SUNDAY, MAY 14, l'JSfl
play againM Sut

ate I'.n tl< ularly happy to-day over
*t Indies cricket team in England
l of four wkkcU in the flrsl day of
Spartan Trounce College 70
.it ||m o,.i
Following closely upon their two-day win over Yorkshire by three
wickets and their impresslva draw with Worcestershire in the open-
ing fixture of the tour, this performance against Surrey augurs well
for the future success of the team during the tour.
'TWE West Indies are certainly not out of the wood yel. nor are
X they "blooded" in the accepted sense of the word as far as the
tour is concerned bul come what may. they have opened their tour
in keeping with the high rating which competent judges of the game
have placed upon them by Imperial cricket standards.
It It true that the Yorkshire game appeared a close thing bul it
must be conceded that the Yorkshlremen were at home and su had
experience in their favour in the scales of balance.
We must at once admit that with Ramadhln and Pierre padded
up In the pavilion there was not much hope of our negotiating any
reasonable total'if the Rao-Jones partnership had been broken.
On the other hand it must be remembered that the Australians
in their victorious tour of England in 1948 came nearer to defeat In
their game with Yorkshire on May 5 and 6 than in any other match
of the tour.
TIOSE who followed the game will remember that a missed catch
it a critical period coat Yorkshire a great chance of atoning for
their disappointment against the 1938 team at Sheffield and so being
the first county to beat the Australians since 1912 when Hampshire
Spartan easily drubbed College 7-0 when they met in a
first division football fixture at Kensington Oval yesterday
afternoon. Four of the *oals were netted in the firs* hahf.
The seven goala were scored by Johnson who kicked in
three. Trotman 2 and Walcott I. The other goal College
netted on themselves the result of a melee In their goal
- Spartan thowed their intention
of scoring early and the nrst goal
came from a corner, kicked W)
Boyce on the left wing and John-
son made no mistake in kicking
it into the nets. The second was
netted very soon after when Wal-
cott receiving a pass from John-
son ran down unmarked and
scored In the right hand comtr of
the goal.
At this stage the College de-
fence was beginning to weaken
and Johnson took full advantage
of this and scored the third goal
after a pass from Boyce.
Occasionally, tbere was some
... Mar II
Cailloi. v. Empir* Hrl'trr K
I^ucitlm. l.inaunvn O B Cop-
pin tndL r Harria.
< .r.-l., Mb* II
Spartan v. rVkwtcft-Rovtr.
<'" D. W Sayan. iJnwwi.
S Oman* and B Hoyoa.
"alar*ar. Slav fl>
vatton va Collas* Rafaraa
O S Cppir.. Unaaman O E
Amor* and D. W. Sayan
Taaalav. Mar IS
Evarlon v. Y.MFC Rafarr*
I. F HarrU
Mar n
I Notra Darrvr K*f*ra*
rrlSat. Mar J"
OasttM *a V.M PC r-. r.....
N .* ^-a.-SV*"*"
.'sir ; *$;z" -*
Wtdaxdav. Ma. I?
r.iilasa v. Cornbannair al Cnl-
ssunsv ^
l.-1. va CnmU'fmatr al Lodla
Hrfrr*t Q. AHMTT.
Tafadar. May U
CaW. and Wlrtlaaa va Y SIC A
ai Hall RafafM: C. Sinllh
Commodore Wilkinson's "Moyra Blair", skippered by his
son Tom, sored her second victory for the season when
she defeated all othej: 'B* Class boats at the Ninth Regatta
of the R.B.Y.C., which took place in Carlisle Bay yesterday
---------------------- This race was a very kevn one
Dr. J. W. P. Harkness' "Circe",

Bank Kail. Kcfala : A
ComWrnMrr* va V MFC. a
..II hri ,rtr Rafarn N Holdar
games yesterday
two of
___ 'our gamea yesterday afle__.__
play in the Spartan goal area but aI the Garrison to make their
custodian Hams had very little **ore three as against five by the
to do. The greater port of the play visiting Tranquillity team from
was seen in the College goal area Trinidad,
and after a melee in ffont of the Mrs- I Bancroft of Savan-
IT IS a remarkable thing that in the last thirty years classifica-
tion of racehorses in Barbados and Trinidad should have remained
so consistent. Al) the more so because it passed through a very try-
ing period during ihe last war. By consistency I mean that a certain
standard has been maintained whereby it has been possible to judge
..hich started first, looked a sure ^ merlU ,* oray Qf contemporary thoroughbreds but also those of
winner as It kept it* lead through- cufjerem periods. For instance, looking at a classification list of to-
out the first lap and up to the time dfly i nno. ^i , comparison with one of 1930 there Is little difference
it reached the Neednam's Point m lrte general standard of the runners in class "A",
buoy. On reaching this bupy Naturally there must be som" difference of opinion when one
Moyra Blair*\ which was only a compares horses of different periods and of course I do not mean to
few yards behind crept into the say that Beacon Bright, Blue Streak and Uun bite (three of ioda> s
ead and before Circe" could giants) are of exactly the same vintage as Tom Pearson Bambolina
r^mnletelv ST the buoy 'Tan- and Senator, three who raced around IBM But when I say that I
the 5mp. lrte*fl "J .ktuMred bv think Beacon Bright, Blue Streak and Gun Site are genuine A class
oon Kl "Sir? !il "%riar College area. Johnson scored
fourth about three minutes betn
Referee Wilkins blew for ru
After half time Spart
hanged up their formation. Hai- ^nJ'''"^n Tt-5' 3-
ris was seen at right wing and Mlxed Do"*>l
Chase in the goal. Very soon after
the. kick off Trotman taking
Teddy Hoad, place. They finished in that order. ^ au,hont|ci who ^mi racing lu Barbados and Trinidad.
The boats sailed north-about in T(w a( (mn|( abou, the ..A.. cIaM of (0_day is the quantity in
a very light breeze which w ^j, ^^00 and its sub class "Aa" u well as the fact that half the
especially not suitable Tor Uie numbCT 1(l midr up of native bred horses. Having established the fact
centre-boarders. Only the "Reso- ,ha, there has been no lowering of the general standard in the top
lute" in the *B' Class and "Dawn" dug this Immediately tells us that we are breeding better horses to-
es Singles 1 -5; 91; in tne xnterroediate, did not start, day than we were in 1930. At that time class "A" was made up of two
a. wood and J. D. .Bj0hak'\ owned by Dr. David or three imported horses only. It also tells us that racing in general
Trestrall and T. berDBtc.h cored her second victory Ac<
naii beat Miss C. De Verteuil in
the Indies' Singles 7S;
while Miss D Wood and
beat Miss
I gumes
Mrs. A. L Perkins and
Packer 61; 62; while f t
Munro of Tranquillity carried
Men's Singles from P
me 61 75.
iixtened with considerable displea-
Ernest Eytle of British Guiana over
WE IN the West Indies htv
lure to the comment of otM
the line on Saturday, May 6.
Mr. Eytle In his broadcast found so many flaws in the constitu-
tion of the West Indian team, thai il was small wonder that they
held Worcestershire to an honourable draw, to say nothing of dSCfMI -
ing Yorkshire in two days.
Yesterday's showing against the Surrey team Is another indis-
putable indicaUon of the potential strength of the West Indies team.
While We all appreciate and are greatful for constiuctive criticism,
yet we In the West Indies can scarcely be expected to iwallow the
indigestible pill of defeatism.
A FTER Ihe West Indies* performance in the opening days of play
/V against Worcestershire Alex Bannister Ithe "Daily Mail" opined
that after having seen Wcekc-f and Worrell, the non-sale of last day
test tickets was interesting.
Bannister was convinced that the English cn.kcl crowds were in
for the biggest treat they have had since the war The "Daily Graphic"
was equally enthusiastic.
Charles Bray of the -Daily Herald", who covered the M.C.C. tour
to the West Indies, in 1948, with whom I associated during his stay
here and for whom I hold the greatest respect with regard to his
knowledge of the game, wrote in the "Daily Herald", "Mark my words,
the West Indies encketera are going to be one of the most attractive
tides ever to visit this country. And 1 um not forgetting the all-con-
quering Australians of 1B41."
CRAWFORD WHITE or the "News Chronicle", who also accompan-
ied the 1948 M.CC. team to the West Indies, was "Intrigued
by the class of the West Indies
In the face of these reports, one
cannot reconcile Eytle's strange
observations on the West Indlei
team which he gave over the H B.C.
on Saturday. May 6. Eytle found
fauh with Ramadhin's bowling,
with Walcott's wicket-keeping, with
the West Indies fielding among other
To Judge from his remarks, the
West Indies should have lost then
match against Yorkshire, Joint
county champions last year, perhaps
in imc, day. but this was not so.
Subsequent events have proven
Ms. Eytle to be a sekf>appoln,ted
"Know-all" who only knows as
much about the West Indies team
C**3 " 1 know about the "fiytng
rat Indian BtAMADHIN kuu
Leads M.CC.
the other
pass fVorn WaVoU ran through" to **%'**" M -"tr,"Lar-d H
icore the fifth giving Smith no S^hn*df of^TJ?Lnau'1"lv
chance to save.
The schoolboys were always
seen bundling and very soon they
cored on themselves as full-
back Gibbons trying to clcjr
kicked into his own goal. About
five minutes before the end
Trolman again scored making the
total seven.
The teams-
Spartan: Harris. Gibbons. Bow-
en. Glttena. Cndogan, Haync^,
Chase. Johnson. Walcott. Trot-
nd Boyce.
..wording to the most recent classifications issued by the Barba-
of the ^ jpajon , ihe intermediate dos Turf Club and the Trinidad Turf Club, one of which Is published
rlass The other victory was on the opposite page, there arc now 16 animals in class "A" and "A2"
JJ^L m tfc* ilk Reaatta and 18 of these arc native bred and 4 of these sixteen are Derby winner.
ed Doubles ~r*J ,n ^J,.^1" K overturned *"her in Jamaica. Trinidad or Barbados. Added to this we find 24
i H *" ^m^^SS! I ^ot back horses classified in division "B" and "B2'\ of which S ore Creoles
b^l but on this occasion it got oacK ^e c|bm[c wlnncrs m lhff Mme lnree colonies a<
: R. ***\y 1U moonng. mentioned above
r.un Coming second in the Inter- comparing these figures with the corresponding classes in 1930 I
mediate was Sydney Nurses cunnol say 0ff hand what the totals were then, but I can tell you that
"Clytie" which he himself skip- [hov wpre mucn smaller and. In addition, not one was a native bred
pered. So far "Clytie has*>een hoIse |n fflct there were no Creoles above class "D" in those days,
second on a previous occasion but -rne above, in my view, are the most significant points about the
Undoubtedly the best match of nM no* ?*' cor#d a v'ctory for classifications recently issued by the respective Turf Clubs of Trinidad
Slnl^WmCCoUrtNo ^in'iXrh ^TWrTp^iUon went to Johnnie -" Anothe^nt of interest in the recent classification by the B.T.C
Sraf^^f? ILliSai it iw Hoad's ^CaroDettt" which was if the number of two-year-olds there are on the list. I have counted
%&SrH ISTSLSZ *; "^.ned Wson J-kie. lSOtST Thlf. Relievo, is the greatest number ever to b. p.aced on
highest standard with both ladies "*'. OWBSd ""J^fWrS Taken nlphabellcally, here are a few pointers on their potenUal-
aerving and driving exceptionally bv Mton Tucker, carried on
Class honours for the second lime
In the first set. the games were Second In this Class was "Rangc|' .
ned and skippered by Stank*
Held. V. O. Smith. C. E. Tudor. l?> -
W.lllums and F. L. Tudor. L
The Referee was Mr. P. Wil-
and skippered by
third. This Is the third occasion
Amory and
Best Display
Since Aussies'
ties which I have been able lo gather so far'
First oi. the list is Best Wishes This is a filly by Burning Bow
out of Fflititas, and therefore an own sister to the very fast Bow Bells
whom we have already been able to. judge* Bred and owned by Mr
Cyril Bernard in St. Vincent, I have not seen her yet, but I am told
by eyewitnesses that she stands 13 hands, 3 Inches and Is about 14
inches taller than Bow Bells. She is described as much better looking
on which "Wizard" came third aU round than her famous sister. We are left to wonder if she will
but up to the present it has not i^ ^ much better on the track. We shall have to wail, however, be-
been able to gain a second posi- cause she is not scheduled to arrive here for racing until next October.
thn ssbs*BBidl ei th^ unmr-a taBfl sne ^"ea turn out to be better than Bow Bells, well. ... I leave it
MM much Sam ma* "?*". > "" **V"<* 2 everybody lo make Ihdr own commtnU. There i> A1U me
jagRS up bv Uonel B^oll won , ., -.g^*nj ihU^n,^ ^ ^ ^
g swwrtJt: is- &s-i?a zSESbm m&rsssss-is are
- w2iiLSSn Smma and described ps n pioneer of breedlm In Ih.l i.l.nd. He ha. sold l.,-r lo
llolh ladles were nelllnu cood *''"* f ?*'. ,'V",,., : d Mr c P"Kln and ihe will no doubl rote here In Augual She
Collece. Smith. Gibbons. Mot-
iX ^hn. Simmons, -ry ^and^, ^Mjv Ban^ n ^-rd^d
Do Verteuil's service and mode " WPP*red by Jim Jone,
the game 65 in her favour She
then clinched the set by winning
her own service at 75.
ngth and there were many ex- HU"*
vned and
changes of rallies for Indeed, the
first game went to 19 points before
Mr* Bancroft eventually won It.
There was however, not very
much to choose between the two
ers. Mrs. Bancroft was, pcr-
... here two years ago. Miss De Verteuil was at oil times
Even members of the Weit steady with both back and fore
Indies team were amaicd a*. u> arm. As was already stated, the
LONDON. May 13.
A 17.500 crowd at the Oval tod-,
went home convinced that they
had seen the best exhibition of
forceful batting since the Austr.i- ''!. the more aggrei
LONDON. May 12
Norman Yardley, the Yorkshire had ever
captain, is to lead M.C.C. against
the West Indies in the match be-
ginning at lord's here on May 20.
In view of the need to find an
England captain, both for the
Test scries this summer, and for
the England tour to Australia In
frequency with which the ball tennis was of a very high sti
was despatched to the boundary, and was very much npprr
Learle Constantlne told me by the crowd,
afterwards that he considered tt On Court No. 2 in the Men's
of the best exhibitions he Singles. F. Gun Munro won the
seen from the Wet first set very easily from D. E.
Indies side. Worme 61. In the second set.
Particularly satlslylng from John Worme had Gun-Munro 42. but
Goddard's point of view is that the lattc- soon equalised and then
his men have shown themselves took the next game to lead 34.
capable of fighting back after Worme w.n the foil,
suffering early loi
.. ..pered by Eric Raison.
".he results were as follows:
'B' Class:!. Moyra Blair 2
Fantasy. 3. Circe.
'C' Class:1. Astra. 2 Ranger
3 Wlxard.
Intermediate Clas< 1. Mohawk.
2. Clytie. 3. Coronetta
D' Class 1. Sinbad 2 Ollv,.
Blossom. 3. Peter Pon.
The Tenth Regatta of the
dard R.B.Y.C. will be sailed on Satur-
lated day. May 27.
Roberts Wins
Frontenac Cup
Inability to MR T. A. L ROBERTS won
ing game to fa j^ontenac Trophy and the
ke the score f5 and 'hen n.R.A. Silver Medal when he
the winter, the choice"of"Ya'rdley I*al 'il,n to Previous siqch
-hich have toured here.
The big question now is whether
(in.hi.ud will declare first thing
Ing. The first hour
Is the time when bowlers
most help from the wicket.
Munro took the last two games
Neither of
really playing
was not up lo standard.
Tn the Mixed Doubles J D.
get Trimmingham pl.iyed very sound
ait tennis and was ably partnered by
broke the Frontenac Trophy
DuaH ... Shoot record at the Government
- # V7..J^ Hn* RBnsT yrtcrday. Mr- Rob-
form and tennU ^ ^^ , ,., out of n
possible 150.
In 1948 when the Frontenac
Trophy Shoot first started, Capt.
C. R. E. Warner, the then winner
already ahown BSB adaptability Id
KngtUh Wickets. He BpUW Ibe ball
Responsible circles In the West
Indies have always deprecated
....... any attempt by West Indians resi-
dent in England to set themselves
up as "men from away". We who have followed personally the '1948
M.C.C. tour to the West Indies, which by the way Mr. Eytle has not.
will at once prefer to err with competent judges of the game like
Charles Bray and Crawford White than shine with Mr. Eylle. a self-
styled expert on West Indies cricket. It may or may not have been
in the Interest of West Indies cricket that Mr. Eytle cannot claim the
honour of having represented either British Guiana in
cricket or the West Indies in international cricket; bul Ihe fact re-
mains, he has not.
Constructive criticism must at all times lie appreciated, but we
* in Ihe West Indies will never tolerate any opinions that can onlv be
construed as figments of the imagination when they are compared
with responsible opinions of people, who uUhough they belong to an-
other race, have openly expressed opinions that differ nlmosl diametri-
is regarded here as a special point-
er to the feelings of the leading
E igland orncials.
There are a number of other ,_ "l!!*'
selections in the M.C.C. side which
JS5S^jgylilS!!i!aSl,S?JSh?g Goddard'nas"not made up his mind Miss D. Wood to wiri the match ored "l38 points. Last year Lt.-
tentiotTaffite\ yct *""* e~3 from T Schlolseth and Col. J. Connell added two points
He wants to see what the Miss M. Trestrall, the Tranquillity and now Mr Roberts has beaten
H. berry, I.ancashircs Jft 4In*, weather Is like. If It continues pair. Lt.-Col. J. Connell's 138
left-urm slow bowler. Eric Bedscr. *,rm *nii sunny, he may go on Fifteen rounds were fired from
Surrey off-break bowler and batting for another hour or so. In the first set, Tranquillity ea|Ch 0f the two distances, 500 and
opening bat, who is a twin brother giving his team orders to force the started off and had Savannah 31. goo yards. Shooting condition!
to Test bowler Alex Bedscr, and P*
bul If II
by no means tall but I like her conformation and *he Is well set i .
OR her legs.
Consternation Is another from Mr Purchase In St Lucia. She is
by Mlllersdale out of Mary, another Jamaican mare by Scatter, sire
of Brown Bomber. 1 have not seen her nor do I know when she will
race. However, I shall be very Interested in her because she Is the one
and only thoroughbred by Mlllersdale whom I have ever heard about
This big son of Bold Archer never had a proper chance as a sire In
my opinion and it Is Ironic that now he is dead we should be seeing
his first thoroughbred foal racing.
Cross Roads is a rather leggy son of Duoush (also dead) and
April Showers, ihe mare who gave us the great Atomic II. per ha pa
O.T.C's best son- Cross Roads has been in training now since early
In the year and already I have noticed an Improvement in him. For
one thing he is not as leggy as he was a few months ago for.
another he has almost lost his baby looks. I believe he will be among
the forward ones, If not In development, at least in training.
Dunesc. Ihe pronunciation of whose name I am not sure, is bv
Dunusk out of Celanese, a mare who became famous for the number
of come-backs she made to racing after repeated retirements. She was
in fad more successful on the track after she produced a foal. I have
not seen Dunese either. Being a supporter of the progeny of Deni-
stone, sire of Celonese, I shall also be very interested In the career of
Hi-I-o's name is about the only thing I like about the poor laddie.
He is by Dunusk out of China Clipper ond the nomenclature therefore
eems to be apt. but he is as straight as lee-line from In* fetlock
joint to his coronets. This is a very bad sign in Mhou~:i
some of the famous have been known to run well with it Perhaps
Hi-I-i may. who knows?
Miracle, by Battle Front out of Marshlight, is another I have not
seen. He has been bought from Mr. Proverbs by Mis* !!awkl. I am
told. His dam has already done very well with Will O'the Wisp II
and Comet from the same sire. Miracle therefore has a reputation to
River Mist, small but comely daughter of the famous Sunrise,
is by Restlgouche. I like everything about her except her size.
Rather more refined Than the average Sunrise rrogeny, she is a beauti-
ful chestnut. She too has a reputation to uphold.
Exactly the opposite in size but equally good looking Is Soprano
weekend, he will probably
straight over to his bowlers.
Don Hrennan. Yorkshire wickel-
kecper, have ull found favour.
Middlesex, without a Counly
match at the time, provide four
players Denis Compton, Bill
Edrich. Jock Robertson and forty-
llve-ycar-old slow leg-break
bowler. Jim Sims.
The team is; N W. D. Yardley
(Captain) and D. ,V. Brennan
(Yorkshire). W. J. Edrich. D
Compton, J Robertson, and J
Sims (Middlesex), R. T. Simpson
(Nottinghamshire). T. E. Bailey Alieyne
(Essex), J G Dewes (Cambridge Men's Sins lei.
University). R. Berry (Lancu- j. Robinson vs. B Wharton
shire), and E Bedser (Surrey), F. Edwards vs. Dr. G, M.
g i1 The latter then equalised only lo were good, the wind steady and A big upstanding Ally by Sunplant out of Night Singer, her da
i see Tranquillity go ahead
ith the score at 53.
Premiere's Tennis
Club Tourney
Men's Doubles.
L. Campbell and L. Bliukctt n,
W. DeC Forde and C B. Forde.
Ladlea' Singles.
Miss G M. Grimes vs. Miss C.
gato the light consistent.
Following are the eight best
Miss Wood then came Into Ihe 5Corw ~
picture wltn some forcing back-
hand and forearm shots. To
climax this good display, she won u.-Coi j. coniwti ?i i
her service and then had the ? \ VvTrtui 5 m
score at 5a. From this. Saybn- li c s lObiati ss m
nah never looked back, but went cPi j Bai{^"n g j
ahead to win the game 75. 63. M, M D. Thoma- to i
In the other Mixed Doubles. H. ----------------------
Nothnagel and Miss A. Heid L J r M
(Tranquillity) had a very easy 00/00(205 rfienaiy
victory over Mrs. a. l. Perkins football Association
..nd C R Packer and won 61 THE third trial match of the
62. above association will be played
The tournamfnt continues on to-day at Empire Grounds. Bank cause she is In "G2". She is the half-bred filly Joan
appears to have fitted her up well with the powerful" quarters of
Tetratema on the frame of Sururtar. This provides her with a fifty-
fifty chance at being a stayer or sprinter and being excellent at either.
It shall be Interesting to see on which side she does come down.
Sunbeam Is Mr. George de Nobnga's Sunshaft-Mlramichi filly. I
have not seen her yet. Her dam Miramlchl I believe is out of Minehaha
but I am not sure who by.
yanguard Is a very robust son of O T.C. and the big mare Hurri-
cane who was not much of a success at racing. He it suoh a powerful
colt (or gelding), I am not sure which, that seeing him at a distance
on the track for the first time I thought the Turf Club had Imported
another stallion. On coming closer I perceived that he was only a two-
year-old, but what a baby. Obviously he shall need time.
Waterbell is Hon. J. D. Chandler's other two-year-old by Restl-
gouche out of Belleplaln. She is the small powerful type. Her dam
having produced Front Bell, and War Path, we might also expect
sorfething from her.
The fifteenth is actually out of alphabetical order but this is be-
"G2". She is the half-bred filly Joan's Star, I wonder
*rhere she hails from?
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Some Young Players
To Watch This Summer
By I'elrr lliio.i.
MCC. that austere body v 'uch govei n Pi
h In the past week, endea d Itoelf lo foljowers .1 the
..ami- by its praliew irthy a.'ior. In gK-lna an opportunity
'" >"""'___________________Ihi. u.y b. Eivb
.. .cki
Alfas Srialch
Grand Prix
MAY !4 NO. 119
The Topic
Last Week
Triple Tie In
Errol Flynn
Cup Race
Prom l>ui On n CMiMiuruMtm
Three Rio Grande ralb-me
pulled to n triple tie in the eecond
renewal of the Errol Flynn Chi.l.
lengo Cup raft race down the
. unic tourist water playground In
I'o.iland on Sunday, smashing thu
1948 record of va minutes MU i
-pUndid 83 minute run down Uv-
nio Grande on a six nulay Joumei
from fierrydale to Burlington
The raft race was specially spon
sored by Movie Actor Errol Flvni
owner of Navy Island, an Inlet <<:?
Pott Antonio, on Jamaica's north.
coast. Who With in-. BsUOBBi I'm
; Oha,....... nov \v 11
Jamaica. Prizes were dJvUUwlei
Dj the aegor, while Prim i
wag a passenger on\m- -if the win
nin bamboo craft
Rafting on ine Hio Grande, one.
of Jamaica's largest rivers, whlcji
rum through a heauMful vallev
and gorge, has always been an at-
traction to tourists in Jamaica, and
became even more popular who,
the movie aetor came to Jamata*.
MM years ago. bought Navv
Inland and other property and 01-
ganbed races for a cup he.donated
nd money prizes donated bv the
Hiehfleld Hotel.
MAI pul- bis heart into Ihr jol.
a* he rar-ie* champion klr birds io hi. I duet i, (,'..,-, ,
nasal rag
UurWios Priendl}
Football AssiM-iution
n MS i r CUirh(
, ..
ito at St. Un
" Irll -i
in* II...
.1 ..

M'iehsJl Krsulls
NEW YORK, M.i' l.t
"Wilts of Major League Base-
ball games played yr-dcrdav were
America LeagBK -< I. veland In
diuns 5, Chicago White So*
Niw York Vgajkee* ;i. philaAVl-
phi.. All .
Men* L_Bo*lon Ked So* 3.
Natteaal LaanaM St. la
Hi K.-.i :i. Pitt,
burgh P go Cubs B
Mrs. Weiss
Meets Defeat
LONDON. Ma> 13.
Mrs. bUit. Wai** ,.[ eWgBMtW
was beaten in the final of the WO
men's singles at the llurlmghum
Open Lawn Tennis Touniamrn*.
to-day. Mrs Dorothy Head of the
Cniii.i States, taking the honour-
by 38. 83. 75.
This waa Mrs. Heads nrsi Ku-
ropcaii Tournament and the
strength of her forceful name wu
tested to the utmost by the Brm
play of the Argentine player who
showed good control, and main-
tained an immaculate driving
It was not until the second M
that the powerful shot* bf the
An., keen began to tell, nd she
won that set comfortably
At one nine in the third \. ,
looked as though the American's
MM had l-ecn beaten by Mrs
Wei i |.l,i. hut eventually Mis.
Head proved her M>.iw,t, y,,' ,
f good winning strokes
_______________ Renter.
MbTMPHIS, Tenneaee, May 13
Ji-, Maxim, the world light
DM\ ) weight champion, knockc I
out lliil I'eterNeu of I'ortlan.l
Oregon, (heavy wrighl) In the
juxih lound of u leu-round nnn-
title bout here last night
Maxim weighed 13 st., ft Jbs
Petenen m m 13 n,- -Reuiei
FUtrei ill luck robbed Juan Man-
ucl F.ntgio, the crack Arnentl><
ij Riuahing first or al least
high place m .u <;.
> <>f Europe win n i
a a tlO miles 01
-tone lUliliI lu'l. IutIUi>
. '.he Ul : <**..
. a ,
, fl Ik- to an hi- \lfi.
1 i- an oil pipe, and
he |*uj>d >im the |XV*nr '"
nrefUfJ ",. I
luiOi iiofie
v g, who --c fi the position
to tump lo the fruyi in the Bsl
t. .. Lips ,...- gieallv ui "
un .'.* * took ni
disappttlnl c:.- (. \u- '.! .- -
., than wotm mmM !
Fangie-. had given the crowd
I, > be m n:
- iiiu .< iiii i: skilful and li ring
0 I Inc ri.lia-IS III' oft>'ll
lefi the spectators' -oir-i hv th^
jlld his ear riinr'H
, ,. rareb *> I"
"'h big raeee,
Alfas Xa-IxA
I no AKa.K'.nico team h> viituf
if the l>el practice ime-, nj|ade
i.), iih- lirsi tow ai the starting
line today, imri right fi -m Ihr
nag logy swept into the lead and
never dropped back then, barring
The four Alfas raced alone in
a group, lighting out the lend
hetween themselves:, for Farlnn lo
-Inish first, Luigi Faglolt second,
and Reg I'aniell third
Times were 2 hrs. 13 mini. 23
The thrr* Alfa-Romeo cars
which finished were the only
machines to cover the complete
70 laps
In fourth and fifth positions
came two French four and a half
litre Talbota which ran the course
without refuelling but completed
nlv 88 laps.
The Alfas had to refuel once.
but h*v did ihM ai sueh spaed
(Fangio completed his in 15
seconds) that the time lost did
not matter.
No Kelt lace
The btHgest .i--wd ever to
attend a motor rat.c >" witnin
v- im pectaell but no real
load .... The foul Iyii*an can -
the most modem designs entered
literally led a procession from
the start to finish.
Before the race started, the
driver* were introduced tn Then
Majestic* the King and Queen
and Princess Margaret It was the
first time that reigning monarch
of F.ngland hu.l attended a motor
His Majesty on being introduced
to Fangio. asked "Do you speak
Kmillvli" ant- Fnngin shook his
head with a .-.mile. Signor Alessio
Meneral. manager of the Alfa
Romeos acti-d as Interpreter.
"The Kiig said he knew our
team had all made the fastest laps
and therefore we start in the f\r-t
four positions," he said, after-
1 The fast lap In the race itself
Ude by Farina with 1 min.
fiu.O sees, lor the three miles, an
g^reCgg* sjwed of M 02 miles per
inin* 111. ,%.. aii i were .-*-
i.aghl into the Hrsl te
bounty cti.Kci -as reauuuM <"
Itw. have now .,ad the 1
...u".oe. UWU lual I
i aim loUo>
..1 ) -a- I.....
. thru hk.
11 ha- been particularly rn-
. lagiuai to *a<
from th. ILC.C In lau two
' hire an
'' > <(akC a
lu-n up Bad Coeung foung play-
. 1 red Tltrntu ol |d
1 t 1.ike ..( N
. rrj ^. Lancashire, and

ll it. all well aa4 ga (or la-
iviausl eawntlen u giM'ovrr sad
..j.ii >un* player*, but u
,.una atiekelar unir* he b*
S'l lh-r inuliiii ir Br man
ni,t :ri 1 lu- necesaarj "big
inili-h" stmoapkere from oc- appearance* in eoaaafcf
ir 1 Vet Not until he i. hi-iaur-
",1 ii> -i-l- Inn. for ^ represent 1-
irr m*tih such a. thro MOC
Itmeaeag hU abilil* to rise lo
Hie oc.sslon realK he de-
ana men m '
in ,.- tnanj in the luturi In
young playcrv ha>
n) a eounty. In the neU
'it-, have bowieo urtplayabk balta
,:. 1 p/joduced itrikc tir*
Uut out In ine
ileld of plui Ihej have Wiuni> '
.ia ol nervM and coojpletal) u
able :o guettfy rhaanaelvej t 1
net) players little can In- dm '
Hut corres|ondiiiglj 11 M
others who van always produ.-e
extra wh< it ti
rlamanda, and it is for playeis ol
this calibre thai the MCC are now
Much hai slread) oean written
abOUl trie laetic- ItV tOMU
Selecton hlieuUi adujit toil >u a-
mer when they come to choose "r
team to-play in the live-day T*-u
agaiMl th.- Wet bMhae One
school of thought argtres thai
aai'ies should set ve limplva
for the (orthromiioi MfC visJI '"
A rtreiTa < ithers feel thai I
w- IndVs >i. .Li onlj he
pO e.1 h> tt-.e bel |!
can 'ind in the held
sufrMml to uy IbsJ ab
the lunc for the flna Test ii.t v
th- Selectors will piabablt lin'I
thai evrn their bei.1 elrien will
have all then wark cut uut In
prrvent the West Indies recot I
log thalr nrat ever vielort in
ikria aaHsntrr-
N'tveilhelea- the f>ii;land lei in
goi (ink ItaeU ..''
rlafSJTl like Compton. Mullen,
Waahbrook. Bedscr Hriilei .. 1.1
Evans are more or les issured '
thrir places but thai still Im\
live vacancies to be RUe |
would be no shu on mir W> '
Indian visitors If the c places wcio
iltled by young players, not i.
M'rimentaliy hut on i-erforman e.
For th -an U itg H mntwt
is that Englaii.i. lo dale, has nol
got tioven playi i ise
Tesl standartl.
If. for instance. Bob Clarke o.
Nnrlhar.i.-. snould have a gooo
ulart to the season he si ould be
rewarded with an Kngl
Goodness Know, we Met
long enough for a gani
left arm bowler Hut U would be
folly to play Clarke simply off
strength of what he might
The same applies to any of the
other youngsters whom the Mi
liavt- --o opportunrlv encourage
The Amateur Athlelic AssiKialion
Of Barbados
feenwirta Ita Big Intercolonial C>
Mil KM) W JIM |
... _. tender Ihe distinpuisfieif poironaue of
IMS r.VCFI.LE.VCY. TH?. C.OY, U''L savage.
.___p0""-"1"1 je C-cmpton Gonulvi , linr.lmi Laddie
d.nist^Hlv Flyer.Pearl OoodUic In < .... K v,,,,.,,,,
./ Ihr illi.. *>.././v .-Iff
nasT n*v
1 Milr-Navim
HUs H..I.M,,
. Wit isssm r-i.i'.
'. Mil* Cv.lf. A
100 v.rd- nn-i*ii.
10" \r-l. ril-Oi*n
100 >rrf riM-Bos- ,.
o >aro> rui r..rl. ,.
^ Mil- C>rM>-B
.-.,(- .
4*n ,ar INTER VA I.
' Mile lnit.tTTH>r
. Milr Cffle A
1 Mile Or.-B
la* vara< rial-Oirf .
l*n vant* Plat noya
Mile rial-Open
-n "Mi n\.

IS vanS* I ! Ladia
100 yard.
> 'a>d- rial I*K:a: ktsa
rsras rtat
seas *>! -Boys' school
WelgtnVUfUng and Hand-balancing
Police Band in attendance on 2nd day
Entries close at 4.00 p
Plan of seats open at Cleii S
Slrcel 10.00 ft.a
Meats on Tuesri: Man t ai 3 3u \
GaTosindg open far ptaetJjai at 4 oo p.m.
" stwul ?/fl.

