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Whiting tower
Naval Auxilary Air Station Whiting Field (Fla.)
Naval Auxilary Air Station Whiting Field (Fla.)
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Milton Fla
Naval Auxilary Air Station Whiting Field
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Discamus vincere in caelum Seventy-three Years of Aviation Training News Learn to conquer the sky Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Milton, Fla. Forging Wings for the Fleet Vol. 73 No. 20 October 5, 2017 (Pg 2) Ombudsman Appreciation (Pg 3) Cyber Threats (Pg 13) Energy Vampire


September is Ombudsman Appreciation Month, a time to honor the vital role ombudsmen have in connecting military families with important information, resources, and assistance they need while on U.S. Navy duty stations. Navy spouses face challenges during times of transition and stress and it is important that spouses have someone available to assist them through these challenging times. September is the month designated to honor the dedication and volunteerism the ombudsmen give as installation leadership recognize the efforts of the Navy ombudsman for their supportive roles to the military families. Naval Air Station Whiting Field Fleet and Family Support Center held an appreciation dinner last week for the ombudsman of NAS Whiting Field Command and the individual squadrons within Training Air Wing FIVE to express the gratitude and appreciation for their commitment to the position. Each ombudsman was presentTodd Bahlau spoke at the dinner thanking all the volunteer efforts of the ombudsmen. Thank you all for what you do to support our members and our community. We appreciate all the dedication and hard work. Bahlau said Training Air Wing FIVE Commodore Col. David Ombudsmen help disseminate information up 2 The Whiting TowerCapt. Todd Bahlau Cmdr. Don Gaines Master Chief (AW/SW) Lee Stephens Whiting Field News Cover Photo: September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. On Thursday 28 Sept. 2017, NAS Whiting Field personnel completed a 2.2 mile run to bring about suicide prevention awareness. Photo by Ensign Joshua S. Choung. Lt. J.G. Benjamin Lascurain Ensign Joshua Choung Ensign Tom NesslerJamie LinkOmbudsman Appreciation Dinner Held(Cont. on Page 7) Ombudsmen from Naval Air Station Whiting Field Command and squadrons within Training Air Wing FIVE were celebrated on Sept 19 at Blackwater Bistro in Milton Fla. with an appreciation dinner. All ombudsmen were introduced by the individual squadron leader NAS Whiting Field Fleet and Family Support Center hosted the event for the ombudsmen during the month of September which is Ombudsmen Appreciation Month. Photo by Jamie Link. The Whiting Tower is an authorized publication for members of the Naval Air Station Whiting Field team, tenant commands, their family members and retir ees in the surrounding area. The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense or the Department of the Navy, and do not imply endorsement thereof. The editorial content is prepared, edited and provided by the Public Affairs Office of Naval Air Station Whiting Field. Bahlau visits with a family at the NAS Whiting Field Command Picnic on Sept 29 at Whiting Park in Milton, Fla. The command event included kids games, food, music, and access to MWR activities like boat and canoe rentals. Photo by Jamie Link, NAS


3 Across the FleetThe Cyber Threat is Real (Cont. on Page 4)WASHINGTON (NNS) -Throughout National Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, and in subsequent ar for Information Warfare (N2N6) will describe the things you can do, at home and at work, to protect yourself and the Navy from cyber threats. Few people today need to be convinced that our networks, computers and smart phones are at risk of compromise. We've grown accustomed to the news of computer hacks. cans was potentially compromised in the recent Equifax If you keep up with the news, you know of Russia's election-focused data thefts and disclosures. More Personnel Management hack that resulted in the theft of they affected many of us in the Navy. From these example hacks, you can safely assume anything connected to the internet is at risk. In fact, any electronic device for storing and processing data a computer is at risk, regardless of whether it's connected to the internet or whether it looks like the desktop or laptop computers we use at home and at work. Disconnected systems are also vulnerable as attackers have employed innovative tactics to reach systems not connected to the internet. For example, thumb drives loaded with damaging software were picked up by unsuspecting technicians and used to spread the Stuxnet virus to centrifuges in an underground Iranian nuclear research facility. Although the compromise of Iran's nuclear facility was well publicized, less well known are other news reports that also demonstrate physical systems controlled by computers (control systems) are at risk. Russia compromised a Ukrainian power company, knocking out power to part of Kiev for over an hour. A sulted in a power outage to 80,000 customers, may have "...the Justice Department claimed Iran had attacked City." The control systems that manage the Navy's critical infrastructure and other services at Navy bases and facilities are commercial products that have known weaknesses. Like the Ukrainian control systems and the


