda Development Bank at
concessionary rates and on terms that will
be much more generous than a normal
bankable proposal," Dr. Cort added.

"We will also use this facility to
channel those public servants who are
desirous of voluntary separation. As a
caring government we wish for them to be
able to make a reasonable livelihood and
thus we will be providing the necessary
funding to make that possible," he said.

The funds will provide financing
of up to $50,000 to support micro and
small business ventures owned by
Antiguans and Barbudans. The Stanford
Financial Group will also provide technical
support and counselling for this project,
which will operate through the Antigua and
Barbuda Development Bank.

Police investigates early morning bombing of Minister's family business

On the 1st February, the Police
launched an investigation into the early
morning bombing of the Hitachi Centre
Compound on Market Street which houses
the Medical Practice and Clinic of newly
appointed Minister responsible for
Information, Broadcasting and
Communications, Dr. Edmond Mansoor.

At around 2:15 am on the said
morning police rushed to the scene of an
explosion which rocked nearby buildings
and was heard for miles on the outskirts of
St. John's.

According to Commissioner of
Police, Rolston Pompey, the device used in
the bombing is a new phenomenon to
Antigua and Barbuda because it was
apparently packed with hundreds of 2 /2
inch cement nails which destroyed the steel
gate entrance of the premises and pierced

the walls and glass showcases of nearby
business places.

Police Commissioner Pompey
although refusing to link recent attacks on
the Mansoor family in the media by known
persons sympathetic to another political
party in Antigua and Barbuda to the
bombing, said that both incidents are being
investigated and are being treated

Minister Mansoor has been the
subject of numerous talk shows and call in
programmes on the island after he quoted
a statement from the United Progressive
Party Election Manifesto which made
reference, unfavourable to some, to the late
Prime Minister of the country V.C. Bird Sr.
The attacks in the media on Mansoor, who
is Antiguan and Barbudan by birth of
Middle Eastern parentage, have ranged

from racial comments to being referred to
as "AI-Qaeda looking." Mansoor recently
filed official complaints about the
comments to the police.

Commissioner Pompey said in a
statement that the attack was designed to
drive fear into persons and his department
is not taking the occurrence lightly and will
be deploying additional officers to patrol
the streets and investigate the matter.

Dr. Edmond Mansoor, who is a
medial practitioner, has worked in politics
for a number of years and is credited as one
of the architects of the campaign strategy
which unseated former Prime Minister
Lester Bird in the constituency of St. John's
Rural East during the March 2004 general

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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I/\\e .-o. 953 .I arrirr 21005

Ambassador Silva also took the
opportunity to extend an invitation to
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer to visit
Santiago in the near future.


The Antigua anb Barbuba delegation meeting with the cdilean Government

Antigua and Barbuda and
Chile commence
negotiations on Agricultural
and Language Training

On the 20th January Antigua and
Barbuda received a Chilean delegation
lead by Ambassador Alfonso Silva. The
delegation also included the Executive
Director of the Chilean Agency for
International Cooperation, Mr. Marcelo
Rozas and Arturo Vergara who is an
Executive Member of the Agency.

Antigua and Barbuda was
represented by the Permanent Secretary
in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ambassador Colin Murdoch, Minister
Joanne Massiah, Minister of State in the
Ministry of Agriculture who has special
responsibility for Marine Affairs and Food
Production and Ambassador Joan H.
Underwood, Non-Resident Ambassador to
Venezuela and South America. Also
present at the meeting were Messrs
Lesroy Grant, the Deputy Director of

Agriculture, Astley Joseph, Livestock
Officer in the Veterinary Division and Julius
Ross from CARDI.

The one-day visit was designed
to advance discussions between the two
countries about planned collaboration in
the areas of agriculture and language
training. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
initiated the discussion last June while
attending the European Union-Latin
America and the Caribbean Summit in
Mexico. Since then, Antigua and Barbuda
has submitted five project proposals for
consideration by the Chileans.

