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2008 CHINFO Award Winner

HSL-60 Wins 2010 SecNav Safety

From Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of
the Navy for Safety
Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)
Ray Mabus has announced his Safety
Excellence Awards recipients for
2010 including HSL-60 based at NS
The other winners include:
Ashore, Industrial, Category A:
Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
Ashore, Industrial, Category B:
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
and Southwest Regional Maintenance
Center (Tie)
Ashore, Industrial, Category
C: Naval Facilities Engineering
Command, Mid-Atlantic
Ashore, Non-Industrial, Category A:

Naval Base Coronado
Ashore, Non-Industrial, Category B:
Naval Base San Diego
Ashore, Non-Industrial, Category
C: Naval Station Norfolk Fleet
Operational/Fleet Support: 2D Marine
Aircraft Wing
Afloat, Large Deck Combatant: USS
Nassau (LHA 4)
Afloat, Surface Combatant: USS
Preble (DDG 88) Afloat, Amphibious:
USS Dubuque (LPD 8)
Afloat, Littoral Warfare: MCM Crew
Afloat, Submarine: USS Nevada
(SSBN 733)
Afloat, Auxiliary: USS Frank Cable
(AS 40)

Aviation, Navy Active Duty: Strike
Fighter Squadron 14 (VFA-14)
Aviation, Marine Corps Active Duty:
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron
362 (HMH-362)
Aviation, Marine Corps Reserve:
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron
772 (HMH-772)
Aviation, Training: Training
Squadron SEVEN (VT-7) Emerging
Center of Excellence: Weapon System
Explosives Safety Review Board,
Naval Sea Systems Command
Safety Integration in Acquisition:
Ship To Shore Connector, Amphibious
Warfare Program (PMS377)/Naval Sea
Systems Command
Mabus congratulated the recipients

in his ALNAV released DTG 081427Z
SEP 10.
"What you have accomplished in
the last year is proof-positive of your
'mission first, safety always' command
culture and your commitment to each
other, safety excellence, the nation,
and the advent of the Department of
the Navy as a world class safety orga-
nization," Mabus said.
The recipients will receive a plaque,
citation and the SECNAV's Safety
Excellence flag at a ceremony that will
be held Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. at the Navy
Memorial and Naval Heritage Center,
Washington, D.C. The chief of naval
operations and commandant, Marine
Corps have been invited to personally

thank the winners for their part in mak-
ing safety integral to the Department of
the Navy's culture. Navy and Marine
Corps members and their families are
invited to attend.
Recipients have the right to fly the
SECNAV Safety Excellence flag for
one year.
The Safety Excellence Awards
were established in 2002 by Gordon
R. England, who twice served as
SECNAV. It is the Department of the
Navy's premier tribute to commands
and programs that promote the safe-
ty of our Sailors, Marines and civil-
ians, and protect our aircraft, ships and
facilities from mishap.

-Photo by MCI Heather Ewton
i'.ci'n-), ii -Iold, Melany Karcher pins anchors on the collar of her father, Chief Yoeman Jason Karcher, during the official Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony held
at the Base Chapel at Naval Station Mayport on Sept. 16. The ceremony represents the end of the selectee period and the beginning of the Sailors career as deckplate

CPPD Expands Operational Stress

Control Training On eLearning Site

From Center for Personal and Professional Development Public

The Center for Personal and Professional
Development (CPPD) has expanded its operational
stress control (OSC) training with eight new eLearning
courses designed for Navy leaders.
The interactive courses are now available on Navy
eLearning to petty officers, division officers, depart-
ment heads and senior enlisted personnel.
"These web-based offerings are part of the Navy's
effort to embed OSC concepts across all education
and training programs," said Cmdr. George Michaels,
CPPD's director of training. "This latest curriculum
builds on the foundational courses already taught to
more than 142,000 Sailors, family members and health
care providers. While these first courses provided all

Sailors with the insight and guidance they need to
navigate stress from day-to-days operations, the latest
content is aimed at leaders at all levels and can be used
to support commands' specific learning needs."
The OSC course delivery is intended to reach Sailors
and commands through a variety of platforms. Mixing
delivery methods, such as instructor-led and online
courses, helps address differing learning styles. In addi-
tion, regular reviews of existing courses keep the most
up-to-date information available to the fleet, while
development of additional lessons, such as those in the
Leadership Core Continuum (LCC), build on the latest
research and information available.
The newly developed enlisted OSC courses include:
Petty Officer 3rd Class, CPPD-OSC-PO3-1.0; Petty
Officer 2nd Class, CPPD-OSC-PO2-1.0; Petty Officer

1st Class, CPPD-OSC-P01-1.0 g; and Chief Petty
Officer, CPPD-OSC-CPO-1.0. The OSC officer cours-
es are all online courses and include: Division Officer,
CPPD-OSC-DO-1.0; Department Head, CPPD-OSC-
DH-1.0; Senior Enlisted, CPPD-OSC-SE-1.0; and
Command Leadership, CPPD-OSC-CL-1.0.
To access these courses, visit Navy Knowledge
Online at www.nko.navy.mil, click on "Navy eLearn-
ing" and conduct an advanced search for the appropri-
ate catalog code or course title. You can also choose
Bios'\ c Categories," then select "All Catalog Items,"
then "Department of the Navy (DON) Training" fol-
lowed by "Environmental and Safety."
The training can be located in the "What's New" box
at the bottom of the Navy eLearning homepage.






From ( .. of Naval Personnel Public

The Secretary of the Navy
has approved a revised phas-
ing plan for active duty officer
promotions beginning in fiscal
year 2011, as part of the Navy's
multiple efforts to achieve fiscal
Effective Oct. 1, active duty
officers selected for promotion
to the grades of captain, com-
mander and lieutenant com-
mander will be promoted at a
three percent per month rate
for 11 months, with the remain-
ing officers to be promoted in
September 2011. All officers
selected for promotion during
fiscal year 2011 will be promot-
ed in that fiscal year. This phas-
ing plan does not affect future
selection board promotion rates.
Unrestricted line and human
resources officers of the full-
time support community will
continue to promote at the same
rate as their active duty coun-
Under previous plans, five
percent of officers selected for
captain, commander and lieu-
tenant commander were pro-
moted in each of the first eight
months of the year, with 15
percent per month during the
remaining four months.
Vice Adm. Mark Ferguson,
chief of naval personnel, said
the plan contributes to keeping
the Navy's manpower account
in fiscal balance.
"We will continue to fulfill
mission requirements for 2011
while controlling growth in
manpower costs," Ferguson
said. "We will revisit this plan
each fiscal year."
For more information on
line and staff officer promo-
tion phasing plans, visit http://

Welcome Back! USS Hue City Prescription For Relationships
USS The Sullivans Returns Ship Remembers Namesake Battle Doctor Talks About Domestic Violence

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Making A Chief Petty Officer

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2 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

Personal Security

- It's That Important!

By Beth Wilson
Military Spouse Contributor
Over the last two weeks I
repeatedly sat shocked and sad-
dened by multiple news reports
of crimes committed as a result
of posts on Facebook, Twitter,
Foursquare, My Space or per-
sonal blogs. A jealous boyfriend
in Fresno brutally attacked his
girlfriend over what he believed
to be 'flirting' with a former
high school classmate. Homes
are targeted after posts on
Foursquare announce the home
is empty. A Facebook post, "I'm
heading out to the movies"
told unsavory friends that the
house would be empty plenty
of time to rob the house. Yes, I
said 'friends.' A security cam-
era revealed it was Facebook
Friends that committed the rob-

Per a recent Army briefing
I learned that 80% of what
our enemies learn about US
Homeland Security and our
deployed units is learned thru
unclassified information posted
in 'open sources' such as the
media, internet, chat rooms,
email, even unit support group
newsletters and your garbage.
As a military wife, like you,
I am conscious of the need to
keep my Sailor's schedule and
location close to home; OPSEC.
But what about PERSEC? What

about Personal Security?
In an age of new media we
need to expand our thinking
to include PERSEC. What do
your posts reveal about you? I
reviewed my history of posts
over the last few months and
discovered that inadvertently I
gave a lot of clues to my loca-
tion, size of family, deploy-
ment status, and schedule.
What I thought was sharing
'good news' announced things
like my husband isn't here,
I'm home alone. Sharing 'good
news' revealed my home would

be empty several times.
Across several conversations
I revealed whether I have chil-
dren, if I live on or off base,
my regular pattern of shopping,
my daily 'walking' routine, my
favorite coffee shop and when
I visit it...and would you
believe, in an effort to encour-
age 'disaster preparedness,' I
told where I keep my important
papers and a large amount of
cash. Holy COW! So someone
following me could figure out
that I am gone at a particular
time for certain amount of time,
that my husband was not there
and exactly where to find my
emergency preparedness stack
of cash. LOVELY...
I recently read a military
spouse blog that gave her hus-
band's full name, home town,

unit and even the dates of
deployment. She had a picture
of herself and her soldier. She
announced they were expect-
ing their first child (Nov 18th)
and the Baby Shower is sched-
uled for October 3rd with loca-
tion and time posted. I have a
friend who is a security expert
who told me how much we can
find out from her blog. With
the husband's full name, a
Google search revealed his date
of birth, year of marriage, full
name of the author and the cou-
ple's home address. And that is
more than enough to open them
to identity theft and criminal
What clues have you given?
Have you inadvertently, by
sharing exciting news (We're
going to Cancun! He'll be home

in TEN DAYS! I got a new
Mini!), informed others that
your home will be empty, you
are alone, desirable possessions
are available or other informa-
Next week we will look at the
top ten things we need to know
to keep ourselves and our fami-
lies safe. PERSEC it's not an
option and it's not complicated.
Connect with Beth on
Twitter (@Beth_Wilson),
Facebook (www.facebook.com/
EnlistedSpouseCommunity) or
email her at beth@homefrontin-
focus.com. Beth's on broadcast-
ing from the road don't miss
this month's internet broadcasts
at www.blogtalkradio.com/nht.

Navigate The College-Selection Process

Judy Cromartie
School Liaison Officer
It is that time in the senior
year when students need to
make some final decisions
about what they are going to
do after high school. To achieve
postsecondary training success,
the student will need to
1. investigate his interests,
abilities, and preferences to
help choose a career,
2. determine if that career
goal can be achieved at a uni-
versity, community college,
technical school, or through the
military either military ser-
vice or a military academy,
3. begin researching which

one of those choices will help
him to achieve his career goal,
4. create a plan which leads
to postsecondary training suc-
But why continue an educa-
tion after high school? With
today's economy, it is almost
impossible to support oneself
with just a high school diploma.
Further education means more
money! Here are a few reasons

to go to college from the web-
site www.ACT.org:
Every bit of education you
get after high school increases
the chances you'll earn good
pay. Most college graduates
earn more money during their
working years than people who
stop their education at high
school earn.
The more education you get
the more likely it is you will
always have a job. According to

one estimate, by the year 2028
there will be 19 million more
jobs for educated workers than
there are qualified people to fill
Continuing education after
high school is much more
important for your generation
than it was for your parents'
generation. Today most good
jobs require more than a high
school diploma. Businesses
want to hire people who know
how to think and solve prob-
Education beyond high
school gives you a lot of other
benefits, including meeting
new people, taking part in new
opportunities to explore your
interests, and experiencing suc-
The next question you may
ask yourself is, No%% that my
child has decided he wants
to attend college, how do we
decide which college he will
attend?" Researching and then
finding an answer to that ques-
tion forms the foundation of a
college search. An integral part

of this search will be to deter-
mine the following:
*What programs are offered
at that institution? If your child
is interested in marine biology,
and that is not offered at that
institution, you need to look
*What are the college's/
university's GPA admis-
sion requirements? Are they
the same for every program?
While most schools calculate
the admission GPA on the 18
core academic credits with
additional weight given to
grades of "C" or higher, they
carefully examine those 18 core
academic credits to make sure
they are in the most rigorous
courses offered at your child's
high school.
*What are the college's/
university's SAT/ACT score
requirements? Florida's college
advising website www.FACTS.
org will provide not only an
SAT/ACT score for college
admission, but other eligibility
requirements as well. You need
to look at the university your

child is interested in to deter-
mine last year's average SAT
and ACT scores for incoming
*How many freshman applied
and how many were actually
admitted? All of this informa-
tion can be found on www.
FACTS.org for Florida pub-
lic and private schools and on
the individual school's web-
site. These websites will also
list the average incoming GPA,
average class size, student-to-
faculty ratio, and many other
facts which may help your child
select the very best school for
Judy Cromartie is the
School Liaison Officer for NS
Mayport. If you have ques-
tions about this article or con-
cerns about an educational issue
impacting your child, she can
be reached via email at Judith.
cromartie@navy.mil or by
phone at (904) 270-6289 ext.
1305 [office] or ("114) 219-3894
[cell]. Or you can schedule a
meeting with her in her office in
Building One.

God Will Send Right Help When You Need It

Chaplain Eddy Logan

My young bride and I found
ourselves atop a coastal moun-

The Navy Exchange wants
to help its customers pay for
their children's college educa-
tion through its A-OK Student
Reward Program. Four times
per school year, four stu-
dents will be the recipients
of a $5,000, $3,000 $2,000
or $1,000 U.S. savings bond,
denominations at maturity. The
next drawing will be held at the
end of August 2010.
Any eligible full-time student
that has a B-grade point average
equivalent or better, as deter-
mined by their school system,
may enter the drawing. Eligible
students include dependent
children of active duty military
members, reservists and mili-
tary retirees enrolled in first
through 12th grade. Dependent
children without an individual
Dependent Identification Card

tain overlooking the Caribbean
Ocean. Being a male in a jeep
with beautiful woman at my
side, I cut the wheel hard to the
right and descended down a
winding dirt road. A half hour
later, we broke through the
dense tropical forest and caught
our first glimpse of paradise.
I had noticed several sets of
tire tracks along the water's
edge and decided to follow
them. We had crossed no more
than 30 feet of sand when
it happened: we were stuck.
After about 20 minutes of wast-

must be accompanied by their
sponsor to submit their entry.
Each student may enter only
once each grading period and
must re-enter with each qualify-
ing report card.
To enter the drawing, stop by
any NEX with a current report
card and have a NEX associate
verify the minimum grade aver-
age. Then fill out an entry card
and obtain an A-OK ID, which
entitles the student to discount
coupons for NEX products and
The Navy Exchange Service
Command (NEXCOM) has
been offering students a chance
to win a savings bond through
its A-OK Student Reward
Program since 1997. Since the
program began, NEXCOM has
awarded $504,000 in savings
bonds with the help of its gener-
ous vendor partners.

ing gas and digging trenches, I
paused to consider our options.
Climbing back up the mountain
was out of the question because
I doubted that my wife could
carry me that far. I thought
about using the wench on the
front of the jeep but remem-
bered that I had declined that
$15 "added feature."
As I returned to trench dig-
ging, I heard a voice break-
ing through the roar of the
engine. "Let off, let off; take
it easy." Looking up, I saw

a tall, slender man standing
slightly to the right of our jeep
holding a 3-gallon pale and a
3-foot machete. I could almost
see the headline, "Mutilated
Newlyweds Found After Four
Month Search."
In a fleeting moment of
weakness, I realized that I
didn't necessarily have to out
run this stranger, but really only
needed to outrun my wife (just
kidding). However, the panic
passed as I realized this guy
was simply offering his help.
We worked together for
another hour or so without
much success. Spotting two
4'x8' sheets of tin roofing, we
discovered them to be too long
to maneuver under the tires.

Undaunted, the islander used
his machete to reduce the sheets
to more manageable sizes.
With the help of this stranger,
we finally made it back to solid
The islander told us this was
the first time he had been on
this stretch of beach. After
a morning of fishing, he was
returning home to his wife and
eight children. His act of kind-
ness made a lasting impression
upon me. While the passing of
24 years may have erased his
name from my memory, I will
never forget his parting words
as he turned to go, "Just think
of me as a Godsend."
God's promise to be with us
is demonstrated in Isaiah 41:10;

"So do not fear, for I am with
you; do not be dismayed, for I
am your God. I will strengthen
you and help you; I will uphold
you with my righteous right
We have all experienced such
moments when the right person
seems to show up at the right
time. I sincerely believe these
encounters are just one of the
many ways that God reaches
out to us in our time of need.
My hope is that we do not see
such encounters as pure luck
or a mere coincidence, but that
we will see them for what they
truly are which is nothing less
than a "Godsend."

Additional Parent Programs at the Youth Center. All begin
at 6:30 pm.
Tuesday, Oct. 27 ESE and 504 Plans
Tuesday, Nov. 17 Gifted program
Tuesday, Jan. 26 The Financial Aid Process
Tuesday, Feb. 23 -Accelerated Courses
Tuesday, March 30 Duke's TIP Program
Tuesday, April 27 Selecting a Major

NEX Rewards

Students With

A-OK Program

Roman Catholic Mass
Sunday 9 a.m.
Monday-Friday 11:30 a.m.
Confessions: before & after mass
or upon request
CCD: Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Baptisms: class 3rd Sunday of
Protestant Worship
Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Sunday school 9:15 a.m.
Baptism: For information contact
your chaplain

Women's Bible Study
Wednesday 9:30 a.m.
Protestant choir
Wednesday 7 p.m.

MOPS (Mothers of
1t & 3rd Tuesdays each month
9:15 a.m.
For more information,
contact MOPS coordinator at

Contact Chaplain 6 months prior.
PREP is required

For more information,
call 270-5212.

