Title: Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Title: Informer ; Information bulletin of the Island Government of St. Eustatius
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Volume I, Issue 4

December ISSUE, 2009

DOLLARIZATION IN 2011 For Bonaire,Saba,Statia,

On November 19th, 2008 repre-
sentatives of the BES islands and
the Netherlands agreed that within
the framework of the new constitu-
tional relations the US dollar will
become the official currency and
legal tender of the BES islands. In
accordance with this agreement,
the Minister of Finance and the
State Secretary for the Interior
and Kingdom Relations recently
submitted a bill to Parliament for a
"Wet geldstelsel BES" (BES Mone-
tary System Act). This bill has not
yet been attended to. The Act is
expected to enter into force on
January 1st, 2011. The "Wet geld-
stelsel BES" stipulates that the dol-
lar will be the official currency on
the BES islands from the moment
the Act enters into force. At 0:00
hours the banks on the BES islands
will convert all bank accounts
automatically into dollar accounts.
Citizens and companies don't have
to take action themselves. The ex-
change rate that will be used for
this conversion is the official rate
that has been in force since 1971
($1=NAf. 1,79). Existing agree-
ments, decisions of government
bodies and other legal instruments
will also be converted automati-
cally: amounts in guilders will, as a
matter of law, be considered to be
amounts in dollars. For this con-
version the same exchange rate
will apply as for the conversion of
bank accounts. With regard to
agreements, the conversion by law
is not obligatory. The parties in-

volved can chose to maintain the
guilder amounts in an agreement
and not replace them by dollar
amounts. They have to agree on
this explicitly, though. If they
don't, the amounts mentioned in
the agreement will be converted
by law. In the first month after
the introduction of the dollar the
Netherlands Antilles guilder coins
and bills will continue to be legal
tender as well. Giro payments,
however, will take place in dol-
lars from the very moment the
law comes into force. In order to
limit the period in which the two
currencies will be in circulation
jointly, effort will be made to
reach an agreement with the
business communities on the is-
lands that customers will receive
change in dollars as much as
possible, also when they pay in
guilder. After this dual period the
dollar will be the sole legal ten-
der on the BES islands. Citizens
of the BES islands can no longer
use the Netherlands Antilles
guilders which may still be in
their possession as a means of
payment, but will be able to con-
vert them into dollars in a num-
ber of offices that will be pointed
out specifically. This conversion
will also take place at the ex-
change rate of $1=Naf1,79. For
companies, (not for profit) insti-
tutions and organizations the ar-
rival of the new currency will
lead to adaptations of adminis-
trative and payments systems.

The preparations for and the
execution of the adaptations
take a considerable amount
of time, as follows from the
experience with the introduc-
tion of the euro in the Neth-
erlands. An agreement has
been reached with the banks
that they will take care of the
communication of client ori-
ented informa-
tion. It's important that the
parties involved start their
preparations for the introduc-
tion of the dollar as soon as

Dollarization for BES I

Health issues 2

Transformation foreign policy 3

New Years Message by Commis- 4
sionerJulian Woodley

Annual Christmas Extravaganza 6

Celebrating Christmas on Statia 7

Photos of Events 8- 13




Monthly Health updates with
Dr. Sharda Baboe-Kalpoe.

Dr. Sharda Baboe-Kalpoe is encour-
aging men on Statia to become
more perceptive to the dangers of
prostate cancer. Males need to start
doing a PSA test ( prostate specific
antigen) around 45 years and up, to
get an indication if they may have
prostate issues. Often times men
are reluctant to do this PSA test
because they heard of other experi-
ence that the test is uncomfortable.
However, this is how the testing
starts. Too often men allow their
macho egos to get in the way of
them performing the PSA Testing.
We need to first ask ourselves a
number of questions and get an un-
derstanding of the answers.

