Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: October 14, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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there aali by ths Inglit; and to oa by thrtDutchb,
Daunc, Swedes. Ruulias aud Amerloamn. .Tlle other
plan is, that the older of Malta tha l iovterd to
uniertaCi the protedon of all br bdongiag to h
contrianmg prties, 1itul up lth1t evan, or in the
Mhlrec.ranran ( and tdra the etradian pnarie All
cac furtillh a quota in money, to epaid annually into
tll (iteiury of the order at Utit~se-to able lte woder
to kIlp ccnilantly at fl a farce Idifficnt to ftIure the
freduo.i of navigation, within ab latitudesto be peai-
licJ. Int both plant a iroaiumiary, i, that the tribute
or pi-friit, paid to the Batbary llait, Ihl ceafe aenC s
detctmiiuc ; alit that athe nccutlity of Ibipt IluaJ
lirtughli the MIlhtetrrancan, bt.nil furm.lled with
f ', lhaill of couric no lougerr cill, 'l'e Coart oi,
Spin, vc are alarced, ha, Icnt a favoutablk c r to the
pr"oplal, andl hat ecprrflcd us readiasqf to aceldc to a
tre t). founded on ciathcr ul the two plane, wlheauevr
tie utocr inaritill powers Ihall fignily their approba-
tion o tihe lyfcnm. 'Ikhe Couit of Naples w.rmly
,fpo.ul Ihe prsip rulitiP, keatce and krigland have out
c ye v, I Any aitfvwcr on tih fubjedl.
Aso'a.r a ,-f. et frm d ao. flg..,, doatled J.3
Mr l.amiwasno received by I c Da y ulAlgicrs,
ai.d obliged to return without bcling admitted to a uegu-
ietin Ii; however, this mlay take place hcrtalier, th outgl
Ishe i:tirpouii.n olf he i uperur of Morotco, who wr
fin1.4 I1 ar -1. it Cunclude4 a pace withb thb Anitocan
it.roac, ti.ou.lih Mr. tliclay, their agntr."
Vumille, in a ; ler lu u oUe (fle IiaJIda, ha the foul-
Ia iK pll gi-" You wo.yperhaypapprbehnd (fi a.k-
iug I ti, 11 ll) Lhat I IaI be in luin danger, o lthi
tyae,,e, at fling tn1a the haitla us a Bailmry corfiar ;
but it I-cafle yiau iI lu .li luih fear, I beg tu ill
V U T what t14 i mitIt cepraua, vwhou a tEnllghlhiaio,
I A i..i rid ici uni Itle. I, v nay uwn safe ol nilnJ.-
I)i IaJipec.-d, I s l st tlat I tih d I li', un.iatielh on
I' s Jtad, i 1 ri. t .crcinI i-ri tcly alluril nore, that
I ih;. no a. d f r stIrani d btiiig take n with hi n,
L, i LI. e, iL i i111 11 Lo in c o ti lii, lie wi.i Li .. r ll. tLi.p .hi lte n oa li hi u.d.
Ll, .oIai l N,'' n--i5
D u e I s. s t yth.
0: un 'ay May : rink h te Lythlia'c.d in an
o 1 i. -,,r na a .r i, s L'ii ,slkltry; Irv l getvrion'r.n a
L c .11 1 causi qul 111a I thi t pns lut i.f c te ri ry,
,i ,lant.t ll,. is i .ii i- Att- ,lcii t I I lIEt ,11
i r n ..ll ti t lt it tli re pi ctd til w :. n i
tir ai t ch l.d t In rirc to ilae their h .ts; to,
;a :'i i I I w .. i c. ej in ik chapel, cinde.avrur tg
o r.h ith ni t, a pced' e brhaviur, n d ati;orhi
a k orhe. oI ffd ll i II. s l. 1, v a rctriLi;g fron I -
srl r, .,*ie iibh
I I a Invi In' runitaionu a to n rmaiawiy ?ri
i r ;,- , i.ii'l, tliitn. A lea t lln-p.'p o a't,.,
laIn ;:z hl.n iwn y flvrc lr.ti t lO. W'hic Bophi
wi l. I bc, ty womald ,ve pree ir'llel tit nutl
S h ii ,'rn e) art' in 'ie g c ntrlt ern lcrnatin, asid
o.2 ,, i- 1 t- 'r c tm nc r wly :liy heI- blen ieft
it. -~et r l hl I uI Lrl it* iM f1 tlaig, e a d tri-
I -a .min, .