Naval Station Mayport
Capt. A aron Bow m an .................................................................. ....................... Com m ending O officer
Cmdr. Patrick Pickard ................. ..... ...................... Executive Officer
CM D CM David Anderson .............................................................................. Com m and M aster Chief
Naval Station Mayport Editorial Staff
B ill A u stin ................ ......... ...... ......................................................... P u b lic A ffa irs O office r
M C 1 H weather Ew ton............................................................................... D deputy Public Affairs O officer
OS2 Shantae Salmon ....... ..... .......................... Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Pa ig e G n a n n ............................................................................................................................... E d ito r
A EA N M ichae l R oggio ................................................................................................................. Staff
The Mirror is distributed without charge throughout Mayport's Navy community, including the Naval Station,
on- and off base Navy housing areas, and ships, squadrons and staffs homeported at NS Mayport. Copies
are also available at the Naval Station's Public Affairs Office, Building 1, and The Florida Times-Union, 1
Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202.
The deadline for all submissions is Thursday at 4 p.m., one week prior to publication. News and articles
should be submitted to the Public Affairs Office, or mailed to:
The Mirror
P.O. Box 280032
Naval Station
Mayport, FL 32228-0032
Commercial: (904)270-7817 Ext. 1012 DSN: 960-7817 Ext. 1012
Commercial FAX (904) 270-5329 DSN FAX: 960-5329
Email: mayportmirror@comcast.net
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This DoD newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of
The Mirror are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Department
of Defense or the Department of the Navy. Published by The Florida Times-Union, a private firm in no way
connected with the U.S. Navy, under exclusive written contract with Naval Station Mayport, Fla. The appear
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the Department of Defense, U.S. Navy or The Florida Times-Union, of the products or services advertised.
Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without
regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation,
or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. The editorial content of this publication is the
responsibility of the Naval Station Mayport, Fla., Public Affairs Office.

Advertisements are solicited by the publisher. Inquiries regarding advertising should be directed to:
Ellen S.Rykert e Military Publications Manager
1 Riverside Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 359-4168
Tom Castle Advertising Sales Manager
(904) 359-4336 FAX: (904) 366-6230

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 3

Gettysburg Wins Battle E For 2009

Survey Out

For Barrack

During the months of
September through November
the Bachelor Housing Staff
would like all Residents to par-
ticipate in the Annual Resident
Satisfaction Survey.
Building managers will be
distributing surveys it only
takes 10 minutes to complete.
It's confidential and please
know that your opinion matters!
This is your opportunity to
tell us how well we are doing or
what we need to improve on.


Needed For



Volunteers are needed in sup-
port of The 2010 International
Coastal Cleanup, to collect
litter and debris on the beach
and along the Jetties at Naval
Station Mayport. Participants
should plan to meet at 8 a.m.
on Sept. 25 at Jetties Pavilion
#3 (the eastern-most covered
pavilion) near Pelican Roost RV
Park on Bon Homme Richard
Street. This event will run until
approximately 10 a.m. Gloves
and garbage bags will be pro-
To learn more about the
International Coastal Cleanup,
go to: www.coastalcleanup.
org, or contact Naval Station
Mayport Water Quality
Program Manager, Scott
Dombrosky at 270-3188. Pre-
registration is not required.

From USS Gettysburg
USS Gettysburg is one of
only 27 ships to receive the
Battle E for 2009.
The calendar year-long
competition involves evalu-
ation by Surface Forces of a
ship's abilities in logistics,
material, engineering, dam-
age control, navigation, com-
mand and control, and air, sur-
face, and subsurface warfare.
Even if a ship meets these chal-
lenges, it still has to demon-
strate to the immediate superior
in command sustained superior
performance, operational effec-
tiveness, and continuous readi-
ness to be a contender for the
Battle "E."
During the months of July
and August, Gettysburg tack-

-Photo courtesy of USS Gettysburg
USS Gettysburg Combat Systems Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Lenard
Mitchell, CDMCM David Rudd, and FCC Russell Keith hold the
Battle E plaque awarded to USS Gettysburg for 2009.

led a series of Unit Level
Training Assessments (ULTA).
These assessments are to test
the ship's training proficiency
levels in warfare areas such as
engineering, damage control,
combat systems, and medical.
Afloat Training Group Mayport,
as the assessors, also cov-
ered combat systems defense
capabilities, seamanship, navi-
gation and deck operations.
Fire drills and simulated mis-
sile, small-boat attacks, preci-
sion anchoring, low-visibility
navigation, mass casualty, and
general quarters scenarios test-
ed every aspect of the ship's
warfare capabilities.
Gettysburg Sailors devoted
a lot of time, sweat, and lack

of sleep in order to ensure
Gettysburg's success. All
departments were required to
work together, more than ever,
to demonstrate that the crew is
capable of minimizing major
casualties and defend the ship
against enemy forces.
All areas met and/or exceed-
ed ULTRA requirements.
Specific examples include:
Damage Control, 80 percent;
Cryptologic Warfare, 96.81 per-
cent; Combat Systems, 96.49
percent; Intelligence, 94.55 per-
cent; Navigation, 91.56 percent;
Mobility Engineering, 80 per-

Veterans Invited To Take Part In Special

Recognition Ceremony At NS Mayport

From the Office OfCongressmanAnder
Fourth-Congressional District
veterans who served in the mil-
itary between 1941 and 1979
and have not already been rec-
ognized are invited to apply to
receive certificates of Special
Recognition from Congressman
Ander Crenshaw in a ceremo-
ny slated for this fall at Naval
Station Mayport. The appli-
cation deadline to receive the
honor is Oct. 8.
"It is my desire to honor all
who served in our armed forc-
es," said Crenshaw. "These men
and women answered the call of
duty. Some served during war
time; some kept the peace. All
were willing to put their lives at

risk to protect our freedom and
democracy. This ceremony will
help show our appreciation."
Over the past eight years,
Crenshaw has recognized hun-
dreds of veterans who served
during the periods of World War
II, Korean War and Vietnam.
This year's ceremony will rec-

ognize the contributions of all
who served in the U.S. Armed
Forces, including the Coast
Guard, Merchant Marines, and
National Guard during the dates
of 1941 and 1979. If you were
not recognized by Congressman
Crenshaw in past years for your
service during WW II, Korea or

Vietnam, or if you served dur-
ing periods when the United
States was not at war, then you
are eligible for recognition.
If you are a veteran who was
honorably discharged, live in
the 4th Congressional District,
and would like to participate,
please contact Congressman
Crenshaw's district offices in
Jacksonville (904-598-0481)
or Lake City (386-365-3316)
or call toll free 888.755-5607
if you live in the 850 area
code. You may also go to the
Congressman's web site at
www.Crenshaw.house.gov to
obtain an application. Click
on Constituent Services, then
Special Events & Notices,
and lastly on the Veterans

Recognition Ceremony to
download the press release
and application. Completed
applications and documen-
tation should be mailed to
the following address: 1061
Riverside Avenue, Suite 100,
Jacksonville, FL 32204. The
application deadline is Oct. 8.
To determine eligibility for
the certificate, veterans must
complete an application and
submit a copy of their service
discharge document or proof of
service in the Diplomatic Corps
or Merchant Marines. Veterans
must be alive and a current resi-
dent of the 4th Congressional
District of Florida to participate
in this program.

)www.boystown.org BOYS$TOWN.
A CFC participant provided as a public service National Hotline

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We'll Help You Build Your Future.

National University has been a leading educator of service
members and their families since 1971 and annually ranks
as a top Military Friendly College. With online degree
programs in a convenient one-course-per-month format,
you can attend classes at an accelerated pace.

National University is a nonprofit institution that also

The value of WASC accreditation
Associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees
Dedicated Military Affairs Office and staff
Special military tuition
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Vets must have served in the military between
1941 and 1979, along with complete an applica-
tion and submit service discharge document copy
or proof of service; be alive and a current resi-
dent of the 4th Congressional District of Florida.
Applications must be received by Oct. 8.

ato na Un v

4 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Sullivans Returns From Deployment

Information Systems Technician 2nd Class (SW) Jasmmine Hudson holds her 3-year-old son
Fox after reuniting with him during USS The Sullivans homecoming on Sunday at Naval Station


By Ensign Alexander Brush
USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) Public
USS The Sullivans (DDG
68) returned from a challenging
and rewarding seven and a half
month independent Ballistic
Missile Defense deploy-
ment to the Arabian Gulf and
Mediterranean regions on Sept.
The 280 Sailors aboard The
Sullivans completed a wide
range of missions from partner-
ship-building exercises and for-
ward presence operations with
coalition navies to participation
in ongoing maritime security
operations and integration into
theater air and ballistic missile
defense organizations.
For a period of two months
The Sullivans was part of the
coalition maritime task group

responsible for security of
the of Al Basra Oil Terminal
in the Northern Arabian Gulf
and acted as the Maritime
Interception Operations (MIO)
Commander. The Sullivans
was responsible for providing
air surveillance and defense and
for directing the coalition forces
positioned around the termi-
nal to maintain security of the
critical offshore infrastructure.
With their flight deck and crew
capable of landing and refuel-
ing most of the military service
helicopters in the region and
the mobility of the ship's boats,
The Sullivans made an impor-
tant contribution to the overall
operation by providing for the
movement of people, material,
and supplies.
Elsewhere in the Arabian
Gulf, The Sullivans partici-

pated in operations with the
coalition forces of Combined
Task Force 152 designed to
enhance the safety and security
of the gulf maritime environ-
ment. Working with the coali-
tion command and other par-
ticipating navies, The Sullivans'
boarding teams made direct
contacts with waterman in the
region to learn about patterns
of life, hazards, and reports of
unlawful activities in an effort
to improve the awareness and
effectiveness of coalition forces.
Participation in joint multina-
tional exercises is another way
that The Sullivans enhanced
relations and contributed to
improved cooperation in the
During Exercises Nautical

See The Sullivans, Page 5

-Photos by Paige Gnann
Betzayra Guerceran, the goddaughter of Chaplain Andre Trofort, holds a sign to welcome the lieuten-
ant home from deployment with USS The Sullivans.

Damage Controlman 3rd Class Chris Polite reunites with his wife, Olivia, and 2-year-old son,
Daivon, after meeting his new 5-month-old baby, Trinity.

Cryptologic Technician Technical 2nd Class (SW) Chance Walker is introduced to his new 8-week-old
son, Chance Jr., by his wife, Chamee.

Engineman 2nd Class Alan Terry stands with his family after reuniting with them on the pier

Friends and families wave and yell at their Sailors as the ship pulls in to port.

Savannah, 9, and Mia Benedict, 4, wave to their father, Information Systems Technican 1st Class
Kevin Benedict, as USS The Sullivans pulls pierside after a seven month deployment.

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 5

Gas Turbine System Technician Electricial 3rd Class Victor Doroy Interior Communications Electrician 1st Class Roy Snyder enjoys Lt. Cmdr. Doug Thompson, the Supply officer aboard USS The
reconnects with his wife Erin at the ship's homecoming. the 'first kiss"from wife Meagan. Sullivans, gets a welcome-home kiss from wife Brandy.

Sailor man the rails and search for their friends and family as USS The Sullivans pulls pierside at Naval Station Mayport after being
deployed for more than seven months.

Sonar Technician Surface 2nd Class (SW) Thomas Morris gets a
big welcome home from girlfriend Lyndsay Cole.

Engineman 2nd Class (SW) Roldan Hamilton poses with his wife Christi, son Gavyn, 6, and daugh-
terAlexis, 9.

The Sullivans From Page 4

Union and Stakenet, The
Sullivans operated with mari-
time forces from Saudi Arabia
and Kuwait in coalition-
enhancing events that included
Search and Rescue exercises,
several Maritime Infrastructure
Protection Exercise scenarios,
and various tactical formation
shiphandling, communications,
and command and control drills.
During their brief periods
in port, several crewmembers
volunteered for projects that
showed the good will of the
American people and enhanced
the Navy and American image
in the region. In Bahrain,
Sailors repaired equipment and
cleared a field for use as a play-
ground at a special-needs day
care center. Working through
the American Embassy in
Spain, a group from the ship led
by the Chief Petty Officers gave
their time to a cancer hospice
center during the ship's final
port visit in Malaga, where they
painted and repaired parts of the
facility and shared a morning

with patients.
"This seven month plus
deployment is a testament not
only to the dedication of our
Sailors, but also to the support
of our families," said Command
Master Chief Rafael Rosado.
"For many, it was their hard-
est deployment. Several Sailors
faced difficult challenges at
home, such as the loss of a
loved one. Our Ombudsmen,
Apryl Woods and Sarah Otto,
and our family support network
made it possible to execute the
mission at hand."
"The Sailors on this ship
have an Esprit de Corps to be
there for each other in times of
crisis at home and aboard the
ship," he added. "The Sullivans
Motto, 'We Stick Together,' is
not just words but a way of life
aboard this ship that is carried
back home. I should also men-
tion that the ship experienced a
60 percent turn over in person-
nel since the last deployment,
but responded to demanding
missions like a veteran crew in

every respect. The Sullivans
has exceeded every deployment
goal they set and will continue
to set the standard for the fleet.
What the crew accomplished
was incredible: 79 newly quali-
fied and re-qualified Enlisted
Surface Warfare Specialist
Sailors perfecting their craft
and hundreds of newly quali-
fied personnel in key positions
throughout the ship. I would
like to thank the families and
friends again because without
their support none of this could
have happened. We endured and
persevered because the families
and friends did. Well done!"
In all, The Sullivans visited
seven ports and countries, trav-
eled more than 35,000 nauti-
cal miles, transited the Suez
Canal twice, conducted 26
Replenishments at sea, along
with numerous small boat evo-
lutions and supported more than
100 helicopter flight hours dur-
ing its seven and a half month

Engineman 1st Class (SW) Wilberto Dejesus holds his family tightly after finding them pierside dur
ing the ship's homecoming celebration.

Quartermaster 1st Class Myesha Randle rushes into the arms of her husband, Senior Chief
Quartermaster Baron Randle, after being one of the first to disembark the ship as part of the "first
kiss' raffle.

6 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Fitness Schedule Pumps Up Zumba Fun

Surfside Fitness schedule is
as follows:
7 a.m., TRX
(weather permitting) Build
functional strength and muscu-
lar endurance with this suspen-
sion training system developed
by the Navy Seals. Now used
on military installations all
over the world, the TRX is a
space saving, portable tool used
to attain peak operational fit-
ness. Mayport's TRX training
area can be found behind the
Surfside Fitness Center.
9:30 a.m., Intro TRX
(weather permitting) Build
functional strength and muscu-
lar endurance with this suspen-
sion training system developed
by the Navy Seals. Now used
on military installations all
over the world, the TRX is a
space saving, portable tool used
to attain peak operational fit-
ness. Mayport's TRX training
area can be found behind the
Surfside Fitness Center.
10 a.m., Broken Hearts
A fitness program for those
who require cardiac rehabili-
tation. Program incorporates
a wide variety of fitness tools.
Blood pressure and heart rate
are monitored while progress is
11;30 a.m., Kickboxing
1 p.m., Moms in Motion
A monitored exercise pro-
gram designed for pregnant
women and new moms. This
class helps improve muscle
tone, ease stress, relieve back
pain, and increase energy. All
participants are required to sub-
mit a doctor's release to partici-
pate. Moms can bring babies in
carriers to this class. Held at
Surfside Fitness Center.
6:45 p.m., Yoga
A dynamic blend of breath-
ing, yoga postures, and relax-
ation techniques. This class
increases vitality, energy, calm,
agility, flexibility, mental and
physical strength in the body,
both internally and externally.