Based on the preliminary review
of these proposals, both countries are
optimistic that a mutually beneficial system
of technical cooperation can be
implemented within the short-term. To this
end, both parties agreed that two
technicians from Chile one specializing
in agriculture and the other in fisheries -
would travel to Antigua in February to
evaluate the specific projects and that
Chile would host a technical delegation
from Antigua later in the year.

Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro
appointed Antigua and
Barbuda's first woman
Acting Prime Minister

Minister of Labour, Public
Administration and Empowerment
Dr. Jacqui Quinn-Leandro has become
the first woman to be appointed Acting
Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

On the 20th January 2005,
Dr. Quinn Leandro received her
Instruments of Appointment from
Governor General Sir James Carlisle
appointing her to the position in the
absence of the Prime Minister.

The Minister received much
commendations from all sectors of the
society for achieving the distinction oi
being the first woman to act as Prime
Minister. She was entrusted with the
position by Prime Minister Baldwin
Spencer, who left the country to attend
an OECS Heads of Government
Meeting with the President of the World

Commenting on her
appointment, Dr. Quinn-Leandro said
that while she is humbled by the
honour the Prime Minister has
conferred upon her she sees it as a
tribute to the women, young men and
women of this nation. "For this I thank
Prime Minister Spencer tremendously,"
she noted.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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I\\lw' .-o. 953 hiu.Imarrr 21005

The Prime Minister
added that the boom in the
Cruise Tourism Industry has
also brought with it an elevated
threat to acts of terrorism and
outlined that his Government
has seen it necessary to
mandate the ABDF to provide
escort duties for the cruise
vessels and security patrols in
and around St. John's Harbour,
focusing on the security of
vessels docked at Heritage

Prime Minister Balowm Spencer aOoressing
tie Antigua anb Barbuba Defence Fol

Antigua and Barbuda
Defence Force to be

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
has committed his administration towards
the transformation of the Antigua and
Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) into an
institution ready to meet the evolving
security challenges of the 21st Century.

Prime Minister Spencer made the
announcement during a presentation
ceremony while honouring members of the
ADBF for their contribution over the years.
He noted that the time had come for the
ABDF to become a more flexible security

"My government has therefore
approved the transformation of the Infantry
battalion of the ABDF into a Marine Unit
that will more efficiently address the
security concerns of our nation. The
Marine Unit would be better trained and
equipped to function independently in a
maritime environment and would be better
poised to support the ABDF Coast Guard
in its counter narcotics, counter terrorism
and other security related maritime
operations," he said.

. He said, "In addition, the
blossoming Pleasure Craft
Industry in English and
Falmouth Harbours requires conformity to
International Ship and Port Security code
standards; therefore, my government in
conjunction with the US Military will
embark on the construction of a satellite
ABDF Coast Guard Base in the said area
within the first half of 2005. My
government is further committed to
establishing a second satellite base in
Barbuda, which would address the security
concerns and significantly reduce the
Coast Guard's response time to the search
and rescue needs of Barbuda's Maritime

Prime Minister Spencer also paid
tribute to the
sacrifices in service
made by the officers,
men and women of
the Antigua and
Barbuda Defence
Force through their
contributions to
national and regional
security and stability.

Since the
establishment of the
force in 1981, it has
been deployed to
hostile overseas
missions in Grenada,
Haiti and Trinidad and

Tobago. Elements of the force have
recently returned from Grenada in the
conduct of security, disaster relief and
rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of
Hurricane Ivan.

The ABDF Officers were praised
for their involvement in community
development through the adoption of
schools, its involvement in charitable
construction projects, the assistance in the
security of schools, its pivotal role in the
recent review of the Boys Training School,
its participation in the review for the
implementation of a National Youth
Service and the beautification of some of
our landmarks.

Prime Minister Spencer stated
that his government is determined to equip
the Force for greater interaction and
service within the community.

