—"PAGE EIGHT BARBADOS ADVOCATE rHIIIAY, Al'GUST 15. 1J England Scores 264 For 2 Against India David Sheppard Hits Results Of Sixpenny Consolation Maiden Test Century Prtxe -E' "! Amount Tlrkrt No. llrl-i No %  !• "K" (I" rum Our Own Correspondent) I.OMK)\. August 14. TWO HUNDRED \\ii SIXTYT i (or two d'i irnposlnf figures on the scoreboard here Ihis evening. A live hour and fifty minute Test century ium'i most prolific Morer, David ard of CetmbrJ it>; newly foui hours of Lew Hutton'i battini* resulting in %  new opening partnership record of one hundred and forty thrtT foi • India; undei a benign August sky throughout a balmy ir, three matches, England's captain. L-i. Hu" tone of rcmorjclt*!* (In Sheppard and Btti %  inn .i'lii tb • ihcmsclv, 1( n rtdmisnion "I Inadequacy. Only the belated B> 1 l %  tiring attack towards the elosu of the d pan) to more •ftactrvs to penetrate the field enabled England's overall run hour to be raised to the humble figure or 40. Ikin hooking any short ball on IU merits with power, reached b Ity, easily the fa*ie't of the day, In one end three-quarter hours and that wa.% mainly why his second wicket partnership of 118 with Sheppard took only 110 minute-. — far and away the fastest scoring of the against a moderate attack and uneven fielding, neither of which reached the best standards. The crowd came with then picnic basket> ready to he festive this August day M 'ich with promise. But they wen dennied to a day of tolerant patience which Sydney's notorious "hill" crowd greeted with %  '• continuous uproar of indignation. But there wai no when 40 minutes paa-cil Before the Aral boundary was recorded— typical Hultnn cover driven—and there was even an outward show of contentment in the equally balmy i %  LttBefa when Mankad bowling to an o x Jiggerde Hell' for d< h i I In actual cold B*rure* he bowled thirteen overs f..i The crowd, it appeared, made too many allowance* for the i DSSi ol the Indian bowling. For once he had lost the tons. -ki].|H %  11 03 com i %  %  %  B coulo i"blamed mon %  four times on hi way to three figures — all off Blanks cataM he ai i n re experienced player, but didn't make ins attempt to outnv euvre tlic field Instead of runo ni bring the defensive ring in. Mutton hit those fi mou off-drlv* %  straight to mid off M COVI which was ful stroke Hoi lift anything ovei the 1 Shoppard loi doing )u.t that. Mutton Ini seven fours and" Sheppard nine in hi' %  tury of th May not OM • Total J •OWUMO ..NALYBIS It V. n .,i.. j Saisehand 'SI Haaked '" Qhulam Ahmed la l O u Hturr 3 3 0 0 I ou/v Crirket: Surrey Musi Fight" Hard For Victory < C "IrripilBtti LONDON. Aug. 14. n1 i • make absolutely ccrI da "f UM county championship look very far away to-night. Against Warwick at Coventry. ham :,.,i ...1, r.,r vir'.-rv v.-ill. Mil liieir MKund innings wickets HI hand. But since they managed only 74 in then firal kn< k, tbefa iiaiice* ate nut bright "ild Surrey lose to-morrow thej the chamoionshlp If Hampshire can prevent a Yorkshire Hants-have taken first Innings points off the Tykes thanks to %  lighung century by Leo HaRkKM and equally valuable 91 bj opening bat Neville Rogertiihe. North;uits Aust player to-day took redu wicket .i, itry 11 b ki-t II MKS-IUMRD — < %  (iloucatter S for 25. %  i ... Warwick Warwick . for 7 dee'd. Gardner 104 not out. 74 and 13 i now Nerthaaai varan. Lam. Lanes 361 and 5 for none Ed rich 162; XorthanU 223 Tattersall 7 for 83. Derby veraus Glamorgan Derby 182 and tf7 id 3 for 28. gsn uo Kh.xli-s 1 for 25. Vork*. van*. Haul*. Yoik270 and 11 lor none. Nuwx ver*u> WoreeiHer lit %  (or |; Doggart 72 DOt cester etO tor\4 dee'd ; Kespon ien. liird il. Keatereet verau* NotU. l 10 : 'i foi :t. Btock us %  Ot 179 KeM vena* Mtddftmrx lUddHW x 100 and 1W for 5. %  Mi it Mill 1st ggfl gBgg $140 00 2nd 1012 9384 100 00 3-u 2841 2332 80.00 4?h 7201 aggg 60.00 %  li 93 53 5000 9505 10,00 7:h nth peao 3tWI 20.00 th 3SW 5289 20.00 10th 1887 4347 20.00 llth 4505 9871 12lh 4*347 3413 10.00 1253 4053 10.00 14th 4831 1422 15th 0623 4350 10.00 18th IPJ3" 7888 10.00 MM 17th 18 if. 18th 8780 10.00 19lh 10.00 3549 1(1 "(1 %  001 1346 10.00 !I38I 13B2 10.00 EM 2270 9001 Mid'. 241 h ,o:ti 2721 10.00 %  %  1 i 10.00 26th MM 10.00 27th B849 MI. :rnin 28th .li';* mt 10.00 Tkkrl N. 7494 MM 3M 7S10 4Ih ISM 5l 4J4U JiSJ dth 0203 Slli 22 Hill, 2084 llth M95 12lh WT1 I3U1 7503 14th .. 4534 15th 2000 18U1 8541 17th 4458 18th 8168 3162 20th 7048 21M 6322 22nd 3184 23rd 2980 :-'4th 6346 25th ,... 4333 26th H406 27th 8966 2Hth 2048 Amouat Prize 1140.01. 10060 1st . I 00.08 3rd 30 00 4th %  HI, i.'I, 1MI.O0 "'h 200tl 8th 20.00 h .'OiKi I ''I. 10.00 1 "li 10.110 Uth 10.00 13th ,0.0. J** '•' it 1000 181h 1000 1008 nth llth Svrira Sertr. ,. N „ 0 .. ^ moulll I k.-t v.. I 1 s. 9815 22M (140.00 6699 75S4 88 78 2063 6118 n-m 5267 4810 3985 0157 9413 MM 8733 8527 1758 2974 0408 MM Table Tennis Team Arrives Prom Trinidad iX3 20-h rtM ot Srrh-. SprliH. I'rl^r " 1437 MM MM 7912 5879 4165 4902 $140.00 7552 100.00 1012 ao.oo 5291 60.00 4K!11 50.00 03^3 10.00 eg :> % %  (ion son 20.(10 7170 20.00 8322 •OJM 8622 2040 5854 10.00 1700 10.00 4855 10 00 5391 10.00 3807 10.00 1595 10.00 9000 10.00 4238 10.00 10.00 1384 10.00 1008 10.00 5070 10.00 •OM 10 on 0334 10.00 2543 10.00 oooo 10.00 2585 10.00 3rd 4!n Mh 6th 7lh 8 h llth .... 12th l.'cih 14th ... (5th 01 17 th i nth 19th 20lh ... 21st 22nd 24th .. 25th ... 20th 27th 28th Series "I." 1'hrt No. fket No. IT Serin. IMi90 MM 21131 32H8 8536 1452 3798 76II 1789 40H3 2324 8677 MM 5337 2764 I024 2812 5876 6196 "IIS" iiiaa 80611 3042 4707 4*41 53*4 8728 3446 9098 8957 3792 6723 7MI 0634 4514 4475 2251 0848 8410 3678 4496 9711 6335 0954 2226 1302 3381 3380 Srlr. -p.. T'k*i No 7954 3261 2426 3635 5847 9076 2936 5867 2297 7318 8173 7738 0766 5596 0237 5264 2360 1J49 7110 4566 MM 8875 :: US 100.00 80.00 6000 A seven-man table u-nnis team .ini" en San Fernando. South Tnni;KHMI red here on Wedneaday an u-duy tour during 20.00 which they will play three teals MM other matches agamr. 20 00 lot island's leading teams. 