7:30 a.m., 20/20/20
A fusion of our Low Impact,
Resistance and Intro Mind
Body classes. Twenty minutes
will be devoted to cardio train-
ing, twenty minutes to strength
training and twenty minutes to
flexibility training.
11:30 a.m., Zumba
A fusion of hot, sexy and
explosive Latin American and
International dance music.
Caloric output, fat burning and
total body toning are maxi-
mized through fun and easy to
follow dance steps. Come expe-
rience the ultimate dance party
in this high energy, motivating
class that is great for both the
body and the mind.
1 p.m., Strength Solutions &
Flexibility Fix-Ups
This class assists in pre-
venting and overcoming inju-
ries. Ride the road to recov-
ery! Meets at Surfside Fitness
Center lobby.
2 p.m., NOFFS Nutrition &
Fitness Series
NOFFS (Navy Operational
Fitness and Fueling Series) is a
program designed to improve
the operational performance
of Navy personnel through fit-
ness and nutrition. Emphasis is
placed on injury prevention via
tissue management and refuel-
2:30 p.m. FEP Bootcamp
Bootcamp-style workout
regimens designed to improve
PFA scores, help you meet body
composition standards, and heal
and deter injuries. Get off the
FEP program quick when you
join this PT program. Meets
behind Surfside Fitness Center.
5:30 p.m., Kids' Clinic
5:30 p.m., Zumba Basics
Learn the basic dance steps
in four Latin dances; salsa,

cumbia, samba and merengue.
This is a 30- minute instruc-
tional program which will pre-
pare you for the regular Zumba
class. It is recommended you
master the basics before joining
the regular Zumba program.
7 a.m., Spartan
Unconventional training
for the unconventional war-
rior which centers on the art of
developing the body through
refined functional tactics.
Spartan Training employs a
combination of kettlebells, cal-
isthenics, sprint and distance
running, tire flips, sledge ham-
mers, sled drags, TRX, and
many other advanced train-
ing techniques. Meets behind
Surfside Fitness Center.
10 a.m., Broken Hearts
11:30 a.m., Step
1 p.m., Moms in Motion
5 p.m., TRX
(weather permitting) Build
functional strength and muscu-
lar endurance with this suspen-
sion training system developed
by the Navy Seals. Now used
on military installations all
over the world, the TRX is a
space saving, portable tool used
to attain peak operational fit-
ness. Mayport's TRX training
area can be found behind the
Surfside Fitness Center.
5:30 a.m., Zumba
6 a.m., Functional
This class consists of highly
effective flexibility regimen
that will strengthen, stretch and
relax the body. Say good-bye to
tense, tight aching muscles.
7 a.m., NOFFS Nutrition &
Fitness Series
NOFFS (Navy Operational
Fitness and Fueling Series) is a
program designed to improve
the operational performance

of Navy personnel through fit-
ness and nutrition. Emphasis is
placed on injury prevention via
tissue management and refuel-
9:30 a.m., 20/20/20
A fusion of our Low Impact,
Resistance and Intro Mind
Body classes. Twenty minutes
will be devoted to cardio train-
ing, twenty minutes to strength
training and twenty minutes to
flexibility training.
11:30 a.m., Zumba Basics &
Rhythmic strength train-
ing set to Latin music. Build
muscles and bum fat. Mueve la
11:30 a.m., TRX
(weather permitting) Build
functional strength and muscu-
lar endurance with this suspen-
sion training system developed
by the Navy Seals. Now used
on military installations all
over the world, the TRX is a
space saving, portable tool used
to attain peak operational fit-
ness. Mayport's TRX training
area can be found behind the
Surfside Fitness Center.
1 p.m., Strength Solutions &
Flexibility Fix-Ups
This class assists in pre-
venting and overcoming inju-
ries. Ride the road to recov-
ery! Meets at Surfside Fitness
Center lobby.
7 a.m., Beach Bootcamp
(weather permitting) This
Commando PT utilizes various
training techniques to achieve
the highest fitness levels pos-
sible. Meets behind Surfside
Fitness Center. Can accommo-
date 200+ personnel.
7:30 a.m., Zumba

The Gym Schedule is as fol-
6:30 a.m., Command Jump
and Jab
This class incorporates
jumpin, jabbin and jiven! A
prize-fighting workout that will
roll back time and fight fat for-

ever! Meets at Gym Basketball
Court 1A. Can accommodate
200+ personnel.
11:30 a.m., Weight Training
for War Fighters
An adrenaline producing
1-hour class devoted to build-
ing strength and stamina in
active duty personnel. Emphasis
is placed on sound, proven
weight training techniques.
Topics include squatology, sup-
plements and muscle growth.
Meets at Gym weight room.
2:30 p.m., FEP Spin & Row
5: 30 p.m., Spinning
7 a.m., Cardio, Combat &
In this heart-pounding full
body workout we break a seri-
ous sizzlin' sweat. This fusion
of cardio and resistance train-
ing will max out your exercise
afterburn. Meets at Gym bas-
ketball court 1A.
11:30 a.m., Spinning

7 a.m., Command Cardio
11:30 a.m., Weight Training
for War Fighters
An adrenaline producing
1-hour class devoted to build-
ing strength and stamina in
active duty personnel. Emphasis
is placed on sound, proven
weight training techniques.
Topics include squatology, sup-
plements and muscle growth.
Meets at Gym weight room.
11:30 a.m., Row-bics
6:30 a.m., Spinning
9:30 a.m., Intro to Spinning
11:30 a.m., Strength
Training Basics for Women
This introductory weight
training class is designed espe-
cially for women and includes
educational material and pro-
gram design. Meets at Gym
weight room.

Sports Challenge
S4-Day Command Competition
OCT. 5-8, 2010
Tuesday, Oct. 5
0830 **CO Challenge Canoe Race (Lake Wonderwood)
0900 Experienced Canoe Race (Lake Wonderwood)
0930* 3 on 3 Basketball (Gym)
1100 Bowling (Mayport Bowling Center)
1700* One Pitch Softball (Softball Complex)
Wednesday, Oct. 6
0800* Mini-Biathlon (Gym & Pool)
S0830* Strongman Competition (Surfside Fitness Center)
0930* Kickball (Softball Fields 1 & 2, Behind Medical)
Thursday. Oct. 7
0830* Golf (Windy Harbor Golf Club)
0900* Cricket Darts (Mayport Bowling Center)
Friy 1100* 8-Ball Pool (Mayport Bowling Center)
UiFriday. Oct. 8
0900* Volleyball (Behind Beachside Community Ctr.)
0900* Horseshoes (Behind Beachside Community Ctr.)
1130 Simon Says (Sea Otter Pavilion)
1200* **Tug-o-War (Beach Behind Sea Otter Pavilion)
1230 Awards Presentation (Sea Otter Pavilion)
S1230 Cookout (Sea Otter Pavilion)
*Sign-ups for these events must be turned in by 12 noon Wed Sept 29 so brackets can be made
"Bonus point event
In the event of an overall tie, a tie-breaker event will determine the wnner

Call 904270.5451 for info
or stop by the ae Gym.
Ne erne M ernentp eeat noraneo n.oaner of e Pernent 0 enen do**ho*,*r dos or edod e *

........ i

Naval Station Mayport Wins Dusk

Till Dawn Softball Tournament

~ ~

-Photo courtesy of MWR
Naval Station Mayport's softball team poses with its trophy during the wee hours of the morning after winning the Mayport Dusk Till
Dawn Softball Tournament.

Chicken Tamni

4., _______-_ HotmDg


In front of the Swa P otmP
Mayport Rd NEX Mu&di mU.
FREE Can of soda with $5 purchase!

Friday Saturday TIL 4 AM

K 1/2 OFF
ij[^ ^1 fi~h-------------------
4250 Moncrief Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32209
(904) 374-3580
939 N.Arlington Rd.* Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 253-3040

By Rita Hammerstad
MWR Sports Coordinator
Friday night at 5 p.m., 12
men's softball teams gathered in
the gym lobby to draw for their
position in the 8th Annual Dusk
Till Dawn Softball Tournament.
Five teams from NAS JAX
ventured to the base to partici-
pate along with five Mayport
teams, a U.S. Coast Guard
team and the Mayport Fire
Department team.
Games began at 6 p.m. on the
misty Friday night and contin-
ued until the sun came up on
the horizon Saturday morning.
Based out of NAS JAX open-
ing the tournament with Game
1 was VPU1 (ODB'S) from
(Glow Worms).
Game 2 had USS Simpson
(Falcon Slayers) up against
the Mayport Fire Department
(AXEMEN) and in Game 3
NAVSTA took on the Coast
Guard. The Glow Worms in
their bright green uniforms
jumped to an early 9-1 win
along with the Axemen at 9-3
and NAVSTA at 32-2.
Game 4 had HSL-42 (Proud
Warriors) returning to the base
since their move to NAS JAX
in March up against the USS
Gettysburg (Rebels) with the
Proud Warriors winning a close
6-3 game.
In Game 5 put the Glow
Worms up against USS
Halyburton with Glow Worms
brightening up the field with
a 13-3 win. The Axemen did
not show any mercy to the now
NAS JAX HSL-44 (magnums)
as they went for their 11-0 win
in Game 6.
During Game 7 NAVSTA
moved ahead of NAS JAX
(ATC) team with a final
14-3 victory. Game 8 had
Grandmasters squeaking by
USS Boone with a 14-11 vic-
Game 9 sent Magnum out
of the competition when the
Gettysburg took control for
a 4-3 win. In Game 10 the
US Coast Guard sent USS
Halyburton to bed early with a
20-5 story.
During Game 11 the Falcon
Slayers were sent home by USS
Boone with their 20-4 win.
Game 12 ATC sent ODB's back
to JAX with their 26-0 victory.
Game 13 led the Axemen to
a clean 14-4 victory over the

Juvenile diabetes
strikes one child

Every hour.

Thank you for making life-saving
research possible.
Call 1.800.533.CURE
or visit www.jdrf.org.

JD R F international
dedicated to finding a cure.
A CFC Participant.
Provided as a public service.

Glow Worms putting their fire
out and sending them to the
losers bracket while in Game
14 NAVSTA put the Proud
Warriors down for a 14-7 vic-
Game 15 began at midnight
with Boone sliding past ATC
in the 7th inning sending them
back to JAX with a 15-12 vic-
tory. Game 16 had the Coast
Guard back on track as they put
the Rebels out of commission
with a 25-3 win.
Game 17 was a very close
game as the Boone barely
squeezed past Glow Worms
with a 15-14 win.
Game 18 was just as close
with Proud Warriors slipping

past Coast Guard 22-21 sending
them home for the evening.
In Game 19 the Axemen
came short as NAVSTA moved
ahead 21-12. In Game 20 began
the trophy round as the Proud
Warriors put the fire out beating
the Axemen and leaving them
in 3rd place with a 12-0 victory.
At 5:15 a.m., NAVSTA and
Proud Warriors went head to
head for the final Championship
The game lasted more than
an hour and as the sun began to
rise NAVSTA began to cheer as
the official called the last play-
er for the Proud Warriors out
and then called the game with a
final score of 15-11.

r2011 BUICoss 2011B UICK *1 ve

As tired as it may seem this
8th Annual Dusk Till Dawn all
night softball tournament had
been by far one of the best tour-
naments we have had at Naval
Station Mayport.
We are looking forward to
next year hosting the 96t Annual
Dusk till Dawn Tournament.
Until then we are in the begin-
ning of the 2010 Fall Softball
If your team is interested in
joining the league you can reg-
ister now at the gym. For more
information call 904-270-5451.

The Key Buick Promise
To never inflate the manufacturers window sticker with an additional mark-up.
We call this "VALUE PRICING."
*To provide the "BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE" you'll ever have.
*To provide the LARGEST SELECTION of automobiles in our market for your consideration
To never charge excessive or undisclosed dealer fees.
To never solicit your business with false or misleading advertising.
To always provide you with a WELL-TRAINED sales and service staff who are
INDUSTRY LEADERS in customer sales and service SATISFACTION.
Visit us online @ -vw 0 ybuick S

I I Bonomos


With this coupon. Dine in only cannot be combined w/any other offers. Excludes alcohol.

2294 Mayport Rd. 246-3278 9o00oo

$10 O FF everyday w/this ad


CA Rlf ^5 99 EXPRESS
Sami 11 ran R aurnt Ready[n 10min.rOrl'sFREEM-F lam-2pm "
Italian & More .99 ExprOM Lunch Monday-Filday 11-2 Only.
-IoclllCzal -VJ.-.LC .- Not valid with other offers. 1

2FOR $20 $ o
Any 2 Dinner Entrees for $20
2 for $20 Monday-Thursday Only. IZZ

Single Patty Burgers; 1LFve'-
Add-Ons Cost Extra. Lir..i -i 'r *ro. ....
- -- - - -- -
Includes Soft Drinks,
Iced Teas, Non-Cream Slushes,
and Limeades only.
Flavors Cost Extra L .i M. cu.rro' a


8 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept. 23: Thursday CPO
Social Hour. 3-7 p.m. at
Foc'sle CPO Club with thirty-
five cent wings, drink specials
and all-you-can-drink soft
drinks for only $1. Thursday
night is reserved for active and
retired Chief Petty Officers and
their guests. 270-5431
Sept. 24: Deadline for Fall
Sports Challenge. The Fall
Sports Challenge is Oct. 5-8.
Commands may pick up reg-
istration packets at the Base
Gym. 270-5451
Sept. 24: Free Summer
Outdoor Movie The Last
Airbender (PG). Start time is
at sunset (approximately 9 p.m.)
at Sea Otter Pavilion. Bring

The following activities tar-
get single or unaccompanied
Sailors. For more information,
call 270-7788/89 or stop by
Planet Mayport Single Sailor
Center and pick up the monthly
activity calendar with a com-
plete listing of all upcoming
Liberty events.
Sept. 23: Fall Barracks
Bash. 4-7 p.m. behind Barracks

your lawn chairs and/or blan-
kets and bug spray, just in case.
Snacks and beverages available
for purchase. 270-7205
Sept. 25: Military Flag
Football Tournament. Cost is
$125 per team. Pre-registration
required. Sign up at the Gym.
Sept. 25: UFC 119, Mir
vs. Nogueira. 10 p.m. only on
Pay-Per-View at Castaway's
Lounge. (Free) 270-7205
Sept. 26: Jaguars vs. Eagles.
Limited tickets are available

1586 and 1587 with free steak
dinners, DJ entertainment, and
prizes. (Free)
Sept. 24: Glow in the Dark
Putt-Putt Golf. 10 p.m. at the

E1-E6 Single Sailors & /-- Geo-Bachelors

(while supplies last) at ITT.
Sept. 26: Jaguars Golf
Special, "Bring A Buddy".
Buy one round of 18 holes
with a cart after 12 p.m. on
any Jaguars game day and get
one free. Individuals without a
buddy receive $5 off the regular
rate. 270-5380
Sept. 26: Bowling Family
Fun Night. 4-7 p.m. every
Sunday at Mayport Bowling
Center. Cost is $9 per person
and includes spaghetti dinner,

Planet Theatre. (Free)
Sept. 25: Heart Walk. Call
Planet Mayport at 270-7788 for
Sept. 25: UFC 119, Mir
vs. Nogueira. 10 p.m. only on
Pay-Per-View at Castaway's
Lounge. (Free) 270-7205
Sept. 26: Jaguars vs. Eagles
Trip. Van departs from Planet
Mayport at 2:30 p.m. Cost is
$5. Pre-registration is required.
Sept. 27: Starlight Cinemas.
BYOS "Build Your Own
Sundae" and an outdoor movie
starting at 6 p.m. outside Planet
Mayport. (Free)
Sept. 28: Passport Dining,
TacoLu Baja Mexicana. Van
departs from Planet Mayport at
Sept. 29: Tailgate Games.
Games and snacks starting at 4
p.m. at Planet Mayport. (Free)
Sept. 30: Liberty
Committee Meeting. 5-6

All-You-Can Bowl with shoes,
music videos, light show and
colored headpin bowling for
prizes. 270-5377
Sept. 27: Monday Night
Football at CPO Club. Foc'sle
CPO Club will open at 6 p.m.
for Monday Night Football. All
Khaki welcome. 270-5431
Sept. 28: All Khaki Wings
and Trivia Night. 3-7 p.m. at
Foc'sle CPO Club with 35-cent
wings, drink specials and all-
you-can-drink soft drinks for
$1. Trivia begins at 5:30 p.m.
All Khakis welcome (Chief
Petty Officers, Officers and
their guests). 270-5431.
Oct. 5-8: Fall Sports
Challenge. Sign up your com-

p.m. at Planet Mayport. Come
share your ideas for the Liberty
(Single Sailor) Program. (Free)
Oct. 1: Command Break-
In. See you at the Galley dur-
ing lunch. We'll be passing out
treats and the October Liberty
calendar. (Free)
Oct. 2: Paintball Trip. Van
departs from Planet Mayport at
9 a.m. Cost is $5 and includes
transportation, equipment,
paint, and field rental. Pre-
registration is required.
Oct. 3: Jaguars vs. Colts
Trip. Van departs from Planet
Mayport at 2:30 p.m. Cost is
$5. Pre-registration is required.
Oct. 4: Warhammer 40K
Game Night. 4-10:30 p.m. at
Planet Mayport. (Free)
Oct. 8-11: Key West Trip.
Join the Liberty Program on a
trip to the beautiful Key West
on Columbus Day Weekend.
Cost is only $80. Pre-register
no later than Oct. 4 at Planet
Oct. 16-17: Universal
Orlando Halloween Horror
Nights Trip. Pre-registration is

mand at the Gym for this bi-
annual, four-day, multi-event
challenge. (Free) 270-5451
Oct. 6: All Hands Family
Seafood Boil. 4-7 p.m. at
Foc'sle CPO Club. Cost is $10
per person. Purchase tickets in
advance; limited tickets avail-
able at the door. For tickets, call
ATCS Barry Wheeler at 270-
6100 ext. 122.
Oct. 7: Halloween Horror
Nights Day at ITT. The mili-
tary sales rep from Universal
Orlando will be at Mayport's
ITT office from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
to answer your questions about
HHN at Universal. Enter to win
tickets and hotel accommoda-
tions. No purchase necessary to

win. 270-5145 ext. 5
Oct. 16: Fall Fest 2010. 2-6
p.m. at Sea Otter Pavilion. Free
activities include games, rides,
bounce houses, face painting,
caricature artists, entertainment,
and take your own pictures in
the pumpkin patch. Food and
beverages will be available for
purchase. A variety of vendors
will be on-hand selling arts
and crafts, baked goodies, and
more. Purchase your seasonal
pumpkin from the pumpkin
patch. 270-5228

Everyone comes to Gatorland to see alligators but Ul
soon they find themselves making friends with all of 3
the other critters that call this wildlife preserve home!
Get up-close and personal with birds, lizards, gators, UI
snakes and all of the furry animals in the petting zoo. .
Then head over to Gator Gully Splash Park-
where a good soak in' is guaranteed! This wet
zone is sure to be fun for kids of all ages to
splash, squirt, and play in truckloads of cool H20. '11 .
And don't miss the Gatorland Express Train Ride
with non-stop service through the swamps of Central 0.
Florida. This fun-filled journey is full of surprises "*
around every corner, ir

41 501 S Orange Blo l

Orlando, FL 32837

-~T" '^- if""'"i JAA
& p ,~t &t~es! ^ gJ
.4f ,,OL Vw 9 ,F.1sto

cEmat u.ion W C ONUN G NEW,7788 *r HHB

AAA Most Insurance accepted
We accept Dental Insurance for
Active Duty Dependents and
Retired Military & Their Dependents
T R I C A R E In front of Mayport NEX/Cominissary
PARTICIPANT (904) 249-1302
,, Pan-Am Plaza Suite 17 2292 Mayport Rd. Jacksonville, Florida 32233
Ia Office Hours Tues. -Fri. 8:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Sat 8:30-4:00pm

make a


~ Balfour Beatty Cominuni~es

we Nournsh Hope:

In support of National Make a Difference Day, October 23, Balfour Beatty Com-
munities and Naval Station Mayport Chapel are partnering to make a difference
and we invite you to join us! We are taking on the fight against hunger by col-
lecting canned and packaged foods for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Statistics regarding poverty in the Second Harvest Food Bank's 18-county
service area:
More than 250,000 people live in poverty
More than 80,000 of those living in poverty are children
More than 100,000 people live in poverty in Duval County

Hunger is not isolated to one event, one day or one season. Hunger does not
discriminate by race, faith, ethnicity age or sex; it exists throughout our com-
munity and can affect anyone. In America today, one in eight people is "food
insecure" defined as someone who is hungry or is living in fear of hunger.
Let's MAKE A DIFFERENCE and give back to those in need!
The Second Harvest Food Bank needs non-perishable grocery items. The fol-
lowing is a list of our most frequently requested items by our member agencies
and clients:
Meals in a Can Boxes of Pasta/Macaroni Peanut Butter
Canned Meat/Poultry Rice Canned Veggies
Canned Tuna Nonfat Dry Milk Canned Fruit
Dry Beans Macaroni and Cheese Diapers
Oatmeal Canned Soup
Baby Food Evaporated Milk
* Please note that Second Harvest Food can only accept unopened, unexpired items.
We also cannot accept "homemade" canned jellies, jams or vegetables.