Over twenty-five officers of the
ADBF were honoured for their long and
distinguished service in the force,
outstanding service during Hurricane
Lenny, Exercise Tradewinds 2002 and
outstanding service through the National
Cadet Corps. Members of the Volunteer
Unit and Civilians were also honoured.

Colonel Trevor Thomas Commanber of the ABDF being
bonoureb for 27 years of service

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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Is/le \No. 95 .Ianuarrr 2'005

Dr Errol Cort, Minister of
Finance anb tbe Economy

Minister Cort addresses
Heads of State and
Government at UN
Conference in Mauritius

In a bold and forceful address to
Heads of State and Government attending
a crucial United Nations conference on the
future of Small Island Developing States
(SIDS), on the island of Mauritius, Minister
of Finance and the Economy, Dr. Errol
Cort, challenged the participants to
produce outcomes that are "...practical;
measurable, implementable and time

Seizing on what he described as
a "...unique opportunity to share the
concerns of and seek appropriate
assistance from the international
community for SIDS," Minister Cort
identified the economy; the environment;
new and existing infrastructure; education;
health care; employment; and good
governance, as among the most "urgent
concerns" of Antigua and Barbuda.

During his well-received address
to the Heads, the Minister identified a
number of key issues confronting SIDS in
general and Antigua and Barbuda in
particular. He also provided the

Conference with a list of the concrete
actions Antigua and Barbuda's
government had taken to address the
challenges of sustainable development at
the national level. These include: annual
public sector budgets based on realistic
revenue projections and involving
stakeholder consultations; a National
Strategic Development Plan that will detail
the Government's economic programmes
for the period 2005-2010; the
establishment of an Investment Authority
that will serve as a one-stop-shop for
investors; the establishment of an Integrity
Commission; a Prevention of Corruption
Act; and the establishment of a National
Economic and Social Council to promote
the goals of economic growth and
development, and participation in
economic decision-making and social

In highlighting the important
contributions of civil society to the
achievement of sustainable development
of Antigua and Barbuda, The Minister
noted that "...[the] government is making
every effort to involve [civil society] in all
aspects." As an example, he cited current
efforts aimed at "...finalizing a National
Environmental Management Strategy,
which [would require] the government to
collaborate with civil society to develop,
implement and promote a programme that
will ensure the proper management of [the
nation's] natural resources"

The United Nations International
Meeting to Review the Implementation of
the Programme of Action for the
Sustainable Development of Small Island
Developing States is seen by SIDS as an
opportunity to present their case to the
international community and to seek
partnerships and innovative ways to
improve their situation. More than 2,000
participants from the islands, their
traditional donor partners and other
countries, including a number of Heads of
State and Government, participated in the
meeting, which took place from 10th to
14th January, 2005.

Minister Cort concluded his
speech with an expression of condolence
from the government and people of
Antigua and Barbuda, to the government
and people of the countries of South East
Asia which were affected by the tsunami of
December 2004.

Attorney General condemns
bombing of Mansoor family

In a statement, the Attorney
General said that it was an intentional
calculated criminal act against the Mansoor
family and in particular the recently
appointed Minister of Information,
Broadcasting, Dr. Edmond Mansoor, who
recently has come under serious attacks
from supporters loyal to the opposition
Antigua Labour Party.

The Minister said that to think
otherwise would be naive. "Since the
historic victory of the United Progressive
Party Government on March 23, 2004, there
has undoubtedly been an unrelenting
vilification by certain sections of the
electronic media, against Dr. Edmond
Mansoor and his family. This much is clear.
There has definitely been a progressive
incitement to "race hate" and violence even
at a time when the world soberly
commemorates the 60m' anniversary of the
liberation of the survivors of the Holocaust
with a message of tolerance, peace and
love," he outlined.

He continued, "Fellow citizens, we
cannot appear to go down the road of the
1970's. It is not without some significance
that then as now the Antigua Labour Party
was in opposition and that then as now ZDK
was in their total and manipulative control."
he said.

