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Title: Mirror (Mayport, FL)
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Publisher: Naval Station Mayport, Public Affairs Office
Place of Publication: Jacksonville, FL
Publication Date: March 15, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville -- Mayport Naval Station
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Welcome Home USS Taylor, HSL-44 Detachment Two, Pages 4-5

c -2 -- ----

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-=--- .- ..- -- -

CHINF Ar.in.ner.
'CN A d n

CHINFO Award Winner

-~ --

Lv~u4s~ ~~.rui i: iii ~ ii~Vi ~ ~EI~uIskU

*,, , ,

... ....... .. . .... .......\

Alumni Day

Aboard JFK
An "Alumni Day" is
planned for USS John F.
Kennedy (CV 67) plankown-
ers and former crewmembers
on March 22, the day before
the ship's decommissioning
ceremony. RSVP is required
by e-mail at pao@kennedy.
navy.mil or call 904-270-

Learn About
MWR, Partners
Join MWR, The Mirror
and various MWR partners
at the annual MWR Expo
and Travel Show today from
10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Ocean
Breeze. Enjoy free food
samples and giveaways as
you learn more about MWR
programs, travel and vaca-
tion options.

NOSA Holds Annual
'Time & Talent' Show
Naval Officers' Spouses
Association (NOSA) is hold-
ing its 17th annual "Time and
Talent" charity auction at 6
p.m. on March 16 at Ocean
Breeze Conference Center.
See your command NOSA
representative for reserva-
tions or contact Michelle
Mancuso at 372-9827,
mmancuso24@aol.com, or
Deanna Garrity at 302-5044,

Base Patrol Road To
Close For Upgrades
Patrol Road to the south
of Gate 5 will be closed
through March 21 during gate
upgrades There will also be
partial closures of Patrol Road
to the north of Gate 5. During
this time, flagmen will control
traffic around the construction
area during the day.

JFK Prepares For Decommissioning

... ...... .... ...
-:a- V44;, -j r: A
71,~ 4=r

oi l

Photo by MC2 Tommy C ...
USS John F Kennedy (CV 67) makes its final transit into its homeport at Naval Station Mayport on Saturday after a successful underway and fare-
well port visit to Boston. Kennedy is scheduled to decommission March 23 at NS Mayport.


By MC1 Paula M. Ludwick
Naval .. Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet Public

Twenty-nine ships and six crews were
announced as winners of the 2006 Battle
Efficiency, or Battle "E," award Feb. 16.
The Battle "E" is awarded annually to
ships that demonstrate the highest state
of departmental readiness in their group,
and their ability to execute their wartime
"Congratulations to all award win-
ners. Your success in meeting mission
area excellence standards is noted with
pleasure," said Vice Adm. Terry Etnyre,

t Ships

commander, Naval Surface Forces.
Mayport, Fla. had the following win-
ners: USS Vicksburg (CG 69), USS
Boone (FFG 28), USS De Wert (FFG
45) and USS Roosevelt (DDG 80).
Forward Deployed Naval Forces,
Japan had the following winners: USS
John S. McCain (DDG 56), USS Patriot
(MCM 7) and USS Essex (LHD 2).
Hawaii-based recipients of the award
are USS Russell (DDG 59) and USS
Lake Erie (CG 70).
Everrett, Wash.-based USS Ford (FFG
54) received the award.
San Diego homeported award win-

Earn Battle 'E'

ners are: USS Mobile Bay (CG 53), USS
Curts (FFG 38), USS Decatur (DDG 73),
USS Howard (DDG 83), USS Pinckney
(DDG 91), USS Bonhomme Richard
(LHD 6), USS Ogden (LPD 5), USS
Rushmore (LSD 47) and USS Bunker
Hill (CG 52).
Norfolk, Va. award recipients include:
USS Anzio (CG 68), USS Monterey
(CG 61), USS McFaul (DDG 74), USS
Mitscher (DDG 57), USS Mahan (DDG
72), USS Bulkeley (DDG 84), USS Iwo
Jima (LHD 7), USS Trenton (LPD 14),
USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41) and USS
Stout (DDG 55).

The mine countermeasure ships
include: Crew Constant, Crew Exultant,
and Crew Fearless.
The patrol coastal crews include: Crew
Bravo, Crew Charlie, and Crew Hotel.
A ship's sustained superior perfor-
mance in five different areas contributes
to the award. These areas are Maritime
Warfare; Engineering and Survivability;
Command, Control, Communications,
and Information Warfare; Logistics
Management and Type Commander's
Safety Award.

Roosevelt On Deployment

-Photo by MC1 Sonja Chambers
Rear Adm James W. Houck, left, Commander, Naval Legal Service Command, salutes out-
going Region Legal Service Office Southeast Commanding Officer, Capt. James Crawford
III, right, during a change of command ceremony with Cmdr. Michael D. Sutton, middle.

RLSO SE Changes Hands

Photo by MC2 Leah Stiles
Family members look on as guided missile destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) departs
for deployment on March 7.

By MC1 Sonja Chambers
Region Legal Service Office
Southeast (RLSO SE) held a
change of command ceremony
at Ocean Breeze Conference
Center on March 8.
Cmdr. Michael D. Sutton
took command from Capt.
James W. Crawford III. Rear
Adm. James W Houck, Deputy
Judge Advocate General and
Commander, Naval Legal
Service Command, presided
over the ceremony and was
guest speaker.
Crawford was commissioned
through the Navy JAG Corps
Student Program in 1983. His

tours of duty include, Trial
Defense Activity, Jacksonville,
Fla.; Naval Legal Service
Office, NAS Jacksonville;
Naval Surface Forces Atlantic
Fleet; Cruiser-Destroyer
Group Eight; Naval Justice
Commander, U.S. Naval
Forces Europe; Naval War
College; the Military Personnel
Division of the Office of the
Judge Advocate General; Navy
Personnel Command; U.S.
Seventh Fleet; Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff office
and Commander, U.S. Pacific
Sutton, who was the RLSO

SE executive officer, was com-
missioned as an Ensign in the
Naval Reserve in June 1989.
His tours of duty include,
Naval Legal Service Office
San Francisco, Naval Station
Treasure Island, Navy-Marine
Corps Court of Criminal
Appeals, the Administrative
Law Division of the Office of
the Judge Advocate General,
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70),
Naval Legal Service Office
North Central Detachment
Groton, Naval War College and
Commander Submarine Force,
U.S. Pacific Fleet.

---- ---

2 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

F leet Talk

Safety I
Tony Santino
Force Master ( '... Navy Expedition-
ary Combat Command
Each week, the Naval Safety
Center publishes their "Friday
Funnies," an assortment of
safety mishaps that occurred
throughout the Navy, both on
and off duty. These are written
tongue-in-cheek, and it makes
for some humorous reading.
The fact of the matter is
that the "funnies" aren't really
funny at all. They are examples
of Sailors being careless or not
doing the right things when it
comes to safety.
Sailors work in environments

s Your Top Priority For

k N6- u

Tony Santino
that are inherently dangerous,
some more than others. We're
on flight lines and piers, aboard

ships and submarines, and
actively in harm's way in com-
bat zones all over the world.
Accidents can happen any-
where, though, even in the most
benign workplaces.
Each of us should think safety
at all times. "Keep your head
on a swivel" as the saying goes
and be aware of your surround-
ings. Follow procedures when
conducting evolutions or oper-
ating equipment. Procedures
and directions are written a
certain way for a reason. Use
Operational Risk Management
- it's a great tool.
Safety awareness doesn't stop
once you knock off work for

the day. The same good safety
practices we employ at work
we must employ off duty as
well. In 2006, there were three
times as more non-operationa
mishaps as there were opera-
tional. Most of those mishaps
involved a motor vehicle. Take
an extra minute or two to think
through the scenario and check
your surroundings, whether it's
getting in your car for a long
road trip, the leisurely Saturday
ride on your motorcycle, play
ing sports or working around
the house. It's tragic to think
about those shipmates who
work so hard on the job only to
get hurt off duty. Don't be one

y of those statistics. ALL have a
Leaders, you have the respon- it safe. If
s sibly in providing a safe envi- that doesn'
e ronment for your Sailors. That or someone
responsibility includes makingthingspeak
-sure your Sailors have the right
s safety equipment to do the job, to that Sail
e making sure they follow the supervisor.
k right procedures and providing eye where s
k the right level of supervision. That's part
s Far too many accidents are the your shipma
g result of taking shortcuts on One misl
y procedures and lack of supervi- too many.
-sion. Leaders, you owe it to
top priority,
your Sailors to ensure they're op prior
k "doing it right." responsible
o But, that's not to say that lead- each other,
o ers are the only ones respon- right thing a
e sible for safety. Shipmates, we end up in the

n obligation to keep
you see something
t look quite right,
not doing the right
up! Say something
or or report it to a
Don't turn a blind
safety is concerned.
of looking out for
hap is one mishap
Safety must be your
and it's everyone's
ity. Look out for
shipmates, do the
nd stay safe! Don't
e "Friday Funnies."


By Lt. Rickey L Bennett
Spiritual Fitness Division SE
Not wanting to leave your
house vacant, you ask someone
to stay in your home until you
The first house sitter redec-
orates your house, changing
white paint to pink, Berber car-
pet to shag. His justification?
"The house didn't express me.
I needed a house that communi-
cates who I am."
Your response? "It's not
yours! My resident doesn't
exist to reflect you! I asked you
to take care of the house, not

take over the house!"
But you might choose him,
over nightmare #2. She didn't
redecorate; she neglected.
Never washed a dish, made a
bed, or took out the trash. "My
time here was temporary. I
knew you wouldn't mind."
Of course you'd mind!
Both house sitters made the
same mistake: They acted as
if they owned the dwelling.
How could they?
How could we? When it
comes to your body and person-
hood, do you treat it like you're
the owner or house sitter? The

answer to that question tells
you who you are serving as the
highest authority in your life.
"My worst years were my
late 20s," says Shane Idleman,
even though he was advanc-
ing in a fast growing fit-
ness company. Then, he was
the CEO and co-founder of
Driven for the wrong reasons
and passionate for the wrong
things, he wound up feeling
Shane believed that if he
could can bench press over 400
pounds, drink a 12-pack of beer,

not let things make him cry,
have lots of money, and win
every fight then he was a man.
This belief drove him to suc-
ceed in his professional life but
led to some personal failures.
Since Shane failed to control
his desires his desires controlled
Our nation and Creator calls
us to freedom, giving us a
choice, not because choice itself
is right (or wrong) but because
giving us a choice makes it
possible for us to choose to do
right, to say yes to legal and
moral laws.

If we accept our culture's
twisted view that "all choices
are created equal"-what's right
for me isn't necessary right for
you-we're exalting choice
to godhead. To the extent that
we adopt a "live and let live"
philosophy toward right and
wrong, we're worshipping the
god of choice.
If we become inured to such
things as obscenity, profanity,
pornography, abortion, adultery,
and prostitution because "peo-
ple should be free to choose,"
we're bowing to this god in a
belief that we're free to operate

as we please. A person's heart
is right when he or she wills
what God wills.
What mistake are you prone
to when acting as if you owned
your body? Do you know the
reason you have been put on
this earth? Would you like to
take a closer look at that rea-
son? Then attend a Personal
Growth Retreats so that you
can learn not only more about
yourself but also more about
your need to connect to your
higher power. My higher power
is Jesus. Who is yours? Call
270-6958 to register.

C alendar

On Base
Friday, March 16
Naval Officers' Spouses
Association (NOSA) is hold-
ing its 17th annual "Time and
Talent" charity auction on at
Ocean Breeze Conference
Center. Doors will open at 6
p.m. The theme of this year's
event is "A Pot of Gold" and
will include a buffet and silent
and live auction. Cost is $10
per person in advance or $15
per person at the door. All char-
itable proceeds will be divided
among local military charities.
See your command NOSA rep-
resentative for reservations or
contact Michelle Mancuso at
372-9827, mmancuso24@aol.
com, or Deanna Garrity at 302-
5044, deannagarrity@yahoo.
Thursday, March 22
The USS Philippine Sea fam-
ily readiness group will hold its
monthly meeting at 6:45 p.m.
at the USO on Mayport Road.
Elections will be held for the
board positions. Babysitting
will be provided.
Thursday, April 12
The USS Carney family read-
iness group will meet at 6:45
p.m. at the USO on Mayport
Road. Childcare will be pro-

Out in Town

Friday, March 16
The Ladies Auxiliary Unit
290 will hold a steak or fish din-
ner from 5-8 p.m. at the branch
home, 390 Mayport Road.
Cost is $8 for fish and $10 for
steak. The event is open to the
public. Take out orders are wel-
come by calling 246-6855.
Saturday, March 17
Fuzzy, furry, or full of feath-
ers, Florida's natural environ-
ments are home to an assort-
ment of wildlife. Join Park
Ranger Rick Ozmer at 1 p.m. to
learn about the many common,
threatened, and endangered
species that inhabit the natural
communities of the undevel-
oped barrier islands of north-
east Florida. This program will

_Letter to

Being a U.S. Navy Sailor to
me means much more than fill-
ing an empty space.
Being a Sailor in today's U.S.
Navy means being a part of
something that's so enormous it
is larger than all the oceans put
The fact that others have gone
before you, fought and died for
your freedom brings the true
meaning of courage home to the
heart. Not just anyone can be a
U.S. Navy Sailor.
Being a Sailor in the U.S.
Navy means making sacrifices
ordinary people just couldn't
do. You have to be more than
one of the few, more than one of
the many and not just one who's

take place at Pavilion 6 at Little
Talbot Island State Park. The
program is free, but non-camp-
ers will need to pay the park
entrance fee ($4 per vehicle) to
The Jacksonville Genealogical
Society will hold their month-
ly meeting at 1:30 p.m., at the
Webb-Wesconnett Library, 6887
103rd Street. They will preview
the first Cemetery CD, already
on sale. Additionally, they will
discuss forthcoming meeting
ideas and taking suggestions.
Come help plan future meet-
ings. For additional informa-
tion, contact Mary Chauncey at
Sunday, March 18
Celebrate the beginning of
the Passover/Spring cleaning
season in an exciting way, with
the Beaches Jewish Women's
Circle on at 3 p.m. at Chabad
@ the Beaches. This month
the Beaches Jewish Women's
Circle brings you "Organizing
101."Linda Turner of Neat
Expectations will give room by
room organizing tips. The pro-
gram will be held at Chabad @
the Beaches 521 AlAN in Ponte
Vedra. The cost for this pro-
gram will be $7. Please reserve
in advance as supplies are lim-
ited. For more about this or any
other Beaches Jewish Women's
Circle Event call Chabad @
the Beaches @ 285 1588 or
email BeachesJewishWomen@
Monday, March 19
Mocha Moms meet every
Monday from 10:00 11:30 a.m.
at Burnett Park's Community
Center, located at 3740 Burnett
Park Road. All moms are wel-
come. Playgroup for children
while moms meet. For more
information, contact mocham-
com. Please visit the national
website at www.mochamoms.
Saturday, March 24
An interpretive program that
explores the snakes that are
native to Florida and live at the
Talbot Islands State Parks will
be held. Join Park Ranger Brian
Smith at 1 p.m. and learn how

the Editor

proud. You have to be a special
type of person whose truly team
oriented strong in body, mind
and soul.
To be one of the "TEAM" in
today's Navy means having the
strength to fight the battles that
life throws at you not alone,
but alongside your shipmates
through bad times and the good
To me, being a Sailor in the
U.S. Navy means that "Honor,
Courage and Commitment"
only works, when all of my
shipmates come together for
one common goal and truly
"take care of our own."
AO1(AW) Joseph K. Hazel

to identify the most common
snakes, their habitat, and their
lifecycles. Discover why these
critters are important to healthy
and balanced natural commu-
nities. This program will take
place at Pavilion 6 at Little
Talbot Island State Park. The
program is free, but non-camp-
ers will need to pay the park
entrance fee ($4.00 per vehicle)
to attend.
Sunday, March 25
Have you ever sat in a Salt
Marsh without getting wet?
Come experience the wet world
from a dry kayak! Join Park
Ranger Brian Smith at 1 p.m.
we explore the quiet waters
near the Talbot Islands by
kayak. Spring is a great time
to be on the water and to watch
nature. No kayak experience
necessary. Space is limited
- Call early! Weather permit-
ting. Reservations are required
and must be made through
Long Island Outfitters (Kayak
Amelia) by calling 251-0016.
There is a fee. All funds will
be donated to Friends of Talbot
Islands State Parks.
Tuesday, March 27
Fletcher High School annu-
al parent night for rising ninth
graders will begin at 6:30 p.m.
Starting with a general assem-
bly in the auditorium, parents
will be provided information on
curriculum, graduation require-
ments, and many other topics
that will affect students who
will potentially be ninth grad-
ers at Fletcher High School for
the 2007-2008 school year. This
will be followed by break-out
sessions on several specific top-

ics, such as: elective choices,
"majors", advanced placement
(AP)\honors courses, and sched-
uling for ninth grade.
Saturday, March 31
The Fleet Reserve Association
Branch #290 will hold a prime
rib dinner from 5-8 p.m. at the
branch home, 390 Mayport
Road. The event is open to the
public. Cost is $10. Take out
orders are welcome, call 246-
The Nature Conservancy,
Westside Regional Park, 7000
Roosevelt Blvd., and the city
of Jacksonville Parks and
Recreation will hold a native
plant fair to educate the com-
munity on invasive, non-native
plants in northeast Florida
from 9 a.m.-noon. The Nature
Conservancy will give away
more than 500 one-gallon native
trees in an effort to encourage
homeowners to replace invasive
plants with plants that are native
to Florida. The Duval County
extension office will provide
several master gardeners to
educate attendees on the "Right
Plant for the Right Place" and to
answer specific gardening ques-
tions. For more information or
to volunteer, contact Marci Koll
at (904) 598-0004 or mkoll@
Duval County Master
Gardeners will be at the follow-
ing locations from 9 a.m.-noon
for a Plant Clinic. Please stop
by and bring your soil samples
for testing of pH or get your
questions answered on any
landscape problems. Turner
Ace Hardware, 13164 Atlantic
31vd.: Turner Ace Hardware.

784 Marsh Landing Parkway
Plant Ranch, 14108 Beach
Blvd.; Halls Nursery, 111524
San Jose Blvd.; Lowes of
Mandarin, 4040 Oldefield
Crossing; Gore' s Nursery,
10357 New Kings Road.
Do you know the difference
between a conch and a whelk, or
a cockle and a clam? Join Park
Ranger Michelle Waterman at
1:30 p.m. and discover how to
identify many of the frequently
found shells that wash up on
Little Talbot Island. This 1-
hour program will start from
Pavilion 6 at Little Talbot Island
State Park and will include a
leisurely walk along the shore-
line. The program is free, but
non-campers will need to pay
the park entrance fee ($4.00 per
vehicle) to attend.
Wednesday, April 11
Christ United Methodist
Church Neptune Beach, 400
Penman Road, presents 40 Days
of Purpose a spiritual explo-
ration to help you answer the
question, "why am I here?" The
sessions are free and open to the
entire community and include
dinner at 5:45 p.m., followed
by a video presentation and
small group discussions. The
program runs for six consecu-
tive Wednesdays. To register,
please contact the Church office
at 904-249-5370.
Saturday, April 21
The city of Atlantic Beach
will hold its second annual
"Tour de Parks" bike ride event.
The first tour will leave at 9
a.m. and will continue every 30
minutes until the last tour leaves
at noon. Particinants eniov an

approximate five mile bike
ride that visits almost all of the
public parks in Atlantic Beach.
Anyone wishing to participate
can start at any participating
park in Atlantic Beach. Tour
guides will be there to assist
with the route and traffic offi-
cers will help with street cross-
ing. Participants are urged to
follow Florida law, which man-
dates helmets for anyone riding
a bike under the age of eighteen.
For more information, contact
Margie Reeves 247-5828, email
Saturday, April 28
Take Americas Boating
Course presented by the Coast
Guard Auxiliary. Maximize
your knowledge and your fam-
ily's safety. Cost is only $25,
including materials. Program
runs from 7:30 a.m.-5:00p.m.
at the Captains' Club, 13363
Beach Blvd. The program meets
Florida legal requirements for
boater education. Most insur-
ance offer discounts to program
graduates. Meet your fellow
boaters. Have more fun on the
water and have it safely. For
more information, call Mike
Christnacht at 502-9154.
Friday, May 18
The First Coast Beaches Unit
of the American Cancer Society
(ACS), will host the 14th Annual
Take a Swing at Cancer Golf
Tournament and Dinner Party.
The event, which is presented
by Fidelity Investments, will be
held at the Sawgrass Country
Club. For more information
about the American Cancer
Society, please call 1-800-ACS-
2345 or visit www.cancer.org.


Naval Station Mayport
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Naval Station Mayport Editorial Staff
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Paige G nann.................. ............................................................................................. ...... Editor
The Mirror is distributed without charge throughout Mayport's Navy community, including the Naval Station,
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Chapel Call
Command Chaplain:
Cmdr. Phil Wyrick
Sunday School 9 a.m.
Morning Worship............10:30 a.m.
Protestant Baptism.......As requested
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)......
.....9:30 a.m.
(First and third Tuesday of the
Women's Bible Study........9:30 a.m.
Choir Rehearsal..................... p.m.
Men's Prayer Breakfast..........9 a.m.
Youth Group 2, 4....................6 p.m.

Catholic Services:
Sunday Masses.......................9 a.m.
CCD..............10:15 a.m.-ll:15 a.m.

Please call 270-5212 to arrange a
Baptism class.
For shipboard and Waterfront
Services, call 270-5403. Personnel of
other faiths seeking contact with spe-
cific religious groups should call the
Chaplain's Office at 270-5212.


leet Talk

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 3

A N1

*.r '1
4.. 4...
I -' *4

. . . . .... -.i

4%, 4
4.; 44.u

4 .

* :4,4 ..*,A-
44': i"





___ _l_ A MA J: I*l'[ Jl II4 l J L.411.1 '4l I 'bt1 WA klS t10 1F.108

7 .4'.





. ~

4 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

USS Taylor, HSL-44 Det.

