Group Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Title: The Bahama gazette
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Title: The Bahama gazette
Uniform Title: Bahama gazette (1784)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Printed by John Wells
Place of Publication: Nassau
Publication Date: July 15, 1786
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Bahamas
Issuing Body: Printed Nov. 5, 1799-Feb. 14, 1800 by the friends of John Wells for the benefit of his heirs; Feb. 18, 1800- by Joseph Eve.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Aug. 14-21, 1784).
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Vol. 17, no. 1415 (Dec. 30, 1800-Jan. 1, 1801).
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Succeeded by: Bahama gazette (1812)

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.-.. hhMr. Hafinup th time of the ir'e. wa a wagnefiv to ihi flt lir.
SThoe Right Gcll-ntan ha. pledged himnfelf years upon fuch a trifing motive, ail, he would ncuade'r to
Parliamentary Debates. ago in itfee God, this HauMe, and his country, to amend his fault. The Hun. ;iaiilemnan haid eia i
,prove Mr. Ha.liigs a mnalt lnotorous deliitque nt. He the matter of ti Robhill very curioully and I fa.
IOUSvE /fCOoMMoN. s j,ridu, Februar p786. is call upon to retra, his pledge, or to proceed; and torily to the HourI, he had no doubI. .'he Rohitla,
ut s eu hlie irighthave moved ail efnlion for his papers, and the were rangers, and therefore they had ns riht to ,i
IrhArCHMENT of WAILIL HASTINGS, Efq. impeachment thi. day, had he been as ready as Mr. country they lived in. UndoubtclIy the jgliid had a
[CONTINVID FROM OUr LAST.] HailingL. The mode of proceeding the Hooule will better right, and a clearer title. they were not rlanl
M AJOR S;ors faid, that he iunied the Houte would )jdgI of, and all I hall lay on the part of Mr. Hartings feres but the original native inhabitants, ins 1iwd
I have the goodndef to indulge him with a few Uow,J, that he is ready to meet every charge, of every worthyy completliona, children at the fun, anl
word, on fo important a day a th; but a the Right kind that the Rilht loun. Gentleman can produce. their infancy pofieIlor of the foil! This bring tbI,,.
lion. Gentleman over the way had not thought proer Many he hs brought toward, and all have been refut- faid Mr. Burke, to be Ilre they did wifely t entire p
to make a fingle charge a in Mr. Haiia g, a iadhil ad. I have atter d Sir, in the gallery. bef re I had the Rohilli race, and citinguith a wheol people. Pt
the declamnutir n and aner yion with which he had for f.e(jhe honour to have feat here wheu I he heard that ving purfud hi. irony fur fuase little timec. P'lurka
lon a time addillredthe Houre, his obfervations should I Right Hon. (cntlama. def ribe the opprcllions, the faid, the Hen. Gentleman'. diclu rmtii, a ohl, ha,(
be Thort. The Right Hon. Gentleman had made no 'ravage. tihe cr:il tii, and the devallations comnutted refuted all his charge-, and that if he aad ilcria wie
charge fif Mr. Halings, to which he could ely n Bigal, in fuch ter:si i I conceived ie Ieyond as many, he would refute them to, rmitclhim of
but he held in his hand a speech which the Right Iun. the armet inagbiat:on to invent. I declare to Gud, the brave Captain in the play, twe..t more! Kill
Gentleman had fpoken upon a former orcarion, before II have at times thought that :lie geatell part of my cni' Twenty more Kill them too!" he chanipiuu
the Major had the honour of a feat Io the Hounr. T.i. life had been wreIt I i une uarntr of *he globe lar was invincible no doubt, or he would not have talked
fecch d:d contain many very weighty charges aga:nll daltant front tile c ui.ty the Right Holl. (Gct icvan valiantly.- His threat was equal roa reply once pun
Mr. Hailing This fpeech contained the trnenc of ha. def.ribed. I -,uld inlance niany of his hll tl as lilhld to a fermon on the jorh of January, which was
the Right -dn. Gentleman's fourteen Report-.rd As I wel the tale 1 Alia.- Ally LCw:o and hII i. l ru- eI titled, A reply to all the fcrmnes that ever hav.0
he had dikfendedfrom his high and c:evatLd nation to nate children, bLt i;tlfe I rlerve to anotncr a -porti- been, and to all that ever lall be preached on the
the rank of a eotmon palphieteer, the Major hili y. A lw i"ids., Sir, in rpil to wI:.a li1. faliu joth of January." As to his having omnitti.c y fi th-
had been able to meet the lighe Hon. Geitlenian upon t"n the noble Lord, and othlier gcitllconn I .l-tiv to evidence received the feleod commitrec, -y' fair and equal ernmi. He bhad replied to the f|cech and i 'ho Kiihillu war, Ithr llop;ya-i it the Kii' etributc, queftion had not cdrwnby him; but, if it'had, th
to the charge ; he had pointed out their abfurdity ; he i al the ta'l of Coralsh .and llahabad. 1 t111: l jsts fad might have tn the fane, as every committee ia
had refuted them, in the opinion of every man ol infe a yet not underflo n. in L o.ann, I ut I r.ll drawing I:p thcl ports had a right to clercife their
not tinclred by parry prejudice, both in and out of the than, and from ino other autlerinte than il], sI rii norl own juadgJ nt l and illfert juft as much, or omit jil
Houfe; Mnd he was very lure that he liould be able to f the conumitcre of tirely, ypiceied to the Houfo by av much of the evidence a. they thought proper. But
rfut: every other charge that ie Ri ht Hun. Ontl- tIh Rig ht Hon. a. learned Gtnlntlniin I low nir. Sir, il there wat caule for complaint, a rfi opportunity
man might bring again I Mr. Ilaings in future. I Iy Mr. Hallirgs was u,,t the author ol the iuhilla would oTir for urging it. As to his acting upon feel.