"We have instructed our national
security forces to act decisively, taking into
account all relevant and surrounding
circumstances. I have every confidence
that the Police will seek during their
investigation to question all those whose
words and actions could be linked to this
criminal act." the Attorney General

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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sM'e N\o. Vi5 .hrrttryl 2l005

PM attends LIAT meeting
in Barbados

On the 8th January a meeting of
regional leaders and members of the
Board of LIAT 1974 was convened in
Barbados in a bid to once again address
the financial woes of the regional carrier.

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer,
who attended the meeting with Advisor in
the Ministry of Communications on matters
relating to LIAT, Mr. Brian Challenger, said
that his government remains committed to
keeping LIAT flying and will continue to
lend its support to the restructuring of the

Prime Minister Spencer added
that his government sees LIAT as playing
a vital role in the soon to be established
CARICOM Single Market and Economy,
moving people within a single economic
space and as a government they are
prepared to play their part and contribute
towards making the airline viable.

In October last year the
Government of Prime Minister Spencer,
through an act of parliament, agreed to
inject 5.7 million dollars into the cash
strapped airline through a loan of $17
million from the Government of the
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Barbados and St. Vincent and the
Grenadines will also benefit from the loan

The government of Antigua and
Barbuda owns 20.3 percent shares in
LIAT, followed by Barbados with 24.4
percent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
with 17.6 per cent and BWIA with 13 per
cent. Private shareholders, local banks,
LIAT employees and the private sector
control the remaining shares.

Nation moving
forward in

On 12th January
Minister of Education
Bertrand Joseph and
Minister of Agriculture
Charlesworth Samuel met
members of the Stanford
Financial Group to discuss
Investment of $25M that
was pledged to the
advancement of education (left to rigt) F
in Antigua and Barbuda. Minister of
Josiae, Vice Cd
The groups'
vision, according to Minister Joseph, is set
towards Secondary education and
therefore everyone can look forward to the
construction of a state-of-the-art
secondary school.

The school will be built on a large
portion of land and consideration will be
taken into account for an agricultural as
well as an athletic component. There will
also be language arts as well as computer
labs and all other modern facilities.

Although the site has not been
finalized the Minister said that the new
secondary school will ease the over-
crowding situation in other secondary
learning institutions. For the first time all
the views of stakeholders in education will
be used to conceptualize this new
secondary school.

Minister Joseph continued that
this learning institution will be one of
excellence, not in terms of architecture,
but what will be offered.

Stanford keeps his word to
match funds for new library

On 12th January a cheque
totalling EC$101,970 was presented to the
Minister of Education on behalf of R. Allen

eva Margetson of Stanforb financial Group,
Eb=catiol Bertralb JosepI and Dr Austin
Yair of National Librarg Buiboing Conmittee

Stanford and his Group. The cheque is
Stanford's matching contribution to funds
raised between the time of his original
presentation of $1M to the library fund and
the 15th December 2004.

"Mr. Allen Stanford has kept his
word". That was the sentiment of Minister
Bertrand Joseph in accepting the cheque.

This latest contribution by Mr.
Stanford according to the Minister will go a
long way towards making the library
become a realization, one that will educate
the people of Antigua and Barbuda as well
as empower them.

Dr Austin Josiah, Vice Chair of
the National Library Building Committee
accepted the cheque on its behalf.

Dr. Josiah also noted that the
Hadeed's have pledged $1.3M to
complete the payment on furniture for the

The steel frame structure of the
building is underway and the library is
expected to be completed within the next
nine months.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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Issue .V. 95 .hItnr.l 2l005

Health Care Providers
attend HIV/AIDS Nutritional

From the 24th to 28th January
Health Care providers in Antigua and
Barbuda attended a Nutrition and
HIV/AIDS Workshop at the City View Hotel
in St. John's.

The workshop, conducted by the
Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
(CFNI) in collaboration with the AIDS
Secretariat, was aimed at instructing the
participants on the use of a nutritional
manual in the assessment and care of
HIV-infected individuals.