2 Return

By Ensign Megan Seavey
USS Taylor PAO
USS Taylor (FFG 50), "the
proud defender", returned
to Naval Station Mayport on
March 9 with embarked HSL-
44 Detachment Two after join-
ing Fifth Fleet in support of the
Global War On Terror.
USS Taylor is a 4,100-ton,
453-foot-long, Oliver Hazard
Perry class guided-missile frig-
ate. The ship is named for the
late Cmdr. Jesse Junior Taylor,
USN; the third in a line of naval
vessels to carry his namesake.
Commissioned on Dec. 1,
1984, USS Taylor is currently
manned by a crew of 28 officers
and 204 Sailors. It is a multi-
mission platform capable of
performing a variety of roles
ranging from
Convoy escort to air, sur-
face and undersea warfare. It is
configured with two LM-2500
marine gas turbine engines for
main propulsion, a 76-mm gun
and anti-submarine torpedoes,
as well as a variety of sophis-
ticated self-defense weapons
systems, electronics, radars and
communication equipment.
Taylor is configured to carry
two SH-60B LAMPS (Light
Airborne Multi-Purpose System)
MK III helicopters, which are
integrated with a combat sys-
tems suite to enhance the ship's
undersea and surface warfare
USS Taylor has oper-
ated in the western Atlantic
Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the
Mediterranean Sea and the
southwest Asia Ocean areas.
Taylor has made nine
extended deployments, includ-
ing: Operations Desert Shield



I- ~ _~
1. ~; 6~*




-q-~- a -C-
-- -
--a..._- -- ..-
-- 1
-~ ---

-Photo by MC2 Susan Cornell
USS Taylor pulls into homeport March 9 after returning from a surge deployment. During
the deployment, Taylor served as Scene of Action Commander in the Northern Arabian
Gulf, and assumed a central role in the security of Iraqi oil platforms, helping to stabilize

the Iraqi economy.
and Desert Storm in 1990;
Operation Southern Watch
in 1992; Operation Direct
Endeavor in 2002; Operation
Active Endeavor in 2005; and
most recently a deployment in
the Arabian Gulf in support of
USS Taylor worked with
coalition navies throughout
the world while supporting
the Global War On Terror and
conducting Maritime Security
Deployment began with oil
platform defense in the north-

ern Arabian Gulf. From October
into November, Taylor was
responsible for thorough search-
es of oil tankers and merchant
vessels requesting refueling at
al Basra and Khawr al Amaya
oil terminals in the north-
ern Arabian Gulf, the primary
sources of Iraq oil revenue.
While conducting OPLAT
defense, Taylor stood air and
surface warfare commander, as
well as scene of action com-
mander directing movement of
coalition patrol boats and secu-
rity teams.

Taylor was responsible for
safe transit passage of motor
vessels and tankers traveling
through the area as well as coor-
dinating security sweeps and
clearance for the movement of
coalition vessels in and out of
the area of operation.
In addition to Taylor's mari-
time security work, it provided
meals on keels to the oil plat-
forms and other ships in the
area, sending cooks to give
cooking tips and provide home
cooked meals to the oil platform

After more than a month and
a half on station, Taylor entered
its first port visit, stopping in
Bahrain for maintenance and
crew rest.
Taylor was next called to
deter piracy and the movement
of terrorists around the horn
of Africa, along with various
coalition ships. Members of
the coalition forces conduct-
ed routine queries of suspect
vessels as well as approaches
and boardings of craft to build
an understanding and pattern
of local legitimate mariners in
order to ensure security from
transitional terrorists and illegal
arms movements.
Taylor conducted more
than 25 boardings alone in
the months of November and
December, contributing vital
information for the high inter-
est shipping lists and contacts
of interest databases used by
the coalition forces to discour-
age piracey and provide a safe
waterway for normal traffic.
After a brief stop in Jebel Ali
for maintenance and rest from
baseline operations, Taylor was
called to its next assignment
south of the horn of Africa.
The unrest in Somalia during
December and on into January
brought Taylor south to dissuade
terrorists fleeing the area around
Mogadishu as well as members
of the union of Islamic courts,
all with connections to the al
Quida network.
Pulse operations were con-
ducted alongside other coalition
ships in the area with extensive
interdiction of vessels suspected
of carrying these terrorists flee-
ing the coast.
USS Taylor recently complet-

ed Operation Eagle Salute in
the Red Sea. Eagle Salute was
one of numerous exercises con-
ducted between foreign navies
around the world to build and
enhance allied forces in support
of GWOT.
Working with the Egyptian
navy, Taylor spent the begin-
ning of February doing various
evolutions at sea with Egyptian
naval ship Mubarak, also an
Oliver Hazard Perry class frig-
The ships conducted VBSS
drills, SAR exercises, underway
replenishment and line han-
dling practice, communications
drills, and air defense tactics.
Receptions for the officers of
both ships were held throughout
the week and members of both
services enjoyed the chance to
see another navy's operating
Taylor held one last port visit
prior to its travel across the
Valletta, Malta received
Taylor with hospitality and
grace as the ship arrived in the
midst of the Mardi Gras cel-
ebration in the town.
Taylor crewmembers enjoyed
this liberty in port, but also
found time to volunteer at a
local shelter in the heart of the
city, painting and cleaning the
building as a show of thanks for
the city's gracious welcoming
as well as to support the sur-
rounding community.
Now in port, Taylor will enter
an extensive training and main-
tenance period in preparation
for its next deployment cycle.


Family and friends await the arrival of their Sailors from USS Taylor as it pulls into Naval
Station Mayport after a successful surge deployment.

Aviation Electrician's Mate 3rd Class John Neal holds his son, Kevin Neal, for the first
time during the homecoming ceremony for the USS Taylor.

Family members of Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Juan Moreno await his arrival from USS

Yeoman 1st Class Sylvester Sanchez embraces his 3-month-old son, Elian, during the
homecoming ceremony for the USS Taylor.


,- -~

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 5

USS Taylor, HSL-44 Det. 2 Return

Sailors depart the USS Taylor after arriving home from deployment. During the surge, Taylor provided support to mari-
time security operations in the Horn of Africa region, participated in Exercise Egyptian Salute '07 and rescued nine
Algerians adrift on the high seas.

Sonar Technician (SW) 3rd Class Xavier Ufarry with wife
Margarita feels his baby kick for the first time during the
homecoming ceremonyfor the USS Taylor.

-Photo courtesy of HSL-44
HSL-44 Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Gary Mayes, welcomes home members of Detachment
Two after they returned from a surge deployment embarked on USS Taylor. Pictured from
left, Mayes, Lt. Cmdr. Brian Coxson, Lt. Walt Graham, Aviation Warfare Systems Operator
2nd Class Wesley Cortez, Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Christopher Wolfe and
Aviation Electrician's Mate 1st Class Jamel Davis.

Seaman Brandon King Sr., kisses his 5-month-old son, Brandon King Jr., for the first time
during USS Taylor's homecoming.

By Lt.
The Tro
returned to
9 after cor
ful Fifth
embarked o
The deto
with two
Magnum 4
operated or
the Global
They demo
abilities condo
of mission
The deta
ing was in t
Gulf (NAG
platforms K
key elemer
After cc
tions in the
ment enjoy
in Bahrain
Following 1
were calle
maritime s
.in the Gull
*Arabian Se;

HSL-44 Detachment TV

'Trojans' Surge Home
Robert Koroly they conducted interdiction visit was enjc
operations to disrupt smuggling Egypt before
)jans of HSL-44 associated with terrorist organi- through the Su
it Two, "Trojans," zations. in the Mediter
Mayport on March In late December, the Trojans ship headed fc
npleting a success- became the first helicopter visit in Vallett
Fleet deployment assets on scene off the coast commencing
n USS Taylor (FFG- of southern Somalia in support across the Atlai
of Operation Argo Zeus. They While the d
achment deployed provided an airborne projection onstrated theii
SH-60B Seahawk of power preventing terrorists a capable and
Magnum 447 and from fleeing Somalia by sea. accomplishme
452. The Trojans Following operations off the sonnel were e
n the front lines of Somali coast, the detachment thy
War on Terrorism. was again tasked to conduct Throughou
nstrated their capa- maritime security operations off
ment, nine per
lucting a broad array the Horn of Africa. a E
as Enlisted A
ns throughout the They also conducted a
"Crossing-the-Line" ceremony Specialists and
fled as Enlisted
chment's first task- in recognition of crossing the edas
he Northern Arabian equator. Specialist. Add
3) defending the oil More recently, the Trojans ment maiten
;AAOT and ABOT, participated in Operation Eagle achieved 100 p:
nts of the Iraqi oil Salute. The operation, a joint tion in all requ
re. exercise with the Egyptian navy areas.
completing opera- in the Red Sea, provided an The Trojans
SNAG, the detach- opportunity to demonstrate the a very success
ed a brief port visit capabilities of the ship and the Fifth Fleet sui
in late November. Air Det. As part of the
their port visit, they It served to strengthen ties their flexibility
d upon to conduct with a regional navy, thereby provided imm
security operations enhancing multi-national capa- tributions to th
f of Oman and the abilities in the war on terror. manders in the
a. While on station Following the exercise, a port Terror.


)yed in Safaga,
heading north
ez Canal. Once
ranean Sea, the
or their last port
ta, Malta before
their voyage
etachment dem-
r capabilities as
skilled unit, the
nts of their per-
qually notewor-

t the deploy-
sonnel qualified
aviation Warfare
one person quali-
SSurface Warfare
litionally, detach-
ance personnel
percent qualifica-
ired maintenance

s returned from
sful and diverse
rge deployment.
e ship-air team,
y and readiness
measurable con-
le regional com-
e Global War on

-Photo courtesy of HSL-44
Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Christopher Wolfe of HSL-44 presented roses to
his wife, Amanda, after returning from deployment with HSL-44 Detachment Two.

-Photo courtesy of HSL-44
Lt. Cmdr. Brian Coxson of HSL-44 is greeted by wife, Susan, and children, Amanda, Alex
andAllyson, during the detachment's homecoming March 9.

6 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

JFK Crew Brings Ship Home

qiRL^hSE^ I

Photo by MC2 William R. Heimbuch
Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Hope Bromley stands at the helm as the ship enters the
basin. She is the last Sailor to mind the helm of USS John E Kennedy while at sea.
Seaman Clint Smothers (right) mans the lee helm watch, which transmits engine
orders from the bridge to engineering spaces. Lt. Chris Brice (in back) is standing the
conning officer watch and is in charge of the helm and helm watches.

Kennedy Sailors Visit

Homeless Veterans

By MC2(AW)
Monica Nelson
USSJFKPubhc. ;-
His cover was old, the yellow
letters faded from years of wear
and weather. He didn't care; he
had worn it for years with pride.
For him it represented years of
service but it also represented
a legacy. His cover read "USS
and immediately 15 Sailors,
who didn't know this man from
the one they just saw outside in
the street found someone they
could relate to.
On March 2, 15 Kennedy
Sailors left the USS John F.
Kennedy, pierside in Boston, to
visit the New England Shelter
for Homeless Veterans. For
the 15 Sailors, spending some
time with veterans and taking
the time to thank them for their
years of prior service was all
the reward their fraternal elders
Chaplain Ray Rivers, one of
the 15, was especially excited
about the visit. He encouraged
the group before their arrival.
"Remember, they served us
before we could...before some
of you were even born."
The visit began in a large
room on the third floor of the
shelter in downtown Boston.
Sailors sat in comfortable blue
chairs while key operators of
the home introduced themselves
and described their roles, as
well as the common needs and
concerns of the homeless veter-
an in society. The president and
vice president each gave a wel-
come, as well as the veteran's
training registrar whose role is
to assist each veteran in getting
signed up for skill-set classes.
Robert Hanafin, the Director
of Security and Operations,
clarified the shelter's goals as
"offering a hand up, not a hand
"They got to do it," he went

on, "All we can do is put them
on the right path," he said,
referring to the shelter's goals
of getting the veteran back out
in society. "Everyone here is
very helpful. I'm the one person
here in the building that's not
here to help. I'm here to enforce
the rules."
Speaking of rules, Stephen
Cunnif, Director of Public
Relations and Fundraising, ush-
ered Big John's Sailors down-
stairs to the kitchen where they
would help feed the homeless
veterans, whose meal is served
according to shelter policy pre-
cisely at noon.
While 10 of the Sailors dished
out hot turkey, cooked carrots,
soup, salad and doughnuts, five
of them sat down to visit with
their fellow veteran service
Benjamin Aubin came to
the center just three weeks
ago, a former Senior Airman
who spent four years in the
Air Force. He is young, in his
mid20, and just today was hired
as a doorman at a respectable
hotel chain nearby. He is hop-
ing to be out on his own in three
more weeks.
"It is a little uncomfortable
here for me because I'm young.
Being homeless is very depress-
ing. I struggle with that every-
day," he said. "But there's warm
food here, it's a warm place to
stay, and it keeps me out of the
rain. Plus there is a lot to do
right here in Boston."
Aubin spends a lot of his free
time at the public library and
enjoys Boston's rich historical
background. He also contributes
to the shelter as kitchen patrol
or deck duty, sweeping and
mopping the floors and cleaning
bathrooms, on an equal rota-
tional basis with the rest of the
But it's Edward Kenneth that
received the most attention from

Big John's Sailors. Originally
from Greenwood, Mississippi,
Kenneth served on board
Kennedy from Jan. 14, 1977, to
June 1, 1980. His Kennedy ball
cap still on his head, he shared
details about his life, such as
how arterial sclerosis leaves
him in constant pain now. He
is hoping for a re-start, waiting
for some medical help with his
legs and suffering from post-
traumatic stress disorder from
service in Vietnam.
"It was a shock to find out
this place existed," Kenneth
admitted. "Everyone's been
good to me. There's been a lot
of help here. At times it can
get depressing, but I just keep
focused on my plan."
His plan is to start taking skill
classes in photography and culi-
nary arts and see if something
pans out for him. He'd like to
go back to his previous job as
a computer numerical control
machinist, but that is all depen-
dant on the help he gets for his
legs, as it involved a lot of pro-
longed standing.
"It was a reminder to appre-
ciate my life," said Hospital
Corpsman Second Class April
Baisden of the visit with veter-
ans like Kenneth. "I was glad I
was able to go and thank them
for their service. I think only
service members really under-
stand the sacrifices of other ser-
vice members."

Photo by MC2 William R. Heimbuch
The last USS John F Kennedy navigation bridge team poses for a photo after a suc-
cessful mooring at Naval Station Mayport. Kennedy just completed a successful last
underway and farewell port visit to Boston before its scheduled decommissioning cer-
emony on March 23 at Naval Station Mayport.

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THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 7

The Sullivans Completes Trilateral Engagement

"I -/

-Photo by MC1 Brian Goyak
Fire Controlman 2nd Thomas Bailey from USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) performs a tacti-
cal peak before boarding the Romanian Ship (ROS) Regele Ferdinand as part of a Visit,
Board, Search and Seizure exercise.

By MC1 Brian A. Goyak
NavalAir Station Sigonella Public
USS The Sullivans (DDG 68)
began its transit of the Turkish
Straits on Feb. 21. This marks
the end of nearly three weeks of
Black Sea engagements.
The engagements includ-
ed port visits to Bulgaria and
Romania, along with training
exercises with both countries'
navies that included Visit Board
Search and Seizure (VBSS),
naval communications exercise
(NAVCOMEX), and surface
exercises (SURFEX).
All of the events directly
supported Commander, U.S.
Naval Forces Europe strategic
priority of Improving Maritime
Security and Safety throughout
the region.
"The highlight of being in the
Black Sea for me is just being
here, said Cmdr. Anthony Parisi,
The Sullivans commanding offi-
cer. "When Ijoined the Navy in
the mid-80s this was the prima-
ry operating area of our enemy.
We thought they were 10 feet
tall and ready for war all the
time. Now we find ourselves in
their backyard sharing training,
drinks and friendship with them.
Who would have predicted that
20 years ago?"
The commanding officer said
he also enjoyed watching the
crew's rock band, Keel Hauled,
perform in Bulgaria and
Romania at local hangouts.
"It truly was diplomacy
through music, and rock and
roll is a universal freedom that
everyone can enjoy," Parisi
said. "The Black Sea is now
ringed with solid friends instead
of enemies and I can say that I
visited there and truly made a
difference in their perceptions
of Americans. We came, we
trained and we made friends.
We stick together as a crew
and as a nation and we demon-
strated that to our Bulgarian and
Romanian brothers in arms. I
could not ask for anymore than
that from the crew. They did
it all with pure The Sullivans
style and surely made the broth-
ers proud."
The Sullivans participat-
ed in a community relations
(COMREL) project at a kin-
dergarten in Varna, Bulgaria,
and then transited to Constanta,
Romanian, where the Chief
Petty Officer's Mess paid a
visit to the Romanian navy's
Petty Officer school. The crew
welcomed visitors aboard from
both host countries navies for
training opportunities.
The Sullivans completed the
Black Sea engagements by con-
ducting a trilateral exercise at
sea with both navies focusing
on communications, navigation
and seamanship. The exercise
was cut short by an emergency
medical evacuation of a The
Sullivans crewmember.
The U.S. Navy has a long-
term commitment to improve
maritime security and safety in
the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.
"Both the Bulgarian and
Romanian navies were pro-
fessional and impressive. You
know, it was not that long
ago that we were on opposite
sides... it is great to be working
as a team to improve maritime
security and safety in the Black
Sea," said Capt. Chip Walter,
Commander Task Force 67
Electronics Technician
:1st Class Kevin D. Brown is

a member of The Sullivans
VBSS team and appreciated to
opportunity to interact with the
"I was able to talk to a cou-
ple of their sailors and learn that
they are all driven by the same
commitment to excellence that
we are," said Brown. "Secondly,
I can't express clearly enough
the sense of camaraderie that
I felt talking shop with their
boarding team members."
The Sullivans, an Arleigh
Burke-class destroyer home

ported in Mayport, Fla., has
been deployed to the U.S. Sixth
Fleet area of responsibility since
late November.

-Photo by MC1 Brian Goyak
Senior Chief Gas Turbine System Technician Jeffery Long gives Senior Chief Varo
Iordache from the Romanian Ship (ROS) Regele Ferdinand a tour of main engine room
number one aboard USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) during maneuvering exercises with the
Regele Ferdinand. The Sullivans' exercises with the Regele Ferdinand directly support
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe strategic priority of improving maritime security
and safety. The Sullivans, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, is home-ported in Mayport. The
ship has been deployed to the U.S. Sixth Fleet area of responsibility since late November.


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p.m. at Ocean Breeze. Enjoy
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& Movie Night. Open to ages
6-12, and age 5 if in kindergar-
ten. Cost is $7 in advance or
$9 the day of. Space is limited;
early sign-up is recommended.
Bring sleeping bag and pillow.
March 16: Let's Make a Deal
St. Patrick's Day Bingo. 6:15
p.m. at Beachside Community
Center. Let's Make a Deal with
curtain one, two or three, dou-
ble payouts on hard cards and
a leprechaun with a pot o' gold.
March 16-18: Rescue Diver
and Emergency First Responder
Course. Cost is $339 and
includes all class materials, pro-
fessional instruction, certifica-
tion, lodging, transportation and

the use of any necessary scuba
gear. 270-5541
March 16-18: Military
Basketball Tournament at the
Gym. Sign up by March 9. 270-
March 17: Youth Luck of the
Irish Bingo. 2 p.m. at the Youth
Activities Center. 270-5680
March 17: St. Patrick's Day at
Castaway's Lounge. Hipp Street
play Irish music from 6-8 p.m.
followed by a music variety
until 1 a.m. Green beer, drink
specials and no cover charge.
March 17: St. Patrick's Day
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6:20 p.m. at the Youth Activities Youth Activities Center.
Center. Cost is based on total fam- Boys and Girls Club of An
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6. Pre-registration is required. required. 270-5541
Snacks will be provided after March 30: Freedom F
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March 24-25: Teen Lock-In. Movie Combo. Open to age
7 p.m. March 24 until 7 a.m. and age 5 if in kindergarten
March 25 at the Youth Activities is $7 in advance or $9 the d
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March 28: Torch Club (ages games, kids' inflatables

at the
y ser-
is and


e and
. Cost
lay of.
-up is

t Go
In the
r Egg
ant to
r col-
g the
, per-

formances by CDC and YAC
children, food for purchase and


The following activities and
events target single or unac-
companied Sailors. For addi-
tional information on Liberty
events, call Planet Mayport
Single Sailor Center at 270-
7788 or 7789.
March 16: Celebrate the
luck of the Irish on a trip to
Savannah, Ga. We leave
Friday and come back Sunday.
Cost of this trip is $85 and
includes transportation and
lodging for the entire week-
March 20: Dinner and a
Movie Trip. Join the Liberty
Program for some of the new-
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Mayport prior to departing to
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March 27: Bowling
Tourney. Free bowling tourna-
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is a one drink minimum pur-
chase. This trip is open to
those 18 years old and older.

Mayport Group Exercise Class Help You Get Fit

From MWR Mayport
Consult the group exercise
schedules found in marketing
displays at both the Surfside
Fitness Center and the Naval
Station Gymnasium for day,
time, location and instructor.
Family Friendly classes are part
of Mayport's Child to Champion
Program. Consult the literature
to learn more about times, ages
and programming.
Aqua Aerobics: Slather on
some sunscreen and get buff in
the NS Mayport pool. You'll
stay cool while gaining strength
and endurance. This class is sea-
sonal. (Family Friendly)
Advanced Pilates: Mastery
of Intro to Pilates is suggested
before evolving into the extreme
regimen of the Advanced class.
This Pilates Bootcamp uses
balls, rings and foam rollers to
produce a virtual makeover in
your posture, abdominals and
Beach Boot Camp: This out-
door training is weather permit-
ting and seasonal. Maximize
the body's potential and get
results, fast. This Commando
PT utilizes various training tech-
niques to achieve the highest
fitness levels possible. Meets
Behind gym@ Field 6
BOSU Training: Experience
the most innovative fitness tool
since the step. This class focus-
es on balance, multi-directional
movement, and agility.
The 3B Burn (Balls/Bars/
BOSU): This intense class
combines balls, body bars and
BOSU training to improve ath-
letic strength and power, bal-
ance and body control. Come
ready to bur and firm!
For Mature Audiences Only:
This exclusive class is reserved
for those who need a little extra
TLC during their workout.
Various training methods are
use to challenge all the compo-
nents of fitness.
Cardio Combat and CORE:
In this heart-pounding full body
workout we a break a serious
sizzlin sweat. This fusion of
cardio and resistance train-
ing will max out your exercise
Command Circuit Sensations:
A sensational station-oriented
workout that uses calisthen-
ics and all the fitness tools to
provide both an aerobic and

anaerobic workout. This hour
you are guaranteed to be win-
ning at losing! Meets at Gym
Basketball Court 2
Command Cardio Pump:
This class is reserved for active
duty personnel. Various train-
ing regimens are used based on
attendance number. This class
can accommodate 200 plus par-
ticipants. Kickboxing, circuit
training and sports drills are just
a few of the fitness enhance-
ment methods used. Discover
how to become a lean, mean
fighting machine! Meets@
Gym Basketball Court 2
Command Jump & Jab: Float
like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
This class incorporates jumpin,
jabbin andjiving! Meets at Gym
Basketball Court 2.
Confined Space Workout:
Full body training that focus-
es on techniques which maxi-
mize usage of minimal workout
space. Effective workout for
troops, wherever deployed. By
appointment, call 270-7134
Conditioning for Basketball:
Are you a serious basketball
addict? If so, this class is a
must! It covers every aspect of
conditioning to enhance one's
performance on the court and to
prevent injuries. Seasonal and
by appointment. Call 270-7134.
Conditioning for Running:
Put your best foot forward and
improve your 1.5-mile time, run
a 5K or a marathon. Perform at
the speed of light and quickly
become fat free!
Deep Water Aqua: Submerge
yourself in this advanced aqua
class held in the deep end of the
pool. You will wear an Aqua
Jogger through this journey
into the deep for a pulse raising
workout. This class is seasonal.
(Family Friendly)
Extreme Circuit Training for
Kids: The ultimate workout for
Kids ages 9-14. This class uses
all the fitness toys to raise the
bar on healthy results. (Family
FEP Training: Boot camp
revisited. This fitness enhance-
ment program will cure your
PRT blues. Class format varies
to meet command needs. Take
control of your health and score
an outstanding on your PRT.
Fitness Equipment Training:
A hands-on orientation to both
the cardiovascular and strength


Your Vehicle Today!