c i :n., a" Jilun. when tlIh n.i.if.flo wit read at
il, 1s. h.'. I a.' jlU i.C pa) ;bh ired, r ho o ,;t
1,I :l r i' t i1.,-h t .' in on l, the 1 cpic t th-it
S, ,-, i I e. a n t- vied ty y t l als ti JIuilL:IJd
h,. ,r i in ji.n g ,i r g'C lugtn ycn
p d Ip'l l, but n 1a: ; iand he w s
'l, n, t I ,l 'ml'-a 1 .ap a ir of r I a1ra tr i 1 .r y I er uv dfthe pre h baran-
rto' u. i ion tivak IT out at the pari.1. A
Si, y '-lrNy lit' cvii vlrty ourtoeti, llde through
te' -, It 'llr. lb bhe ies e b, obliI every le fan win,
a e. vrei ni,,, p, iver ball, nid at oit; manlc with
a c i i ad cui wifllcoat rules be ior them, r.I-
o I -,r ., tdles. I I y v.fitoevecry pcrloiio, y ithghr,
Wii, I.s ,Si. vt' i p,-voilirg, he people front tatkili
th I a.
lI i eC ptlaCeb tay a[pp.ereI in baited of three ,,
flr, r i ,. o. noyi *.e horl back, wth white hand-
s"ri tfJritr ti.i m-lwhit cekade, and carry with.
i.iri s a hhi- aui ealaeretCrntwrli, with 'th Itat #A
tn 1i-ion ri;nrchk tl s .rp poiun te nall, fur the
ptfl r~hr C, In. b ndIi l he8itt.
3 i. il e- .mir i ahrreo lahe n n iDtgiahiagne
S.*. r it.a .I l,. it the great i tr or of the
hiiii 'a .nl ohri, d thufI vwm sere not in bed tb
it'e er C i1. 'tI A,) owAit@gito a1ninf Arch-
irt.. I oel, fa. lriom slteadily6bfied them.
j'. r y 1.r n u ne sw.iniug they baoke pin the
l,.r ., I,. t Popit peFief- t t'rcnh and Tllatlh, a
i r v.,.hy tnr., mhe l nd bhen very uneloU ta kcer
h.i- fL )kI, etrstcinti itl.o Iir-e'thf lnati'. They
knmo ',t I ,O ua n ,ake in the didil of lwld and rai,
nei 1 ,, r ,iir Irt v.ry ill. rt0y ade hlim fvcer. -
m J :r i, ,. Ic lle alied gotg nll thl ctt a.nilwarned
It. i i r r..tot .i .a ill ty# lii t .*n I al Ils. _'l I
rhir f k aresni.; b.,ehsi'ms jiC -
aT [I tlr Iinrpoki, fufwwiner by; ho t pulp and
Sr,.id ,r: hey owred vcngeane4aise Ih io a&nd
a el vn at naiht h. wl Jiai to fly htr theclte.tot-
A' f' Ahdacmn T- da w, Ihofe tiithe eVtl
46, tir ol foriwnds switt ui, welilqnod, logc ,Iepi
I a r trianti'y ol and- alluOnsntio, aa.dlt l l
r, t hduiehhonfeh'Elaeluef atuainjinvtf culd aidsitnb
Sy'il no atuah T.if ;tt ill four iu tli*
mnori, .iaptdin e nhi l c ,b to
ir ,ys had i' nation of h al i U dii

iQ They i i t beird In'th palh t tffA
S.odc ta thelebedlei* f *I TMn .'
tbeatsncIto en Meflorv 1 4 tide0pte
/ the faily w Ai hoe ptf 't iI -
-l '* b9 tu .