Health Minister John Maginley,
who declared the workshop open, said that
he hoped the participants would use the
opportunity to become aware of their
personal views and feelings of stigma and
discrimination towards people living with
HIV/AIDS as negative attitudes.
"Discrimination," he said, "can create one
of the greatest barriers to effective

Minister Maginley added that the
AIDS epidemic continues to present huge
challenges for our nation, as it does for the
entire world. While efforts to prevent new
cases of HIV are being intensified,
treatment strategies must keep pace with
the most up-to-date scientific information.

CFNI Dietician and Nutritionist,
June Holdip said the workshop would
assist the health care providers to handle
nutritional problems that they may
encounter from time to time while dealing
with persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Programme Manager,
Janet Weston said that healthcare workers
should be equipped with the necessary
knowledge and skills in order to guide
persons living with HIV/AIDS on how to

make the best choices for
healthy eating and living.

Healthy eating
patterns, she added, can help
to boost the immune system
and prevent or correct nutrition
related problems, thus helping
to delay the progression from
HIV infection to full-blown


the four-day


covered topics such as
nutritional implications, inter-
disciplinary health care, nutritional care
process, anti-retroviral therapy, pregnancy
and mother-to-child-transmission, HIV
infected children and case studies.

HIV/AIDS patients in Antigua
and Barbuda receive free
anti-retroviral drugs

The Government of Antigua and
Barbuda and the Clinton Foundation have
collaborated to provide anti-retroviral
drugs to persons who are affected with

Minister of Health John Maginley
made the announcement while noting that
the new initiative is a major step in the
development of the national AIDS

The Health Minister also added
that not only will the drugs be available
without direct cost to individuals but a
comprehensive programme with
supervision by Clinical Coordinator Dr
Prince Ramsey and collaboration with
Nutrition and other healthcare personnel
will ensure that the best possible standard
of care is provided to persons living with

Already the programme to
prevent mother to child transmission has

- I -
,ter of Healt, Sports amb Youtb Affairs
JoCn Maghile

seen positive results, according to Minister
Maginley. He said that so far no babies
born to HIV positive mothers, who have
been treated appropriately have been
diagnosed with HIV.

Minister Maginley also noted that
mothers are also provided with infant
formula for up to six months by the AIDS
Secretariat to help reduce any hardships
on the affected families and to enable
them to adhere to recommendations for
reducing mother to child transmission of
the virus by avoiding breastfeeding.

The Minister said that the training
of healthcare workers in the areas of
Nutrition and HIV/AIDS is also well timed
with the establishment of voluntary
counseling and testing services at the
various centres across the island.

Studies have shown that persons
living with HIV/AIDS improve their quality
of life tremendously when emphasis is
placed on proper nutrition as part of a
healthy life style.

Healthcare workers involved in
providing voluntary counselling and testing
services are in a key position to include in
their counselling the importance of good
nutrition from the earliest stage of the
disease process.

By Teste Thomas
PRO Ministry of Health

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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Asue NO~;. 95 Januarrrr 2005.

IMF Executive Director
visit Antigua and

On the 26th January the
International Monetary Fund IMF
Executive Director for Antigua and
Barbuda, Mr Kevin Lynch, along with his
assistant, Richard Campbell, paid a
courtesy call on the Minister of Finance
and the Economy, Dr Errol Cort, and
senior officials in the Ministry.

During the meeting discussions
focused on the Government's progress in
a number of areas, including institutional
strengthening, taxation and debt

Mr. Lynch was very positive with
regard to the steps that have been taken to
date, and the plans which were outlined by
the Minister in Budget 2005.

The Executive Director, who
incidentally was former Deputy Finance
Minister in the government of Canada,
further undertook to use his influence to
assist the Government of Antigua and
Barbuda in securing whatever support is
necessary to ensure that the country is
successful in its effort to overcome its
current economic and fiscal challenges.

Also attending the meeting was
Mr. David O. Robinson, team leader of the
IMF's last Article IV mission to Antigua and
Barbuda in September 2004.