20.00 L^ by Dr. Noble Sarkar who 10.00 ; lA1 rod Barbadi* with the 1042 10 -j[ Innldad cricket team, the teem .2*55 '""" South Trinidad is comprised IAM •' L '"' 1 Williams, an aU-Tiinidad IOAS I'piVM-nUitive Of Ihe 1049 tCAtD JJ1-S :i > Barbados, and dj>uty captain inftfi W the present team, Fcnwic>: Jg 00 l*by*no*.; Kelvin Aasin. in no Mendcs; Andrew seskagaaa and 1000 l '"> Yawehing. Managtt of the 10 00 '*am is Mr. l*on' Leacock. while 10.00 Nl1 w Wil-on is accooipanylng 10.00 I hem. 10,00 The team arrived a* Scawell 10.00 about 9.30 on Wednesday night 10.00 liter lieing delayed in Trinidad for four days due to p*ssag ai $730.00 menu, and were met by Ml. H. Williams. ITesidcnt .J Uie BarbuSeries doa Table Tennis AssodaUon. Mr "Q" Anwanl Christie Smith. Secret.ufX and T*h*tNa. (|Uite a large number of players $140.00 from local clubs The manager of 100.00 -lie team described the welcome 80.00 which they received as "a most 60.00 heart warminjT one. and said he W*.T!,> ,MI1 Ma %  >•" regretted the detaj 30.00 20.00 20 00 20.00 20.00 7943 3146 0310 1285 9478 7435 6470 6794 6677 1304 %  Ii*8 4641 8747 3184 4478 6468 2498 0335 0571 4030 2041 8066 1630 0265 0600 9822 1009 6158 0466 7291 0943 0341 8501 8923 9368 2261 0789 5616 6150 4786 0991 8228 9552 rrival as much as anyone. There i ., nu> vaitstin the stylo <>f Ihe players, aria IOBM of %  •hem unorthodox. Arnold Metides )(1 mi Guy Yawehing are the most 10 00 lil f 1 PtsyeJ-s. with the latter 10.00 iBProachuuj an oithodox style. 10.00 Csri Wiiiiano., who represented 10.00 Tnmda.I here a few years ago. i> 10.00 an .'V.M.x ll-nninder, while 10.00 Kelvin Asking is the oulv south10.00 paw. Dr. Noble, an old stager Is 10.00 bUllt DO solid defence. 10.00 The other two playing members of '.he team, Iksrwkfe De4>yalo-n, iid Andrew nfoolrrian are des10.00 S73oi.il fuhlv 7'i/i/H'. SerlrSeries I'rlie "I" "J'" "irnwunl Ticket No. Ticket No. 1st 2nrl 3rd 4th fnn 7th llth '.Mh 10th HUi 12th 13ib 14tn 15th Kill. 17tli 18th 19th %  Mb ::l.i 22nd 23rd 24th 26Ui J7th 28th 8617 riPI 5409 5780 ion 5870 : UM 5414 0581 8420 6211 4524 3625 9061 1535 1203 lit;:'; . 3436 6327 2480 7862 IDM 0066 6050 1408 53 III 0018 4468 7176 7155 7580 8229 3104 2941 4307 0778 1131 3000 6337 LS0B %  :"n; 1 II .'i 0709 Oftifl 5975 0201 UM 1107 1 |] 40.00 100.00 80.00 60.00 50.00 u.00 JOUtl 20.00 20.00 •0JH 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00' lO.OOl [ 10 00 10.00 10.00 111 00 10.00 io on 10.00 10.00 10.00 Trinidad Beat Pelican 6—1 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 1730.00 Government Tax $200.00 on eact* THR'RARBADOS TURF CLUB. per G. A. LEWIS BOVELL & SKEETE, per J. IBUlfl I 14th August. 1952. jjJjjS -"'^ ix-mg "fairly stoaajj-. lAAfi '' h a combination of attack and %  Asked vrfaal he thought the of ti.> team to be in the I series, the manager. backed up by the Captain. aid not know enough of the laiidain of the local players, but they thought that they had a fair 4 winning the rUHakT. for Wiuuuns, n |g the r..i the otnei ix>ys. and it Is felt that they will all gain tot of experience from the tour. The team last week gave a ,"'i [.a ice against the l\irt-or-S|Nln Five which includ;h top notch players slip from their grasp, as they threw away point after point. T<.-nlght the visitors will enThe visiting South Trinidad FBO Barna Club af the Y.M.P. table tennis team won their (list I'all. engagement when they defeat' :-y six a large crowd. ''^J 1 '^,, v. lwm ,nnT MrtVh"'wUrbe'"piayed on 'the South Trinidad Cup. while ".ted a gr-5 combination of atThe r-ult. of last night's nor-up __, T taek UMI defence backed uu by matches were as follows:— it,, taw .tains to Trinidad steady concentrSon one of the A. Mendes (T) beat Harding on ihe 24th. and this will result %  usets in the game. II IS. 21—12. In s change of the progrDrnme %  Except for F. Wllloughby who O Yawehing (Tllost IVWwhich wa, originally scheduled te won his match against Guy Yawloughby 21 — 13. 10—21. 18-3 flm* lung by winning two straight. K. Assing (Tl Deal M. SlocomDe i — (T) beat R I'hilThw'wilt play the first s ,ck v '-'*' 11 'hchlow. and _., uS.o, ..,* Mnmlav ninht : M. Into:h. who comprised the hen they defeated Colony' "Jchon we^tesSy|..ea.n of Trinidad Table Tennis V'H f T 1 On Wd y nihUhey >., Trinidad al the Y.ai.C A n ght ^" tn ay s^ ^ Col C((lupi ., Hluni Car| wmianu woll i the 28th. local player.showed an utter lack Dr. N. Sarki Brian Closv Scores 1,000 Ifyns Cl % %  Wednes1,000th run ii %  .: lull W|.tiiiuentine Relieves pain of llasktllHill in ih. Seconi I Ii'ge plsj Lynch 1 ) Seeondary Sooemr Results LONDON. Aug. 13. h League soccer results lor Weritii • ; in i Dundeo S; Ceh %  %  De) Hibernian I 81 lOUtn 0. Third La.1 . veil 0. i U Athletic 8. Ai 11 % %  %  I orfai u. Iloetoi i B Btanhi ><'d ^,u uiier iaca i^r. n. =-'-%  '' %  ||fS_gt l_lft raavt ^W-Sr*,, „„,,.. w,JJKcaja a*. IT PAYS TO USE THE BEST J/mi i\ why \ou slumlil buv . i'l l HAM) FAINTS We hm Sto .' i -I'lTIAI HOI Si: I'AIMS t.ri\. Il..rk (irei. I>JIV Brown, D'dOM I t link Btone, I i-iinii tl While. Ked. •S* Enaniel-Hiiisl, MARINE I'AIM S White. Creeaa, Talkj Qreast >i iM() FLAT PAINTS S Mint A Green .> i OM I;III imoi: I'AIN is •J I'.., nt lied. (.rev. Mid Hard <,lo>I'KRMANENT GREEN FA S PAINT auTattyVn S For thr easy rrmoval of old faint PBONg 4456. 4267 ;l WILKINSON & HAYNES CO., LTD. i :• TslEll— A'-^R SIOUT HAW -JR, V:HBN lOJ i MAU.> V.