Please bring all donations to a Balfour Beatty Communities office or Naval Station
Mayport Chapel. There will be a barrel provided for you to drop off your donation.
Office Location: Bldg 289 Moale Ave or Bldg 350 Massey Ave; you
may also drop off at 1201 Assisi Lane (Off Base Community Center).
Office Hours: Monday Friday, 0800 1700

The food drive will begin on 13 September 10 and run until 22 October 10.

Balfour Beatty Communities and Naval Station Mayport Chapel
appreciate your contributions!

wem/ctme Aim

Balfour Beatty Communities welcomes you to family
housing at Naval Station Mayport where improvements
are being made daily to create a community that you
are sure to be proud to call home.

Applications are being taken for all active duty service members.
Call today for more information.

2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom floor plans

BAH is transferred monthly as rent

Utility payments are included*

NO application fee

NO pet deposit

NO security deposit

24 hour service/trouble call response

Pets are welcome*

* Enjoy FREE community

events, activities and

programs designed for you

* Your neighbors are military

families- just like you


some restrictions may apply

Show your military ID (active or retired)
and receive FREE admission to
Gatorland for the service man
or woman.
See your local MWR/ITT office to purchase
additional discounted tickets.
A valid military ID must be shown at time of purchase Offer valid September 1,
2010 through November 30 2010 or visit your ITT office for discounted tickets

I m nsmayporthomes.com 844942 1

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 9

Sept. 24: World Wide Day
of Play. 4-5:30 p.m. at the
Youth Activities Center. Event
features outdoor fun with
races, relays, kickball, and fit-
ness challenges. Free water,
Gatorade and fruit will be avail-
able. Grade K-12 welcome.
(Free) 270-5680 or 5421
Sept. 24: Free Summer
Outdoor Movie The Last
Airbender (PG). Start time is
at sunset (approximately 9 p.m.)
at Sea Otter Pavilion. Bring
your lawn chairs and/or blan-
kets and bug spray, just in case.
Snacks and beverages available
for purchase. 270-7205
Sept. 25: Day for Kids. 1-4
p.m. at the Youth Activities
Center. This carnival event will
also include free hotdogs, chips
and punch. (Free)
Sept. 26: Bowling Family
Fun Night. 4-7 p.m. every

Navy Releases
2010 Pregnancy,
By Lt. Laura Stegherr
Diversity Directorate Public, "

The Navy is looking for
input from Sailors in the bien-
nial Pregnancy and Parenthood
Survey, according to a Chief
of Naval Personnel Diversity
Directorate announcement.
Invitations to the survey,
which is being conducted by
the Navy Personnel Research,
Studies and Technology
(NPRST) Division, were mailed
the week of Sept. 6 to approxi-
mately 15,000 female and
10,000 male service members.
Navy leadership has con-
ducted the Pregnancy and
Parenthood Survey continu-
ously since 1988 to monitor the
impact of pregnancy and par-
enthood issues on both men and
women in the Navy, as well as
on the overall readiness of the
Navy. The survey covers such
topics as family care plans, the
impact of individual augmentee
assignments, single parenthood,
sexual health training, fam-
ily planning, birth control and
Currently, the survey is the
primary source by which the
Navy tracks data and attitudes
relating to these topics. Survey
results will be used to review
existing pregnancy and parent-
hood policies for potential revi-
sion, and to update the Navy's
sexual health general military
training programs.
"While the goal of the survey
is to gather data related to preg-
nancy and parenthood topics,
respondents also play a large
role in updating Navy policy,"
said Stephanie Miller, director
of the Navy's Women's Policy
Survey responses are also
used to monitor viewpoints
about existing programs. For
example, feedback from
the 2008 survey showed that
programs like the Career
Intermission Pilot Program
(CIPP) and the policy allow-
ing a 12-month deferment from
operational duty for new moth-
ers does impact Sailors' reten-
tion decisions. Thirty-eight per-
cent of enlisted members and
54 percent of officers respond-
ed in the 2008 survey that the
availability of the CIPP pro-
gram motivated them to stay in
the Navy.
The survey is voluntary, and
will be available to respon-
dents online for approximately
three months. As in previous
versions, men and women will
receive the same questions,
except where minor gender-
appropriate wording changes
were required. Men will not
receive pregnancy-specific
While user names are

required to log into the web sur-
vey, all identifying information
will be deleted from the data set
during analysis to maintain the
anonymity of the respondents.
Results will be statistically
weighted by pay grade and gen-
der to be representative of the
Navy population.
Survey results are expected
to be released in spring 2011.
A summary of results from
the 2008 survey are avail-
able at http://www.nprst.
navy. mil/SurveyResults/
Pregnancy Survey Summary.pdf.

Sunday at Mayport Bowling
Center. Cost is $9 per person
and includes spaghetti dinner,
All-You-Can Bowl with shoes,
music videos, light show and
colored headpin bowling for
prizes. 270-5377
Oct. 6: All Hands Family
Seafood Boil. 4-7 p.m. at
Foc'sle CPO Club. Cost is $8
per person. Purchase tickets in
advance. Limited tickets will
be available at the door. For
tickets, contact ATCS Barry
Wheeler at 270-6100 ext. 122.
Oct. 9: Teen Lock-In. 7 p.m.
Saturday until 7 a.m. Sunday
at Club Teen. Ages 12-17 are
welcome; age 18 is welcome, if
currently in high school.

Oct. 15: Freedom Friday -
Scary Movie Night. 7-11 p.m.
at the Youth Activities Center.
Ages 6-12 are welcome; age 5
is welcome, if currently in kin-
dergarten. Cost is $7 in advance
or $9 the day of, if space. Early
registration is recommended.
270-5680 or 5421
Oct. 16: Fall Fest 2010. 2-6
p.m. at Sea Otter Pavilion. Free
activities include games, rides,
bounce houses, face painting,
caricature artists, entertainment,
and take your own pictures in
the pumpkin patch. Food and
beverages will be available for
purchase. A variety of vendors
will be on-hand selling arts
and crafts, baked goodies, and

more. Purchase your seasonal
pumpkin from the pumpkin
patch. 270-5228
Oct. 29: Freedom Friday -
Costume Contest and Dance
Party. 7-11 p.m. at the Youth
Activities Center. Ages 6-12 are
welcome; age 5 is welcome, if
currently in kindergarten. Cost
is $7 in advance or $9 the day
of, if space. Early registration
is recommended. 270-5680 or
Oct. 29: Teen Costume
Contest and Dance Party.
7 p.m. at Club Teen. Ages
12-17 are welcome; age 18 is
welcome, if currently in high
school. Cost is $2 per person.
270-5680 or 246-0347

DAl FOR KIDS at NS Mayport

Intramural Golf
1 HSL-46-2
Daniel Rosenbach
Jessie Barton
2 Sermc-2
Gentry Stewart
Jojo Lucero
3 NBHC-2
Greg Kvaska
Robert Levy
4 Sermc-1
Terrill Tatum
Larry Ford
Shane Brewer
6 Vicksburg
John Renquist
7 NBHC-1
Judas Delagarza
8 HSL-46-1

Robert Penry
9 Desron 14
Ed Logan
Peter Dietz








Chips &

Sept. 25

- 1-4pm

At MWR's youth Center... (904) 270-

n i a r- *


Did a debt collector violate your rights?
Collectors aren't allowed to make abusive or harassing phone calls,
threaten you, or call you at work if you ask them not to.
Let us fight for you!
iU b i ha aUtiIIUl U n ra IVi UdIayn .

IUYou may Ue entitLIe to receive Uamagets.
Call us for a free consult:
For more information on debt collection
abuse, go to Practice Areas at

Tom Edwards Jr.
Eric Ragatz
Jeffrey Totty
C. Leigh Wilhite

Areas of Practice
Nursing Home Neglect Car and Truck Accidents
Medical Malpractice Insurance and Coverage Litigation
Product Liability* Construction Site Accidents
Business Litigation Debt Collector Abuse

Edwards f Ragatz, PA.
Personal Injury and Commercial Trials
EverBank Plaza
501 Riverside Ave., Suite 601,
Jacksonville, FL 32202

S ,CABO'S Island Pizza
r ----------------q
S j ~' Buy One Specialhty Slice
-' at Regular Price,
$150 DRSaFT GetI One Specialty Slice:
$5.00 PITne1s9 'g; g 'a
\\ iTh acupon or MI D.O.D I.D I [c,rr rd, L,rrT cre per :.,;-or,
L - - - - - - - A
798 SOUTh 0BU STB@T 94T-24 06600 wM.ab.PzzacOM

2Discover thR IFSH

FLAVO)RSo 'utbK,
Witi 15 Ms under $15
start at only $9.951
CI _It's ALWAYS 13245 Atlantic Blvd
FRESH in the 904-220-5899
U--r .. & Near Queen's Harbor
". , :'l2




As Little As



1 800 4 LAWDOC 9oo61


Our family of companies includes
130 stores throughout 19 eastern states. -L
Call 1-866-274-6631 for more information and
directions to a store close to home. ASFURNITURE.COM Join us on facebook.

Prices ore in effect from receipt of AD through 9/27/10 and are subject to change. American Signature Furniture (ASF) is not responsible for lypographical errors. Assortments vary by location. See store for details regarding all warranties. *Our comparee a' and "Save" prices reflect the current
selling price of merchandise of like grade and quality sold by others in the ASF trade area, which is a national trade area that inludes online retailers. As a result, advertised Compare at* and "Save' prices may or may not necessarily be the prices at which such merchandise is sold by traditional
retail outlets in the local area. With purchase of any premium mottress soet $599 or more. Free delivery within normal delivery area. Next day delivery offered on a qualified in-stock mattress stol purchase made before 4:00 PM and to be delivered in the stores' doily scheduled delivery areas.
Ask associates for delivery schedule details. Free set-up, removal and next day delivery offers can only be used in conjunction with free hbed frome offer. ASF shall not be obligated to remove mattresses which pose a safety risk to our associates. See store for details. tAiericea Sigateure Brad
mited Lfethe Warranty: A limited lifetime warrnly applies to all American Signature Brand furniture for the life of the original purchaser. A written copy of the Limited Lifeime Warranty is available in-store upon request. See store for details regarding any warranties that may apply
to other brands sold in-store. ttGuarantee: If you find a similar item (with the some qualities, features and benefits) with the some services, being offered for less, within 30 days of purchase, ASF will gladly offer you a refund of twice the difference between the competitor's price and ours.


Hue City Honors Marines Who

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 11
Fought In Namesake Battle

-Photos by MC1 Daniel Gay
Above, Marines sit in silence while listening to the guest speaker dur-
ing Naval Station Mayports Battle of Hue memorial ceremony. Top
right, Lt. Gen. Ron Christmas, USMC (Ret.) speaks to the crowd
during Naval Station Mayports Battle of Hue memorial ceremony.
Christmas was seriously wounded during the 1,illli'for Hue City and
was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions. The memorial was held
in honor of the 42nd anniversary of the historic Vietnam ballicl

Christmas speaks about his life experiences after Capt. Paul Strader, commanding officer USS Hue
City (CG 66), left, introduces him at the memorial.

Strader introduces the guest speaker during Naval Station Mayports Battle of Hue memorial cer-



A r / et Chinese Fool
Lunch Buffet $5.99
SDinner Buffet $7.99
Dinner Buffet with ALL YOU CAN
1487 Mayport Rd, Ste 1 10% OFF 15% OFF Kids under 5 years:
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233 Lunch Buffet Dier Buffet old eat for
S with this coupon I with this coupon FREE
904.249.8880 fax 904.249.8881 *nottobe combined with any other offers. I*not to be combined w anyotheroffers.rI FI
Eires 1 _1I ... -M- --E-10- _-


Dan Allen, 229-539-6042 or dallen@apus.edu
SOC, GoArmY Ed, AU-ABC, and NCPDLP Affiliated. wwamUonjinecOm

Want to learn more?


Jacksonville's Times-Union Center
Visit to Buy Call for Tickets Save on Groups 10+
www.artistseriesjax.org 904.632.3373 904.632.3228

- I

12 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out in Town

Thursday, Sept. 23
Fleet Reserve Association,
Branch 290, will host Dinner
from 5-8 p.m. The menu this
week will be Linguini with
Clam Sauce, Garlic Bread,
Salad and Dessert. A donation
of $8.00 is requested for each
dinner. Carry-out orders are
accepted. The bar will be open
for drinks. As always, the pub-
lic is invited to attend. Please
call 246-6855 for more infor-
mation or to place an order.
Friday, Sept. 24
Fleet Reserve Association
Branch 290 is hosting "Pizza/
Calzone" dinners, from 5 to 8
p.m., at the Branch Home at
390 Mayport Rd. We'll do the
cooking for you. A donation of
$5 to $8 is requested for each
dinner, and depends on what is
ordered. Carry out orders are
accepted. The public is always
invited to dinner. Happy hour
precedes the dinner from 4 to
6 p.m., all drinks are 500 off.
After dinner, enjoy the music of
MART LANDON from 9 p.m.
to 1 a.m.
Saturday, Sept. 25
JaxParks, Jacksonville
Jaguars, The American Heart
Association, Jacksonville
Children's Commission, Winn-
Dixie Stores, Dairy Council
of Florida and Nutrition
Expert Trisha Howell,
RD,LD/N CHHC are partner-
ing to celebrate Nickelodeon's
Worldwide Day of Play here
in Jacksonville. Nickelodeon
will stop programming for
three hours and suggest that
children go outside and play.
Free activities, nutritional guid-
ance, snacks, special guests and
sporting challenges will give
the children of the First Coast
a unique opportunity. As com-
munity leaders, each partner-
ing agency encourages physi-
cal activity and better nutri-
tion to ensure a healthier gen-
eration. Some experts believe
that if unhealthy habits among
children continue to increase,
the current generation could
become the first in American
history to live shorter lives than
their parents. Support the First
Coast's effort to motivate chil-
dren and create an adventure
of physical activity and nutri-
tional awareness. Activities for
Jacksonville's Worldwide Day

Together we will not
accept defeat
against cancer.

Major Joe Fletcher and his son,
Lance, a St. Jude patient

St. Jude Childrei's
Research Hospital
ALSAC Danny Thomas, Founder
A CFC Participant provided as a public service.


,1 +

of Play featuring Jaguar play-
ers includes tug of war, relay
races, nutrition demonstra-
tions and Nickelodeon Slime!
Also, there will be special guest
appearances by the Jacksonville
Jaguars, the ROAR, Jaxson de
Ville and Jacksonville Jaguars
D-Line. Children will also be
able to compete in challenges
in each zone to win great priz-
es. An air conditioned parent
zone will also be provided. For
a complete event description,
visit jaxparks.com or call ('" 14)
Join the Springfield
Animal Care & Rescue Club
(SACARC) for Dog Days in
the Park 2010, celebrating fun
for the whole family -includ-
ing the four-legged members.
Bring the kids and the dogs to
Confederate Park in Springfield
(956 Hubbard Street) from 10
a.m. to 4 p.m. for live popular
music by the Sweet Low Down,
food, beer, wine and the world-
famous Disc-Connected K9
Frisbee Team. Event features
vendors, adoptable animals and
more. Admission is free, and all
proceeds benefit SACARC, a
non-profit animal rescue orga-
nization in historic Springfield.
More information at www.
The Talbot Islands have a
rich cultural history that dates
back over 5,000 years. Join a
Park Ranger at 2 p.m. for a look
into these past cultures and the
artifacts they left behind. This
program will take place at the
Ribault Club on Fort George
Island Cultural State Park. No
reservations are necessary and
the program is free.
National Public Lands Day
is the nation's largest hands-
on volunteer effort to improve
and enhance the public lands
Americans enjoy. Help us keep
the park clean by coming out
and volunteering your time
starting at 9 a.m.. Registration
for the clean-up will be at pavil-
ion one on Little Talbot Island.
No reservations are necessary.
Please let the ranger at the rang-
er station know you are there
for the clean-up.
Sunday, Sept. 26


Share the Power of a Wish'

dticon 'of*Amer

r --
A Court Certified Divorce Mediator can help
you both get a fair agreement quickly &
inexpensively. All issues settle out of court.
Enforceable, final, confidential & fair.
No retainer fee Low hourly rate
Former JAG Officer (05)
25yrs Experience
Appointments weekends or eves
Mediation avoids litigation and two attorneys
Call Dan Warner, Attorney/Mediator
1 737-1949 ||



Book before November 1st, and for everything 25
dinner and show guests in your party, get a free
2011 Comedy Zone Membership Card (A S59.00
value!) valid for free admission Tuesday-Friday
for non-celebrity shows and special discounts for
celebrity shows!