AT Bint ( til PRICE
UholesaU .v RrUll Druggist S
118. I' -Un. k St. till '"1 *

under the Illsiinguished
Patronage of Hon. V. C.
Gale. M.L.C Messrs.
F. C. Goddard, M'\P,
and E. D Mottlev,
Thursday, 8th June
Gates open at 12 noon
Costume Competition. Fire-
works Display, dancing Free,
Poeclr.l Display by Barbados
Youth Movement and
ALL STAB Singing
SOJMOSfg h.l ,- -t,-,fn. Si
-i mi it...,ran
fitn cotuimaa Bond, and mdl-
vtdal> ar* aoked to t*sia|(>r tr'ir
rue. |0 Mr rsJAair- <
"SI. S^oen Latta
for cars and
commercial vehicles
Oitinbuiofi Dear's Garage Ltd
127 Roebuck Street. Bridgetown
A. 1


Stot n"! Oltl
A. L
Atomic II
The Garni

D *.
I Mid, -.hai nain-
arraiarr I.Hr neli
SO -It oie asosers tmUxt ... I
.1- ..... *
in-.. MBHl BMUl
i i arrong and
Ji......'' l*r ir.I.' "1 *
Moltan --' pmnmer
I nIMa*- polilirian*
S sna.i Talk '
V. ml alone In -> lha pl*>
gloat** Thralrt.
r*> il'l-..- bv lite BflU
i .i. L,.id talklr -.->..
Who adoro m mUlm -tula
s.,., urn out J. a.a rWi-*. .
I saM im. >t. tn. arlta
bM ami .fi,nmKod (ouiasi-
1 ,. i. i., n>h*.ca'i houaa
eSM rtiniiped and b.iike. > |
Kadi i a lyteassaMa
I DSUWjaialS tuund tha man.
. to all U.I. nmm
Till fMos Buban rrlad til iW
Kern (hi. buUnea* from Ihe peas*
i'-. baa lUBaaaai up bOWIaSsttM
i !.. Ji* iboM unhlnd
. tauaa In lal lu ad
.:.... Mi mlml
..,.ed I..a', ll
. aosaaai i-...
I,. i.....
tn i.i.kled aaarr
-..i wa- nisMae-.'
lax- aa boa*
.......-. U..ia BO -IWbe.-ia
..U>nd Ld* oo.v mora
.. <. vaiiil t-a ha* (.iravr-
MM a.Wen iho**
Ml in pioca., Cabin laaAaahS*]
... |aaan4 IOe HWka*. isar
, I., fcupniil i>l 'Hb*i 5 poll i a red by
makerg of
and th Menders of

SllVtl lli.llel
Wai Lord
C. I.
1 i
Hsiuiv Ailain-
Racfr n

Sw| R
1 outhei
I ,
. t
Winter Bella
C. S.
Dault) &
Fait Contf
Kitchen From
Link S'l-
Marine Light
Uivci Sinn,
si Murlh-
Starry Night
Will I im 11
t.i vdim
will >?.%
IliSDfBil IS
Hae The
II.ii,I. i.Ms
Bridie g TrafslgBr SI reels
Kendo) i

I ll.l. (Mil..
r. t.
low Belli
i ,.niit Cain

!-/> Be
I"-.-.!-! ill.'
P. *.
I wei
I a .t
UoruuV (in I

. ... tUJ
.ollel. ..
tl i III01
I'I OSS ll. ..
i: l
i in. oi.

.loan of Aic
1 ady Roittmel
Mary Ann
Miss Itlendstili
Psge Ho-
F.l (eantall
PMroa II
Hnoney Lad
River Hadet
Sir Bernard
Straight Aim

The nghf
t, i
Silk Plant

\ been
t. I
Joan's Star
I ... ky Shot
i 'lasttfleri
T N PVin-s.
L at fl flUl
<; n B) BM
Subject to change in Ihe event of any horse taking part In nny
Meeting pnoi lo the Barbados Mid-Suinmei Meeting. 1950.
Alt.. Sillzif Briggs fluitit reliif
Alka-Seltier gives vuu the quick
i.-hef you want PLUS ihe all .
User you need when overeating
causes excess gastric ncidily. Drop
oc two tablets In a glass ol
water watch It baa, then drink it
.It's reliable Fust Aid Pie ,,
ant-tastlng. Not a laxative: Alka-
Beltier makes you (eel fine fa
Every day
You may Well Ml wh) w pefflUl *ui iCiantBstl to do an\ thing
*o foolhard. But thfl plain enjwef is thai w haw lo 0 H 10
sgitejy otirsVlves that even alter pratonad tiorage, KI t.l NT
will not form gum to Jhck valves ;ind d
The tesl- : Bjcll coiiMst ol bmlltlg Mlriplti tinder 100 111 r""1
sq. inch <> n pi e m "b,ite' Wc hgrt
Bcvti tokl a i-niis.--oi for lhai mattera natfotner herausr
of a stick) I I ri-.i isoin-o: ininv > Iik'i nunraiifc ihe
qualny ami ; roVrtUfiM of ft I RE^Ei^lT
utirDngvnlltj Kftj


* I'AOF. TWO SUNDAY ADVOCATE. SL'NDAY. MAY 14, 15 KUSSSIW* %  t ;.. ... •MAGNIFICENT COLD DANISH BUFFET SUPPER SERVED SUNDAY NIGHT From 1 t •' dock CARIBBEAN WORKERS' UNION MEETINGS Pot! Workcn—Mon\ H May isth I p.m. Carpenter*— Tuesday Mav 18th, M p.m. ..•::—Wednesday May 17th at p.m. OEAWELL yesterday at about *^ 8am.. wu crowded w ,ih .everal pupils from Madam* Bromova's Dancing School, pareai. ,.;!. Molly R. i icw dancing InStrjctrev. husband, and several membtri of Dvvcl< pmenl Organisation. #> l4fjrthat %  ikband Mr Mark D and W's Voyage" and a happy hollUaf*iti %  gland. The Or* rrrt Jr> Barbados just before in Ihe war, and Madame Dromov.i storied her dancing S*J six month artcr that. Two year* .ater they went to E:i fight monthi leave and ll"Jn again turned lo Barbados. Ttiit time they axe going U> England for six months and .t i not yet known if they Kill t>remg. Meanwhile the school Is in the capable handof Molly Radcllffe. There were tear* in Madame'* eyes as she kissed each girl goodbye. Goodbyes over, they slailcj tor the plane, and as th the group of girls, parent** u: friends. Capt. Raison railed^ fw three cheers for Madame I and Mr Greenhill. which were heartily given. The Greeiihills left for Antigua and will be going to Miami via Puerto Rico anil -.hen by train lo Washington. There. Mr. Greenhill ill attend the meeting of the Working Committee of the Caribbean Commission, and they leave shortly after that for England by the "Parthla Left By T.C.A. M R. CHARLES PEIRCE and hi* mother Mrs. Ida I'eirce lett by T.C.A. yesterday morning. M.Is on his way to England Mrs Peirce will be slaying In Canada. ftoMib falling Lundy alw> left for Trinidi* Yesterday afternoon after a successful week of hectic entertainment making everyone in Barbados laugh. Landy's Brother H. LANDY De MONTBHUN Assistant Chief Secretary Colony Before MANY o( the pupils of Madame Bromova's Dancing School and their parents were at Seawell yesterday to say goodbye to Madame Bromova who left for Antigua enroute to the US A. and England. Madame Bromova is seen here signing an autograph alhum, as several of her pupils look on. Also in the picture ire Mrs Vernon Knight. Capt. Raison and Mr. Mark Greenhill, Madame Bromova's husband. Summer In England H ON. P. F. CAMPBELL, *n first arrived in Barb.i,: 18th June. 1943, left here ycalc. dav by T.C.A. accompanied b.. his wife. Mr. Campbell, who has been Acting Colonial Secretary suve Mr. Perowne'i departure is on nil way to Tanganyika where he will take up his new_ appointment of that going was at Seawell yesterday morning to meet his brother Jose, who was an Intransit passenger %^ZrJj 1 F tf ...i by T.C.A. for Trinidad, returning Sul from a trip to Holland an %  England. While in England. Jose told Canb he saw the-Woreester mate. Mr. J. de Montbrun I* Re of 'I'riiini. id Tanganyika lo spend th*' Bought "Canefield House" M R. CHAS. MERRILL or Soutoampton, Long Island U.S.A.. head of the oldeal Stock I turfHtm in New York City, has purbased "Canefield House." S Thomas and also its furniture. Mr. Merrill spent a few sraakfl in Barbados early this year as tin uest of Mr. and Mrs. Coe al "Old Trees" St. James. GLOII i: lONITF. 1.30 ul C'MUinuInc Ill 5 and 1.3* p m. JAMES BARBARA AVA VAN MASON STANWYCK GARDNER 11EFLIN IN EAST SIDE WKKT HIDE AOI ',Vril' (LIB tISKMA Only) TONIGHT ml S.3U and ponllnulna '•MY IIIIIMI IKMA" Starring JOHN LUND — DINAN [ANN DON DcFORDE w.lh MARIE WILSON us lima ami inlri-lu.lim DEAN MARTIN and JERRY :.( w: A PuramounI Plclui • PLAZA Last 2 Show* To Day 5 & 830 pm PARAMOUNT'S CINECOI.OR WESTERN ROMANCE! "EL PASO'' John Payne-Gail Russel-others MONDAY & TUESDAY 5 & a.30 P.M PAHAMOUNTS t.HEATEST DOUBLE-BILL 'THE PALE FACE' %  T*
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The Barbados advocate
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Full Text
N n ii Maj 14
Vrar 33
B.U.O.C. Deadline
Is May 20th j
1 N VIEW 0* the Presa Communique published in ye*ter-'
day's "Advocate* on tin- queries of the supply of!
Natural Ga*. I feel Ihal I should LntM a ^tnnml of the
position of The British Union Oil Co.. limited in this matter.'
U.S. Order Czechs
To Reduce
The United Siaie* to-day call-
ed on Caaahoalovakia to reduce
her official staff in the Unlteo
Slates by two-third* and close
her C.leveland and PittaburG
Tha Department of State issued
a .airmen i to-day summarising
note to the Ciechbalovak Gov-
ernment containing (hose de-
The Crecti Ambassador Dr
Vladmir Outrata was culled in
this morning to receive the note.
and the American Ambassador in
Prague also delivered the note t
the Ciech Foreign Office there.
The United States action was
understood 16 be lit retaliation to
the demand of the Czechoslovak
Government foi the drastic reduc-
tion of United States, official per-
sonnel at the American Embassy,
and the Consulate General ID
Czechoslovakia, on the ground*
that they were being used foi
hostile purposes.
The State Department state-
niant to-day described the Czech-
oslovak demand as "part of the
effort* of the Czech and other
western European Governments to
segregate people in those coun-
tries from contuct with the outs id
Hay IS.
resident Truman told a tran-
sit crowd here thst the Com-
munists of Russia ware telling
"preposterous Met" about the
United States.
Mr. Truman declared that
Russian leaders were saying on
the one hand that the United
States was weak, and on the other- ?** of Turner's Hall
that we are strong and want to nave been satisfactorily conclud-
wsge war". i*d-
These are "preposterous lies".) With regard to the Government s
he added. He sa.d that the United [statement that the necessary
""""' Negotiations have been in pro-
gresi with the King's Solicitor
along the lines of the communique
issued by the (.overnment on ...
lot11 instant, namely, "That a NEW,
Lease of the Natural Gas V>eu
should be granted by Government
to Tne British Union Oil Co: Lim-
ited on me same terms as tne ol-
Lease, and that The B.U.O.C Ltd .
should continue to pay royalties .
to ihe Lessor at tne same rate as ]
in the past.''
In view of these negotiations,
the Attorney of "Turner's Hall' ,
plantation has extended his
notice to quit for a further seven |
days, and this extension was com- !
municatcd to the King's Solicitor
on the nth Instant. I
In the negotiations with the,
King's Solicitor, no question of
accounts or monetary compensa-
tion has arisen, and The B-U.O.C.,1
Limited regard as inexplicable I
the statement In the Govern- ]
ment's communique of the 13th.
instant relating to examination of
the documents and records of the
Natural Gas Well.
Inn-rim Period
Negotiations with the King's'
Solicitor have been on the basis!
that the lease to be granted to The ,
li roc. Limited should be for!
tie incxpired period (about 20'
years) of Ihe old Lease
The Government's communique |
of the 13th instant states "Thai .
for an interim period arrange-1
menu should be made to continue \
the supply of Natural Gas to the
public on the same terms as under'
Ihe old Lra*"
The Government has suggested
an interim period of three months..
which I" completely unrelated to)
the whole tenor of the negotia-
tions conductet with the King's
The B.U.O.C. Limited consider
that the time which has been given
to Government to complete nego-
tiations In respect of the new
Lease of the Turner's Hall ana Is
reasonable, and they have ac-
cordingly Informed Government
that they will be unable to oper-
ate the Natural Gas Well after
the 20th instant unless by that
date the negotiations with The
B.U.O.C. Limited and the Attor-
H -.
J > a
i -^ ---------------.__^ jggj
1 |
N ^ _____
States was seeking only peact
and did not wish war with an;
of Its world neighbours
Czechs Rush For
Last British Books
PRAGUE, May 13.
Hundreds of Czechs of all ages
Jammed the offices of the British
Information Service, on one of
Prague's main thoroughfares, to
get English books, periodicals,
magazines, and other reading mat-
ter which were distributed freely
a few hours before the offices were
due to close at mid-day today on
the orders given yesterday by the
Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry.
Rente i.
authority has been granted to The
B.U.O.C. Limited to enable Ihem
to operate the Well for the Interim
period, the fact is that, before
advising The B.U.O.C. Limited
to accept the supposed Licence,
the legal advisers of The B.U.O.C.
Limited requested Government on
the 10th Instant to furnish partic-
ulars of the Regulations, terms,
and conditions, under which that
License was Intended to be
granted. This has not yet been
done, and, accordingly. The
B.U.O.C. Limited do not consider
that they have at present the au-
thority necessary under the Act
to operate the Gas Well, as al-
leged by Government.
Managcr and Attorney,
The B.U.O.C. Ltd.
Weekes 192, Walcott 128
Trounce Surrey Bowling
Boy Painted rpwQ RecorclS Broken
Without Hand, LONDON, My 13.
I." VERTON WEEKES and Clyde Walcott, not
only set the first centuries of the tour tsr the
West Indies today at the Oval, but set np a new
record partnership for a team from the Caribbean
Islands in this country. .
After Allan Bae had made 96, Weekes and Walcott
added 347 in two and three-quarters hours for the
fourth wicket to beat the previous best, 230 for the
third wicket by George Headley and J. E. D. Sealy
against Nottinghamshire at Trent Bridge in 1939
Weokes defied Ihe Surrey attack for five hours and re-
mained unbeaten with 192 to his credit. He has so far hit
21 boundaries
Altogether the West Indies scored 468 for 4 wickets, ami
issued a warning as to what the England bowlers can ex-
pect when the five-day Teals come al m|
A H-ycsr-olil Hull.n wni
mutilated boy today pinrnl-
d Pol* riun XII with a pk-
luri i.t .i rountry I'hurrh
which hi- h.i.l |..n!it..,i with-
out h.imls
Thr I'opr th.'
lunntniK in Saint Pfler's
.(.,.ir,. where he received
Jim child war crlpptrs among
SO.WHi pilgrim*. Germany,
France. Beigluni. Spain and
Braill wile tcprcn nU'il h>
mi,.'.i. piiarlitiiitea at the
MUNRO SMASHING ONK from WORMF Gun- Munro ! Tr.nou.UM. run. nal.t lu> lo the
n.t and imaaluB a lob Iron. Wormc ol Savannah lo win Ule lint set of atWa Slink's.
MBS. BANCROFT at Savannah (bottom) mlnsea one well placad on tha Hjhl corner by Mini tie Ver-
MIU of Tranquillity. Mr. Bancroft went on to win the Ladlaa' Slmtlaa.
LONDON. May 1.1
The British Government has invited local authorities
to Rive it detailed information to help it carry out "possi-
ble evacuation in the case of an emergency."
The Government hopes to have details ready for offi-
cial consultation and implementation by the end of June.
1 A Health Ministry spokesman
(old Keuter to-day -There, i* no
special significance in this request.
It is merely a question of normal
preliminary steps as a result of
Parliament having decided lo put
Civil Defence on a permanent
footing by special acts a couple of
years ago"
The Communist Daily Worker
had made the move its main story
to-day under the headline "Evaeu-
tlon Planned Once Again".
Commenting on this, the spokes-
man said "There really
new or sensationa
Egypt Police
Search Sea
For Drugs
A few words muttered by a
semi-conscious Egyptian fisher-
man, found MifTeniiK from sun-
stroke on the sands near Alexan-
dria by a coastal patrol, have
started Egyptian police on wide-
spread coastal search for smug-
gled drugs.
Next day. at dawn, an anti-drug
squad found the "catch" which the ,
fisherman had been wakUng to i
pick up from the seaover 1781
pounds of hashish. That started
the police off. I
For three days now. searching |
between Alexnndrla and Port Said
for more dumps of the deadly I
drug, they have made .i rich haul
-over 30,000 worth of hashish
and opium.
Off Port Said. 32 sacks were
found weighted down by two an-
chors In deep water, and at Dam-
leta at the Nile's mouth, another
sunken 330 ,x>unds in rubber
Police continuing their search
believe yet bigger consignments
are tjll under water. Renter.
Thank You
Vernon, a New York suq-
urli. is being moat careful to
say "Please" and 'Thank
you." That Is because the
mayor. William Hussey, the
soul of courtesy himself,
wants Mount Vernon lo set
the world nn example.
He has asked all citizens,
even the police, to be more
polite. "What can I do for
you?" he asked affably when
I telephoned him to find out
the reason for this cam-
His reply: "l-aefc of cour-
tesy is now world-wide
Many world problem* are
caused by inconsiderate
people. Maybe Mount Ver-
non can start something.
And thank you for calling."
Peru-W. German
Trade Pact
Si-nur Vicente Cerro, head of the
Peruvian trade delegation to West
Germany, left for Rome today,
after initialling a tl2.COO.000 Peru-
Wcsl German trade agreement
yesterday under the new agree-
ment expected to import pri-
marily steel products, chemicals.
pharmaceutical products, and con-
- muni goods.
West Germany will Import
mainly cotton and wool. ores.
nothing \ tlt**r< b,id** and some food Items.
this. It | "*? ps/menls agreement was
'Big Three' Reach
Policy Agreement
LONDON. May |3
Tlie Foreign Ministers of Prance, Britain and the Unitcl
States after a three-day study of the cold war, liL-inispinic
by hemisphere announced tonight that they had agreed
upon the lines of their policy in nil parts of the world.
*-------------------------*------------------------------------ Trw sUitemenRobert Schu-
man of Friinre, Ernest Ilevln of
Bnliun and Deun Acheson of
AnK'i-ifaissued two communi-
ques one general statement of
their conclusions and the olher
emphasising the neetl for faelll-
tiiltng thf migration of Europeun
peoples, particularly rrnm Ger-
many and Italy
The statement held up an all
Important declaration on Ger-
many, the problem nation, win h
H i i-li< m -I to i..i'." taken up
most of their lun* during Ihe
three days ihey naai here,
They announced thst this pro-
nouncement was being coftuasunt-
caled Immediately tu the W~i
Octtncfl) Feder..! Cuvernment.
It would be published to the
world on Monday.
Highlight* .f ilu. Foreign Min-
isters' two communi'iu- were
1(1) Thf purpose of liM talks had
s-t'ii to reduce the risk of war
Still In
Although the rise ed Red Itiver appealed to have
steadied. tluod reliei ofllclaU
warned Wliftipeg residents lhat
the city was still In danger, and
urged that the evacuation of
women, children, am* old peo-
ple should continue.
More than 40.000 <>f Ihe city's
130.0UO population > o*Um-
aU-J to Ik Ac U-fl the dtv by last
Canadian Railway* removed
more than 25.000 fro-n the "tood
area in special trains, and roads
leading fruin the i ,l> were pact.
rd with private ''" Airplanes
and Unset, carried lhousund<.
The Red River re. ihed a re-
curd level of nearly 3fl feet ves
.1.. i*toor1 CnalErl Authori-
ties warned that tha d>kes mlgh'
give way al anv time
An unofnctal aalimate aaio
more than en.000 people had
bean driven from then homes In
the river clues. The normal life
of Greater Winnipeg remained
seriously disrupted.
Water lay inches deep on many
streets near the downtown busi-
ness district
Tramcar and bus services
were camcllel in - Thpiilri-s and other places o'
amusemenl are closed The Pres-
idem of Winnipeg s .. : Ml Ml I
chant'* Association reported
loss.-, in liiisjngssj ''beyond Imag-
iii.Mh.-' Heater.
rOI i:s .in s i
I I. %' Hill .nd II I L..I.*,
D* Vrr1*.,tl .i.l P Wa^dvll
M C CI Mni)li ...-' Y r
CzechPoliceTorture i
Slav To Death
LONDON. May 13.
One of the leaders of ihe Yugo- ,
Slav colony in Czechoslovakia. M \
Dlmrlevich. has died In a Prague
prison "as a result of atrocious.'
Gestapo-like tortures by the |
Czechoslovak police." Belgrad*,
tadio reported this morning
His death has provoked a "wave
of indignation and anger" through- I
out Yugoslavia, the radio added j
The following have been award-
ed Open Scholarships " the Uni-
versity College of the West Indies,
as a result of examinations taken
in Februarv this year
BsmsH Guiana W Chan. C
Collins, C. King
Jamaica O Hue, R Morris
Babbuumk: Dssnne Pilgrim.
BAaasDoa FxhbWtions: E. DeC.
Inniss. (Medicine): C. S King.
twsifirssr^isra sepias*
ance on the planning of the Civil '
Defence Services.
Butho?itieTmiauiiand0and waies /reach Ex*Prenner
Rruler. B
Wed8 Again
PARIS. May 13
Paul Remand. 71-year-old
former French Prime Minister.
married his 38-year-old private
secretary. Mile Chnsllane Mabirc,
last December, a source close to
Reynaud disclosed today.
"The marriage was not secret."
they said, "but Reynaud consid-
ered It a purely private affair He
is <,>poaed on principle to political
figures receiving the publicity ac-
corded to film atari.
"Madame Paul Reynm.
resistance hero who suffered de-
portation to Germany for her ac-
tivities with the Maquis
ReyniUds first marriage lo the
daughter of Henri Robcr* v.HI-
knowB French lawyer, was dis-
solved after the Liberation.
Vessel Stops
The British tanker "Nayadls".
sailing for ihe Anglo-Saxon Oil |
Company arrived somewhat late
at Willemstad. Curacao, on Friday
afternoon after being detained ay
an unknown ship flying th"1
Venezuelan flag. Netherlands New*
Agency reports from Willemstad
The unkno-n vessel fired
*everal shots, commanding tne
tanker to stop, which it did. The
incident occurred outside the
three-mile zone off Ihe Venezuelan
Avis Islands
It is believed the VaslaalaakM
ship was making an investigation
cennected with action against arm*
and establish the inndit
a lasting peace
(2) The Ministers planned closer
co-ordination of their joint re-
ouces of the three powerh
Al'houi endangering in''n*
!-iaI end material slantlards
hey Intended to support the
new independent nations of
South-east Asia and would
lake every opportunity of ex-
posing "Communist Imperial-
ism" In the serious situation
developing there.
The Ministers considered
thai Ihe South-east Asia
glon as a whole is economi-
cally underdeveloped. All the
Governments in the region
should get together un devel-
opment | (an ,i i-iLi'd
raise the stgthdard of living
<' Experts had been appointed
lo study problems of surplu1
population in We-icrn Europe
They had been charged with
producing addltk n*l plan* %<
migration, particularly from
ItaU and Germane
page I'.
Dances About
1.A HOCHEU.E, May 13
Police are Investigul ng mys-
terious events reported to have
been hapjieniiig for several weeks
a "haunted" farm, near I... Wesl-
n France
According la the Iriant family,
iin own the farm furniture,
ocery ami s1in-s have be.-,,
Hieing alMiul.
M i | has refused to itav in
I'ickeil iliiiiii and : tlen -I
i atll ;ii><"it Worse, M BrlanPi
I Uaith hv ..... lump ug
ill of iheir gla" ami bis shavlnji
brush has rtetillr.1
from his face, rv i.toallv flying
out of his hand lo land on ti p Ol
ji liphoiiiil
few da' i. Ihe dogt
barked all niKM long Al dawn.
Ihev were unleashed and their
ollars had vanished
Clnrks have riomtd evi I
morning al 8 20. the Br ;mU said
The Rrlants are Huituenots
but In desperation Ihev co'led
the local Catholic priest who gave
them a slatue of Ihe Blessed
Vlrain and a holy medal-all
without avail
Hundreds of people have vis-
ited the farm, bul un to tww
"sp'ril" activilies have only leen
witnessed by the owners and
their relations
The strange thing Is ihnt wben
gendarmes came to niard th?
hriiiv nothing happened
PARIS, May 13.
A prominent French Catholic
puhlicist. Father Gabel. editor of
(he CatboUc daily newspaper La
CrtAx haa aroused some comment
here by condemning the uee of
the atom bomb, and by describing
Its use at Hiroshima as "a crime
humanity" despite the
good intentions that may have ani-
mated ihose who decided to use It.
The- official Communist paper
has quoted Father
Gabrel with approval
But Father Gabrel. asked by
Renters, today made it clear that
the article wn written on his per-
sonnj responsibility only, and
without prior consultation with his
hierarchy In the Church.
He also said "
mend Ca'bolics ti
called Stockholm
because this is mi
munlit exploltatio
desire for peace "
. i nest rafon -
M.'.n their so-
pcace appeal
ifestly a Com-
nf (he peopli
EVERTON \.l t hi s
L. S. Strike
NEW YORK. May 13
At least 200.000 workers wag*
idle in the United Stales to-day,
becausu of the strike of lg.000
railway firemen un four lines.
it was estimated here
The strike, called last Wednes-
day by the BrotherhmKl or Locu>
molivi Firemen and Eigiiiemen
to support a demand t<-r exira
firemen c- some Diesel trains.
will pui thousands more i>n
short lime IMXl Monday If con-
Th. chairnuw of Dm Radlway.
men's Union said last night that
ihe strike was "jusl as clead-
locfced niiw uh al the start"
In Pennsylvania. 2(l.imo coal
miners were idle, and the num-
Wr will Increase lo UiOM
Nearly a frwrih of v.e,t,i \
Pennsylvania's coal prodt otloa
is shut off because of a lack of
coal trii.ks Boom .ooo coal
mini i kit. nITe led in Indian,! |
touring learn in England
;a the war has given a more
satisfying exhibition This was
a< Ihe nrsl appearance of the
West Indies in Ixmdon this
, laort, and ror Ihe tlrst time they
Round conditions similar to their
' n sunlit islands
The Oval crowd t neaily
20.000 soon discovered that these
mi*t do not play cricket the
rcrim way -to them It is a
taitlme and any loose ball has
lo be punished.
At tlrst the Surrey attack WM
'urticularly good, the flrst hour
yielding only K runs, but the
iHice was stepped up to 90 an
hour or more by the aftaVnoon
Wnlcuii was at the wickel tot
Iwu and three-quarter hours for
his 128, and hit li fours.
Weekes' total was the highest
ever by a West Indies player
against Surrey
The teams were
Marshall. V Worrell, E Week,-.
C, Walcott. H rhristlanl. G.
Gomer. J. Goddard, C Williams,
II. Johnson, A. Valentine.
SURREY; L. Flshloek- Vic
Bedsssr, J Parker, H. Conslun-
Ua. M Itartuii. C. Wluttakci.
...__t :....
Union Calls Strike
Against P.A.A.
NEW YORK. May 13
A nationwide strike against Pan
American Airways bv servirt
personnel was called at midnight
by the Transport Workers'
The Union said lhat 800
stewards, stewardesses and purs-
ers were Involved but a Company
ofllrial said the number was onlv
f. ghl pickets took up their
posts outside the entrance to I-o
Guardla Air Field at midnight
A Union spokesman said that
Idlewi'd airport, and other Fan
American ports would also he
A Union spokesman In Miami
said the strike was to remain In
effect until a new contract Is
He said about 2.000 employee*
were Involved in the Miami
Fitted with
The perfect
___________ Distributors ______________
10, 11, 12 A 13 Broad Slreel

SL'NDAY. MAY 14, 15
;.. ... -
From 1 t 'dock
Pot! WorkcnMon-
\ H May isth
I p.m.
Carpenter* Tuesday
Mav 18th, M
May 17th at
OEAWELL yesterday at about
*^ 8am.. wu crowded w,ih
.everal pupils from Madam* Bro-
mova's Dancing School, pareai.
,.;!. Molly R. i
icw dancing InStrjctrev.
husband, and several membtri of
Dvvcl< pmenl
Organisation. #>

ikband Mr Mark
D and W's
Voyage" and a happy hollUaf*iti
The Or* rrrt Jr>
Barbados just before in
Ihe war, and Madame Dromov.i
storied her dancing s*j
six month artcr that. Two year*
.ater they went to E:i
fight monthi leave and ll"Jn again
turned lo Barbados.
Ttiit time they axe going U>
England for six months and .t i
not yet known if they Kill t>- re-
mg. Meanwhile the school Is
in the capable hand- of Molly
There were tear* in Madame'*
eyes as she kissed each girl good-
bye. Goodbyes over, they slailcj
tor the plane, and as th
the group of girls, parent** u: '
friends. Capt. Raison railed^ fw
three cheers for Madame I
and Mr Greenhill. which were
heartily given.
The Greeiihills left for Antigua
and will be going to Miami via
Puerto Rico anil -.hen by train lo
Washington. There. Mr. Greenhill
ill attend the meeting of the
Working Committee of the Carib-
bean Commission, and they leave
shortly after that for England by
the "Parthla "
Left By T.C.A.
mother Mrs. Ida I'eirce lett
by T.C.A. yesterday morning. M.-
Is on his way to England
Mrs Peirce will be slaying In
ftoMib falling
Lundy alw> left for Trinidi*
Yesterday afternoon after a
successful week of hectic
entertainment making everyone in
Barbados laugh.
Landy's Brother
H. LANDY De MONTBHUN Assistant Chief Secretary
MANY o( the pupils of Madame Bromova's Dancing School and their parents were at Seawell
yesterday to say goodbye to Madame Bromova who left for Antigua enroute to the US A. and
Madame Bromova is seen here signing an autograph alhum, as several of her pupils look on.
Also in the picture ire Mrs Vernon Knight. Capt. Raison and Mr. Mark Greenhill, Madame Bro-
mova's husband.
Summer In England
first arrived in Barb.i,:
18th June. 1943, left here ycalc.
dav by T.C.A. accompanied b..
his wife.
Mr. Campbell, who has been
Acting Colonial Secretary suve
Mr. Perowne'i departure is on nil
way to Tanganyika where he will
take up his new_ appointment
of that
was at Seawell yesterday
morning to meet his brother Jose,
who was an Intransit passenger %^ZrJj 1 F,tf' ...i
by T.C.A. for Trinidad, returning Sul
from a trip to Holland an
While in England. Jose told
Canb he saw the-Woreester mate.
Mr. J. de Montbrun I*
Re of 'I'
lo spend th*'
Bought "Canefield House"
ampton, Long Island U.S.A..
head of the oldeal Stock I
turf- Htm in New York City, has pur-
based "Canefield House." S
Thomas and also its furniture.
Mr. Merrill spent a few sraakfl
in Barbados early this year as tin
uest of Mr. and Mrs. Coe al
"Old Trees" St. James.
gloii i:
lONITF. 1.30 ul C'MUinuInc Ill 5 and 1.3* p m.
AOI ',Vril' (LIB tISKMA Only)
TONIGHT ml S.3U and ponllnulna
'MY iiiiimi IKMA"
w.lh MARIE WILSON us lima ami inlri-lu.lim DEAN MARTIN
and JERRY :.( w:
A PuramounI Plclui
Last 2 Show* To Day 5 & 830 pm
"EL PASO'' John Payne-Gail Russel-others
HON. and MRS. P. T. CAMPBELL who left Barbados yesterday
by T.C.A are pictured on their '
Encourage Care
. out to the aircraft.
f: louring Tha Island..
' ILfH k OSBOURNE. a British
1*1 Guiancse raaMent in the
USA. as a real estate operator,
arrived in Barbados about a
month ago for a holiday. He was
accompanied by his American
born wife from Brooklyn and they
are staying at "Leaton-on-Sea ,
The Stream.
Mr. Osbourne who has been re-
siding in the USA. for the pan
30 years, said that he had just paid
his second visit to his home land.
the first being about 23 years af
His wife and he are making i
tour of the islands in the Canb-
bean and will be leaving shortly
lor St. Kitts their next stop They
expect to return to the US.A.
sometime in August.
To Study Monotyping
Mr. "Happy" Brown, two
employees of the Advocate Com-
, pany Limited, left yesterday eve-
; ning by B.W I A. for Trinidad
j where they will take a six month?'
I course in Monotyplng at the
i "Port-of-Spa in Gaiette."
A senior Hnotyplst, Mr. Burke
first joined the staff in March 1929
and during his 21 years' service
was connected with the llnotyp"
department, while Mr Brawn, a
compositor attached to the job
J printing department, was a mem-
\\ ber of the staff for the last 10
I years.
Cleveland Writer
LOT, who writes for the
Cleveland News La In Barbados
for a few days to writ* a few
articles about the island. He ar-
rived, yesterday by T.C.A..
touring Ihe Islands in the Carib-
bean which the T.CA. plane*
slop at, and his "Travel Stories'
are to encourage the people of
Cleveland to come to Barbados
and the other W.I.. for their
holidays. He la staying at the
Ocean View Hotel.
From North Borneo
WHO should arrive yesterday
by T.C.A.. for a few months
holiday in Barbados but Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Plunkett. Mr. Plun-
kett who is now Deputy Commis-
sioner of Police hi Narth Borneo
used to be a Supt. In th* Police
Force here for many years. He
was also Commissioner of Police
in St. Lucia, which he left in
December 1047 for Borneo.
He know* Dr. Douglas Weather-
head, a Barbadian who 1* now
Director of Medical Services In
Borneo. Dr. Wealherhead, he said
begged him to say hello to all of
his friends here.
Their trip over to Barbados was
vl* Singapore, India, Egypt, Rome,
Lisbon and Bermuda. In Bermuda,
they met Mr. and Mrs. Max
Parker also of Barbados, and had
dinner with them on Friday night.
Mrs. Plunkett Is the former
Miss Lucille MourralUe, a lister
of Mrs. C. B. Slsnett and Mrs.
Betty Press*.
Hun II Moti is 9 39 p.m.
,1'ARNKH BROS rlaaalc--------
Slnrrin. Krr.1 FLYNN Braid* MARSHALL .lorn.
Cminc: Warner'. Double: It all Came Tma" Hidden Hand '
4 pi 8pt. 16 pi
FLASKS lpt. FLASKS 4 pi. wHh wide mouth
Remember to keep
MkW - - .
JULY 1st
(Saturday night)
Open for the Grand Polo Ball
and entertainment at the
Useful Household Items.
i "'.i I MATS
i sizes from .......................... *1.87
All kinds from........................20
With Gauze Wive Strainers...........59
Strong, Efficient Tvpe................ LSI
BONING KMiis........................7
Various sizes from.................... .89
& Gate Baby
has once again bee iinnounced. No doubt mothers are
busy collecting their tin eotvr*
and also building up their young
ones for the event. Since tht*
contest wait started two jeers a:*"
it hits grown in populant. ;n--i
has dgn much lo ance
I can of babie* throughout
the) i*l.unl. We should im.vine
that this year's will draw a more
tiumeitf us entry ItOL
New Manager
Tin: new manager of the Wind-
sor lintel iiiilviil ve-Uril i
T.C.A. from Montreal.
Mr. Rene Marlin. He W
accswipaaid b) bit srlta and two
hildrcn, Billy and iloniiK-
Mr has been to the
fl before, having lived In
Bermuda and Nassau.
Mi Elizubelh Archer. HM
present Manageress, will be leav-
ing shortly lor the United Stale.-.
BY THE WAY By Beachcomber
and u-ind his face
whs red.
//is mothi-r and Mf aunt u>ere
i/U /other u-cu a ariirdy utiohr
Hno worked from ntornino vn|U
i Werdswerlh )
UTBY on earth should I be
the only writer to keep
silent hniid the present Words-
worth uproar'1
The gbova fragment. found
behind a itove-plpe in a cottage
near Kcnc i\. is said by experts
to bctolig to the A11..M Bank
penod, uM previous to th. Dm
rttm *t I tootle Rectory and the
roconi motion with Coleridge.
(See "Lines Composed While thi
Autnor was Engaged Upon a
Tract Occasioned by a Celebrated
Event in Connection with Henrv
Fellowes.") i
Polish t'p lour l.i.'h'ituu;
I AM told lhat the BBC has
devised an entertainment
which will teach people how to
listen, I hope there will be
enough employee* to keep a sharp
eye on households suspected of
.1 or o( any other form
of culpable laxity in listening.
Later on. perhaps, special corps
of radio police could be formed.
to report anybody who listens in
Ihe wrong way, or is slack about
regular listening. As for thoso
who never listen at all. they
should be medically examined and
then segregated. We cannot afford
anti-social Ir-fluances of this sort.
H/xtu ul Snififilvfivld
r\ 'tit. formidable E 1 f r i d a
Thawcker next approached
a middle-aged draper, who sang
"Ship mates o' Mine" at village
iniirerts. 'Opera?" he said in an
amazed voice. 'Goo' lor* You
mean here? In" the village." "Why
not''"' asked the Thwacker. "War-
gener?" asked the draper. "Not
al first," said Elfrida. "Can't sing
foreign songs.'* said- the draper.
"We shall sing English words."
replied Elfrida. Foreign choons?"
"Naiurally," barked Elfrida.
"Drcasin' up?" asked the draper.
"Of course." The draper began to
see himself in helmet, with a
spear in hi* hand. "Who writes
the operas?" he inquired. They
were all written long ago," said
Mrs. Thwacker. "You must have
heard of Puccini and Guonod. and
so on." The draper looked hard
at the ground. "Who sets the
operas''" he asked. "We do. The.
singers, of course." "Singing and
acting at the same time? Sam*
people'1" "Certenly.** ""Goo' lor!"
said the draper. "Puahceny. What
Nothing To Do With Mr
Beating time urttft his arms, he
held the bow betuxen his Cos* and
ptavrd a violin laid aooinjt his
other leo.
(News item.)
IDONT sec what was to atop
him. as th* fool said when
he saw an octopus playing the
Dial 2039