-3RK UP PLACE" oo IT evcRy TI/ME1 imsitti'iall sans Feuiurvs Wm offer! SHLE WORKMANSHIP AND QUALITY SUITINGS You Survlv Mn-i Decide on P.C.S. MAFFEI & CO. LTD. ai the -TOP** SCORKKS IN TAILORING. llMlllMins AQt ATIt CLUB. (Members Only). •Ml mm IGUi August, 1952. at 8.S0 t> m W'ATKR POLO by Floodii-lit and DANCE KNOCK-OUT FINALS. SNAPPERS v. SWORD FISH. Music by Anthony Mrnctc* *nd hi* Caribbean Troubadours ADMISSION: WATER POLO DANCE Gums Bleed, Teelh Leese! Stop Pyorrhoea and Trench Mouth in 24 Hours ntwdinf i.mr, (tors moulh. M OM l"i rr-ii tlml ro" %  Iclla finw rh. or Trveeli KbU>. or mMU-lMiStllM-t.'tol ,U anntatllT MUMI you W low li iSf^^5f S| -a Kil Of *••ipt-i % %  • %  I no* •'*''. nan BMPta aausrtr; in* I. -r.C 8lop V.r* dl MM — i IU, b?su- Uit oo eaM aot oal* iof iKin km iii*o chrome rti'jnn %  nd litul irauMr. New Discovery Savss Teeth Amoian lh ducovtrr of sn *nwri(n trf IIM ry bit dT. qulrklf •• "" Kir'now cul ol TOW mouln, •&* toaa r.l.t*ni tha l*lB. Th loOewInf Itiun • n Mr W W H ih"i thr rooiilti llt I iuffrr*anmTrnsetai i i'! .IK UoroS A 1% *pit dvrfw I Suit Bargain % TROPICAL W WORSTED inn in.i. Dm AM in SUITS From $41.17 to $44.92 N It All adjustments effected without extra ( II.II :;ion our Tailoring Premises CAVE SHEPHERD & CO., LTD. 10, II. 12. 13 Broad St. C4 *iSif??>. ho* quick rebel trom Nual Catanh u*e 'Meolbolatuni'. Thii wondcrlul breaibablc balm, when put up irutdc the nose, acts InMantly. Your very next breath carries cooling vapour* i i^hl up duouah the note which open up the natal pauige* i mme diately. I TI breathing U inlored jutt bv bieathing the" Menihobium'vapour* AUo rub 'Mentholatum' liberally on your throat and cbeu. Thb breaks up congestion and relieves even the most iihstmjtc Caurrh OuKk gel a jar or tin of 'McDtboimum' to-day. n MENTHOLATUM ASK FOR REAL MEN-THO-LAY-TUM Ht4t Only I) Tit Mmlholilum Co. Lti., (tit. IBID MM*X £/• %  n. %  hfle nrirrkToibtr i*ih i r|rtllii| loowr all Iht Unr I turd many tblngi aiul (bra BHI4 f thl> n# A %  ><—. in 3 luMin aotar a*u>s i lumi had lopp^ bLrdinc TlW KrtMMh aw HoWh dliMlpfwaira in i f u.'n and in io MU ihnuid UMI B > IOOM U*\B -M ranch 1*1.1*' and mat .•uM *ai ih hard** ofTood.*'^ Guorcmtoad WM> %  orka ao fail and M> Mflaii. i %  .", ta ruur rompWi* aaluilarli*! or ^ on rdurm of fraply parka


FRIDAY. AUGUST 15. ISM BARBADOS ADVOCATE PAGE nuucs 30,000 Million Tons Of Oil Await Extraction i jtt'jfiXi/ No One Dares Exploit Worlds Biggest Oilfield (Bv I lUDKKKK I 1.1 IS) LONDON, August 5. FLANKING THE BANKS o( the R.v-r Athabasca Alberta, Canada, i* the world's biggest oilfield No oil come* from it. No
The Barbados advocate
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Advocate Co.
Place of Publication: Bridgetown Barbados
Bridgetown, Barbados
Publication Date: Friday, August 15, 1952
Frequency: daily
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Bridgetown (Barbados)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Barbados -- Bridgetown
Dates or Sequential Designation: Apr. 22, 1983-
Numbering Peculiarities: No issue published for May 3, 1983.
General Note: On Sunday published as: Sunday advocate.
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Full Text
Court of Common pMu 10 M a 11
fo.-i-(wm.M 11 no.,
r.li. Md T IP p m
Teo**^? *"'"**" "> *.
rjr lb* um tbal lark. aaaUUac*
*"f V* ""* Ut Deed iwun
For like futur* In lha> dutancc
And ut good thai I rn do
nilDVY, AUGUST 15, \9Tft
_a irom codnnato <*
I BUinAi. Mr month u Sal* I
il Timp-niui. m n-r
i iwntn" 14 v r
! VjSaSwty mUaa par hour
i *UH 1 W p.m. ^^
ii.cti na. 3 p m
Low rtdo 7 M a ir. ; /7 s
7 Die; 500 Arrested In
Riots Near Alexandria
Tanks And Troops
Guard Cotton Mitts
CAIRO. Aukusi H
niajrj With fcKypti!*n troop* along the littered streets and
burned out ruins of Egypt'.-, "Liul,> Lancashire" near
Alexandria where the cotton mill riots vesterdav ended
with MVfrl dead, 200 injured, and 500 sjTOBtS
Troops were also deployed through Alexandria itself,
Egypt's second city and summer capita! where the city
PoUce Commandant declared a state of emei encj i nh
to-day. Fire Briyades were this mortunj! .still working
amonc the smouldering factories in the mill area of Kalr
El Dawar as special military tribunals prepam
tli'1 )i;. General Mohammed Naguib,
Cuinm..nun in Chief of Egypt's
armed forces early tod.i> .,!,-
noiuiced that the situate
riot urea was 'under control.'
After ., Cabinet meeting to dis-
cuss the situation late last night,
Premier Aly Maher. acting u
military Governor General of
Egypt promised "merciless pun-
* for the ring-loadcr-
Frum .17/ Quarter*:
Military Court
A live-man military court em-
powered with ilnal authority war.
con vetted on Thursday for the
mass trial of hundreds of workers
arrested m Wednesday's textile
not near Alexandria.
It was predicted that 400 of the
5a7 arrested workers were to go
before an all-military tribunal.
Charges against the accused In-
clude arson, destruct'on and In-
citement of disorder.
Naguib'* Ituadquailers charged
that persons "In the pay off the
old regime" fermented the Kafr
El Dawr labour troubles, the llrst
since the General launched his
military coup on July 23. They
alleged that the "agitators'' had
infiltrated among the null anal
30.000 workers to "sabotage and
disfigure t h p army'* national
In the Hots following a two-
days strike after toe dismissal of
workers on political grounds
petrol stations and motor stores
warw sat on nre and most of the
industrial area's 40.000 spindles
and auionaUr looms were smash-
ed and burnt. Naguib called the
riotan ''traitor*41 trooM aim is i"
disturb the public security and
raise obstacles In the way of
social reform.
Later, troops supported by
tanks and armoured cars cleared
the factory of sit-down strikers " {"*
who barricaded themselves In- '
side as the rioters set fire to bales 1
of cotton in the spinning and I
weailiiK factory and administra-
tive buildings. The troops rounded
up more than 500 workers includ-;
ng the alleged ring-l'
the riot*.
Troupe rushed i ' guard fill'
cotton and silk factories in the
Behcira prOVtDce against further
possible riots. Motor traffic be-
tween Cairo and Alexandria was
halted for many hours ns the
army moved in forces. Naguib (
declared that "bailor*"' Han Pa-
sponsible for the situation andL
that the army had to Intervene to
restore order. Rioting and arson*
marked the llrst olvll
since Naguib assumed power.
Soulh African
Police Detail)
South African police engaged L
epposing the campaign against
mriunaat "Jim Craw laws"'
I'cld for questioning today the
Time" Magazine correspondent
Aiex.mdor Campbell. "Time"
canOy carried a cover story _
Nationalist Premier Daniel Malan.