Much had heen aid by the Right lion. Ger:tleman of war. It originated from nrafores in which lie had iu igs of private enmity, he flct no mralie again alT
the fairn. fs of the Report, and an attempt was made c" nern, n r was l. ti Uengeal at the tins. I was a man; if any lurked in his mind, it was unknown o
to pledge the Houle to fuyurt the trltli of them ; bY. 'faltern oilicetupon the fcvice that produced it, and him ; and was a vice of dfilpofiion that nature curfed
e truftedto their fenfe, and theirjun:.c to diliinguilh I will late the fa;te a they are. In 1771 and z77:, an himi with, and which he haI. neither yet dilovered,
between theniand the Reportcl th. ceret Cummittee. invasion The Reporrs of the C'onmittee, of whrth the Right the Maratt.a; a iitry vw. concluded between biujah uto lii having lent ot writers to India, as In ilen
Hon. coetlmann had been a Member, wire partial a. d Dowlah and tl:c H ,l ,.l, .to whichh General Sir ItRbert and leartm d Getlcman had afferted, what crime wu
unfair; the fo int, nt of them was to crinn'atl Mr. Barker was the g i r.,,c. Ily thi, treaty Suiih Dow- there in that fad, or how did it difqualify him fro
Hallings; but every individual document tenditrg to hills ah and the ire to drive the .MSarat..s airfu calling the conduct of Mr. Haftings in quellion? tlht
suulpalion, wa, purpofcly on.itetd. th Ga;ges, and the HRohlilarpartf t:1ra cie val mi fortune was, that in truth and ill fa, though
He thcin t .xd MIr. Burke in plain and urqualified be 40 lacks of ruper; lthe w~ rvi va ialarmncd; I he had liecd In much in the world, and had fo large
terms, with bringing a gentleman to the tlenimitt was in the army under the co mand it ..r Roltrt circle of acquaintance of .ll lort and degree., he unvcr
room, with deircing the Major to llhaw while h11 iker we drove th MIaIata~ r. il the (;Ian., we once had made a Directo-, nor flnt, or procured to be
was talking to him, and aftcra long converfa.ion with f1ordd that river, an- continue oi the KRola ft- r- fent out a fingle writer to India. Never, no not one!
the genelman, finding his evidence was not Iuch as he tier, t*l the raiis had Cle in, nd iel Nhratas hail Ihe Hon. and learned Gentleman was out in his
wanted for the purp. e of cri inatioi, he dilared to rturntd to the DeU air. W t was the rli l u Il. conjcleure. Again, lie IHol. and learned Gentileaan
the committee, that there wi, no nceelity to examine Rodilas rclued to pay the n icy, and inI reti I< -l| knew him by his fyle, and had discovered him in the
that gentleman. Was this the protIC cing l- a man letters written by sir Rob a t Barker, Ih adv lc at d.ifpatches orthe Board of Direlor. in 1783. What
who adted front a regard to public jultice or wa it attack upon them, and lay heir treachery ati:i breach ndilerable jdgo of flyle nult the H.n and learned
not the proccrding of one liofe enquiry it wai for the of faith are plroverbt!. A 'lr itillalke .iany gintC- Gentdlman be, when it fo happened, thel herovr ha
urpfc of i1nvate vogr.alce n ile intl dated, that the men have run into, the uill t are not a nation but witten a line in tay tne lif;lpath ol the Board of Di.