' m
v a* Hi
For Summer Holidays
n ETURNING from Canada
FIVE mote sludcnU returned from Canada yesterday for Ihe Sum-
r holidays by T.C.A. They are, left lo rijht. Mr. Keith Goodiim.
Geoffrey McKcnzlc, Mr. John Goddard. Jr.. Mr. Harold
Fanner and Mr. Geoffre/ Watson
After 43 Yean
AFTER -in absence of 43 years
rrom ihe island, Mr. L.
Summer holidays here were Mr. Bentham of New York City paid
Harold Farmer who i* doing: hi* a five-week visit here and re-
second year BSc.. Mr. Geof Wat- turned on Sunday last by tho
son, second year Commerce. Mr. "Lady Nelson." He was staying
Keith C.oodiRK third year BSc. with hi* sister Mrs. G. Maughan
and Mr. Geof McKcnzie second of Belmont Road,
year Commerce. These boys are He said that the island made
at McGill. Mr. John Goddard Jr., vast Improvements since he hid
the other student is doing his first left and certainly looked strange
year Commerce at Queen's Uni- to him. He had however enjoyed
veralty. hia holiday and thanked all those
Their parent*, relatives and who had contributed in making it
friends were at the airport to meet pleasant one.
lnm Off To School In U.S.
Trinidadiani Entertained I eaving on Wednesday on his
an r- u .> ^ way to tne USA w"
KftE was a Cocktail Dance young Ferdinand Goodridge of
last night at the Royal Dnr- Spring Farm. St. Thomas. He will
bados Yacht club given in honour join his brother Franklin who I*
of the visiting TranquUlty Tennis sch y.
Team, by the members of the c ,
Barbados team Amateur Actor
-_______ AY1NG his first holiday visit to
-srvTi?vTas r
House Club. This Is also given
by the Barbados Team.
Crasy Pavement
Crazy paving for garden paths is
not quite such a craze
seme years ago.
path Is still popular
Crazy pavement paths can be
most attractive, especially In the
Uss forma) and smaller garden.
Like the Cement Path It la quite
possible fur any energetic garden,
er to construct a crazy path him-
self at home at a quarter the cost
that would be entailed if expen-
sive outside labour was employed
As a rule the snag about making
crazy pavement paths is the djm-
culty of obtaining suitable stone
This difficulty. however, ran be
overcome by making the stnn*
vourself right on the spot, uln*
the same concrete mixture as iha.
given for cement paths. I.e.,
4 parts shingle (small stones or
2 parts sand
1 part cement.
There are two methods of mak-
ing these stones. One way is to
form the stones actually on thc-
site of the prepared path b> put.
ting lumps of the concrete mix-
ture on the -not. and shaping up
the stones with a trowel.
The second way, not quit*? s<>
simple, b to make a woodej:
moi^:My ont nd hM ,eet by
six fqtt (a packing case cut down
answers well), nail some wooden
P** across ut different angles.
and put in your concrete mixture
to u depth of 1 '.a to 2 inches. Whe-i
it 1* quite hard (about 4 days.
take the piece* carefully out of
the mould, and repeat the procrss
until you have enough slabs <>
make your crazy path
Presuming now that vou have
your stones all ready we will now
.(escribe In detail how to make th.i
How To Make A Croiy Palh
Having chosen the site for vour
path, proceed to peg it out by
careful measurements to the snap*}
and size you want It. Next, dig
cut the site to a depth of twelve
inches, leaving the sides straight
and clean, cut to form the walls
of the path.
fill in the cavity with stones;
and marl to % of the depth, ram-
ming and rolling it to a body
When this is done, put in a
At the Cinema
"East Side, West Side
By G.B.
t o r 1 r I7" '
- r-S -I p TT
r \i\
" I
-T -3 1
" TH
1. Looks m tnousn Fiausaa" "
aunt u> tetxire sn calimatr o|
rrreuua .,,j cKpeudliura. iCi
I Cocknay nave word or rcrt-
s. rmi win
,____i fibre*. .-.
IB Amid'' She ms nar oven in
13 ITlf nnl"i>!!v lrrtiihrrfi.ii. ... .
Jaiiuw? ut>* it lor nurtn. d
I* Precaution to uiae w-,ii.i *un
slid iir (0i
if. TM return r pin* to cut. <*>
iB nauon lu msiinei M d**KIii
JO WambtfF *at* mure mm m.
_ jaeo rear. iSi
a. Tuu eitu in....! man tola ouia.
aa u* naaai ...uho. isi
34. latkor all teethins n
1. AaiDodT wiliiDi inif nut. mam.
3. Ancient cut feature tut tn* .uim
are*. if>
3. sort or dimn rouu nun in in.
*. Vihtn roo will sis-aif flnd oiaa.
l*i 6. rum tne na*, ti>
7. inatrucnoii lo let sir into a alls
tant. (Hi
'*. DM cry rou near wtica Itiomaa
His tna tUaa. (Sj
d. i5)
: lai
if. Paeaa Into tne gap. IS)
l Whan sou have Ihe artut in It's
er. Civil Servant attached to the
Income Tax Office of British Gui-
ana. He arrived here recently
by the "Lady Nelson" lo spend
part of hi* six months' holiday and
is staying at "Leaton on Sea." The
A member of the Georgetown
Dramatic Club, Mr. Fraser said
that they had done plays over a
rerles of years in BO, and had
just finished "While the Sun
Shines" which was staged in Bar-
bados lasl year.
Here Until Wednesday
ARRIVING yesterdny morning
from Trinidad by B.WI.A.
was Mr. Clyde Archer. Ugal
Draughtsman to the Government
nf Trinidad. He will be in Barba-
dos until Wednesday. Mr. Archer
was a former Judge of the Bridge*
diamrur town Petty Debt Court.
dim version of Marcla Dei
best-selling novel or tl
no- showing at the Qlebe
Theatre. Though well-acted, the
l.....i little Hat m
comparison artle. ihe veil -
i '.,.. BOntreaRBlg
re* i>f New V Tkf* east
pmnably been lo*t on the cut'.mg
room floor
I: u the story of Jessie Bourne,
burn and M the -'-i^v side,
who marries Brandon Bourne.
wealthy New York Social.!.'
bourne's Infidelities are forgiven
by his wife, who is del
.n love with him. but when ho
resumes his attachment to cheap,
but fascinating Isabel Lorison.
Jessie realizes their marriage la
Untuned. On the point of leaving
Brandon, ih- lells licr that Isabel
has been murdered and he will be
nuestloned When ihe murder is
solved by Mark DffMT, returned
soldier and ex-policeman, and
Brandon is exonerated, Jessie
tells him Dial her love for hun i*
dead, and she Is leaving him
On the whole. It is a trite, story,
but It Is lifted out of the ordinary
run of "eternal triangles" by (he
acting and direction Jessie
Bourne as played by Barbara
is warmly sympathetic
and sincere throughout, and her
to bar huiband'i iimdei-
ities are well denned and in
keeping with her character, it
is probably one of the best lolea
Miss Stanwyck has played, and
with her usual ability, she loses
no opportunities to make It out-
James Mason as the
pnUanderltig husband, was a*
Of eg possible in a role
that did not seem to suit him too
well ins ecejiei with Isabel
Lorlson has obviously been cut io
shreds, though a resounding slap
lie gives her face is left in. Ava
Gardner, as Isabel. che?p, preda-
tory and .ilwuys fascinating to
Brandon, turned m an excellent
performance, and her scene with
Jessie, when Jessie realizes final-
ly what her husband really is, is
acutely erucl. The role of Mark
Dwjrer, who falls Id love with
Jessie, is engagingly natural and
well-played by Van Heflin
"East side, West side" will be
enjoyed by most people, and
perth nl.iiiy those who have not
read the book. It is dramatic
throushout and interest is sus-
tained to Hit- end.
M> Friend Inna"
MY 1-K1E.ND 1RMA," a DlC-
tu .zation of one of radlc'a most
;>:\'gTams. Is now
pfa*in a: the Aquatic Club
MarU W.Lson nlavr
the original role of I'm*, which
DM air. and when
she takes things into her
capable handschaos 1* apt to
result, and frequently does. How-
rythlnj turn* out happily.
in the end.
^.ipportlng Mis* Wilson *re
J< ! Lund as the boy friend. Don
Diana Lynn as her friend Jane.
ra "Vs comic team of Dean Martin
I). fore as a millionaire and
an : Jerry Lewis. If you like
:aughs and hilarious tun.
> ill probably want to see "My
1 ien 1 m i-iicV. In The Dnst"
Once again, a flUii that serves
to prod social conscience has e<
to Barbados, "intruder In The
Dust", showing at the Itoxy
Thearre deals with the rVial ten-
sions oetween the white and
.floured peoples in the South-
ern States. The story t e
the plight of a negro land-
owner who is falsely arrested for
murdering a white man. While
the mob gathers outside the Jail,
prior to lynching the prisoner,
a young white boy. whom
negro had once saved fi
drowning, persuade* his uncli
lawyer, to defend the man.
Through the boy's efforts, it 11
proved that the negro did not
commit the murder. The strength
and dignity ot Juano Hernandez
om the proud negro dominate the
tilm and Claude Jarman Is con-
vincing and sincere as the ado-
lescent boy. Overtone* of meaning
help to deepen the impact o(
dialogue and action; silence and
nt tmal sound effects largely re-
pla'c the musical background,
wltn dramatic effect
father Was \ Fullback"
A comedy of family life.
HACK" starring Maureen O'llin.i
Fred Mac Murray is now pl.iy.n,
at the Empire Theatre. To quoit
a short American review-- I
"Sparkling humour and refresh-)
lng hi xlcrn dialogue enhance this
dlveriuig comedy, which for ai
Its laughable exaggerations
direct* healthy satire at the indul-1
gent American parent and th<
spirited teen-ager. Deft direction |
maintains a fast pace and luot-
ball fr.encs furnish excitement |
Fine fun for the whole family.
Rupert and the Dragon Pills38
<.iii-s Sinr
30. Waa nlirr> 0ov i
Vlialii HBBil I. 'rr. it:
*J*t. '?'' rfllApl B imssiDai
Il-e. . K.rr.u.p. 5. Sm I Aciom; 1.
raai.n. ^. ion n oil; li Sea; I*
de; 1 Hoc. It. u-n.
s Marilyn Monroe.
I mui i bet
Iff dlVMIOn. "
Plumion Mfaor."
layer of soil (leaving just enough
room for the depth of the stone*).
and roll and ram this very firm
and level (some people use sand
here). Now comes the fascinating
part of arranging the crazy jig-
saw of your path.
Assemble your concrete slab*
conveniently near, and have .,
little cement handy. Put dow i
your first slab and under each end
of it make a small hole in the
pathway. Fill these holes with a
blob of cement and put the slab
back down on top, pressing and
settling It until you have it proper-
ly in place and you feel the cement
Continue in this way, arranging
your path as you fancy, but giving
each slab two littlQ cement "seats"
as described.
When all the slabs have been
laid, the cracks between can be
tilled in with a cement gruel (3
parts sand and one part cemeni
mixed thick), or the spaces can be
filled with soU. If soil is used.
small rock plants *uch as "Little
Yellow Daisy" or "Sweet Allysum"
can be planted in between the
atones, here and there, giving the
path a very charming appearance.
Whan Hup*.: and tlir iwi dragon
arc ulrly in it* iha rtxkn attach'
Bwnt tha N'mdann xandf wtll
back. The irpa rr ramoved by
(he chie! aaSMUW. ".Iio IMS) ICKhei
t :ordi itri) to 4 long P">lt. Lighi
T.lf lU
Childn'n's Letter
We ne celebrating llothei
Those of you who era
to have juair mothers
Ailh Mm must certainly feel very
bapp>. and 1 hope you do your
..,.< nor happy loo, and
really feel this is her day.
It is not a gift on Mother'* Day
that matter* so much as It is not
10 give something,
but there nre sn many little
things that you could do, and I
am sure they would be apprecia-
ted by her.
I must wish you all a very
happy day.
Yours very truly.
U oHinwiiiafy hissing and
rnSg and rith roar tht
C" i iokef move, slowly at grit.
HlM uddfiily ai a ircmcndoui
ptad a ihooti off iha weal guiding
! jnrl naght up to iha iky.
leomg a bug trjil of sowka sod
fify vpjrkt FTrhind k.
Pen Pah
Harry Bayne. Age i Louisi
Biivru. i8 Frank Bayne 20. Vreed-
en-Hnop. West Bank. British
Guiana., South America. Oscar
Limerick. 92 Cronoqug Stre.-t.
i ..urge!' -At:. Queen rluV.ll, British
Caiilano South AgesWlea, Claude
(la/iard 14 year* Boy*1 Host. 1
Tauteen. St. George's Grenada.
Stump collecting, dancing, Cli.-
Repeat each of these aloud
i Ujnee without tnppiM:
ffOUJ tongu*'if you can.
i.. shrieking, slid slde-
wajs on Shelley Shellon's *llp-
p4ry slide Saturday.
Ihf htanty rrfam
thai is a lrfalmont'>
Tha Bt)
ever CsflVrtd
In Solid Shad*. Black
and Whiti-
Thm alia. Twin trc wurltl >rt
miM it aa ikai do in iha baaai*
rsraai Ho mM-'K --.K^ at all
aaaaas. aa good fm IIIIIBsj biUa
hlrmMlu-*. ."I !'. 'llaarliB*
5*t. ^>U ba yaw daily choir*.
With Sh.nilil.r Strapa
S3.23 each
In Assorted Colour!
Wc. pch
HANDBAGS 9Hc. each
Al The
Broad Street
Breathe it in!
When head and nose feel
stuffy from a cold, stir a tcaspoonful of Thermogene
Medicated Rub Into a jug half-filled with boiling water
and deeply breathe-in the steam for fifteen
minutes. Another way is to spread .i
little of the Rub on a handkerchief
and breathe-in Its medicinal vapour. I;
dulls hair
"Nelson from his column
keeps a look-out over
" all London."
MM Furniture (Inc. in British Guiana)
4261 Oflice 4 <664
& Electrical Dept. Dry GmitU I)pt.
"Prestcold" Refrigerators
All Steal. All W.-ldrd. Rust Proof t .lnn.U llfavllv ( hrmin-
Plat>d Hardware
I'reslrald Presmrtl. Ilrrmrtirally Kaated I'nlU IdsTia (..parity
(rmp.ior. nd Mnt Kwp*r
4.89 cu.ft. and 7.7 cu.ft

Spartan Trounce College 70
Sparun easily drubbed Collet 7-0 when they met in a
Hist division football fixture at Kensington Oval yesurdy
afternoon. Four of the noals were netted In the first hah.
WEST INDIAN cricket dffdM CM happ> to-day over
the performance of the West Indies cricket team in England
who scored 468 runs for the lots <>f four wickets in the first day of
play against Sum
Following closely upon their lwo-day win over Yorkshire by three
wickets and their impressive draw with Worcestershire in the open-
ing fixture of the tour, this performance against Surrey augurs well
for the future success of the team during the tour.
TIE West Indies are certainly not out of the wood yet, nor are
Ihey "blooded." in the accepted sense of the word as far as the
tour is concerned but come what may, they have opened their tour
in keeping with the high rating which competent judges of the game
have placed upon them by Imperial cricket standards.
It la true that the Yorkshire game appeared a close thing but it
must be conceded that the Yorkshiremen were at home and so had
experience in their favour In the scales of balance.
We must at once admit that with Ramadhin and Pierre padded
up in the pavilion there was not much hope of our negotiating any
reasonable total'if the Rae-Jones partnership had been broken.
On the other hand it must be remembered that the Australians
In their victorious tour of England in 1948 came nearer to defeat in
their game with Yorkshire on May 5 and 6 than in any other match
of the tour.
rIOSE who followed the game will remember that a missed catch
t a critical period cost Yorkshire a great chance of atoning for
their disappointment against the 1938 team at Sheffield and so being
the first county to beat the Australians since 1812 when Hampshire
The seven goats were scored by Johnson who kicked ...
three, Trotman 2 and Walcott I. The other goal College
netted on themselves the result of a melee in their goal
Spartan showed their intention
of scoring early and the first goal
F%J\JiDALdLi c*m* Ttom a corner, kicked M
Boyce on the left wing and John-
rrv/rrrnrc *on m*d* nt> mistake in kicking
FiJL i UKiLb it into the nets. The second was
netted very soon alter when Wal-
cott receiving a pass from John-
son ran down unmarked and
acored in the right hand corner of
the goal.
At this stage the College de-
fence was beginning to weaken
id Johnson took full advantage
M.Rdat. Mar IS
i n an
pin and L P Harrt.
I N.\rM. 1..
1 B H..v-
r *
Collcae it.i.T.
Anon "0 D. W Sav.r.
l*..*.. Mar |
Kvarton v. V M PC K.f......
- il. .. *. YSIPC ".(-.,.
N Madfont
Lodar vi r A WllNN
laainar, > n
imiM. v. Comawrmnr al Col.
i.i< Hrln** 1, Thoma.
SrMaf. Mar St
l.-U. vi CombHaMrt al Lod.
rr*r a. Anwr
num. DIVIflON
i ... Mbt !
Caltlr and Wlrrl v. YMCA
B.^...ll Hall Hrfra>: C. Smith
I I ...1r
Hl*rc* :
Commodore Wilkinsons "Moyra Blair", skippered by his
son Tom. scored her second victory for the season when
she defeated all othej 'B' Class boats at the Ninth Regatta
of ihe R.B.Y.C., which took place in Carlisle Bay yesterday
--------- ------- This race was a very keen one
Ur J. W. P. Harkness' "Circe",
which started first, looked a sure "he'nierltsTot otuy'of ^nbempor'ary thoroughbreds but also those of
winner as It kept Its lead through- different periods. For instance, looking al a classification list of to-
out the first lap and up to the lime d nnd lnat in comparison with one of 1930 there is little difference
it reached, the Neednam's Point in trM. general standard of the runners in class "A '.
buoy. On reaching this bupy Naturally there must be some difference of opinion when one
Muyra Blair", which was only a compares horses of different periods and of course 1 do not meani
few yards behind, crept into the say that Beacon Bright. Blue Streak and bun Site (three ot todays
lead and before Circe" could giants) are of exactly the same vintage as Tom Pearson Bambolin^
^neJeSv clear the buoy Fan- and Senator, three who raced around 1930 But when I say that 1
.. mm w*n Bright. Blue Streak and Gun Site are genuine A class
imething because tbe standard of the class has re-
This to my mlqd M a decided feather in the cap of
the authorities who control racing iu Barbados and Trinidad.
IT IS a remarkable thing- that in the last thirty years classifica-
tion of racehorses in Barbados and Trinidad should have remaine..
so consistent. All the more so because it passed through a very try-
^m ing period during Ihe last war. By consistency I mean that a certain
c standard has been maintained whereby it has been possible to judge
of this and scored the third goal
after a pass from Boyce. SAVANNAH won two of the
Occasionally, there was some four games yesterday afternoon
play in the Spartan goal area but ul * Garrison Io make their V~' Tnev rtnuhed in that ordei
custodian Harris had very little * three as against five oy the *> ^ ^J m norUl_sbout ll4
to do. The greater part of the play visiUng Tranquillity team from hl brwie which was
was seen in the College goal ana Tr>"'*da especially not suitable for the
and after a melee In front of the Mrs R- s Bancroft of Savan- <,_boarders. Only the "Reso-
College area. Johnson scored a "Jn J**1 ">* C. De Verteull in |u|e.. lf) tne ,n. claM .^^ -
fourth about three minutes helot- lh* ,!-* "?'M .** ? in the Intermediate, did not start.
Referee Wilkins blew for ball wh M D Wood and J. D -Mohawk", owned by Dr. David
lime. Trimmlngham also of Savannah d ,klppered by Bob Cum-
beat Miss M. Trestrail and T. ^^^tSJSl^secsmd victory
listened with considerable displea-
ErneM Eytle of British Cluii.n.i ov.i
ii.kri crowds were in
The "Daily Graphic"
WE IN the West Indies havi
sure to the comment of urn
the H B.C. on Saturday, May G
Mr. Eytle in his broadcast found so many (laws in Ihe cunstit.i-
Uon of the West Indian team, thai it was small wonder thut they
held Worcestershire to an honourable draw, to say nothing of defeat-
ing Yorkshire in two days.
Yesterday's showing against the Surrey team is another indis-
putable indlcaUon of the potential strength of the West Indies team.
While we all appreciate and nre greatful for constiucUve criUcism,
yet we In the West Indies can scarcely be expected to swallow the
indigestible pill of defeatism.
A FTER the West Indies' performance in Ihe opening days of play
*V against Worcestershire Alex Bunmslcr I I the "Dally Mull" opined
that after having seen Wcekr* and Worrell, Ihe non-sale of lags, day
test tickets was interesting.
Bannister was convinced thnt the English 4
for the biggest treal they have had since the um
was equally enthusiastic.
Charles Bray of the "Dally Herald", whn covered the M.C.C. lour
lo the West Indies, in 1948, with whom I assoeiuled during his stay
here and for whom I hold the greatest respect with regard to his
knowledge of the game, wrote in the "Daily Herald". "Mark my words,
the West Indies cricketers are going to ! one of the most attractive
tides ever to visit this country. And 1 urn not forgetting ihe ull-con-
queruig Australians ot 1941."
CRAWFORD WHITE of the "News Chronicle", who also accompan-
ied the 1948 M.C.C team to the West Indies, was "Intrigued
by the class of the West Indies
In the face of these reports, one
effnnot reconcile Eytle's strange
observations on the West Indict
team which he gave over the BBC.
on Saturday. May 6. Eytle found
fiiuh with Kamadhin's bowling,
with Walcott's wicket-keeping, with
the West Indies fielding among other
To Judge from his remarks, the
West Indies should have lost their
match against Yorkshire. Joint
county champions last year, perhaps
in one. day, but this was not so.
___..., Subsequent evenU have proven
VlMirvtiM ** P--Vl'p to be a self ^appointed
much about the West Indies team
as I know about the "flying
Responsible circles in the West
Indies have always deprecated
any attempt by West Indians resi-
dent In England to set themselves
up as "men from away". We who have followed personally the'1948
M.C.C. tour to the West Indies, which by the way Mr. Eytle has not,
will at once prefer to err with comiictenl judges of the game tike
Charles Bray and Crawford White than shine with Mr Eytle. a self-
styled expert on West Indies cricket. It may or may not have been
in the Interest of West Indies cricket that Mr. Eytle cannot claim .he
honour of having represented either British Guiana in
cricket or the West Indies in international cricket: but the (SCl rs
mains, he has not.
Constructive criticism must at till times be appreciated, but we
' in the West Indies will never tolerate any opinions that ran only be
construed as figments of the imagination when thev are compared
with responsible opinions of people, who ullhough they belong to an-
other race, have openly expressed opinions Hint differ almost diametri-
Leads M.C.C
After half time Spart,i/i
changed up their formation. Har-
ris was seen at right wing ai.d
Chase in die goal Very soon after
the. kick off Trotman taking a
pass from Walcott ran through to
score the fifth giving Smith no
chance to save.
T he schoolboys were always
seen bundling and very soon Uiey
scored on themselves as full-
back Gibbons trying to clear
kicked into his own goal. About
five minutes before the end
Trotman again scored making the
total seven.
The teams:
Spartan: Harri*. Gibbons, Bow-
en. Glttens, Ciidogan. Haync-.
Chase, Johnson. Walcott. Trot-
man and Boyce.
College. Smith. Gibbons, Mor-
rison. Morris. St. John, Simmons.
H.kI V O. Smith. C. E. Tudor,
Williams and F. U Tudor.
The Referee was Mr. P. Wil-
Sehjo'seth 75, 63.
Mixed Doubles games
v of the
The great thing about the "A" class of to-day Is the quantity In
this division and its sub class "A2" as well as the fact that half the
number is made up of native bred horses. Having established the fact
that there has been no lowering of the general standard in the top
Dawn" ciaMi this immediately tells us that we are breeding better horses to-
day than we were In 1930. At that lime class "A" was made up of two
or three imported horses only. It also tells us that racing In general
'" the B.W.I, is on the up-grade.
According to the most recent classtficaUons issued by the Barba-
Is season in the Intermediate dos Turf Club and the Trinidad Turf Club, one of which Is published
other victory was on the opposite page, there are now 18 animals In class "A" and "A;*'
berbatch scored her second victory
m, pi... Tn_ other victory was on tne opposite page, mere arc now 10 ifuuidi& m i-.bk. n uuu -*
r-L in ihf. cevon'h Reealla and 16 of these are native bred and 4 of these sixteen are Derby winner
ixed Doubles rredAn1 "2,5*1 ",, Jvertu.ncd either in Jamaica. Trinidad or Barbados. Added to this we find 24
t^t back horses classified in division "B" and "B2", of which 3
In the other
name. Mi:.;. M. Trestrail and H.
Nothnagel of Tranquillity beat
Mrs. A. L. Perkins and C. R.
Packer 81; t2; while F Gun
Munro of Tranquillity carried vit m,'
the Men's Singles from P E '
Worme g1: 75.
but on this occasli
safely to Its moorisg.
Coming; second in the
was Sydney Nurse:
Clytie" which he himself skip- ,he.
Undoubtedly the best match ot
pcred. So far Clytie hasSpecn
.econd on a previous occasion but
has not yet scored a victory for
Three of these five are classic winners In the same three colonies as
inter mentioned above.
Comparing these figures with the corresponding classes in 1930 I
cannot say off hand what the totals were then, but I can tell you that
much smaller and, In addition, not one was a native bred
____e. In fact there were no creoles above class "D" In those days.
The above, in my view, are the most significant points about the
classifications recently issued by the respective Turf Clubs of Trinidad
and Barbados.
Another point of interest in the recent classification by the B.T.C
is the number of two-year-olds there are on the list. 1 have counted
15 so far. This, I believe. Is the greatest number ever to be placed on
_ honour, tor Ihe second llmo p.^ o|. ,h|, ||Jt (I B(<| mihet Th|s ,. miy by Bulnln, a,,.
In Ihe nrsl ,et, Ihe tfumes were Second In Ou Clawwas nan^w Qi|l of Fl.|k.l!a,> -nd therefore an own sister to the very fast B..w Bells
very even and at J5 Mrs Burt- owned and '"'PP0 *i.. , whom we have already been able lo judue? Bred and owned by Mr
rrofl broke throueh to win Miss Cheeseman while -wizard ownen c H BtrnHr(1 m Sl Vincent. 1 have not seen her yet. but I am told
1* Verlcull's m'Sic oru made a"d 'Upper*.! by Jim Jones ... oy e,.,w|,e^, thai she stand. 15 hands. S Inches and I. about 14
third. This Is the third occasion lnc ta|| than Bow Bells She I. dcKrtbed as much belter lool
ihe afternoon was the Ladie.' the WML -----------
Single on Court No. 3 In which Third podtlon went lo""
Mrs. Bancroft defeated Miss De- Hoad'. "Coronetta which was
Verteull. It wa. tennL. of Ihe captained by hti on Jackie,
highest standard with both ladies "Aatra'. owned and ''P
rv,, and driving exceptionally by Milton Tucker, carried off
well CL
Messrs. Amory and
the vamp fl_-. in lier lBvVr ^he third. Tnis IS tne uuro u, I mi - inches taller than Bow Bells She is described as much better looking
then clinched theIM by winning " whlch 'wlrd" cam? """.' nil round than her famous sister. W* are left to wonder If she will
her own .service at 15.
Best Display
Since Aussies'
but up to the present it has not be so much better on the track. We shall have to wait, however, be-
been able to gain a second posi- cause she is not scheduled to arrive here for racing until next October
Ih 'ha ^ t !-______tion she does turn out to be better than Bow Bells, well ... I leave ft
J muclTX'^e way*-" ^Slnbid". owned and skippered ,o everybody to make their own comments. There is still some
,.ay.r wmnlng her LSS S by Un*. Baggott.won an easy ^m/LBSIXA'SgSx H* her. She is a filly bv Roidan
Mrs. Bancroft led 8- 7. and then race Ini the D cia^ io F J mare bred j in b Bcccaqulmcc. sire of Jeeves.
won he. service to win the set first iclory EJ^TgJg Clementina was bred In St. Lucia by Mr. Purchase who might be
- w^^LSIa Uraell and '"escribed as a pioneer of breeding in that island. He has sold her to
Both ladles were getting good skippered by Winston Hassell -^ I
,. third "Peter Pan", owned and
inotn Our Own Corrt-tlwi-tofil.
LONDON, May 13.
A 17.500 crowd at the Oval today
I'-ngth and there were ,.
changes of rallies for indeed, the *KlSper,_b> f-"..!^.
first game went to Id points befor
Mrs Bancroft eventually won I
The results were as follows
'B' Class:1. Moyra Blair I
Fantasy. 3. Circe.
C' Class:1. Astra. 2 Ranger
3 Wlrard.
Intermediate Class:1 Mohawk
2. Clytie. 3. Coronetta
D* Class:1. Slnbad
2. OHvi'
i Satur-
was however, not very
... home convinced that they mh *> ^oose between the two
had seen the best exhibition of j **; sttg. Bancroft was, per-
forceful batting since the Austra- 'P*. "*e more aggressive while
liana were here two years ago. 'M,N* '*' Verteull was at all times
KviS3 members of the Weit .steady with both back and fore Blossom. 3. Peter Pan
i team were amaiad at'thu arm. As was already stated, the The Tenth Regatti
requency with which Ihe ball tennis was of a very high standard RB.YC. will he sailed
r-ns despatched to the boundary, and was very much appreciated day. May 27.
Learle Constantlne told me by the crowd. ^^
ftcrward* that he considered It On Court No. 2 in the Men's
LONDON, May 12. one of Ihe best exhibitions he Singles, F. Gun Munro won the
Norman Yardley, the Yorkshire had ever seen from the Wet first set very easily from D. E.
captain, is to lead M.C.C. against Indies side. Worme 61. In the second set, T"l a af\n
the West Indie!, in the match be- Particularly satisfying: from John Worme had Gun-Munro 42. but f rOHtCttC V-lll|J
ginning at Lord's here on May 20. Goddard s point of view is thnt (he latter soon equalised and then
In view of the need to find an hl* m*n h*Vft shown themselves took the next game to lead St. MR T A L ROBERTS M
England captain, both for It* <"gM r <*[JW*& back fler Worme wn the fohowing game to thr rron'tenae Trophy and the
Roberts Wins
Test series this summer, and for **J5| r,>r luW*f ,
the Engl.iud lout to Australia In ,nabl!'1.? * do lhl
the winter, the choice of Yardley f"^
is regarded here as a special point-
er to the reelings of the leaning
England officials.
There are a number of other
selections in ihe M.C.C. side which
Weal Indian AMAIMIN baa
already saowa his adaptability i.i
I n.lUh .i.k.K II. amlat Ihr ball
mil. wati and has his jdoiIv a*
LoaSira IlD'ru .< iw
falling to previous
hich have toured here.
The big question now Is whether
Goddard will declare first thing
Monday morning. The first hnu
is the tin,.- when
llloht help (rolll the rvivnvi, "i'. h-ili
xr,,U''h.yr':," .?"s.,r:hT: <* t- ~< ' -i B mi...
make ihe score 55 and then
Munro took the last two games
abilities have attracted most at-
tention at Lord'
Neither of the players was
really playing on form and tennis
was not up to *.;iiulard
In the Mixed Doubles J. D.
bowlers get Trlmmingham played very sound Trophy"shoot"first 'sMrtedrCa'pt.
wicket, hut tennis_and was ably partnered by c. R. E. Warner, the then winner,
Wood to win the match scored 136 points. Last year Lt.-
N.R.A Silver Medal when ha
broke the Frontenae Trophy
Shoot record at the Government
Rifle Range yesterday. Mr. Rob-
erts scored 144 points out of a
possible ISO.
In 1948 when the Frontei
. beaten
76; 63 from T Srhjolseth and Col. J. Connell added tw
what the Ml>s M. Trestrail. the Tranquillltv and now Mr. Roberts hai
H. Berry, Lancashire* 5ft 41ns. weather is like. If it conlimi-'s pa|r LI.-Col. J Conncll's 138.
left-arm slow bowler. Eric Bedser. "'""" "l Surrey ofT-break bowler arul batting for another hour or so. In the first set. TranquUlity eacri 0f (rie two distances. 500 and
opening bat who is a twin brother living his learn orders to force the started off and had Savannah 31. goO yards. Shooting conditions
to Test bowler Alex Bedser and M*ce; but if it rains during thr The latter then equalised only to were'good, the wind steady and
Don Brennan. Yorkshire wicket- weekend, he will probably han 1 see^ Tranquillity go ahead again the Ugh* consistent.
kn-per. have all found favour.
Middlesex, without a County
match at the time, provide four
players Denis Compton. Bill
Ednch. Jack Robertson and forty*
five-year-old slow leg-break
bowler, Jim Sims.
The team ; N W. D. Yardley
(Captain) and D. ,V. Hr.-nnar.
(Yorkshire), W. J. Edrich. D.
Compton. J Robertson, and J
Sims (Middlesex). R. T. Simpson
(Nottinghamshire). T E Bailey
(Essex), J. G. Dewes (Cambridge
University). R. Berry (Lanca-
shire), and E Bedser (Surrey),
straight .
to his bowler*.
with the score at 5J.
Premiered 'lYnnis
Club Tourney
Men's Doubles
L. Campbell and L Blacken vs.
W. DeC. Forde and C 11. Forde.
Ladlea' Singles.
Miss G. M. Grimes vs Miss C.
Men's Singles .
J Robinson vs. B Wharton
r K.Iwards vs. Dr. O. M.
Capl J
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Miss Wood then came Into tha
pUtiirc wltn some forcing back-
hand and forearm shots. To Ml T
climax this good display, she won Li -Col
her service and then had tho "
score at 55. From this. Savan-
nah never looked back, but went
ahead to win the game 75. 3.
In the other Mixed Double*. H
Nothnagel and Miss A. Held
(Tranquillity) had a very easy
victory over Mrs. A. L Perkins
and C. R Packer and won flI:
The tournamlnt continues
Following are
the eight best
1 Connell
J E. Grimm
R 11 Vrttaiiil
E Nrhlr"
H. JoKdan
Mr. I O. C. Perkins and she will no doubt race here In August Sin
is by no means tall but I like her conformation and she Is well set up
on her legj.
Consternation is another from Mr. Purchase in St. Lucia. She Is
by Millersdale oul of Mary, another Jamaican mare by Scatter, sire
of Brown Bomber. I have not seen her nor do I know when she will
race. However. I shall be very interested in her because she Is the one
and only thoroughbred by Millersdale whom I have ever heard about.
This big son of Bold Archer never had a proper chance as a sire In
my opinion and It Is Ironic that now he is dead wo should be seeing
his first thoroughbred foal racing.
Cross Roads Is a rather leggy son of Duuush (also dead) and
April Shower*, ihe mare who gave us the great Atomic II. perhaps
O.T.C's best son. Cross Roads has been In training now since early
in the year and already I have noUced an Improvement in him. For
one thing he Is not as leggy as he was a few months ago for.
another he has almost lost his baby looks. I believe he will be among
the forward ones. If not In development, at least in training.
Duncse, the pronunciation of whose name I am not sure, is bv
Dunusk out of Celanese. a mare who became famous for the Dumber
of come-backs she made to racing after repeated retirements. She was
in fact more successful on the track after she produced a foal. I have
not seen Dunese either. Being a supporter of the progeny of Deni-
stone, sire of Celanese. I shall also be very interested In the career of
Hi-I-o's name Is about the only thing I like about the poor laddie.
He is by Dunusk out of China Clipper and the nomenclature therefore
seems to be apt, but he Is ns straight as bee-line front fill tetlock
Joint to his coronets. This is a very bad sign in raMhorM Itbg4l2li
some of the famous have been known to run well with it. Perhaps
Hi-I-n may, who knows?
Miracle, by Battle Front out of Marshlight, is another I hove not
seen. He has been bought from Mr. Proverbs bv Miss Hnwkln*. I nrr
told. His dam has already done very well with Will Oth* Wisp If
and Comet from the same sire. Miracle therefore has a reputation '.n
River Mist, small but comely daughter of the famous Sunrise.
is by Restlgouchc I like everything about her except her size.
Rather more refined than the average Sunns. | n.geny. she is a beauti-
ful chestnut. She too has a reputation to uphold.
Exactly the opposite in si?.e but equally good looking is Soprano
A big upstanding filly by Sunplant out of Night Singer, her dam
appears to have fitted her up well with the powerful quarters of
Tetratema on the frame of Sunstar. This provides her with a flftv-
Hfty chance at being a stayer or sprinter and being excellent at either
It shall be interesting to see on which side she does come down.
Sunbeam Is Mr. George de Nobriga's Sunshaft-Miramlchl filly. I
have not seen her yet Her dam Miramichi I believe is out of Minehaha
but I am not sure who by.
Vanguard Is a very robust son of O.TC. and the big mare Hurri-
cane who was not much of a success at racing He Is sutrh a powerful
colt (or gelding). I am not sure which, that seeing him at a distance
on the track for the first time I thought the Turf Club had imported
another stallion On coming closer I perceived that he was only n two-
year-old. but what a baby. Obviously he shall need time.
Waterbell Is Hon J. D. Chandler's other two-year-old by Rcsti-
eouchc out of Ilelleplain. She is the small powerful type. Her dam
having produced Front Bell, and War Path, we might also expect
Barbados Friendly
Football Association
THE third trial match of the .sorfething from he.
above association will be ployed The fifteenth is actually out of alphabetical order but this is be-
on to-day at Empire Grounds. Bank cause she is in "G2". She is the half-bred filly Joan's Star. I wonder
Hall. where she hails from?
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IMilV. M\\ II. I'Jill
noon m>vo( \te
pagf five
ih.vhi>io\s i w mi iiumi:
Some Young Players
To Watch This Summer
l*y Pelrr llin...-
MCC, ih:it austere body v lad
i the past week, endea ed luelf to !l
.am.. b>' its prilscw Tlhv avtioti in f\\-\nn an opportunity
lo youth.
Alias Snatch
Grand Prix