Across the Fleet 4 Cyber SecurityCont. from Page 3tems and networks used by operational forces could also be at risk of compromise. sian coast discovered its GPS navigation system erroneAt least 20 other ships in the area had similar problems has long been warned of but never seen in the wild." Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral John Richardson sums up the current cyber threat environment, "The threats reach well beyond what you would consider a traditional computer or information technology network into the control systems and indeed almost every aspect of our lives and of our Navy mission." These cyber threats can come from nations with highly sophisticated cyber programs, countries with lesser technical capabilities but possibly more disruptive intent, ideologically motivated hackers or extremists and/or insiders within our organizations, with a variety of motivations. Even cyber criminals threaten the Navy because they sell malicious software to state and non-state actors, thereby increasing the number of potential threat actors. Vigilance and ensuring a robust defense-in-depth framework that incorporates people, processes and technology to assure our networks are safe is key. The threat will continue to increase as adversaries look for potential vulnerabilities and increase their level of sophistication for cyber-attacks. In Congressional testimony, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper described the threat saying, "Cyber threats to US national and economic security are increasing in frequency, scale, sophistication and severity of impact. The ranges of cyber threat actors, methods of attack, targeted systems and victims are also expanding." But you can make a difference. By adhering to cybersecurity policies, directives and best practices you can help keep the Navy secure and also protect yourself and your families while online, outside of work. It's an all hands effort, like damage control on a ship. Knowing adversaries are actively seeking to penetrate our systems, steal our data and disrupt operations should help you understand the CNO's perspective: "Wherever you are, whatever system you're operating, every time you log in, you are in the cyber battlespace." Be vigilant. Be safe. Training Air Wing ONE Confirms T-45C Goshawk Training Mishap in Tennessee MERIDIAN, Miss. (NNS) -Oct. 2, Training Air Wing ONE, based at Naval Air Staing Sunday afternoon has crashed in East Tennessee. Two pilots were aboard the aircraft, an instructor and a student. The pilots did not survive the incident. An investigation will commence to determine the training wings that belong to CNATRA. For information updates, contact the CNATRA Com-


5 Whiting Field News October 5 1863 Confederate ship David severely damages ironclad steamer New Ironsides with a spar torpedo off Charleston, S.C. Though not sunk, she has to leave the blockade for repairs at Philadelphia, Penn. October 6 1884 The Naval War College is established at Newport, R.I. when Secretary of the Navy William E. Chandler signs General October 7 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom begins with carrier air strikes, ship, and submarine Tomahawk strikes in Afghanistan. October 81955 decommissioned. This Day in Naval HistoryUSS Virginia (CGN-38) U.S. Navy photograph of the ship under way in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, 28 July 1976. NAS Whiting Field and Training Air Wing FIVE personnel came together this morning to run a 2.2 mile run onboard the installation to support National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. #BeThere #1SmallACT #suicidepreventionmonth Be There for Every Sailor, Every Day.#NationalSuicidePreventionAwarenessMonth #BeThere


6 Whiting Field News Like us on Facebook: www.facebook. com/naswhitingfield Follow us on Twitter: @naswf Follow us on : @naswhitingfield When possible, use fans to keep cool instead of an air conditioner. Fans consume only a small fraction of the energy of an air conditioner.


