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Panama Canal Museum Exhibit Materials : Historical Images

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Title: Panama Canal Museum Exhibit Materials : Historical Images
Physical Description: Mixed Material
Language: English
Creator: Panama Canal Museum
Publisher: Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication: Seminole, Fla.
Subjects / Keywords: Canal Zone
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00098887/00001
 Material Information
Title: Panama Canal Museum Exhibit Materials : Historical Images
Physical Description: Mixed Material
Language: English
Creator: Panama Canal Museum
Publisher: Panama Canal Museum
Place of Publication: Seminole, Fla.
Subjects / Keywords: Canal Zone
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
System ID: UF00098887:00001

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Made Lk

Da Mia-.e Lk

Charles D. Hummer
C HARLES D. HUMMER, is Foreman Wrecker on the Central Division of the Canal. It was the fourth day of
September, 1904, that he first landed on the Isthmus, and Uncle Sam was just taking count of stock to see what he
had to work with and wondering whether he could put any of the old French machinery to any use. Deciding that
perhaps he could, he put Mr. Hummer to work in charge of the French excavators at Culebra. Mr. Hummer remained
there for a year and was then transferred to the Mechanical Department, where for a year he was employed on the
erecting of steam shovels. From that position he was promoted to his present place. He went to Cuba in 1898 and
stayed there for two years, working in the Quartermaster's Department. From Cuba he went to the Philippines and
put in four years in the Quartermaster's Department there. On his return from the Islands the Panama proposition
looked good to him, and without pausing long he was off and away again. Mr. Hummer is a native of Somerset
County, New York, and received his education in the public schools. He is married and has a bright young son
who was born on the Isthmus. Before her marriage Mrs. Hummer was Miss Nellie M. Hunt. Mr. Hummer is a
member of the Knights of Pythias, the Kangaroos, and the Army and Navy Union.

Orrin M. Clark
O RRIN M. CLARK, who is now a Railroad Conductor in the Central Division,
is a Kansas man, having been born in the town of Washington. He was one of
the first to join Uncle Samuel's army of canal workers, reporting for duty in the
Canal Zone on the 3ist of October, 190o. For three months he was a Train Guard
at Cristobal, and then for eighteen months was employed in the Transportation
Department of the Isthmian Canal Commission and the Panama Railroad. After
this he returned to the States for a time, but in 1909 was back again, and since then
has been steadilyemployed in the Construction Department of the Central Division,
being appointed a Conductor. He is a member of the Independent Order of
Panamanian Kangaroos and the Improved Order of Red Men. His wife was Miss
Margaret Green, and they have two children, Charles and Margaret, born on the

Lyman U. Cole
W HILE comparatively few men from the northernmost State of the Union have found their way down to Panama
to assist in the building of the great canal, the few State-o'-Mainers who have done so have made enviable records
for themselves. One of these men is Lyman U. Cole, who was born in Livermore Falls in the County of Androscoggin,
State of Maine. It was in the public schools of his native State that he received his education, and in New England
that he learned the carpenter's trade. He was a contractor and builder in New Hampshire and Massachusetts up to
the time of his coming to the Isthmus on the fourteenth day of July, 190o6. He was installed as Foreman of the Carpenter :
Shops at the great Gorgona shops and has been satisfactorily filling the place ever since. He ish' member of the Masonic
Order, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Daughters of Rebekah, and the Ancient Order of United Workmen.
He is married and has two children, a son named Robert D. and a daughter named Dora E. His wife was Miss Callie
B. Page. The carpenter shop at Gorgona is in the Mechanical Division, and has a force of over thirty men.

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Certificate of 3Rtcogtition

Driesruetcb to

fjarles W). ~ultnunier, ir.

311 I lcoiitio i of l iniitaita Canal il.tI bi aring tb),
itulal Conistrnutlrort rriolb. 1904 -1914
of is #iratinbfatlitr

Cbarles M. rfulimer

tullo tuas atimuil ttic iRooSclbclt iletral tuitl) four ba s
fto tei wats' ouoistt ladioin rmst 1904- 1914

ikoicaulit fleblaI #144
firStit Vl #91
tronib bs1t #61
Cltlrb Ilar #49
lfonrtl tiar # 27

i ti& itroiflaton w a corplL. flora recordss subilttId to tht
Panama Canal Museum
J 2inury29 2DD2



-i--i __________________





The Panama Canal..