Special Olympics


SAlso donate
'~ boats campers
RVs motorcycles

SVehicle must be
a driveable.

Special fOlympics
ori R169939

training equipment offered at
the facilities. Learn the secrets
to getting results and discover
your fitness potential. Sign up
sheets are located at both facili-
Functional Flexibility and
Stress Management: This class
consists of a highly effective
flexibility regimen that will
strengthen, stretch and relax the
body. Take the time to rejuve-
nate and realign. By appoint-
ment, call 270-7718.
Heart CORE Sculpt: Get
strong, get stretched and get
centered in this class which
offers solutions for all your
health concerns. This workout
involves calisthenics and resis-
tance training that gets results.
(Family Friendly)
Intro to Pilates: You will
learn moves based on the orig-
inal guidelines set forth by
Joseph Pilates in the late 1920s.
This class focuses on core
strength and posture. Grow
taller and eradicate backache.
Indoor Cycling: Sweat drips
from the chin, nose, and fore-
head as you pedal powerfully
to the syncopated beat of the
music. The endurance and
strength of your quadriceps,
hamstrings, and calves increas-
es, while your overall cardio-
vascular fitness radically devel-
ops in this spintensity self-paced
1-hour class. Don't be afraid!
Intro to Resistance: Learn
basic strength training moves
using dumbbells and body bars.
This class is challenging yet
smooth. Firm up, gain strength
and dump your plump!
Kick, CORE & More: A kick
abs class that will have you
holding your abs in; toned and
firmed. Fitness tools and floor
exercises are used to stimulate
all the core muscles. Which
way to the beach!

Kid's Clinic: This clinic is
designed for children ages 10-
14. It involves how to safely
use fitness equipment and pro-
vides general information on
exercise and fitness workouts.
A healthier child is just a clinic
away! (Family Friendly)
Low Impact: Designed for
the just getting back onto the
fitness bandwagon. It's easy to
follow low impact aerobic and
strength-training moves provide
something different than just
walking on the treadmill!
Mommy, Daddy and Me:
Pee wee power unleashed; via
games, movement and nutri-
tion education. This class
is designed for kids age 5-9.
(Family Friendly)
Moms in Motion: A moni-
tored exercise program designed
for pregnant women and new
moms. This class helps improve
muscle tone, ease stress, relieve
back pain, and increase energy.
All participants are required
to submit a doctor's release in
order to participate. No need
for a babysitter; moms are
authorized to bring their babies
in carriers to this class. (Family
Pump and Grind: Get buff
and tuff in this rhythmic resis-
tance training class that com-
bines hip hop groovin to the
Resistance: A survivor like
muscle-toning workout. This
class will reform the lower and
upper body utilizing every fit-
ness tool. Your body shape will
take a 360-degree turn.
Sculpt, Step & Stretch: Step
to the rhythm and kick to the
beat. Simple and achievable
aerobic patterns give this class
real step appeal. This oxygen-
ated effort is power packed to
get you in and out in 45 min-
utes. You'll be back to work

All military personnel with I.D. or in uniform get 10% Off.
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SFresh, neverfrozen, BlackAngus beef
25 FREE burger & chicken toppings.
20 FREE salad toppings.
81 Shake flavors with Edy's Ice Cream. Not valid with other discounts or promotions.
Grilled chicken and other sandwiches. lone coupon per customer per visit. Does not apply I
Fresh-cut fries & rings made just for you. to Kids Meals. No substitutions. No cash value.
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Kids' Meals come in a souvenir toy car! L -- ---- ---
Family Fun Night Wednesdays 6 to 8pm Magic, Face Painting, Balloons Performances may vary.

Cheeburgr Cheeburger
cheeburgercom I Locally owned and operated with prde
9902 Old Baymeadows Road 904-996-9395
R169933 Corner of Southside Boulevard and Old Baymeadows Road

before the lunch hour is over!
Strength Training Basics for
Women: A four session intro-
ductory weight training pro-
gram held at the gymnasium.
This class is designed especially
for women, which includes edu-
cational material and program
design. Unleash the bodybuild-
er in you!
Strength Solutions &
Flexibility Fix-Ups for Injuries:
This class assists the sailor in
preventing and overcoming
injuries. Improve the quality of
your life and help to keep our
Navy tough and effective.
Stroller Strut: An outdoor fit-
ness adventure for moms and
kids in strollers. Use portable
fitness tools and the terrain to
burn calories and tone mus-
cles. Come join the Desperate
Hotwives Club! (Family
Friendly) This class is seasonal.
Victory PRT: Want to score
Outstanding on the PRT?
Attend Victory PRT and experi-
ence effective, highly motivat-
ing PRT oriented workouts. A
variety of training methods are
Weight Training for War

Fighters: An adrenaline pro-
ducing 1-hour class devoted
to building strength and stam-
ina in active duty personnel.
Emphasis is placed on sound,
proven weight training tech-
Yoga: A dynamic blend of
breathing, yoga postures, and
relaxation techniques. This
class increases vitality, energy,
calm, agility, flexibility, men-
tal and physical strength in the
body, both internally and exter-
Yogalates: Divine perspira-
tion results from this fusion of
Yoga and Pilates. This experi-
ence into well-being increases
physiological balance, clarity
of mind and body awareness.
(Family Friendly)
Intro to Yoga: An introduc-
tion to the discipline of Yoga.
Get stronger, steadier and more
balanced as you develop a new
body awareness and control that
enhances both the challenges of
sports and daily activities. You
can recharge your batteries with
calm and fluid movements and
open your mind to the power
within. (Family Friendly)

Ask about Dentrite, our discount family dental plan.
Most insurance accepted.

The Dentist Place (904) 725-4433


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Earn up to $260 or more per
As a lifesaving plasma donor!
Come into Talecris Plasma Resources
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Valid ID & Social Security Card
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1st Donation $40 2nd Donation $60
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625 N. Julia St., Jacksonville, FL
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THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 9

USS Mclnerney Makes Difference In Panama

From USS McInerney
USS McInerney Sailors vol-
unteered Feb. 19 for a day of
community service and take
part in the first U.S. Embassy
People to People program dur-
ing a recent port visit to Vasco
Nunez de Balboa, Panama.
McInerney had the oppor-
tunity to be a part of the new
People to People program
sponsored by the Embassy.
This program focuses on the
needs in the Panamanian com-
munity and connects them to
the U.S. personnel able to help
them. Seeking to be devel-
oped in Embassies world-wide,
Panama is able to say it is the
first to have this program and
McInerney Sailors played a vital
part in this pilot initiative.
Coordinated through the U.S.
Embassy in Panama and sup-
ported by U.S. Naval Forces
Southern Command (NAVSO),
McInerney Sailors spent time
at Divino Nino Ofrece un
Hogar Orphanage, a non-profit
orphanage and Nutre Hogar, a
rehabilitative facility for chil-
dren. Walleska Wagner, the
Embassy's People-to-People
Coordinator, took charge of
planning and execution of the
event. Sailors who have been
involved with community rela-
tion (COMREL) projects in
years past have said this was the
best one that they have done in
terms of planning and coordi-
nating the project.
At the orphanage, the
Sailors diligently painted
and laid tiles on the outside
walls. Cryptologic Technician
Technical 2nd Class William
Rodriguez said, "This COMREL
was a very rewarding experi-
ence. Installing the wall tile
made us feel like we were doing
something for the children that
would last a long time."
Along the same note, Lt. j.g.
Jon Willis commented, "These
COMREL projects are really
worthwhile. It makes you re-
think how lucky you are and
grateful that there are places
like these orphanages that are
willing to help these kids. We
only spent one day here and did
some work that had to be done,

Information Systems Technician 3rd Class Blakley Austin
of USS Mclnerney (FFG 8) assists with mealtime at the
Divino Nino Orphanage.

but what we did went along way
here and everyone was very
As a non-profit organization,
donations to the orphanage like
those that Mclnerney made are
significant and their effects are
further reaching than the crew
realizes. The orphanage pro-
vides a home for 17 children
and nine infants.
In addition to making a differ-
ence with their labor, Mclnerney
Sailors had some fun too. After
a day of hard work, the Sailors,
with all the children in tow,
went to a local park to play
chase, catch and soccer. Also,
Mclnerney was also able to
donate Spanish-version Disney
videos to the children, made
possible by a generous donation
made through the Jacksonville,
Florida area office of the United
Service Organizations (USO).
Also donated to the children
were a new gas stove, oven, and
a large supply of diapers for the
The second stop for
Mclnerney's volunteers was
to Nutre Hogar. Nutre Hogar
is a non-profit live-in facility
housing 38 malnourished chil-
dren. It takes months, some-
times years, to recover from the
adverse affects of malnourish-

ment. Nutre Hogar seeks to
rehabilitate these children and
return them back to their par-
"It was really heartbreaking
to see these children, yet there
was a sense of optimism here,"
said Operation Specialist 2nd
Class Jose Ramiro. "I think of
my own children when I look
at these kids. Hopefully, our
visit here made some kind of
difference. I really recommend
to anyone to participate in a
COMREL project. It made my
visit to Panama quite special."
This is McInerney's third
successful COMREL project of
her deployment. The crew has
gained a more in-depth under-
standing of the people and plac-
es McInerney has visited.
McInerney is underway con-
ducting exercises and operations
at sea in support of the Joint
and Inter-Agency counter-drug
efforts in the U.S. Southern
Command area of operations.
In port, the ship participates
in events ashore to support
U. S. Naval Forces Southern
Command (NAVSO) Theater
Security Cooperation efforts
through military-to-military
contact with regional maritime

-Photos courtesy of People to People Program, U.S. Embassy, Panama
USS Mclnerney (FFG 8) Sailors recently volunteered at the Divino Nino Orphanage
during a community relations (COMREL) project while visiting Panama. Mclnerney is
deployed under operational control of U.S. Naval Forces Soutlerni Command as part of
a Joint/Inter-Agency Task force conducting Counter-Narcoterrorism operations in the
Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.

Operations Specialist 2nd Class Jose Ramiro and Machinery Repairman 2nd Class Matthew
Keller of USS Mclnerney (FFG 8) work together at the Divino Nino Orphanage.

-Photo by MCI(AW) Melissa Robertson-Leake
Ground was broken March 7for the new hangar, which will house the SH-60 Romeo aircraft begin-
ning in the fall of 2009.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Kicks Off New Helo Hangar

By MC1 (AW)
Melissa Robertson-Leake
A groundbreaking ceremony
to begin the project for a new
state-of-the-art helicopter han-
gar at NAS Jacksonville was
held March 7. The new facil-
ity is being built by Walbridge
Aldinger Company and will
cost approximately $73 million.
It will provide hangar space
for multiple SH-60B Seahawk
helicopter squadrons until they
are replaced by the MH-60R
Romeo by 2015.
To make room for the new
hangar, Hangar 122 is being
demolished after supporting
numerous squadrons and dif-
ferent types of aircraft for the
past 66 years. "Personally, this
hangar holds a lot of memories
for me. I stood in this park-
ing lot and watched the space
shuttle Challenger take off in
January 1986," said NAS Jax
Commanding Officer Capt.
Chip Dobson, who gave the
opening remarks during the cer-
emony. "Today is a great day
and a significant day in the his-
tory of NAS Jacksonville. We
are shifting to the future by
making a major recapitalization
along the flight line into the 21t
.century. The new hangar com-
:plex is designed for and will

house the SH-60 Romeo aircraft
and will enhance the warfight-
ing capability of the Navy for
the future."
Dobson went on to commend
installation staff members,
Naval Facilities Engineering
Command Southeast and the
many private industries for the
planning of a great product for
future generations of personnel.
The construction project will
support expanding helicop-
ter deployments and optimize
airfield investments at NAS
Jacksonville. The first Romeo
squadron is scheduled to arrive
in 2008, with the last one arriv-
ing in 2013.
The new hangar is designed
to house five Romeo helicop-
ter squadrons, which includes
55 aircraft and more than 1,600
personnel. In addition to the
hangar bay, the project includes
required maintenance support,
administration and building
support spaces for each squad-
ron. The project also includes
a dual position helicopter wash
rack along with site improve-
ments such as utility infra-
structure, repair/replacement of
hangar aprons and tie-downs,
new aircraft pavement mark-
ings, security fencing and gates,
pedestrian circulation and park-
ing lots.

Walbridge Aldinger Company
has been contracted to construct
the new hangar. The company
was founded in 1916 and is
ranked 43rd in overall construc-
tion in engineering news record.
The company has an exemplary
safety record and has construct-
ed the two largest commercial
maintenance hangars in the
United States.
"We are building a state-of-
the-art, very efficient, advanced
designed facility," said
Ronald Hausman, president of
Walbridge Aldinger Company
Heavy Civil Division. "Its an
extreme honor for us to par-
ticipate in this event providing
this beautiful hangar project
for you. We are committed to
delivering a safe, quality and
economical hangar project on
time and under budget. This job
is a tribute to those men and
women who will appreciate this
new facility and will use it for
The ceremony concluded as
Dobson climbed on a backhoe
and began demolishing part of
the old hangar. The new hangar,
which will be known as Hangar
1122, is expected by be com-
pleted in late 2009.


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Navy Federal. 10599-M (2-07)

10 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

Homefront in Focus

Free Summer Camp For Kids of Deployed Military

By Beth Wiruth
Military Spouse Support Contributor
Spring break is about to begin
and that means summer isn't far
behind. This is the perfect time
of the year to begin to make
summer plans for the kids. I
want to highlight an outstanding
opportunity for military children
with a parent currently deployed
or scheduled to deploy.
The National Military Family
Association (NMFA), an orga-
nization dedicated to educating
and supporting military families
on benefits, rights and services
sponsors a free summer camp
for children of deployed service
members. This camp, Operation
Purple, provides fun, excite-
ment, and a safe and positive
outlet for children of deployed
military service members.
The goal of these free camps
is to bring together youth who
are experiencing some stage of
deployment and the stress that
goes along with it for a week
packed full of fun while pro-
viding campers a safe place to
express their worries, fear and
concerns with others who can
empathize and understand. In
the midst of rafting, canoeing,
sports, and too many activities
to mention, campers learn cop-
ing skills while developing their
own support system among their
fellow campers, their peers. The
friendships developed during
their week long camp experi-
ence have aided kids to "better
handle life's ups and downs."
Registration for Operation
Purple begins March 15, 2007.
This year's camps will take
place in 26 states. Full details of
the camps will be available on
their website, www.operation-
purple.org, beginning March
15. Children of all deployed
uniformed services (Army,
Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,
NOAA, National Guard and
Reserve) are eligible as well
as those facing an upcoming
deployment between now and
August 2008. Note that while
the total cost of the camp is free
transportation to and from camp
are not included.
This year NMFA will pro-
vide 3,500 military children



The following classes and
activities are offered by the
Fleet and Family Support Center
(FFSC) and are free of charge.
Pre-registration is required and
childcare is not available. For
more information about the
classes or to register call 270-
6600, ext. 110.
March 15, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review Assistance,
March 15, 9 a.m.-noon, New
Parent Support Playgroup,
March 20, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review Assistance,
March 20, 9 a.m.-noon, Sponsor
Training, FFSC
March 21, 9 a.m.-noon,
Tottletyme Playgroup, USO
March 22, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review Assistance,
March 22, 9 a.m.-noon, New
Parent Support Playgroup,
March 22, 6-8 p.m., Home
Buying Seminar, RBCC
March 22, 8-11 a.m., Anger
Management Class, FFSC
March 12-15, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.,
TAP Separatee Workshop,
March 26, 6-8 p.m.,
Ombudsman Assembly, CPO
March 26, 1-3 p.m., FERP Job
Search Workshop, FFSC
March 26-29, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.,
SAVI Advocate Training,
Building 460
March 27, 9-11 a.m., Resume
Walk-in Review Assistance,

Sfor your
r \ m\ DIAMONDS /


246-1933 619 Atlantic Blvd.
,I)II;mM I 11114 4;

1977 V [GOLD

the opportunity to attend an
Operation Purple summer camp.
Check out their website, www.
nmfa.org, for tips on knowing if
your child is ready for an over-
night camp as well as how to
prepare your children for a sum-
mer camp experience.
Operation Purple provides a
great opportunity for your chil-
dren to have fun with a staff
trained to understand and sup-
port the needs of children of
deployed parents. Remember,

Assorted Annuals
*Choose from several popular varieties #60669

registration begins March 15,
2007 and registration is limited
so apply early.
Other summer camps are
available to provide a memora-
ble summer for you children. In
your search for the right camp
for your children check out the
National Camp Association's
free resource and referral ser-
vice at www.summercamp.
org. This website is more than
a summer camp directory but
offers referrals for parents and

educational information on
selecting the appropriate camp
for you and your children. It is a
great resource!
Don't forget to check out your
installation's youth and teen
center for day camps, sleep-
overs, and camping trips. Most
centers have a summer schedule
packed full of fun, age appro-
priate activities for your teens
and children.
I want to identify one more
resource for summer camps.

The Salvation Army continues
to be a supporter of military
families. Check out your local
Salvation Army for camps they
are sponsoring in your area.
Many of these camps are free or
fee-based on ability to pay and
many camps include transporta-
tion to and from the camp. They
have a reputation for outstand-
ing summer camps.
The Salvation Army also
published a guide of ten ways
to prepare your children for an

overnight summer camp. Please
email me or check out my web-
site at www.homefrontinfocus.
com for a free copy of this
I still have crafts I made, pho-
tos I took and wonderful memo-
ries of my summer camp experi-
ence. Consider a summer camp
experience for your children.
Do you have a question or
comment for Beth? Contact her
at beth. imiiililthmicfoniliifo-

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Landscaper Annuals
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1 ;p"~

~ "'


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 11

RGB Sailors Perform COMREL Project In Peru

By Ensign Barry J. Cohen
USS Robert G. Bradley Public. i;
A group of 15 Sailors from
USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG
49) recently performed a com-
munity relations (COMREL)
project during a port visit to
The COMREL benefited
abandoned and orphaned chil-
dren. Hogar de Menores San
Antonio, which is the name
of the home located in Urb.
Jardines de Viru, outside of
Callao, houses over one hun-
dred children, ranging in age
from two to eleven. The project
included general preservation
and painting.
When the Sailors arrived, they
immediately began cleaning and
sanding down the stucco walls
in preparation for a fresh coat
of paint.
After several hours of hard
work, the Sailors were greeted
by the children, who had been in
classes throughout the morning.
The children were surprised to
find that they had a building
with a brand new look. The
children ran to thank the Sailors
with smiles for their generosity
in working on their home.
"I volunteered to help this

very worthy cause and it really
makes you feel like you have
given back when you do these
projects. I appreciated the
opportunity to volunteer," said
Chief Operations Specialist
Thomas Welter.
Command Master Chief Dan
Lithgow stated, "We have the
reward of seeing a fresh coat
of paint go up on the walls and
spending a little time with the
Robert G. Bradley has con-
ducted successful COMREL
projects in every port they've
visited throughout their deploy-
"I am extremely proud of
those members of my crew who
in a completely selfless act give
of themselves with no expecta-
tion of anything in return except
for helping make someone's life
better. Almost all of them have
participated in a COMREL proj-
ect during every port visit," said
Cmdr. James Cody, Robert G.
Bradley's commanding officer.
Robert G. Bradley is currently
deployed for U.S. Naval Forces
Southern Command to the
Eastern Pacific area of responsi-
bility in support of counter-nar-

-Photos by Lt. Benny Mathis Gas Turbine System Technician Electrical 3rd Class Jeremy
Gas Turbine System Technician Electrical 3rd Class Jeremy Miller, Chief Boatswain's Mate Keith Whitlow, and Master
Miller prepares a wall of the Hogar de Menores San Chief Personnelman Douglas Shoy take roller and paint-
Antonio orphanage for painting. brush to the exterior of Hogar de Menores San Antonio
S ... orphanage.

Sailors from USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49) recently volunteered for a community relations (COMREL) project at the
Hogar de Menores San Antonio orphanage during a port visit to Peru. Robert G. Bradley is deployed under the operation-
al control of U.S. Naval Forces Souiltern Command as part of a Joint/Inter-Agency Task force conducting counter narco-
terrorism operations in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.

is at the bea fc

Irish Pub & Restaurant
Open at 8am for full Irish Breakfast

Carved Corn Beef Irish Stew
Sheppards Pie Veg MedleY
Cabbage Red Skin Potatoes :
Rye/Soda Bread

11:30am- 3:30 Don'tTell Anne
4:30 8:30 Baystreet
9:30 Close Freeze Frame
Spade Mc Quade 10:00am 2:00pm

S177 SAILFISH DRIVE EAST 904-246-4293

Daytime Entertainment
Bobby Flynn Fran Doyle
(Outside starting @ 12pm) (Inside starting @ 12pm)
Jax Pipes and Drums
(appearances throughout the day)

r ru,.sh Evening
i s ekend! Entertainment
Siii, Rathketair
.......- (Outside starting 0:1.
Roger T
(Inside starting o_

514 N. 1" St. 249-5181
Located directly across from the pier


VALLU M [ ICHELE w@i359-4680 Toiz I WY4WUrfise**ntheiYfj[tary Page

;i;;i;iiiiiiii ii''

12 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

World War II Vets Join

Klakring's 'Family Day'

-Photo by CTT2 Nathan Kendrick
Rear Adm. Richard O'Hanlon, Commander Strike Force Training Atlantic, discusses
training points during the drill debrief.

USS Carney Gets ATIFP

Feedback From CSTFL

By Ensign Bradley Steidle
USS Carney PAO
USS Carney received a
visit by Rear Adm. Richard
O'Hanlon, Commander Strike
Force Training Atlantic, during
an area trip to Naval Station
The timing of his visit coin-
cided with Carney's Unit Level
Training Assessment and pro-
vided a superb back drop for
Commander Second Fleet's
Afloat Anti-terrorism/Force
Protection (AT/FP) certifying
During his time on board,
O'Hanlon was able to par-
ticipate in an anti-terrorism

force protection debrief that
included ship's force, Afloat
Training Group Mayport and
COMDESRON 24 Staff mem-
For Camey Sailors, having a
key leader in the AT/FP chain of
command join in the candid and
critical discussions of ship secu-
rity readiness made the visit all
the more worthwhile.
"It was nice to have the cer-
tifying authority on-board to
observe our AT/FP training and
listen to the challenges fac-
ing Sailors on the waterfront
in this particular area," Fire
Controlman 1st Class (SW)
Michael Lemmons, a member

of Camey's AT/FP training team
In addition to the AT/FP com-
ponent of his visit, the admiral
was able to spend some time
visiting with Camey crewmem-
bers and in address the ward-
room. Blending a meet and
greet visit with a key training
component of the ship's sched-
ule made the visit a success for
Carney is a member of
the Commander Destroyer
Squadron 24 and the Harry S.
Truman Strike group and will
deploy later this year.