The International Coastal
Cleanup (ICC) is the world's
largest, one-day volunteer effort
to clean up the marine environ-
ment. Do your part and help
the park clean-up these pris-
tine beaches starting at 9 a.m.
Registration for the clean-up
will be at the first parking lot on
Amelia Island. No reservations
are necessary.
Fleet Reserve Association,
Branch 290, hosts Breakfast
from 8 a.m.-noon at the Branch
Home, 390 Mayport Rd. Menu
includes eggs, bacon or sau-
sage, grits or hash-browns,
biscuits & gravy, pancakes or
toast. Omelets are also avail-
able. Coffee is included with
all meals. A donation of $5
for a full breakfast, or $3 for a
breakfast sandwich, is request-
ed. As always, the public is
The Ladies Auxiliary of the
Fleet Reserve Association,
Branch 290, will pres-
SEPTEMBER" at the Branch
Home, 390 Mayport Road, from
2-6 p.m. Get your Christmas
Shopping done early and treat
yourself! Some of the items
available for sale will be: Miche
bags handmade quilts & hand
bags, lingerie, blown glass jew-
elry, haircuts and more. There
will be refreshments, a raffle
and gift wrapping. For more
information, or to participate,
contact Marie Lightfoot at 904-
923-8598 or marie.lightfoot@t
ymail.com. This special event is
open to the public.
Monday, Sept. 27
Fleet Reserve Association,
Branch 290, invites you to play
Bingo at the Branch Home, 390
Mayport Rd. Games start at 6
p.m. and are usually finished by
8 p.m. Snacks will be available
for a small donation.
Sunday, Oct. 3
Isle of Faith United
Methodist Church, 1821 San
Pablo Rd., will hold its pump-
kin patch daily from 9 a.m.-

8:30 p.m. There will be hay tun-
nels, Children,A6s play area,
scarecrow maze, concessions,
photo opportunities, prizes for
Special Pumpkin Patch
Oct. 9-Fall Festival, 11 a.m.-
1 p.m. SpaceWalks, sno cones,
food, games, prizes
Oct. 16-Craft Fair and Multi-
Family Yard Sale, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Oct. 23- "Hoe Down" featur-
ing Big Jeff Band, 6-9 p.m.
Oct. 30- Contest Day:
Pumpkin Carving Contest, Pie
Baking Contest and more.
Oct. 31- Trunk or Treat
Halloween Alternative, 6-8:30
Friday, Oct. 22
The City of Jacksonville
presents the campy cult classic,
Rocky Horror Picture /i. ',, at
the Times-Union Center for the
Performing Arts at midnight.
Rocky Horror enthusiasts will
come alive when the street fes-
tival kicks off at 8 p.m. on the
Northbank Riverwalk directly
behind the Times-Union Center
for the Performing Arts. The
Rocky Horror Tribute Band, a
costume contest, food, bever-
ages, activities and fun will all
be part of this "strange jour-
ney." Theater doors open at 11
p.m. Tickets and prop pack-
ages are on sale now and can
be purchased online at www.
or at the City of Jacksonville
Office of Special Events, 117
W. Duval Street Suite 280,
Monday through Friday 8:30
a.m.-5 p.m. Tickets will also be
on sale the day of the show at
the Times-Union Center for the
Performing Arts beginning at 7
p.m. Space is limited and is first
come, first seated. All patrons
16 years and under must be
accompanied by an adult. The
City of Jacksonville encour-
ages all enthusiast to "Say it!"
with props. Movie fans can
purchase or bring their own
props to participate. Accepted
props include rice, newspapers,
water pistols, flashlights, glow
sticks, rubber gloves, noisemak-
ers, confetti, toilet paper, toast,
party hats, bells and/or keys and
cards. Prohibited items include

candles, lighters and other open
Experience true Italian
hospitality and cuisine at
Italian American Club of
Jacksonville at its clubhouse,
2838 Westberry Road in the
Mandarin area of Jacksonville
Oct. 22-24. Times are Oct. 22,
6-9 p.m.; Oct. 23, 10 a.m.-
9 p.m.; Oct. 24, noon-6 p.m.
This fun-filled family event is
IAC's gift to the community
- no admission fee. Activities
include interactive Karaoke,
Italian trivia fun, kids bounce
houses, souvenirs and the very
best Italiano food. Savor all
your favorite taste treats: pizza,
pasta, hoagies, Italian ices,
zeppoli and yummy home-
made desserts. Be Italian for a
day at 21st ANNUAL FESTA
ITALIANA, Jacksonville's only
authentic Italian festival. For
more information, call (904)
268-2882 or visit www.iacof-
Saturday, Oct. 23
Registration Opens for AB
Campout Under the Stars
The City of Atlantic Beach
Family Fun Day and Campout
under the Stars returns to Jack

Russell Park from 2-10 p.m.
This event is one of the City of
Atlantic Beach's most popular
events so reserve your campsite
early! Campers can reserve a
12 x 12 campsite for a $10 fee
with fire ring and wood. Russell
Park field is located on Plaza
St., north of Atlantic Beach City
Hall on Seminole Rd. This year
features fun activities for all
ages Kid Zone with bounce
houses, obstacle course, train
ride, and ferris wheel. The after-
noon includes a magic show,
Working Warrior demonstra-
tion, and Prince Pele Polynesian
show. The day concludes at
twilight with a movie, "How
to Train your Dragon." All
afternoon and evening events
are free and open to the pub-
lic. Bring your blankets, chairs,
picnic basket, suntan lotion,
bug spray, and spend the after-
noon and camp overnight!
Registration forms are on the
City website. Campers can reg-
ister by mail or come by the AB
Recreation Office at 716 Ocean
Blvd. and choose your site. Call
247-5828 for more information
or visit www.coab.us/events for
a schedule of events throughout
the afternoon.

Whr Bat, Covenenc, y "t a, , ,Matter


'Partners with the Military Rental Housing Program
'Loiaed aboul 1 mile from Ih enaniome o[ HS Maypon
The NEX and the Qly of Jacksonville Kathryn Abbey
Hanna Park
*2 bedroom 2 both units *Stainless Steel Appliances
*European Style Kitchen Cabinets *6rmnite aunterlops
*Ceramic Tile Floors in living room and bathrooms __
*(Carpet in Bedrooms -
*Resident Clubhouse and Fitness Center
*Pool wilh Sundeck *Washer/Dryer Hookups
*Monthly Rent Includes Water, Sewer and Waste Pickup.
*Minutes from Mayporl Elementary and Mayport Middle Schocl I L .j

reor.PlyIn o woleedaygof orss.Ad EROM E Rs
v isttheon-ndolyWol GlpHllo.Fm.6m17 0 .GLFR,0$2 9 WOGLFR

THERENISSACEREOR eDlxIAcmoatose reRng6al
Ask.botIu,,9Aei-.,eo ae- TW RD OFVILG eOeRun nKig&Bero6 0 n &Sur

Inlue belkas ort o.AnterEcetinl eor b oh amos oel eBeafste n Hl o Fm tcetpe ole

Cal 8874-02 o 9494-800o vsi Wrdiolilnisane>o


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 13

FFSC Offers Parenting, Conflict Resolution Classes

The following classes and
activities are offered by the
Fleet and Family Support
Center (FFSC) and are free
of charge. Pre-registration is
required and childcare is not
available. For more information
about the classes or to register
call 270-6600, ext. 1701. FFSC
is located in Building One on
Sept. 23, 1:30-3 p.m.,
Conflict Resolution for
Women, FFSC, Room 702
Sept. 23, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review, FFSC Room
Sept. 23, 9-11:30 a.m.,
Smooth Move, FFSC, Room
This workshop is designed
for inexperienced, as well as
experienced military members
on permanent change of station
(PCS) orders. The Personal
Property Shipping Office will
provide information on how to
deal with movers and personal
property entitlements. The trav-
el section of Personnel Support

Detachment (PSD) will pres-
ent a section on travel pay and
allowances. FFSC staff will
discuss the emotional cycles of

relocation, budgeting for a PCS
move and provide some strate-
gies for families.
Sept. 27-30, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.,

Relationship Doc

Speaks At Mayport

Fleet and Family Support Center will host Dr. David Wesler
on Sept. 30 from 8 a.m.-noon at Beachside Community
Wexler has been featured on the Dr. Phil Show, the TODAY
show, in the Washington Post, "0" magazine, Cosmopolitan,
Redbook, Men's Health and on dozens of radio and TV pro-
grams throughout America to help educate the public about
relationships in conflict and how to resolve them.
Wexler will speak on the topic of "The Big Five Myth-
Shattering Trends In Domestic Violence That Everyone Needs
To Know" with a book signing immediately following the
event. Wexler has authored four books including When Good
Men Behave Badly: (h /.;..- Your Behavior, (C ,;.. Your
Relationship and The Adolescent Self: Strategies for Self-
management, If- .... lii. and Self-esteem in Adolescents.
To register for the event, call 270-6600 ext. 1700. Seats are

cern such as nutrition, toilet
training, etc. We even take
field trips several times a year
to local parks, museums and
playgrounds. This group is
designed for moms new to the
area or moms who want their
child to interact with other
children their child's age. All
children age four and below are
invited to attend.
Sept. 30, 1:30-3 p.m.,
Conflict Resolution for
Women, FFSC, Room 702
Sept. 30, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review, FFSC Room
Oct. 5, 9-11 a.m., Parenting
Class, FFSC Room 702
The program is based on
Dr. Michael Popkin, PH.D
6 classes. This program is
designed to assist you and your
family put into practice the
skills learned in the class. Each
week a different topic is thor-
oughly covered via discussion,
video vignettes, and handbook
information. Participation in all

6 sessions is required.
Oct. 12, 9-11 a.m., Parenting
Class, FFSC Room 702
The program is based on
Dr. Michael Popkin, PH.D
6 classes. This program is
designed to assist you and your
family put into practice the
skills learned in the class. Each
week a different topic is thor-
oughly covered via discussion,
video vignettes, and handbook
information. Participation in all
6 sessions is required.
Oct. 19, 9-11 a.m., Parenting
Class, FFSC Room 702
The program is based on
Dr. Michael Popkin, PH.D
6 classes. This program is
designed to assist you and your
family put into practice the
skills learned in the class. Each
week a different topic is thor-
oughly covered via discussion,
video vignettes, and handbook
information. Participation in all
6 sessions is required.

Officials Extend Spouse Career Program Deadline

By Elaine Wilson
American Forces Press Service
Officials have extended a spouse
employment program enrollment
deadline in the hopes that more military
spouses will be able to take spring
semester classes.
Effective Sept. 13, spouses currently
enrolled in the Military Spouse Career
Advancement Accounts program,
commonly known as MyCAA, will
be able to request financial assistance
for classes with a start date that is on
or before Jan. 31. Previously, the start-
date cutoff was Jan. 15.
However, spouses still must submit
their financial assistance request by
Oct. 21, officials emphasized.
The change was based on feedback
from spouses and schools. Many
schools offer a later start date for the
spring semester, and extending the
enrollment deadline will give more

spouses the opportunity to attend
courses, said Robert L. Gordon III,
deputy undersecretary of defense for
military community and family policy.
"We appreciate the feedback from
military spouses currently participating
in the MyCAA career advancement
program," Gordon said.
MyCAA is active at this time only for
currently enrolled spouses, who can
participate in the program through Oct.
21. At that time, the program will ramp
down in preparation for the Oct. 25
launch of a revamped program.
Earlier this year, officials reviewed the
popular spouse employment program
and decided to make changes to bring
it back to its original intent: equipping
spouses of junior servicemembers with
portable careers, such as real estate and
home health care, that can convey from
duty station to duty station.
Previously, MyCAA offered a lifetime

benefit of $6,000 to all spouses of
servicemembers. But starting Oct. 25,
financial assistance will be limited to
spouses of active duty servicemembers
in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2
and 0-1 to 0-2. Spouses of Guard and
Reserve members within those ranks
can participate as long as they can start
and complete their courses while their
sponsor is on Title 10 orders.
Eligible spouses will be able to receive
a maximum financial benefit of $4,000
for up to three years from the start

99centsofeverdollr]B goes
dIrecttlyto undc ance

date of the first class, with a $2,000
annual cap. The money can be used to
fund associate's degrees, licenses and
certification programs, but not higher
degrees. The annual cap can be waived
if a license or certification's cost
exceeds $2,000.
Currently enrolled spouses who meet
the new criteria will be able to continue
with the program after Oct. 25, but
under the new parameters.
Spouses who no longer will be eligible
to receive financial assistance after Oct.

25 still will be able to access career
and education counseling services. The
new MyCAA program will include
assistance in identifying and securing
information on additional financial
resources, employment readiness, and
career exploration and counseling for all
spouses of active duty servicemembers.
Military spouses can find more
information about MyCAA on the
Military OneSource website at http://
militaryonesource.com or by calling
Military OneSource at 1-800-342-9647.

gateway for cancer research
formerly Cancer Treatment Research Foundation

888.221.2873 www.GatewayForCancerResearch.org
A CFC Participant Provided as a public service.

TAP Separatee Workshop,
Building One, Room 1616
Sept. 27, 6-8 p.m.,
Ombudsman Assembly,
Building One, Room 104
Sept. 28, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review, FFSC Room
Sept. 28, 9-11 a.m.,
Parenting Class, FFSC Room
The program is based on
Dr. Michael Popkin, PH.D
6 classes. This program is
designed to assist you and your
family put into practice the
skills learned in the class. Each
week a different topic is thor-
oughly covered via discussion,
video vignettes, and handbook
information. Participation in all
6 sessions is required.
Sept. 29, 9 a.m-12 p.m.
Tottletyme Playgroup, USO
Parents and children together
meet to share parenting con-
cerns, ideas, and fun! The
group invites professionals to
address specific areas of con-

14 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

ONR Hosts Technology

Forums On Facebook

From Office ofNaval Research Corpo-
rate Strategic Communications Public

The Office of Naval Research
(ONR) has begun hosting a
weekly series of open, interac-
tive question-and-answer ses-
sions on Facebook.
The online events will high-
light research areas being fund-
ed as part of the 2010 Chief of
Naval Research Challenge this
During 30-minute sessions,
hosted weekly on Wednesdays,
ONR subject matter experts will
answer questions submitted by
general audiences on Facebook
ceofnavalresearch) and Twitter
Sessions will focus on six
ONR science and technol-
ogy program areas expected
to award $100,000 in research
grants this winter.
Times, dates and subject mat-
ter experts are listed below:
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Sept. 28 Topic: Flow Noise

Mitigation by Fish Expert: Dr.
Michael Traweek, program offi-
cer, Maritime Sensing Team,
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Oct. 6 Topic: Chlorine-
Resistant Seawater Reverse
Osmosis Membranes Expert:
Dr. Paul Armistead, program
officer, Functional Polymeric
and Organic Materials, ONR
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Oct. 13 Topic: Compressive
Sensing in Urban
Defense Experts: Dr. Michael
Pollock, program officer, and
Dr. Rabinder Madan, program
officer, Networked Sensing and
Signal Processing Program,
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Oct. 20 Topic: Stem2Stern:
Building a Future Force of
Scientists and Engineers
Through Education Expert: To

be announced
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Oct. 27 Topic: FAQs about
ONR's Small Business
Innovation Research Program
Contracts Expert: Tracy Frost,
program manager, Small
Business Innovation Research
Program, ONR
11 a.m., EST, Wednesday,
Nov. 3 Topic: Directed
Energy in Maritime
Environments Expert: Quentin
Saulter, program manager,
Directed Energy Program, ONR
Where: Nearest Internet-
enabled computer or mobile
handheld device.
Contact: Peter Vietti,
ONR Corporate Strategic
Communications; (703) 696-
5031; onrcsc@onr.navy.mil.
For more news from Office
of Naval Research, visit www.