.11 luck robbed Juan Man-
1 K ilgio. Ihf it.-
i ol finishing first i
i. ; .1 lugh | ' of Europe win >u vi,
0 it 2i0 miles m
ikw ckcull ii.i. Ufe
, n the but of i
... v Ipl '
:,. so his \lf
1 i broke nil oil MpC and
l uj'''' llO the i>il -i" '"
i.. il\ roverSsLiii .- h..* nofr
:.. n np lb the (mi '
1 "'
. i... ..nit !he tool -'
disappointment mi hi- fur*
..i' Uiiui words eould b*v
Rugfe Had given the crowd
t.. iw li.000 mnn>
itlU ftllh i skilful B]
fin the roiwra he often
loft the rtatort am**
*< lie |1U hi I
US1 .-'!
i nil Mi rice*.
\lls l>.ir
Triple Tie In
Errol Flynn
Cup Race
CHAMPION M'lSlVlUt \h.t-
BMl put" In- hr-rt into Ihr Job
a\ br ear-i.. < tiampiou Gordon
ah nximii icton m
SalldnU |<
Barbados Friendlj
I'oolbull Association
Tin-, aranc-a i anvm
Three Hiu Ciatiue
pulled to triple tie in tbi wcon
renewal of the Errol Flynn CbxI-
tengo Cup raft race down the
trnlo tourist water playground in
J'uitland on Sunday, smashing '!>
'>'>*$ racoiu t MS minute with i
-pl.udid B3 miiiule run down the
Rio Grande on a six miles journci
from Berrydalc u. Burlington
The t-mtl race was specially RXtn
sored by Movie Actor Errol Flyn I
owner of Navy Island, an inlet olT
Port Antonio, on Jamaica's north-
'ho with Im lMtu-, Prin-
cess Ghtca. lire no
Jamaica. Prizes were distribute.-! i
h) the actor, while Priii..
was a passenger on'on-
ning bnmbon crall
Raping on tne hiu Gr.uin. ...-
Of Jamaica's largest rivers, which
runs through a beau'irul vallcv
um nrgw, has .li'A.iv- been an tt-
u action to tourists in Jainan I, ind
mi more popular phen
the movie actor came to Jumaiok.
some years ago, bought Nuvv
l-l.ind .mil i.iher property and or-
ganised raws for a cup he donate,i
..nd money |>rl7es donated bv the
Hiehttetd Hotel.

1 ,
l. II.. 11.

Ha^-hall Results
new yoRS
;-..' nf \ldjm I. .. ... '.!..
billi gami played yairtei da: - n
tmericjii i.-jhui' -Cleveland In
Wl lie Sox
N.w Vork Y,n -
plua Athli ngton Sri'
-.. 3
VjIkiiiiI I^-Jtiie: Si Loull Cai
3, Pill
BO Cubs
Mrs. Weiss
Meets Defeat
Mr*. Mail* WelM at Ar^enime
waa beaten in the Bnal M the WO
men's singles \,\ the llurhngham
Open Lawn Tennis TOU
to-day. Mrs. Dorothy Head o( the
United States, taking Ihc hotioui.i
ft B3, 75.
Thm was Mrs. Head* Oral Eu-
ropean Tournament .uiU \\t,-
alrenglli of her forceful game wa-
tested to the utmost bv tha Brrn
play of the Argentine playtf win
showed gtwid Lontroi. and main-
tained an immaculate dfivlni
It was not until the to
that the powerful shout bf Uie
njnerkan began to tell, and she
won that sol comfortably
At one lime in Hie thud <*l. it
looked I though the American's
liajDe had Ix-cn beaten by Mrs
play, but eventually Mi
i tn-i M^-riouu rt,t;i
f good winning ktrokatt
PHIS. Tennessee. Mm |S
Maxim, the world Ufhl
Heavyweight champion, knocke l
out Bill Peteraan .i p rtli i I
OreKOn. theavvweight u .
.sixtii round ol
title bout here last night.
Maxim weighed IS a., .>
Peteraai 'i 13 lb k.-uum
aunog Uh ... -i .hi.' ..
i.ignt into the flrsl lean] when
.,.-... thi
i ta*> luaui
n BO]
.. -
. i then like.

| i
. ung > '"% i'i-> -
1 I :.
lai kc : N
. I'll, ,.
. Sli*i M I i'PJ'
Ii u all wrll ...>.t Rood lor In
.ivMeal --iinllr u diseover and
<.jih ...iii.t iiii>' but tht
Lajhi orwaetar uiu>m> be b*
j i Ihrr i miiioii i.i Ho- maai
. :i..; get Hit- necessar) "big
initph" -inn siihrii- from c-
i I'lanal >\'v ' "' - ta eountT
ii itat Not unlll he i- liunour
p4 b> -ri. hm for rtpceaala-
U"t m*l>bueh j lhe*e MCC
urn"cms id* jlnhli le rise to
II r or.aslnn reill* he dr-
oi. pei ana Inert wui
i.i ..
yn ing pi*] I |r*m
bj louniy in tha aej
i have bov led unplayable baiu
i light ii
i ii book- Uut uut in IM
......mi.,-i:. . team b> rbrtue Icttj of plaj th.-> nuve become a
,, nil ... en, made aa a i leh u '
up th* flrsl row at the -lertinf. able : justify (heanaelvm r
line today, and) right ft.nn the audi ptayera Utue
t'ng they swept Into the load ind i
t < ver dropped back then. l..irnnt ,.,- aj] .i!..,
thai Uttlt extra when.
The four Alfas raced alone in Fernanda, and i! is fOl players ol
.i group, lighting out the lead tr|it caUbrC that the Mcr ,
retween themaelvea, for Farina to s*BtihinR.
Muili h- idnd> i.i
..ooui the taeu lh Eutla -a
Selectors aliould adopt tb
mei when then mine to chooaj* the
ie..!i to play in the i.v. daj Tl
m iinat the Wwi tndtai 0
Mi: 1 of thought arguet. Hut the
M khOuM sci ve simply .
two Trench four and a hall ; 'he forthcoming JfCC visjl lo
Talbots which ran the eourw- A " lMl" N 'l 'h*1 '
Wi- t Ii .i ,;- be .
oar. ind iq the Held
M.Mi.-M-l.l t- N-' Hl.t
MAY 14 NO. 119
The Topic
Last Week
'iniih first. Luigt Fagioli second,
and Reg Parnell third
Times were 2 hr* 13 mln*. 23
The three Alfa-Romeo cars
which finished were the only
machines to rover ihe complete
ro lapa
In fourth and fifth posit......
Without refuelling but enmpletei
nil __
The Alfas had to refuel
but thv dui this auak
lhat the time In
\n Reil Hate
i 25
I did
( .j ,1,1 ! oil nrll
. i.m artaa Roai
.. i ,i.-.1 jnd -MI. -lv.i Ml.-
,.- -*l KS W>1
. -I I l-T
n .11 iha iw>ta*r wainr.1 ..
'.....- '"'
Htm ihr MbN .....iir nghi ...i.
t, UM i->.i' ihr.. n>kl .Until.v
I, .1 lo Ml lh I-
u ..
.. .- ...
> m M *.k B*l Mi UMUn
. ...
All l> llMr palllieiBM
- > Tiii '
..- |xti Jm dalii I Kno KB 1- '
I in *> ih plat
. r...|ilt. nir*tir
mows i uw aw
.. ..i igjaa iitud uihw awBM
. n "..fcii^ *irU
tv ilnl Ml lam M nVIM-
. I In- -..(.
A. 1
I.-. M In

% '

r.2 umU)
Reaanata Houm
. iliripprd nrt bmkr n
i... 'i ightanM
The btggejU nowd aver
attend .1 o "t"i raej Ih Brltn
saw < line spevlaile but no r...
road race The luhon cam *"*' *?* P,rk j,5"
the most modern designs entered J,;Jjr*
the time ror the first Test iUw na
tli- - I. i..i- hIII probablt i !
th.l even their beot rlren dl
ava .ii their work rui uUt la
II 111 the Wet 1 !.1 irim I
im their flmt ever rleten la
Itala aaistrr
Sovei l he I ess the EnglaB
like Coinplor I
. literal^ led a procewion from Washbrook. Bedser Itid.-s
the start to finish.
Before the race started
drivers were introduced to Thei
Maicstics the King and Queei
and Princes* Margaret It was th
first lime that a reigning monarcl
of England hod attended
His Majesty on being Introduced! ti ij,Ht EiigUnd. to d
to PaUtfio. aked "Do yoi speak
    English'" an Fangio shook hin Twl B^ndai-.i
    head With a mile. Signor Alewio ,f ,, ,,,.,., ,.,,
    Meoeral. njar of the Alfa Nor|hriMUl t|wuld haVl.
    Marl to the ataaon he ,
    rewarded With an ghgland
    Uoodnens knows.
    i id
    Evans -re mure or less assured of
    hr their places but tlud Mill I
    five vacancies to be IIU
    would be no sloi on mir W- I
    Indian visitors U Ihi i placeawci<
    filled by young playm, not ex-
    motor iierlmcntatly but on i.irforman
    For tha --Hi milh
    said he k
    team had all made the fastest Iht
    and therefure we start in the fir.-. ,
    four positions." he said, after- ng enough for a """-'-;
    wurdgK left arm oowlei Hut It would 1
    . The fad lap In the race itself fHy 1 P,a>' Clarke simply on the
    da by Farina with 1 mln. atrangtb of what he might do aara. lor the three mile*, an The same applies |o ..<,- t trM
    |ayeCgg* s|iec*1 of * 02 miles per other youngster- whom the Ml l
    hour. Iiavt- so opportune
    The Amateur Athlelir Associalioii
    . .1... 1.11 -.
    1.. all
    1 ... I .
    i" Inn o.mlma up bail4au>ii
    I. .l~. ,* miklna
    ... 1 .
    , Krl--,.. un hi. rnlnO
    .,...1 Mi- I 1 < !>,par
    1 oVl III. in p*>Hd Olio-
    I r |n-.t l,.u w- ni|ti(*i>rH
    1 i.r. pakM aa bo-
    ... Ihr... B-. H.I!
    t > |.i >
    > 11 ... ahin i.nlackiNl
    -1 Oi. iN**n> -na.
    . .1 ..I H.i-.. .
    ' I 4 M
    sponsored by
    makers of
    and Ih ''.lender- of
    J & R RUM

    : ..
    I I :
    Sllvei Bi
    Wai 1 ..i.i
    < l
    I 1

    Phony v
    Rai i. 1
    Souihet 1
    .1 1
    (Iberian 1
    Winter Belli
    i -..
    Kit.hen fl
    lank S >
    Marlni 1
    Pacb 1.1
    n.v.i 8,
    si Morlu
    sail r
    Sterri Night
    1.1 snisi
    WEST ism is
    iiwnrniK 1 s
    see The
    llnlllllll. ..
    11 and r rafts
    l umpany
    Hrfilge A Trafalgar Slreela
    ' 1'liaros II
    D 2 Piimtay Lad
    Hiver Midst
    Sweeper Sir 0m Soprano
    r. 1. Straight Aim
    K 1 del t
    1 %tcake

    1 V.i.,.
    1. 1

    '. 1 1 .-OOll
    Silk Plant

    Count 1 Tyhj
    1 mman L*> 11- \ (ven
    l'(. 1.
    m nln's ch,
    Heat V 1

    Joan's St-r
    Clementina 1. rkj !
    . ,. ..
    Cross i: 1
    Ian 1 +
    Foulon GooUn
    iii-l.i. Joan of Arc
    Lady Rommel
    Mary Aim T N
    1 F R OH)
    Mount bat ten
    Mia Pi Q n Bynoa
    Page Bov
    Subject to uhanaja in Un rat ol . hor*
    1 to tin- Barbados Mul-Sunuran Muting. |h50
    Alhi Siltin brines llmait nlnf
    Alka-Seltrer gives you the quick
    relief you want PLUS the ail .1
    luer you need when overeating
    causes excess gastric aridity. Dn-p
    one ot two tablets in a glass ol
    water -watch It fir/, then drink it
    down. It's reliable First Aid Pleas
    ant-tasting Not a laxative: Alka
    Saltier makes you feel fine last.

    Presents Iti Rig inte
    Or Barbados
    ial Cy
    OX WHIT-tlOMIAV. MAY 99) A
    1111 iimi.w. jmtn
    IIIMM'lU.fVCV.THtCmtlHOB MR 3 v. / suir.r
    I w.o,
    louh WiifrM Tull Hamilton Brl ., ,. .,a Trln.
    dj,d,l,:,i. |...,.,:....... rmSSm,
    .;'/...m. ch.riH.myn> SI.... ,0
    Spnnler Grace rumh.n
    - Novice
    I Mil- R...l>;
    . Milp Inlrf"ir-1ilr
    v ,. I
    "1 ria' l*rt
    t^ rialOp*i
    i rial -Bov.
    1 rui-

    IK J. Clifford King
    A htPERTOK
    in whkfc
    lompaiiy *>t el of)
    culiuif an imhmi of play* which
    ar* ctiuigt-d a*, lam
    fortnight.. Id? in'*'!
    val*. I'.
    Urgrly provta

    In Britain WM Mtt!'
    . |
    in*: .1 iffciun..! Ilmatll : \ '.' H
    ing Ihc work of local pi
    -. :.t\\ luys other
    repertory various
    lhc same aim will
    Ud bighlj ni
    ceaaiul -otamplr of thi
    ob of a school of play-
    wrights 'around two
    Ihrntrer T
    how xw i the \n.*\

    tia Uv
    work (br tl

    in is.!, Repavtor

    vanuin i....

    . t glturaJ in.'
    Mi with
    . try Mi
    actors i

    thcti pro

    .- -
    .' ll aatn
    he could never have
    Imnnincd himwlf playing, in thai
    iinc. he should i-
    tus natural bent, learn
    limitations and, with the
    often fclflMs halp of the theatre',
    ii-velop his own acting
    Etonality A ran
    r tha Bristol Ola Vic haa 1U
    Dg school and most of th
    largw theatres take pu|
    ill already have had
    i amutk training.
    0 atlor has graduated to
    i ne ol tha largi i
    li.ture in the Wct End. If hi- de-
    sires it. is practically assured It
    lagjamiiwi to > that of
    the. hlEhCft paid Waal End itetor,
    ' appealing, by far the
    largest proportion has come from
    null i 'ii Uvarpool <-i
    LAKE SUCCESS, May 12.
    Mr*. ItooM'vcil axpra
    lr 1*1 fgvg Ln
    might bring about at least
    .v suggCNlion* for bridging
    . i-W.-n ,.p Kruter
    $28 For Kiss
    ll) $28 Is
    "kiss and embrace" his girl friend J
    on he return from abroad.
    The trouble was Nott did ht I
    smoothing while driving a car. ,
    The attorney for the defenev '
    did not deny the allegations hui
    explained "it was a cold nigh,
    and one thing led to another "
    36 Va 1
    Long odds caused a 14-year-old
    Wolvcrhuiupton boy to skip
    He told WolverhampttTi JfUlDl
    Court that he had not been at-
    tending school because the othei
    bora in the class topp
    from playing games and "were
    ulwu>s on to me."
    Tho chairman. Dr. Margare:
    Mackay, asked him if
    "Not 36 of them," was the bo,';
    *H^O~p running, our
    sJ&P little man? M
    -=**~ to get his (jjr,
    KLIMMILK W /.- n
    as fast as he can / y frX'%
    says ELSIE the BORDEN .
    PMQDBNT OBAMOM of pl> ratalU murh work ggafssM
    rrlirarslni. Here the Midland Theatre f'nnimm in palntlnc
    x-riirrv for a new production.
    ] owardl tha end of the war. and
    inre. what has ben railed an up"
    i rtou Intaraal It) ua
    was manifested by all actions
    'i p mlafloo and led to an ini-
    t cxtraornmariU
    i.rowth of the repertory moveincr
    :i ihe provinces. Tbjs storm of
    popularity has now perhaps blown
    i.-elf out. but. although the in-
    evitable disasters were to be found
    in its wake, these were surpi. Lnfl
    iv few in number. The gains re-
    I .tiling from the l< glllllhli >f
    jnterest In the ihealre wOTg i
    In much of lhc post-war de-
    velopment the Art** Council DM
    had a part to play. The Urtstnl
    Theatre Royal, built in 1766. a
    perfect specimen of English
    Georgian theatre architecture, was
    bought for the citizens of Bristol
    and its ownership vested in a
    Hoard of Trustees which U.<
    Hit' building to the Arts Council
    Restoration of the fabric was
    completed and subsequently, after
    the theatre had been used tor a
    time by touring companies, an Old
    \ k Company took over in 1946.
    presenting plays with the ftntni lal
    rigtllirgl of the Council. After
    two years, however, this assistance
    ^ wai no longer required. Today
    | the Bristol Old Vic pays Its way
    I Bristol's other repertory theatre.
    The Little, has been rioinu for
    many years.
    Perhaps more slgnttlcaiil than
    the temporary financial aid it give-,
    to new ventures, has been the Arts
    Council's direct mananement of
    -inli i.nnpanies ns the Salisbury
    Arts Theatre which also lours tho
    neighbouring district cuntiiiuall>
    playing one to three nighti in
    small, thcalreless towns which, bui
    for the Council's enterprise, would
    never have *een a live show
    IS HKITAIS. Kepertor> Thealre* are lag
    MldUnd Theatre Company durlnc rehear-a
    i.d i.i-iiiuiii.ii- The scene here show*, thr
    ' I England
    Tlieaire Compaciv has bfl
    i nil itronuoua; Baaed ba Exmu>h.
    hat played "one night stand*"
    in a large number of the small
    tl mj ny*! produc-
    ' i uiiii exr.'ll.iLt in their
    re "f the "At-up" variabrj
    but In iheir repertory. Itk u. .
    been able to inrlude ploys b
    BhaJtegMan as well as other clas-
    alcs. This was an admirably cour-
    gaoug venture, started by mem-
    bers of the company with the.r
    aptly, r>
    eeiving the ArN Council'
    Tha t;tension ot public support
    in the lorm of grants and guaran-
    tees against loss has been an Im-
    portant feature of this post-war
    development of the provincial
    theatre. The Local Government
    Act, 1MB. empowers local auuiOTl-
    ties to levy up to a sixpenny rate.
    for the provision of live entertain-
    ment and there are signs that local
    .iiithiirilU's are increasingly under-
    taking responsibility for. amongst
    < ther things, the setting up of
    ( ivic repertory theatres. Macclea-
    BaJdi a small town In Cheshire, to
    t.rke a nnglc pioneering example
    of what Is being done in this direc-
    tion, has recently opened such
    Civic Theatre in conjunction with
    the Adelphi Theatre Guild, a com
    puny which can already dium to
    ii.i.i' in-muted a very creditable
    list of productions. Similar under-
    takings have been started in Don-
    caster. Manchester. Nottingham
    and elsewhere.
    A consistent attempt is mart* by
    many of the non-comiin'i. i.d n--
    pgftory companies to build up and
    keep in touch with their audiences.
    Audience Clubs are started at
    which lectures are given which
    encourage people to take an intel-
    ligent interest in the plays they
    tag, there are piny readings and
    dub rOOBW, often .itached to the
    i i it uagfully fulfilling a social
    'h Uu puraly eonunor-
    Clal twice nightly repei'.
    i thi ..ii. bavg
    estaMlBhod. tKimselvcs in tha
    smaller Industrial towns and In
    -1> i< i' sort and whleh riro
    criticised from practically every
    iifinit of view, sampling their |>er-
    doea suggest that they
    much better work thuit
    rill) kUft d Two things
    are significant nhoul Hum '"'n-
    ihelr numbori and Um Intmeag*
    lirnhly batter elioiee of plavx
    I ' I ", pi
    I J lie
    riie m pBrtorj Ibtal
    u Britain*! laaftat *m*
    ,i r | .- | etreaai
    ' i > -
    I on rouni 11
    tl kg their chances hi the most
    1 /ardous of the professions Most
    ' pg to sei^ their names in light
    A. End the.lire, i.ut
    w succeed until their work
    .he stage has liren seen by a West
    Knd manager
    ihe twh i < once nightly M
    companies are able to 1
    ne of the surplus labou
    lnt. from the acton' point of \ lot.
    I Mle mi n for thn
    tliin that The better repartOTj
    liowevei. do Bgrvt
    U) valuabla tr.onmg ground. A
    t\nung actor in such a theatre will
    ba tested In a vasi variety of parts.
    ice and small; he will have, to
    For your yuunguer'i welfare. KIIM *i'.<<<. ami
    purity aro carefully guarded.
    tvtry Micmiln improMiiirtn it unlued lo make
    11 n j.n KIIM powdend whole milk gfl|g fOa
    wub the beoefai* ol farm-ferth milk.
    The care with whieh KIIM U produced. pack>
    aged aad distributed assures ou a/u#y>-
    dcliciout, Dourishing, ui* milk for your children
    run in miFitiNci thi woilb ovu if
    Write Direct or Airmail for Fatherly AdviceFree
    You, too, can get
    to the Top
    11777/ OUR HELP
    by POST
    Do . ba tenlanl le Hay among t crowd
    RISE latfio lopmo.t bad pud appvinfmeeli
    by yaur own .flo.i. Tha ColUfl* II
    ram you to got to tha top b, >>o>lal tmhon in
    your epa'o nmo |uil ai Ihouisnde el olhon
    h*v. boon lolpod to tuctoit and roepO'dy //S7/ CIUI V
    Thu ii Iho lan-ooi Corroipondonio Colloflo /iC'"// "
    -h. individual atudonl. t\4 you mil connol /,V,7/ vAIID
    fail lo m.ka food D.darxe ma oi n* /C^// V U K
    dill-eaa*. /A,,/ CAREER
    Lat i adMsa you NOW Wnto today ff~Jf IiHh*Ii|I PS ua Iho work m whh you Oro '/Htfc?5h J*""-
    ISWMtad W. .hall b. gladtoo..o ^ 7 HMH wasaVB
    you lull >ndl>oo mlaimalron ol o- *-* /... I.i-.lwi.i IIM.
    Ih lonnoli Collofo ai homo lo'oachll> lop'anbi.., ,." / Tilrmlao.
    - .h..i hsm .nd .i .... /( -/i'";r,; ""**?,':
    -------------- Dinrt M,.ii f D^?T. 188 --------------
    jor WM ana
    short drinks
    j lr,/<- LEtttYnStOKllB. %
    I far quick, safe relief
    i.....a saa Tasssaasstasssastasssi
    B-H Is back again and wo 1 come!
    O^r Initial shipment Is not bo
    big, but regular supplies will
    follow. We dont sell all, only
    the best In paints! II
    A. BARNES 8t CO., LTD.
    \Kr.i|x i,>r Hailiados litM.RAI. \.t.N V ( u (Barbados) lid *
    A REAL
    Enjoy the Mellow
    and Matured
    Flavour ol
    Roebuck Street, Dial 2072 & 4502
    The Chamber of Comimrce pruposos in the near
    future to hold a "Rat Week", when all firms will be
    asked to make an effort u> destroy as many rals as
    possible. The Chief Medical Officer has kindlv offered
    to supply rat baits free of ensi for the Chamber's cam-
    paign and all firms are invited to send in to the Secre-
    tary, Chamber of Commerce, Bo veil & Skeete Building.
    I.ucas Street, by Saturday, 20th May. an estimate of
    the number of baits which they will require.
    The date on which the "itat Week will commence
    will be published at a later date.
    Hou, uuttuut
    -Otj QaraM <"'

    MAT l! 193H
    SUNDAY \DVO< \T!
    r\r.r irvrv
    BARBARA GOALEN illustrates my firm
    theory that 'half as much means twice
    as effective* says ANNE EDWARDS
    "Like Drinks. Not Easy to Handle"
    By ANNE EDWARDS t men is like the aftact of dunk p
    THE fashion for while eomerf m.: men Vlei back with bang While collars! another nnd utter two they don 1
    and cuffs of pique or munlln are' MM how manv they have
    on most of the new Spring (Irenes.' Barh.tra Goalet, shows you hov
    While hats, white pique gloves, that .touch of wht;c should h.-
    while roses or rarnntions. white used and too often isn't
    Remembering that the
    chiffon handkerchiefs, unite shirts,
    .md separate sets of white eolliirs
    and ruffs to add to frock* th,.l
    haven't got them, they fill the
    shop windows.
    I. Short while collon glove*
    tlth a sleeveless drew, andlt?0
    mu holder.
    ?. While hal aakt bultoniwlr Of
    two while camaUooaworn the
    new warnowhere near your
    bultnnholi and very close to your
    1. llrlllUrilh while collar on an
    .ill-hbck outfit. The collar look*
    whiter thin *H and the outfit
    Marker. The collar Is shaped like
    two -cparale petals.
    hlte you use the less effective
    you look Barbara limits herself
    to one dazzling collar on an all-
    black outfit, or a pair of short the wishes of you all when
    white gloves with a navy drew who has asked mr to say hi-
    lt's a fashion that's easy to copy", and accessories, or a ha' .nd a hat unfortunately been prevented
    but hard to handle. The effectBbuttonhole on an outfit *hst Is from coming, bulhas, however,
    white accessories on most
    wo-*j0'herwlse black to Its fingertips, sent a telegram
    ' MRU venture
    >B) ' IrMw
    with salt, pepper, and a little
    + COCKTAIL PARTY ideas Singeri Clncor.vstalkHt.lled With
    W imp armm.l deml-sel cream cheese "Daiquiris
    DCttr.HTFJu' hi* voilo* niade with three oat" white rum
    or.5Sr",tIeki> which were tipped >~?.,SP*' *"* "
    with olives, pearl omom
    have been fortunate In
    urns mmom ***** *mm**-
    DELlCiOUS tinned frank-
    furters, baked Instead of boiled,
    and served very hot (Put them
    DE-LOVELY . Table decor
    ated with those nursery candle
    >ticks < the one-candle-lit-MUt-ei
    kind). One crimson candle in
    the centre, and a dozen flown
    heads heaped In the cup (II holui
    Magic-weir CUTEX. so
    easy to applygivei
    beauty to your fingertips.
    This incredibly long-
    wearing polish resist!
    (hipping and peeling.
    Stays perfcxt longer
    CUTEX* clear, non-
    fading shades never se m
    ! their
    brilliant lustre
    7/e FAM/LYFoodDr/nk
    S&i/ruzde 6t/
    Stintming Without tPrinis
    A-ater to keep them
    Are you contemplating joining
    th? rapidly increasing number*
    of weight reducers? Manyes-
    pecially menwho would like to
    take a bit off" shy from the
    experiment because the slimming
    meals so widely publicised are
    much more attractive to women
    than men.
    Here, for their benefit are the
    very successful reducing diet
    rules of St. Bartholomew's Hos-
    pital. The Tiospital claims that
    every roootn" it adds another 80
    >v< > vefeht |>eopl to the roll of
    those, whose entlnr habits it Is
    Tea oi codec i ground), as much
    as liked; milk, 4 tablespoonfuls
    (no sugar or sweetened con-
    densed milk).
    One egg. boiled or pouched-
    Bread. 2 ozs. brown or white.
    two thin slices, with butter or
    marmalade, or jam, very thinly
    Lean meat, rabbit, stewed liver,
    chicken or fish (not fried),
    medium portion. 2 ozs.
    Oravy without fat or thickening
    (No barley, rice Yorksmre pud-
    ding, suet dumplings or pie
    Vegetables, boiled, us much as
    liked (but no potatoes, dried
    beans peas or lentils >
    Raw fruit, as much as liked.
    (Bananas and grape* in small
    quantities only.)
    As much tea as you like, with
    milk, 4 tablNpoonsful (no sugar
    or sweetened condensed milk)
    Bread, two thin slices: butter or
    jam very thinly spread.
    Salad, as much as liked.
    Vinegar, if desired, but no oil or
    sogax). Water.
    Vinegar (moderate amounts)
    Not Allowed
    Fat and fat meats, such aa ham.
    bacon, pork, and sausages.
    Oil and salad dressings.
    Fetal Hah, chip potatoes and other
    fried tends
    Sugar, sweats, and ohooolatea.
    Easy Lesson
    J_ The art of public siieakisu
    *V . ] have been usked to sa.v
    ,i few w not lei the occasion pass without
    . . the spirit of loval co-operation
    in which . and a special word
    Of thanks to . .
    I am confident I am expressing
    like to thank UM commute,-
    the. untiring efforts of last,
    bul not least, the gallant work
    t>ut in by It only remain-.
    I H oie to mis Without Whose
    h.lp this would have been im-