at the iadow in hir irt, stalked they Would NASSAU, OCTo t
liten to urcon .They replied no, byf (-4 wc d Oc n it.
litlen toa ieafon. iHe, bi wlee, atn ilb wreT II T IHE Well-India papers give the following account
terrified, they were uadiAl deprived of tI nfleL .. J. of a levcre ga whimh happened to windward
I Theypareflid the Poab priet, alpe |f for rdefgto on the ad and 3d of laft sonth.-
a neiobbour'a houfe. and on not Nac ing him, brohe Bridr-'Tasu. [(4adduJ) sp amer 9. On Saturday
his windows nd doors, and aloRll ane down hia houfe. night ihe ad infant, the ilnhabanut of this iflad were
They demanded him from the perfoewith whom h had alarm by a Ltorm, which, for fome hours, learned to
aken refuge, and he was loced to fly to fome other threaten the famIe direful effet which were experienced
place for.fifety. .from the hurricane of 178o. About nine o'clock the
The above are a few axteaI d ctcruing the proceed- wind blew very frteh from the N. E. and continued to
ingi there people. 'IThy have p. on regul ly for incrtfa in that quarter until hall palk ten, when it
Several moothl in this maner i they boaft olb cng fop. thiftd to the S. L. and bltw with the inif alarming
poerdl byperfonaof fotunce and influence, and there violence, changedfuddenly and frequently toevery pauc
i adbrotlefr Ibne other care than the alleged aone of the eomp al till ajsnt midnight, when it began gra-
opperrion is tithes; every property is at Ilake while dually to abate. At abost eleven o'clock, when the
fach nutroges crllt. wind was at its height, a ball of fre. of a very furpri-
Yellerday evening a report was circulated in town, Gag appearance, was observed in the S. E. iffuing lroa
that a numerous mnb of pcafantry, in the vicinity of a dark cloud, which fent forth raysof light to a vail cir-
Waertfurd, affembled togctlier, andflopped an the pro- cumnlerence,and continued vifib: near fortryninutla. On
ilioni going into that city, declaring, they would. iot Sunday morning Carl&i Bay re~':bted the moll striking
uffarr a ingle article to I- brought in, until the White piAure of desolation, nut a vcfel having rode out the
dys conliticd there fouldbe liberated I in ceonlcquence firm. T'h following lift contains the name and fate
of which, thirty-fll of thefc deluded mirfcrauts were of every one that was in the bay.
turned out of the gaol. ShipTownfennd, Blackburn; Hibernia, M'Connell
Jul at. Another attempt ha been recently made by Oenerous Planter, Sauds; ashore and intirely loft.
a diver, with the alliftance of a bdl, to explore the I Ship Brailwaite, Lee, is alfo altore, and it is fup-
wreck of the Belgiofo, lndiamin, that liet unk upon 1 poled the will never be got off.
the Kifli Bank, near the cutrncc uofour Bay. Thecs- Brig Bridge-Town, Malhey, alhore and loft, a is
perimrnt ha bcea t fa tar furtunste asnt reward the ad- alf1 Brig Ifabella, Turner.
venture's hazardous labours with the value of two 'I'.e Uig William, Brry, is afhore andit i thought
hiower-anchore, which he hars tcighed, and are now the will be got off.
lying ott G1orge'a quay. Wh ene lie Iat dkefnded in the No account is given of the Brig Sally, Bater.
diving hell, the fia wa* fo I4acid as to permit hin to Ships Three-Brothcre, Drenan; Polly and Charlotte,
nialt every cciliKry olfcrvAtiun on the ftae of the fu.n- Gilhard; Snow Stnhouue, Davis and Brig Barbadon.
lk. Ilip, for a fpate of tinm upardsof three quarten B.. ircs; went out in the flormandhave since returned.
if i.l hour : the ctfll, hie Clays. loft her upp. r dre, Captain Gilbard and two lads with him perished in
litt Ill renairns emire with all her valuable argi, ,i her attempting toget on hoard the Polly and Charlotte;
hold. He intends, we hear, to profecute ttLi ubljcL as the Steward of the Brathwaite was found dead on Sun-
long as the fc.lin ill admir. morning, and his remains were interred in St.
.. Michael's church yard in the cvning.
SThe following vallels were drove aflore within the
o the PUB IC. Pier-head.
Sthe P U BL I C. Brig Sptelwcl, Connel; Sloop Indulry, James;
CONTiRACT Iing entered into for cutting a (there have beei got eff with little injury) Schooners.
