Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Title: Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Volume 2, Issue 11 THE INFORMER St. Eustatius— The annual Statia Day celebrations which comprised of the hoisting the flags, singing the anthems, the government addressing the community, inspection of the uniform groups, performances by youngsters, recognition of persons in the community for the outstanding work they do, and the re-enactment of the First Salute were considered a great success this year. Statians and visitors alike talked positively about this years celebration. Many people gave feedback about areas which requires more attention with regard to the various performances during the week building up to Statia Day, but overall the festival was experienced positively both in a cultural as economic sense. The highlight in Fort Oranje on November 16th 2012, was un-doubtfully the performances by the children of Statia. They came from different directions and kept the delegates and the community enchanted with their various acts. The children of the various primary schools gave this years celebration such a grand boost. It was an enlightening experience to see our children perform playing steel band, violin, trumpet, trombone, bugle and singing solo. Mr. Dennis Amajan and Vashti Hooker did a wonderful job in preparing the children for this event. The Island Government recognized three senior citizens for their outstanding contribution to the community of Statia over the years. These persons are: Ms. Valor Timber, Mr. Lloyd Nicholson, Mr. Alphons Bennett. Among the seniors was also a young lady who has been keeping Statia Radio Station alive, this person is DJ Betty. She has been consistent with the programming of the Radio Station and is active since it’s inception. The honourable Louis Brown, former acting Lt. Governor was also awarded a plaque for his service in this position to the community. The delegates enjoyed a Statia breakfast at the entrance of the St. Eustatius Historical Museum. The Statia week of activities was kicked off with a Gospel night with tunes from The Bell Brothers from St. Maarten on November 9th 2012. These brothers kept young and old active by having the crowd sing along enjoying the beautiful tunes which were sang. The little rain that dropped did not persuade the crowd to seek shelter as is customary. November ISSUE 2012 Statia Day celebrations a large success. 1+5 Bonaire Statia, Saba meet to resolve 10.10.10 issues. 2+4 Result Based Management Training 3 SECAR Discovers Plantation at Whitewall 4 Government Info Page 7 Job Opportunities 9 Pictorial of events 10,11,12, 13 Inside this issue: INFORMATION BULLETIN OF THE ISLAND GOVERNMENT OF ST. EUSTATIUS STATIANS TURNED OUT IN LARGE NUMBER S TO THE STATIA DAY CELEBRATIONS


THE INFORMER PAGE 2 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 BONAIRE STATIA AND SABA MEET TO RESOLVE 10.10.10. ISSUES St. Eustatius A Representative of Economic Affairs in the form of Ms. Wilma van Zoest accompanied the Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Mr. Koos Sneek to the meetings in Bonaire from November 7th throughout November 9th 2012, which was of an economic nature. Discussions were held with the Kingdom Representative, Mr. Wilbert Stolte. They talked about problems experienced with the Customs on Saba and Statia. A few of the problems experienced are, that goods that should be exempted are not; civil servants are treated poorly by the customs. Both Saba and Statia governments are seeking the input of the Kingdom representative to assist with the broker ( declaring goods upon arrival) system which is scheduled to be implemented by January 1st 2013. According to Commissioner Sneek “good results were booked in the Netherlands regarding the extension of the ABB exempted goods, but it is being interrupted by the way the Tax office is operating. Commissioner Sneek is of the opinion that the system needs to be simplified. A meeting was held with the director of Spatial Development. They agreed on a number of important points with regard to the execution of price control, and the accompanying calculation of the maximum cost. The agreements are: -The Weeker accord of October 2012 will be used as the point of departure The BES islands will use the same strategy, but a different execution system (The profit) margin needs to be calculated for the entrepreneur (in consultation), taking the value added tax into consideration, and the other cost Local ordinances needs to be drawn up, and should indicate that entrepreneurs are compelled to have their list with maximum prices visible in their establishment Purchase prices needs to be requested from the Wholesaler from for example St. Maarten Freight cost needs to be requested A committee needs to be appointed A list needs to be requested from the Tax office of exempted goods, where after the islands should start preparing a list of the various brands per product. The desired date to start with the execution maximum prices is January 2013. In the discussions Saba and Statia sought for opportunities for locals on each island to train to become custom officers. NEWLY TRAINED STATIANS TO CONDUCT INSPECTIONS BASED ON IJKWETBES BY 2013 St. Eustatius In a report from the office of Economic Affairs, Government Information Service learned of the training which was given to the two prospective inspectors in the area of Metrology. The two local candidates are: Mr. Busby and Ms. Wilma van Zoest. These persons will be responsible for conducting inspections on Statia as of 2013, once all the necessary equipment arrives from the Netherlands and the final practical exercises has been completed. In the week of November 19 until November 23, 2012 the Inspector of the Department for weight and Measurement of Curacao, Mr. Ronny Cornelis visited the Island to inspect businesses that uses scales to weigh their products, including the pumps by the two gasoline stations. Mr. Cornelis was assisted by five new Inspectors, namely: Frensel Janga, Roderick Martes and Rendel Bernabela from Bonaire and Errol Busby and Wilma van Zoest from St. Eustatius. Those five persons were trained in the Netherlands to become Metrology Inspectors and will carry out inspections based on the IJkwet BES. From left: Director of the Department for Weights and Measurement in Curaao Ronny Cornelius with inspectors Frensel Janga, Roderick Martes and Rendel Bernabela from Bonaire, and Errol Busby and Wilma van Zoest from St. Eustatius. Photo by A. Merkman