Campbell was brought m tor
iiuesroning as the police arrested
the President of Ute African Na-
tional Congrcas, one of the organ-
Uadiiitj the campaign
'i rui.i ni's segre-
gation laws
Meanwhile in Capetown tile
Supreme Court overruled the
Government otdai and banned
coloured voters
Irom thr voting rolls. Late on
Thursday afternoon plain-clothes
red the Johannes-
i (Kg S'ai building w h f r e
has his office and pro-
duced a search warrant to exam-
BM tin Tinu" correspondent's
papers. Ho was taken to police
headquarters for questioning, but

EC im.vcd into the homo
. President Doctor J. S.
Moroca and arrested him while
. patients,
He was held on chscgw* of break-
'fik the Suppi.'XNi(.n of lom/nu-
nlsm Act and then released on
ClM ban
Campbell recently visited the
United State-. While there 'Time'
published Its detailed storv on
Haian. a recent Issue of "Time-
tabled an article on Solly
South African Labour
leader I p.
Draw Old
Age Pension
UaaJUncUui. About 30 million-
aires arc drawing old age Social
Security rtrsfpjni of 125 a montn
the goverrilwanl reporU.
,Ho4boiarue: LteStttUvaw ale hunt-
ing lui .1 gang wbo made away
with ..11 .iminunition box stuffed
with an army and public servlc*
psjrtoal of t33.593In notes. The
box was lucked in the strong roo <
if a bank overnignl wlQt otfier
ii'ij bojtas awa.uog collei'Uoii
; tna com-
pany who used an arnioureJ cat
E01 Hm purpose Three blocks
' > - Wing Trie
11U| Mob"the story
. .. Lnodop bank clerk who p-an-
''(i an armuuied OU bulhuti roo-
Tel Avl Becjuse the clothing1
:;>ply cannot meei demand, the
Israeli Government will distribute
10.000 tailor-made suits and 10.000
pairs of trousers by lottery \
1 uit will cost 90 Israeli pound*
I f 32 sterling)
Capr4own: The Uny South Al-
lintie island of St. Helena, where
Napoleon was exiled, has had i'>{
first fatal car crash since motors/
cime to the island 21 year ago.l
A three-to" truck owned by af
rlrm of flax millers left a mount
''' 'i'ii road .tnd rrashed 17(1
yards below, killing two of the
occupant* and Inhjring three
Bqiisttuig sr: -1 to r : W. Wil
Standing: 0 Wullaau.
TEHNia TEAM pictured with law Mn.rr Ml. Leoo Lsacock
on wbo la touring with the team F DnbyninKh. K Asalng
B. Laacock (Manxvr). Dr. Nohlr Harkar (Oapt.l, O. Yawching A
New Deal For
Iran Peasants
ran's down-trodden peasants
l'>oked forward on Thursday to a
new deal, an extra 10 percent cut
lorn the giant sized landlord'?
hare of what they produced The
decree ordering a better break toi
liverty-strirken farmers was
1 sued on Wednesday bv Premier
Mohammed Mossadegh. It also
'oeelfled that landlords must de-
l oslt another 10 percent of the in-
ane from their estates in special
iiral banks to aid needy farmers.
I BSgrec was the first of a series
m reforms promised by the aged
Nationalist aeader when Parlia-
ment this week granted him the
ght to rule with near dictatorial
nwers for six months.
U.N. Cripples
Red Regiment
SEOUL Aui'u.,! 14
POURINC; RAINS fell on stl-Metfc Bui.I I ll.il "
muddying the bloody katili-flcld wht-rc Unilii' Stales
marines nurled back ftmr Chliuise CommunUt counter
attacks and crippled an entin Red reniment.
Rain was a welcome si.ii'.i to dirty, tired marini
Tor the past threv deyi lou. and deftettd 'i.:'.!"1 in
Red troops in the scorching icat
Atc.p "Bunker Hill" victorious marines planted lorn
.ind battle stained flan dedicated bo Saini
Archannel- a Koreau battWlaj made bv Korean u
-----------------1 Chinee. Hni,
i'lliii.rvl" <>_ 'V !....' rr"",-all.ic-k on Ihr ..ill II
<.Ill IIOI itr Kir lilt kilM ra,l f pm,m,, 1,
' 'IHi. \......,!!,.,,
Col. Sec. Now Controls
Trinidad Magistrates
POHT-OF-SPA1N, Auuust 14.
THE GOVERNMENT has decided to divorce the Mau-
isterial Depgrtment from t>m Judiciary. This decision
was taken by the Executive Council on Tuesday, and
MUcaliy removes the Chief Justice's power over the
clony s Magistrates.
The new agreement hands over the control over the
colonv s .sixteen Magistrate.* to the Colonial Secretary in
rnatteri rennUiu promotin,,. discipline, personnel and
iransfers. while the Chief Magistrate will handle ordinary
administrative affairs. The Colonial Secretary will act
through the Chief Magistrate.
A magisterial Mies* ST-fT !*'* ""PP0^1*'0"' de-
Uxn, Governor- '"rtu.^ A. """ Protest was made
Un by rnagUtrates (lver the
ntire magistracy following a
Latamsnt bv Sir Cecil Fnrness
Smith, then t luef Justlot, that no
masjistrsna of Trinidad should be
a^nototad to judgeship. Renison
aid that was only Str Cecil.,,
private opinion but not ihe fov-|
emmsnt policy. Mgl*Mwtm, he'
rt eniitled n, promotion
'<< the Supreme Court bench,
C Hindi ad)oum
ed the discuasloti relatinj; t.. th
(( magistratas. wtnrh
'naglslrates eJelm It palpably low
MaasachuseUii. \u,
A kleptoaunUr crow
named "Clltioot,- with a
rravksg fae rUarettes and
uarklna tk-krts w..-. mi Ui*
loose here aaain an lliun.-
dsy. The larrrnou* bird
waa Lraeked by the police
in a business office oa
Wrdnesdaji when stenogra-
phers com plained thai >>
was 'ill-hint elfaretles. pen-
dls, llpaUcks and paper .lip-
He was seised U he
Happed down nekt i>> a pile
of petty cash. At headquar-
ters he tried is Make off
with a sheaf of freshly reg-
istered parklac tickets be.
fore hli owner, twelve-year-
old Barbara Scott, arrived
from her home In Beverly
and asked If anyone had
seen "Cllquot".
firming thai they would
have a hard time ronvincLu*
the Jadfr that CUqoot Is a
"klept" "'*' should be sen-
tenced to thirty days In .
bird ease, the Cops let him
S*. He left headquarters
pert bed on bis inMr<->'
Duger and later consented to
be phoiograpbed after gob>
blinc two or three of the
caameraaaan'* cigarette*1
fire from
machine gum
Designate of British Honduras, who
"Newcastle" LHseaw
Strike Poultry
fa. TjriiiiduJ
PORT-UF-SPA1N. Aug. 14
The outbreak In Tnindad -A
niysteriou* fowl di*e;i i- has bcci>
ronflrmed by etnlneiit laborah'i
i< utxes abroad to Ik
disease. The infoim.i'.i'in >mc
sMled yesterday thai the diseaafi
was caused by a vim.- noUxl to
- [Hi rapid spread through (Vxrks and
mfeiUon was caused in man*
Dhe fear that two-thirds of ti .