Roosevelt Holds Ammo

By Ensign Bill Schute
USS Roosevelt PAO
USS Roosevelt and its crew
recently left the mild weather of
Florida behind en route to the
much colder climate of Virginia
for an ammunitions on-load.
This on-load was in the mid-
dle of a 10-day underway peri-
od which was also highlighted
by other evolutions including
a small boat attachment exer-
cise, a close-in weapons sys-
tem (CIWS) firing, Seamanship
and Navigation recertification,
and a ship's radiated noise
measurement at AUTEC in the
The main focus of the under-
way period, the three day ammo
on-load, was necessary for
Roosevelt in preparation for its
deployment as Standing NATO
Response Force Maritime
Group Two flagship (SNMG)
starting in early March.
While in Yorktown, Roosevelt
welcomed aboard representa-
tives from the Franklin Delano
Roosevelt (FDR) Presidential
Library to visit and tour the
Enlisting the assistance of
the FDR Presidential Library,
Roosevelt's Commanding
Officer, Cmdr. John Carter,
invited the representatives
to tour selected spaces of

In Yorktown

Roosevelt and assess what
decor they could provide from
the Presidential Library to help
make Roosevelt more represen-
tative of its namesake.
The 10-day under way period
also featured other exercises and
evolutions to prepare Roosevelt
for its deployment.
Anti-fast attack craft exer-
cises were executed to rehearse
the appropriate actions the ship
must take in the event a small
boat demonstrated hostile intent
or actions toward it.
Roosevelt lowered one of its
RHIBs, appropriately named
"Franklin," into the water to
play the role of a hostile small
Franklin's mission was to
chase Roosevelt as it maneu-
vered in a way to lessen its
chance of being a target.
This is easier said then done,
as the crew of Franklin soon
found out. Many hard turns and
rolls were taken by Roosevelt,
which made the seas difficult
for Franklin to maneuver in.
Although Franklin's crew
enjoyed the large waves they
were riding, they were unable to
catch up with Roosevelt.
Roosevelt also participated in
a successful CIWS firing and
simulated five-inch gun engage-
ment of an airborne target. A

Leer jet towed a target in the
rear as Roosevelt's combat sys-
tems locked onto it and simu-
lated commencing firing of the
five-inch gun.
After the work in the
Virginia Capes Operating Area,
Roosevelt steamed south to ren-
dezvous with USNS Patuxent
for a refueling at sea (RAS).
After the RAS, Roosevelt
assisted in the qualification
requirements of several pilots
of HSL-48 by conducting deck
landing qualifications (DLQs)
off the Bahamas.
After completing the DLQs,
Roosevelt executed the ship's
radiated noise measurement
tests at AUTEC.
Everything went off without
a hitch and Roosevelt proceed-
ed back up to the Jacksonville
Operation Area to complete its
Naval Surface Fire Support cer-
tification by shooting 49 rounds
out at sea utilizing the IMPASS
gun range.
The short underway period
may have been busy, but it was
needed to include these neces-
sary exercises and evolutions
to ensure Roosevelt is prop-
erly prepared and trained for
its deployment as flagship for

Looking for a new eye doctor in Mayport or Regency?

Come See Us At Either Location!

Eye Examinations Contact Lenses Onsite Optical
Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Disease Children's Vision

Military Family Children's Package
Complete Children's Eye Glasses $39.99
When we perform the eye exam
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High Prescriptions May Be Additional
Tricare, Tricare For Life & Medicare Provider
No out of pocket expense for family eye exams!
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Most Health Insurance & Vision Plans Accepted
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By Bill Austin
Family members who board-
ed the USS Klakring (FFG-42)
for a day a day at sea on Feb. 20
probably didn't notice the two
gentleman walking a bit slower
but just as straight and proud
up the ship's brow for their own
ride and close look at today's
haze grey Navy.
Jim Gaff and Al Gaines, both
veterans of WWII, got a close
up look at the high tech gad-
getry that helps make today's
ship's tick. What hasn't changed
according to the long time
friends, is the quality of people
that run them.
"The officer corps and enlist-
ed Sailors are unbelievably well
trained and dedicated," said
Gaff, a combat veteran who
began a distinguished naval
career at the age of seventeen
and fought in several historic
operations with General Patton's
Ninth Army, and received the
Navy Commendation medal for
heroism in combat.
Gaff also participated in the
"Battle of the Bulge" assault
and is one of very few entitled
to the wear that campaign's
medal for actions against the
"The American public just
can't thank our men and women
in uniform enough for their ser-
vice to this country," added Gaff,
who was presented the Spirit
of Hope Award for his life-long
dedication to Sailors and fami-
lies during his more than 45
years with the Navy League.
The Spirit of Hope Award is
presented to men and women of
the armed forces, entertainers
and distinguished Americans
whose patriotism and outstand-
ing service to the country reflect
that of Bob Hope, who inspired

-Photo by Bill Austin
World War II veterans Jim Gaff and Al Gaines walk up
USS Klakring's brow to join the ship's crew, friends and
family members during its "Family Day" cruise.

the award.
Al Gaines, who didn't seem to
ever break his smile during his
stem to stem tour of the ship,
said that the military is in good
hands with men and women
like the Sailors of Klakring at
the helm.
"Everyone was very kind
and treated us like one of their
own," said Gains, who served
with the Special Forces in the
Philippines and Japan during
"The ship's captain was a
gentleman, and the crew was

While he works to protect our
country, St. Jude works to save
his daughter from cancer.
And neither will accept defeat.
800-822-6344 www.stjude.org

very attentive," said Gaines,
who added that the ship's design
was perfect for its mission.
"This is a ship that is cut out for
catching smugglers, gunrunners
and dopers. I was very apprecia-
tive of getting the chance to get
underway with Klakring and the
coffee wasn't too bad either."
After the day tour, the sun
started to dip to the horizon as
the two friends waited for their
ride on the pier standing tall and
talking about the day's adven-
ture that will no doubt be added
in their own book of memories.

St. Jude Children's
Research Hospital
AISAC Dnain Thumas, Fuunder




Steve A. Armotrading, Esquire




PHONE: (904) 720-5400


FAX: (904) 720-5408


JIl 1%

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 13

SBR Backdrop For The History Channel Show

By Ensign Jason Smit
USS Samuel B. Roberts PAO
USS Samuel B. Roberts recently
hosted the History Channel during
an underway period.
Documentary filmmaker
Sammy Jackson, Navy Times
journalist Mark Faram, and Fleet
Public Affairs Center Atlantic
PAO Lt. Susan Henson spent four
days aboard
USS Samuel B. Roberts filming
the everyday lives of its Sailors,
gaining insight into the heroic
actions of SBR Sailors during the
devastating 1988 mine strike in
the Persian Gulf.
USS Samuel B. Roberts got
underway to certify for Counter
Narco-Terrorism Operations (CNT
OPS) in preparation for its upcom-
ing deployment.
The crew practiced several
maritime interdiction operation
exercises under the guidance of
the U.S. Coast Guard's Counter
Narco-Terrorism trainers, Afloat
Training Group Mayport and
USS Samuel B. Roberts also
conducted numerous continuous
certification exercises to main-
tain crew proficiency including a
VECTAC exercise with HSL-48
Detachment Seven, a towing evo-
lution, a degaussing run in King's
Bay, Ga., a night anchorage. They
also conducted a towed target
CIWS firing, Air and Undersea
Warfare detect to engage scenar-
ios, an ITT scenario with Main
Space Fire, night time boat attack
at anchorage, and several sets of

basic engineering casualty control
Integrating themselves within
the ship, the History Channel crew
filmed live action shots of the
many evolutions as well as inter-
views with SBR Commanding
Officer, Cmdr. J. Marc Weeks.
One of the major storylines in
the documentary will focus on the
ship's 1988 Iranian mine strike.
Jackson and Faram conducted
interviews with Damage Control
Assistant, Lt.j.g. Sarah Nannen,
and Damage Control Petty Officer
First Class (SW) Christopher
Nelson and toured the spaces
affected by the mine strike.
The film crew also captured a
day in the life a newly reported
Sailor and the adjustment to life
on board a U.S. Navy frigate.
For many of Samuel B.
Roberts Sailors, it was their first
time underway. Ensign Christy
Campbell, who reported on board
the day prior to the underway, was
a subject of interest as she partici-
pated in interviews giving a can-
did look at its upcoming daunting
challenge of becoming a Surface
Warfare Officer in a dynamic
Navy environment
Filming concluded with an
impressive crew coordinated tow-
ing evolution a Northern Right
Whale sighting, and tug transfer
of the film crew.
USS Samuel B. Roberts will be
featured in a documentary as part
of The History Channel's upcom-
ing series on Hero Ships sched-
uled to air in the fall of this year.

-Photo by Ensign Jason Smit
Sammy Jackson of The History Channel films the safety brief given by Boatswain's Mate (SW) Jason Harrison, cen-
ter right, prior to USS Samuel B. Roberts towing evolution.

Military Education

By Michael Corby
The Military Education
Institute at Florida Community
College at Jacksonville has been
providing quality college educa-
tion to military personnel, gov-
ernment employees, public ser-
vice employees and their fami-
lies for more than 30 years at
Naval Air Station Jacksonville,
Naval Station Mayport.
Locally, FCCJ maintains a
strong presence at NS Mayport,
and local service members can
take advantage of all the offer-
ings at all of FCCJ's campuses
and centers.
FCCJ also provides national
and even global educational
opportunities for service mem-
bers to pursue educational
degrees on-site at bases around
the nation and through distance
learning options on ships and
across the oceans. Online class-
es are, of course, available to
local students as well.
As part of the college's Open
Campus, MEI staff members,
including administration, train-
ing staff, and on-base advising
staff, have more than 850 years
of combined active duty and
reserve military service. They
know where their students are
coming from, and they care
about where their career choices
are taking them.
"We want students to suc-
ceed," said Mayport NS
Enrollment Services Coordinator
Jeff Schneider, and the on-base
college credit programs provide
ample opportunities for students
to achieve their goals.
Schneider and his Advisor I
Shellye Reteguiz offer "one-
stop shopping" for service
members. A typical scenario for
a sailor exploring educational
opportunities would include an
assessment to determine the stu-
dent's experience and interests.
This is followed by educa-
tional placement tests and
evaluation to determine the
best career path. Students can
work toward degrees with tra-
ditional classroom learning and

FCCJ Mayport

Office Open
Spring Break
Florida Community College
at Jacksonville has Spring
Break scheduled for March 19-
23. There will be no classes
during that week and all the
Campus and Center offices
will be closed. However, the
NS Mayport office will remain
open Tuesday through Friday
from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. to provide
limited services to our military
students. Services that will be
offered during the week include
College Placement Tests and
detailed advising for students.
There will be no CLEP and/or
DSST testing during this week.
Regular testing will resume the
week of March 26.
For more information, contact
SJeff or Shellye at 249-7311.

online courses, accommodating
the varying schedules and loca-
tions military students are often
required to meet. They can even
help with financial aid if neces-
sary and transferring into bach-
elor degree programs.
MEI has established "degree
road maps," an efficient method
of assessing the student's expe-
rience and education to route
a clear path, course by course,
to a degree that will sustain
them in their career goals in
the military and in the civilian
world. According to Director
of Program Development
Paula Carpenter, these road
maps avoid duplicating effort
and spending unnecessary time
and money toward complet-
ing a degree for Navy ratings

in everything from Boatswain's
Mate to Yeoman.
In addition to traditional
16-week courses, accelerated
eight-week courses are avail-
able on base and at FCCJ cam-
puses. According to Reteguiz,
the Navy pays active service
members' tuition, up to 16 cred-
it hours per year. The students
pay for their books. And here's
an interesting accommodation:
Students may be able to earn
credit for what they already
know through testing regi-
mens such as CLEP (College-
level Examination Program)
and DSST (DANTES). While
these tests generally cost $60-
$70 each, they are free for ser-
vice members (provided they
take the test at Mayport NS or

Jacksonville NAS another way
to maximize education dollars.
The FCCJ staff at Mayport
NS is familiar with the military
obligations of service members.
While FCCJ provides the lower
division (freshman and sopho-
more year) classes leading to
the associate degree and all
CLEP testing on the bases, there
are four other colleges on base.
Transferring into their bachelor
degree programs is made easier
by the FCCJ staff's familiarity
with military transfer credits.
The best way to find out the
numerous options available is to
visit opencampus.fccj.edu and
go to the MEI home page, or
if you're on-base and want to
make an appointment, e-mail
military fccj.edu.

4c-~k- ~



n Bring A

Free Parking
Bachelor & Private Parties
All Major Credit Cards/ATM
Next To the
Liquor Depot
EMERSON ST. Only 4 Miles from Alltel!

Military Benefit Association supports our troops

and provides security for military families.

For 50 years, Military Benefit Association (MBA)
has sponsored affordable group life insurance for
its members and their families.
With over 110,000 members, MBA is among
the nation's largest non-profit military associations.
Military servicemembers join MBA for its excellent
insurance plans, including separate spouse coverage
up to $250,000, child coverage options, and for the
financial and lifestyle benefits membership offers.
Families Depend Upon MBA.
As we have expanded our membership programs,
we have also experienced growth in the amount of
paid claims. Since March 2003, MBA-sponsored
group life insurance has paid over $18 million in
claims to families of MBA members lost in military
hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. This money
helped the families of our members continue their
lives during a difficult period.
MBA offers a selection of valuable benefits to
promote the economic interests and improve the
quality of life of our members and their families,
including the MBA Scholarship Program which
awards five $2,000 scholarships annually to dependent
children of members. Other programs offer car rental

discounts; travel assistance and travel discounts;
savings on medical services, supplies and equipment;
and assistance with VA home financing through
MBA Term 90 group life insurance has premium
rates which are competitive with SGLI. More
importantly, this coverage stays with you when you
leave the military. You do not have to convert to the
more expensive VGLI plan.
When you purchase MBA-sponsored group life
insurance coverage, you join a community of people
who share your interests. If you would like more
information about MBA and the insurance plans
it sponsors, please call us:
or visit our Web site www.militarybenefit.org
Life Insurance underwritten by Government Personnel Mutual
Life Insurance Company. Not available in all states.

Military Benefit Association

Salute 4/06

14 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007

USO News

4th Annual Bob Coonan
Memorial USO Golf
Tournament will take place
April 5 at the Casa Linda Golf
Course at NAS JAX. For more
information or to download a
registration form, please visit
The Greater Jacksonville
USO is proud to announce a
new program this year, which is
funded by a grant from the TPC
Charities. The grant allowed
the USO to purchase 25 sea-
son tickets to the Jacksonville
Suns Baseball Games. These
seats are being made available
to commands to create a special
command sponsored event for
deserving personnel. These can
be your Sailors of the Quarter,
Sailors of the Year, or a divi-
sion or department who has per-
formed exceptionally well and
is deserving of special recog-
nition...the choice of who the
command wants to recognize is
at the command's discretion.
Free seminars at the USO.
The Mayport USO, in conjunc-
tion with the United Way and
Born Learning Seminars, will
offer free "Born Learning" sem-
inars. The 45-minute interac-
tive seminars are offered free
of charge. There will be three
different seminars offered;
"Learning on the Go," "Playing
the Games," and Everyday
Activities for Dads."
These are simple, fun, doable
early literacy activities. Each
participant will receive a free
"Born Learning Kid" basics
tool kit. You can go to the USO

website for an overview of each
Please call 246-3481 to reg-
The Born Learning Seminars
will be offered on the following
You only have to attend the
workshops you are interested in.
Learning on the Go March
15 at 10 a.m.
Playing the Games -March
15 at 11:45 a.m.
To register please call 246-
3481 space is limited so please
sign up early.
Tickets are on sale now for the
April 13 performance of Disney
on Ice-Disneyland Adventure
at the Veterans Memorial Arena
at 7:30pm. This is Military
Night for Disney on Ice, and
tickets are only $12. For more
information regarding the show,
please visit http://disneyonice.
Get your movie theatre passes
at the USO! AMC Theatre pass-
es are $6, and Regal Theatre
passes are $6.50
Daytona 500 Tickets are on
sale at your USO! The prices
and options are as follows:
*Great American offer this
will be a two-day ticket in rows
1-20 for $115 (you save over
*Two-Day Tower offer which
is in the grandstands rows 33-
51 for $180 (you save $22 with
this package)
*Fanzone tickets for entry to
the Fanzone prior to the start of
the race are $75 each.

*Bud Shootout tickets are $30
*We will also offer Rolex 24
tickets to Active Duty only for
$10 each; dependents and all
others will be $40 each.
Payment must be made in full
to the USO before tickets will
be ordered. The tickets will be
available for pickup at the USO
the week of the race.
Wild Adventures Theme Park
tickets are $31.95 at the USO!
(This is a savings of $10.) Did
you know...tickets purchased
for use at Busch Gardens or Sea
World may be used for seven
consecutive days at that park?
Visit your USO for more infor-
mation or to purchase the tick-
Improv Jacksonville Comedy
Theater offers a military dis-
count to their performances on
Wednesday's at 8 p.m., Friday's
at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., and
Saturday's at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Ticket prices are normally $5
weeknights and $10 weekends,
and are discounted for military
to $2.50 and $5 respectively,
and are available at the door the
night of the performance. For
more information, go to www.
Volunteers are needed at
the USO Welcome Center
- Jacksonville International
Airport to welcome service
members and their families,
coordinate transportation to
local bases, and other assis-
tance as required. Volunteers
receive free parking during their
shift. Contact Lynne, Volunteer

Coordinator at 904-305-4467
or lynne@usojax.com for more
USO sells discounted tick-
ets to AMC Movie Theatres,
Disney World, Sea World,
Busch Gardens, Wet N' Wild,
Universal Studios, Islands
of Adventure, and Adventure
There is a computer resource
center available to all service

members with email, Internet
and word processing. Fax, copy
and free notary service is also
Watch TV or a movie from
the video library. Service mem-
bers can also enjoy video games
or use the sports equipment.
There is a full kitchen, show-
ers, a quiet reading room and a
meeting room available at the
USO. The USO is available for

meetings, support groups, recep-
tions, parties and pre-deploy-
ment briefs. A TV, VCR and
overhead projector are available
for use.
For more information about
activities or meeting avail-
abilities, call 246-3481 or stop
by the center at 2560 Mayport
Road. USO is open from 9 a.m.-
9 p.m., Monday-Friday and 9
a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday.

Dinner At USO Mayport

Photo by MC2 William R. Heimbuch
Sailors and families enjoy a "No Dough" dinner at USO, one of several services pro-
vided by the USO through the generosity of donations. To find out more about USO
Mayport, call 246-3481.

Safety Holds Teen Driving Class

Fro . I )ort's Safety
Naval Station Mayport's
Safety Office will hold a Driver
Improvement class for depen-
dant teenagers during Spring
Safety has reserved one of the
AAA-DIP classes for driving,
or soon-to-be-driving, depen-
dent teenagers.


The class is limited to 30 stu-
dents and will be from 9 a.m.-3
p.m. on March 20. Pizza Hut
has generously donated pizza
pies for lunch. Call Base Safety
to sign your teen up at 270-
5218. Sign ups will be on a
first come, first serve basis.
The class will be taught by
a certified AAA Instructor. It
will include non-graphic vid-

Soda Bread

eos, seatbelt safety, traffic laws,
group discussions, tips on blind
spots, proper mirror adjust-
ments, effects of alcohol and
drugs and much more.
There will be a written quiz
at the end and completion cer-
tificates. This is not the Florida
driving class that is required by
Florida for licensing.


Companion To Corned Beef, Cabbage

By Kay Blakley
DeCA Home Economist
Have you ever discovered
a recipe that was so good you
wanted to stop people on the
street to tell them all about it?
Well, watch out! If we happen
to be shopping the same com-
missary at the same time, I just
might stop you to share a copy
of this one! It is that good!
It's quick, because it's leav-
ened with baking powder and
baking soda rather than yeast, so
there's no waiting for the dough
to rise. There is no kneading
required as a matter of fact,
the less you handle it the better.
Just over-mixing this batter will
make the bread tough.
It's 100-percent whole wheat,
so it's loaded with important
vitamins, minerals and fiber,
and even if you're not wild
about whole wheat, you may
very well love this version. The
molasses, brown sugar and but-
termilk produce a hearty bread
with a fine texture and just the
right hint of sweetness. I plan to
serve it along with corned beef
and cabbage for the St. Patrick's
Day celebration at my house,
and hope you will, too.
If you've never eaten corned
beef before, now is the time to
try it. Don't be surprised by its
rosy red color, that's the result
of the salt-spice-and-brine cure
process it undergoes to become
corned beef. And no, corn is not
used in the curing process. The
name is an age-old reference to
the corn-sized crystals of salt
used to brine large cuts of beef
brisket or beef round.
It can be high in fat, unless
you choose a "flat-cut" corned
beef, which is the leaner half
of the whole brisket. Look for
those exact words on the front
of the package. You'll get the
same great corned beef flavor,
but it's low enough in fat to
qualify as "lean" according to
the government's labeling stan-
It can also be high in sodium,
but you can reduce the sodium
somewhat, by cooking in plain
water instead of the brine it is
packed in. Remove the bris-
ket from the package and rinse
thoroughly under cold running
water. Place the brisket in a
large pot and add water to cover,
add 20 black peppercorns and 2
bay leaves, or use the season-
ing packet that came with the
.brisket. Bring the pot to a boil,
'reduce heat to a slow simmer

and cook, covered, until a fork
can easily penetrate the center
of the meat. A 3- to 4-pound
brisket will take 2/2 to 3 hours,
but check package directions
for recommended cooking time.
Add wedges of fresh green
cabbage to the pot during the
last 15 to 20 minutes of cook-
ing. When the meat is tender,
remove it to a cutting board
and let stand for about 10 to15
minutes. Drain the cabbage and
keep warm. Cut the corned beef,
against the grain, into thin slices
and remove to serving plate or
Serve with boiled potatoes
- the new-crop red potatoes,
if your commissary has them.
Don't bother with peeling them,
their red jackets add some color
to the plate, not to mention
lots of good-for-you nutrients.
Offer mustard or horseradish as
a condiment for the meat, and
generous slices of your quick
and easy Brown Soda Bread to
round out the meal to perfec-
May the luck of the Irish be
with you, and I'll see you soon
at the commissary!

Brown Soda Bread
2%2 cups whole-wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 large egg
/2 cup light molasses
1/4 cup light or dark brown

FI k, I
M-ry Tyly M.-c
nern on UCh

/4 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon grated zest of
orange or lemon
2/3 cup buttermilk
Preheat oven to 375 F, and
position rack in lower third of
oven. Grease a 9x5-inch loaf
pan and set aside.
Measure the flour, bak-
ing powder, baking soda and
salt into a large mixing bowl,
and combine thoroughly. Use
a whisk, if you have one, to
make sure the baking powder
and soda are evenly distribut-
ed throughout the flour. Break
apart any lumps that might be
In another large bowl, whisk
together the egg, molasses,
brown sugar, vegetable oil and
lemon or orange zest. Make sure
the brown sugar is thoroughly
dissolved and incorporated.
Add the flour mixture (in 3
parts) to the egg mixture, alter-
nating with the buttermilk (in 2
parts.) After each addition, use a
large spoon or rubber spatula to
gently stir or fold, just until the
dry ingredients are moistened.
Be careful not to over-mix, as
this will toughen the bread. The
batter will be very thick. Scrape
batter into the pan and spread
Bake 35 to 40 minutes, or
until a toothpick inserted in the
center comes out clean. Cool,
in pan, on wire rack for 5 to 10
minutes, then remove from the
pan and cool completely on the
rack, about 2 hours.