THE INFORMER PAGE 3 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 RESULT BASED MANAGEMENT TRAINING ORGANIZED BY PUBLIC HEALTH St. Eustatius In October Ms. Nicola Taylor a PAHO Consultant working with the PAHO HIV Caribbean Office in Trinidad conducted a one day training workshop on Result-Based Management which is a management strategy aimed at changing the way institutions operate, by improving performance, programmatic focus and delivery. It reflects the way an organization applies processes and resources to achieve interventions targeted at commonly agreed results. The training in Result Base Management was intended for the St. Eustatius Aids Committee but after discussions with the Head of Public Health Department, Mrs. Carol Jack-Roosberg, she saw the importance and need to extend an invitation to all Government Departments which the Commissioner of Public Health Mr. Koos Sneek supported and encouraged Civil Servants to attend the training. Ms. Shanna Mercera-Gibbs STI/ AIDS Coordinator was impressed with the turn out of the Civil Servants. In discussion with some of the participants she realized that many gained much knowledge from this training, she also indicated that there are different trainings and activities that are still to be implemented on St. Eustatius under the project; like “ Strengthening The Integration of the British and Dutch Overseas Territories In The Regional Response To HIV Within The Framework Of The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) The technical cooperation offered to St. Eustatius was provided through PAHO under the EC/OCT funded project. Mrs. Shanna Mercera-Gibbs STI/AIDS Coordinator. Many managers talked about the way the training was given. Everyone was asked to work in groups and to come up with solutions to the assignment which was given. The various groups were asked to present their solutions. It was really interesting to learn how together one can come up with numerous solutions to problems faced. This training helped many to get their thoughts out of their head onto paper which was challenging to a few, but overall there was a very good outcome of the exercises. A group applied the local situation and challenges to the various cases that the trainer presented. It helped many to understand the processes that we are confronted with.