What is a Prostate Gland?
The prostate gland is an organ,
located at the base or outlet (neck)

PSA, therefore, is valuable as a
screening test for prostate cancer.
We as doctors, usually recommend
doing a PSA annually in men age 50
and over. Furthermore, for men who
have high risks for prostate cancer
as discussed above, most doctors
recommend starting the PSA
screening at an even younger age
(for example, at age 40).
What Causes Prostate Cancer?
Prostate cancer is caused by

man reaches age 50. and Family
history is the other factor. Pros-
tate cancer seems to run in some
families. Men with close family
members (father or brother) who
have had prostate cancer are more
likely to get it themselves, espe-
cially if their relatives were young
when they got the disease.
What are the symptoms of
p r o s t a t
In the early stages, prostate cancer
often causes no symptoms for many

of the urinary bladder. (the gland
surrounds the first part of the ure-
thra. The urethra is the passage
through which urine drains from
the bladder to exit from the penis.
One function of the prostate gland
is to help control urination by press-
ing directly against the part of the
urethra that it surrounds.
What happens when a male de-
tects that he has a large pros-
tate gland?
It is general knowledge that
younger men have a prostate gland
the size of a walnut. However, the
aging factor plays a role with the
result that the gland usually grows
larger. This enlargement with aging
is called benign prostatic hypertro-
phy, for short we say (BPH). Al-
though this condition is not associ-
ated with prostate cancer, both
BPH and prostate cancer can cause
similar problems in older men. For
example, an enlarged prostate

changes in the DNA of a prostate
cancer cell. DNA makes up our
genes, which control how cells be-
have. DNA is inherited from our
parents. A small percentage (about
5% to 10%) of prostate cancers is
linked to these inherited changes.
Prostate cancer may also be linked
to higher levels of certain hor-
mones. High levels of male hor-
mones androgenss) may play a part
in prostate cancer risk in some

years. As a matter of fact, these
cancers frequently are first detected
by an abnormality on a blood test
(the PSA, ) or as a hard nodule
(lump) in the prostate gland. Usu-
ally, the doctor first feels the nodule
during a routine digital (done with
the finger) rectal examination. The
prostate gland is located immedi-
ately in front of the rectum. As the
cancer enlarges and presses on the
urethra, the flow of urine dimin-
ishes and urination becomes more

gland can squeeze or interfere on the
outlet of the of the bladder or the ure-
thra leading to difficulty with urina-
tion. The resulting symptoms com-
monly includes slowing of the urinary
stream and urinating more frequently.
What is a PSA test
The PSA test is a simple, reproducible,
and accurate blood test. It is used to
detect a protein (the prostate specific
antigen) that is released from the pros-
tate gland into the blood. Most impor-
tantly, the level of the PSA is usually
higher in people with prostate cancer
than in people without the cancer. The

men. While we do not yet know exactly
what causes prostate cancer, we do
know that certain risk factors are
linked to the disease. A risk factor is
anything that increases a person's
chance of getting a disease.

What are the risk factors for Pros-
tate cancer?
Age is the strongest risk factor for pros-
tate cancer. The chance of getting
prostate cancer goes up quickly after a

difficult. Patients may also experience
burning with urination or blood in the
urine. As the tumor continues to
grow, it can completely block the flow
of urine, resulting in a painfully ob-
structed and enlarged urinary blad-
You don't need to waste another
second wondering and worrying.
Dr Baboe will take you right to the
bottom line Email your questions to:



Article by Ms. Audrey Sandries

In late 2007 the former Minister of Justice,
Minister David Dick after consultations
with the respective Executive Councils
took the decision to revise the execution
of the Foreign policy of the Netherlands
Antilles. Although in 2006 the policy was
revised and the security measures and the
checks and balances had been tightened
and updated. In practice the operational
(management) procedures were bureau-

cratic causing delays and backlog in process-
ing of the permits for admittance and the
execution of expulsion procedures. A revision
meant that the process of admittance and
expulsion needed to be completely trans-
formed on the operational level. For this an
automated system was designed called the
Foreign Management System. This system
will completely computerize the process of
requesting, granting and denying working-
and residence permit and will also make a
functional separation between the police task
(control) form the administrative task
(issuing). This project was financed under
Safety Plan Netherlands Antilles. With this
initiative all the departments that were in-
volved in the process of admittance and ex-
pulsion of persons were brought together in a
workgroup consisting of cabinet of the It.
governor represented by Audrey Sandries
(project coordinator), immigration repre-
sented by Germaine Zimmerman, labor repre-
sented by Carla Duinkerk and Maxine Span-

ner, civil registry represented by Elfrieda
Maduro and Winston Fleming assistant to
State secretary of Justice. The representa-
tion was based on the following the Cabi-
net of the Lt. Governor seeing that the It.
governor as local chief of police is respon-
sible for the execution of the immigration
law, the Immigration for the advising and
issuing of residence permits, labor for the
advising and issuing of working permits
and civil registry for the registration and
identification. The main task of the work-
group was to make up a report to the
executive council with a strategy and the
procedures for the implementation of the
new working policy that would be fol-
lowed in order to implement and make
the Foreign Management System as effec-
tive as possible on St. Eustatius. The strat-
egy that was chosen was based on the
principle that the 'client is king'.