Mr. Robinson expressed
satisfaction with plans tabled by the
Minister and hailed the Government's
policy of openness and transparency in
financial matters, as a new paradigm with
respect to fiscal reform.

National Home and
Business Lighting
Competition to be

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer
has announced that the National Home
and Business Lighting Competition should
be renamed the Festival of Lights.

The Prime Minister was speaking
at the awards ceremony for the 2004
Lighting competition which has been held
for the past 8 years under the auspices of
the Prime Minister.

"Our annual lighting
competition and the wider
brightening of the night are
fitting for a nation with the sun
emblazoned on its flag. The sun
is also proclaimed on the
Licence Plates of the motor
vehicles on our roads as one of
our country's recognized natural
attributes. In this context, I
invite the organising committee
to consider renaming the annual
Lighting competition the

"This would be a natural
evolution. After all, what
happens when we light up for Christmas
every year is truly a "FESTIVAL OF
LIGHTS". Antigua and Barbuda's
"FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS" can span our
Independence and Homecoming
Festivals, through Christmas, into Easter.
This would embrace the winter tourist
season and enhance the experience
visitors enjoy," Prime Minister Spencer

The Prime Minister also
complimented the organizers of the 2004
Lighting Competition for the enlightened
change and for their service to the
community in organising the competition
and for arranging the awards event.

15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
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lwie A-0~;. 95 humarrrr 2005l~

"Theirs was a job well done. I thank them.
Tonight, the spotlight properly falls on the
winners of the National Home and
Business Lighting Festival. Tonight's
recipients are judged to have been most
successful in making our sunshine nation
brighter with their creative use of
manufactured light," he said

Prime Minister Spencer
congratulated the recipients and those
who made the extra effort in entering the
Lighting Competition. The individuals who
conceived and developed the event were
also commended.

The 2004 competition was won
by Donna Francis from the North Zone
who won cash prizes totalling EC$5000
and a day pass for two at the Jolly Beach
Resort. The winner of the Business
Lighting Competition was Shouls
Toys/Gifts and Housewares.

Prime Minister Spencer
leads delegation to First
China-Caribbean Economic
and Trade Cooperation

On 1st February Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer headed Antigua and
Barbuda's delegation to the First China-
Caribbean Economic and Trade
Cooperation Forum in Kingston Jamaica.

Included in the delegation to the
four day forum which will saw leaders of
the region interacting with Vice-President
of the People's Republic of China (PRC),
Mr. Zeng Quinghong were Tourism
Minister Harold Lovell, Ambassador to the
PRC David Shoul, Permanent Secretary in
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador
Colin Murdoch and Marketing Manager of
the Industrial Development Board Gaye

The Prime Minister who recently
paid a State Visit to the People's Republic
of China and held discussions with Vice-
President Zeng will sign a Memorandum of
Understanding with the PRC on the
facilitation of Group Travel by Chinese
Tourists to Antigua and Barbuda.

Prime Minister Spencer said that
the Business Conference of the Forum
presented an opportunity for companies in
Antigua and Barbuda to market their
products to the Chinese officials and
develop business links with the various
Chinese and Caribbean companies which
are expected to improve the manufacturing
and service sectors in the region.

"We've had a long and beneficial
relationship with the Chinese Government
and this Forum has opened avenues for
my government to work closer with the
PRC Government. The seminars on
Trade, Human Resources Agriculture,
Fisheries and Technology and Tourism
has provided an avenue for us to attract
investments from China," outlined Prime
Minister Spencer.

During the Inter-governmental
exchange which made possible
government to government exchanges;
Tourism Minister Harold Lovell presented
a paper on Human Resource Development
in the Caribbean.

The Trade Forum and Fair, in
which a number of Antiguan and Barbudan
companies participated, greatly enhanced
the level of technical and economic
cooperation Antigua and Barbuda has
already received from the Chinese.