_____________ ______ v.P. :t< lony's stocks rru.v d..-..- t-t \
i nynnw ,..ar .ded was voire.1 b> an
LONDON MASS fo.-med source, but i
FOR EVA i sssjgUrt^M
""" rai."Ji-ron" wS ^ ' ^
Hriaf atol
Foi mom Hun an hour fanatical
>i to storm M...
lending the poiitluii from iue-
fubrieated bunkers. A few Corn-
gaged the marines In IuhhI to
ti.md combat hut thev srars quiek-
i. "neutralized Finally ihc
1 liw III -m,-. and i"i four
hours the Marines had a brief
r I
Than eaine the fourth counter-
> .iti.i ;iM. k Mi.t
'*" driven titf four minutes after
^ started
SiDce the Murines captured
Uunkei IliH" Reds have thrown
f.iur counter-jiti.nk* and nn
Kighth Army briefing Offlear nld
('.,rinm,m>.t 'KeKimenl.il .
h.id Ihi'ii invested in the action.
Chinese Communists tossed
other probing attack* at Marine
western front Ir
mile east of Panmunjorn All
vere repulwd. OUui U N unit*
lumped off in
ilj today.
IM Sorties
In the air, Allied fighter bomb-
ers Hew about I'M' sDfUea In sup-
port of Embattled Mj inca ycsler-
Man- South
Koreans Mustangs and Ko> A Au>.-
rralsUi twin
20 super buildings .ind started
Uigc ilres In the Sari
irenst Twenty-five l9
Supeifortj took ovei tin- .iir wai
Bg dasrk, ultnClOng stnrk piled
war materials at Anak. west of
tart von
Waval warplanes rested ...*ci-
d.i> M three carriers on Ihe east-
ern coast used the day to ri-
pply. Surfre cBaft however
rmunitt upply centres, transports-
loi .. ili; i nn] fionl lines.
late Senoia
celebrated .it Westminster CaUie-
di il ,' noon on Auaust 21. The
At gent ine colony here and many
Bittish and foreign diplomats are
>f ted i ..ttend!
and is considering quarantmin,
infected preirii.se*' The Department
added that although N
disease is wioklwide Uiis scemca
to be the first definitely
incident e in the British Caribbean.
MUiDEMT TRUMAN accepts at the WMte House a maastve Pomin vase
from Italian Aob .*.adt r Alberto TarchUuu and his wife The vase.
given as a symbol of Uw <- pcupic of Ualy and the US,
dawns bash to the days of the Homaa Empire. t International i
ST. MARTIN. Caverns.
France. Aug. 14
I Explorer Marcel Loubens who
iritii hta jaw fractured and his
.. k broken iruiv live if h.-
ip from the dapths .,f the
i cavern his doctor said.
I) M-.iret member of Maa
expedrUM that set out
I. >t week to probe the murky cave
eached hli in|urcd companion this
ii'oming and telephoned a diag-
Iha surface It was the
Heal attention Loubens
VSa since he plunged 120
jagited rocks yesteiday
i-mrl first phone call to the surface
I tinee Ute line went dead yenerday
1 5 p.m.
I Nordert Castert, another of the
leave explorers on watch at the
SUrf i
nt the new* to Loubcruf' father
jt the foot of the mountain The
cider Loubens arrived tat
day and passed a steeple*, nlghl
waiting for word of his son.
He broke down and tned when
' heard that the 33-year-od
scientist was still alive and miaM
be ssved. At the botb
pit Loubensf three COBbSSjDJ
nd a doctor prepared to utrap the
uneooaclous explorer to a board
and raise him 120 feet to the sur-
Bheets of rain and high winds
wt-irh tore away the tiny lent
village at the mouth of the caver
han.pered rescue efforts
Vsialit- Maii|HHcr
Mttri Fight Asiafic
lug II
Senator John Steiuiis. member
>( the Bsnate's Armed Force*
i said on Thursday that
we must train Asiatic manpower
lo fight Asiatic Communism "
il k Neshobii founts
fni in his ciimpalgn for rc-eloc-
tlbn, Siennli said he hopes that
Democratic (or Ib'piiblican, will
b ing the rtappfiggi or foreign
IT.hi |
Belgium Hus
New Problem
For Kidgway
Belgium'* decision lo rut dum
....nt.ti conscrtpUon i s created new and uni -
ruuMes for Oeneral Matthew B
U UP* European A; :.
Ilrussel > Govemmenl dei-uieu in
^ iv io knock inn
JT the M-month
. ioub day
U net iieiKhi-.unng countries tt>
k'lee on a common two-year
i lining programme
i;il\ ISwUfyina before
ngn^ss on Fon'tim Aid in March
ii il April
r reserve*
imugiuMil Western Eui
< to the hole deft
aid that thi< would err-
ale difficult problems, but (here
wag DO fiint a)
these officials |
pean countr> to < ut dsM
wngtk of cegaacrtet service.
is the only a i
'he Euro|H>..ii lh:'
i' wltt ' i*o rag
Norway requires 12 mot
Netherlands and France
in d n.iiy 15 aiontlu Hi r
1-: t < C. irn-ti.bcr. ha; t.vo ieai
i1 I i.-I Strikes and! den..
the conscription i^-iIik
l 'ohe out in Bel puna last weuk.
-c .:
West Sold 82.000
Tons Of Rubber
To Russia, China
Kne ountrlee have Mippln-.i
I ii.i and Cominuiusl liana wttti
->ut B2.000 tong of natural rub-
I i in Uie Ursl half i.l
1 8 I'otiunarcc Depaitmcnt
i iti^i ,in tftniadaj on
c I UiHt liiilaln was the chlM up

' Hi.-.-,.,
tmtrh .o, .rii. i .it. .o.i that thu
p .terlal uixloubtedlv could havi
I mt of some -trategle value to lla
In Korea &n<
>l \ltHIKI>
In Italy
HOME. Aug. 14.
Young men who never harl a imiv-
' i> t. )|]ng i( Bdd story
>( Italy's economic ailment, un-
' nl In Die llrst parlia-
mentary Investigation of its kind
Uagle word plr-
i or this weakening national
disease which hui. burned dlctato-
ii.il and demoerntle government'.
alike are In-lng paintwl on official
ie< ord, but how the wl. :
will help Premier Alelde De Qas-
i inmcnt to eradicate un-
> i plovmenl remains to be seen.
. -i .
timony of
tpacity for |obs crying
to 1m- Oiled Rome and Its pro-
'.inn havg 47.326 unemploved 10-
i..'. yet building i onfa.....
Ud can't tlnd 2,000 enrpenters and
Three Deputies and a battery
of experts .*u;e drawing stories of
from young men who
ii.ive in-v'er had u lub and older
workers who hardly remember
their last regular pay-check.
ran* i U.N n soiutlon t*i
May IBM. Communist i tun., svs
i .iinioi n aggressoi and an am-
rgo svas donned on the ship-
." Dl of Htrateglc go-als lo the
BrttalfL Malays, and
e er eountne. have latsrpretad
(this embargo as apply!)
0d hav< 'ofiped all ship-
iU. but Ceylon, not a memltei
M M l! N wi, repori' i
imerce Department to have
ped aJmosl all of China's 1m-
Another Uranium
i ind In Australia
Krst French/
Victim Of Korean
War Huried
FRANCE. Aug. 14.
The first French soldier to be
tbl Koraap war was
TLuiiwteji in the Uttle
\ lane cemetery of the Toulon
irb lit. i a .solemn high re-
i lem Mam and full miUtary hon-
ours. High army and civilian offl-
i .Is Joined friends and neighbours
h. ioIIIii of Rene Betty was
I t>roi"'Hed artll-
y piece from the church to the
i .-1 ground. Korea combat
larang made up the guard of
OAKWIN AuStl ilia, Aug. 14
Anoiher "very iinpoi;
.ru-rwaruiK ore has been
made in Northern Territory, ter- _, #
liter tat Administrator T. J. S.( I Went V tanHlU'S
Vtes announced on Thursday. I *
covery wax made 120 mill i
B nth at tta
UlSD urn field
'gist an'
1. Mophysicist from ""
Mfiaaral wai
first reported by thret Dal
tors two day
said thst the uranlum-liariiu: i
f-'isunhower Turns
Down Truman
riuinan invited Owlght Elsen-
hower to the White Home ],, ,
- f briefing
that was glvi u Oovernor Adlai
the White House said
Kverihower. Republican I'm- i-
dentiai candidate, rejected the li
Truman sent the Invita-
tion to Eisenhower at ihe Rrown
Palace Hotel in Denver
Eisenhower's telegraph to Presi-
dent Truman said that under pres-
ent circumstances any comniuni-
eatlons tH'tween them "should be
onlv those which are known to nil
nan people."