A C ill lix feet .Je and fevoe feet deep, from the Berimuda Iacket, Keeling; 'oney, Ames; Adventure
H.trbl, r, inadirecline, throughlMr North loit at the Nirthy; Sloop., Mary Jane, Clifmtn, and Porgey
I. lt cnd if the ITown, to the Mlangrove Pond near the Illrrit; having cleared out to fail on Saturday t is
N;w it being lugglecd that confidaralll lurpp"fed they have proceeded totheir defined port.
ialvatagsc ni;gl.t be d rived to tihe Public at large from Ih this town the damage done \wa but inconfiderable.
Ilte L'.wa being made hider, it is propeefd to raile by a few fences thrown down, fnome fall houfc a and a
;.!cription 1' i lo Hundred Dillarn, berig the fum fiirtrees dfi[r9yedr being the moft material. Cheap-
ir addition to the: already fubioribcd, hiielia will he lide and Fontablelle, indeed, present a very painful
requil.te to defray the et.ipncc t( digging a Canal ol flie&acle, from th- number of vcffcl wrecked along
ten elect wide and fEven feet deep, an of making Ihore. flood G(-ti, and a Drawbridga. In the country, we are told, that had the form eon-
(.cultimani fublribing Five Dullar%, will be entitled tinue.d a little while longer, univrfal desolation would
t,, thee U f o.L Canal foa fecurieg their mall craft in probably have enfucd: the buildings on imanycftates
bad weather. have fultrrced, and great damage has been done to the
S.bfcriptiunr are received at tll Printiir-Olice. provilion. The negro houfls, plantain walk", corn,
WiLIAf I SLATER, I Appunted to loper- cotton, and canes, art in general much hurt.
W LLAbl IIG.ATM. ipnaned work- .l'ho fitall craft at S eight' is considerably injured.
JAM1 IM RAM. s wor. federal boa. entirely loft, and it is m.ich to be dreaded,
Aaf.a, (air 1o, I86. t j l/ that several valuable laves have prnlhed in that pat &f
the island.
L'l N1' HYSON TEA, at three Dollar- a Poundl, Rsfa., (Dri.nic] S~prlm e, ri. W are forry to
1 and L.ondon double IREFINIED SUGAR, jutl learn from the ncrihbouring iladsi that the Galeon
,pcned-, for Sale at the Printing-Office. Sunday the 31 ofthi, month, which fortunately paired
over with to little injury Io this colony, hudone cn-
T'IHE Subfcribels beg leave to a uaint the fti :rauIc dallage to th- Southward, particularly among
Ladies aud Ocallemenl, that th carry on the Ihipping :-- In Uarhadol, the while of the thi,.
rie HiAIR DRESINO BDSINESSI all its ping were either caft on hore, or driven out to fea: ra
branches, at their Shop on the Bay. St, they fulered equally ; the planters the lole
,rh. ., 1786. R.r o n.tioft of their provilion,:--Martinique felt ite fury We
SSept. t6. RICHTER & YLI.Y. are, however informed that it was not fo violent in
FOR L O N D O N, on Wednerday Mr. IDryfale, in the Cnllom.-Hur
The BDaIctal Tender Vigilant, returned from a cruise of twelve
EA 1 T' 7Z A 1 T I da), with the ulnder-mentioned vncleld, feicd at the
itf"K C.rcollir for breach of the Laws of 'I trade, viz. Keith
S DtD PE eCOCKi antr; l.iber:y, Burrows; S!oop Henry, Adams; Sloop Wilt
SWill pfitively fail in th cond week Daniel, Irith; all belonging to Bermuda.
of fNovetmbr, wind a weather The Sloop Sandy Point, Hamilton, feized en a for-
p~rmitiing. For Freight or P.ifage, ply t ttle mer cruize by the Vigilant, and the Sloop lduftry,
Mainer Ot board, or to Kennedly feizcd in the harbour by Mr. Tattnall, are
JOHN WELLTS. lihrelkd in the Court of Vice-Admiralty for breaoh of
the Laws of Trade.
T11E Sulaltiber having taken out Letters of At or ear, Berry Phi
I AalmioiRifrtion on the Eflatebof tiglleceat Oater i.. School. Sally, Berry, Philadelphia
e Ad mini tWion sr, the El-atclor Jttca 16. Drig Charming Poly, V'enable, Jamaic
led Jo nd HI\wIT, of Ea t-lo Jo Sat, sno ,F
11 an>T, d SAAIn HA.Y, of *t Ifland, 0lr 1s. Brig Peggy, Clurfom, London
,lefirci all petfons indebted to any the lad t. Irig Rantger, FPaterfon, Jamaica
Eftles, to make immediate payment. nd there t,. School. Charlotte, J;.