America's Git to the World

Mamie Elizabeth Miracle

BY teaching five successive and successful terms of school at Empire and Culebra, Mrs. Mamie Elizabeth Miracle
has won her Canal Medal and therefore belongs to the elect of the Panamanian Army of American Workers. She has
been a resident of the Isthmus since March, 1906, and she has the distinction of having been the first American school
teacher at Empire. She is now Principal of the High School at Culebra, the only high school in the Canal Zone.
Mrs. Miracle is a native of the energetic State of Kansas and is splendidly representative of the vigor and stamina of the
women of the Sunflower State. She attended the public schools and then finished her studies at the Kansas State
Normal School where she fitted herself for a life work of teaching. She arrived in the Canal Zone in March, 1906,
and that month and year also mark.another interesting epoch in her life, for it was on the 2oth of that same March that
she was married to Mr. F. W. Miracle, Storekeeper at Empire for the Subsistence Department of the Panama Rail-
road Company. Mrs. Miracle is thoroughly up-to-date in her teaching methods and has a happy faculty for securing
and retaining the interest of her scholars. She is popular with both her pupils and their parents and is widely known
throughout the entire Zone. All the Americans in the Zone are justly proud of the Commission schools, and no small
share of the credit for their success is due to Mrs. Miracle's work in the High School.




Morgan Avenue Ga Wl Place "MorganAve. Gang"
SPay Final Tribute
Bronze Plaque At Site Of Plane To Bob Mantrand

Crash Where Bob Marstrand Died ... ....
In la aditio 6, = th e mily n th
.:I u Ith= L --r.
Joe And Charles Hummer And Earl And Elmer Orr, m uind t oeseur bos to
Boyhood Friends Of Young Flier Will Make S "d aee f wtif
Pilgrimage To Trinidad Peak those that died with Bo, as his
ru irbufte to hrss padeen, The
Joe and =Chlre h u r ol llcri".Ion ",_
who fr.. early ehQl -. strandi wreath win be
Etrl and Elmer Orr, rq Bahqa IIn Pee am of Bob Mar-
late Robert Matrand ae early bhd daya by the
d si g ne d a n d e on s t l? 4 d a I n e o f t h m wh o a* diedl w i th

Ibron plaque to hltt, iMot Ir rh lF LS d
ond will tae1e Sunday W -L-11 C' droiet dotthiarm eet -

it at the tof inr ad tb m
plan t agedy, I record atd his 18mAk .be

The plaque on son owr lobrn I AEs "BR M ST R
Charles ~ ~~ Mer -mmwe thh" desig ItswigcadIncipi
fo ht hed a at d th a t of Ith th at hy died at mhncn -

ursh an th emen tInem pin 3 1 m ar
Memory of Robert w i ll- | F
trand December 19, 1' -- t thm in r
September 13, 1935 p --J q G
In rats lettetn, wi c plaque on an t.
ter ntop design of i inmc ahrnd o th
propellor. It me sui- i 18 ,
it 12 and ceen eAt 1, blarone1w

from,2 z1strn. the work ; Of HBR MSO
Charlas Hlummer, the design folilowing card Inscription: [
being his Ideat and that o El- "Five boys rlrew ta manhood *
ter Orr. in the Cin, Zone and lived
The "M. A. G." riflas the for yeais on Mogan Avene in
"Morgan Avenue Gang:" -- a ialboa. They called themselves
childhood "gang" which was the "Morgan Avenue Gang" and
founded by thesft five boy who attended Balboa Grade and
lived as neighbors for 5o many Uigh Schools as constant corn-
.years, panionn. 2They were Joe and
| Brcaru e l the remoteness of crarle Hummer, Eal and El-"

the mite, and in order that % Orr and Bob Marstrand.
friends may have an opportuu- Four D. them, as a final tribute
n.y to se thise testimoial, the will place this plaque on .1e
pIlaqe will be placed at the si that marks the end of the.
froma Clubhouse., at the re- ofmLln baddy The plaque was -
qnCt of the Marstrand family, designed by ChariesW. rp m-o
| Friday and Saturday, with the (ContaulZone and* EIGHT)



uotI- L_-~ _r-_ *---

C' Spanamtwo dwe 7ampa ec%& uad obeui catat

da Meuest Canal de Panamd

tsP 0 \zno

El 7 & pilo rC! Muto dI
Cansl dc Panam htjo
crlta ml Club PIanamdo
de h balu &d I "a a dc
u0A sale d& &a..'
eye!paindi7 de Ila iRois~
Faivtu Fite Hn W. CAOP*Al
. czn pA4.czaC J.r.n c
k44Aot. JC 6, .aiIl f x
po: kn
I a I tn

,IO CIT{4Mf LuflkrtW
r-iioi cycir,>; iutcon,
dtanab utrnb ti

Las r~,1aa' a u. vcz ,'no
1 Madas px ci Cub
tc.a & p.e h *ita e
Pamwil .1l an-nal

opcc-nl de paise< h species
del llih no~
Comauny Cok Ctcc
AdenrAw -cp'roo uw

LIn aAs,. Rtrwn. .ntog fs CacIas rkt undo Fr.tta e nman. S4 Li h4o6*
BIrtmra Pgtnasnm