Crowds Flock
To See Eden's
I.ONDON. Aug. 1*
Foreign afceratary Anthonj
> ii was married to Mis* Clarissa
Of WlnMrm
Hill, .Mil. the Prime MtBlt-
:..nding by in the combined
Of untie chief witnuse. and
oine say :iiatchmaki i
! Bden, 5a. eonsiocred the Crown
of the i i.urehlll regime.
married to Miss Churchill
a tun minute ceramoftv In
xton IH.il Registry office.
:. lolled, out Use old red sai
a the second time In wM
I ear. The la | p| the
; hop-worn cetebrit) cafpat ^..
ll.-t winter for the marriage of
uillywood lUin Mar Klit|ibe1h
i to actor Michael Wilding.
nd today's ceremony prove! 10
..c combination of Eden and
t njrehlll is a hard one for even
glamour to boat. There
. t uini widlv dumonstisUve
fans lammed into Caxton S'a.el
t a the Taylor-Wilding
. before today'* csre-
mtiny It looked - though the
While Hall hud lost the glamour
I ..ttle. but then the crowd* began
l > senva as uaough for a champl-
hip light About 4,000 msssed
Downing; .Stieet to see tne
i ii Mhilstei and "is itteM
I ..ve for the wedding. Another
1 MHI were ..round the Regfstrv
waited in i
IMV .1 I- 1 . t ,
12 Horv Filipino
OutUns killed
MANILA Auk 14.
M ro outlaws In i
BUI drive to crush ban-
In Hadji Kan.,
i band, ruoapa out In beavU)
.i Filipino arm;
uil .i 2,i0n in.in t.i ft force has'
hilled 42 Mi.
. ,
iig a lighter plane pilot whose
ashed Into the
un. 16 wounded and one
1 I
iry Ramon Mnga
i i il At toy troopl
,i Ki.mlons band after
: 16 not..i [ou r I
i tu ed to Murrender.
ccurred in a lode fen over 200
rpnone line ^Jfthe"
If.N. Apologies
Communist PeipinK Radio said
that the United Nations apoloRies
for violating the Pnnmun]nm neu-
tral rone were "worth!'
insisted that all planes were or-
dered to entei
sreu The Communist broadcast
also said thst th. Unit.
admitted shelliru the rone ....
August 3 only been use "hot evi-
dence mede them own up at las*.."i banks.
Leave For Chile
OawfOsl, R'ly. Aug. 14
Twenty peasant families left
i thg Italian
M i PDltf it wai
up of ibilian farmers
I ing for Chile following the new
i between, the
...Ti.nieiil : i.i
fbteign Aid
" ,t(i -Ii Mill \0|
Vsk For A l-iiiiii
JL'SSEAL priming is essential to the painting of all new walls: fts
pplicau'on ensures that the paint drift tight und tlayt right. Dusseal
-eals off the destructive alkalis snJ mmsfun slWaya pressjal in new
surfaoBS, sod st the ssmc u>.ic provides a urnjonn. non porous hsse
for the paint coats to follow. It thus prevents (teeing and discoloura-
tion, permits speedf painting and
assures that the paint OOat give* the
TEHERAN. Auk. 14
Hussein Aliahasll,
new Vice Premier, denied reports
"' sadegh had re-
Ihe U 9. for a loan. Ali-
abadi said that Mossadegh decld-
- iM- asking financial aid
I 149 Truman
town his request for
S100.000.000 during his recent
dip lo the U S The Vice-Pre-
mier slse criticised Britain for
blocking Iranian funds in British
M A 1) L BY
Phone 2385 Sole Diatributon Phone 4504

FRIDAY. AL'GL'ST 15. 15*
a)iib Caltinq
Jack Tar Gull Knew a Lot
He Told Knart All Abut Lsghthomts
i.. MAX fUU
FAR out at th* *dg of IIm cliff
tt stood looking over the ocean. It
was a tall round tower painted
i.turk and whit* with her* and there
a few little windows Ilk* tiny *ye*.
At the *ery top was large round
i window It wai from this window
that the great light shone all night
long, throwing a beam fur out ovei
I the water.
I Jark-Tar Cull told Knarf and
Hand about th to*v*r and Ih* beam
of tight. "It's a llghdioiM*" said
llartid. Th*y all went to the cliff
and itood looking at It
"An old man llva there." aaid
Jack. "IVt often ae*n him. He
takes car* of the light.'
"Why," aaked Knarf. "doaa a
lighthous* hav* a light?"
Signala Danger
"For the hip*." aaid Jack. "It
tell* them that the cliff" are there.
... .l.OHllSiUI' M|
-----Taylor. Acting Puisne Judjt.
left the island yesterday morning
l.v id, MV HUlrmstad I tlM
United Kingdi.n,
accompanied by Mrs Tayloi.
Radiologist For U.K.
l (ii-ncral Hospital, was among the
passengers leaving the island yes-
llM WiUemstad for the
UDstgtJ Kingdom.
Dr, Smith ha* gone up to M-cnd
i holiday.
Diploma in Education
Senior Lecturer ut the Cov-
erniMnl Training School. Trinidad
returned home on Wednesday by
the Coenib*e whuli csillsi
its way from England.
Mr. Joph !*i '
Institute of Education. London,
taking a rilpJoma In ,-ducatlon, an
examination whit I
MA. Education course. He nu> has
to write a the*l< i< > *
MA in Education.
Short Holiday
A RRIVINCJ in llu- h.Imiiv (tut-
** ing last wMk was Mies
Lucille wOliami of Trinidad. She
has come over to Barbados .o
ppend about two M
as the guest of Miss IVarl Ihir.in'.
BHnk Hall Mlai Williams is em-
ployed with the Turf club. Port-
I wo Week*' Holiday
Ri.i I BNINa bosM
by B.w.i-A. ..< Trinidad was
Mr. James Waldrond who arrived
in the island on the 1st Augu-t
tor 1W0 weeks' holMa*. Mr. Wald-
rond who i.* employed with Al-
stons Limited. Trinidad, was dur-
ing hi- guest dt
(-!> 'A ,'. I .. II
Firt Viait
AHIUVINU ID Um colony on
Wednesday by B.W.I A. from
Cii-ii.ki.i \v .1 Mi Lowe who h !
come over for two weeks' holiday.
She was accompanied by her
daughter Gwennetb on tlifir tii-i
visit to the colony. During thctr
stay they will be guests at Silver
Bench Ouest House, Rocklfy.
Mr. and Mr. Alexander were
;lo among the arrivals from
Grenada. They have come over
to spend two week'' holiday here
ns guests of Silver Beach Quart
House. Rockley. This is also their
to the colony.
MR C I HINDS of the Post
. .
".':.: In Hi'itish Guiana, was
inlnnsM on Wednesday bj nSa
i-olomhie nrorrt Enulrmd on his
way back home He ii>k a ton-
month course In non director
automatic ti'lcjilnriiy in prepii ration
tur coiravnton <>f tha manual
in Brltlsb Qulana to
autonunc work
The course was under Iho *
plccs of the British Post Office.