Located in San Marco
3 BR/2.5 BA

Located in Arlington
3 BR/2.5 BA


Located on Northside
4 BR/2 BA



(904) 721-1546

(904) 997-7669
(904) 997-7663

As many as 3 million adults and children have type 1 diabetes.
They'll never outgrow it. But now through research and its
breakthrough results, we are moving research into reality.

Call 1.800.533.CURE or visit www.jdrf.org.
A CFC Participant.
Provided as a public service.

9n t e : dollar

(. .. -'. .,

,.5 .-'-" -'" -.: -

Located in Arlington
3 BR/2 BA


I Juvenle Diabtes Resarch FondationTnternaional

------- ----------

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, Thursday, March 15, 2007 15

Navy News

DoN Budget Addresses

Near, Long-term Needs

From Navy News Service
The nation's top Navy and
Marine Corps leaders told mem-
bers of Congress March 1 that
the Department of the Navy's
(DoN) proposed $139.8 billion
budget request for fiscal year
2008 (FY08) fully supports
near and long-term warfight-
ing requirements and will help
win the global war on terror
In testimony before the House
Armed Services Committee,
Secretary of the Navy
(SECNAV) Donald C. Winter,
Chief of Naval Operations
(CNO) Adm. Mike Mullen and
Commandant of the Marine
Corps Gen. James Conway
thanked lawmakers and the
American people for their con-
tinued support and stressed the
impact of DoN's FY08 budget
request on future readiness.
Winter said that although sup-
porting Marines and Sailors in
the field and at sea remained
a near-term imperative, the
Department must provide
for "the critical needs of the
Navy and Marine Corps of the
"To that end, the Department
of the Navy is pursuing an
unprecedented modernization
program across the full spec-
trum of our weapons platforms
in both the Navy and Marine
Corps," Winter explained.
"This drive to transform the
force is necessary and vital to
our national security."
Winter said the transforma-
tion of the sea services under-
way includes a new generation
of ships, submarines, and air-
craft with programs in devel-
opment, production, or already
in operation with the fleet.
"Faced with a dangerous,
uncertain world with terror-
ist enemies, states that actively
support or condone them, and
rising powers with intentions
and capabilities that lack trans-
parency," he said, "we have no
choice but to improve our own
Mullen echoed the Secretary's
sense of urgency, saying the
Navy is ready to meet these
"Through the Fleet Response
Plan, we continue to meet the
demands of the Combatant
Commanders for trained, flex-
ible and sustainable forces, with
six Carrier Strike Groups avail-
able on 30 days notice and an
additional Carrier Strike Group
ready to surge within 90 days,"
Mullen said.
Mullen told committee mem-
bers the Navy's FY08 budget
request will help keep the Navy
strong and reflects his top three
priorities: sustaining combat
readiness, building a future
Navy, and developing 21st cen-
tury leaders.
"The sound investments we

made in recent years to improve
fleet capacity and capabilities
have paid off," he said. "We
must now re-energize our pro-
curement accounts to maintain
those capabilities in the future."
The proposed budget repre-
sents a $12 billion increase from
last year's baseline appropria-
tions. It provides for improved
facilities for schools and child
care and a three percent across-
the-board pay increase for ser-
vice members.
An average 0-3 would see his
pay increase by about $1,657 if
the budget request passes, and
the average E-6 would see an
increase of $1,099.
The FY08 ship construc-
tion and aviation procurement
plan includes the first CVN-
21 aircraft carrier, a Virginia-
class submarine, one amphibi-
ous assault ship, one logistics
ship and three Littoral Combat
Ships. It also calls for 18 EA-
18Gs; 24 F/A-18E/Fs; 21 MV-
22 Ospreys, unmanned aerial
vehicles, mine-resistant ambush
protected vehicles (MRAP vehi-
cles) and the continued develop-
ment and procurement of F-35
joint strike fighters.
The budget allots $14.7
billion for shipbuilding, an
increase of about $3.2 billion
over this year.
Mullen told lawmakers he
deliberately made no changes
to the 30-year shipbuilding plan
the Navy submitted with next
year's budget. It was important,
he explained, to keep quantities
of ships in the FY08 plan the
same as those in submitted in
FY07 to foster stability in the
shipbuilding industry.
"We continue to evaluate,
as we must, the impact global
developments have had on the
plan's original risk assump-
tions," he said. "But I remain
committed to a stable shipbuild-
ing program and to pursuing,
with our partners in industry, the
efficiencies required to make it
Winter noted that the Navy
and the Marine Corps have
reported cost overruns on the
first hull of the Lockheed Martin
Littoral Combat Ship and the
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle,
but that aggressive efforts are
underway to develop more effi-
cient acquisition strategies.
"We are working on solving
the problems that have arisen
so that we can deliver vitally
needed capabilities to our warf-
ighters," said Winter. "Both of
these programs represent the
kinds of capabilities that the
future Navy and Marine Corps
will need to fight and win the
wars of tomorrow."
Marines and their families
will also be well served by the
Department's budget request,
noted Conway, pointing out that
although they have been pushed

hard and strained by the opera-
tional tempo of the war, morale
has never been higher.
"They know full well what
the nation expects of it Marines
in a time of war, and they are
shouldering that duty with self-
lessness and courage," he said.
Conway lauded the proposed
increase of Marine Corps end
strength to 202,000 by FY11,
saying it will "greatly reduce
the strain on the individual
Marine and on our institution as
It will also, he stated, improve
the deployment-to-dwell ration
in critical units, some of which
are deployed for seven months
and then home for seven
months. But the Commandant
was quick to correct the
record on the assumption that
the increased end strength is
designed to support the recent
plus-up of forces in Iraq.
"This is not the case," he
asserted. "Our request for addi-
tional Marines is separate from,
indeed it pre-dated by several
weeks, the announcement of the
Conway assured lawmak-
ers that all Marines going into
Iraq's Al Anbar province will be
properly trained and equipped.
He also stressed the urgent need
for more MRAP vehicles to help
protect Marines from the impro-
vised explosive device (IED)
The V-shaped-bottom MRAP
vehicle is designed to fill the
gap between the flat-bottomed
Humvees being used today and
the Joint Tactical Light Vehicle,
which is designed to offer great-
er protection against IEDs.
The MRAP family of vehicles
includes both light utility vehi-
cles and medium trucks.
The Marine Corps received
enough funding for this fiscal
year to buy 805 MRAP vehicles
in the baseline budget. They
also requested funding to pro-
cure 244 vehicles in the FY07
wartime supplemental and
additional funding in the FY08
GWOT supplemental for 255
vehicles. In addition to this, the
Marine Corps requested $2.8
billion in the FY08 unfunded
list to buy 2,700 more.
All three leaders were quick to
point out that, in addition to the
service of Sailors and Marines
in Iraq and Afghanistan, thou-
sands of others are accomplish-
ing the Navy-Marine Corps
mission around the world.
On their behalf, Winter asked
Congress for special attention to
shortfalls in funding for Basic
Allowance for Housing and
Base Realignment and Closure
"We owe it to the Sailors and
Marines and their families to
find a speedy resolution of these
issues," he said.

FLTCM Talks To Mayport Fleet


-Photo by Bi

Above, Fleet Master Chief
Jacqueline Dirosa, Fleet Forces
Command Master Chief holds a
"CPO Call" at the Base Chapel
on Feb. 28. The purpose of her
visit was to hold a series of meet- I
ings to familiarize herself with
the Southeast Region through
official briefs and tours of the
area. Right, Dirosa speaks with
Naval Station Mayport Sailors j '
about issues they had while
on deployment as Individual
Augmentees (IA). Dirosa received
feedback on how to make the IA

assignment process easier during
a visit she made to the base.

7200 Blanding Blvd. 777-5600

1660-100 Southside Blvd. 565-4000

11211 Atlantic Blvd. 642-1500

10259 Atlantic Blvd. 721-5000

10231 Atlantic Blvd. 724-1080

3875 Atlantic Blvd. 725-0911
m TTCl m TT- Mr m

Reaching Out

The following are just a sam-
ple of volunteer opportunities
available through NS Mayport
and Volunteer Jacksonville. For
more information, call Dianne
Parker at 542-5380 or you can
immediately sign-up online for
additional opportunities using
www.volunteer gatewayjack-
Clean Up St. Johns River
Naval Station Mayport and
Environmental are support-
ing the 17th annual St. Johns
River Celebration clean up on
March 17. Volunteers are need-
ed to collect litter and debris
from selected sites on or near
the base. Volunteers will meet
at the pavilions across from
Pelican Cove RV Park at 8:30
a.m. on Saturday. Gloves and
garbage bags will be provided.
Following the clean up, vol-
unteers are invited to gather at
noon at the Metropolitan Park
in downtown Jacksonville for a
celebration. To learn more about
this effort, call Laura LaBella at
270-6730 ext. 214 by March 9.
Preregistration is not required
by suggested.

Special Olympics
Hundreds of volunteers are
needed for the Special Olympics
Area Five Summer Games at the
Fernandina Beach High School
Athletic Field from 9:30 a.m.-4
p.m. on March 24. It is an eight
.county competition with par-
:ticipants from Nassua, Duval,

Baker, Clay, Flagler, St. Johns,
Volusia and Putnam counties.
For more information, contact
Bob Hinton at bob32041@t
yahoo.com or Jessica McKinnon
at nassausovolunteer@thotmail.

Bowl for Kids Sake
Volunteers are needed for
Bowl for Kids Sake (helping
Big Brothers Big Sisters of
Northeast Florida) on March 17.
For more information, please
visit www.usojax.org

Mini Football Camp
Maurice Jones-Drew and
friends along with Armor Bearer
Inc will be holding a mini foot-
ball camp for disadvantaged
youth June 6-8. Volunteers are
needed in the following areas:
Coaches, First Aid, Registration
and Assistants. If you are inter-
ested in any of these positions
and would like more informa-
tion, please e-mail Sonja at

NS Mayport
Retired Activities Office
Naval Station Mayport is
currently searching for com-
mitted volunteers to serve the
local retiree community in the
Retired Activities Office (RAO)
located in the Fleet and Family
Support Center (FFSC). RAO
volunteers maintain the vital
link between the retiree, local
military communities and other

7801 Blandina Blvd. 269-2277
S Wlly 1 M =

government and non-govern-
ment agencies. Anyone inter-
ested should contact the FFSC
for an application or to get more
information about the duties and
responsibilities of the RAO vol-
unteers. Call the FFSC at ("'.4)
270-6600 Ext. 110.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Brothers Big Sisters
will be providing an in-school
mentoring program at Mayport
Elementary School. If you are
interested in this opportunity,
please visit our website for
more information: www.usojax.

Navy-Marine Corp Relief
Society Needs You
The Navy Marine Corp Relief
Society is in need of Volunteers
to give a couple of hours of
their time each week to help
others in need. The mission of
the Navy-Marine Corp Relief
Society is to provide emergency
financial help and educational
assistance to members of the
Naval Services active, retired,
and family members when
in need: to assist them achieve
financial self-sufficiency and
to find solutions to emergent
requirements. If you are inter-
ested in volunteering and would
like more information, contact
Bill Kennedy at 270-5418, 9
a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

10980 Atlantic Blvd. 642-0200

10585 Atlantic Blvd. 998-7111

11211 Atlantic Blvd. 642-1500

7999 Blanding Blvd, Jax
904-778-7700 www.nimnicht.com
g .' )/mJ B

11 Austin

-MC2 Regina Brown

10800 Atlantic Blvd. 641-6455
[.mrm Ji

2525 Philips Hwy. 396-5486





F; T ,-. l













16 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, I li. I., March 15, 2007


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REALNET OF NE FL. INC and beach, $249,900. Call storage shed, dry, FP, 2000sf, 1 WESTSIDE 3br/lba, HUD Sales Listings.
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Open House Sat & Sun 11060 Reading Rd. deck, 1/2 acre o s yard, storage bldgs, no location, washer dryer Up to $1000 gift check
Free Brochures 0000pm REDUCEuiet subdivision, 1818 Willow Lakes of Arl dogs $930mo 9047247428 connection. 9045095378 whenyo bu you
S FamilyLife Marriage shed, asking $220,000, 7317 Burlingame Ct. new home with us.
Conference Jckson $243K 904 386-4210 will ay $5,000 in buyer's GREEN COVE SPRINGS 7703 Hare Ave. 7317 Buringame Ct. new home with us.
ville Florida at the closing costs. 16.5 ac, pond and creek2/1.5 TSIDE Beautiful newitary Specialist. HAMPTON LA
World Golf Villge. a-6 BEACHESCoastal Water (912)882-3492 $35K per acre. dblwide 725-0303 ATLANTIC BECH /1 WESTSIDE Beautiful Militanewpecialist. TO
TH, updated, incl W/D, 4/2 home 4 rent. Chef r268-1715 3brSpba fully equipped
World Golf Village. May46 BEACHES Coastal Water e90481 u ae ici n U cr 268-1715 3br/2ba fully equipped
2007. Call Paul 904-777-8020 Access Marsh view MANDARIN -3/2, clean Call 904-284-1125 Northside closet base p t ain e 2 house 7 mi S. of Starke
3/4br, 3 ba, 2850sf, scrnd $180k, 11660 West Ride Lubdriousi1,2,,8xR8pt s $975m$972dep. CaI4 gar/much moren2627741 9of US 301 good s
NEED A LAWYER? 4br, 3 ba2850sfscrnd 180k,16de Luxurious2, & R pts 904655-5587 Intracoastal Waterway ing, fishing& boating
Accident? Arrest? Divorce? pool, dock and many Dr. 610-6362 or 287-2181 No Administrative/App Fee $500 Down U OWN Gated, new 3/3, 2100SF. $900/wk. 352 468 2703
AAA Attorney Referral upgrades, $849K. will Free Water and Sewage. BEACHES / Intracoastal All Areas 1st Mo. FREE Gated, new 3/3, 2100SF $900/wk. 352-468-2703
Svc 1-800-733-5342, 24 HRS. CO-Op 904-545-9293 NORTHSIDE No money 1ST MONTH RENT FREE! By Mayo. Dont miss this EZ QUALIFY granite, garage, pool &
Cnn 81 Tallwood Rd down, bad credit o, GREEN COVE SPRINGS (904) 751-1510 one! Pol, docks 4/2 Call the Hotline 388-1208 fitness. $1695. 881-0895
e c3henson@comcast.net first payment due May 16.5 ac, pond and creek Wakulla Co., FL. 239ac, RTO. $2100mo. 268-6929
r a1chen coast.et Call Marie 904-566-0062 $35K per acre. dblwide App. 22 miles south of Northside & Eastside MANDARIN Glen 2/2
Call 904-284-1125 Tallahassee & 10 miles MOVE IN SPECIAL! Jacksonville Beach HOUSE FOR RENT 450/M. town house, W/D, pool,
NORTHSIDE Open House from St. Mark's Marina. Apt's from $375 Three Miles to the Beach! $850mo + dep. Avail 4/1,
Credit Repair, Sat. 11-1pm. 3/1, newly Exc. investment & rec- Houses from $620 4BR 3BA Single Family $1,450 Deposit. Off Ft. Caroline Rd. 262-3058 evenings
s Personal/Investment renov. 1055 W. 31st. St. rational property w/15 Several to choose from. Home, 2500SF, Fenced In 100 Holly Oaks Lane Road West. SOTHSIDE 2br/2ba Efficiency$100WK,
Fleming Island Home Buying Seminar. corner of 31st & Stuart. & 18 yr. old pine plant Section 8 welcome! Yard, 2 Car Garage, Fire- Jacksonville, 32255.3 bedrooms, 2 SOUTHSIDE 2br/2ba Efficiency $1WK,
Eagle Harbor Located at Blue Cypress Fin, avail. 904591-6294 tion. $1,950/ac. Ca Call Vinnie 904-566-8073 place, Security, & Sprinkler lle bedrooms, condo, Avanti Complex Apt $150week, also houses
3,000sf, 5 Bedroom Community Center, 770 444 3511 o r System. Community Pool, baths. 2 car garage shed with off Kernan Blvd. S. for rent furn/unfurn wk,
home, 3car garage, 4012 N. University Blvd. Northside Easy Home HOUSE FOR SALES249,900 04 825 3635 rthi Tennis Courts, Clubhouse eriy. Well nd sprinkler em nosmkr,n ts, month. 904-302-5753
New Construction, March 18th. 4pm-7pm. Loans Brand New 3/2 4, www.southwooddev.com FNorthside rushed or Unfurnished, h eletity. Wel an sprinklersystem. namkr n5o pets mot.943
C 119 28 11lFurnMshed or Unfurnshed O$ mo $0dep.A
REDUCED from Call for info 904-359-5515 homes 100% finance 550 Remodeed inside and out. 3 bedrooms, LUCKY 1 Year Lease Minimum. 3/4 ae lot. Lawn service provided. all 386-752-6557
$549,9990 $4299,999 Call credit score. 904-771-1521 W2 bh.ol lg d dining room ESTSIDE 6 acres w/120' FOR YOU! F Appointmet Please Pest controals. provided. NO PETS
(904)5427908on Seaboard Ave. Resid/ Cal Richard Weisel or liinnddnig
RFleming Island HmeBy. a. RIVERSIDE Handyman L[rge kithn &ith bra8okfstnn00k Agri $495,000 country in M Ove In SCpecial lRichrd3
EagleHro L tSpecial, valued at 260K ghctyn420.07 osnoo .ves YOU In Sigrid Binder 904-220-2579
2900sf edro ACKSONVILLE sell $210,000 CASH family room, 2 ar garage. Large shed the ity 904s778485 Mi ndari 4/, 79
2900sf, 4 bedrooms, HHOMES FOR s Aa 0 h V O
R5Ch ,ro SOUTHSIDE 10 minsto Cdriltsencoteone f12de al F omrApupnty pool, Pes7 I/ba plus daen. HDWF,886 AOR6O SS
9 o CaRIVERSIDE Spacious HA Paid, $1550/m, PCS, Stainless apple. screen patio, For Sale -4000sf., 6500sf.,
$539,999 to $489,999 Call bch 1.3 ac, partial hse, 904-635-2594 3/1, triplex, nr St. Vin-0 updated $1000mo- 252-9863 7800sf., and 7950sf.,
(904)542-7908 HARBOR WINDS So. Estates area, as is bes C A thb r 1 ri te 880-5604 m e 513TT :T2- rI and lOc sGde
Flmino ZerY Lvl hom ftI $ 213K C.I 904-268-244 inents, CH&A, cpt, no sdBrick and B lock. Grade
Orange Park /2, appro 1600 sq ft. $23K Call 9042682434 PUTNAM CO LAND pets, $675mo. 448-6200 NORTHSIDE Rent to own Julington Creek Planta- onte Vedra Luxury Level. Easton, Sander-
M giOR. ll $2892900e Specao,,rI a e dat660K;theciW n D e ts0ndP-otd- L .
SHoefor Sale, ocr on 219, 900 Southside SECRET COVE For Sale 7 Acre o New 4/2, 2car gar. tion 3/2 +den, fenced yd, Condo Belleza 2br/2ba, son & Co 356-2228
Possible lease/pur- oy $ 0 4br/2ba comm. pool, C h block on Carrawa SAN MARCO Bad credit ok, $1250m. rentcicks.com #317514 Fully renov. Resort Realtor
chase, call for appt super cond Pergo fir l 1 & 2 BR Special! 754-234-2101 Open House 3/17, 9-12N amen. 880-4616
779-1918, PCS. LANTANA LAKES $288K Irg fenced yard. Church Rd. in CALL 398 -9492 Northse $1400nm. 904-382-8633 EBl
3/2, 2 car ar. plus 904.739.5818 Open Daily 1-5 BackH mmocklsland.com greater Palatka Less than Rent! VILANO BEACH.
Orange Park 2whcovered pati,32 DWge 4R 2B Cd4N.with dock lift wLessr/drer bt -10han RCenlt VO oplLA O 3 BEACH.Rnea seon
a u ore na, 00 $309,900and 2story43on 4 zoned Agr./single St. Nicholas br garage Own this 2br with $d o. 2/1 Oceanfront Cottage,
Oakwood Subdv, covereladn muct D th dok 't apt.l $725 includes water Only $650m. Slow credit porches, W/D. $1150m
$1200/. 7579623588 at bot2338077 Broker Tony (904) 3340571 Very private 904-3962606 ob, 6803 mo+dep. 513236-3342
ASHLEY WOODS K renov., r ind Rydholm St. 745-0045 ARLINGTON Westside
SCrosiDown, Zero Lovely home and lot, 5K. 9046292075 (904) 3861009 WESTSIDE 3BR Northside 3/1 $800/mo __________Ideal for small church.
3/2/2 like new house 4/2, approx. 2300 s ft WESTSIDE No money Newly Remodeled 1516 Helena Street ATLANTIC BCH close Call Andy 477-2288
on 1.14 acres in tons f upgrades, own, bad credit ok, CH/AC New Kitchen All new upgrades bch, 3/2.5, fenced backed,
Middleburg, Call $289,900. first payment due MMay B a t h a n d 904-874-5971 scrn porch, no pets $900m Mandarin Office
779-1918 "OR" I, Call Moarie 904-566-0062 P WinLdowcs. Fre-sh-lyn O S .45-045 1929 M75ain St. 565-2763 Furn or Unfurn. 12
HARBOR WINDS San Jose Southbrook Painted Location NORTHSIDE 3/1.5, bit'04 Telephones and Worksttions,
2, ro gr s q WESTSIDE Brick 3br, all Beach Blvd Reduced. AUCTION 279+/- Acres Roosevelt Blvd. $800/mo WD incl. Attach. Icar St. Ma s- Elliot's
S a a ne eo Reod gted guard TattnallCo. Ga. arch 352-473721. gar Sect. 8 1485 12th n on inH E beach, ma ny o
$90t f ourmh VA BEC -POT VEDRA, fmo rap oave Oa ,a 7k&wnnshd SOME BRAN NEW
wood and tile floors, fin. 5354 Poppy Dr. Open New bths & kit 912-927926 24th @ 10am 10 BP W St E 226-7681, $950 ues men ities, must see
must see $239,900 Sat/Sun 113p. 8033319 Bo an Auction & WESTSIDE Large 2/1 Bay Naval Base. aenities, must see! SOUTHSIDE For Sale or

Absolutely Free For Sale ROLLING RIVER retblock h, on Condos. Justblocks to h. 9048139264 acre lot Quiet, petswelcome.950 MayportBeautiful 2br practice,lookat t at
By Owner Program ESTATES 1.5 AC,new paint close to beach gorgeous tree $800 monthly, month rent deposit. Call 1100sf, no pets, fpl, 791 Bartram Park Office,
Call Embassy Mortgage Better than new, 1 yr interstate & shopping. shaded lotcoffee terrace WESTSIDE $149 Sec dep (904)8745971 646-318-8044 Asss Ln #1508 $760mo4664sf designed to be