h .ing any demaiMs agaIt me Iaanc, nu naIy
not alrrdy deelivrted in ateled aecounte thereof,
to belTsh. FPrbu & St,vsns, are reqicfted to
di4iver them In without further delay, td
Na au, Srfptlibr jo, iy6.

I A L;Perfonhavii g any demands Agnft the
L eaitCe of Mr. JinH AMinTions WILIOl,
lateof Lop -lland, d rcealed, re-regocqltd tode-
lir tatci of the fame properly atteltd, to either
nf the ubfti ibers, on or befoc the sft aof jutry,
I.l; and.all p erios Indebted to faid Bte, ar
required to fettle immediately, with
SAatn mtrit, at long.-land, or
Hier Atulbrncy at Nw-trovdeocc.

W ILL be paid to whoev will deliver to the
Subfcriber, or to the Kiperof the Jail, a
Negro Maa named JACK, a fl t well fet fellow
S feet y inches high, has an Ipediment in his
fpcech, sad is marked with f mall pot: he
lately belonged to Mr. JonS HIx.
Nbaf, lJep*kr 1, I786.
SUN AWAY from the Suhfcrer, on Monday the
I j rt of July., N~ Pl Fll named Jo. WL-
ever will apprehend the laid rmna y. and deliver him
to the keeper of the public Jail in mli, Aall recent
Oue Rer d.
Nf., SfrlImhr 14, -7l 6.




No. I 6.




NASSAU: Printed by JOHn WELLs, at the Prin Office on the BAY.
m L .--

European Intelligence.

Tuos i:. J.. 59.
IT is confirmed ma.'tcr liat the King hua ordei a
l ..i ,.bie sugnscnsatiu:a in his troops, of whick
ti, numbn r rcc i ta railed In the country is a further
p ,t i, s.ti all ne tir'.na; plans arel=prig. 'Ihee
in, it a, y .rtpr.tiUns Un tle part o a Prlno e and a State
s iht te.s not mli much in i.r po.lica .f Europe, can-
fi nrich lurlrlo.i, and iv the luijdhol ncerai cover.
I.Imin, cogc:her with aou:Lcr a'ir, which probably,
r an. other tliie, would ino have bc n noticed, bat now
givgc rile it many colijedurre. It is this, am Englilh
Sye.tiLImni of thi llinee v Loakha. formerly a (.Jceral
1,1 hlir k.iiprti's ILfes c. icand who has lived lome ime
SI the tour l Sat.linia latc.y, atrl caminu.d
all Inte firltficat'in in the mn olli niiuite manner, ma-
kLnig hiufrclei 1u y nuallr if cvly paidtcuIr relative to
the,l, as will as ofhc the ure and pr, duc, .il otlr loill,
Ik. it a1 pulible this may be unly tihe ief. of cunlUnyt
vcr y c um n to Eigliha travellers. Iut th. above gcl-
ti llcan's it rmrr clnllclsons ci Lh tIit houul of Aultria,
mrake the motive ol his journey tctribut4d to other
Uralcarl, 7.1, 3.
On the day that the Uljghcr ollicers appeared before
Ish Courut .1 Ju'Int (-... as been montiuncd) all the
ro of Lurglteis tffeiblle i, but vitlrout arms;
th I)tpult :e r poritd toe ich ticf em ll thl.t i.,d palled
fin e l r tinc s n.iraui of hie Ir bun-s : The UL.rghrrr
sofendt t ar th: c r i.nual it'a" o the Regrncy, rclolved
t i fi't .it addel*c to hin, intimating that they
liinll 11 uLe thIe I at, f tih Tiibuntie anll conform to
I' r if the Hurph rsl lu lth fplac e ne month, or
all i oliiG;i ge r s I houlil he fL .iflde, ond I epla-
i 1' lieos nori docile : They further refolvcd to
i i..< a 'a a i v -s lddr, to the States o the
d' t i .r, -i' s, Ll c lhurghlcr ol the tliwns, the free
S. a i. n v nrir- to a4, tih a m, d corps ol the Re-
( i a.rd l copy thtld tII let I y wa, rt hu-
a I< t h hri it MAajtly- I he fo l '. ing as the
isl ,f r. ic hoc' srrirlciid by the ihla..t it s of
Iritk r r, in F' -ll dI. 'I hlry fRill that they
arr I.II cUor.ItI I ppon thler clalnn of the NMIgilr.itc,;
[ c mil), that tihe regflatnisn is very often derogalted
I "t ; Ii i Jy. that pliLrc arc ditlnrhtud entirely in a
mrn irly nmatr ; 4thly, that the Burghers have not
y)- I olcnl-r thto c union contracid with thole if the
o her rr-ns; 5,hly, thht the Deputics of the villa;,es
give ,hrir voieLs in a monller quite contrary to the ref.
