Title: Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Title: Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Place of Publication: Princess Garden, St. Eustatius
Publication Date: December 2010
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Volume I, Issue 12

December ISSUE, 2010

Look back at your accomplishments and see the opportunities ahead of you

My Fellow Statians,
Season's Greetings. This is the
time of year when we all take
some time to reflect on the ex-
periences of the past year. In
this special season as a commu-
nity we look back with thanks
giving at all the blessings we
have received this past year. A
year which was filled with new
challenges and triumphs.
Where we welcomed new born's
into our lives and said goodbye
to loved ones whom has gone to
rest. This year was historically
a very memorable one as well.
We were witnesses to the last
elections of the parliament of
the Netherlands Antilles, the
inauguration of a new Lt. Gov-
ernor a change of government
in the Hague as well as we were
witnessed the end of the Neth-
erlands Antilles and the dawn
of a new constitutional era.
Where St. Eustatius became a
part of the Dutch constitutional
body as a public entity within
the Kingdom of the Nether-
lands. These events only high-
light the governmental changes,
however as we all reflect on our
own lives I can imagine the list
of personal trials and triumph

must far exceed those previ-
ously mentioned. I encourage
you to take a moment and re-
flect with thanksgiving on
your personal trials and tri-
umphs of the past year in so
doing prepare yourselves for
the challenges that now lay
It is also important in this
season of thanks giving that
we remember to reach out to
the less fortunate ones in our
community. Those whose year
may have been more challeng-
ing than others. We must let
them know that we have not
forgotten them and that as a
part of this community we will
continue to look out for them
The new year promises to be
just as exciting as the past
year with new challenges and
new possibilities waiting to be
faced and explored. In 2011
our islands is poised to
experience economic growth
with the realization of several
major projects. I encourage
you all to revive the entrepre-
neurial spirits of our forefa-
thers and take full advantage

Island Governor Gerald Berkel



St. Eustatius- Once again we are
approaching that part of the year
when we should look back on the
events which took place and then
contemplate what the future has
in store for us. The island Govern-
ment of St. Eustatius jump
started a number of projects which
would benefit the community and
stimulate our economy. These Pro-
jects include: the investment offi-
cer, this was in the form of a con-
sultant named Bearing Point. The
idea was to attract the interest of
investors. They made a rapport
regarding the investment climate
on St. Eustatius. The Island Gov-
ernment needs to follow up on
that report to make the necessary
improvements to cater to tourism
and other developments.

A very important project which
unfortunately did not succeed was
the Airlift consultant. This project
was alto take up in the Social Eco-

nomic Initiative (SEI) The intention
of this project was to look into the
possibilities to improve the airlift on
Statia. It was not successful.

The island government started many
projects which presently you may not
see the fruits, but once they get
started many job opportunities will
be available. The Expansion of the
Harbour is already in process. The
tender has been carried out and fur-
ther negotiations will take place in
January 2011.

The Government invested in re-
searching the possibilities of creating
a new road from the harbour to the
road to White Wall (in the back of the
Brown's) or as an alternative to relo-
cate the harbour to the area below
Signal Hill.

The Airport terminal is pending the
outcome of the Master plan carried
out by NACO ( Netherlands Airport
Consultant). The Dutch Ministry is

paying for this research. Hope-
fully in May 2011 this plan will
be presented to the island gov-

The marketing fund is carried
out for advertisements and par-
ticipation in trade shows. We
hope to see a lot of positive re-
turns from this project.

The island Government of St.
Eustatius purchased a geo-
graphic Information System with
the intention to make all geo-
graphic related information
available to the public.

Water Shed Management is a
project submitted to USONA
awaiting approval. The purpose
of this project is to solve prob-
lems in the drainage of rain-
water. Often times after it rains
water creates erosion and it set-
tles in certain areas.
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Our spirits strengthened and our minds set 2010 & 2011

St. Eustatius-2010! A year in
which the earth sifted under the
entity the Netherlands Antilles, 10
-10-10 sealed its demised. It also
brought into being new entities,
some in accordance with the
choices of the people and others
not in line with the outcome of the
people's choice. The bulk of travel-
ling, negotiations, documents and
promises that are meant to ensure
a better future for all the people
have been completed, for it is in-
deed the people's interest that
should have guided all activities.