The Antigua and Barbuda Cruise
Tourism Association, Town House
Furnishings, Antigua Home and Garden
Discount Centre, Bike Plus, Little B & J
Fabric Store, Sight Sound and Time Gift
Shop, Hendersons Limited and Eagle
Garment Factory are among the Antiguan
and Barbudan companies that participated
in the Trade Forum and Fair.

Ministers of Government
participate in CARICAD

On the 29th and 30th January
2005 the CARIBBEAN Centre for
Development Administration (CARICAD)
facilitated a Retreat for Government
Ministers at the Jolly Beach Resort.

The CARICAD team expounded
on the roles of Ministers, Permanent
Secretaries, Chief Establishment Officers,
Financial Secretaries and Cabinet
Secretaries within the Westminster-
Whitehall system of parliamentary
democracy practiced in Antigua and

The retreat also assessed the
role of the Public Service Commission and
the proposed merger of established and
non-established workers into one public
service. A special committee has been
charged with producing a detailed
assessment of senior public sector
appointments and formulating a policy
document to be presented to Cabinet.

The committee comprises
Attorney-General and Minister of Legal
Affairs Justin Simon, Dr. Edmond
Mansoor, Minister of State in the Prime
Minister's Office, Clarvis Joseph and Celia

Minister of Labour and Public
Administration, Dr Quinn-Leandro, will
chair the committee.

The team will receive technical
and research support from CARICAD.

A final retreat bringing together
Ministers and Permanent Secretaries will
be held in the first quarter of this year.


15 Thayer Street, London W1U 3JT
Tel: 020 7486 7073 Fax: 020 7486 9970

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AlS/e .\o. 95 JIattutr.r 2l005

Sailing Week 2-004

Sail away in Antigua

Antigua will soon be preparing for
its 38th annual Sailing Week, when the
world's fastest and most attractive yachts
congregate for racing and a series of social

Sailing Week will take place in
various stunning locations around the
island and is thoroughly enjoyable for both
sailors and spectators. With a wide range
of activities and events together with
Antigua's idyllic climate and some of the
best beaches in the world, the international
regatta is indeed a very entertaining event.

2005 Sailing Week promises to
be the most spectacular with the growth of
the international sailing community and
even more beautiful luxury sailboats.
Antigua Sailing Week is now the largest
regatta in the Caribbean and one of the top
three regattas in the world.

The festivities begin with the
Cavalier Rum Beach Party at Pigeon Point
on Thursday 21st April, with the official start
of Sailing Week commencing on the
Sunday and closing with The Lord
Nelson's Ball on 30th April.

Sailing Week 2005 officially
begins 24th April and ends 30th April 2005.


Barbuda only
a boat ride away
from Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda
Tourist Office is pleased
to announce the launch
of a new ferry service
between the two islands.

Previously the only way for
visitors to travel was a short 20-min flight.
The new Antigua Barbuda Ferry takes
1hr 30mins (check-in 1hr prior to
departure) and costs EC$135
(approximately 28) return. It presents an
excellent opportunity for visitors to view the
spectacular coastlines of the two islands.

Surrounded by crystal clear
waters, Antigua's sister island Barbuda, is
sparsely populated and less frequently
visited than any other island in the region.
Barbuda boasts one of the most stunning
secluded pink sand beaches in the world,
a rich and varied wildlife and beautiful coral
reefs. Barbuda is the perfect destination
for those yearning for a peaceful, relaxing

The ferry, which began service in
December 2004, departs at 8.30am on
Wednesday, Thursdays, Saturdays and
Sunday from Heritage Quay, St John's
and arrives at River Dock, Barbuda. The
return service from Barbuda departs at

On Tuesday and Fridays the
service departs Antigua at 4.45pm and
returns the following day from Barbuda at

Engish H-arbour


anyone wishing to
purchase ETnglish
Harbour Rum
should contact
London Distributors
'Te6 07714 112 073
le C/ax: 020 8590 8784
pe ta5o 6@hotmaiCcom


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