Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 29, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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NAssAU: Printed by JOHN WELLS, at the Printing-Office on the BaY.

To the Printer of the BAHAMA GAZETTE.
Mr. W Le L,
A Planter of my aquan i e in South Carolina,
was remuarkabh for having the finelf Ihiel, in the
place where he lived, and when any of his neighbours
changed their lambs for one of his young rams, which
ws. hitqucady the cafe, the Iheep he bad from them
always inproned in his keeping. Deing curious to know
the caule of this, I alked him the reali o of it, and hi
informed me, that he took no more pains than common
hi feeding his beep in the winter; but that in the paf-
utre where they ran, which wai pine barre, land, there
wa a creeping fpeciel of pcppar-grfls, whitk came up
early in February, but died in fummer: that his fhcep
were ircelively fond of it, and he bclicved that the
finu sting warlth of that food in winter, kept them
it health, and preferred that from the rot and other
d.Lfrders, whiuh prove ft fatal to thne in cold rainy
Itafrii,. He was alfo opinion, that if any plantrr
lI,. had not that grafs would low a mall piece, either
lsi:, or of mint, ponnyroyal, or any other pungnt or
v ni aromatic, of vhich fIhep are obfervcd to be
flod, it would have the fame iffd. Reading, lately,
the work. of a celebrated wrter on agriculture, I found
he recomnmetuds to the farmers in England, to few a
(mall pie~e ol land with parley, (or the faume purpofk.
A. rhi. oriruborate the former opiol n, I fod it to you
for infertion among the many hint. for the improve-
lwnt of our a riiulture, which have lately appeared
it )your paper, hoping it may prove lifcul.

On rrafonable 'Trrms, for CAsH only,
At his SToIn on Ite BAY.
P RINTED Lincns and Thread & weatherr Gloves
Colatns Menl aflhiouablo plated
Cherc, linen, Lawn and Buckles
Million Hankcrchicfh Cutteaun en nivc
Checks lad Stripes Chetl d Brlo l.ouks
Iard wide Irrlh Linen Won a Srillinr
Brown Holland & Dowlas Star and Fig Blue
Brown and white Rufia Ha Powder
sheeting Ha tandfoft Pomatutn
Britannia's, Nankeens Eff e c of Bergaetot
Martlillea Quiting, yard Law ar Water
wide, corded Horn d Ivory Combs
Dignity, white and dyed Ladies ortoielhell ditto
Jeaactts Blackin ll and Cakes
Book Mullin, Corded do. Men fine coarle Shots
Corfi an.. rule Lawas Ioys aand Shoes and
Cambrick. Pumps
Black & coloured Ribbons Womena Mor a & Laft-
inl., White Chappel and ing Shoes
common Needles 4)itt Lea mps
Black and blue Durtau, Maids and Chl no Me-
and Callinanco rocr. Shoes
Slack RIffel Check Shirts, ld Jack-
Bnrad and narrow thread eta and Tro rea
Frine Crockery and Ia Ware
lack, white and coloured Glouceler and Chedire
Oftrich Feathers Cheefe
Ladies falhionable Chip Fine Raft Butter
Hats ar Raifina
Mens and Children' Candied Alamondo
horn litas, lined and
bound Hyfon, Green ad Boke
Itenu, Womens and Boys Ten
IThread and Cotton Hole Polio and Quarto Poft Pa-
Mens, Boys ad Childrens per
black and B vor co- Orills and Wafers,
loured Hats &c. &c. &c.

TOTICE is hereby given t ofte onp who r
I Licences to vend Spi r ou Liquo have
l pireil, that theircontinuinj vend Ihen with.
out having their Licences re ked, will fubJsj
them to the fines and penalties|mpofed by aw.
HENRYYOK' o, ecrtelry.
o5fel 7auy is, y$16.

American Intelligenre.