The year 2010 began with the
world's economy still reeling, but
on Statia we were blessed and
therefore protected from the fall
out of the economic trough.

These are just two of the major

giants that we faced, overcame and
have lived to see the sunset of an
eventful year and the cusp of a chal-
lenging new year.

What about the personal giants?
How about those goals that we set for
ourselves? What about the unex-
pected blessings that we would have
experienced in 2010? Have we ac-
knowledged the successes? Have we
given thanks for the blessings?

A positive attitude towards even the
smallest progress should strengthen
our spirits to see the good even in
our disappointments. This is not a
commendation to deceive ourselves.
It is an encouragement to face the
truth, and make the needed adjust-
ments to ensure greater progress.

2010 is the year that the water dis-

Mr. Roy Hooker

tribution network took shape af-
ter years of negotiation, plan-
ning, and hard work. The waste




Our spirits strengthened and our minds set 2010 & 2011
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management project made head-
way from negotiations to execution
mode. After years of talking about
the need for more modern commu-
nication, talks became promises in
the form of an agreement of intent
to research undersea cabling that
should give us improve communi-
cation with the outside world.
The new study financing is to be
lauded. Enormous, positive strides
were made in the area of education
but there are still challenges to
face. 2010 is the year that the tax
regime for Statia has finally been
drastically revised. This has been a
bone of contention and will remain
such until agreements made are
fulfilled as agreed. Yet, although
there is contention about certain

aspects of the new law, positive
progress has been made on other
aspects which should be cele-
Indeed, looking back over 2010 we
can be thankful for blessings of
the year and we can have a posi-
tive attitude as we face the chal-
lenges of the future.
As I have said, with the dawn of
10-10-10, we have come to a land
of giants, giants of compassion
and bounty. But we cannot de-
ceive ourselves that there are only
benevolent giants and therefore
we must be courageous to face the
giants that are not favourable.
2011 will bring a greater unfurl-
ing of the negotiations' result,
agreements reached and promises

made. Our determination to ensure
that these are as favourable as possi-
ble must never be doubted. Our
spirits must be strengthened, our
minds set on our goals and even set-
back experienced will become step-
pingstones to the better future we
must work and build for our commu-
nity, ourselves and others we em-
A safe closing of 2010 and a blessed
and prosperous 2011 to our families,
friends, neighbours near and far.
C? '


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of the opportunities that may
come your way. You see
whether or not this new year
bring us prosperity is up to
you and I.

Now I know you've heard me
say this before and the rea-
son I continue to repeat it is
because it is extremely im-
portant that we understand
that our collective destinies
lay in our hands. You and I
are the ones who will ulti-
mately determine whether
Statia will develop into the
prosperous island that we en-
vision. The potential and pos-
sibilities exist but it requires
hard work and commitment
from us all.

My fellow Statians the jour-
ney of the constitutional
change which started Octo-
ber 10th 20101 will continue
throughout this new year.
Do not be discouraged by the
challenges that this occa-
sionally presents. Rather I
suggest that we remain vigi-
lant to insure that the
changes now taking place
serve to provide us with an
environment where we can
grow and include the input
of our society.

My fellow Statians before we
know it the season will soon
give way to the new year
and we will once again take
up the challenges of our
daily lives. I pray that we all
emerge from the special sea-

son revived. Revived with a
spirit of hope, with a confi-
dence that we are ready and
prepared to face the challenges
of the new year and to take full
advantage of the opportunities
it presents. Ready to ban to-
gether as Statians regardless
of religion, cultural back-
ground or political persuasion
realizing that we are all one
people with one goal. Making
Statia a better place for all.

On behalf of the Island and Ex-
ecutive Council of St. Eusta-
tius I extend to you all warm
Season Greetings and God
riches Blessings for a bright
and prosperous new year.

May God bless you all.