rig Hon. Gentleman had very partritlbrly eain8 con'" nquer oriso a .iai a a coiuI.y .i. callom monors in the courl. of hli, ie ai The Ilnourabl. and
an officer f hih rank, I.cutenirt-ColoonI Robert Rchilcund ; the aI)r-gin aire H ndoi ; they are learned Gcntleinan held an office, the duty of wbich
Stuart, on the aairf a nof Ou. That he had lked hint perhaps two milhona at piet, but the lIol.illar were was eatreniely lingla r; his duty was to t .1 whas
of the affairs of that country; that it was defiribed as tribe of Afghan laar arJ nevt r amounting to eo,oc .lAother nlt fthould f/ ; for, as head of the Board of
being in a Ter. ruinoul ate ; but unlutkily for the men, of whULh Ilf arc n w w h lyzul!la Cav.n, and Cintroul, the lunourabli and learned Gentlcman
obje the Rigt Hon. Cctjllcm had in viLew, Colonel they took poliouion of RolulrinI in I ;a. I inenition lida:cd what others fig J. and thu the dl lpaildi
Stuart aferibo its ruinous late to the true caue ; the hele fad to dlellroy the cloels o f the lfn. ocl.t out to Inldia, contain the Ilonourable and Irar,
large fume paid by the Vizier to the Conl any, in conic- Einlcman's h.igh c.:,u.ri. lhe fa.-l i Co alt an ed C Gitlman's fentime F, with the Boardl of Diredron
quence ofalynem eablihed in tlr, anelilicrtrcTion Allahabad, ii i a tlial compass. Irey vre Iorlorrly agnaturcs. Now, had e beco concerned in writing
of Ipecie fri-in that country to Ilcagal, whiili was to a the dominions ol i ..,i Dowlahi. By tL.rI CrlivLI tIe dispatches of the D dors iln 8bj, he IhouM hia
prodigious amount in a few ycal. Colchil th ,crtccmetnt with the Kri;;,thcy nr:rc-:nrrn ,v:a ih him l one little more tha ceife them, and perhaps have
nlfortunately poke pi:-tedly to the difulirclion of the r torhe support o hi. Jli Inir. He Icubinttd Il;. n:-iail rreted their yole -infad, he olond have ad a
Begums antl their Eunuth. If to get at truth had been them over to the M.ratta, ulpn whlih we rrfuinF'" tDiretore lerk n honourable police fucely!
the fle ohjabje of the Cimnimi: i, thi ctrdence was pollfcion of themn, an i uppei d l .e tribute, till order [ an tomN IrU n.]
molt nilportt, but t had been wholly and tally fup IhoUld be funt from homie. *11 di were a compriolete
preced. .I hre was nt, a lisglc lylable of Colonel approbation; atd amidfl the viriou char.cge that have U S M PO T I
tasrt's eviJdence in any of the reports upon the table. happen, no one has yet thouglt of ging Curah anI 1
Thi condn the Major faid, might be jul'lifllile in Allahabad back to the King, or remilttg him hin tl n L O N D O N,
one who tiok the Duke of Parma for his model- tribute. AllMr. HPllings dullwas to wetlthold it, t.1l A D T O BE S O L D,
do u/ a- -iur,ui, in l.. rr, iirt Ihe Major faid, he had orders from home how to acl, and thefe wetr 01 re ona3l? Twrm., for Cas i mn),
he charged the Riglht Hon. G.ntlen an with injulice in Of-art oe [h cnold lLord haol.d, he appoint.- y 1 < rin D0 In 17 5
three innancs, and if he irunik from the Frouhet UKTr. Iaflinog ii t 774--.hat the Ulreclore reraoved ua C 5. Ia U L a tu at9
would confdnt tobe called a calumniator by that Houle him in 1776, right y, a he tlii.rght, hut lht Prpoiru-t I bis STOa eon the BaY.