    To Kead
    + LETTERS I doubt often gel
    W written
    '1 am a hospital nurse, and i
    cm'iv juitien* at some tune
    hi the whiteness of IB]
    teeth, and asks what toothpaste
    1 use." I From an advertisement
    Is That So____
    + M OTES: Maurice Chevalle
    M labou* -
    meeting between
    and King Alfonso)
    i assumed such a klngl}
    i and the king was so
    ,1 that for the moment I
    tan confused."
    Ih.rU |j>nzlr> Moore (about
    your blood pressure and examine gatttng clothes foe her museum
    you for anaemia and chaari con- of coatuRMt): "The hardest type
    ilitions to find of any cuj ara chll-
    There should be no need for dren-;md maids* dresses They're
    drugs. We |
    using them,
    makes you
    tm.illy try lo
    Dexedrtne n
    liscnrded till they're worn
    Tea or coffee (ground), with 2 Fnaihi tinned In syrup and dried f""" by wtll P*"*"

    Ijitleapoonsful milk (no sugar
    or cocoa).
    Bread, one thin slice.
    Cheese, sardines (no oil), salmon.
    herring or kipper, small portion
    m oat.).
    Or 2 eggs, boiled or poached; or Thickening
    white Hah or smoked haddock,
    medium portion.
    Raw fruit or salad.
    Butter not to exceed } oz. in the
    The arnounlB of food allowed In
    the aboi'e list may not be exceed-
    ed, bu( they may be arranged to
    Allowed Without Restriction
    fruit, raw tbanaaua and grapes Bottled
    In small quantllle* only),
    (ireen vegetable* (except green
    Salads (except beetroot).
    Tea. coffee or preserved fruits.
    Sweetened oondensed milk.
    Paddings of all kinds. In. ludfn*
    suet and Yorkshire puddings.
    'Illiwulw. pastry, rakes and Ice-
    In stews auid soups
    and barley, rice, tapioca
    macaroni and Loekshen.
    Potstses. dried beans, peas, and
    Cocoa and sweetened bottled
    Beer, stoat, sweet wines snd
    Mineral waters (except soda
    water), ginger ale, ginger beer
    and ei d e r.
    fruit Juices and barley
    Clear sMss and
    and Marmlte.
    ads water, lemon
    \ oz. unsu'eriened bisruir nasj
    be tubstUutcd for 1 or. bread.
    The chief dietician at the
    hospital adds this warning: "If
    extracts you want to reduce, see your
    doctor. It is the only safe way.
    water (no "He should test your heart, take
    A Shock For The System
    If a person has heart trouble,
    bulky food would not be recom-
    mended by the hospital. Uaatrlc
    sufferers would not be prescribed
    food likely to Irritate.
    Patients are expected to lose
    2'i lbs each Irani U HM I
    losing more, then the diet i in-
    creased. To lose a stone o month
    Is normally reckoned too big
    shock for the ar/ntj
    Special exercise Is nol
    l>eeau.M.> It strengthen'
    the appetite. IWiple lire told ^
    drink water or soda water to
    nii.iv hunger.
    At Hart's they saw that women
    who concentrate on slirmnimi
    without medical sunervi-:
    limes become
    And they add; For ever
    i^.iiciit who must reduce. Ih1
    hospital still has three who mir
    be fattened up"
    Sylvia Hhelley (about tha majg
    in fashion pholonraphs* "When
    '2 years ago
    had to lean far lack. smile
    ini" the camera, and look vital.
    Now the smart thing Is to lean
    forward, drop your eyes, and look ,
    deadpan "
    * I'D I.IKi: TO thank the
    woman who. after being ,
    beatz1 up. Bald "Kluggmg'1 No |
    I don't believe in it."
    ill like to thank the man who.
    t. turning to Kngland for the Brat
    S) On Pafg It
    BK SIKi: TO KV.r.V
    handy -It's the grestest
    Painkiller In Barbados
    On Sale at all "rug Stores
    KN1C1HTS LlMIT.:i
    So htmutifully easy* -
    so easily beautiful
    ht'CtlttSe '" "'"Mr,(lrwm-.m(ni.llrvlt.^m Ic.... fsaf
    i r""* h**d* lM*'Ba r**" ar gto-ing wiih bsaaty.
    |um squerse Bivltoam l,ro rhc i^hc and watch how ii whipi up Into a
    mwiii lather. ** lkw r bait glowi with bealul; Icel hov
    inaiMtpahl.-a Wh; a wnoderful difference Brylfoam make* to halt
    WT N,. preparaiHO. no apwiaJ nnaet m, h*s so
    hrauniufl> ey to MSbSJ t,1u, i^,,^ |0 lubfl ,_- 1.,-j, j gC
    l'X> thorny toe ^^
    there's more foam in
    When a mail's married
    - his troubles/begin!

    Pamper v
    maltinf softnsM of lh Tar Jley Ctosaiaiaa; Cre.,.,- "i^^^^HBW
    UM nchoou of -Nigh* (.rean..
    Stiniijlair . |SW ..,.,!
    and, during ih- aUhfoftral
    Im'.iuu prcparnllon* l\ YARDLEY
    |Craasnl N*g).i Oream rejag tnsjisj >.\[h<-up ha
    I Rouge Pod^r 1 aasantna Maneara

    si NDAY, MAI II. 1910
    *"*------*--- -1
    Mav II, 1930
    Summer Si a son
    TOMORROW Mr K.. nd the Manage. f the Marine Hold
    are flying to VmenieJa on .i i'dwil| mis-
    sion. Tliey will remain there until Satur-
    day. The object >f the visit is to encoun
    Venezuelans to spend their summer holi-
    days in Barbados. In order to eneoura^e
    thvni the Marine is offering special summer
    rates. The visitors from Barbados will
    interview travel agencies, hotels, clubs
    and companies in Venezuela which are
    interested in potential tourists. They are .
    out to sell Barbados as a good buy to the \
    Venezuelans, who have summer holidays K |
    and who cannot afford to go too far from
    home. Barbados is only a few (lying hours
    from Caracas and already this year there
    have been many visitors to Barbados from
    Venezuela. At Easier there was a special
    charter Might for the week-end.
    But the visit of the visitors from Barba-
    dos is primarily designed lo get Vene-
    zuelans hero during the summer season
    when tourists from the North have re-
    turned home.
    The hotels of Barbados were packed to
    capacily this winter with visitors from the
    North most of whom remained at hotels
    for periods of at li-ust one month. The in-
    flux of Canadians made the accommodation
    available at hotels here inadequate to cope
    with a large number of would-be visitors.
    And it is to be hoped that the Government
    of Barbados is already making plans to take
    advantage of the offer of Canadian capi-
    tal which will be made available for build-
    ing a new hotel, if necessary tax free
    legislation is passed in the House and
    certain other requirements met.
    Barbados had a good winter season of .
    tourists and the indications an 'hat next M
    year will be better. II
    But what of the summer?
    The established hotels of Barbados
    keep open throughout the year but most
    are forced to cut down the numbers of their
    employees at the end of every winter
    season. It is to avoid this seasonal fluctu-
    atlon in the hotel industry that the two mi
    visitors from Barbados are leaving for
    Venezuela tomorrow. It is too early yet in
    the summer season to know just how many
    Canadians will avail themselves of the ex-
    ceptionally favourable rates offered by
    Trans-Canada Airlines during the summer
    but there is no reason to believe that Bar-
    bados* hotels cannot cope with Canadians
    and Venezuelans who are eager to see
    Barbados in the months when many Bar-
    badians are themselves on holiday.
    There are many difficulties to be over-
    come in encouraging tourists to come to
    Barbados from Venezuela.
    But one of the most urgent difficulties
    to be faced is the lack of permission for
    regular Venezuelan airliner* to land at
    SeaweU. fH'
    If Barbados had had to rely only on
    British West Indian Airways for transport
    of visitors to and from Canada. Barbados
    would have lost a substantial amount of
    dollars last winter. *
    It is not possible to get large numbers of
    Venezuelans here unless Venezuelan Air-
    lines can be granted equivalent landing
    facilities to those that are at present ex-
    tended to Trans-Canada AJrlinM
    Permission has been given and can still
    be given in the future to charter planes to
    come here from Venezuela but unless the
    tourist agencies in Venezuela can assure
    tourists to Barbados of a regular service by
    the normal airlines of the country, it is
    very doubtful whether the volume of
    traffic necessary to provide Barbadian
    hotels with a permanent summer industry
    can be built up.
    British West Indian Airways can carry
    a small number of Venezuelan visitors now
    but tourists on u large scale will want to
    fly to Barbados in their own planes.
    It will bo interesting 16 know just how
    many Dutch visitors from Curacao and
    Aruba do not come to Barbados for a short
    summer holiday because of the Jack or .
    landing rights .1 Seawell for rU.Al. Tour-
    ism is the major industry of Barbados
    after sugar. It Ll something of the present.
    It is within our grasp. No selfish interests. __________________
    no lack of enterprise mlusl allow it to slip .
    bW *,, o, ,hc ,w *-lJg The Day l Reekon...*
    erable inflow of foreign capital and capi-
    talists," and proposes that the foreign
    capitalists be wooed to invest in the West
    Indies. Throughout his article Professor
    Lewis has always in mind the industn-
    .,li.N..tion programme of Puerto Rico but
    that example is not as fitting as Professor
    I*wis suggests. Firstly, he admits that
    Puerto Rican Industrial Development was
    made possible by Government grants to
    the Government Development Bank and
    that the Government was able to make
    ihese grants from "surplus which accrued
    during the war, mainly from taxes on
    greatly expanded sales of rum to the U.S."
    Secondly, the U.S. Federal Government
    returned to the Puerto Rican Government
    the money raised in taxes on Puerto Rican
    rum imported into the States during the
    Such a refund would be equivalent .->
    the British Government giving to thi Bar*
    bados Government the duties which the
    Customs and Excise in England had lev-
    ied on Barbadian rum entering the U. K.
    during the war. In view of the heavy
    duty on rum the considerable amount of
    money involved becomes apparent. But
    since such a refund appears most unlikely
    it is misleading for Professor Lewis to
    rely as much as he does on the example f
    the Puerto Kican Industrial Development
    For Industrialisation to play .i UMful
    role in the West Indian economy Ihe In-
    dustries must be able to pay then
    make a profit. Again Professor Lewis offers
    no reason for the flourishing condition of
    the Cement Industry of Puerto Rico, but
    it is known that an extensive housing
    programme is being financed by the Fed-
    eral Government hence the demand for
    large quantities of cement. Actually it is
    now known that cement is the only Puerto
    Rican industry that is being run at a profit
    for the above reason.
    It is agreed by Professor Lewtl that far
    West Indian Industry to be a paying con-
    cern, considerable exports would have to
    be made to foreign countries. He contin-
    ues "Latin-America seems, on the face of
    it, the most obvious direction in which to
    look... If the West Indies could cap-
    ture just a small fraction of the Latin-
    American import trade in manufactures,
    their problem would be solved complete-
    ly." While recognising the difficulties of
    breaking into such a market. Professor
    Lewis does not discuss the instability of
    the Governments of so many I,atin-Amer-
    ican States and the drastic results of a
    repudiation of debts on a change of Gov-
    ernment on an infant West Indian Industry.
    In requiring exports too, the West Indies
    would face the hazards now being experi-
    enced by Britain in being dependent on
    fluctuating markets in a world in which
    all countries are joining in the race for
    Piofessor Lewis, in discussing the future
    of Agriculture appears to consider only
    the future of sugar. This is not a fair
    assumption, strenuous efforts are being
    made in all the islands to produce an ever
    increasing amount of local foodstuffs at a
    remunerative price and to diversify the
    crops in production. This should have the
    effect of increasing employment, and of
    offsetting any mechanisation of the sugar
    industry which may take place.
    If the money required to finance indus-
    trialisation were utilised in emigration
    schemes to British Guiana and British
    Honduras, the employment problem would
    be more effectively solved by means less
    pregnant with danger.
    Professor Lewis is a distinguished son of
    the West Indies and these criticisms are
    offered in no carping spirit but to remind
    those responsible for policy in such mat-
    ters that the opinions of the most distin-
    guished, when too long separated from the
    subjects of their enquiry, must be rigor-
    ously examined before their suggestions
    can be acted upon with assurance.
    THOSE who provide the moat
    lasting benefits to a country an-
    nul always the politicians and
    those in the public eye Son
    working In scholarship and, lit
    Aelds not subject to the blue'of
    publicity give to the country in
    wnich they work benefits whicl
    v not be recognised or appre-
    ciated until lonf after we*
    themselves have quit the lagv.
    Such a one is Dr. Bruce Ham-
    ion Hut on an. novelist, play-
    wright, and amateur actor Brut*
    Hamilton during his sojourn in
    this Inland has enriched the
    historical knowledge o Barbadian
    tnst tattoos and by his work on
    behalf of the Evening l-.stiuu
    hat sot mi f<>>t a moven r *hosr
    ure cannot at present be ' a Inch will unduu'twuij
    be a factor of major importance In
    M COM id n of the island in thv
    OnduatHlSj with a Degree In
    History from London University
    192*1. Dr. H inilton came out t.
    Barbados In 1927 as History Master
    at Han son College. He remained
    at Harrs,!i Culegc until 1927
    a hi n hi- returned to England, But
    the attracUons of Barbados lured
    him back in iBSS. and in 193* h
    took up his old post at Harrison
    When, in 1947, History was made
    ;.- subject for Harrison
    College boys to lake for U I
    rl ' Pi ILnnillon #
    . Matter of Grnu;. 11
    l!r llaniilton has WTTtl
    novels, among them being "Pre".
    "Mldd'c Class Murder", and I*i
    Him Have Judgment'" (American
    title "Hanging Judge".) To Bar-
    bad'ans, however, his history of
    "Cricket in Barbad.*" and his
    work on the history of the Execu-
    tive Committee will be of especinl
    In 194'. Dr Hamilton was
    awarded his Doctorate in History
    bf the University of London on
    his thesis on Barbados and the
    Confederation Question. That has
    unfortunately not yet been pub-
    lished but in 1944 he delivered a
    lecture to the Barbados Museum
    and Historical Society on an im-
    portant aspect of this subject. The
    wealth of study and research which
    Df Hamilton undertook Is evident
    in the lecture which he dellvere.)
    How far Dr Hamilton was In-
    strumental in forming the ido;i
    embodied in what has come to be
    known as "The Bushe Experiment"
    will probably never be known
    Politicians are not In the habi'
    uf revealing the sources of their
    inspiration In the course of his
    lecture to the Museum Society Dr
    Hamilton said: "It will havi-
    been noticed that the most sub-
    stantial difference between the law
    and that formerly providing for an
    Executive Committee in Jamaica
    -e of course that
    unpaid unofficial members are a*
    a rule unable to give anything like
    their whole attenUon to the busi-
    ness of the Committee, and this
    has inevitably had one possibly
    undesirable effect, that the real
    body of the work Is done by an
    Inner Committee of salaried
    official members.
    Two forebodings, very* com-
    monly felt at the lime of the origi-
    nal Act. have not been realised.
    No practical difficulty has ever
    I | experienced in securing seats
    foi a .uiticient number of officials,
    _nd, so far. no attempt has been
    made to use the machinery of the
    Executive Committee to enforce a
    kind of party government. Yet
    such an attempt could be mad.*.
    and it remains to be seen whether
    recent developments, along the
    line of spirting the House into two
    opposed groups, may not In fact
    lead to the refusal of a parlia-
    mentary majority to co-operate
    which suet;
    Committee In
    ijonly is not
    that in Barbados no provlsto x When the pressure of work wa*
    was made for the payment of not as great as it u today Dr
    nembsri el the Committee. Per- Hamilton used to take part in the
    Ml haa contributed in a plays put on by the Bridget*
    In the late Christopher Bean
    higher degree than any other cir-
    ciunstance to the practical success
    of the measure. The absence of a
    material interest makes it easy for
    unofficial member-* to resign if
    they find themselves in disagree-
    ment with government policy, and
    this renders it possible for them
    to perform the functions entrusted
    to them without incurring mis-
    so soon after the goodwill mission of the
    Barbados Polo team will be a welcome
    reminder to Venezuelans in search of soil
    beaches and blue waters that Barbados is
    only a few hours as the plane flies. But the
    planes must be aUowed to fly. Imliuii
    recently published under the auspices of
    the Caribbean Commission his report on
    the Ind)ustrialisation of the British West
    Indies. This Report will be studied by
    governments, legislatures and chambers
    of commerce, and it is fitting that com-
    ment be made on a matter of great impor-
    tance to the future development of the
    West Indies.
    Professor Lewis is the Stanley Jevons
    Professor of Economics in the University
    of Manchester, England, and his opinions
    are worthy of great respect and careful
    consideration. The layman, however, who
    peruses Professor Lewis* article carefully
    may be forced to the conclusion that the
    Professor has overlooked certain vital mat-
    ters in writing his article on behalf of West
    Indian industrialisation.
    The means of financing the industriali-
    sation of the West Indies, is the biggest
    problem to be faced. Professor Lewis
    admits in his article that "the islands can-
    not be industrialised to anything like the
    extent that is necessary without a consid-
    NOW that the House of Assembly Is once more
    in Session, it is to be hoped that high on its
    programme is a grant for the entertainment of
    rfR.H. Princess Alice and the Earl of Alhione
    There is no question that this entertainment was
    other than lavish and excellent. Two months
    have elapsed since the Royal Visitors left these
    shores, and bills have to be paid whether incur-
    red by Government House or a lowly cottage.
    The Governor has had a costly beginning t'>
    liia term of office. Apart from nddiUonnl expen-
    diture caused by his transfer such as new uni-
    forms, a car and other Incidental expenses, with-
    in a few days of his arrival he was called upon
    to entertain his fellow Governors attending the
    West Indian Governors' Conference. This has
    been followed by the entertainment of other con-
    ferences meeting here, naval units of British,
    American and Dutch Navies, distinguished visi-
    tors, and a visit to Jamaica to attend the Installa-
    tion of H.R.H. Princess Alice as Chancellor of
    University College, West Indies. In addition
    there has been the customary entertainment of
    local guests.
    The Governor'), annual entertainment allow-
    ance Is far from large. Indeed It U scarcely ade-
    quate lo cover the cost of normal routine
    entertainment. Of thin allowance for the past
    financial year the Acting Governor. Mr. Stewart
    Perowne. O.B.E.. who had spent 7 months at
    Government House, was entitled to 7/12. leaving
    Ihe Governor with S/12 to cover an extremely
    heavy expenditure.
    H.R.H. Princess Alice and the Earl of Athlonc
    were handsomely entertained as befits such an
    occasion. Barbados can be proud that the enter-
    tainment of the Royal Guests left nothing In be
    desired Apnrt from luncheons and dinner par-
    ties at Government House, 500 guests were enter-
    tained at a Garden Party, 500 at an Evening
    Reception, as well as 700 school children. Enter-
    tainment on such a scale is rosily.
    Trinidad made a grant to Its Governor in
    advance of the arrival of the Royal Guests. It Is
    not often that we are able to welcome such guests
    to our shores, the Island is grateful to His
    Excellency that the traditional hospitality of
    Barbados was so well maintained It ts to be
    hoped that the grant already mooted will be both
    adequate and speedy. It would bo ungrateful
    and undignified If this matter is further delayed
    DR. HAMILTON, rentre,
    a* Leonard Brlaby la "Exit Jasnea
    Players. The theatre going public
    may remember him In 'The
    Sacred Flame", "Family Album",
    'The Ringer", and others. The
    Bridgetown Players has done much
    to he<4> charities in Barbados and
    those who devoted their time and
    energies to help are deserving of
    public gratitude.
    Dr. Hamilton has made Barba-
    dos his homo and perhaps no
    greater compliment can be paid
    Mm than to say he is thought of
    ns a Barbadian by those who have
    bad the privilege .pf working with
    him. Today he has begun the
    work which may well gain him
    lusting remembrance in this Island
    although hi.< book* will do so in
    other countriea. The Evening In-
    stitute is the most important
    educational development which
    has taken place in this island for
    many a long year. Through their
    endeavours the blot of illiteracy
    may be abolished when the Insti-
    tute Is able to devote their ener-
    gies in that direction.
    At Harrison College Dr Hamil-
    ton's work has also been of lasting
    benefit to the school. For years
    he did his utmost to ensure that
    boys could take History for the
    Higher Certificate and eventually
    Ills efforts met with success in
    A man of modest and retiring
    disposition, completely devoid ot
    racial prejudices, Dr. Hamilton ha;
    exerted a bcneliclal Influence on
    many generations of schoolboys,
    and when historians come to ai
    those who have made n lasting
    contribution lo the life of th
    island it is undoubted that Bruce
    Hamilton will receive their care-
    ful consideration.
    Our Header* Suy:
    Oil And The Public-
    Dear Sir,
    According to the latest infor-
    mation given by Government on
    the Gas situation, they have
    granted or are willing to grant
    ihe Company a license \*- un-
    fJniM the gas supply for threo
    months, while the Briton Union
    Oil Company and the Attorney
    of Turner Hall are only willing
    to continue for seven days, these
    two statements are quite |MA
    but surely there must be raore
    in the granting of a license *hat
    requires some explanation from
    Government or else. British
    Union Oil Company and the At-
    torney of Turner Hall would
    have ngreed to the three months
    extension, there appears to bo
    some secrecy or clumsy handling
    of the entire affair.
    One can hardly imagine our
    loarnrd Attorney General, or our
    well known Crown Solicitor ad-
    vising His Excellency to ..-
    nounce the coming Into opera-
    tion of the Oil Act, which act
    cancels all leases as well as takes
    over the control of peoples land
    and places the granting of li-
    censes and the fixing of the con-
    ditions of said license, without
    having made provision for a
    continuous supply of Gas by
    Government to Government, pri-
    vate Individuals and Companies'
    who use the gas all the time.
    There has been and apparently
    sllll Is a great deal of cluroty
    handling of the entire affair aiftd
    the blame for the disruption of
    the service to the general public
    must rest on the shouldrrs of
    Government. The public once
    more feel that they h;ive been
    let down either through ignor-
    ance or complete disconccrn by
    those whose duty it is to see tn
    the welfare of the community's
    To the Editor, The Advocate
    SIR.As one of the delegates
    who reprev.'nted British Guiana
    at the recent Grenada Sugar Con-
    ference, I wish to say how much
    my heart and mind go out with
    the Delegates to London, pray*!
    fully hoping that the maximum
    of success would attend their
    I am sorry that Mr. Bustamanle
    could not make the trip as I re-
    hard him a* a statesman of a very
    high order in spite of what else
    might be said of htm. But 1 am
    happy In the fact that Mr O, H
    Adams fJMI on the delegation.
    Barbados seems to hold the key
    tt the delegation's success in tm-.i
    Mr. Adams. For apart from M<
    Adam's political stalu* in Barba-
    dos he has ll in his power to call
    forth world denunciation of the
    United Kingdom by publicly re-
    tracting the build-up he gave the
    U.K. (at the United Nations meet
    lng) as to Justice, fairpl.iv. ate
    should the U K. betray its trust
    and obligation now to the colonies
    in the West Indie*. Mr. Adams
    Sromised to do this at Grenada.
    '< the people concerned will stand
    by and do so If Mr Adams doon';
    In the event of failure ( the
    With my knowledge of the facts
    I fall to see how the U.K. Gov-
    ernment can turn down the re-
    quest to raise the guaranteed
    amount from 640,000 tons to
    725.000 tons. I e.. to the amount
    presently produced for two reasons
    at least:
    (I) By their proposed agree-
    ment the U.K. Government U
    calling for efficient production.
    This simply means mechanisation,
    which in turn means unemploy-
    ment to the extent thai the ma-
    chine will be turning off human
    labour. One therefore normally
    expects that the U.K. Government
    would or should guarantee far
    more than the present total pro-
    duction figure so as to absorb the
    people being displaced ba OM
    machine. Having regard also t"
    the fact that the demand is stlfleta-
    ly Intended by the U.K. Govern-
    ment to keep down her purchase
    price, the question resolves Itself
    Into this "Is the U.K. Government
    l.olng to commit a flagrant breach
    of her responsibility to her col-
    onies by deliberately creating un-
    employment in the colonies." Let
    u watch and see.
    (2) U.K. Government has given
    to Australia a guarantee of an
    amount which is above her
    BrasssM production figures and
    Australia from extracts of state-
    ments made to hand is worried to
    know if she can produce the guar-
    anteed amount immediately. The
    question here is why this generous
    treatment to Australia who need
    B0l Uak or .sun u i'.h ihe UK
    Government such at on devalua-
    tion etc.. while the West Indies
    not only has to sink or swim but
    buy the U.K. high priced goods.
    I- the UK. Government going
    lo do justice and fairplay to the
    West Indies now or commit
    breach of trust. Let us watch and
    I am oi tne opinion that if Aus-
    tralia can ask to have her agree-
    ment re-opened if the U.K. gtv
    more terms to the West Indies
    then It Is also open to the U.K.
    In a re-opening of the Australia
    agreement to say that she reduces
    her guaranteed amount to them
    upon giving the West Indies
    higher guaranteed amount. She
    has the moral argument at any
    rate for doing bo.
    After all. the U.K. Government
    is not being asked .to move
    the overall quota of 900,000
    tons bul merely to increase the
    guaranteed amount within thi
    figure, bj 85.000 tons.
    The international prestige of th<
    U.K. Government is in issue ovei
    these negotiations. Her trustee-
    ship to her colonies Is also being
    challenged How she is going t<
    coma out >f these negotiations is
    what we must all watch and see
    We know what wo will do "If "
    Elected Member
    Legislature of Brllish Guiana
    Powell Spring Hotel.
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    Ap.irt from providing
    ihrills she can make her
    friends happy with those
    delightful C o c k ta i I s
    blended with -
    Gold braid
    . RUM

    SUNDAY. MAT 11, I too
    Soup Kitchen, Rat
    Poison, Steel Sheds
    '....... I'MIII'M, ,;,