.ROBLEM refin financing. For more into 4/2, 2008sf, WID Inendnl Ownd & O ra
fore Must see to appreciate. enclosed garage all appli Special. 1 BR, $440. dent uits of a epp
muri e e 290 1 car garage, Call Jardin De Mer Assisi Ln #1508 $760mo completed by tenant.
PROBLEM CREDIT OK 184900 Westside 3B R/2BA, Stop by oursales office at HUDVOUCHERS WELCOME,' AlltToTUIa 1/2,1 f horpetfi 7 iterio build o be
4br/2.ba 2100sft, IHARBOR SPRINGS 434-5215. PCS. BEACH BLVD. AT 15th ST Biltmore 14x70 2/2 NEWLY REMODELED! 241-6232 994-5793 Iv msg. Landlord will provide
Story 0on cone lot, o We have OCEAN "rfRONTpe-nes buildout all owncei for
smalldown payment, 3/2 with covered patio OPEN 1:00 TO 5:00 stove, likened, LARGE 1, 3 BR APTore ino lease con
$1375m.Or. 904-502-4238 on lake, close to P Beautiful 4BR/2BA Call 241-2270 OR 246-9268 :bpoer, porch/deck, sp orn t t tact Suni S a rkason
Ca Nt e 5 beaches/base, $228,000 5Lakeview, luxury kingbedk. 904-808-9902
WsteARLINGTON New in 1999 aSOUTHSIDEntiet BA ch
S prasItOon, Berepi oam, G 7s 7 WATERFRONT $18000. Ca l owners a Srl.eRM i2 I 11Ud6t 0oe
AROGLE NEW1IN 2000 LOAN financing. Formoreinaoo1100sMiuo op vl0Ae790-R N U ErWIF) bui 5000/5000
PROBLEM CREDIT OK VICTORIA LAKES at, i Gorgeous 3/3, Granite 891-5200 or 568-4023 8 6BAsis rW Southside professional
Ponte.5ba 2100! 13R99 StonG 434-5215. PDr. (HDo!ndo rd)will pr1200/12
Sdsepo o ate, d. or cPote 0Veda F T11nsn ae Minddl eurga roommate office sp ae to share/sub
P ma CREDITthcoverddna5ngroddonmortravertne4t8o8h9a02p5 8
Own quiet cul-de-sac, model Only yr old nAS clubhouse, pools, totally new kitch & bath CHAMPION 14x70 2BR/ share 5/2 hoe, priv a. lease, build to suit, call
all down ay t Full of upgrades, tc + 40 boat dock, gated 2A, appliances, central WORLD GOLF VILLAGE $450+1/2 until. 412-8118 for details 904-613-4920
$1350mo. 904-502-4238 $335,000/pool. Atlantic & ni- air. Excellent condition. Furnished Luxury 2br/2b
ARLINGTON (Re t You9will/not2pay asterea stt urooTrHSad e$lodC n.rallvonbert.JohnsCu ntyHukb
R OL EONR 4Bd/3. MBaI (I4a a17 versitYf DaOwner pen to $4500. Call 730 8606 Condo, Nease High Schl w cph Vtos a JAC i KSONVhiE9 p n
S8 acre EAGLES (AMMOCK oers aie -Gated, $1495. 904-315-0797i REN TAL
,i Ra i t .u AmM uA Full Service Brokerage Broker 9046260006 CLAYTON 6x80 3/2, appls,1 E
20' ceiling den, 2 fpls, 5/3.5, almost ,lake- WWW.caellthechief.cbmdt Dishwasher, Washer Dryer,
o2 stair ways, 3000+sq ft! frnt home with many o Southside/Baymeadows Cent Air, vinyl & sSidi ng,
PAw some! Ararefind! de877-346-7827 CAMPFIELD shingle roof.o $4,500 730o-8066 s1 Cout Gidrol.8 *vBEACHES3 ICW*/100
FSBO! $469Ku 904-398-5522 DON BROWN REALTY Nearly new 3/2 Pulte T ii u sy oa ar 3/2 /THSI DE

2 0 0 9 o w m n i F ul C ho fu *D. .p gr a d e s m u D e cO $ 1 ,00B0 bar y s cgA a te s d a n 4 /2 a pIivda n ,-s t o r C a l 2 4 9 3 0 7 R L D G O L V I L L A
A RIoNGT HOME FINDER 225-5510 OR 571-7177 Condo. Con Ccrete block FLEETWOOD 60' Db ris '61 D /avn hIL 1 Ebl
RLINGT ON E T construction, first wide 42 appls dis- ARGYLE RTO. new 3/2 OC EANWAY
deepwater, 4/3.5, ex Ig REALTY 221-1711 floor unit. Near St. washer, heat pump, deck & 4/2 upgrades. Next to *N. JAX
kit, dock, L4628 Harbour L or 241-5501 Johns Teown Center $4800. U MOVE. 730-8606 Argyle Elem. $1295 mo
North Ct. Call 813-0750 omand easy scom te to $1395n. 904-236-9O TO
AR N G Nbase. wHas been great FLEETW OOD 1-4x70 3218 C l9 RE N 7 H M2,
SBuying a Home? e for military apple ianes, dishwasher, fplc, A ARG HO ES.
e family for over a yr. cent air, deck & owning, shed.SOME BRAND NEW
sContact your VA BEACH-PONTE VEDRA, VA Loan Approved. cente ar d n s fmlII frO S r tL FBRAN IN
East of AlA Lovely 4/3/2 $210,000 $5800. Call 730 8606
Home Loan Expert- co pletely upgrade Donna Brandon HOME FINDER REALTY
graniBte travertine. 904-708-7694 SELLING YO UR
Laurie M. Potter wet bar and more. MOBILE HOME? 3 221-1711 or 241-5501 or
Drastically reduced, fbadebtiac TOP CASH!! Old or New 877-629-4663 Toll Free
Buying, Seling or David Needle, Broker Network Real tya ,ww.homefinderrealty.ne

refinancing? Contact CR210 4/2, 2008sf, W/D, Independernt O nyed &Operated
Laurie for any of your 2yrs old, sprinkler sys, on
(904) finaningneedsinudinggood cond., amenities n 1734 Shoreview Dr. (waterfront) 4/2 1450/1450
Cell (904) 463-2065 VA, FHA, home equity or PONTE VEDRA 5br/3ba, close to downtown. $130K 2984 Centerwood (Creekside Bend)3/2 1200/1200
3027SF, water front 731-8251 or c:904-318-9921 3061 Rogers Ave (Timber Oaks) 3/2 1195/1195
Conventional loans, great comm. mins to 12292 Coconut Grove (townhome) 3/2.5 1100/10
@countiywlde cor bch. $649K 904-234-0385 10955 Key Vega Dr 3/2 975/975
Website: NC Mountain 10672 Meadow Lea Dr (patio hm) 3/2 875/875
hoeountldeom/ e ST. AG. 2,878 total Property APARTMENTS 637 E. 60th St HUD avail- mo free/1 750/750
lauriepotter window H, imp act 2-5 Prerty 2112 Moncrief Rd 3/1 600/600
Near ICW & boat ramp. /den, ground fir, end C do
S $349,900. 904 819 0010 unit, gated, swim/fitness MinutesfromAsheville1100Sea 13131 Ft Caroline Rd (32level 1 1
$170K. 904-285-9771 1-800-690-1292 X653 W/f) 1 500/500
hom2/2e5-- s
Sellers: I will have a contact Gove. 1/1 w/loft, One 2339 Sunset Bluff Dr (townhome) 2
car garage, all VA Landc 12 ACRES 7701 Timberlin Park Blvd#527 2/2 995/995
appls stay. Balcony. River front $59,990.;
on your home in 90 days or Call Susan Johnson Also NC land: 15 acres, (condo-2nd floor)
285-5640 7 mile view $77K 3960 Arbor Lake Cir (patio home)2/2 950/950
!Pics 919-693-8984 2654 Hidden Village Dr (patio hm)2/2 850/850
faiy.]owner@newbranch.com 2448 Seabury Place N. (townhm) 2/1 800/800
E0 3264 St. Augustine Rd (HUD Avail) "1/1 550/550
Historic Avondale 3266 St. Augustine Rd. (HUD Avail)1/1 550/550
Buyers: Allow me to assist d ERIVIERA PARKWAY 3274St. Augustine Rd. (HUD Avail)I/1 550/550
Wre ere os, O in purchasing yorhome. LAKEdBUTLER.FLtalWestoffSldnrMeN mSWESTSIDE/ARGYLE/RIVERSIDE
retPablo, 2/2, 1208sf, Many 6LAK1E BUTLER FL 2 2923 Golysden Pond Blvd 3/2 1200/120
CDR, USN (Ret) You will not pay any real estate Upgrades! Wood Lam 3br/2ba, mobile home 6132 Fillyside Trail 1
Floor, Firepl, Cer Tile, country living corner lot Hurry H rry H rry 9581 Croxley Ct (Watermill sub) 3/2 1200/120
Broker/ er: commission an I will rebate R of' D.03, 14321 Coral .8AC fruit &pean 11690 Brian Lakes Dr ? 3/2 1100/1100
B / eso n i e Reef Dr. $175K 610.6693 trees. $119,900. Low Call Now! 7318 Coral Sea Rd 3/2 950/950
C (taxes.hCall 386 4963w6242 Pennant Dr W (off of Timuquana)3/2 150//150
wSurfside RealEstaten y ou amini m ount Leamh of $50 to3 Te33/2 110-/31
Loan Officer: $3000 at closing. O o ve 19 15 l361539 Pine.St#A (upstairs) 1/1 450/450
Commonwealth C Country Club i8Htp30-5C30RM-FI
Mortgage Call 9 422 SOL D Go bro ating 4020 London Rd 3/2 1
arsnug.Phone: crabbingsw from dR Ridge Dr (2Tlevel) 3/2.5 1
For information on these your own dock
wgr.Sffsdide90 JEs10neg programs and/or mortgages. BCountry style a h( A1 413 Treaty Oak Ln. 3/2 1100/1100
water in Osprey Cove Golf and Country Club in St. COMMERC2AL
mnarys, GA. 1.5 acres in a private woodland set-
Seller:ence wt a ha iscaunt ting on a quiet creek. There are94 bdrms 3 baths,
kitchen areas, and study. Relax on d porches,
heated, 5500 SF overa ll. The LandM tr G roup9 0.c d f o
rant and offers golf, tennis, a rec center, boat and9H O M 1S2 i ll
RV storage, fine dining and a boat ramp. 30 min-

Real Estate, LLC International Airport, 10 minutes to Kings Bay....E......
See ww.forslebyowoner. veomeNo. 77184. Call neteR. (904D 5-3460
(912) 729-3810, or e-mail ospreycovehousedtds.net. ,,, .Al ini d(U =,a 505
C043925 Askaing price: $1.6 million.

Auctions Employment
or Sale Services
Rea Estate for Rent Merchandise

THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, I I.... March 15, 2007 17

J;*1t~ ~


-~ ___________

lalutin? fAmerica'" Ileroe! PARKER We Salne oru .. ,?

....... St..ugulsine, FL 1 310 Cassat Ave.
1515 WELLS ROAD, ORANGE PARK oIl Free: 866-220-4497 389-4561
% X |.parkerailoinall.coIm _____.erniepalerion.om

-249."1g L W W E7 (I A r 1 r
Call 888-615-1448 '04 CHEVY CORVETTE '02 MERCURY COUGAR -
$31,995 $7995
S '03 CHEVY IMPALA '04 HONDA ODYSSEY 316 bed private,
S'- '01 FORD SPORT TRAC '06 CHEVY COLORAD *, not for profit,
S6995 S 0,995 acute care hospital.
OGGIN KIA ATLANTIC t- , ... d o.,e. .. ,
S 401 Atlantic Blvd. ._ ,. ..,.' i '
Looking or Reponible Perin i lo cksonville. Fl 32225 f .. .....
C redil to Ilke0 eri l'imenl 866-734-8694 ... ....

+" -+= ,+ + '#% a I1.1. % ...


Part Time Or Full Time
:: You Choose!!
Substitute Teachers
Immediately For Duval
County Public Schools
Kelly [ducalional Slaffing


WE SALUTE on Atlantic 4
S 11003 Atlantic Blvd.
S, www.cogginhondajacksonville.co

City Automotive Group
(-it j I il-UL, hl (1 0II lllanlic
"ill; Bhlildin B Id
..itl% UzU on \lhnpi

Phone: 245-7555 KE uui*on anl.

JL c -

19201 Atlantic Blvd N S A
866-568-5000 ON ATLANTIC
A... ill.. ..,o .... ,.vEE..-., 3-. i l,, .f...., .,,.,,.,, K E L LY
Rl i,..' 1U l ILIkd
i>-. '': '. .. .doll
... .......... ...fr o', + A W L,.

on10a9201iAtlantic lvdc Blvd
866-568-5000 ON ATLANTIC
....E t' PONTIAC-GMC..,,
,,--i ., ,onAtLAi 10600 Atlantic Blvd.
i::i 'II I1 "I' -' Mt lobI-

The person who was to become St.
Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland,
was born in liales about AD 385.
Far fiom being a saint, until he was
16, he considered himself a pagan.
At that age, he was sold into slavery
by a group of Irish marauders that
raided his village. During his cap-
ti;vit, he became closer to God.

SPatrick died on March 17 in AD 461.
It has been commemorated as St.
Patrick's Dari ever since.

One traditional icon of the day is the
shamrock. And this stems from a
more bona fide Irish tale that tells
how Patrick used the three-leafed
shamrock to explain the Trinit'. He
used it in his sermons to represent
how the Father,; the Son, and the
Holy Spirit could all exist as sepa-
rate elements of the same entit'.

His followers adopted the custom of
wearing a shamrock on his feast day.i

The St. Patrick \ Dai' custom came to
America in 1"3 That was the first
year St. Patrick's Dai' was publicly
celebrated in this country' in Boston.

Todai, people celebrate the daq' with
parades, wearing of the green, and
drinking beer. One reason St.
Patrick's Dayi might have become so
popular is that it takes place just a
fiew days before the first day of
spring. One might say it has become
the first green of sprinG

.. ...... _






Ih h I.IVqijhi ih


18 THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, I I. ,1, March 15, 2007

7200sf, 9600sf, 19,000sf,
or 33,000sf. warehouse.
Grade level. Common
dock available. Univ @
Powers. $4/sf.
Easton, Sanderson, & Co.
356-2228 Realtor

1,920 sf to 11,520sf
Eastpark Great location!
(904) 998-9339

Established large center
Financing arranged.
FL Investment Properties
Turn-key ready. Close to
Jax Bch & Naval Base.
$24Kobo. 954-478-2604

2358 HUCKINS CT.-Ft Caroline,
$299,900 MLS 316146, 4BR/2BA
2023sf, huge fenced bk yd, spacious
room 904-724-1200

Ft Caroline, $189,900, MLS355540,
3BR, 2BA, 1586sf, Big 2 Stry, 1st
Flr Mst Ste, Upstairs Loft w/BA

Brookwood Forest, $199,900,
MLS351907, 3BR, 2BA, 2001 sf, LR
w/Brick FP, KIT w/Nook, Spacious 2
Stry 247-4442

6948 Arlex Dr. S, 3BR/1.5BA,
$159,500, 743-2332

3218 Roundham Ln, 4BR/2BA,
$219,900, 743-2332

13900 Yellow Bluff Rd, 3BR/2BA,
$170,000, 714-0966

2333 E Maple Leaf Dr, 3BR/1BA,
$157,000, 743-2332

5377 Contina St, 3BR/3BA, $287,500,

5734 Ansley St #3, 2BR/1.5BA,
$121,000, 743-2332

3929 Cherokee Villa Ln, 3BR/2.5BA,
$245,900, 743-2332

3846 Cove St. Johns Rd, 5BR/3.5BA,
$380,000, 743-2332

9442 High Meadow Lane,
2BR/2.5BA, $233,900, 743-2332

4896 Toproyal Lane, 3BR/2BA,
$299,500, 743-2332

$115,000, MLS 349342, 3BR/2BA,
1074 SF, spacious rooms, lovely mstr
suite, 247-4442

$319,900, MLS 347586, 3BR/2BA,
1224 SF, large mstr suite, big bkyd

9yrs. Enclosed trailer
w/eqpt. & accounts.
Asking $40k, 904-545-1148

Debt consolidation
personal or auto. Fast
approvals $5k-up.
Bad credit?

Easy Home Loans, all
credit scores, visit:

Is your Interest Rate
Starting to Adjust?
Fix it today. Call William
Reed 904-327-0311

* Small But Successful *
* National fast food company *
* Looking to expand in N. Florida. *
* $18k Franchise Fee *
* SBA loans for Vets *
* BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Call Mike!
. 904-685-2703 *

It's A New Beginning...
Call us to make your
dreams a reality. Fast
approval, no application
fee, foreclosures, bank-
ruptcy, bad credit, good
credit, self employed.
Call 904-294-6903

1 Week Day Class Mar 19
8 Week Eve Class March 14
Superior Instruction
(904) 2692555
Florida Real Estate Institute

Credit Repair,
Personal /Investment
Home Buying Seminar.
Located at Blue Cypress
Community Center,
4012 N. University Blvd.
March 18th. 4Dm Dm.




904)1 783-3333
(800] 831-1300 WWW.ROADMASTER.COM

Take Troy's New MCSE Technology Program

To Become A

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator


Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician

+ High Demand Certifications MCP, MCDST & MCSA

* Evening Classes for 16 Weeks 3 Times Per Week!

+ Navy TA & VA Apply Program Begins 4/16/07

* May Apply Toward a BASRTM Degree from TROY

Troy University at Jacksonville
2683 St. John's Bluff Road

TI o CY Call Pat for Details Jr
UNIVERSITY 800-368-2315 of FLORIDA


Jax Beaches

Buyers & Sellers
Real Estate



OPEN SUN 1-5 $369,900 MLS 345164
3BR/2BA, 1500
SF, large yard with pool, close to beach

SUN 1-4 $144,900, MLS 342955,
900sf. Great Location, New Roof, Big
Lot 247-4442

1-4 Atl Bch
$214,900, MLS 338465, 3BR/2BA,
1251sf, Big Bkyd, New Tile & Carpet,
Spacious Mst. 247-4442
527 PELICAN KEY, Selva Lakes,
$309,900, MLS 338324, 3Br/2.5BA,
1404sf, 2 Lrg Mst BR w/private bths,
screened lanai, spacious LR 247-4442

12-4, $399,500, MLS 337729, PVB,
4BR/2BA, 1636sf, Big Bkyd w/Golf
Course Views, tiled Fla Rm, 247-4442

$189,900, MLS 315221, 3br/1.5ba,
1075sf, hrdwd firs, new a/c, new roof,
huge Ir w/fp 247-4442

1483 LAUREL WAY, $369,900, Hidden
Paradise, MLS 326063, 3br/2.5ba,
2179sf, Lush Ldscp, scmd porch, Huge FR
w/Gas FP 247-4442

411 1ST ST #401 $429,900
Beachcomber II, MLS321203.
2BR/2BA, Private bch access, hrdwd
firs, gated pool, 247-4442

BEACHES $379,900, 1BR/2BA,
MLS310280, 1st Flr Unit, Fenced yd
w/ocean views. 247-4442

116 11TH AVE S, JAX BCH,
$619,900, 3BR, 3.5BA, 1821sf, 3 Level
Hm, Hrdwd Firs, WD Deck, Steps To
Ocean! 247-4442
Summer House, $228,900,
MLS355625, 2BR, 2BA, 863sf,
Spacious Rms, Lovely Mst Ste 247-

Jax Bch, $574,900 MLS 355998, 5BR,
4.5BA, 3485sf, Brick Hm, Preserve
Lot, Spacious Rms 247-4442

$294,900, MLS 356054, 3BR, 2BA,
1894sf, Patio w/pond & wood views,
Lrg Mst Ste w/2 walk-in Closets

745 Marsh Cove L
3BR/2BA, 743-2332

Woods, $449,000,
2.5BA, 3496 SF, L

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings job
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Military personnel stationed
in our communities donated
505,907 hours of volunteer
service in Northeast Florida GENERAL
and Southeast Georgia SUPERI NTENDENT
lastyear Mmin. 5yrs exp. in site &
underground utility
Please Call work. Ability to coordi-
904-459.4336 nate multiple iobs w/iob
Fa Superintendents. Great
ax benefits package.
1d irMi Fax resume 378-9747
or Call 378-9700

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings job
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Beaches. EDA req'd.
Fax resume to 249-7980

Today Your

Future is Stronger.
ATM services. Electronic cash management and
distribution. Plus over 150 years of experience with
armored cash transport. Taken together, Loomis, Fargo &
Co. can bring your career into the future with more tech-
nologically-advanced solutions, new services, and more
opportunities than ever before. Put our strength behind
your career...and more promise in your future.

Our Jacksonville office has openings for:

* $10.20/hour

* $10.35/hour 2pm-close

Candidates must be 21 years ofage or older, have a high
school diploma/GED, good credit, clean motorvehicle
record, no criminal background and the ability to pass a
polygraph, DOT physical and drug screen. Must be able
to meet state requirements for handgun license/permit or
Security Officer Commission.

w/ warehouse duties.
Entry level, $8hr.
Applyt in person at
The Parts House 10321
Fortune Parkway, Bldg
400. Drug Free wkplc

EXp., motivated, LO's
for growing local lender.
Call Russ 904-388-9871


Credit Union
Navy Federal Credit
Union, the world's
largest credit union,
has openings for
part-time Member
Service Representa-
tives at our St. John's
Branch at Beach Blvd
and St. John's Bluff
Rd. Effective inter-
personal skills, admin-
istrative experience
and ability to work
accurately with num-
bers required. Previ-
ous teller ,financial,
cash handling experi-
ence desired. Salary
starts at $11.60+/hr,
based on experience.
Part-time employees
are eligible for our
excellent benefits.
For immediate con-
sideration, please
apply online at
are committed to a
drug-free workplace.