Whiting Field News 7OmbudsmanCont. from Page 2 and down the chain of command, provide resources to family members, advocate for families, and serve as an all-around go-to resource for support to the family members. The ombudsmen have a variety of information and resources, from the simple, such as where a new crisis intervention assistance to share when needed. This is vitally important for many family members who are new to Navy life or may be settling into a new duty station. Navy ombudsmen are volunteers, hand-picked information between Navy families and command leadership. The ombudsman is usually a spouse of an active duty service member that has experience and knowledge as a Navy spouse. Former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Retired Admiral E.R. Zumwalt, Jr., formed the Navy Fambetter communication between commands and the families of Sailors who serve. Another former CNO, retired Admiral Michael G. Mullen, re-emphasized the impor tance of the program and signed an updated instruction in 2006 highlighting the requirement that all Navy families have access to a Navy Family Ombudsman due to the vital role ombudsman play to support the mission. SR County Embraces NAS Whiting Field Today and Has for 75 Years By Jay Cope, NAS Whiting Field Public Affairs It is said so often around Naval Air Station Whiting Field today that it is almost clich. In all my years in the military, I have never been stationed anywhere that supports their military as much as the people of Santa Rosa County do. tionships are forged, and it would be understandable if the phrase were simply hyperbole meant to appease the ity to the words, and the frequent gratitude of the Sailors shown through community outreach strongly imply a more pure sentiment behind the catch-phrase: that the installation and surrounding community enjoy a steadfast bond with one another. War II and is one that has never broken, and rarely, if before the letter authorizing construction of the soon-tobe air station was signed. In nearly two inch type with bold font, running the whole width of the page, The Milton Gazette proclaimed to Santa Rosa County that Navy Auxiliary Air Base To Be Located Near Allentown. In the midst of stories about enforcing curfew laws, local residents joining the military, and war bond drives, the patriotic fervor of the Santa Rosa County shovelful of dirt had been moved for the forthcoming air station, there was concern for the military service members who would soon be arriving. The Gazette reported ganization that should be for the purpose of helping, wherever possible, with the project. vilian personnel to Milton and facilities of various kinds must be provided for the entertainment and comfort of both civilian and service personnel, the article stated.(Cont. on Page 8)


By late February, work had already begun by Hardaway Construction Company on surveying the land and preparing the layout. Workers were already arriving to Milton to look for lodging for the duration of the construction project. New people are coming to Milton every day looking for houses and apartments and citizens are doing their best to provide quarters for the early arrivals. as having already prepared to convert one residence into apartments and was planning to remodel others as well. Things were moving fast for this small town, and construction on the auxiliary air station hadnt even begun yet. Shortly after work had commenced in earnest, Senator Claude Pepper said in the Gazette that he was amazed with the progress made in such a short time. All was not always perfectly rosy, of course. One WAVE lost a letter in the streets of Milton that was found and turned into the Gazette. While the paper appeared to take a humorous review of the partially complete missive, the lady compared main street Milton to a picture of Death Valley on a spree and called the residents sand crabs that have been hibernating for the past hundred years. Shortly after the word had been released about the bases imminent construction, one doctor warned of the concerns to be faced with the arrival of the Sailors, including disease. Dr. Albert J. Desautels, a venereal specialist with the Santa Rosa County Health Department spoke to the Kiwanians emphasizing the need for the area to prepare by wiping out prostitution in the county and that the Sailors would depend on us for wholesome relaxation and decent entertainment. Despite the upheaval the Sailors and the construction of the new facility brought to the Santa Rosa edly a source of pride. Information about NAAS Whiting Field was front page news in the Milton Gazette in almost every edition from February until the commissioning of the installaditionally, the paper dedicated an entire edition to honor the occasion with about 20 businesses purchasing adver tising space to wish the service members well and welcome them to the community. One typical advertisement from McGraws Shoe men of Whiting Field to Milton and Santa Rosa County. We feel that we have been distinctly honored in having you with us, and we want you to know each of you that we shall bend every effort to make your stop-over here as enjoyable as possible. The Byrne Organization even purchased a fullpage to submit a letter to Whiting Field and placed the importance of the air station and the service persons working there in sharp perspective The struggle that lies before us as Americans will test the endurance and the patience of the greatest of men, and there will be times when the road ahead will offer little else but struggle, blood and sweat, but we who have come to know the type of good Americans associthe ability of you men on the land, on the seas, and in the air, who are entrusted with the supreme defense of this great country. Our every thought, deed, and prayer, will be dedicated to your success and safety Congressman Bob Sikes, who was the driving force behind bringing the installation to Santa Rosa County, visited the installation prior to the commissioning and predicted that the air station would be a big factor in Miltons future growth and prosperity. Peppers agreed, adding that NAS Whiting Field would be the means of causing Milton and Santa Rosa County to show unprecedented growth in the next few years. 8 Whiting Field News Santa Rosa CountyCont. from Page 7 (Cont. on Page 10)