Also Jewe.Iery made to order
Wc now have our
own skilled Jeweller
working r^i the pre-
mises which guarantees
quick deliveries and
reasonable charges.
V. l< LIMA
A <<. I.Til.
20 Broad Si. Phone 4644
opened last night a* tu <..> -
Gale. MI,C Maria*!.,* D.r*.-..-
form arc (i*ft to n.-'iii Mr O K
OaJe. Mr J | B...ii>c\ sad Mr
Advocate Sport* Club
^T^IE Ad vocal-. Spoils flu
I KM !"im June this year was Of I
terday afternoon by ihc ilon
V C. Gale. M.L.C..
Director ol the Advocate Co.,
I In* Club is situated opposite
the Police Burracks, Tn
and its object ih to cater
activities of upcrtincluding tobto
tennis, cricket, baseball. .i
polo, football and also religions
After the introductory remarks
by Mr. !* <; Hind.-. President.
Mr. Gale, Patrrn. officially opin-
ed the club Mr J K BrattM
Senior Vice-President, then spoke
of the good and welfare of the
I lul> and it* sv-ial activities
There was a welcome to Visitors
by Mr. O. S ConpUL Jui
Waler Polo Dance
A LAJKU crowd i.f v\ i .
* faiLs arc looking forward to
ftui nlghl ,.t the Aquatic CiuL
to-morrow ..i 8.30 pjn. when tha
Finals of tha A apd B
Knock-out eompinUoa will t
There will be a dance after-
I which the winning teams
and their fans will prob
Mutiny u.
Snappers, this year's Le...
Iwpin| to win both
nips. While Swordilsh, ihe run-
ti'is up in the Laagua, an
to l>e the K.O. winners.
In Division |i BdnltM and Pol-
ice, two evenly matched tcarm.
win also pnmcto ' vim
..'.i m an ra data
Homf After 39 Year.
li r.iuKNINti to UM i I A ft
* Monday via PliartO Kloo w. .-
Mi. Rannafla g. smiiti. n.

UM ISA lor the Mil
Mi. Smith came OVW
thiee week*' holiday with nib
lelatlves Mr. and Mrs. F. A
Waterman, of "Montro.sc." Watof
Mm, t. < b,,st ChUNB, He is I
Civil Barvant attached u> to* post
Office, New York. To Ml many
friend' and relatives he says aa
Walcome Party
A PARTY in honour ol the
Miwc:. ci'ivi,. tod Bbnona
Dryadal >* Si Lucbj and Mr.
L--ster Cun tha U S*A
".4v held .., llu !
and Mrs. Colin Manning, Bay
i night.
Otorl.....id Sinuiie
guests of Mr. j.mi Mi il.nv
IVo Mil. Hill and LeaUr
is the guest of Mr. und Mrs. David
t ie.v ardvW to II i
1 st week an it short holiday.
..l Hpon ciuh - taltnih
k Tadn Street by the Hon. V C.
arbadoa AdvorsU. On the plst-
loppm. Mr. P O. Hind-. Hon V. 0.
C. A I. Oalr. Editor. Barbados
Expected Home Before
His many manoa will be gl
IB learn tnai Mr. W.
IfUtor, Chief Sub tklilor
ol UM Advueale i* well and en-
joying himself in New York.
Summer in tin* place is the
lod when you can go out
and about and really ana things
and places," writes Barney.
through the good offices of Mr.
Frank Vui'i, Itaily Telegraph
New York Representative, JV
IfilUtf mi introduced to Mr. Ja.
Ni<. iMputy Editor of the Jour-
nal Americaii.
mcuiods in the News Room. Sub
and Pioof Reading Da-
He is expected back
.i! the Advocate before Chrntma
Student Returns
Ufl KHINa lo i ....
** torday morning by Tran,-
Ciiiadu Aiilines was Mi. Irk
liaison, >on (d Cast .md Mrs. C
"( Qun iiiii. Bt
^." has been in Canada
l*K UM |*st two years is on the
>'.jII ol the Shewin-Williams Re-
search Laboratory. Ha
Knginccnng ut the Si-
George Williams Collage. He came
Oval in spend one month wiDi
BU and he told Canb
th;it he thoroughly enjoyed his
holiday giving most Df his time to
-.tiling and itstnng. He Is very
keen on yachting and is a popular
member of the Pointcclaire Yacht
Club. Montn-ul.
Ai the airport to sec him oft
were his parents, slslers and
biat I
For Jamaica
EAVINQ ihe island yesterday
*-' nornlni by hw.i.a. f*i
' rt.e. Mi Ailim, W.II.K-
Ot Trtoldad who had been spend-
ing a abort holiday in Barbados.
Mr. Wallace will be remaining
in Jamaica for cue week bofor
returning home. He is attached
i" tha Mechanical l(r;meh Of
On Business
of Culf Club Road left the
lit and yesterday morning by
Trans-Canada Air'
Grace has gone on ;.
nip ami hopes to be
away for about two months.
GardenSt. lam's
W.m-# Aalt*B HII In H.hnl-.l.
it o o n a i, ru #; /i r it ; s
-DAT !30 SSI <>d I i>||hiii>
n.ii. I II a w
rii..Hum s. Hatm i
io* iiRons -i i........* -
-t irflai
rd Dkik -
ioiiM I*. HI.I. N*WI Rl
. Ifinliini I" i
i \\ i-iiroN .
mi iiv iin\( h o;
smi.i nAvi
"OOl Ml I IH M

Op**!*! IOMOMMOH ( |.
Cglumtola llciurn pr
m irrins
- Ctawrfitd. Rlchai
ni-n** in*bi >* a t
till V.l/IM. MR limiUM
Cerlllr PAHKT31
roatoaaon n\ ndai m a i
36 in. RAYON PONGEE SILK Whltd, Rose. Royal Blue. Green, Grey, Chocolate, Sky Blue. Gunpowder Blut -: Far :- 70c.
70 cents
DIAL 4220.
70 cents
Knarf and II an id both asked Jack
invrs. i H, *""
them (o steer awsv. It tells *hr)' thou*"bt." insw*red Jark
r huilding bis; bonfires along th*
e-ig* of th* cliff It was a *ry good
Idea. Grandfather said that on dark
i ,'hts th* bonfires could be seen
quit* far out at sea, and that
them to watrh out. At feast," he
adn>d. "that's what I think.
"Long, long ago." Jack went on.
"at* arandfather told me that there
HI th* wind, not the kim. with
tacks that go by machinery
times on a stormy night
not easy to keep burning *apeci
when the heary rain fell And '"i
It was fcy. th* light of tha Arcs
Id hardly been leen at all Irom
the ,hip* wouldn't bo ablo'la ssaL ^jp *&* Was aTmost too aMa.
n i eie th* cliff< were and they would^ -.. i-fclKM.,
he .shed to pieces on th* cl.ffs." Tl" u"lh
"Shipwrecked." said llantd. "And then finally they thought of
-And th. Mh. u.. j___^^.*- lh# llsbthous*. It was th* beat idea
aid Knarf drowned ?- . ,he very(T, ^U No matter
saidhn.rf | now hard the rala fall, tha light In
i .1.1 . ,h#y 7'r*' .mla ,t,B lifhthouse still kept shining.
Jark And all because they couldn't j And It was so strong and so bright
ehffs. And then th* people and so sharp that it area shon*
see thei
who lived near the cliffs were very
sad. For sometimes their own
brothers and fathers were the sail-
ors on the ships that were wrecked.
(Jrandfathcr told me that then the
[eople who lived near the cliffs
new that they would have to think
of some way to let the sailors on
the ships be warned about the cliffi
gh the fog.
"Since that lighthouse was built."
Jack said as h* shook out his wings
and got ready to fly off again, "no
more ships have run on the cliffs.
There haven't been any shipwrecks.