0 N Sunday arrived here his Majcly's Packet Lord
Hydel, ai 6 day Iroem Falmouth. By the papers
brought by her, we learn, that the navigation a:t is
to bh llrieljy cofourid; tlht the cabinet have had it in
cooltsoplation to gran: bounties fur the encourage-
nmet of the commerce of this country ; and that
every afL.ance that can rcahlnably be liuked for, may
be ap led. The lhip belongings to the Newfoundland
squadron, may Ibortly be capected here tis Royal
Highnies Prince William Henry is r.pncled in one ol
the frigates; he was to tail irom knigland the latter
end of April, previous to whi.h lie was :o be iade a
Pult Captain.
atorai .j a iter frans a gotn-man in L.domn, to Li,
iJtd in th. Je*u, datJd IMa. 6, 1uyg.
Marters of moro itmtiucdate coJ-lrquencc to this
country have, for lome timr back, o far abforbcd the
atteitliu of adnmliidratiui and parliament, that
Anmri.a has, ttll lately, fLarcly been mentioned. The
finances of Great Britain hive beec of late the only
Ipeculation of the public, as Mr. Vitt has adually for-
med a plau for :hlt reduction of the national debt;
which Ibeu. a nscafure long and ardenuly delired, caules
various clpct.Catiunli aid ainious doubt,. Mniy .tc-
knowlcdgiientsi, all allow, are due to a uinillir, who
among the many th:t have preceded hint, who n.ecr
l.rioully a.tcmp:ed any rating ou the kind, lands for-
ward with luhd laudable i.nLutioiis. 'h li redudion of
the national debt propofed to be inade, is the cictf of
a favrig ol 6uo.,ul. a year, the inecrel of two millions
fnlrling ; a liavug, ,hih very able calculators have
clearly dcin.o.Pr ..ed would (i lacrcilly apprupriatcd)
rarcrly, in !he cuuric of so years, cntiroly pay ofl
Iao,uoo,ouil. %hah.wc now labour undrr. T'he nieasi
prupolcei it. be adopted fur rlth purple, are allowed to
.'c as juJic",iu* and cl&-tual, athl ulbjU propofcd to
be bta ied is avowedly patriotic and bincfi, ial. I his,
I priftinc, has already had one very good fled : it has
Dnablcd government to endeavour at ri viviing and en-
couraging anl imnnmenfe urte of wealth, hlthrrto wholly
icKlecdI ad and nprofitable; I mean our home liflcrics,
which, if carried on and supported is. the crterfive
manner they might, would vie witl tlhe New-
foundlaod lilbcry. 'Ih he hae relieved the finicrics on
the ealtrD anid weflern coals of Scotland from the
injundtiuon and obftrvatitn, they were fubjlcted to,
which tlcd up the lands of lith ii.habitant, of tliulc
Coals, iand thereby threw the produce ol their bays,
harbour, Ac. into foreign lulands. Would you conceive
that in to intecl;gent and eurtrpriing a country as this
has always been, a b:rach of commerce which, upon a
very low calculiati uould cimpley 3o0,ouo,
should be hitherto left ncryileed T( '( has been the
fad ; but governmiit now flent deterinied to relkti
this valuable appcudage to the nation from ruin, and
to render it as advantageous to this country as it can
poilibly he made. hle Dutch, the Danes, the Nor.
wegeais, the Irfll have conie upio the Sotch coaft,
and being uncebarafrfd, anl Iree from the r.llraint the
proprietors of the oalR were fuhjcded to, have run
away with every advantage their own fire fide (if I
may to fpeak) could have offered them. The greatand
moil immediate advantage ctpc.tcd is their, to enable
the inhabitants of this bingdonm to vie with and deprive
the Dutch of that preference they have enjoyed thele
many years, of fupplying the Englih markets with
ircfh fhll, by whliih they have curried front this king-
dum immense funsu annually, hut which, our own fifh
merchants will now certainly gain. to their own benefit
and to the benefit of the nation at large. I will add one
more observation, which is this, that the bait with
which the Dutch caught the fil they supplied our nar-
kets with, is only found in the river Thames, and frorm
thence fold to the Ilach. Would you fuppole luch
palpable ocrfight atid inattention could ever take place?
But we are at Iaft come to our (fensc, and I hope Ihall
have rofolution to preserve, as we had forcune to difco-
ver our domestic advaotages
With refped to your par of the globe, where free
from the difquicring iealfatious which this populous
town occalions, you breathe the breath oI freedom, and
have reafon to look forward to future proufcrity,
government are determined to secure the carrying
trade. By orders ilfued in council, in purflunce of an
a& paffed the felons before laf, all American vicfcls
wcrt prohibited to load or to be unladen at any of our
Wcl-lodia pors. This prohibition has proved lo faln-