9 Whiting Field News


10 Whiting Field News Cont. from Page 8 Economic prosper ity was then and continues today to be one of the great Field to the local community. However, that was far from the residents only reason for welcoming the service members and their families. Milton residents maintained a genuine concern for the welfare of the Sailors, and showcased that by working to ease the bur dens of military service far from home. The local Red Cross to men and women of NAAS Whiting Field. Many of the concerns that are addressed now by the Fleet and Family Support Center on the installation were assumed by the local community. Field Director Arthur J. Moore ing of the base and established services such as: support for families in distress, helping to arrange for employment of family members, guidance in dealing with home problems, loans or grants for emergency furloughs, and a medium for communicating with families back home for serious issues. The Red Cross welcomes this opportunity to be of assistance to the men of Whiting Field. Any time the Red Cross can be of assistance, Come in and talk it over, Moore stated in the article. Barely one month later, the Milton and Bagdad communities formed a committee, representing various churches and social groups, to secure a USO site for the air stations Sailors. The Milton Gazette noted that nite plans to meet the immediate needs of the men and women at Whiting Field who visit Milton on frequent relaxation in the community. W. T. DeVine, Sr, an executive with the Byrne Organization that was one of the primary contractors $8,000 today) from the company at the subsequent meeting when the women launched their campaign. He also offered help to the ladies in building shelves for the library. Ensign Harris, one of the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES), stationed at Whiting Field stated that the women would appreciate a day room in Milton where they could rest, write letters, or spend an hour or two reading. Miss Eleanor Barton, the chairman of the meeting, established a committee to work with the town council to contact the national USO headquarters about establishing the center. At the end of September, the USO representative arrived and promised the ladies $200 from the national organization to help with construction of a center and that one would be established within In the interim, several churches offered to keep their basements open later hours for recreational pur available to the use of service personnel. The community clubhouse was selected as the USO center, a music box donated for dances, Girl Scouts coordinated donations of magazines to be provided for service members enjoyment, cards and stationary were donated for writing letters, and various groups volunteered to arrange receptions and entertainment. By this time, NAAS Whiting Field was fully ophousing complex, later to be named Owens Court, was nearing completion with some units already being occupied. The swimming pool, laundry, and hot water were all working. Grass and cover crops were taking hold to reduce the consistent dust from the areas cleared to create had been moved, the installation was a fully-functioning for the nations defense, and the base personnel became fully-functioning members of the community. Sailors took an active role in War Fund Drives, Christmas came to the base, there were parties for the service members and the base children with homemade cakes and candy made by the residents for the parties. The sense of one community that is enjoyed tocal lawyer, John T. Wigginton referred to NAAS Whiting George Murray, the head of the Training Command in Pensacola, to the Kiwanians. Murray encouraged that concept. We want you people to feel that way about it, in every possible way to keep our relations on a friendly and amicable basis, because it will take such pleasant relations to make a success of this part of our war effort.