No sailors have been drowned. And
all the people whose brothers and
fathers are -nilors hav* no more
on the darkest nights They, fears. And the little old man who
hadnt thought about the lighthous* 'takes care of the light is th* hap-
meat man of all."
vat. They thought of another way."
Rupert's Spring Adventure-8
limb. they're
he thinks They .. .,, . -
ol huiif. I believe omethint
hit InahKned rhem." And h*
tills out. Don't nop ui," cnti
on* limb ii u lejpi pin.
" Their'* 4 qufr fierce ^rtjture
------re." iiyi inothet Rupert
mm lorwird to ihe top ol the
lope. There 11 nothing following
the limht. but Irom the rrnddlc J
1 buih there ippem mother ihm
cod ol imokc, It' the dngon !"
lie giips.
Listening Hours
FltinAY. AUGl'ST IS, 1*M
111 SvJB, IS.lSw.. W4SM
: f|
400 pin Tl.r N-w>. 110
Dllll S.mcr < II 1 < Ivi
nd Daw Kayr JO p m 'I ....
uliol>.. J 00 p m I'nrkrl i H |> 1
nterliida. SI) gm Varlftv Bandbox. Kditu
1 I" |i m Mtrhant Navy PrmKantriH 10.00
Colonial CWSSneStSarV, *' Talk
Sport 1 Bound up and nasBassa l* 10 1
7 11 p m. Wa*l liulian Diary, T 43 p.r
A Tale ol Two Clllci. S.IB p m Had
Nrwiltrl. B jo p tn World AtTaln. B
B S3 p m Trom The
lews. I0.W p m Nw.
Th.- Drbatr Conlli
10 IS 1
from The Third 1'ioirat
OPKNINCi T-I>AY 2.30 and Ml
And Continuing Daily 4.45 and 8.311
Another Triumph for
John Howard Davics
Heart as
"Ouw Twist
eI ar a. DJ11
DVaaas Oaaka SMq.
(.tnnr.i viivtte -^.-^
1 1 II > . 1
1 a i
rt ^U ~


1- r j- r
IT -1 r
r __!:___
<* <=7fie STARS' '
an *Look in the sectli
?nd what your outlook
1 Ui Lane* rig a forest apace.
a 7. Bird in* tiaer st* (*i
11 R4d*r Uitfstv to a degree T iS)
IS No dole for the alllr sea. ()
It. Ups*t start ol S. tSI
IS Do aUrradoras nold It T (SI
tl. H* n**Os a letter fran hJ silt
IV. Dacinui point. IS)
31. (Jniieaitbi sound Is* suction
mere***. (St
Jl. The ania b*rry. ()
at But t.li* an ire do*SDt los*
enenn. (tl
1 Bis gun of billiards. (SI
2 i'.' a topper. (S>
Penny on a mured it. ()
a. Stupid number. ...
W What a tnU*r won't atsnd, (Si
it*. BTDonTm Of 33- i*
11 Oold leaf 00 bronw '
For Friday. Ausust 15. 152 J>
which your birthday comes and
ccordln* tn tha stars. j
Artistic professions, light and airy matters"
ass are in favour now Friendly day for hon-
it March 81April 90ourable, useful activities managed rightly. .
Don't Indulge 'moods'* or 111 temper. Jaf
BsB *
Your Venus in favourable position spon-^
lora the artistic, gardening, decorating, do- *?"
mestic affairs and children's activities.
Extra caution urged in handling tools. .
Not overstimulating vibrations, bid day
111 bo mildly progressive, pleasant. Home.
April ai-May 20
May 21

f (mil and plants 34.
t. Laugnter mskrr. (5 >
a bsT* rou'll Rnd. it)
It I- (rI, _
Iff. SVnmivm of 10. IS)
. t.-b; 18, --------
keep her
-full of
Why be tired,
constipated .
or livcrithl
or suiter indignlion ? Bile Mean*
will make you viially fit, full o/
energy, bright-eyed and happy
1 OJuly 23
July Aug.
Aug 2J-g.pt. as
apt 2t-Oet. t3
Oet. 24Nov
Not. 25Dec 22
Dae. 23 Jan. 21
Be tactful in seeking a raise or other ad-
_, ^ ^ ^
Friendly aspects mostly though day does
not sanction extremes In anything, and .
Sun's rays stress extra care handling vehl- Jg*
cles, machinery, tools, airplanes.
Sane moderation the important thing to- *?
day. Rallrnadlng. mln.ng. building, all
hazardous work ask intelligent patience
and care. Pleasant outlook. *
* *
Auspicious now for scientific and artistic ^
matters; for dressmaking, millinery, in- **
terior decorating; stage, screen, radio, tele-
vision work. Don't strain mentally ofr
physically. >>
* *
More generous aspects now. Your Venus .
favourable. Be encouraged to do your 3^
ocst, also to inspire others to fresh ambi-
* *
Mar's position here stresses patience, your
most genial disposition. Take up essential .
chores, but also enjoy some rest, healthy /f*
outdoor activities
* ^
Caution in Investments, all money trans- Mwr
actions: buying, selling, real estate, making
contracts But day encouraging familiar ^A
business has advantages for YOU. 3r
In-between day. neither too helpful nor _*
yet hindering. Give first attention to ur- *T
Opening To-morrow, 4.45 A 8.15
gent matters and take the less Important
when you can. Dont worry; get some re-^
laxation. .af*

Day responsive to right direction and man- .j
agement but advises more caution as it l*f*
advances. Familiar issues should run
smoothlv. Don't take up new matters until
right time. -

One of the few mixed days this fine .
Pisces month. Think and check before l*r
you start anything important so you can
speed ahead and not have to retrace steps.
YOU BORN TODAY: Innately gay, bright, mentally f
keen; a snappy talker and dresser. Many talents, line capabil- ^
Jan. 23 Tab. 90 ,
Tab. 21March 5
.JV ity. but these must be developed, and used dally In useful occu-
pation. In community and country's Interests. Curb any tend- ._*
Pray for "
pat ion. in community and country's
nicy to "bosslness" or a "know-it-all" attitude.
* God's help and guidance, and you won't go wrong.
Birthdate: Sir Walter Scott, novelist, poet; EMel Barry- ^
more, actress. W
* *
laurenceHamey MariaMauton
B-L-\. X |o|al 5i7o|
TO-DAY 4.45 8. 8.30 P.M.
A continuing
rVSAll It
TOMORROW 3 SHOWS 1 JO 5 & 8.30
SUNDAY 2 SHOWS S & 8.30 P.M.
Only m-g-m...producer of-quo vadis"...could do m
ini.1 saiai
|< DAI UI -- .u
Su m. ..a t'.atln.l.i
lat p M
IttlN \\/ \
M httlT A
iBIal 111*1
iu> *.m rm
.t.*u, .. p
' a nui
ii*a*M hat. i"a
I I t. \I.M-. -Ill KM
I II \ V-
l Dial I
IilliM n -
^tWilcoxon- ^FocH^STONE-.r.u. Anderson
i.li.smi>.i,us.i.~.n-n,GEORGE SIDNEY
_______r^^>.CAREY WILSONa.1^.^.
ADULTS : Pit 21 :o: House 48 :o: Bail. 72 :o: Box 1.M
KIDS : j Pric* Housr and Bal. ! & and 8.30 p.m. Shows
KIDS' SPECIAL 1.30 P.M. PRK I House 18c. :o: Balcony 30c.

page nuucs
30,000 Million Tons Of Oil Await Extractioni jtt'jfiXi/
No One Dares Exploit
Worlds Biggest Oilfield
(Bv I lUDKKKK I 1.1 IS)
LONDON, August 5.
FLANKING THE BANKS o( the R.v-r Athabasca
Alberta, Canada, i* the world's biggest oilfield
No oil come* from it. No
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