Navy Memorial Hosts

23rd Annual Lone Sailor

Awards Dinner

By MC3(SW)
Mikelle Smith
Defense Media Activity Anacostia
The Navy Memorial hon-
ored three former sea service
veterans during the 2010 Lone
Sailor awards dinner held at the
National Building Museum in
Washington, D.C., Sept. 15.
The distinguished veterans
included Dr. William H. Cosby
Jr., Eddie LeBaron and Lanier
Phillips, who were presented
with the Lone Sailor award in
front of military members and
distinguished guests at the din-
Cosby, an actor, producer
and entertainer, was recognized
for his accomplishments as a
civilian after serving in the U.S.
LeBaron was recognized for
excelling as an entrepreneur
and as a famed Washington
Redskins and Dallas Cowboys
quarterback after serving in the
U.S. Marine Corps during the
Korean War. Phillips, the first
African-American sonar techni-
cian in the U.S. Navy during
World War II, was one of the
survivors of the USS Truxton
(DD 209) shipwreck.
The Lone Sailor award is
presented to sea service vet-
erans who have excelled with
distinction in their respective
civilian careers while continu-
ing to exemplify the Navy core
values of honor, courage and
commitment. Retired Rear
Adm. Edward K. Walker Jr.,
who served in the U.S. Navy's
Supply Corps, said these core
values represent qualities ser-
vice members continue exhibit-
ing today.
"Our honorees are living
examples of how service to
country changes lives and helps
develop leaders whether it is
in the world of sports, politics,
government, the private sector
or the arts. The common theme
they all express is that their
public service has given them
a solid foundation for their
careers and instilled in them
the enduring values that propels
them to continue to serve their
communities," said Walker.
Cosby, who joined the U.S
Navy 40 years ago served as
a hospital corpsman at three
naval installations to include
Bethesda Naval Hospital in
Bethesda, Md. Cosby said his
four-year enlistment in the
Navy provided him with a start-
ing point to develop personally
and professionally.
"My wake up call about
responsibility came when I
entered the Navy," said Cosby.
"Receiving the Lone Sailor
award was wonderful for
me. To be a recipient of this

-Photo by MC2 Kevin O'Brien
Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray Mabus -
delivers the opening remarks at the Lone Sailor Awards dinner in
Washington, D.C.

award along with gentlemen
like Lanier Phillips and Eddie
LaBaron shows us just how far
we have come and how moral
value is being brought to all
Cosby, an internationally
recognized comedian, has
been an active figure in com-
munity outreach and continues
involvement in show busi-
ness. LeBaron, a graduate
of the former College of the
Pacific where he was named an
All-American in 1949, served
in the Marine Corps during the
Korean War. Wounded twice,
LeBaron received the Purple
Heart, and, for heroic actions on
the front lines, was also award-
ed the Bronze Star.
LeBaron said being rec-
ognized by the U.S. Navy
Memorial was something he
"I am honored to receive
the Lone Sailor award," said
LeBaron. "Looking through the
list of past recipients leaves me
feeling very grateful and know-
ing that my part in the military
and society has impacted a life
makes me proud. I will never
forget this recognition."
LeBaron added that his mili-
tary experience contributed
greatly to his later successes.
"The discipline I learned in
the Marine Corps as a lieuten-
ant was always very impor-
tant to me," said LeBaron. "I
learned how to make concise
decisions from my experiences,
and I applied all of that knowl-
edge to structuring my ventures
in life."
LeBaron played with the
Redskins for seven seasons
after being drafted in the 10th
round of the 1950 National
Football League draft, starting
55 of a possible 72 games. He
additionally played three sea-
sons with the Dallas Cowboys
and was selected to the Pro
Bowl four times (1955, 1957,
1958 and 1962). LeBaron is the
shortest quarterback to ever be
selected to the Pro Bowl.
Phillips, one of the few

African-American Sailors
aboard Truxtun when the
ship ran aground during a
vicious storm off the coast of
Newfoundland in 1942, was
saved by individuals from the
village of St. Lawrence.
Initially terrified to venture
ashore because of racial ten-
sions he had experienced,
Phillips found himself wel-
comed by St. Lawrence village
members, a marked cry from
his southern United States
"I am filled with gratitude
to the people who chose me as
a recipient," said Phillips. "I
never thought the little part I
played in the fight for equal-
ity during my time in the Navy
would get me honored today. I
was doing what any man would
do to better his life."
Phillips added that in the
nearly 70 years since the inci-
dent which changed his life, the
strides made in ensuring equal-
ity in the Navy are something
he said serves to further not
only the individual ideal, but
the betterment of the country he
served as a Sailor.
"When I see today's Navy
with such a diverse background
of Sailors serving and joining
together for the greater good of
this nation, I become proud of
the obstacles I faced because it
paid off in the end, and today
I will forever be a U.S Navy
Sailor," said Phillips.
Prior to the awards ceremo-
ny dinner, Cosby, LeBaron and
Phillips received a tour of the
U.S. Navy Memorial, which
houses the Lone Sailor stat-
ue. The Lone Sailor statue is
a composite of the U.S. Navy
bluejacket, past, present and
future, and was designed in
The Lone Sailor award has
been given to 67 Navy and
Marine Corps veterans, and the
U.S. Navy Memorial contin-
ues to provide Navy veterans
and personnel currently serving
with a place to celebrate their

with prmim


k kItL

tawse Si'S Shkp The il0MI
ThM SoP 1The Bmst For Yeur loeat
FaMi e Ni8e ,1ni Up TO 6% ffo Everui ..
Mki Pay Fill RotIIPPP


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 15

Officials Unveil Pentagon POW/MIA Exhibit

By Army Sgt. 1st Class
Michael J. Carden
American Forces Press Service

Defense Department officials
Sept. 15 dedicated a portion of
the Pentagon to military prison-
ers of war and troops missing
in action, honoring one of the
military's guiding principles:
Never leave a comrade behind.
Michele Flournoy, the
Pentagon's policy chief, hosted
the ceremony on the building's
third floor, in Ring A between
corridors 6 and 7.
The hallway is lined with
information, artifacts and pho-
tographs underscoring the
service and sacrifice of more
than 80,000 MIAs and POWs
from the present conflict in
Afghanistan and dating back to
World War II.
"No matter how far away
or how long ago, we will do
everything humanly possible to
bring all those missing service-
members home," Flournoy said.
"We do this for the sake of their
family members, and we also
do this for all who serve today."
The display exhibit was
designed in the corridor,
because thousands of people
-- servicemembers, defense

-DoD photo by Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden
Michele Flo nii y, the Defense Department's policy chief talks about the importance of the military's
mission to recover all prisoners of war and those missing in action during a Pentagon ceremony Sept.
15, 2010, in Washington, D.C. Flournoy helped dedicate a Pentagon corridor to American military
prisoners of war and those missing in action.

civilians and tourists -- walk
through it each year, Flournoy
said. The exhibit's location, she
added, underscores the impor-
tance the Defense Department
places on recovering prison-

ers of war and those missing in
"As we stand here today,"
she said, "many thousands of
servicemen and women are
deployed around the world in

harm's way. And in the days
and years to come, some of
them will give their lives to
their country. Some of them
may fall into enemy hands.
"Part of what enables our

men and women to focus on
accomplishing their mission in
harsh and dangerous environ-
ments is the knowledge that
we will do whatever it takes to
bring them home," she contin-
World War II Army Air Corps
pilot Jerry Wolf was one such
servicemember. His reconnais-
sance plane was shot down in
1946 over Germany. Although
he survived the crash, he spent
11 months in a German prison,
he said.
Wolf noted that World
War II veterans soon will be
extinct, and displays such as
the Pentagon corridor will help
their legacy and service live on
"I think the exhibit is a won-
derful beginning, and the rec-
ognition is great," Wolf said,
adding that he donated several
letters he wrote while in the
prison camp and other artifacts
to the display. "It's wonderful
to be noted for your service and
being an ex-prisoner of war.
Retired Navy Rear Adm.
Robert Shumaker is another
former POW who attended the
dedication ceremony. His fight-
er plane was shot down over

North Vietnam in 1965. He
spent eight years and one day
in a prison camp, three of which
were spent in solitary confine-
"Sometimes you don't have a
choice," Shumaker said. "When
an airplane crashes, it crash-
es. It's a terrible feeling, [but]
I always knew that I'd never
be forgotten by the American
In the past year, the Joint
Prisoners of War and Missing in
Action Accounting Command
has accounted for 98 service-
members missing from the
Korean War, the Vietnam War
and World War II. More than
80,000 servicemembers from
the three wars remain unac-
counted-for. Nearly 2,000
from the same wars have been
accounted for and returned to
their families.
The nation will cele-
brate National POW/ MIA
Recognition Day Sept. 17.
Created by Congress in
1998 as part of the Defense
Authorization Act, the obser-
vance is recognized on the third
Friday of September each year.

Obama To Award Medal Of Honor To Afghan War Vet

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J.
American Forces Press Service
The Medal of Honor will be award-
ed for the first time to a living vet-
eran of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan,
White House officials announced Sept.
10 in a written statement.
Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta
received a phone call from President
Barack Obama Sept. 9, thanking him
for his service. Obama informed the
infantryman that he would receive the
nation's highest award for his service
and extraordinary bravery in battle, the
statement said.
The event occurred Oct. 25, 2007,
in eastern Afghanistan's Korengal

Valley. Giunta was a specialist at the
time and rifle team leader. He served
in Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd
Airborne Infantry Regiment, 173rd
Airborne Brigade Combat Team, based
out of Vicenza, Italy.
Giunta overcame being separated
from his unit, evaded potential enemy
captors and risked his life to rescue
two fellow soldiers. His unit was
divided during the gun battle. One fel-
low soldier was exposed to enemy fire
when Giunta left his cover to pull the
soldier to safety.
The enemy continued to engage
Giunta and the soldier as they worked
to link up with their squad. During the

movement, Giunta noticed two insur-
gents carrying the second soldier, try-
ing to take him captive.
Giunta immediately engaged the
combatants, killing one and wounding
another. He provided medical aid to
the soldier while others provided secu-

rity. The soldier eventually died of his
wounds, but Giunta's actions prevent-
ed him from staying in enemy hands.
The White House statement did
not say when Giunta will receive his
Giunta, 25, is a native of Iowa, and

enlisted in the Army in November
2003. He deployed twice to
Afghanistan, and currently is stationed
in Vicenza. He will become the eighth
Medal of Honor recipient for actions in
operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring

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4 -

16 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010

The following are just a sam-
ple of volunteer opportunities
available through NS Mayport
and Volunteer Jacksonville.
For more information, call NS
Mayport volunteer coordinator
CS1 Terry Jackson at 270-5373
and AC1 Chandra Chaney at
270-6130 or Dianne Parker at
542-5380 or you can immedi-
ately sign-up online for oppor-
tunities using www.volunteer
gateway acksonville.org.
Meals On Wheels For Pets
The Council on Aging of
Nassau continues its partnership
with Meals On Wheels for Pets,
in promoting their second annu-
al Rollin 'on the River Cruise on
Sept. 12. Proceeds from their
event will help fund our one
year old partnership with them,
which currently serves 49 eligi-
ble Council on Aging Meals On
Wheels clients. Our Council
on Aging clients own 55 cats,
66 dogs, and one cockatiel,
and have been the recipient
of over 9,000 lbs. of donated
pet food that have been deliv-
ered through our volunteers
as they conduct their regular
"people food" meals deliver-
ies. These pet meals contrib-
ute to our Council on Aging of
Nassau clients' wellbeing and
prevents the need of the cli-
ent to feel obligated to share
the meal intended for them
with their pet, insuring better
nutrition for both people and
pets. The Council on Aging of
Nassau has pet food collection
boxes in the lobby of both facil-
ities: 1367 South 18th Street,
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034;
37002 Ingham Road, Hilliard,
FL 32046 We welcome the pub-
lic to drop off of sealed contain-
ers of pet food during business
hours. Plans are currently in
development for Nassau County
Animal Services to bring adopt-
able cats and dogs on the 2nd
Friday of every month to our
Fernandina location and the
3rd Friday to our Hillard loca-
tion for "pet therapy" benefit-
ing both pets and people. This
pet interaction enhancement to
our existing program will kick
off on Sept. 10 The Council
on Aging of Nassau is a 501c3

non-profit agency that deliv-
ers critical services to Nassau
County seniors in five catego-
ries including Meals on Wheels,
COA Transportation, In-Home
Care, and Adult Day Health
Care, while operating two
senior recreation centers. More
information about our servic-
es is available on our website
National Multiple Sclerosis
Society of North Florida
The National Multiple
Sclerosis Society of North
Florida needs volunteers for the
"Bike MS PGA Tour Cycle to
the Shore 2010" on Oct. 2-3.
This is a great opportunity to
get community service hours
and help out for a great cause.
The society is looking for indi-
viduals, groups and organiza-
tions to help with pre-event
preparations/set up; general
help; registration; customer ser-
vice; clean up crew; food prepa-
ration/service; medical; safety;
luggage handling/transporta-
tion; and bike handling. If you
are interested, contact Jason
Henika at Jason.henika @fln.
Guardian ad Litem
Be the voice for children
abused, neglected, or aban-
doned. These children have no
ability to participate in deci-
sions affecting their lives. When
children are removed from their
homes, the courts can appoint
a special advocate to make
sure that the best interests of
the child is given appropriate
consideration. This advocate is
known as a Guardian ad Litem.
In the 4th Judicial Circuit,
which includes Clay, Duval
and Nassau Counties, there are
more than 2,000 children who
need an advocate to help them
navigate the Dependency sys-
tem. As we build our volunteer
base we are asking members
of our community to consid-
er being a Guardian as Litem.
These guardians do not provide

direct care for the children;
the guardians ad litem visit the
child at least once per month,
interview family members,
gather information from medi-
cal, mental health, and educa-
tion professionals, and attend
court hearings to ensure the
best interests of the children are
maintained. The work is com-
pelling. To become a Guardian
ad Litem, candidates need a
compassionate heart, be at least
19 years old, complete 30 hours
of initial training and undergo
a background check. The pro-
cess begins with a screen-
ing interview so you can learn
more about this opportunity to
make a difference in the life
of a child. If this kind of vol-
unteer opportunity sounds like
something you would like to
participate in, please visit the
Guardian ad Litem website,
www.guardianadlitem.org, or
call 904-630-1200 to schedule a
screening interview.
First Coast "No More
Homeless Pets"
First Coast No More
Homeless Pets brand new high
capacity Spay /Neuter Clinic
opens this month. The new
facility will be able to help
thousands of pets and owners
as well as stray and feral cats
-each year, with free or low
cost spay/neuter and low cost
vaccinations. We still need lots
of volunteers for the clinic at
the new location on Norwood
Avenue. No medical experi-
ence needed. For more infor-
mation, email Debbie Fields at
Mayport Lions Club
The Mayport Lions Club is
looking for Volunteers to help
with various projects. If you
are interested (military & civil-
ian), please contact either Bob
Krepps, Senior Chief Petty
Officer, USN(Ret) 509-4945
or Chuck Carroll, Commander,
USN(Ret) 463-2884.

Jacksonville International
Airport Volunteer
Ambassador Program
We are looking for vol-
unteer to assist travelers with
locating arrival and departure
gates, telephones, baggage
claim and ticketing areas. The
Ambassadors provide vital
customer assistance and a lot
of smiles to ensure a pleas-
ant and memorable experience
while traveling through our air-
port. Benefits of being in the
Ambassador program include
gratitude of the passengers
served each day, invitations, to
volunteer appreciation events,
free parking at the airport, meal
voucher for every four-hour
period worked, service recog-
nition and the opportunity to
meet people from all over the
world. Contact Yvonne Pooler
at 904-741-2006 or email
Jacksonville Zoo
The Jacksonville Zoo is ask-
ing for volunteers. Volunteers
are needed to educate varied
audiences about the natural
world, teach conservation mes-
sages, beautify the grounds,
assist guests in various areas
of the park, input data, lend
a hand in animal care areas,
answer questions, drive trains
and enhance guests' experienc-
es. You provide the interest and
enthusiasm, and the zoo will
provide the training. Scheduling
is flexible. Volunteers receive
special discounts, free admis-
sion, newsletters and special
programs only available to
employees and volunteers. Take
this opportunity to meet oth-
ers who share your interests in
the animal kingdom. New Adult
Volunteer Orientations are
held at the Pepsico Foundation
Education Campus. All inter-
ested personnel please CS1
Hopkins or call 270-5373 for
more information.
YMCA of Jacksonville
YMCA of Jacksonville is
looking for volunteers for their
outreach programs geared
towards males. For more
information, contact Terra
Herzberger at 265-1820.
Children's Home Society of

Children's Home Society of
Florida is getting ready to per-
manently place seven or eight
children in loving homes within
the next couple weeks. Seeking
children's furniture. Contact
Nick Geinosky at 904-493-
Homeless Pet Shelter
Jacksonville Homeless Pet
Shelter seeks volunteers. The
new Homeless Pet Shelter is
seeking help at a Temporary
Clinic on surgery days. Days
and hours vary. Contact
dlfields @bellsouth.net.
St Augustine Amphitheatre
Seeks Volunteers
St. Augustine Amphitheatre
seeks volunteers to be used as
ushers, checking tickets, and
pointing out seats. As a volun-
teer, you get to see the entire
show. For more information,
contact Lisa Tomkins at 209-
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Brothers Big Sisters is
providing an in-school men-
toring program at Mayport
Elementary School. Little
Brothers and Sisters are needed
just as much as Big Brothers
and Sisters! If you are interest-
ed in this opportunity, please
visit our website for more infor-
mation: www.usojax.com
Navy-Marine Corp Relief
Society Needs You
The Navy Marine Corp Relief
Society is in need of Volunteers
to give a couple of hours of
their time each week to help
others in need. The mission of
the Navy-Marine Corp Relief
Society is to provide emergency
financial help and educational
assistance to members of the
Naval Services active, retired,
and family members when
in need: to assist them achieve
financial self-sufficiency and
to find solutions to emergent
requirements. Navy-Marine
Corp Relief Society firmly
believes in personal financial
responsibility. By helping the
service member and family
through difficult times and by
assisting them to develop their
own problem solving capabili-

ties, they will achieve financial
stability, increase self-worth
and reduce the need for future
financial assistance. Without
their volunteers, the Society
could not meet the needs of so
many. If you are interested in
volunteering and would like
more information, contact Bill
Kennedy at 270-5418, 9 a.m.-
3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.
St. Johns County Habitat
For Humanity Needs
Habitat for Humanity is
in need for volunteers every
Friday and Saturday to help
build homes in St. Augustine.
No skill is necessary. Must be
16 or older. They are starting
a new home every month and
need help on the construction
site. Please call 826-3252 ext.
2006 to sign up.
Lea's Place
Lea's Place is a volunteer
program, on-call 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week to help the
Department of Children and
Families take care of children
who have been removed from
abusive or neglectful situa-
tions or who have been aban-
doned. Volunteers assist Child
Protective Investigators with
feeding, bathing and playing
with the children. They may
also assist in the clothes clos-
et, providing the children with
clean clothing. 360-7091.
NS Mayport Retired
Activities Office
Naval Station Mayport is
currently searching for com-
mitted volunteers to serve the
local retiree community in the
Retired Activities Office (RAO)
located in the Fleet and Family
Support Center (FFSC). RAO
volunteers maintain the vital
link between the retiree, local
military communities and other
government and non-govern-
ment agencies. Anyone inter-
ested should contact the FFSC
for an application or to get more
information about the duties
and responsibilities of the RAO
volunteers. Call the FFSC at
(" 14) 270-6600 Ext. 110