New Year's Message Mr. Julian Woodley

The year 2010 is running to a
close. This year has been a
very historic year. The Neth-
erlands Antilles, established
56 years ago, has been offi-
cially dismantled on October
10th 2010 and does no longer
exist. It has been replaced by
the two countries, Curacao
and St. Maarten, and the
BES islands, now called
Dutch Caribbean, Bonaire,
St. Eustatius and Saba.
Since October 10th Statia has
become a public entity within
The Netherlands. In short
this means that the island
did become an integral part
of The Netherlands. Some
say that this is a step back. A
step back to colonial times,
when the island was ruled by
the colonial motherland on
the other side of the world. I
strongly refute this line of
thinking. Being a colony
meant that the colonial
power owned the colony and
used it solely for their bene-
fit. In the present times be-
ing an integral part of The
Netherlands means, that The
Netherlands is taking full
responsibility of our island.
It is from now on their re-
sponsibility that the popula-
tion of Statia will achieve an
acceptable level of prosperity
and security. This translates
to quite the opposite of being
a colony as in the old days.
The aforementioned does not
mean that there will no
longer be an Island Council

and an Executive Council
with their responsibility to
run the day to day affairs of
the island. These institu-
tions will keep most of the
responsibilities they had be-
fore 10-10-10. The Nether-
lands however have taken
over some responsibilities.
Some that they took put in
place for the new entities.
Now we need to experience
how this will translate into
our day to day lives. We
have to bear in mind that
for our islands, as well as
The Netherlands, this is un-
charted territory. Never in
history before a country has
been dismantled the way it
happened with the Nether-
lands Antilles.
It means that we may ex-
pect hick ups and bottle-
necks, which have not been
anticipated by any of us.
Some examples have sur-
faced already with the intro-
duction of the new tax laws.
And we should be very real-
istic to expect more issues.
The matter is however, that
when hick ups or oversights
come to light we need to
solve them in good coopera-
tion with the other islands
and The Netherlands. I see
it as the responsibility of the
island government together
with the entire community
to make the new structure
work. The ultimate goal is
that our new status will im-
prove the lives and future of


Mr. Julian Woodley

every citizen.
We need to monitor all devel-
opments closely. After the first
five years into the new status
an evaluation will take place to
establish whether we are on
the right track or a change of
direction may be required.
Together with the Democratic
Party I will sail the voyage
with you, the people of Statia,
into our new constitutional
status. And together we will
make it a success.
I wish every Statian smooth
sailing and a happy, healthy
and prosperous 2011!





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This projects will help resolve the
most urgent situations.

Waste Management is a project
which has been approved to pur-
chase heavy equipment for the
landfill. It is in combination with a
program to start separate collec-
tion of the garbage.

Pavement of the Historic Core. The
idea is to complete the road Fort
Oranje leading down to Claesgut.

Strengthening Planning Buro with
Additional Staff. The government
has appointed SMD Architects &
Consultants N.V. on the short term
to support this department. Re-
cently the planning buro has in-

creased it's capacity with one ad-
ditional member.
Mrs. Claudia Keizers from the

Master plan and Spatial Develop-
ment plan started in 2008 with
the approval of the preparatory
resolution. In 2009 the plan was
presented through the planning
buro by the consulting firm RBOI,
to the general public, this process
continued in 2010. Presently the
Spatial Development plan is for
Public Review.

Land Policy in connection with
the Development plan. Some ad-
vice is given about the distribu-
tion of long lease property and
how to deal with the possible ine-
quality of land value as a result of

the zoning plan.

Water distribution technical prepara-
tion. The contract of this project has
already been awarded to MNO. This
company is based in St. Maarten.

Institutional aspects of production
and distribution of drinking water.
The ordinances an, concessions and
business plan is being prepared.
This project should be ready by May
or June 2011.

White Hook Infrastructure: this pro-
ject is mentioned in the 9th EDF for
financing, however it's not yet clear if
funds are available. In January 2011
the government will get more clarity
on this project.


We wish the entire Commu-
nity a new year filled with
prosperity and good health. .
Let's be thankful that up to
present despite little adversi-
ties in life we are spared of
much the world crisis and itt
natural disasters. A.:,.,





The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Gov-
ernment Information Bulletin

It is a monthly publication of the Island
Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective
is to inform residents of St. Eustatius
about the developments that are taking
place within Government and social
matters on the island.

Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Public
Relations for the Island Territory of St.
Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Gar-
den, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant.


Fax: 599-318-2084

Email: gis@statiagovernment.com


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Queries should be directed to the Office
of the Lt. Governor, Mr. Gerald Berkel,
under which he has the responsibility
of Bureau Kabinet, St. Eustatius.
Tel: 318 -2552 Fax: 318-2324


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