andthe public. The Right Hon. gentleman had indeed tori refilled it. Sir, it is true, tjias a DuircDtort RINTElRl Lincun and head & Leather Glov
taken the Duke of Parma for his model: be would not that time, with much managenme lt ild vite nfq his L Cottons Mene falhionable platdl
tell hia enemy where he would fght him: hbut the removal, but II wrongly refillcd It.and he Proprietors, Check, Line L.wn and Buhkles
Hoult were felnble, that if the Right Hon. Gentleman we-c decidedly in his favour against thlie whiJUc dght Muffin Ilankrclhitfs Cueteau and Pen Knives
had meant to proced ausa parliajpme ry enemy, who if GIovrnnirnt. .lhin the itoble L.uoti tell. ua th.t Mr. Checks and Stripey chell and Box Locik
from afenfe o public duty mrnj to mave an impeach- refigncld io; him, which fnuppcd all further Yard aide Irilh I.inen omens Scifars
nent with as little delay as p bl.e what would havq pr'cccJ:nge at rtht time. Will the ncluc Lord dktall Crown Hillane & Do\ylas rchhand Fig Blue
been his condua i Would hclmt have Hated then the to the Houfe all the urious proceeding. that atteindlcd hiown and white Rullu Ir Powder
amod in which he intended u proceed Tlhii Sir, faid that rcfiitation i he will, Mr. hallir:gs iill be Shiling Ha and foft Pomatuno
the Major, would have eb fair and honourable; but muh obligcd toaim. How Sir, was the bul:inctl tuiania'..14anitcn I lifle of Bergamor
the Duke of Parmta it the Right ifbn. Getlenman'ts mo managed ? Mr. *teane's power were lubhitrcil Marfillci Q iitiog, yard 1atca Water
del, and the DuPe of .Prma took every advantage. to three lDireCt.i, and one of the three thought wide, corded Horn Ivory Combs
The Hon. Genticman has,howver, at siO declared the then no powers tl al. If they were dear, why not Dimity, white and dy)d I.adies 'mmie1lll dilt
mode he intends to proceed in. So defirout am I to fuonit them, a. they ought to have been ti, the whole Jeanetst Blacking and Cakel
allif in forwarding thi. bufncls, that I pledge my court ? iu, te nohle lord know, it wa Ino resignation Book Mul;n, Corded do. Menafine coarfe Shota
honor to him, to lutply him with every paper and till Mr. Hall-ing fantioned it. AJter the death ol Coarfe and line Lawns Boy and IbShoca uJ
document that I can, re ative to Oude, which I per- General CPlatr,.g,. the nohle Lord three fveral limen Cambrickot Pmp.
ceive to he his Arog-hold, or on any other fubimt. eosfirmed Mr. Killings, which is jult the amen in my Black & coloured Ribbons Women. L
Situated am I am Sir, I may he fuppofed, and I cer- mind, ait he had appointed him Governour-General PIin, White Chappel and ing S
mainly do, m what I am oing to fay. fpeak the fenti- of Bengal; and he has given a unaitfwerable rcalfd common Needles Ditto pumps
mnmtr of MV. Hafling. My agency i at an end by his for fo doing, becanfe he thought he pofli.ffd vigour and Black and blue Durant, Maids a Childrents M
return; but I keel for him the Ironge. .eTdion and abhilitie. I am sllooilhcd to bear the noble Lord con. and Callimasncog soe .
regard; and my own reputation. which is tripling in tend, that there itlny dilffrence in the appointments Black Ruffel Checkc Ariped Jac
the coalderation of. fo great an obje, is concerned in in 19, 8o and gint iubflancefrom that of 1774- Broad and narroW thread eto Trowfers'
the iUue ofthi. buindf. I fay from Mr. H-lfings that lhcy are the far, and the noble Lord mul encule Fringe Cro and GCI
to far from deo.ring to elude any enquiry this Houle me, if I fy that I have too high a reflcr for him, to Black, white and coloedl c l r and Cbat
might infituro, h u for it, and he courts it; fo lppofle he will contend, that if he had deemeJ the Oltrich Feathers bohee
far from throwlongoblrtdtions in the way ofit, ha will Roulla war fo exceptionable a meafirr, as to difIualify Ladies falhioable Chii-ine Roe Bautter
upply the Rightlon.. Gentleman with any materials i Mr. Halinge foro high an office, he would alter a atu TIar.d a
inb ipofcllEon, i order to forward hil shares. Baut full knowledge of that event, have three fleveral ti ns and Childrens Leg. -mdied Almondi
he tru.s ir, l-n ic juice, the dignity, and the ho confirmed him in the oice of Goveroour-General of horn Ha, lined and Loaf ugar
tour of thla Hdlef, that they will not be adtuated by. Bengal. ,bound Hlyo, Green a
the flrlt of the Duke of Parma; that, a they wil Mr. BSrue in reply a1 he was always cool and un- Metn, Womens and Boys Teas
p i him, if ilty, they will proved him, if inn.- ruened when any hin. fonal was addreffed to nim. Thread and Cotton Hofe Folio and qarto
as and t that will not fulfer this important pain, but when he hed tha'he Rohilla were etirpated, Mens, Boys and Childrens per .
to redal nnaec2aily in fopenfe, nd tat they will and a whole people deprived of their exflence, he wa black and Beaver co- Quills and Wafers
j riqf e Se atemp a n sJrpe arn delay, It it not at to be a lile warm ; to be lure it wea wrong; it loured Hatsn ce. R te. e. |

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