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings job
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Please apply online at
or call (904) 398-2o90 fr an appointment. g i *

Loomis, Fargo & Co. full-time employees enjoy a benefits l |' ,hn i(li nl r ,
package that's one ofthe best in the industry, including 111
medical, dental, vision, disability, 4ork and more. EOE. f *
M/F/V/D. Drug-Free Workplace. looking for
military families *
p thatto earn
c06 figures
3 from home or *
3 overseas.
6 Call now
0 for information.
^^^^^^^^^^^^Hl^^^^Hp ******

BOAT& Yacht
Experience a MUST
using wax, compound &
high speed buffer
Call Gary Longmire
9 04-651-4279

S Looking for
Someone to Help
Around the House!
Please Call Elaine
at (912)576-4060 for more

Exp'd only need apply.
Diamond Electrical
Contractors 5654424

needed for Southside con-
tractor. Salary + ben-
efits. Fax resume to

great pay/paid vac,
401K Local verif exp
and DL necessary
Thompson Electric

Wanted experience with
POSI-trak, good drivers
license required.
Ca ll924-0006

cial cleaning help
needed, Beaches area,
PT, eves, must have
transp. starting $8hr.
Call after 3pm 993-9169

needed for large mobile
home community. On
the Westside. Great
Benefits + 401K. Must
have own truck. Call
George 781-0441 or fax
your resume to 781-2888

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings job
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings iob
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Passion 641-5033
No Mandatory Tip Outs
Wackos 399-1110
CALL 757-7370
Call Passion
Call 998-3111
Lunch & Dinner
Apply at Caffe Andiamo
500 Sawgrass Village Dr.
Ponte Vedra 280-2299
Bartenders, Doorstaff
Call 3991110

Are you an
with staffing
Join the second annual
Diversity Hiring
Event sponsored by
The Florida
and Eco Latino
This event will be held
Wednesday, March 28,
2007 at the University
Center at UNF.
This event brings iob
seekers from all fields
to you in one central
location. Spaces are
filling up quickly. If
you are interested in
sign up now.
Chandra Halloran

Luis Vienrich

Do you want to earn $1K to $2K a week
Paid training
Medical Plan
Outgoing and great attitude needed
Part time or Full time Sales
Make your future happen now!
Call (904) 451-3364 Chris Now
S(904) 997-8160 Anytime

Arlington West Northside Arlington/Intracoastal

743-2332 714-0966 724-1200
Buyers & Sellers Buyers & Sellers Buyers & Sellers
Real Estate Advantage Real Estate Advantage Real Estate


Leading Discount Real Estate Company
n, $335,000, 12986 BRIANS CREEK DR, OPEN 13848 HARBOR CREEK PL, Pablo 2019 PRINCE ALBERT CT.,
2 SUN 1-4 Johns Creek, $299,500, MLS Bay, $469,900, MLS 339844, 4BR/3BA, Kensington $226,900, MLS 354120,
343016, 3Br/2BA, 1810sf, Huge Fenced 2468sf, Upstairs Loft, Lakeviews, FR 3BR, 2BA, 1425sf, Wd Firs, FR w/FP,
S Bkyd, Lg Mst Ste, Gourmet Kit 247- w/marble frpls 904-247-4442 Spacious Rms 724-1200
4442 4210 CHELSEA HARBOR DR,OPEN 12538 Tropic Dr, 4BR/2.5BA, $319,000,
1225 MANTLE DR, OPEN SAT 12-4 SAT 1-5 Johns Creek, $314,900 MLS 743-2332
ARK CT., The Drayton Pl,$238,000, MLS 336977, 3BR, 339735, 3BR/2BA, 1880sf, Covered
MLS 326258, 4BR, 2BA,1624 sf, Irg/DR combo, wd firs, Irg. Patio, Preserve Views, Formal LR &
rg yd, Tiled FL Rm, mst ste. 904-724-1200 DR, FR w/marble FP 904-247-4442

Huge Eat-In Kit 247-4442

Villas @ Cross Creek $229,900, MLS
344188, 4BR, 2BA, 1496 SF, Beautiful
Pool Home, Lrg Mst. Ste. 247-4442

1702 FOREST LAKE CR. W, #3,
Forest Creek, $173,000, MLS 324363,
2BR, 2BA, 1083SF, Lrg Mst Ste,
LR/DR combo 247-4442

& SUN 12-4 St. Andrews Place, $350,000,
MLS 343438, 4BR/2BA, 1827sf, Spacious
Hm, Lrg KIT, Cvrd Pch 904 247-4442

11-3 & SUN 1-4 Villages of Pablo,
$349,900, MLS 344938, 3BR/2BA,
2042sf, All Brick Pool Hm, Eat-ikn KIT

To Honor and Serve


CREEK $239,900, MLS 381585,
3BR/2.5BA, 1665sf, attch 1 car gar.,
scrnd lanai, BRs on 2nd fir

$324,900, MLS 319948, 4BR/2BA,
2062sf, Scrnd Lanai, Backs to Preserve,
LG KIT, LRIDR Combo 904-247-4442

4 $229,900, MLS 335038, 4BR/2BA,
1617sf, Fenced Bkyd, ceramic tile,
LR/DR Combo w/ FP 247-4442

156 ANNANDALE DR W, Forest
Greene, $207,900, MLS 350066, 3BR,
2BA, 1561sf, Huge Mst Ste, Fenced
Bkyd, Screened Porch w/Hot Tub

11-4 & SUN 1-4 Ashley Woods,
$255,900, 4BR, 2BA, 1722sf, Gourmet
Kit, Spacious Rms, Mst BA w/Garden
Tub 247-4442

Covington Creek, $399,500, MLS
348160, 4BR, 3BA, 2448sf, FR w/FP,
Open KIT, Preserv Views 247-4442

Villages of Pablo, $249,900, MLS
355653, 3BR, 2BA, 1409sf, Spacious
FR w/FP, Screened Lanai, Open Sat 11-
4, Sun 1-4 247-4442

GROVE, $210,000, MLS 353030, 3Br,
2.5BA, 1779sf, 1 Car Garage, Lovely
Mst Ste 247-4442

#2807, OPEN SAT & SUN 1-4 Kernan
Forest, $198,500, MLS 354116, 3BR,
2BA, 1530sf, LR/DR Combo, Screened
Private Deck 247-4442

263 MELISSA RAY DR, Harbour
Springs, $227,900, MLS 354536, 4BR,
2BA, 1530st, Inground Pool, Spacious
LR/DR Combo 247-4442

540824 Lem Turner, 3BR/2BA,
$210,000, 714-0966

12244 Moose Hollow Dr, 4BR/2BA,
$245,000, 714-0966

12391 Hickory Forest Rd, 4BR/2BA,
$255,000, 714-0966

44324 Korey's Lane, 3BR/2BA,
$105,000, 714-0966

13329 Perdue Rd, 3BR/2BA, $215,000,

1239 10th St, 3BR/1BA, $82,000,

6138 Spring Hammock Rd, 4BR/2BA,
$400,000, 714-0966

13802 Victoria Lakes Dr, 5BR/3BA,
$455,000, 714-0966

13717 Chipperfield Lane, 4BR/3BA,
$299,000. 714-0966

11144 Apple Blossom Tr, 4BR/2BA,
$255,000, 714-0966

7266 Nottinghamshire Rd, 3BR/2BA,
$194,000, 714-0966

10636 Academy Park Dr, 3BR/2BA,
$172500, 714-0966

4008 Peter Rabbit 3BR/1.5BA, $145000.

9363 Arbor Oak Lane 3BR/2BA,
$180,000, 714-0966

2917 Peach Dr, 3BR/2BA, $165,900,

3460 Shrewsbury Dr, 3BR/2BA,
$345,000, 714-0966

1158 Summer Bluff, 3BR/2BA,
$225,500, 714-0966

13409 Gillespie Ave, 3BR/1BA,
$140,000, 714-0966

Work in our Southside ofc
9a-4:30p, M-F. Earn
$11-$22 hr. Exp pref'd,
but will train. 3969964

$1500 Sign on
Owner Operators
$2000 Sign on Bonus*
*Paid First 2 Weeks
WANTED! Drivers w/
2 or more yrs exp. &
Class A CDL- Hazmat
Home most wknds
S/OP pay $.90/mile
+ fuel supplement
$.01 Safety Bonus
$.02 Service Bonus
Medical Dental 401k
Paid Vac & holidays
Optional Health Care
Programs that include
a 100% Company Pd
Premium Prog,
Optional Per Diem
PayProgram@ $52.00

Call Greg@
800-723-3424 for info

Come drive for us!
YELLOW CAB. 493-5250.

Go W. on 103rd St. pass
McManus Rd. #MM14752
A.C. Bloom Call me.

Thank you!
Besides protecting our
country, military
personnel stationed in
our communities
donated 505,907
hours of volunteer
service in Northeast
Forida and Southeast
Georga last year.
Their time was gven to
organizations, church
groups, youth activities,
scouting and more.
Please Call
Fax 904-366-6230.


AC, Heating, Fuel
Arts & Crafts
Building Supplies
Craft/Thrift Stores
Estate Sales
Garage Sales
Hot Tubs/Spas
Kid's Stuff
Machinery and
Musical Merchandise
Portable Buildings
Public Sales
Sporting goods
Wanted to Buy or

pickup truck, you
load, call 264-1506.
Only $50. Fleming
Island, Orange Park.

^ Antique South
Carolina Wood Pie
Safe Tin- Inserts in
doors, 69 x 35 x 17,
$650 firm. 269-5883
Drexel 1930 Mahog, DR
table, 6 chrs, china cab,
side board, appraised at
$3200 asking $2500.
904-757-7828 & 588-5651
A Milk Can w/Lid
Old but in Excel-
lent Condition, $40.
SOld ornate 7 pc
Wrought Iron Patio
Set- Needs derust-
ing, cleaning, paint-
ing, sandblasting, $200
firm for ALL 269-5883

S Frigidainre
Loader Heavy Duty
SExcellent condition,
5 yrs old only $139.95
Call (904)268-8919




Fundraising for Local

Police Organizations




CALL 332-9993

*Transaction fee may apply. Flat fees
vary by office. No upfront costs.
Call for details.
11943 Armsdale Rd, 3BR/2BA,
$192,000, 714-0966

3146 Rogers Ave, 3BR/2BA, $189,000,

8620 Sibbald Rd, 3BR/2BA,
$129,000, 714-0966

3309 SunnybrookAve, 3BR/2BA,
$118,000, 714-0966

9126 Harrison Ave, 2BR/1BA,
$99,900, 714-0966

10260 Westmar Rd, 2BR/1BA,
$115,000, 714-0966

10903 Natalie Dr, 3BR/2BA,
$222,000, 714-0966

331589, 3BR/2BA, 1570sf, Big
Bkyd, Hrdwd FIrs, LG Eat-in KIT,
FR w/tiled FP 247-4442

SUN 1-4 Sutton Lakes $284,900,
MLS 349017, 4BR, 2.5BA, 2302 sf,
2 story w/lrg bkyd, open fm rm.

OPEN SUN 1-4 Lantana Lakes,
$203,000, MLS 339008, 3BR, 2.5BA,
1529 SF, spacious 2 stry, Lrg Fenced
yd. 724-1200

Lantana Lakes, $204,900, MLS
347353, 3BR, 2.5BA, 1569sf, Wd
Flrs, Lakeviews 724-1200

4042 Glenview Rd, 3BR/2BA,
$149,999, 743-2332

3113 Fitzgerald St, 2BR/1BA,
$87,000, 714-0966

9195 Ford Rd, 3BR/2BA, $239,900,

|The Most Powerful Marketing Concept Available Today!

Agents Show Your Home V Newspaper Advertising V
Buyer Prequalification V Internet Marketing V

Prepare all Paperwork V No Up-Front Fees V 03 MLS
Free Market Analysis No Obligation


t w A I


THE MIRROR, NS MAYPORT, 1I li..11 I. March 15, 2007 19

GE Profile 1996 Appli's
Dishw, micro, range,
refrig. GC $1000. 321-0973
SGE Side by Side
Fridge-Black dis-
penser, 22.0CF $600
Call (904)542-0433
GE Stove Refrig D/W great
buy w/warr like new $800
904-276-2716/ 449-1945
Kenmore Washer &
Dryer heavy duty $235
for set. Call 904-838-3614
S Maytag
Washer &
S Dryer-Heavy Duty,
super capacity, quiet
series, excellent condi-
tion, $360 for set.
SWet/dry Vac-Craf-
stman 16 gal, with
attachments, exc.
cond, $25, 268-2482
4, Whirlpool Washer &
Dryer-Late model,
exc condition, $225.

Sat., March 17th @ 10am
(Preview 9 AAAM)
6210 US 1 N. (St. Johns Co.)
15 mi. S. of Avenues Mall
.5 mi S Red Double Decker
Bus. 25 cars, trucks, vans.
All winning bidders are
required to submit a $100
Cash deposit.
Luman E. Beasley, CAI
AB-1441 AU-1775 10% BP.
auction info 9048089922

XXL Men's Suits-,
Size 52, Regular
XXL, Men's shirts.
Very good Condi
tion, Call (912)729-3356
after 6 pm.

WComputer, $75,
Works Great, Must
Sell, 386-8154

New in box.
Call John 904-612-9998
- 50", 1 yr old, $1350.
777-1386 or 382-1933
PS2 3 controllers 15'
Extention Multi-tap 10
Games all for 175.00
John 904-612-9998
4, TV-14in, flat screen,
RCA, timer, rear &
side audio/video.
Great Condition,
$38. 268-2482

2 arm chairs & four
side chairs-one 83"
Lx40"W lishled
china cabinet,
matches light oak,
cabinet light
80"Lx48"W17"D, $400.
Call 226-3799
Armoire FREE with King
designer bedroom set,
new in boxes. Beautiful,
must see. $995. 398-5200
4, Bassett
Diningroom Set-
| Cherry wood table
w/leaf, chairs, &
china hutch. $700. Call
BED Abatement tax
time! $80 Qn pillow top
new w/warr. 391-0015
BED- About Time???
Brand New Pillowtop Sets
Queen $110 King $250
Memory Foam from $340
Can Deliver. 904-674-0405

BED-Brand NameFull set
$129, new w/war in plas-
tic. 391-0015 Can deliver
BED Brand Name $269
KG pill top SET. New
w/warr. Can del. 858-9350
BED Cherry sleigh, Solid
wood set $375. Retail
$950. 858.9350.Can deliver
BED- Queen Size Pillow Top
Mattress Set, New in Plastic,
Must sell $110 904-674-0405
SET. New, still in boxes
$499. CAN DEL. 391-0015
masville (well
built), oak dresser,
amnirror, chest+
Queen/full headboard.
New, would cost $3,000,
VGC $1000. 262-5597
4 Bedroom Set-4
piece, 2 night
stands, dresser &
an mirrored dresser,
great shape, Call Paul
4 Cabinets-Store your
DVDs, CDs, or
tapes, wood grain,
lockable doors, on
wheels. 39" tall. Like
New, $45. Two others, 60
in tall, 30 in wide, exc
cond, $15 ea. 268-2482
Brand new in crate! List
$1600, sell $499. Stain
resist. Can del. 858-9350
4 Craftmatic
Adjustable Twin
Bed- With Mas-
sager, Original Cost
over $2,000, now $400
OBO. 945-9807
, Dining Room Table,
Beveled Glasstop,
5'x 3', w6 chairs,
will em photo.
Call-220-5199 or 221-5479
Diningroom table
Beveled Glasstop,
5'x3', w/6 chairs,
will e-mail photo.
220-5199 or

SDiningroom Table
w/6 chairs solid
walnut wood, round
design on chairs,
exc cond, $400. Call
SDiinngroom Table,
p Light Oak, 83"L,
40"W, 2 arm chairs,
4 side chairs,
lighted china cabinet,
$400. 226-3799.
Dinning Rm Table cherry
6 chrs, buffet exc cond.
paid $5300 asking $1500.
904-757-7828 & 588-5651
patio bar, semi formal
DR, 2 br's misc. 400-9202
Twinsize beds-NEW
S mattress, box-
l spring, rails, never
been used, call
904-491-7996, Amelia
Island $450 OBO. Pillow
Top Sealy.
ELANTRA '05 Like
New! With 18k
miles, asking
$11,500. (904)235-9295
4 Kingsize Wareless
w/full size on
botoom, twin on
top, Good Price, Call
S Lenox Allure
Champagne Flute
S or Iced Beverage,
$39. Water or Wine, $29.
Cash & Carry,
4 Light Oak
Entertainment Cen-
L ter w/2 shelves,
glass doors on left,
wood cabinet on bottom,
$100. 246-1456
4 Like New, Wood
cushion, must go,
no room, $50 OBO.
SLivingroom &
Bedroom Furniture-
with two JVC Multi
system TVs, good
for NTSC and PAL for-
mat. Call (912)674-0796
Brand name SET new w/
warr $340 398-5200 can del
MATTRESS Queen Plush
Set. Brand New in plastic
$125 Must sell 904-674-0405
New, Still in Plastic, $185
One 9' Couch; One
6' Couch; One
Recliner. Call for
details John
Queen Size
SBedroom Mattress,
Serta, Boxspring &
-mattress w/memory
foam, topper, & several
linen peices. $150.
SRooms to Go Sofa
& Loveseat-Brown,
scotched, 1 yr old,
like new, $500. Call
table matching chair, &
lamp. $300. 912-576-3508
4t Sofa-Great Cond,
Mauve color, by
SaCentury $175, Phone
S Solid Birch Twin
| Captain Style Bed
l w/6 storage draw-
ers & mattress. Call
(912)729-3356 after 6pm
4 Solid Natural Oak
oval table w/10
chairs- 4 leaves,
stored inside, $1800
cash & carry.
Solid Pine Loft
J Bunkbed Set-5 pc,
twin mattresses
Included, $500 OBO.
Sofa, $25, Coffee Table,
$50. (904)372-9471
White, light pine
S Table-with fold-in
insert, 6 chairs, exc
condition, Moving,
Must Sell, $450 OBO.
S2 White Wicker
Loveseats, (Mov-
ing)3 Chairs, table,
white entertain-
ment center, navy new
cushions, $700 OBO.
4 1 Year New Ashley
Room 5pc Cottage
Retreat Model, $500
OBO. Also Office Suite,
perfect condition, Glen
Eagle Model, incl Hutch,
Desk Return, Filing
Cabinet, & more
Full set, $1200 OBO.

Everything from A-Z!!
Thurs 3/15 & Fri 3/16; 9-5;
Corner of Lakeshore Blvd
at 5356 Kingsbury Ave.
For info call 813-857-6089
SOUTH S I DE/Lakewood
Mar. 16th-18th 8-12p
6405 Temrple Rd. Roll-top
desk, bowflex, furn, etc.
Westside: Everyday Til
All Items Sold: Wood-
working tools: 10661
Grayson St. 904-786-0746
This Sat & Sun Have
Your Garage Sale at
The Market Place!
7059 Ramona, 786-FLEA

4 Gas Grills (LP)- 3
to Choose From;
Weber for $100;
Sunbeamn, $50;
Charbroil, $65; All Work
Well! Dan Pease

S18k Gold Chain, 1 kt
Diamond Ring, 14k
Men's bracelet,
TAG watch, all
very good condition,

FINALLY!!! You can
PIRfTlTRIO/I have your hands on the
Playstation 3 Bundle
Pack Includes a
Playstation 3: 60 GB,
bought the day it came out
in November, hardly
played with, I have 2
systems. Comes with
Original Receipt and
Warranty. One wireless
controller, 2 games:
SMadden 2007 &
Resistance: Fall of Man.
Also comes with DVD Blue
Ray Movie Talladega
Nights: The Ballad of
Ricky Bobby! Has Blue
Ray DVD system built in
which cost $999 alone. All
the wire connections.
Original Box. Hot item!
The new Playstation 3
Systems coming soon will not be able to play the
old PS & PS2 Games unless you add software to
the system so more can come out. I have the
system that allows you to play old games. You
can test out the system before you buy it to make
sure you're satisfied it works. First come, first
serve. Item will sell fast. Asking for $700. Call
or email:

; 5spd Dremel-
w/accessory kit,
$30. Crafstman 5
amp laser orbital
scrolling sig-saw, $40.
SCrafstman Laser
circular saw $35, 18
Lvolt hammer drill &
reciprocating saw
combo kit, $170. 220-2916
4, Compressor
Craftsman-1 HP,
$50, 264-6364, Good
Sears 6 1/8" Jointer
Planer Model
#113.206931 w/stand,
very good condi-
tion! Hardly Used! $100.
Call Bob H:777-5750,
C: 233-1080

S2 Seater Go Kart
SWith Roll Bar, $400.
29 gal Aquarium +
SStand $75-Grace
twice, $10. Infant
3-1 crib, $40. Call
4 Beauty Equipment
chair, dryer, refrig,
& a lot more! Call
Computer Station,
SWood, $60.00 Table, 4'
X 8', 3/4' plywood, four
folding legs, $75.00.;
Sharp microwave, $20.00.
Call- 912-729-2928
SCriminal Justice
Degree Books Violent
Crime and Killers
Among Us Call for
details on books- Call-
& Encyclopedia World
SBook- Also child-
craft educationalI
edition and series of
classics. Only $350, Call
4 Items-42" Mag-
navox TV w/extra
protector screen,
$400. Pinewood
Table, w/Chairs w/cloth
seats, NEW, $500.
Floor/oval free-standing
cherrywood mirror, $35.
Queen Anne Chair, $25.
Call Jim (904)529-8263
& Roll top
desk-$300-20' ext
ladder, $25, leaf-
blower, $5, honda
lawnmower, $100, BBQ
grill, $25 904-272-7352
Solar Powered Attic
Fans-2 for $50, Call
772-6758 after 4.
Two- Seater Go Kart
SWith Roll Bar $400,
Wood Ammo Box,
Just $4. Please Call

SLudwig Drumset-
complete, 5 drums,
5 zildian cymbals,
throne, electronic
practice pads, all acces-
sories. $750 firm.
Piano, Kimball Upright
bench, good cond. Must
sell $400 obo 904-334-8547
WHOLESALE. 7140141
Ivory keys, dark
wood, w/bench,
$500. Call Gary or
Chantel t (912)676-8141

SSchwinn Tandem
Bicycle-All accesso-
ries, excellent con-
dition, $175 OBO.

Excellent Seats
Jstrauss Orchestra.
Cost 122.95 Sell both100.00.
Call- 249-9122

PACE Trailer enclosed
5'x8' asking $1600 call
904-807-6595, 484-4896

* Adopt a Pet
* Pets & Supplies
* Livestock & Supplies
* Animals Wanted

American Pit Bull Pups
blue & white UKC reg.
$500. 904-509-0002
V Big Puppy Sale V
Cockers, Schnauzers,
Poodles, Poms, Boxer,
Pet World 262-4646
POP $200.
$150 each have to see all
colors 904-566-6185
ready to go, 8wks, fawn,
CKC, $500. 815-218-0882
"Brody" Needs
Aid! Moving
overseas. Lovable 7
month old lap cat,
neutered, all shots cur-
rent. If you have room
in your heart & home,
please call (904)708-4499
READY TO GO! 3/19,
$1500. 912-545-9410
Chihuahua Puppies
CKC Toys, HC, $400.
Reba 6339839
PUPS, 2M, born 12/28/06
purebred, no papers, HC,
$150ea. 904-282-0083
Red AKC, $450, 1M/ 4F,
short hair & LH, H/C,
S/W, 9wks old. 291-8019
FREE Beagles, almost 3
yrs old M&F, looking for
a new home together.
House broken, fixed, all
shots. Come with all
their belongings. Please
call 226-3201 for info.
Great Dane 6 mos old.
female blk & wht, $400
cash only 904-653-1912

n v -ni n 6 .9 119~ S a r


SMore convenient than "old
fashioned" self storage
-Time savings up to 75%
Pack only once
YOU PACK! Pack at your pace
No truck rental
Storage between transfers
Move to other bases
Low cost solution
Perfect box size for compart-
mentalization & split moves

------------------------ ---------- .