,ti i .of 'hI Strtes in 784 ;, that flon privileges
have hcbn ufurped Ironm the Iurghers; 7:hly, they
r. il ;in tIhe debrs of the tuwn, andl the manner in
l ich thsey were c.mtralrtd ; 8thly, that the town ilin
a very I -uui flare ; and 9thly, the rcrifal of pcrmif-
6I, -i i-ri. the military cecrtce.
7ulv IS ly the lal ans unts flomr Morocco we
lar:i, th.t lie Emperor had dJlarcd to the foreign cou-
i' ., thar tsi p rt i. T.irigicis Ihould from thencef'sr.
wvrd hIe i',ri to al' ionrnirci i nations, on the fame
fi, tn' a that If Mloadiure has been hitherto; hast
pr.ncc mie. ni r had qdesi at the lame time to notify
to the c ,iful of the lfass-Gcnrcal, that if no Dutch
vwllcl arrivcd in the fpac, ol three months, the enrrance
l. il t ro-dl fi(hul he 'raInute to the other hriftian
lstiritnt h- r, quetcd it. I he Spaniards Lave ob-
taied in thct Ia is, the uft I f thc pots of Rbat and
I)Drbe.a. .
1. irns no n, Jufy 8.
'The unfor unate wrc'ch, who cnfclcdJ that he mur-
drre a du inmcr a Huntingdonfiire, was brought from
St athury on 'Tu f1dy and lodged in Newvra re lir a few
Iho irb after which he was put on the root of the liun.
ti .gdo S age, which. about nine o'clock in the cvc.-
ing. wnit our From the onar.ccn'-Hcad rn Snow-hill,
in ..r ert to tkr hi' trial there for the faidmurder. He
ef- md cry mnlanaLholy. kLps his face hid, and whcn
asi d r qellcnioln woul.l give no other answer thin
tlh t le Ilould teli the'whole truth upon his trial. He
tlakc- vewy little nourilhmentt; and when lome halfpenc
wrre orl r-d him, a. he appesard ery t mitfraber, h
delon d taking them, raGing, he had fulTicnt to larv
h.n ar !'inf a he had to live.
7'.I. 1. Yclcrdal the Right Hon. Charles Jeolti
feon, iffl I his Majcly'ahand at St. JAmn'ch on- idg
r\ arcte Lord laHwk .arry.
)r.1" 17. The Gtplre de France, of he yth of thi'
month. announce, thq birth of a Spalflh princln a s man-
ner that will probably make 0n Englilh reader mile. The
pU ngL ph wo ta uUlaflAtd without th e f ullt ex

Aniron, viz. In Ih night b een the th and iA the didferest powers around, although France
3lth of Jone Illa, the Inotnts DaumnMariaur-Vidtoria, ir il that England will noc on any account enter
wife ol the flant Don Gabriel, was happily delivered int their war, will mo:l likely render any offers not
of a Prince, u Madrid I who wa iton after baptiaed A accepted, which will not leave the whole ontroul
by the names of Pcdro.Charle-Antonio-Raphall-Jo-. lh her.
feph-Jalvicr-Franuii.-JoL. -Nepomu~hene.-'homau de a23. Letter, from Libon, of avery recent dae.