    In Queen's Park
    Killed In Fall
    From Lorry
    IAROLD RRWllf. \in.
    (By A Special Correspondent)
    SOME interesting facta emerged at the Meeting of
    the Association of Cultural Societies held recently to pro-
    test against the erection of a second steel shed in Queen's
    Park. The Meeting was well attended by representatives
    (.t cultural bodies.
    Wlih the exception of oM rep-
    resentative, who is also a mc-mb-i
    Of St Michael's Vestry, lbs Mr
    i .* Ads u..studious In its Indigna-
    tion that the Barbados Agricul-
    tural Society had been permitt-.\i
    to erect another steel shed in
    HAROLD BRATHHAtTE. a Queen* Park, which would further
    labourer of Sargeants impair its beauty. Representa-
    Streel. St. John, died almost in- tiona had been made both lo IIM
    atantly after falling from lorry Vettry and the Agricultural Society
    along College Road. St. John, # without avail. Both l>ndies are
    about 5.30 p.m on Friday. determined to ride roughshod
    This accident occurred when over public op.un....
    lorry J 9. owned by Bath Planta-
    tion and driven by Thomas Ward w" *'"' -D"rval nd ,lc:
    of Sealey Hall, was going toward. "ht that the Meeting learned
    Palmers, It wa> loaded with ,nat ,h* Agricultural Soci-ty's ap-
    canes and Brathwalte was sitting P"Uon for a grant of f.1.000
    on the canes. from Public Funds towards the
    It is understood that the right co*1 of ,ho """nd ***] shed had
    upright broke, causing Brathwalte be*n refused.
    to fall along with some of tha The Agricultural Society. In it*
    canes. Annual Report, dignifies the MM
    APOlirr mKHTAwtt m ,,.. 9,ccl *ned w,lh the name "Br.-ak-
    gags = svawbs
    trance to Victoria Bridge yeslcr- th Judges ol ^ Annua| Exh|bl.
    mti^th llon durtnC breakfast on two day*
    of the year, and remain an eye-
    Roses For
    Mothers' Day
    TODAY children and grown*
    rU be urged to remem-
    M Cod's best gifts
    Son,* of the island'i
    churches will be celebrating what
    it called "Mothers' Day'' Ch,,,vh-
    rorra whose mothers are still
    III wear a red rose. Those
    whose mothers are dead will
    wear a white one
    The Salvation Army celelnal. \ -I last week I-ast *aaj
    -\ ivial Ciadle Hull
    ..! n.-ihrl's Methodis;
    The Anglican Church have a
    imilar festival ra'led Mothenn:
    Sunday which la held in ihr
    Ol th- U-nten Season
    day and he made
    pedestrians used the footpath
    lie stopped vehicles to allow
    those who were on tin- 1W to
    cross over the road to the foot-
    path on the right.
    JORDAN'S LANE was the scene
    of an accident at about
    1255 p.m on Friday, between
    motor 'bi
    sore for 363 days. The Vrslrv
    now proposes to use this new sh.-d
    for feeding 200 paupersthere II
    no information as to where tha
    paupers will be fed while the
    iudge< are breakfasting 4here. 'I'm-
    question was asked why the o'u
    M1448 owned by the Mec, Ae<, emiM not ^ uwd Bus Company and this purpose, and the answer
    driven by Ackland Gazette of ,,ivcn wa8 lho, it WM, airpdv
    "2P, Sfl"- SL ^i?*''-"1 a *mg used' fo, experiments S3
    push cart owned by Mrs. Muster. lhp manufacturp ot ral pol50n!
    of Dottins Alley and manned by
    Bryan Holder of the Union Hotel. Steel Shed
    The right wheel of the cart was
    damaged. The new steel shed is now in
    the process of erection. It Is b"-
    *!!*"* Poc.rd
    .-? * Rivi>r>
    2 Stowaways
    Return On "Mhr"
    THE two stowawavs MarciM
    APPROXIMATELY 800 tourists from Venezuela have JSJ* ?1n??SSI
    already visited the island this year as .u-aiiiM ;i simugj num- do. i.> Fiance aboard tl.....
    hor which caiM up ti> the middle .if September last year. Mr ton charMnd
    Vernon Knight. Honnrarv Vice-Consul for Venezuela and ^'*'lf,f.' w
    an Executive of Messrs. IXiCosU and Co., Ltd.. told the
    "Advocate" yesterday
    t'.ii.'i the provisions of the De-
    nl ..f Medical Services Ad
    1047 (1*47-14). which came in.
    oparat* ii M May. f>. 1M. Ih F.x-
    catkac) ihe Governor has bate,
    pleased to appoint Dr J. I*
    O'Mahony, CMH Medical onice-.
    to i Dlrectoi of Medical & i
    lt.rlw.dos. and Dr F. N Orannum.
    Sanitation Officer, to >h- t anils*
    MedU-nl Officer of Health
    Venezuelan Tourists
    Spend $200 Each
    EMBERS OF THE church
    ..ig pul up below the Queen s
    View Soci.1 Club kepi up pk Kitchens, and will obslruct
    Ihelr nrn anniversary al Ihe ,, vlew ,rom Queen's Park !
    Inn St. Phlhp, on Thuraday nlht lhe delllhlful facade o( HM
    mL *- . ... Georgian house occupied by Ihe
    The President of the Club Miss Department of Agriculture. Bar-
    \ &3r*mt?. galherin bodos is not rich in good archl-
    and told them that the purpose of lecture, and to obscure one of Ita
    He said it was gi.>tif
    to see the tremendous increase in
    the number of tuurisu coniini
    out here froni Vcne/ncla. Bach
    year, tho it and b
    more popular for foreign resi-
    dents in Venezuela Including
    British, American, Dutch. Swis*.
    Cuban. Danish, and others.
    All the retail shops unanimously
    declared that the visitors wer.'
    good spenders especially th
    Venezuelan* themselves, and
    although he could not say how
    much money they actually spent, appiovta. be equipped
    yet he thought that $200.00 per
    person would be a very conserva-
    tive estimate.
    Police Dogs
    Answer To
    Cane Fires
    THE ever-improving Polic
    Force may ut some tlim in th>
    brought back tu
    Thursday . .-n Lb|
    the return of lho Mim"
    Marcus and Elter got alioard
    the "Miir" on Hie night of Apnl
    S and passed themselves off as
    third class passengers until the
    ibip arrived al Plymouth. Eng-
    lai They demanded landing |'i -
    mlU but HM PrODGn authorltiea
    UnpriOoned them on the ship and
    took them to Le Havre. Prance,
    where they were landed and
    M. i and Elter were brought
    1& YEARS AGO
    (Barbados \,l< .*< .i- May
    Since the screening of '"The
    (limit in the l.atrei" Kmpiii'
    have been anxiously
    looking forward to "Three Live
    Ghosts" pronounced M be un-
    iluul'tedl> the greatest of all
    the Club was to encourage social
    activities among its members.
    tine buildings tht
    Tne Secretary. Miss Joy
    Lloyd, gave an account of Tl
    work of the Club for the past rtr-X:rB."-- k"v'7i^
    year. She aeld that the Club had SSS1 uauueT.
    no age limit. They had startej k"
    with thirteen members and this
    had row Increased to thirty-
    Park, one of the main
    Bridgetown. Is now
    I sheds, a soup
    paupers and rat poison.
    Is such a state of affairs to be
    llowed to continue? Barbadians
    re inordinately proud of Barba-
    For several years he hod been
    working on the development of
    tourist traffic from Venezuela
    prior to his appointment as Vice-
    Consul, and the results were now
    pleasing to all sections of th'
    ommunlty. as not only the hoteli
    near future, if the Government back to the "Misr" and again
    1th tho prisom.l on the ship They com-
    ble addition of Police do**, plained of being hungry, saying
    Col. Michel in. Commissioner ot that they had got no food In the
    Police, told (he "Advocate" ye*- prison at 1* Havre
    terday. Th- "Miir" sailed from Lisbon
    He said that he regards these and the two man WOW
    BOfi M the answer to cane tires, turned over to the chief OfAoal
    for not only would they be able < 'he ship to work on deck. On
    lo sniff the origin of cane ftrej reaching the ports Fnnchal,
    when in the area, but would track l'ainte-a-Pltre. Fjort de Franc
    the culprit as well
    as in Trinidad, he said, tint
    discussed the project with tlv
    had benefited from this influx Commissioner of Police ther,
    Their meetlnes were held dos- u most "^rettable 'at civic
    weVk'y forrtiu? a TSlon S KJ2 g" ? SS"S &
    thirteen weeks and then they took P-*1. 'hat ch late of J'"
    a short vacation. has been allowed to occur. Civic
    pride, however, can be strong
    "So far we have had three enough to force the removal ol
    terms. During the first term wo these offences in Queen's Park.
    our afternoons knitting, whatever may be the legal rignt->
    avlng had a few expert knitters 0f the Vestry and the
    in the Club who readily, eagerly. Society. At the next election, the
    and unselfishly gave or their electors of St. Michael's Vestry can
    knowledge to others, we have fhmv (heir disapproval in no un-
    conscquently ill done some tine certain terms,
    work and now have qiite a few
    qualified knitters," she said.
    After expressing appreciation Paupers must be fed, and ral
    of the work that had been done potaon prrpar-d. bat why In
    by Mrs, Woodland, one of the Queen's Park? The Agricultural
    founders who had now left the society has. In the paat. done
    island. Miss Lloyd referred to excellent ,,.*_ ta um enough to
    other activities of ^he. Clubland WMTailt u,P destruction of the
    ; amenities <' thr only pork In the
    of tourists, but domestic servants,
    taxi drivers and grocery depart-
    ment stores
    He said that Messrs. DaCosta
    & Co., Ltd. are the agents of
    the Venezuela Airline Acrovi*
    Vene*olanas (Avensa) which
    made two special flights to Bar-
    bados during the Easter season
    and negotiaUona were
    the idea of getting, if Goveinrni-it
    would approve, a dog trainer from
    Canada for both Forces, the cosl
    lo be shared equally by them.
    Find Out Costs
    and Port-of-Spa in. lhe slip'-
    captain ordered them to he kepi
    behind bars.
    Next poit o." iheir free voyage
    was La Gualra. Venezuela, where
    the authorities insisted that thev
    be landed and imprisoned Again,
    thev complained of getting IM
    food In prison.
    Elter and Marcus eiv u-
    fn-e men again when they were
    landed at Barbados on T-
    Ihelr expectations of development
    She ended by asking anyone
    who desired lo offer suggestion,
    for Improvement.
    1 T WAS THE JEWISH Trus-
    * tees that sold the Jewish
    Cemetery at Synagogue Lane and .,
    It is obvious that successive
    Vestries have cared little tor
    Queen's Park, and failed to fulfil
    this part of their task The con-
    Park Corn-
    changes annually It there
    Tne Tunldad Commlsslontr
    favoured the suggestion and h."
    (Col. Mtrhelln) was now com-
    municating with the Royal Cana-
    progress with tin- British author.- dlan Mounted Police lo find out
    lies for this airline to run n ihe cost. When this was obtained.
    regular service to Barbados. 'he project would be put up lo
    The company Is one of the IM|th governments
    leading aviation ones In Vene- "Apart from their use In the
    zuela. and with their connections, matter of cane fires," said Cdl.
    they should be able to incrcas" Michclin. dogs are extremely _
    considerably the volume of pas- useful in tracking down persons ""^'"u Lei U < ,.'
    senger traffic generated from wanted by the Ponce and are in -"'
    Venezuela, particularly during hiding."
    the off season from April to Col. Michelln said that It was
    November also hoped that in the not ti>o
    _ distant future, that the Force
    Permission would be equipped with the new
    He hoped that permission would V.H.F. wlrclct.s set. The present P-1"
    shortly be granted for the com- one was verv much out of ds
    pany to operate the service lo ond had outlived its usefulness.
    Barbados as It would be of Three launches
    mutual benellt lo all concerned. The Fnr,.,. hil(, lhrf9 ,auilcll
    tJf .h.?".? iS?. """i .U. ww ' oiamfJon at the moment. -
    felt that the leading hotels or
    Drove Without
    Lights: Fined lf/-
    A FINK Of 15 to be paid I I
    14 days or U days' imprisonment
    .posed on ItcynoUi Hilni.-
    by His Worship Mr A. J II 11
    schcll yesterday for not having
    his lights on while driving the
    motor lorry S 217 on Broad
    Street on March 31 about 7 10
    id^y^r'" ""d "" ~ bV'anyc=, o, ^
    'other new interests
    to increase their
    ild have
    of this rifle was a tradition ta>
    tending well over 100 > IT) Wii.
    he Art' came to lhe island he rort-
    sldered il Jusl a relic <>f the ia '
    1 and DOt in keeping will
    n was verv necessary that these o^y progress. Because it should I ! in wireless communlca- mditional, however, he gave II a
    illi the shore at all time- great deal of thought before ai -
    t the conclusion that n more
    '"iir-n'ledTul'lha. Ihe ory jh,ff VN^"XS!r~
    compllcaled one Mr. J ,^'J^^, ^"J^aTon o<
    Cultural Societies on the Queen s
    Park Committee. These co-opted
    is u very compll
    H. P. Graham Yearwood bought
    the Jewish Synagogue from J'
    ish Trustees. Some of the c..-
    tenu ot ihe Jewish Church are members would have more know-
    now in various private houses >^Be and interest in inuuers
    while the clock a/1 a pew were affecting lhe Park than the average
    presented to the Barbados vestryman. If the power to co-
    Museum 0Pt ov* "ol exl4*' tm? relcvara
    Act should be amended tn givi-
    Since fjiat time it has changed this power,
    hands i/ain und it is understood
    that the present owners have Royal Visitor
    Sromised to give it back to the
    pws proving certain matters "n 1879. a Royal Visitor to Ba-
    are dealt with as soon as possible bados wrote; We also called ..i
    He ended, "it Is the fault of the General Gamble. C.B.. command-
    Jews themselves that they lost ing the forces at Queen s House
    their Cemetery, and it is hoped where we went round the we
    that if they ever regain possession arranged garden. In which are aU
    they would pav better attention sorts of curious shrubs and plants
    to something they should and in a great tank In a shaoy
    treasure" dell three old turtles of
    antiquity". Seventy one years have
    *THI>AV IS ODDFELLOWS elapsed since then. Could the
    1 DAY throughout the world. Royal shade re-visit Queen's Park
    The Grand United Order of Odd- in 1950. the shock can be imagined,
    fellows will be celehratlng at Queen's Park should be one o!
    their Lodge Room. Bay Street, al |he beauty spots of Bridgetown.
    330 o'clock this evening ond It is Not only should its walks of trees.
    expected thai Ihere will be a good shrubs and flowers give Joy to the
    turn out of members. residents of the area, but to the
    entire community. It should be
    THIS EVENING at 4 45 a Re- one of the places of Interest for
    ligious Service will be held tourists to visit, where tropical
    at the Y M C.A to open their plants could be seen, clearly
    weekly programme. The Speaker labelled. Instead the Park is -in
    will be tho Rev. Fairweather. eyesore and a disgrace
    r.r -in... k > l_ I] __ I iiljl L w itll ll'V r"-lt ** * 'Kin
    the installation of the
    big influx of tourists from Vene-
    zuela, the hotels were already
    booked up.
    He pointed out that Holy Week bV";
    was the most popular vacation
    period for Venezuelans and more
    less set this state of affairs
    nil uj4>:
    wlr.?- r-t
    giving the sentry
    set Is a necessity .is
    communication is vital
    would have come over, brt were' >" ">. mtod.*rn PoUco ForcC" "q"'1
    ible to do so owing to the lack Cn' "',"'.,
    if suitable acrommodatU
    This development with Vene- Station, he
    zuela had also helped in a very -------;
    limited way. the labour situation te ivlen. by Government, com-
    of the island as from time to mc^clB, '"t"t* well as H
    lime, domestic servants were TT",,*" ,urth,ring ,n'
    Law And Order
    The Police, said Col Mlchell:
    wanted the public lo real U
    not only was it their dulv lo w-i
    law and order nialnU....."J. MJ
    they wanted tn 0V< in)
    possible. The wntrv was a pano
    who lould t>e apprrtaehed am
    Id that the carrying ai|(Wl .||j((U, ,onlu,.linif m
    the Itgtlon from whom Inforrafl
    tlon might lie ollame dealred that he should'<
    which "was"taking hy timidinindixl |K-rsuns as to
    Speaking about the taking awav
    of lhe rifle from the sentry at th<-
    the Central Poll'
    KATXrfl: w^-^;........t.
    unemployment quesUon and Venezuela.
    unemployment quesUon and
    ultimately. those individuals
    would of necessity send back
    money which would be in valua-
    ble hard currency for the support
    of their relatives.
    He said that It was the unani-
    mous opinion of all visitors here
    that Barbados was one of the
    most wonderful places In the
    world for spending a vacation as
    the island was blessed In having
    all the various amenities lo offer
    to visitors in the form of wonder-
    ful beaches for seabathing, yacht-
    ing, polo, horse racing, golf,
    tennis etc.
    The road system he said also
    Induced visitors to see the beauty
    spots of the island and he hoped
    that every encouragement would

    Be guided
    A wise mother lets baby decide about
    the milk foi bottle feeds. Lots of energy, steady
    (tains, contented days, peaceful nights these tell her what ihe most
    wants tn '-mow baby n doing splendidly on Oitermilk.
    Why can ovMher pin her faith so
    hi-mly on Ostennfik :- Because, when
    breast feeding: diffkuli m impossible
    :hc perfect substitute lot moihcr'
    milk. OneriuUt It nnett grade *
    milk, dried under the man hygienic
    coaditarit. The protein, great body-
    builds*. Is made easily digr*nM
    by u ralaa drying proccw. And
    isnportani additions arc made: Iron
    to conch inc htood sugsr to modifv
    the food for tiny digexioni Vitamin
    1) to help build iirong bones and
    lenh. (Htermilk n made by GUvo
    I "("'[Jlt'lir-, Who, till.* lOOt,
    have been pkonceri in tht develop-
    ment of the best possible foods for

    i. rZ/kl
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    r.\r.F: ten
    srvnw ,\nvnr\Tr
    BCNDAT, MAT II. 1950
    A Discovery That Helps Mothers5
    TtaTinost striking advances in
    medicine in the last ten yearr
    are the discoveries of penicillin
    and streptomycin.
    I doubt it they are the moat Im-
    portant in the long run. because
    we may hope acme day by hygienic
    measure* to make the germ* which
    they ki^as unimportant as thoae
    U-m or leprosy are today in
    ];. l.-if Hn id Attack
    (* TI1K WORK which 1 am
    going to describe relates to a
    woup of diseases which attack us
    before birth or very soon afiei.
    and whose nnture and cause were
    unknown tan years ago.
    The key to their understanding
    was an experiment which began
    when Landsteiner. an Austrian-
    Jewish refugee In New York, In-
    jected a monkey's blood into I
    rabbit. Just us the key to the
    understanding of bacterial disease
    was Pasteur's investigation as to
    why substances with different
    crystalline iorms arc fermented at
    different rates.
    Here i% the problem. About
    nr preinancy In 2M rnea at
    the baby's death, before or
    after birth, from fc.udW.
    dropsy, or aOiemls.
    We now know that these are all
    symtoma of the same disease
    whKh accounts for about one
    tenth of all still-birth-- and moi.
    than a twentieth of all deaths in
    the first week of life.
    The disense is confined to a few
    families. If one baby has died
    of it. in many cases all the otiss*
    will do so unless the correct treat-
    ment Is given.
    False Cluet
    THE STORY of how the
    cause was found out is far mon
    exciting and far more Intricate
    :han most detective stories.
    I will try to present the evidence,
    not as it came out, but as a prose-
    cutor might present the evidence
    tor a crime. '
    Supposing you have lost a lot
    of skin, jmd 1 give you a piece
    of mine-to graft on to the raw
    area, M will live for a while and
    then ftw," though by the time t
    does so you will have grown <
    new riftn tu replace it.
    But if you want a second skii1
    graft you-had better get it from
    aomconcJIso If you try some oi
    my akin3l will die In a few day*
    ZZ- Inherited
    YQJJ HAVE become immune
    to my 3*0" Your blood contains
    substaneae which kill cells from
    my bodJC"
    Almost everybody else's
    body contains substance*
    uhlch you ran leant to Irest
    as foreign Intruders.
    These substances are called
    antigens, and they are Inherited.
    One or the rules of their in-
    heritance is a very simple one
    indeed (though there Is one anti-
    gen that breaks It). Nobody has
    an antigen which was not present
    in one or other of his or her
    Saving Babies
    NOW COMES Ihe appli-
    utto/i to saving babies lives.
    Some mothers treat their babies
    as they would treat grafts of
    somebody- else's skin. Almost aU
    these mothers are found to lack
    a certain antigen in their blood
    This antigen Is sometimes called
    Rh, after the Rhesus monkey In
    whose blood It was first found. It
    Is sometimes called D. Only about
    one man and one woman In six
    lucks it among the European
    Now when such a woman mar-
    ries u man who possesses it.
    either half the children or all of
    them possess It.
    Only about once In a thousanil
    times does thr first baby immu-
    nise the mother und die in con-
    sequence, but the number goes
    up to about one in 20 if she has
    as many_a four children.
    The poor mother has been
    immunised by her earlier babies,
    and th* 'anti-bodies (which Is
    HH ProlrsMir J. It. V
    ft I Ton, Reef ofl
    place of asurd q
    d irerealiom- Hymns, choruse*.
    public professions on "How I be-
    came a Christian" by selected
    young people, and. above all, the
    personality of Tom Rees, po--iii-<.
    forth in song, quip, and sermon
    He Is not a parson, but his brother seemed i. me wl
    i- and there are many parsons' ">ri
    collars on his platform
    Turn Rees, n I
    . r-.ergy and the vital stun
    m found at the head of
    -es in the
    Midlands and the Nonl B<
    Like Drink*. Not
    Easy To Handle
    , '.'..:*,*: -.'.'. --*.--*
    Frees Fage i
    n;-c pre-war. said: "Thi
    inotorious but so it
    hen I was at Cam-
    Recom mended
    .j_ Huy of the tree*: A new
    " hygienic foil Which >ou can
    u- for making covers fo
    a rapping sandwich.--,
    cooking different vagi I
    | disdlo fcv&Aybody!
    fers the vasmess of the Alt. U e same pot
    wrap each kind In a parcel ami
    cirop It in), making a steam-p-- '
    cover on a baking dish, luini
    cake tin. or wrapping fish to kei \.
    in the smell. Il costs 2s. a roll
    This London
    + LONDONERS 1 love:
    . ** SHE stood at Marble Arch
    It is heard yesterday, toothless, wild-haired,
    Did you flat-bosomed, dressed in a straight
    rr.i.d-brown coat. And she w*
    saving "Come on, come on, for
    i thundering good dose of gelva-
    He sets his thousands hingmfl.
    Then, .vith a grown Hid
    . his hand he stops them dead
    "i.'ot like_hatlike tins." The}
    go on again. They en)ov being
    Jollied and he has put more mean-
    ing in their singing.
    lie puts on a choir
    reverently. Tom ris
    enjoy that singing' Well, why
    don't you clap?" They clap.
    A collection is taken on wooden _
    hays and the pattering silver coins l)(^
    sound like a hailstorm. gtje? was immensely rich and
    And then silence. A command verv 0\& ^ mink coat wrapped
    from Tom Rees that nobody is to ner ,nmi ^ni figure, and gol-ten
    cjugh or fidget or even to look cuilf draggled over the collar
    around. He Is going l> preach his sne Walked Into the costly salon
    sermon. In the course of it he and ,;il down. No one had u-
    quotes many passages from Scrip- j( her whst she wanted. Ever)
    ture. Into them go the fire, the week, year after year, she comes
    human energy that might have jn >nd" buys herself a new hat.
    huilt a fleet of cargo liners or filled London Express SmHrv
    hem with tractors. '-------------
    Exhausted after the effort' He
    is still fresh as a daisy.
    Those who feel converted stay
    behind for further instruction.
    One night's harvest, and it is big-
    ger than most big congregation*
    \ iH-MHliy, happy hhv is the pride of any hat"
    li.i1 I1 '
    lor tier immunity are csslstdj I >
    ner blood soak into the blood "I
    lie later oabMs and destroy their
    Why They Died
    #ONCE THE cause wjs
    Known Uie treulinent wag obvlou*.
    The baby dies because
    : puatlas are damaged. Yuu
    can cure the anaemia b;.
    blood from a man Of woman "h'>
    does not poswb'; the ft
    and whose blood will tin tfon
    M ttuakgd i U* trosn
    Churches Are Closer
    IIS Harold \ RCH reunionwhat a dif- As Dr. (it.OF!-1tEY KIM I IK
    erence il would make to the the Archbishop of Cantei bui;.
    blems of the Churches if they looks round, he repoits he is "pro-
    id not to provide separate build- roundly encouraged" at the way
    ings and man-power for so many the_Churches are {citing tojethor
    M r-Stok. V I'rol.l. in
    BRITAIN'S ancient cathedrals
    are her biggest standing al-
    t-action for foreign visitors. Yet
    tor every threepenny bit left in
    the cathedral box. 3s. is spent at
    the cafe Just outside. 3s. on coach
    and train tickets, and '1 on hotel
    That is one of the reasons wh>
    Dr. B. G. SELWYN, the Dean of
    W nchester. Is now demanding
    that the State should help with the
    Who pays at present" It is the
    sole respomul>i"ty of the Church
    of England and her bill foi urgent
    Rut i \ i'ii when iln- was
    dene many of thr bablea died.
    The> had enough new Mood
    cells. But so many of the old were helm scrapped that
    the liver wsa overwhelmed
    by them and the babies died
    of Jaundice.
    So nowadays In severe cas?s
    the baby's own bloo i u taki i ooj
    uvmllv through the navel-string,
    at the same time j- new blnod is
    pumped Into it.
    denominations.' What a lot more Union between his Chunh and repairs to oathedrals, churches.
    they could get done if they had not the other Protestant Churches is and other properties now stands
    , ||
    i many tinias over.
    A test an a orop of your
    blood will led you If there fcs
    any danger. If there b. try
    to have your babr In hospital.
    Anyway, preparations should be
    made for a blood transfusion it it eommodate
    IT WA^ ONLY n
    LeVlOt, tluinliam. Katzin, and
    Vogel, in New York, proved tor
    causa uf the disease with certainly,
    ner showed how to deal
    with cases of il due to other simii ir
    Mouiesu. in Belgium. **-erm i
    have made the discovery at the
    .ime time, but we only heard of
    bis work in 1945
    British doctors took up the
    discovery at once, and SfharSUpy
    before 1943. 72 per cent, of th"
    babies treated in the Oxford in-
    firmary died, the nujmber had
    been rut down to 23 per cent, in
    the years from 1943 to 1947. 1
    hope It ii ns low ns 10 per ecu!.
    by now.
    What docs this mean to you If
    you arc an expectant mother?
    Some people will say that g
    chance of one m 200 is not worth
    worrying about. Well, an air raid
    that killed one Londoner In 200,
    even after evacuation, won
    have killed over 20.000 pfcple, ,n
    we worried about raids whl
    killed 200
    !v ipMdad There, says the Archbishop.
    Whj do peopVfl differ in regard are as far apart as 20. 50
    |a Kb. 3"*' years ago."
    Calculation suggests thai In ti
    aars or SO moat of Un-
    people without Rh should have
    died out by natural selection. An 1
    1 j In China and India alnrnst evei -
    body h
    uch nearer than 20 ;il 3.000.000
    Later this year a report Is .( mng At St. Paul's. London, the
    out which should make the pace Church Is responsible for the
    of reunion faster still. second highest dome in Europe,
    There Is one exception the and Is trying to raise 100,000
    Church of Rome, which cannot f"i repairs. At Salisbury, the
    trim Its creed or doctrines, to a<- tallest -pire in England is threat-
    any other Church ening to tumble down Hundred
    mplete re-
    other great chi
    astir restoration or
    Should the Church ku on paying
    But do] quits THE POI'E now ;or the nation/a show places'
    hould hav. P**iiiiLt> Catholics to BtlaMJ Pro- Churchmen are divided.
    lestant meetings of a turn-religious There Is Just a chunce that the
    nature without Ihe permission of Minister of Works. !' man Catho-
    thrir bishops. iic rk HARD STOKES, can find
    . believe that the Europeans They can also Join Protes- thr way out of the problem of how
    arose from a mixture pf a race nl* in prayer, but when they 'o provide State funds and still
    with Hh and a race without il W ,ne Lord's Pray they must keep the cathedrals as places of
    This was a guess when I Or? ^J^^tfjL.'TfiS":- ?
    made it But Dr /loureau beg Our Father who art (in-
    has shown that the Ba que
    people speaking a very ancient
    I have been raised on . .
    ; often
    Danger Test
    l UNUESS YOU ,.ie |
    language, lack Rh atiuut
    as not.
    Perhaps the absence of RJi
    comes down to tis from ancient
    people* like the modern Basques
    who lived In Europe in the oid
    Stone Age, and were mix.'d with
    Invaders from the east who had
    Rh. in their veins.
    it is ii
    know about Hh, or he might have
    massacred the Basques as he di-i
    the Jews
    New Chapter
    * 1 HAVfc toid only the
    befcinnitig' of the itorj iTiere I
    , reason to think thai quite I lot
    I of bud conditions in children, it'- Albert
    i( eluding some kinds of mental And \.
    l.-f, d ol the
    rt> caused
    in the same kind ol SfS]
    stead of the Protestant "which art'i
    in heaven. ..." And .
    "Deliver us from evil." while the
    Protestant version goes en, "r' thine it the Kingdom. .
    Il< llllOMS
    i hurrh
    He IfraiMS :..OIHI
    EFORE the wai the cost ol
    building a good average 400
    rage 2,500.
    eater churcl
    10.000. parish ha
    the skin. speKlily deedops iato Uriiaiing
    pimple* and oeea wret untoaa ducked.
    Ihnumndi u( ikm mffnni have proved
    ih there n tmbmc more sure io rciuki
    than 1) t D. PreMTipooa. TUs famoui
    ?quid httkr d,vi penctnue the tortured
    tkio iiiiur, inii the frttenng germ*and
    drive uut the infe.iion Whateverfoem of
    tkia troubk i* givinf you pain and dinre**
    lost s few application* of woodsiful
    D.D.D. PresmpUOD will give Inuant
    relief Persevere, and me sood reilt*
    will be ksuBgt D.DD. PrescripUoo it
    obtainable from chenrnt* and ttott*
    Dominion t
    F. B.ArmitrongLtd.. Brldgatowr
    SO.METI.MKS there art murmur. """Id ' <0.0O0,
    ins, from the Churehn "Ld'n ''"t" ,lhe
    To-aaj. the an equipment IflVJn^ SfLflOl \f\l Ifrffl'
    sold eon 10.000. and church Lt'ulS "<<" 'A1 1C1IU.
    againat the pulling power of the
    people and their money :iw.v
    from their own' chapels in id'
    No complaint on that scor.
    against Mr. Tom Rees. the fvanfi
    list. He draws the biggest
    gat ion in London. He I
    Hall with 5,000 iM'uph'
    does It on Saturda> uglw
    His people, mostly youn,;, coin
    40.000. and church
    Jueuc be-
    ment o fft c e s. But temporary
    "hutches .ire allowed.
    At Clayton, Newcastle-under-
    Lyme, the Anglicans have boj^iit
    a farm. Th.- cowshed will be their
    church and the farmhouse the
    At Canley estate, Coventry, the
    I'ngrr- Methodists have, for ten years,
    been using a henhouse as a church.
    In North London they seat 80
    worshippers in a shop. At Rossen-
    dale. Lanes they hold their ser-
    HAVC you oonildf-M Journalism *
    CanwrT rrm B*s*bdo> Advocate U look-
    io| Sot a bright voung man to train
    a Sub-Editor. Apply now In wilUng
    living full detaix to th* Editor The
    Advocate 34 Broad Sir***
    rSriles of over ICO trot
    ,ui Rh i
    in hi
    with it, you hava iittk t" srori
    about. If you are you have i
    chance of about one in 40 of killin,;
    your second child, and one in 20 if
    killing your fourth child
    Wa aron I iur ri Bui .-ind-
    iteu 'r*l mtmkay mid 'abbit
    opened a new chapter in medical
    history, and will save the lives < million* of babies.
    'World Copyright)
    f_lom.*ll.1*rts "'. ^ "* m a room at a felt manufac-
    turing mill.
    At Dalton, near Darlington, thcy
    havc gone along with th- oqueitarg
    at a former HA K. tamp and
    squatted in the name of the
    Church In one of the huts.
    You can't keep a good cause
    London Express Service.
    but in pa;
    llirmitignam, Lincolnshire, Buck
    Hampshire. Norihants, an< ail th
    Home Counties. He reads t tit In
    list. All told, nearly 200 >epar;;.t
    parties, and ihe crush of motor
    loaches waiting to take them horn
    afterwards is like a big footbal
    MOTOR lil-J'AlK.-
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    the same start
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    MILK and Holland's Best is
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    COWS' Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Bedum. Holland.
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    The Austin I04t>$rm
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    cat' Built-in concealed mouming steps Sour.d-insulated doors line
    .vith toda Uust and draught-proof s Rear turner tipftan /',- .
    tor Built-in heating and demoting I.-Ji-j Controlled vcntiUti.
    Insulation of roof and back panel Unwed ventiUtmg panel (be dt
    windows Sliding rear window.
    CHASSIS i 6 blinderO.H.B. cnguH
    in, rear axle with quickly RtWJvabM dttTcrenttal I* ljx-k.
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    special diciel'cngtacd chs>si* gvtvgtbk
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    however, be used over an oil paint
    Anal it d4sss mere it maJftM yWr walls
    A k ynsu da)a^r for a SalMr card
    showing ihe 17 attractive colours, or
    apply toi
    BBIIXiKTOWNSole AgaBts,
    Sole Concessionaires for the export of
    Modern Powar Units
    Al*o the famous type A V saries 11 sln|l and twin cylinder
    cold starting 310 B.H.P
    Speed rang* 500 1,5*0
    llrtilm'iimii. Barbados.
    Sole Agents.

    SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1910
    They Left Britain To Be
    m*mm*- Redskins9 Brides
    "Bang, bans, bane . ()
    sere* more rcdikinj bil the dust."
    THAT famous iin* in tales of
    the Wild West wu quoted by m>
    English master as the mod excit-
    ing introduction to any itory.
    And that "Last of the Mohi-
    cans" attitude is what Jasper Hill
    (Chief Big White Owl) and the
    130,000 or so Indians in Canada
    are fighting to-dai as Canada
    prepare* to debate a Bill making
    Indians full citizens.
    Eighty years after the last skir-
    mish between red man and white,
    the Mohawks, the Jwampy Crees,
    the Blackfeet, and all the other
    tribes hope they will cease ip be
    treated as children and wards of
    the Government.
    They hope Ibey will be
    given a vote and bave the
    baa on Ihelr drinking liquor
    eased: they hope to iet belter
    education and have a rliht
    to spend their own tribal
    For war bride Mrs. Betty News
    from Coleman-street, Brighton.
    who married an Indian and is
    living in the Sahanatien Reset
    Wedding Jay picture ol Mai
    freaa Epsosn. asid k*. InJ,
    Sinclair Ch*h
    Bui there are still contrasts
    and misgivings. In prosperous
    Ontario, where the 30,000 Indl
    brid* groom
    ;!rS* sags era
    Schooley. she was one of the best a1"1 """<"
    dancers at the Regent Ballroom, Kum-runnvr*
    Frank Caldcr is the first full
    if is A-* of /ail Indian member of any Cana-
    dian provincial legislature, and
    # UNTIL NOW, like all Brit- the Indian chief's daughter.
    Ish girlr married to Indians, she Gloria Cranmer, is studying to
    the flrst Indl
    Bran hunt
    la forty times higher for In-
    Ihan whites In the Hock-
    madlc tribes who face
    starvation nathas than take any-
    thing irum the white man.
    In lh- north the br.vrs
    .Cll hunt while the squaws
    da the work.
    That is whv Ihi Bin White Owl
    .elcomes emancipation with safe-
    woman guards "We want to see that
    emancipation won't lead to our
    other red-skinned, raven-haired Hut there Is still the problem 'using our land through being
    Mohawk women In the reserve. of the rum-runners who take fire- dispossessed Mr n >t paying taxes,"
    There are risks of being jailed water to the coastal tribes. he says. He wants Indian \: Pi
    for a long sentence If caught fm,f Indian tribes have an with six chiefs in the puw-wows
    drinking beer; she is liable to be infantile mortality rate of .'.on per of the white men.
    questioned even if an empty 1.000.___________ London Bxprvag Sen-ice.
    bottle is found nearby.
    has been regarded as an Indian becoirn!
    squaw livm along with the 50 doctor.
    Their la neither water nor In the wooden
    hovse she I
    sde her A
    off rev theij
    ! is able toB
    For her husband Geoffrey
    new law may mean he I
    go down the trail to the Bala
    Tavern for a glass of beer.
    For their golden-haired
    papoose. Roserrary, rising three,
    it should mean better schooling.
    For the whole family It may
    mean that they wont be regarded
    as minors under the law, unable
    o sign documents, and will be
    able to go to the banks and raise
    a mortgage for houses.
    But it might also mean losing
    the privileges of Indians on re-
    aerves of not paying rates and
    Better hornet
    FOR PEACE-TIME bride
    Margaret Dolman, from Lower
    Court-road. Epsom, Surrey, who
    recently married a Swampy Cree
    Indian. Sinclair Cheechoo, at the
    old Hudson's Bay post of Moose-
    actory. James Bay, there should
    be twice as much money to spend
    on the Indian children who trudge
    to the mission school where she
    teaches by the light of paraffin
    Indians will also seek better
    homes than tents with no floor
    other than o layer of spruce
    boughs, often just a wooden box
    as furniture.
    Hungry ttrike
    9 ONLY MENTION of the
    warpath I have heard has been
    by "rebel" Jules Sioul, 43-year-
    old Huron who, far from scalp-
    ing, has resorted to a hunger
    strike in his shop at LoretteviUc.
    Quebec, until "Canada is given
    back to the Indians."
    No one seems to take very
    seriously this lltUe man
    Instead, they listen to full
    blooded Mohawk Milton Mar-
    tin, who waa a brigadier in
    the Canadian Army, and has
    been known to remind Cana-
    dian*: "You are all Imml-
    rraJrts here but me."
    He pleads that Indians are
    starving not so much for food as
    for a spirit of understanding, and
    ore not "the cruel, fierce savages"
    of the history books.
    "Whatever may have been our
    practices, they can't compare with
    the practices of civilised nations,"
    he says __
    The Dark Lady, The Fair Lady And-
    A i CAM i union are still
    , fining about EnsJIsJi
    reserve, though one girl admit <
    that, nfter a couple of drink.-.
    Englishmen are no more reserved
    than anybody else.
    That is to say. about as viva-
    cious as a couple of English
    explorers having a drink at a
    LetsdOB i-lub after many years'
    Lit ftll'l'
    One has been to the North Pole:
    i to Central Africa.
    . far?"
    IVIe "
    "North or South""
    'Shoot any bears "
    "Couple "
    "Cold there?"
    I lit Parky."
    "Bags of ice."
    "Snow "
    "Bags of snow."
    "YOU been far""
    Central Africa."
    "Shoot any lions?"
    Hut there?"
    "Bit stuffy "
    "Natives ?"
    "Hags of Natives."
    "Bags of-----look here. I say"
    did man. Bad show."
    "Not a bit. old man."
    "Interestin evenm t-
    "Rather. Good-night, old man."
    "Good-night, old man."
    I.a II. 11. Ili.i.n
    Sans Output
    "In the Soviet Union there I* no
    mystical or obscure treatment of
    ') as decadent cosmopoli-
    tan poets use. We Mng of how a
    young man fall, in love with n
    girl because of her big industrial
    output Soviet purl Stephan
    (Affrr John Keats i
    I ays she would lean and