THE INFORMER PAGE 4 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 SECAR DISCOVERS PLANTATION AT WHITE WALL AREA St. Eustatius– The St. Eustatius Center for Archeological Research (SECAR) was carrying out an archeological survey at the property in the Whitewall area, that was intended to be developed for hotel and residential purposes. During this survey the research team discovered the ruins of a sugar plantation, of which the presence was unknown until now. The plantation probably dating back to the sixteen hundreds is located on the higher elevation of the Quill, opposite of the Statia Lodges. The research is commissioned by the developer and related to the amendment to Spatial Development Plan, needed for the realization of the project. SECAR will recommend to the developer to maintain the ruins and integrate them in their plans. The report of the research will be presented bb December. BONAIRE STATIA AND SABA MEET TO RESOLVE 10.10.10 ISSUES (Continued from page 2) In the meeting held in Bonaire the three island governments highlighted areas that requires attention and sought for solution to the various issues. Together they formulated the agreements with regards to the execution of price control, and the accompanying calculation of the maximum cost. They met with Mr. Bermudez and other representatives of the tax office in Bonaire. Both island governments, Saba and Statia complained of the frustration that Business people are experiencing with regard to the new Broker system which will be introduced in January 2013 along with the many trainings which they are forced to follow. The island governments of Bonaire, Saba and Statia stated that the agreements signed with the Netherlands are being disregarded based on the system of the tax office. By 2013 a broker will be required above a certain cost while other cost falling below a certain margin, will be each persons responsibility along with the completion of a form. Instead of the process becoming more simple it is becoming more complicated. The islands indicated clearly in this meeting that they definitely do not want this complication. A request was made for the ABB list of exempted goods. According to the arrangements made the islands would receive the list by November 16th 2012. ( This List will be publicized in January 2013). The Economic Affairs department in Bonaire will set up meetings with the Tax office to further specify the list, Saba and Statia will contribute their input through an audio conference. The requested addition of goods still needs to be worked out in the Netherlands through a ministerial decree. At the same time the governments of Saba and Statia indicated that they prefer to have locals trained to become custom officers instead of officials from Bonaire. Their mentality and customer friendliness of the Officers from Bonaire leaves much to be desired. Other areas of concern was the poor communication maintained between the Tax office on the various islands to the local governments. The islands are advised to list their complaints and forward them to Mrs. Astrid Mc Kenzie. Meetings were held with management of Control and Order. Mrs. Jones of management is responsible for circulation of preventive information to the entrepreneurs about the rules and legislation. She explained that they will soon commence with trainings for detective. Commissioner Sneek asked if persons from Statia would be able to participate in this programme. Participants will be responsible for self financing, although it is something geared more to the Police. This training is for approximately 8 months to 1 year. If needed the services of the detective of Bonaire can be used.


THE INFORMER PAGE 5 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 STATIANS TURNED OUT IN LARGE NUMBER S TO THE STATIA DAY CELEBRATIONS (continue on page 5) The second night was really a Caribbean Soca night with artist like Claudette Peters from Antigua, and the lead singer of the WCK band from Dominica, Mr. Nayee. They were both Soca artist who performed with much energy and entertained the crowd with their moves and so ca tunes. Other performances during the week of activities were the local calypsonians like king Triny, Sexy Mona, Rhythm kings, the man Face, Joeyee & Friends, the students who patronized the motivation album like lady shorty, Demon, the Masala band from Barbados, local celebrities, like Frank Senatra, performed by Commissioner Koos Sneek. Michael Bolton, performed by Adrie Schmidt, Burning Flames band from Antigua, Turbulance band from Statia, Djam band from St. Thomas, Dj sense and the Rebels band from Statia. The Golden Rock Regatta was another highlight to the Statia day week of activities. This year marked the eight year of this event. The Golden Rock regatta is super special because it promotes Statia but it is not limited to Statia. The Golden Rock regatta races from island to island through the eastern Caribbean islands. We encourage you to visit the site and read more about the golden rock regatta on www.goldenrockregatta.com The Statia crew were the winners in the first race that brought the fleet around St. Maarten. During the week of activities the prices were presented to the winners in the various categories. The Golden Rock regatta is growing annually and we are seeing more participation from women in comparison to other years. This year the local committee and the Tourist office organized a large party at the board walk recently established in lower town. Locals and visitors alike came out to support this event. The entertainment was by Rebel band H.D and Dj Sense. It was a knock out party which gives the organizers some ideas for next year. The regatta left Statia on November 18th to St. Barths and ended in St. Maarten where a dinner party and price giving was organized at captain Oliver's.


THE INFORMER PAGE 6 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 LET’S SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN BEING HEALTHY AND FEELING FIT AND HAPPY STATIA NURSES COMPLETE EMERGENCY TRAINING St. Eustatius— The St.Eustatius health Care Foundation organized an emergency course for her medical staff, to upgrade emergency medical care services here on the Island of ST.Eustatius This course started in January 2011 and ended the 29th of November 2012. These courses was given via the Meduprof-s/ academy. MeduProf-S (Sustainable Multidisciplinary Education for Professionals) is an independent Education Company providing high quality, professionally presented, custom designed training, coaching and courses. Instructors came from Holland to give the courses. The participants totaled 18. The Meduprof-s instructors also trained some local medical personnel to become trainers, so they did "train the trainers "course, some of our doctors were also involved. In October of 2012 the nurses had the opportunity to participate in the course about hygiene. On November 30 th 2012, the nurses will receive their certificates of competence at the Auxiliary conference room at 3 pm from the Instructors: Erik Room Petra Frankhuizen Thank you for celebrating with us!!!! Information by nurse. Miranda Obispa-Roosberg Tel: 318-5046