I Not all oil changes :

are created equally

Jiffy Lube' hears you. Our Jiffy Lube Signature Service" Oil Change is just
what you're looking for: a preventive maintenance system that can help
prolong the life of your vehicle. We change your oil, inspect belts and
wiper blades, check and fill multiple vital fluids, vacuum your carpets
and clean your windshield. It's fast. It's simple.

jiffy lube-

Jiffy Lube Signature Service"
Oil Change Includes:

* Change: Check/Fill:
/Oil with up to five (5) /Transmission/
quarts of quality motor oil transaxle fluids
/Replace oil filter /Differential fluid
* Inspect: /Power steering fluid
/Antifreeze/coolant /Windshield washer flui
reservoir levels / Battery water
(excluding sealed batteries)
/Engine air filtration system / Tire pressure
/Serpentine belts pesr
1/ Lubricate the chassis
/Brake fluid level in (when appicable) ssis
transparent reservoir amicable)
/Wiper blades / Exterior of windows
/Exterior lights / Vacuum interior floors

Keep my ride alive! M

located near:

NAS Jax:
1548 Park Ave.
NS Mayport:
1067 Atlantic Blvd
13560 Atlantic Blvd

IO Visit jiffylubesoutheast.com for participating
locations. Most vehicles. Up to 5 qts. Not valid
1 with other oil change offers. Cash value 1/100th
1 0 OFF wof one cent. Coupon must be presented at time
of service. Restrictions may apply.
Jiffy Lube Signature Service" Oil Change Exprs1010610CodJAN10
With Military ID & this coupon


YOU M IIl I 4 II |

Arlington Toyota is pleased to offer a $ 2 5 9 5
special rebate program for our active
duty U.S. military and inactive Reserve Replace Filter
personnel. It's our way of saying Replace Fluids
"THANK YOU" for the extraordinary TOp Off all FluidS
job you do. C W F

$500 rebate when you lease V H L
or finance a new Toyota. ALL TOYOTA MAKES
$1,000 rebate when you lease AND MODELS
or finance a new Scion. VEHICLES UNDER
* Available on all new & untitled Toyota & Scion vehicles. 8 5 0 00
Open to active duty status U.S. military & inactive
Reserve personnel. Proof of active military or inactive SHOP ON LINE AT
Reserve status is required. ARHLNGTONTOYOTA.0OM

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 17

Greater Jacksonville USO has
partnered with Coastal Cab to
get you great rates on rides to
and from the Airport, Mayport,
Cecil Field and areas in
between. Coastal Cab is happy
to give a 15 percent discount
from the meter to all address-
es and locations not listed for
all passengers that show their
Military ID cards. To set up a
ride or for more information
please call 904-779-9999 (NAS
Jax & JIA) or 904-246-9999
The Marine Corps
Marathon/Freedom 5K is set
for Saturday, Oct. 2, which
begins at the Memorial Wall
next to Everbank Field. For
more information or to regis-
ter for this event please visit:
www. lstplacesports.com or
rathon.com. Special discounted
entry fees for teams!
The Combined Federal
Campaign is just around the
comer and we would appreciate
you considering your Greater
Jacksonville Area USO for your
donation. Our CFC number
is 97347 and your generosity
helps us keep the doors open
and continue to provide out-
standing programs and services
for all branches of the military
and their families.
Your Greater Jacksonville
Area USO is now on Facebook.
Go to Facebook hit the like but-
ton. At the bottom of our page
you can also share the like with
friends and family.
The 2010 Southern Women's
Show tickets are on sale at the
Mayport and NAS Jax USO
The 23rd Annual Southern
Women's Show in Jacksonville
will take place Oct. 21-24 at
the Prime Osborn Convention
Center. Tickets are $5 from
the USO. There will be three
special guests for this year's
show: -Sandra Lee, the Semi-
Homemade cooking and enter-
taining star, will be appearing
at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Oct.
22, to show you simple solu-
tions for dramatic results for
home entertaining.

-Point of Grace, the Grammy
nominated and ten time Dove
Award winning trio, will give
an acoustic performance on the
Fashion & Entertainment Stage
on Friday, 22 October, and will
be cooking a recipe from their
new cookbook on the Cooking
Stage on Saturday, 23 October.
-Tanya Sensney, "The
Coupon Queeny" will be pre-
senting her top 3 tips to start
saving and much more during
her daily presentations on the
Mint Magazine Save & Learn
For more information please
visit: http://www.southern-
The First Tee is pleased to
provide no cost services to chil-
dren of active duty National
Guardsmen and Reservists.
Children between the ages of
5-17 are invited to participate
in a free golf and life skills
instruction program. To locate
the nearest chapter of The First
Tee go to www.thefirsttee.org
and download the coupon at
Bring the coupon to the chapter
and your child could be enjoy-
ing a new experience of learn-
ing the game of golf.
The Jacksonville Air show is
set for Oct. 23-24 onboard NAS
Jacksonville. This is a great
family event featuring top mil-
itary and civilian performers,
including the US Navy Blue
Angels! Gates open at 9 a.m.,
Show begins at 10 a.m., free
parking, admission and Kid's
Zone! Open to the public!
Honorably discharged vet-
erans, active-duty service and
reserve members will receive
a 25 percent discount on the
purchase of a Florida State
Park annual pass. The discount
provides a savings of $15 on
an individual annual pass and
$30 on a family annual pass,
which allows up to eight peo-
ple in a group to access most

of Florida's 160 state parks. In
addition, honorably discharged
veterans who have service con-
nected disabilities, and surviv-
ing spouses of military veterans
who have fallen in combat, will
receive a lifetime family annu-
al entrance pass at no charge.
For information on qualifica-
tions and necessary forms to
receive these discounts, visit
The USO and RocketLife,
have partnered to deliver a
heart-warming opportunity
for the men and women of the
armed forces and their fami-
lies. The Personal Photo Book
program enables troops serv-
ing abroad and their families
to create 20-page personal
photo books and ship them
to any APO/FPO address for
free. These full-color, custom-
ized photo books are small
enough to fit in a soldier's
cargo pockets yet can hold more
than 60 photos of loved ones.
RocketLife prints the books for
free, and the USO pays for the
shipping. To get started, visit
United Through Reading pro-
gram makes it possible to share
in the enjoyment of reading to
the children in your life, even
while thousands of miles apart.
The Mayport Center and NAS
Center can record you reading
a book to your children and
send it to them after you have
gone on deployment. It is a
great way to make them smile
on their special day even when
you can not be there with them.
Please contact your local USO
center for more information.
Fax, copy and free notary ser-
vice is also available.
For more information about
activities or meeting availabili-
ties, call 246-3481 or stop by tat
2560 Mayport Road.


Autocrafters Collision Macclenny
180S. Lowder St.
Macclenny, FL

Autocrafters Collision Blanding Autocrafters St. Augustine
1011 Blanding Blvd 2120 State Road 16
Orange Park, FL 32095 St. Augustine, FL 32095
904-298-2982 904-829-3769


S & L Auto Glass
We will come to you!
We except all Insurance Work
or Customer Pay.
remember its your choice who take
I care of your Glass work needs!

Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day

September 25, 2010 m 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Jacksonville Zoo Gardens 370 Zoo Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32218
* No questions asked! No penalties!
* Surrendered pets will be examined by a veterinarian.
* Animals that appear healthy will be placed with qualified adopters.
* Bring the family live animals will be on display!
* Talk to experts and learn about responsible pet ownership.

Releasing exotic animals into the wild is never a good idea:
it's harmful to the animal.
It threatens native fish and wildlife populations.
It's illegal! LTT t- -

Frm eifmto *

Sponsored by:

Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission


1_ 7 v rm ,,

Military Publications reach

SO 810% of the military community

U .5 Military Community

Includes 92,103 Active-

Duty, Reserves, Retirees and

Working On Base -


Active-Duty, Reserves, Civilians, Contrators

Published by
he _florida _imes- inion 312830






'Lifetime Warrenty'



18 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, I l i ., I i, September 23, 2010


Cassie fi


BY PHONE 366-6300
Mon.-Thurs. 7:30a.m.-6:00p.m.
Fri. 7:30a.m.-5:30p.m.
Toll Free 800-258-4637
BY FAX 904-359-4180
Many people prefer to place classified in person
and some classified categories require prepayment.
For your convenience, we welcome you to place your
classified ad at The Florida Times-Union from 7:30
a.m. 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday at One Riverside
Avenue (at the foot of the Acosta Bridge).
Ru date Callby Fx b

Thursday Tue, Noon

Tue, 11 a.m.

Please note: Fax deadlines are one hour earlier.
Holiday and Legal deadlines vary and will be sup-
plied upon request. Cancellation and correction
deadlines are the same as placement deadlines.

Ad Errors Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility for only the first incorrect
insertion and only the charge for the ad space in error. Please call 366-6300 immediately for prompt correction and
billing adjustments.
Ad Cancellation Normal advertising deadlines apply for cancellation. When cancelling your ad, a cancellation
number will be issued. Retain this number for verification. Call 366-6300.
Billing Inquiries- Call the Billing Customer Service Department at 359-4324. To answer questions about payments
or credit limits, call the Credit Department at 359-4214.
Advertising copy is subject to approval by the Publisher who reserves the right to edit, reject or classify all advertise-
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regarding the prohibition of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. Standard abbrevia-
tions are acceptable; however, the first word of each ad may not be abbreviated.

4 The anchor indicates the ad is a FREE Fleet Market Ad placed by military personnel.


AnoneS ments Instructi5on^^^


Real Estate for Rent



I ea Etae orSae erice



WM 904-366-6300

Classified line ads are online at jaxairnews.com
FREE online advertising!
Your Classified in-column ad automatically appears online at
no additional charge.


A t NA For Rent I d anuf
.......... .ii .......... BB~ fHome



Call Us At: 904-380-0774 or Visit:





Please fill out
this form in
black or blue ink.






Work Phone #

Name (please print): S
1. Free advertising in the Fleet Market is restricted to active duty and retired military
personnel (or their dependents) and civilian employees assigned to Mayport Naval
2. Advertising in the Fleet Market is a free service provided by the publisher to help
qualified personnel dispose of unwanted personal articles. Service ads such
as sharing rides to work or on leave, announcing lost and found items, and
garage sales will be accepted. ADS PERTAINING TO GUN SALES WILL NOT BE
3. All information requested must be included and readable. All ads should be writ-
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5. Completed forms should be delivered or mailed to the Fleet Market, Building 1.
Box 280032, Mayport Naval Station, Mayport, FL 32228-0032,or to The Mirror,
One Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Happy Ads Apartments Unfurnished NORTHSIDE
South West GA Condominiums 0 DEPOSIT FROM $395
Lost and Found Albany Area Retirement Communities 1 & 2 BR monthly
Clubs and Organizations 1,411 Ac @ $2,450/Ac Homes Furnished 904-766-6986
Quail Plantation Homes Unfurnished
Rides/Travel '.. 175 ACRE LAKE Manufactured Homes
Notices 3/2 on 1 acre lot, 1700sf Fantastic Deer Mobile Home Lots
w/ detached 1/1 cottage, Hunting Roommates
Personals looosf located in 478-477-1000 Rooms to Rent
Hilliard, FL. 904-813-5961 Beach Home Rentals
Dating and Beach/Vacation/Resorts
Entertainment Storage/Min-Lockers Westside Private DW 3/2,
MManagement/Rental Services ch&a, no pets $650mo +
Wanted to Rent dep. 813-8713/655-0457
BHomofs B St. Johns Apartments Furnished |||_ n__
Organiza~ft ions' | ,St. Johns Apartments Unfur- r
nished FOR RENT Starting at
nse$550 Nice, clean 2, 3 and
ATTENTION St. Johns Condominiums 4bdrms avail call
P IFI ISL AND N A St. Johns Duplex Rebecca @ 904-695-2255
ERs .:.? Townhomes
S. Young Amer..3.I Home. St. Johns Retirement Com-
S au a8@gma ...o IN HERON ISLES Land & MH For Sale: St Johns Houses Furnished
_____________ HAS HOMES READY Westside 3/2, ch&a, city St.JohnsHouses Manda n pe
water, corner lot w/shed. nnshe Mandarin no pets,
-7^ ^^9- -^ ^ FOR MOVE-IN Owner Fin $SK down Unfurnished free cable, N/S $400/mo.
START ING@ $124,900. $489mo Call Vicki 891-5393 St. Johns Mobile Home/Lot 1/3 until. 434-4713
Real E__stte_ ZERO DOWN _Rental
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531 Acres, 904-641-6754. down, low mthly pymt, St.JohnsRoomstoRent
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St. Johns Vacation Rental ARLINGTON/W'side
Bank Owned St Johns Storage/ N'side Furn, ph, TV w/d,
Ogeechee River Tract Portside at the Beaches Mini-Lockers ch&a $100-$130wk 838-4587
in Jenkins County, GA 995 Weston by Fleetwood St. JohnsWanted to Rent
O ver1m leof r ver Priced to sell $9,995. obo.
frontage. $975/acre CONDO 2/2 Like 2br\lba nice floor plan, A at e
Call 478-737-1136 lI new, pond view, Irg kitchen appliances 0 -
1118sq, appis stay, included, bath has gar- F ished
downstairs unit, turn. den tub w/ separate BREAKFAST & LUNCH
included w/acceptable shower, laundry room Atlantic Beach- 1BR/1BA Restaurant Southpoint.
o f f e r $ 7 4, 9 0 0 with washer/dryer, ch&a w/ deck, close to the $70,000. 904-860-9186
904-509-0534 3 years old. 904-221-6329 base $525mo water incld.
Call 904-247-4221
in the military GREAT DEAL $13,000. NORTHWEST
publications dis- T3bd/2ba, w/ screened in
tribute atthe P rc h WE W L, L $155wk
local bases in the MACON COUNTY 904-695-o080oC E C l AMoiliese anddab
area, 100 Acres $99,500 included, bus stop, Private Instruction
Please call ROAD FRONT store and laundry. Schools
904-359-4336, /YOUNG TIMBER ] L t f le 904-418-8077 or
Fax 366 6230. BIG DEER 904-540-4425 Specialty Training/
COUNT '0 .owner financing, low
Call 478-477-1000 down, low mthly pymt,
S ___easy equal. 512-663-0065 funse
Farm/001 Arlington Adobe Apts. SPARK YOUR CAREER!
Spacious, affordable1-2BRs In just Tmonths,
Starting @ $59,9001 BSB s oT he A s STPuARnKsdRhsER!
Starting @ 9 p9 | Ac reage $400-$650. 904-745-0450 Near Tulsa Welding School can
Town & Country Shop Cntr teach you the skills that
1, 2 & 5 ACRE FARMS ARLINGTON 3/2, wd firs, Tulsa Welding School
I Property located ch&a, 1200sf, W/D, pool, "A Smart Investment"
Sn in So. Ga. near 7201 Arngton Expy. #40. Don't Delay, Call Now!
Waycross Wooded or 888-204-3376
|.9RM8 l I cleared, very private. ATLANTIC BE AC H 3500 Southside Boulevard,
901427 Owner fin. remodeled, all new apple, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Call 912-285-7516 2/2, close to the base call Accredited by ACCSC. Licd by
or 912-288-1939 for details... 904-444-2534 Florida Commission for Inde-
or 912-288-1939- pendent Education, Lic. #2331
$600 month payments L ft "' shr Dr.er
inclJ leol U lIF rId
0 50beaches 1950 imoknth
JaxNavyHomes.com Pet 5.. ". .. JobgFairs
,cam Petsodd ,,MIV3--R9-n Job Fairs
Land For Sale I19&5 & UNIV BLVD ResumeServices
Beach & Luxury Realty-Steve Pate I 2bl, I esldetlie Resume Services
Beach & Luxury Realty-Steve Pate 14.676 acres located in across from schools, Accounting/Bookkeeping
901175 Nahunta, Georgia. The $495 & $595mo 904-349-8706 Advertising/Media
property is platted for 9 Architecture/Interior
individual lots and Northside- 2BR, freshly Design/Graphics Design
includes a 2003 14'X52' painted, new carpet,De
S5single wide. Asking living room, kitchen, AutomotiveSales/Service
price is $58,900. Call large bkyrd, w/d hkup Aviation
*nB vd.u 912-283-0001 Ext 12 for $ 4 6 0 mo+ $300d ep Civil Service/Government/
additional information. Downtown- furnished Public Administration
4 Bed 21/2Bath1BR, ceiling fans, car- Computer Hardware/
Spe t, c & heat, $ 6 wk Software/Programming
Wa11 : 1 1$9,o NOW:1 7 0 all utilities included Construction
Call 757-4361/ 413-2213 CustomerService
Y E B FFL ..-- Riverside & Westside Dental
7 one IBr Starting at $450 Domestic Services/
LandtF4rSle 2 & 3 BR's also avail Caregiving
57 AC, 1500ft on St Mary's Delivery Driver
2-------------- -----R iv e r 3/ 2 18 0 0 s q .ft. $35 A p p F ee C a ll 7 7 1 -1 2 4 3 e i
house. Owner financing $200 OFF 1st Month Rent Education/Teaching/
Call Mike 904-759-0121 Training
RIVERSIDE AVE -1 bik Engineering
to St. V, CH/A Irg quiet
MIDDLEBURG- 10 acres, 1BR/1BA, hdwd, laun- Entertainment
24aowner financing, low dry $550mo 343-6218 Executive/Management
easy equal. 512-663-0065 St Johns Cnty 3/2.5 Twnhm
lization__ ______1 car garage, all ameni- General Employment
ties, gated. $1010mo. Hotel/Hospitality/Tourism
LXn Call 904-386-6785 Industrial Trades
Thank you! Westside FORECLOSURE? Insurance
Besides protecting our MUST MOVE NOW? Landscaping/Grounds
Rent 1500sf 3/2 home Maintenance
Additiona reaerhi Fn otcountry, military $97 8/mo Adults on ly Law Enforcement/
ONLn $0 Ar personnelstationed in pet friendly Call771-8839 Security/Safety
our communities Legal
er donated 6l10,l60 _M.P. _I__ Maintenance/Janitorial
hou q.o.-volunteerhServices
hourss of vounteer ATLANTIC BEACH 2/2 Management/Professional
service i n Northeast 1 story, near Navel base aeti
& schools. Appliances, Marketing
Florida and Southeast wash/dryer hkup, pool, Mechanics
Ge a astyea l quiet area, privP0atio, no Medical/Health Care
G ( Teorgiala t year Trr smkrs/ ets. $730me/dep
time was gven to + utils. 904-483- 0659 Marine/Trade
Nurses/Nurses Aides
A A,-community Atlantic Beach- Choice Office/Clerical/
oiranizations, church garage, heated pool Administration
Must close by 9/30/10. Dunson Real Estate, Part-Time
Copyright 010 Lennr ups,you activities, Inc., Realtor 904-247-5153 Personal Services/Beauty
Corporation. 8/10 1i-- scouting and more Real Estate/Property
Unfrnihed Recreation/Sports/Fitness
ArgyleForest-C himney Food/Beverages
Lakes Very nice 3/2,
2000sf, frplc, fnCd yrd, Retail
S desirable subdiv $1050mo Sales
incids assoc fees 352-367-0372 Science/Research
ARLINGTON 3/2.5 Twnhse Social Services/Counseling
One Riverside_ Aeu6154 Tuscany Cir. Technical Support
Remodeled 1400 sf
$795 Rent +Dep (904) 636 0269 Telemarketing
Arlington-Ft. Caroline Rd Warehouse/Inventory
3/2 newer 1,500sf house Work at Home
2 car gar & all appis. ns Wanted
$985mo+$985dp. 233-6628 Positions anted
Nice 3/2, frpl, 1 car gar,
$975 mo. / $900 dep. Helthcare
11120 Caroline Crest Dr.
inization Call 5450-445
Intracoastal W.-Kensington NURSING AND REHAB
nature: Date Submitted: 4/2, 2cg,. 2000sf, Ig fnc yd
new paint/crpt, comm Looking for a few good
pool, etc. $1300mo-dep. people:
. Ads appearing to be in the promotion of a business or which do not meet the 904 -716- 7164 3-11 and 11-7 RN's, LPN's,
above requirements will be billed. The publisher reserves the right to omit any or LAKESHORE- Lovely 3BR PCNAN shiftsT, aPaabnd
all ads. brick home, Comp
redecorated in perfect
Additional readership in other publications can be arranged for a nominal fee by cond, no pets $850mo+ Housekeepers Day shift
calling 366-6300 or 1-800-258-4637 (toll free), or enclosing your phone number. dep 904-786-6043/771-8880 available some week-
Faxed ads will be accepted at 904-359-4180, however, they must be completed Neptune Beach private 1 ends. Previous Exp in
br cot tage. 2blks to the LTC desired.
on an original form. beach, CH&A, water incl
$795/mo. + dep 982-4143 Please apply in person:
elect the number of weeks ad is to run: 1 wk J 2 wks J 3 wks J 4 wks Orange Park/Holly Grove 4134 Dunn Ave.,
3br/2ba, 1550sf, living Jacksonville, FI 32218 or
o renew your ad after the allotted time, you must re-submit your ad to Jax Air News. room, separate dining Fax resume 766-3157
0TE: (1) This form must be clipped (not torn) along the outside border. (2) No more room, de n, eat- in
kitchen, large yard, 6mi
1an one word (or abbreviation for one word) per block. (3) Only two free ads per fam- from NAS Jax $1050mo.
y, per week. (4) Select the category for the ad by referring to the Classified Index. 904-655-9432/ 386-649-5566
KINGsLAND 3/2 ADT Dealer
category: Home, wood firs, Alert Security Services
quiet neighborhood 20 positions to fill
Call Linda Grooms at train. $500-$700 to start.
Westside/Crystal Springs Baymeadows 904-674-2464
Nice 3/2 on large priv
One Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville FL 32202 $875mo+dp 904-923-8799 $500-$700/wk to start.
HUGE 1700sqft 3brm/2ba enthusiastic individuals
S pymnts as low as $6S0" for fast paced training
we finance call or email program. Call Mr.
Rebecca@904-781-0441 Johns 904-829-5359