    Si found me roots of relish
    And sandwiches her mother
    m; And through her trembling lip.*
    said "I
    Cant make the grade.-
    She took me to her elfin grot.
    And told me as she wept full
    ' S:x boilan some girls made last
    But I made four."
    And there she whispered tne
    And there I dreamedAh'
    A girl who can't make boilers six
    Cant be a bride.
    A FORMER colleague of mine
    on a provincial newspaper
    obtained a better post several
    years ago. married' a prcttv.
    dark-haired girl, and, alas, was
    killed In an accident
    He had shown me a portrait
    of his wife, but I never met her.
    In the same office was. among
    many other girl clerks, one with
    fair hair. who. as girl clerks will
    do, married several years ago
    and left the office
    Both women (I say with
    apologies to them I had passed
    completely out of my mind.
    I have been living in retirement
    in the country for ten years.
    Wed Another
    On the morning of Monday.
    May 1, I woke from a dream
    which, though it seemed idle
    enough, left me with a strange
    sense of something very Impor-
    tant having happened
    The dream was that I was
    engaged to be married to this
    dark g'rl (whom I had never met
    in real life).
    But on the way to the church.
    I, as so often in dreams, found
    that I had left my wedding gar-
    ments in the office and hurried
    hick to gel them
    The dark girl dcilarcd that she
    could not wait, but must there
    and then mnrrv some other man
    and so she did
    "Windowed Girl
    Meanwhile, I got back to the
    office, and. hot and bothered, ww
    searching for my clothes. To m\
    astonishment, I there found the
    fair-haired girl, who had left us
    so many years before.
    She explained that she was
    widowed, and had decided to
    come back to nor old )ob.
    I was about to propose mar-
    riage to her. Whan my good angel
    woke me up.
    That same morning, four hours
    later, I drove 40 miles to my old
    office, to attend a meeting of
    The first person I met. as I was
    opening the outer door, was the
    fair-haired woman to whom in
    my dream I hart been about to
    propose marriage.
    To my startled mqu ry. slu1
    replied that hei husband had
    died, and that she had got dock
    her old job in this, my old office
    "She's All Right"
    When I left the meeting ami
    got into the street. I met a former
    colleague who told mo the news
    of the office
    Haunted by my dream, I usked
    him if he knew what had hap-
    pened to the dark lady, widow
    of the colleague who had been
    "Oh, she's all right ,** ho answered
    brightly. "I hawe Jusl come from
    her wedding (his morning.'"
    Scout Notes
    S. W. District Hold
    On Wednesday 24th May, Empire
    Uay, the South Western Imtnrt
    will hold ;i Scouting Competition
    ut the Combcrmero and Hurrtsun
    College grounds and Stouters of
    the District met on Friday last to
    discuss the programme
    Ten Trooj*. have entered, and
    each will bo rapntfOtOd b) |
    I .Unil of eight scouts at each of
    8 stations which will bfl UsMO in
    cyclic order, covering the work
    of the Tenderfoot -iik (lass lindgo Tests.
    Km pi re Youth Sunday
    The Empire Youth Sunday
    service will be held at Govern-
    ii cut House Ground on Sum!:..
    next, 21st May.
    All Scouts. Rovers and Beoutan
    htwecn the ages of 13 and 2.'.
    vi ars will meet at Queen's Park
    at 3.30 p.m. and will mai< h fl mi
    thence to Government House
    The Divisional Commanocr of
    the Church Girls' Brigade has
    extended an Invitation to Scouls
    to attend their Athletic Sports
    which will be held ut Harrison
    College Grounds on Empiiv Day,
    24th May. beginning at 1 o'clock
    mm 'imit
    O what can ail thee, factory hand.
    Alone and palely loitering*
    The never-ending bell Is still
    And no wheels sing.
    o nrhat on ail thei-. factor* hand.
    So haggard and so woebegone'
    The quota's met, the shelves Bit "''l
    And the foreman's gone,
    I nut ;i lady in the shop,
    Not lltMlltlflll .. pl.l'.lllt>. i Ink)
    Mei btlf m croppnd, her ehttka
    And hi r nyi n wild.
    1 made a for her head
    Of nuts and bolts and shavings,
    And presently her
    "I love thee line "
    I sel her on my motor-bike.
    i than I saw pale commissars
    Who cried "No use to BSSSBS ;.
    Who cried "La Belle Dame Sans
    Must come with us."
    \nd this If why I sojourn here.
    Alone rind palely loitering;
    Though never-ending hrlt* aic
    And no wheels sing.
    rolil War
    -On April 25. when several
    degrees of frost were regis-
    tered in Britain, the tempera-
    ture m Moscow was over 70
    degrees.*"From rfte news.
    "t*OIt the information of Sir
    * Wjklion Smithers this U only
    the I'.rst Indication of a gigantic
    Russian plot to transfer their
    VranthaV over hero.
    When they talk about a cold
    war they mean a cold war
    Hussian scientists have not only
    discovers*] how to by-pass the
    Mat wind round Moscow and
    Leningrad so that It hits us with
    groater velocity; they have also
    d millions of whales to
    . .i* loshatgi towards the British
    I*le*. leaving their northern ports
    i-e free.
    If S.i WakJron doesn't believe
    u ". what about the 10U refugee
    Wfales who committed suicide on
    a Scottish coast rather than live
    a life of slavery?
    snd what about the polar boar,
    suffering from sunstroke, who
    piloted his own aircraft through
    the 11.>n Curtain and crash landed
    at London Airport*'
    It's no use semi-official circles
    saying he's in love with Brumas's
    BOthW. Will M 1.5 deny that ho
    has given valuable informaton?
    If they don't want to look silly,
    they c bettor not
    World SiiM|irr*
    rtMOSKY PARKERISM and the
    tflX^I eager search for useless In-
    formation have become world
    di Msa of the mind
    la Ciechoaiavakin people who
    ...ilf.! ihe wioiia stamps are
    aasBOUagad h> snoopers to the
    Secret police . Indian students
    are taking a census of maneloss
    lions . after years of research
    xtpers in Japan have reported
    cent, of Japanese
    husbands still yell "Oi. Ol" to call
    their Wives . chaps In England
    with nothing else to do have dls-
    covorod that ws strike 270.0O0,0OO
    matches every doy
    The Tavistock Institute of
    Human Relations has found out
    that most men htty "Good morn
    I .. In most people living m Ui
    i.Tiie street, that the curtains In
    IhO front rooms of the under-
    privileged are left half drawn with
    ice tho patterns facing outwards
    tli.t'ik heaven a census official In
    W.'Khlngtnn, US, has I wen bitten
    bj mi tnrsgod husband win
    thought Hie tjovciiimeul Inquisitor
    And through the woods drove all woi making a pass at his wife,
    day long. London Express Service.
    Whenever van-men switch over to Fordsons, their
    satisfied comments follow very much Uk -ame -\ittern.
    Thev all praise the Fordson becau".--:
    ie lit capacity it big
    it I'* rumtinx cotlt are low
    it lit mainh-numt is obobjnUCai
    ir lit handling it easy
    df lu loading it simple
    and if II aheayt reliable
    . 5 cwt inii 10 cwi ^

    Dunlop. the first to introduce a tread with teeth, has extended
    this wonderful load holding principle in the design of the new
    Dunlop Foit. More teeth more Nte giving a grip co defy
    skidding on the most'ultppery of surface*. Thhh juil rne of the
    many safely feaiures which maka,uH_ew Ion the one tyre
    that has everything.
    . not for minutes
    In scientific tests, more than 80'/c
    of cases of simple bad breath were
    overcomenot for minutes hut for
    hours with a single brushing of
    You're nk"s io he near >ih >>iur hrrsih
    sweet and your imile i|>*rh.lirij( when yuu
    pulishrs lecih whurr .. Ircshcns hresih
    hcurr. I'sa deliihtful, 'efrt-biwg Nt
    XCiUSi VI lUlfrSPOAM
    ACTION and BSmtHINO MINTT ftavouii
    your i**th |o sparkling -..lur*! besuly. hs
    livlu*i*c 1 ,.!(-. i. ..mi jii J tesdul niLiiiv
    baihe iur whole mooih in loagsr-
    [ rRKSHNESS.
    ftr a fresher breath
    Now available at . .
    Your Soda Fountain, Restaurant,
    Club, Hotel or Dealer
    Insist on . .
    OF THE
    Hbes your facr rr-veal nerve strain and fatigue, or are you cheerful
    and full .f lif' M'TKOIMIOS (furnu-ily THIOPHOS) is HI ideal (nic
    for you if you suffer from nervous disorders.
    HlMuntilMtoil by IeadinB physicians, I: restores your natural good
    humour, you apuclite and yufcir vigour.
    YOU KAT WKI.I., BUsV WELL. FEEL WKLL. when you lake -
    MTKOPHOS i> iihlainablr al all Ipadina Drug Mm,
    }/mtmMmiw SIOKKS It UVNUK LTD-.ti..l

    paci: t\\ 11 m:
    B.G. Plans Large-Scalr
    Banana Industry
    Expert Arrives For Experiment*
    I ', HMD On I
    GEORGETOWN, May 8.
    Mr. F. S. SIIARPK ban BIT ""1
    Jama* Banana Dew
    under the auaptara of list Depart nwnl i '
    Thu Srherni'lias .ii
    in th<* Fvans CommtaaJon Report

    111 flriliM,
    prnenl phase eh
    11MB whu
    : rtiui r
    * -

    si \l>\\ M.\\ 11 ,.....
    B.G. Press
    Elects Officers
    <;k< : a v >wn .! ..-
    Air W I. Onmcs Wl
    Honoraiy PreniCMnt "I U
    Guiana l*n A
    Sixth Animal M<< I
    Association'-; Reference If
    Kobh Street, GeorgeU...
    day. May 1, \M6
    Other member, of the
    elected are Ml P I VV
    President. Mi '#-*
    Secretary: Vi < I I I I
    Treasurer; Mr P
    Asst. lacretary-Treanirar; unolf
    cial Memher- Mi JwUCJ K H
    L. Ward. Mr C 1> Kirt.-n. Mi
    o E Amwtrona uid Mi Choi
    The AM--i;itiim held Hi fourth
    AnnuM Diiin.i j! the Maw Cli
    Restaurant ami Hotel tha previotl
    evcninii. Saturday. May 6. when
    the Guet of Honour was Mr Jus-
    tice F. M Roland, IX B Othn
    guests of the Association were Mr.
    W. A Crawford (Barbados). Mr
    H. Engcit (London!. Ron E F.
    McDavid. C M.O,. C E lli-n
    Capt G H. Smellic. Mi 11 C.
    Seaford. O.M F.
    Wiille (.ovcinmriii la inr!
    i the Srhrtur .1 M no'
    essentially a fiovcrnnica* Hfhern
    It IH & Mm'.|.i.' hMi
    the nvrrnmrnl ( Httlibh GuUn..
    the s imj laa >i m' Mmn Haah'1
    I rr ii, < awMll A ( <>. f.U. .*'''
    Ii ar.rre n brar a IBM -t Uie
    expeiiihlurr ua In fffVM ntaxl
    "rorliucn. AnxitHlN

    uppHei "i bananaa front -
    I. ,,. ... .1. ESS FICOM BAVAKIA. B
    i' > &M Oa..... Co MM Helen Vfl
    ror cerryln bag ,,-< enived Inl
    ' Ulantfc and A Is ...... ..
    doubtful whether, even II il .
    howr that banal
    ,:rwn i .. I ''' "' I "a** *
    ------------------------- ooirid i* start PI
    Ta-.r-'i rag g-s.e ivii aa' Otgatia1 oi hat M
    *>lpplnf and maffcatli _________________
    m iuen ai tin-
    IIIII Hooker Br,-. joined UN H.G* IfCgUlS SI Mil
    Srhem* became they have areal
    inirt--i- In Gaauu ^nd (. It'll I'd fH'l'
    they aalleva a polio ' araaim'
    inc Ito aarlrultural (Advocate ('.., ii^.m, -,.
    ibawld tie follswed. and are pre- GEORGETOWN
    pared iu nupport Theme* with Georgetown'a ettj ihli
    B.G. Han Enough
    Meat For Export
    Air TrunsjMirl Wrffiwarj
    (Rnhitdos AdAiH-iitc ( rrtsrMindenl)
    Mr If. <; Sciiford, O.B.E. Chairman ol
    i rtpany Lid., lai
    ', .ma. declared yesterday in.'
    ii Bnard of l)m I kifncwnl
    BrnJ i i.uiana to supply local rcquiremenl
    to itah an export trade to Trinidad, but will entai!
    Hying down all beef from the Rupunui.i ttttle c .u.itiv
    a- In sharp tha hand-
    ling .f the meat Mtuaiion. Mr.
    i uii j .....
    io'dei iha! tin* [)ir-ilor hnv
    t to i*>lnt
    . I
    tit *t eatla

    H .n,.i'i..

    Rupununl D
    ' It
    ^iV efeoine Big
    3 Co-operation
    WASHINd ION. Maff 13
    rttatlvc John K-- 1 I
    i at Chan man of UM I
    naanilwa, lo-nlahl haik- launcament ol
    -i famous white horse "Belle Gi vile
    i -? Baw ii
    ..lllng about mi ii. i
    . Bfiy, unit alihuiigh born
    tint Hie preenl l'o|ie wa
    i Aih-.iUIh- Muni H in Bh
    llohenau rfdlBg 'Bell*
    (fob v. ceral
    ards tha

    llung. bid I doubt ai l
    I .
    could com to full tjajiimiii
    i inii|ili't tedcralion
    That k n Inn^ .
    K- said.
    .Jit i
    a bwM i

    i vithai
    Zoo In WI
    i.... ..i.
    . UnnU (.........*'-*
    The British Guiana Gnvernmc
    is considering proposals put ft
    ward by Hon. Vincent Roth. J
    M.L.C., for the esUblishment .
    u Zo-jlogical Park. aJong Ihi hri-^Uial end in
    of the Ixindini 7-no. If Itoth'tB
    proposals are accepted """^'U^.T rnarta
    Guiana will I-- Ul first Canb-4n*"a !^R|H'l"
    bran colonv with ZoologicalJbe ri"",* l*f",r "
    Cardans, where visitors will bclmlm"1 "h,;,rM,,',r ,l";'' '
    able to see th* most comr.re4ien.flo "lublish a banana Industry l
    slvo eollecUon of iropi
    in Iheae part^
    It hi proposed to glablish uv ''*
    Hoffman Is
    He said that the Spi u
    I rlouaa Conferrnre now hmoiitih to
    Protast- laanh agreenieut BO "" F Aid Aiioropriulioii Bill ha
    M-sterday. following a request
    ileretary ol
    ivan Achaaon, nai
    clan ak) condltlona on |ilttical
    Mr. Kr<- "said thnt the word-
    were dropped from UM compro-
    ill o as not to put P >>"
    barriar to the uocaat <*f tho I*n- bi
    don talks.
    M'ir Than Km-Mi'h
    Wi ii- optnlaa
    . i .
    .. BJ
    dad bui ihis would oata I th.

    .... pre
    pared, howi w n) allow a price
    nf SO i. lit' iwr pound U) I*" pan:
    for Auslralinn beef while con-
    lollina the price of British
    Guiana l*f at 32 cents. Local
    represent at ii .11-- to Cuivernmrnt
    have raflad, and th* Oi
    . |
    what further atapl should

    The Direeton--' Ren- I
    i profti of I14.SM Rfl againat
    no.Ta u la ib.
    i on hand at th*> nupunum
    Ba\ innah .< Daccmbai SI, l*.
    re r umaafld have bean *>.''
    I --' red in the Ber-
    Hair getting thin?
    Picture yourself in ten years!
    pjahliwaa is hound to overtake you unlcvs
    i tthi:igtostopfallinghair sow.
    '. d you can do something to slop il.
    j rfalhouibtxauwit Hilarvedoul
    . .i_,M-d of ihc natural foods
    onnhichit live*.Sils iknnmake*
    up ihc deficiencygels your hair
    prowingand thnving again. Mas
    ugeyour icalpdaily with Silvikr
    1 ohon( with Pure Silvikrm
    for serious cases) and
    avoid the risk of
    tV Purr Sllnk'M in awWf rui <>l AuKkuff u>*J 'kin
    rr'hmili>r ihraiHg uie Slhtknn Hair /-
    From all chemists, hairdicueri and i
    Mhttrla IM*.r,lories LH, I 4-a. N.WJM, B
    if hair. A' a ilallv
    \ng Pu-t Sihikrmt
    Th.- Central Ifcuelni aa
    Planning Ofnce has bin in i thi- )<
    nf preparing Ruimvt .
    south of Georgetown on the Ea
    Bank of the Demerara llivcr.
    NEW YORK. May U.
    Maish.ll Pta-i
    lad uday atari
    tinted .i the pro-
    He addni that than a i never-
    theleas a strong senilment in Con-
    gress for more rapid progress
    U ward* thnt goal
    Kcm- endorsed the Iilea of en-
    ihe new states of S-utl
    in their tap)
    , i
    Labour Officers
    H ill Discuss
    Work Overseas
    *mp.eben-f;7'""h(s.hi" ,Hi,W'y,!vT'\r,.T decani lug centre I,u ,.->
    ' !.( Albuoy.
    , OlMclals of the Town-Planiui
    " Office are busy condu.-tini; -
    iblem, but
    Lacatun" i'
    Mlnlstrv of Food and In
    Kiiisdnm market,
    Itiocesr t'nnlml
    Thi. laUWB u u> all Inlaaria
    -nd puri>ue. Iminunr from Pani-
    na tii-i -< but it um,>. ,t i
    plible i.. I,eaf Sr-d I Mi
    al Rulmveld About IS hou*<
    from Atkinson Field and otb-
    salvuge rnat.'iial will l.e retnovi
    to the *ili' to proVade shelter t
    npproximatety 500 person*
    Preparing Ruin,.. L.i
    canting centre will include la
    log of a mad from Albuoystov
    (souihunnosl Waul In the ''it
    d frnm
    unt .oB,
    .001) I"'!*]
    ,1t tlllvg,
    (but unlike Panama IMaeaae. this , uimvp|(i sit,. whlch will
    Hi be controlled, parii.-alarh |((. levelled off. Ram is i
    hen Ihere are ewil> availahle preliminary work.
    nupplies ..I staler jh llirrc arc In _________
    Zoologlcnr Gardens in th
    western section of the Botani
    Based on the number of per-
    son-. Who visit the Natural Hi
    tory S<'rtion of 1h<* Museum, it
    estimated that by levyuig
    nominal chnrge of one penny per
    person as is done m the eai
    the Cover nment owned
    Gardens, after making allowt
    for a redu.-tion in the
    visitors, revenue dat ved
    this sounc would
    approximately $314 per
    or n little less than $4,000
    year It Is hoped that
    amount would lie sufficient tot The Indications fiom um
    defray the eosl of maintauftitfftVmHi ' Brill h G.....
    the Zoo b> way of wages nfl f*~if*fnr the local market, usually with
    for the speelmenj on exhibits. Rthe minimum ol cultivation, ire ian>seH unau fimi.n
    Capital ooal of Ihe eataWlari-'truffleiotii ii warrant turthei ex- GEOROwTOWfl
    ment II -! itad I be within peril His Grace the Ai-ehlilshop <
    the viciiutv of $12,000 and the cost While the generaljadminl U Ihe Weft Indies "wlUl Mm wi
    of maiTiteiKiii.-i- would be i" the Uon '. ill be under Dm Pepaafl. approval and nuppart" ol I
    ment-oi Aariculture, Mm anu I brothi manaapa i (tailed up*
    control nt poiuy will b.- under a Um Clergj ami La*ty II
    i.tninittre eonalatlng of a repic- tha Provmca t,. take pan Hi
    'entattva from each .>r the- three y,-ar In .i Provincial Acl
    11 -it. r an oxpeiimehtal Prayer nd Dadlcai..... Ii
    Itkels in Ik' Intn vena from Atceii-inn l
    one In iw.i vcirs. the results Im- Pcnli '
    n...... ,s-.-'.i- i'm.h*mi trti,r '" "" l ...... bj '
    aKOROBTOWN commercial scale, addluoi
    Mr. L. M. F. Cnbral. MA. will i..- planted and opportunlUei
    BC L was elected President of riven for prlvnte i rmei small
    the B.G. Bar Association nt the anil large, to grow bananas for
    Annual Meeting held on Fr'dav. shipment.
    May B. at the Victoria Law
    Courts. Other OnVe-beareri
    IM It di
    r whh h fat
    i- btw niontn
    mwai i me ttm orgai
    .he uropean aconomy would
    aaaCth) "f Mfel

    KINGSTON. Mas '<
    A model agreement for the con-
    Although ha knew of no new tract employment overseas i I Wl
    lillhinaaoilli Mi Kee saio Indian workers will bo on
    ... regarded the appointment of principal items ul bustneaa to be
    tion o( r>r*reJ CorhM Roiuulo PhH- discussed at the conterence of
    Foreign Minister a, a "tuh Caribbean Labour aflMaf.
    ,gPnlnC.ntstep towards the reali- JO ba hrfd in Barbados startrng
    ;,'t0Wf,aco;!r^u',^CO^', hrtWW1 His Possible that this agrceme,.
    ., a ,^ i. f to., will be based on the Internationa!
    He said the grouping of demo- ^^^ i intrkM in Asia In a pact ( writton cntracts for m.-
    im-lar to the rforttl Atlant, works
    rreaty wns Muntlu to tn"
    urU ,.*i>l ,h. Um'e.i Slates
    Primalr'n Call
    To Prayer
    of $4.nno ih-i
    Cabral Ptpsltfent
    Of B.C. liar
    LONI'i'N. M .
    The Korrlpn Mill I' i t IVanc* iiiui i!h- I
    Th.- M ivi* of oriunliallo.. "Jf ""llv ""'"'i"' !
    .,. lion A T 1',-l.r Vu - ," '" " imII h.tvo to If "" I'vOHOaHon of j moim.
    fmift.Wr.r A Cummin,.....*IM IMe. b, l. Brill h Q.,.. '"'7"" on lhr '"'"'
    fSccrelaiT). Mr. Jcnrior_ Singh an, Govon.rMnl "J^ dl><,s|n, 0erm.v
    Th. numbn ..f sucker, r th.- C.'uVul^"^".'".^^^"""''
    "It is only because the need If
    iraei and time so pressing.
    .hat i am M| | ohnad with in-
    n.iide thus far "
    id told lha United State* Cbti-
    teranco ol kta on i do not want
    ... confoaf disappointment wtth
    . -'lent, f am not discoUt-
    mH i batttva that the
    b dona and Ii bttfnngnil
    ,. !- BOM
    Mr. HolTman* aald tl.<
    Plan eOMBtriaa would need to ac-
    0 nipll ii withm the next 2
    hat would normally lake
    ::.'i veen,
    I p anvli cad that before the
    Marshall Plan is completed m !
    in Western Eu-
    rope with -in help win take those
    ltd Um i re Uon
    .. t in Europe which
    .....' epted M the prime Objec-
    Uve end which hea the full aup-
    the United Btati Qovaro* Rtataa: nnd M. itobert Schuman.
    eld PVanoi brtaflj dlacueaed colonial
    mattan loday( aneli epaolal rafer-
    Mr. HoBman Id be bauavep to Africa.
    .ism was o pacsing storm Thl main OUestlOB of ro-ordtn-
    '*" pre .....i at pBTlMai .?.,, 1.,'lween the Ihrrs- powers
    Dpk ,.,i to hi vc centred
    i., CzechoalovaMa detested divergencies Inside the Un
    which they were \ m .. colonial iiuestions.
    Foreign Ministers
    Disfiiss Africa
    1 ONDON. May 13
    The Fi. etgn Ministers of France.
    . | and Britain de-
    . Ided hen today to make fresh
    nvercOBM divergencies
    United Nations on Colo-
    nial questions, it was learned on
    good euthorrt]
    The three. Mr Ernest Bcvin.
    Hi I >. . \,li. i.n. United
    Jamaica will t. repie:^ nled ..'
    the COnfarenea by Ihe Labour Ad
    vUar. Mr G H Scott
    Loosener Mrs! Day.,
    Don't l#t *
    tns eCMaaa
    i Qovernrnenl
    (Treasurer). Mr Ouvi Persaurt
    (Assl Secretary). These oflV.
    along with the following will -'-- .J^fJP^l "", " tont and comprehensive policy
    constitute the GoverningjBody of oMaaM is set ""known, bu > cUriltlmi Germimv> &
    the Association: Hons Theo Lee sufllcieni ran be'nhta.nn some w i.l ^ (1
    and John Carter. Messrs J. A. ba ^^tedto local fanner, to ,e end of fher meeting. n
    Vecrasawmy and S. I Cyrus ry out for themselves. N ,jj Baeaai
    to li\
    r Given any reaaonabw Bhanca of
    i auccaaa the* woirtd right to break
    tl IWB3 from it.
    ft .11 s ago there were '.\ die*
    [a .he world led bv llit-
    \^ sialin." he said.
    The three ware viciously attack*
    i- . net" BchlnjJ upon the free
    |r world Two ore gone. I expect
    i to live to see the thirdthe mosl
    BTU "i "11 dictatorshipsgo."
    Brute r.
    B. rtilnj. chok-
    Rron^hllU or AatXm*
    p na r*rry an'Th-r
    without trlnr HKN-
    DACO i ".- i~. >.. .....
    muli', in;tlon or *|>nir, !
    throwiti i-i* Wood, t""" r*'
    1unii nd lironchinl tu* - - if. hr1|. : n-.lur-
    ,.. 1 ,. .. I
    m^v- |hl.-H iranai'-r < "i"-1
    promoi'" fr**r (.-.niiiln-j il
    mnr* r*;r...tan
    u. tottajl
    Q.| K
    narenl.....I l!" '
    l^>NDON. Maj
    The Bckian I'rnric Mlnistei
    Paul Van Zeeland. arrived here
    by air tonight from Brussels to
    take part in next week's North
    Atlantic Council meetings-
    Why so depressed?
    It veu faol so low-spirited.
    :nt simply because you
    run-down f Thousands who
    MM like you have quickly
    iwcovord ussir spirits and
    gained a hapoy outlook on
    life by taking a raviuaring
    coursa ol Phylloaan tabula.
    The eflacl of nuaho Phylloaan
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    sense of general well-being,
    disappearance of the faeunq
    ol depression and xhauatiotv
    and restoration of ensrgy
    The tablets are easy to take, but
    what a daSerence they make'
    If you take a coarse of
    tou'D find il easy to be happy!
    Hydraulic lipping Gear
    rrVlilon built, mnd dalgnd to minimi..
    train on Chun., T.l.holit Hydraulic Tlp-
    plnf Gear can b flttad to l molt ny typ. of
    inart or lon| whwlban vahiclo. Spoody
    tipping l> controlUd from tho drlvor'a cab
    and tha body can ba ralaad or kmrorod and
    hald at any Intarmadlaca poiltlon.
    All T.l.holit aqulpmarrt 11 guarantaad lor
    twalva month*.
    ,. -.,..n..
    DOWDING ESTATES Wll lll\lll\li La.. Ltd.
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    ll.i Slrri.l.
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    If you ret sharp etaes of paiii
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    and. at other tunaa, then is a
    dull and conunuow ache, the
    cause may lie in your kidneys
    These vital organs shoold nor-
    mally filter posaoas out of the
    n but soeneusies get
    The iMebache you
    B Nar> ra s way of warning jou
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    s nifferces in many parts
    o( the world for over
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    /*v your inemut and
    X^tT&fc^ get a supply
    De Wins ' I
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    condition and the ingredteiits con-
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    6ft EXTRA Protection...
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    mm EXTRA Motor Oil!
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    Vena^'Happy Motoring" iforfi of
    .....ii ii *........
    R. M. JONES & CO.. LTDDi.tributors.

    SUNDAY. MAY II, 1930
    f Amuvi MDff
    t i*-*(" 1*4.
    Stands Sup'MAKa>
    For direct mounting on D4 & D6 tractors,
    with Subsoilers. Chisels, Furrowers. Drainers
    Quick lifting, versatile detachable.
    ii.iiTill* 9ALES A MHVMX LTD.
    DO NOT be alarmed when you find thai Shell
    X-100 Motoi Oil change* colour soon after it hat
    been in use, for the fact that il become* darker in the
    lump than it wai in the container is a reassuring
    sign. It is visible proof that additive* in the
    new oil are preventing the deposition o( sludge
    nd lacquer which would otherwise form
    deposit* on working parts and cause piston rings
    to stick.
    You should be pleated to note the darkening
    of Shell X inn Motor Oil. because rt means that
    your engine i*"coming clean" . impurities thai
    would he harmful in the mass arc dispersed as
    minute, harmless partiUe* throughout the body of
    the oil. Ihe freedom of piston rings and '*
    stems, and the cleanliness of oilways. mean Icsa
    wear and no restriction of engine power.
    New life has been given to your engine when
    you have drained, flushed, and refilled wild
    MUM X-IOt) Motor Oil.
    SHELL X-100 will mix with any mineral oil which is
    already in Ihe sump, but to gel the best and quickest
    results. DRAIN. FLUSH, AND aggjk
    Detergent Stable Protective
    - . .... ~. ._______n. r.--- .... ,- ....< e.nlA >> a* _. 111. '
    1AM-- SABS)

    SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1M
    , f Fairmnmn
    Rfc*) I ... i il <
    j babe are
    Mr> Fred *
    W UiO. U
    Mr. I. .'
    Mildred War
    "X2Z. walter i
    ,,.! .ill mvt tba reaklanre
    of Mr Clyde Oollop Bi Saracen! Vil-
    luc Chmt Church, BI I oeloc*
    tim afternoon f,.r St. David'* Church
    ,-r invited
    Ada iil*t. Oyd* Keith i -at I...... -. M......
    Knight. Elmo llatpti and Loma
    Allr>ne 'dauahlerat
    Wa th* unaemgned deal re through
    ihl- medium to thank all the relative.
    and Irlend. who attended the lunar*
    and alao by their eapreaaiona of aynv
    ,*thv and olher kmdneaee. helped M
    IHhirn our aorrow in our recant b*
    ia-iwni thtnuBh "the daalh a* Mlaa
    KL'ZA HACKETT. 1*1* of Green Hill
    Nora* He'.i" a Kennedy
    K*nt.*d% tniere. r.l
    fr'OH HIM
    food Bum**** Wand will, or without
    r.oir Suitable Mr Dry Qoed*. Ma
    i)pa ..f Buainaaa called "Blue> Hbub*
    u. >_ n Apply Immediately
    MdC, after noun I1M
    Than. Broe. Dial 1
    ri'HSIbHED White Coll.i*
    IAWAY ft. Philip coaat Em*
    -.1. .1 bedrooma. ) eeivant FMBM
    . banting plani, welcr mm Hair,
    irh From May tri Dial t:
    lJ.M -T f >
    O round floor P
    Dial MM
    11 S
    i'( hi ii BUUJaa
    i ueilra. by a wrRbm
    i E B A Field.
    IICKfT V
    HAT downtialra, unfutnlalard. with
    one Ian*, coal bedroom private en-
    trance Unfumlehed apart mem up.
    atahri with etie large, cool bedroom
    Dial ' It i JO -in
    , PLAT Pi
    .Wei llllm.i,c,i |
    Kennarlyl Entire ronl
    i S Ml " 1 my. are b<
    opportunity to return 1
    ii mm* particularly well
    Huuna* available very eoon.
    Ma, Including linen and rut-
    ld| oflered for Mir Dial 42*0
    IM 'III.II' lllllll'.

    be the tint I
    II wall huiidmgi
    thereon niiuat* above Mai.
    : -.. .
    day ot May. IPS*,
    . noun of twelve and (out
    i -.non
    Trial* Ce.h
    F V MfWIUt
    Mil OB
    at St
    JEVITT !> k-
    th.l the Ma>l.
    win be -loved from Monday
    .pened on Mond* .. J
    lv ilrcoraled flat at the Aquatic
    II i 0to
    . May
    .la- al I pi
    Vlllb. St. I* Gap. near trie
    nog dimng table, one mahoB.
    one mahna kidnap
    (able, two painted decK chain, on* COM
    nahog I.iqunr rheali
    on* loUma aereen. on* ordce drawing
    room taul*. t*h .-. > p vnr oak Ice buck**.
    Btotri tub. i wo
    prtttaa and ikaitievn. two
    r laroe Cjprui wardrobe, on*
    horae, and many o
    p, .1.
    ,_:,1. B| .. .
    Ill UK I
    l..:. s.
    ... letter*
    death ol
    k- icmialn
    14 B BO- In
    I MO
    The Oilhe* Family
    ir mpaahy to ua In OU'
    ivtmanl octailuned throudh
    ol ou> beloved mother,
    II.KES who d*d on Sth May
    In rnarnot* of our luviof and devotrf
    mother A1XATHA IILSHUI' who *
    .aleaet on 14th May IMS
    Not dead to u* who loved her
    Not li but aoi* belore
    lliiruip t
    Fanhful H honett in all he
    I 1 In* and (he end
    I ,-
    ki lother D*
    A. Ife la- we will
    Rejiiembered by her lovlna huaband
    Ijiwrice Howe. Dauahtera Mra. O
    Week*!. Viotu IIIIM41 Ca*palr. Owl
    i4 a **-
    " di. Wonhini, with silver "
    ' iHare Oood e*-batriln| Dial I1M
    Bi Laahlay. II I Min
    FLAT Dpatali
    .-Monlad walae In
    narticilaia Dial Ml
    M'IDEKN rnxjNE BCNtiAUOW Seclu-
    1*d part Of Fan* Kill. bodrooma I
    labour aavintT 'i acre tioundi Apple
    I Mcholli a> Co. Sollcllol* 151 t
    nark M Telephort* )BU
    H'liAl IMii .ii'.i
    II I: \1 M\NK Al r
    r* tba arrdlura tkaiaiai
    :-< (iH..i
    rmiiM FlaataUan*. -
    kit l l.
    25 Countries
    Take Part In
    Paris Fair
    PARIS, May U.
    Jean LOUVwi, Fr**nt'h Mini"r
    ciU Industry and Trade, todiiy
    Tormally opened the Paris Fair "lat
    Fair* de Paris' at the Port Dm
    Vrriallles on the southern edfe ol
    '.h*j capital
    Some 10..S00 exhibitors (1,500
    ii. - than last year) have booked
    i c. Twemv-iivc countnes are
    r< : rnled in the S5 sections. Tin
    i intTrM Austria, B*1ium,
    C /Mhoslovskia, Italy. India, The
    nds, Pakistan, Swiuer-
    land, Turkey, and YufOSlavla
    have national stands. The lair wiV
    lasl until May 29 Fiv* million
    iranca worth of goods a
    d'abcv a *cirrr.
    united number of copies of "The New Plan for Castries. St
    ;ire on sale at lh Advocate Stationery at a co*t of %2 00 per
    14 5 50.In.
    Application*, from Sanitary Inspectors and Registered Narses
    (Hospital Trained) for ('nurar of Training at the Public
    Health Training Centre in Jamaica.
    APPLICATIONS are Invited from Sanitary Inspectors and Regis-
    tered Nurses (Hospital Trained) who ar- willing to be considered
    for advances courses which are expected to last about Eleven nnd Ten
    months respectively at the Public Health Training Centre in Jamaica
    I. Applicants should apply In writing before the 31st of May,
    to the Director of Medical Services, Government Building. The Wharf.
    and a full curriculum vitae should be included In the application.
    The scholarships for these courses If approved, provide:
    (a) Free air passage to and from Jamaica.
    (b) Subsistence allowance at (3 60 a day.
    (c) Travelling expenses In Jamaica at the rule of $14.40 per
    month. ...........
    (d) Contingencies at the rate of $4.80 a month.
    The scholarships will only be granted on the following con-
    TAKt NQTICX trwi I, it.r
    the ahovr FtontaSSima am about to obtain
    .. loan at l,0W undrr iha prov.uom
    at lha above Act aaainat in* aald Men-
    tation* in rt>i-< l >' (he Agricultural >-ar
    IPM to 1M1
    No money he* boon bont..i i-l.
    IbS Agricultural Atd. Act. IMS. or lh*
    It *uch yonr.
    Dated thla lllh day of May 1*00
    THE ACBIcn-TI'll
    \llt- \l I
    NIW HA\'XW. Crane Coart fully fur
    "'-had. 1 bedroom*. 1 aervantr
    double nraf*. lleThtlnt plant, walei
    mill. auprb baahlna beach 1H..1 4*1'
    November, I>ecember
    IS S SOt I i
    14 S &
    aUMMZMKOMK-FMtUBl* al HaaUnga
    f lh* a.-Ida near RoeJUay.
    i.i.un- conbtlna drawing, dining, br
    faat r ii bodraorna and all
    veolancen Apply. ManaKti Houae
    l0"> Hol T > SS-M
    Te (he credited bel*la| "tally Heat
    a*al*at -HUH. FLAMATIUS. al
    Takr Nolica thai I. the owner ol the
    -but* named plantation, am about to
    hi*Hi a loan ol Il.Wi under me pro-
    .i..ona ol th* above Act. aaaimt ihe
    ouaar. HMaan and other crop* of In*
    id plantatlo" i- >> "-i> la
    r -i.l cedfN
    yet been