Senior Chief 11 Whiting Field News L to R: CDR Steve Bryant (OIC), LCDR Geor gios Rigakis (Hellenic Navy), Hannah LeForge (NAVAIR), 2ndLt Mark Peterson Jr., 2ndLt Katrynanicole Novelozo, ENS Marshall Greenhaw, ENS Myeisha Ammons, Steven Dittmer (NAVAIR), CAPT Eric Simon (CO CNATT), LTJG Dionysios Kontostanos (Hellenic Navy), LTJG Benjamin Plummer (Honor Graduate), 2ndLt Christopher Grubb, 2ndLt Warren Loopstra, 2ndLt John Lee, Capt Ben Gentry (AMO Instructor).AMO Long Course Graduation Master Chief Brian Kerns is joined by his Originally from Baltimore, Master Chief Kerns' around the world and back, serving on the USS John Kennedy, USS Theodore Roosevelt as well as at duty stations NAS Jacksonville, FACSFAC Jacksonville, NAWCAD St. Inigoes, and as an Individual Augmentee (IA) in Iraq. Master Chief Kerns has been with NAS Whiting Field since Master Chief Master Chief Frocked Onboard NAS Whiting Field


Kayak Classes at Whiting Park taught by one of our skilled guides. This course is open to all ages. Paint Ball is Here The course is located on what used to be the golf driving range and will provide the opportunity for weekend entertainment on the base for families and service members. The course is open every Saturday New Uniform Guidance A new NAVADMIN is out which revises or provides new guidance on uniform regulations pertaining to womens hair requirements, approvan update on Navy Working Uniform Type I (NWU I) Maternity Uniform availability, and the Standard PrisonRenters Insurance No Longer Provided As detailed residents of PPV housing are advised that, as a result of this amendment to the business agreements, they will no longer automatically receive renters insurance in PPV housing. Military residents are encouraged, but not required, to obtain renters insurance once current insurance coverage expires. Monday Night Football The Liberty Center will show the games on their HUGH 80 HDTV with Bose Surround of excitement are in store. The Liberty Center is open to active MWR Tickets & Travel Our oce oers a variety of leisure travel services including discount ticket sales to various attractions throughout the country and local attractions. We also oer lodging, cruises, bus tours, airfare packages all over the world, and other special services. Active Duty Military, Retired, Dependents, DoD civilians and all MWR authorized patrons can purchase tickets. All prices are inclusive of our surcharge. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. NAVY Ball Tickets are being sold online at the following link: Please add the name of your spouse/date in the note section when you are paying for the tickets in square. Any questions or concerns contact ABHC Carter at 665-6350.Where: Museum of Naval Aviation When: 13 October 2017 Time: Cocktail hour 1800-1900, Ceremony 1900-2300 Ticket Costs & Dress Code: Civilian ($40) Formal Attire E6 and Below ($40) Dress White (ribbons) E7-E9 ($45) Dress White (mini medals) O1 O3 ($45) Dress White or Dinner Dress White (mini medals) O4 and above ($50) Dinner Dress White (mini medals) Other Services ($50) Service equivalentIf you are duel military, one SVM has to wear their uniform, the other can wear an evening dress or suit. Child Care NAS Pensacola Child Development Center will be providing child care, please call (850) 452 2211 to reserve a spot; it is $4 dollars per hour per child. Make your reservations by October 10th. Navy Language Testing Opportunities Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB), Defense Language Prociency Test (DLPT), and Oral Prociency Interviews (OPI) are now being oered onboard NASP in BLDG 634, every Wednesday by appointment only. News & Notes 12


13 Whiting Field News Energy Vampires Are Attacking A surprisingly large number of these devices -from air conditioners to DVD/ players -cannot be the knowledge of the user. Some names for this unsuspected electricity consumption are: phantom power, standby power, energy drain, leaking electrons and hidden power losses. Whatever you call it, money is coming from your pocket to pay for it. The expense can be substantial depending on the number of little vampires you have and the electric rate you pay. Typical Energy Vampires (Stand-by Energy Users) To determine if a device is an energy vampire, wait until it has been turned off for several hours and then touch the housing near the power cord. If it is warm to the touch, it probably is an energy vampire adding more to the monthly power bill. To kill the energy vampires and help reduce the energy drain, unplug non-essential items such as battery chargers for the cell phone, laptop computer and other devices when they are not needed.


Whiting Field News 14Congratulations to TAW-5 Wingers and Scholars COMMODORES LIST WITH DISTINCTION Lt j.g. Bridget E. McCoy