Vut tm quc ci pub:e ca
rrjIAI om rirld0 a

In'Ja ct PajamJCarlJ &Icick 1I3 nc li ca
M' e gs-c~ i on cd ~ci Seniin. c FI. da

&4ik d. &u `Vawa 'o&N&t*Ua4

Lndm&cdrinii ctmoc
Las anwit; Voln nuw4 ColrArnnb, tijn orcru7d d
Vconlicat lllt wit Gtc C" u Itr.: rt lutar cA C: ('1.1i
'jn,, J mlcl itd 24 de a3ono aM I 0W p m
I V* I cenio etma I bertfKlodd prau & bvccs ran
luipti &d I UnrvtrlndO d&i Vur & I'cnr I d&r
IthjI.Ic ;fl %L& ( W" L3 'cr. oLjgi I Ilh iidc a
ctrjdst ta de S pV5 ?,cronsa a* rni'rdenunhenr>
Clf 2 ^jrD ZJI SUif Lr.aidj kikttibisna lItn M ,t .
JRIrci :nriertl.0-ouB |anw*r Ccinc ,w GalcU a
dIrchotIC tar OC)Z s l *.uI $IAl MitdttV
-A rnay- info rd a-afl r.c&n IIsAr "r Joa
,srdr iuarat IaM 1Kit|' 1 ; I2-)'' l bzjtri irrlic
|Kn)'W>en S aOe/litar x')rw

E prtwi 3 1e & jrau cr iatrilJ JLI Frm s
Anmal Swhr I rApal" de MHIIA. Survrs (Aount.l
q-* cr4r.A ctnt cnctaro d AcuaCno aA uu7adJ
rtue e-trnnteje dc '0 p r al1 0*' p *. > la iordpon
swti oc $4O ^ pnr perw-a



km, New


Charlie Htummer

Caught Big One
After 32 Years

Patience and Continuous
Fishing Got Sailfish
For Popular Angler
Last October Charles Hummer
sailed away alter thirty-two years
service with The Panama Canal.
In addition t being, tlhe Wreck-
master for, the panama Railroad and
Mechanical Division, he also was
an expert, experienced deep-sea
angler. He knew every wave .4n
Panama Bay. He saw coconut palms
planted on the Islands and watch-
ed them grow to maturity. He went
fishing As faithfully every Sunday
as he reported for work every week
day. Specimen of every kind of fish
that is found in Panama Bay were
brought to gaff on his boat, the
"Helen", but nary a sailfish.
That was one type of fish he
wanted to hook most of all, but
Charlie fished in vain. It got so
,tnat his fellow fishing friends would
'hot go out with himr for they con-
sidered Charlie a j'inx.
Back and forth, over the hills
and. doa into the valleys of the
occasionally rough waters he sail-
ed,, and in spite of all the other
anglers bringing in countlesss sadil~
fish not one wea the question ask-
'ed. Was you there, Charlie?"
At last, some unknown force
brought asailsiph, to ChaPlie's bait,
and on June 16th this year Charlie
~Hummer landed his: first sailfish.
No other fisherman -received- 'as
many congratulations and, ohew pal
,ot his considered his catch absolute
justice. And so it was. for no local
fisherman rated a sailfish more
Than be.-
Charlie is ,now up.,,i4 Gran~d. R.-
.pids, Michigan, and when the snow
is in a drift 15 feet high by his
front window, and is tdo: cold lor
him to venAture out, he, can sit,
back in 'one of those chairs that
made thai town' famous and in Te-
'yrospect live, again, that date -of
June 16, 1'938, when Panama Bay
gave him a' saidtisepr t certainly was
a gracious parting gesture to a
great man, friend and sportman, just,
prior to his retirement.
As an anti-climax it might be
stated that on one of his trips the
"Helen" -ad three sailfish 'strikes
Sa the same time and there were
,only three angler In the boat at the




Oft the night of April 8, 1938. the Pacific Sailfish Club held C. L. Grier, C. B. Lea
a meeting at the Balboa Yacht Club in honor of Dr. William Marshall.
Beebe, Mr. Templeton Crocker, Mr. John Tee-van, Mr. Lorin Grey
an4 Captain "Stormy Pete" Pederson. Among those present, were, THIRD ROW: Dr.
reading left to'right: F. Martin, F. Casanov
man, "Tex" Stabler,
f'ROt T BROW-R. O. Hammer, James Westendorff, Charles Gxier, W. A. Stevenson
Daniels, C. L. Pierce, Stanley Coulthard, Ed. Cox, Silas Woodruff, H. Shed lock. J. C. Myr
William Barlow, Mark Wisner, H. E. Greenwood, George Drydlen, Robinson.
Grover Boban, Joe Hummer, George Potts. FOURTH BOW: ,J
SECOND ROW: Dr. D, H. March, Landon Gunn, Julius'Fte.- Santee, R. W. Hutchin
man, Larry Brain, Louis Schmidt, Lorin Grey, Templeton Cromk-, George Grant, M. F.
er, Dr. William Beebe, John Tee-van, Fred Brugge, Dr. James Charles McGlade, Maj
Zetek. Caplain ("Stormy Pete") Pederson, L. F. ("Slim") Hallett, Chris Skeie, RandaHl F



-mT =7


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