on page 4)


Funding goes back into the community

The St. Eustatius Quota Club is a
none profit organization that is host-
ing its first fundraising event on
December 31st to contribute towards
the schoolbag project and the dyslec-
tic programme on Statia. The fund-
raising event comprises of a five
course dinner and dance for Nafl.
75,00(seventy five Antillean guild-
ers). Individuals who may not wish
to participate in the dinner may pur-

chase a ticket for the dance for Nafl.
15,00 (fifteen Antilean guilders). If a
ticket was not purchased prior to the
dance the entrance fee at the door will
be Nafl. 25,00 (Twenty five guilders).
The Quota caters to the deaf impaired,
battered women and persons living in
poverty. Recently the Quota club fi-
nanced the School bag project for pu-
pils at the primary level. Quota has
contributed towards school fee for for-


The St. Eustatius Lions Club caters
for many years to the senior citizens
in the form of a Christmas Luncheon.
This year (2009) a large amount of
seniors participated in the event. The
seniors enjoyed the string band mu-
sic by the Killy Killy band to which
they sang and danced. The entertain-
ment and luncheon was experienced
as a success. The event was held at

the Ernest van Putten Youth Center
also known as the Lions Den. The St.
Eustatius Lions enjoy making a differ-
ence in the lives of our senior citizens.
(See photos on page 11)

The G.LS. & Protocol Wishes to
thank the community out there in
radio land for their Support over
2009. Have a Blessed 2010!

eign children who's parents could
not afford it. Quota Statia was proud
to also contribute towards the opera-
tion of young Christopher. Moving
forward the club hopes to work to-
gether with Spice to do the Dyslectic
programme for youngsters at the
various elementary schools. The
quota Club is encouraging you
to be a part of the Old years


The Roman Catholic Choir for years
uphold a tradition of caroling
through the island. They try to visit
as many homes as possible to bring
the Christmas cheer into the homes.
(See photos on page 13)

The Adventist church family choir
which comprises largely of the Berkel
family started in 2008 caroling as it
was done traditionally, awaken you
with lovely Christmas tune.






As the year runs to a close it is al-
ways good to reflect and to look
back, not only at our achievements
and accomplishments, but also at
our disappointments and even fail-
ures. Doing this is not merely to
dwell on the past but much more to
use these past experiences as a tool
to improve the way we are doing
business with the goal to improve
life for all of us.

We have quite a turbulent year be-
hind us. The year 2009 has been a
year during which many decisions
had to be taken with respect to the
new constitutional structure that is
in the make for the island. It is also
very understandable that this en-
tire process has created lots of con-
fusion and uncertainty. The road to
becoming a public entity of Holland
is for many a challenging adventure
to say the least. It undoubtedly
gives reason for very relevant con-
cerns and questions. Where are we
going? What will be our rights? Will
we obtain a status of social security
and safety that is better than is
presently the case? What will a new
tax system mean for businesses and
the man and woman in the street?
What will remain of our autonomy?

These are questions for which the
answers are not always straight
forward or even available. The proc-
ess the Antillean islands are going
through at present is quite unique.
Therefore there is not a pre-set sce-
nario available. Along the way dur-
ing the process decisions have to be

made on matters and challenges
that are presenting themselves.
What I strongly believe in is that all
parties, our local representatives as
well as the Dutch government, in
this process of constitutional change
to the best of their abilities are
making those decisions that should
be best for our island and our popu-

The main objective that I have as
the Commissioner of Constitutional
Affairs, is that Statia will become a
better place for our people to live.
Being a public entity of Holland
should mean an acceptable stan-
dard of living for all of us. In par-
ticular the financial and social posi-
tion of the most vulnerable groups,
such as the elderly, needs to im-
prove. The healthcare system and
educational system need to rise to a
standard that is equal to what is
available in the European part of
Holland. Basic necessities such as
pure drinking water and a proper
sewage system need to become
available for everyone.

The economical development of
Statia needs to be a first priority.
Business and investment opportuni-
ties need to be created and stimu-
lated. Improved infrastructure such
as roads, harbor an airport, commu-
nications and supply of electricity
should all lead to this goal. In re-
turn economic development should
create job and career opportunities
particularly for our youth.