V llnusMarkclliVimo caioet. F erier-Klinol. Peter men t that her Faithful Majdfly ha rcolved to recall
de Alueara.Fcrrdinald. the Chtrliur De Pinto, now her Ambafader at this
T'he Spaitiards, fine the enabliibmt efChriAianity, Court, tsidl h, chief dirciuo u of the national
have I cot yl giren n gleat nubNer of oinea to their affairs. -
children, a fauperlitious opinion that tich Saint 2".l ad. Ateharhlricwillhba,withlntherefew e day
whofe naii ht y bear, will be theMr special patron and been roved at Dos orComimonU A entleanu whohad
guardian, and infpire them with the virrue for which rc. ived his education t a charity school at Wappino,
tliofe holy charaAer were themselves dillinguifohed and wh was one of the firft pon the fonadltion, latey
during life, and alicrwards canoniced. dicl in India, where he had accumulated a very cook.
Jo. ao. ThlQeuecn of Prtuaal hasbeen grtslymif- acrable fnune, and having no relations, from a prin-
rreprt cntd i the public paper; herdifpoliun i nhtle very cp.e of gratitude, has bequeathed near soo,ool. to his
opposite of what Jo bcen dclcribed. She i in the fit- native raril (Wapping) a great proprnlon of which i
ty-third year of her age, and has been for fome year. to he appropriatd towards the ercrin and supporting
pall entirely devoted to religious duries, and detached a school fr the education, eloahing and maintenance
crilf as much ua poblhb, more indeed than was con- of 60 poor children ,3.col. is allotted for tihe build-
6ficns wth the office ofa fovcreign Princess, from all ing, and the remainder i invefled in the hands of true
worldly concrntl. Her notions of female delicacy are iees, for the abovc-mentioned, and othlr charitable
Lo lBid and scrupulous, that no female performer is purpose. Lord Macartney ia the principal ailing exc-
permitted to appear before her on the theatre, and cutor, the Archbilhop of CanehUury, Bihop of Lon-
th.t her feet and anclee may not be ken when entering don, and ibe reul of the Dilhpts are in the trull and
her, a temporary afcent is laid to the coach door appointed visitors to the intended fclhol I and the Mi-
*itliout flcp, on an inclined plane, which, with many nilcrn, Churchwirdcns, and Ovcrlers, for the tim
uther particulars, dearly evince the faltehoed of lthe bing, Diredora.
luollnci of dilfpoulltns imputed to her Majcfly. She J.7b w Yesterday Sir Cuy Carleton was at the
ha. founded a couuvent of nus at Lilboo, in which lte Levee at St. Jaime'. and kifed the King's had oa
has rwaied a mausoleum over a vault, wNere fhe pro- being crruaed Earlof Dorcheflcr, &e.
poufc to be interred after hhe deceafr. ulIy ap. The Duke of Bedlo.d's honfe at Wooborns
Jrlj al. Yeflerday morningdied, at hishoufc at Put- Abbey, i o be kept upon for eight days, on accontof
ncy, the Right lion. Lord Granoch his GiLac's being of age. On Saiurday lath complreat
f lfy 2. We have been favoured with thefollowing ed hi. sIt year. Upwards of 4000 perfo dined on
authentic information from Hollland the grounds the frft day, and were entertained in the
Evrry thing bear, the moA frious apel in Holland, m*,t liberal manner.
and from evruy app ranc, oue would be led to con- The Affurance man of war, of 44 gus, at Chathanm
clude that the Dutch are undoultedy upon the eve of a is (rdcred for the Jamaica flation immediately, in sth
civil consef the fernent i- universal, and the two lac- room of the Janus, of the fame rate, lately come home.