____________ ____________I F



N assa


Ou oAra


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, September 23, 2010 19




.. .. .. .. .. .. ........
!::i !ii !i i
ili i ...

20 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, .I l.i. I ,, September 23, 2010

High energy, friendly,
money motivated per-
son required. Must have
reliable transportation,
have a clean criminal
record & be able to start
immediately. Call
224-1085 or send a
resume by fax 268-9663
or email your resume to

Flooring company seek-
ing EXP., reliable Car-
pet and Ceramic Crews
for year-round work!
Must have own van and
tools, General liab, Corp
or LLC, Valid SS Num-
ber and DL
Call (877) 577-1277 x 1180
OR http://contractor.

Installing all varieties
of ceramic, porcelain,
marble and stone,
serving Jax since
"1987". Living rooms,
kitchens, bathrooms,
backsplashes, foyers,
patios & grout repairs.
Free estimates. Top
Quality, refs., pics.
Design & custom work
as well... best prices
in town...mention this
ad and receive 15%
off!! Call Daryl @
904-412-8963 All work
guaranteed ...licensed,
insured and bonded

, New Dimension
Christian Early
Edu. Pre-Sch, 5505
Normandy Blvd.
32205(Behind NAPA
Auto) is now offering a
September Special for
Day/Night Care @
$100.00 p/w for ages 6
wks/5 yrs. Plus FREE
VPK. Contact our
Alt.(904)868-6518 LIC#

4 Bizzy Bodies Pre-
school. LICENSED.
(F04DU1163); Ages
S n3yrs & up. FREE
V.P.K (Age 4). Located
off Kernan. 904-343-1324

Thank you!
Besides protecting our
country, military
personnel stationed in
our communities
donated 159,120
hours of volunteer
service in Northeast
Flodda and Southeast
Georga last year. Their
time was given to
organizations, church
groups, youth activities,
scouting and more.

AC, Heating, Fuel
Arts & Crafts
Building Supplies
Business/Office Equipment
Craft/Thrift Stores
Estate Sales
Garage Sales
Hot Tubs/Spas
Kid's Stuff
Machinery & Tools
Miscellaneous Merchandise
Musical Merchandise
Portable Buildings
Public Sales
Sporting Goods
Wanted to Buy or Trade

Maytag 21cu. ft.,
top freezer, ice
mkr, white, many
nice features. Great
cond. through out. $185.

Selling to the highest
bidders Sat Sept 25,
located 7725 785t N.
Pinellas Park, Fl 33781
(auction conducted
indoors rain or shine)
bid in person or online @
pany.com 727-388-7900
AB2740 AU3810 DO NOT

souvenirs, meda ls,
patches etc., Old USMC
uniforms 477-6412

.146" Projection Con-
Ssole Hatachi TV,
exc. cond., $250obo.
30 day guarantee
912 882-2272 / 912-674-1204
Must see to appreciate

* Prestigiousr
Colony Cove in Arlington
Modern & antq furnt,
art, Disney. fireman.
signed sports rnem, jwlry,
quilters supp. & material.
Thur 8-6 & Frioat 9-4
3839 Arrow Point TrI W.
N off Ft. Caroline E of
Townsend 642-1002

Furiturle e

New Sets Queen $135
SKing $195 365-0957

, Ceiling Fans.
Hunter 52", Brass, 3
spd. Never used.
Still in orig. box.
$25 each. Both $45.
lighted 2pc Ameri-
can of Martinsville,
gorgeous, filagree
over glass doors, genu-
ine wood, exc. cond.
$295. 904-220-7886

ACHINA. 98pc ser-
vice for 12 people.
pattern. 1940's. Out-
standing cond. $240.
Sectional- Beautiful Ashley
Braxton Leather 6pc
Sectional 2 wks new 20-
wall recliners, push
back chaise, console.
Paid $2953. ask $2300.

The Villages of Pablo
Community Yard Sale
Sept 25, 8am-? Huge
Sale on San Pablo Rd.
Between Bch & Atll Blvd.
Jax Beach- Moving Sale
Sat., 9/25, 9a-3p. 2608
Madrid St., near 2nd St.
& 25th Ave S. 300yr old
brass bed w/ nearly new
matt./boxspring, nearly
new coastal stripe
sleeper sofa, queen bed,
assort, antq wicker furn,
4 auto. tires #225/60R17
Michelin w/ 1500 mi, and
lots more!!!
This Sat & Sun Have
Your Garage Sale at
The Market Place!
7059 Ramona, 786-FLEA

pants, 36x32. Din-
1ner dress white
jacket 46R with epi-
lets. Worn once or twice.
Make offer. 904-215-0252
Orthomatic Adi. XL
Stwin beds with
lhead/foot massage
placed together
equals King sz bed $550
for both. 904-305-7455
S $40. 269-7224

4. 7ft. Jon Boat
w/trolling mtr &
battery $375. James
Jones 912-674-0918
Hunting Guns-Weatherby
Mark V, 300 mag,
Weatherby scope case &
strap, never fired $1,500;
Charles Daly 12 gauge
auto, 26" barrel, $300;
Weatherby Orion over &
under, 12 gauge, 24"
barrel $700; Weatherby
Eighty Two 12 gauge
auto, 26" barrel $400.
Call 904-707-8649
, BOWF LEX $400.
Treadmill $75.

JAG TICKETS 3 terrace
suite tickets for 1/2 sea-
son or by game includes
parking all food & bev-
erages. Ph 407-951-2825.

$Cash$ for iunk cars
200+. Free towing, ost
titles. Jim 904-781-3813
Mr. BASEBALL, buying

cairnTrier PupliesAKc
aii sport cards, memou

Health Certificate, POP,
tails and dew claws
removed,S. $500
Callb 9352-226-4871 4 or
Cairn Terrier Puppies AKC
"'Excellent Quality",
www mccartysterriers.con
Dachshund Pups 2 FEM
B/T/S DAPPLES. $300.00
Rob 904-438-5164 or
English Bulldog Pups AKC
Champion lines, all colors
avi now. $1400 386-663-5356


FREE small Pitt Mix
Dog less than 1 year
friendly (904)910-8048
, Free to good home.
Male and female
boxers. Male is 10
years old and neu-
tered. Fawn/white,
female is 9 years old
spayed fawn/white. Both
in good health .
German Shepherd Pups AKC
1 F/1M, German bldin,
vet ck For info 904-563-6271
1M/1F, S&W, HC, $200.
Lab Puppies, AKC, Fox
reds, Chocs & Creams.
$300 & up. 352-687-1406
shots, colors, ADORABLE,
$275. call 724-9620
Reduction Pups and
Adults $100-$400
home raised w/TLC,
health cert, vet checked
$575/ea. Call 352-288-0781
Rat Terrier Pups UKCI,
many colors, exc quality
Shih-tzu, Yorkie, Chihuahua,
Border Collie, Mini
Schnauzer, Boston Terrier,
Maltese & Maltipoo
Call 912-422-3982. Quality
Puppies since 1966

2F, 1M, avail 10/16
$800ea Call 904-553-0054
YORKIES AKC- 2 small
Fema les $ 550
904-781-4710 or 445-8476

Boat Dockage & Rentals
Marine Equipment
& Supplies
RV Rentals
RV's & Suppliers
Motorcycles & Mini Bikes
Auto Brokers
Auto Parts
$2000 or Less
Commercial Vehicles
Misc. Auto
Autos/Trucks Wanted
Auto Rent/Lease

14' Jon Boat & Trailer
15hp Yam. 4 stroke short
shaft, many xtras 288-0561
a, 2006 Sea Ray 185
Sport 19.5ft, 3.0L
eng., low hours,
stereo, bimini top,
custom cover. $12,500.

Chevy Lazy Daze 24' 1984
very good running cond,
AC, CD/casette must see to
appreciate $2000. 551-7976
9 TT 31ft Holiday
Rambler, Live-in or
travel, incl. mem-
bership in RV Park
near Orlando. $3995.

VN800 garaged,
33kmi, bags, pipes,
windsh ielId new
battery, chain, must sell
$2500obo. Extras.

dea er direct or

Harley Davidson 2008
Sportster 1200 Custom,
low m iles. Cali
904-631 3085

1974 TR6 Sports Car
runs great, new parts,
british green, new paint
$8900 Call 904-221-8620
1988 Mercedes Benz 560 SL
Coupe Roadster. Classic
2 seat sports car with 5.6
litre, fuel injected gas w/
118K miles, Deep, shiny
black body in mint cond.
2 tops new tires, $12,750,
call Charlie 509-3130
Excellent condition.
Cai ,904-635-0956

S1999 Mazda Milen-
nia-has lots of new
work/parts, needs a
little work, runs
great, leather interior,
power windows, seats,
sun roof. Body/paint in
good condition. $2,000.00
OBO. Call 904-291-1656.
., 2000 Infinity G20 4dr
sedan. Extra clean.
115K miles. Fully
loaded. $3400 OBO.
952002 Mazda Mille-
nia Premium, Io
mi's, 90k, ex-clean,
loaded, must sell
ASAP, A SteaI at
$4500obo. 904-536-5386
'86 FORD T-Bird
93Kmi's, 302/5.0
Seng., good inter.,

For Straight Talk &
No Games Come


Cell: 904-470-9224
Bus: 904-387-4041
Bring In The Is Ad
For Extra Savings

Silver, gas saver, power
pkg, sunroof, cruise,
XM, $11,750. 904-221-5569
2.5 ton floor jack,
set of jack stands,
36" creeper, all
stainless steel $40.
BY OWNER gray, 4DR,
24/34 mpg 75k $10,250

H 1994 Ford Ranger
XLT Supercab 6cyl,
190k mi's, great
work, truck or stu
dent truck $3000.
904-505-7455 Jim
Supercab Like New
No Flaws!! $8500 obo
Hemi, Quad cab,
long bed, exc. cond.
40kmi's, $17,500
negot. 219-928-0678

$Cash$ for iunk cars
200+. Free towing, lost
titles. Jim 904-781-3813
Alive or Dead
Free Pickup 237-1657

7999 Blanding Blvd. 778-7700

4700 Southside Blvd. 642-5111

1550 Cassat Ave.

3494 Philips Hwy. 398-3036

C i-4aDv s L.0Ire

2330 US1 South 354-4421
9A& BAYMEADOWS. 493-0000

1-95 Exit 373, Fern Bch.
7233 Blanding Blvd. 777-5500

2330 US1 South 3544421

9A & Baymeadows 493-0000


4660 Southside Blvd. 642-6060

7233 Blanding Blvd. 777-5500

1-95 Exit 373, Fern Bch.

1-95 N. Exit 129 (Yulee)
At The Avenues
10720 Philips Hwy.
9650 Atlantic Blvd. 725-3060
7700 Blanding Blvd. 777-3673

5CS m C.
11503 Phillips Hwy 854-4826

1325 CassatAve. 899-1900
11333 Phillips Hwy. 370-1300

4660 Southside Blvd. 642-6060

7600 Blanding Blvd. 677-8808

10980 Atlantic Blvd. 642-0200

10231 Atlantic Blvd. 724-1080
7018 Blanding Blvd. 777-5900

1810CassatAve. 389-3621

6999 Blanding Blvd. 777-1800

2330 US 1 South 354-4421
9A& BAYMEADOWS. 493-0000
1-95 Exit 373, Fern Bch.

7233 Blanding Blvd. 777-5500

6373 Blanding Blvd.

10259 Atlantic Blvd.

7040 Blanding Blvd. 777-5100

4620 Southside Blvd.


9850 Atlantic Blvd.

7220 Blanding Blvd.


Commercial Leasing Sincel 155
2810 St. Augustine Rd.

A Family owned
2126 MayportRd., Atlantic Beach
Family Owned Since 1967
6833 Beach Blvd.
10211 Atlantic Blvd. 724-1080
1672 Cassat Ave.
10384 Atlantic Blvd. 998-0012



BMW 2011
128i Convertible
328i Sedan

bmwusa.com The Ultimate
1-800-334-4BMW Driving Machine

The All New 2011 BMWs Have Arrived

No Money Required



The All New

2011 BMW 128i Convertible

Automatic, Premium & Value Package, BMW Assist
w/Bluetooth, Cruise Control and Much More


Per Month*

You Choose

0o Maintenance Costs 4 Years/50,00 Miles

The All New

2011 BMW 328i Sedan

Automatic, Power Locks, Power Windows,
Cruise Control, Tilt

Orange Park

"You Have a Friend in The Business"


6914 Blanding Blvd.


Sales: 9gam-8pm Mon.-Fri. Sat. 9am-7pm Closed Sun.
Service/Parts: 7am-7pm Mon.-Fri. Closed Sat./Sun.

*Financing provided by BMW Financial Services NA, LLC/Financial Services Vehicle Trust on Special Select Programs through September 30, 2010, W.A.C. 2011 BMW 128i Convertible monthly purchase payment $399 at 1.9% for 60 months based on MSRP $39,550. 2011 BMW 328i Sedan
monthly purchase payment $399 at 0.9% for 60 months based on MSRP $36,300. Payments based on 700 credit score. Taxes, licensing and registration fees additional. **All BMWs come with BMW Ultimate Service and Warranty standard for 4 years/50,000 miles. See bmwusa.com for
full details on $0 Maintenance, certain exclusions may apply. Not responsible for typographical errors. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.


- - -- --- L. In

6501 Youngerman Circle.
1310 CassatAve. 389-4561