Monthly updates with
the Commissioner of
Constitutional Affairs,
Mr. Julian Woodley


0'~' 41>4

I do realize that even after we have
reached our new status of public entity
there will still be a long way ahead and
that many challenges still need to be
overcome. However with the support of
everyone in our community and with
the help of the Almighty we will be
able to overcome these challenges and
we will achieve this better place to live
which we all so desire.

I hereby take this opportunity to wish
you the people of Statia a happy, pros-
perous and most of all a healthy 2010.

Mr. Julian Woodley

Commissioner of Constitutional Affairs

(Continued from page 3)

This meant that the workgroup had to
come with procedures that were client
friendly. Research had shown that for a
person to get a residence -and work per-
mit in St. Eustatius the applicant had to go
back and forth to several government
departments and other agencies at least
16 times. So the workgroup decided to
adapt a system whereby the amount of

times the client had to come and go was
reduced to two times. We adapted the
slogan One Stop Shop referring to the fact
that the client only had to stop at one
window within the government.

To make the implantation of this high tech
system possible Smithcoms in collabora-
tion with EUTEL N.V. had to provide inte-

grated internet connection which means a
high speed internet connection to carry the
network. For this project special computers
and scanners were placed in all the above
mentioned departments and now every de-
partment is able to monitor each application
that is in process.

(Continue on page 7)



Physicians and Obstetrician of Saba and Statia Trained in the

field of echography

Article by: Mariette Raadsen

Translation by Malvern

Fontys Paramedical College in the
Netherlands started with the
training for physicians and
obstetricians on Saba and St.
Eustatius. The training is
directed towards echography. The
echo test is for pregnant women
and for research with the
echography on the upper
abdomen of patients

The teachers Mariette Raadsen
and Wilmy Verschoor of the
Fontys Paramedical College in the
Netherlands, traveled to St.

pregnant women of St. Eustatius
made themselves available as
pilot model. As a result hereof
they got the opportunity to see
their unborn baby.The term of the
pregnancy is then determine.
Other aspects which are also
looked at are the development of
the child, like the growth and if
there are any abnomalities
present. One can determine
within 20 weeks of the
pregnancy the sex. It is very
important to know the position of
the child at the end of ones

In the coming weeks the
obstetrician, Ms. Diana
Cumberbatch and the physician
Dr. S. Baboe-Kalpoe will call-in
the pregnant women on the island
to do an echo test.

The physicians Dr.G. Odongo, Dr
Koot en Dr F. Baboe applied in
the first semester to the upper

Eustatius to teach a varied
number of physicians and
obstetrician of St. Eustatius and
Saba in the area of echography.

On both islands is a great need for
echo examinations. Presently the
patients are completely dependent
on St. Maarten. Especially for
pregnant women, taking into
account that three times during
the pregnancy an echo test is
done, can be considered a large
burden. Patients who need to do
an echography of the upper
abdomen cannot be attended
immediately and is referred to St.
Maarten. A few weeks ago the
intensive course commenced.The

abdomen of the pre1n.n1
Various patients \ i i h.11
stomachache visited th,. .-lln- r .....|
The physicians looked .11 Ihi- w-rr
kidneys, liver,pancreas, -il.,.n i
and gall bladder. Thb I.i- -1.
abdomen vessel (Buikval iiii. .,i.
also looked at in the exam ii. iI ii ,

Patients suffering wil .11i
bladder and kidney stone, u\\i-.
also examined. It is plea-.inli Ii,
the patient attending a c'in-uli II,
the physician to get an e.rh1 i.. 1 -
so that the doctor- ..ini,
immediately determine tl li in-'a *,
for stomachache. The i.\i I I"i
training is meant to bi'll_ Ii.-
echo testing closer to the ," 1"-'i. ini
women and patients of IIh. 1\\1

From left to right: Dr. Koot; Marriette Raadsen;Dr. Odongo; Wilmy verschoor;Dr.
F. Baboe;Dr. Sharda Boaboe-Kalpoe;Midwife DianaCumberbatch






Information Center of Taxes Sint Eustatius.
Assistance in payment of your We can help you if you contact
tax arrears us.