terry to our navigation, that this feffon it haes 1,
iuuucd. It has becn dcldred and proved, that Britlih
bottums,c navigated according to law, have entirel
carried un the commerce between the Weil-lodies and
the United States; and that great an importation of
American commodities to the Wecf-Indies ha takca
place fmce the war, a in any even years, r an
average, before the war. It I.a been attended likewise
with another great bnefot-the supply of the Weft.
Indies with Newfoundland filk, &c. n Britith bottoms
which has already employed about 400 hips, ani
theeorer makes an incrcafe of about 4o00 feamen. The
confining the fupply of bread, four, and live flock, to
adual bratilk built fhips to Newfoundland, mal gall
your independent nciglibour, as much as it will ad.
vantage our marine. Surel-, if all thee advantages
Should continue or increase, and Nova-Scotia and
Cauada in time be enabled to supply the Wlcl-lndia-
Illands with provisions, &c. th. wealth which will
thereby accrue to the colonies and this country will be
luincnfe, and place you in a more profitable way, and
attended with more advantages tIhan America cold
ever have been in. Iefidcs, palf experience will teach
the colonillf to behave liberally ad ingenuouoly
towards this country; and this country will learn, thac
to promote and invigorate their general welfare, what-
evcr measures arc intended to be adopted, mutl be
begun with spirit, and afterwards lcadily adhered to.
*L I have thus touched upon the two grcatelt things in
this country-Finance and Commerce-which imply
every advantage, fIrength, sad refpearbility we can
cnjoy; and you will observe from what I have wrrate
(whlih is all from very good authority) that if thefe
pans fucceed, this country can by no meamn e lfidto
be i a declining fituation.
I am very niuh pleaded to hear that fo many of th
Nantucket people intend fettlingat Dortmouh. What
an influx of wealth aad advantage will they be to you
I undcrfland that France had contraded to take, and
they had agreed to fell a very large quantity of oil
while thty were under the Congrefs; but, I should
imagine their becoming Britll fubjeats will invalidate
the bargain-for they will always lnd a market in
England fur all the oil they can furmni."
Sht.~l,,e, May 19. For federal days pal., many of
the inhabitant- fettled upon their farms, have bea
much harrall'd by the imprudence of fame iadividualo
burning bruth upon their land, at this remarkable dry
fealon.-Nunmlers have had their foces burnt, and their
potatoes &c. in the ground, rendered ufelclt, by the
hre running over the surface a.d burning the maof.
rendered as dry as tindcr for want of raia.
On ''horfday two new houlrs, at the back ofthe
town, the properry of Mr. Whiting and Mr. Mofar,
were burnt.
On Friday afternoon, the weed below the barrack
were discovered to be on fire, and the ames advanced
with fuch rapid prgerfs towards them, that it wa for
fonie ime doubtful whether the barracks would be fa-
wed or not; however, by the timely Igfance of the
inhabitants of this town, who went ovE with the fire
engines, and feconded his Majefy's troop in their
ctertions. the barracks were faved; but the houfe of
Major Hooke, of the iyth regiment, with the regimen-
tal hospital, were enurtil conofumed.-Same day, two
houses in the vicdity of the barracks, oe the property
of Jamsa M'Ewcn, Eq; and the other beloniong to
Edward Brialcy, Efq; were bumt to the groud.
Befon, May so. At rth pleod ofeor emancipation
a faithful friend to the United State, in ferioun earnch
nets afkn, Where are we ? What Itall we do t How
are our debts to be pld?"-Sell yournew lands, fa
one-Who will buy them I ak another. we want ea
in hand, and parchafers are net to be found in a day.
Well then, ranife it by ta on polls and efarea. BNt,
fay the fouthern fates, muaf we py as much for oar
negro polls, a you hlew EIngladern fw yer white
labouniig men, who clean car three dmes as much
and muft our poor land, fys New-England. that is
frozen half the year, pay as much as your rich Vir ias
and Carolina foil? Or our paltry hut and laedo a
much as your palace ? Here we are altogether by th
are about modes and forms of railing cal, and a thi
while Congrefs is remeooArsing, and aborting, ad4
what is wore than either, all the cuenar coin Is gs
out of the country as fal as water rorn oerr a damn
and all the powers of nature or at cannot flop i. sudh
I take to be the true piure of the refeant tie. Or
federalgovernment is a huge, complicated, nwieldll
machine, like--what; Comparilfoa fometimae iaU
trite fnbjeds, but where can one be found to illuflran
ghnt imagine, my pu Pclrymo, *A pdee a

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