    On Tueeday lh b> onler pi
    va will *ell ner houa* appoint-
    merit al "Con.ord". Kockley New Road
    which in***aai
    DtaaM) Table, upriam. arm
    chain and rnekeri. aldeboard. aarvlrtg
    1 ' !:.-
    Ina H*it*e for j. lour Arm ( liairt. and
    It'k Caiiea alaa*
    |h t. j UUaa and Chlu. Tea fiarvleea. PartdTM
    ible Ijimpa. Elect!
    Ruga, Uahoaanv gingli
    In Touch With Barbados
    Coastal Station
    Cabal and Wlreieca trlU Ihe following ahlpa through thelt
    llathadoa Coaat Station *
    A Cler*. a a
    SS Am
    . -
    . la, \
    Vanity Table
    - Matll

    ,n* **>, a i rm
    larder a'l p*!nied
    Coal Hto'e. Kitiher
    , - \. i
    Uiork<. Rota
    flood Bi-i-
    Thli (urnilLi
    all n i .
    .'.riW. mad.,
    hrfriaarator. i
    K b '
    .: Lady',
    n Tool.
    Trrw.* Caa
    JVANTA-CUvHAOn vm at
    r-enre Oap. ) badroorne, dr>
    dlnlna room*, kttchenatte.
    ivlng memory
    ilo If |
    if IMt
    But Iwere" wraiur lo deptor* Ihee
    ro* Ood waa Oiy roneom. thy guardian
    Bdid gulda
    lie gave th He look Ihee and
    lie will reetorp Uie*
    Mabel Held 'Mother i. Ultra Mary
    idauahtar. laia and Don
    Ren irarphrw*
    rTTTNOOBArnTER Apply in pa's"1
    a*d by Itttar rUUng Ojualincatloni U
    Manning a Co. Ltd COrnmiailon Dedt
    Take Notire that we. the Owner* ol
    he above plantation* *> aboul lo
    I loan o( C 10.000 under th* proVlalOP* Of
    he abov* Acl aaain.t the ul Mania
    ion*, in reepect ol lh* AarKullural }eai
    [MO to IMI
    No money ha* been boiroy,.
    Act* iitparaj Aid* Act. i*o>, or the abov.
    AbMua" Vs" riorid*,~B.S Akoai Roauna-r.
    M V Brain. s Indian Ciiy, 88. aun
    Jewel, S Keptnn. B B. Telemon. B*
    TurbUiallva, 8.8 lurabeih A naniaen.
    SI Lady Nelaon. 8 8. Pygmalion. "
    Vaao ChaUanooga, S * Manoeran. 8*
    Irtvpeiial Oi-lec S" Goiato. B Obaron
    AS uur. | Gotland. SS Thelmai 4.
    SS Unaoiloa C3St uoidi
    ... ...- s C
    :< --.lib*. MM.
    *h SS
    llaban. 8.
    ton. 9 a Mykrn. SI. L. C Couur*.
    l.irn-evlll*. S S A-tadn, S* l*uh
    -. S 8. Overo, S S Maria De Larrln-
    <* t Great Cy. s.s sn*afn-d. KB
    Avlla. MS Anvathco Veapucct. B.a
    lacrork, S.S. AMant,,- Produ.ei II
    H), 8S Cottlca. SS Tprhlra. Il
    tdian Challenge:*. 8 8 Bevanr. IS
    S Campero. S.S. Delphic. B.B ~
    S AMantlao. SS Rcaant Pan- I-
    Ponl Audemer. 8 8 Stella rVl- ,
    Megna. S S Sun A via. 8 B. |
    a) That th* Commissioners of Health agree to pay lo the
    officer, his or her salary while nbsent on study leave,
    where the applicant Is employed by the Commigsiofiers.
    (b) That the officer selected agrees to enter a bond to con-
    tinue In the service of the Commissioners or of some
    other body or Board in the Island whose function is lo
    administer to Public Health.
    14.5 S0_3n
    Lieut.-Col. J. CONNELL, O.B.E.. ED.
    The Barbados Hcirimmt.
    Mar IS. l
    1'nMi. SnlvH-Contd.
    a -oin Mulili
    and f/atar pi. .
    ,\i \..\ '- M-- ni'i
    und all pteel geej
    ii iw. l.\.|..ialor.
    hi ln> Colon-
    rUM Prapgag ana
    Tin* I .n.
    hular Boilrr. all
    vTHNEWAI.1, HOUSE, .landing
    :.. and a perchea ot land. .Ituated
    Jarlleld. St Thom*.. (ontalning
    d gallery, drawing and dining
    ... <-,ii....n. I. .--(-" riH.u,
    i -ater toilet and bath, alao
    II ihop and garage, encioaed
    Appl, un IIMIM. ,,,_,
    AWAKE BUVERS: G.--I Bay* fig
    al* Valu-* Inepert arid Devlde lot
    Mtvea I tar An F.cell*tit 3 B*d
    oom Stonewall ReaMe'..c In A'
    dlilon at Pine Rd An Altpacttv*
    if- Stonewall Bungi
    A-l Condition at Mo.tieith n.rrti
    Uadhtrn Pwket.. A Desirable I Bedroom
    Thuriday. 18 May, '50: The battalion will parade at I"00 hours
    on the battalion parade ground for a rehearsal for the King's Birth-
    day Parade.
    Owing to the Police Sports on Thursday. 28 May, 'SO, there will
    be no Regimental Parade.
    Officers: There will be a voluntary class for Officers on Monday.
    15 May. 'SO.
    N.C.Oi: There will be NO voluntary class for N.C.O.s on Tuesday.
    IS May, '50
    Orderly OfficerLt. S. t. L, Johnson
    Orderly Serjeant214 L/S Clarke. A. H.
    Next for Duty
    Orderly OfficerLt. T. A. Glttens
    Orderly Serjeant212 L/S Haynes, G. L.
    M. L. D. SKEWES-COX, Major.
    S.O.L.F. & Adjutant,
    The Barbados Regiment.
    i asa f a to*W 6 $ u,ooo *q.
    re. S acre* 4'
    1 aero*.
    BANYAN BEACH Brighton.
    block Tiouae. built II-
    Hlon room. ahoi. _
    flitted With Frl*.
    lent beach and aei
    irltyr telepl
    U LACK MANt Joaeph
    room. dining room. hreakfaat
    room, bedroomi, I Vttchena.
    bath room, all outbuiMinga. beau-
    tiful aurroundlnga, itandlng In
    aboul 5 acre* land, electricity,
    w-lrr. trlephona
    PIKE HOUSE St Mich***
    Stone houae. large veramtBh*.
    drawing room, dining room. 4 bad-
    room*, bath. tolkR. large garage
    trtclty. lelephone
    Jama* Stone and wood houae.
    overlnoklng *e*. own private
    bathing cove. 4 bed room t, living
    room, dining room, verandah*. 2
    bath rooma. outbulldinga. WBtar.
    KiiSlVN ath Avenue. Belle-
    villa Wooden ho^ae. drawlng-
    dinlng room, rlobrd verandah,
    bath, toilet, water, electricity.
    UTTLE IIATArj.YS Bt. P*t*r.
    Slon* houae. 1 varandaha. 1 ra-
    eaajtloii iam>. 1 bedrooma. 1 Oath
    roorna kitchen, aervani* quartan.
    water main* and well. electrTctly.
    about 1 acre land I.E. upper Spoonars
    Hill. Two atorey houae. psrl not*
    port wood. S bedroom*. 1 living
    roomi. verandah, kitchen, water,
    e alao have acraaja- and build-
    tag *Hc* at OibST Bay. St.
    Jgmaa. Rice*. St Philip, and In
    JOHN hi.
    Formerly Dixon BladOB
    FRIENDLY HALL*. Mavcock'*
    lav, BI Lycy Old eatate home
    i good atute of preacrvatton wild
    1 arm of 1mm and oU auayar
    | houa*. mill, table and cnrrlag*
    Contain* 3 recewlion, S
    I bedroomt. verandah*. Irmerl**,
    nt telephone, etc. LOW
    quick **!*
    ...nei- and garag* Vary
    e arched verandah on S
    id fernery. Right of way'LKY Navy QardOni.
    A very pleaaanl modern hou'a
    in cenUal and popular looalliy
    Tnia raaldencc ha* a large lounge,
    verandah, kitchen and 2 bad.
    raoSag on ih* Arm floor and
    rxUa room on ground floor now
    uiad a* a flat. The garden i.
    walled all round with -ton... At
    tne price a*k*d Una reaidencw la
    BUTE VISTA. RockUy ma*
    Golf Clubi On* of lh* batter
    type modern homes In aetect
    locality, well planned and con-
    itructed by a Arm of repute
    (jire. lornnge. dining room, kltch.
    en. 3 bedroomi iwtUi baalna and
    fltted wardrobe*' Iliad b&lhroom.
    garage, aervania* quarter*
    ..I rocft garden, idwn*.
    Rowartng ahruba and plant.
    Owing to unforieaii el re umata li-
    ce* thla dealrable proparty In
    offered at well below coat for early
    WWDY RIIXlE. Bt Jam**
    Thla vary aUraeUvel. altuatad
    modern atone hung alow Bag $
    large bedrooma verandah. 2 loungea. dining
    toilet. There are I
    -. under cane and th*
    ... jlndar la very well laid out
    with lawna. rruli tire. 8ow*nng
    ahruba etc The view can never
    be .polled and iTevalllng breere*
    are iinobatrorted. S ml lei town
    NRA nENriRA-pma Hill Eetate.
    built coral atone
    In arlort reeldenlial
    -- >rn dealgvied anif ton.
    tnicred hy a rep^itablp firm of
    "on-nvco-. beelrooana ibullt-
    in w.rdrobwi loungw'dinlng
    nied allchor. Hied bathroom
    toilet. garage, laondrv.
    U" quarUa* etc
    nr*tOCXc*\-U Oraama Hall
    Atmctlvely d'aianed
    -o it,., home well eat
    tth wide frontage. Coral
    'ii* with aabeato* roof,
    elled door., all bulft-ln
    There la a large
    "d dining; room with
    - foom for i car*.
    proviiion for aolar haatar nig
    property may be [urchaaad fuUjf
    ITa i American dealgn .land-
    ing oo ridge overlooking; naaUmg*
    and Worlhmg. tM> SJ1BLB|
    gjljvel Ma-aiBceni .,. 3
    Wn" atuaw^a* J^T1' d,nh
    totT k ,., / """"oom* with
    bttet.., I. '"2- """**' modem
    kitchen, laundyy. aervHtir ouar-
    ooo^' "*"' Undln' -
    lnLraT?N^1NJ-?A "~*mr - An attractfvc aaa^alda a-
    wh h""L ^" f"- aiSy
    nun*, with cocktail be,
    !"*" and aervant.'
    EnQulrie* invited
    hedrooma J with
    I. haped
    - -iteaea.
    CIIAIR8 Oprree* Orlc* PofUir*
    Chaira With three point adjustment to
    give perfect poatur* aod rraaalmurn
    romfort equipped wHh ininr* T
    ;* *. ""' ng rda world
    J""- bedroom* kitchen.
    .... *" *** out-bulldlnat*
    Aurtioneer a Surveyor
    PLANTATIONS in iiniM;
    raoae 4444
    C llOnS 1 CROUMSC. UIIII>IS4ISI K. IHIISklSf. THf Sm CROS 4.l\f.l K ill

    IMM N*WM
    PACK FlrTKr.N
    West Indies Cricket lour

    Daily BBC Broadcasts direct beam on 1B85 metres.
    For those not interested in megacycles. Comments u
    cricket if there are any such eeption or on the quality i
    individuals in the Wet Indu-- reporting will be wile
    these weekly note* on BBC Address these to The BBC. P.O. httmmniT'pmiit* lit am a.^
    programmes wit] prove very Box 4C*. Kingston. Jamaica. BW I. ^'^^.^cLZ'JZ22 n*i2?i!i2
    beting for the next lew month-. Caribbean Voice** * *. P. n. A-ii^Ti. is
    While the BBC^ tries to cat^r -. -Th, schwtulc of -Caribbean t^*\\f 9\?*^"MUZ*riZ
    all tastes they have gene to eon- Voices'for May contains very little P^ni., Ctfei i p-'Tx..
    atderable troubleand expense ------,-----------... .*----------j....rf.i. i
    to provKlf full'coverage ol the
    Indie, cricket matches ana En0nOl7"oM Of theat'wffl be heard J >, '?*' "N'V
    Sunday. 14th May. E M. -
    will therefore appear to be
    centra ting
    public during the tour'and in this
    column we recoynise this fact by
    constant reference to the cricket
    broadcasts. For the week begin-
    ning 14th May reports by eye-
    witnesses will be given at 7.15 ..
    p.m. each day in the West Indies u,re w,n ** two BBC
    half-hour which begins at that r"m.m*. " .lwo w
    tributor on Sunday is Ernest C
    of Trinidad.
    Two British Writers
    On Wednesday nexi,_17th Inst.
    time daily-except for the Sunday "< ls * Walter Scott who is the
    programme which will continue -ubjeei of a talk by Lord David ,0'
    to be devoted entirely to Carib- Cecil n the series on "The English jg"gj
    bean Voices/ From Monday to Nov,er- The seeond is H. G^ Wells.
    Friday the accounts will cover the new Judgment on whom forms a WRUX i
    last two days of the match against 'ure programme at 1.00 pm .
    Surrey and the three days of th
    This critical assessment has been
    match against Cambridge Uni- written by gingsley Martin Edito
    verslty. On Saturday, the open- of The New Statesman and Nation
    log day of toe match against the nwutod by J F. Iforrabin who.
    M.C.C. i.e. 20th Inst. In addition to >'ke Klngsley Martin, was a per-
    the report at 7.15 p.m. there wfll """I fri*nd < w*lls _
    be ball-by-ball commentaries from British Landscape Painfint:
    8.00 to 8.S0 a.m.. from 10.45 to On Sunday. 14th inst the
    11.IS a.m. and again from 100 'British Masterpieces' will deal 'Tip tVtu*"i o'm
    p.m. to 1.30 p.m. Special beams with British Landscape Painting pm. Hl will be put on for these com- with, of course, particular mention -" p*ra bvh-. i*j pm \wi ,.
    mentarles on 16.95 metres. 17.70 of Constable. The talk Is by the i^r^T'pi Pt^ ^t U"ioTo m'
    megacycles and for the first broad- art critic Eric Newton and can be Th Daily servK*
    cast there will be an additional heard at $30 p.m on Sunday
    W.I. Score 468-4
    Record Batting
    from page 1
    W. Sur- the tea interval. Weekes com-
    pleted a forceful century and the
    tea interval found the score at
    282Weekes 104. and Wnlcott 51.
    into Malodv
    is p n Frgmmn* Parade 5 *i pm
    PIM** ol Inicrnt 1U p m. Dance
    Miane p m Rm, fp tin- Curtain
    . B.m, TT?.,V1!? 1 10 p in N,.
    AnalrUa T IS-T M p m Eye witne..
    A return ol wi v. Surrey !ltt
    p m u.hi ,,. p m B, SrW
    reel 111 p m Scien... Review S XI
    p m Tip Top Tun*. p ,,. The
    Animal World 90 p in Oi
    ""l"1 *. t pm Th. Calhedr.i
    Oman* 10 p m Th* Nrw 10 ! p m
    '* II pm. The New.
    J. Laker. Alec Bcds>
    ridge. G. Klrby, J. Mc. Mahon
    The Start
    Coddard won the toss and de-
    cided to take first knock In Ideal
    batting conditions. The tourists
    suffered an eAfJy setback, losing
    Roy Marshall with only 9 on the
    boards Allan Rae and Frankie play. Weekes and Walcott
    Worrell brought the score to 56 pletely mastered the
    before Worrell was dismissed, bowling and piled up runs well .From Our Own Coemporulmt)
    and at lunch Rae was still at the ahead of the clock. Walcott com- KINGSTON
    wicket, partnered by Everton pletd a tine century, and reached Seven classes of occupat:
    After Tea
    i the final period of the day's
    Holidays For
    After Round Of Victories
    Weekes. Marshall mistimed both 128 before he
    the opening bowlers, Alec Bedser Alec Bedser.
    and Surridge, before he was The partnership had added 247 appointed
    splendidly caught close to the
    ground by first slip off Bedser.
    Three quarters of an hour
    elapsed before the first boundary
    ind Walcott had hit 15 bounda-
    ies and had batted for 2*i hours.
    Weekes who was then partnered
    by Christianl. batted for 5 hours
    out l.b.w. to are to be recommended to Gov-
    ernment by a Committee
    came, from a cover drive by Rae and in his 192 hit 21 boundaries,
    off Surridge. The first hour pro-
    duced 35 runs Then Worrell fell
    to Laker, right arm off spinner a"d ihe total 468 when stumps
    who toured the West Indies with WGre d
    9. Woi ii .
    E Weehe. r
    C Walcott l
    the M.C.C. two years ago.
    Trying to drive, he was well
    caught In the stipe. He was at
    the wicket for 85 minutes for his
    17, but Rae had faced most of
    the bowling. Weekes played
    delightfully and stayed with Rae
    until lunch. Rae. employing the
    cut freely at the expense of m
    Australian left arm googly bowler, i
    McMahon. completed SI out of
    88 In 1 hour. 45 minutes with a
    sparkling on drive off the Aus- ran
    trallan. At lunch he was 52 not -*&
    out and the total 90 for 2 wickets.
    Weekes was 16.
    After Lunch
    After lunch, and in glorious
    sunny weather Surrey who had t'
    a long time in the Held yesterday I'olK'V ACTCeiTieiU
    against Derbyshire, had to strug- J ^B
    upalions to which the provls
    ions of the Holidays with l\iv Ijiw
    1947, should be extended.
    The law was passed in 1947 but
    never out into operation Recant-
    Christian! wa three not out. }Li^,^'e1,^'nil,fp,^intcd "
    .j .u_ ..-. .i ..... Committee, under the chairman-
    ship of the Labour Adviser, to de-
    rote the types of occupation in the,
    island for which the Govemor-in-
    Executive Council should maki
    regulations for statutory ann
    holidays. The types of occup,.ti.
    to be recommended are. (1)
    The scores:
    "Big Three" Reach
    gle to keep the runs down.
    the ball at
    Rae went on
    make 96 In three ho
    utes. Including 15 fo
    to complete his
    straight driving Jin
    Instead Laker held
    the second attempt.
    Weekes, after a slow beginning
    reached 50 In 78 minutes
    Clyde Walcott joined Weekes
    and this pair proceeded to tak?
    heavy toll of the Surrey bowling.
    Rae had left with the score at
    ltS. and the second centur> wai.
    soon hoisted. Weekes scored all
    around the wicket, and Walcott
    punched his way past 50 before
    bat well to
    iirs five mln-
    jrs. He tried (5) The thrc
    century by
    Laker, but
    from page 1
    manufacturing esti bllnhnienl;
    building construction, (3) tram
    portation, (4) dockworker*. (5
    establishments in which panotH
    are employed mainly In clerical
    work. (6) establishments for the
    treatment and care of the sick.
    (7) theatres and places of nm
    The inclusion of domestic s.
    vants in the categories of rork
    no ara entitled to annual holi-
    days was weighed, but no dec!
    ched because it was diffi-
    cult for the Committee to see how
    legislation could properly he
    plemented. A special report
    this) subiect will be forwarded to
    the Governor
    Two Fined
    For A88atill
    AI-ON7.A HAMBUN of Slat;
    Hill and 40-year-old Ursulii Penty
    of Bridge Gap. were both found
    guilty by His Worship Mr. A. J. II
    Hansehell yesterday of obstructing
    and .i..s.inning Island Constabl
    i the
    rnmenls vjre
    baslcgTIy agreed as to the Im-
    portance of the politic*' devel-
    opment of the peoples of
    Africa and improved economic
    and social conditions there
    There ahould be close' co-
    operation between Britain.
    France and other African pow-
    ers and the United States.
    (6) Consultations between the
    three powers should be mote
    frequent. The Ministers agreed Herbert Mayers while
    to meet again soonpossibly f^on of his duty.
    In New York before the next Hamblin was fined 25/- for the
    meeting of the General Asscm- obstruction and Fenty IS'- for the
    bly of the United Naffcrns. assault. The offence* were com-
    Renter. milted on May 12.
    a* Combermere School May 24-27
    Colt Wins
    500 Stakes
    KEMpTON PARK. Middlesex.
    May 13
    Mr. Winston Churchill saw his
    French-bred four-year-old colt,
    Colonist II", win the 500 Victor
    Wild Stakes over one and a half
    miles here this afternoon.
    Tremendous applause broke out
    as soon as it was seen that the colt
    had the race won a loAg way from
    the post, and the cheering con-
    tinued right until "Colonist IT1
    had been led into tho winning
    "Colonist II". ridden by T.
    Gibbs. started 54 and beat the
    odds on favourite Jal Mahal by
    three lengths.Reatcr.
    DETAILED results of the rM9 Cambridge School Certificate have
    quoted below.
    The School entered 14 candidates for the whole examination 13 ol
    with exemption from London Matriculation).
    Besides this, 8 supplementary certificates 7 of
    were obtained.
    Of the 5 candidates passing with exemption 1 was superannuated f
    rison College In 1948.
    N.B. This Is the ONLY school to offer examinees in oral French,
    accomplishment In the learning of a foreign language
    With Low Wcdm In While Nuburh and Murk Huedr
    t-aai row
    11 m HoUnro Mtrum I
    I>ny Mf*tina: 1 pin Balm
    Preacher : Lteutenaiil H-- I
    DLAMOm* i ohm it
    . HollSMl Meel.n I
    pint Mrrlim T pnv K*ltat.
    Prrarhri Ueutenai
    SgA VII*
    m Merlin. 1 |> m Tom-
    Meelinc. 1 p.m. :.
    mi aOAD*
    m Com-
    Heelins'1 pii. aaSa
    sr. maieb LiraraAK can m h
    ! Oihiii. iiiimn.-i.
    Open Air Mrrvu-r *i I i i;
    'Danohue. Speaker. Subleti What I.
    Error" W*nwd*y Kvenina a' 7 pm
    Open Air Seivlre ..' ti ....
    Ii k,,..
    hofiu-iK -.TMter
    .hau: HILL n *
    I > WrekP*
    I 'I NECK II am
    m M. s,. ,n,
    SHOP mi i
    D S :. 7
    fff THAT l*i III I i I
    FTTTiXV SiiT
    s*:*: i\s hum
    \v'e can Supply . .
    PHONE 2117
    K Op|-ji'.- Fir,- BnoadeColeridur Street
    Ml SI IHOI I
    \i i,-Fi iirosi -in n
    i:i i.i l \K in Till: M-I.I.OW i \i:kis
    Mil II ilOK ( llll.OKr N> IN Till: Hit t. CARTON 1
    MI'sri.KOLr. is ., n< n stuiriiiig ir-n i in m Vapoui Client 1
    It il which correctlv applied will l.rnii 1NSIAN V HKI.IBF to
    t 'i Ml' i in I COLDSSOUtUOaVT and all kinds ef
    MI'STI-ftOI.t: ve eongestlofl awlftlv and efieetively...
    YOU .vhi.uKi never be uitheul a ).n of Ml SIHtULl m
    Hi,- house. It s MlSTMtOLr: for both ...lull* and children.
    RETAIL I'KKJ: 2 t A JAR.
    t.hUinaMe at .
    Messrs Booker's (bdosi |)ru^Stores Ltd.
    Broart Street and Alpha Pharmacy. lUxllugv
    And at ALL 1IR1 ( sTORtS.
    - -.-.-,e...*..^e.-^^>eieJe^^^,e.e^,e^^.ex^.*-*.-.-r*-e^'^.'ir>r,.'
    English Language
    Written French
    Mathematics ..
    Religious Knowledge
    English Literature .,
    Spoken French
    No. of Entries
    UisUnction and ,
    Credit Passes I


    L. A. LYNCH.
    hich were with distinction or credit

    SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1IM
    Nude For
    A ti in.ujrvnt. Itfe-slze figure
    of a Mldo woman and not food
    -ill ic the central feature of
    h Food Fair at Olympla,
    London lYoffl August 29 to Sep-
    .,.,. I,- !.
    ft r u i. ueed by the Centra)
    i RMMfl tot Health Educattoi
    lllmll .:< tulks by doctors and
    mi., on tin* proper selection
    and u*. >f foods.
    An exact reproduction of the
    female tody, II shows every organ
    blood vessel, bone and nerve ana
    the- organ* ran be Illuminated b:
    an internal lighting system to de-
    monstrate the talks.
    An official of the council, wb
    deseri'ed I he figure as "tiuite un-
    cenaorrri declared.
    'If ;iii>>ti,- conir* along wil
    dirty m:nd it l> not our fa
    Th. N at nothing dirty about
    humin body.
    'The tigure is the result of 30
    years' research work by 'ierrnan
    "There ie onl> two such fig-
    ures In cstttence. and Dr Robert
    Sutherland rnedJea) advrr
    ecrctarv in the council, i
    viMTially la Colour." to negotiate
    It* in
    r f
    FOR the liis: time In their
    Just off Government Hill. I
    is one of the first signs
    history. Ihe roads in the Ivy Village,
    re getting their names put up Here
    ___ figure is mad'
    parent plastic material and
    built up with an anonymous
    man woman acting as model With
    It our lecturer* will !* able '!
    demonstrate to visitors to the Fair
    cxactlv how infected foods are
    harmful to the sysbm. .m lorrect foods benefit the bocK
    havala. Ha
    Conductor Collects
    S. Americun Muni*
    BUENOS AlRr-S. May 13
    British conductor Sir Malcolm
    Sargeant, told a Press Conference
    in Buenos Aires this morning thai
    he Is collecting Uruguayan. Bra-
    zilian and Chilean music during
    bis present tour of ihose four
    FRUIT seller* yesterday made a countries In the hope to be able
    good trade in the city area. Water to glee a concert of South Ameri-
    *- -. ,!" rt"r'can *_onm coconut* were vrrv plentiful. es- can music when he returns 10
    toe**. DwuHmjan*[Freedom i^Wlv in the Probyn Street area. Brltarn-Re.ter.
    openeu here last W\ at the and quIck sales were being made___________
    National Capitol wiin Senaior because of the great heat -----------'
    Miguel Suanx, Femandei. Presl- Oranges, limes, and mangoes a. _*J 4 ?
    .lent -I the Cuban Congress, wel- couM be seen in every stall, and ActlOH AlTUIIlsl
    .on.nn: gppnnUauitasy 2UU dele- there was the constant call of these
    "' "i "of -mgn*roQ' bw* U.S. Oil Companies
    -ind Puerto Rico.
    Tho oonfareace i& seeking iir*t
    To find means to strengthen
    ueiiit-ii.i.y In the Americas. Sec-
    ond: To obtain co-operation ol tha
    COnltnenl lor world peace And
    Thin! To establish a i '
    OffAilsaUon to galvanise de-
    mocratic |ieoples to a degree
    when in they ar* ready to delend
    democracy, even at the cost of life.
    against all dangers.
    Pnutcei Grant, Chairman oi
    the Latin-American action of ihi
    umal League for
    Right* < f M
    tion oi II
    The supply of mangoes which i
    imported are becoming v e
    abundant, and are being sold a
    low price.
    and around Uusbey's Alley,
    mill such as pliieupple*, baiu>nah,
    papaws, sweet sop*,, ami mummy-
    apples, were being ijuickly pur-
    chased. Several children were
    seen purchasing cashews and
    sajiodllias. which come from the
    country districts.
    Vegetable*, especially carrots
    and cabbages were plentiful and
    housewives were seen gathering a
    eld the [Jcclara- "upply of these. Tomatoes are
    Rights should be- Quickly getting out of season while
    i are a bit scarce.
    document in the ar- Pantal
    afiveg of nations, but a reality.
    and a staff of life for every man
    and woman in this hemisphere
    "Millions of fellow Americans
    are unable to speak in their own
    defence because rivil and politi-
    cal liberties are suppressed in an
    alarming number of American
    I '
    It is to hear'.en these inarticu-
    late Americans that, e meet here
    to form a hemispheric front Tor
    democracy and liberty "
    The session was closed 1.30 rim
    by Last) Havan. University Pro- after taking "his dull'
    WASHINGTON. May 13
    The United States Juslice De-
    partment to-day announced I
    major anti-trust court action
    against seven large oil companies, f
    Tin- st.iiui.ii i Compatu and DM
    Shell Company w e r a named
    among the defendants
    Attorney-General Howard Mc
    Grath said he had ille.i ;i civil
    ..lion m the Los Angeles Federal
    District Court, charging the com-
    iih anti-Trust La viola-
    ions "in tha production, uansport-
    atlon, refining and marketing of
    crude oil and refined petroleum
    products in the Pacific States
    Area". Reuler.
    frantic Search
    For Lord Milt I way
    Britain's Jockty Peer
    Mueller Arrested
    As British Spy
    fessor who said that the id'eali
    (hi confaranot were already
    rooted In millions of hearts there-
    fore ha was confident that the
    meeting would progress In the
    defence of democracy Healer
    BEHL1N. May 13
    East German police have
    PLYMOUTH. May 12. rested Kurt Mueller. Deputyli
    Police aided by coats were to- Chief of West German Commun-!1
    night searching for Britain's 1st party. East German Ministry I
    premier jockey over hurdles. Lord for Slate Security announced to-1
    Mildmay, who disappeared today day.
    at the "Mueller was arrested becauseI.
    ie Yealm Uiver near he W0B an agent of a foreign 11
    . power and guilty of other criminal |
    known to offences." the announcement said
    fans. No details were given ol win-re
    Her was arrested. Thfl W< '
    nan Communist party yester-.
    "Milord", as he was
    thousands of British
    went out early this morning from
    his country home at Holbelon for
    biVh^the^ver'^uth """"' ^"T^ Sjj't? af'
    Four hours later his clothes were Mueller Iron, the part] for al-
    found on the beach and a wide- ***** Py|n*' tar foreign i "wei
    spread search was immediately '*,er named by Communist I or- |
    started for the 41-year-old peer, liamentary leader
    It is known that at certnin stages as Britain.
    of the tide, the beach from which Reports yesterday said thai
    he bathed is dangerous. Mueller had) disatipejred from |
    Directly they heard he had dls- his borne in Hanover Reuter
    MM United States has produced appeared, the police called in help
    babv atomic bombs small and a fast motor fishing-vessel
    enough to bo carried by jet planes, was ordered out to sweep the
    official- said to-night. waters at the river mouth.
    The omcials said that the small A Sea Otter 'plane and RAF
    "i1*. 1 bombs did not mean launches were also called on, and
    that they were less jHmerful than ihe Plymouth lifeboat went out
    ruU-Stted bombs whl|e motor-boats from nearby
    The officials gave no indication seaside towns also began to scour
    how powerful that "baby A- the sea approaches neuter,
    bomb could he, but Ihe report
    US Has Baby
    Atom Bomb
    Polish Diplomats
    Flee Finland
    prompted speculation that it might
    bo more powerful than the early
    model atomic bombs dropped on
    Japan or tested at Bikini
    It Was reported that the secref
    of the new bombs lay in a non-
    cxplosivc casing nr envelope
    called a "tamper" which enabled HELSINKI, May 13.
    a reduction In (he "critical slue" Two diplomatics In the Polish
    of the bomb legation here have flown to
    The critical sue of an atomic Sweden with their families after
    bomb is defined as the amount of refusing to return to Warsaw
    fissionable material, such as Uran. They are Dr. J. Zeprowski. Cul-
    tum 23f. or Plutonium, which must tural Attache, and Mr. F. Mysz-
    be assembled in order to produce kuwskt. Vice-consul.
    an explosion. Both are believed to be on their
    Healer, way to Argentina. Reuler.
    The Wivithcr
    ion AY
    Sun Rises: SM a.B0
    Sun Seta: 6.13 p.m.
    Moon (New) May I
    Lighting: 7.UU m
    High Water: 147 ai
    Ralnf.t.1 i idrlnct..ii
    Total for month la Y>*l
    day: Ins
    Temperature (Mln.) 1 SS
    Wind Direction (9am?
    ; iC
    ) E
    Wind Velocity H mile* per
    llaromcter ( am.>
    (11 a.m.) 292i
    Glltens 11 45
    ; flie/ll Dolt
    I'r. Vi m. Hrnrv I Swan
    j ii i.rii. l.TD IIS. Hep. asssai ^nUiiv* COW A OATr LTD BaiUins. Brldsalown.
    as lot leiJdi' 1 .nnw-t Baby CnnlM IBM. and .1.. :
    ./r uirtunt
    1 IMSJQ1 thai , Cow A Uaie Baby ad I
    I.I uken rum UBI *t
    COW GATE M.IW ....t 1 *MIT .. sbld by lb* dclln ill nr Special Commii-
    IBS sml Judsn
    Itaby'* Nam*
    Bom on ..........A

    Sisnslur- of Parrni f I
    If *> ar* nal *>l ailaV - a (( fa* *' Babr. Sast
    i. > t.n im n .i" ...- asseeal -! <> babr *
    UK a UATK Mllh raa, lb* n..i Stilt far bablH -S--
    lalatal rClnB tail. Can S CSBSS HHb S-. i. r... Iraai
    all !. [)" larlaallBC labrrrl*. diplhulla an4 i.antt*.
    raw a aett rasd i> '- Btasasa taw a osi* rsffJai !'-***
    SaaaSSS Ibai all SSHB bbtSM ar* uiu.l. MiraTaS a-bllrt
    iha auantial viiaimn* and valuable mineral aatla abt** bsbr
    ,..<> i. ,,..- trallbl baa** aad Jutina alraai lr*U> ""ila

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