Over the last period of months The Island Government of St.
many citizens of Statia have re- Eustatius, through the Planning
ceived assessments regarding to INSPECTORATE OF TAXES WIND-
back/ outstanding taxes. (Income WARD ISLANDS Bureau is inviting the entire com-
back/ outstanding taxes. (Income
munity to a Town Hall Meeting
tax, Turnover tax, Wage tax and INFORMATION CENTER
Profit tax.) ST.EUSTATIUS about the Development Plan for
St. Eustatius.
In cases where it is not possible for Date: February 2010
you to pay the taxes within the H.M.Queen Beatrixstreet (former Time: at 7.30 pm
stipulated period of time, we urge GEBE office)
you to get in contact with us at the Oranjestad
information center. St.Eustatius The consultant bureau RBOI will
Tel:3183325/26 present the Draft Strategic Devel-
We will then make an appointment Fax:3183327 opment Plan. The group hopes to
where we will consider, along with
come to a conclusion of the options
you, what is the best way to pay the email-address:
outstanding taxes. informationcenter@taxes-windward.com presented on December 1'09 when
they presented the preliminary


Written by Mrs. Arlene Cuvalay contacted Mr. Carlyle Tearr with to accept any monetary dona-
SS C C his popular car show to be part of tions, vouchers or checks.
The Santa Claus Christmas Ex-
the festive occasion. That show
travaganza Committee began in aon ith a va show In the second year the group ex-
2004 Initiated by the Management alng th arrvae ty f ashion show panded to include three(3) members
of A.R.C Agency N.V (Arlene & a a t a a namely: Larissa Rouse, Nudie
was among the main attraction in
Raymond Cuvalay) who wanted to Extravaganza, Gibbs & Millicent Romney-
that first Santa Extravaganza,
make Christmas extra special for which proved highly successful to Lijfrock who are all dedicated in
each child in Statia. The thought the delight and cheers of the large realizing the 'Goals of the Com-
that some children were not getting crowd of children and adults. Since mittee' That is 'a Christmas Gift for
a present for Christmas, inspired the its Inception in 2004, the 'Santa Every Child in Statia. Each year the
company to start the Santa Claus Claus Extravaganza Party has been group strives to improve and top off
Extravaganza which was de- funded Solely by donations from the previous years performance and
signed primarily to ensure 'Each the many businesses on the Island from the growth, interest, reaction
and Every ChildReceived a Christ- (as well as from St. Maarten) who and input from the community at
mas Gift'. An invitation was sent always gave generously towards large, it certainly gives credence
out to every child in Statia and that they indeed have achieve this,
the children gifts in the form of
Santa Claus Extravaganza was toys, sweets, balloons and related as indicated by the dramatic growth
born. In its Endeavour to make the The (donations) of monies are di- of the crowd each year from a few
'Santa Party' fun, memorable, more reacted towards the supplier of the hundred persons in the first year to
reacted towards the supplier of the
entertaining, more enjoyable-, the or sweets outlet as it is a now almost three thousands
management of A.R.C Agency N.V resolute' policy of the group not (Continue on page 7)
resolute' policy of the group not


Continued from page 6

including visitors from the neighbour- red and white Santa truck. In 2005 the year in Statia for both children
ing islands. Over each ensuing year Santa arrived by 'Donkey'. In 2006 as well as adults'. The Santa Ex-
the Committee presents a different Santa arrived by 'helicopter" travaganza committee gratefully
form of entertainment from 'the Nevis (which is still talked about). In thanks all the sponsors who allows
Masqueraders 'to the Disney Charac- 2007 Santa arrived by Walk-on. them this opportunity to bring so
ters from St. Thomas featuring Today (as a Major Highlight) in much joy to the children of Statia
'Fiona, Donkey, Tiger, Pooh and 2008 Santa arrived by 'Fire Truck and endeavors to continue in bring-
Friends and this year 2009. The Nick- from Nustar Terminal. In 2009 ing more joy, more memories, more
elodeon costume characters with Santa arrived by 'Harley Davison;' Fun and especially in 'making a
'Dora the Explorer, Blue the Dog, and Motor Cycle. All in All, the 'Santa difference' for every child in
Bob the Builder which was a 'Hit' Party has evolved in a wonderful Statia'.(See photos of the Santa
with over the two thousand five hun- Christmas experience with a crowd Extravaganza on page 10)
dred persons present to witness the which began from about five hun-
beautiful presentation. Just as unique dred in 2004 to now almost three The Island Government extends
A Happy New Years to the
is the different arrival entrances of thousand in 2009 and it is by far,
Santa to the A.R.C Complex (where one of the biggest, one of the most entire community of
the event has been held since its in- enjoyable and certainly one of the St. Eustatius
ception). In 2004 Santa arrived on a most looked forward attraction of