1st Month Rent
Use Promo Code JXJA1M
Valid until 4/10/07 This offer available at par cipat- Call 1-877-627-8269
Ing locations only and is no1 transferable Cannot www.smartboxusa.com/jacksonville
be combined with any other offers Promotional for additional offers
Code must be mentioned at time of order

lGeat Dane- 3 yrs i COUPE 03. White/ Leather, original owner,
O eeds adoption Keystone Sprinter Hondao 4cycle PEi0 te o miles. $7000 nego
S OR foster home for 05 Copper Canyon, 9.9hp, outboard tan, spoiler. $22,890 table Call (904) 637-9058
months due to 36 ft, Very Clean. motor, like new, 5 998-0012 or (904) 626-6616
short notice dep loy ment/ Many Extras. k 10 H list: $3250, LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE
IA. 270-6122 ext 137, or mi, Reese Hitch $2000, Call 241-1398
232-4072 included. Call any time INFINITI G35
J R 2r p $29,000 aBe Call a Honda CR125 Dirt Styxx would like to Coupe '04. Pearl
Jack Ru3ssellsregchipped clhis: (d904)652-4399 Bi invite all friends w / hiek, TOYOTA SOLARA
352-595-4072 $1600, Like new, iends white/tan leather, TOYOTA SOLARA
www.butterballfarm.com 0 Laytoro Travel Runs great, low and customers to CD, sunroof. $25,380 Cony. SLE '05. V6,
JACK RUSSELL Pup Trailer '91 16 ft, hrs, new fenders side- stop by or call I 998-0012 Navigation, light
JACK RUSSELL-Pups $1,995 OBO. Call covers, handlebars/grips i. I LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE blue/ta. $25,990
for sale, 904-424-5612 (912)510-0345 608-0388 him- 998-0012
SPit Bull Needs a e, Monaco Cayman'02 Kawasaki ZXR1100 JAGUAR S-TYPE LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE
Loving Home-Male, Excellent Condition, 00 Many Upgrades, Brinr4.2R '03. CD, sun
intact, tan, very t 12k miles diesel 2 Garage Kept, Bring in this ad for roof, navigation,
sweet, view #64882 slides, awning, Better than New, extra savings! chrome whis $33,840
on fidofindercom or call AC/Central Heat, 3 TVs. Many Extras. Must See, Military and First 998-0012 VW BEETLE CONV '06
982-3772 H: (912)674-0560 or $4900. Call 241-1398 Time BuyerS LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE 12k MILES, $22,995
LAB PUPS, AKC, HC, (301)231-2265 Motorcycle Gear W m Volkswagen of Orange Park
LAB PUPS, AKC, HC, Motorcycle Gear Welcome! JAGUAR 1481 Wells Road 269-2603
5M/5F, blk/choc. Avail. I aon Gen. 4000KW Jacket, chaps, 1
3/17. $500. 904662-5769 Microlite- Less than boots, vest, hel- l VAN DEN PLAS'94
MINI SCHNMAUZ ERSB 100 hrs. $350 0 BO, mets, tank-bag, Want to be treated 6p cn, 154kmit, new
MINI SCHNAUZERSCall Bill goggles, gloves, cover, likefamily, cometo I runs great, $5,575
AM KF HC, S/W, POP, (904)315-5765 like new, Priced to Sell, NIMNICHT 904)2948186 VW BEETLE CONV'05
4A/1 F. 904-451-8185 278-0780 M(904)2948186 VW BEETLE CONV05
MINI SCHNAUZER CKC Reese Hitch-el Ultra Classic CHEVROLET JAGUAR XJR '04 Volkswagen of Orange Park
2M, POP, family hitch, w/"kwik" Electric Glide '97 2 1550 CASSAT AVE Maroon/tan, Nay., 1481 Wells Road 269-2603
raised, S/W, $400. 714-4358 "slide", like new tone blue/grey, 8k CD, sunroof. $37,890
PIT BULL PUPS-BLUES condition! $600 OBO. miles, $4500. 891-3898 998-0012
UKC/ADBA/CKC, 4M/3F Call Bob H:777-5750 or 542-8606
904-563-4959/ 685-5275 C:233-1080 Voyager Trike 387-4041 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE VW BEETLE CONV '06
www. firstcoastkennels.com I Cove inKit-K31 JAGUAR5XJ8'00 3k MILES, $23,995
yrs old, Cost $4100 11 app 58k miciles, Volkswagen of Orange Park
POMS 2 rare blk & white new, fits mlany PURE LUXURY! 1481 Wells Road 269-2603
fem's. 10wks, shots, ACA, notorccUlesUasn Excellent condition!
$600firm. 904-551-5234 mo$2,00 C (9s, as king32 Al Power Options, All
$2,200.Cal(912)2240432Lthr, $16,000 OBO. Call
Yorkie AKC Pups 1/M H 777-5750 or C:233-2080
$800, 1/F $800. 1/F 16m0. LNCOLN ZPY '06 VW PASSAT GLX'03
old $750. HC 783-6569 YAMAHA LINCOLN ZEPHYR '06 VW PASSA GL9 45
Yorkie Puppies Reg. SILVERADO I CHEV CORVETTE $499mo. WAC. 899- 5853 V olkswagen of Orange Parkd
champbld line, paper I I MIDNIGHT I Z '02. Only 30K miles, 1481 Wells Road 2692603
trained, 1IM $800, 1IF $700 TA fuller 25990 MERCEDES BENZ C240'04
cash 880-8143 I ROAD STAR fully equip. $25,990 4MATIC, $26,995
SuncoastRV S ecializesinall 2006 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE 1481 wages Road 269-2603 e Par VWPHAETON'04
types f o twalles,- BLACK METALLIC | Chevy Corvette MERCEDES BENZ S4300'03 V8, SAVE THOUSANDS, LOW
Luxury to small ultra Lites FULLY DRESSED '93-White w/red AJG WHEELS, LOADED, MILES, $37,995
EVERY TOWABLE IN CUSTOM EXHAUST interior, very clean 26K MILES $47,995 Volkswagen of Orange Park
ST K RED ONLY 470 MILES call ( car, adult owned,0 Volkswagen of Orange Park 1481 Wells Road 269-2603
O leD -1 I call 9 2R2 1237 $10,000 1481 W ells Road 269-2603
Av nOver 250 to Choose from! '$13,900 FIRMOBO.0 Mercedes C230 '04-
Aviation I MUSTSELL Chevy Malibu '99 Coupe, Kompressor
Boats All5thWheelsTravel TrailersanId HEATHT SONSLLCShe4dr,96kdmeiee9 MSi e r r
Sailboats Pop-Ups ON SALE! | I blue, auto, pwr 6-disc CD, 24k *'
oa ckage& DO' N ST B E BY RON 553-3249 seats, pwr windows, miles, $19,500. Call Der-
Boat Dockage& DONT BE FOOLED BY I great cond. $4500 ick: 631-2623 or 771-6014,
Rentals THE COMPETITION Yamaha TTR25L 733-0023, 680-6842 FREE maintenance,
Marine Equipment SUNCOAST RV 4 Dirt Bike '03- Great CHRYSLER 300 '05
and Supplies TOWALE SUPER CENTER Cond, $1800 OBO, Touring. Extra low MERCURY GR
RVB ReERtalsAlso Yamaha miles. $20,990 MAQI
RV aend lis the #1 Dealer! YZ450F Dirt Bike Great m 27,000 mi, like new
RVs and Supplies Cond, $3500 OBO Call 998-0012 27,0 m, '06 MI NkI
Motorcycles/Mini 553-0056 or 772-7031 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE $12,680. 998-0012 '6 I
Bikes Yamaha TTR90E Loaded, only 10,000 mi
Auto Brokers xBDirt Bike '06- MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE Loaded only10,0mi
Aut Par Excellent Condition, CHRYSLER 03. Blue, auto, low $24,900
uto Prts *Great for Kids, e. r miles, loaded. $200/mo0
Antiques/Classics $1950 OBO. Call 553-0056 CROSSFIRE WAC. Call 899- 5853 '05 TOYOTA
Automobiles or 772-7031 2004 Mitsubishi Galant CAMRY
Trucks/Trailers/SUV's YAMAHA TTR-230 "Blazin Red" '00 ES, Green, 129k Cabrio. Factory warr.
Vans/Buses NOW OPEN '07 With 3 yr warlazing miles, c/ctr auto,
$2000 or Less rant less than 20 MOTIVATED good cond, $3500 $24,900
i i$2000 or LessJ hrs use, many SELLER' OBO. Call (904)908-1091
Commercial Vehicles extras $3500 OB. Ca Loal dmi. NISSAN ALTIMA '03 NISSAN 350Z

Autos/rLuckseWanted OVERSTOCK & v Yamaha V-Star 1100 7/70 Warranty exc.6. low miles
Aut Rent/Lease 01 Under 7,000 cond. asking equipped. $17,840
Auto Rent/Lease LOSEOUT I miles saddle bags, payoff -$23,500 99O-0012 $21,900
windshield, back- LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE '01 NISSAN
rest. $4800 OBO. Garage 612-8015 SA)L"M1RNTIER

Mercury Outboard CHRYSLER SRT8 998-0012 SE model
Propellor by Michi- A MAGNUM '06 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE $15,900
gan wheel, new, Leather, sunroof, Nissan Sentra '04 AUDI A4
never installed, fits 2005-2007 MUSTANG V6 CD, beautiful. $34,890 '05-AM/FM, CD, 4
18hp to 60hp merc mari- I I Magnaflow Dual 998-0012 cyl, silver, cloth Quattro
ner. $40 (904)264-6054 Exhaust.New N ever LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE seats, private Low mileage
SEA DOO JET SKI'S(2) Installed. Part #16605. owner, exc cond, Ame-
996- with brand J new S stainless Stee $35000 Ca CHRYSLER lia Island Call 491-7996 $27,900
trIr. $3000firm; 237-5706 908-5058 Today SEBRING Cony. $12000 '05 ACURA TL
Starcraft 14ft l 4 Tires & Rims Ltd '04. $15,990 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX White, fact warr.
Aluminum Boat P275/65/R18, fits 998-0012 '05. Gray, 62K mi,
w/trailer, in LoSn 2004 Ford F150 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE sporty, rear spoiler. $27,900
ex eIlle-nt condition, O CSA 0 pickup, 35,000 $326/mo WAC. 899-5853
garage kept, w/extras. mil ot0 $200 ( \ DODGE R PONTIAC GRAND '04 BMW 530i
Must See, $900 OBO. Total 608-0388 ( CHARGER'06 AM SE '054 dr Factory warranty
Call 241-1398 1575 WlsRd., Engine Stand- Daytona Edition, sedan, V6, AT, PS, $33,900
16 ft Carolina Skiff Heavy Duty Egine Navigation, CD, sunroof. W Cruise Gold
T '96W/Trailer and ORANGE PARK, l Bud 360 deg 5000 miles. $26,890 color, 42k miles, $12,500 '04 BMW 645ci
moto25HP mercury 264-6364 998-0012 Saab 9000CS 95 eng 2.4LP Only 7000 miles
conditiono e ent Next to Shad Nissan LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE Turbo 59K miles, good $62900
(904)491-0292 and0Harley Davidson Magna Flow Exhaust physical & mechanical 00
(904)4910292 an system New In Box Ford Focus '01-4 dr, cond. $4500. 912-467-6204 '04 BMW 645ci
Canoe l8ft Fiber 2002-2005Ford Explorer sedan, good condi-
gnoss2-seater1 V6V8 15718 Stainless tion, 63k miCles,n SATURN L300 '03 Cab. Fact. warr.
Wenonah w/ $350+ l:TIl. 1) Steel $350.00 Call 908-5058 $4850 OBO. Call Sunroof, CD, gas $63,900
-- in accessories Today!! (904)626-4121 or saver. $9990
(paddles, PFDs, straps, Today-- - (904)825-0045 998-0012 '05 BMW M3
wheeled cart) $800 firm FORD MUSTANG '04 LEXUSOF JACKSONVILLE Silver, Cabriolet
Dan Pease (91 2)729-400iW1 14Dark red, auto, clean,
4 1994 EZ Loader Galva- SJA lei J4V M scoop hood. $325/mo SATURN SL1 '99 $44,900
nized Trailer For 15-17 C s cWAC. Call 899-5853 $5,995
Foot Boat. EXTRA Volkswagen of Orange Park '02 FORD
Excellent Condition CLEAN D PONTIAC TRANS AM FORD MUSTANG 1481 Wells Road 269-2603 RANGER
Recent Tires Mounted Spare AN -'85, V8, looks and uns CONV GT '03. SATURN Sc '02 Red, 71K Ext Cab 4x4, auto
$750. Call-904-292-0881 g -USED good, $3500 obo. 646-0706 Showroom cond, mi, sporty, rear spoiler. $15 900
TO only 38,000 mi. $16,680 $199/mo WAC. 899-5853 $15,900

YAMAHA 150 .02 -Winnebago -34' I16cY5spd, $16,900 aB. Call Even: $39
4 stroke,A JourneyM-Diesel A/FM, CD, tape, (843)469-4136 or $23,900
electric green ask- (843)-568-6968
56 gallons, .99 -Winn. -37' ing $6,000. GoodCondi- 43)-568-6968 '04GMC
only 30 hour on Adventurer tion, Call 912-258-3091 SCION tC '07 With racing YUKON XL SLT
the motor. -06Wnn.33V- FORD MUSTANG TRD package, manual, Fact warranty
GPS 498 float on Voyage I GT Convt '00 loaded. $350/mo. WAC $24,900
fl *o06 Winn.-38J Automatic. $10,990 Call 899-5853
trailer, Adventurer 998-0012 (7"% SCION tc'06. Fully '06 INFINITI
5 months old, Hurry... LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE k CI equipped. $16,990 G35
all electronics I NEED A CAR OR TRUCK? FSO FORD'TAURUS 998-0012 Black, SR, auto
trolling motor These won't SEL '06. Fully LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE $26,900
$42,500 laSt long! I BAD CREDIT equipped. $14,990 SCION XA'05 '04 Land Rover
.,1n RDIT? 998-0012 Gray compact, 50K mi.
904 282-6548 No CREDIT LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE $286/mo. WAC.899-5853 HSE only 13K mi
23 CHAPARRAL CAN HELP! Ford Windstar 01 silver TOYOTA AVALON $49,900
23' CHAPARRAL 233BR 8062 03od n Limited. Gold, auto, 47K
01- exc nd, Io hrs,Call Ken Durling good cond. $4000 OBO miles, loaded. Save '07 TOYOTA FJ
320hp merc, dual prop, NimnichtPontiac-GMC thousands! Call 899-5853 CRUIE
sink, head, lots of room:, l 11503 Philips Hwy Honda Accord '04 0 TOYOTA AVALON
new trailer & cover. Jacksonville, FL. All options, 43k '04 XLS, 4dr, Navy $27,900
Ready to go! $24,500. miles, V6, ExC Con Blue. Garage kept.
94-67 42o $2 4500904-674-0268 ition, $15,395 below Fuly loaded, 2200 '05VOLVOXC90
Seaward 25 ACURA 32CL '03 Blue Book(904)268-8919 miles $22,995 OBO. Call Only 7000 mi, silver
f e e l rdi e l 25 AC U A 3 .2C L '03 269 -4194
furler, refrig head, Volkswagen of Orange Park Hybrid '05-Fully 5 TOYOTA AVALON
sails, a iiloti $18,000, 1481 Wells Road 269-2603 loaded nav, ext '05. Leather, sun- '03 VW Beetle
6a1, 8top8lt, 313 0, oewrrr, 32k milesS
618-288-3130, orlo Hl0'0 OLY ACURA RL'02 perfect cond, KBB roof, CD, champ/ SR, leather
ildavid6ao.com Area's ONL Leather, CD, SR, $24,900. 821-5662 tan, Nav. $26,980 $12,900
Tournament edt. Triple |p 998-0012 Like New! With 18k LEXS OFJACKSONVILLE
E-TEC 250, new cond., Authorized LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE miles, asking TOYOTA COROLLA CE
Priv. sale. 352-621-6959 A$11,500, Please Call '06. Blue, manual, 26K
42 Regal Commodore ACURA RSXType S04 (904)235-9295 mi. Great MPG. Clean.
42' Regal 247e Silv.r. 36K miles, $300/mo WAC. 899-5853
360 '86, $38K 912-634-2476 |11 1 4: 1+ I manual, very sharp. INFINITI G35
2 BAYLINER'04 -- .- $375/mo WAC. 899-5853 L SEDAN '03. Pearl 7 TOYOTA SCION tc
205, less than 40hrs, ACURA TL '04 white/tan. 2 to ~y'06 Coupe. Only 13K
220h, removearble DEAILER Fully equip, leather choose from $16,480 miles, SR. $15,890

Mercury 225'96 Offshore AUDI A4 Convy. '04
o boards hunter Only 28,000 mile.
rotating, 25" shafts..
We I a i n t a i n e d Like new. $26,890
904-635-0729 998-0012 7 .9 B illio n
5h p' used very SALES SERVICE BMW 325Ci '06
little,pad $800 sell PARTS RENTALS ONLY 16K MILES, $36,995 The economic impact of the military
282for $450. 370-0043 or86 Volkswagen of Orange Park
282-3486 481 Wells Road 269-2603 in Northeast Florida and Southeast
BMW 325i '05
Volkswagen of Orange Park Georgia is 7. billion.
1481 Wells Road 269-2603
9HSP Evinrude w/marine BMW 325i '04 Local businesses benefit from the military and civilian
toilet, holding tank, new BIW 325i I0417
elec.t & shore power, new i ue/ta998-0012 17,60 personnel who buy and rent homes and who purchase

painted, great river & RV Having Fun Yet, Inc. LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE go00ds and services. Let them know what your business
weekend cruiser, Must RVing is Fun!
see! $6000. 904-962-9191 Buying an RV Should BMW 325i '05 Coupe
seee $6000.9049629191 B sbun l 25K miles. $26,890 has to offer by advertising in one or all of the military
We make it simple! No 998-0012
____________ haggling, no pressure, no LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE publications distributed at the local bases in the area.
We Finance Take Trades* ( BMW 330ci'01 i omai ,
& Consignments Only 40K mi $23,990 FOr advertising informaion,
1994 EZ Loader Galva- We have full service, parts, 998-0012 NVasca lal hA-@RO-4
nized Trailer For 15-17 accessories & mobile LEXUS OF JACKSONV LLE -
Foot Boat service. We have a great Fax 90m-366-6230.
Excellent Condition selection of TT's, 5th BMW 525i'05 Fax 904-66-6230.
Recent Tires Mounted Spare Wheels & Toy Haulers ONLY 11K MILES, $39,995
$750. Call-904-292-0881 Shop us Last SO YOU See Volkswagen of Orange Park k- J u
HOW it's Supposed to Be 1481 Wells Road 2692603m M irr r
RV Having Fun Yet? BMW 735 85-Good *
(904) 714-9939kcond, 4dr thr, pwr,
3661 Off P 95Nextto transmission, new
Exit 366 Off I 95 Next to starter, two owners,
AIRSTREAM & TRAIL Pecan park Flea Market runs great, 242-3249
Soles, Service, Parts Extra low miles,
J.D. Sanders R.V. Sales Beautiful $21,840
Alachua (386) 462-3039 998-0012

Wi dednesse05 age 300 w/trike BUICK LESABRE

awni, u $2500 OBO Ca Glenn equipped. $12,990

(912)673-6303 Harley FXDWG '98 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE I .
4 Fleetwood Pace Wideglide-23200
Arrow Motorhome miles, red, garage CADILLAC XLR
'82-Just over 50k kept, includes '05. Red/Fan, x low *.
miles on 454 V8, cover, mlanual, mi, like new $46,990 *
478-361-4007 excellent condition, 998-0012
$10,900 742-1700 LEXUS OF JACKSONVILLE
Laytoro Travel
Trailer '91-16ft, HONDA CB600 '03 Chrysler Sebring 04 Conv
$1995 OBO. Call 3,000mi. Asking $4,500. like new, full factory wrty
(912)510-0345 Call 904-228-8420 $12,999. 904-465-4008

Trucks,Vans, SUVs '00-05

|$0 DOWN I
Chris 662-0726

4x4 '03. Leather,
CD, sunroof. $21,990

, Chevy Silverado '96
Good Condition,
$3500 (904)491-0292

SChevy Suburban
1500 LS 32k miles,
all pwr, very clean,
garage kept, tow-
ing pkg, 42 gallon fuel
tank Call (904)779-0503

'04. White/tan.
$23,990 998-0012

LTZ '07. Beautiful
$33,890 998-0012

4 Dodge Dakota '98
New Fiberglass
Topper, Bed liner,
New Tires, All
Power, Excellent
Condition! 73,000 miles,
$9,500 OBO. 777-5750

LOAD ED, $13,995
Volkswagen of Orange Park
1481 Wells Road 269-2603

A Dodge Ram
Charger '91-4x4,
AT, 142k, 360 cc,
dual exhaust, CB,
tow pkg, lift kit, $7,995
OBO. Call (904)294-8186

FORD F-150'00
Volkswagen of Orange Park
1481 Wells Road 269-2603

4 Ford F150 '06
Extended cab, Sil-
ver/grey, Loaded,
8k miles, $23,900.

& Ford F-150
'95-Eddie Bauer
4x4, cam manifold,
chip heads. Hard
top on bed, $6500 OBO.
Call Bill: 315-5765

SFord Ranger '92
Reg Cab w/Topper.
V6, 5spd, AC. Bed
mats. Looks & Runs
Great, $1825. 268-2482

'02. Leather, CD,
chrome whls $13,990

4 GMC Sonoma '02
ZR2, off rd pack-
age, $3,000 in
extras. 54k miles, 4
wheel drive, $15,000

tL GMC Sonoma '02
ZR2 Off Road Pkg,
$3,000 in Extras, 54k
-miles, 4 wheel dr,
$15,000. (904)704-8872

4, GMC Yukon '02 LT,
Grey, Loaded, 102k
miles, $15,500 Call

4 Dodge Durango '06
Under 20k miles,
Over $1000 Under
Blue Book, $21,500,
included extended warr,
white, tow pkg,

SJeep Cherokee '97
84k miles, $7,800.
L Runs Great, Gas is
great, (904)388-4845

4 JEEP CJ7 '85 Hard
top, hard doors, all
original equpt,
$3500, 542-8606

$17,990 998-0012

'05. Silver/gray int
fully equipped. $53,990

FRONTIER '06 4dr.
Beautiful. $21,890

ONLY 18K MILES, $19,995
Volkswagen of Orange Park
1481 Wells Road 269-2603

S 28,500k mi, crew-
l cab/SE, red, exc
condition, new tires.
Many xtras.$22,9000BO.
904-574-4115 anytime

'02 Black exterior,
roof rack, CD
player, 7800 miles,
asking $9700. Call
534-3294, Exc Cond

Blue, 40K miles, clean.
$375/mo. WAC. 899-5853

'02. Black, 95K miles,
loaded, 4 DVD players.
$369/mo. WAC. 899-5853

SToyota Tacoma '02
Extended cab, V6,
miles, $11,900 Call

Sportside '04. Only
28,000 mi. $20,990

SR5 '04. Fully
equipped. $19,990

4 VW Cabrio '96
Exc Cond, Clean in
& Out, $4700 OBO.
Call Dave

SNissan Quest XL '98
Good Condition,
100k miles,
burgundy color,
gray leather seats, call
Scott (904)225-2309 or

A Oldsmobile
Sillhouette '97-GLS,
extended, good run-
ning cond, cold AC,
weather, quad seating,
reduced $3500. 992-6877
or 294-3654

Leather Interior
I Power Pack
I Auto Transmission I
2 door, black, I
Runs Good,
Looks Good
$1800 OBO

4 Thule Cascade XT
1500-Rooftop Cargo,
Dual side opening,
quick hardware,
minimal use, $250. Call
James (912)322-6300

for cars/truck. Free tow
$$$. 724-0011 / 751.0771


lni :-5

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