PAGE 7 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 St. Eustatius GOVERNMENT INFO PAGE www.statiagovernment.com NOTICE ST. EUSTATIUS PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT You are invited December 1st is World AIDS Day and our week of activities has begun. On Friday November 30th 2012 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at The Old GIN House there will be a special program set aside for you. Ask questions to: Dr. S. Baboe-Kalpoe Diana Cumberbatch (Midwife) Siegfried Malone (Lab Technician) Public Health Department QBMC Registered Nurse St. Eustatius Aids Committee Come out and be informed as to what goes on our island with regards to HIV and other STI’s and how you can help make a difference. Getting To Zero.




PAGE 9 THE INFORMER VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11 JOB OPPORTUNITIES THE LABOR DEPARTMENT HEREBY MAKE IT KNOWN THAT PETITIONS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY EMPLOYERS TO OBTAIN WORK PERMITS FOR FO REIGNERS IN SOME OF THE FUNCTIONS MENTIONED BELOW. ALL DUTCH CARIBEANS THAT ARE QUALIFIED FOR THE BELOW MENTIONED FUNCTIONS EMPLOYED/UNEMPLOYED, SHOULD APPLY AT THE LABOR DEPARTMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. SUPERMARKET INVENTORY Hours:40 per week Education: Secondary level BARTENDER /COOK Hours: 40 per week Education: Certified Bartender, Experience MASON Hours: 40 per week Education:Experience SEAMAN/ DECKHAND Hour: 40 per week Education: STCW-95 minimum 5 years sailing experience COOK/ *ASSISTANT CHEF Hours: 45 hour per week Education: Cooking diploma, 3 years experience *1 year experience SOUS CHEF Hours: 40 hour per week Education: Associate level or similar, 3 years cooking experience Dienst Arbeidszaken, De Graaffweg 13, St.Eustatius Caribisch Nederland. Tel: 599-318-2881. Fax: 599-318-3 322. @labour.dept@statiagov.com










Join us weekly on Wednesday morning at 09.00 Am sharp, on the Government radio programme Shedding Light for a day of self discovery, sharing information, re viewing developments in our community, questioning our elected officials about important issues. If you have ideas, suggestions contact the host, Malvern on 3182745,or use the suggestion box near the entrance of the office or email gis@statiagov.com The Government Information Service is hosting weekly press conferences on Wednesday from 11.00 12.00 with Members of the Executive Council We encourage all the media to participate in these sessions. If you wish to gather information about a particular topic, please submit the questions to the office of the G.I.S. and we will bring it forward in the first following press conference. The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Government Information Bulletin It is a monthly publication of the Island Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective is to inform residents of St. Eustatius about the developments that are taking place within Government and social matters on the island. Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Communication for the Island Territory of St. Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Garden, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant. Telephone:599-318-2745 Fax: 599-318-2084 Email: gis@statiagov.com Layout by D. Simmons Queries should be dire cted to the Office of the Island Secret ary or the Government Information Service. Tel: 318 – 2604 or 2745 Fax: 318 2084 THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO OTHERS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE! Do you know anybody in your surroundings who do voluntary work, who render exceptional or outstanding service? The process starts with you recognizing that person, by submitting their name to the office of the Island Governor or Decoration Committee. We encourage Statians and residents alike to submit names of persons in the community. If you want to nominate someone for a Royal Decoration it is advisable to contact the decoration Committee or the cabinet of the Island Governor. They will inform you whether the services rendered by the nominee are exceptional or outstanding enough to warrant a Royal Decoration. They will explain you exactly what you need to do once you collected the necessary information. Tel.nr.: 318 2552 Fax: 318 2324 SHEDDING LIGHT Honour wh ere Weekly Press Conferences Honour is due GOODNESS IS THE ONLY INVESTMENT THAT NEVER FAILS!!! IT IS BETTER TO DESERVE HONOURS AND NOT HAVE THEM THAN TO HAVE THEM AND NOT DESERVE THEM! Be Thankful for what you have; You ‘ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough! Oprah Winfrey