Correction Dollarization Celebrating Christmas on Statia

In the November newsletter of Christmas is celebrated in different with our friends and love ones. Some
2009 an erroneous error was made ways on Statia. We all celebrate the families visit each other and eat and
regarding the US dollar. Starting Birth of Jesus Christ. Everyone goes drink tasty prepared Christmas-
January 2011 the US dollar to their respective church. Families dishes. We highlight our local drinks,
will become the official means decorate their premises with beauti- like Sorrel and Blijden at this time of
of payment on St. Eustatius ful Christmas lights and a the win- year. Christmas is experienced on
and not 2010. We apologize for this ners are known at the annual Gebe Statia as a time of sharing, giving, as
error. New years Party. Monetary prices was the case of the Three Wise Men
are given to the winners. Santa that gave gifts of gold, Franken cents
places gifts under the tree for the and Mur. (See Photos of Christ-
children. We celebrate Christmas mas dinner on page 12)

(Continued from page 4)

From December 9th to December 22 turned down. Once a permit is granted constitutional transitions after October
Mrs Clarsina Rivers- Berkel went to the client is able to make use of the op- 2010 the foreign policy will be the task
Bonaire for stage and training in the portunity to register right away at the and responsibility of Holland and the de-
FMS while all other workers of the re- civil registry office. This system and the apartments connected by the FMS will go
spective departments including Act. Lt. procedures on the work floor will work over or transit into the new admittance
Governor G. Berkel, were trained lo- very well once the client presents with all organization which will become the Immi-
cally by representatives of the Act FMS the right documents. After all this auto- gration and Naturalization Services. As of
company from Curacao. As of January mated system will not accept incomplete July 2009 with the appointment of the
11, 2010 applicants will go to the civil forms and lack of documents. For the Quarter master for the new admittance
registry with their documents for in- first couple of months clients will be re- organization the second part of the transi-
take and pass back for the results at quested to make an appointment first at tion has started and will be in effect Octo-
this same office to pick up their permit the civil registry office for the intake of ber 2010.
if it is granted or the denial if it is their applications. In connection with the

-r ..iiiiiii...EEE "


- os

Christmas Parade
Special Thanks to Marcela Giis, enis Amalian, Vashtil ooker anil all the eler

Special thanks to Mr. R. de Waal for the photos





Special thanks to Mr. Siem Dijkshoorn for the photos







B liY




The Informer, is the St. Eustatius Gov-
ernment Information Bulletin
It is a monthly publication of the Island
Territory of St. Eustatius. The objective
is to inform residents of St. Eustatius
about the developments that are taking
place within Government and social
matters on the island.

Published by M.A. Lopes Chief Public
Relations for the Island Territory of St.
Eustatius Kennep Rd. z/n, Princes Gar-
den, St. Eustatius, Neth. Ant.
Fax: 599-318-2084
Email: gis@statiagovernment.com
Layout by D. Simmons
Queries should be directed to the Office
of the Lt. Governor, Mr. Hyden Gittens,
under which he has the responsibility
of Bureau Kabinet, St. Eustatius.
Tel: 318 -2552 Fax: 318-2324


Join us weekly on Wednes-
day morning, at 9 Am sharp,
on the Government radio
programme Shedding
Light, for a day of self dis-
covery, sharing information,
reviewing developments in
our community, questioning
our elected officials about
important issues. If you
have ideas, suggestions con-
tact the host, Malvern on
318 2745 or email
malvern. gis@statiagovernment .com

Please put your suggestions
or opinions in the GIS idea
box at our office at Princess.

Honour where
Honour is due

We encourage Statians and
residents alike to submit
names of persons in the com-
munity that do exceptional or
outstanding services in the
community. If you want to
nominate someone for a Royal
Decoration it is advisable to
contact the Decoration Com-
mittee for relevant island terri-
tory or the cabinet of the Lieu-
tenant Governor. They will in-
form you whether the services
rendered by the nominee are
exceptional or outstanding
enough to warrant a Royal
Decoration. They will explain
you exactly what you need to
do, once you have collected the
necessary information.
Tel.nr.: 318-2552Fax.318 2324

Weekly Press Conferences

The Government informa-
tion Service is hosting
weekly press conferences at
the V.A. Lopes legislative
Hall. These sessions will be
held every Tuesday from
9.30- 10.00 am .We encour-
age all the media to partici-
pate in these session.


We apologize that we were
not able to host our weekly
press conferences for the
last few weeks due to the
absence of our local repre-
sentatives. Thanks for pa-


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