tions fcns every where ready to run to Iarrm. 'Ihe Very large purchafce have lately been made, and are
pe ple are forming themfclvcs, throughout the whlilc lili making, ill our funds, by a green Banking hrufe at
couiiry, into bod.ea of rroop., iLpported by voluntary Paris, who are much cooneda ed with the Coms do Vera
contribution,andare cnllatit and regular in their hours genio the French Minifer Different Realons have
if exerciling thnmfelvle, and rigorous in their difci.- bcn alfgned for thi meafiure r fone think the eaulf
plinc. i, the certainty ifthe commercial treat* being fonl
'Ihe French agents ever alive to promote mirchicr, to he caseluded, which will gave a fudden rife to tho
mix in all conpanis and spirit up the people to reift- funds; others fuppofe it proceeds from the preferable
ance, bo!h by -pen encouragement and by fecret prof- confidence that even the French place in our locka to
fero of cffedlual fLpp irt ii maitnainiug their pre en- their own. Certain it is. that monf of the Europea
fi n. They are carcffi! and atrenrtd to hy all, while nations are now becoming porchafers in our fund, and
the Englih who happen to be n the country, even on that fpecie iconflantly flowing into thisecontry. The
bulin, I or amufeincnt, with difficulty cfcap isiftilt fri m plan which begins on Tucfday neat, for the progrefiv
their fupFored adherence to the Stadlholder. We found nd conlant purchase of fAdck in the market, by the
this temper very unpleasant in travellin ; esorbianr Parliamcatary Commilloneot, mcets with uuiverfta
charge were often made with wanton ilfolcnce, and approbation.
we were obliged to submit in silence. Etr.a u/ Ilr /fne. Madrid, 71jt 4,
We could not perceive any probability of either party The King being defrou that the accountalgive by
fubnitting to the other, or any prrfpeal of an a3tom- different navigators of the Strait of Magellan fiould be
iodation being brought about. There fees to be no examined and corredcd, fome time ago caulfd thi fri-
medium. The Siadtholder mut eiithr be absolute, or gate Santa Maria to be fited out at Cadis for that pur-
the ufice mufl he abolished ; neither of which is likely pate. The command of the velfel, a well u the care
to happen without the different parties f:r t cmning to of eaeceting the important commission. was veaed in
blows. D. Antonio Cordovey Lai. The refel failed on the
The people are greatly supported by the French in- pth of laf Ocober, and after a feriesof had weather.
terrel, and the S:adtholdcr, bcidce the pu.erful patty entered the Strait Jan. I. Notwlthftanding the dificol-
he pofleffes by the adherence of the old families, i fup- ties and danger of the capeditinr, Don Antonio perfta-
poled to be allied liy the Courts of Lonon and Berlin. ly succeeded, and haa brought home a chart of the
He is, however, greatly wanting in that irmnelf his Strait, in which all the cape', bays, promontories, and
situation would require, and his unfortunate drfcd, other remarkable objedt on both coati, are laid down.
whii,h is by no means coormmo in the family to which with their longitudes, latitudes, and rcpedlive diftan-
lie belong continually coinlrtrali the cndcavours of ce., from aflronomical obfmrvations. On February Ir
this, our party, to rello tra quility, while it loou- he arrived at port St. Jofeph, the mol southern ofthi
r.gesc the caders of the oppoute pasty to puoh matter continent. T' ey here found two bottles with an in-
to an rnrcvnisty feriprion, whih they copied, containing a account of
If a rupture fould take place, which it is the opinion M. Bougainvillea's having pafd that Strai. The os
of all is at no great diflancr, it will be very difficult for cerv copied the inscription and added another, contaio-
lugland to avoid interfering in the quarrel, ing o account of their own voyage. in fi different
It feems impofible that England can fufer a Prince, langasg. D. Antonio then went in his boat, and di.
nearly allied to the familr upon her Throne, to be over- reed is acoue for the channel of St. Barbe, three
powered by her natural eceaiea and rival, who marf, leagues from the &bove pot, on the coach of Teir del
sn confeiqene, soquire the fole diredion ofthepoil- 'uego, where they found the passage which had long
tics, the money, snd the foref the United rovinces. been conjecured to lead into the South Sea. After ex-
If an event fo much to be dreaded Aoold h am, all mining the we]car par of the Strait to Capa Luoo
the horrors of a general war would be renewelda all and Providence, which are eleven leagues diloant fro
thofe olamities which are its coalant atteadsnta would thole called the Pillar and Vilor;a, they rerorned to
render Europe a fcee of dilrelb and confnflo Pnrt St. JoCepk, whence they iet out on their return -n
There is no doubt, therefore, that it la for the onter- the Itth of March, and arrived Lae at Cadie on the
eli of the whole, and of every State, to avoid thi a- tlth of laft month, after a voyge of eight soonths,
ternative ; and every thing ought to be doe to bring three Ot which they pa d In the Straits. to this Lng
maUtter to an micable i'net by ma"O of dte iitns. l ddanisota ya-la,dyT o my twn mTen."

. 9w.

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